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Can They Get Away with It?

2020-10-09 | 🔗
In this episode, the COMMENTARY crew unloads on everyone. Can Joe Biden make it all the way to Election Day without saying whether he supports or opposes his party’s threats to pack the Supreme Court? Will Donald Trump ever answer for his incitements and the atmosphere to which he’s contributed, which has recently culminated in a plot against Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer?
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Friday October, nineteen, twenty twenty, I'm John path towards the editor of Commentary magazine with me, as always associate editor nor Rossman high Noah IDA seniors Christine rose high, Christine agent and executive editor, a green waldheim, Abe Hydra. So the front runner for the presidential election has decided to take the view or the stance that, on the question of the most significant re order
of the three branches of government since the decision since the constitutional amendment that that made, the Senate directly elected by the voters, meaning the change in the size of the Supreme Court. He will now say what his position is? On this matter, until after the election, It is twenty five days or twenty six days until the election, and he is very deliberately sad flatly that he does not want this to be an issue and therefore he will not say yea or nay to the idea that the Supreme Court should be income in size to dilute the power of the conservative majority
Well? He actually said very explicitly that if I was to answer your question flatly, it would be all over the press. You you'd write about it, which is a tacit. action that voters will be really really interested in that which they very well should besides, I am cholera. Hearing a candidate be sown nakedly contemptuous towards voter, on an issue of such weight and gravity, I mean I can see we ve been talking for months about how the buying strategy is to say the selection is not. At me, it's about Trump and I'm gonna. Do everything I can to make sure that I am as anodyne as possible so that I can be the vessel for the anti Trump vote and consensus candidate for Democrats of all stripes, so anti trust voters progressive voters, old line
oh union vote will, however, have we want a slice it. That's all. I'm gonna be and my views issues. Don't really matter all that much in shouldn't matter all that much. This is. the most naked expression of that strategy, which is a strategy. It's not a philosophy. It's not! It's not a vote for me cuz. I am acts. It is literally saying my strategy. Is I'm not going to tell you I'm not going to take a position on something that is controversial, that probably you're not going to like and that the people who Why wouldn't like? If I said that I was against them, I'm just not not gonna. Do it and then he's betting on a compliant press to let him get away with this, but I mean whether its hubris-
contempt or strategy, its weirdly trompe in way to respond. I mean I was struck by how dismissive and I actually would lean more towards its contemptuous of voters as no I said, because They did it. I think voters have a right to know what your position is. Gonna, be on something as serious as this, and there are other ways he could have addressed. Enemy could have said. Well, you know if the if he Barrett nomination is gonna be brought to a vote. Before the election than I don't feel like I need to enter this was you would have said. There are a lot of ways he could have actually in good faith, addressed the concern that some voters have about court packing and there's a reason you Concord it's usually referred to as a core packing scheme. I mean this is this? Is it is a pretty serious thing are contemplating and I dont know it's good enough to just say: well trust me, because the whole point of his campaign is that we can trust him in a way that we can trust trunk.
So, if it gives answers like this, I feel that undercuts that message are good enough. It's important it's absolutely repulsive. At least I read about this report for the website. Can I, at least after have the decency to craft a cover story around his neck and journeys. Ten planted to pack the course the the justices were too old for over seventy there overworked he was won over. making them, but nonetheless they can do what they need to do. So we have the pact, the Supreme Court. We have the pact, you fill it upon the bench federal bench in order to get stuff done right and his party was faced with a firestorm controversy for six months which they bent under they couldn't they couldn't point this plan and similarly, a german presidency would be consumed by such an effort and that's not what he wants. It they're they're taking themselves hostage
and an extorting us in the process- and I don't find the threat particularly compelling, but it is nevertheless very serious in part because the party has been hijacked by these online activists who, in a fit of peak having done a lack of strategic thinking and are bending the party towards there, will in itself destructive way. That's a sort of thing that has to be called out and resisted, and the Democratic Party seems to have no will to resist okay. So we have two issues we have the or three. We have up a moral issue. We have a practical political issue, we have a strategic issue, so the moral issue goes to. Is it right, proper in any way shape or form for the leading candidate? For the presidency
to play footsie with this gigantic alteration in the nature of the federal government of the United States and and not to be clear on it and not to say where, where he stands. That's that's the moral issue and no, you said it's abhorrent and, I think that's It's maybe a little strong, but you know strong is ok. Then we have the practical issue, which is: is this a serious proposal that can just sort of happen? If Democrats want it to happen? Ok, well that that there are two different things there. If first, while depends upon obviously depends upon a victory, abiden victory in November and, more importantly, depends upon
Democrats taking control of the Senate, and then it depends upon Democrats having taken control of the Senate, eliminating the filibuster and then it takes the act of passing a piece of legislation that says that the court can can grow in size by x, number of Justices There are a series of things that have to happen for this to happen, and the moral or practical political justification for this is that in some sense the conservative majority on the Supreme Court is illegitimate and it will be a legitimate for two reasons, one of which is that bread, Cavanaugh shouldn't have been confirmed because he did what its clear he pro
we didn't do, but they can't stand not thinking that he did it. So not thinking that you're, not thinking otherwise so they're. Just gonna pretend that the lack of ev and send the shameful and the shameful pedling of false meriting about cabinet in its opt into abhorrence? Ok, ok! So so it's soldier, Macaws Cavanaugh, should be on the court and then bear it shouldn't beyond the court. Because of this you know, suppose it time line in which its illegitimate for her too nominated to the court, even though Barrett for small we could get on the court. Let's assume she is were hearing starts next week, but bear it is even on the court yet and her her appointment to the court and her confirmation would in and of itself not change the ideological composition of the court. It is the fact that the court leans to the right instead of to the left that is considered. Prima facie illegitimate
