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Commentary Podcast: Do the Democrats Want to Hand the Election to Trump?

2019-07-08 | 🔗
This is the question we ask on today's podcast, which takes up the extreme reaction to the July 4 festivities in Washington and the fights in the primary contest—all of which seem to be making the implicit case that Democrats can't be trusted with the White House. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine pug has today is Monday July. Twenty nineteen, I am How towards the editor of commentary with me, as always a green wanting, hi I jumped off his sick bed. Rather well now open freed from the most horrendous traffic jam in New York City, history on Wednesday, nor Rossman so that are trapped near the HOLLAND tone. I know we made it and currently living through a flood of biblical proportions and George
is the water so coming up through your four. It has stopped coming up from the ground, but I have commenced constructing an arc. Just I think it is excellent that Christine Rosen Senor writer, I am back from the North West, north central woods of Wisconsin, where I visited my kids at their at their summer camp in in real terms, country. That is, that is some from country up there. Let me tell you and if I had been paying enough attention and twenty sixteen, I would have known the trump was gonna win, because that the the trumpets and emanations from Eagle River- and was county, were so profound that that was a message that the email M S M and you know the swamp and everything good. You know weren't gonna, we're not gonna, stop that data that tidal wave. So if at all
Twenty twenties lock right, although, although there there wasn't, there wasn't obvious, hey it's twenty nineteen, so there is no there. There is no reason for Trump branding to be around everywhere. Didn't feel the same. I'm sure we'll go seventy percent for Trump again, but it didn t have a vivid quality that had the first time around and then, of course, this raises the interesting spectre of the events around the parade M July. Fourth and the question proffered by my- I am, I know, Maya somewhat disgraced guru, but none the less very smart guy Mark Halprin that Trump and the white has pulled off a m, a massive kind of pr coup by fear, turning toward fascism and then simply delivering a wonderfully patriotic
You know raw, let love America event featuring a very good speech by Trump and the most interesting aspect of that speech, as I take it, between the lines from what I've received in my email that my boss at the Reagan White House, Tony Dolan, who was head of speech, writing for four Reagan in the last, for years the administration wrote this speech and I think it is on the Trump speech- writing staff. It sets thirty one years ago. He was my. He was my boss there and he wrote a very reignite speech very powerful in our very strong and obviously with this one terrible slip of the tongue by Trump. Referring to George Washington seizing the airports which, unfortunately, maybe the most memorable will end up being the most memorable thing from
from the day in terms of the speaking but happens point is that Democrats, Walkman saying fascism is coming to America, where you have theirs. Tanks are our old friend in immediacy Julia Taffy said I left Russia. For this cause. You know, of course, there may day tanks like there was a was a military parade after the Gulf WAR and nineteen. Eighty one, like you, know Francis Military, AIDS every year. Lay this this notion that you can have a tank rolling down Pennsylvania, avenue or sitting where somewhere is, is demented and, and it shows the extent to which I think happens, way. Avatar shows the extent to which trumped arrangement syndrome is called causes people to go hysterical about things that they have Business Gay. He spending two million extra dollars to point five m. An attorney It was five hundred thousand anyway. Relics since yes
the actual cost of of events on the fourth of July, for the parks Department for the Vienna, whatever said the parks department, both enterprise is like two million bucks, anyway, so was an extra five hundred thousand dollars so damaging you're, a very careful whirling, the tanks into the city as well. They had them on the back of flatbed trucks or that they wouldn't destroy the already. You know the complete. A pot home region, streets of DC, which I know all too well, but there the unity. Actually they were very careful. So there were people kind of filming it and posting on social media about these. These flatbed truck spring weather, actually tanks or was at all if he sees no, there were tags, there were tanks. I think the tanks, and there was this whole thing about how you see tanks. This is part of the white supremacist male patriarchal, because you know tanks are arm tanks or
yesterday's weapon. You know it's funny, though, will wire fly overs universally sort of enjoy and applauded I mean those are the people who attack this applaud any any any display of of of military hardware at all. This is, I think, you ve a combination of just sort of life, sneering liberalism, as you now serve hysterical, Anti trump ISM, I'm kind of default pacifism all merging, together into a We are wholly stew. Why still have some issues with the whole affair, but the tanks, but was always nonsense, but I don't think that does like a fly over. The Superbowl is indicative of what these people were trying to say it was which has a threatening display of millet I might emanations capital, but I mean those are you know: machines, sliver, death from the sky more efficiently than anything and nobody's yet too worried about a precision air strike on the Superbowl. I suppose
I saw there's a when I was when I was a teenager. There was a whole movie about how the blimp black Sunday, which is all about how deranged blimp Bruce Turtle was a deranged blimp driver, who's, gonna crap. The Goodyear Blip into the LOS Angeles Colosseum blow up the stadium problems, our scary, that by the way that was a pro palace there was that was, that was for palestinian rights. Does black Sunday Bruce turn look I'm so old. If it's you guys, I'm so old. Have attired in then enter nobody strength by it, it scared it scaring amount of what, because it's the technology seem so primitive that it could just drop on you, but Blip leaving the idea was of no one. No one would question that there was a blimp flying Football stadium during Superbowl. Right, that's, fine, it's a blimp to suitable blinkers!
