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Can We Remain Calm About Cops, Iran, and Variants?

2021-04-12 | 🔗
Eliana Johnson of the Washington Free Beacon joins the podcast today to discuss the recent shooting near her hometown of Minneapolis, the worry about the South African variant, and how liberals are reacting to the degrading of the Iran nuclear program. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine barely podcast these Monday April, twelfth twenty twenty one. I am job words. The editor commentary Christine Rosen, is out this week. thus in her stead today? Washington, free beacon, editor Aliona, Johnson, hi Aliona. How are you John I'm doing well? How are you guys we're a good also with US executive editor, a green waldheim, Abe Hygiene and nor Rossman associate ever high Noah, I jump
Ellie ANA? You are a twin cities native and things are not good in the twin cities this morning, following a police involved, shooting and Yesterday, in a suburb of Minneapolis writers, at a neighborhood Minneapolis Brooklyn Centre, I'm not quite clear it is a suburb. but a supper rather than an animal, but yeah you're right? I did a night of rioting and looting taking, is in Minneapolis than the backdrop to the most recent shooting about which we don't have. A whole lot of details is, of course, Chauvelin trial, which others a tremendous amount of security, and my dad had been going in and said it just astonishing. The courthouse is totally barricaded, and so I think this side,
happen when the city is already a tinder box and did it it's not gonna, take much now for variety leading to break out in Minneapolis, just because of the emotionally and politically charged atmosphere during this trial. Great cause, you know, that's that's that sir. That's yea, as, as you were saying before you know like this, the city the tinder box. We we may been lulled into some money? Just it's been you no money, since the summer and the and the in other than the hottest points. In the summer the trial has started and, and so We are sitting in a country that could go up in any more and now I was speculating at some point that dumb,
surely the goings on in the court room it's itself rather than the verdict could trigger. You, know, riots and and and and terrible thing, particularly, I think when the when the defence starts staging its own case. Obviously the prosecutions making the case now and the defences is responding. As we talked about last week that and did the reasonably well in establishing that the the cause of death of of George Lloyd's death was was, was not an open and shut case that has been caused by Derek Shovin, our friend, Annie, Mccarthy, who does some of the best legal writing, particularly from the ripe in America. watching the trial has concluded that the that the prosecution did pretty well actually in establishing enough evidence, three grounds.
To say that dark Shoguns conduct with George Floyd was at least materially involved in his death to make the case that, while other factors, including his heart condition and drugs in this system, may have contributed that it's enough for the physical trauma that Floyd may been subjected to. Two have been implicated in his death to make the case according to criminal law, that children was responsible so alive it will last week were looking who work not just inclined to go along with the conventional wisdom, we're looking at this and sang whom their defences, the defence is getting a lot of admissions here, but but according to Andy, basically, that the stand by which to determine whether or not Chauvelin was responsible, is
Is lower than I would have thought, but you know he knows. Criminal law like the bag was hand was, was a? U S. Attorney now led Lee prosecutor in many high profile cases, and so I would die, would hesitate to argue with him on the front so jaunty. Your initial impression of how this would go is that the dispassionate conduct of justice in a criminal court would not have the effect that it traditionally does of sapping the enthusiasm among activists for the confirmation an restatement of their own conclusions about how this went and who was at fault in what's which had happened next, namely a violent response to social injustice,
do you still? I mean the evidence. We have suggested that the case, but he's still see that, as being the case were now, we can have into this trial me two weeks in the trial in nature, and we have a very methodological prosecutor, oral statement the evidence which seems to reinforce a lot of the conclusions of the act of his class, although not to the extent that you see them restated in the streets and but we haven't got into the defence of Asia Do you still see that this I'll, whenever its outcome has the is, is will be the cause or more social unrest, both in Minneapolis elsewhere. Oh sure, I mean I, I think that there. The words things nothing that can happen in the course of this trial to avert that outcome. Yeah, I'm in seven children can be found guilty on all charges and then- and then
that won't happen. If we do not because because you can already seeing melina- might want to talk about this from. In episode that we saw last night, where you know you have a lot of people out in the streets protest aid the shooting other of another black motorist, regardless of the conditions that precipitated that an end having the very limited knowledge of what happened last night, the the events you seem a little ambiguous, but the conclusion that was reached by the protesters was not ambiguous and was immediate and confirmed their briars and resulted in and unrest. So even if there was a conviction on all counts, it's not gonna, be be maximum list. Connection he's not going to connect murder one so I was never somethin well. What I mean is that is that
the the notion that the trial happened in it was done, and then the result is the result of that. People who otherwise would have rioted was the result and they saw it. Obviously that drains the energy out of any riding in response that whether other events happened that create a mood and at the one of the weird things about what happened in Brooklyn Centre yesterday. Was it was preceded by this other story in Norfolk, Virginia at another guy in a car park. pulled over em. If you watch the enough, you watch the footage and all of that you basically were seeing a eight to police officers, one of whom lost at an end and in the course of a
in the course of a meeting with a driver who was talking to him luck- Police officer like he was eight four year old, having a tantrum because he was so. It in a store, like a parent with a four year old, just trying to figure out how to get out of this before everything exploded and everything that he said, and everything that he did was only causing the author to go more. To get more and more and more heated and to start doing things like sprang up in the eyes with you know,
answering them and sprang the as with pepper spray for the sin of not getting out of his car, which he clearly did want to do, because he thought the sky was crazy and could do just about anything. That was a predicate to what happened on Sunday cause that stuff came out on Saturday. So we have something that, may I mean that officer was fired yet yesterday by the Norfolk police departments. some that was like a clear case of like something where you're like. Oh my god, like you know such that this- that this this cop lost it and this guy could a gunshot and he did everything right, including like not getting car her paw
over in a lighted areas so that their wasn't gonna be any ambiguity about what was going on and all of that, and you know, I had thought when the trial began, and I thought this even in advance of the trial of bracing myself. For this, I thought that we were going to see more more unrest from the start of this throughout. I thought, as news trickled out from the trial that that itself would as a lot more unrest in protest Then we ve seen at all. In fact, it's it's! It's taken up the. Lee shooting or a war. Would it in combination with the predicate case the judges described for there to be any any response at all I have to think that the reason I had thought in advance that it was going to provoke much worse reaction all throughout the trial, and
is because I was still sort of trained by the Trump years I think had trouble still been in office. There would be a sort of atmosphere attention to it all that would have produced the kind of relentless explosive reaction that we haven't really seem to it up. Until this point, I think I think it is important to media- would have been contributing to it in a way that would have provoked. That It's possible! That's a good theory there very briefly, but the count when we see these very high profile, trials where every moment of it is being broadcast in dissected and the evidence is being presented to the public in a prosecutor, your fashion, it does drain the passion from the moment? That's what happened during the the tree by Martin killing trial. I forget his name. Zimmermann were a lot of people in the press expected vial.
