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Commentary Podcast: Let Every Vote Count Except the One I Don’t Like

2018-11-15 | 🔗
Today's podcast features a discussion of voter fraud, a discussion of bad articles about Facebook, a discussion of democratic governments in crisis—and me singing "The Way We Were" to departing podcaster Sohrab Ahmari as he moves to his new job at the New York Post. Give a listen.
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Some regions welcome to the Commentary magazine podcast today is Thursday November fifteenth two thousand and eighteen, I'm John, provides the editor of commentary. The seventy am into the seventy fourth year as the nations premier, conservative, publication of intellectual analysis, political probity and cultural criticism, join us. A commentary magazine that com. Where would give you a few free reads: ask you to subscribe ninety, ninety five for a digital so option in twenty nine. Ninety five for an all access subscription, including our beautiful monthly magazine in your mailbox
eleven times a year. We are today closing our December issue and will have it up on line in a man days, including our really remarkable piece by rabbi, Bear salivate chick a reflection on the Pittsburgh massacre, bringing out some of the weaknesses in the response to this horror. Seth Mandela and the hunger of Liberal, Jim two excommunicate conservative Jews in the wake of Pittsburgh and around no Rossman a preview of Noah's book unjust in the or of an article that we are calling the social justice injustice using we break Cavenaugh case to show the weaknesses of social just warfare. So all of that and more including syrup r d, Harding sort of lie asked review as a member of the staff of Frankfurt, guianas book on identity, so
great issue, and with me for, as always Rossman are, are high, Jeanne Senior, a green while high Abe, I John, and for the latter time, the very last time sore of Mari hold on this. Isn't working. This is wrong, it didn't work rain. I had a whole a set up, it was gonna, be a funny and then they screwed up hold them say it's boring everything. This is what happens when you would you do something without rehearsing there we go.
I'm getting seared up, it's true whose chopping onions- and here we should have just done a clip. Shell survives best moments, click show right, leg, Like the Michael J Fox family ties shows where you'd see member falling down the stairs, then you'd see him like crying like the the real to win the Emmy right. So this isn't just at a time so sad Sakharov. They took him, they took from us, so young anyway, as of Monday sore, as I think I have said before, will is turning into my editor at the New York Post, where he will be the editor of the objects and we we wish him a gods. Little puzzled by the decision to two to leave. You gotta have a larger office here. I believe in square footage and a window which
think he has neither at the post has a window near the window, but I think he we'll have room for his portrait of John Paul, the second which will be moving from our off, where it is frankly, a contextual, perhaps a little legged sexual, but we're aigrettes admiring. I thought I would ever just leave. Ok, where you you, you you can you can't? We we'll be replacing it with a portrait of Javert tents key, but nonetheless, two of them could have a dialogue, that's absolutely to both sides the european intellectuals of an this order anyway. So where do we begin? So I may move this talk a little about the recounts.
What's going on so again, I gotta say again that the results, as they keep rolling in reaffirm the fact that this is a blue wave. If you care about the word wave, which may be you shouldn't, it just means that all in all, you wanted to be a Democrat and not a Republican in Thrace Democrats about closing amount. I believe, thirty, nine, how seats and Letty there is now Republicans in helping all of their hopes wishes in dreams on like city, you tie the possibility of first term congresswoman me love prevailing in retaining her see, but those look good FR. I look good from the republican perspective. The last votes to be counted now seem like they're, going to go their way in the in Utah. As you mentioned, the Georgia governor raised the Florida Senate and governors races where there are state mandated every counts already under way, and they look like
you're not going to be able to overturn which would be Stag ring of not impress it into their mature some, but it would be and likely to overturn a five figure vote deficit. When all those case it won't, let him playing a rumour it funny last night, so last night, Steve Shale, who is a democratic, we know active, honest sky, good political, you know serve analysed and worker, and all that reported that Duvall County had finished. Its recount was about three hundred eighty thousand votes or something him into while county and that the net a change was two votes that Scots Total didn't change and Scots all went down to Nelson's vows unchanged. So later we went out, they discovered in the keys, and it was a republican rhetoric it. So