show the crown John. I still think my concerns about this event. Our Warren did. The American Larry NICE, not a blip ruler, and we don't have for boosting S. L should have concerns about first the way the White House treated this as a political event on White House grounds giving tickets out to be eighty dig. It's too are in seeing letter the always Mars and at the end of the political situation of the event and hijacking the event in taking over a speech in Washington Mall. That is precedent. We will regret when it's a Democrat, doing it. Okay. So if you Oh and you do in Arlington. That's ok! The solemnity of the environment alone limits your city to have any so in he didn't off road, which has great everybody who was concerned. He would have valid reason to be concerned. He would because he does, but I didn't, but he didn't we re do we should all say yeah good, for you appreciate it, and that is a good thing, because next, the next presidency
suffer that same temptation. However, there Now a temptation to politicize. These events is not just the president's presence, but the presence of people who opposed president. Whenever I tell you I was anyway, he goes they'll. Never do it was there. You know, do at Columbus thing called indigenous Peoples day when they are not going to do it. That's part of the point of all this and this question whether Trump is kind of war the Trump people are, are setting up the contrast that they need to set up for twenty twenty, which is that the Democrats are really extreme and you think I'm extreme, but this to your point, no that you make all the time, which is that the governments, the governance, The trump governance is largely, as you know, rights, to write to write governance right demonstrates the administration, and it is the rhetoric and behaviour out of the White House in the president and some of the crazy stuff and all that
overshadows and makes the salts comforting well. So here we have an instance in which, if you take Mark happens, point the Trump people live. Early played the perception, in order to stimulate the the skies ashes to us. You know who's gonna, be detainees, are gonna turn the tanks and fire on but he or whatever, and then it turns out that it's just a nice fourth of July picnic with my spirit, a low was pouring rain right from US Christine was live with you. I was innocent. It cleared up later for the fireworks, but it was not great whether right so anyway, and nobody who has any experience with anybody in uniform was even remotely concerned that this was a
faint toward some sort. Bracken of me, you know what they were things I'm sort of display of ominous force. You wouldn't say things like nobody who, but a nobody, la contact on american military mission. I guarantee you joy, red, doesn't have a lot of friends in the services. I saw that's fair and, of course, that's part of the divide between the United States. That is, literally, nobody in the you know nobody in the mainstream media. You know at this story, I told about Vietnam that I discovered in nineteen. Seventy six the bicentennial celebration at my small private high school on the Upper West side of Manhattan and that in nineteen thirty six now a single student who had gone to that school had gone to Vietnam. Another, not I'm not saying that like they, they had deferred further this. They that maybe they love
with the lottery numbers at the only nineteen sixteen February, but story was that we are having this bicentennial all of which was about how of the american dream was turned into a nightmare and blah blah blah and how awful Vietnam was an end. The connection to this you know massive event in this bubble was that nobody who was mounting off about Vietnam, have the slightest idea what Vietnam was or what had happened had no connection to the fact that you know how many people were dropped: two million you know it was an astonishing thing. It's not quite the same. Obviously if in twenty eighteen or twenty nineteen will there but there was this. There was a lot of pearl clutching answer of left, leaning, social media in and left leaning media about the fact that, for example, D D,
military folks who are participating in the fourth of July events, were given guidance about how to deal with the public, which standard when an whenever anyone, even who's, not whose a civilian set foot on a military base or theirs reporters come into military base or a senator. What not there always given these guidelines is a standard thing that is given to the people and uniform. Like look, you know you ve got these people, you can be interacting with years. Here's how to behave but it was treated as if again, this with some sort of fascist regime. You know trying to turn the military into its puppets. I mean it was it was. It was a wild over reaction will in the broadest brush. It's a little like, I would say I m sure you, I can't figure with the event. Wasn't Obama did where we well said, always politicizing something or other, but there were many right, but what I have said
like. If this is the, I can't believe what we're doing, what these migrants on the border, when and conveniently forgetting that Obama and the J Johnson and the Obama administration have exactly the same policy about so J Johnson who was the director of the head of the permanent homeland security under Obama has an bed thinking the Washington Post, in which he says. Let look we need to have think seriously about this. I mean you know it's slow. It's really terrible the treatment of migrants at the border, which I think we can all agree on. These stories are horrific and horrible, and depressing and enraging, but we have to be real, like you can't you have to have secure borders, and if you would let you know who the Democrats Talkin and
