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Bloomberg’s Folly

2019-11-11 | 🔗
The billionaire former mayor of New York City looks to be entering the 2020 Democratic primary race, with an emphasis on “looks to be.” Can the wealthy technocrat compete for liberal votes nationwide? And if his candidacy is predicated on the assumption that Joe Biden will implode when the first votes are counted, is that assumption even valid?
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eleven times a year now. We shouldn't New York yet another. New Yorker seems a poised to enter the presidential race Michael Bloomberg riches. Man in New York City warning to some calculations with fifty three billion dollars of wealth. Having bought himself three marrow elections now, maybe seeks to buy spell presidency and of all people on the planet earth. He is one of the five or ten who kind of could. If, if, if such a thing is possible, because, as I calculated, if you spend a hundred and seventy dollars a vote in two thousand and nine winning his third term as mayor a third term that he mysteriously was able to get, because he convinced the City Council of New York City to overturn its two women's LA limiting the mayor to two terms
I in a way that no one is ever quite entirely understood how he pulled it off at bedlam. Work has not been averse to using his at least philanthropic check with checkbook, was not as mayor of New York diversity using it too quiet to buy social peace from the bad kind of rabble, rousers and troublemakers who ordinarily disturbed the local politics in New York City, so who the hell knows what happened with the term limits. Vote when he was running in that two thousand and nine election, I he spent hundred and seventy dollars per voter, provoke hundred timid out figure like sixty five million votes by the presidency, that's about twelve billion dollars and he has fifty three billion. So it will only be like twenty five per
and it was well for me. Seventy eight years old, the only has two kids. If you spend twelve dollars and still have four thousand two hundred and forty three billion left for them to divide upon his passage, next world, so that doesn't seem like too too terrible of you know like some people, by our painting or even Ellen he could throw by the presidency anyway. But why are you said you count? If it can be done, it's not gonna. Can it is it? Is it opposes it possible, will you just here's the thing right so where we are now in the you never know universe where Trump won. Residency. So you never know. I mean how do you know the kind of now, but you ve ever done. Let lever milk when I left, let's be honest I'm saying. You never know because what you never once hairs Lamb saying we should now. You can finish my weekend no, because if he puts his money where its mouth is
nothing like. This has ever been done before now, it's one of the that I think he may end up not doing this. Despite this, even this, you know every six month, stupid trial. Balloon thing is that he will decide the he can't do it, but you you just can't calculate the effect of what, if you know, he buys billion dollars worth of national television advertising, Emily on networks I was watching. Sixty minutes last night Tom Steyer had other billionaire, though, with about a tenth of Bloomberg money. You know two ads on sixty minutes like that is not normal. It is not normal for political campaigns to buy national advertising cuz. It seems so ludicrous to spend? You know a million dollars, not even reaching you know, specific voters are targeting specific voters, but he's never know
everyone in this house right anything like this war. That's the only reason you never known by that date think that actually illustrates why this is doomed bid, I mean Tom's dire, has spent on old sums getting himself to four percent in the polls in Iowa just enough to get on the debate stage and he's some of the Democrats, supposed to like because of his use, my Bloomberg precise opposite his views and his record our detriment, etc. The fact that he is a the biggest em, don't donor to the Democratic Party. That's number one in twenty eight, in the biggest donor member to the funder, the largest funder of gun control programmes in the United States and number three, the largest funder of climate change programmes in the United States a lot of his legislative history or his the fact that he was a republican or believe in stop and frisk night. If he explains to people that he has spent five billion dollars promoting gun control and climate change
Some of those views could change among Democrats. That's what I mean. I can do unlikely, though among the cord democratic constituency for whom the nomination is essentially out of reach if you cannot have How much is african american Democrats and they've become a big impediment to getting a progressive into the how many things, but I'm in all of them are competing for these votes and all of them have failed in part because they dont resonate with this core voting block core democratic, constituent as one of the only reason Joe Biden still competitive. Second he's not really for president, I mean he's not he's not filing and in the four early contests right he's filed in Alabama Biddable, the pivotal Alabama primary. So in the end, is in it. The radical race and which might Bloomberg is running he spent sing February on the sidelines, while all of these other candidates are accruing delegates and getting press okay, so I don't want to like. I just want to say this
If you have a situation in which Warren wins got to judge, wins, Iowa and Sanders wins. New Hampshire and Biden wins South Carolina and the and the caucuses in Nevada and Nevada, and you have no, Clear Roadmap, and you got some guy out here- spending a billion dollars in a month on television advertising promoting himself when everybody else start seeming like there is no clear path to the nomination? I am not. I rotate mocking combat. Candidacies. I'm just saying that why he doing it he's doing it, because there is no clear, no real, clear front runner and the clear front runner is all seem to be fatally flawed in terms of the general election and maybe someone comes in at the end like him and swoops in and looks like a better alternative then the ones that they've gotten that's all
