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A Crisis of General Incompetence

2022-01-17 | 🔗
On today’s podcast, we lay out a veritable smorgasbord of depressing developments. From the reaction to the Texas hostage crisis to horrifying violence in New York City to the West’s inability to prepare for and deter a Russian attack on Ukraine, the news is going from bad to worse.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine, barely podcast. Today's Monday January, seventeen, twenty twenty two arms upwards, the editor of Commentary- and we are, Oh here today, executive editor, we want higher. I John Senora, Christine rose and high Christine, I John and from the balmy Caribbean to these snow pacts sense. New Jersey associated no Rossman. Now hygiene breeds restart
In addition, you went from being like on a catamaran in the sun to like driving white knuckle down, but he flies tried to get home yesterday afternoon. Right, yes, almost close. Seventy eight for the seventy eight. Even that everybody is that I am going to ask me the very ill ill considered decision to attend the kids Birthday party and our away any understood allergies at white knuckling it. I wait for an hour last night in a pretty blinding snowstorm. Unfortunately, this morning they get up, and it's just all eyes, so listener while you're. Listening to this, I am muscling my way, the driveway as we speak. Yes, no is both a producing the pod, asked shovelling an idea icing the dry way and Arab like making for Tata. Like that's that's that that's the kind of Monday morning that now at deserts, typically outside with a little work right. Ok,
so. Course, a lot of us were you no sora found ourselves in that classic old position that we haven't been in. Quite a while glued to cable news and bouncing around on Saturday because of the Colleyville Texas Hostage, taking at Congregation Beth Israel, which of course ended with a swat team rescue of the four hostages, one of them being the Rabbi Charles, Us Citron Walker,. From what we know the Swat team in other they spent like twelve hours talking to the to the hostage takers
Molly Cochran and then at some point, and they probably must have determined that there was no larger conspiracy going on here. That's there were we delivering is just wasn't going to trigger other acts or that he wasn't able to press a button and blow up other stuff. So they came in they they they launched a flash bomb, the purpose of which is to distract make a very loud noise and distract everybody and then they must have just shot him in the head and taken them taken. The four hostages out, it's a seems like a remarkably clean and efficient handling of her over what could have been an absolutely monstrous incident. I am and was a monstrous answer just on the face of it. Some random bread comes to the United States.
Find the synagogue that is close to the prison, in which said eagerly the sum fascinating case like up MIT Brandeis, a Phd gets radicalized ends up in Afghanistan, Is arrested and then at the during her interrogation attempts to murder the people who are ill our getting her in his ex Dave here and is now serving. I think, sixty eight years in this in any imprisoned for some and this is a case I didn't know about. Nor did I know about the fact that it had become a cause. The lab that debt that tat people were actually actively petitioning to get her released her senses to long including of course, the usual suspects when the sorcerer front founder of the now one of the family
of the women's March ousted from the woodlands markets, as as the result of a fantastic reporting by tablet revealing the degree to which the women's March Sing, leadership was being motivated by open an outright anti Semitism refusal to want Jews in the leader leadership roles in this than the other thing and there she is part and parcel of the free said digging movement that this sum that this hostage taker came to prove personify course, people thought that he was her brother for a while cuz he kept saying. I call my sister. I want to talk to my sister. We have to let my sister free, you know like that. Okay, so that's that's! That's pretty much the
The summary, the only two things I will point out is that it really took almost no time for people to start saying this is really bad cause. It's gonna provoke Islamophobia, as Jews were being held in a synagogue hostage for their life, the thing that was on the minds of progressive was the threat of Islamophobia. Secondly, the Of course it was all over cable news and everything went. The dog didn't bark when, when, when the DES it didn't happen, the New York Times didn't even put it on the front page of the physical newspaper and it's worse than just the fact that a lot of progress is retreating, others. This is gonna spark Islamophobia. We see the same pattern over and over again in situations where someone who's generally embraced identified with with a minority group on the left when they commit a crime. It's always oh, it's mental illness or its some excuse making here at TED.
