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2020-08-31 | 🔗
On today's podcast, we ask: Is the presidential race turning due to the growing disorder and chaos in our cities? There's every indication Democrats and Joe Biden are worried it might be, and that Donald Trump is hoping that he can use the violence as a lever to change his fortunes. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Monday August thirty, first, twenty twenty, I'm John POD hordes, the editor of Commentary Magazine nor Rossman is out for the next couple of days with me, as always senior rather Christine Rosen, Hiker esteem. I done, and back ass a week off door, which Weak America exploded into violent riots and death, worse than we had seen before. Therefore, I see a correlation, if not a causation executive editor a great waldheim hygiene
so you're not allowed to go on vacation aid, because the world just falls apart. Without you, I'll fix things are starting now: ok, good only. You can fix yes, that without you're saying ok, I'm the hope. I've been waiting for, ok, So I'm not going to summarize what happened over the last three, I'm going to assume that everybody within the sound of my voice knows that somebody was shot point. Blank and the head of a pro trumpeted server about A right wing person out in the streets to take the streets back in Portland was shot by. Apparently, an anti for a guy who describes himself was a hundred per cent and teeth. Are there? Were other violent clashes? elsewhere and can in California in Washington and some chanting of death to America in Canosa. So
isn't gonna, summarize it in there. I, when summer I said so. That's where America in Oakland California, there is a big march when they were talking, get talk a lot. The outcome yak as death death to America's, of course, at a notable american slogan that has a total american Providence it is. It is actually kind of startling that the chance of the iranian revolutionaries, who then went on to you, now take fifty two Americans hostage for four hundred and forty four day should become the rallying cry of black lives matter. Hadn't. That tells you something interesting, but politicians, of course, are our or jumping on all sides of this I'm tweeting something tweeting and retweeting. Something like eighty seven times Sunday morning and including one retreat of nor Rossman, I gather and hand
and does the liberals and leftists that I've seen on social media star both reacting with rage and panic. To the what what everybody is starting to assume are changing political circumstances as a result of the UN the unrest last night's late last AL yesterday afternoon, Joe Biden issued a statement Christine what what did he say exactly M did have any kind of a young I was gonna, say narcotize effect, but I guess stabilizing effect would be a better way to put it so I ll say part of his statement I wholeheartedly embrace, but for the most part I would say he. He gave us a lot of vague platitudes about violence which were are more appropriate at this particular moment for a fortune cookies than it is for what they stated. Culture is right now, so he it said, I condemn violence on both sides and I challenge Donald Trump to do the same. We have to lower.
The temperature leaders need lower the temperature ok, but he called out no one. Specifically, he didn't talk about people like Representative, a young Presley represented Maxine Waters, who have four months been saying. Take it to the store If you see tromp supporters of you see people you disagree with getting their faces. Fight with them argue with them. A lot of politically violet rhetoric coming from his side of the Isle, there's also been Luckily, Balin read it rhetoric in response coming from that, the transfer of the aisles I'm not excuse, but what I am saying is that what he had an opportunity to do with that statement- and you didn't take- is to say Anti fraud is not what american values or about when black That's matter marshes for justice, wherewith that when it descends into violence and loading, we are not like it. He had an opportunity to be quite hard hitting on specific I'll, not undermining the the peaceful people who are protesting in trying to make change in the correct way, because what a marrow
kids were watching over the weekend. What some of us here in diesel first hand, are a kind of ramping up of aggressive bullying of people. You know we had more people being shouted at in yell down. We had to the last two nights, and likewise matter plus a year and a lot of clashes with riot police new sea, more violence. You see more violent rhetoric. So that's part of his speech right. Thank you. Just completely content where he did get something right is to say you know the present need said to bring it down an arch, and I do think it is response. Even though I don't, I don't agree, the trunk created this problem. I do think that here It should not be doing anything that could be remotely encouraging a vigilante, sound responses, and I think the Wall Street Journal had a wonderful adage oral this morning, which kind of late that out and said. Look. You know the
This is going on. In democratic cities has been going on all summer. We on the left has been deliberately ignoring it. The politicians in particular because it was politically convenient for them to do so. They cannot ignore any longer cause. The poles have shown them that suddenly, looting is bad, even though its as a moral matter. Looting always bad, but now they care about it, but On the on our side of the conservative side, the response should not be to take up arms on our own and respond. Violence is not the response here that there I should be encouraging and and this tragic death, in Portland, is an example of what happens when local leaders, in this case democratic mayor, ten Wheeler completely a away from their responsibilities to maintain law and order, and someone, tell them back him. So I think binding had an opportunity to be very targeted and very specific and very hard hitting, and he did not take that opportunity. So Barton has in criticising Trump China blast Trump on all this. By saying this is a manifestation of
The president's failure to lead as it gets in some ways true in most ways it's it's not true at all, but the point is that what, by is not doing here is leaving. He is not leading on the left are among Democrats or levels. He is still trying to sort of take the temperature of the liberal left, see what their comfortable with and we're fine to that, because the larger, certainly in the media, and among among some of the politicians that Christine just mentioned the law Our journey liberal left, take on all this there are still obsessed with calling every horrific- incident. A mostly peaceful incident fat turn violent. And there is this that was long as that framework is in place. Joe Biden is not going to tamper with.