that actually, that actually speaks to. What Democrats should be worried that the very fact that Bloomberg is considering this is is why Democrats should be worried and that's what the polls show me, especially that the latest numbers on islands kind of a three way tie Dayton. They cannot decide who they want, and I think Bloomberg kind of mixing things up a bit him in his his numbers are where Yang is right. The morning consul pulled today, adamant like around four percent, so easy, not that popular is very high negatives among democratic voters. So he's he's not an obvious boiler, but the very fact that he sees in opening should disturb Democrat. In terms of putting someone going to be able to defeat Trump. Have to say among New Yorkers. I feel like it's kind of like the opposite of that. Pauline Kael quote: nix in all New Yorkers and x in York or, as I know who described themselves, does moderates
I love him, love him and don't have no comprehension of what he made mean beyond the scope of our own experience, where he may mean nothing like here's the thing about him, he was mayor for twelve years, and people have now decided that he was a good man. He was a man Joker Mayor who had who came in the wake of an extraordinary and format of mayor and nine eleven. So you had this complete sea change in the mood spirit, approach to governance and the way things are done in New York that talk that it wasn't that didn't serve fall off the rails when he became are cuz. He didn't disrupt the apple car and you had a city that was kind of in a of shell shock for years in ways that people you know it's amazing. How was only like ten fifteen years ago, people just forget, like we will,
We were wandering around here in a daze. There was very little appetite or energy, for you know big, the anything, and so he was sort of like them and that every six months he would say something really stupid and many of them he would so quiet down. His big proposals here in New York were get me a limp acts which fortunately didn't happen and building a stadium, which also fortunately didn't happen in a place that is now the Hudson yards. These were his two big. This was what white lanes. Then later and then later he wanted by claims that he put in pedestrian malls and stuff like that, because it turns at the mayor can do stuff like that. It will, under the city charter that he can serve changed the streetscape without having Albany bother him where the city councillor anybody else. This is he s or dictatorial,
control the streets, but so he ended up as mayor now we have the blasio on the blasey was a lousy mayor and he was totally mediocre mayor, but a lot of moderate new Yorkers now look back as they see a homeless guy, in their doorway. They think, oh well, then that this wasn't. It wasn't like this during the during the lumber mayoralty yet and the end than their deluded about that, but well what that means beyond here I mean, I think they may think his prospects are far greater than they are. He's a he's, really a very unmemorable person. If you work in fine, if you work on Wall Street, you work in finance the war, Bloomberg, has been staring at with the face from your desk for thirty years, so it is along that you know it's like the wallpaper of life, the Bloomberg
Yet this one visionary idea when he, when he was, he left a guess: Goldman Sachs or Solomon roses. Only with a ten million dollar pay out, which was this electronic stock ticker. He he put shut off, he did brilliantly with it it's what he knows how to do, and then he got bored after twenty years and wanted to be mayor and he kind of bought bought him underwear comes dances, some of which have had to do with the nature of the nine eleven attacks, he ended up becoming mayor when he probably wouldn't have otherwise anyway. You like the job, so he wanted to keep it and then he really couldn't have it anymore. Integrity goes back and takes over. His company leaves company takes it all runs the philanthropy. Then he decides his companies and surround one thousand. Eight hundred and seventy seven seven years old is bored out of his mind. He thinks he should be president. He knows five hundred people you know in in sagaponack and who think you should be prayer
DEN Den Den Den in Bermuda, and so you know who does he talk to anybody else? Know I mean, must have spent a lot of money on polling and things like this and, of course, he's got a bunch of political hangers. Because if he spends two billion dollars, if they get one percent of that two billion dollars, that's twenty dollars, they're getting in their pocket like this is no joke. You are one of the great things of consultants with themselves learned in the eighties and nineties is what you want is a self funding candidate because they get a cell phone in Canada, here the media, buyer. You are in clover mega women's meant a hundred and fifty eight million dollars on a losing sent a campaign in California YA much money. People me for her. I mean you just think about legs. Simple, you know, ancillary benefits of that Bloomberg will be a full employment for kind of disaffected. Moderate Democrats, as this is a full employment,
however, it does say that, where you know approaching the democratic, they were three months away from voting less than three months away from voting, and it's very no one can make sense out of what the hell is going on in the day, primary at all. I mean we ve been harping on this now for several months that there, the evidence to suggest the Joe Biden has not the prohibitive favorite is very hard to find, unfortunately, for progressive. And it's who are stating their hopes on the first two contests knocking this candidate out. It requires a you have, envision, a series of events that would unfold after the fact that, have no evidence to support will have their. There's a lot of assumptions that they might and they're based on of history and an understanding of electoral politics and their plausible, but the evidence to suggest that their happening or will happen is in there?
