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A Vaccine Strategy Revamp? What Vaccine Strategy?

2021-05-05 | 🔗
The long knives are out for Liz Cheney within the GOP, but does ousting this meddlesome priest from her role in leadership really serve Republican interests ahead of the 2022 midterms? And Joe Biden supposedly revamps his vaccine strategy, but his statements make it plain that the administration has no idea what to do about declining demand for inoculations.
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Welcomes the commentary magazine Daily podcast today is Wednesday. May fifth, twenty twenty one, I'm John Paul boards, the editor of momentary magazine with me, as always, executive editor, a Remould high, socio ever nor rough- and I know I just
and see a rudder, Christine rose and high Christine Hydra, so just as the Republican Party is starting to lick its chops at all sorts of signs, portents and and and and presages of a really bad twenty twenty two mid term elections for damage. That's the way in terms of their ability to to hold the house. We have now six democratic retirements from Democrats or may well be just high, telling a big They don't think they can win another term and theirs. They have a five seat majority in the house are right there if they're right and they are leaving. For this reason, you got absence from the changes from redistricting after the census, you ve got the Republicans taking the majority by
on November twenty twenty two- but it's like gonna- be way worse than that remember. There were forty eight republican retirements in twenty seventeen, twenty eighteen, that presage thee, though you the huge democratic wave of twenty eighteen, which eighteen of those forty eight seats, flipped from the Republicans to the Democrats, so they are in there looking good, and yet they are having a giant fight inside their own ranks with Kevin Mccarthy, the speaker of the house and the whip, seduce police, basically doing everything they can to get Liz Cheney. The third ranking were again to resign or a before orb. You now leave before she's ousted at the next meeting of the House Republican Car conference, which I guess takes place next week, rise. We have a male Brooks bed with Carl Reiner Unwell, Brooks when he's playing an.
Advertising executive mailbox and he in and then he is explain to current how you get out at recalcitrant employ. You don't want your advertising agents and he says there and they start a vicious whispering campaign and commerce. As what's the whispering campaign, that's a guy walks up to the guy's desk and says cut out by Monday, or will break your teeth. That's essentially what Kevin Mccarthy did yesterday on Fox and friends, both on a hot MIKE and on air. Basically saying get the hell out of here. Noah, we all know the scandalous Cheney is complete. Going to fight the big lie of trumps, claim that the election was stolen and and and somehow that the January six didn't matter very much. that's not what I meant everything that's a fair assessment of what she's doing when it comes up when she asked
when somebody says something with which she disagrees, which is pretty frequently She has a very annoying habit of not shutting up and shit. Just says: sort of this display of republican conscience. That is very frustrating The notion here that she's, what she's done is an offence grave enough to justify rejecting her from leadership. I mean you can count on one hand the number of Republicans who had done so thing in leadership so humiliating to their party or to themselves to the conference, but having that they needed to be ejected from leadership, and it's not as though, that this conference had doesn't have it. He was more than a few members who are regular embarrassments to themselves and others so that just doesn't really wash into me just suggests that in other parties. Mid term strategy is to be as united as possible, and the Republican Party is voting base, loves Donald
still like style front, loves him more when people criticise them, that's, which is very important. The antipathy that he generates among his opponents is a key draw for republican voters, and so You know Mccarthy's suggesting that you just now on the right message is true. In so far as their message is not the sort of mid term message you would expect from our party during the president's first term is not the Democrats. Eighteen strategy is not the Republicans Fourteenth refugee or even ten strategy because they're not harping on the issue, set the issues that is obvious, its schools, it's the rising cost of consumer goods, its increase, stir in our caution with colored restrictions, and its optimism has been saying forever. It's this country is not a racist country. It's his country is seeking to the better ways
I had a bus and we're in a very fortunate position now and look at that and we're going to leave you into this breaking future. That's part of it, but it's not all of it, because republicans aren't satisfied by that anymore with their satisfying. Is sticking their hand on that hot stove, even though you told him not to they sang in our listen. You can't tell me what the hell I'm gonna do. I'm gonna do this any. And maybe it'll work, and if it does, that will be very satisfying. Republicans are poised to do very well as winning twenty mentions, regardless of whether was Jane. Is there not ok? So, let's, let's There are two strands in your and what you just said, one is that Cheney is is, is not representative of the views of the majority of
republican conference leaves and now, as opposed to MID January, wherever anything anywhere. I one she one challenge to her leadership with a with a with a secret vote of a hundred sixty five to sixty hundred and fifty five to sixty. I don't remember what the precise number was flat. You know when there was a secret ballot. Does she she got three times as many votes as she got negative votes or whatever or two and a half something like that, and the idea now said that that won't happen because its now, it's now like months later, and apparently there all annoyed now so there's this question which, as this is not like a virtue thing, She is a. This is a club. These are not a national vote. This is about of two hundred and eleven people on who gets too. presented out, who gets to serve, run their internal business