Possibly be hatred or anti semitism or racism, or any of the things that, even when the perpetrators clearly express those feelings. The mainstream media does not want to touch that. Where the tenth report, Meanwhile, if any one on the right side of the Isle does anything wrong, it's always white supremacy, and even in this case, we heard not just that this is gonna spark is on a phobia, but that this was an act of white supremacy when an islamic radical is holding Jews hostage in a synagogue, it absolutely orwellian, and I know that term gets used all the time, but watching the news coverage of this event was shocking to see just how much false information was being pouch in these terms that trigger the trigger words for the left that that get progressive, riled up its really really a dereliction of duty, the journalists in the end, the people on the left who do exist and that wasn't coming from just random social media people right that was them. The attorney general of this data chicken Dan Inessa, whose area, maybe these are white, supremacist sword taking hostages here,
your experience and understanding of world events notwithstanding its like the the pulse shooting, what was that by yours at twenty six in any suggesting and you. But you know that was reached very clearly ISIS inspired. The shooter set is as much in plain language and the story, because one about american hope of homophobia, right? Well, so so one of the egg against a, back to the media so that the tweet that that drove everybody crazy came from the Associated Press, a break, the FBI says the Texas Synagogue, hostage. Takers demands were specifically focused on issue not connected to the jewish community, so at issue being, of course, the releases snaky. But now to this it is interesting,
because the issue isn't that the F B. I said this because if you look at the story that the ape he filed, what they say is I'm trying to find the specific paragraph. They say that the F b I said it that way, but in fact the FBI official who is not quoted dishonour. Where is this, where Islam is worse, an FBI as special agent in charge Map Sarno? This is how it is said. The hostage takers but we focused on an issue not directly connected to the jewish community, and there was no me indication that the man was part of a broader plan, but there's no direct both from the sauna. I wonder whether he said that I camera really is
on camera, I'm looking at a right now, just watched unsavoury okay, so very sensitive, wrongly blamed. Morally, blaming the ap so well now go singular sick. What was that we urge that the attack was quote single it focused on one issue. That was not quote specifically related to the jewish community. You later added quote: we are continuing to work to find motive and a nineteen second clip. So I don't have it. context around it, but those are direct was only listen. Only this morning are yet the irish related risk said specifically that this was an act of terror, something that the president's said actually off handedly over the weekend, while also sort of having an hawing about motives that will never fully quite comprehends, but still at least when I'm the front of it and said specifically that this was not designed to terrorize, and we should note that the person that this guy thought he would free with the hostage
taking the synagogue when she was on trial, demanded dna testing of every year to ensure that no jure was jewish is a is absolutely rabid. Anti Semites has written letters from jail to to public officials, including present Obama, time saying basically justifying the Holocaust mean this person is one of the most rabid, Anti Semites ever and so this man thought he would free her. So the idea that there is really no connection to entice Let's not Russia judgment is absolutely not rushing to admin is a terrible thing. Now it's it's the problem. But they do rather than they shouldn't, but not put, but the but the whole. The premise of Separating Anti Semitism out from jihad is preposterous. That's that's the thing here right, that's let's I mean it's if the issue he's concerned with, is as observing
lament conspiracy theory and which, which involves the Jews, of course it does so it is directly involved, doesn't does directly involved that the jewish community, I m here he decided to go to a sitting. I because he figured that was the m. There was the shortest route getting what you want at having take some juice Hasta Jews were on America and the media and the banks and everything know they'll they'll cut Del cut through all the red tape. Maybe the tenth man here, though, because whenever this happens on that, on the other side, whenever theirs of White Nationalist, to engages in an act of violence and then half the press and all the liberal commentariat rush took pile onto law enforcement, say. Why aren't you calling this terrorism? What are you deem this terrorism right now in lieu of an investigation, is obviously terrorist acquire is calling about, because an act of terrorism does have a legal definition and it does
a minute or two to determine whether or not that legal definition has been met. Someone law enforcement declines to deem it such it's, because they have protocols that they have to observe which otherwise prejudices the investigation fair enough- and I think, as I say since I got this, got this wrong myself just now, and blame the AP for something I report on accurately. I'm gonna be a little a little shamefaced about about this, but the thing is that there was he be shut up in the shawl, and there was a lie. String going on and people watching the wives stream, which were presently very few, number two very small sending out? There are only four people in attendance as it was in there we hundred fifty families that are Barb are members of the synagogue, but somebody
alleged who was on the wives stream to tape like twenty nine may of his rant, which you can hear if you got a very wise and substantial, because she friend of hers was that is a member of the synagogue and sent her sir, her the audio and she posted it, and one of the reasons that they might have been more hesitant about saying that this was an act of terrorism in the sense that it was organized purposeful data, that is that he was clearly very disordered and his rand was
rabbi. You're, very nice you're. All I I don't want to hurt anybody. Of course, I will don't come near me, but I don't want to hurt anybody. You know it should end. You can't understand half of what he saying saying is obviously not speaking directly into a microphone. I think that there is reason to speculate that they determined or whoever was was talking to him. Is he insisted on calling my my friend Andrew about all the rabbi of Central Synagogue in New York City for reasons don't get now she's the one who called the FBI to say. I'm there's a dying colleague Will Texas, who has taken people hostage and a synagogue. She was the one who let them know that this was happening that day, that day spent. There were methodical about spending time trying to figure out who just what was in his arsenal, where where he had other you know whether he had confessed,
rats. Whether you know he had a larger plan, whether there were other things or gonna be triggered by this thing, and all of that I think when they determined that none of that, is the case that this with some kind of weird you know one man show. Ah that was when they feel comfortable going in and am and taking them out in and release the hostages. It's also important to note that, while other rabbi Asset Walker said that he was a com during the day, the last hour before they before they actually ended up going in a hurry. is getting more and more desperate, extreme and and frightening, and that and that, and that wasn't gonna, Wouldn't we wouldn't have lasted too much longer without without violence. The question is what this means in in law.