we'll have to invent these scenarios in your head, so Joe Biden has rightly any part of this three four way tie in these opening states, Joe Biden in there He's right companion, I could not hear uneasily coming forth and I will or first pay study as numbers there, this giant fresh everything the margin of error, history, rush you on what the scenario is. Joe Biden loses Iowa by substantial margin. He asked and not get one of the top three tickets. I think and then loses New Hampshire again by relatively substantial margin and then all of the states that are still in his column, including Self Reliant Nevada, but also California and Texas, a big states DC these places will presumably collapse. Joe Biden squirrel. Presumably perhaps on his one? Third of the vote will go somewhere work somewhere, but but we are also seeing an active, an active unwillingness on the part of a lot of democratic strategies for these
more progressive minded presidential candidates of ignoring what the lesson that was learned or should have been learned from twenty eight teen and from this most recent series of elections, which is that the people who one we're not talking about any of the things that the progressive cannon they're talking about not the green new deal, not Medicare for all, not free college. They were talking about. Bread and butter issues that voters are concerned about democratic voters, care about. They were talking about fixing the road affordable health care. They were not. They were not tax, hard left and I find it increase play perplexing that that's what candidates like Warren and and others are staking? game on, because we have evidence that that's not what their own voters want. Twenty eight team when it comes to health care of the issuing twenty four twenty eight in Democrats was preserving the affordable care act. Bingo is precisely one candidate in this race for president who is saying that,
sing. My 5ms, if two or three things that we've seen happen at once, that they serve have to happen at once for him to go down to say he needs to have a totally senior moment while his eye explode with blood and he feels up Elizabeth WAR or Biggie. There has to be a kind of concatenation everybody of age. Mr President, that is, that is not necessarily not necessarily likely than those scenario that such out of law right- but I guess I've got He'S- had these moments easy johnsing yet
they have to happen all at once, like as they individually. They haven't really register. They only register for people like us who are watching for them wet and to try to reinforce Christine's point, I'm desperately. Looking for this between that we ended up discussing in Europe in our private chat. I can't find where Elizabeth who, oh here, it is here. Further was Friday. Black Trans insists women, gender, not conforming, and none binary. People are the backbone of our democracy, and I don't take this endorsement lightly. With an endorsement of a group, called black Win Ex M limps get women, but you don't pronounced the axe endorsing blizzard worn for president, so it's a hundred black with
four is, but it seems to be called, and so what she informs us is advanced black women who are the backbone of our democracy. It is also Sis, women and Trans women- by the way I don't know, is a tree woman, a man or born a man or a sonar gender non conforming and non binary. People are the backbone of our democracy. This basic everybody by men is everybody's, I'm gonna make a fund riper right are or not, because I don't know who the Trans women are, but I just can't makes so she is one of the people who is likely to stand on its stage in August, accepting the democratic nomination for president and she is tweeting,
things that ten years ago would have been the sort of things that like described like twenty years ago, would have been selling it. Someone put Universalists who still use the mimeograph machine would hand you a sheet rally somewhere saying this is our this is our manifesto and again like so there's Joe Biden, Joe Biden in all of his debate, performances which seems to have heard him, except that they accept that they have a note that he didn't get anywhere with them. They didn't go anywhere, so he didn't, they didn't, kill him, but they didn't help him. His whole thing was, I don't want to fall in, I'm not going to stand here. Talking pc leftist crap, like that,
I'm for gay right for this, and for that, but you're not going to trap me into living in this universe. This serve academic, intersection universe and that's why he's still there? I mean this that endorsement sort of his a cell phone, because it speaks to Elizabeth Warren's endorsement Pro You need an electron microscope to identify the segment of the electorate, who's responsive to this kind of inducement, because most of the Democratic Party's influencers have nots, on the Elizabeth, worn bandwagon and over the course of the last two three weeks, her support, has levelled often even collapsed. Really depth like five points in their sepia average over the course of two or three weeks is a narrative that the press is really loath to acknowledge.
Because, after spending the last four months, building this candidate up their disinclined to acknowledge the fact that she is beginning to bleed some of this support that she generated over the course of the summer and early for. But I can't we're gonna bearing the headline here, because that is the headline is that the two things have happened in the last month. One the debate performance in which she was the sort of the focus of the debate and second, the roll out of her Medicare for all plan were bad luck. Shut just to reinforce that point, because the press has not acknowledged Elizabeth Warren's standing failing and you know, sort of implicitly what you would hear with that is implicitly. This is all hands on deck moments, because they're not acknowledging that Elizabeth Warren still has that giant target on her back and the next debate. She will still be the big target for is other aspiring candidates who want a big problem Manson Iowa New Hampshire, and now Vernon do well and bird. He's got a sea. They ve made some like buddy movie together about them travelling through Iowa. Again, oh wonderful, odd couple moment, so only your temporary
I think I actually used the phrase buddy comedy They are mainly in the text, but it was definitely Kent. Who humorless communist dry apartment with that driving crazy I wanted to be able to issue is at the end like this. It is felt my movies at the end, but no he's eggs it takes more seriously than most right in she sing like portinos. Can you imagine, can you imagine them like kicking back and, like cracking jokes with each other, I mean you know that.