and if they want or they don't want- or it's like, it's actually not really anybody else's business. This is like who's gonna. U now take the notes at the next meeting who's gonna do x, Y and see if they don't like or anymore, they lost their interest in her. They can ditch her. It's not that's! That's one thing right! So there's there's this question of like two: how big an issue as this, but this that the second And this is to serve tee. This out is, is this an indication of of of a republican weakness going into twenty to or not, and that's what I'm not sure. If what Kevin Mccarthy wants to do, the house speaker just neutralize Trump as a potentially negative force of the sort that he was in Georgia during the run offs where he lost the Senate. For Republicans with his crazy lunatic disgusting behaviour in Georgia and his idiocy
he and his recalcitrance and his solemn cystic man. Straw city that is now lead to trillions of dollars of new spending that would not have an approved. Otherwise, if what counts are these doing is like I. We need a rise this before it gets worse and makes the very least that he kind of like helps us instead of hurts us, then maybe it's a its irrational strata, but that's ridiculous, because we know we know from just what you described in Georgia. That's not gonna happen in the other piece of news. Yesterday is a trump sort. I guess he started a blog. I've heard high. Don't I want to call it, but what was so said? What what makes it symbolic? Is that its it perfectly that the format he chose perfectly encapsulates the challenge he will still pose the ruling party. It is one way, communication change. You cannot respond to him. You can only listen to his stream of consciousness
you know winding about how he really did when the election that I actually think. I agree that this sort of internal leadership debates- I don't have a huge, don't have huge repercussions except but this one fact, if she's ousted that hands the Democrats and hands to no undecided, independent voters, a perfect symbol of the what they can be told is the future public and party, which is even a person sort of saying the election was fine and fair, and he didn't you who disputes the big lie. They get rid of her. They get rid of her from Lucia because they believe the lie. That is actually that is harmful to the Republican Party and even if he thinks he's doing it strategically too caught her eyes. Trumps impact. I actually think it'll give out source impact trouble see that as a victory, the people who like trumpet who support troubles That is a victory. It's it's not a good thing as its insulting to suggest that you know the people who are engaged in revisionist history. You really want to move on in Europe Didn't revisionism, you don't want. the one you want
live in that moment forever and dwellers and make it all you make it central to your identity and there is going on the Arizona, this bizarre red count in Maricopa County, which is gonna take weeks. This is after three recounts state aid and America, Bulgaria, Alice and the Arizona state set. It got a court to agree It had the right to get another recount. An you know, what's gonna happen with this, recount that this firm cyber ninjas, which has been hired to do the recount, which does nothing to do with elections and is apparently doing things in contravention of election law on mishandling vote Ballots and possibly exposing them and treating ultraviolet light doing all the stuff they're going to announce that they do not have confidence that the election was fair and in Maricopa County. That's the whole point of this are not going to be able
to say they found seventy five thousand made up votes. I dont believe that what they'll say is they will just call into question Arizona now by the, whereas those not enough, of course, flip into an eighty seat, electoral majority, but it's enough to create that narrative end up in the minds of tens of millions of people or to support at the ballast stead, and that's probably going to happen by the way. The other thing is going to happen today as Facebook is gonna announce whether or not Trump gets to go back on Facebook and I'm betting trumps gonna get to go back on Facebook is. Why would they even announced that they were having this making this decision? If they weren't go? Let him back on Facebook anyway. I think there's and there's another weakness here I don't know that I don't know how soon the Republicans will pay for it, but
the whole idea you're that Republicans are not focused at all on Biden or Democrats, but their their conception of what should the next shiny little object is is so insular. You know, they're there looking within their party there all worked up over. I don't know corporations they're just there just not taking the Democrats to task I mean I'm not gonna, think you're going to people who are going after that will corporation thing like Marco Rubio and TED crews are involved, democratic prescriptions. Marker Rubio came out aggressively in favour the Joe Biden position on that Amazon Warehouse vote, not because he was favouring the workers
one of the stick to Amazon, where I got nothing against Republicans, making a political issue out of Woke corporations and welcome this, pervading quality of woken dominating, the elites and sort of pudding, everybody who was not part. This movement, through the ringer to say a spy. This unending ya, of in a revolutionary change that, I think, is a powerful and potent issue whether the policies that are espouses resulted are good or bad. I agree it is something that you know it is to be watching, gets two aims, point which is there not talking about the policies that Biden isn't it, They are talking about other things. That said, there is a long wait between now and November of twenty twenty two, There is a lot going on and things are going to change and they're gonna be political consequences from binds behaviour that we don't.
