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Bragging Rights

2022-01-05 | 🔗
The podcast today takes up the astonishing case of the new Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, who has announced he will do everything he can to keep convicted criminals out of jail. What will this do to Democrats? And what will the Chicago teachers union and its refusal to return to school do to them and to the party that serves them? Give a listen.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine repugnance to these Wednesday January fifteen, twenty two armed jump, airports, the editor Commentary Magazine nor Rossman, is out on a well deserved a vacation with me, as always active, editor, a green Waldheim agent an Senor writer Christine Rosen high Christine hygiene. Ah there's so much to do about. Among other things, we may, we will get to the sole later. And I said so- has a piece in the New York Times. This morning on the site, the sheer size of the corporate commitment to
radical measures following the George Wade, murder and the and the events that immediately followed in its aftermath. So listen to this candid, a website, it the next people who want to change the world with the resources they need to do it. I discovered that before Floyd's death, philanthropies provided three points a billion dollars in racial equity funding for the nine years, from twenty eleven to twenty nineteen. So In other words, the average would be three point three divided by nine or about three hundred three hundred some odd million dollars a year. Since then, candle calculations revealed much higher totals rose twenty and twenty one, fifty thousand eight hundred and eighty seven grants valued at twelve point: seven billion dollars
and a hundred and seventy seven pledges valued at eleven point, six billion. So since George Void, that is, I believe, twenty four point: three billion dollars in grants given to racial equity funding. Let me repeat that number twenty four point: three billion dollars, just since the George Floyd murder, that is the largest amount of philanthropic money ever spent on anyone cause in the short period of time ever probably by a factor of ten. Maybe more and so on. You can see how this institutional gave to the series of
now racial and equity and of a member victimhood, and all of that, but just that sheer size of it is mind blowing and the mantel piece stipulates, are sort of argues that This poses a great danger to Democrats because the cause- is there being funded. Are so far to the left of where voters are that they? This is creating a serve counter level to any ability. That Democrats and liberals have to we focus their efforts again. defunding the police and various other such such causes, simply because it's just though, insanely lucrative and because there is gonna, be this entire superstructure,
tens of thousands, if not more people, employed, specifically The pursuit of these these aims. Are you ve, just written a piece for our February issue, which which will come out at the end of next week, gonna wanna like blow the surprise or anything, but you but this pieces about how stands the revolution of twenty twenty. and are you have a very flavoured a mixed version of it what's goin on that's both depressing and heartening in some ways. But what do you make of this? twenty four billion dollars in you know a year and a half. I am not entirely surprise the minutes. It's it's helpful to Heaven a number to put to it. One of the things that it makes me think of is that so that's the which we took whether the the massive money, the massive amount that goes
goes towards these things and that the political follow up, but the other reality is when that kind of money is behind these things. Then look on the other side and consider the people who go to work, who have deal in this world, who we try to council and say be brave, stand up, don't don't don't don't Don't say yes to things, you don't believe, don't falsely accused people dont go along with the garbage, but you will you have to consider exactly what they're up against turning their politicians. Am I talking about moguls on time of people who could have to go to work every day and deal down? low mid to lower levels of the superstructure you describe and that that is that the forces ranged against them are so powerful.
