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Commentary Podcast: Confirmation Bias

2018-10-08 | 🔗
Our podcast today takes up the surprising events leading up to Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court and speculates about what is to follow over the next month. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine, podcast for Monday October. Eighth, Eighteen, I'm John put hordes the editor of commentary with me. As always, nor Rossman are associated high. Now I John a green while their senior at her high Abe. I John Sorra Marie, is off today also later today. The commentary roast of Joe Liebermann. Finally place and you were if you're there you're gonna have a fantastic time and if you're not there they tuned to here on our next show, who are twenty nineteen Rosty will be, we will be open?
up the reservation lines early for this one, my friends, so I'm teasing you and taunting you with the possibility of a stream excitement for the twenty nineteen roast we don't have a date. We don't have a venue, but we have a rusty, and here something special so that our story come to a magazine course: the seventy eight year old, monthly of intellectual analysis, political probity in cultural criticism from a conservative respected. We invite you to join us. Commentary magazine dot com would give you a few free reads asking to subscribe at our beautifully new the fleet to redesign site ninety ninety five for a date subscription twenty nine eighty five for an all access absorption, including about Zella will including our beautiful monthly magazine in your mailbox eleven times. A year. So I think we are here today on Monday and a place that we did not expect to be a week ago, Thursday, which is to say, with bread cavenaugh on this
bring court. I would say that, as I said, the boy poster on Friday that twelve thirty in the afternoon on Thursday September, whatever it was thirtieth, Something like that. We did not expect that break. Would survive the testimony of Christine, lousy Ford. Ah, she took light. They took lunch, they came back. He delivered his statement and the world changed virtue in two different ways. Now uplift, first being obviously that Republicans as you have made mention in the stellar blog post on commentary magazine dot com, what you should read the surprise, ending, I believe, is what it was called and you noted how republican views change towards Cavanaugh. But another thing change that we have not talked about, and that is the arguments against him in that moment, Doktor Ford's arguments against him: the allegations
against him, where subsumed into the broader rubric of temperament temperament, became the condition that we were supposed to litigate and dumb suffice it to say that temperament is by no means as serious and offence as the sex crime, and it did not carry the day, and there was a much stronger response to that at the ready which was it who would be keeping their cool under such certain? answers being being accused of horrible crime and at risk of having your family in life and cleared a shrewd right. I mean what was interesting, but the temperament article was that it. This is in the New York Times, opinion page correct that the law, professors, while the right there were the yet seventeen hundred twenty two thousand law professors, families. I mean if there was one indication that America's overrun with
too many lawyers it is that there are seventeen hundred law, school professors in the United States. That's a lot of law, school professors Regan You know I thought this was something where years was the way graduate thirty or forty lawyers of the worthy. A year in your law school and in out there just too many blob professors who I'm sure know as much about the laws I do, and I would not recommend that I beat at teaching. La schools. But the temperament. I think, argument falls on deaf ears among people who are persuadable, because the idea, as I was already ground, into people's heads properly that the Supreme Court has become a partisan body. I mean if it, a partisan body. We wouldn't know how every justice is going to vote when the before cases heard before the court. I'm in any really major ino seriously controversial case. You know that the four liberal justice
they're going to vote on the liberal side and the four conserve justices were going to vote on the conservative side and then there, Justice Kennedy in the middle who sometimes flopped around so that has been the balance for these five four votes? All of these five four votes indicate that it is already a partisan body. Elinor Kagan Bill Brow, Obama's first choice for the Supreme Court was his solicitor general, meaning that she, as the lawyer for the executive branch arguing before the Supreme Court now she's very intelligent person? sure per opinions are very smart. She is a key legal person who had concern is to do stuff at the Harvard LAW School when she was its dean, but the nose. The Brok Obama Solicitor General becoming his first Supreme Court is not partisan, but that
George Bush's staff secretary becoming a judge, twelve years and then becoming a Supreme court nominees partisan. This just doesn't pass. Smell test unless you're already committed to his defeat and fine. Maybe the Supreme Court should be much less partisan, but you know a lot of things It happened. You know the Dodgers should move back to Brooklyn. He doesn't you know this. Is again arguing that what you do fine, what the other guy does is illegitimate. That is now every does it Republicans due to Democrats Democrats due to Republicans, but it is this weird, merger, which I think we should talk about of the hour Human temptation of partisans the laughed with low real interest groups and a pliant pliable, consenting and participatory media.
