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Episode 999 Scott Adams: Totally Real Joe Biden Joins me For a Digital Town Hall. In His Mask. Because He is a Role Model

2020-05-27 | 🔗

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  • Totally Real Joe Biden joins Scott for some malarkey
  • Whiteboard: Orange Man Bad Because
  • President Trump questions Joe Scarborough interns passing
  • Twitter fact checks President Trump’s on mail-in ballot fraud
  • Kudos Christian Cooper, he took things to the high ground 

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Proper working as an organ about now so good. What about now good was much was may look, it is again run or we got it. We start of the high this wording since working where you put the phonograph him is this taping? Can I get a look at what the stark we're starting now? Ok, this is this good, this good
Back further gathering is going well so far. I'm totally real Joe Biden and you can tell them I'm totally real except possibly, my ear area is not so terribly real. Ninety eight percent of me spoke in the form of area little better, the bridge of than those totally real. Now I only my basement for two reasons: to go to. They go to Memorial Day celebrations at cemeteries. The visit, the cartoonist studio. What do they have in common heroes? Heroes? That's right!
I will only leave my basement for heroes and that's why I'm here today in the Dilber Guys studio now. Let me tell you about this, this guy, this orange guy. This president, this now I dont want to use his name. Who is this guy? well? Let me tell you that it is not. Is there a liar them lie? He needs to tell the truth. Don't take, word for ass, the mw cp. They endorsed. These seven hundred and fifty three times, that's called leadership. Now like that other guy, Since you brought up I have never never never. Never, never, never, never! Never!. Never. Never never never taken.
African american vote for granted. And you know that's real because a number of times I said never a liar would stop that two. Maybe three nevers But if you are paying attention I shot best past three. Way. Past three nevers, I wasn't too, I don't know man what ten, maybe twelve million something like that somewhere in that area. Polemical. Yes,. I'm always gotta give it to you straight: like that time now: consorted, snuck entrepreneurs, old difference situation, allegedly you don't like Joe Biden, say. First of all, take a look at Durban take
look it Joe, but if you like what you see. Vote for the other guy. But please role by mail. That's all! I'm gonna ask don't ask me why just fell by now that doesn't matter who you of our really don't ask why and spread the system, you better vote, my mail, otherwise the covert, giving gacha skimming gotcha, About my mail, that's a good system is the leading this lesson of the scientists and stole truth mechanism. What is level instead, I'm going to make generic statements such as we have to prepare for the second wave. A lot of people are unemployed. Folks, ass leadership, that's the candidate
Merrick statement that will make America very soon learn. How was not great. Because that would be a little bit racist, but still sort. Ok, you know Not bother anybody Let give you more cable, valuable policy advice whereby ass wash your hands- So this is the kind of leadership that we need. Otherwise, all countries gonna be around go round with dirty hands. What kind of world that my God man, what else will stop washing if we stop, washing our hands was next. Putin would love that when they are a word he would I won't. Let me summarize the list, of all the things of wrong
with a man whose name I will not use is occupying temporarily temporarily. Until I beat him like a drawn, the oval office. These are all reasons: Orangemen bad because number, one, the lowly gagging I think you will agree that was way much lower, gagging way too much. Lotta tomfoolery the MILAN. More american than Malarkey malarkey is out of control. Fiddle Faddle, is through the roof number five o no you know the thing and for sex Camelot controls by food. So I have to say whenever she wants I'm hearing a bell? There means my food is ready. I'd like to stay longer gives you know I, like the steadily I'm Hooja last guy leaves, but if I don't
go now. I might not get AIDS, so I'm gonna have to excuse myself I, for now they should come by job, really appreciate that. Ok, over there, your job so I'll take over now. I'll say myself out. If, if you can find the door, you downstairs citizens or to the bathroom spasm the other one downstairs I got it. I think I was a nightmare. Let's talk about all the things that are happening,
Start markets up right to start work is way up. Property values are actually a little bit up. I think I think we're on track for the biggest recovery ever. If there's one thing that you need to understand about the economy, that is a self fulfilling wish. As long as you don't have any shortages, and we don't have shortages. So we can actually will our cells into a better economy, and we have the very best president for that specific task. Sure the president's done. A few this week. Maybe even you wouldn't have done maybe in this political soon he may have
The way to go a little bit too far and a few few items, but who would you rather have as your president when you're trying to do a quick recovery? He started the perfect personality for that and, if you look at the stock market, really looks like the people with money are buying into trouble vision of a fairly speedy recovery. So that parts looking good, but we have to talk about the overlap with asian exports, the latter and when you feel bad about it as soon as you do, I feel like I should change the subject now, so you don't know those laughing about could well be a bad person. Can we was just stipulate a bad person We can just we can just get the topic, but so you'd, I always tell you. The trump has a way of packaging. Only path that you didn't?