and wise it premier facial legitimate, because the Senate is illegitimate because the Senate votes that's the way. This infrastructure at every stage gets to senator, so the whirl states that leave Republican get more senators than the democratic states and therefore it's this is a violation of one man, one vote democratic procedure and not only does it should the summits should the fact that the there's a brake on on, majority Harriet ambition that is represented by the Senate structurally and the constitution that should be overridden, but Maybe they should even increase the number of states to increase the number of senators so that if you can't change one man, one vote- and you know this role. You can at least get more reliable democratic centres for a while, so that your ambitions can be fulfilled. So
this is a whole series of steps and then strategically would it be good or bad for binding to say that he was gonna pact a quarter than he was gonna pack, the garden? Obviously the answer. Is I dont want to say anything and you can't make me: can anyone make him what will make him? I honestly think that this is a really done his part yesterday, at least Camel Harris was clear only a basin in so far as she did this farcical effort to expand the definition of what court packing constitutes to include filling existing vacancies, which is not court packing the lack of diversity on circuit court benches, which is not for packing, even though you know is researching. There was a
effort, to try to accuse Mitch Mcconnell of stacking, the court by lobbying of a DC circuit judge to retire. That is now stacking the court. They have expanded the definition of it so that it doesn't constitute what it what it actually mean and it's an emission that they actually know what their lobbying forests, particularly in regions, and that cannot be justified on terms that we all agree upon. We have to change the terms of debate in order to justify you're doing and by not answering the press, question directly and indeed could be increased, she was like dismissive of both their concerns and voters concerns. Now I do think there will be a sort of an unconscious desire on the part of reporters to move past it because it's a bad new cycle for him, but the pressures of the institution, the pressures of professionalism, will compel them to stay on this topic because you haven't answered this baby. This is just about
The best example of the fragility of burdens core proposition, which is that I will return to normal right. Because think of country to a normal state of affairs, because John think of the litany of steps of of quite radical steps that you just laid out of that would need transpire for this to happen. There is nothing ass standard and Israel normal about that, and this is very much a sort of Trump age, shake up that that that is being proposed here. That is being floated right and it's a trumpet shake up, because the ideas we are on the verge of living in a fascist state and so the the structure of american politics has to be changed. to protect America from America will, but that, in the end, the fear and loathing of Trump has up to this point been such a power motivator too,
We ignore any weaknesses in bindings candidacy, and as the polls show that spent effective, but I think it is right and we we also saw yesterday the squad come out with its hears crazy, liberal platform that work- and I wish it were acknowledging right now- we're gonna be pressuring Joe Biden to implement and its everything that you know. Conservatives are concerned about its area Joe Biden Camelot Harris tried to downplay in their debate, performances its everything he will face on day. One from his own party. So I think, combined with this. This unwillingness to answered this question about core packing, use, we should be concerned about how he's there is no normalcy there. I think that's a really good way of putting it that it undermines this this. This a sort of a return to normal. see that everyone longs far. Maybe I mean it suggests that actually the system itself. This is the new normal, even
when Trump is gone. This will be how politics march itself out see this. There's there's there's their savage comic irony here in that it was a tradition in the union and the United States that court nominees would not talk about their views on matters that might come before the court and so you have for a long time because of the separation of powers and the idea that the we know Congress should not be making decisions about court nominees. Work. They shouldn't be making promises about how they would rule how're. You want to slice it, and so four hundred fifty years I weren't even
hearings here. You voted on judges up and down whatever. Then the pressure start building in building a building for for these people to talk about what? How they would think about certain issues and in a horrible tactical strategic, whenever you want to call an error under Russell nomination of Bob Bork. They decided that he would address matters of controversy that were in his academic and Joe in judicial history and then basically handed his and is now basically the rope with which to hang him, and then you had David Suitor, a couple of years later saying going so far in the other direction. Not did not, they would say he wouldn't address these matters because they might come before the court, but saying that he had never even had a thought in his head
about Roby Wait Wade a conversation erratic conversation about it. Nobody ever written about it, a thought about Roby, you wade, never crossed his head, and now we have no. Now now we have these hearings which, which you know people gonna, say from says I've. I've picking and we Coney Barrett cuz she's pro life, and she and the Democrats say we're going to vote against her big issues. Her life doctors of how she feels about the reasoning and Roby Weight, or something like that, and now a presidential candidate, a presidential candidates, basically saying it would really be an inappropriate for me to express my my views. I I you know the Supreme Court nominee should say how she's gonna rule on future cases, but I a politician that you vote, or I'm not going to talk about something that is so much in the air that we can see how we can lay out very precisely how it would happen in twenty twenty one if
They really really wanted to go there. It would take him winning and then them winning. You know. A detour receipt majority in the Senate for really took it took through and the house, of course, being solidly democratic. But you know it's not notional. It's not fanciful. It's a real practical possibility so the history you outlined earth is really valuable because, when level a letter If history nerds in and a political history, nerds, and then partisans talk about appointments to the federal bench it it verges into.