it reminds me it's exactly right, because it reminds me of what we have seen this happen in microcosm on college campuses over the last five to ten years, right that the bloated bureaucracy of both enforcement and diversity, equity and inclusion type initiatives protecting the last few years have have ramped up. But the reason, for example, that your kids college tuition is so high cuz. It has to pay these bureaucrats, many of whom, most of whom, making the you know, upper five hundred and twenty two lower six figures for their jobs and their entire purpose to to justify their job and their existence. They have to create and find problem, but in many of these many of these campuses in among many of these student bodies, don't exist. They fund they basically fund bad behavior in a way. If you could you look at it from the perspective of those of us who are quite skeptical of this world revolution. So now we have an end. What that's led to our campuses, where students do feel like they can't say certain things or do certain things are where they faced. You know kind of crazy caca, like prosecution's, of their butt
you're, so that's been happening and we ve seen that play out and that certainly likely to ramp up and, in the event the corporate world. In the private sector universe and I unfortunately I'm a pretty pessimistic. I agree with, and I think it's gonna be harder and harder for people who just want to make a living and go through life and just be decent people not to have to. Oh actively, sign onto a lot of these agendas you, you can no longer be neutral in this environment because you know when you talk about that kind of money going to creating these kind of these. These kind of new departments and then new unit of the beach new, specific nonprofit corporations are they have to justify their exist that means. They have to invent things for you to do they have to they have to craft hoops for you to jump through. If you think there There we have a lot of them now, they're not going to be here
We need more other, otherwise, whereas all the money going to how do they justify their existence. But we do have this very interesting political moment so life is gonna, get worse for mid level. Bureau white collar workers, people, limits or, like the thinking where we want to call at the kind of the lead industries, all of whom are gonna aren't gonna. living under this? have been living under the regime, but where this regime. he's going to now be supplying and endless stream of new Initiatives, new ways to enforce this new orthodoxy, new Doc and new new training. classes new forms of kowtowing that will be demanded and all of that and at the same time, you can see how all of this- and this is the subject of vessels peace.
They're, going to lead to a political backlash, because those people, We are talking about will have one and only one way, to express themselves in private in secret and without raising their heads and that is in at the ballot box and that brings to the astonishing story of the new. Who d Ay Manhattan, the new disputes, Tourney elected in November Alvin brag what album brag announced TAT the day after his swearing in is nothing less than a recipe for republican political dominance. for the next ten to twenty years. He is a progressive prosecutor, ah a black activist, and he announced
as I am sure many people already know that his office court will not. Seek a car, serle sentence, meaning prison, in the cases of conviction secured by his office, accept with huh Besides and a handful of other cases, including the that's the violence, felonies, some sex crimes and public corruption? This rule, the memo reads may be accepted only an extraordinary circumstances based on a holistic analysis of the facts. Criminal history victims input, particularly in cases of violence or trauma and any other information about. eligible assistant, desert attorneys under brags command must also now keep in mind, quote the impact of incarceration, unquote. Does it really increase public safety? Will it will it create future potential barriers to convicts in
holding their employment and housing, the financial cost of prison and the I shall disparities our who gets time, I'm just can I read a little more specifically from the memo. Ok quote: armed robbers who use guns or other deadly white thence to stick up stores and other businesses will be prosecuted only for petty larceny, a misdemeanor provided no victims were seriously injured and theirs no genuine risk of physical harm to anyone. Armed robbery, a class be felony with typically be punishable by a maximum of two, they five years in prison, while petty larceny subjects, offenders to up to three hundred sixty four he's in jail and a thousand dollar fine criminal, convicted, Chrome caught with weapons. Other than guns will have those felony charges downgraded to misdemeanours. there also charged with more serious offences. Burglars who steal from residential storage areas, parts
Council are inaccessible to living area and businesses located in mixed use. Buildings will be processed It is for a low level class plastic felony that covers only break ins instead of more serious crimes. drug dealers believed to be acting as a low level. Age of a seller will be prosecuted only from misdemeanor possession and, and there is there, there is more So we have the largest city in New York by factor of two. That is, you know a in in a crime wave the Jobs are not the largest of the five boroughs, but obviously the most influential important are the fibers in that sense, and the chief press, Peter is now announcing that he's not going to seek prison time for almost everyone who comes before a judge and is convicted on charges brought by his office.
