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2020-11-09 | 🔗
The podcast considers how we can turn the page on the Trump presidency now that Biden is president-elect—and how conservative ideas of manliness should both govern the president's behavior going forward and what his most loyal supporters should actually expect of him. Rest assured we do not let Joe Biden off the hook—despite moderate talk during his acceptance speech, he's already kowtowing to his party's left, and we show how. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Monday November. Ninth, two twenty twenty, I'm John Paul the commentary magazine with me, as always: executive, editor, a green waldheim, how John C Christine rose and high Christine John and associate editor nor Rossman high Noah Hydra. So President, Elect Biden is now President Elect Biden, and I find that were on the horns of a dilemma here, because everybody
at that. I know, and everybody with whom I follow and care Bad are still consumed with the question of what President Trump is going to do and how is he gonna behave and housing and to react, and What does this mean for the future? And what about twenty? Twenty four, and I think that I wanted to ask Christine it's like Trump- has been this thing that blots out the sun, you now for five years, and it is as though we are incapable of dealing with a piece of news that put him in a subsidiary position and that somehow
everything has been re oriented through a filter of Trump, to this extent that when I read this morning about the Pfizer, the in other, the notification that that that Pfizer had very encouraging results with its vaccine trials that my first thought was o white trompe at our trump is gonna save this if they held it back for a week in order to get your left by win and that he was gypped and what does that have to do with anything? For us all. I mean it's almost, certainly not true. Second of all, what. Why does that? Why is that? Where my brain goes on? I think it's that we have been trained to focus on him to the exclusion of Almost everything else, not only in politics but an american culture, an american life. Now it's funny, because I know that for years at once been talking about supposedly
Prompt arrangement syndrome, but it's actually more like it's more planetarium he's the gas giant right. So like it's moving out of orbit, and we still can see it is still there because look he doesn't legally even have to concede the election he just has to leave by inauguration there's nothing in the constitution saying that at present has to officially concede once? The election is certified. He's got is very simple in and out he'll go, who become a private citizen on that day and if he's trespassing he'll be removed. I don't think it's gonna get to that, but I do think the carbon vaccine is really an interesting argument, because the part, the people who freaked out about it immediately. Words are those of us on the conservative side who are wondering about this new realignment was Governor Cuomo who went on the news immediately and started saying well, I dont think we're gonna be. Did we see this gesture it had during during Tramp Tramp administration, does we can't trust from there still in the
stuff, an argument that had been they ve been making in during the election. Even though everything has supposedly change, I thought and that's bad because that's gonna lead to more suspicion on the part of people who need to get this vaccine once it hopefully come Market, so we also sought with Pfizer, which very carefully said, we're not part of operation warp speed which isn't quite true. They they didn't take research money, but they did agree to be one of the vaccine distributors, that would take money from the federal government if a vaccine is created to to governed by from them soon on operation. Warp speed is the is the programme set out by the Trump administration to fast track virus research distribute and at theoretically distribution, and creation. Ok, I just think what everyone should do now is starve start him of attention. He is present for a few moments until inauguration, he's a lame duck.
we should be very careful about not alone is not be curious to see biting his meeting with his is he's gonna form his task force uncovered in their meeting today and at such or such a. He should just start talking, like he's then, we'll see how that girls, but it was really interesting to me that it was Cuomo who immediately went into trumped arrangement syndrome mode the minute the Pfizer NEWS was announced today. That was interesting, but you know that because it's not really it's not solely a matter of starving trump of attention. Trump centralism is a bipartisan, had it for everyone right. So it's it's such a he's. He's he's the pusher, but we put there David. The need you now speaking of this in terms of addiction, as I think valuable, because a lot of people have become addicted to the kind of excitement that was that typified the Trump air, a plot political action,
it was always something every day and you're all going to need some landing gear, because withdrawal is coming. If you took effort on your part to not be driven crazy by this president and his ubiquity in american, civic and social life, if you had to actively try not to be driven nuts and a lot of people didn't try that hard. In fact, I think they probably enjoy, but you're a lot more, better equipped to navigate this environment. If you didn't, because the whole world has moved on the whole world, congratulated income, whether the exceptional some adversarial powers abroad, the whole world has congratulated the incoming president And the institutions are moving and predictable and unexciting ways towards a transition, and it could be dangerous if the president doesnt succeed, It's entirely hypothetical. We have no evidence of imminent danger as a result of that
and just because some transition officials are dragging their feet, doesnt suggest anything abnormal is going on. That's not even weird, and it's not gonna, have any impact on how transition unfolds only the most plugged into political observers will even notice So there is a phenomenon, a I don't know. Would you call a biological physical, perceptual phenomenon called persistence of vision? I just reading a book for a particularly good reason by a film amateur, and he he disk what he says is that persistence of vision is, is the Weird experience where you see an image. Briefly, even after the image has gone
so you're, your brain has to catch up with the change in what is before it, and it essentially duplicates the last frame that it saw before it moves on and as a result in safe film a month. I want to go into this. It's like you can almost caught things. We need better early to jump, something because the brain of the viewer fills in the image. It's weird right and it's a real thing as whole persistence of vision. This is what happens when a president loses or when a politician loses, a lame duck period, which is that there is persons division. We still think in terms of the political reality that govern things on the day of the election or the day before the election.
