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Biden's Horrible Interview

2021-08-19 | 🔗
Today's podcast considers George Stephanopoulos's jaw-dropping interview with the president and his assertions that he knew the chaos in Afghanistan was coming. We also wonder at the words of Joint Chiefs Chair Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Austin and at the COVID behavior of New Zealand prime minister Ardern. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary magazine Daily Podcast, today's Thursday August nineteen, twenty twenty one, I'm John Pub Words the editor of Commentary magazine, me, as always, executive editor, a revolve hi honey, associate editor nor rockland high on our agenda, and senior writer Christine Rosa High, Christine John we do have our September issue up at commentary. Dot Org feeds, that amazingly peace by your valid. When we talk about the other day, how it what we got right in the cupboard fight,
we, also have our own Christine Rosen on the possibility of a parent but in the United States following the horrors of the last year and a half, we have astonishing peace by palm acumen, Gerard Bradley, Palma, Q, having run the Department of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins for many decades about gender This warrior and transgender rhythm and uninformed consent relating to teenagers and true, the issuing Joseph sign on being the or of a cat s Posner. On the thirtyth anniversary of the crown its pogrom, many many other things, great issue, gotta commentary org and subscribe,
the horrors, continue a pace as the Biden administration attempts to explain its way through. The debacle am, I guess, exhibit a was the president's interview with George stuff. Marvelous yesterday, which. Maybe was not on the level of TED Kennedy finding himself unable to answer the question: why do you wanna be president which helped derail his bid in nineteen eighty? But it's it's hard to think of a up. Eventually self defence that was worth or less component or more troubling in its applications. So Abe, let's start with the present,
saying that he always knew there was gonna, be chaos. Well, that's to me, I mean, obviously it's not true, because we have lived what he's had in fact said for the care started, which was that he doesn't see some horrific sad, unlike outcome, but following the? U S so will we know he didn't always think. There's gonna be chaos, but even if he did this it, this fall into the category of some kind of self indictment. If, if, if were in the midst of a policy that the american President knew for certain was going to be chaotic, then why are we doing it? So it's it's. He just doesn't know what to say arabic December's much. He can say he's if it were no matter what
approach he takes his he's indicted. So here's what he said literally Stefano was ask some, so you don't think this could have been handled. This exit could have been handled better in any way. No mistakes no said the president. I don't think it could have been handled. Away, that we're gonna go back in hindsight. Look but the idea that some, there's a way to have gotten out without care, since the wing I dont know how that happens. I dont know how that happened and then step Papa says so for you that was always priced into the decision. Yes Biden said then amended his answer, now exactly what happened? I've not price dim but I knew that they are going to have an enormous look. One of the things we didn't know is what the Taliban would do in terms of trying to keep people from getting out what
it would do what are they doing now? They're cooperating letting american citizens get out, american personnel get out embassies, get out, etc, but they're having we're having some more difficulty having those who helped us when we were in their so he said it was price, then that he said it was impressed him. He said he doesn't know how there wouldn't be chaos, and the phrasing is important. The idea that somewhere, somehow there's a way to have gotten out without chaos and suing well, so that that raises the question way to do it without causing. So it was not to get out right now, our yeah, that that would be ideal. But the problem is that this is what job I'm on it. This is always a line wanted and he still wanted,
they were probably gonna, go a little bit more into detail about the press conference, a disastrous disheartening, demoralising press conference from Secretary of Defence flowing Austin and chairman of the joint use of Macmillan in more detail should, but they made it quite plain that this is the operation that Joe Biden approved. He would not approve of any other option. He will not approve of any contingency plan to mitigate this ongoing today he will not address his responsibilities, his duties as President the people who have an american passport in your pocket or to sing Think of our special immigrant visa holders and special immigrant these eligible and our allies and people on the ground we have six hundred Afghans who are fighting with us right now to try to secure this airport. We're Afghan national Army soldiers, the strawberry people who Joe Biden,
previously slandered as people who were not willing to fight for their own country, who would not exercise just a basic competence required to read to secure their own futures and even we are now dealing with this ongoing crisis. The crisis is not resolve above and breast have any any where all too their facilities that could export trade citizens in a more competent and timely manner. This is what your button woman, I said, the Sun Twitter and I got a lot of luck for and I will defend it too. I will defend it addressed. This is the worst dereliction of from a president I've. Seen in my life tat I was born in, eighteen, eighty one and forty years. I have Seen anything approaching this level of irresponsible Clearly, this maladministration within