get really understand them, and I think we are going to see a way. Dangerous inflationary spiral and by will own that I mean that just as much as a matter of course, some of which he won't really be responsible for, but he's the President he will own at em. You basically the notion that what they need to be doing right now holding their message like it wasn't really until about now in two thousand and nine that Republicans got their sea legs to start turning the tide against Obama's. You know gigantic, sir. Urge in government rumour, they were in terrible position. They had, they were, like eighty sits down the house. They were, Obama had very close to a sixty see. You know, impregnable majority in the senate- not quite yet, but he would for like three months and
they don't really know. Quite what to do, and then they kind of started getting there there their line together in part because of the grass roots, another grassroots. Now our corrupted by Trump but that's the opportunity that I think the leader. This is actually we're leadership matters because there's an opportunity there too, and I think ousting China is the wrong direction to go in for this case, but there's an opportunity based on what I What we're all seeing in the public's reaction to the continued. You know that the very strict restricts covert related restrictions, the declared the continued closure of schools, a lot of the sort the very powerful hand of government in everyday lives right now, which everyone accepted during emergency pandemic situation but which now needs to ease and which we ve talked about. Alive a lot of the people who invested in keeping that power dont want to ease the Republicans, have a real opportune you're, step in and remind the american public, what conservatism and what republican governance would cause
and it's not what we're doing right now. It's not the kind of very control, the economic spending. It's not keeping speedo telling schools you put through CDC regulations to stay close. It there's a lot of opportunity. They are focused on is actually going to. I really believe it's gonna harmed and because the voters, those voters who still might like tromp, was still care about those everyday issues too. We need to update this because John you said that you anticipated the facebook. Would remove this ban. As of now breaking just this minute, Facebook has upheld dung items ban on Facebook and Instagram, a only going to make this courage worse the material and the central animating. Those of the Republican Party today is a persecution, complex I ve made him suddenly a marker warming they're, making them a mortar and the persecution- and there is there is there- is some
some element of that. Ok, so I was wrong. I acknowledge I was wrong. I can be wrong. I'm often wrong about the Oscars, though I got this you're, pretty close, I gotta say, but anyway, I think It is important to note that the leadership was not responsible for the messaging that took Obama out bubbled up from the grass roots. The leadership didn't know what to do. Anybody remember who the speaker of the who the republican leader was in the house in two thousand, and anybody. Denny hast hurt very happy who was then thrown in jail for you, no financial malfeasance, because it was because the statue stations on his molestation of teenage boys wrestling boys had had run out that this is a good point. I mean New Gingrich out of leadership because he was a huge number.
Spain has turned out of leadership, because it was a huge embarrassment. Tom Delay, out of leadership because of the huge embarrassment Dick Army lost. All political authority like you have to actually make a spectacle of yourself to be ejected from leadership or resign right. Well, I mean pastor of I think I can actually remember when asked how Hasta was sir wrought brought low hold on. Maybe I'm wrong here, I'm sorry! I got this totally wrong. I am wrong. Hester was not the leader of the Republicans cause he was. He was out, and twenty He was out in the in two thousand and seven. So I I got this wrong, but whoever it was. Maybe it was big, but he wasn't. He sees stopping speaker in two thousand and seven and he retired. I just don't remember who was leaving so I apologize for being stew.