oh change, which really is going to make up for a fourteen thousand seed deficit for four Nelson or of fifty thousand vote dive they daily did. They only did the Nelson Scar, race methods seems a little hard to believe that deep governors race would change, which is about fifty thousand Boats would would markedly now in its very similar with with them, where it would be very difficult for they need to get under fifty percent of force. Run off and so Davy Abrams, any they need to get camp brain can thrive on active as if Margaret two percent or fifty percent or fifty years run off. We send nothing, but it's a fifty six thousand vote lead. So she needs something on the order of nineteen twenty thousand votes, which is most unheard of, and so we ve been treated to a staggering round of democratic hypocrisy in these. Efforts by these same voices to insinuate that brain camp is
His victories illegitimate because there were efforts to disenfranchised minority voters. Similarly, you have people like entered women and dumb and Senator Nelson, who are saying similarly that the desire on the part of Republicans is too not count. The votes that are before the state mandated recount disenfranchise has meant, isn't just putting the dogs on. You said Mayor Gill, em is really incredibly reckless stuff, and I m sure today we should say so. What happened in Georgia apparently was a classic off cycle, because I think it happened and twenty seventeen off cycle clearing up of the voter rules to make sure that the dead and people of mood out of state are no longer on the voter rules. Why we do this, and it should be said that Denmark, liberals have taken up what is an insupportable idea, which is that there is no vote or fraud now it.
It will be that there is very little voter fraud in the United States, though that's the potentially arguable, but has there historically been massive voter fraud in the United States? Yes, in Cook County you mean like there. There are places in which you know the joke was that you got your bones as award healer by voting twenty times. That was the secret em. The notion that you're gonna go out systematically with an argument that there is no voter fraud. When apparent in Florida, I believe in Brower County though it might have been Palm Beach county. Somebody found two thousand provisional ballots filled out exactly the same way. A provisional balance are these ballots that are of questionable. You served questionable, yeah LEO whatever that you hold in abeyance at a point
which there is an incredibly close election and then you take them, and then you judge whether or not they are men are not an. Apparently these ballots were were dubbed but somebody fought to throw in two thousand, and well ballots filled in exactly the same way, apparently by a machine in order it I'll just in case, somebody wasn't looking? So that's a provisional ballot? That's not you know, that's that's about that. Is unlikely ever to be counted, except in Florida so, if we really are we really going to pursue this whole idea that there's no voter fraud like we have cases their arguable cases in pencil in Philadelphia MM in the mayor's race, there were four or five different districts in Philadelphia where the vote was one hundred and twenty percent larger. It was one hundred and twenty percent of the population of the voting district
votes were mysteriously found in cars in the Washington governors, race, which was won by a cup like a hundred and twenty votes, and the in the Minnesota set a race which L, Frank and one in two thousand made by a couple hundred votes. Mistake three ballots. Turning up now, we don't know whether that was fraud or not, because in both those cases do Rossi, the republican candidate, a norm com and the Republican Canada decided to drop to drop it like they were. They were done. They couldn't stay. Which, as no up as pointed out in a great blog post this week, is that the media is favoured moment of any Republican I mean they did. Is the active media loves the most. When a report become public official does this, which is to lose graciously and this year, that attention has been turned not in a completely uncomplicated way too Mc Sally the republican candidate in them in the Senate
in areas who did give a really good She's, really good speech, although, as no are also points out in his in his post. Plenty of plenty of liberals wouldn't even give her that, in pointed out that I mean this happens to every Republican, but it was probably my favorite was Mitt Romney concession speech because was literally that moment where he can see the race that all of the sudden his his virtues became apparent to everyone in the press who had this got these dialing. There are laws home of all barriers, put right dogs on the roof. He beat up they may have with the thing about that gracious concession is if we're headed down this road, this review, post election rancor and the fight after the election and the NIT picking the hypocrisy and we we can see precious little of that coming forward. I think replica
dying, but I think we need to talk about Georgia and the voters. Suppression thing, because so what we actually have very little of in the United States is actual voter suppression, and we Democrats now believed there is massive voter suppression, but there's no vote or fraud, one of the ways that we are going to get a resurgence of voter fraud by the way it's the classic. If you absolutely something you get more of it, if you, if you tax it, you get less. If you are going to make the argument either there is no vote or fraud. So don't look for it and be every effort that is made to force. Voters verify their identity so that somebody else doesn't vote for them is illegitimate, you're going to get vote fraud just as a matter of course. If the Democratic Party would simply joined with the Republican Party in accepting that there needs to be some form of check at the polls.