I just want to interrupt you. Have you react to this joy reed I've MSNBC tweet. Yesterday, quoth the raw AIDS, which he put them, Well, riots are not black lives. Matter March has gone wrong. Armed white nationalists are mopping these cities. Take advantage of protest and scare fellow white people into quietly siding with them. It's an old tried and true strategy using fear and anti blackness for politics. So oh now I hear I wanted. I want to respond to that because this is why I am not on twitter because I would have been all caps. Donald Trump tweeting enjoy read for twenty four hours and you are an idiot, so here's the years, the problem I have with her three, not that this as idiocy is factually its immediately capable over bubble in this sense done Joe. By these campaigns. Staff, actually held out Anti Firefox in Minneapolis and black lives matter Prodi.
Serves a Minneapolis who arrested for violence and end its activity. In the wake of the death of George Floyd, that's something by the way the binding should have condemned. He should do their baling people out for who were arrested for attacking law enforcement, and he had nothing to say about that, but to George reads: point if indeed He's right, wingers, wire, wired Democrats failing them out for protesting, I mean we know this is anti via she isn't denial about its very existence, because it's coming from her side and its extended its rapid they are sending people. We have anti for people from the Pacific Northwest in DC right now this weekend, stirring up trouble. It is true that there are troublemakers making peaceful black lives. Matters marches more violent, but they're not from coming from the right, they are coming from, the extreme anarchists left and staff should be acknowledged. That was this is a conspiracy theory that started back in May and June, by the way, when that, when the first riot
were happening in the looting, restart started in Minneapolis Twitter list. With all these complicated piercing theories and screen shots showing various looters and writer saying this one was identified as a possible skinhead. These these people were Boston, none it is like the pot of lay misery were when John they're joins the revolutionaries on the barricades and now in an effort both the spy on the men to get them to behave in ways that will a will justify their there, their suppression so on this is. A long time mete out from victory. You go to to now the idea that damn that, a pure, a revolutionary sentiment. Ism is harnessed and destroyed bye bye outside agitation? Has up has a long provenance I'm I'm fascinated by this, because today from things one is
in twenty. Sixteen. You will remember that Donald Trump was bizarrely reluctant to say he did not want the coup. Klux clan endorse them Do you remember this poor It out were white nationalist story. You know why? Woe the all right and it some points. Someone said: are you gonna disavow them, and he used this weird phrasing right. He said disavow. Ok, I disavow Why disavow, but he wouldn't say whom it was, who it was that he was disavowing. So. What we have here is the I dont like violence. Violence is bad Ike. Condemn violence? Well, it matters of you. Not defining violence is not a dinner was not win. Do you know it's not the words, not a naturally occurring phenomenon. It is a. It is thing the thing. It is a term to discuss
things that are done by people consciously and with malice aforethought, and So you can condemn violence without saying that the people who who are the violent people deserve to be punished or held account for held to account for their violence, and that's where that's the Rubicon. That Biden is finding it very difficult to cross, and I understand it I did Understand it as much in trumps case, because it seemed to me that his he was somehow weirdly presuming that he were, he had a fragile coalition that really needed. You know obviously this is what what what left us and get really needed. You know the old right or you know he was not gonna win win. Reelection are you now he was never gonna, say anything nasty or bad about anybody who support we supported him in by in this case Biden. I think,
if the presumption here is that Abiden can't do this in the right way. You can only come up with two possible reasons, for that one is that he is He fears that his coalition is more fragile than I think it is fears that he can't afford to anything controversial that will cause people to get like joy read to get mad at him. And the other, which I think is more interesting and may be truer and more frightening about the future of this country- is that he, people like him. Liberals, not radicals, not leftist, but liberals have lost the the vocabulary and the perception to be able to make this kind of criticism that the eight
the crucial and important point, and that's a matter of years and years of flirting with extreme ISM, radical Sheikh. At least we leave. We talk about it, we notice it when it happens, we we call it out, but within their own coalition, they ve stopped doing that, and I think That's so important, because what you're going to see if Biden wins, he's gonna have painted himself into a corner with Anti fought in the radical left, because you will not have all of his bank plant. It is about. I dont, like violence, will come home to roost when the violence continues and it will continue. It is not going to stop that anarchist Left has no interest in our system. That's why they say death to America. They want to destroy and tear down the system. We have and replace it with something else, far more radical. The fact that Joe Biden has not acknowledge that specifically means that when the violence occurs again, how is he to deal with it. When he's president, that's that that again, That's my concerns. You like forget trumpet how he's responding if Joe Biden winds this problem,
go away. In fact, you could arguably worry that it will escalate yeah. I think, look the big fight, in the nineteen sixty is the famous the civil? Its white was between Martin working in Malcolm X, amount losing said, don't use, violence use non violence as a weapon against me. Who would be violent towards you and then you gain the moral high ground and you shock the conscience of everybody who doesn't really want to be involved in the fight and Malcolm X, said nonsense: you have to fight fire with fire. These people, wanna kill us, we need to basically we need to kill them first and that he didn't quite say that way. Then he flipped right, he changed his tune in the last. Fear of his life. But this fight is the real. Is the real fight and the winner of the fight over the last fifteen years has been Malcolm X, Gideon