After that. Have been in, there was none in part, because we were all privy to the proceedings every moment this was dissected and we were all presented with the ambiguities and the definitive conclusions, and we came to a definitive determines the conclusion based on the evidence not lack evidence, the lack of evidence is what precipitated kind of violent outbursts I also wonder this: this is like a trial of the century. I, U noise and sixth grade when that, when the odes, a trial went down, and I remember you know every nightly newscast. We lived in a world that was less fragmented, and so we were. I remember my parents tuning in every night to like you now watch an hour on O J, and I here inquired Urban travel is making the news, but it's not in the same evening, sort of all consuming way that the
that the OJ case did because there are so many more sources of information, and I wonder the extent to which the people inclined to protest. This stuff are actually following the granular details of the trial, which is why I think John, maybe right that there there could be We might only see reaction when we get the result right or or if the defence says something that is particularly provocative during its its moments when it's running the the art when it's running the show that that's that was my my supposition was that, because its broadcasts, because, because you can serve see, other things are going on you know a clip of half a sentence of the defence lawyer, saying something could yet we see it on social media could trigger anything. You now so what,
matter. Here is the verdict. There was a I am sure that the OJ verdict had gone. The other way could have led to you now. Extreme civil unrest, even though that was a case in which, though its clear people serve, some people clearly serve wanted him to get off that was some one in the later learned, but I'm here with someone didn't I mean maybe what his, but what happened was indefensible, among other things, that the entire country saw him fleeing right. Who saw him trying to. We saw a sea collins driving in that Ford Bronco. You know down the highway and up and up in a low speed chase seeming to without look to flee to Mexico or something so so that was more ambiguous case than this, even if the case against our children is weaker than
A lot of the then a lot of the activists and people seem to think it is But in that I mean that's. The the highest profile example of prosecuting moral bungling made the whole country was very to the moment when the prosecution fail to prove its case, and it was so glaringly obvious that they had failed in their pursuit of this of convincing the jury. discharge that everybody everybody knew it everybody it. Could you couldn't say. Well I mean that wasn't that wasn't so bad! It was terrible everybody knew it. So it maybe took a little bit of the sting out of what a lot of people think was and remains a gross injustice. Because the conduct of justice was not definitively pursued by the prosecution, so look eyes. Your hearing me on this podcast right now, but I am, I am tasked with it. I'm I'm charged with the task of
suggesting to you that you listen as I've been telling you every week to dancing oars Post, Corona podcast the most interesting new podcast, the last less everyone's. From my perspective, the portrait attempt to look and at America in the world after krona and what the causes are gonna be, and the reason that this is weird for me to be doing this is that I am the guest this week, post corona? So since you listen to me here, you may say to yourself: Why should I listen to you? There, that's, five hours a week on the commentary podcast. Why should listen to them and the answer is the damn it. I have a pretty interesting and pretty original conversation about the future of cinema and, in particular, the future of theatre going and movie going to the multiplex in the wake of
g of of nearly a year in which many, if not most, of the theatres in the United States, were either shut down or or or closed in our intermittently or whatever and and these can at the same time that this happens. You also have massive conglomerate. Take overs a booby studios, in particular eighteen t, taking over one brothers, and an entirely new set of calculations on the part of the studios about what will make their money and what helps them, and it turns out that theatres don't help them very much. If what you're trying to do is give up the stock price, which is much benefited much more at the moment by looking like you're being successful in streaming than that you're making money at the Box office, and so
the second largest studio has basically gone with him, with a strategy to maximize its streaming content, and this may destroy movie theater. If you like me with ears, you really, why don't want that to happen in this maybe a natural trend after a century of movie going we talk about all this is pretty interesting. I'm following in you know, I'm following in the footsteps of. much better podcast, with desk, seen or heard far as I'm concerned, like the one with Neil Ferguson on previous That makes the one with Billy being on the history on what's gonna happen with sports and the one with thy unity Dearie israeli entrepreneur about, but how Israel succeeded so wildly with its vaccination campaign so that dancing those posts Corona get it at apple. Podcast stature, Google play
get your fine, podcast and torment yourself with my voice, yet a little more this week or enjoy it either way, it's up to you so now I add, inside, I wouldn't call it victory lab time for you what my colleague vitriolic time for people who can actually claim the victory lap. But this weekend the Natanz nuclear Enrichment facility in IRAN was seriously hit with a black out. That seems too. have been much more than a black out and, of course the immediate thought is that Israel has has worked its it. Some secret will yet again to retard and degrade IRAN's nuclear programme, and it happened in interesting moment has of course, last week began the talks
In a feeling out talks about how to restore the IRAN deal with the United States and Secretary Defence, what Austin was in Israel when the strike when this I do call it a strike when this action of some sort that appears to have taken the time out by destroying its independent power plant, I think I'm China between the lines with full unclear, but apparently Natanz has its own it's off the power grid and it has its own power facilities and somehow those were dealt with in some fashion in a way that will make it impossible for thee. sent, refuses to spend and refine the uranium for several months, at least, and no are you we so do you consider this part
