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Blue States Are More Incompetent Than Red States

2021-06-30 | 🔗
Today's podcast looks at the disaster of the New York Democratic mayoral primary and what it says about the way liberal cities and states work. And more repulsive blather from Ilhan Omar. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily Podcast today's Wednesday June thirtieth twenty twenty one, I'm jump on towards the editor commentary with me, as always: executive editor, a reward Hodgen associate
the editor. Nor often I now I got an Senorita Christine rose and high Christine again, so yesterday afternoon, word came down that in the first counting of the rank choice ballots, the second counting of the rank choice ballots in the New York City may oral democratic primary rank choice, five ballot system that something extraordinary had happened, that Eric Adams, the former or retired New York City cop who seem to have prevailed on election night, because he one thirty one percent of the vote next to a progressed,
those name. My wily is getting twenty two percent of the vote and a technocrat named Catherine, Garcia. Getting about nineteen and a half per cent of the vote that the second counting of the rank choice sing, counting of the preferences of the people's suddenly Adams is at fifty one percent and Garcia. Is it forty eight percent and that Carcere? Because there are absent he ballots out? That still have to be counted and many of them, if not most of them, are from Manhattan and Garcia one Manhattan than that Carcere had suddenly become having been in third place unless, like the odds on favorite, to win the rank choice system.
I think the end become the taxpayer of New York City, and this was so shock. Has this meant that, like she had picked up thirty points in this pre or twenty nine points in this? Somehow this new reshuffled count? Em and that's pretty said it's all you see- that's just proves ranchers voting is so interesting because really again allow people to make wines as Villa ok. So then, of course, what what? What turns out to be the case is that two hundred and twenty five thousand fake ballots were apparently count it like that. I don't know what it means that there were fake ballots. They may have had some fake ballots that they had lying around while they were testing the system so that they could count them doesn't really make any sense. But here's the great part about this, so we now have no idea what is happening.
There's no reason to think that this second ballot is. You know, obviously dramatically the minute that you have a shift like that. You gotta say somethin wrong. I don't really understand anyway. dummy ballots guy, so at the announces road to thirty, every political analysts and tourism Oh I'll, give you managed to Garcia View Lover and then, like four o clock Eric Adamses campaign with the following out. He said there's something wrong here. There seem to be a hundred thousand more votes counted today that were counted on election night at the more the number. has gone up by like a hundred and twenty five thousand, and they haven't counted the absentee ballots yet So there's something wrong, whereupon liberal twitter, most of whom for
wily to atoms, because wily is more of a progressive start, saying well, look who's Donald Trump now you know, oh dear, and the best example of it is in Milhouse who is a guy on Twitter, the camera who he walks. Sucker you works were vocs he's, not the guy who said there was a bridge from Gaza to the West Bank, because if you believe it he is actually stupider than that guy. I don't know how you have to people that stupid working for one whose organization his twitter feed as a comedy is a work of comedy genius and has been for a long time, email Heizer speaking for Prague, New York in Prague, America said of the Erika, Adam statement. This is some Donald Trump Shit and he was echoed by
various other people. While the abortive elections of New York City came out and sad first, they said, we see, discrepancy, there's a disk. We understand that there is a discrepancy in the book. Account, please be patient, we would really. Christianity, voters and the candidates were patient. Then mysteriously, without making announcement they removed The unofficial tally that they had released from their website and then
an hour after that sheepishly announced that, yes, there had been a there were. There was a hundred, they counted a hundred and twenty five thousand dummy votes, meaning they must have had ballots around that there were dummy ballots that they had used in some test run and they have been put into the group I'll somehow and had been counted along with the rest, and so now we're we're supposed to be patient with them. The other guy, as the final great detail, is at the head of the Board of elections They are fully apparently announced that term the count might be slowed down because, even though there is an election going on which there is no result, most of the members of the Board of elections will be our making fixation next week. So they are not to be able to meet to certify anything or count anything or something like that.
It's the perfect storm of bureaucratic incompetence, and you know weird conspiracy, ongoing by the left it it. It would be parity, But unfortunately, the newer port of elections has had problems like this before, but yes, they're, not great. yet not a lazy. Every every election. Last, like three cycles, there have been bizarre ballot shortages, counting slowdowns things like that that are fascinating in there again and the apparently the incumbent such is labouring under more competence, but here's the the other side to thee. This is some Donald Trump Shit up line young. This makes the Donald Trump stuff seem less crazy. I'm not ready and gains by definite
that makes it seem less crazy. We're all world haven't really jolly time here with this sort of thing. But frankly, this is the Banana republic, king of the United States, that regional policy is at risk. The fund, many of our institutional Myrna like mine wrangling. Where is your nose? Fine apartment? Where, where is the civil rights division? Why are we destined for? We are disenfranchisement of the citizens of the largest city in the country. This is it cases of epic proportions get in the streets. America, where is your outrage, the Justice Department too busy written filing a lawsuit against the state of Georgia. Witches is sir I'll also. We should probably talk about at some point for its inept. Yes, okay. So first of all, this is a primary non election. So at the moment this is my height. You know the threat to democracy.