who is it that people study they study the autobiography of Malcolm X? They everyone warships and venerate Martin, their king the but the the idea that a we didn't land on Plymouth, Rock Plymouth Rock landed on us, which has one of Malcolm X, is great. That's raises is the animated thesis of the sixteen nineteen project and so therefore violence in this world view is justified, and the question is: is that, where ireland- is that where the Democratic Party and Biden have landed conceptual that they are no longer able to split this off and say we believe, X, Y and Z, but you are not allowed in our system to behave in this way and then any does work properly and just for you to be punished if
you are using this as a justification for for the violence. Also part of the problem here is that the thinking that the reasons that were put forward, or to justify the original the protests after the death of George Flood, among the supporters of black eyes matters be heard people saying things like well, understand, what's going on, because we ve tried peaceful responses they and nothing's changed they happen Nothing has happened, which is, of course, a gross historical injustice done to that only Martin Luther King, but the extraordinary number of Americans who in fact did make transformative chain in terms of civil rights in the in the U S, but that has all been ignored in the very justification for for the protests, and the riots they sing, sing, whelp, peaceful, peaceful
excessive have gotten us nothing. So now it's time to do something different as law unless you embrace that lie you are then obligated. In some sense, too, land at some sort of support to less than peaceful, ouch to social justice. Here you don't have to as I listened to the podcast while while I was out last week and John, why What are you dedicated? We're gonna go one he was vague. Listening is different experiences from participating and John something you said a couple times. May me thank you several who is aren't we surprised who thought that the violence and chaos will escalate. Going moving towards November instead of subsiding, I have to say I kind of did think it was going to escalate.
As they are or were a big, are now you weren't you weren't there last week to argue with me well, but I did say in my peace. Yes, this is revolution. I said this is not just another leftist, wave that's going to die down, and I also noted that the that when you have internal clashes inside the revolution that the more her fears. Elements are the ones that come out on top, and that is what we are witnessing that right so began. The only thing getting the headlines now in terms of black, lies matter, the only their presence has really been distilled as Violence Street Street. Intimidation, street side, intimidation in restaurants in cafes, things like that the EU The worst elements have come out on top of the revolution to this
I was thinking of that point that you made in your excellent piece ape over the weekend, because I think that this is another challenge for binding. Another reason why I was so disappointed in the statement. He ended issuing, he doesn't say black lives matter, but the black lives matter. Movement has tried for the past few months and largely succeeded because the vast number of people have been peaceful for a lot of these marches. To pretend like, run any sort of violent elements in there are one of two things: either a fiction created by the right wing or outside agitators they had nothing to do with them, and that is simply not true. I mean even had a cold Jones had had this long threat over the weekend. Attacking people for Lily Whole have jobs, are Nicole manager, regretfully was pronounced in Kabul. Harrison there's are a real. Certainly I obviously what we're clearly clearly just envious of her Pulitzer so there, but she said in a yoke.
And tell us to police our own movement. But of course those are the rules of the left. His long set up for the right that we should please our own movement so violent. They applied to them and the truth is I there was. There is but it's over the weekend of someone who call themselves the black lives matter, leader calling for the death of cop. In D C, the weak. Seen. Multiple leaders, the black lives matter. Movement excuse looting as reparations. We have seen them all over the country, saying extremely radical things and their very platform as radical. So I think the other lie that has been proven and show now to the broader public who certainly pay attention, is the idea that, Let's matters a peaceful movement, it's never described itself as a peaceful movement. In fact they make just the argument. You did John witches peaceful movements, work for us. We don't want to work within the system. We when a blow it up, we're angry were mad. The only thing they listen to his is our loud angry voices. That's a recipe for giving
mission to people who are in your movement and identify with it a forceful using violence in force and they're doing that they're starting to do that more, and I think those confrontations Please they go viral. People are paying attention to that. If Joe Biden doesnt have something to say about that. Voters will ok. So, let's talk about The argument that Biden Liberals are making that Trump is responsible for the violence. Now there here too there are two elements of this argument: the First. Is that tromp paths? through his you know, general belligerents and divisiveness and divisive rhetoric, and all of that kept the country in a state of disequilibrium such that the
You know he is like he was playing kindling. Am you now start he was like a fire starter, even if he didn't like the match himself, he bill the fire and the fire lit. So that's one argument end, and there is some merit to it and you would be were it would be ridiculous, in my view, for anybody any serious person to deny that, but If Biden really wants to advance the argument that hey you're, the one in charge of all this is happening on your watch at that implicitly says you need to be tougher. You need to be more hard line. You need not to listen to mayor, had Wheeler me buffoon ash. Possibly evil clown. Who was the mayor of Portland, who is watching his own city burned down and his own condominium building occupied by black lives matter and wants to blame Trump in Washington to get the deal to get.