Its astonishing to me than anybody question this polls show eighty percent of the public says. Therefore, voter Idee checks Right avenue, even in New York State, which has almost no form of check. You at least sign your name next to the signature that they are then people I saw people objecting to signature matches on the grounds that you could get Parkinson's and then your signature will change. Are you get a hand? Injury in your signature will change. In other words, can this is where there is a one in a thousand case that your signature changes, so that makes any possible of checking the veracity of poles was the all. This happened not two disenfranchise african Americans, but it was too ensure that urban machines didn't steal elections. That was why VA efforts to the mice voter fraud started in the United States, because the machine
Tammany Hall Daily Machine, the Pender grass machine in Missouri the machines all over the country stall actions for whoever they wanted to run, that no one ran against them because it was. It was a fruitless thing to do the more serious arguments against the row. The idea that there was nothing untoward happening in Georgia preventing Likely Abrams supporters from voting are pretty, but just found in ignorance, Rich Larry over National Review, has a really good piece that are commend everyone's attention about there being quote no Jim Crow in Georgia. And you didn't mention these exact matches, the though your signature, and that in the people who have discrepancies for them, Well now I d cards of the socialist group and others are right or their addresses and right there. There balloting, necessarily counted and people were objecting to this has being disenfranchises, but it's not as though their vote doesn't count. They go into appending file which is like,
the provisional balance that we discussed the word districts that were close precincts ever closed and some of them were in productive, predominantly minority districts and people said: okay, this The work of the Secretary of state closing these offices, but it's not. The work of the Secretary of State was done in a much more local level. Soap in and when you come down to it there, just not enough numbers like the Abrams campaign is saying that all these votes were invalidated and that we therefore arbitrary reach arbitrary reasons in the legal filing when it amounts to five thousand votes in the entire state and the arguments. Stone, add up and you gotta would made at some point. None are being made in good faith right well. So the point here is we're. Also we face a world in which life, rolls mostly liberals believe orb tend to believe that that we have
not just liberals, have been. There is evidence to suggest that foreign powers are looking to mock around with U S, elections. What is the best way to make sure that foreign perished around? U S, elections have thousands of election boards. Have fifty states with different rules? Rules do not have a uniform voting system. Do not have a uniform set of machines that every effort in this capacity every state uses to buy and the same software like our system if we are moving into a period in which we are really in jeopardy, from a foreign power figuring out some way to change the tally, particularly in national elections. We have the best possible system. We have to fulfil that. I couldn't constitutionally even have a federal voting system. While I mean you could it ok? So the council says that the state set the date manner and time
or something like that, not today, but it in the manner time and something of of of the elections right. So it's in the constitution. That is not a federal that specifically state responsibility. Now states could band together and said they all want to buy, be bold machines. You know you could have that. Couldn't would have to be a federal mandate, but you can have you that you'd never have fifty states and a common act like that right eye or like you could vote through. You know apple pay at it. You know what I mean like if our pointed to make voting as easy as possible. There will sir, maybe a move at some point to make sure that it can be done electronically right through through your phone or something like that, and we have the best way of making sure that the phone vote isn't stolen, which is to have lots of difference systems that I mean the did. The trust level of from the big tech enjoys join is solar. That, I think, is to combine
the two to two to introduce Larry Euro folks point to Switzerland, Switzerland, Ex paths get to vote online but know how many Switzerland expats there are seven hundred thousand, but by the way it's weird you know, because our tech arts of poor telecoms is so low right, except Oliver pay checks go from in automatically interbank hands. We pay bills online. We order stuff from Amazon. We now get everyone says Facebook is terrible and apple is this in their stealing our bubbled law and yet every now and yet the fact is that we have integrated them. You know and love you're like really an idiot logical off the grid type person they are integrated into our. I was in a way that you
can see everyone's afraid right, they'll, be some electro magnetic pulse, lose all your money or they'll del still, your credit card number from your bank or something like that, but voting like there's no way to know it to stop it. So this is the madness like they're. There is the New York Times it publishes six thousand, words of garbage about how you know Facebook somehow used republican consultants to me de the waters when it came to the threat posed by russian trolls. You know I mean at some point: are we really? How long are we have to listen to? This? Are the russian trolls posting articles check the results of the twenty sixteen election? I mean you know that the contempt of these pieces, as for the american electorate, the contempt this theory has for the american electorate is so an appalling.