That creates this overwhelming effect where it is disguised for everybody. How and everyone is shocked when your Cavanaugh speaks the polling and the count starts to shift in the world broken direction. I don't think we into That means that we all thought that he was kind of amazing and it was a startling speech and it was very powerful and kind of daring and his nomination would not have The day I think I have, if he hadn t, shown some semblance vans absolute but it was also it was daring right as it was dairy for him to say he thing trumpet was daring for him to say liberal groups. Had pursued him in part to take revenge for the Clinton's, eating basically for Hillary Clinton defeat, but he said for the Clinton's that was a risky hearing thing to do and it did ignite this realm. Tv six
as for assault on him and I say relatively successful, because I think he might have gotten Two more Senate votes had the pad. This not happened. No words had he sworn that and had and had Donald Trump in particular forsworn attacking Christine Bossy Wednesday night, it is plausible that LISA, more Caskey, the republican senator from Alaska, would have found it necessary to vote for half an hour or that Heidi high camp from north. I can never remember to North Dakota that she would have bowed down and voted for Cavanaugh, but the trump gave both of them. The reason they needed to say they could I vote for him and I think if he had, if cabinet had come out and been more toned down and cool, I actually think, then that would have created its own negative story about him about how these sort of
yeah. A bloodless are not so not connected to this in and they would win disaster sociopath neck Russia had rises Rita. I still think that what trumpeted was a huge mistake out. I agree totally ones and I was a mistake. Italy has, I think he lost two votes because of because all Iceland, without giving up here, not cabin cs? The interesting thing to me by cabinets forms a desert such a fascinating tradeoff, because he did come off in a way as unlike a and eat, but each it's like ability for like up, confirm ability. You know, I don't think you have come across as likeable for not not non than he was formidably this valuable that I've he came across kind of as a block readily. Until that moment, I dont think conservatives really had a horse in this race and an end to be fair to him, and we were talking about this before so I won't. I think we should fleshless out so what,
happen at his hearing before Christine. But what happened when he testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee? Was it zoo right as he was speaking every five minutes. Somebody would get up start screaming and be escorted out, and everyone have to freeze and place right over and over and over again and it made it possible for him to get a rhythm going. It made impossible for further senators to question him adequately and then, of course, there was, zoo, like atmosphere emanating from the damage it's on the committee who were protesting his nomination as illegitimate, not allowing him to speak just yelling many ambering at him right so that happened and then on so. He only got a chance to communicate his ideas and views in a way
that was thorough. With that statement and it was an impressive display, but you know Then we saw it happened again in this in the vote to confirm right this kind of series of people yelling and screaming from the Senate gallery very organise than all of that for what purpose do they know that there were no cameras on them that they know that not all you ever gonna see was like pence, the hammering as the present added hammering the desk and saying the sergeant arms will restore order in the gallery, and we don't know who those people were. We couldn't hear what they were saying. It's like it was like a waste of energy rest whatever were worse than ways, because because it was the worst
screaming bloody murder. You said o the this. The opposition to him is on him. Well, but it might be genuine. I mean gets unhinged. Whether might also be completely genuinely unhinged words, by what I mean is that we are now seeing of really concerted effort on the part of the grass roots, not a part of of law makers who s breast less described, not I'm not on the part of lawmakers who have a stake in this, but on the left is grass roots, attacks on legitimacy of institutions now think Republicans do it's too, but it is much more focused on individuals, obviously, the birth tourism campaign, which everybody in this room finds noxious and racist in which it was an attack on on Barack Obama as an illegitimate person, an illegitimate president Ill Jus America. Not. The White House has an illegitimate institution. We are seeing now an assault on the Supreme Court as an legitimate institution, because it is the smallest federal court in the land that has just nine justice. Which is really small for a federal court where
now attacks from not just grass roots, but reporters who purport to be object of attacking the Senate in its composition and the Connecticut compromise. The nature This body is being unrepresentative of populations as being just fundamentally unfair, a variety of assault, I think on the foundations of the at least. Branches of the federal government That's a really reckless proposition that there also now questioning their their last. There last hold out their last hope, their beloved FBI. They figures whose which was suddenly became neither malevolent right said there is no longer suddenly their beloved FBI because I didn't get a good right. It was. I was with curtailed and restricted
reassured by the way to the sexual assault allegations and it didn't it didn't delve into bread, cabinets, teenage, drinking and ill considered and admit. Ms Ramirez gave them twenty names of twenty people at Yale. They could talk to find out about his behaviour at parties and they and they refused to do the F B, I would not accept- would not take doktor glossy forts therapy notes and health records and hand them over to the Senate, as the Senate would have requested then just hang to the Senate. She wanted to him to the FBI, so