bore, and I don't think it means anything except the response to it by which him I mean it means something because it's a reminder that Jews are the focus of the world Most dangerous conspiracy theory make up twenty two percent of the population on earth and are the subject of most not lonely, not only two thirds of the hate crimes in the United States, but probably most of the hate crimes on the plant like if you were to characterize things as hate crimes, which I don't like is a lie definition I mean you know, ten percent of the Hague conference had heard fifty four point: two percent of the population. You know- and this is historically
okay. So it's a good reminder of that. There's nothing new about it question is what people do with the information? What what what the, what the police do with the information with the pup political system does, and you know how it's talked about. I think it might mean something else too. I want to get ahead of myself on this cuz it might not, but that you know the truth is you said at the start of the podcast on. This is something we haven't seen for a while, and I think it's just important to note that the context here with the rise of the Taliban American Retreat kind of loss of national purpose and generally taking our eye off the ball. I wouldn't be surprised if, once a
we start seeing terrorist incidents here, the West generally sort of all over the globe. I'm not I'm not. I can't draw direct line. Will we have abandoned the Afghanistan to this? But it's it's something. To keep in mind we have had a british MP was assassinated in of Afghan. That's right! That's right! One of the I mean the parrot all the parallel to the nineteen seventies being the perilous navies areas where some ancient seventies were a decade of open terrorist acts. both domestic and foreign domestic. In the and it states eleven hundred bombings in the United States, radical leftists in the EMA, no from nineteen, seventy and nineteen. Seventy two right Maoist Eric Nicholas Bombers, targeting military
when stations, libraries, all sorts of things and then, of course, in Europe was to charnel house of of of arab terrorism. I am, and domestic radical terrorism to the bottom line, half gang there. You know the kidnapping and a of the italian Prime Minister, Aldo Mauro, who was captured by the Red Brigades in ITALY and then all these incidents, where the Palestinians know that if they you know, anybody was in jail in Germany or France, or you know if and any major country at side of Britain, all they have to do is take some people hostage and they would get them out. So you know this parallel to the magic Seventys, we desperately dont want to see happen, but everything else is going on and we can talk about New York over the weekend everywhere.
it's going on is is is, is weakening of the knife in seven days of this bizarre replay of you now what was probably the worst decade in in America, possibly outside of universal or that the worst domestic decade in american history, and ended in the gray. We have all we have all the bad stuff now, but another fun. We have all the bad things from the seventies but vote. Locked down in masks and we can't do anything wrong and can I just can't I just that there is one other point I want to make about this, because I think it's important for listeners to imagine in terms of the response that you say John. I agree that something we should continue to watch. Do the thought experiment but flip the rolls right have it if some, if this had an attack by someone on the right and major organizations on the right had been defending the person whose inspired the attack, which
see. I are the major islamic organization which did denounced this attack, but has in the past so big of em sidled exactly out after the attack. I don't think so much. I really feel a lot of you know and has also how did you know, but they ve also hopes that these fun ridges resource or another anti Semites due to promote this woman that the detailed woman's cause. If this were reversed, I don't eat you absolutely Now what would be a non start? First of all, it would be non stop on the new cycle. It would be on the front page of the New York Times. It would be a count constantly held up as evidence of everything that's wrong with the right side of the political while in this country, and you will see this disappear just like we saw what Quichua the slaughter and were Quichua disappear. Just like you see all of these other crimes that are committed by folks on the left disappear from the headlines immediately. So there is really, I think, if you try to if you follow this stuff from the side of the island, where a lot in particular is about anti Semitism, the ease with which our mainstream culture ones,
just make it go away. That's gotta! Stop that's got to stop excepting the they don't want to make it go away when it can be linked to the right and to trunks that's the we hear so much about Anti Semitism, and there is plenty of anti How much is Amon the right from the Trump Party by mean? I don't want to die. I don't want to pretend that there's not at all but you're you're right. If that's that's the only time they could get attention Jews of the canary in the coal mine, that's all to say, and that's why you gotta, watch this and see weathers, whether whether stuff, whether stuff happens more along this line, as as a points out Jews or the canary in the coal mine. If there's going to be up, there is going to be a rise in this kind of disorder. These incidents and that it's not gonna stop here and we're going to fold focused disproportionately Andrews cause. That's that's that's what happens and one one one advantage to the larger population of this two thousand year.
