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Episode 997 Scott Adams: There Will be Cursing Tonight. Lots of Cursing. Hide the Children.

2020-05-26 | 🔗

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  • Joe Biden visited a cemetery today
  • CNN found a way to be more ridiculous
  • Hydroxychloroquine administered early
  • Revising the education model
  • Lidar glasses to enhance contactless shopping
  • Poorly educated David Neiwert thinks the WHO is credible

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump me. I'm going far bomb serve, there's a little equation that people have challenged me with goes like this scarp. They say you said recently that tutorial videos, you should not have an introduction. You should just go right into the lesson, and then you do these periscopes and have this blah blah blah simultaneous introduction stuff like I'm doing right now feels like some kind of applicant or something. But let me tell you why I do it are these livestock I do then, the streams, so you have time to get in here. That's why, but as a secondary effect, which is this is a persuasion Tipp. Those of you got in your early, you can
yet the persuasion up. This is a really really really strong persuasions. If you were to rank all of the tips for persuasion, this would be in the top five right up there with scaring people and using visual persuasion, simplicity, etc. As one of your top persuasion tips goes like this, if you can guess somebody to do anything, anything.
You can get them to do more, more likely, it's a statistical thing. So if you can get somebody to do you a small favour, primes them to do larger favours this is proven by studies by the way, if you read the book influence by Chill Dini, he talks about this so salesperson, for example, would try to get you to do something small, because if they can get you do something they can build on that? To get you to do a little bit more, you become comfortable with the idea that somebody's giving you ideas in your acting upon them. So when I do the simultaneous people enjoy it, in fact, I didn't I didn't invented and then spring it on people
I just started: did it one day and people said they liked it, so I did more of it. So basically, I was just responding to the public, but the reason I responded is that I recognized that it would be the strongest form of bonding relationship just like singing just like exercising together, just like going through an experience together. If I can get any percentage of you to do the simultaneous it in the morning We bond is raising wrong with that. No because you know exactly what I'm doing is very transparent and tell you I do it because people like it helps you Bob, nothing wrong with that right. The world is persuaded, that's not all bad persuasion, that's not all manipulation. Sometimes it's just the engineering
Wouldn't you like your content, to be more interesting. Of course you want so, and I would like your content to be more interesting to so I use techniques which are fully transparent to make itself. So that's what all in the news. Today Joe Biden went to a cemetery, not no. No, no. No, you saw alive, he visited a cemetery, he visited Thank you visited. He was wearing a mask and dark aviator glasses so I'm not gonna say it was a hundred percent Joe Biden, but the parts that we can see, which is really just a little narrow, forehead part? It looked a lot like his forehead, I got to say I mean you could sort of fake the hair and the glasses in the Basque, but that little strip on
or had. I think that was him. I will recognise that they were so eager the basement. I think for Christmas instead of elf on the shelf. Have you heard of that? I don't know exactly what that's all about. I think there was a children's book called alpha. Shelf, so every Christmas people put a little were little else on the shelf. I don't know why you do it, but I think this Christmas we should have basement vitamins bided in the basement. I think I might re purpose one my dilber dolls, to make it a little Joe Biden. I just woke up and I'm going to make that my basement by then and just go put that in my basement as a sort of a holiday tradition. Interesting way, Joe Biden visited the cemetery today, but I did not see footage of him leaving
I mean I'm not trying to start any rumours, I'm just stating a fact. I saw a video of him. Our riving didn't see any video him leaving not. That means anything. I'm just tell you the facts. So she again found a way to be more ridiculous. Today, even figures possible, did you come to be honest Do you think it was possible for them to be more ridiculous. You didn't you didn't think that by earners, I swear I'm not making this up. This is in actual fact into it from see it in. I was just a warm up. There will be more cursing labour stick around for that. Here's, the actual tweed from cnn- and I swear it- looks like
it's just a joke or something services that the novel, the novel Grover's seem to be more deadly for men and I'm thinking to myself all that that's unusual is CNN. Highlighting dangers to men now cause that's unusual, but read on. That's just the first sentence. The novel virus seems to be more deadly for men. In many other ways. We are bearing the brunt of this pandemic. What what, for instance, it goes on? for instance, the majority of health workers are women, yet they get paid I've ever read the whole fucking tweet. I didn't read the whole fucking twice before I decided to do this because the power I read was so stupid. I got a reversal in public,
Only right now is. Where is the first time I've read the rest of the tweet. I didn't knows this funny yet they get paid twenty percent less than average than men according to the wait for it wait for it. I want to read the beginning of the sentence again. So that we can have the timing right when I do reveal for the end of the sentence The end of the sentence is going to be an expert entered or organization, possibly somebody who study this carefully, so this is gonna, be in a thorny at the end of the sentence. Let me start from the beginning the sentence so that we have the full context here from CNN Sweet, for instance. The majority of health workers are women, yet they get paid twenty eight percent less.