the debate about how there should be decriminalize crossing the border into either. This is crazy cause it's in. There may be many multiples of people over the hundred thousand, who are crossing every month legally. In our view, if you, if you make it, You're gonna decriminalize decriminalize, let let everybody in like you know the numbers will skyrocket in, but then he says so so this is the truth of it right that this is a policy consistent. Were you know that these moments of horrible rang the border, and then he says At least we in the about. Mr some had a plan to solve poverty in Central America. Really the only real way you're going to deal with this is to solve poverty and Central America. We had a five hundred million the programme since the hull poverty in Central America, which is really it's good to know that
only cost five hundred million dollars to itself poverty and Central America. So the people don't want to cross the border. I mean I I was so startled by this- gives the peace it looked like. It was gonna. Be this very sensible? Look, let's talk turkey here, you know this from the behaviour of the of the Parliament of Homeland Security under Trump is bad and they ve been letting If things go and yet we have to secure the border and do all this, and so everybody should just calm down and shot up, but that, but then he went to this. You know we have to absolve poverty in Central America which, as you know, if you'd just a check that would really that would be great, but there is a point of origin problem here, which is
which is that you have with what is essentially in a refugee crisis from the triangle countries streaming through Mexico into the american border, and now we have how many eight hundred and fifty thousand backlogged cases. You can't have enough judges to process that many cases you I'll catch you release, even if you did and then you have the floor as settlement which forces us to separate children. Those things are can be somewhat addressed, but not all of our men. Just like any refugee crisis- and it is interesting that contrasted the Obama administration is approached this refugee Chris. Supposed to Syria, but they are nevertheless not dissimilar in the sense that you have a stream of people coming out of a country that is impoverishing the unsettled and Venezuela very similar. All of them have appointed urgent problem and you can rest solely only address the symptoms of the cause of the problem right well, except the look. The situation is that we have it. We this somebody figured out in the world of helping people, to get into the United States
There is an end GEO words Bunch of Ngos or drug dealers or whoever that there was this remarkable weak point in the american system, which was a request for asylum, so our system has a fifty years sixty or policy of dealing with asylum requests and it sickly depends on the idea that every year there will be a couple thousand asylum request, so there are chords, there's a system there's a protocol, there's all of that. Well, if it's a couple thousand, because people you know some get out of a communist country and say they have a well founded fear of persecution and possibility that they or their families we killed. There is a procedure to go if, when you have people coming, who clearly do not justify and asylum
but they make it and simply by making it they trigger a process that were themselves yet it that that gets them. Stay. All you need to do is ask, Suddenly you were in the asylum system. All you need to do is ask and somehow this was not understood over the course of the thirty years of the You know illegal immigration problem from Mexico from the eighties onward, and suddenly was understood something we figured out tat. There was this, as I say, the weak point,
we were to disturb a thing in the law. Where was going to be very easy to overwhelm the system? And God knows what you do now I mean, but that's why you know you don't wanna, be president if you show because there, what do you do when there is no good answer was always a ceiling on admittance? Is you're in the system doesn't mean you granted asylum? No, but you were how how do you? If you, if you put your foot on U S, soil, you can apply, you can apply for asylum, but then what happens then? There's the seventy two hour period in which you are supposed to be processed over seventy two hours and then you are released right, you're, not the poor. You not sent back.
Is your claim that you have a well founded fear of persecution, so we can't send you back because you might get killed so there's a presumption of signs that we presumption of innocence, to presumption that you are saying something that needs to be taken seriously. So then one
then you're and you're in this giant rural area, where there are no buildings and suddenly there fifty thousand people saying they want to do this, its horrendous and listening to the dead. You you with the hunger desire, the democratic candidates, to act as though what we have here is this horrible humanitarian crisis that they are not rob obliged in any way shape or form to take the measure of. In terms of what the laws of the United States require or what the United States has to do, you know I think that again sets up a pretty interesting contrast for four trump next year is he's gonna, say
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saying that he had worked with segregationist, because that's how you got things done that right well, I should look at the actual the actual wording, because it is narrow trying to find the right now. Ok, so about two days ago, Joe Biden It sort of backtrack after about two weeks of this practice. Now I was wrong a few weeks ago to somehow give the impression to people that I was praising those men who are successfully opposed time and again, yes, I was I regret it, I'm sorry for any of the pain in misconception that caused anybody. And there was not a man- is not apologise for working with committee chairs.