Here about that. But I'm just saying like whoever does that has a scale escaped my memory, is this gave my memory cause. He didn't leave the Republican Party against Barack Obama. It was. The tea party was Zito, thousands of grassroots activists. You know I went there and Peter Centrality and various other people who really took the lead, and so if there, going to be a movement, a serious by us or populist movement against Biden. It's not coming from Washington and the one thing I want to objective about then it's bad, not that I like Liz Cheney and I respect her and I respect her commitment to principle and am, I think, she's a very impressive person. but nobody in american those who she is and the idea that this is something the Democrats can use against. Republicans,
I think the lies the truth about the notion that there are like three people in Congress that people know right now. I would say margin taylor- green might be better known, them was Cheney, and certainly was chinese. Last name were be now were green instead of Jamie people would know or a lot less so just don't know, that's gonna, be an animated folk focal point issue to get suburban voters to say I can vote for the Republicans and twenty twenty one twenty joint too, because they were mean till his Jane. I think I will now I agree, but I think I think the argument that values which will be persuasive is this is still trumps. Crazy, cure non party. Look look at these people. These are the people you didn't, and this is why we, we needed Biden, and it's actually now why we still need to keep a democratic majority in the house, because otherwise, these crew, it'll be running the show and get an about turn back. I mean I think they just it see. These are trump people
if they outstrip either there, that's a pretty good data point in favour. The argument I have to I think the problem there as a message for Democrats, is that it's a bank shot b, as this is the one time since twenty fifteen the trumpet not act, Chile, beyond the ballot now they can try to put trump on the ballot or do whatever they can to think as its lead be helpful to put trump on the ballot, but he's not there getting people to vote against a force. Who is not actually, you know, served the person involved, I think, a little hard like you can. You can make twenty eighteen a referendum on the sitting president. When is this
president making twenties owing to a referendum on the guy, who used to be president instead of the guy who is currently president. That, I think, is a very, very heavy lift. Now Trump could be the central political figure of twenty twenty two again, as opposed to bind depending on how he behaves of what happens here. So I only now, where that's gonna go, but in the end I think this change is gonna end up losing her, let's just thirty thousand perspective on paper without any means attached any this political, innovation that decides to tether its brand to a twice impeached one term, president, who maintained, worst average job approval ratings in modern history. Doesn't a lot of sense don't let it understands seeing as the signature domestic political achievement was to sacrifice both chambers Congress in record time. If you again did the names salaries, candidate acts. If that polluters
operation has as its objective. It's it's prying directive to win political offices in order to see to its voters, interest in power. This is a dumb strategy, so we have to assume that's not the strategy any more. That's, not the prime directive. The prime directive is something different. It's not about politics, are good governance anymore, not properly understood about something much more ephemeral, much harder to grab intangible something along the lines of go screw. You believe, I think I'm gonna do whatever. Why do, especially because you don't like it but I'd, stick it simply about the fact that Europe is the only star in the party I mean. That's, you know it's not about its. It did. He represents the republican voters to the extent that they embraced him,
the latter, but it didn't. I mean that's wrong, but he's an unstable star, he's, throwing off dance radiation that are destroyed everyone around him. I mean that star is something you should organise a moon shot to get away from look. I agree, but you know that is not how Republicans a lotta republicans. Voters and I feel like this- is part of the problem with this it was big sort like millions? I'm not disagree that I can do. So did I mean caring about politics as we understand it in the care about something very different, but if districts, if we can get districts are now sixty percent or law. More. You know like toward one party or the other right, and that you know that this is the big sort. Where but he is now living kinda continuity with people that they are largely in political agreement with this is that this is a phenomenon unique ads
unique in american history, that this is happening that people aren't serve knit together. much more readily if the big sort is is having this effect. It's because people in these republican districts do do like Trump and they and that there is no counterweight saying, let's move on from them, I'm not sure that the counterweight is it was from you know, We know Rayner snow whatever, but if you're making a political calculation they liked from more than they dont like them or they like Trump, they don't like, much of the anybody else, including their own congressmen, and
so why arouse the anger of the beast? That's Kevin Mccarthy like if you can harness him and you get him to raise money for you and you can get him not to attack you. Then at least maybe you can keep the party together unified as the Anti Biden Force and then get Kevin Mccarthy into the speakership. For that, that's basically his idea. Now. I think that there is fraught with peril, because Trump is, as you say, an unstable star and an unpredictable player. And God knows what effect he's gonna have. He can go off on some crazy tangent and then depress the republican vote. He did it in Georgia, like I said at a cost to the federal budget and the health of Future health, fiscal health of this country that we are going to be dealing with with decades, because he was a whining little boy who couldn't
said that he had lost their election. You know a third rate: seventy five year old baby who couldn't, except that he lost an election and now work. You know we're looking at forty six trillion dollars of new spending that could have been avoided rob, haven't grass. That's where the reasons that you can't make that Big Casey Trump, because at some point you have to say why Democrats, even in this position to be ready to be three all this money around. You know if they just if us often warrant. I can't watch him none of this. What I and if one of them in one and the other had lost none of this would have happened. Ok, let me tell you guys about the exchequer them, I'm feeling a pain in my back now. from from my anxiety and rage that I was just expressing here, I am glad to be sitting in the exchequer, vague in turn on that x, edge. That x, agency technology, the provides he'd massaged everyone sitting at my desk and
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vaccination levels. If you look at the numbers, they use these seven day, fourteen they averages. So it's like this evidence of fourteen averages. Two million yesterday fewer than a million vaccines were delivered into arms. Fewer then a million, were we not just hit the demand wall? Basically the American vehicle has now slammed into them All of this into rather even know what they held them, where I'm going. With this metaphor, it's bad. Basically, people are stopping the vaccination that everybody who wanted to get vaccinated is basically going back, say unfortunately, strictly for Christine me, because we have fourteen year olds next week they will open up vaccinations to kids, twelve to fifteen.