such abject contempt for the duties and responsibilities of a commander in chief is horrific and is only going to get worse and until this administration backs off its artificial political timetable for durations. Here, it's it's! It's going to be maybe the worst form the disaster in the Post war period for these results, so the thing that everybody was saying last week of course, was sad. That were we know as things unfolding was that this was like I gotta nineteen. Seventy five and wealth Russell Mean made the point that the proper analogy is to Tehran in nineteen. Seventy nine. Obviously, we were not a war in Iraq, we did not have military forces in Tehran, but where, where this is reminiscent, then you said you were born and eighty one. So this was seventy nine eighty was this
thence of the political administration Beings, stunned into a kind of paralysis by the by speed the similarity with which events took place at the end of nineteen seventeen I, which did not just in all the Iranians taking are taking the high judges, but also the subway the invading Afghanistan and new, or fears that there was a soviet brigade in Cuba. All three came at the tail end of nineteen seventeen and am Jimmy Carter was set on his heels. It was a terrible period in which he and his people clearly had no idea what on earth to do with the cascade
of troubles that had befallen them, so this is a much less this moment. This is a much less horrifying period in part, because you don't have it all happening on all fronts and an economy in terrible shape, and various other things. All kind of you know cascading altogether, but we I have covered, and we do have this. Ok can I You asked a question earlier. You said what could he have said in this interview and it real leader? What could said and should have said. You know what we must judge this situation. We must judge. Sadly, we are now in a moment of crisis and we have to rethink how we are doing this. It is an absolute falsehood that there is nothing that our government and our military can do both the Americans and are asking allies in Afghanistan right now. The french and the British are already sending elite
troops into the city in armoured vehicles to fetch their citizens and bring them to safety, and we are not doing that. Why are we doing? Why isn't authorizing those kinds of activities to save the people. In this at least an income which we know where they are contact them, find out where they are bring em safety, the airport, where non doing that- and he is- is absolutely temper mentally unsuited. To this moment he is stuck he is angry. You can see the anger and his face when he's asked. A question doesn't want his jaw tenses up. He gets really annoyed. It's it's. A couple. People have noted its kind trompe about its different. His stubbornness right now is allowed him to shut out any sort of alternative way of thinking about the situation, retooling, acknowledging a mistake and making things better. He won't do it you're even talk about the sunlight that will help US presidency, the camels interview which one other that was for five days ago, right right, it was yesterday
of which he was prompted to react to be, falling out of the sky from a thousand fifteen hundred feet as they cling desperately Two were American United States Airforce planes, as they take off a scenario, abandoning this country, to which we had twenty years of promises. You noticed this, just a paragon of empathy. This warm ball glowing like discard ray. We better and angry callin rob the facade, and so I was for five days ago. Madam president, Tommy reach or in a just dismissed, dismissed the pain that was on display here and the anguish and d, the abject failure of american volume foreign policy in the most visceral image. You can possibly imagine that somebody will not go away for the duration of this presents, and one other thing that he said in an interview that I think also the date they should briefly is the focus their moving the goalposts already here, they're saying oh at this August, thirty first deadline maybe will extend that to get the Americans out he's already retired,
We abandon our afghan allies is just not even talking about them anymore. It's only talking about the Americans are left behind now and that's a subtle shift, but it's what we should keep I am because all those people with US ivy applications in the works and people who are now trapped in Afghanistan wanted to get out are not gonna get our health as recycling look trump on August force. Twenty twenty asked by accesses Jonathan Swann Why how he could say that the virus was under control with a thousand Americans were dying, every day said it is what If they are dying, that's true and you have, it is what it is, but that doesn't mean we are doing everything we can and that of course, I think was a signal moment that helped explained trumps eventual defeat. Was. He was saying what what what can I do, oh. You know it is what it is we're doing, what we can,
All you had to say was our heart. Our heart bleeds and our entire government is, is everything that it can to come up. The vaccine to do this. To do that and every moment of every day we are cognizant of the of the toll and the tragedy and hard those being visited on our people and he would have been just fine. It was the same It is what it is that revealed a kind of emotional, callousness that I think told with, for those independent voters who fled trump to binding and by saying that was for five days ago, is exactly the same impulse. It's like Don't you be pushed him that button with me? You know it is what it is. What could I was four or five days ago? There are people climbing into you know into
we'll wells on planes right now, where we know that that I've heard and yeah. I think that is its both telling, and it is the kind of thing that
You know today provides a window into what it is that we are dealing with here. Ape yeah she's can say I think, apart from the disastrous nature of this policy and the tragedy that is going to continue to befall the Afghanistan, the Americans over there, something momentous is happening. I think in that I think Americans are changing their understanding of Biden throughout this he's really very clearly becoming the item in may become indifferent die if you ve all. If you ve never should have thought of him, as is a ball of empathy, but I think they are. The countries seems a different guy, not only so on feeling so absentee and I think we're odd he's.