but everything is actually changed and protected those who do not want the picture to shift are holding on to the persistence of vision, which is why you here among people who are trying to be- I would say you describe it like Trump, Esprit in relation to the claims, the completely fraudulent claims of mass voter free, I then, all of that when they say things like you, ve gotta give us time. You ve gotta, give people conservatives time too Get around to come to grips with, the law, the law says essentially the case, and so let them work through and the working through is that they don't accept the result. The election, they believe, whatever theory and ridiculous theory there is, that is being paddled and
Somehow we're all supposed to conform to their persistence of vision, problem, we're supposed to say: look there having the persistence of vision problems. It will just wait around till they calm down now nothing's going to wait around, so they come down Biden and his people have literally no reason to around till they come down. There are some structural things that might there might be real difficulties with, like the whole question, whether or not there is a transition. Now you know the George W Bush transition didn't stop until thirty, seven days after the election, because he wasn't president lacked until until the Supreme Court
the Gore conceded and then the Clinton administration or push the button that sad, ok, everybody come in for your briefings and will give you our books and will do all that stuff that were we're. Gonna do, and that seems ok. I mean it's not like anything really terrible happened, except that, apparently you now Idiot Clinton staffers in the White House broke the keyboards and took letters off the keyboards and stuff, That too will just be jerks. When the Bush people came in and I'm one can presume, the same thing will probably with Trump and the Biden people, but you know, I think it is very interesting that we are now in a position where people with try seeking viability for their future places in the in the Republican Party are actually contributing implicitly to the idea that it's ok for emotional psychological reasons
we will continue with the fiction that an election, particularly in Pennsylvania, where Biden has now up over fifty thousand votes can be somehow overturned through a recount or through court cases or stuff like that, as we had reading the the largest single recount shift in modern american political history was eleven hundred votes and the famous the thing that triggered the court case in Pennsylvania that the Supreme Court ruled on, which was the question of whether or not ballots executed and postmarked I midnight on election day, but not received until the Friday three days later, whether they were to be counted and they have not been counted. There are fifty thousand of them, forty,
thousand of them, and they have now been segregated and they are not in the count. Therefore, there is no, it appears there is literally no wave. Every of a hundred per cent of those ballots were for trump. He wouldn't win so he doesn't have an argument that that the argument that he made before the Supreme Court that they had to do that that that there's even anything material there that could up and the results of the election it's, none of your we are it's interesting, though rank after twenty sixteen a similar, although not it wouldn't play out in the the sphere, fear in and in the kind of the theories about immediate theories about the election, being stolen or fraudulent. Those came later with the Russia stuff, but there as this immediate period after Trump were, was declared the winner that the left was busy
they asking for similar similar tie ray you, nobody had to mourn the loss of not having the first female president. You know we had that the women's March was immediately set into motion to plan for January. There was this veto outpouring of brief, and every day we were tall mainly by the mainstream media, which itself also was grieving. To give everybody tat. To adjust to this new shocking reality, so in a way that something that we go through every four years, I didn't and given the sort of partisan commitments on either side understood noble? I agree with you, John, that that the league The question here is: is gonna have to stop, and somebody's gonna have to have that moment- and I guess they're doing this now with with Trump you know stirring to talk to him about how concede and actually for him and I'll, have to be about protecting his brand? That's can be, I think, the only message that gets into think about how to exit gracefully. If it wants to guess he doesn't care about them, and he doesn't care about the Senate Run Arsenal in Georgia, which will decide the balance their letters brand is incompatible with a graceful exit Jessica.
