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Today on the podcast, we discuss the lack of money, lack of poll strength and general lack of a path to victory enjoyed by Donald Trump. Sorry. We had nothing else to talk about. Have you talked about anything else?
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Welcome to the commentary magazine podcast, please forgive the quality of the audio in this box. We had some technical problems with our microphones. Some guy. Welcome to the commentary magazine podcast, I'm John Upwards, the editor of voluntary with me as usual, I ringwald our senior editor high Abe go wrong with the system on whenever hello, no, it is where day June. Twenty second yeah, I think,
and Donald Trump has just finished again in a speech in which he said, Hillary Clinton should go to prison and she has the death of thousands on her hands and he's going to use the money that she would use answered refugees to fix up every inner city in America and a number of other things in an address The media are already spinning, as they knew down trumpet. Why does it need to be a new Donald Trump, because the last two days have reveal that the old Donald Trump is on his way without some massive revision to a world historical calamitous showing in November No, I want to go through a little bit about what we learned this week. That I'm sure must have. Our investors have already to their astonishment scene, but we should probably just rehearse offer is going back a week like seven days. We discovered that Donald Trump,
as no campaign of attempted campaigners. According to his announcements, there were his campaigns. Estimates are approximately thirty national stars which it is not enough that employees serenity cupola. We then pivoted to a sort of a shift from the campaign over the course of works. You colonel machinations, in order to change that dial up, but the dialogue going right back to the king pain. Looking like a disaster when we got the of the latest monthly financial disclosure from the trunk campaign would reveal, that they're not raising money, their effect spending a lot of money The bank, they have only one point- eight million dollars, which is less than they reported last month. They raised about three point: two million dollars left us
this is the equivalent of a New York City controller race and when compared to Hillary Clinton, who has forty two million dollars in the bank just on hand and raise twitting six million in the month of May and is still raising money then it is having a fundraiser, seven Hollywood with wasting this is. This is a penny for prosperity that is so dramatic at this point that it's almost possible to catch up in Oregon and is has already reserving has an spending against Donald Trump on the air. So if we ve got our real discipline, well oiled campaign, machine versus something looks pretty amateurish right and where the great mystery years. Why is this happening with? Why didn't trump scale up for he s poor man of war? working for him. Who is a campaign professional? Why did me scale up higher fundraising department? I start taking checks and do what he can do very mysterious thing. That's going on people cannot
explain the mystery. The mystery is that he does not want to raise money which, for which one cannot blame I raise money in part to support commentary. It's not an easy thing to do but it is what you have to do if you're going to be in politics is raise money and part of the way you raise money is to listen to other people, and they want to tell you what it is. They think that you should do and then you listen and you take them out to me respectfully and then you try to collect the check at the end of the conversation what politicians do he's above. That is why I do it. He doesn't want to feel like he is of a subtle between position with people, but this is quite simply insane Mitt Romney by this point and raise the Romany in May of twenty to twenty twelve had raised seventy five or seventy eight million dollars outpacing about
That's and remember that in the overall campaign and twenty twelve of one point, five billion dollars was spent between the two campaign. So what does that tell you well What are the reasons you raise money, or the main reason that you raise money is to neutralize the money. The other person is raising its a form. It's like an arms race and you have to do what you can to negate the advantage that you're are he's gonna have using money to put it's on the air, to hire staffers in remote counties in order to get the vote out to do all the things that campaign do and you do it and they do it at its supposed to come out very close to a wash and then the victory is on the margins with a couple of per cent here and there, in other words, Obama and Romney play to awash with almost
all the money, but Obama spends extremely intelligently or the Obama pacts are very sad spent extremely intelligently in Ohio, depress roaming zone, Ohio in their own boat in Ohio, Romney, look like he was gonna, do ok in Ohio and instead he lost Ohio by five Obama was finding vote in Florida on election day, that nobody voters that nobody knew were there, because his get out the vote machine was so efficient. Why was it efficient cuz? It's been a lot of money and had staffers and counties were no Democrat perhaps staffer before and right now, Maggie Haber LINEAR Times was in LAS Vegas the other day. She goes by the Trump Headquarters, the campaign it where's for Nevada, which is a swing state which they stated against theoretically, probably
ass, the wind of Republican is gonna win and there is no office. The office is shut down. There's no one working in the office in Nevada. There is no field office in Nevada, fourth drunk campaign. So what does that tell us? It tells us that he is running a psychotic campaign, He is idiot, logically, emotionally personally committed to the idea that he can do this without having to do all that there is evidence that any of that is true. He one. Third, million votes using this all media system. He needs sixty, five million votes. He leads five times. The number of votes is already gotten. He is doing nothing to attract them anyway, sure just that he doesn't want to go to the drudgery of having to raise money. He's not doing any of the basic things but they're all it's all it's all of it is to Monday, for him were two or two or two unpleasant.