Behaving excentrically through this in a combination of his absence, his shrill denial to them to the point of delusion, or at least seeming delusion. His is stream callousness, his being shut off to any questions. Aside from the arranged to reassess Nathless he's becoming a very strange figure atop, this whole thing I mean, I think we need to about that because we know almost from the moment the Trump became president. There was this notion of floated because I think no one. I bus
talked about it. I'm bring Joe in twenty seventeen that the twenty fifth amendment should be invoked against Trump, because he was crazy person right and that twenty fifth amendment provides this very complicated method by which the presidency can essentially be taken away, From the president for a bit by his aides, as he is being evaluated on the question of whether or not he is competent to be the president that it took, you know two very complicated but it was like a happy happy talking point right, so here we have Biden, he the sub momentous thing happens, he goes to Camp David. He doesn't say anything he comes back. He gives one statement uncovered. He gives an interview to George Staff Annapolis. He goes back out of town in the middle of a colossal american foreign policy. Crisis
He goes back to his house in Delaware Amount granted looked. The President United States has never really on vacation, like the White House, travel with him. He How can I may have any conversational anybody wants, and all of that that is, that is very true, but there was this absolutely darkening the tale about the number of interviews that he's given, since he was president which I he was nine he's been present. For seven months. Over this time period trumpet, given sixty or something like that no bomber had given more than a hundred interviews. Now you can't that's not at that's, not an important number, how the President massages the press or wants to talk, and all that is an indicative of his mental state, but the absolute absence of any engagement between Biden and anybody who can
Ask him a question. I I'm sorry like it raises very this is, I think, what able referring to when he says that it this is eccentric like he disappeared, he doesn't say anything is press secretary. Has I'm on vacation message on her phone in the middle of the worst foreign policy crisis and fifteen years, and he It gives one interview and then goes back to Delaware and goes into his basement and let's face it, he responds to everything resembling a legitimate question as if it is a personal attack that he cannot handle and how dare you there's not. There is not one straightforward responds to a serious question, while in all of the things that the press com, since he has somewhat what's note, have had pre selected people in the audience anyway, there very that their debt using covers an excuse to actually select friendly reporters to put in the press, but who can then asking questions, and he has not asked unscriptural
she's very often. I can remember the last time he got it and unscriptural question that he responded you without looking at his cards, no sort of changing the subject it is there. A weird. It is weird so yeah, oh here's, the count. Okay, this is my no or who is the long time White House reporter. This was CBS News for decades, the law, serving White has reporter present by sat for his ninth news interview. Austria was stout in our second? Was deaf Annapolis trump? At this point, fifty Obama hundred and thirteen- and you know the careful duration Christine said this yesterday, like the careful duration of Biden during Code,
was a brilliant political strategy right he didn't now. He would. There were no rallies, he was going around every day. He wasn't doing all that. He was at its base when he came up and he came down what I really wanted to an end and that was you know him basic, the allowing trump and from foolishly took the bait, allowing trump to remain the focus of all the time the positive and negative and trumpet Trump himself said. Look I can't be out. You know like having rallies day of the week, I hear trying to run the covert response and save lives, or something like that to do that kind of thing. User rose garden strategy was own likes, the first havoc.
Now a year a rival has used a rose garden strategy like that. You know the other contender, not the incumbent and and Trump fell for it couldn't resist not just being plant smack tab in the centre of everything and Anne and pay the price for it. But there is nobody else. There is nobody else, but Biden here and now we should, talk a little about what you know what those chomping the bits talk about, which is the other people in the administration who are being asked to carry this was water for this specific policy right? We ve had Tony and Jake Solvent in the last couple of days. Looking very foolish, we can talk about the ways in which they look foolish, you have Europe. If you have a bad have the play, you know you can it's very hard to play without
and they have a bad to play. But then we have a general Milly, the head of the joint Chiefs of Staff and Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin, who appeared yesterday. Now I please have at it was near a struggle to summarize what was the most despair, display from american Brass and Civilian Canada. Their ship I have ever seen, but I'll do my best Secretary Austin said you know, press on multiple occasions asked whether or not we had any capability to, for example, expand the footprint out from cars. I international Airport, where Americans are told to make
two by any means necessary? Whatever you can do and if you can't go the ground the embassy has said we cannot guarantee your safety, so go there and in so far as is possible on according to their Austin quote, we don't have the capability to go out and collect large numbers of people and put oppressed again quoth. I dont have the capability to go out and extend operations currently into cobble, quite unlike the french and the freaking, We just can't execute a kind of operation. Would we know that we have the right? We know that we ve got to have the right mix of capabilities on the ground. We don't want to put excessive materials on the ground that are not relevant. We're doing that was a response to whether or not they need, a larger footprint ends in order to execute this mission. And the mission is is not executed ball at present, given are are present state
and then I went at another point. There are generally. I think was pressed by a reporter about why day, sacrificed by Romero Base First of all, he said in a very generally believe that was a quote technical solution. In accordance with the mission sent them were given in accordance with getting troop numbers down to about six hundred seven hundred number, which means that the reason why we decided to make our operations dependent upon K. I is because somebody either civilian or military leadership. We probably all of the above, but most likely. The present the United States said this is what you get you get this teeny tiny little footprint.
And that's all you have- and you cannot defend by Brenner Base with that teeny tiny little footprint certainly can create a safe corridor from Kabul to bug a ballroom with that footprints. So this is what they had to do their working within the constraints that the president has imposed on them. When asked why they wouldn't retake background Milly, just melted down, he studied and stumbled conquests He's at great question, but I'm not gonna, discuss branches and people's off our current operational, just leave it at that. You could tell him he wanted to do this. But he is simply unable to do it. Lastly, and most in the most got wrenching display. Then. I have seen and emotional moment from a secondary asked him he said we're going to get everybody everyone that we can possibly evacuate, evacuated and I'll do that as long as we possibly can until the clock runs out, or we run out of capability I have never heard an American in opposition, like the Secretary of defence.