We think that there is no way to reconcile those two things and, moreover, it is unnecessary. It is ultimately a grace. You know at some deference and maintains continuity the system, but it is purely cosmetic and president based on President Elect Joe Biden is taking a tunnel approach, this transition than I think more than makes up for its absence in the president. Well, I thought so their own go ahead. What I'll just go to utter about much more than makes up per se absence, I'm not so sure I mean we have a couple months of interregnum period. Here were trump. I mean it's not it's just we're not only looking to trump to be grateful, not be graceful about the transition he's still president, and
he's still working on his brand threat throughout the next couple months, and God knows what that's gonna meet him. If he was, you know so on presidential throughout the four years now, and it doesn't matter, imagine how we are going to conduct himself general. You know we ve been getting male over the last four or five days. Listeners were angry because they think were somehow gloating over the defeat which I think is an unjust ethic, we're trying to analyze the defeat and talk about. You know what comes next what it means and and that I think the notion that one is obliged out of a feel tee to some of the many. good things that the Trump Administration did on judges on the Abraham Accords, some of the
policy move that he made to restrict the federal gov? ments horrible behaviour. We're done by the administration on Title nine and on critical. This theory, most recently in some of that that out of out of at a field here out of a wish to celebrate or be mindful and respectful that so many good things have been done, concern is that we are then obliged somehow to accept and the behaviour that a standing right in in in front of us- and I deeply reject this notion- had Donald Trump been. This is one of these things where you can't tease out these trans, because you know it's a year, you sorry to create fictions that don't match reality, but had done
trump in the president of the policy that he enacted up until covert where his policy behaviour was bizarre But had he been president of the policies that he enacted, I think There are many signs that the selection would have gone a lot better for him, particularly when you look at how Republicans did down ballot. That's. why we said. Last week I wrote this piece, the repudiation, that we said that what we saw here was a the action of the Trump approach to the presidency as a human being and as a man and as a person, and I, enough of a conservative to believe that among the standards that concerns are sourced, uphold our traditional forms of adult behaviour and that
means as Harvey Mansfield is written about extensively I've written about to some degree. Now you know and an effort to understand what it means to be manly in the modern era. When people don't have to go and hunt for their food or Guenaud were beat off no predators who are going to come to you know menace there. in a menace their households or stuff like that. For the most part, and one thing there we all understand about manliness- is that it has to do with how you deal with adversity and defeat and Europe is now, as we say in the modern context, modeling the most unmanly behaviour that we have probably ever seen from any important person ever. I mean it is unmanly what he is doing and we,
conservatives who stand around talking about the danger of Euro, of lack of respect for fur the manly virtues, are now he asked to stand here and give him a pass on this What a briefly elaborate on the unfairness of at all, even though I am hesitant to wallow in persecution complex that I cook critique and so many other people, but done we are I am extremely trepidation about how Joe Biden will approach foreign policy a variety of this present, this incoming administrations. The people in its orbit are people. I don't trust and who I will be particularly wary of in, and I have only ever done so in the trunk there are, in fact, I think I can stand by the notion that the extent of the present was criticised by me or others who have this outlook on it, presidency. It was when he departed from conservative orthodoxy and undermine conservative
It's only ever that and to the extent that this election has produced outcomes that will be beneficial to the advancement of conservative causes, even if it's only from a position of rearguard action are blocking. That is something to be. Ok with and to look at his Sis II is a bright side, a silver lining in what is otherwise a setback for certainly for republicanism and perhaps for conservatism, but to fail to make the distinction. Is the psychological concert just to help you get through this thing, to see it not as a failure and Donald Transport, but the lack of zealotry, the lack of commitment to the cause from people around him, just an excuse but there was no good. I just that. There is also a lot of pressure among conservatives to declare that Trump was truly to destroy everything about our system and was destroying everything about our system, and I think some of us who believe that had more faith in that system
I know I was often criticized for, like not you know, you're trying to excuse his paper. No, its not excusing has been hit. Behaviour is placing enough our system that it can, whether even Donald Trump Donald Trump, which I think this election proved give could a very important Gunnar. Now, just gonna say, like you know we had for years of this. You know this is a fascist and where would there? You know, you know what happens with fascist. They dont lose first term elections in enormous turn out generated by his his matchless ability to bring out the other side to win first, the house, and then the presidency, like he generated that the role of the Democratic Party, as we ve said
a thousand times, with the exception of voting for Brok, Obama, two thousand eight and then serve like almost like as an atavism voting form and twenty twelve, the Democratic Party over the course of the of the eight years, big from two thousand to two thousand. Sixteen was a party whose heart had fled it, who who were that had either serve destroyed its own brand? By losing? No? What are they? there are a thousand legislative seats in the United States lost by buying, in total seats across the federal and legislative level, right that that that you still talking about you, know The house, the Senate, so