I was even a path if, if it looks like her two choices, well is he's gotta go this way. Who's gonna, go that way, there's only two choices and then suddenly you'll be like ploughing through a wall and they'll be new pathway. You didn't even those was a path, and I think he did it again and not necessarily in a way that you should be happy about it. Oh quintessential, so, as you know, is the present accused is accusing rear. Tweed show Scarborough of murder for the tragic death of some new worked in his office, who, by all credible accounts, handsome our problem.
Collapsed. Hitter, add just an accident that turns out. I don't know this until just recently they she was married and her her widower widower area, widower husband, wrote a very well written, impassioned letter to the president, saying that he felt himself duty to protect the the memory and sort of the reputation of his late wife as part of his commitment to the marriage which he considered to last beyond. Passing. Now it was a really good letter in terms of having the emotion and the power and everything and all he asked he was asking if they use s, he used duty rate due to twitter and he was asking that they just remove those tweets.
Pray reasonable thing to ask, except it's the present and if the president says it's kind of part of the record is really different and I know you can compare a federal or any politician. Really. I don't think you can compare the politicians. To the regular people. I almost feel, like the politicians, are the only ones who should never be able to delete anything you. Maybe they can flag it, as I didn't mean it or something that seems like you should be able to just always go back and see the actual unfiltered record of a politician. So that's independent of the question of whether the presidency should be using this particular topic as a club
as effective as it might be entertaining in its own way, is very unkind to these surviving family members. The others no way around that, but So the president is that the dual use press conference today and, of course I guess that question and answer We asked to have you seen the letter from the Willard husband now. I dont know if the president saw that letter, but with the answer he gave was that the third path lay through the wall, because you thought of this boy, he's a sort of had apologize or say mediator, but instead he goes right at it, he says: well, there
think that all the family members would have some questions of their own and it has an and he just completely committed to it now the thing them. It's me laugh all feel good about it, dont, be like me: you're you're, good people. Earlier I have low character because I care stopped laughing how ridiculously audacious and inappropriate it is especially coming from the president, but it would be terrible coming for anybody, but whether comes from him. It takes on this whole. Other meaning, of course, and but part of what makes it eras suitable. As you know, he doesn't mean I mean you know they're right, you know the trump Doesnt mean a word of it that he doesn't mean, there's anything to the story and that's, I think why he can get away with it because
so transparently. Obviously you doesn't even believe it and it's just something to say to make people chase their tails and talk about and talk about, Yahoo Scarborough May or may not be. A murderer is just about the funniest prank. I've ever seen anybody play of history of the world, except as a bad effect, the family, which were not ignoring, apparently I'm just a bad person, because still for me that he is doing so not either. No, whenever I try to shave things, do fine- and I can say Well- I don't think I would have done it wouldn't recommend we do. It feel like, maybe that was too far and then I tell myself he's in this competition for the White House
and literally everything that everybody says is a lie there. They ve been. The other side is accused him of having every candidate treasonous you, U Spy for Russia, the end, you know all the stories and after if either, but the things that Trump has been accused of that now we know are not to be true, r, r insane, so when I see him recognise that the rules of the game, the accepted rules, The rules that were all playing by apparent these are. The rules is that you can say absolutely everything you don't have to mean it. You don't even have to believe it. You just have to pull it out there and the family is that he's he's going into a game in which you can just say everything so? Why would he say less than the most?