His own reckoning away from him right. So, if Biden says look, you know you your incompetent at quelling the violence. What is the implicit logic of what he is saying? What he is saying is federal. As this matter send. You know, I don't quite know how this works. Its trump keep saying. We have to be asked. We We can't just send them. We have to be asked now. I don't know that actually a, but do you know what the legal niceties here are? I'm out? Oh, no, I am actually thing and then to protect federal property, but it cannot send them right. General, Ryan Prevention, lessons in a pretty right property, anything right, This goes along with the central irony of of of the last of the Trump Administration versus the last fifty or sixty years, which is that the desire to federalized civil rights issues is clear. Sickly, something of the Democrats in the left. They want the the Justice Department, the federal government, to step in,
we'll take charge in voting again now, just stuck out of Uncle SAM, it's ok. We know they want. They want. The federal government civil rights charges. Hate crimes send in true whatever the It's been there lie and the conserve line has generally been no, no, no, you know these are local responsibilities or whatever. Suddenly you a president who was willing to use the powers of the National Guard, the federal government to quell disturbances in cities, and it is these cities that are saying. Don't you dare come here at all, Well, that's that argument is going to help Trump if Biden, why is to advance the argument that Trump as it has been incompetent in dealing with the violence? If he wants to make up more philosophical argument about trumpets responsible? fine. That only goes so far because then the question is why you are president. Now what can you do now that it's happened if there, the fire to put
the fire and end You know it is almost as though Biden would be having tromp a ready, drank permission structure to eat, federalized some of these problems for his own political, good governance. It's a very schizophrenia approach for the binding campaign to take given there are already their history of the campaigns, rhetoric about all this right because they have plenty of them condemned. You know the difference once when Trump initially did send troops into into these places, to protection federal court houses and then they withdrew the troops and where we were all told by the mainstream media by all these matters that now finally, peacefulness will return. It hasn't returned. It started right back up and so ten wheelers memo coming forty eight hours before his own conduct was occupied was hilarious because everybody's posted on social media online, saying, ok, he offered to help them. I rejected it now the city is burning and now someone's been killed
There is also we should mention. There was a convoy of Trump supporters who were shot out in California over the weekend as well. Everything is escalating. Who de escalation does actually. I agree with John you. Can we all know that trust Credit is not. It is really not helping a situation. He probably should stay off twitter. I dont I have a lot of trepidation about his visitor to Canosa. Tomorrow, and I worry that he's gonna- can I kind of revel in the vigilante style of justice that was that that's been discussed a lot online and meted out in that one case. So I worry about that a lot. I also worry about the fact that there is no one countering on the left. A message that the left is now allowed to become ascended over the summer with regard to protest and violence yeah. I think you know, of course- de escalation in in police terms is, of course, an important element. Of of policing in your situation by situation, but their age
Strikes me that the wood, the way people talk about de escalation now, in regard to how federal troops have our have failed to de escalate an end you hear a wooden tersely Nypd. Now is the time to act a pity, is so bad at the escalating one. When they come into contact with looters and protestors, and it's like it's it's it's cool. A fantasy in this general says: there's is theirs as wish that a competent Please force or competent federal agents will show up. And somehow softly He subdue everything that happened. Without any conflict that private at eight there hung out. Yet that is what policing is and that's that's so as long as that is in place as long as that fantasies? in place there is this idea that any people These response is, SK relation, but what,
it's my favorite thing that people say after certain type of police shooting this is something I I learned. I think I said this once on the package I learned when I was at a toy than your post and actually had to learn stuff about policing as a technical matter. People are always saying why these shoot him in the toilet. Why didn't shoot him in the leg? why are you just shoot at with? If we have to shoot him should have been the shoulder you now because then he doesn't die. That's all it's like that is not policemen are trying to do our train to shoot if they have to shoot if there is a reason for them to pull a gun and showed their train to shoot at the trunk of a body? Why? Because it is the largest part of the body, and it is the part if you aim at it, but you are less likely to hit somebody else or for the boy want to miss the target ricochet
hit somebody else or cause other damage. So who are trained to shoot from the in Clay, from the knees up to the shoulder because you're that, itself of a bizarre form of violence prevention, because you you know that this is a way of ensuring that the target is hit, and these are not sharpshooters they're, not James Colbert in the magnificent seven who you know, shoot somebody in the shoulder and then says it was a terrible shot. I was aiming for the horse now, that's that that's not the way it works, like people can't shoot. You know, people are, are human beings and cops? Oh, use guns in moments of extremists, and nobody knows that because everybody knows what they know from the movies and they think that bring people can shoot a gun. That of somebody else's hand or something like that. This is all magical thinking and the magical thinking is thinking
belongs equally to anti police, and pro police forces who seem to think that cops can do anything and that what they do they choose to do like and they are trained in de escalation, and you are seeing it everywhere because fifty years ago, if people be gave this way toward cops. They were been hitting everybody with batons on their head, and I pay women walking through crowds with batons like baseball bat. That's why they carried truncheons was to beat people senseless if they got fresh and they don't. Have truncheons any more and they stand there and take it. We see time and again in these videos. Absent DC being called Uncle Tom's and after I talk about at the had that, having had sex with these cops mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, Neither the kind of how horrible horrible things that these protesters throw at these cops