stay, nine of ninety nine state legislatures were in the hands of Republicans when Barack Obama left office. Hillary Clinton famously had such an unenthusiastic electorate that that's really how she lost the three states in the upper midwestern and there. for the presidency, the Democratic Party is back just its now raided somewhere north of seventy five million, maybe after it's gonna, be up to eighty million votes for jobs. somebody about whom nobody has enthusiasm trump. Did that Trump did that, and so you know We. We have two then say that you know he has. He been good
her conservatism. He's been good for eternity appointed three good judges. Three good sprinkle appears three goods rancour justice and got a lot of judges through, but we, to get back to the end, the I will say the least and serene and rubbing his victories to us. people who bear those factories victories which and were none of the populace nationalist mindset. So there are a variety of people who are with cite of variety of victories one that we regard as an ambiguous were the ones which he outsourced the job of the presidency? To institutions that were dominated by conventionally conservative establishment area Republicans, who had spent the course of their careers preparing for this moment the Federalist society, a heritage foundation or any other. I stopped the administration who recommended these judges who executed its foreign policy, etc
anyway I don't want to go back into off. On trying to say is that we are now being put in the position of saying or politicians were elected politicians are being put are being put on noticed by the Trump world that what they say is being watched. It will be remembered. You better be on our side. You better watch yourself, you better be careful all of that, but this is the point I wanted to make its, not just the Trump whirl. That's doing that there is a threw out the country, their vision of this kind of a rapid pundits class that is on all sides that is still wrapped up in the zealotry. Regardless of the outcome, rights of theirs, the there are never trappers, making lists of of those who are sympathetic to trumps now. Being a legal legal challenge, legal challenges. There are liberals who are saying I know I know we're supposed to
come together to heal now, but I will never forget that the people who abetted the slaughter of the hundreds of thousands of men chickens- I want forgive them, so there is talk. There is observed again vision, persistence, not asked about Trump, but about about the the zealotry and emotion of the trunk era all around, not just among the trumpets am I alone regarding that is completely pathetic, no settling wildly at its entire at such an entirely impotent expression of agency. At a time when events have spiral beyond your control, when every the creation we have is that the fringes, the real sell it on the fringes are gonna, be far less powerful than they were in the Trump era. I don't agree with you. First of all, a world in which as we ve seen in Hollywood in journalism, is a world in which people make and their public and some
he goes to get a job and a law firm and the ideas. Oh, you know I saw your your name was on the list of people who, like in oh, you worked in the trumpet. Forget it like risible atom possibly always been the case for people work in politics that you know, if If they're, they work for somebody and they followed a favor or something happens like it's hard for them to get work unless they're idiot can grow and with the institution There are, but we are living in a time in which, in particular, liberal institutions are kowtowing to anybody whose as I don't feel safe with this person, who voted for Trump working in this organization and under those circumstances, worked for Trump, four Trump wrote a letter to the editor saying that they that they like to trump policy whatever and and caught the path of least resistance, if you work there is too is to assent to it rather than there.
Being a controversy over the hiring that could happen in industry after industry institution after inside. Ocean- and so you have the this- is the ultimate on american thing and its in its happening, and they it is. It is liberal, left this cow, you know as social revolutionaries who are who are like pushing this policy as I mentioned, but then you get this weird trump world. Version of it. At the same time, which is really draw at a very small number of people would like what we ve weather the storm here at commentary right. We have been in this very odd position throughout the Trump years and people. Thank you for listening and thank you for reading us, and you know people who believed that there can be a complex perspective on these. Things have have gone with this.
decisions are not to have not been so fortunate and the weekly standard shut down and various other things happened and Paul. petitions. Who's who are worried, but their viability in the future are essentially being you know that it's a nice job you have. There would be a pity if something were to happen to it. You better fallen line and start saying things like this a real voting irregularities and Pennsylvania when there are no voting irregularities in Pennsylvania. I'm sorry. I wish that I could see these goddamn voting irregularities, but everybody is making things up, they're lying out through their teeth about things there not seeing. And then their coal waving, all these wise and then their spewing?
back to each other in a giant loop of hysterical misinformation, and it is maddening like, for example, the big the big thing over the like yesterday or the day before yesterday was rhyme Cassim, who is like Gub, Steve Balance Boy, you know like he worked for bribery and then he would read was on steel barons podcast, the one I think we're ban and said Anthony found. She should be beheaded and all of that, so there is a.