A balkan eyes. Conversation about Trans generational conflicts on you had anything as Rapporteur is that your cap or note, noting, rightly that the reason why Harry Red appealed to the Philip, the abolishing the filibuster for lower queer appointees was not just because of obstruction, but also there was a legislative effort by Republicans. In the minority was showpiece legislation, but nevertheless to shrink the Deasey Circuit Court of Appeals and on trendy this nationalist, overwrite, Percy, P Repellor. Politics noted that you know the history is actually a little bit more involved. Here goes back into the Eightys and Ninetys and he went into how there had been gaps. Filling these seeds over the course of two years brushing on until I have a decade and an end? Both parties of Spain instruction are about it and that real,
gotta, go back all the way to aim for in, and so there is really no resolving these complex. It has become purely an actress. as of power- and there is no real concession- I think you can make a mean. There is some concern when, when Justice Ginsburg past that if there ever publicans nominate someone to this to this bench really might blow up the civic compact, and I don't think that's true in part, because it is so very different from what damage we are talking about now. But there is an element of irresistible raw power when it comes to a complex when it comes to two federal court opponents rather than you have the. Like will. You did at first rights like well miss only sixty. No, I of course admitted available networks.
Oh did at first he pushed the Baron nomination through an end. You know and then and then Miss rose as well. Harry Red did at first because he eliminate the FIFA eliminated, the filibuster, lower court appointments and then Democrats behaved so shamefully in relation to Cavanaugh that we had to eliminate the filibuster for Supreme Court appointments that we are holding in place, but because, because they wouldn't play fair that didn't Howard for Gorse its whatever eight way. You know it's all. Ultimately, the whole question here is whether Democrats are saying you know what the Supreme Court is a political institution and we're gonna we're gonna give up any. thought that this requires anything but a political. We needed there to be a backup legislature when we can't get the legislative remedies that we want and to make sure that there is nobody standing there who says that the legislative remedies we want once passed
go too far, so we need to take control of this institution not only idiot logically, but in a partisan fashion, and that is very nineteenth century. I mean it's just that month, an american power six hundred and nineteen century, with the exception of slavery, if you want to call slavery, may be a logical matter, it wasn't. It was really power politics, it wasn't was Nvidia, logical politics in that way. So I don't know what to say. The real question now is: does Biden get from October ninth to November third, holding firm to this position that he have to talk about? Yes, he s the idea that the media is going. I don't think he's not gonna be present. This you can only see the kind of its more? our so perplexed when he won't answer this question, and you know that if you isn't Republican can hit for precedent, this would not be the narrative.
Be every day brought to your attention that this has not been answered? This is up and answered. It would be a debate. Question would be me, remember. No, we ve had to debates and the only person who asked this question was pence Harris Demonic, have not asked this meeting media are assisted. Danced around pretending to ask it and then said to me, looks like it's dead, Oh dear, what the shocking the serbian person I mean, you will actually get away with it if it's up to the media, but I agree, but I think you're, your point is- is valuable than it was pants, who put the pressure on and Donald Trump could put the pressure on and if he was, but he won't go, not capable it'll. Do the opposite he'll read her rescue, but for the moment by constantly overshadowing the renewed cycle with whatever his latest out,
budgets. Rather, he also wants to be able to say that a meekly bear. It is my nominee because she says things that I wanted to say. You know like he would step on it in a different way because he wants to get political credit for his Supreme Court appointments. Now, here's here's the tweet that I sent you guys early. Women that is gets are what are just a few of you. Gonna go off the top positions to ask one more question about this. Now I was gonna stand. The top I had got. My question is so if he, if Biden, continue is to arms, squirm and evade between now and election day. Does that begin to harm him in some slow. My way I mean that is that's just not a good, consistent, look well read the whole question, then is: will he be badgered about it will will the trap?
pulling press corps, Otto had been whom I don't really understand what his interactions with the press corps. Are. You know if he If everybody asked him at every interview about this and he says same thing over and over again and he gets he gets more querulous and more. You know touchy about it like. I know it'll it'll, it'll, look bad weather, I think, but I'm in that doesn't mean that it's going to tell in any larger political but this is that where the role of the media is crucial, because if they stay on him as they should- and he consistently refuses to end reopens a question that them the truck campaign has thus far been am unable to makes which is? Is he going to be beholden to the radicals in his party he's? Not as people about the use he's a socialist line, but this reopens added it raises.