These are rushing up on on basic policy ideas. He's he's not Speaking the language of leadership, ok, but you know what I think even there and then we'll get to know, but I think even there from has a case to make He is running an intuitive see by serious pants campaign. He feels like he has the finger on the pulse of the american people. He doesn't want to get in the way of the spot. The navy and the ability to control the news ambiguity has but that it that does not speak to having again the boat operation or not, which is simply a technical matter of hiring people people to do analytics, hiring p we have done this before giving them the means and the tools you can start in June. Doing stuff like this, he is gonna, hear you can rely on or how the national money to do that for him. You're, probably national committee is
presidential election machine is an overall party building machine and it does not have the capacity to scale itself up to pay for a presidential campaign. If he doesn't raise this money, in short order, and it looks like he can't raise money. His Walker and saying self on these were ten billion dollars and retreated opening of the money about a month. He ll have to make a decision about whether or not he takes public funding be takes public funding ninety million dollars. He will at ninety million dollars and Hillary Clinton will have seven hundred billion dollars. I mean that is what we you're. Talking about here is a discrepancy in the ability to have a functional moving campaign, the tomb of eight times that he always kept him be eight times the size of his and in a close race? Of course, if there, if it were to be close range, of course, that would be decisive, and that was one of the two bombshells in Annex II report. Is that he's not raising money for the committee's? Normally you be
raising and matching funds for the committees, but their meal editorial and rational campaign committees. Never never never forget the republican nationals millionaire time let the committees that have to get Republicans elected at the stated rational up, I see a spinning fur trumpet saying, while we're not sitting on cash anymore- and I worry it is out in the field- were putting into work- and that's because you have to. Choice. You have to burn some of this gas, but a real, quick mechanical point about what happens when you win by raising his terrible is money gets a lot more expensive you that, with the other bombshell in this report, was that down from his reimbursing alot of his vendor, said he owns. That fact that is close to about six million dollars. Maybe ten percent of its total expenditures went to companies that he has a stake in that makes donors They are actually for the New York Times are asking for him to forgive something
ten of forty million dollars. I can his campaign over the primary in order to make sure that before we had the general he's an army that that debt is gone. It's it's a nerd, he's not gonna, be able to pay himself back. Secondly, vendors to be added, to the extent that he has to use vendors that he doesn't own Are going to be really worried. They're not gonna, get paid back by this campaign. They're gonna start asking for their cash from that their data producer responsibility to do that. To do that, that's what Hillary Clinton vendors into her into that NATO is pretty clear. She was on the way out. So all this all this report does is make sure that down from broken catch up, even if you wanted to catch up, even if he was gonna raising twenty million dollars this week, the wit you wouldn't go as far as it would. If he had raised. If he had been on pace were more republicans. Normally our pace at this point will observe. The Tobin colleague had a very interesting point last night, which is call his bluff he says he says he wants to sell fund. Let him
Let him put a hundred million hundred fifty million dollars into the campaign right now. I think if she did that seriously, if he today announced he was putting a hundred fifty million dollars into his campaign that would convince alot of people that he was, areas and a hundred million dollars would be shut, would be shaped, would shake loose from republican donors all over the place would give it to a variety of modalities in vehicles to help him along and suddenly he would be there but he won't do it. Why would he do it because he doesn't have it because he doesn't want to do it because he's given as much as he is willing to give, it doesn't really matter what the answer as if he wants to be president of the United States, and he thinks he can be present United States by sitting interim tower. It is underwear and socks calling into fox and friends because he hasn't in his hair done yet fine, let him try and he will be our land and he will be blue beard
Water, he will George, were governor that thirty seven percent of above the Nightingale. Me too, and that will be the infamy that attaches to his name. That is what he is doing to himself and its interests as you say, okay, what he's a winner, this won't be illusory, wants to win. If, even if you really want to be prisoner, he wants me president. You know he it would be. Worse thing in the world. It's a public death for people to go through this. Am I dont think that that's what's going through his hand, I don't know what I'm not a Shrink Amanda, what's going through said, but this was a flyer. Took a stab at it, and when way better than he ever thought and he's gonna see how little he needs to do just gave himself to November. If he gets, Three percent of the votes will say: look
a hundred million dollars I've read your Mozilla Mitt Romney spent seventeen fifty million dollars, and he got forty seven percent about who did better idea. If you look at it that way than I did a lot better than Mitt Romney, because but a lot less than he did. My got more votes for the box, so blah blah blah blah blah and you know, what's more, my companies are in better shape. My grandma strong were big, sold a lotta hats so that's that that's the structure of what's what's going on here, One about job in children's homes loves it if he were to now to really put money remaining, a hat. Into an anti terrorist funding would help him hang on all those people who say that's what they love about and that no one knows how is he now going to ask for money and then explain to people like like be on the beach,