Noticing. I'm sorry, if you feel bad that I didn't and talks about is right, but but ok so, but this has been taken as a major retrenchment, doesn't really sound like much of our attention gets last hazy follows following quote, but did I miss step? Did I miss step defined? This is literally but did that messed up. Sorry, I did that messed up the fine. Fifty years of my record for fighting for civil rights, racial justice in this country, I hope not, I don't think so. That's just an honest of my record, I'm gonna. Let me reckon character, speak for itself not to be distorted or smeared sheep, think the problem is whether or not this is a full throated apology which it's it's not, The issue is for him that serve every week, at least he he has. He faces this fifty fifty decision on of his record, add on statements and on the new woke issue that that gets thrown in his face, which is doing.
Then my ground or cave, and so far it's been caving to serve in between hesitant kind of state. Which, I think is exemplified by this half apology. It is a crime. An ongoing problem for him. I think the keeps the issue alive and come her best do so. She said: that's good, Joe Biden's. That's what I got back slap with her backhanded compliment. Think you should somebody said it was rare for him. I don't know if that was Kamala Harris or not, but she did say that point of disagreement still remains with me and and Joe Biden. What is that point of disagree? no one is forcing her to elaborate on it, but it has to be forced fussing. But she then said she wasn't for forest bussing and he wasn't for foreign. Her buses experience, wasn't forced bussing
haven't relax its exact. I mean the whole this whole. You know if, if you had told me in the bedding pool that we would have be having a major moment on bussing in twenty nineteen, I really would have asked for a ticket the next thing. You know ship to Mars, because this is. Look she was not bust. Bussing was a thing that was done to children to forcibly integrate schools based on a completely discredited the idea that integration itself was a magic poultice to improve education, that it would matter that white, kids and black heads were integrated together in classroom and that somehow the magic of integration would therefore make their schooling better
so it was not about, and this idea, which is, which is the great flaw, the wears a weird flaw in the Boundary board vision which is a using the sociological data from an experiment by Kenneth Clark who is associated just at the City College of New York, who did this to spend with black thousand white dolls and whether whether african american child would prefer a blackmail to white on this proved. Because she would for a white all that integration was necessary in order to raise the self esteem of black children. I believe this is a largely again this one of these kind of things that is totally describe it as as such social science now, but in the late forties early fifty seem very you know, sharp and potent I mean so that that is passing was, and nobody- and nobody like that is we ve said before. But are we really
we can have. This argument is absolutely I mean you have real. I mean Progress, Twitter is, is as insular as it gets, Why is better connected the universe and Progressive Twitter, but they are absolutely not only. Not only are they invested in the notion that we should have this conversation their vested in the notion that the only reason why white bussing failed and a technology failed to some extent is that is proof- is white resentment. It was a giant generally successful experiment. If you talk to progressive twitter- activists and by the way, there's now there's an effort on the part of people like Andrew Kosinski, his sift through the Mets in and sift through, the records to fine Joe Biden, talk about how about busting wasn't in like nineteen eighty one and conservative little frustrated, there's guy in a. Why is this? The eight years this guy
as vice president, only now we're seeing these videos well. The reason we're only seeing the now is because it's only controversial now knows these were anodyne unobjectionable positions. Twenty seven minutes ago, white and that will be converted. They won't be controversial in ten minutes when the conversations over they were not anodyne one of the reasons the Biden was chosen, as vice president, was that he was lunch. Paled Joe from Scranton was exactly the kind of Democrat who had he who had shoes with things like forced bussing by eighty one. This was a controversial things, have not been active policy for almost a decade. Oh no! No! No! No! That's not! Right, though there was, there was active bussing in New York City in MID seventies. There were riots and committing the neighbourhood of controversy. Relating to two bussing. I mean there's like seventy two, that the snapping policy and most municipalities well, I'm telling you went on and it wasn't even policy exactly was the whole point which bind was trying to explain, though, snub his
strong suit is explaining. Is that that is that the Department of eighty W, which was the precursor to which was split into health in home, human services and education later was threatening school districts with you know, losing funds of some sort. I even I wasn't much federal funding of education, then, if they didn't do this, so was kind of forced from Washington. It wasn't. School was judges await the whole thing. The reason that I am saying it's ridiculous rusty herons conversation is, it is all We ever hear about about. Politics is we don't. You know we need to know what you're gonna do and if you, how are you gonna, make lives better in the future? How are you so? Where were now descending into the symbolic politics of the past,. You're, not they are and and If they want to hand the election to Trump, they would they can do a year. I there may
people listening to my voice, a we'd be perfectly happy to let them go on like this forever it terrible for us the nation not because democratic should, when the presidency, but because the raising of things from the past asked anachronistically judged by the standards of the present, while the stems of the present are themselves often preposterous, particularly on issues of we now race is at the hall Bobby Precedent, like we're gonna, be sitting here, real the the you know last two hundred years of less twenty. Forty years of american life, you know instead of talking about whether or not the Democrat, whether how health care is gonna, be better or worse or what's gonna happen with entitlements. Are things like that and as a danger of this,
end, end of final judgment. At least you know. As far as the media is concerned, as I want one of these things are re litigating. The final judgment always comes down on on the side of America being bad you know it's it's at eight being bad. That not one America being bad yeah. Well, this about increasing. I was just to say you see this playing out among the primary candidates over the weekend at the essence Festival in New Orleans, which was sooner this gathering of african American Women- and you know all Biden did how to but all the other, almost all the other major presidential contenders did, and it what you see there is you know, one of the things that bind has been saying. Is you know what the first african american President trusted me enough to have me as his number two for eight years and he's you know, I'm going to run on my record.