this question again in the minds of every vote, or is he going to be able to say no to something that is extreme and most European voters and core packing is extreme okay, so here's the tweet that I wanted to read out because it's it's important in understanding what I would call what I would consider. The liberal mindset that that is more is is predominant in Washington. but that the press is vanity. This is one area in which the press, his vanity may tell against okay, so Susan Hennessy, who edits What are the heirs of law, fair blog, which of course, you Know- is now well known for having a basically positive that Trump was gonna, be impeached M dead, he's seen our trump basically his name should be.
tramp tramp of rich and you know, there's a cannon blowing, did Ben witness the head of Laufer blood, the way was I shutting off a cannon on twitter every time. James call me blew his nose and all of that, so this Susan Hennessy Water, Blog quote. I know the press is desperate to demonstrate. They are tough on Biden. I don't even think that's necessary. A bad instinct media should be tough on a front runner, but why won't Biden answer is lazy? Embarrassing, both sides ism it does a trip in this- the service to the public? Why won't bite an answer? Is both sides ism? What what? What? What? What part of this question? How is that both sides people use both sides, is unto me inconsistency, sometimes, but also, but to me in a really annoying comparison that has nevertheless legitimate there.
No cop. This is not comparable. They dig this stuffing of the Supreme Court with Plant liberal justices to transform it into a rubber stamp. Parallel legislature is not the same thing as appointing a justice to an existing vacancy the attempt to draw an equation between the two of them, is nakedly, intellectually bankrupt and a name Power grab a hostile power grab that they cannot justify rhetorical
So don't try but look. It should be the view of of of of the media and of warfare blog which, by the way, is a media organization and not some kind of veto dead. I don't even know who the hell Susan has. He is for that matter or who she was before she got this job. She apparently was brookings, which is nice, the tube to subdue not a nice sinecure. But my point is like you, you should ask any question and demanded a sir I'm palace, the their running for office, that the job of the job of anybody, not only the press but like any citizen that a town hall anything is you ask a question, because you want an answer about policy. You're not supposed to say. I'm sorry, I'm not going to answer that question because I don't want to
you're, not supposed to say, because ordinarily would be the sort of thing that you could spend some It's been a hundred million dollars, making commercial showing that you were not fit for the office, because you won't answer very plain questions about very significant facts. That few there are questions like have you seen up? Did you stop beating your wife that are not legitimate? Will you packed the Supreme Court based on very, very public proposals to do just that from the leading intellect in the light of your party in your coalition is again me now. The question is: will this perspective? The Susan Hennessy Perspective is gonna haunt the press corps that is so desperate to have trump out of office in every way, shape or form
form the dare gonna say you know what, where we really are. You know what we're tipping are where we are putting our fingers on the scales here. We don't wanna, make bide, look bad and we're not gonna make bud look bad, but I did notice yesterday on Twitter that Jake, Tapir and various other people are saying gladdened tests. Or of the Washington Post. Can he really get away tests, so I dont know if I dont know if it kids dad directing directly at pine. Do you know how you do they do that the house can get. It was wet everywhere. They ask me of ordinarily they would all be on a plane with them five hours a day he's not going anywhere there. There is no interface them, didn't it they do it? They could do it every night on their on their prime time. People knew shows just like they did appropriately. Think demanding the Trump releases tax returns, like all the norms the trunk broke as president the things he was not transparent about the the
religions of the UN and the untruths, all of those have been called to the carpet, that is the job of the media right, that's the presses role and it shouldn't matter if the cat it has a d or an hour after his name, but we do know it does. But in this case this is, not even a matter of lake, releasing complicated tax records. This is a yes or no question, for I correct the correct me if I'm wrong, but as of the earth, this has changed in the last two weeks, but as of September, twenty third calmly Harris had not held a single press conference or entertained a gamble with reporters. Thank God. He wretched sure she continues to stonewall, the press and there's been some consternation, but not nearly enough to make her stop doing. That will again the question. What is that this is where I am? I am genuinely confused because of the
nature of this race. We have this very interesting presidential race that is focused in a way that it has never been focused before on the parson, Andy Behaviour and the personal conduct of one of the candidates, meaning trump. This is an election that he wants to focus on himself and his rival also wants to focus on himself on him, and so we have this weird situation in which and of course the car the virus then interrupting the normal flow of how campaigns are run and Any individual thing, aside from the virus, gonna break out as the sort of thing that could make people
hey. I don't know I you know I'm an undecided folder, but I really don't like that. He won't answer the question about packing. The court. When you know Trump is gonna, go on Tucker Karlsson Show, and you know what gets kind of remote medical examination by pseudo doktor mark his eyes he's a real doctor, but a pseudo yeah. I was pseudo diet, Diagnostician Mark Siegel over the overall television honestly, that this is the most surreal moment so far of the term presidency. The idea that the leader of the free world thinks that the country wants to watch old man get a physical on live television thick agent, Cairo and that you won't have a virtual debate, but he'll have a virtue. I mean honestly, I don't really got no right at night, but I will not be turning this redefines. Telemedicine like this is a new form of telematic Tucker Karlsson tonight, telemedicine practice of doktor mark seagulls. So my point is that