Say that your citizenship, just really matter. As we put you in this and especially this is an engineer crisis that the american government created and if your trapped in that crisis Well, you got a limited amount of time, because you know it would look really politically this back up the disadvantageous for this president. If we were to actually extend operations beyond thirty forced first are worst after September eleventh when the Taliban has said there, since runs out and they just may execute, strikes american soldiers, and that would be terrible. If so, you know until we run out of capability or until we know until then, the president's political times Paypal is upon us in, although you may have a chance, but after that your script basically saying thousands of american soldiers. Let the easy part is upon us. Not tens of thousands of Americans are being evacuated from this airport. Those are the people in american custody. You don't know how many people are outside american custody, thousands, they estimate thousands any one of them could become,
a hostage they essentially are already hostages time. My hands of american policy makers and look Joe Biden, certainly in others, This timetable is into operative anymore in the CDC News Interview, but that's just a theory. What about this nine eleven timetable that the Taliban has set dictating the temple of our operations. The Taliban is dictating terms to us, and this is the sort of thing The present wants. He could authorizing operation tomorrow, big one, thousand troops closer support lot of vehicles. It would take a lot, but we, actually get Americans out of this country. He won't do it because he doesn't want to an end. It is Actually, I have to say I agree with you that when often spoke yesterday it was it was kind of. It was both sad and chilling because he was sent com commander. He knows exactly what can be done, what should be done in that region to get our people and our allies out? He knows he's a gentle. He knows how to do this. His hands are tied and, and that's the end of it.
While the other thing I learned to the hostage point. We ve now frozen. Is it frozen Taliban assets, afghan money in banks across the world. How do you think the Taliban is gonna? Think through how to get some of that money unfrozen. What leverage might they have over night, Levin deadline to extract from the western governments that control the freezing of those assets. They have oxygen quickly got assumed. Such a transfer has not already occurred right. Ok, I believe that I believe we ve already execute its transfer, tactically and strategically This is madness, because the simple fact of the matter, as we are not going to strand thousands of Americans in Afghanistan, this will not be. Sustainable. Should this get to that point, you know in the near future. We are
There will be a massive public demand to say we spend six your billion dollars a year on the military? We have the world's greatest smells here with most powerful force in the world in nineteen o five or one American was kidnapped by one warlord in Asia and the tire worlds, foreign policy pivoted on the question of whether or not it was gonna, be the chorus alive that was the american or rise solely dead. That was the warlord one person and we or even the hedge, a man yet the public. Will not allow this to happen. So What we're doing now is degrading are capabilities over time. We could do it right now. We could send in fifteen thousand people right now to go into Kabul and elsewhere and get those Americans and get them
out and then leave next week were apparently not gonna. Do that which means that we have to do it in September or October, when our position is is significantly worse and when the possibility of horrible clashes with afghan forces are gonna, be significant, we greater this is idiocy. On a monumental scale and it gets back to this question of what Biden wanted and what it is like to deal with him. If you work for him and we ve been through four years of this with Trump we ve been through. All of the leaks. All the talk about people saying he won't listen he's he's an idiot, erects, tellers and saying he's a moron you're mad as saying he's crazy. Whatever all of that we're not hearing any of that from the Bible people, but he's like we're getting out and there like, ok will we,
do this: it is not an honor we're getting out we're getting out we're getting out we're not staying out if Americans get taken hostage. We are not going to stay out I wanted. I mean this is a very important press, this impressing this now, so that people who eliciting get does it. We are not leaving thousands of american strand guess we're just making it a lot harder for us to deal with them when we dont do it right now you know, and what's more, if we didn't right now, we might have a bit of a Dunkirk moment. I mean I'm not. I think that is a disgrace that we ve got to this point and that we have of course, as you know, I've been saying all week.