So, but I think it is important to know that you know we often say that even the minute after the debate- or we have all these blue. Who knows how who did well like we're? What you there is the question of genetically whether someone did well. So that's that's a reminder of, even though its objective to matter opinion did they get their points across where they good, where they bad that's a performance thing and everything that matters as this is all a question of whether or not you gain supporter loose supporter you, you know you push yourself forward or you don't, and I think it's pretty clear that Elizabeth Warren had had it and maybe disastrous. Isn't the right word for the debate has obviously was common Harris who have the disastrous second debate performance that serve ended. Her candidacy cashing needed to have us a comparable winter first, one to keep
ballasted, but it wasn't good. I mean I'm just saying objectively, based on where her numbers went in the three weeks after the debate. It's not good she's gone down, not up and Sanders a man with a heart attack before the first debate is, you know climbing a little bit off her off where she falling off cuz ain't, nobody else rising and he gets no press. He gets know it's true, we get snow, but he has a natural base of soup. Around twenty percent, it would appear somewhere between fifteen and twenty percent among Democrats nationally nnnn, particularly in in Iowa sure he's somewhere around fifteen to twenty percent. But the thing with warns bad debate performance, bad health care. All at is that, while the press will not cover it,
accurately. It does make it harder for them to to sell her as the thing they were selling her. As I mean what what is her, what What is she now to them if she's she's, not, though, that this policy genius with with dazzling brilliant plans while it's not what you just said, is not fair It's not you're not allowed to say that, because, as the New York Times said, because Joe Biden said a couple of things about her unkind and charitable things better on Friday that he was flirting with sexism but I mean that's what's interesting. Is that that kind of coverage which, of course, is designed either of the you know, either knowingly or unconsciously, to
suppress anybody else from making the same kinds of criticisms. If he's right, if I'm his right, if this is a problem that that that that Warren has your Democrats are no one's, no one's doing the Democrats favors by by by saying shut up, don't say that because it's something that might be able to correct or that she can address and fix. But if you're going to say the entire song is illegitimate. Then then you're making it impossible for her to correct the mistakes that she's making.
If she can, I mean look she seventy, like. I know she seems like she's, not seventy cause they're, all ninety, but she's ever that's our. We would have several look she. Seventy years, all the seven year old doesn't change now she's like young, you know, look at how quickly this conversation evolved from Might Bloomberg to completely forgetting about my point, but that's. Why might bulwarks in my bloomers in because worn screwed up? That's my view is that worn roll out was so disastrous scared. So many of Bloomberg, friends, by the way, who are now suddenly terrified of the wealth tax and everything like that that he's getting people calling him from morning till night sitting run, run, run, run, run, run, run and now he's like well I guess American wants me to run us because everyone I'm your prior play with stem from airport wanting to run and but I'm not kidding, I mean the epoch in its day when we will hold a trigger on this run in TWAIN twenty. Initially it was
Only getting in lieu Joe Biden and if so by gets in the race, and I won't get in his letter will be competing for the same boat. Look. He told everyone that he wasn't gonna enter this race if anything that he did was gonna get Donald Trump reelected. So you have to assume that unless he's totally flighty and that he didn't mean that or something he looked in the last two weeks of what's going on and said, Trump is gonna get reelected here without me, I'd state out, so the trump wouldn't get reelected and now in none of these people is gonna, beat him, so I might as well get in and make it give it my best shot, because you know this is now a foregone conclusion. Now that I don't think that's right but there, but you there has been a weird mood change, I would say among people Democrats in Libya,
Xavier. They bounced very bipolar Lee between he's finished. This did Ukraine and they're going to impeach him and it and all of this, and then people going. You know what impeachment going to help if it's going to help him and look at the polling in the battleground states and look at the he can't be beat That's a magical formula that we don't understand, and so they they're kind of you know every five minutes. It's like there mildly they're laughing them their crying than their last crying. That's what I mean when I say I it's baffling what is going on there were. There was an interesting Paul that actually is did they just really some data on it about how angry Democrats are there actually angrier, then Republicans right? Seventy four percent of Democrats claim their angry versus fifty seven percent.