spirits see theory against the Jews. That seems to allow people to attach these ideas and think that they can do human eye. They treat Jews in this dehumanized fashion and go individual juices or their representatives of the whole is that it can serve as an early warning system to everybody if the warnings are taken and heated and if it is if it is understood as such, which which it is not? And of course we have, they got a continually disgraceful behaviour of the jewish left in, as I say like by being Bob among the people who advance happen, were advancing most quickly. The danger of rising Islamophobia as a response to this incident, so we
We will be monitoring that closely, to the extent that it is a monitor, a bull. I just think I'm still struck by the fact that the New York Times didn't have it on the on the on the print edition front page I mean that is some better Starling fact and it sets are like white, nothing I mean knowing that killed, and I am sure that was the that was the. That was the idea I dont. There will be a reckoning for that to trust me. There there's gonna, be reporting on that and push back and there's gonna be some explanation given for four for the times as behaviour. It certainly wed, though the website to be fair, which is now, I think, has four or five times rear ship of the print addition. So I mean you, can you can maybe over read this arrest a manner, but nonetheless, we
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Bambi Dotcom, Slash commentary right now to schedule your free h, our audit, that's ba and be eat outcomes, less commentary again spell ban to the bp dot com, slash commentary. Now, let's talk about rising social disorder outside of this sub terrorist incident, as exemplified by by New York City, which has is now showing real signs of up of an everything all does again now return to the nightmarish days of the nineteen seventy something we talked about again: again, but we now have cascading in thence in New York. You, where there was a significant crime, increase and murder, increasing all that, but just then as two weeks a robbery at a burger king in which that when he rolled a cashier comply
with the demands of the burglar, who then shot her in the face and killed her. We have multiple in multiple cases of people being pushed on subway platforms, Oh stop people being robbed in subway stations, the most horrifying being a woman standing on the times, grow, subway bluff warm eyes Saturday morning and a you know, palm less, where we want to call a street person. I just sort of ran up behind her pushed around to the tracks and she was killed by an oncoming subway and death of all sorts of other stuff. Firstly, we have the the new the newly minted Manhattan DA saying he doesn't want to prosecute crimes and he doesn't want to seek life sentences and he wants to knock down. Most fell these two misdemeanours and Eric Adam
the new mare who got himself elected in part by by talking to for on crime than his fellow Democrats has been called a little flat flooded. Rather than grabbing the bull by the horns and sang and others a new sheriff in town we're not gonna put up with this. He said he said two or three things in the last couple and last week are weak and have them very troubling one. He said. Well, you know the ale brag he's a friend of mine. I think we can together. You know. After he, the prosecutors have discretion. and then in response to the subway violence, said things are the more violent on the subway. That's just fear like people are just perceiving it that way, it's a very bad, fine, I'm a very bad sign for him, and this is the thing I've been warning, people about who have been getting irrational, exuberant about Adams, he's a flake and a weird,
Oh and he always has been in your politics and assume, thing that he was going to live up to that kind of fun, with tough guy role that he decided to take. When I hear- administrative choices in the first couple weeks were all very weird nepotism, Dick he appointed as deputy air a former police leading figure in the police department who was under multi, investigations for fraud and Miss behaviour and was essentially forced to resign before it before he could be driven out fella banks, and then he also I did his own brother too, like the tourists at the second or third level job in the in the end, be before outcry? Had him move him over to communications or something like that. So these are not good things now here He is creating a small aid, as people do, politicians do great or small cabal of people who owe
the amateur trustworthy, only day notable below everything and will protect them but term, but this is a moment of real crisis. In which that new, this question of whether or not there is a new way for Democrats to talk about these issues pull themselves back from the brink of the last two years and we focus their energies on on being Dane and rational exponent of aim of public order and and and how to handle public bordering the net necessity for reinstating public order after a couple of years of disorder is not looking good So far. If he's, if he's like the leading example having been elected in America's largest city, which became the same, this large city, America, and is now
moving very much in in a terrible direction, something that you know that the blog you might have said you know, there's did that the there's, no real fear just a perception of your and you would have been savaged for it. You know, and so should Eric atoms. And the question is you know. Adams does seem extraordinarily vain, and I don't know that hey. You know that he wants to work towards this sort of an understanding of his mail to that that worries stinking up the joint sulky. You mean
I'm sure you'll have to grab the bull by the horns and and actually do something but we'll see I was struck over the weekend I sent to you guys are done. Our text thread the review in the New York Times. Booker view of two new books about criminal justice and race in their revere is David LAD, he's a smart guy, but the review with the two books, question, one written by Laura Coats called just pursuit and the other called by Christian, having called the rage of innocence. It's all about how black use, in particular criminalized, earlier, such or such a new scene on the front page of the book of the prime real estate. For if Europe, if you're an author, this lengthy essay about these books, sort of praising all there incites and storytelling, etc, etc. The one thing missing from this: besides the repeated reports king uncritically that others claims that the system is entirely rigged against African Americans was any evidence or issuance or
or even mention of crime statistics like the perpetrators of crimes, so it if I've I've. For me, it was a reminder that the left side of the Isle really can't get at where this problem begins. and look at crime data and try to figure out solutions and and prettily violence in some of these, the crime addled neighbourhoods and why it perpetuates Euro degeneration way in poverty, perpetuates ownership like really look at this complicated problem and talk to people who have solutions. There are people out there who have spent their entire career, studying this and come up with practical solutions at work. We know this. They cannot because the narrative is too powerful for them right now and in some ways maybe Adams can't even overcome it in terms of governing, like the narrative has to stay, and