there is a literally a finance where he said. Look, we ve looked at all these ballots and there are all these votes for Biden at the top of the ticket and no votes below it, and this is proof of fraud. This is not proof of fraud. There is a no hoon political phenomenon called ballot, roll off where people vote for the top of the ticket, and then they get out of the pole both more than ten percent of voters in every election, only vote for the top of the ticket, and then we in every election ever ten percent ten percent- and there are now who knows how many millions of people who have been convinced with this idea by this by this ludicrous notion that, because there is bad
what role off this proves that people were manufacturing votes for Biden, and I dont know whether Rahim Custom is an idiot or a scoundrel. I he's probably both that didn't, spend two minutes. Looking up see what the story was with ballot. Roll off a known electoral phenomenon help me out guys I'm ranting. It's driving me in because it's like I'm saying this and then I know that there are people either listening or who have stopped listening, but if they were listening would say, you're just disloyal you're, disloyal loyalty requires you to say the two plus two. It was five ok, so what the practical effect of that? What the practical effect of that is that it causes here's, what here's the practical effect, Lindsey, Graham Lindgren, who just one an election by thirteen points,
is going around saying trumped shouldn't concede their voting irregularities in Pennsylvania. It's really terrible! Why, Is he doing this? Who who, who is he? Why is he brown housing? Trump Trump lost the election and he one now he can say I love Donald Trump out onto the greatest present in my lifetime. I hope he runs again. Twenty twenty four. I you know I love golfing with them. He could say ever he wants. He doesn't have to contribute to this psychosis. Why is he doing that? While he doesn't want the Trump mob coming after, but by my region? He's got six years, he just got a six year term twenty twenty six, we could be like you, we could be like living on Mars, idle omen, didn't you Tom,
us wise you doing it. I don't know, that's why I'm asking you maybe need a novelist understand it. Maybe he's got persistence of vision. I dont know why get wise. Why isn't it all illusory, because Platos Cave as a real phenomenon, if you tell everybody that the shadows outside the cave are monsters, they're gonna believe they're monsters instead of nothing. That's why I keep it. Maybe all of this p? are alarmed believed. The poles, like all of us, did and thought that that was useful and true information and expected a landslide him in the landslide didn't occur. Another like will now wait a minute. What else could they be wrong about the got? The poles wrong? I mean, there's this hand, fully evidence guy in you we anticipate that this has some sort of above effects on the political landscape on the right. But why isn't it the same case as the left? Why why in twenty twenty four,
if we ve all done in the right that the left wouldn't have moved on his well. Everyone anticipates that the next publican to be nominated for the presidency? Will worse than Trump and it's easy to make their case, because if the next report president, is a conservative in any way he will have abandoned the kind of economic populist prescriptions that Donald Trump, almost appropriated from Democrats when he wrote against conservative orthodoxies, really easy make the liberal case, the download from well at least a trumpet expediency in this presidency is the worst president, the from public inadequate since may wrong, that's inevitable I wouldn't the liberal world have moved on. Just as we anticipate the conservative worthwhile, I am not saying that it won't. I don't even I'm I'm. I'm I'm sorry they at a loss as to what that have your proposition is the police to making on the left will is? Is a new Mccarthyism that will persist for x, amount of yours in Europe
persists. Long enough, I mean, I think it's all dovetails with everything that we ve seen over the last over there thing that has happened to the what the radicalization of the left that has led to the yes. This is a revolution theory that a expostulated so brilliantly isn't going anywhere and what the ways that day enforce their orthodoxy is by making it impossible for anybody who does not cue to it to make a living. Ok, let's take a minute. Let me talk to you about Expressway p m today, answer. Look when you use the restroom. You always closed the door behind Iraq, as you know, a random passers by looking at new. So why would you let people look in on you when you go on line using the internet without expressively pianist like going to the restroom and not closing the door? Did you know that your internet service provider, you know
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Slash, commentary Christine well? It is interesting that they were talking about whether this desert of extreme political correctness, which we now have some hence work, was harmful to Democrat some ballot, wet weather. persistent and fuel anecdotal stories over the weekend. Without the celebrations, once the network's projected Abiden was the winner hearing the same as the as the night grew later black lives matter. Slash s the police, as they call themselves protesters showed up at black lives matter, pleasant from the White House and started denouncing all the people celebrating bindings when in saying nothing's changed. It doesnt matter that you don't nothing changed we're out here. Every weekend, nothing's changed. You know someday. I say in that in the peace. Yes, this is a revolution. Is that the the revolution is aimed at primarily the liberal establishment
That is. That is because we conservatives are beyond the pale echoes dead they're, not we're not they're, not trying to assert their will directly on us there that the ideas to remake the democratic establishment into this radical thing that can then we'll power so now they have their work cut out for them, especially because, as Christine you point out there indications that the radical programme has been harmful to Democrats right so that that battle is going to be quite pitched. Now. Ok, let's talk about Joe Biden, NHS speech on Saturday night
Something interesting is going on that will not last, but is interesting Biden pitched himself as the candidate is healing right as there as though he will. He be quoted. Ecclesiastes write a timed time to be born a time to die. To heal this is a time to heal in up in it in an odd way. That was a weird echo of something he doesn't necessarily want to echo, because a time to heal was the name of Gerald Ford's memoir after he lost the presidency in nineteen, seventy six to Jimmy Carter. So that phrase, while being a beautiful prayed, timeless phrase from