We the we're talking about how you were victory, lapping last week, saying let America would do anything to get back the deal and now did this happen, because America was turning back, the deal we don't even get. I mean that that might be a structure for the young by me. Quite possibly I mean that the General Sir Physical location and the timing of these events make hard to see this as anything other than a pray unsettle message to the administration. Nevertheless, I will take a that relies on the time why, last week and Thursday briefly mention this just to lighten the mood at the end of the show, but all revel in it. A little bit more last week, I noted that the administration on back- I was telling reporters that their desire to them ministrations fondest desire to see some sort of a framework in place before the June elections and ran in order to give the suppose it moderates in the regime something to campaign. On into blunt
the ever looming threat of hardliners from coming to power, because the hardliners are always on the verge power and they don't want to deal, and anybody who is against a deal is a hard line or, and so the hardliners need to have seen us back down, and so we need a framework place, an easier way to do. That would be too for the switch on sanctions, because Her stay a good faith effort to move towards the west in the United States by ran women involved. The enrichment or the shuddering of centrifuges, which pays little more involved than just turning off sanctions or the administration did within twelve hours of running, that post was commit to the easing of sanctions that are not consistent with the twenty fifteen. agreements. That was my little victory laughed. The timeline since then was that the the
I think it was the following day that ran celebrated the that reopening of more centrifuges, furthermore, enrichment capacity, and that was followed the day after by this strike sabotage. ever you want to call it, but so the timeline is the vital illustration says, we wanted deal and says it's all or nothing. They buy an administrate it gives a little bit around takes a little bit, and then Israel acts in defence of its own national interests Perhaps titty frustration abiding demonstration officials, because there till in the press as soon as they could that this was an israeli operation from this- is really forces under the buzzing around the shrill subsidy subsequently confirmed it everything that you thought was going to happen with this administration. If you're a critic of the process, the goddess the Jesse peeling, twenty fifteen has happened. They have behaved precisely as their critics
and they would- and we have no indication to suggest they're, not gonna, keep doing that. They're gonna keep behaving. In the same way that we saw Wendy Sherman, behave as much as we think Anthony Lincoln's, more sober actor in the state department. The state department is the states of Europe and they will continue Pursue the same kind of procedures and methods and processes that they always have today at the expense of. In our view, the United, its national interest in the interest of our allies in the region, not just of Israel, but the city states. So ass. I now much again, the Obama administration, the outcome of what divides US administration is trying to do is predetermined, The timing is not, but I have no doubt that they will get back into the deal We can already see them lowering. Bar in there on the campaign trail abiding said he wanted to strengthen deal Tony blinking unfold,
the Senate the same thing a few weeks ago and lo and behold, going into these indirect negotiations with the iranian Rob Molly. comes out in and says that they merely want to get back into the existing deal so gone is the you desire to strengthen the deal. Maybe not the desire certainly there are willing to up by the Iranian through on this, and I think I can interested the administration, the high level policymakers in this administration are dry. being towards an end, all getting back in the deal that the ring, file officials in the State Department agree with the Trump team you know was thwarted by. By many of those people who simply didn. didn't share their views on global affairs
I don't work Mariposa Agile and make up a point about the matter of Israel's Israel and timing here, if Israel's behind the explosion and the blackout it at the time is right I know who was his throat or often yet ripe. There is already a man and a year competition going on guys. You know that about this is that you know. Americans tend to view this. As you know, the prism of you know how I is Israel, responding to what a man it is up to here with IRAN. Iran is a perpetual threat to Israel and Israel is prepared, truly therefore working on plans to frustrate and retards Iran's nuclear programme and its defence is generally, and It works on these high tech F continuously- and it is
times. It has only window of opportunity to act. To put these plans into motion that I think is a lot more determinant of wet. they act and how they act. Then then try. To send some sort of devil, by other means message to the: U S or other people engaging in IRAN. I mean, I think I think, that's a very important point and I was to flip and cutesy and and reducing this by mentioning that, obviously, the whole point about this- these are incredibly dangerous. Incredibly, tricky operate songs that involve is it looks like I'm in this is not something where you flip flip a switch. There was probably sabotage involved, which means you have to have people on the ground, which means you got people on the ground in a hostile country with a very powerful
very strong and very broad, penetrating army and and and and Vienna special forces, and all that who have to be alluded than you have to somehow ex fill those people that do that operation were fine. get them out of harm's way and all of that, like the notion that you're, like all avoid us, it's gonna, be here on Saturday. Let's let send them the message when it out when we can that served, not the adults like you might hear. Oh, you know the guard a tower too. Oh his his son is getting married and so he'll be drunk that night I mean it could be. We don't even know about. It That's probably Wang like will rise and kill first, the history of them aside and now you may I run burglars that re Bergmans right, because now it you ain't you all these different factors that you wouldn't think about an end.