You could see some of the conversations that were reported in the media about the Essence Festival African American, I'm single, that's enough. He obviously didn't get. It has now we're talking about bussing. Now we're talking about reparations and our talk about all these things again, dredging up past racial issues and kind of throwing them at Biden and Camilla Harrison Elizabeth Warren Candid try get him from either the further to the student and maybe a little more to the centre and putting pressure on him on those things, and I think it's really interesting. Buddha judge showed up and spoke he's not doing well among african american voters and in his own home city, he's not doing well at all among african american citizen. So it's it's astonishing to me that this is the task that the Democrats want to take, and I assume all of us read Marine Dowds Interview with Nancy Policy over the weekend where she serve did take some very sharp jobs at the at the progress.
Left in your own party, but this could be it. This is a disaster. This is the way to hand and legs reelection to Trump I mean it. I'm just make the case that, in our desire for a lot of people have lived disaster all I it's a disaster for civic life, because right right, we are, we are we ve been seeing this bit by bit and trumpet played this to the extent that he is. Capable of playing it properly about this, are we gonna do start removing you know, George Washington's name? For it we win George She didn't can't be celebrated as he was a slave holders. Tommy Jefferson, you know she will his name be taken down. The university that he found in the University of Virginia because he was the author of the declaration of independence. There was a social impact in the United States, it said that there were high
herbal flaws in the United States that lead eminence the theme of the secondment of Lincoln Second inaugural horrible flaws led to a crucible in the mid nineteenth century in which America paid for the sin of slavery. With this, with this bloody horrifying war and- at the end of the war, slavery was gone. The thirteenth worth human fifteen amendments had been passed, and the country, was now on a different footing. Well that general predilection. Now was to say. The country was never on a different footing. Slavery never ended, Jim Crow lay Vrie, nothing was ever equal. Everything is terrible. Women didn't have the vote. I gaze repressed. You know anything you can say, and and if that this horrible for us is that this is the message that has become a mainstream message, as opposed to a left wing message, and if the entire
Craig parties will be taken over by this idea in the sick. It will take our value. The Merrick was bad because it you know like was fighting it. Legal war and horrible war in Vietnam, and and and and was you know incarcerating be was unfair because our system was so unjust and he threw themselves into the wilderness for twenty five years? You know I'm in addition to you know that the hall, of this correcting the record to two to falsify the record, There is also this. Third, Lee chilling obscurantism at work here, where you're not allowed to talk about things like bussing honestly, and then the real problems with it you get you can air arguing histories that conflict with with with the new judgments and you can have your willing to get. You know heaped on from great moral
its short right, but they won't do that, but they do, they won't be aired in in the mainstream rise ass. I saw it to democratic candidates and twenty four in London We pulling ones but nevertheless take the baby. The Betsy Ross flag, again Well, that that's a good point. I was talking about this that you know the Nike ending the issue with the Betsy Ross flag, because, of course, the Betsy Ross flag is the flag of the sub slave America with its thirteen stars in a circle, and go ahead. I mean this is the on the one hand, go ahead, you know you wanted you wanted the hand pulling a showing trump is going up in the Paul's right. There's a washing, postpone, animate forty seven percent among registered voters this weekend. That's is number ever you now going that's
That's like Obama, numbers in the middle of twenty nineteen, so you know in the middle of twenty eleven suits me, so you know take that for what it's worth They are walking into a bus or because they are the now there's a thing the democratic theory is stop talking about how we need to get back some of those Obama, Trump White voters, they don't matter. What we need is to we, re energised. The Obama coalition, which was much bigger. Seventy million people voted for Obama. We need those people, we need to re Energised Africa Americans and Latinos and young progressives and blah blah blah, and they will come to the Poland, Thun pulsing thunderous numbers, and you know well breathing over, which is an interesting theory. But of course, it's actually more it's hard to do Then it is to win back the eighty seven thousand votes they need and three states to flop those three states
for when the election like if you say what you betting on as you want to have five million more voters, as opposed to getting the right? A thousand voters to go the other who hey what's the safe? What's the what smarter political play. I'm sphere it like a my crazy No, I think it's good point at nice, especially given that be the view of the democratic favorite. Now is someone who they just think is should not, but by by his supporters own admission, not necessarily inspiring or electrifying in, in the way that that such a strategy which would require but just likely be able to take on trump and return things to normal, ok, so he is betting on the bright till Biden, rubber Lee. I can get a hundred thousand voters in the right places and send the sky packing right.