By made a choice he didn't have to make you pull the bandaid off a wound that has not healed and is causing a crisis that was unnecessary. However, if we could execute up, if we get execute reserve heroic rescue of the Americans there, the country might feel a little better about our military. What it does all the amount of all the money that we spend on it, and how we and how we go dealing with the world, which is don't screw with us. Weeds support for our own reasons, now you're gonna screw with us and make it possible for people to get to the airport. No work were go within we're getting them out, and then you and your people can wrought there in Afghanistan for all I care that actually might make the country
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I'm sorry, that's be. Why are a wiser when Dotcom slash commentary to say fifteen percent on re cons by re, con dot com, slash commentary can I can we spend one quick second, on the other kind of absolutely ridiculous statements coming out of the binding restoration, Lincoln die you an ambassador, Linda Greenville, Thomas Thomas screen, while I was content or figure, is really about how they're really calling with very firm words and statements on the Taliban. And to respect the rights of women and girls. This is enraging every week we know the Taliban is not going to respect the rights of women and girls. It is currently not respecting the rights of women and girls. It does not acknowledge that women and girls have rights because operating under Sharia LAW, as they interpret it. Women don't have the same rights as
This is another one of those ways in which it feels almost propagandistic. These statements about these kind of rose. Statements like we're? We just want to make sure you understand that we all respect women's rights. We all respect the rights of these girls to an education, while the ground, doing absolutely the opposite of that with our actions, and I think that's another thing that in the not too distant future, is more reports unfortunately, and tragically come in of what women in Afghanistan will be suffering under this regime there, Menstruation will have to answer for those empty words and those empty promises. After twenty years of of young women in that country, being able to do things like hold a job and get an education are really does This quality of you know that the joke about the the british tourists, as you know, at some restaurant in Provence,
being upset with the service and saying in French, I'm gonna write a stern letter to the times I mean we have these tweet like Anthony blink and say we expect the Taliban to protect the civil rights of of girls. It's like. Ok, let me her wee wee classic. Yet he said ten hours ago, mumbling, entreated, together with our internet our partners. We call on those in positions of power and authority across Afghanistan to guarantee the protection of women and and their rights. We will monitor closely how any future government ensures their rights in Britain. He did not say Taliban those in positions of power and authority really wordy way to avoid saying the Taliban, I mean you know one of the reasons why we are so freak, out and every now and then it's worse rehearsing missing. Is that its logic,
you know enormous numbers of Afghanis never lived under the Taliban jackpot, but that a lot of Americans under age of you now, twenty five or thirty dont know or anything about what the Taliban were like him. When I say that this is one of the most, Evil regimes that the world has ever seen are not being hyperbolic. I'm. This is not me, you know, but like Talkin, like trump about anything that he didn't like. I mean the world for the civilized world, weird and hard years before years, before Al Qaeda start striking out from Afghan terrace
Seventh century buddhist statues were destroyed by the Taliban as being enow as being works of of idolatry women out where it was illegal for women to get education's. They could not walk outside without being covered by burgers stand to death, if accused poultry and their fingers chopped off if they wore nail. Polish rope am sessions in stadia where there were public executions by the hundreds. Wild crowds were encouraged to watch and men rode in to this data on motorcycles and be headed people with machetes, while they stood tied to poles. This is who they were
If you want a fictional portrait of the Taliban in real time Garrido, Sandy's, the kite runner go rent the movie of the Kite runner, that's serve like the that's the euro, the easier The way this will get a sense of the of the horror that we're talking about. I mean maybe people I have read that have happened to be among the people of read. You know a tale. Two cities, Dickens Zena, which is actually the most the best red novel of the last two fifty years or hundred, fifty or whatever it is, and he knew the last that novel is this amazing fiction. Recreation fifty years after the fact of what life was like under the Jacobin during the great terror, so the great works of imaginative literature. Not in the western cannon at this all
open a real time while Hussaini was writing the kite runner like this, wasn't dickens going back and using sources and whatever Tipp to to recreate this. This was almost a documentary depict of this nightmare regime, and they are now back in power and they a lot of them spend time on for the American. You know, as as as as prisoners of the United States prisoners of their a hardened. They are angry. Their older there's, no reason to think that they are wiser. They have succeeded in getting what they wanted from the enemy that they had targeted and any idea that Somehow this is gonna. This is there no more mature and they're talking and more mature ways. Graham wood of the of the Atlantic has a really powerful peace in which you were mines, people how the Taliban, when they took power,
in the nineties said. You know they wanted everybody to come together and it was all gonna be wonderful and they were gonna have a meeting with the going Prime Minister, not Rula, and they did and what they did was they cut off his generals and they stuffed him in his throat and they hang them in the pilot, a public square that was that's who they are
I will answer will adjust music. You know, in light of the talk about how Biden in this ministration is, is being is giving it to a straight about another, serve treating the american people like adults. This time round tat you know tat. I bet you are giving us the truth on Afghanistan that the hard truth. This is completely betrayed by the the embarrassing attempt to pretend that that the Taliban are anything other than just what what you described and of all the things they are sugar coding that that's that's that's me, one of the most despicable one. There pretending that there's a ray of hope for for this monstrous organization in and much like the inexplicable refusal to approve a rescue mission, sufficient actually execute. That mission
Joe Biden was asked by George Chef Annapolis. Do you believe the Taliban have changed, which is this weird refrain that we see only in the very early press and Joe Biden says the following four, I think they're going through a sort of excess central crisis about. Do they want to be recognised by the international community as being german government. The answer to that is no. What if he believes that he's delusional if he doesn't it, once you do believe it he's derelict there two options here bottom line is that this is the best. You could say that this is an effort at expediency that we need the magnificence of the Taliban to support our mission. Get us out, get outer space humanly possible, and so we will drive them. We will fully than we were who had ever necessary to make this happen and we're doing it as we seen of the images outside of this airport. This is a very tenuous ceasefire here between our forces in their forces