So are things I'm in surprise, I think of them aside a sort of this totally fearsome indestructible forced like they make a statement. they do, and things didn't work a lot of them and ass. I that's been one unless fascinating, take a ways Exactly. I think, garden tower to you now drawn young ones. are likely to be a factor that asked in running right I mean. But what is what is important? Is the liberal reaction a little bit His first of all, we had an editorial in the New York Times on Friday, published deliberately, obviously to sort of help, push forward the case that the negotiations back into The J C p away were valuable and import.
by saying that the Trump strategy has failed maximum pressure, as it was called, has failed and its failure. We need to try another strategy how its failed. We don't really know like it's not clear to me what standards glittering looking at the New York Times as peace says it does It doesn't make sense why you know IRAN's economy is hurting the more than IRAN's economy hurts the harder, and it is the more costly it is. An opportunity cost terms for them, spend all the money that they want to spend on on their nuke your programme. So you no part of the point here, is to raise two ray the pain level. You can't stop them from doing what they might do illicit. We accept the way that Israel is apparently doing but you can certainly put them in a puzzle
in which every time they have to make a decision, they have to make a decision. That means they're, not gonna, do something else with the money that they have an that's part of the reason you have a pressure campaign, so you know that we have no evidence to suggest that there, failed in some fashion, and the argument that makes sense is that they ran went after the deal was abrogated, ran, engaged in enrichment of Europe. I am in a naked, blatant fashion that was verifiable and in it to the extent that you couldn't verified the terms of these c p away. That's arguable that nevertheless, they they went on in a region frenzy, not the argument that is being made by the people who are talking to the to the reporter some background about their objectives for these negotiations, which to soften the regime in twenty fifteen. Twenty sixteen waste as much brutal, repression and around the suppression of demonstrations in the streets of their material support for the US.
I presume that destabilization of Lebanon in Bahrain, Et Cetera, Et Cetera and so forth. That was supposed to be forthcoming when we fight Only sidelined the hardliners in Tehran and Washington DC according to break up of the Republican Party and that in the theocratic, Turann were two sides of the same coin, but the fact that their retreating back to that argument is a terrible sign, honourable sign, that I've learned absolutely nothing right. So, let's go let's go VON. From that to the response to the event itself, to the to the degrading of its enrichment facility. So. I just want to read you. One of the foremost spokesmen for nuclear non proliferation. Among liberals, former head of the ploughshares fund, which is dedicated to nuclear Non Proliferation, Joseph certain Scione here was his tweet on Sunday in response quote: Israel, humility,
humiliates the Secretary of Defence while he is visiting Israel by launching an illegal attack on facilities in another nation. It is not at war with that nation, but these attacks trying to scuttle Joe Biden, talks with that nation and drag us into war. Unquote, Israel is at war with the RON. I don't know what the hell was. The only is talking about here is real is at war Iran has declared its intention to destroy Israel and to drive it into the sea and to generate nuclear weapons in order to eradicate it. That was the stated policy of the President of IRAN must want to do the job for many years. This is the rhetoric that is used. They art war and The whole point is that they have to do what is necessary for them to prevent the worst possible outcome, which is IRAN, get
a bomb that it can then use against Israel. Now. Did you Elliot, Lloyd, Austin. We don't know what else look humiliated. Lloyd Austin for all we know is a guy who looks at this and says you know what this is. Probably pretty good like this gives us the you know, it's good, that IRAN's nuclear capacity is degraded like enough in the large scheme of things better, that IRAN's nuclear passages degraded than and that its marching and had full steam and then there's this other weird thing, which is people both who supported Arab, oppose. It acknowledge that IRAN's leverage has been degraded to some extent in this negotiation by fact that it isn't chart. It now has a problem of charging head. Why is it bad if IRAN leverages degraded in a negotiation with the it states where the United States we want to
have more leverage, then the person that were negotiated with low this is really terrible. You know the housing market just got a lot stronger. So when I'm negotiating to buy your house, I'm gonna have to give you a lot more money. That's really good glad that I'm gonna have to give you a lot more money to buy your house like that's how your spouse to react to the leverage problem, because the whole but this is this is the problem with tee, with, with the Iranian first time round and seven it's it's it's an imitation of a deal It's not a real deal right. It's it's the, but the point is to arrive at the appearance of a deal which has nothing to do with with leverage it's it's. It's getting to some version of a yes and that's it there is that there is a way, I mean this has been going on. You know in the course of my entire life, pretty much.
Are you dollars born in nineteen sixty one? So you know when I needed six, as it was the first nuclear of this, the first of nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, in whatever negotiation between the? U S and and and and the Soviet Union that would go on to salt salt. To start this, there is a among a certain type of foreign policy thinker. This is the be all and end all agreements deals NED transnational negotiations. This is what the world is made for this is how things are supposed to be. This is where a particular and then there's this whole argument, like we really need to do, is make deals with enemies. You don't need to make deals with friends because its enemies who threaten you, so if you can make your enemy someone they earn a deal, was then grades fantastic because then
bell you? Indeed, they were here to the same standards, and then you can turn your enemies into your friends, whereas what we know is that the enduring successes of the post war world are about deals that are made with friends right. Nato aussi on you know, even in Europe that we could Let us never ways the common market like these are new deal deals in negotiations that are made with countries a common interest in their eyes. Agnes Thick, because, of course, countries that are attacking this. They have absolutely no reason other than threats or danger to stay in a concord into make that Concord grow closer, but that is the opposite of the way that the foreign policies What has been trained to think from college onward about international relations, which is you deal with your enemies? Not your friends, and it is a weird set of calculations. I just to have to say to like be angry
That the person where negotiating with is in a worse position today than it was yesterday, and then you say that's terrible, but it's not. The worst thing could have happened, but you know I'm you know, maybe I'm, like you know criminally said oh here, but I don't even know that they think that the demonstration thinks it's gonna turn around. into our friends in the UK. The deal. I think I think it's that I think it's that they want credit for, resuming a deal and then Sid and doesn't matter how enough, but they rather not have to deal with it. You know, I regret gradually melt Milton ran afterward, but it doesn't really matter if ran used to it or not the future. So it's not like It's more like you know, someone wanting a picture with celebrity you. you dont, want to irritate them. You get in and out you want. You want to get the picture, leave them alone, Don't give them any reason to brush you off. You know that. That's that's the difference. I think
who's that the day we're talking about if the day is like the powers that be in the bite creation. I generally agree with that there's another day which is like you know: the left wing critics of the binding administration, which is Joe Servants, Yoni and Quincy Institute and Company and Adam of you guys, I've noticed by these people seem I believe that, on the whole America, America is more a force for bad things happening in the world, that it is a force for good and there for a deal that constrains America's actions and empowers other countries. China, we're on those a good deals from their point of view, and that's pretty precisely want at the? U S to go into this with less leverage. Again differentiating like the tony blanket of world from Josephine see is but
worth noting that the Tony Blair to the world they're getting their under a whole lot of political pressure from the left flank on this, and I think there have been Kristen article in jewish currents and the same article written in the New York Times in the same article, written and politico about Ben Roads is criticisms of the administration for not being back in the deal already really noticed. You know what I mean this is this is this is a very important point. It goes to a lot of liberal to left interest in international agreements. Take the Paris climate accords or something like that. Much of the thinking on Clay change is that we need international agreements to constrain the United States to put the United States it's a had lock, while because how else are are evil capitalists overlords going to be controlled?