Republicans and the ones who follow politics are the most angry, not surprisingly, but I wonder how much of that castration in the anger will not serve the party. Well, if it started to start listening to why these folks are angry and this demand for a front runner. I mean something's gotta, give sooner
Then later yes, I mean in such areas as we gained out in these these early primary states don't produce a clear, firm honour. I mean if it also leads to talk a little about impeachment, so we ve been saying. I think here for weeks that the argument that is now clearly going to be the argument that was going to be made was the argument was gonna be made, which is that the Sultan with Ukraine is very bad, but you don't remove a president from office for this like it's bad and and then it's really not good, but you don't use the ultimate sanction. That's what Mickey Hayley told Neuro Donal CBS this Sunday morning. You know it's like the death penalty for a president and you don't. You know that this just doesn't rise. It was eight that was was ultimately,
wasn't wasn't it was suspended, but then they start falling again, so it doesn't matter. I mean I haven't actually heard a whole lot of Republican said. This is bad part. The president will allow them to say that this has got part or remain in a grassy, so whenever he saw they'll say so, they'll say doesn't rise. A level impeachment and but but they actually, there was a recent poll that actually had a majority republican voter saying it was normal presidential behaviour. Not just yet is like almost two thirds right now by the way, I'm sorry, but if people wanted think now that this is normal presidential behave Democrats and liberals are going to have to take their lumps and acknowledge that this stuff. This idea about how presidency
are criminal enterprises is something that is very much of you and idea that they have promulgated over the last thirty or forty years that the Bush family and the did war was for oil. And then, and they caught the coax, were changing. The vote counts in the Ohio Machine and all of this is normal. Like another was this, is you know what drop your since stop seeing through rose, colored glass. This is how the world really works, and you know it if he's calling and asking you things to do this. You know, Obama did it too and so did Bush, and so did they all and they're all because this cynicism about the institutions in about the way government works and all of that we had eight years of that from totally respectable Democrats who acted as though you know, George W Bush was the head of a crime family George, W Bush, who was like you know the boy scout and all boy scouts was actually you know, Michael Corleone and his father was Vito and you know,
all this, so that's where we live now and this incredible cynicism about government is apparently acceptable when it's the government, that The enemy is running, but it's not acceptable when it's the government that you're that yourselves running and we all say I wanted to go to the submission. Think as I just wanted to say that what is the democratic argument going to be against this argument? We know it is. Yes, it is it's terrible. Its unprecedented in All of this and they're going to go. Look it just it's not no one's ever been removed from office before we're, not removing them. For this three hundred ninety million dollars and aid that ultimately was never the flow of the aid was never stopped. You know- and I just want whether the longer the story is out and their starting, the hearing this week in everything and publicly
but the longer the stories out, the less it is going to seem commensurate with the you know. Heated idea that Trump is an unprecedented criminal, especially as it gets closer to the election when it went. When you can say, We will have a referendum on his presidency anyway. This is ultimately why Democrats in the house should probably settle on century, because, if Republicans have their way- and they turn this into- you know just we'll put this on the back burner until everybody can vote on it. As the election is, gonna be an upper down plebiscite on whether or not the president behaved recklessly and perhaps even a legally with regard to Ukraine, It's going to be a referendum on a variety of issues, including the economy and
Ruby, a pocketbook issues and one have you so the forces who want to interpret that referendum on the president if he should win it as an understanding that this behaviour was perfectly above board, will make that case and it will become part of normal present. And shall conduct to utilise american foreign policy a subordinate american national objectives abroad to domestic interests at home and level really cause some consternation republicans when they are in the crosshairs of a democratic president. But this is what were staring at now will lead the likelihood that this will become normalize conduct right. Well, I mean absolutely but of course to hear them, as we went back to Europe to hear them tell it. It is normal conduct, just foolishness to pretend that it's not I mean who is selling the Lincoln Bedroom Clinton who was taking, where did the serious hundreds of millions of dollars and China, Indonesia come from four Clinton's RE election campaign. That was Clinton. That was,
anybody else. You know, so you go back there all kinds of you, no threads, that you can use. If you want to create a counter history of the United States, according to which this is politics is, and so you only these people, only don't like it when it's their ox being gourd, that's the kind of like curtly stir Magda Bright Bart. You know what yeah he's a crook buddies arc. Ultimately it saying he's, are you you're all crooks? We, call crooks he's our crook and you know what he's doing he's putting in conservative judges and you know, and and he's stopping your of the onrush of the administrative state from destroying our freedom. So I don't care what he did at the republic will need a few rational voices in the
future vengefully. Yet I have such a boy scout. Eventually, we're gonna want somebody who you can listen to and say: oh you're morals and your ethics are not subordinated to your political desires and listen you s, internal kids. I have little kids, Christine has kids, you know we're all like. We have one our kids to live in a better country than we lived in. All of that at that not an occurrence for it's gotta- be left to them to clean up this mess that we may that mean that ok, but over ok, boomer up, I have a blog. I am boomerang. You guys or not. You guys are not boomers. I am I am the only boomer in this podcast and you know what I need is a boomer. I need food brought my door, like I'm the king of Persia, and that is why I'm talking to you about Doordash, okay long day at work tough day at school, still stuck at the office, treat yourself to the meal. You deserve and have your favorite restaurants come to you with Doordash
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George S right. So what else? We also have to talk about Mayor PETE, mayor It's dead now people are getting Madame Airport. The game out of it. At Amy, Klobuchar says: if Beer PETE were a woman, nobody would pay attention to him ridiculous. I have to say I do know, I'm a secret klobuchar fan and I like her angry salad The comb and all this, what not and I actually think that she's been one of the more forceful Kennedys out there who could have been a moderate front runner, but in any case that I dont like these arguments because actually look at a sea have someone with almost no experience but a lot of charisma who happens to be physically wildly. Tractor woman, she gets tons of attention, and so I dont think, if you don't
this argument that, because he's an exit, he was a woman and with his amount of experience he wouldn't be getting attention. That's ridiculous! He's he's getting attention because he's young he's incredibly charming he's he's good at his feet. He sees been excellent in the last debate. He's an interesting candidate. I don't necessarily growth and political, but he's getting the attention because he's earned mainly use have opened. A veteran yeah and wars right who has a he's, an openly gay person who is leading a conservative life right with a matter with a spouse and the child, and all of that now this is where the EU can get elected in the primary but get wiped out. In the general question will arise, which isn't the country ready for aside from everything else. Aside from the mayor of South Bend, blah blah blah, which is to get through the primaries for a for an openly gay guy with a husband and a panda baby, that's not really
people are mad about another clover, trotting she's, just I've genuinely. I think she generally angry at the circumstances that have relegated her to an afterthought in the presidential race. Given the hype that was around her during the Cavanaugh hearing some there, she projected herself into the primary because she behaved competently in the cabin a hearing, whereas all of her colleagues did not want the only reason she was she was on paper. She is the perfect candidate. Minnesota seems to do that's like in two thousand and eight or two thousand and twelve. Whenever was TIM, Pawlenty was the perfect candidate Minnesota was x Democrat, who is a working class guy first person to go to college and his family.