on top of each other and they are seeking to execute a disaster. They do every night as they they roundup civilians than with them. Beat them. They fire ammunition that either terrifying families. The images of children, young children or just being abused, by this militia, that is seeking to execute some sort of a crowd. A disaster. The crowd gets whipped up and charges that american forces and we are responsible for it. That's what they want. That's what they're trying to execute and the longer we stay there. The longer this. This really untenable status while wholesome more likely that becomes. And so we decided that the only strategy here and I'm just being generous here by applying a strategy to the only strategy here, is to pretend, as though there legitimate governing attitude that only once the recognition of the international community in order to facilitate our are ex filtration of these civilians. But that's gonna. Take weeks at the present schedule. So it's just in its inevitable that this will break down look. This is a world historical triumph for the talent
and this notion that they're sitting there worrying about their international reputation They just sad they weren't thrown out of the country by the world's most powerful military and they waited us out and they ve taken the country back after being in get MO after being in Hell hole afghan prisons, the likes of which we have even possibly imagine there sitting there worried about their reputation. They have just done something that no one has ever accomplish before day. This one group are not talking about the Afghans veto, throwing out the throwing out the Russians. This one group was was was extra painted from power and it did not dissolve it did not. You know, commit suicide, it went nowhere. It stayed at fixed its purpose and it kept to its held to its guns, if God,
allowed Obama some sent Taliban home from get mow. The number two guy in the Taliban, as somebody who was an hour custody until twenty fourteen, This now gonna be murdering people. Why on earth? Wouldn't they think that a law has now has delivered them into power, and that is for them to work. Their will However, they want. What wouldn't that be? The lesson you would take? Not oh, no Anthony given his worry is empty, is threatening us because we're not going to be nice to women, they think Anthony blinking is a eunuch. They think Anthony Blinkin is of what they think athlete Blake. It is contemptible, worm lower than anything else on earth, because he let them do this when they know perfectly well that if we had been more savage and war uncaring or whatever it was that we would have obliterate
Then we would have cut off their genitals, stuff them in their mouths and hung them get mom. That's if they were us, that's what they would do. They are not ass. They don't care about women, they don't care about the international community and they are, on top of the world, literally ape the idea that they care what the international community thinks of them. The Taliban exists to defy the international community which they find repulsive and disgusting and made up of infidels. They are there. They exist to be it in entire and two to two up to be the force that stands against. This thing
that that Anti Blakeney, supposing they want to be in the good graces of it, is the most preposterous statement you can imagine that there are no other or anything I read your national is live reminds they just want to be observing members of a w h right. They really now desktop, but I mean that not to take this to give out like, like you know too, to go to a totally and serious place where no it's like that moment and ghostbusters when some He says the damn acquired Gonna do something do something, and then there are quite so those are the garage area in Euro as a representative of the city
the state of New York. I command you back to your. You know your alternate dimension and the bill Murray says yeah. That ought to do it right. That's right! I mean it's like it's like Taliban. Please observes the niceties as laid out by the New York Times editorial page: ok, ok, yeah right! We do that. We know what the Taliban thinks that, but what as American should we think of our It is right now. If they are saying these things, they know they know what we know. They're, not that I mean they're, not stupid their feckless, but not stupid, so they are either cynically trying to kid. Where their own, but for what they know, is to come to say. Well, we told them. We warn them. Look. We have this nice, you one statement or They really are that foolish. They really are that foolish and I,
there are. Those options is not a good one. If you're an american looking at the situation right now, they are not in charge of anything right now. You know, there's all this talk about Bible Resiny right. Evidently, all this talk about its old foolish because of persistent gonNA resigned, but Erhard has an interesting thing about buying, should resign people saying buying should resign shoddy, I mean do we want calmly Harris President like let let's, let's, let's, let's get, let's culture, the scenarios here Biden some hours, twenty fifth amendment it or resigns where's calmly Harris. You know she was having a public meeting last Thursday and she had to cut short because there was a bridge thing on Afghanistan and nobody knows where she is either. Nobody knows where she is. We don't
I don't care where thousands and goat I as a wretched, a foreign trip on Friday. I think she's going overseas. Indonesia, I want to say, I'm not sure I don't care where she is, I it as far as I'm concerned she could go to club Med Org. You know, like should go to that hotel in the White Lotus and just stay there for four years for all the good she does this country, and so every time she opens her mouth sheet that you can really hates herself and said something stupid about women. Whatever I don't want to. You know the fantastic detail on that in Christine's. Piece commentary about the parents movement by the way, com, land and the kinds of things she says about parents not being apparent herself, but it out this? This is what we got. Colonels. All the way down, like you know by Ngos and there's calmly, and then there is this question about the grown ups in the administration where the grubs demonstration
to be fair, and I really do believe this. There's always a lot of feckless talk about how you want people should resign, they should resign and protest. They should resign a protest because they can't handle these things empty They need to show that there. This is very much a british or you know this is at this very much of a parliamentary idea, because when people resign from office in you know in in parliamentary systems. There still in the political sphere, there still members of parliament, they still participate in the political process. There are losing a job, Then remove them from politics and just simply makes them upon. In the american system, the theirs. I mean I just don't think you can blame Tony Blinkem or jigsaw them or admiral Milly or or Lloyd Austin. This is binds policy. We honestly don't know that
you really should just to preserve a little better judgment there as to whether or not the president is responsible for all this I say is responsible for most of it and will certainly he has. Possibility to address and resolve these. That's pretty the conditions under which is presiding, but did the Pentagon approving this? Of course they did. Of course they did. Of course the president. Are there the Pentagon approved of this operation? very small footprint and in the use of k I and limiting access to the North gate, all that stuff its operational president? In deciding is a lot of fathers responsible for this debacle, so we cannot say that they know their their absolved of all blame intelligence. Maybe they're cover. Not everyone. Can I don't trust a word coming out of anybody's mouse, one of these sources close to their children's officials. None of that lose me at all. A lot of this administration is responsible for are witnessing here. The president has a responsible to resolve it, and this is certainly something he wants, based only on the lethargy these displaying in resolving it.