Of course it always goes in one direction. It's always a. You know like somehow only democrats care that do you know russian trolls are posting blah blah, but you know I mean you know I wish it were the case that we could publish articles and commentary that would change the results of the election because we put them on Facebook like this is just mad. There's like a pair of the paradigmatic look there, where you want universal voter registration and only mandatory voting at the polls like Austria. Any and also believed that the public is so easily manipulated by Facebook means that they can elect in India to the present yeah me, sir, The arguments here speak too, like the things that God Bam fifty years ago, right like like literacy tests Literacy tests were voting. I mean I mean, aside from the fact that most lieutenant or simply a way of trying to keep minorities from going to the poles there.
Said a lead us to identify here that only a well educated citizen ray you now and of an absurd, well informed, says we can self, can properly self governance, so you need to give them. A literacy but I mean at some point yeah they're, all of the not none of this. None of this works together in our folds together, it's right. There is this proposition, and all this in, like that. The liberal claim that that all these, these russian mean campaigns in and whatever propaganda, the voting public demand misled them. The p making. This argument presume that they have not been the victim of much more effective propaganda for their own side, the another as as, if they are there appearing at the polls with perfect already exact and an end and drawing the clean conclusions. I may let there be the renewed hilarity of socialism himself, the result of lots of articles pose the facebook. They tell
L a story that is directly contradicted by two hundred years of the bloodiest term in history that we ve ever seen. So just just for that alone. Ok, but I just. In the end, though, at what is interesting is this question about twenty twenty, so we had this colossal turn out like a hundred and sixteen million in some states, like, I think in Montana, turn out in twenty eighteen exceeded presidential term. Twenty. Sixteen that's great now, Montana's Montana Small states, a million people, but that's crazy, like we are heading toward the possibility that the twenty twenty election could be a hundred and forty five hundred and fifty million people. You think that we didn't get the vote count done faster,
this time we're not going to eat out. We could cancel e, not know who the president is going to be four weeks by the way we were supposed to have entered an age of of dictatorship, of trumpian destruction of of american liberal democracy, and you know it turns out that we had this.
National election terms of turn out and things things, work and people from the ruling party graciously stepped down so as not to rebuke to a kind of alarm. Ism, listen in two thousand and three: I was on a panel here in New York with a couple of people, Floyd Abrams and then Kevin Buckley. Who was a long time writer for the nation and me in something, and at some point in the course of this Kevin Buckley, said: look I've just put it was out there. I don't know, but there are, as there is a lot of talk in certain quarters that in Washington papers are being drawn up. By the Bush administration to cancel the two thousand and four elections, I'm just saying on national security round- and I said that is psychotic and the audience booed me somehow
The idea that you know that fascism is upon US soul as a result of the fact that Republicans are in control of the executive branch as a long provenance at the way the left, the right has its own version every cycle very cycle. I call that happens. The Obama was gonna, cancel the elections and twenty twelve. He was a mistake. Yeah I mean all this in the predate social media to so the fever swamps have been around for a while, but but I mean I would say that this kind this was the EU was a fine designed to delete circles. Yet this was a rebuilding editor to the nations foremost leftwing magazine. I just want to point that out like it wasn't. You know I under there was none the less Abrams right where this limited or the clip instead brothers, you know down the right. This happens with you, Jerome Corset, Doktor, Jerome Court. You know I've been waiting for his indictment when as well as that. Coming I heard I heard he was about to being, you know,
We know that every who you heard that from Durham from which, of course, that's right who, having been in the news enough. So I think he needs to remain calm and yet well. Needs remain calm. Everybody needs to remain calm because if you're not com, it's hard to sleep and sometimes people like our own, a bring have trouble sleeping struggle. He doesn't, but I do struggle to get my kids to Betty tonight and when you silly poorly, how does this impact the rest of your day snuff? Could they have children stories on com. They have stressed that we're. U I the sort man s over him talk about common children stories right now, because, where the partner with calm? The number one am for sleeping station when we like station named apathy your last year by Apple and if you had to calm dot com, slash commentary you'll get twenty five percent offer comprehends inscription Subscription, which include hundreds of hours of premium programmes, including the stories for children. Is that correct, wide assortment of all sorts of stores,