time trump does it like binds like I'm, not gonna, answer that question and then, and then let's say they pressed him every day, does even that break through Justice general referendum on Trump personally, ok, no external front will not allow it to break the rum wants, referendum on tromp personally, as one he's going to lose apparently, but he cannot stop doing that. Its use compulsory is compelled, do that that doesnt mean that this core packing thing that use entertaining is flirting with, isn't gonna, be a political liability for him, especially if he won the election. The ambiguity You can't use entertaining hearings allowing two to just sort of existence. Either the bills gonna come Do it's not gonna come do from the right or the left
The man he make good on a lot of these promises are ambiguous writ refusals to reject their servers. Let me throw this issue close Senate races. All over the country. Right, I mean they're. A weird weirdly, close addresses in place of the Republican should be like walking away with reelection bids, and all of that, maybe they can use it. What? If this? What, if binds refusal to answer this question, means that diskettes evaded to a national level. To the extent that they are demanded in the in debates or whatever their going through with their democratic rivals who are try, to win in states ordinarily, they would have no difficulty rate being re elected in a Republican. So therefore, the Democrats are theoretically not on the left of the Democratic Party, but turnip appear as moderates and kind of liking. Just I'm just like a good guy here I just want to have health care and all that it's like
Where do you stand on court packing? The head? Your ticket won't say where you are, but if you go there, you're gonna have to be a reliable vote. You're gonna have to vote for, are you you gonna vote for it? If they ask you for it, and maybe it can get some kind of purchase there with de they're talking about changing the composition of the Supreme Court for first time in a hundred and sixty years and you're just gonna stand, there is some freshmen and let him do it. Is you? Don't have the spine to stand up you now to the Washington Swamp or whatever, especially relevant, for Linsey, Graham and Sue Collins? Why? Just now, but Joanie earned stemming Joanie Ernst is locked in a tough grace and I've been there. These weird tough races like a bug montana, you know their races where, where, if the Democrats actually work too, if there were to be a real wave, Democrats could be pushed over the top in place that that's what happens at waves pushed over the top and
their places in Georgia, in, as I say, Montana and various other place. So it's a it's it's a weird moment, so maybe it can't hurt Biden, but if Biden doesn't handle it better, maybe it could hurt down enough down ticket. Now, let's let me let me pull back and talk to guys about today's sponsor the Bradley speak series from the Bradley Foundation because, as we all here every day, Americans are navigating through several unanticipated crises this year and we the people. The Bradley Speaker Series is a new video series of offers, insights and ideas on the current challenges. we face from some of the remarkable organizations the Bradley Foundation support. So if you visit Bradley, EFTA and DOT org slash liberty to watch their most recent episode featuring renowned education, expert, Frederick, ass you're, gonna
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active social unrest on the working environment and what the outcome of the elections means for education. That's Bradley with an Ellie. Why, at the M F De Am Dot org, slash liberty and watch the video new episodes? Will they be weekly so comeback, often and subscribe to their Youtube channel to be notified whenever new one is posted and we thank the Bradley Foundation for sponsoring the Commentary magazine podcast. So in Michigan yesterday we learned that there was a plot against a governor Gretchen Whittemore that was infiltrated them broken up by the by the FBI. Indictments were issued and Christine get lit, let's
Let's get some flavour of what was going on their mothers there's a lot. We still don't know about the political views and beliefs of this very strange group, and some of them appear to have been reached. two militia member other people at and militia groups in Michigan we're all clearly, others by the way were had bunches of videos up which should them. You know, ranting and raving about all government. anarchy is flag, so that would seem to signal you know a kind of a different sort of world view than what we traditionally think. I've only think of like white nationalist militias for a simple, and so they were obviously did. But, but what it reminded me of, though, was actually that number two You say that the kind of generalised hatred of the federal government, in particular, or of the exercise of government authority on individual citizens, that sort of anger which which with unfortunately always had a sort of
little bit simmering in the United States, was driven returned all the way up to ten. With this group in Michigan because of the D Harsenet, the harshness of the restrictions that were in place that state their obvious loathing and hatred of the governor and then I mean I think we have to also acknowledge the rhetoric around here that some of the rhetoric that trump his isn't a shade. He wants you to Haiti in all these states liberate Virginia Liberate, Michigan, let I mean he had a whole list of of that's really? We need to slow down and say that there was a tweet trump did two words capital letters with an exclamation point that said liberty. Michigan, and he did it with a lot of other state is dead, but he did liberate Michigan. Of course, there was Gretchen. Whittemore was the governor who was tagged with having a champion emergency measures that included things like
You couldn't cell seeds right right because either you couldn't you couldn't by seeds at a big box store or something like that, and so the measures that were written in were like shockingly, and bizarre Lee inconsistent amount. Sensible. You know what it was that was being. It would worry that people were being a forbid of forbad too do. You have asked so shamefully about eleven gets point and jails. It didn't apply them fairly, because her own husband was breaking a lot of these rules during the time that they should be telling the public debt followed, but Michael This is really serious. We do not. We also have recent pull up a large scalpel. I think whose from Pew talking about whether or not american sink violence is a justifiable thing to engaging in order to pursue one's political beliefs and that number has doubled.