in destroying our climate, somehow we need to go in and then be able. There have our president be able to say to you, know the frank, People thou sorry can do the same work as we made an agreement in the camp you now we gotta make sure that there is no no pipeline their causes with you. Now, I'm sorry, the hundred and forty seven countries signed this agreement and its just horrible now talking once again about energy, as I just did in IRAN, and all of that brings to mind the fact that this is a very, very peculiar, invest went and financial atmosphere that we find ourselves in as ever projected coming out of the pandemic and all of the kinds of an appeal, gold chains from right to left in the presidency. and that's why you gotta talk to our friends and read our friends and consider the advice of our friends at the bonds and group that the twenty billion dollar financially
when services firm by coastal, I David bonds and in his twenty eight colleagues use the the the most granular data, the most serious analysis and I'm an unparalleled understanding of the interplay between politics and policy. To give advice to clients and everybody else who may not even be their clients about what is going on both daily weekly and am annually in the markets in there to enter publications the DC today, dot, com and dividend cafe dot com- you ve heard me talk about them before go, find them the DC today that common and dividend cafe dot com, we're in a very weird moment we're going to talk about this in a minute. You know everything was looking fantastic until the yesterday or is maybe it's still looking fantastic. We got news that maybe there were
problem with the Pfizer vaccine and South Africa variant. What's that mean? How are you supposed to handle your finances when the issue of the possible escape from the vat the virus there may be no at least you're gonna hear from a lot of people that people are gonna start getting more nervous. unless the laboratory than they ve been over the last couple weeks. So the bonds and Group Dividend CAFE. I come the DC today welcome the antidote to the intellectual spaghetti that is the financial services industry. We thank them for sponsoring commentary podcast! So, yes very alarming headlines. Yesterday morning, South Africa Variant, resistance to the Pfizer vaccine supposedly is real how's. So the South Africa Variant is not the big variant that is exploding through the United States. That's the british variant, be one seventeen
the numbers, apparently of resistant israeli people who have been re whatever, because of the vat of because the It is like insanely, small, it's like a people or something like that. But so There are two things going on, one of which is apparently the early reporting on this was bad or war. It's very hard to understand these things because they're epidemiological longitudinal studies that involve complicated process. Its numbers- all that- and so it's hard to understand? But What I can gather- and I don't really understand- either it was not good at math, and I fully malins at his people- know apparently there was a misunderstanding of what these numbers might have meant corrections issued almost immediately about it. They're, not sometimes reporters, don't read the study
monopolies? Are you are you to believe yeah? I can't you now you, you know why do you hate Journalism Elliot really get? I want your making them feel unsafe were made Reporters feel unsafe, and that's really I they need to speak their truth you're. The thoroughness in unlike carefulness, is a characteristic of white supremacy culture. I'm sure he has no doubt okay, so Abe help me out here. If you can, let me look, You know you, even though, I'm very firmly in me. Let's stop uselessly scaring people about the virus. At a time when it looks like we are set to shut this thing down,
I am firmly in that camp. Sometimes when I saw the headlines as I go boy this is they. They finally got the bad news that, as you know, sort of knocking me back on my heels yeah. I'm not sure what to make of the of the of the the the breakthrough variant news. I do know that the understanding of what the percentages mean. It's been preposterous. There was a story in. That anything CNN Raw wrote. Yesterday, thanks They might you know if you ve vaccine is, ninety five percent of fact is. and then You know a hundred people, are flying in a plane or something of the sort. That means there.