Because this is not like a certified like whoever whoever whoever wins. This and theory is going to be the next mayor, because the Democrats have a six hundred and twenty one advantage and registration in New York City, but it is still not the election itself. So that's the one. That's the one sweetener in the in the in the scenario, but let let us let us discuss the differences between this and the argument that that massive voter fraud, you know one. Joe Biden, the election and saw the election from Donald Trump. So far, no one here is alleging massive vote or fraud. That is that there is actually a totally convincing explanation, because it was offered
firstly, by the Board of elections, for what happened they had, they had ballots sitting around that had been used in some test that somebody had put in the o here, all the ballots, pile and outweigh there's no way said. So, that's that unless Catherine Garcia
a masterminded her campaign is a ghetto genius organization and figure out how to play this game, probably if they knew that they could have gotten or over the top right I mean she was still fifteen thousand votes behind. When all the count it was done. If you're gonna do something that brazen you might as well end up two or three thousand puts her head, but at that, so no one at yeah as yet is alleging that there was anything untoward. So what you have, in fact, the theory of the Trump election stolen is nefarious. Brilliants, nefarious, communist conspiracy, brilliance all over the
place in states all across the country, some stuff ballot boxes, some change in voting machine numbers, some using software developed in Colombia and Argentina, and switching the way. The things can all this. It is a conspiracy of incredible technological advancement, and manipulation. And, of course, what we have here is just a huge cock up, and what is more believable when you're talking about these sorts of things and in terms of human nature, that you can manipulate results in three at least three states, if not five through massive many many different means or that some idiot put a bunch of battle
so the pile I join. I totally agree with you, but nevertheless, if there can be such an instant, huge cock up whereby a hundred thousand dummy valets get get counted from its, it goes right to the idea that you can confidence in any other, including the italian and the recounting and the and the confirming, and whatever else I can only imagine that cover Garcia goes. Many dummy ballots were happy because engrossing governments are in Corsica as many semivowels as she did, because she was endorsed by the New York Times and very Manhattan centric city. But the shocking thing is that it in a task that all day the test they tested this alone. we don't know herself I mean why else would there be dummy ballots, not for long term him to run a test run at this system that failed so spectacularly we don't know yet, and we don't really understand what happened
but we are told by the way that we will have new or results today June thirtieth. I will bet you that that does not happen, though I bet you that we are not going to see results, and I think that there is probably a twenty five percent chance that the primary will be run again. I'm not kidding first of all, New York has a history of having primers in September. This was the first mayoral primary in June,
There could really be a problem like if those ballots were promised segregated the dummy ballots from the regular ballots. How on earth are they gonna be able to sort through which ballots were dummy, in which word, unless it says dummy on the Tino stamped on the top of every ballot it it? It is not conceivable that day the ito unless they were properly segregated and run altogether, once and therefore you can pull them out of it. Maybe they weren't counted one machine. I dont really them understand how they're going to be able to clean up the ballot counting once those once they were mixed and therefore there will be an election result of primary election result in which There is no confidence in the conclusion on anybody's part. Can we talk? a little bit about the way which progressive
better shies reforming democratic institutions voting in particular and how were supposed to have a much more european system that provides more options and more choices and like he's a coalition forming and that's what rank choice is supposed to provide, as opposed to first past the pole. How much of a disaster it is words tried compared to system that we had before that worked worked, every time it's worked and This is the argument that democratic made against Republicans that you're, trying to you know your arguments are against a system that that that worked and you don't like the results right. That's their argument and it's not That argument is one I subscribe to and yet at the same time, another thing, the other side of their mouth. they say all you know this result is also anti diluvial. You know this is the way we develop.
This. This idea in the inner in the eighteenth century has really been reformed sense and need to update this modernize. It make it more european and you're trying to fix a system that isn't broken will end to that point. It imagine if this this debacle had happened in a red state, not a blue one right, the magic is reduced. and I demand that the black front runner was somehow it in you know suddenly, because of you know, whatever Jujitsu was going on with rang choice. Voting looks like he might lose all would be hearing about from Democrats. Is this a systemic racism? This is all of the things that we are I've been hearing in Georgia would be hearing now so over his eyes and hold it. This is even more interesting, though, because Eric Adams is an african American. but he ran as a non progressive.
Now you have these interesting competing things which is Eric. Atoms went there in the statement that he made about the about tally yesterday that there may be efforts going on here to deny people of color there You no proper place in winning winning the alas, the first time you said that either no it that was when he has been critical of rank choice voting yeah, particularly because of its capacity to disenfranchise his voters fry in Brooklyn. right and out of errors, Roughly, as you know, we keep hearing this like all rector's. What do they do it? Maybe it's what they ve done, I don't know there's like some sit there, some other cities at an airport, I think maybe Portland, which is really so. You wanna, emulate I'm not quite sure where, but we ve had. This
Here we are in the last eighteen months. We have had two examples of rank choice, voting disasters. This is not the first, the other, was if people remember the Iowa Democratic Carcass where which effectively had rang choice. Voting has always had a kind of weird reg choice, voting where people move they caucus with one person and then that process drop it the kind of ship move across the room to be counted in the pile of other people who are then, where did they reallocate themselves physically in their bodies? They go across the room, the carcass room and say there, this guy. But if you remember, there were like three at three choices or something like that And the I work at this was, you know the first race in the most important race in the history of mankind. and they didn't know what they were doing and the vitality was also.