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a democratic govern. Into crisis Israel be Netanyahu's, the supposedly warmongering, nationalistic monster, Bb Netanyahu's exe, dense of a ceasefire with Hamas after Hamas fired five hundred rockets in two days and scored some direct hits after Hamas manage to uncover that there was an undercover team of israeli operatives going into Gaza to check out what was going on that his refusal to essentially go to war has caused what appears now to be the collapse of his government Defence Minister Object or Liebermann,
resigning, not tally. Bennet of the second largest. The bite is departing joining in the call Bennet once one of net yells closest states, but, like all close aids to men, Yahoo cut off at the knees when he flew to close the flame and saw the election. We don't really know yet what it's gonna happen. I could now happen in the spring levels. Are two ancillary consequences like if you believe this is an ancillary consequence like this could be the end of the famous Middle EAST Peace initiative that we ve been waiting to emerge from leave. You know, Zeus, like brain of Jared Kirshner, like a theme that, from the from the head of Jared Kirshner you now you could debt
waiting for this. This is like you, they're waiting for Godot or waiting for the release of the next volume in the game of thrown series from Georgia. Martin, I mean we're we're unlikely ever to see it now. I think if we ever were part also cause of the trouble with Saudi Arabia, which I think was an important, was gonna play an important part in the Middle EAST, peace idea and now, of course, but never in Gaza. Now, but they were there were there. Was there we're gonna be guaranteed? There were some. Their role was that they were going to be involved in some fashion and now, of course, they get their own problems. Large problems to deal with, Teresa maize government may be on the verge of falling in great Britain. Her fought, long, delayed and finally released Briggs proposal. Outraged breaks tears. People who supported the leave campaign be
as it seemed the mouth Wishy washy that it was gonna, cost Britain tens of billions of dollars and not allow Britain to make its own trade deals. Five ministers have resigned. The brazen minister has resigned the very interesting labour Torreon petition Jacob Greece Mogg has essentially drafted a vote of no confidence which apparently may go before the house humans tomorrow. And there either, maybe her removal or the or the vote of no confidence will fail, in which case you will remain in power even more compromised if it. If it succeeds, then presumably another. Tori will get a chance to form a government and will form the government and, of course the danger
I was here is whether its now or year, from now or two years now or three years from now that Jeremy Corbett may end up becoming the prime Minister of Britain, and that is for whatever the policy implications of this. The emergence of at one of the world's leading apologists promoters of jus hatred becoming head of becoming the head of government in in great Britain would be just a colossal tragedy and a disaster, many Angela Merkel has already announced that she is not going to run again and twenty twenty one, thus bringing her twenty two thousand year into an endless egg. Others biblical that's right! Yet Jackson! Yes, she lived two hundred and thirty seven to end
and a male mccrone is not doing so good, either with a twenty five percent approval rating. So we're seeing a lot of and, of course the Republican Party got you gotta stuffing knocked out of it last we don't have parliamentary elections, but if this were a classic by election, this would be one of those. Oh, my god. This was a terrible showing for the for the Prime Minister's party right, so all across the west, the parties of the right or not in non ingratiated. Well at her a I do know what to call macro. Forget, he's out so skip Mccrone disease actually had ever. He is nine events in a friend or not yet another hour to say it is not a party of the right. The party, the laser can leave, not a socialist he's. Not a soul,
does either he's a sort of a zero liberals and he's a market yet about because he's not actually in electoral he's, just got it. I had to prove and set aside the? U S, because obviously the the injured, rotation of this recent election is something can I still think it's contested. I mean you know contested how in the sense that I think you know Republicans held their own in the Senate. They did fine fine sore on three at a loss to know they did not do fine, they should have. They could have one ff. I've. They will never won in the best map. They're gonna see for a generation do fine, but I say I still would set aside because you know look that the right is It's a broadly ascendant in terms of the acute of all the local state, federal seats and things. There are two when I think that the the Republican Party is ascendant in the: U S or remains ascendant, but in Europe this pattern of the parties,
the rising in trouble, is more. The challenge is coming from different forms of the right. So in in the U K, it's a more hard line breaks tears, who are really right now endangering Prime Minister may, I think rightly so, because she just doesn't have a vision of where she wants to take the country if she had look, I'm premise I'll tell you what breaks it was a disaster. We need to find some It just claw our way back in and have a customs union and take all the regulatory restrictions that come with it. I'm telling you british people, that's what we're gonna do. That would be one thing or if she at knock, we have a clear mandate from voters to leave the European Union and we're gonna do that, even if it means taking some heads in terms of trade that would have been fine do but she's none of that. It's a sort of this middling muddling. You know nothingness that she's offered Merkel. I think