who stand there and don't budge is up. It's a little calling and if you want to see a snapshot of why some of us are pretty vocal about not support black lives matter. Watch those A stream videos? That's where your side is on and that's how you treat our fellow human beings, because you think that's gonna, improve law enforcement, you're, a fool and This is something we always talk about in terms of foreign policy It's true here as well such weakness. We this or I'm sort of accepting them kind of abuse. It can be in itself provocative right back, because when do, if you know that you're gonna go out there and hurled abusive cops, who were going to stand there and take it because they ve been ordered to take it. That's gonna that's going so exciting you, it builds and builds and build, and you can get away with more and that is not the escalation actual
taken as a priority it, and that's exactly why think in the last week or two you have seen the rhetoric of black lives matter. Protest vote, really escalating to violent conversations about killing the police and we are seeing police targeted again very small right now. I'm not trying to pretend, like you know, there's carnage everywhere, but that aim is exactly right. It importance the protesters and I wouldn't the cops in DC. The last united have fired off tear gas and rubber bullets only two hours and hours of people blocking streets, people harassing others on the sidewalk that were throwing, they threw some powdery substance at a woman's face. Color engender a fire in some neighborhoods meet their totally out of line and out of control and needed. They pose a danger to the public when they start acting that way, it's always after dark. What happened on them all on Friday was largely peaceful. So you know yes, we have to in context, but that is the
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tromp has contributed in the ways that were discussing and, of course, the rhetoric and the ideology on the left is contributing, but there's there's something else here. That's that still at work and exacerbating everything which is the backdrop of the pandemic. Slash, shut down has not ended. You know This is this has extended and the longer v we go on in this in reality where the the norms and the old parameters are no longer in place, but the the the closer we get to we're starting to forget what life was like before an end and we're in this anything goes phase. That is standing and where everything's seems possible because a lot of
People still aren't back to work and you still can't be social in normal, constructive ways in a lot of places, and it's that a very dangerous degree. The instability I think we're looking at here. This has been seven months of non normal american life and under those conditions, you can bet two things, going to continue to spin out of control. Think that's a very important and the point Noah's made that point since the beginning. The disturbances that, they they were made possible the size, the severity, the length of time. Because nobody had anything to do, and in a world in which nobody has anything to do. This gave you something to do and be. There was nothing interfere with
spending your wife going to protest after protest after protest. Quite quite the opposite, the only thing to Interrupted was Netflix you know I mean in New York, They grounds we're still closed when the in our kids couldn't gotta playgrounds. Papa people were not allowed to play. You know Tennyson parks or do you know or or play basketball when a park, and so that New York was a Porsche. More extreme case them a lot of places, but not really that many places I mean allay was like there's, a big cities were like us, people are unnerved, people are walking around. You know all over the country still wearing mask, which is not normal. It may now start seeming like the new normal, but it's not the new normal and yet the whole notion of of asserting cupboard, turn to ordinary life, fly you know, which is what, when you're saying, ok, stop the violence. Everybody's gotta go, live there from all daily lives. Now
we'll know one thrilling living a normal daily life Christine your your your son started high school and they're not going to school at bottom up other than cancer different icicles easier to Asia. First fiscal here in DC, it's all virtual after telling us it was gonna, be some hybrid and the teachers unions throwing think body bags in front of the mayor's offers. Suddenly the mare you know, capitulated and now we're all virtual endlessly. It doesn't feel like the first day of school, my kids actually love school and they always accords with every year and its depressing also know sports in the hall and cancel all sports. So you a whole group of high school age, kids, who are sort of logging onto them four classes, and then they have nothing to do after those are over no wait, a kind of vent, their normal kind of healthy, high school age. Kid feelings and indeed see that's a lot of the people I saw on the at those protests over the weekend. Our young high school and young college age, kids, who don't have any
king to do inside. Do I totally agree with that. I think will see. I think, a lot of the escalation in frustration that their their expressed isn't entirely political, it simply situation rail and it's not. Sustainable. I will tell you that if this is what is even for another, two months I mean I don't know where a law abiding parents but there's gonna, be some way to rebelled against its very unhealthy for families and for kids, a particular absolutely dont you up and professional sports. Whether this is another example, so you have all these professional teams who are striking or mulling strikes, be cod. Based on social justice ideology in their there being up lauded forward and all the rest that would never happen. Had the pen domestic and shut down and all that not already kind of ruin the season and made it. You know what they have viable anyway in bed and if their, if there were a ticket,
As you know, waiting in the stands, none of that what happened so there's all these conditions surrounding what's happening. That's it I the further dissolution of everything that look that That's an important point like gave if, if, if you really had races, first of all in a normal year the NBA wouldn't be playing in August. Rent Second of all, these the game that would have been played in the beginnings of there would have been the no side. Here and there would have been golf and there would have been baseball. And people are worried about in the high in other hearted and anti racism or summer limit right, but but but there were apparent race. Clearly, nobody cares who, gonna, win the sea and even know what it means to win the seas. My guess the games are gonna count in the state.