protract protester Navy was rising, had crews and saying that he that that day, but he lives at risk. They re an end happened and now he is desperate, desperately needs to go. The money. This is my favorite thing that happened yesterday. There were so many great things that happened this week, Trump After this hold the bodily strategies, a conversation focus on Hillary Clinton in one of his main attacks on Hillary Clinton is that she fund raises is that she gets money. He call donations from financials professionals, people on Wall Street blood, money, he said that his blood money- I know, he's gonna, go as you say, had man asking for the same letting his calling with these people do it by contributions effectively dirty cash. Forget that so, let's go. Let's have a not use that my let's. Let's say he doesn't got a big republican donors. Let's eat doesn't go Wall Street fine Bernie,
Andrews got six million donations trumpet possibly doing is way better than Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders a fringe candidate, the only guy when he had already managed to stir up all this. You know: support among people who felt ill. Rep then it will supposedly that's trump trumps. The same thing is speaking to border should feel like places haven't been heard, blah blah blah, So let us try to raise money from them. Let him go. And see what happens there will he did? He announced yesterday that He was having a twenty four hour drive and this was a very interesting Lee and I think roughly worded email scented out here dad, I will match any donation up to two million dollars Doug into it. That was a fraud. What he met was he was. He was asking for hard money donations to his campaign, the cap on harmony. Many donations to presidential campaign itself is twenty seven hundred dollars, so
it was actually saying is. If you give me twenty seven dollars. I will put. I will match your donations to twenty seven. I was in my match, capture two million, so you with us through this email. If this email raises two million, I will put intimately for racist, point three million. I will put in one point: three million. If it raises ten million, I will put into millions basis, fifty million I will put into million, but it made it sounds though Match any donation up to two million dollars with two million dollars and that it was in fact not true. Since we have not heard today was a twenty four. Everything started ten yesterday morning. We have not heard how it did I'm guessing it didn't do too well and due to speak your point, he opened up a speech. Today's european Rapid Bernie Sanders Wars,
so yeah. He said very specifically: Bernie Sanders supporters come to me where this is a corrupt system and we're gonna fix it freely. So This is where we are- and this is one of the reasons that for the first time really in a month the what appeared to be a fantasy, which was that somehow there's something could happen at the convention and that Trump could be replaced. By the republican delegates are to look a little less like a fantasy and a little more like a possibility, apparently breakthrough reports. There are at least five hundred delegates were willing to vote against him on the first ballot. He remember has an aggregate vote among Republicans of forty four percent
but fifty two percent, not sixty percent any and given his own rhetoric of one man, one vote rhetoric about these primaries and Caucasus. He them, therefore morally, is only a blade. The moral obligation is ready for her said the television devote forgiven for fifty six percent, maybe above for somebody else, on the first ballot. How this could happen, is very technical. There's gonna, be the rules committee meets the week before the convention to write the rules of the convention. The walls of preceding conventions do not in fact apply the rules of the convention that govern that convention are written the week before, and the question is whether in if Trump looks the same with money, if his pole numbers remain mired, as they are right now under forty in the real career path examined
like thirty nine point, two something like that and it keeps going like ever goes down and he has no money, whether after July, fourth of the week after July, fourth, there will be a full blown republican panic, be the same. Look it can't be worse. I don't care what you say: he's headed for thirty, eight thirty, nine percent. There's no way that this is gonna change, absently non existent indictment of Hillary Clinton. He doesn't have the means to change it. He won't have the money to be able to make a change and look for all. We know she was debated and I think he said stuff today. That would give her an entirely free hand not to debate. He said she is responsible for the deaths,
thousands of people should be in prison and the timing of the com is expendable, but he said he said that she has been doing the bearing of Beijing that she is financially backed. I believe I was quote by Beijing and, as a result, cheese and entering candidate working for a communist China strike on agents and not in the United States are contract, I'm interests in the union. Which is money, of course, because you know he may appear zero. He appears to be an unpaid angel and influence of Lebanon importance, I have here is the art of access. Is the ultimate early nineteenth sixties, race between the mentoring candidate of the Moscow candidate, I have seen of soviet split actually in the year in the american electorate vessels and in the border regions, She's, not only an agent of the Chinese but she's she's, simultaneously a coming station ten day a Wall Street
One and the same ran the open your eyes, you will do. Also, I would like to be able to say in turn, you know for the purposes of interested, intellectual, honesty and and and flavour, and making things as complex as possible that the speech of downtown gave this morning, the Anti Hillary Clinton speech, the more grave speech with a teleprompter much talked about his policies of her corruption that I would like to be able to say that it was an interesting and new wrinkle in the campaign. That day really. He had found a new voice for himself, but I dont believe that to be true, even though your problem here today and tomorrow- I dare say it- was quite It was less improbable was certainly not improper to worry, but the wildness of the claims was no.