steady. They possibly say why would he possibly hold back? There's no good reason for telling the truth in the presidential election, because the other side is doing and there's no hope that they would do it's not like. If you do that they would start doing their utmost. That's like that. If I'll, even close to what's going to happen. Basically, whoever lies the best this could have went. So what do you want? What do you want? Your team to lie in a less effective way. Now. There are a lot of moral questions of all that nets Think I'm the one to answer, because I guess that laughing at the fact that he committed to such an outrage is such that our agents claim. And he does it by saying: well, there are questions. A lot of people are asking questions. So he doesn't even say that he's asking questions he just as people,
we're asking questions so again, we We can't be happy about it, but as long as he is in a game in which you can say out slowly any lie, I don't know if you can pick went out and say that the bad one mean that's, that's a shaving you're, pretty fine. I so Worthing said I think the trouble is doing exactly right is saying that he'll override the governors. Yes, they dont, let the churches reopen. Now, of course, every state is good, make its own decisions and is not like there's one right time for churches to open as not as if there's one right way to do it or anything like that. So it's a very generic statement,
The present is making openness churches, but its insanely, correct and and his instincts. As a politician, I just uncanny, sometimes because things the experts or you are unified in saying the Trump doesn't have any such power right fact check me on this. It is it not true that the experts are saying that the presidency does not have the power to order churches open if the states, as them temporarily closed for health reasons? Now I don't know if it's true or not, I don't know if the Supreme Court would involve. I don't know what I do know it doesn't matter. If you think it matters that the president has those defined powers it does not. It does not because first of all, the the churches are going to open up
These are the goggly, the mosques they will open. So, whether as this week or next week is not like it's not gonna happen, so the president is clearly on the side of the people. All the people, gazebo, even people, don't go to church, would probably like to see things get back to normal is so it's it's a very populous smart, smart position to take, but he takes the strongest possible position which He would go all dictator. Basically here I don't want it would take to override the the states that open up those places of worship. I thought. I don't exactly what he do that what really happen in the real world. There would just be a conversation Right in the real world, it would just be a conversation and they would figured out and
In the end, the present would say: well, I wish done soon her and they say or do the best. We can here's my data, you know just work it out, but is really smart politically friend, to make that claim that he's gonna make it happen and he'll make it happen for all the denominations, and he is very clear, making sure those included also, they announced some kind of Insulin, drug cost reduction, this kind of a big deal with. If I'm reading right, I guess you have to wait for the next day to see if the experts way in and tell us really changed Kara. You dont, know really know when your first year these things, because somebody could come So well that went down to something else went up, so is not what it looks like, but on the surface it looks like this
some really good deal that the government has worked out, the lower the insulin costs for lots of people, and there is some hope that, whatever model they used to do that can be reproduced. So will we be seeing a twenty twenty one in which there are tell a health doctors who are so cheap, then lowers healthcare cos.
Same time, that there are some new kind of negotiating process at an what it is for at lowering drug costs, at least for some portion of the public media. Maybe maybe the trumpet and his regime is sort of moving toward the least doing something on healthcare. That looks productive, some big story. Of course. Oh, did you hear that debt so bite into this interview with deemed ash? I guess- and he said all this stuff- about violence, Haydn, but is working party? Well, so do here Joe Biden, use the term Biden Haydn made me laugh because I was thinking to myself how many people had the same idea. Biden Haydn, because I know
I know I tried to be the first to invented by thing. Maybe somebody beat me too the hashtag or something, but I think I was at least one of the people who helped popularize it among others and and soda year, the candidate himself say by denied in and to feel like you're collectively it felt like we were part of it. If you just made the world seemed, got a small from the eyes of the big story. Of course, why you wanna talk about, as the president has tweet fact checked by twitter, so Jack Jack Dorsey must be hearing the world strangest day because, first of all, there is the whole story about the Scarborough situation and that their ends up being twitter problem does it's all about the tweed. Take it out or not so suddenly, jackdaws, he wakes up he's in the middle of the biggest story in the country and then
but turns out his day, wasn't over so and then winter fact checks the president a couple of tweets. He did recently about what he thought was the opportunity for fraud, With male imbalance now I dont know if everything You said about it was what their effect checking or there were some parts or parts part or parts there were especially grievous, but the the rest of it might have been. So my ok, I don't know exactly what was wrong with it, but they put a tag on it to say: go, look at the truth. Basically, you could go get news articles from low CNN and other places, so you can imagine how Twitter was saying. Conservative and republican Twitter took this news that the twitter
Bread, whereas pudding fact checking tags on the president, when I think everybody who supports the president, probably probably close two hundred percent of the people who support them, president also believe them Ellen ballads have a little extra exposure to risk. Now. None of us are experts on earth. There's gotta be different for different states, I know we ve been using forever and probably ways to make sure it doesn't happen by, but in year in year, yours will say you experienced mind when you just think about the world and all the things you seen in the world and all the ways that people can find in June even when you don't think they can, whenever you ve got this situation where he ever really big upside game. If ever you say this
you have a really big upside game. An almost no chance of getting in trouble and a lot of people are involved. So it's not up to just one person to have a good piano to to be a good person and not do the crime. If a lot of people involved somebody's going to do the crime, So the male imbalance, sort of a new added exeter exposure, to something that is almost guaranteed to produce fraud. I would say guaranteed when you it is closer to guaranteed than those two zero? Now the question is how much now suddenly techniques are actually legal? I think Bela harvesting is legal in some states, so it could certainly have an effect.