Our permanent stats for individual players, but otherwise it's gonna be entirely meaningless. It's a lost it. These are. This is all toy you gaming It's all you know it's like a kind of exhibition. Seeds, like spring training nationwide and that's why it so easy to just say: you know we can play and I won t have another one player tested positive. So well playing tonight. It's like real k outward play twelve double headers and knocked over really you're, not gonna play those double headers October. Like, lucky to have a world series or pennant or play off or whatever it is like. I am, though, that anybody, even those whose winning and losing an and you know What kind of that national binding glue. We're not going
football season- I doubt I don't understand how there's gonna be a football season. How are you play football? So switch. That's what has come out here. How do you chair on football socially, when you don't write the outlet for these sorts of tribal Earl, tease where it can be kind of shunted off into team sports and the rapid fans who occasionally do actually look after games. I mean you know, see that there are ways for societies to families and totally human in order that we ve lost all the right so so that's that's an important point, and then that goes to this question getting back to the election of what it means to live abnormally. So I thought Clearly Biden and the Democrats have figured out and they ve done a lot of research, and I ve done this for a year and all of that that there, Strength is saying everything that feels abnormal lay as it should be laid at Trump Store, he bring us the virus, but he hasn't. He hasn't done anything to help
but the virus- and you know he fights and makes trouble until every everything that it feels abnormal is him and by Does the solution he's a return to normal, see they'll, be some return to normalcy, trumpet Since then, the one who sang I'm promising you a vaccine by the end of the year so will return to normal. So if you re elect me than we can return to normalcy, I didn't do it and we're in a return to normalcy, and the other in a massive abnormality as these cities on fire and the democratic, clear, democratic hunger- and you read this and the news stories over the weekend is biting, doesn't want to be drawn into a long fight with Trump about the riot the black lives matter. He doesn't on Trump to draw him in Trump is drawing him in and if that's actually how they think and how they feel they are going to who's the election, because if what they,
think, as this is just another swift boats. This is just an manufactured. Joy read the manufactured issue. White nationalists are manufacturing this issue. Then they are not going to be able to respond to it in a way that will sound credible to the ten per se. And the people who really haven't decided who they're going to vote for war for body of people that according to some theories of the campaign, could the trumps secret weapon, which is these working class white, who don't vote who having get voted some of when we got to vote and twenty sixteen and maybe more of whom we could get a vote in twenty twenty and because they haven't unfolded their vote. They're, not their hard to find in Poland. Can't see them in polling because polling to Poland, with registered voters. They might have registered yet or likely voters as people who tell you that they voted before at whom they voted for non voters, don't show up and in Poland,
the general rule, so you don't really know if they're there or if there is, generally speaking, they dont vote, but in a high an equally high enthusiasm. High turnout election day play the end Biden, you know I'd knows who the non voters that he wants are their african American. He want people didn't vote twice, exceed four Hilary to come back to the polls and vote for him and twenty twenty people voted for a in in and await and twelve, but find though, he's got a target, trumps got a target. Trumps target is more elusive by by definition, but I trust, doesn't have a target, and it's not like this is in a critical moment, not because it's not fair and the right way propaganda machine led by foxes. Biz is manufacturing
these issues, these issues are not being manufactured. Somebody was shot against one person, but somebody was shot in the head and point blank range for being a Trump supporter, we're being in our part of a right wing militia or something on the streets of Portland people were shot out, as you say in in California, and these scenes of the most left The wing republican senator on police issues ran Paul need of nearly being been his wife nearly being beaten to a pulp, on on the streets of decency, Well, you see, even when you have video footage, you see a lot of left twitter in particular. Downplaying, like oh poor, ran Paul. Someone shouted Adam are over the EU. They big downplay the invited, I'm playing. Look. He wasn't beaten up. Thank God. He had carbon to me later thank the cops, but what date when they say those things and- and you gotta help me fine campaign. You see if this is how their thinking there missing the point, because
an average american looks at that says that shouldn't be happening at all. It doesnt matter that he wasn't beaten up. People shouldn't be age. People should be able, peacefully go eat a meal without being shouted out and yell that and harass people should be able to drive. Their town without having black lives matter protesters, stands around their car and demand that they get out in March with them or turn around and die as one American see they see. That is a kind of bullying and aggressive behaviour that does not persuade some of the cause and that's why Biden silence on it, as well as his silence, silence about the violence has been going on for months, it really is a point that trunkful exploit politically in the debates I'll be really curious to see how their preparing binding to respond to those kinds of questions during the debates, because that's gonna be a critical moment for him in a way that is almost isn't going to be for Trump in the same way, Trump concern