There's, no evidence that Trump is expanding. The the political chessboard, firm, Republicans or anything like that. It is the logic of the all the other candidacies that you can. Somehow you know you can. You is army will turn out that will that will destroy the others, and I guess that is fundamentally. The argument now writes, like will Biden, will be eating seaweed. He's not exciting, but what that means is that can be exciting and have to get them to even pull off what he's saying he can pull off and he's gonna say: you're, all living in Clayton, fantasy land like well. What's your plan, How are you gonna, go to Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio and say I want, socialized medicine and open borders and incarceration and
legitimacy of sex work and all of that and talk to these people and make sure that they see those some of those Obama. Voters voted for a moment and for trump arguments, Well, that's. Why won't you know? This is the schizophrenia in among Democrats. It's like you know. We want this guy as you can win now want to bombard him with all these in a crazy, woke ideas, an end and bearing on a progressive, let doesn't think you can win when they don't want him to win. I mean This is the question I am genuinely don't think you can win, I think they're. They think you celery to point Well, that's fair, although Guenaud according them Hilary one and the Russians, you know the Russian still the election, so I don't know how you being Hilary to porno so terrible accorded their logic, but leave that to leave that to one side, I mean they don't want to win, because there a little like Jim demand,
Jim the man who is the former centre from South Carolina, then ran heritage donation and was kicked out. He said at famously notoriously and twenty lever, twelve one who is running some scented conservatives fund that he would rather have thirty good conservatives in the Senate than sixty rhinos now. Just think about that for a minute like? I would rather have a pure Senate that literally cannot block anything. And wolves will die on the ramparts and everything then actually have to be like run politics like be in politics, where you have to make deals and stuff like that? And that's the question progressive like. Are they saying that they have a credible? The thing is when a long as they say there is this hidden vote of ten million people that we can get to the poles. But there
there was a yo see right who got fifty five thousand people extra to the poles of this. Christine is why I think come on I've done. Most of the people are in the press and I think they're, giving Kemal Harris easier time to her own detriment. Could she gets no? Have she gets to have ways she gets too before and again. The prohibition of employee sponsored health insurance she gets too before and against Fort force buzzing, nobody presses or on the issues. Nobody asked for a simple, yes or no and that's doing her, I'm giving her a leg up in the primary, perhaps to the at the detriment of the general election. I think that's I think it's just the latest adoration of what we saw a lot of the media, doing with Elizabeth Warren. You know two or three weeks ago with all of her policy proposals and thereby have a lamp for that and then just filled their right exactly well. In and saying I have a plan is enough to, and you know get her
plenty of praise and everyone talking about what a wonderful policy mine she has not actually looking at the plan she is proposing in what they would cause in real terms, and the common heritage of his interesting to make, as I think, she's going to have a really tough time in the next few weeks. While we do know it sounds like Eric Swallow, mercifully is going to end his. We, I don't call it a campaign, but he's gonna stop running for president, which is just which is a very good thing to hear those. Tomorrow morning I am going to start. Where are you now say? It's like musical chairs. With these you no kind of presidential after types, but I think come lawyers is gonna have a really hard time if the last few weeks or any guide, even gently club bye, bye, sympathetic media about the details of what she said during that a debate was all over the place and, like you said, nourishes not she, she really hasn't been held to account in a way that I think she will be during the next debate and that she should be by all of us.
By the media mean there is an interesting there. It there isn't it in exchange over the weekend between Martha that's a machine it lay about about the border issue and about the fact that they didn't vote for the funding to help the crisis at the border, and it was it was this this sort of shocking thing for a lot of, I think, liberal. In stream, viewers to see because rabbits She asked her a tough question about well, you didn't both for their. So why are you criticising the fact that there is no aid, and this was seen as a remarkable, I think we're having the same challenge with some of our political reporting with with Camilla Harris, and it can't possibly last ok, I'm no this rule and that because I think that what we are actually seeing here is this Test, which is that the Biden is the head right Biden, is the candidate head, like you say he it is well known, he's beating trump. By ten points. He can appeal to the term Obama vote.