and we'll be, rushing out to get our kids vaccinated, so they'll be a new population looking to get vaccinated. But we continue to look at the moment April thirteenth as being the moment that the vaccine craze ended and turned into its like it was. It was a pet rock. It was you know It was a lower was it was whatever is the biggest fair fergie and then suddenly nobody wanted the Ferber anymore once once it turned out that one blew up up right, six, six cases of blood clots out of seven million and they pause the Johnson Johnson vaccine and nook it's over nobody still vaccinated anymore, great, want everybody. We weren't,
looking about the dead demand decline. Before that it was. It was apparent that it was coming. We were on the record, so will we get a crow little bit about us? It was another Johnson Johnson thing did slammed the brakes on it, but we saw the demand decline coming. It was apparent for a long time, which is why policymakers should have been aware of this in the bag. Administration is just preferring to pretend that it doesn't exist when a briefly re little bit from his nerve. peace yesterday that made me actually laugh or physical guffaw, because he gave us a brief little speech yesterday about it in effort to chain likes biting give island. I go about it. Never change. Vaccine strategy is essentially the way has the saying now. If your estate, you have to actually request this amount of vaccine that you're gonna get on the usual basis, it is no longer just gonna, come to you don't make this request. You're gonna get a truncated man, we're gonna shift more vaccines round to the places where you have fewer people being vaccinated
as though its supply problems, not a supply problem is demand problem, so the New York the reports on this, and they have these three paragraphs that I thought were absolutely hysterical. First, they said: experts in the United States may never reach hurt immunity. The nation is still beating back the pandemic by Europe many people who don't want it's all never gets, are hurting enemy. Second, they say Biden during the speech. He says we're still losing hundreds of Americans age of fifty I've been in under a week and many more getting seriously ill long stretches at a time, he warned the nation would be vaccinated. People well into the fall of this rates persists. And finally, it says still the presidency Seventy percent of the nation's adults have received at least one shot of the vaccine by July. Fourth quote: Americans will have taken a serious step to work towards a return to normal. Unquote. That is not an inducement. It's not an incentive, it's not a compulsion. It's not! You know
erecting people to do something important. It can only be described as an observation in Aceh a statement of fact, because that's true, we will have taken a step towards a return to normal. To this. But what is why would you say that was the point of view than just saved declared this declarative statement out of the blue, because they can't bring themselves to make anything approaching an incentive for people to get. fascinated? That's not you're gonna Senor saving grandma, because I think that should be sufficient and even to countenance, Anything that that appeals to self interest is cheap and tried and a new defends. The progressive project should be sacrificing hardship in pain, and you should be willing to do all of that for the greater good and you just can't rather minds around the notion that they have to give people a reason to do that to do this is what drives me crazy.
when buying came to office. There was but one weekend there early in his presidency, where every new story was about the by the administrations. Brilliant revamping of the vaccination programme they were given nothing. They had. There is no programme in place, but what they did is incredible way. They reversed the course of the year. seen none of its true, as as, if the Trump administration wouldn't have replenished lights like stocks of vaccine. That was like a part of what they were claiming. You know, as I do the trouble integration, whose baby this whole thing was, would have would have you have stalled, stalled out on giving were vaccines, ok, so this whole. So that's the story binding. This bridge outrage up vexing fewer than a million charger in arms. Yesterday I say, Biden has done a terrible
with the values and here's that we use the guy who we were on the trajectory that we were on before he came to office. That was momentum. That was great. He didn't do anything to mess that up yet, but he eventually did on the demand side. Yes and an here's, a data point. If you want to know just how how practical this problem of getting the final group America's facts. It is indeed see of all places they where were they were preventing people from getting back soon, based on zip code, which reserve, which was a proxy for rain. They are now begging people to get back to me. They opened up that the city opened a vaccination site at the candidates, the other day and they were offering free beer to anyone over the age of twenty one about vaccinated, and I still think they have a huge from half takers DC people. love their free wine and alcohol and cheese that the whole reason that, like easier things, tank industry gets people in seeds for her report
that's gotta, every citizen incentive, I mean it's in the months and months behind Israel was doing this, but you couldn't even do it because vaccines rage limited, but at least something approaching for more than a media, enow sensory reward other there just otherwise, they can't can't countenance the idea that you should have access to things that non vaccinated people, maybe shouldn't, have access to also also, there is a great injustice going on here in the way Biden, an FAO cheeks. I want to get the fact you are talking about this. Two hundred and fifty million people have been vaccinated. They haven't, but it's not both doses, two hundred and fifty million.