Before and the wildness of his claims about what he will do for the country where no different from what he could do for from what from what before me. That's a kind of domestic policy see. Version of Obama say. Maybe now today is the day that the seas stopped rising and we know the earth's atmosphere began to calm. You know he says Because of me, inner city, children will now dream big because of me we will have great infrastructure because of me we will have you know Greece will be built being built in the United States. It didn't exist before help me in the first hundred days. Like you, a lot of this would happen and, of course, there is a practical matter. None of that will happen. You like it. But he's not gonna, be able to build infrastructure out of nowhere magic infrastructures it for a lot of his bed.
State levels, those paper at the federal level someone's gotta pay for it. Before you promise it. This is this. Scott Adams, billboard theory that all he has to do is say: you'll, do things for people and believe that he'll do things were people. But you have a rubber meets the road and I think Hillary Clinton, It has a very easy opening. The him saying. I'm sorry, but this is not the way the world works. The way the world works is that we live in a country in which public spending is a man that is voted on by Congress and bills? than their constitutional and has allowed this spring. Would you look at? The present? Has the sign them and then this war, takes a very long time to be completed. Not just the president working working, his will and you're. Just your all you're doing is blowing smoke at the Abuja telling lies here, you're here you're, it's a lot of crap.
Having said that we gave a speech yesterday about the economy and no since only very interesting about the speech, which is that Democrats to be. Left is progressive. Democrats seem to be convinced that Hilary, as some kind of a centrist neo con of the economy and that speech should absolutely no evidence of that. Knowing one oh yeah, I was not just that speech, but the reaction to that post that I thought really confirmed upon the point that the she spent. That's me talking about Donald Round. She was talking about her down from this terrible or this city other thing, how his have a terrible business record and he's a conspiratorial person, etc. But she star. She preface that speech by laying out a really aggressive spending. A regulatory agenda talk about making college at every proposition, she's crazy, consumer regulatory board that the main Elizabeth more in a household names.
She went on about how near their variety of other level, progressive proposals that Democrats have been saying at least Bernie Sanders very friendly them, I have been saying, you know she's, Basically, a fiscal conservative, even people like Catherine Paolo, read the Washington Post of saying this is a fiscally conservative versus she's conservative, location of our policy and she's a budget, when it comes to financial policy. She is to the right of the Democratic Party and, I will say she's to the right of the Democratic Party, but that's not a commentary and Hillary Clinton commentary on the far left, leaning, ASP, The democratic party- and I If that peace, which is basically saying you know, she's, not a centrist and new and then at the center for american progress picked it up and goes this absolutely this it makes my point for me- that wasn't a compliment. That wasn't say. I wouldn't say: Hillary Clinton is
not a centrist, as some sort of a market of pride for Hillary Clinton is misused outside the american main street by Hillary Clinton, own allies say absolutely. She is no centre. She is a progressive democratic liberal. Just like us. So Where we are here, you know third leakage. Heading toward the end of June heading toward the fourth of July? Is we have? an economy that is sputtering to such a degree that the fad, which wanted to start raising interest rates again found itself in the founding impulse. Do so in a terrorist attack in Orlando that administration refuses to acknowledge its ISIS inspired, directed her work or for the purpose of advancing
cause and were now led to believe that the FBI investigating every aspect of this case, seems to have allowed the wife of alarm a team who we now know to have been an accomplice, or at least that someone who possess knowledge of the attack before the fact vanished from their radar screen. They dont know where she What happened to her and low? eventually through general of the United States. Having been having made herself, look like a fool by having insisted on rejecting the phone call, the nine one one phone call in which a murmur teams that I'm I pray I'll, buy daddy and I'm a soldier of the of the islamic state,
does yesterday that the only way to fight this kind of terror and Hague is with love. Really. The attorney General United States is the way you fight. Terrorism is with love, honest to God, like that's what we're getting asked seven slash two years of this administration Obama using drowns to kill four seven hundred people outside the United States and some of them, probably terrorists, but in pursuit of a of an anti terrorist policy, but demand thickly domestically. Our answer is love not abroad because abroad or answer is, you know, should occur. Are withdrawn, but rather with a missile from Dr Lester only we have love in our hearts or policies, loving death love, that's right, love domestically in death death abroad, so That's really here. So I think, basically, that this