Everybody got kind of crazy, and some similar happen and twenty sixteen in the republican caucus in Iowa, and we as no it indicates we are being led to believe by weird elections suggests that this is the right way to go for the future. And if we don't look at this election in a large, city in the United States. We made a half million people which probably makes it ranks it somewhere in the middle of the states of the union. If it were a state, we don't look at this and say we we did no more. No more of this nonsense like we got segregate, we dummy balanced, segregated. This are no one knows what the hell is going on. There won't be a result after the election for a month. We are not doing this any more evenly one
tie the one place in America where we know voting was fixed, was Florida after two thousand, like Florida, you know closes which results in Florida good works out like the thick rotten eggs, gonna fix right now I mean you know what happened: two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and twenty Florida's polls close and there are results really fast, whatever optical character, reader, using what how what? Whatever system they're using after the ballot, and this is a state where the Poles close to different Zammit, yet written two different right and it works great and they had to because of that, the national embarrassment and all of that and they fixed it and then, of course, there was also national voting
money spent to fix our election systems as a result. We're back to some weird thing where we have seventeen different election systems, which is fine with me. It doesn't seem to be fine with you, no democratic, lunatics, hysterics or far right drug who trompe and people who are like all we hire these private firms to do are counting one of them. Be owned by an urgent time, comic rusty notes like it out and they have, but I need Morrowed and by the way, the trumpet guys when they talked about how the machines are being manipulated. Where did they get the idea for how the machine These are being manipulated from a will. Feral movie from the movie, the campaign with well feral exact elephant access, which showed the March beaming Coke Brothers voting machine, switching the tally by somebody pressing a buttons
we're on the back of a machine. That is where this idea came from. They did cuz, it's all invented. It's all. I know it's all a narrative fiction, how it would have worked, and I wish we had more updates on. You know how much money dominion voting systems is going to get from everybody that it sued for defamation. Cuz, it's going to be a lot and Fox NEWS is not out of the on this in any way, shape or form anyway, but John, I can't leave. We ve not yet discussed this in terms of your sort of favoured point, which is the witches The vanishing competency, as far as I can see nothing works Anonymous off, especially on the large scales, your Oscars or Miss counted right. The asker balloted people read out the wrong resolved at all that stuff. Here this is the year that why to Kay happened?
actually living in the bad. Why? To Kay there's a good way to came another alternate universe and that one of their set hallmarks of the civil is that in fact, the systems that all breakdown and were now twenty in two decades into living, where all the systems broke down leading to the financial crisis, and you know ten thousand ten thousand, their things, that's why that's my metaphorical thing, of course the weirdest! This is that it's all comes when people rich people place more trust in machine led institutions machine led things. than they ever have, and they they take for granted that things are fine. Newt Gingrich once said this thing. He said. You know the world had changed forever when a people stopped
when people said, it was ok for you to direct deposit, your check into your bank account or when you fed a deposit, a cheque for deposit into the slot of an atm machine that this actually took a leap of you know. Some kind of lead faith or leap of cognizance, to say that some process was happening. That did not require a human being, stamping something in entering it by hand into something to make sure that your money was there. In fact, you trusted the machine. More Then you would trust that person. So in a weird and of course, but behind all those machines are people were programming them more we're running the Moor and out. We we now accept a level of copper. We expect the level of competency in the the administration of our daily lives that no one ever expected before and we get it for the most part.