see it repeated over and over again in the pages of most mainstream media publications that on cable news in its frustrating to people who are living in the reality, because its frustrating you can even that information about facts about the crime commission rates, how their rising? It's not just fear. It's a bill justifiable fear for people who write this a boys to justifiable free of fear and I turn now to get carjacked. People's behaviour is changing as a result of the fact that carjack spiked most of the kids doing our fifteen fourteen years old and have a lot of gun. So these a reality but they do want to talk about the reality. They want to talk about the overarching systemic issues, because that's a lot easier because they don't have to get into the dirty details of what's happening in this country in some of our cities. It's it's very
the pressing a, but it also it goes to the larger political story of the moment, which is this kind of systemic collapse of democratic agenda and the reputation of the Biden administration we are, we are, away we're we're seeing story after story about Democrats panicking about the cascade. they serve the air the multiple failures. Last everything's coming home to roost. Last week, the Supreme Court saying that the ocean vaccine mandate was constitutional binds ridiculous forty eight our we're gonna end the filibuster, the past voting rights when ended
She was driving to Capitol Hill by Kirsten Cinema, making a speech saying I'm not talkin about to eliminate the foam Hester, for I could even get their people saying in a wise I didn't even know: why isn't he summon people to the White House and read them the riot act? Why is he going to Capitol Hill? I don't understand a lot of this. I don't understand what Biden is doing. Why is he trumpeting his successes? What, where is where the messaging. In a Wednesday, as is hundreds day then offered it will be the anniversary of his first year in office. He is going to give a press conference on Wednesday that is going be very, very, very interesting, because this is not a happy anniversary for him. He is, and he is in. He is facing multiple defeats and failures. Hans and questioning about this confusion on testing and the fact that
at the end of the national public, health authorities have now completely slipped slipped a chain like There are multiple guidance. Is multiple advices, multiple ideas being expressed by different figures in the in the federal government's health bureaucracy about When two tasks, how long isolation period should be went to mask what kind of mask you have to wear? Should you do even to even bother wearing a mask of its a cloth mask? you listen to them me, listen to Lansky or voucher, whoever taught they're not saying the same things, they're not on the same page Nobody knows how to make sense of this. There's all this talk about how we need to test and we need to get past and no one's gonna have tests till March you now this flood of new tasks,
Even ass, you know, particularly here in New York. Omar cronies is is, is is dying out. I mean the you look at the chart: the precipitous decline of the number of positive tests over the last four days. really startling, and it is a sign just as we saw in South Africa and in Britain that this is a flare up and die out variant. What is he gonna say? and then again getting to crime, and all that, like that, this country is not in good shape and he is the President and Trump is no longer the president and he can't blame trump anymore, and the Democrats dont know what to say or do, and now I'm sorry address at this
an interesting dynamic in my view. Where is obviously the left that has convinced the president to take up a variety of positions that are out of step with the public and as a because they're out of step with the public benefit and stick and tell us that this is a whole series of disasters. Mammon gotten anything done when they have to very popular by partisan initiatives that pass this administration with those port of Republicans in Congress covert relief as February and the by part of infrastructure deal the hard infrastructure deal. They dont want to talk those up, because it since mission to vote to the moment, they decided that it needs to be very progressive, very transformative and very quick and both of have failed and their despondent over those failures, but that failed could actually position this administration to come back. I'm happy legislative initiatives, these leftwing legislative initiative succeed. It would have only deepen what CBS Does the CBS News use got you gotta, pull over the weekend determine was that the biggest problem that the public space
right now, in their view, is obviously the pandemic. Second, only to inflation, which is very close, had Bilbil better past. It would have exacerbated the inflationary pressures on the economy, which would have only only deepened the hold of the president, and himself an insidious pull, also found that fewer than half described the submit. This ministration is competent effect or focus and has been the case since the withdrawal from Afghans, that which has left the headlines. Continues to linger as a source. frustration among voters the source of consternation among voters. It's just, as you said a couple of times, John. It sort of the slow acting poison, but allowing these laughing initiatives fail and moving on to something that's much more relevant to the public could absolute, They bring this administration back from the brink. There's three years left on this proposition
If we ve gotten us out of our system now, there's no reason to believe that they have been insufficient. Can't can't make a come back here I mean we have an example in the famous person of debt Morris Clayton becomes president. Ninety three tax to the left goes with Clinton care. The democratic party You shall act within an inch of its life. Interestingly enough the voice of progressive. Is I'm not that there was a term that we were using them in the White House, wisely on banana, who is the White House Chief of staff, now thought of as being something of a bus or democratic, right winger, because when he became defence secretary he actually he was ass. He was he was a pretty tough guy, but then was our rapporteur a billion California, congressmen and rapped basically wrapped the progressive view in the Democratic Party and Clinton I took it
what happened to him and the party and ninety four and clear new of course had had himself gone through a transition like this as governor. Seventy eight elected as a reformist Democrat govern serve as a liberal, thrown out in nineteen eighty Arkansas having a two year, governorship comes back and eighty two as a completely new kind, as as one of the new Democrats right sort of like much more moderate leaning conservative favours the death penalty, but Uncle Bob why he were literally repeats the same pattern and the architect of his move to right as governor was Dick Morris and he brought Dick Morris back in ninety ninety five to save him from himself. Then There was Panada and there was more ass. Any start. Listening to Morrison, not Panada Biden is not Clinton Clinton made