here's. What I want to say about liberals, responding to the legitimacy claims on the court in nineteen. Ninety six after the Webster a couple of years after the Webster decision that reaffirmed ROE V Wade are essentially upheld, ROE V Wade and Vera and Webster and Casey. First things magazine ran a symposium on the question of whether or not the american regime had become illegitimate because it had because there had been his twenty four year campaign against ROE V Wade and had failed, and the country was as a bad pro lifers. They had to look at the fact that the country had become an abortion on demand country and in there
view was. There was a come institutionalized regime of murder of the unborn and therefore the regime and become illegitimate in response to this idea, Gertrude him go far beyond the leading intellectuals on the board of First things resigned her position on the board and attacked the magazine for having raised this question at all. Ok Supreme Court had rendered the american regime illegitimate in first things I she would have none of this. The board split. There was a big fight over everything, a big fight between those who said this. This is just tipping into Anti Americanism. I won't have any part of it. Where are these people on the left? Who is going to stand up and say? No, I'm sorry, I mean you know you're unhappy, break avenues on this room court, so my he's on the Supreme Court, because a republican pray
nominated him and they Republican Senate confirmed him and our job is to at a democratic president acted and toilet table sounds of Democrats are that we, when we appoint somebody that person will get on the Supreme Court, is but a political body, its entire life and going at you an election and you're unhappy, because Donald Trump as president you're unhappy that the Republicans have the House and Senate and you're you're. That The increasing wine on the left is that the entire federal government from it Origins down has to be restructured in order to give democratic structural advantage, so the Supreme Court needs to be packed why we need to increase the number of people on the Supreme Court in order to packet to be the position when we take it over, we can pack it and add six or seven justices and must dilute the conservative now course. This is an incredibly dumb idea. If
Conservative republicans continue to hold the horrid fetters, then fell, get six nominations guy and in the note I mean that the line is this is the most conservative. The court has been an eighty years and what happened? Eighty years ago in nineteen thirty, seven, the Supreme Court struck down a court. Packing up attempt by by after I saw how do they see? How do they think they're gonna get a court packing attempt through this conservative court, but so- its number one number two is that the Senate is an undemocratic body, and now that it is now fallen to the geniuses of our time who know nothing. Anything that the Senate is. A one man it is, is designed to be a hint prince to the one man one vote proposition. Why we have a by camera legislature in the United States, one legislatures, one man, one vote: the other is a cent
really portion by state, irrespective of population that is to frustrate the mob. That's why it was done, and it was done. More radically, because the senators weren't even elected until night, who thirteen something that Jonah Goldberg among among others, now wishes to? Is retract in order to make this point even more decisively to get rid of the seventeen member, but we're not gonna do that anyway. I don't think this is also a big thing with term couple. People Rick Perry was for this together the direct election sellers, but anyway, the idea being that the interests that houses. Is there to represent the interests of a specific geographical district. The present is that represent the interests of the country and the Supreme and the Senate is there to represent the interests of the several states each in their own, but so that
an end. This article five, the constitution, says very clearly that the south. Bridge of the Senate. Shall be changed and composition without a unanimous consent of all the states, meaning you can't according to the street. Unless you want to throw the constitution out, you cannot mean you can amend the Constitution you cannot have three soldiers from cat, you can three senators from California and too amateurs unless from Nebraska these all the states consent so soft, because this a few states are probably unlikely to consent to their disenfranchisement. This is not going to happen, but most people who aboot advocate this D litigate article five, I think, they're, counting on the ignorance of their audio. They don't know about article five either like giving Michael lava. Nobby took,
and social law. No, I am aims because there is not always defend the porn started. I'm saying that this didn't have the added she gets. It you're not achieve the people that you are in coffee business with you, and I have been reading about these proposals for a long time, and the proposals have been on the table and the progressive left for a long time, and I ve never seen anybody addressed the article I've impediment because it is insurmountable and they know it then you have the other one, which is, of course, the elimination of the electoral College, because the so the whole basic idea Is the Democrats are saying no fair Local system is rigged against us because Republicans got control gerrymandering and they made the electoral college. Does it's not fair, because then someone who doesn't when the popular when the presidency and blah blah a blog, and it was ten years ago next month. Ten years ago next month.