I have been developing a theory that God is gas lighting. Us because another term gaslight gaslight comes from of victorian melodrama cop guy. Light, which a man drives his wife, crazy by purpose tracks. Crazy by something happening in letting said that didn't happen. Org. You know you there's a wine glass on the table and your stories were there the classes of their interest. What happens the glass and he says There- never was any glass treasure. Crazy by convincing. When I consider the cheese right, so I think Trump is the. Gas lighting, ultimate divine gas. Lady of the United States, than like Forty years of you no self righteous self just american focus on the self and and why
larger sense of community, and so what we get is this. You know care sure of a megalomaniac billionaire evil guy, as are as as as well nominees and then, on the other side, we have proper mama, whose entire career seems now to be dedicated to gas, lighter conservatives, that's say Oh Mamma, says I'm a soldier. The islamic state. It is now ten days later and abominable will not say that this was a the purpose of this a letter was for someone to you now support the cause of the Islamic. They somehow it's better? It's better! It's better! For America, too, for it to be thought that this was an act of homophobia. It's better for the administration. Why? That's the interesting question: why is it there for the administration
the administration can be directly how liable for the rise of hate, but they sure can be held liable. The vices Wildwood and I also think Obama's guiding principle. Certainly for is to keep America out of farm war, especially release, and I think he thinks that even Gaza, a war on railways, war on islamic terrorism is a precursor to the active, have actually began, Captain Lennox weirder than that, because in this and was later this week, he began by saying we need to do more ice, it we're gonna, destroy ISIS devices will be destroyed and everything will be better ones. Isis sweat, it's not that he doesn't San LAN Destroy ISIS, it's that here he doesn't then say.
You know we have to destroy ISIS. Here's one of the many reasons why we have to go and destroy ISIS. They are, The longer the day are there the board that they are creating independent contractors in the United States who are working to there will. So he deliberately, on the one hand, says we're gonna go out and kill ices on the other. We don't know why why this happened, or why San Bernardino what's happened. Even knowing saying in the same speech that we do know why That's why I say this as a gas that he is true to drive us crazy here. Try I was crazy because. He that's. What would this whole thing with the magic words at all? Why do we need to use this magic words? We talk. This last week, he He says that because he knows people like us are sitting around our desks. Pulling our hair out in tufts with the
Madness of the denial Why deny it? So? It's almost like use drugs. He is a truly is a presidential troll? That's why Donald Trump! This is disciple, Thou tramp trump is is the first trawl. Presidential candidate, and he is following in the footsteps of the first trial, troll president and then I think your credit is due You can say about her, but she doesn't happen, trolling skill. She can't she can play this game She can't play this game, and you know the promise of where she is. A corrupt she is corruption that she did do some terrible by setting of this, private email- we don't know what security reaches MA am happy as a result of it, she did Go out in the heavens,
has the workers of walking conflict of interests during her Secretary of State Europe and then she herself to go out and sell herself. Bizarrely whence she was out of the office, That being said, those are all you know in the trumps as today should be imprisoned. Well, you know, first of all, we don't know where there should be presented the innocent until proven guilty, and that an end, I think it's pretty clear that you're not gonna get indicted, for whatever Let's put it this way. If Loretta Lynch is willing to redact the word ISIS she's not going to indict Hillary Clinton, approve the indictment Hillary Clinton so the chief she's, unable to really taking better, he's of Obama from other really, but that's what they're doing enjoying it. This weapon eyes D B. Resentment towards him, and she can
the herds era resent the threat, and it is its duty to effect. Regressed Obama drives the right so crazy that it makes mistakes and the biggest personally bigger existential mistake. The right has ever made is, I think, glory was dull Donald Trump could not have existed, but at seven years of Obama he wasn't created by Obama. He was created by the fact that the Publican became increasingly convinced They have literally no conventional means by which to go at the political problems that were bothering them, and so they decided to go with this, and you know totally exogenous x, factor figure and the results, as we now see it as we are. Toward July are what they are. So maybe they'll be revolt. Probably there will be a result. There is a very good case we either the revolt can't leave things in any worse position.