Five will have the virus. It was a very strange way, two approaches as if the five percent out of the ninety five apart from ninety five is as it is right. Having read about this for all of twenty four hours, I feel myself eminently equipped to talk about this. Particularly, I believe you have a phd in everyday reality mountains. The rough women is where you have to work so, please so gap. Apparently this study and its conclusions are really horribly misrepresented in the press. You have some people who were consistent critics of them. the media approach to this, who are nevertheless mainstream people Zeinab two factors. We need silver who have come out and said that this is a sort of a bunk study Squish former FDA Chief Scotland on the tv today said one of others,
he points that was left out of the analysis that everyone who got the one point three five one variant, which is the South Africa very who had been vaccinated. the variant before they were fully vaccinate, it sort of thing you might. I include in your analysis of the the terror of these breakthrough infections, which we sort of understand to be something that you would get area would begin to see. He had begun to analyze and clinical level if you have a five year clinical of this vaccine, which we did not have the luxury of doing it's a sort of thing that you're gonna see on a very regular basis, into point. There is another story that sort of dovetails with this out of Oregon. I believe a couple of weeks ago, where there said this, there is like eight people who were fully vaccinated who got the disease or guess what out of one point: two million people who have been vaccinated, that's better than the efficacy rates that we observed in the clinical of the Pfizer vaccine, which have a name for a five percent efficacy rate. If you had lessened
people out of one point: two million: that's better the ninety five percent. This is the sort of thing that the context is deliberately left out by reporters because Jonah's you VE observed: there's a market for this sort of thing right. Ok, so just to defend the study itself so well, what one of two conductors of the study astern lab at the TEL Aviv University when on Twitter to explain that the study had been misinterpreted. Ok, so I just want to read a couple of things here: we wanted to test what type of variant infects the very few vaccinated individuals who go on to become infected with Sars Sylvie too. To this end, we general It is a case control cohort. Every vaccine me was matched with a non vaccinated, individual infected with the virus to categories interested us one,
was fully immunized, seven plus days post, the second dose of the five or back scene to those partially amene eyes between fourteen plus days after the first stone and before seven days after the second dose. Ok, all in all, most infections- and both categories were from the british very However, we noted eight cases of infection with the south african variant in fully immunized individuals as compared to only one infection in the non immunized control. Furthermore, focusing on the partial immunize, we noted more breakthrough by the british variant. To summarize, we see evidence for reduced vaccine effectiveness against the british varied, but after two doses, extremely high effectiveness kicks in. We see evidence reduced vaccine effectiveness against the essay very
but it does not spread in Israel. We think that this reduced effectiveness occurs only in a short window of time fourteen days in cases fourteen days, post secondary and that the south african Varied does not spread efficiently. So what this means is get vaccinated and be careful until two weeks after the second owes you I mean it doesn't mean the vaccine doesn't work against the south african variant, which is what drugs that drug says. South Africa Pfizer ineffective against variant. So once again, I know mantra of known him for you now twenty five years, and he is not
an epidemiologist. Last I heard you were in town, I mean, as far as I know, nor has our friends of ours who work for him, they're, not epidemiologist, and they won with the scare headline and it's driving everybody crazy and it didn't say what it said and, of course the other problem with this is. Not only is there a media hunger for this You might actually look at the stern lab study and say you know, maybe you guys, I mean it's not that it's bad to issue studies or something like that, but maybe you guys ought to think about what you said. but he is gonna, do if you just like release set out their into the wild, maybe prep prep people or like do back brown briefings with somebody were LISA too, so that they can so that they can be wilfully misunderstood when you're dealing with a worldwide panic over a pandemic.
This too, has destroyed the world economy for a year like may be a little more careful and not so excited that you found variations between the british variant and south african variant and your excited. Because you found something. That's nice, that you found something. but if what you need to do is go, oh, no, no, like crew frock. That is not what I meant it all that is not at all. Then you probably are handling at the wrong way. I just want also add in terms of the reason not not to be panic by all this. The the the more positive reading of it. All is borne out in time
Early by what's happening in Israel in a more general sense numbers Kent in you to plummet there in terms of Golly case, is deaths and hustling patients like it, you know there's! No. If there was this breakthrough problem, we need be seeing it in a larger picture right again at that eight cases that eight cases in a very restricted population that they were looking at right. It's like a survey. It's not! So I think that's it. I just want to say I was yesterday afternoon. I was at the jobs, and are, which is the main, serve stayed vaccination Centre in New York City in Manhattan, massive convention center. I took my daughter there, whose sixteen to get her to get her first dose. It was kind of a remarkable. It was like God. It was like the dream airport line
is what I would like the airport line without having to take off your shoes and your jacket and your them just and without even having to go through the debate The texts like your on this very long. Why? But it just keeps move uses like you, never slab walking and you sit down and she got a shot and we walked out and there was a sign staying there. Sad. Three hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred and seventy two people have been vaccinated at the job, Et Cetera. That's pretty amazing. Ok this is a city of eight million. People can only get backs unaided if your new Yorker, four hundred thousand people have been vaccinated already at this one site its April, twelfth again, we're not focusing on some of the things are so remarkable. We can talk about whose hesitant but the vaccine and what people are driving us crazy in all this. And the fact is that enormous numbers of people are like excited to get it going online,
forget it. You know the system has got everybody. There was nice and happy people or think they're doing a good thing: the nurses, the people or the national guards, who were there helping to keep order and all of that people are cheerful and happy and think that they are leading us out of the out of this pandemic and they are, and they don't get enough credit for it. I mean we're. The big fear is that people will stop listening to the public healthcare opera say because their over cautious and doesn't there their advice, doesn't correspond to your ex. Rinsing what's in front of your eyes, and I think we're probably there now I mean if you are really listening to, for example, Doktor Anthony Factory you not going to a restaurant if you were vaccinated because he said on MSNBC this weekend that it still not ok for people or vaccinated to dine endorse it just simply too dangerous.
To tell you about the restaurants are full and have been full for a very long time. People in listening to this nonsense anymore. It would be more interesting to lift all the mandates and then see how full the restaurants, where that's escape. We have a false measure of this. Of my experience, which is like it would. You like? A New York is like twenty five percent of thirty five percent. I you do know a capacity this year. Have doors are people inside restaurants, but you know there could be twice as many people, so the issue would be it's more like Texas, I don't know what's going on in taxes, but so we have no mandates whatsoever and its basically what the restaurants themselves want to do that they want to have a hundred percent capacity, and will people go in and and themselves in and that so we don't know like we don't know nationally whether people have decided that the pandemic is over or whether people are saying you know what it's safe enough if their opening up in their letting you sit there at thirty five percent capacity and all that I'm gonna do. That
You know why, because it would not be talked about this a million times in the show, but a look back. Forty five minutes outside New York City, the restaurants, are folders, align out the door, there's one sacrificial booze, because no one is enforcing this. This is theirs. I think it's fifty percent capacity in my state, I get I hate to tell you. The restaurants are much more fully than fifty percent capacity. In fact, if they were fifty percent capacity, a whole lot, restaurants would have gone out of business by now. it's just not the case and set a very liberal bastions where people wear masks and the street outside as a matter. Of course, that's not my experience. We're getting a thousand years. It still forced to do tat mass on the street outside, but I think Any other pandemic you saw were worried, embryo our list of white the mandate, They were. They were staying home and I now think were seen. flip side, where people were Vaccinated at least are less concerned, and we again, regardless of what the and AIDS are their growing up.