People have gotten the shot in the United States. Two hundred and forty eight million doses have been delivered in the United States, fully vaccinated right now, a hundred and six million precisely the population. Thirty three percent, but once that two hundred, forty eight million once we get a month from now. That'll be towards, fifty million people will have been fully vaccinated, then oh, then, only by July. Fourth, can those people expect to like live life in a reasonably back to normal state, while the ads like we're all gonna, be held hostage by the people who, for whatever reason and by the way we are now talking about If we're two hundred fifty million right, that's their eighty million more people. One of them,
under eighteen, I mean there's a guy who got it. We gotta start there there's something wrong here with the way we're we're. Looking at this end and found she said yesterday, that, as regards the game of getting us through the pandemic, we are in the bottom of the six when the bottom of the sex. What is that? let me we're gonna lose because of your on the bottom of the six more faith he could have said where the bottom of the six but were up, tend to nothing in the bottom of the sixth anything can happen. There are three more six new recovery. How is he talking about town halls me Catherine him as a friend of mine in front of us, had a fantastic observation which we read that remark and said so this is gonna go on for as long as an actual baseball game you, your hostility, a baseball is duly noted, we
we will build a measure of those very resign with me that to me framed this crystal clear as an unsuitable set of conditions were crazy. I'm just say it's a bizarre thing for him to say that the courts is classic thing which is easily sorted colorful and guilty, and by I mean you know, like all that crap you know he so cute with his cue dinghies Davy in these so cute. So, he wanted to say something. Clever, include men, trusting and basically, let's just make it clear that that's just totally What would even call it a by the way John Boehner was, of course, the leader of the Republican Party in two thousand and nine, so we'll just John Boehner and Eric Cantor and Kevin Mccarthy. I am where is Biden's tribute to the people of already been back,
It I mean granted like we already been vaccinated, so they already know it's good to be vaccinated. That is how Putting in democratic states right New York is about to re is about, as is dropping all of its capacity limits on you know in two weeks. Why is it doing that? Because Cuomo put his finger in the air and said you know what we gotta stop now we ve got it. We really gotta start. We gotta move out of this, because you know it's enough and am Biden is still seeing only by July. Fourth, maybe it'll be ok. I mean I'm a little. You know I'm getting a little angry.
gonna worry gripped by the way you have to wonder. I'm not I'm not, as I keep saying I'm gonna math. If children fifty million people have been vaccinated in the United States, have at their first shot right three at that, sir toward him, forty million shots as of two days ago. Thirty three point: two percent of the population is fully vaccinated. Now that would be close to two thirds of the population, will be vaccinated by a month from now. If they get their sovereignty, are we really yet what if they get a second shot? I mean there's report on how many people aren't getting the second shot. I know. Keep hearing loudly a fair number are now returning for their second shot, which is what do we know what that means, though, I mean they're still like eighty percent. They still have a few some protection, but I'm ok, ok they're, not the times reported in late April that it was many millions, five
Ok, I retorted actually for saying that gathers first shudder, Pfizer Medina vaccines. Have! Mr second, that's, ok. I am now totally baffled because I've just been leading into this. The sir administered two hundred and forty eight million doses, ok them looking at the covered, the CDC covered data tracker, total vaccine doses, delivered meaning sent out three hundred and eighteen point: four, administered two hundred and forty seven point: seven million. Ok, but it also says people vaccinated total. One hundred and forty seven point: nine million fully vaccinated a hundred and six point: two million. How can someone explain discrepancy here. If two hundred and forty eight million doses have been administered, but oh hundred and forty eight million people have gotten a one one dose. What hell. Does that mean it means will have a
If a partially vaccinated population, which will probably o path for dinner the proceeds he's not gonna, go get online. I see, I see the number. You know what I'm so stupid that I'm not adding we at least one doesn t vaccinated, and I think that the two hundred and forty eight million, so congratulations now you guys know what an idiot I am and why it How do you make your had? This is by when the aid I am and am Carol? publisher and a multi r, r, R r colleagues sit down to leg. Try to do page counts to lay out the magazine and somehow I always end up. We have to have two multiples of eight and somehow always end up like fifty nine than I No, you miss added Sally it. So this is really. I can't even up to fifty six her sixty four. So I apologise for this two minutes of nonsense at you. I just subjected you too. I really do, and since I'm gonna now, since I've now embarrassed myself, I am now going to read them add and that add is of course, for Express three p m.