I bet you everybody on the peace listening. All I mean is that you know double time. They should stay there. M M M clean up the mess they made em in the funny part about resigning. Is you resign if you lose the confidence of the president right? That's why you need to resign. You lose the confidence of the people, he needs you out, because you can no longer perform the duties that he is assigned. You there performing the duties you assign them There are no earthly covering for him in front of the media that he refuses to engage with. Well, that's Now again, you can either that that is that you know that's the nature of the beast of our political system like what are they supposed to attack him from the podium? tax for the aid they call Bob Woodward may attack em, but rum from the Bob Woodward respecting the indictment of buying. None of that might be doing my job and I were the day, as you say there, the required to do, but where is he
All right he's letting wouldn't take all the flag when these refusing to engage. It has utterly derail Congress by the way I expect I expected a little bit more when heat when president came out yesterday and delivered this speech on Covin covered response, which was utterly unable to the moment. I expected of a few more democratic, jumped ship in and get really squeamish about. What we're seeing her we didn't. Do that, but we didn't see minutes Those who commit to a variety of briefings call for a bipartisan commission, real investigations into what went Ah here so I mean if thing, if the thought process here and I wouldn't put a pass them that if the thought process here as well, we can commit to rescuing Americans, because God, what will that do? to the reconciliation bill. I really genuinely believe that's what they think and not doing anything is imperiling.
The domestic agenda, far more than doing something can we spend let spent the last three or four minutes uncovered because to a couple of interesting things are going on here. There's this talk of the email. The booster shots, which people were saying, was gonna happen of a certainty, and the vaccination regime began and networks, once again in this word, suddenly having some nonsense debate over whether or not there should be most shots are, we should be sending them to Tanganika, or I don't know what the hell. It is an interim never one to miss an opportunity to make everything worse It goes on Maria Barter Romo, show and says Pfizer only once profit from the boosters like. Thanks a lot yet again, free
Herb Service in a having? Yes, you did a fantastic thing, doing operation warp speed and thanks a lot for Europe. Destroying the effectiveness of operation. Worse me, that's really great, every now and then over the last four. There is one I think. Oh my god, you know, look what happened here in a wood. This have happened when Trump was president. I have no idea what would have happened when trumpets President, but you know the fact that he is you know he is now to serve service. His base by pandering to anti vat sentiment. I must now openly, I think, is, is- is really disgraceful. Nonetheless out so there's the booster thing add to the booster thing. This very interesting development Mitch Mcconnell came out yesterday and said flatly, and I assume that he
now had somebody double and triple check this data that ninety seven percent of the people in the United States hospitalized with covered currently are on vaccinated. Ninety seven percent right we ve had the surge or hospitals patients, ninety seven percent of them, are on vaccinated. We have now been in the delta period for six weeks. I think least ninety seven percent, which means that the breakthrough infection problem is non existent. I mean you you're sick from it and that's bad. I'm sorry. If you get sick from the website, if you get sick from the flu or strap or something like that, no one is going to the hospital. Three percent of the cases involve obviously breakthrough vaccinations, a breakthrough, breakthrough infection. Three percent out of a hundred per cent, and if that's the case, then we're still
in this place, where we are acting as though its twenty percent or twenty five percent, and that we need have mitigation strategies to protect the vaccinated from the UN backs needed or the vaccinated from the vaccinated. And every piece of data we have now suggests otherwise, and then I want to finish this ran it with this detail, just under our journey, much celebrated prime Minister of New Zealand has locked the country down, people are told they cannot go fifty metres from their house. There will be five thousand pounds, fines or whatever currency the hell. It is that they have a new Zealand. Five thousand key we find they have forced. The pull out from
Zealand of this Lord of the Rings tv series, which was gonna, bring two hundred million dollars in revenue, the New Zealand because of this one case, one case of the delta variant. She has shut the country down entirely and Bob Wachter one of the one of the hero doctors that we go to to hear what we should do about covered in this terrible period has just tweeted this. Please watch this just send ardor and press conference, its fact based its serious, and she says that, yes, you can let your choice. Go out on their scooter. So that's really noble of her, so we have a public health. We now this whole thing about how their entire world public opinion that says that covered we needs have covered zero, no infections, no, nothing. In order to go back to normal. We,
entire country, five million one island countries, if I billion people that is testing this proposition- and that is getting praised by the people that we listen to, that we would and to tell us how we should behave here in the United States, let us have a dictatorial regime that says you can't go out of your house, because there is one case of covert there. I have now finish my ranch. Can you guys please take up and ran a little and then will, while the alleged size that I know shore personally new Yorkers, who would approve of that approach? There is. There is a once again at certain marketplace for that: it's not just the public health officials. We can't stand. This is a segment of the population that has been