So twenty four billion dollars and spending is all well and good. Ah, the year this Two years of this, you know- woe betide pulpit, I'd every Democrat, the country, but there are two things: if you're here, the average citizen, who got trying to go about your day in a law abiding way, do your job, keeper, family, safe and you live in in Manhattan. You should do two things if you ever have, if your store owner four eggs, It was you run a bodega, someone sticks a gun in your face and is only Carter, the misdemeanor sue, the city for emotional harm and the damage caused to have a life threatening situation downgraded every single one of them should do that. Every single and in New York, who is eligible for one should get a conceal, carry permanent by themselves a gun, because what he has just said- and this is ironic- coming- The side of the isle that tends to talk about gun control is it you, may lol
silly wave, a life threatening weapon pointed at someone which is a threatening a life threatening men. It doesn't matter if it's loaded or not does not matter what their intention is. If you, a gun. In your hand, your pointing at someone you intend to kill them, That is the only message that sense to anyone, and we all know this- the idea that that is not treated as the very serious crime It is- and I say this I'm getting agitated is I've. Had friends had guns shoved in their face? It is a traumatic experience, even if you leave completely without a scratch and just your wallet or your card stolen, it is traumatized stays with you. It is meant to inspire fear. It is done by people who feel that the law does not apply to them. So what he has just said is your right. It doesn't apply to you, you may lawlessly put a gun in someone's Knowing that we will not go after you. For that harm and is going to lead to a lot more criminals, getting a lot more in their hands and absolute havoc industries. If this is allowed to continue, people will die as a result then, that, although they will not only be traumatized, they could do no more
some people's faces means, but the trigger will be pulled more often. Even even though that's that's. That's the only crime that that day, you can. You can begin to invoke the key personal solution. For me, it doesn't matter, but also brag. Has said that you know quality of life crimes. You know those of smaller you know she daily, like the kind of soft there was crackdown on gender during the broken windows age? Those you can forget about prosecuting altogether. And- and we know historic- Please sociologically that when, when that happens, that leads to to a greater rate of the committing of violent crimes. So, if you're going, go up the scale of violence and seriousness from there and say that even even these more menacing crimes, don't matter, people will die as a result of this policy.
I am glad that you guys are engaging with the substance of brags demented memo. you, but I'm not even sure that the substance matters here. It it'll everybody on earth, the news, is you don't go to prison New York's in Manhattan, if you commit a burglary, if you commit any crime but murder, you are more likely your farm. Less likely to go to prison. You are far more likely to escape imprisonment. Then you are to go to prison. What do you want? What do you want to give Republicans to make their lives easy you wanna, give Republicans. There is no Democrat in this country was safe from being tat
with what Alvin brag has done here, ok cause. Not only look. That's that's! What's like, let's talk talk less here. This is a This is one of the largest municipalities in it. had the loan is. One of the largest municipalities in the United States is only voted on by the voters in Manhattan. Haven't looked at the vote count, but you know certainly got more votes than chess, including Didn. Sir we more votes than Larry, Crasser, probably didn't in Philadelphia and various other places, and he is decriminalizing crime. He is. The key is removing the spectre of punishment.
From the formula of crime and punishment. Well, no damn it's not like he's like a lunatic in in a producer Kentucky. He is the Ba of Manhattan, New York County in New York City. This is, if I'm a Democrat right now. I am terrified. I'm gonna try to find any any safe harbour from this, because it can be used every day in every way. Jim local state federal period. This is what your party wants in the center of the universe for Democrats, New York City. This is what your this is. What these people are going to bring. This guy is the harbinger of
democratic president saying that no one should go to prison for committing crimes of again, not to step on my peace, its that's coming soon, but but to tease it. This is Democrats paid the price already for dafont last November's election slew of Democrats who back to fund and and associated policies funding the police were voted out of office or shot down in some cases and in up so yeah you what you are right, but you know the other thing is. This is good because I mean this is this. Is the this? Is the trade off with all these high because there's a at the while, at the same time, these campaigns, four of these radical policy campaigns, move forward. There's always these. There always these cover
stories saying? No, we don't really. We don't want chaos, no one saying really defund, no one's saying, don't let get rid of the prisons and then somehow the reality breaks through, as in this case with it, without and bread at the people, get to see it and say what this actually all all this talk that we listen to for two years now affects my life in a crucial way, time time time to do something: it's the learning the hard way- and I will say this- will put him at absolute odds with the new mayor of New York who's, been whose whole tough on crime messaging, one him the election and also a Democrat, but this will be and I think a lot of maybe some of our listeners don't realize that the mayor doesn't have control over their use. A point, the dossier and Mohammed Years elected office. So you can elect a crazy, progressive J while having or have tough, on crime mayor and that's gonna, create in