The election, so we don't know yet how deep this twitter fact checking the situation is gonna go will? Will they do this further? All of the president's tweets? Will they do it for other blue czech people and non blued czech people? How much others that we get to see was a sort of a trial balloon so again that the two these stories in the country they both came back to the jagged nurses, doorstep. I care about. Is world must have like shrunk to the size of a marble like suddenly the everything in the world? This is connected. Impersonally, that's gotta, be the weirdest feeling. Let me give you the the most optimistic thing I've heard today.
I want to reassure the you you go to bed, I'm positive thought So this is a really paused and thought seriously. I think you'll like it just a really good feel good positive thought. So you know, as you know, the story about was Amy Cooper and no relationship to Christian Cooper, the other alternative. In the park central park. She had a dog, she called the police and told the police quote. There is an african american man threatening me, which sounds kind of racist to anybody who thought we don't know what happened before that what was going on, but certainly the african american part seemed gratuitous, and why do you so that in their so she, of course
the internet blew up on her. She apologized she lost her dog anybody. Video probably thinks the baby. That was okay because she wasn't quite handling that dog right and then she got fired. She actually lost her job, so she lost her dog, her reputation and her job. In twenty four hours- basically now the guy this year- the interaction with this Christian Cooper barely was a bird bird watcher and he would often go to that place. The brambles, whatever it's and when he found out that she had lost her job and basically your whole life was torn apart. This is why he said so years. His is but you said if our goal is to change the underlying factors, I'm not sure
this young woman having her life completely torn apart, serves that goal there you go. So here is a guy. Earlier? As part of this big story, he had by all the rules of the game are the rules of social media. The rules, How we identified and true each other totalitarian further apart by all the rules. This fellow Christian Cooper had a right to be angry. And they had a right to be a little bit vindictive and it turns Use a Harvard graduate, so somebody who's list. Some parts of his life had got pretty well If you want to earn, you can spend some time birdwatching in central park. Things must be a little bit. Ok,.
Oh Christian Cooper had every reason to be a jerk after the fact Not if you're gonna make an opinion about the interaction, the interaction itself you saw you be the judge, I'm not gonna help you make a decision was right or wrong, but after the fact separate from the interaction that you can judge separately Christian Cooper took it to the high ground; he took it alive ground. So, thank you I'll just say. Thank you. Now, if you want a really take it to the ground,. If we really want to take it all really just make something: better: Turner Turner, bad into a good. The EU should call her employer and asked them personally to rehire. Now how much would you
Love that, because we know that this Christian Cooper guy You may use a little particular about what is happening in the park and maybe and they handle things that way and that there will be a legitimate opinion if we disagreed with the way handled it. But I don't think you can disagree with the fact that he's not comfortable with the fact at this. Interaction blew up her life and I would say that this should be rewarded in terms of like a role model, so it turns out that there was there is at least one person here who had a very reasonable opinion about this, and why is that no obligation to do it the cost where the story condemned, as if he called her employer inside of you. Now, I'm not I'm not excusing anything. She did. I'm just saying punishment didn't fit the crime. How about we just learn something move on it would be so
that they would be just a wonderful thing, so I won't leave you and I thought that the roses one reason more person reasonable thing, at least at this point in time. Yeah, I always say the dog stuff was disturbing, but I also she clearly was not a dog owner, so there is more, given that there were thus Leah. That's all I've ever today and I will talk to you in the morning
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