in trouble because of the rise not of the left, not not, certainly, of the end of the day, s p d, the social Democrats, but rather of the alternatives for four Deutschland Party, which is up a very hard right. It's out all the while the various, right wing parties in Europe is assertive of nastiest scariest to me, or certainly up there, but basically because she's been unresponsive on this one issue of immigration, so that leaves who that leaves macrobian macro. Let's forget Mccrone, so basically button about baby. By the way there will be those horrid complicate ready about the populist parties and in ITALY, for example, elsewhere, which I guess you can broadly defined as right, but but how but they're not right in the content, so we understand the Anglo American there not been writing it. In an economic context. The sort of the cap
capitalist revolutions as a democratic revolutions and nineteen. Eighty nine mixed results. Capitalist revolutions everywhere exploded one now. The argument is shifting back to central planning and protectionism and it still is in its taking the form of what we have to be centre right parties to that alternative theory of social organisation and not just in economic theory, correct. I agree with ok, but I mean, maybe I made a mistake by framing less in terms of some of the larger global context in which we can explain the city illogically, it's more interesting that we are in a period of instability for form western democracies. I think it is fair to say that in that here, whatever you can say about whose ascend then, who is not ascendant,
voters nationally by seven points. Now, if you were no, if you, if you added up the democratic one by seven, points on Tuesday night, whereas they won by two and a half and twenty sixteen and usually you could table. These are two different electorates, because there are a hundred and thirty voters in twenty. Sixteen, and usually there are like ninety million voters in terms, but there were hundred thirty five million voters and ways of their one hundred and fifteen million voters and twenty eighteen. So this apple is much closer and, and the Democrats crushed the Republicans you can say again they crush them in part because, California, California would rob. Democrats were against Democrats of the national total for Democrats is, is, is, is inflate, but that's fine, so let's say wasn't seven percent, let's say with six percent still six percent, so
oddly the latest pulling in Britain shows May is not yet harmed nationally. People are still sceptical of giving carbon. Ten Downing street she is still better off and the concerns are better off than labour, but its closer than is Comforting to any person who is worried about the rise of jus hatred in the world, because it's like forty one, thirty, seven the idea that Germany, carbon is even credible. Candidate for Prime Minister is, I think, a horrifying fact. Israel interesting, because so, if the failure to go to war and to agree to a cease fire in Gaza, ignited. Dissatisfaction with now Yahoo on his right from people who wish that is just go in and do the job
once and for all. It is joint everybody who hates than Yahoo is not on the right. So you got seventy five percent disapproval of his handling of this Gaza moment and its basically the proxy of everybody who wants him out to never supported them, plus a lot of people on the right who who think that the country should go to war in Gaza. It is a very interesting fact that people rarely reflect on in the United States because we are- or you know in the asked, which is that Israel is a country whose whose whose accurate or whose citizen body believe in the efficacy of force. They believe that it is necessary to a war sometimes and case it's interesting. That Netanyahu does not agree with, does not agree with them
now, because ordinarily would tie he's gonna take this advantage is political career as a little static and things are met, and so he'll just jump into distract them. Everyone will go to war in Gaza. He thinks it's too dangerous to go to war in Gaza. He thinks of the country doesn't have the stomach to do it needs to be done. The country disagrees with him and says we do have the stomach to do it needs to be done it. You think he is a moderating force in this or a or a a war, but I don't know what you would call it a liberal, not a pacifist force, but I am sceptical force as opposed to the let's. Just we can't go. We can have this. We can't have Hamas with these rockets threatening us all the time. John, would you agree with her friend Noah Pollack, who who says that actually Netanyahu is one of the most, if not the most, not anti war, but
Davis President's Ebbs prime ministers in israeli history. If you look at his actual practice, as well as a leader of the dove dullish dervishes, a mistake like he is cautious. He is extremely cautious and he is also then there are very very long time and, oddly enough, his caution has grown heed. This made him more reckless. He is more cautious. He also may he has different fish. He wishes to fry here. Trying to change the way is real connects to the rest of the world by making these individual deals with other countries. Surprising concordance is right, so he will it made a secret trip to Oman two weeks ago. You know one of these countries, in which you can't you it's hard to believe that it is really whatever set foot there, let alone the Prime Minister of Israel.