On average than men. According to the World Health Organization, I pause for your laughter first, I don't want to get into the whole men getting paid more than women stuff, but can we accept that play. The poorly educated believe that something am I right the people were actually more educated have looked into this question They know that the the the wage gap is explained by experience and- you're all the normal thanks. It basically disappears when you start looking at it now, if you're poorly educated, you don't know that dear and then maybe a few of you pay, We advocate people with found your way out of this periscope by accident, because big
as maybe even those coming, you decided to re swearing me thought I'd like the giving them others swearing, but first of all Is there any? Is there any quote fact in the world has been more thoroughly debunked, then they twenty eight percent wage gap difference between men and women is probably the most the bond fact, maybe in the whole world, I don't know how I don't know very things, but more debunked, the math, but how? many people are coming over here to the two, this periscope, who are hearing that, for the very first time. About a lot of you, about a lot of you were what that's not true. Everybody knows.
Women are underpaid, twenty eight percent or something like that compared to man? That's just the fact, because of discrimination, isn't it not so much its effect to the poorly educated, the population and why so poorly educated dont mean that they didn't get a good schools. I dont mean that they do not necessarily go to college or even good colleges, what I mean is that are stuck in a news silo. And if you are in a new asylum on the left that, with light left you if you're in the new silent laugh. You would be unaware that that is the most debunked statistic in the history of statistics, but can you think of anything there's more one thing that is literally the most debunked fake news of all time. I think I don't know anything spent more than a month in that.
But there are a few of you who just wandered on here and just thought for themselves Asher. I believe this cartoons is what science is looking at, all the science. All the signs, a hundred percent, if it agrees, was seen then says, feel we watch the men and left leaning news. You think that was true, so I didn't even expect that that was at the end of this week, but I gather from the party. Fond of and has found a way to make the corona virus sexist. Up in the wrong direction. The corona virus MIA pause for a moment. I feel some swearing coming because there are some things I just can't be expressed within it. Am I right there's
things you just need. Some swearing here would be an example CNN, saying that the krona virus is for women in many ways. But did you know see them that dumb can killing them? in killing them they're, fucking dying, dying, dead, fuckin dead, that's a little bit worse than having a job during the corona virus pandemic that you love and has meaning it is helping people yes risky, is very risky and believe me, the entire. So cooperation is in your debt if you're a health care worker view male or female or whatever you want to be on call with everything. Whatever you want to be, society owes you in debt, and we feel it weekend
So not not minimizing any of that. If women are the majority of that, yeah they're definitely take it on a minimizing that an approach we appreciate it immensely, The crowd a virus is fine can killing them. In killing men by much larger numbers than women is not really a woman problem kind of a man problem because it's fucking killing men as opposed to giving them a good paying job with great meaning? Those is good for society and we have great appreciation for the people doing CNN. Could you be more ridiculous. I don't think so. So I put a question out this morning about I drugs glory queen and the question I asked was:
are there any countries that are using it in a widespread manner, giving it to people early at the first symptoms? This is a key part. First, I am not getting a good result in so I put that on the iraqi people and some suggestions. But the only one. I heard that some maybe, but I think this one doesn't fit either so give do me a check in this way. So my understanding is that India is not doing well in terms of deaths. The other death rate I. But that they also are a major producer of high drugs clerk William and it is part of their residents to give it to people are really. I think these
tax are true. They make a lot of it, they have a lot of it and that at the moment there are recommending that you give it to people orally, and I think is also true that the death rate is relatively high. All those things true, here's what I think might not be true. I think they only just started the high job security as a recommendation, and I would say I will. I would imagine that I don't want the healthcare situation is in India, but probably there's a big disparity. So here's my question to you, you can tell me on Twitter. It was here that we cannot easily India example a clean example, because I think maybe the timing isn't right. Maybe we would see it until later Or are they not giving the zinc or what percentage of people getting it at all costs? Just because is recommended just because they have a lot of it,
Does it mean that most people are getting it right so that part I need effect checker. So if you have a different country in which you can point to work, this is the example we're looking for clear about this. We're looking for a country that has been widespread, giving you for a long time been giving Hydroxyl clerk with early first symptoms are simple in part and also have a bad result- in other words, their death rate is either their outcomes, are bad, so find that for me, I'm there for me now. Something interesting is happening with the education field. Now you all know, everybody's ya, ya know why they become. Did I just to come southern like accidently?