It's not like every five minutes, you're like oh, my god, my bank balances off or what happened to that money that I put in my back. It doesn't happen like it is actually a system that works. The problem is the people's think. The problem is that you can't trust anything that of people doing anything. That seems to be that that human competence day today human competence in the administration of tasks, particularly in the kind of like white collar, mid white collar level. You know, sir, like the the people who they're out there, not in a physical workers, but there you know their sort of like college educated workers at the mid level. You can't trust that they know what they're doing I mean. That's, that's, I think the interesting yet, but when they make a mistake, the transparency of the mistaken
a bundle, is usually obvious enough. It or you can trace it back to you know a group of people or a particular bureaucracy, or some some error in judgment, the problem with putting our trust in me so Objectivity of the machines in and the algorithms as it is much harder to pinpoint when something goes wrong and to fix it because still to re engineer backwards in that way is becoming more more difficult. If you read any books on machine learning, it starts to become rather unnerving. When you think I'm not something happened here in our way of it, I mean sometimes that's true, but again would let's say: you're deposit was Miss credited or something like that. You call up the help, Fine, and if there you know- and you can you get a really really nice person in Bangalore they can actually trace back and say. Well, you did their son on June eighteen, ninety per the time as with all such things, you're the you're, the guilty party right,
four parole and algorithms spits out a report that says you are likely to re offend, so you're not gonna get parole and you want you want to combat that judgment. How do I do that? that right. What that's right right so, but that that's an interesting thing, that's where right! That's where you start surrendering subjective, I'm that number, but so that surrendering objectives. Subjective calls to machines are now talking here about objective things that human beings have to do like add up numbers Talley,
Oh it's all of this, you know do whatever and yeah in a weird way and again, I know that this is true of, like you know, people who actually work with their hands because of course, if you're, the sort of person who you know works on a construction site or you, you know whatever your own physical safety as a risk at every moment, and so competence as a kind of base value were being a base thing because you were, you need to protect yourself and others not falling to combine you know or like drilling into your hand, or something like that. But these are his versions of this kind of thought, worker stuff, where people drilled you know into their as you know, an end, this does does. It does seem to be. I will say that to keep annoying about this, but that but the trust issues about those kinds of objective responsibilities.
happen on the margins of the hanging, Chad and plaudits spoilt ballot and a human being asked to determine what the intended the voter was. It that's actually, but an we tend to focus on those when they happen. We certainly didn't last like you, which ballots count and if there is any ambiguity, we turn to human beings to make those judgments and actually think, there's a lot more distrust inherent in that, because we're so habituated to having the objective Jeanne counted for us, but that that was the horror of the Florida recounted my view, which is that there was this notion right that you take these, that this ballot had been badly designed a Chad's weren't falling off. So in every previous elections in human history, let's say we're stuff like this happens, and you do have like an independent body, people who are trying to figure out what happened. You would just talk. That, but you would say we can't there's. Not you can't in determining the intent of of a voter from a card is impossible and
you know we are not magicians or mine. Readers are rising like that. We are just human beings. That's a spoilt ballot. It's too bad, but you know the odds are in a very close election that that back but could just as easily go either way, and therefore you know you, it's not you not privilege one side or the other, which is really really the issue you're, just eliminating it from the count and watching those guys in Florida in that room with the magnifying glass trying to figure out which of the two Chad's was the one that had been punched out the farthest. That's where you said you know this way. Why aren't to me? I said this way lies madness, like you cannot. The whole point of elections is not to try to determine the intent of the voter. The ballot is the intent of the voter.
The voter screws up the ballot. The vote doesn't count any more. You can say that the fault of the designer of the ballot or not, but if ninety five percent the ballots were executed properly and five percent weren't, you can't say it was the ballots fault. I'm sorry like that's not the way. If all of the ballots were screwed up, which is where we are now, maybe in the New York City may oral democratically oral primary law,
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So here's the thing like so the Trump election conspiracy people are going ha ha ha ha. But, as I say, I think these are two wildly almost polar opposite arguments going on, which is that you know, I wonder you say, is like red, red red, sad, the blue state, as cities Isaak they gave their their manage badly, and you know that the great the great delusion among Democrats and liberals is that that, because they believe in science- and there also educated and everybody else so stupid that that their incredibly competent they're, just so competent they nodded
things than they did not get things done and, as you know, a republican sir, you know hey government, they don't. I get anything done and they're all other all, like speaking in tongues and and and and dead talking to snakes and dead, you know buying buying guns and they don't know anything and they don't know how to do anything, and in fact, as you know, the red Staples state model story continues to be a story in which Ella Bentley acts of governance and governmental responsibility go increasingly bad, are performed, executed and and and work much worse, and they keep working much worse and, of course, the ultimate example of this is what happened with the schools, where you deliberately had a public workforce, essentially staging a brown out. You know staging a walk out on the grounds of safety at thus.
are destroying the educational needs and requirements of sixty five million american children for their own benefit and how much more than this go on I'm unanimously the elementary example. Yours is California, so get yesterday. during today's guineas came across the wire that California had banned government officials from travelling to Florida, among other states and my instinct. There was this Ok well! This is covered related, presumably clearly political, but the stats don't make any sentence. Because California case raises everybody's case. Rivers love helpfulness, going up, for it is going down the nickel out a sense, I'd, Miss judge the issue. California had bans, travel to Florida and a few other states over
policies relating to the algae BT community, something along the lines of a being discriminatory. What have you, but then we have examined this deeper. It turned out that California, that Florida was just the seventeenth state that California officials can travel to fully one of the union, California government officials are barred from going to extraordinarily unhealthy for a functioning republic. First of all, and second of all, this is a state that can provide power to its residents. It has policies of rolling blackouts. Donald Trump got a lot of criticism for talking about forestry management, California, these fires in digging the forestry Enlargement is just as it is terrible and are lying in the universe came down around his shoulders, but he was right. He's been right, the state does not do proper forest remaining
as a result. It has prolific fires on an annual basis. It has terrible problems, putting people in two thousand, but they can't building. every stocking density only density, neither building up an apartment on top of each other. That's how we get people enter into homes But this is out of a total misunderstanding, but the problem is with regard to getting people into into housing it goes on and on and on eight? I think it was looking up the figure it now. Eighteen hundred companies left California in twenty nineteen, we're talking dependent In twenty nineteen, the running away from the state the tax base is fleeing, and whatever What a red states joy then banning travelled California they're sending state representatives over there to entice businesses to leave and are having wild success at it. I dont understand where the logic comes from. That suggests that the blue state model. Is functional because everywhere you look pale.