learn to send troops. They rejected troops. We did this. We did that years does this is and whether or not you believe those were good measures taken ass, a laundry list, the Sufis he can claim you did where's binds list that an auto statement he issued over the weekend is not going to cover it. Oh, he is gonna, say more right, so we know he's gonna say more now, here's an interesting thing. I wanna there with you and my friend then dominates at the transom point, now that the media are freaking out about the polling Biden, Paulie and the bottom pulling. Isn't bad Biden still up. You know, I think, he's up close the seven in both the five thirty eight am and our cp averages that's hire them. Hilary ever was answer Why are they freaking out? Ok, so here's here's what Ben says Don lemons comments on CNN word the loudest example of this making reference to appalling numbers and focus groups that he's clean
Billy familiar with, but which CNN voters haven't seen CNN last publicly release Poland Presidential S ran from August twelve two August, fifteenth before the latest explosion in writing and looting, and it was caviar added to the ends to greet because it Joe Biden up. I just four points nationally, but no one should be under the impression that scene and stops Pauling just because they don't share the numbers publicly. None. That proposal well could do to release numbers we have by not by six in the morning consult which is a four point, two points toward tromp into points away from Biden, then there's upholstered, name Trafalgar. Who is showing ties and in Minnesota and was concerned? Gallagher, got Wisconsin right but is or Pennsylvania ride in twenty. Sixteen but is not apparently not thought all that the other highly Michael, more says he sees that. He think, sir,
I was gonna lose their. He things binds go loose, So is there was an interesting thing which is there's this panic. Either bends ride and baby people no more than their letting on CNN and that surfing or or the panic is because people expect this to be a hugely that issue. That's gonna break for trump. They were to break for trumpet they don't really know what to do about it because- and so they assume that you know that the latest way appalling, which should come out tomorrow and Wednesday Are gonna show the race really typing. So the what are you? What are you? like others, I definitely heard just anecdotally in addition to reading some things here that you mentioned
I have heard from Bidest borders and Democrats. They they have completely Lee gone into panic mode over this and I think, Part of the problem here is that whatever Biden says whatever he said so far and wherever he is on this and his kind of both sides, ism and general approach to condemning violence it all as this miserable flavour of the ease of him playing catch up right, The Democrats had that weak during their convention, and they didn't bet it's true. They didn't mention any of the chaos. Even worse, once soap trump is even no matter what binds has now. He he's sort of tromp, is calling the tune and and and Biden has to respond and it looks weak. It just looks
weak and they know it looks weak, and there is no question that, while the media tried its hardest to tap down on the on the violence and the chaos in the intimidation involved the end. This movement in their black lives matter, movement and and try to serve deny that an He follows a real thing altogether: it it came to surface it suddenly bubbled up, which is why I Biden has to suddenly respond do it at its it's, it's very late an hasty answer of catches. Catch can and it doesn't end, it's not it's so not an added an organic part of where that, where the Biden. Campaign is at it also seems disingenuous, I drink to a lot of people. Maybe it's only the people who closely follow politics, but when you see Biden
and the binding campaign and calmly Harris tweeting out all this stuff about, you know: let's stop the violence, let's bring down the temperature only now, after literally ignoring it, even when they had the opportunity, while cities were burning to respond to it and that come, at the same time, that you know the mainstream media, which is clearly ghetto doing some heavy lifting for the binding campaign says things like all the pole numbers at this is strategically and error not to address it. Well, no, else, including is bad. It doesn't matter which side is doing it, and I think that an opportunity where actually Trump has been fairly insistent in say get out. This is bad. Cities are burning, this is terrible disease, but we need law and order. That's a very, very simplistic way of dealing with extremely complicated problem, and he doesn't always help the problem by talking that way, but at least he is talking about it. So I feel there there is. There is a lot in this effort to brand this trumps. America there's been a counter effort to branded buttons,