And he is trying to sort of create a new set of alliances in and reform. Seth Mandela work very well on this for us a couple years ago, but and so he doesn't want to be a war prime minister. He wants to be a prime minister who put the palestinian issue to one side and conducted great power business with Israel and dealt with IRAN right. That's that's what he wants and wants Israel to be prepared for the big battle, which is potentially at some point, the battle with IRAN. But you know you don't get to chew like if Hamas wants war, Hamas can provoke Israel internet. That may not have just happened like they may have this all happened as a result of the search of a truck at that
at the Gaza bore, they open the truck. There were israeli paratroopers in it, they arrest of them, and then they saw firing rockets. So you know if they hadn't if they haven't, checked the truck, it's like straight out of Fatah, the great many seriously if it hadn't check the truck, none of this would have a plan an end so that you may have gone to them at really seriously. Really you want you want this. This is the way we want this to go down. You search, rocket and we're gonna, basically level Gaza City, that's what you want and then they went on there. We don't want that. So in that, sometimes it seems like a very plaza, except that he may be misreading the israeli public mood witches. We can't live like this. Can't live every six months with three hundred rockets firing on us and then six or seven get through. What's inches you mentioned or mine, a minus hey, mislead us, her of intermediaries, state it's a place. You go in the Middle EAST where
the Qatar and the Saudis might need, because it sort of neutral ground and that the Europeans and the Saudis might a mayor in a mine was where the earliest stages of the? U S, IRAN, nuclear negotiations that are valid Michigan had touched out. So am I not suggesting at all that Obama is dead, Netanyahu is somehow sitting down with IRAN is that seems really implausible, but that that this, this diplomas Ladys Pursued has has borne fruit and it's really really promising. Unless the Sunni Arab World goes, tits up, breaths seems to be happening, unfortunately but so you're saying that the Rosato brothers there's a little. There is a totally obscure reference, real that man is like the result, or rather see they're the ones you go to they they hold. They hold Europe, your family members hostage, while you negotiate is that got further to God,
other one actually set about this. I think it's amazing, though, how there was the great peace by south. We had another group, it be sitting by laser Berman. You, you also on an BB's babies, more complicated, less in the spotlight maneuvering. It's amazing how the mainstream press. Over all missed that story, entire you they all leave when it comes to Israel, they only focus on the sort of triumph aspect of of governing is it's only. It's only be like what what what? What? What are these rallies doing about ex threat? Why threat today? You know that date, the it's always the crisis situations, if they they don't even look at the sort of the deeper long
from endgame stuff. I'm part of this is you often get there not to continue with the ridiculous pop culture analogies, but you sometimes get the sense with Hamas that their light gleamed, close and fatal attraction like at some point there like why not gonna be ignored? You know here come some rockets you're not paying enough attention to our threat, because, where you're going off trying to gal around making deals with china- and you know you better pay attention here- worse he'll here bothering you- and it has been the great success of israeli politics of the last twenty years that the the palace, the question of the palace, steady and threat, which was at the centre of israeli life from nineteen sixty four to two thousand and three so receded from the general HANS.