Probably successful record as governor, and he just didn't happen. It just never happened, and she said her from from a from a purple state very popular in that state, with a with a variable, with a pierced with appear to be a good temperament and solid record who was not like to wing for anybody, and all it took was that one story about how she was mean and ate her by her salad, with with a calm, deserve, take her down. Five thousand notches of an enemy was the most effective hit. I've ever seen, seriously if we ever like imagine club, which are without the count without the salad Akashi also, but she still mean I. I share a lot of Christine's admiration for her, but still somehow doesn't create magic moments when she speaks he doesn't cheese simply doesn't have the sort of sufficient
magnetism now should have very well in the last debate, doing well with, but its, but without leaving a significant pressure while imagination gotten the political coverage by the political press, those with worn has been getting. I wonder how different her trajectory would be in these primaries if she was a shoe. The way that you know are in his bed, but the reason why everybody's man, if you put a judge today, had nothing to do with enclosures quota was an he was misquoted on the story. Sort of lax exists for only about ten hours and was really irritating to progressive on twitter. Space between whatever it was eight a dot m yesterday and ten p dot m yesterday, where I wasn't paying attention because it's and then you shouldn't either but apparently he had said at a campaign rally was report in the elections is saying my messages about going back to where we were the failures of the Obama era, help explain how we got from the actual quoth. He was saying, as the failure of the old normal
the old normal sort of implicitly, includes the last to term presidents are not exactly sure how you extricate things too, but anyway he was misquoted and he's been keeping praise on oh bomber, everybody who criticized him since rub their criticism from insistence. So it's not like this is really a thing, and only registered for Democrats on Twitter granted at the same time, I mean it's time to leave. The house First came down around his shoulders is illustrative, have a power? The democratic party has steadfastly refused to engage in a critical retrospect, of the Obama years and the ways in which the president's conduct, especially after the twenty tenement terms and towards the end of his presence, the next six years of its presidency, did create conditions that resulted in a lot of new normals that the Trump Administration has been
okay to use fair enough in Trump seems to have demonstrated in his. You know the viciousness and what with which he talks about George W Bush, that this notion that a popular ex president, popular with primary voters, was not a good target for somebody in his own party, particularly if he was running as an insurgent has been proved wrong. Like Trump use that now Obama, I the idea is you can't do this to Obama, I'm giving rides, I'm scared to say it, but I'll say it. Cuz he's black and there's a lot of black voters in the south and they are going to hate you if you say things bad about Obama. But of course that may be true, but Republicans would hate Bush for attacking Bush and talking trash about the way he reacted. A nine hundred and eleven and saying that Bush could have prevented
Levin, all that and we were- and maybe they did. You know, Rembrandt Trumped- didn't get any more than forty five percent in any you know got an aggregate of forty five percent of their role in primary vote. So maybe the other fifty five percent worse discussed in that. Forty forty five percent there was in the thirties anyway, whatever Lynn, whatever we but we're, however whirling anyone. There are other candidates, yeah, ok, but haven't you I think in aggregate it was like forty five percent doesn't matter. The point is, maybe people really did dislike it, but it is not an impediment it in some ways it was not only not an impediment, but it was the indication that he, willing to say things that other people wouldn't sealed. Talk Turkey about all this, and I am sure that it's the Republican Party
both the media environment and its politicians had been engaging in a critical retrospective of the Bush air for the eight years prior to win. Donald Trump ran for the present. The tea party began under George W Bush. The two thousand and crisis created real some introspection on the part of the conservative movement indefinitely among republican politicians as to whether or not that was the way forward and was a conservative correction. Initially before there was a correction, oh yeah. Conservatives didn't want tart didn't want, didn't want with the the you know. The sort of the bailout bill to go through your writing. All engaged in a critical retrospective of the Obama era are the far left progressives who have no compunction about going after the president's record in office. His behaviour hills him exemptions. Ok, so that then leads to this point, which is, if there, if there weren't two of em, This is he in the counterfactual
there were one if there were Bernie or there were worn, would that vote aggregator? Forty percent, you know, I'm not sure it would actually I do now. I think they have differing the kind of people who, like there's a reason that the kind of people like Bernie want Bernie and seem to dislike worn, and vice versa- that that that that the radical than with the progressive radicalism is tied up in different kinds of again to be politics from the ones that we understand, and so they say they do have a disaffection for each other, but Trump there was no one running where tromp was running right. Everybody else was running with an acknowledgement that things have gone. Far the Publican field and in twenty sixteen, and then there was then there was, this kind of you know low range nuclear bomb going off