the stake and he made the same mistake twice, which is interesting. do you miss, read the room he thought of forty three percent election in ninety. Maybe two meant that it was time for you know the government to take over the take over health care so that experience Biden did not learn from as an example in the past not to follow, but where does Biden turn for this, for this move to the centre whose the voice of the move to the centre in the in the Democratic party. James Carville Carville is like a hundred and twelve years old. You know I mean who is it, who is to be his guy. What is this? What is the body of opinion or the people who are the people that he can bring in who can help him wrench himself away from the democratic parties concerned
this view, which is much stronger and much more powerful than it was back and Clinton's day? Not only that he's he's already designated those people, the enemy I mean there, and there on the side of the segregationist. You know that that's there's no, there's not going to be there's no bridge. You know that that that's gonna be built there. Oh you know you can't hold you he's an old man with. May he was he was mad. You know it was me then someone gave a mob some prone weapon hearing him. He got. He was better. You know it's mine, no worry about it. I mean I don't really know it's another words like that. The line David Brooks has taken it at no. I think spelled it out? We ve all been saying this like what what is he crazy like take away? Take the wind with a bipartisan infrastructure bill. The bipartisan message works, people want to hear they want to see working together. You could do it with the Electoral Reform ACT. Revising the electric. A lot of republicans want to do that right. The democratic party does not want to make
a deal on the Electoral Reform ACT with with Republicans because is the axiomatic view of most of the people in our in leadership positions in the party that Republicans wanted destroyed democracy, and we can never vote anything they would vote for. We should not vote for because their evil, and so we have to vote for our own thing, how you want to slice it. I dont understand how Biden does this very rational thing, which has moved to the centre what were learnt it, doesn't have to be moved to the center. I will further off the left them. I don't know what we're where do you? Will I mean it's just as it's just a matter of framing, I suppose it is centrist, in so far as it is a matter of concern to the most people, most of whom are in the center, their independent? But it's not a centrist move to focus on the priorities that are shared by most of the public does not a policy prescription is just
matter of attention to detail, but you have to do something with that shift and felt you do, but you also have to talk about it. I mean anything. once the going say that dividing the ministries and as you know, it is gonna, throw the by demonstrations on its ear because it didn't rapids hands around covert. I'd really just don't think, that's a case. Otherwise they would have done so that many more politicians were much more deserving of it, but all he has to do is seen focused on it. And there hasn't been a legislator priority in this Congress out of the White House for the last six months, or so that an inflation and he talks. If he began to talk about inflation in terms of how my preexisting agenda will address inflation, which suggest there aware of the problem, but yeah rhetorical shift would do a lot of
a lot of help here, I can even their beneath and there they they they, they snatched radicalism from the jaws of potential moderation. All the time just look over the weekend, so Glenn yanking comes into offices the new Governor Virginia. He says no more mass mandates. You cannot force kids to wear, masks and schools. He did not say that you can't where mass you, if your parent one centre could discover the mask, you can do that, there's nothing that's. you get. What you cannot do is insist that all these very young children, for whom masking is really not protective or necessary and is we know harmful to their ability to learn. You don't have to do that anymore. Just lifting the mass mandate, Jen Saki, the this administration spokesperson, starts tweeting all these obnoxious statements well as apparent in this county, I'm so glad because some the more liberal counties closest to DC immediately said, while we're doubling down on mass now your kid, and not only do they have to wear masks to go to school at today, increase
and ate an indirect violation of what the governor just said. They are going to have to work at ninety five mask with or they're gonna have to double mass, with surgical master their doubling down and the president's press secretaries like yeah. Let's do this, I'm so glad were totally ignoring what the democratic process gave us, which was an elected governor who ran on the fact that he was gonna, removes some of these restrictions and one so the party of governance at every opportunity to it. The virtues signal on something covert related takes it, and I he's just a press secretary she's, not setting policy, but she is the face of this administration daily on television and when she speaks people listen to her and that is bad like either Rayner in and say you know,
top tweeting about a local thing where local people are making decisions dinner. Based on what the governors new policy is. I e how democracy works just stop, but they can't can't help themselves, and that speaks say what I think. No you said all along during and spend a make, which is its become a kind of signalling device for people on the left in order to justify your conan and unnecessary non scientific things at this point to make themselves feel that they are politically superior, morally superior to the people on the other side of the Isle. It was always a mistake. I too think that people can politicians change all the time. George W Bush thought that his governorship was going to be a little like what Biden said that it was going to be an effort to bring Democrats and Republicans together. He you know he did this bay, he did the no child left behind bill in Tandem with Teddy Kennedy. All of that then nine eleven happened and hid. The entire focus of his administration change response to that crisis and and and
Finally, so he became a different kind of president. He had a different kind of focus, a different kind of controversy. Did and how he was gonna- handle it you, you can change. So let's talk about what might be happening this week, that Biden is going to have after respond to I mean it is looking like Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine. Have all these signals all did cyber attack on on on on key of and various other things going on. The way the negotiations went in Vienna last week, the belligerents of of Russians claiming that they might if we keep talking the way we're talking. They're gonna, they're, gonna, reposition nuclear weapon, to make them more threatening tomato and the western us that kind of thing, all of which. Obviously, if the move comes.