The most liberal Democrat in american history at the national level got seventy million votes and Democrats had sixty Senate seats Oh, these things get to change very fast and you know why they fast, because he was do no other change of ask us. He was terrible because he spent three trillion dollars and sixteen months of the american people went crazy because the hidden nationalized healthcare costs. Because they didn't like us, foreign policy, the p You know he got five million fewer votes and twenty twelve that he'd gotten twenty in two thousand and eight five million fewer votes by the way, still more, Then Hillary Clinton got into it sixteen and certainly more votes than than than Trump godsons from got your votes than than Hilary, but I'm I'm in the story was the Democrats had the whole ball wax. They had everything the way trump as everything's a way more powerfully and they used it and they used it
and they use it up. Like a rag and the moroccan people said you are scaring the crap adamantly you go away now and stop doing everything and they gave a house the Republicans twenty and they gave the Senate to the Republicans twenty fourteen and they gave the pie the density of the Republicans and twenty sixteen, because the politics had changed and they can change again and who you ask? What Democrat speaks out against the the overhaul of institutions, argument essentially and no one's listening to and Brok Obama. He gives speeches saying: vote, dont despair, You know these are not fire breathing revolutionary speeches there along the lines of the stuff you're talking about, and it now actually seeks to care. I maybe they ve made they get through asked around social media. But it's it's not a message with with much residence.
You know it's very interesting because it just occurred to me that You know one of the interesting has happened. Two thousand and nine was the George W Bush decided he was staying out of politics and he has effectively stead of politics. He did some lobbying for Kavanaugh turns out, but very quietly and was not telling him. He's out in two thousand and came back and twenty seventeen billion will be said something about his bright said. He he endorses brother. But he barely is done anything. It was left to dictate in two thousand nine to come out against Obama and Dick Cheney, did and decay he gave these speeches in this summer spring summer involve two thousand line that were kind of galvanizing on the right, because he said my Obama's taking us said no place good here and obey could we live in a time would have Trump trumpets, your violin law norms. Obama could be Cheney. First of all, I think
He met. He may worry that he would do more harm than good, which I think is one of the reasons that bushes state out cause. He thinks that he won't necessarily help the causes that he believes in. But Obama may think that you know what he says isn't going to have the kind of a fact where it should have that he needs to have and that it's better that he stay out of it. We know, but you know what you need. Only that you need you need to do. You need times of trouble in desperation. You need to make sure that your teeth or in good working order, as you know, one of them most important things. We do for our health, everyday, brushing or teeth. Yet most of us dont do it properly. Quip is a better Electra toothbrush created by dentists and designers, designed to make your brushing
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substantiate allegations against a person didn't managed to flush him down the toilet when you now, as a friend of mine, said to me over the lad last over the weekend said they started to turn. Bork him, and when that didn't work, they tried to Thomas someone that didn't work either. Bork of working of course worked against Bork Thomas's didn't work. Its Thomas, and it has now not worked against cabin on the question is: will it be deployed yet again in another country? text or has it now been proved to be an ineffective way to attack somebody to have of he said she said at his set of allegations with no proof I don't know, but we now have four weeks of a day until November elections. So what do we know about the coming of ember elections? We know that Republicans are more energized than they were. We had a thing was embarrassed pole and it showed the quota unquote,
busy as an gap as in them red, silk, describe Democrats and self described report, Republicans how enthusiastic they were to go vote. The Democrats used to have a pretty substantial advantage in that question and then advantage all but disappeared, in this most recent poll now how's that manifested in any sort of Paul there will you don't really have a lot of data parse, but we have seen and uptake in some Senate contests, in which Republicans are performing, and Senate and gubernatorial caught us just basically statewide, where we ve seen Republicans candidates do better than democratic candidate. Since all anecdotal, at this point really No, I have a whole lot of evidence suggests is going to last very long, because this new cycle is essentially over there about eight hundred new cycles between today and the election.