as both of those are ridiculous. But there is something to the cynicism that developing among people who watching the Democratic Party for the past few months and how they responded. These protests mark opera. Ten, the in a long time political commentator, gums, often semi trumped- do trouble. Now has a really interesting, daily NEWS letter which you can subscribe to if you just search bar, copper and substantial, why world of news made the point four months? The trump was having a total with a total failure at winning the new cycle that every new cycle was against and particularly in a virus times and serve said basically suddenly he's kind of winning these new cycles last two or three days, and that that's not much right with winning losing like a hundred and twenty in a row and then winning two or three, but it shows you how fragile the sense is that at Biden who structural
According to another friend Podcast Gaster, Harry Antin has said like fighting is in the strongest position based on polling that any challenger has ever been in, but it doesn't feel that way: he doesn't feel that way, and so that is part and parcel fully where the panic is. At this is now harmonizing with people's sense. That Biden is a weak and a strong candidate and that tromp me a be able, in some fashion or other, to kind of pull another rabbit out of the hat in part, because by Biden doesn't have any rabbits in his hat on the stakes for binding in the next few weeks. Our high in this sense strategy a good one, as we all have discussed frequently in the pot gas to just stay and bunker down in his basement in Delaware and let you know just kind of get through this election cycle and with his message. Restoring the soul and back to normal, etc, etc.
And do that anymore. Any can't because he sees issued a statement, is now going to get out there and start talking, and I do think that the peace It will be watching a lot more closely because he's been off even now. There is much and that will be in others, more pressure on him to perform well in these in the coming weeks. An inner. We also have the fact and aid this goes to the central thesis of your article that were she needs is for these people who are nominally on argue certainly on his side of the political divide, even if they are way off. Way further to the left them he is. He needs them to stop him It's them to stop doing this, and this is exactly the moment, and we saw this in nineteen sixty eight with Humphrey. This is exactly the moment when they will not stop moroccan US up to help him. There not interest
did in making sure the Democrats have the levers of power in Washington, even though they hate Trump, but they don't hate. Prompt as much as they hate him and they cleaned out, and so therefore it out they are. They end the has as much as they want to win and burn everything down, and they are not going to stop Yeah I mean Wendy. If it's gonna take, you cannot flirt with revolution it. Doesn't it doesn't work that way I mean you can, but then you're, embroiled in and then you have, you know certain you have to, by a whole game of defence, and you have sort of obligations to Europe to your new friends and they have none too. You rights, having kind of a wall of shame moment for yeah he's either Democrats or hate me so meanwhile, bite buttons got to make sure that he doesn't offend them. So he thinks that he's gotta I'm sure that gives an them, but they don't have the same concerns about him
they down, and then you have this other body of opinions or like that, the resistance and they I just really don't like hearing that it has to do something about the slight there's, an interesting again social media Exchange, Joe Scarborough, who of course see now has very much become a voice of Vienna. Trump is the worst thing in saying: binds gotta do something here. He asked to do something and the violence has to be stopped and bind us do something and Amy system. This lawyer from Westchester Lunatic, who is like the head of the reserve, one of the heads of the resistance tweeted delete. Your account you a book in loud mouth jerk or something like that. It's like, don't again, it's like, thing? I've said about trumpets like she's singing dont. Nobody bring me no bad news from the with, like, don't tell me anything I don't wanna hear joy ride.
Same thing, don't tell me anything. I don't wanna hear. Don't tell me that this is. We know this is a black lives matters Bob! It's not if you say it, I'm gonna attack. You criticise you, so it's like great so being asked its bury your head in the sand and act like this is a political problem. That is not Again, what blood, what what, what black lives matter in the revolution as are doing as their seeing the main chance and seizing it and you're saying. Don't don't deal with that fact and try turn it to your, not your vantage, but do we came to neutralize it if your Biden ignore bread and then hope that the american people ignore it, and we know that really doesn't work, pull it, whether also in a bind on a demo. Absent and levels you're in a bind here, because if you acknowledge the problem, You are also in kind of implicitly saying. Well, Trump has a point right: if you're saying that we all need to get our own house in order here, you know can easily say even even
Biden now acknowledges that that that the left the mess you know well, that it is a bind, although they can always say this, which is that no, he has never done anything to count, all the white man. He is rooting for the vigilantes on his own side that we are being sponsible and we're going to do. We can't stop the bad, the bad apple, those who are taking advantage of our righteous cause. It be true, but it would certainly be the sort of thing you could say, and so you know it's the least something something So we're done saying what we have to say that I will be tomorrow. For
a Green Walden, Christine rose and I'm John POD words keep the camel burning.
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