Biden is going to have to respond to the entire world is going to be looking to bind to see what the responses in response at will have a couple of features right, they'll, be a they'll, be a rhetorical response there, will be an organizational response, which is to say, you know who oh and list in a serious alliance against what's going on and then there will have to be a policy response either militarily financially, you know Does Cyber Lee what whatever it you know, covertly an overly Do you see any indication from the way the a strange what has been behaving that they are going to be able to provide a response that will I dont know,
do do America, products may do ass. I don't know what we know not asking a vitally look. I wouldn't be shocked at all. In fact, I suspect that that, in the event of a rush invasion, the the american response we would would be. I guess adequate, the problem is once that happens. It means the administration has already failed. The point was dead and not to have. This happened in the first place, and- and that is where I think Biden has already has already failed or will have already failed. Responding adequately to a crisis is not. The same thing is changing, though fundamentally you know like when window these issues were under threat in Iraq, a bomb of Europe's sent in troops to get help, get them off that mountain and other that's a crisis. He was still not not interested.
and in waging a war in it it in continuing the worn rack it was. This sort of it was out of a window that that that had to be addressed were sub. Something had happened and spun so yeah. I think I would be shocked if, if, if the response is is as weak as everything that's led up to what looks like a certain Putin invasion. The Atlantic alliance is wholly unprepared. For what it would actually entail in the event of the real deal, a full scale invasion of Ukraine to the nearer, or even to this, to sack Kiev that would be a real and war in Europe. It would really create a giant refugee crisis in Central Europe. It would really nice so tat the involvement of covert forces from european powers and on affiliated irregulars from within Europe, and why
in Russia. It would be a full scale disaster, only time to avert that is now and we are not seeing a preventative response that's which would entail a variety of things that, including repositioning of naval assets into the Black Sea, a significant deployment to Poland and the Baltic states and including pre preemptive concessions- diplomatic concessions to the russian position, because the russian position is real, they really do feel threatened, even though we think its irrational. It is a position that they hold, so what something along the lines of a unilateral reinstatement of a limited ballistic missile treaty, which we operate, did they? Abrogated has been dead but say: let's tablets, reinstate bullet will unilaterally observe intermediate range missile treaty in Europe again, something like that would probably go a long way to the escalating. The crisis give them face saving off ramp, which they have nothing now right now,
there's, nothing on the table beyond talk shopping and preparing for a response to an invite which is already too late talking it up at the United Nations General Assembly, wholly inadequate to the situation. That's what they're contemplating now, which is only making the crisis more real, more acute and urgent. Look, I mean the question is what what homily did Joey binds grandfather offer him that he can throw at Putin. You know I mean that that's where we are. This is why you have what one has every reason to have very little face, even in the EU, as part of this, which is the rhetoric and the rhetoric is kind of the EU this park, as you could say whatever and then not not live up to them and which is which bad than you can say. No, we will stand for this behaviour. This is you know. This is destabilizing the world Putin is evil. We will not rest until did until Ukraine
free and whole darted out about it, are he's not even capable of doing that unanimity in that sense. Britain has already achieved a significant victory in so far as the focus is now on the territorial sovereignty of every or else that has an already occupy a cry me as an afterthought, the dawn basque region as an afterthought, it's basically allowing for the prospect of, legitimately carving off the illegitimate carving off these territorial off It serves sending autonomous offshoots of these neighbouring soviet countries, Georgia, while mobility of all these other cut places where there are frozen, conflict and saying ok. As long as you know, you threaten the rest of the country, then you can have that that chunk, that's already baked into the cake here. In that sense, this has been a very successful gambit but from criminal respected in the. Chinese again with Clinton. You know it was a civil war on the european continent, obviously of the very grotesque and awful genocide
at all civil war in the former yugoslavia- and there was a lot of trouble allotted you know you know, of complications and conflict of about what to do about it and where Bob ah, but eventually NATO moved right. I mean NATO there. Was a there. Was a war launched against the separatists, and you know again, now against separatist movement against the non separatists. We'd have forty eight days a bombing. The point about Clinton is that he was able to shift gears. He like alike Biden, unlike Obama, did not want to engage in military action if he could help it. He obviously came to his political majority as somebody writing that letter explaining why he was gonna renege on his authority, see commitment and you know, and then basically cheap, cheat torched.
Out of out of you know what it had given him. All that our parliament, What the hell was that he job, but we know that famous letter he wrote to to people are given him a scholarship power works like, but he had he he was. You know he was Fran Tarkington key, you know a broken played He could scramble and shift gears and stuff like that and Biden doesn't know how to do that. He thought he was making a bit. He was swing for the fences by going division and slightly pacifist by pulling everybody out of Afghanistan. Now now oh, you know, much more difficult set of circumstances. He has to join one of which is the either get hawkish or the other is that is too is to work, can be complicit or
stand by mutely and impotently as this as this depredation takes place on on the continent of Europe. That's why I think all this talk about how, but in a binding He needs to shift gears. It's good, it's good that he hears. This is good. He reads, David David's call him telling him he needs to shift gears and go centrist and all that, but it's not static point, is that things are accelerating bad disorder. Disorder accelerates. You know this is a direct result of Afghanistan, the crime wave in You know in the United States what's going on in New York. This is a direct result of democratic policies, democratic error in our cities and states and the federal government taking up policies that that are frankly injurious to public order. And the end and the consequences of them as we can see- and we haven't even talked about inflation in the supply chain-
since that are making these empty shells and all these supermarkets all over the country- and all of that like this- is all happening at once- it's not you know it's not strands! You can separate out. You know if it's all collapsing at once, and he not only isn't fleet a foot he's. You know he puts his and his mouth and caused the police negotiate with piano, Jefferson, Davis, Bull, Connor and George Wallace, like you know, good. Did that really a great I mean that's really that was up. brilliant, brilliant rhetorical flourish on his part really gives you confidence for the rhetorical flourish you might try with you know with the Russians. It's enough to give you a pain in the back, so look get the x chair it's going to be a hard year watching all this happen, you're going to beat this track
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share, commissary dot com or call one thousand eight hundred and forty four 4x chair for one hundred dollars off your order. Extra has a thirty day guarantee of complete comforting. You can find it to purchase for as little as thirty dollars a month, Xchair commentary dot com. What other bad news can we can we share with everybody what other depressing sad horrible and it was well we're talking about military affairs right now and done, we have every indication that there is a readiness crisis in the military as it relates to covered the course of last week. While I was away as a couple a hidden, Listen I want to bring to your attention from the Associated Press quote the? U S army for the first time is offering a maximum level, bonus of fifty thousand dollars to highly skilled recruits. You sign up for six years, the service is struggling to lure soldiers into certain critical jobs. Amid the continuing pandemic
sort of a throwaway line there, but when you dig into a fine, then army commanders have received a total of six active duty leaders, including two battalion comment. Then issued two thousand nine hundred some our general officers written reprimands fur soldiers who refuse the vaccination order there they're not you're, not ready for deployment. Now. That's not a ton of american military officials are american soldiers, but masks a broader problem with relation to readiness, which is already an issue prior to the answer. Covered and vaccine mandates, are contributing to that condition, at a time when we are desperately in need of options to deter, are near pure competitors, great power adversaries and its self influx The wound, one, that they are not imposing on themselves.