So other story will probably take the the oxygen away from this, and Democrats are more likely to harbour a grievance here, because there, the losing party is Republicans, had lost this race. They would have a little bit more aggravation that they could possibly keep with them for four weeks, although Republicans would be responsible for having killed a brick evidence nomination, so that would probably dampen the enthusiasm a little bit too, but generally the idea. The conventional wisdom is Republicans, are now a little bit more engaged than they were before, but that's going to dissipate.
We don't know right so that what we ask Junior look prevailing was of the data that we have suggests the following about the house. It seems clear from all the data at the various data aggregator ears. The Democrats have enough to win right now to win twenty three seats, which is exactly them where they need to take the house by one vote. Ok, they are in. There are sixty other seeds in which they have a shot. There are relatively few seats in that sixty in which it seems clear that absence some kind of a way
in fact they will prevail in a majority of those. A majority of those, of course, would mean that they would win fifty plus seats overall, and that would be a huge victory. So the question is: can they get to thirty? Can they get to forty by performing well in individual d? directs with the issue said that they are running on which remarkably enough does not involve anti trump ism, I think they believe that they have gotten the momentum out of anti trumpets and they can get they ve gotten the damn anti trump enthusiasm as far as I can, and what they are trying to do is win primarily on health care. As an issue about the confusion about where healthcare is among people who have decided that they have benefited from a bomb care or what they think is a Mamma care or what they think of the changes that moment. Care has wrought and fear of what the Republicans will do with pre existing can
Jones and things like that, so that supposedly they need to win on. The issue said that they think will will help them. The counter to that is that the economic news in the country- it could be better, but it couldn't be that much better where three point: seven percent employment. We have growth over three percent. We have Amazon, raising its core pay in other most important country really company in the in the United States were raising its raising its base, paid a fifteen dollars an hour, an indication of the meaning of the labour shortages now afflicted the country because they want to get better workers, they can get any. They can still get lousy workers. They want better workers in their competition for better workers which
really wasn't for that long. So you would think that the issue set wouldn't necessarily help them, but you know we don't, but they know what they see and they see what they see and that this is what they decided they can run on. Let's talk about double counting, four minute cause. It goes to this whole thing. If you were watching tv or less to it's, what you heard is bread Cavenaugh received. This is a disaster for Republicans, because those suburban women in suburban districts that have gone republican for twenty five years, they're gonna have an that had enough- and this is this is gonna turn them against the GNP against while it cabin on this is a disaster. So I can have believed this thought, my god. This is terrible, and but then it occurred to me as I thought it through that maybe there's a kind of double counting effect going on here, no words
We know that there was a surge of women out of the Republican Party because of Trump we already know that the polling says that women favor the Democrats be right over fifty eight, two hundred and thirty five, something like that. How much lower do people think I can get if you If you that thirty five percent of women that say that they support Trump, those are pro lifers. Those are got. Those are gun owners, those our conservative to like a conservative judiciary, do not like a liberal judiciary. Those are people, listen to talk, radio. Just like men do those are. They are Republicans. They are
conservatives they are right, wingers and they are gonna. They are not going anywhere and in fact I think one of the things that we saw was them if any of them was feeling distant or unplug, whatever they came home for Cavanaugh, because they looked at the attack on Canada as an attack on them implicitly on their values on what they want and what they think is important, and so I keep thinking as I see this every newscast, every cable news cast on CNN and MSNBC on the networks says: oh my god, women are really gonna turn on Trump but they already turned on Trump and their women weren't gonna turn on Trump and aren't gonna turn on the GEO P and that that doesn't seem to have occurred to them. This double counting effect yeah I've been. I actually kind of thought that, while back because they were ere. You know this was this: is they they didn't? They hardly needed. This would