and that is extremely worrying and we ve talked a lot of them by cost about political violence. I don't care what They did it cause they loved from patron paid all government or anarchist or anti for this it's not something we should tolerated in it shouldn't matter whether you, whether the person target, in this case a democratic of her Hasn t or in our next her name is unconscionable, and we should all be condemning it, and I think the fact that there has been a lot of trade. To explain away. What's going on and again, we still have limited information right now as to what these guys thought they were doing and wanted to do and the FBI for the infiltration in the end, the indictments, that's great news, but this is we're going on elsewhere. In the country to- and I think we shouldn't, especially as conservatives who often eater, ignore or try to explain away the that brightening violence, it's real it's a problem and it should be condemned any time it happens. First of all, if you're, organizing and recruiting support for a tear, First, plot online: your conversing with the FBI, nine months,
tat, you should assume that you weren't operator is fed, but to the point that you mean Christine about Donald Trump sort of contributing to this atmosphere, I dont think you can simply dismiss that when this occurred- and you haven't to your credit, but some have and when this occurred, the president issued this tweet. form than I thought, was really rather abhorrent. Yes, yesterday yesterday, where, if she he sort of blame her for being the target of a kidnapping plot where he went off about how you know, just as you say, He applied all these, your coney and measures and didn't apply them fairly and that's actual, that's really true and win. Some others were protest it now. She it was covered in them
string presses, though that was applied to overthrow the government in waiting and then she would. You know she went off in and said that this is gonna, be some. If this keeps happening, there's gonna, be it's gonna, just keep going lock and will keep going suggesting that it was a punitive aspect. Towns, which I don't think you can dismiss. Nevertheless, the president says after they foiled this dangerous plot. He says he called them. My justice Department foil this plot and end the president. You shoot she should be thanking me for this effort and that she's not she decided to call me a white supremacist in and what have you this is. This is contributing to the condition, tat, sort of catastrophes and contributing to the conditions that lead to this plot against you, so you should open up your state over schools, open up your churches and then maybe this sort of thing all happens. You anymore. I dont think that you can read that any other way, but yeah
saying that door unlocked. If you dont want someone to break into your house, I began to learn and enforcement is not an endorsement. It's an explicit rejection of violence, it is nevertheless it understands where you're coming from twenty five years ago, Bill Clinton got his political sea legs back after having been knocked on his Dario by the ninety nine before mid term elections by connecting the violence that it out the key. The evil of the Oklahoma City, a federal building bombing too slim bar and talk radio, and this became a talking point. It was irresponsible and horrifying that he did this and so but it it it helped him get his sea legs back and it went on from there in two thousand and eleven when Gag Congress, woman, Gabriel Giffords was shot,
in Arizona. Remember the press tried to tag Sarah Palin with responsibility for that, because she there was an image on her way site or something she had tweeted out of a gun site or a site on something or other. Also outrageous, shocking and disgusting, and so conservatives have a long history of having to deal with liberals trying to tag them and tat us with responsibility for terrorist acts and, for you know, horrible militia ideas and things like that The problem here is that Trump is partly responsible. I dont know how else to say this: he put out a tweet that said, liberate Michigan and a bunch of people who look
language, like that decided they were going to kidnap the governor, to try to liberate Michigan, and he is the present United States. It's not it's, not a former governor of Alaska with a website with an image somewhere. It's in his name on twitter. Ten million people read it if twenty five people get triggered by it, he has to share some of the responsibility and the very fact that he said yesterday what he said indicates that he continues to share some responsibility for it, and I take no pleasure in saying this because I think that there has been up. There has been a habit over the last three and a half years for blaming
prompt for things that Trump is not responsible for, simply because liberals want to say that everything that Trump does is evil and clean, including the words in the end. He can then every breath he takes him is evil and all that, but not this hee hee hee. If he gets tag for it, he deserves and and it was terrible when he was doing it at its term. both now and we have literally a clear case of of it in a post, HAWK Ergo prompter HAWK thing happening. That's real! There is also this just as the pandemic, and the lock down and the massive distortions that they have wrought across the reality of our country created conditions to give rise to black lives.