Or your we now, you all know that the very basic education, how will change understood that will be more remote learning, etc. But here's the interesting thing I've been- talking about a new model for creating like especial major and having at work market situation, where anybody can add components to the class I ve been talking about that idea for four year I think public a number of times- I actually at one point I had investors will put a lot of money into it and I was gonna be part of that. Try to build it out several years ago, but I couldn't really get. Traction everybody. You heard the idea would say this brilliant idea:
but it was really connecting you. It wasn't like turning into something that nobody wants to act upon. But now, when I put that I d out there, as I did in my recent periscope, there's a completely different acceptance of it either of you notice that so it's an idea that, in its fullest forum, has existed for three years, for years and other talk about in public just doesn't give it a purchase and then in the last few days boom lots of interest, I've told you that the way you can identify a good idea from a bad idea is a good ideas and good content make people act with her. Not you say in your mind or their voice. You say that. Good idea that been given their thoughts are meaningless, Their words are usually meaningless to cause. That's easy. Talking is easy, but if somebody
stones right along email or message to me. That's quite a commitment and a number of people do that people who were course designers people working in education, people. But some some other visibility on something a whole bunch of people started. Writing me putting their body into it. The other their fingers in their minds and sitting in the chair for forty five minutes, because if this were pretty detail, messages and getting loved ones, so something has changed. Now we ve talked about you run virus will change everything blah blah blah, but certainly it changing how we think rabbit. I would say that the way we're thinking now just about everything
the whole way. Civilization is organised worth thinking about a completely differently now and that difference is what unlocks the golden age, because until we shook the box- and I guess it was the corona virus that shook the box for us Until the box shaken all the things that were sort of ossify them, they ve been going like forever and just was too hard to change them all seem like just maybe too big a deal. It's there's too much tradition and inertia heading in the right. The same direction. Colleges, colleges, are colleges, but man when you shake the box and suddenly, you could say, aren't start from scratch. If arrogant,
design, education from scratch. What would it look like, and only now can that thought guess some traction the thought of just starting over and you say TAT was less throughout all the assumptions to start from scratch. What would it look like if you build it today with the tools that we have today, instead of evolving from when we didn't have the internet, for example? So I feel like these guys. The the mood is ready for some big big changes and I'm looking forward to that. Here's a here is one of the cruellest, suggestions that I've got. This is from Benjamin Cast K Rusty, who makes the suggestion to me on the locals platform. So if you dont know over locals dot com, I have all space versus,
drivers in which they can send me messages more easily, and I promise to read them because they're paying money to certain illnesses and there's extra content, they won't see anyplace else So one of the ideas that Benjamin Has- I just love. I love the thinking about this. I dont know that is practical. You can decide for me right, make up your mind, but just think of the creativity of this and that that's the thing of seeing people thinking everything from the ground up just look at the creativity of this. So, instead of paying people for plasma, which I think you can see a lot of us as people have recur,
Word are donating their blood plasma for the anti bodies for other people, so we already know they're gonna, be all these plasma collection centres. I think that's guarantee will be everywhere and here's a suggestion instead of paying people for plasma, why not exchange actual health screening and healthcare, for the plasma and Benjamin was noting that he's he's donated plasma number times. I think for money and each time you don't aids, it they screens blood and he listed. I won't listen because it is his medical situation, but he listed a number of things that they found in his blood. There were markers for something that you could take care of. You need a little more iron. I guess I can mention that one, that's not to danger! need a little more. I why didn't know that, so that they can go modifies What are we and well
testing. Your blood doesn't get you to something like healthcare. They do it anyway. So apparently there testing your blood routinely. What it would it be that hard to say all right? You don't have health care that you can afford, but if you don't need plasma on a regular basis, we can use it for a variety of things made me whatever you do. Maybe some studies will do whatever we want. Maybe there's an antibodies southern, so you can use it for everyone in return, you free after I thought to myself the idea think its fully workable, but don't you love the the creativity this event, because as an existing thing, so you know it already works. They already do the
screening and has already given at least one person useful health advice. Could you expand that I just put that out there as the example of the kind of amazing this that is ahead of us, golden age. I've told you before that whenever I have a new idea, not this one on changing topics. Now, when I wrote a new idea, I always get two responses and it always makes me laugh if you're, not a creative person by nature or by train then you haven't seen this as much as I am so you watch me enough in Amity ideas I produce. Most of them are bad, but there's always two responses. One of them is that will never work and here's all the reasons why I can never work almost every time the other responses- somebody's already successfully doing it, if you haven't seen
motorcycle as many times as I have. It completely changes your idea of what is possible, because literally everything the people say is impossible, It's almost all always being done, somebody's actually doing it so much It is all that original, but no it when I come up with them. I just say loud seems like this to be a good idea, and you find those not original subsidies are doing. Here is a perfect example. Absolutely- and I been with time and dates, but I think about twenty years ago I tried to start a company with a friend It was an engineer and I had the idea- and he was the engineer: we're gonna build this thing. The idea was a special kind of a universal remote control.