Your browsing and incognito mode till you think, you're saying you think people don't know what you're doing you think you're we're what you're up to it. that, and you know what it's not I mean I'm by Google, Google so your data? That's how it makes money and Google itself at seven o clock five billion dollar class actions against it. Where is accused of secretly collecting user data that quote Incognito does not mean invisible. So Google says you know what that thing were selling you that says: you're invisible, you're, not invisible. So the only way to really mean use of the as invisible as possible under the best way is expressly p m because one of the data points that they used to get your information is your IP address data harvesters use it to a uniquely again. For you in your location, but with expressly you're good at
re routed through an accredited server? So your ip addresses mast, that's the same IP address its use by many other ex recipe and customers, and the fact of the multiplicity of those users of that in of that random address, makes it way harder for third parties to identify you or harvest your d, an express we a super easy to use. Trust me. I use it had no matter what the viceroy phone laptop or smart, you be after those tap one button, for instance, and so if we really want to go in Congo and protect your privacy secure herself with the normal rate of GDP, a visit expressway pm that comes last commentary and get three instruments or free. That's Ex Pierre S as VP end. That comes last commentary expressed. We pm dot com, slash commentary, okay, so that was really stupid of me. But can we talk about the change in vaccine strategy and that we can move on to the
other thy outrages topic that I am so by now says: we're not were no longer looking for other away. The change. An exit strategy is we're. Gonna give the states where it states have to ask what we're not gonna, send or whatever and we're gonna try to get to work at it. We would just want a lot of people actually by July. Fourth, so houses a change and strategy. I don't even understand it if there's though much vaccine out and too few arms. It's going into what does it matter whether you changed the way it's being delivered? How that a change in strategy adding that even think, that's the distribution, those situational change, because we are reading Walgreens and see the ass because of the way they function
throwing away a lot of doses. Glad there throwing well out of those is because people are coming in to get the shod and so people come in. They need the shot they haven't appointed to get the shot they get the shot than other people, don't show up for their appointments and they have to throw the vote. The vile away said the p, rate at which you could walk out into the streets, they anybody want to get a dose and ten people I want to get a thousand. They runnin to get vat is over because, of course, we ve got them the demand, so is there change strategy. Somebody help me out here I mean not that an effective one did the change and strategy which at this point. Who even knows if it would work? What is it is a messaging one. I mean that would be that the change tragedy that we needed all along you know it wouldn't be saying you know your vaccine, vaccination and then stay out of restaurants tearing The theatrical posed vaccine masks, it would be, it would be found
saying we have done something so the historically monumental here with this vaccine, both in how fast we got it, how effective it is get this. It will take you over the course of two weeks from the dark ages to a new job age, go live your life live it up, have a blast, but this we're safe. Or down this other weird dim, dark nothing's ever going to get better. You know that scene, Rapid Hall, that I dont that who knows but birch a change in the supply strategies. There is not needed. Ok, Christine! Let me ask you this Abe said: maybe we should start attacking Biden for bungling the vaccine strategy, and you know here
I first I thought: well, it's not fair, and then I was her thinking this through and it is sort of like what emanates from the top. So when we shall want ski, the CDC director said school should reopen right. Jen Saki, the president's spokesman said: does she that only a personal opinion and then, of course, she backed off the sea. you see, panels easy after people who said there should be a vaccine pause. Imagine Imagine a universe in which Biden or the Biden people are right, whatever covered meetings they have daily, and it's like. One says, you know we're seeing some worrisome their stuff going over there, the Johnson Johnson vexing with blood clots. Someone says how what's the story and someone says excited? Seven million cases in somebody says if you want
me to go to the president and say we're going to pause the vaccine rollout of Johnson Johnson at for six out of seven Millie. You are crazy that man will go ballistic. He will not hear of it. How dare you are you seriously going to tell me that that is? Epidemiologically sound like was any one at the table, saying something like that. That's where aid may really have a powerful point here, which is this idea that somehow they just had no role in any of this, when they were perfectly capable of taking a role when it whenever there is a problem with a political constituency that they wanted to suck up to. About reopening but not taking a role, went out when, a common sensible complained that you were gonna pay.
As a vaccine on the basis of point o, o o o eight per cent of difficulty and blood clots that were less significant than blood clots, it you get from birth control pills. Ok! Now I think I agree, I think there's the cdc. His has squandered a great deal of any faith. Any American has the city see right now not be very high and it's gonna actually take a lot of transformation. at that agency to really restore trust in what they say in what they are buying, but I, but I do think, there's something else going on for Biden. I feel I can remember an you guys know. This drive me crazy and I keep bringing up at any time there's a sort of major in and often tendentious, cultural, political issue, He talks about how he was elected, to restore America's sole right. He talks in this kind of, would you like I'm it's not just that? I'm your political leader that was duly elected to execute the constitution says I should I have to restore this country. Saw
Think. That's why anyone should elect the President of the United States. The present crisis is not responsible. Parasols, however, you like that language, but what I see when I see these sorts of behaviors by violence, You know the double masking while walking round outside and yet closing up to now, Marion former President's makes no sense there. there's a lot of inconsistency, but any time the inconsistency is challenge which it usually is from conservative media from the right. The mainstream media has embraced this idea that he's this healing power, rather than just a political leader, they should be challenging. The response is that kind of high salute language of like you just have to understand that you know we inherited such a mass and everything was so broken and we have to fix it into one of the ways fixing, it is by you know, being convict stream in terms of how we protect the safety and the health America's it's very paternalistic and others a constituency that absolutely adores out, because it We ve all spent here, you know anxious and concerned, and we ve lost more than half a million Americans. It's been a tragic, difficult challenges.