Now: the perils of the nineteen seventies, horrible riotous crisis, Post Post, Vietnam. You know there is a point at which a nightmarish survey was done that revealed that forty percent of men of active duty members of the Eu S armed forces were we're seriously engaged in other use of illegal drugs. I think that was one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine. This is not a comprable thing. It just speaks to what happens when a country loses when, when people who, who serve in the military no longer believe that the public has their back at the past distance who run them or the President who we for whom we know who was their commander in chief, is really all that
interested in them and that their just there you now observe like marking time and for the ride. I again I've seen that I've seen a galaxy brain take, and I know I don't know how widespread it s, but it was one that I think gave some comfort to people who, like this sort of thing and wanted The fire is that vaccine mandates in them in a military are doing a really great above rooting out right wing extremists in our but in the ranks because vaccine has it c is seen by some as a proxy issue for General White right wing. an and their their totally comfortable with, Putting these people out of any institution. They happen Find themselves, and especially in in institutions, operated maintained. Federal government, so maybe this is just the way of purging the ranks of political undesirables, tragic,
the people on the left. You have those who want to serve a much smaller growth rate and made. This is that the military is is not known for recruiting from the progressive. Let us say yes, so I mean look crushing morality. The brand, the time Amerika great we're out of some years ago week last week, was great and what was great for the idea that's what the what Biden and the left as Democrats want is unworkable, unconstitutional, unreasonable and that their shooting ourselves in the foot with the policies that they are advocating and that's a good thing, not a bad thing. What's back that is having an incom pad president, who is not only wrong, headed but incompetent and and that incompetence his terror is, is getting to be terrifying, because this is where the whole idea comes. Where people say. Oh you shouldn't. Without you,
why are terrible? People are wishing for the failure of the president of the party that you know that the aid they don't vote for right. terrible how data Obama, when Ruslan by and and Mcconnell said they wanted Obama to fail. That's terrible! You should want the president to succeed the country sixty blah blah, bother, obviously that that was not something it was shared by people who looked at Trump and want to try to fail desperately, because they thought that the country that he would serve create as a success would be a would be a harsh over them Nobody wants this. Let me just say this: nobody. What, where we are now covered, confusion rising crime, rising inflation, empty shells, you know, cost forty sent more than it did last year by used car readiness crises,
anti american forces on the march all over the place, possible, rising terrorism certainly rising out decay. Nobody wants this course. You want the president to succeed in that sense, because what you, see when you see this kind of failure is terrifying and we got nor to go for three years. You know nothings gonna come in and say from this, and the only salvation in that sense would be worse than safe. Somehow he were superseded by Kamel Harris. I don't think that were look her and thinking she. She would do any better, probably do worse, so that, as the conundrum here, which is that we don't want Biden to succeed, because we don't think his policies are good, but one of these we don't think his policies are good is because this is what these policies are leading to. This is not just you know, an idiot logic
hatred or not wanting Democrats to have jobs that the Republicans can have or something like that. It's that when people advocate These policies, bad things, happen in the world and they ve happened much more quickly and more more frighteningly than any of us, you know if we sat down and sad Nino, two thousand twenty twenty this this this this and this are gonna happen rashly the did just now. I doubt where life would be on the first anniversary of buttons presidency, people would say of talking about there's going to be flash. There's gonna be eminently with job growth that will get out. Condoms would grow. We tell cell, certainly wouldn't fallen December yard at at at at at at at at me. What are you, nuts? That's ridiculous? You couldn't predicted how bad this was gonna go and the situation that were now you couldn't
in part because we do serve, think America's gonna succeed, in spite of, in spite of bad political leadership. Well, now we're having our test case, so we will be back tomorrow with. I can't imagine- will have better news tomorrow, but what more try will soon find? Something was something good to say so for a Christina. Now, I'm jump upwards cleaned.
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