from the Bible is nonetheless a phrase that is forever associated with a loose hang one term president who never even got elected, unlike unlike button, none, the less he he said ass. He keeps saying I'm be the president, all Americans on proud democratically, the present all Americans, Everybody needs to come together. Now, I'm not a big believer immunity as a message we live in a we live in a country in which people have all kind. Different opinions and all kinds of different faiths in all kinds of different approaches to things and we're not supposed to unified juice don't need to be unified with Catholics on what to do on Saturday, and we don't need to be unified on how one what dietary restrictions we haven't, we don't need to be unified and whether we think that are
how how we should raise our children or something like that unity is a unity, is often a curve nauseating political effort. The message of you is often a way of trying to say. If you don't, So my message of unity than your outside the circle of trust in you should be excommunicated. If it's the opposite of unity in the guise of unity, but nonetheless, ah Trump began. His presence ran his presidency with the notion that everybody who voted against him was his enemy and maybe it's a fiction, and I think he lost the presidency, because He he did marginally better than he did in TWAIN. Sixteen right he got about two and a half per cent more the vote. Then he got and he obviously got a lot more boats, but
he needed to get a lot more than two and a half percent of votes. He lost five states that he won and, as we serves, as we said from the beginning to them in out saying having rallies and calling everybody. You voted for you an idiot
is not a way to grow your base, a lot of way to gain support. Yes, we have all this data that suggests that he did better among Hispanics in among blacks and among minorities, and then other Republicans have done. But you know going from eight percent to twelve percent is suggestive of a possible future, but you're still going from eight percent to twelve percent you're, not going from eight percent to forty percent. So I I think that Biden, this change in tone, which is totally cliche, riddled.
Has the cat may have the capacity to alter the relationship between the less political electorate and Washington in a way that will be incredibly helpful to him just by turning down the heat because there there you know the very online world of people who want to spend twenty four hours a day in in pitched battle over everything. And the people who want to get on with their lives and want to focus on politics to the extent that they are forced to buy circumstance. Art are diametrically opposed, they lived diametrically opposed lives. So I actually thought that, since it was a candy speech and it was a good speech, but I gather Abe you're, not words own breast lemon. Yes, I was more focused on the cliche ass, better
I also I mean. I have to say that the unity message- and I and I share your scepticism other generally, but I also appreciate why do you why you I think it may help him and in this sense, Very reminiscent of Barack Obama's rhetoric, not the way Obama but the there are no red states are no blue states was almost as direct quote something Obama said early on when he was nominated. I believe as well now allow president for that was the big line that was, that was how to network or to store making speeches, so I don't know did, and this is a question of unemployment. The institute did that help Obama. He didn't government in in borders with that rhetoric and that wasn't missed by a lot of people. I think the rhetoric gave him. over among kind of those who were already with him to say what
he's doing is not particularly partisan, but no one else should really came on board with that right, that's, I think, that's Raymond Obama's best political day was the day that he was elected. President got. Seventy million votes and then a four years later he got four million four votes, and they got the first time on the way he lost the House of Representatives. So in that sense the rhetoric help to get him elected, and then maybe the gap between the rhetoric and the governance actually made things worse. You know it. It may actually have have caused a flight from him because he didn't live. up to the ideals that he promulgated you wanna earn a red states are blue states to elections, have consequences that that's where the
only those who, maybe by no get a little bit more time where, before his tone in his actual policies, collide but the heat. Run on anything except being not tromp. But if you look at his platform in the stuff that they're starting to issue in the transition, now it's it's not. It's not very unified. I mean he's gonna, you know he's gonna go back to the critical race theory. Stuff is going he's going back to what here's to be all in with some of the stuff that again moderate, necropsies squeaked body in this election are begging their party to ease off on, and it doesn't look like that's the plan at least preliminarily. I too, Thus, in the cold light of Monday morning, I gather, if you watch it on Saturday night. There was some emotional appeal to the moment, but I didn't think this project was a particularly amazing speech, there is the same Joe Biden, who alights words that are really important to structure a sentence,
at one point where he was like this is gonna, be administration for the teachers, which is absolutely horrifying. If you have young children, you do not want in administration governed by teachers. At this point, it is shocking that say something along those lines. Some constituency maintenance, but he's probably have just passed on that in a moment. Nevertheless, is a fine speech. It was just okay, but that's great, because if there's a value proposition to the belgian presidency across the board and non partisan value proposition to the belgian presidency, it is not you not. The president, will no longer occupy the space in your head that he has for the last four years, there. You are at liberty to churn out and my senses that allowed of people tuned out right. That's, I think, that's all echoes what I was saying, but I was thinking interesting because Christine you're, the one who pointed out that you know trump a couple months ago, banned the use of critical race, they re education camps, in the federal government and that the gene