violence and riots and anti and all that it will and has, and will continue to do, the same to all sorts of assorted, extreme groups that have been simmering for fur. You know at a decade or so, including you NEO, Nazis and sovereign citizen movement, which which some of these Wolverine Watchman kind of remind me of a little bit and though she listened anarchists of every stripe. I mean these big. We are. These are the conditions under which these extreme fringe groups thrive and decide tat. One that's why I think the other comment that Trump has made fairly recently that that speaks to your point John and yours ape. Is these stand by and stand down? That is an order. you issue to people who you think you have some control over their actions right. That start, you
say, knock it off, like don't think don't do this. This is not appropriate and will be Anyone who tries to or even thinks about a raven reaches out to aid and under cover of the age of online, to do it, and we should stand by and send out to the broad boys and that that that was really, and that was bad as well, because, again it it's implying a relationship that, even if it's not their trumpet has the concede that it would be good if it was out of Ireland or stay. I didn't understand it. Then I didn't understand that restoring the no mention from yesterday either and we should be able, as conservatives to say, political violence and we ve taught me the congressional baseball shooting political violence can come from any direction at any time. It can be a group motivated. It can be a single individual, it it. It is a reality and we shouldn't. We should be What trunk should have said is that if you do, if you don't like we're going
witness doing. We have a process for dealing with that in mind. It had already started images. People have taken her to court over the seriousness of the restrictions and whatnot process, an instant oceans are. What matter here and it's another, unfortunately, is another sign of the deterioration of people's trust in their own institutions to temper the extremes, even when their elected officials doing right, look, there's an important aspect of this, which is that from the beginning of the of the corona outbreak, when we were talking on this podcast cast Noah and we also have agreed that the good the public wouldn't be able to stand living under these conditions. for a very long and that something things would what would happen bright and the interesting
thing is that when there have been these extra governmental responses, let's say or work work, you know crazy, weird off kilter responses to block down the consequence of them has been to deepen the consensus in favour of the lock down, not to be give a voice to the necessity for the locked down to end to say: look people are being driven crazy. We better stop this now, but to say well in a weird way. The these bull, make it necessary for us to continue to walk down, even though there is obviously no relation between this kind of a criminal civil d,
obedience or whatever you want to call it or terrorism and whether or not schools should be reopened or small businesses should be opened, but the practical effect of the embrace of disorder by people who followed tromp, you know fistfight over masking and stores you wanna have masking for five years, be the sort of person who pelops a is ends up being somebody who punches somebody in the face for thanking you put your mask on in Walmart that deepens the lockdown. It doesn't liberate the locked at which an odd way means that people dont have as general rule don't have a total lack of faith in their governmental institutions. It's like I, have these two choices neither have this utter anarchy where people are demanding that they get for you know,
a punch. Anybody who says anything or I've got Andrew Cuomo and may be between the two. I kind of pick Andrew. If you ve, given me polar choices by Bruno. If I've a binary choice, I'm not a pic Andrew Cuomo over the Michigan Wolverines who want to kidnap Gretchen Whittemore. You know, so that's that that's the horror of this situation. It's like what's going on here in New York, this Andrew Cuomo said this horrible thing about how synagogues are causing disease and he'll closer and closer schools and schools. There's always evidence that schools aren't super spreading. Anything's is all nonsense, but then you know a couple of people. Small group of of people in the heredity community in Brooklyn then go ran, acting like wounds and beating up reporters and stuff like that. You think that helps make the point that Cuomo need.
To stand down on the lock down and let people practise their faith it as the total opposite effect. Aside from being evil Abe, you're seeing Europe your ear by, I feel that I I'm I'm suppressing her natural would volunteer. No are you I don't want anything to add. Tat. Now whenever these things pop up. If you, for example, if you are a few torch herself by following Andrew, almost twitter feed when he brings up such an incident of individual resistance to squaring and locked down the entire What are you waiting for arrest? These people make it happen for us we get the police on on the road to get everyone to wear a mask when it's exactly what you said. It is all these things give people evidence that we need much a month
your hand of God in the government, look the guy who is at fifty two percent in the poles who is leading, I believe, were now at almost a ten percent abiden led in the regular politics and five thirty eight averages, ten percent and solidly over fifty percent in the polar judges is everywhere he goes. He says I want a national mask mandate. We are seven eight months into this thing. The one thing that unites the people who hate the walk, downs and everything or like the visceral thing that drives everybody crazy, is mascot But it's clearly a deep minority view, because the guy who was actually scoring absolute majorities and support across the country is calling for a now. small, mask mandate, ok, well, there's a little just have put some clarity to that position, because the button campaign has been all over them,
When the campaign tweets, it says national Mass mandate when, while Harris and others as natural, that national Mass mandate, when Joe Biden has pressed on this issue at an embassy in his town hall, whereas the federal authority for the president to impose such a thing, Joe Biden, confesses, none does not exist. You can impose such a thing RO property, but no further. What he can do, he says, is call every governor into the White House and compel them to adopt a mandate at the state level, but he also concedes that probably most the gunners dynamics, country wooden, pretty debate in such a thing. So he's more nuanced. On that, that's a new! that is lost in press coverage of it because we're allergic to that kind of a discrepancy. But Joe Biden has sort of softened that position so far ass. He can't get it done. He would like to see it, but you can't happen, he doesn't it
the authority. He says national mass it'll look Harris on Harris during the debate said on day. One Joe Biden is going to repeal the Trump tax cuts like a cat. Repeal the tax governance twas her those are from tax cuts are law, a law has to be passed to repeal them and replace them with something else like like.
They'll say anything, so it doesn't matter whether he has the power to do. But he didn't say anything he could have just said: yeah National Mass mandate, because no one's gonna column on it, because how many people understand cynics anymore, but he didn't, he was more circumspect, discredit I'll, have the guts to his credit. I always say whether or not he is circumspect over and I'm just saying that the forces, the pro lockdown the protein of the forces that are are there to things like people who were who think this is horrible for children, that schools are being closed, particularly given the fact that there is no evidence, the schools spread corona virus and it's obviously bad for education, for development for socialization everything else and bad for women who have to work
You know, it seemed to be disproportionately burdened by what is going on here, and small businesses are being destroyed. All of that stuff right, that's the that's the serious part, then the serious part could throw Biden and the walk down fundamentalist on their heels. Instead, what talk radio and everybody talks about is masking and they have pulled this to a fairly well. They have focus group that at what they know, is that him saying I want a national mass mandate is good. It's good for him, that's why he says it is not saying it. He wouldn't have to say that all its a positive- and my point here is that the the populist revolt against the lock downs has failed and the the terrorist revolt against the walk downs has.