He knows how to go into those states and win the law objects says, he's the best guy the win right and then then you have the heart and the hot. The question, is, can calmly Harris capture the democratic parties heart sort of what happened in the reaction to the second debate, where there were the first to be the second night of the debates. Was: oh, my god she's fantastic, look. How she had cheated me! You she takes it to bind. She can take it to trumpet she so power, lunch. So this and then of course, demographically. She defend fantastic model, cause she's, african, American and she's a woman, and so you have the advantage that the gender gap and manage there and then a possibility of generating a Obama coalition with people of color. But they're gonna have to fall in love with her like
then this is the question. I think, as I don't think, there's any other candidate they're going to fall in love with. I don't think they're gonna fall then the first debates, I don't think in a farmer with Elizabeth, warm. Well they're, not going to fall in love with her her claims that are going to be disproven by her own record, I mean she's trying to sell herself. As you know, I was a progressive prosecutor. I care about racial justice. You start looking into her record, it's pretty clear. She was progressive prosecutor. She was pretty hard core and I think that the per especially the progressive left base is gonna have to Spined away to reconcile her record his attorney general of California, with what she's, claiming on the campaign trail now happy, but if they take then tactic than it's just that drives the primary farther and farther to the left. No one's gonna take on Kemal Harrison on race, not after what happened. Abiden binds justice declared surrender and the only people who would do it. Like John, the Lamy, who don't register so she's gonna skate on that issue
they say: okay. Well, you were actually to effective as a prosecutor, you were too tough on crime. Then it even further renders the party unelectable twenty twenty I mean I a guy you're. The presumption here is that people are gonna be undone by policy, and then this is the question of whether or not people are gonna, say we are you now you we're unilaterally. Disarming trump did not have to answer for his contradictions, and fish are candidate. Shouldn't have to answer for their contradictions because no At her who it is of calmly Harris's, an oppressive prosecutor, she's better than Bill bar she's better than you know, she's better than Chris Callback. I don't you know she is better than all the Republicans
no matter what the case is so shut up. I mean there is that possibility right that that that the democratic primary is not going to devolve into who is purity? The same kind of purity test that republican primaries have been to put but also could more be like we love her, we decided we love her, so shut up, don't ask Sir But you don't ask for these hard questions. Do you asked rampart questions? That's not fair, you know will be like like the last week hard question during a debate abatement, everybody will yell about how it was unfair because they were the weight trump beheld about how the question was unfair to him. It also allows her. I mean if you ve, ever Take. That model also allows her to make simplistic pronouncements without being pushed on on details. That was your torrent from sir skated by
did that spoken awaited than that no other candidates, and it is a little different to be just any coherent which have from handled twinning sixteen and completely contradictory, which is what counts. Harris is doing Camilla Harris one day supports. What's in burning this bill. She correspond the other doesn't and gets to have both those answers exist simultaneously without having anybody to force or to define that little does a little different than just saying. We're gonna have the best everything, but, but the the similarity is that it feels good right if he gave you if it feels good to let it pass so so quick question them. Can Democrats fall in love with calmly Harris and will they fall moment come where I am certain they can and in the end they very well might be. Because I usually what are you? I don't know, I'm I'm more sceptical. I think I don't it's so early, and I know we always say that, but I
not sure you know she had her one singer in the debate that the first debate against Biden, but I wonder when the field is narrowed a bit. I don't see her having the same staying power could be wrong. I just she's I just They certainly can fall in love with her if, if you vote purely on identity politics, obviously she certainly looks like what progressive the progressive left at the Democratic Party wants to see at the head of his ticket. But just don't know she has the political skill that that Biden or even in his own we're way Sanders has ok. Well, let's take a break, and let me talk to us about lemming tree. Because, if you're carrying revolving dad that mean not paying off your card every month and could be paying thousands and interest every year that you don't have to do with lending club. You can consolidate your debt or path credit cards with one fixed,
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Uranium levels and the other is Jeffrey. Epstein getting arrested in New York form for what appears be a lifelong habit of molesting impossibly raping teenage girls, so the iranian enrichment. I assume, is all part of this dance that IRAN is doing with Trump to get negotiations start and Europe and Europe Right using Europe as a lever against Trump. The system is very simple. So the way it works, is that uranium has basically a couple of levels like you, can you re can be stored without
any possibility of fish or whatever at that three percent of three percent enrichment. What where you IRAN was going was to twenty percent enrichment from which point you then spin. The centrifuge harder and harder and harder, and then you get two hundred percent Richmond than your nuclear right. That's the that's! system, so they had all the stuff, a twenty they back. They downgraded to three and apparently they're going to bring it back up to two hundred and twenty and that's being really where they win. If they actually did get the twenty with triggers are some very serious talks about preemptive strikes its twenties late is, but they have had a lot of stuff at twenty. They that what they did, what they are, what they are reputed to have none but were told they did was that they that they backed off the twenty number they degraded their stockpile. Two to three. The point is that getting it back to twenty is
matter of weeks, getting into a hundred as a matter of mud, depending on how new and fast and powerful you're centrifuge, by the way, the fact and getting The twenties matter of weeks speaks to the problem with the around deal from from the start right, which is that it does not If we chooses to go nuclear, it could go clear in a year that was the whole point than though, with the interesting thing that could be said from a right wing perspective or hawkish perspective about the problem with pulling out of the IRAN deal is that IRAN, because of the nature of the deal or RON already got everything it was going to get from the deal right, which was it got all the money that was frozen, the got the you know and no one knows what that number is supposedly people say was a hundred fifty billion the people. The defenders of the USA was only fifty billion whatever, so they all that money is now there's so A question was what you know
what then like. What are we get from? An all we got from it was the day was the downgraded uranium in the link thing, as they say the lengthening of the track of the time that it would take them to go nuclear back to you know at least a year, and they had agreed to eleven years I think they're point is that you put all these sanctions on us so screw you and wool will enrich to whatever level we want to enrich em We have no leverage, except for the sanctions, and the sanctions apparently aren't working they working too poverty around, but they're not working to change the behaviour of the regime. Think they changed the behaviour of the regime pretty substantially just in a way that extremely provocative Well, that's all I'm saying so, maybe so that that's the problem with ok we're pulling out of that were pulling out of the deal and were putting all these. The harsh sanctions on you, which is great, but then will you.