That if you as a whole mourner have given permission to the delivery company, they could program you in and they would. They would be able to open your garage door just to deliver stuff to your home and then they could closure. Grudged are now in my. In my assumption. There would be very o cameras so that you, the homeowner, would be able to see exactly what happened there, not coming in your garage and steal. You lawnmower leaving video cameras on all the time since grudged orbits, so is it system that would allow that now twenty years goes by and of course everybody. I told that idea. It said it won't. Work literally Everybody I told that idea to said no Scott Privacy Security, privacy no way Boy can allow you open their garage door when there home
people saying that ring. Does that which is probably true, but I just noticed the Amazon. Does it s a program called key? so I have a certain kind of grudged door opener that allows me to control it by wifi or through the internet. Specifically, and my graduate opener. I just noticed on the app says it works with Amazon, so I so services Amazon bought ring. Did they did Amazon airing went away. My point is another example of something that everybody told me couldn't possibly work except it's already product and well. Why? My point is another example of something that everybody told me couldn't possibly work accept is already a product and the biggest company in the world is producing here's another good thing: Common Robert Scoreboard
is writing about this. The internet, router blog He says that apples working on light, our glasses, My daughter is like a different technology than radar like our uses, light such shoots, lighted, stuff I don't have it produces a visible light, probably not figure sprawling, none visible light. I don't know too much about it. But its lighter things and limit the measures, the reflection or something, and it can determine distance So the idea is that, instead of heavier glasses, understood, everything about your environment,
I'd are, would allow it to look for a cure codes and if your store had enough cure codes on your products of yourself, you could walk into a store with your glasses on and a very low power requirements, because it's not doing much is just to light. Are the lighter can reach out? It could ping the cure codes and basically draw a map of the of the room while you're walking through it in a good shit it could produce. Potentially it could produce enhanced reality stuff, so things would appear in your glasses to give you more information about the product. As you looked at it now, in theory, says robbers global
you can get to the point where everything is touch with. You can just walk into a store. You just simply look at look in a product. Its information would pop up and you can say some version of buy it for me and you wouldn't have to take it off the shelf Maybe you to see a video in here in your glasses of working instead of picking up the box. Maybe you never have to touch it. Video plays new glasses, you say by it and you walk out, but that may be leaving his ship to your house. You ve never touched it even once also assure the point of sale buying. You will probably has something to do these glasses as well. So contact with shopping seems like its common covered. Here is something that I just realized today. You know my book had failed. Almost everything still win back and introduce the ideas of
systems better than goals and town stacks and managing your energy and stuff like that. I just realized that those ideas have now been three different best selling books. One was mine, but now to other books that are also best sellers are talking about them, prominently, giving credit which it, which is great, of course, but they give me credit, but is now a three vessels books and in its fairly important parts of three vessel in books and you, I've always always said that years ago, when Dilber started working out. I always had this feeling. The Dilber would not be how I was remembered. I didn't know what I'd be remembered for, if anything, but I didn't think you would be Dilber,
feel I Dilber will end about the same time. I stop drawing it, but the idea of the talents, attack and systems over goals and managing your energy. Now your time appear to be really really sticky, like really really sticky. More that I had even hoped, or so our the people, their imagining mention these specifically so atomic habit, for example, I learn that I haven't read the book, but I understand that he mentions citizens better than goals and mentions me is has creator of that? and also tools for Titans TIM Ferriss book, which is a compilation of love, a lot of other people's suggestions and ideas.