Tromp well will have them and therefore it would be worth at least for novelty sake. You now above the college dry people keep asking who talking about an hour the possibility for the recruitment of a candidate candidate. It's pretty clear that there are two or three obvious choices thing to them being Skywalker. Who got out a race before September before any boat was cast and enrich Daniels. The former government began another present Purdue people desperately want around twenty twelve and didn't they the conditions under which a roman twenty twelve, which her family resistance may still be no may still be present, but those observe obvious names, less obviously answer to be less obvious, be like Romney and ten.
There s a couple hundred delegates who were still normally pledged their support, but it doesn't really matter because the whole point is that if it looks like it looks like The rules will be written so that there can be a challenge, then will see what happens it's more improbable that this will be a total improvisation and why not has trumps Intel improvisation and if he continues to spiral The force is taken out of the argument. If you don't have a trump you're, you're, just electing Hilary Is the ardent really because. This rather drug drop is lacking Hilary and as I tweeted yesterday, if you wanted analogous prove you wanted some piece of evidence
The trunk came in this. Raises a stocking hoarsely get Hilary elected, you can do no better than the results of the of the fund raising May, because all he's doing a sitting still while he is letting her game went to the polls and is eight times the amount of money that he has a magical wiser set before it made it look like she has a serious formidable candidate campaign and she's, against a dj. Along I ve never seen your flesh that I wouldn't worry me, Michael Howard, stern and ass. If his run for progress- and you know really does little little one guy does little more than what proposition which get media and and make branches and not. Release is tax returns. Yellow or what
when Martin rhymes Brian years before the gay marriage- staged a wedding day, Mary ajar, you know just as just a slashing you're, crazy brand lifting lock when we talk about this last week, my sir, and were well without any inside information. My presumption was that there would be there's so much self loathing within the GEO peace. The estate Hungarian institutional elites have been told that their work less than were unless for seven years now, they would sacrifice the top of a ticket in November. As long as the party isn't completely destroyed, There was a real decimation of the party and a lower electoral levels, not just Congress, but hour is legislative seeds that started to materialise in the polls that within sent something is as desperate ass, a convention coup because
we were talking about a real life of the parties, something that would nevertheless, Linger in really split the party, in a way that I thought anybody wants. Even if that means a down trouble the tablet, and what can be said that would be, real bad down our numbers and generic ballot, ships that showed double digits. Moving in the wrong direction towards democratic incumbents that really in threatened now today a week later we are starting to see some inhabited still choose your own adventure. The writers ipso Ipsos General ballot, urgent Eric Gallup Poll showed an eleven point deficit towards Democrats, which is crazy, that materializing until the ball. That's that's panic time, But then you have the queen appeared. Polar comes out today would shows
some key battling comments, really pulling ahead. Marker Rubio announced today that he's going to be running again for his seat in Florida. Canopy actual that he's not only competitive by running almost eight points ahead of the top of the ticket. The year the Pennsylvania Centre to amuse running against begin to somebody who nobody knows is also a and Florida errors are Ohio, which is Strickland and were Portman is is time this requires. The only guy who's name recognition their son not entirely sure how much stop to put in these poles, but they could. You re a sharp people in and the convention I am. Maybe it's not gonna, be that bad and I still don't think that the real down valid effect, which I do not believe is coming, isn't going to materialise and until September October. So if there is down ballot disaster that really insensitive a change in mood open Airbus things come the members have Leah worse, they feel a lot worse over the next three weeks were the staff, and the point is that they may they probably,
they probably get worse enough, but but they may and if they ever, if they might, then this is not. This is not a An absurd possibility, it is a possibility. It's not a likelihood, but it is a possibility. So with that, and with the knowledge that we have left, you again stated just bliss with the state of America in the state of the world, want to remind you that commentary is a seventy one year old, monthly The aim of he and I see and analysis among the countries most distinguished in its history. Please join us. For our daily conversations, a commentary amazing dot com. Are you get some free rein?
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