one of the executive actions, it is presumed Biden, will take on day. One will be to restore them or any idea yeah, you still got the so here's what I was thinking, so a lot of what happens. Liberal administrations, the conservatives, relations, particularly on day one or these executive order. Things that happen where you do things that you can do without any legislative without the legislature being involved, and a lot of them are constituency maintenance, idiot, logical constituency, maintenance, the most famous one are the mix. Co city rules governing how the United States handles financial support for institutions abroad that that that perform abortion And so were probably administrations ended that concern the liberal administrations restore it than they ended than they were stored and its
a funny way? It's like! Ok, this! You guys! This is what you wanted. You get it thanks for your help, and that the heavy lifting the legislative, heavy lifting it is is presumed? You do not want to play in this? the field of social policy at the legislative level cause it's too divisive and too awful until you, play, games with executive orders and stuff. I think that the time for this We may be in a weird tectonic shift here, because fighting over the executive orders. It will cost Biden more to impose liberal orders through executive action fee out. Then it would if he took it to Congress taken to Congress. Now, maybe you won't get them, but the idea was a won't get them and be it's too hard.
Because of social Media Fox NEWS, the existence of the cable met the way all this goes, these hot button issues- all you have to do is have one administration. Officials say one crazy all you have to do is have one executive order that goes too far, and this stuff but we ve been hearing over the weekend from Apple, else bamberger, who very narrowly survived a challenge from Republicans and Connor Lamb in Pennsylvania, who very narrowly survived a chance and Republicans in all. This is generally order, Jim Kleiber right who didn't survive right Jim, fiber in who, with the kingmaker staff, fresh right, yeah, they're, gonna stand there and say: don't do this to me. You know the big thing that happened this weekend in relation to Georgia It's like these little things that happen not big time. Legislation. Was truck Sumer saying you give me the
order Senate seats, I'll change the world? That's like thanks very much welcome to new republican senators. Are you crazy? Are you crazy? You had two hundred million dollars worth of value to the campaigns of of quality la fleur and End David Purdue in the form of shake. You want to vote for these guys and chuck shimmer that New York he's gonna change the world. Is that what you want you? What you want to vote in this election to change the world so that a o c can get her stuff and it wasn't across the board? but in the states that Republicans usually do well and where the factory settings are republican lean. President underperformed Joe Biden, notably in Georgia. Right it seems like a pretty resident message that democratic, just when the house
wade has even if they're not acting like at which they are, which is where that they're gonna need to check in the form of the republican Senate. That just seems like right for easily winning. As such, I put is a: u of the check in the form of the republic and sent a right, which is this political message right: do you wanna give Biden a free hand, or would you rather he really have to you know like come to consensus? That's political! Do you want to let them change? The world is cultural and social, so you have now given you have blended the naked political thing, which is divided governments good because it means nobody gets to just you know, work there. bill. You know by waving their hand, but dividing this government is particularly good because the head of the Senate once a revolution, that's cultural and social, and that
is what tumor did for them, and this is what I'm saying like a bad executive order. That seems too, you know that seems to were advance. Radical social orthodoxy will have much further, reaching caught farther reaching consequences in the current moment, then any than any such thing as ever had before, because it so easily exploited by the other side. By our side, Well, I'm gonna give you one example: another executive order that that bind his promise, which is to restore the these sexual assault and sexual harassment, regulations that that were Supreme thanks to a dear colleague letter that was sent to renew Obama administration and which, under better ass was the regulations those the Obama ones, which deny due process to the accused, were
but the way the device in the Trump administration did that was through the administration, the administrative process. They invite the comments they had a discussion, they did everything by the book and then change the regulations. If I goes back in with the stroke of a pen, just you know, gets rid of that he's behaving in a way that quite undemocratic. That's not how the process posts working as a conservative. I hate executive borders. I think both sides abuse them too much, but that would be a very clear example of adamant, straighten totally overreaching on something that actually had by partisan critiques of of the way the due process was. I on and he's already said, he's gonna. Do that as well will be interested to see if he, if that's top of the list, could you you're gonna find another one to come down. The package perhaps a little more relevant in the sun, revolutionary era, the restoration of Grace theory. Yes, there is a tool for imposing,
discipline in their unruly white people, in the federal bureaucracy. Yes, and that's actually the kind of thing where I think trumps actions I hope enter. guys, people who were in the federal workforce enough that there can be some push back, because if this is restored, what where How do they resist that? How do they resist being told they have to confess their white racial sin, which is what was going on until recently think there will be more publicizing of that, and there will be more people speaking out about it because of the way the Trump kind of aggressively with his executive order. Well, don't get socking about I'm sorry we briefly, but what are Democrats saying was the real problem here for moderate Democrats on them on down ballot level, defined the police there all pointing at US Berger clamouring they're all pointing at better saying look. This was wielded like a cudgel against my moderate members and worked working places. Republicans didn't think would work in places like this. This is terrible and using up and that's what critical raised very guess. It's all. It's all part and parcel of that. That theory, I'm sorry if you want to.