But I wonder how many other best selling books that's going to be in as a just a reference. Alright, I promised you some swearing. This would be the place with that happens. The first has anyone identified the mass graves for all the people who died from their lupus and malaria medications, because they must exist right because we ve been told I Juxta clerk win, especially if his use recklessly and not under doctors order, can have a deadly Dudley consequences. Side effects and given the millions and millions of millions and millions of people who have been using it for Lupus and Malaria and still do, I would assume their mass graves. Are they hiding them? Where are they
those mass graves. Oh that's right! That's all fucking, bullshit, there are no mass graves. That's always something that the poorly educated believe in speaking of the poorly educated. I gather tweet today, a few tweets from a gentleman named David Newark, any I w e Artie David. He was himself as the following he's an author of a book called autumn Erika the rise. The radical right in the age of trump? he's also a staff writer had better is for the daily costs and a contributor to the SBA, see centre. Yes, the southern poverty Lawson. So that's that's who he is he's written books about the ultra right being bad and they were threatened.
Let's be Elsie, so he treated at me. So are. We signalled me out for this tweet a tweet. Suddenly the story of the President golfing and do something about him taking Hydroxyl clerk win and this fine german David neighbour, tweets this at me. He says hoping that all the Trump and gorging themselves on this stuff. Beating Hydroxyl currently feel better. Now that they know they ve been caused by the current artist, meaning trump I'll, keep on rationalizing it hysterically like at Scott Ants, says now. I ask you this. Have you most of you been watching me for a while, and I've talked a lot about jobs clerk. We would you say that this is an accurate statement of what I've been doing.
Rationalizing hysterically does us like an accurate description of what I've been doing, because what I did just tell you that there is no book. No more than thirty forty percent chance that it works at all. I've been told The thirty zero reliable studies is that does that sound like hysterically rationalizing it when I say often and clearly, there are no credible studies to support that it works, and indeed, if I had to bet, I would bet against it. Does. Sound irrational now, because I understand the concept of risk management. No, no I'm not a doktor. Does our Europe. Do you hear me say that I was a medical professional. Let me say it again: I understand risk management if that came in to your head, as he thinks he's.
Scientists. Maybe there's something wrong with your head. If that came in, We had as oh he's a doktor. Now cartoonists thinks he's doktor. Well, maybe the problem happens somewhere in this area of Europe, fuckin brain causes not anything. I ever said. I've said if you're working with your doctor you think maybe hydroxyl chloroprene works, No there's some anecdotal evidence. You think there might be a ten percent chance and makes a difference, but the I'll, kill you over very, very, very, very low. Maybe you pleasure doctor and your specific situation. Might say that the risk management to go. The way that the doktor and his
where the president as physician when they could be right. They could be wrong here. Of course, there is the question whether the zinc is is part of the question so there's somebody who thinks I specifically happen. Nationalism hysterically here, so I interpret that apparently I'm saying things that don't agree with him that he doesn't like it. He doesn't know what to do, but to fix it, and so I I
sort of accused him of being in the in the poorly educated segment of the population, like that, like being called poorly educated, because I tried to try to help on the little that- and he suggested that. Maybe I should look to the World World Health Organization because it has quote more credibility than your sources, meaning your being me. So this is somebody who's who smart enough to write a book. We have to be pretty smart, to write a book they get published right, but is clearly in the poorly educated segment, because this news has failed him and he actually thought that that sending this tweet in power Luck would not embarrassing to think about this. What kind of
I can new. He watching the he's thinks this tweet would not embarrassing. He says that the World Health Organization, as more credibility than my sources now. The World Health Organisation does not have more credibility than mice This is my sources are fucking. Nothing. Nothing and the World Health Organisation has less credibility than my sources, which are flocking. Nothing, nothing was not the first public figure, probably that you are Saying that we should get close to travel with China way before the World Health Organization did. Who was right? Who was right? Who was right me?