running away from it in droves, because their classmates or all the people who are rubbing these depart? What what? What do you mean? I'm? The story is, if you look at government, both at the state local, at federal level people who go in and start doing things like running you know: departments of state governs local governments, they gotta conferences with the people who write about the May. They went to school with them. They do this to that end and they all share very city, illogical, biases, about one of the great ideological biases. Is that they are standing there as a bulwark against this against the yahoos who don't know how to do anything and they know had it. They know how to do things and the and hey. You know, that's why let's try right look
direct choice, voter because I you know I I did a paper on this in high school and they do it in and they do it in Tanzania and its it. Billy out. Studies show that it works really great You know one of the. You know the famous line that the conservatives always like to either side. Is this Orwell line that I'm not going to paraphrase cuz? No one can ever remember the actual puppet. You know some ideas are so stupid. Only an intellectual would believe them. So that's the version of what that that's, where the rubber met the road during the pandemic, where the only an intellectual could believe that everybody needed to stay. In doors, except when you were protesting white supremacy. You need to stay indoors to save of people from dying from a mass pandemic, except that white supremacy was so important that you could go to
To do that, we can also that racism is a public health epidemic. Rather we have already thing night. You can intellectualize, you have yourself in them pigs exactly so we look at it. We sell their hypocrites and their summer that they're not actually they are in the grips of and there in the grip of an inch. Logical delusion and the ultimate blue state red state Obama, whatever you want to call it delusion, is that it is that is, is the delusion about what you might call social science expertise that that, obviously you need expertise in all things. You need an expert who knows how to fix a dishwasher to come and fix your dishwasher, or you know a plumber
or who understands palming systems to fix your plumbing. If you start doing it- and you really don't know what you're doing you could make things ten times worse, you need an expert to fly your plane. You didn't expert to help, build your car. You need an expert who understands how buildings work so that in our day, they expand and contract in heat or with wind or something like that of the windows. Don't shut, there's all kinds of things. You need expertise for in the proper administration, of the world maybe where, but where they were, where the classic progressive delusion is that you can apply those standards to things that involve the irrational, complex infinitely, complex behaviour of human beings and my to favour examples of this involve both the Clinton. scared the Obama Healthcare. So if you remember one of the reasons that Collins Healthcare Programme came totally apart in ninety three, ninety four was when they rely
the charge that IRA Magaziner Hillary Clinton healthcare specialist had designed to Oh, how the Clinton healthcare system would work and it looked like a Rube Goldberg China made it look. It was this hilarious infinitely cut with arrows, he had the boxes and you know you looked at a new said. What are you crazy, like you just released the very document that is going to destroy your own, you think But this is caught coherent, comprehensible, credible and can be understood by voters new people. What you know it's like you are penny wise, impound foolish. You are schematically, brilliant and emotionally, and you know stupid and that's what the other of course was on the care we spent three years ago, bombings, bombings of Amr Bomber CARE and the website crashes. Whether you know that was that the whole point here is the one thing you should be able to do. Right is have a website
action. You know everybody in Silicon Valley. Every is a Democrat. You could have had a functioning website, the guess what its government, not Silicon Valley. So you don't ever function website if you'd hired a hard core porn film distributor like Online film distributor to design the Obamacare website it, worked, because that guy needs as website to work, to make my listen, fashionable pop up ads. I was absolutely, but I'm just saying Craig, but you know taken Kennedy School is not given design website that can handle the traffic and they But to that point there is another thing in this big, sir. What do it also know was saying earlier by California there there are concentrated places we have. One here are just outside DC and Montgomery County Ireland's varies very liberal red area. But if you look at the top employers in that county, almost all of them are state local.
federal government. So there is the sense in which its not just you know, went when when people screaming YO about socialism, one of the things they forget is actually a lot of people work for the state. They rely on the state for for their income, there's a weird sort of relationship that people start to have with the state when, even when its incompetent, because they have skin in the game- that's where they still get their paycheck, no matter, no matter that their garbage isn't getting picked up in the cops Euro resigning right. If you work for the government at the state, local or federal level, there, you have a different relationship with the state in terms of how you understand the incompetence we're talking about and there's a populist refrain. Why can't? We just make them governor run with the business? Your businesses work governments be streamlined to the extent that it can run like a top down corporation? This is part of the logic that led to the term presidency and anybody who has ever worked anywhere near government state local federal municipal.