would the women who are against the Republicans gets what they hardly needed this, but Republicans Courson course, we need this. They have been, they weren't. There was no investment, they would there is there suddenly invested now so does to be disproportionate uptake okay, so here, is my nefarious plan. If I, a republican strategies which I am not contrary to what raw story rights they labelled me republican strategist. Yesterday it was adorable, so I got it so I would say that republicans have plan now efficiently heavily on, which is to get house. Negotiators are hasn't. Gosh has investigators to investing it who leaked the letter, Hulu Doktor Blast before his letter to the press, who violated her confidentiality, who got her too to come out and and become national symbol now. I know Malone in this, but I think that that
little machiavellian, because it would put Democrats on the back presuming as we all believe, which doktor or Doktor Senator Christian said at this came from a judiciary staff from the only staffers in the judiciary. To have this letter were Democrats, I'll push back hard and that I see that going down such a rabbit hall because its we hard to get actual fashion information about this there's going to be going to launch all sorts of complicated theories and conspiracy theories and accusations that aren't there and it's going to be good. It's going to take the Substantiv thing that happened, and begin to sort of spin it into this. Other problem it is when it doesn't do, though it doesn't allow Donald Trump to become the centre of the story them. Oh Hill Hill dive right into the centre of hat. I that's that's right up his anger. Oh absolute high level, because the if he becomes the centre the story again, which was the fundamental dynamic before all this happened, then it renounces Democrats benefits because
The selection was never a referendum on the economy which is doing well. It was never referendum on foreign policy, which is gender Lee placid. At this point, in that a lot of body bags were coming home and that's what people vote on. So it's about them tromp enough and down referendum, and Republicans can keep the focus our trump. My thinking is a response to their very interesting. I don't I don't know which way I fall in this. I tend to think that it is a mistake to to a sort of hammering yesterday's news and try to keep up up, keep up something where the where, where the event has already had its climax right, the vote uncertainty was the climax he got. You have got confirmed fifty the eight and it's over. He was sworn in on Saturday night. He is today this morning's or get maybe not this morning because of Columbus animal sitting on the court yesterday, but I mean he's sitting. They pointed out said yesterday that he will be. He will be in the chambers.
Will be in the court with a record number of female clerks. Yes reckon member. If you agree, does that? That's just what you d expect them to do so keen of him, but by the way, if we're not talking about comes about organically, which to save some piece of evidence comes come from where the journalist establishment that can care less about any of this. Well, that that is that is at a remarkable. I mean the interesting quits right here is, and this was part this Part and parcel of the the way that it works. So in twenty twelve, a guy asked John Mccain question right about his tat about his taxes or something Joe. The plumber member, Joe the plumbers remember how the entire press he's. Press decided that they wanted to destroy though the plumber, so they discovered that his name was SAM anyway a plumber, any wasn't a plumber and he had attacks Leonardo or something like that, so Christine boss
four comes ward and there is literally get out there. There are three or four sodden sentimental stories about her and her husband and their treatment in all of that and almost nothing except pulse, berry and real, clear investigations looking into whether or not her renovation had taken place in the year in which she said they had taken place since they adversarial approaches, NET Washington, Post, gobbles, her therapy right exam which she had withheld from rational invested. Yes, they they got hold of them because she gave him because her beach friend got her in touch with the Washington Post, less Monica Maclean, I dont know she's a beach friendly, welcome the cleaner monetary former, our as former spokesperson, that's great an end of a beach friends. Computer dont, you impugn the integrity of beach friends, now republican strategist men, Flamer beach, friends are that's a sacred compact at the beach