real time every time there is a major crime. I hope the mayor is forefront in front of the microphone saying. This is what this policy has done. Look at this. These people will not be brought to justice because of these policies of our day, he should make him his enemy number one and have him at the forefront of every conversation about crime in the city, the crime spike. York began. January of twenty nineteen after bail reform was passed that led to the release from a barbaric foreman pro reform in various other measures of criminal justice reform a month after the month after that law was passed, crime numbers started to grow up in every category, in New York and have continued to go up over the last two and a half years, and it was that they ve got Eric Atoms elected,
He was the only democratic willing to say I dont, like the spell reform bill, I dont. This is not the way to go. It's interesting as he began as a kind of revolutionary policeman. starting an organization called one hundred lives, one hundred black men and women horsemen, who care in the ninety nineties, whose purpose was to serve human the aid that stand up to a blue Giuliani and talk about how you know the police department that he was in was re system. hops? Hey them. A lot of mainstream cops really hate him because they think he was a. You know he was sort of like a menace inside the department, but nonetheless this is the issue that he ran on and one on and out with, and so we already have evidence that this message works in New York City itself and in the Democratic Party in New York City itself. Brag, you know where it's love is that very few people penitence does not quite clear
for me how he won over. There were various other candidates in the race and there, but he took it quite quite easily. This is the dream. Come true for an entire world of academic activist, Ed liberal leftist academic activist did the DE cars. The declaration crowded The big issue with this idea that too many people in America and present you are centuries, consigning wildly disappointment. Numbers of african Americans in particular to a life in the criminal law The system, thus creating multi generational, not just multigenerational poverty with multi generational, serve criminal experience that's where the only fathers that these people now our bar that that that that such people have her in a father's in jail at this needs to stop in order
We know we integrate them into sight, we give them a chance, and all of that baby were well. If you wanna talk about wildly disproportionate to the people who these policies affect widely disproportionately are black and spanish is in blackened hispanic communities where the crime surges beyond all measure. When, when these policies reacted, it will, we just saw it in the in the massive crime spike after the summer of twenty twenty when, when the defined movement first took off well over the majority of the rise and murders and homicides took place in blackness bannock communities in America. So what
can also in twenty twenty. You got this in your original peace. Yes, as the revolution in other thing was people said, defend the police, then all these will when no no, no, it's not defend the police and the New Europe adds wear black lives matter exercise yes, yes, no, we really do mean that we really do want to fund the police and close police department, but you know what they're still deniability and in it in the world in which those up ads are being written by, you know somebody who works for some left is just the sort of us. I should like they represent, then represented by maybe they're getting some of that twenty four billion dollars, but they are not represented, anything except a mindset on the left Alvin brag as an elected? fiscal in New York City about this- about to lay down, as laid down rules for the five hundred prosecutors in his office, that, by the way, convenient
We do work to make sure that, like Harvey, one sitting would still go to jail by the way, because it says you know: domestic violence and certain sex crimes like out those those are exempted from the no, I'm not I'm sure, by the way that there will be a general exemption granted, for you know the person that Tom Wolf and the bonfire the vat caused the great white defendant in other If you came to see if you can get a cab unrepresentative case where you have a guy like partly wine, Steen or or Dominique Strauss Kahn, Whoever, though you know that sort of like the celebrity white, the fact that that you can throw the book about that, that'll be totally fine, but generally speaking, yes, somebody thus to rob of a beggar is gonna. Have his crime knocked down to a misdemeanor, brought to a judges, a misdemeanor and and and
not not appropriately sentenced for crime that was more violent than he was in fact charged with, and I just can. I pop inherent just say that this is to me it's a similar sort of strategy, that's being used by the progressive left in this country at the same strategy. using for things like judging merit or or grades or standardized tests in education, which, as they will claim it if they are not getting the results they once, instead of trying to figure out the root causes and an address those which is it, which is a complex, it is a thing to do that takes time and energy and and real work to do they just change the rules right. So he now we have a situation where you cannot talk about the racial disparities in incarceration in this country. Unless you also talk about the racial disparities in the commission of violent crime in this country, they are stark, they are horrifying and if you bring them up
Your called a racist. If you just point to the statistics on homicide alone, but they are a reality and there are a number of causes there, a number of reasons for it, but you cannot solve the problem of incarceration until you solve the problem of violent crime. Commission. That is the complicated, multi, generational, really tragic problem in american culture. Right now that people like The new d in Manhattan dont want to touch with a ten foot pole because they have to actually dress their communities and on issues that they rather blame. Something vague like white supremacy, for there are Otto causes a lot of there a lot of interesting scholars, doing research on how to solve it. How to deal with that in mind. We have solutions, people have tried stuff, that's worked, that's what they're doing what they're doing, instead of saying a view violently put a gun to someone's facing, threaten their life, we're just going to say that that wasn't a threat to their life. It's orwellian its horrifying to me. You know. Not picking was a term that somebody came up within them like in the last ten fifteen years.