Since you almost look at the Hamas war as a as this is a different matter because that's serve like theirs, guerrilla terrorist state. You know over here that we have nothing to do with an hour just happy to leave a lot they're just firing rockets at us, and this is not acceptable, but it's not like. We need to do something about Gaza like we have to help them. We need to do now. We need to assess that still part of the Israel dialogue about the West Bank, not about Gaza. It's like we gave them autonomy, they could do ever they hunt, you know, and this is what they do with their time screw him. You know and- and that seems to be a very common. You know the number of people in Israel who care about what happens in Gaza is infinitesimal, and that is partially that's a huge political success for Netanyahu, but apparently not as I say here,
by ignoring the sign. If that's sad, someone still has to be them. Someone has to be able to form a government without him or have a party that does better than we could literally. Food has to have to ask him, which is very hard to hard see again, the early Pauling doesn't suggested this was very harmful to him, except for the pull that said that seventy five people, seventy four percent disapprove. What he did there. So so I don't know anything about anything when it comes to israeli politics, but our contributor Vivian, Berger, Pronounced Burg. Events spell Burchell Vichy. I did not know that she notes for a blogging commentary, dot com magazine that magazine dot com, that, if Tally Bennet, who has essentially put the screws too
yeah who wants the defence portfolio and if he doesn't get it and Netanyahu doesn't want to give it to him, will essentially force the government into collapse in a snap election. Here's the joke about that now. He now holds the Prime minister's ship. Is the forum Minister he's the health mountains right, and he is now apparently going to be the Defence Minister Rice idea: do they live out his letters he day if he did that? That would be a political disaster, one or job and he's like the guy again, but the bad pop culture references there was a show called in living. Color serve as EL type show on Fox like twenty five years ago, and they had a sieve. Come called: hey Man, which was the sick com about the jamaican family and the path the family was played by Damon Winds would say: well you know how many jobs you got. You know it. Someone say why I'm just time I'm an airline pilots like you and me
what job I am line pilot then I am the justice of the peace. I run a grocery store and I bet that only one job- that's baby baby. His leg has every job in Israel because he and he can afford to let, but in his coalition run these critical ministries cause they're gonna, go off, half cocked his view or threatened him or whatever. So that's not a healthy place for parliamentary democracy to be well, baby has been there, and I was arguing been there too long like it really is the case that it's very hard for somebody to successfully serve more than eight years as of as a democratic leader without bad stuff happening like Angela Merkel, making the worst political decision of the twenty first century by letting them I grant seven twenty fifteen, which we were discussing earlier, has had so many we
unanticipated concept political consequences throughout the world. You know, including one could say, the election of Trump Brac set her own fall mccrone rise, all sorts of other stuff. You now Europe in Central Europe right so century. So everything we're talking about the sort, the M, the precarious governments of our european allies. Now our these are follow on effects from that yeah and our own and our own political instability here in the United States, which which, which may have been a kind of unanticipated consequence of something that happened far away in a country which we know little, as you know, Those entangling alliances sort of that year. Now you have now. Take him a journey towards suspicion. You're the little skeptical of alliances non outlines. It's not
So by the way you know the one other salient brings about sophomoric coming to work and commentaries, and he came to work here. Neeoka central. He leaves after a year with me. The head on Oh yes, he is, he is now we thinking every one of his past political positions. We should have got you a trompe bear. It was from air. The term be bear that thing is that's. If you haven't seen the trumpery, bear commercial just go to Youtube and look up trompe berets. It's the
ES thing, since those girls sang the song. Remember that those like preteen girl sang the song at the at the Trump rallies and twenty fifteen deal with strength or get beaten every time or something here. There are three girls: they were the trumpet there well I'd Lily met. Maybe a good moment just have thank all three of you. I'm going to miss the pod cast tremendously. It's one other islets of my week is twice a week that we do this in its pleasure to work. Alongside all of you and I Miss you guys will miss you too, beginning next week we will have in the sort of chair remotely from Washington Dc Social commentary columnist for Commentary magazine Christine Rosen, who will be joining us in the fourth see So, for the departing sort of a mine alone, can I make it work now? It's gone a well
I could sing it like the corners of his crime. Murray, Ringwald, end or Rossman. I'm John onwards,.
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