There is also the there is also the phenomenon of people who are going out and travellers And doing all kinds of things and then lying about doing it, which has a lot of people, you're looking about who are lying about it because they don't want to get, you know crap from their friends on social media if they show a picture of themselves somewhere or other. So so that's the virtue. You know, that's that's why, we want to call that and they allowed to cause are on the internet and everyone gets to attack them and that's the privacy problem on the internet that is resolved able in part by expressway pm cause. Let's say you show your picture of yourself in your local written and you don't tell it by Europe over time. They could maybe figure if you show them something on your computer and then you have all these ads from book a time now that happens, because your data are being sold by by the big tech companies to each other and other people. So you can be marketed
and maybe it I want people to know all that so expressly Vienna's your solution. It takes your ip address and then deny a miser set by routing and through an encrypted server and masking at and giving you a random ip address, instead shared by other expressly VM customers that make it more difficult for third pillar these to identify you and harvest your data and it so easy to use one device on a device for laptops Marty. We attack one button year protected. So if, like me, you believe that your data is your business Jerry yourself with no one read it. Vps on the market visit expressly pm, Dotcom, slash commentary and get three extra months were free, that's express, we be a dot com. Slashed commentary go to express, we ve got comes last commentary for more so um Donald Trump. There was some kind of fun raising event this week
and and trams, further with the North sea, meaning I couldn't even follow the who cares. I don't even care whatever Trump spoke somewhere with a bunch of Republicans in the room Josh Mandela got thrown out because he went to try to raise money and they wouldn't let a man. That's a whole other thing, and I don't know what's going on and John Vainer is publishing a book in which he calls everybody a blank head and ass the mood of their father, common move Republican Party is just a continues to be absolutely great and, of course, Matt Gates's going round and about the fact that MAC Gates is both a total sleaze bucket Anna's apparently being railroaded like that something we have
and talked about, but the story about MAC Aids, which is ever shifting. It started that he was like a guilty of violating the man act and now, apparently his father was being extorted by somebody some lunatic. I was looking for twenty five million dollars to ransom, somebody who was probably dead- and this is all seems to be encouraged or with manipulated by. A lunatic seminal county tax, assessor, who was a rich coke head and lunatic? and so a MAC eight, so there's a lotta did didn't craziness going on their home harder but lasers. What this wait you Ellie honour as a as a student of the republic and crack up when Donald Trump goes, any calls which Britain emits Mcconnell a dumb son of a bitch forget. The word does much but conall care about been called the son of a bitch. I say no, I say, being the son of a bitch is part of which were cobbles Brand and Donald Trump is inadvertently extending his brand by calling him a son of a bitch,
you're the free beacon likes to rank the Mcconnell nicknames cocaine. Now we gotta add dumb son of a bitch. You are rankings, we're gonna have to go through the whole ranking process again, but you is to try and Mcconnell thing disliked each other from probably first time they lead. Certainly since twenty fifteen, It really is nothing new and I mean look at the guys. Do these guys seem like that. If they dont temperament delay seem like they would be best paths to me, but I agree, Midge Mcconnell. Among the things that our top of his concern taboo is list to be concerned, but I think that this ranks pretty low. Apparently after this meeting, where Donald Trump Wind, all the greatest hits from the trunk presidency, the National Republican Senatorial Committee
presented, the former president with the inaugural First ever champion for freedom. A Lord talk about a participation trophy. I thought we were against that sort of thing, so Trump added a new wrinkle to his criticism. of you, know the illegitimacy of the election and Elliot again, as somebody who does a granular study of some of this, perhaps you are on he's, said something. Apparently, this is all a game of telephone, because there are. No was in the room who the reporters went in there. So they're hearing reports from other people, but parent, said something about how there was a five hundred million dollar lock box and all of the Biden votes went into some other box, and then there were two boxes and there was a five hundred million to what it
What is the five hundred million dollar locked? Do you know cause? Could I get a key? I dont? What is the luck whatever the five hundred million dollar long white drilling down on what the lock boxes. But you know what happens. Trump has been not just out of office, but off of twitter and Facebook is, you know my understanding, as he has continued, to tell ball. Some allies, some not allies, but whoever's, ear, he's bandying at the time that, really did when that there are thousands of balance that, whenever counted in Georgia, and I think it does help to answer the question of like so did he really believe this. Or was he just saying this because he is willing to win by any means necessary? And I do think You know. Nicky Hayley got a sort of justifiably Mark Poor telling item Albert on my former colleague that
You knew her response to Washington. Criticized tromp was that he really believes this then turns out. I think that accurate, I just want to know what the five hundred million dollar lot boxes network trumpets somebody who, as I have said many times on this progress, he works he his his professional career before he became a pop culture. Figure was working in New York real estate, which is dirty. New York state Politics is dirty New York. Real estate is dirty. It's a zero sum game, your bidding on site: either you get it or you don't get it it's all. I can go off and started up Company of Europe. If Europe fails that you can just go start another app, you have them EL, the building on a plot of land and that's the only plot of land there at the time and all of that, so people bribe people. People give people job, people do all kinds of things to get to work their will and