If anything, it has done nothing but solidify the doldrums that we are- and we just get a report this morning- that the Broadway Theatre industry Broadway, is closing until June of twenty twenty one. You know it is dead, it's gone it. This is. This is it. This is a billion dollar industry that supports billions of dollars and tourism in New York state, and they are basically they have said. Where were we were, were done? There is no seas and there will be no Broadway season movie theatres remain closed, their eyes because releasing movies, because New York in California are closed. We are living through a nightmare, cultural, political tore it whatever everywhere. Because of this, and these as as is always the case,
terrorism when it is a failure, all it does is strengthened the argument against it not not not cause the forces of that their fighting to their knees, something but that's that's potentially very scary. Reality, though that is that this translates into because if, as you save II, the populist revolt against lockdown masking, as is failed, and will in fact only make things worse this translates into a message of so shut up and take it or it'll or ory. It's gonna get worse. That is that Then I'm in the cycle never adds that creates a sort of powder keg environment. Right, look again, you know this is. This, has now become a
you know a guy servile unload on tromp after a good half hour of one loading on Biden, but if the president were able to make an argument that appropriate argument that, country needs to reopen that doesn't involve him saying that it's ok. You know that that that the governors who support Lockdown- maybe they should be kit- they eat up daily winking at the idea. get out. They're gonna have a lot of trouble if they keep doing this or whatever it. If there were a debate in this country between locked down and loosening
in which there was a serious communicant on on both sides that maybe we can have a debate about it as it is. There is no debate because the person who s the lead, the debate is in constant and steps on on the message and then, of course, has no. It has no real interest in any of this because he is now wrapped in a psycho drama. Was own devising about what's gonna happen over the next month and whether he can turn things around and whether he can somehow turn his disease into upon there than whether he can hand out drugs and whether he can do this and do that and storing in the ultimate reality show of all reality shows witches. Can he win reelection with awe?
of these headwinds against him, and you know like an m and stage the greatest come back in history of cutbacks, and that means that he'll do anything any two hours to our cement will do something else. He'll talk about this, I ll talk about that every five seconds it'll be something else as well recording this is, I think, guess toasting brush limber he's. No it isn't he having a virtue. This low interest emerged is that for aiding valley the having comes as a cost? virtual valley, which is what we call appearing on a radio talk show now, apparently it's guy doesn't have any real to it now. But it's like an idle
It's like video online virtual rallies by appearing on a radio talk show. So I guess when I'm on a radio talk, show I'm up I'm actually having a rally this. As you know, you know people. Obviously pod casts Campi rallies, but you know the talk, Shokhin can be a rally. I mean the guest centrally. You know it's just this its he's. Just it's the throw stuff against the wall and see what's Dixon what a work the problem is, of course, he won't give anything enough time to see if it weren't, which you have We do have to take a bath focus, we're talking about this earlier privately, that will he take the policy debate that was just dangled in front of him, like a like wronged me in front of a lion at the zoo right, which is the twenty Fifth Amendment commission she's just now, she's convening that which is just literally bait for trot, will he resist that date?
latin. My monies are no, but you think he's not gonna take the boat. No, I think he is gonna take debate on Tucker girls into night, while we while he live stream to call and ask appear something I don't know, but he no way he has that kind of discipline. He clearly Emmi he's. You know he's off the least we are but I'll be fun. I mean There is an interesting thing with the twenty four the member which is like all these people say the twenty fourth member has failed because it turns out it. Too hard to to stage a note to stage a kind of a constitutionally legal coup against the president according to MAX boot, it's terrible. It's terrible that the trade for the member makes it really difficult for unelected aids of the president to me
the president step down from office for awhile, which are we should really make it a lot easier, now really important that, at a time of deep political instability max boot gets to pick, the president is trust, mad edited MAX boat. You don't want him to pick. The president is anyway with that we can now call the weekend we can. We can wish you a wonderful weekend for those who were virtually celebrating so hot. Rod tonight's, please said that a dance, your heart out in your living room or in socially distant small gatherings of less than fifty people and dab. Everybody else have a wonderful weekend and we will be two on Monday, even though it is a holiday, we will in fact have Asia have a podcast. What will call it will call at Columbus Day but you're, not
we allowed to call at Columbus daily more. They have not officially changed it. Rather, they have not now. we're institutional ever well in New Jersey, we're institutionally never say never worry you ve colic, lumber stag closely. Can we get outlawing club is dead? thank you very much, and I have made from the power of Tina closer to ensure that the traditions percentage, ok, with that for four, no, for we traditionalists here no across David may about job outwards, gave the gavel burning.
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