When the World Health Organisation and the surgeon general and every expert mirth told you that masks were bad for you, who was probably the first public figure whose I would like to say that every health of it, in the world is full of fucking shit possesses that's fucking thing I ever heard obviously best work. You don't have to be a fucking expert to know that is. Perhaps the droplets it obviously fucking works. Who was right? Was it the cartoonist or was it the World Health organization? It was the cartoons it was a cartoonist. Does that make me a medical experts know it makes me
absolutely nothing about medical staff and still far superior to the World Health Organisation on this topic. There's no questioning that these are public. Facts They are public. Facts was I the person who said that maybe the corona virus does not spread from person to person as war on was being closed down. That's right, as will hunt was being closed down. The World Health organization was saying: maybe it doesn't spread from Paris. The person- I didn't say that so I think I'm ahead of them on that. So. I don't know how you could come up to the Did you see him in public that the world. Organization has more credibility. The my sources, which are zero.
Because all the evidence suggests the opposite. Unless you're in the poorly educated group, the doesnt watch all the news, So I responded with sweet. No you don't. I don't get my medical advice from politicians. I also trust World Health Organization which, as I have pointed out, has no credibility. I do look at doctors In my view is consistent with them, it is. Your views are not on a risk management level so here is a guy He doesn't even know. There's a on. The staff are not compatible with doctors, who doesn't know that this is like the most need. The most talked about topic in the news for three
months and his so uninformed thinks that he should say these things to me in public and that they would make sense. I just tweeted, before I got on here, an article that you really have to read. Now I don't I recommend so strongly that you read long form articles unless a really good. Ok, so trust me on this, there was a whole bunch of very credential doctor. Scientists in Brazil who rode along server open letter, if you will in which they asked this question, who gets to speak for science? It's a really good question. I because all of these acts
you're saying well we're all exports world medical doctors, world scientists and we collectively the people who signed this letter think that the Hydroxyl clerk queen, if its given the right way, not the wrong way, which is the way always been studied where they overdose the patients with deadly amounts when their near death anyway. Not that way, how about Skype is not a doctor, but even I would have. Given incredibly high doses of a drug, they haven't been tested to people near death and expect that it's not gonna have some bad outcomes. Even I wouldn't do that. I'm not a doktor, so this large list of doctors and Brazil are saying to stop saying that science says: hydrochloric wins a bad idea stops.
Because we are science, I will not say it we're not saying it works. So let me this clearly because dont like David New ART, whose obviously racist, because it contributes to the Caspian Sea Center. I dont know if you could be a contributor without being a racist stadium impossible, because the SBA stuff, is just just racist nonsense. So I'm assuming is a racist just because this is the situation, but I soon issues than about me so and by the way I assume it just for fun because who knows was in other people's heads, but the association I mean come on. If your associating with a racist, illegitimate group, don't expect been
you think you're that you're one of them. So this is really a question when use when anybody such as David, dumb FUCK says that the eye or anyone else is not compatible with science. What is that exactly mean? And as the letter points out even saying, that is a misunderstanding of what the Sciences, because the moment you say science says something: it's like you ve, also signal that you don't understand was sciences. It's a lot of people disagreeing and testing and crawling towards it. Truth? It's not one opinion. Science is not an opinion. It's a lot of different people doing a lot of different stuff, so. This was my first ass. You may you might ask yourself
Did I not simply block dumb FUCK David Newark and the reason I didn't Blockin desert I wanted to several, purposes. One is, and I wanted to test the poorly educated kill shot because, as I think, he's got a lot of power because calling people poorly educated when they think, through the educated. Once and that's how they come into the conversation. The educated one Lenny School, the ignorant savages on the other side,
They come into it and you call them poorly educated and then you back it up your poorly educated. Here's a fact: you don't know your poorly educated, here's another fact you don't know your poorly educated Debbie noticed. I know all the facts. Are you know, but you don't know all the facts, and I know what does that make you poorly educated, poorly educated? Now your college might have been fine, but you're, obviously watching bad new sources so or incomplete was incomplete. So I want to test that kill shot, but also, I think, it's instructive as a warning to others it's a warning to others so doing publicly, instead of just blocking them, so I don't have to deal with them. It sort of puts the site putting ahead unopposed. Like? Maybe you don't want to come into this? Maybe I don't want to trespass on this property, because