that's how we things, government works and in many ways it is the way government works, but so I think he's uniquely susceptible to the theory that, of course, people want something enough, though, figure out a way to cheat and get it because he would so and everybody in his own business does and that's an remember when he said thing about how you had Hillary Clinton is as weddings. That's what you do. That's how you play the game right. I just don't know what a five hundred million dollar lock boxes gonna do for these votes. You know, Sir oh yeah he's constructing an entire world in which he was and they lost, and he likes to believe this, and all that my only question would be whether without twitter without everything else. In the fact that people have said yea, I think you, I think he one like people there I, like you wanted, was an illegitimate election and all that. But
when he says it: does that like make them heat up again or is it like at some points can be like you know Uncle Harold stop already. Yet we we win. We understand the IRS, the Iris, that the audit was unfair, but I can't listen to you any more stop talking about your unfair iris. Ought it will not be there all? be fresh people he's not saying the same thing. The same people to a certain extent he's, but there are always gonna, be like the next MAC Gates were willing to a new person willing to listen, and tell him already was. I don't think he's like keeping a close hold on the number of people is telling these things too. Warm you. I think I think one of the
really bad things about? This is that I don't know that he's telling people this at all the Trump conspiracy world works. It said to directional term channel work yet yeah he he comes. He generates zone conspiracy theories, but he also amplifies those that are out there and legitimize. Isn't credence to the all sorts of conspiracies arab, just cause he's not on twitter doesn't mean there aren't untold. Who knows millions of trust of you know continuing stuff, steel people out there online. They may have this five hundred million dollars locked bucks theory that he caught window and is now
oh sort of giving them a wink, and that's that's the bad, dangerous part of it. Exactly now. Listen you know. This is enough to give you a bad back, backs, result of stress and mental stress, some physical stress Ex chair. That's your answer! The exchequer that amazing, massage he'd therapy chair I've been telling about with the patented dynamic, lumbar support and the Ex ante technology that delivers heat therapy. physical therapy to your core makes saying in a chair a dream. It is a dream to Sydney Ex Chair, you'll love it it it. It makes it Pleasure to work at home, I got one and I can tell you how much better it made my life so go to Ex chair commentary die.
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The man Andrew Styles is Book review of the Hunter Biden Book, which is fantastic ends. I also following the beacon for the latest on the various controversial by nominees, but that book Review headed up. I want to praise you, it's very important. One area in which we have both a common interest and a common understanding. The free beacon, is a place to go. If you want granular daily evidence of the rising comfort level, with old time, Anti Semitism being displayed by liberals and the left. I'm looking at the site. Right now we have Kristen Clark. The Justice Department, nominee accused of Anti Amazon, Randy Weingarten, whom I ran about last week. People may remember for heard disgusting
The declaration, the Jews are part of the ownership class pen, rejecting the international definition of anti Semitism and and many other things, so the free beacon is a great place to look for. and I just want to conclude with a quick story, my marsala age, who is commentaries, jewish commentary, calmness, monthly or a rabbi smash and portuguese synagogue in New York. I just edited apiece by him that will be in our May issue, which we are closing this week and I was really started. It's a beautiful p.
It's about in Israel, independence day at Holocaust remembrance day at how they they take place in very close proximity and why they do, and he tells a story about the liberation of Bergen Belsen in April, one thousand nine hundred and forty five and a broadcast made by the BBC's, Patrick Walker. At the time it was a Friday night service and if you listen to it, walk or thought that they were just doing concluding prayers, but in fact they were singing her teeth via heartache via is the poem that was written, that is they serve found, is now become the anthem, it's the national anthem of Israel, the hope and the story that he tells is of a woman singing her voice rises very loudly sings it and
at the Bergen Balsam ape the British, a british chaplain jewess chaplain officiated at the wedding of Norman to Gal, a British, your soldier who had fallen in love with a survivor. Belgium named Gina gold finger whose dresses in the Imperial WAR Museum. It was made out of a british parachute, and so Gina together died in twenty eighteen at the age of ninety five, I think had they, the two girls had three children and a whole bunch of grandchildren and she became a witness. She apparently had been
one of the comforters of Anne Frank, as Anne Frank, was dying of typhus in the camps. It's a sombre extraordinary story, and she she wrote a book better experience. She was well as people who was witness in Britain where too to the heart of the holocaust and spoke at events and met the queen and all of that and at her right after her funeral and twenty, Eighteen team, her grand son who was a a cancer Hassan said she ass. She lit a candle and we're gonna keep burning. Could she wrote a book called I lit a candle about the memorial more people have asked me many times why I conclude this podcast by saying: keep the camel burning and I have to say I dont know act
I don't know where the phrase came from. Why popped into my head? We start doing it when we went daily a year ago and reading, sallies peace and then looking up the story of Judah gold finger I feel a weird but sharpness here as though somehow through the mists of time. This. This is what we do a commentary we are keep just as Jean. Well they're, just as her grandson intends to and justice sallies column, reveals commentaries mission and purpose is to keep the candle burning, not only the candle of witness to the Holocaust, the witness to the horrors of the jewish people, but the the miracle of the state of Israel, the miracle of western culture and and the fact that
in every year and every generation they rise against the jewish people to destroy us in the Holy one blessed be he stays their hand and right now we the whole world, the people who are looking to destroy it turn: civilization and the United States, and I believe the same will be true, but that can only happen if people keep the camel burning. So this was a pretty stunning experience for me to read this peace and look up the story of genome gold finger to go, and so I feel I feel a connection to the eternal here for once, as we conclude this podcast Alianza Johnson. Thank you so much for joining us and for aid and no one the absent rusty rose and I'm John upwards keep the camel word.
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