alongside it, and you know those of us without vision, to see same people who don't know that we're going to have a President Bloomberg, but those people didn't see didn't thought. Well, this is it for him. He can't you know who is he talking to? You is like talking to Chapo TRAP House is not talkin to
Can voters well the more fool ask, as there were a lot of really pissed off republican voters, love to hear the stuff? That's why he went last week back to the ultimate fighting did whatever that may mixed martial arts ultimate fighting thing in mass or garden, was cause he's goin back and try to forget the old pick up team back back together again. That means that the proposal of him and get them back on his side. Its ways in York today gave a very I listen to a lot of. It gave us a very sentimental veterans, day speech and, as we know in the in the parade, I think the idea being that for people who want to see him in a parade, that's good and if he gets booed, that's also good because a more mind veterans
who seem to like him that you know they're. All these people in these horrible blue states were just you know, horrible to know. Is there anything else that we need to talk about? I'm concerned that we're that were disorganized, that I haven't done appropriate show prep cuz. If you keep coming back to me for topics- and I am that's right- If anything else, to talk about well now there are things to talk about what we know. It is used, Hong Kong violence and Hong Kong Brighton. I mean I will say this that for us for a protest, this long and and this deep in this, like Incredibly, disruptive is kind of astonishing that it took till now for the for the cops to start losing it. If they're not losing our four. This is just a marker of them. Finally, in our system,
the start of a systematic turned towards violence. To an end, the protests we have in mind. The member I get the sensitive serve. A boiling points been reached with all the way around right on the on all sides what's what's very hard to tell watching that the footage of the motorcycle yeah, whether that individual cop, just freaked out and got and got you know, serve like so rattled by the Crowder that he kind of lost control of himself to say let me, but it's it's a searing image rate that video image there's just a protest. You know he still the protesters standing there unarmed he shot at close range by this cop. I mean really that's that's the other fats, the other one yeah, but but that that's the first one to me was just that that showed a kind of. I agree that when I said there is a kind of boiling point, that's clearly been reached, so
well, we did that very go, so we shall be voting on the makes number twenty Republicans announcing retirement. Is it only twenty and it gets isn't it wanting in ass this. I guess twenty now. Cuz. I remember a couple months ago. Was nineteen, that's one of those surprise. It's it's only going up by one, but but he did say here, also people vote against impeachment and support trump, obviously right, which is now which is interesting, you know, cuz, remember, they're, always commissions you can go, you can get out of commission and get on and get called back. Look at Trey gowdy not going to be his lawyer, but he could have been his lawyer. I mean you're, never out of politics, that's that's the thing about being in politics. Has that Yeah I mean, but for all that I mean it's, it's chairmanships they have, The term limited and chairmanships sits in this
Other thing live, explains away why you have twenty Republicans retiring, nowhere near commensurate level of Democrats, retiring you can probably convince yourself of all that, but dumb I mean it's starting to look like the tea leaves, don't look great for twenty twenty they have, they haven't been looking. They haven't look great period in the thing was, I guess I mean here's was interesting, so a in the house, like the team there know tee leaf, makes it look. Like Republicans, will win back the house in the best possible reckoning of the next election. There's no republican, you know, there's no republican seizure of have back of the house, so the question now is condemn. Credits- do things in certain places to take the Senate win for sentences which worth three Senate seeds, which of them, I think we're a cameraman. What the number is exactly but where they would then have to have the presidency that the vice President break the tie
and those scenarios are real, but they they start getting. Science fictional, like that means said that Cory Gardner has to lose in Colorado and Susan contest to lose in Maine, and then you start getting into weird like well, maybe George's a Georgia Senate will go democratic or maybe Martha Mcsally will lose in Arizona to a to a Democrat, as highly plausible, that is plausible, salary is incredibly plausible. It's also plausible that the genes can Casino Alabama that he could I guess depends on a means sessions and so depends on a few becomes an army, and if he is he's the favourite, but the Jones is not Despite undressing, I dont think I figured you start its its sights it's you would have to have
the kind of a version of a democratic blow out for Democrats take the Senate bad than if they do, then I mean the interesting thing, for for trump after twenty slash. Twenty is so, let's say that they he's impeached and then they don't rule from office right and then he wins and November two thousand and twenty and he's getting the Democrats gained five or six or ten seats in the house, one or two seats in the Senate, but they don't. They don't take the Senate. Why wouldn't he get impeached again who's to stop them from impeaching him again they will know it'll, stop them nothing constitutional, but they will correctly