describe how many institutions and people sort of fine. The most tray example, particularly on the right of somebody right and then elevate them now some candidates for State Senate email Oklahoma, who says that you know Oh everybody within o where're, you know aid they, whose last name and with an hour and age should be in out should be thrown in a way. I want a fiery pit of doom were some like that when they, then they get enough, they serve get they become famous than sweated themselves, because its useful to take a crane. and say this crank represent it in it was a synecdoche he's. A symbol is abuser, object that stands in for the whole of conservatism or the Republican party. Alvin Bragg is the district attorney of Manhattan. He is some states Senate candidate in nowhere nor
our his fellow DA's, Norris, chess, Abou Dean and said just go, nor is Larry Craster in Philadelphia. These are elected officials represented municipalities large serves not that watching this valuable. Philadelphia the city of more than a million people? I think it's, the six or seven largest city in the country Manhattan. larger than it still, but it's only part of the largest city in the country. You will not be able to say this guy doesn't represent anything like I say what you can say, as this is the future of America. This guy is the future of America. The people who elected him, our big donors, there don't they're they're the same people whose foundations are giving twenty four billion dollars to to these causes and like I said, there is no republican candidate,
the country right now it's theoretical, because the memo just went out, but when the crime started happening and the prosecutions don't when went when the proof of the pudding is in the eating and they don't prosecute murder, they don't prosecute knife crimes, they don't prosecute people who burglarize they dont prosecute car jacking they dont prosecute home. This person who punches somebody and throws them onto a subway track, and then the person loses his leg when the subway train rolls over it. When that doesn't happen, every single one of those crimes will become a famous american crime. Fox news will soon see that the new post, where I work, will see to that, and it cannot be ignored. By the mainstream media, because people in the minutes,
media live in Manhattan, work in Manhattan and they will feel unsafe and that stuff is all gonna get used by right and it is going to be acknowledged by the left and, as I say, the political matter. This is I'm I'm I'm unaware of a gift as large as this maybe David, Duke David dukes actual nomination as governor of different Louis I Louisiana was a gift. This large and certainly of David Duke, had been elected governor of Louisiana. It would have been a gift that large but this is something new. We are in new political territory here, agitated yeah regarding them, not picking up Radicals on the left, who now servant government forget about not picking They build their celebrity on their self, professed radical aims on their own,
I d self identifying as socialist. You know these are this? Is This is their ticket to celebrity. I think you know what happens is sometimes the incentives of celebrity can can be at odds with the the incentives for political sense. S, and it's not always clear which cases it works out that way in which cases one her harms the other, maybe I'm just saying that cause you wanna date, Alexandria cause your Cortez. We all. We all know that here in Europe we would further. Yet who does know it's the boyfriends feet? You have to but the boy. Frankly, I went out gonna hurt you haven't you address what about a scarce she's obsessed with her boyfriend, sweet air, its sister? astonishing to me anyway, I don't mean to be. like cynical about that. How useful how useful this is, but a not actually
I think the outrage that this that this is already spurred and will spur as as the next four years progress. That outrage is righteous, we'll be right, just and legitimate and moral and, more importantly, an expression, of a general sense that things are spinning out of control and that and that a major political party. The United States has been captured by ideas that are head spinning leap, weird, it's fine to the bade them in college dorm rooms like what would happen. If we didn't imprison people, maybe they would get job, maybe they well. I can see you know it's not that when once more people believe in the punt people believe in punishing wrongdoers. I understand
and that there is a whole world people who don't think that wrongdoers should be punished, because the punish are part of a system that is itself, you know, inequitable and iniquitous, but that's fine for them, congratulations them and I hope they enjoy. I hope they. You know I hope they enjoy the world that they're gonna try to create because it is nasty brutish in short- and I just stem you know the backlash that aid tells him his soon to be published peace and we'll get to the second half of their backlash after I read mad That backlash is not only serve useful, politically useful to Republicans harmful Democrats. All of that, it is a necessary adjunct of the we moral obligation of american society that people have something on which Do you on the grounds that there is something that that causes