with your friends where you surf, I'm anyway? This is neither the first decade of the series of theirs to stories. Are there's a story that that John is referencing sort of fluently, but we No, what happened there, because no one is interested in what happened there, and if this were the rules were reversed. There would be quite a cigar Effort to uncover what happened there. Similarly, the justice justice, the judiciary, committees democrats- were war with one another. Last week they weren't affirming each other's stories. They were undermining each other. Some of them were signing letters that others of em didn't sign in and work giving conflicting stories about why they didn't sign it, and the only people who cared about the sort of bizarre fractious within this supposedly unified body were Republicans. The press couldn't have cared less well. There was a kind of weird war of all against all effective
Iraq's, but expressing legal, Sergio kurdish people that may be offered them like lava naughty with his with his crazy I'd, Julie, sweat, mic coming out and saying that you know Cavanaugh had been a rape gang recruiter and then, dialing back to say should only seen him near the super. All I have not yet heard their rather help their cause. Byron Yorks, where the piece about this abortions amateur, also saying that Ronan Pharaoh and Jane Merrick than the same with Deborah Mirrors the Yale student who said that he had exposed himself to her, but that she hadn't been sure was him until six days of pushing by her friends had caused her to reassess her memory. One of the great stalinist phrases of all time. I have reassessed by memories jacuzzi, you know like the heads
and under thirty point, discredited their own story a week later by publishing the only first hand account that supposedly corroborated it was a guys that I dont remember a thing. Why so the so there was all this talk that may be, they had harm rather than help the story which I can't believe, except that the not the temperament story wasn't. The only story less with the other soil last week was that the FBI, the The investigation was a sham because they weren't interviewing enough people and who were the people they weren't interviewing the Ramirez people and the sea, Make people ok. So I am not entirely sure that the liberal narrative that there were the narrative that is going around among serious people that say I dunno. Maybe this was bad, that these second and third level charges came out those charges and injustice they gave they accelerated the story
Until the morning, the Christine body for testified- and it was there- they were there while she testified Diane Feinstein mention them to breath. Cavanaugh on the day of his testimony, what he had to say about these other charges, and then he said, essentially your accusing me of rape or gang rape, this revision is history here by the way that needs to be leaned on six substantially. Now Democrats are saying that they always sort of view. The sweat MC allegations as being a little fanciful, and so they didn't lean heavily on them now since these Senate minority leader the day they came out called on trumped to withdraw this nomination. Every judiciary Democrat signed their name to a letter demanding the same, which leaned very heavily on sweetener, can remember as his elevation, not doktor Blasi for it. So they cannot get away with red revising history Well, then, I am also saying that I think it was helpful to them not harmful. What was how what was what ended up being harmful to them was that
stories without foundation, but had Cavanaugh blink had he had. He been crushed under the weight of this stuff. Emotionally with. It would have been the perfect set of details to ruin him, except what might have happened is This is what actually fuelled him emotionally TED to give the performs gave me, perhaps if you- just coming out against Buzzy forward this one's sands Soft spoke in non fantastic case. He might I've been so enraged dummy whom he might have? We might have true tat. You might have adjusted his tone tooth to the to the moment, but the mobile had gotten so crazy that that he sort of what fire with fire by the way is also not over, because you know that Jane a mayor and Jill Apron Centre gonna come out with some scurrilous book at a year and a half the way they did about Clarence Thomas that supposedly prove that Thomas did what the Senate refused to believe
that he had done, and they will do the same with Christine Bossy Ford without David Brok pre conversion coming out with the book exposed. Maybe hills, leftist ties and personal peccadilloes right. So this is an old in that sense, like the cabin other pursuit of cabinets character will continue, but it will be in a book that they get a million dollars for, and that will reveal nothing but scurrilous libels in my view. So with that now we come to the end of this commentary. Podcast for nor Rossman, eight Remould and the absence or out by some of the money. That was my version of the Gatt a mailbox in your magazine eleven times a year, I'm John or its heat. The camel burning.
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