understands the extent to which it is designed to thwart anybody who wants to streamline this process and for a sensibly sensible reasons, oversight, checks and balances. What have you but there- is never gonna be a time in which the any government operates like a top down functioning corporation in part because of the the mechanisms that we ve made and to make it accountable to the public which render it incompetent it sort of designed to be incompetent and there's value to that in a sort of perverse way. But when you do needed to function in an emergency fashion, for example, or even just core basic daily functions, you should count on incompetence, as does the rule not because these people who are running our necessarily competent but because the structures that their navigating are unacceptable and there are often also encompass
because no laws, because they people don't rise in these systems due to their competence. At now that you can say this is true corporate Amerika also, so you know it's again the human nature question you know it's like out I why does the colorless you know what it's like add on sixty said what is like a secretary who could do any thing. I never get anywhere, Why lab a doofus who played you know who played left, tackle and Michigan State and up is the executive vice president of the company, even though he can barely read so I cuz people like the what I'm saying. Let's talk about the big game, you know, and Do you know what he slaps their back and you know all of that like this is not a not a thing that is just you know exclusive to the government that the incentive structures of the government do not.
say: oh my god, the most competent person can rise, and what happens now, particularly now that we are going explicitly into sort of quotas tokenism, and you know that job needs to be filled by a dinner by a black lesbian competence is the opposite of what you're looking for you're looking for a person who represent is representative of a population, and that is the key and the competence come second or third, not you know, or you say well and in the end the whites premises era. Just like the example that I use the dew football player gets the job so when our era, so a black lesbian, gets a job for being a black lesbian. Fine, like you know that the same thing, it's all the same thing:
and but you know when you are and when the when the rubber meets the road- and you have a crisis that you know that, then of course that's where in these moments head and your like, oh my god, government doesn't work as well. As knows, his government is not designed to work. That's part of the problem and we You say you want to write like a business. You can't run like a business, because businesses have an incentive to governments, don't have which is that run them really well and the people at the top get rich and therefore they have an incentive to make sure that everything runs well. at every level below them, because someone is one interfere with their capacity or ability to get rich if they screw up.
So you then reward them or you punish Aida. Whenever you ward competence to punish incompetence, you do whatever you can under those under those systems and that's just not the way government works. I think, as you know, a lot of people, especially because if you Workin government, you can still get rich outside of government without being carpet right now exactly an answer, I think the funny part is conservatives have long understood this. I mean you know we don't like high tax. We don't like this. We don't like that, but one of the reasons that conserves constantly lean in on self reliance- and you know doing things for yourself and not- is like. We accept the fact that you're not going to get the help from government
you want, so you need to set up the systems under which you can function or your community can function whatever in a crisis beforehand, simply because you take it as a given that when you, you know, if there's a flood, you know you're going to have you're going to you're going to stock up in your basement with stuff, because females, not guy to you in time, as opposed to people saying they're, saying where screamer. What what why, as a wise and FEMA coming. If your whole world view accepts the notion You can't really rely on these institutions of government, not better, be self reliant This is interesting as everybody laughs at the conservative papers rate until an earthquake heads- and there were the only ones who have any way of surviving everybody laughed at the conservative christian home schoolers until the public school system collapsed during a pandemic and they realize, while these people are still able to educate their children while we're flailing as the data
So there is a weird sort of that then the crises that occur are often reveal what is seen as weird and extremists in conservative, as actually functioning and self reliant in a way that we have take. We take for granted in the modern world right, but if the electrical grid goes out, you better have a proper neighbour, who's, gonna generator and all has had a heart like this is a good thing to have in your life, not a scary thing right. So you know this question of what government does to us and government does the economy and at how we're supposed to function in this highly complicated interplay between government and the economy and its control in the economies control. All that is the subject of David bonds. Daily NEWS Letter Dividend CAFE: dot com, which I commend to you as I as I continue to do, comes out. You know server round. Six p m Eastern gives you a sense of what happened in the markets
the day and then gets starts digging into the policy implications of the moves by government officials and and the ways in which I would say, a private industry, navigates the behaviour of public officials and tries to figure out how to do what they need to do best, ah, by either avoiding or harnessing or were corrupting or manipulating the very governments that are interfering with the free market functioning. That is the best way for everybody to prosper. That's Devenant, CAFE that come from the bond some group, three billion dollar by coastal management services, firm run by my friend, David Bunsen dividend. Cafe that calm the antidote to the intellectuals Getty of the financial services
and management industry Christine Johan Omar, the congresswoman from Minneapolis. Went on Jake tapirs show last night after one of her latest disgusting were after her by Anti semitic rant through four weeks ago, relating to Gaza. Arab israeli moves against the Rockets coming from Gaza. What what happened there? While she was, she was whether she regretted her remarks that compared Israel and the United States to the Taliban and Hamas, and she said no father. No, she didn't regret it so clearly, her her her in her own mind, everybody else. Just misinterpreted are right, of course,
it always given the benefit of the doubt. You just misrepresented what she said. You miss her what she said, but it was the remarks you made, after that you know, kudos, eject tapir to really for really pressing her on this. He asked about the jewish Kali, her jewish colleagues in Congress, who had criticised MR and remember they. Initially, some of them wanted to have a pretty firm criticism ended up making it you know. Basically, could you please clarify so it wasn't even that former criticism in her response was this: they haven't been partners Justice they haven't been. You know equally engaging in seeking justice around the world so far doubling down on her own misbegotten remarks, she's attacking the colleagues who expressed their concern about her, comparing the United States to an issue to Hamas and the Taliban totally doubling down. Why, as we know with her she's like the homer since in homer, and then nuclear fission.