the moral discussed, which has not only siding with criminals were victims and fighting with you know all that, which is that which is an old story which has served us so how Democrats lost the crime issue. For twenty years from the sea, When these word, when crime was, number one domestic issue in the United States and may well be becoming that again, aside from inflation, which was also the number one embarrassment shoe since every and all this new again, but you don't we just. We need to understand that they they are. They have slipped the controls theirs of normal political controls, like you could say this to get elected, but then, when you come the d, you dont do it, you know it's like you say it to court the base, but you don't actually do it. It's a whole thing about Trump. You know Sir bill
in saying this and then in the answer governing mostly like a relatively conventional republican president, I mean in terms of the policies that he pursues, because I mean you can't do that stuff. It's crazy, mostly an apparently Ivan brag is gonna. Do it, and and and and I suppose, if you as it and then miraculously, mysteriously crime goes down there is wild employment opportunities for carjack hers and stammers em and grants larceny committees, and all of that who- and they just all end up working a good forty hours a week and making a good living and all that that could happen, and I This is an important point actually that we didn't cover. That should also be noted. They will argue that crime goes down because by by changing what they call it, crime in it and making it this like a missed. It is something that was
actually violent, felony, calling it a misdemeanor two years from now will be saying: look violent crime is weighed down. Everything we're doing is working. Ok. I don't believe that to be the case from here as well. This is where Eric Atoms, and then this thing that you propose is a very significant think crimes. Statistics are gathered not by the DA's, often but particularly in New York, where we know most crime is it's come from reporting by the MIT, which is not part of the DA's office is under the mayor's control and and as you point very wisely. Point out. Brag is setting himself up to be the person that Adams can blame for everything that goes wrong in the city and and there's a history. Hey, listen with mayors like Red Giuliani. His favorite thing was to go after That is simply the elected out. The electric company in us or populist frame position have control when they were very competently managed, and there were blackouts and brown out and stuff like that, and they know
they were doing in here and so that he didn't get tag with it since in many control over it it just one after their juggler you now very effectively- and here we got it cause. You know things are going to go bad and Adams is going to have you know a whipping boy and it deserves you know deserves to be wet. Let me just step back for a second and talk to you guys. express cuz? You know, you know when you use the restroom, he closed the door behind you, random passersby. Looking in on you, why don't you let people look at when you and you go online? Sales a private, usually internet, without expressing pianos like going to the bathroom and not closing the door, did you know that you're dresser as provider knows every single website you visit in cells that information to add companies intact giants. Who will use your data target? You express weeping and puts a stop to this, creates its cure encrypted tunnel between your
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junk elected in Virginia and guess. What happening now teacher who you would have thought, had learned their lesson about the monstrous way that they behave. Teachers unions have behaved over the last year year and a half in securing in securing freedom from physical enough physical presence in the classroom wildly. in full, pay, full benefits and destroying the wives, mines and emotional stability of tens billions of american teenagers. Well guess what Chicago Teachers Union has got effectively gone on strike and the mayor just like London Breed in San Francisco, the mayor who said she had had enough mare, lorry Lightfoot has had enough
of the teachers. Unions Christine. This is that why you're issues- and I might add, with her- I mean it- was very strange to listen to lorry Lightfoot yesterday she sounded like Rhonda Santas, and it was kind of. I was both up, shocked and and please she's gonna Doc, the pay of any teacher who doesn't let let's not beat around the Bush, they are going on strike and they are going there holding drink hostage, the most vulnerable children in Chicago who are already way behind both emotionally and educationally, from the fact that Cp Chicago Schools which had one of the longest like DC, had longest shutdowns and closures of schools of any innovation there doing it again. There there blatantly holding children hostage. It is appalling that there, claiming the basely using twenty twenty numbers in case metrics, to argue that they, its unsafe for them at such or such, are, of course, the science. How is all against that? We know that schools are not hotbeds of transmission as their claiming. We know that its schools, the safest place for kids to be