the impeachment as a process had backfired on them, but if so this, what our stand- and maybe we can then there so, let's game ass, I will, but they know that the Senate is not going to remove Trump right. They know this is not going to happen. So why don't? They think what you just said already? Why don't they think that impeachment gonna back leadership has now never wanted this ok, my time at leadership on tongue, about I, they think it'll help them get him out in in twenty twenty. I think they see it as something that they they need to galvanise their voters to show They are serious about getting trump out of office, even if he's not removed, they can at least say they tried
and then you know say through all that energy to whomever they end up nominating. I don't think it's a good strategy, but I think that they think it'll put a spot on his record, but it's true that in the process they make a kind of project of of their impotence, because he's he's not he's not being removed. That's that's the more you think about it here, You know it's it's like again what I said about going to buy they're needing to be like three things happening at once for the thing the bike meltdown to happen as an orderly and systematic way that affords a new rejiggering of the race. You know that all something else. As this process goes forward, then Ukraine, I mean if the egg have been suspended and remain suspended. They would have an open, almost an open and shut argument. The fact that the aid-
never suspended in a way that lead to any deal a terrorist consequences for Ukraine means that and that the aid was probably red, started from various reasons among them that the State Department apparently discovered have the right to stop the aid. Is that interesting? Congress was in an uproar according them, your tyres and the whistle blower account had been transmitted to the intelligence committees two days prior, and that was everybody was discussing whether or not this is the legal and Ukraine's behaviour had changed in the interim. In order to accommodate the requirement to allegations right so guidance, they only gets a little case. They need something else. It just just to get those two or three just to for example, just to get Corey Garden or somebody like that to say I better vote for removal because I'm going to lose without it or when indication do we have that he won't pay. What the field vote for removal.
I'm not saying about remove I'm saying he's. Gonna need more, then you know more than what they've got now to devote removal Well, that's why these hearings that later this week are going to be extremely interesting to watch it. Extremely interesting to see how many Americans tunein, I mean people are already doing the Watergate comparisons, but it's a very different media environment. Back then, and I'll be I'll, be curious to see how
How how attentive the american people are to this process? Okay, here's a final question then. So, let's put on our thinking caps hear hearing start on Wednesday. He is it to the benefit of Republicans and Trump. If the republican members involved in the hearings go the Abbie Hoffman, I'm going to make a mockery of this process cuz, I think it's illegitimate route. Are they going to be obnoxious and interrupt and you know mock and do stuff like that? Will that be good for them, or would it be better for them to like lay back and let the argument take and then serve
I am calmly say this just as of amounts or what he thinks gonna happen. I mean there obviously going to make a mockery of out that's what the President wants to see. They ve been doing an enclosed door. Depositions, judging from MAC, gave such behaviour bursting into the room, theatrically demanding that we remove right, but that but set that right. So yes, so in this ever Andrews Eyelids abbot holes trying to get people on the record about things that are completely impertinent yet mockeries. There better plan. I think periods because the to try to delegate amazed entirely as opposed to meet it on its terms and is the cause they don't have a great case. It's true, listen to the Linsey, Graham, whose whose outright saying I am no longer hearing facts on this issue. I mind is made up. Nothing will change It is quite as a closed. My very longer be asked It was mine on this issue, even
They tried these steady statesmen like approach, which I think, just as a matter of of style and respect for the process, would be ideal there. They are dealing with a president who would undermine that at every turn. As you already has unity in your right, Lynch agree, you try to be statesmen like and then the leader of your party acts like an angry toddler. It's it's. A mixed message is really interesting away. I just don't know whether it's the mockery stuff is maybe it's the way the like, maybe we're just this is. Where are you there I said no, your your hopes for the future are illusory like this is the way to go, because this is now become thinkable in a way that it was never even remotely sinkable. What is now read about it in its its regrettable, though,
regrettably, in its gradual. But I'm in Adam Shift is pretty regrettable. I mean you know unctuous, you re a heap. You know, mustache self righteous mustache twirling. You know when you know that he's been, you know, setting all kinds of stuff up behind the scenes like that. You know letting him be his oleaginous. You know report repugnant self without challenge also seems like you know: it's that's also an offense against. The funny thing is apparently you know they took it away from Jerry. Nadler cuz, Jerry Nadler, couldn't handle the mockery session that took place in the Judiciary Committee Sixers weeks ago, but your Nadler has whatever Mathers weaknesses. He's kind of a kind of a somewhat menchie guy and Schiff is beyond that. Like he's, just though he's just as an out and out like hens, not to be.
Anyway with that will will will talk about this on Thursday after the first day of hearings and we'll see that we were right force self rated Greenwald, Noah Rothman and Christine Rosen and John Podhoretz keep the candle burning.
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