That has zero days in plus, actually cheese like zero days since last anti semitic hint remark statement she gets away with it because she notion the leadership one say anything, it'll be the sign thing going round and round. She is she's sending signals to her constituents it. This is ok, It's terrible. Its european in an people shouldn't become numb to it, because she's gonna, keep doing it and and really the leadership to do some- and I will say this- the same day Crazy representative ghosts are on. The right turns out hanging out with you: no white nationalism, white supremacist at fundraiser. So this, not just a problem on the left, but the Olano more in particular, continues to just flout any sort of sense of obligation to be careful about what she says en GB thoughtful about her colleagues who have who have over and over again, given the benefit of the doubt, do not
this woman. The benefit of the doubt you're. Ok, I'm glad you mentioned POGO Sarkozy is a monster. He is a disaster, he is a repulsive repugnant disgusting person and it would be great if the republican leadership would would dead due to him what they did to Steve King. That would be a good thing, but I want to read also the follow up what happened. after she said what she said on Jake Tapir. She said it on unchecked happar and then she went on twitter. After all the criticism and said this, it's their mission, accuse me David essentially in the democratic representative from Rhode, island defended. Her goes on and defends her ok on after her appearance and says there they go again right. Wingers in Washington are once again claiming Olano Mars. Something she didn't say, I'm trying to create a controversy where there is none. It is pathetic that their once again demonizing a young woman of color to score political points
I like the young women of color thing, since I think she's forty two, so you know I mean I'm does that bit. Now: another teenage Irvine yeah yeah you're over Europe, yeah you're, right, you're, digit, and so you know here's what she said them on top of his quote: ok, it's their mission to turn and twist everything I say until I am completely silenced, demonizing voices were justice is part of their playbook and it won't work here. I am grateful to colleagues like you who are my partners in our fight for justice and equality at home and abroad, David's slate, of course, not being a Jew. So therefore he can be a partner in her fight until I am completely silence, says Johann Omar. This is the other bizarre stick that somebody says acts, and then people say
what what did you say just like your silence like me, who silencing her, who is ever silenced her? She went on Jake as she goes that I'm not going on Jake Tapir. She went on Jake Tapir. She said something people reacted with horror. So this is a trick of language. This is a. This is a a game that she ate up an anti semitic provocative, anti american person who should fall on her knees every day and thank God that she managed to get out of the hell hole that was Somalia, come to the United States and end up. Thirty years later, as a leader of the people of the United States. In the U S, Congress that she should be celebrating this country
and celebrating, what's more than the Jews who in before her who opened a lot, the doors and forced open a lot of the doors that made it possible for immigrants like her to approve to take leadership roles in the United States, because those immigrants came in and said we're not going to be satisfied with just scraps at the table. We want a full participation immigrants, I'm not talking about her being black, I'm talking about her being an immigrant. Does she followed her knees and thank God for America, does she does she think her predecessors among immigrants, including Jews, for opening doors that made it possible for to be in Congress
no, she attacked them. She insult them. She degrades them and she brings us. You know she. She creates a nauseating confrontation between non Jews and Jews. That is in a frankly evil. It's an it's, it's an evil that she does. She is an evil person and she is doing evil and the people who defend her like David sizzling, are therefore complicit in her evil all true and not to be outdone Russia to leave only about five days ago. She tweeted near time story about israeli missile strikes in Gaza and wrote added to the true to her tweet, because Israel believes Palestinians are disposable,
less human period. They are committing war crimes paid for by. U S? Taxpayers with no accountability, the apartheid and killing must stop so too great example that weak as it's sort of all in there, the whole the hollow anti semitic constellation you know is Israel, unlike every other country, goes to war because of it, because it because it considers Palestinians lesson. Many disposable workers because it kills out of out of sheer you know, Sir Bloodless or out of a lack of humanity and, of course, its whose poos paying for these for these four, this is. Jewish. This jewish blood last year Taxpayers can consider centre for strategic studies conducted a study of the eleven they conflict and family
fully thirty. Six percent of Gaza Rockets fired into Israel. In Gaza landed inside Gaza very densely populated place. Lot of them ended up and in highly populated places, and gardens and it's a shark that you don't hear anybody. There again constantly demonize Israel? Talk about the indiscriminate nature of this fire killing Palestinians? Again, it's it's! It should be something that you think they would speak up about if their concern was for palestinian lives. I also want to goods go back to the silencing thing, because you know if I had, if I could wave a wand and silence Johan Omar, I would like, if I had the magic power to silence Elan Omar. I but you know why, because because she puts my children's lives at risk, that's why, and I would love to silence but I live in the United States of America and we don't do that and once