we know about learning lost. We know about them the mental health issues that children face. So what at what it's interesting for them, It must have been following this all along is when a union Teachers unions shows you who they are, you should believe them, and those of us who saw him last you're doing this are like ok. Now you guys on the left or see you should have believed them. This is the teachers union that, while claiming it was unsafe for them to set foot in a school building for over a year had their leadership, you know posting on it two from their caribbean vacation, pre vaccination where they were partying mask list. These people are hypocrites, their horrible. They should be fired. They should be No parents should be outraged, which actually they are this time around, and everything should be done to make sure those kids are able to get back to school or this country to move even more briskly towards a school choice system where the dollars that the state spends on education rest with that individual child and the parent can make a decision about whether to spend that
it's their money- they are the taxpayers, it is their money. They should be allowed to put their kid in any, sort of school they want that will be open and a place where learning is emphasised woke ideology. This is where this is the second stage that I hope we will see after these kind of outrageous behaviour by the teachers unions and not just in this is theirs murmurings all around my kids are still not back in school, and I will wait to see what the Washington Teachers Union does this week. It's it's gonna continue to be a problem until somebody break soon. In the other thing I'll say to end. My brief rant here is it. This is a perfect again perfect opportunity for Joe Biden to show some leadership. Yes, I know he doesn't control schools, it's a federal, government, but he is bosom buddies with with Randi Weingarten and very close to the other teachers unions, who were some of the major donors to his presidential campaign. All he has to do is issue a very terse statement, giving a slap on the wrist of the teachers unions in Chicago that would speak volumes. I don't think he'll do it
now the courage, but he shut up, but another sign that the message is continuing to break through here is that now we see a slew of articles in places like the New York Times and elsewhere, complaining about or like suddenly shocked and traumatized about the things that have been happening with kids in schools over the past two years, this As you know, of a year and a half to lay you know you're a year and a half after we ve been talking about it and people like us have been talking about it, but I'm so there's like that. You know sense of. Liberal revelation, win, win, win, win like the news its eminent within another timezone, but but that is now happening in regard to two to the covered. You know: teachers, unions, scam, school choice has been a major issue on the right for more than four decades and it has
never gotten appropriate, purchase every now and then every early. Ninety nine, these in the Lockerbie there was a sort of a powerful school choice. Movement in Florence in the late 90s JEB Bush governor instituted a very significant school choice programme, but for the most part parents across the country. Viewed some of this with a certain amount of sky. this is some fear and they a lot of people who are happy with their schools and happy with their school systems. Looked at this and said, I once more choice because I moved here present internal pub, school choice. I moved here to get away from the bad schools and I don't want the bad schools to come to me. That's why I spent an extra twenty thousand dollars on my house was to live in this neighborhood, where the people who were made can a misery of the schooling where I live before can't get to me,
and if you make it so that anybody can go anywhere in the school systems, open up in that way, I don't want any of that, and. I, like my schools, for my kids and I am happy to pay the property taxes for them, and I don't want any of those property taxes going to somebody who send their kids still catholic school. That's of no interest to me. I don't want to make, is to catholic school, and I want them to go to procure school and they're just going. take money, my tax dollars and use it to start system- and it was always a problem. There was always a problem with the what a lot of us thought was well. This is a gimme like you're, just saying you should have control the money and you don't want to give it to Us giant bureaucracy. That is the more that's while as it up, but people warrant buying it. This is the moment when what has been revealed over the last two years, is that the team
unions are not interested in the good health and education and proper stewardship of America school children. They don't care. In fact, they are uninterested in their good health. They are they. They are unwilling to risk anything for the work that they do and believe that it is their right to get whatever it is that they can get out of government using the flexing political power that they have, because there are so many of them and them once that Genie is out of the bottle and once More- Junior and the people in Virginia say I don't.