but now I agree that we should start criticising, not messaging, because its now having be counter intuitive effect of actively harming alot of people's hearts we know it turned our nation schoolchildren. It's going to start harming people who might otherwise have an incentive to go, get vaccinated, it's just an it it's harmful. Now I think we can start saying this is harmful. This is not hell This is harming that's. Why, in other Johnson, Johnson thing is a really great way to illustrate a concept that otherwise difficult to convey, which is that excess risk aversion is in and of itself. usually that's captain too, to talk about, because when you don't eat shellfish because you're afraid of getting coming, but you just missing out on flavour when you don't take a shower, you're, gonna, think because you're afraid you might have to slip in following the tub union, you don't get in the car nagging. I take that long drive and this can be pleasurable, but otherwise you know at least you're alive
there. You have a really good illustration of why this is an eminently detrimental to public health in individual health, which illustrates that that concept of cloistered yourself has being in and of itself risky, which is otherwise difficult to communicate. With the important analogy here. He served bench and driving and flying right, so you're afraid of flying, so you drive everywhere. Let's say you won't drive across the country would fly across the country where there is even a plane crash, domestic plane crash of any significance in eight years. But let's say you have to go from New York to California. Five times, you're gonna drive three thousand miles five times that still no six thousand miles thirty thousand miles on the road in a car. You are much more likely to get into a car accident. The longer you drive in a car, then you would, if you flew for five hours. That is where your idea, where the human ability to us
as risk properly gets is, is is complicated by irrational emotions that don't take account of real risk and of course that is, I think, part of where we are Let me just say one thing to that, though it does give you it's in a rational assessment of the risk, but it feels rational because of the limited degree of control exercising by driving the car yourself right, and this is, I think, similar to the way the people, the Emma Greenpeace planting That nor raised yesterday about the progressive were clinging to these extreme restrictions. That gives the sense of control its actually terrifying to some people to relinquish that right down. We knew this would happen. We discussed it throughout the past you're more than a year now, but it is that's now actively heart when those people are placed in positions of power either at state level or federal government. That's gonna, harming more and more Americans.
Have you not working on Yahoo just in combination, others there's this idea. That, with this, is that the common sides with the Biden administrations taking power, which is that option This is anti science. Optimism is dangerous and optimism is ultimately trompe in, and so you see you cannot and job. some were restoring this country, sole means, being sort of you know, gloomy about things. We know it's funny, because when Obama when Hilary was running and trumpet twenty. Sixteen, the entire democratic convention was sit down or aside from everything else is rarely trompe runs down, this country should stop talking smell. about America, America's great, suddenly Obama Michel's automatic was great, as of course they got to run for years, but
You know it's enough and I felt the same way. I thought the one of them one of the horrible things I trump and twenty. Sixteen was this anti americanism that he was that he was expressing right now, We are twenty twenty one trump who is now said our political system, is rigged. You know I wait. The election was stolen, I'll, let you know everything is terrible. He also like you are now saying. Basically that were Trump said was in any then he said these days regional, positive things right, which is you know where we're we're right, we're rounding with corner. He said just as death rates were peeking, our like hadn't even peak yet. now, because he wanted people to feel better. He thought it was gonna, be better for his re election or something like that. Yet why can't they go positive,
There is an ongoing positive hundred and forty eight million people have gotten a vaccine. That's great! That's an amazing thing happened in the space of of what four months four and a half months, some like that, despite all of the bizarre roadblocks that were put in the way of people getting them even faster, which could have been good have taken place without this, you know bizarre notion. I think that There wasn't gonna be vaccine hesitancy. They seem to think that the vaccine was something in every one, so much that we would steal it from old people worry whatever, so I'm gonna be positive. I am now going to be positive and say a two amazing two hundred and forty eight million doses people got them. The Americans who, who stand. The vaccines are the way to get us through into a better future, have been vaccinated.
Millions more had covid and have the antibodies. I bet we're much closer to you know it is we hit the demand, while we're probably going to see the we're going to see this drastic decline in cases and death. We were at forty thousand cases. Yesterday we are forty, nine thousand the day before that itself is a sign of a number of other. Potentially, you know sort of that. What do you call that asked them taught at grotto came more math terms, I'm getting it wrong should be proud of ourselves and how Everybody in Washington is useless, and with that I will be with you tell him our offer a restraint. Now, I'm jump on hordes keep the camel burning.
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