then there is another reason why she should fall toward these because she can spout her disgusting bile. That puts my kids lives at risk. She can spouted cause. She lives here, and so you know, and her freedom to speak is oh different from my freedom to speak. In fact, she has a much larger microphone megaphone than I do, because, obviously she is a member of Congress and I am but you know what that is. The sort of thing puts, president in a difficult position. They they find a way to rationalize their way around it once again, backdating intellectuals from intellectual, rising, aware of problems, the exceptional people, like the eight new at the Adsl witches, has become an organization like the ACL you, which has not no longer dedicated to its sensible mission You ever growing solid. Everybody should reassess Mandela, peace on the Anti defamation League and its
Craven leader, Jonathan Green glad in the July August issue of commentary, and let them people start to fall off the wagon, but the sort of thing every time. She has one of these controversies. Then you have another organization or another group in another individual who do just giving the benefited now over and over and over again and another one of them falls off the wagon Sidney. I can support this anymore. It's there's no excuse for this. It's not it's! No longer just ignore it. happens, dancer mistake or something we can educate our way out of this is this is a habit and its repugnant, and I'm out was you over the last one, by forcing the hand of her colleagues to not just condemn her anti Semitism individually, but to say Anti Semitism and Islamophobia when Jews, your being beaten on the streets of major american Citys, we still had to condemn.
Homophobia as well as Anti Semitism, couldn't just be the anti Semitism that we condemn, but this time I, what I think is is interesting about her statement. Yesterday is your use of the language of justice, because now it's you have to be my partner in just as such, He wants to call up the language of justice now, if you're, a social justice warrior on the left and using you're, that the moral language of justice now has to include covering Ilan O Mars Anti Semitism guy agreed on that's a choice. Your credit that they are going to have to make in this is that in broader, in a broader sense, this is the problem that the left faces with its progress activists class, many of whom are now also elected officials, so that that's the problem is and too many of them are making the wrong choice and not speaking out in an ice it, and I think the democratic who previously criticized her should say something about this to just like, I think, reply,
looking should say something about their crazy right. Wingers embraces in their party to your concern about justice. The worlds This the most lingering and deepest and most destructive injustice over the course of Of human history is Anti Semitism, so you cannot claim to be somebody seeking justice if you're an anti semite. You are a participant in the world's oldest injustice now to switch to a dead too big, a weird transition. I gotta talk to you about Tommy, John Underwear,. to where transition, because I just the the world, those and justice. Let me talk about the world's newest comfort that is APOLLO, Tommy, Johns, newest and most advanced men's underwear. Yet, with a performance, great dry release, fabric blended has exclusive to John Tommy
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now the Adsl spoke out. Miss Omar quote to accuse jewish members of, being involved in justice, is ignoring them. Records and especially offensive. When it's an effort to distract from our and his from your own anti semitic statements. Rep repressed Omar needs to lead with an account with accountability, not denial, definitely a blaming the victim, a big enough but not a lad, but one that not enough, but we should add that what he's who he is defending here are Democrats. right he's talking about jewish democratic members. Those are the only people in in the democratic caucus who has spoken out against this worthy. It's not good enough. Sorry, because you need to leave with accountability. How about you need to resign. How about you need to resign? How that had, I shouldn t be censored: censured
Fortunately, research energy means to resign as she needs to apologize. She needs to stopping and anti semite Dropping robot is a disgrace and his tears he is creating a new low standard for communal leadership and the jewish community. community. I didn't actually think based on you know my my six decades of life you could have leaders has bad. I could have leaders worse than some of the other leaders whom he is now superseded, and I was wrong and I everyday the passes when he tries to make a tough statement. It reveals its own holonis a disgrace, and with that I let me just ask you, so we end on a higher note you buddy have any good fun plans for the fourth of July. Now, but he's got fund plans go anywhere. You want anything I'll I'll, be with friends out. Is that that's good fun
The friends eddies no masks. Ok, that's out, east meaning. The eastern Tipp of Long Island, Red Christine I'm I'm stick. I'm staying here in DC, gonna have like cookout with neighbours and friends, just typical Loki, fourth of July, looking forward to it, nor why will be away next week the have very mixed up, she's about it all the way you're going away. Yes, certainly, yes, now will be away next week by the way we will not. I mean we're, we're doing shows torn Friday, but we will not. We will not have it. We will not have a pike ass next Monday, which I will remind you of probably uprightly about. We will be taking that as far as our holiday. I will also be outings, so maybe you know even I would run run into each other but can also be civilised, very civilised, very civilised anyway. So
thanks a lot, everybody will be back tomorrow for April still unknown jump onwards, keeping an alarming.
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