Then call this money should be going to these people or their principles or the diversity councillors or the Trans ACT or the or the people who want to make sure that Trans kids or on the swim team, or can be in the bathroom with my here with my daughter or whatever, once people once that connection is made that at this is actually harmful to you, that the way your text, dollars are going through. Education are harmful to your children, harmful to the good working order of your own life, which is what people who believe in school choice a believed for decades. I turned out very big: it's a very sick. Yes, this is a very, very serious turn of events, and there is eight. There is a sense in which rarely Weingarten is you know the orchestra playing on the deck of the titanic because it somewhere it's going, be every man for himself.
don't play while everybody is why, as you know, trying to settled, sell themselves down than its clear that you know it's just everybody's going to die and then they its everybody, needs to go and find anyone, and it's worth noting with some of the earliest in invited guests to the White House,. after Biden was inaugurated, the wine garden and Becky Pringle who's, the head of the other big teachers unions. He is in type with the teachers, unions and that's why I like I said I don't guess the courage actually even give them a mild rebuke, even though he should it's on their behavior, but this is another political issue and should be a political issue for all Republicans you're running against the Democratic Party. To point to that as well and say this is who they are. This is who they support, not your children, they don't care about your children, they care about, making sure that the people who give them campaign donations every year, which is the teachers unions, which is a huge national
billion dollar lobbying group that they get their way, even even at the cost of your children's education and well being. It's already happening. I mean we do have an a tribute election, largely attributed in Virginia gubernatorial, actual largely attributed it. Somebody who should adapt credit should one by ten points lost by three right. I mean that's. What happened we saw it happen in a in a state of his assent, have essentially gone now gone blue and an end to stopping blue largely on this on this issue, so just Alvin brag provide it's a way provides. No safe harbour for any democratic country from the issue of criminal justice reform, Becoming a way in which criminals are no longer held accountable for their crimes against their ordinary sit law. Abiding citizens were just trying to get through the day. The,
higher structure of american public education is now going to come under serious, populist question in a way that it never has before, because it's already been shown to work, and once you get a test case and the test case is positive or negative. That's the problem like now, I'm sorry like covered. You know it's like what what's once the test case proves serious test case that was about the test, the mid term, so the pc are that we are very good right. What do you get your rapid testing? Your pc are than pcr lingers right. The whole thing about the pcr is: it remains positive for a long time anyway. Whatever this analogy, is it's a very it's an interesting moment, but but bad. One right is we're talking about danger to people in the form of the form of this bizarre refusal to prosecute people for the crimes they commit and
fact at Chicago School children who have been through hell are now going to be subjected to another six months. It hell because of these monstrous evil, people and and and and again prejudiced. Not gonna have any safe haven from the idea they are connected to this in this, and these are their people, because they are an it. It doesn't help them that things generally Country are not going well, it's a whole lot easier to ignore or should have explained away these kinds of problems when everyone is prospering they're. Not so you aren't you with. The de focus is on Misty's mistakes, broken promises and the like. So with that we will
a deal until tomorrow. Maybe will have some special yes to the next week or so to help feeling for the absent Noah, but until he returns. It's just just us here every day, so for Christine me a I'm John Podhoretz keep the candle burning.
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