trained into into that kind of mindset and would absolutely adored when it is civilization, destroying absolutist, is suicidal. Civilization or euthanasia. There's no way, you can be a functional society if you're, if you're blocking down all social and economic activity because of a disease, that really is genuinely survivable for ninety five percent of the population and most with vaccinations most, if not all, without vaccinations. The occasional case that always said from the immune compromise not withstand had also iter. It's it's a mindset that parades as being compassionate and carrying, but it's actually shockingly selfish. It is. It is about being personally scared to death of distance,
we're not and that carry if you bring the entire thing down with you as long as you don't get it will. You know Christine drugs. Conclude on the parents, revolt point So uh there's always pulling data, and I think that this is a series of interesting question right. So more than seven, percent of Americans over the age of eighteen or vaccinated? I think that number seventy four percent have one shot so and then there is this political questions like when are they going to turn on the vaccinated like? When is this conversation? Gonna turn? That's gonna, be you know, You said in your house or go get sick and I don't care. We ve been saying that for weeks by the way, so you now I this is not. But there's another number here, which is that sixty nine percent are something ass in a pole whether or not they supported masking for children I say yes and what's interesting about this. Is that if you do the percentages
Are they match a pretty precisely with the number of people who have children metaphors people don't have chill and I'm sure a lot of people to have children. So let us make this there were people don't have children is. I have noticed that no skin off their back, if kids have to wear mass in it Today, of course, they'll say yes kitchen: where mass? What are they care? They don't have kids they're, not dealing with the consequences of kids, having mass on and so you have this weird thing where we are now getting cited pole data to support masking of schoolchildren that involves p who literally dont have any role or life work. I will suffer no consequences from the decision. That is, is being made well enough, and the media is really aiding and abetting a particular narrative about the basking of children, and I think that bind administration finds this helpful cover because they are, but by focusing so much on mass of the most recent thing this week. Is it not the case department is gonna invoke civil rights
violations in order to come down hard on local school districts and particularly on governors and bread states like Abbot in Texas in two senses in Florida, who is you cannot have these mass mandates. They're not saying you can't mask it's a different thing. There's a distinction is very important to draw that the media is deliberately off is getting these these mandates say. You know what they're saying is at a school district can impose demanded on ever what they're saying is. If you want to worm ass, you can wear mass, but you don't have to wear mass. Its parents are allowed to make the decision and the risk assessment for their kids the school districts, are pushing back. You know, Hillsboro County in Florida Miami Day in Florida have said: no, we want to mass mandate for everyone, but there's mass mandates. Induce atlas calls for high schools were all the kids are eligible our backs nation, but this is an acknowledgement by public health officials and bind ministries and that their never gonna get a certain percentage facts. So what they will do is ask the rule. Followers who already been back to do this masking
because that shows unit that something they can control that something that they can force people to do some some districts are making part of their dress code, for example, to around the elimination movement is, but it's our conversation, that's happening on one end of the spectrum and nobody sorry about what you said John, which is that most of these kids are not at risk for hospitalization or death. Most have all of the adults, are eligible for vaccination and we are. We are making policy decisions in this regard. Based on vanishingly small minority of people and the loudest forces in the room, and neither of those groups really speak from certainly for most parents and and certainly promotion, the pulling they did this and twenty twenty, where there were pulled the general population about giving schools closed? Everybody wanted schools clothes when a well known, Rabelais there too, inside the meaningful, actual parents. The numbers No, really I mean they. Moreover, no they were averse to get people in schools, but beauty www plurality or even the majority support of love.
It was in the depths of the pandemic. There was a majority, was a majority. A thing was no interference. I remember now, I'm porcelain local poles. Again, we haven't the Israelis pillar outright. What interfere with the masking honestly is that if you pull parents now look if I was pulled today, I would say I don't care just as long as you get them back in school. I have a head school for over a year, so I think a lot of people polled right now about them. Pastor like we know Delta's going on. We just we just want them to be able to have a normal school year. It's been too long if you, if Delta, you know get goes through its course which were already on the downswing. For that once those numbers change, I think you report MIKE certain is masking, will remain even when the data and the cases decline, as we saw that happened last year with Korea. Crushing morosely for the wind, yet again will be. Tomorrow for aid. No one Christine, I'm John POD words keep the camel burn
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