as this property has a severed head on a post. If you see the severed head on the post, you might think I don't want to go into that property. So part of it is a warning to others but did you notice if you look at the exchange and suddenly you might go back and look at it if you haven't seen it, I made a claim a while ago that if somebody misinterprets you on social media or anywhere else, if they misinterpret you and then they criticise their own misinterpretation, what I used to think would work is correcting their impression of my opinion, but over sixty three years of life, I finally have to give up and say that has never worked once not once not one single time. Somebody ever misinterpreted. My opinion criticized the misinterpreted
and then, when I came in at all, that's not my opinion. This is actually my opinion. Not once in my whole life is anyone then said: oh ok, I guess I read that wrong doesn't happen. What did they do? They change to another misperception of your idea. Or it gets even worse? They accuse you of not knowing your own opinion and say that they know your opinion better than you know. European income, they miss, read something once you just go crazy, so you can see it in this. One were corrected him
the first of all. He didn't know that I'm not all right and left the burning so as first starting assumption is wrong. He didn't know that my public assumption on I jocks clerk clerk lean is that of probably doesn't work. I've said that many times and public he doesn't know that I've said there are as Euro studies that are credible. Wouldn't it be great if we had some listen, anecdotal stuff. And maybe the risk management says I give it a try, but I don't think I could be more perfectly perfectly compatible with the dockers. My opinion is somebody says: Flynn was not unmasked, you writers, crazy, I dont know that. Let me just change the topic. Workers that diversity
are the people on the right crazy because they found out that, oh, I actually, maybe that was circus, never mind I was gonna criticise, oppose realize it was organized Flynn with spied on the details. Don't really matter that much much delay! Sorry to meet a minute to catch up to the fact that that was your cousin Somebody says we're trying to ignore the left, a burning part, but let me let me give you all a compliment if I may- and this is a sincere compliments- It's also a sincere appreciation of you, I am completely aware that at least ninety percent of my main audience doesn't agree with me on some of the most basic things, but I totally respect and appreciate,
back to you. Let me do this. The fact that you, let me get my reasons you love me- live. My my version of what I think is right. I don't have to hide it from you, and I say this about the right all the time- the right way? More open minded than the left is loaded and close, and the common view is the opposite, and the thing that people get wrong is that for the right you just have to hit the basic basis. Do you love your constitution? Yes, yes hundred percent. Gimme some constitution raw way without play by the same rules. Do you like the rule of law? Yes, yes, I mean lots of mistakes and flaws, both very good system. There has, of course, of course I like it,
do I respect all of your opinions. Yes, totally even the ones. I disagree with completely respect them. Now, if I like your constitution- and I like your opinions and the rule of law and standing in American. What do conservative say about me? I can tell you that I don't believe in God, which I tell you all the time but as long as I have for respect for your belief system, which I do, I think religion is far more positive. The negative image like any tool you miss use it but used properly, is an amazing thing and helps people in your life. I am all for it, but do you judge me, do you judge me? not being a believer. Not really I mean if you do your privately, it's just in your own mind. I've had zero people just think about this. Think about
If I were to go over the left and say anything out of the ordinary anything that wasn't there belief I would be cancelled and about like a hot second for just having a different opinion on the left, but I go over the right and say the most basic the green thing that you could ever think of which, as you know, I don't believe in God. Does anybody care no because constitution, because freedom because freedoms, each freedom of thought as long as I'm respectful bone, you're, fine right As long as I respect you, it just comes back it's as simple, so that there is something that the left completely MRS about the right
is so phenomenally open minded. They are as long as you hit the basis. If you don't let the bases you got a big trouble right like you, I could be. I could be Anti gun, I'm not, but I could be. Are you still watches as long as I showed by work as long as I respect your opinion as long as we both agree that the constitution says you can have a gun, I think everybody would be ok with that. As long as I was arms, I was not trying to fool you, reckon you are, and my opinion you'll be fine with that. So, and this is so natural on the left- is not even a little bit true.
So it's weird that I could find more of a home over here, because you more open minded, so that's complement to you. I think you deserve it and I'm going to hear on that positive. I thought I saw the there ten vaccines being tested, ten vaccines being tested, yes of, is talking about might aboard, stance, which is basically I should stay out of it now. I think you even respect that somebody says the paupers disrespectful now you know, I think you have to look at the intention. There's no such thing as a disrespectful hat.
A hat can't be disrespectful. It's all about what I mean when I put it on when I pull long, it's just for fun. It's not disrespecting anybody. I would not want you to take it that way. That's that's it! For now and I'll talk to you in the morning you nowhere,
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