Ozma same responsible Christine said one of the The things that are going to be very interesting in coming months is to see just how many Americans generally are against these radical policies, who can now say so without fear of being associated with Trump Intra penis right. That's that's! A very interesting point now remember, I think I said this on Friday, but if it really bears repeating that, for the six months after or have many once it was after them. The protests began on Memorial day and we had this massive serve social bureaucracy in September that had been there was there, but wasn't ready to serve, be activated in every corporation, every school, every college everywhere in America to four
as everyone into these lemon confession sessions and kowtowing sessions that we kept hearing that none of the conservative counter masked men messages were working or having much an effect. Seventy percent of people supported black lives matter, and they said this and they said Babo blots, not working. It's not working. Therefore there was these corporations and associations believed that what they were doing was uncontroversial, normally uncontroversial, but popular, not only popular, but something that they would be praised, for doing and that everybody would want to have happened. and now we ve had an election Oh there's been an election and as as Kleiber said morning, Joe and and this week were yesterday and all that
Who seats were lost in South Florida over the fun overdue funding? The police that no one we're not any parties working are Donna Leyla and I can't remember too, willing pass. The woman who said cried on the call and said that no one could pronounce her name and that's why she lost straight doubling of my eye- and I can't browser, namely I know it was real power right. Ok, powers Hard, but we are working on your common problem. No us! I will get it you're, ok, stroke. So my my point is that this idea that these things don't have political consequences, in fact that they would that they are positive net positives for for Democrats and liberals husband, closely disproven by this election and what we need to see- and this goes to Know- is this question: no about whether it's pathetic to continue to have certain types of political arguments is
whether they're gonna see reality and be afraid of it or whether in the Trump era, Justice Trump creates a reality. Distortion field fork serve those who don't understand that the things the his behaviour asylum popular whatever, just as he creates relet black lives matter may be creating over that reality. The source and field for Democrats who don't are weren't able to see beyond it too, moderating their behaviour on these questions before the electorate hits them over the head with a two by foreign, twenty, twenty: two that that was the latin. Ex problem as well right the idea, I think there are a lot of this sort of progressively minded white well educated, democratic voters who think we know what the funding You mean it doesn't mean abolish. It means you, no more mental health workers were for. We all know that, but
if you live in a lower or high, like Non College, educated neighborhood, where crime is high, defined the policeman his fewer police on the ground to keep you safe into protect your family. That's all they heard so just like. I think, You know progressive like lot next to the term of enlightenment. You know venezuelan American in Florida, was like me: will you ok? What's that you would be so, I don't know like there is a real disconnect between the Progressive College, educated elite identity, politics, people who are, they should be shocked by how little residents their message has with the groups of people they claim to be protected and identifying here and deepen. The police was a really stark example of that in this election there is a category of comedy that only conservatives can enjoy, especially conservatives with people of hispanic descent in their immediate social circles are loved ones, because when
encounter that word for the first time, they react to it with a mix of disdain, confusion and frustration that is almost violent and its it's hilarious. Every single time, unfortunately, were restless can enjoy the kind of coming too much they can enjoy any kind of comedy. Oh shit, back to that. Ok, so we will get back to you tomorrow, for a christian, unarmed jump on words, keep the camel burn.
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