If they start getting provocative? Like that's that's the day, you know all these things you have to game out. So what happens? If their response isn't look will do you no stop stop doing this to us? Will you now, let's go to the lead to help us get out of this right as opposed to we're gonna blob ships in the Gulf, and you know we're gonna starts. We know we'll shoot down American AIR drone aircraft them and make sure for that, you are paying attention that we are with. You now were aggressive player. Europe is the target of this. In the estimation of a lot of smart people fall, the sort of thing I think it makes a lot of sense in Europe, some pretty hard nosed in response to turanian provocation. So far, we haven't seen any movement from Germany, which is the real weak link in this chain towards sanctions, reducing sanctions. Or easing up on the monitoring of the ships are violating sanctions, notably China and uranium.
And the UK has says, issued some pretty serious threats when it comes to the breaking these enrichment thresholds, In their minds, the is Tracy P away is still active and around is violating it and their treating it. IRAN, is violating now. What happens when you ran violates these that the terms of J C B away, what is supposed to happen in the deal All the sanctions, relief that they were pretty too is supposed to snap back, so we must get that we're gonna see snapped back, but we ve put a lot of sense latterly unilaterally and violent and they're supposed to be secondary sanctions for violators of those sanctions, which would be our european partners which they evaded so far, Ok, so let's move onto Jeffrey Epstein, I think it's Epstein, maybe Epstein either way you know he is rifle, won't be a plug Nagel if he
go to prison as it shouldn't the weirdest thing. We're Jeffrey happening as far as I can tell is that nineteen seventies. He was a math teacher at the other New York City, private school, that I went to and Currently was so dynamic that some parents said you should come I'll. Give you some money to run and that's that was how he began from the Dalton school. He became a billionaire child molester. So? Obviously, this is an interesting story for ten thousand different reasons. But the really interesting question is whether or not Epstein will somehow give up people to soften his sentence. If he's enough, he, if you can't get out of this right- that's that's, What people are saying like who does he have who went, who flew with him to sex slave island?
to me first, have to give a shout out the reporters at the banana Harold who have just been wonderfully relentless about this case and about getting records. Unsealed, unjust, really really ever stopping in their pursuit of this. This horrible and then his crimes are being this is this- is I've just it's been very impressive to see the newspaper say on top of this, and I would bet that Bill Clinton, feeling pretty nervous right now he was irregular. Your honor: what did they called the airplane? The low Leda express a mean. He was sort of a well known friend of abstain. So there are a lot of very prominent politicians and businessmen were extremely nervous today I imagine, and trump and try an trump and there try and there is a Trump Palm Beach action to Epstein them and Various other thing, so I think we are this is something that bears you know
watching and also bears watching, simply because of that feeling that one has that it is just we. We cannot live in a system in which somebody like this can somehow you know by him by his way out of justice and simply be left to you now to two gods. Evaluation was character after his death. I mean it seems fairly clear that many, if not most, of these allegations are true and the deeper sense and that you know, if he's so It was fifteen year old girls. He should be sent to jail. You know, and particularly fees grooming them in the allegations earth assumptions. Thirteen, but I mean it and it's a trafficking charge me was procuring people for the purpose of also handing them around to his friends and allies anyway. I think so. We will bring this to a close with that. One wonders
Development, american life. Until next time for Christina no I'm John TAT or its keep the camel burning.
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