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Commentary Podcast: Manchester, Montana, and Hands

2017-05-25 | 🔗
On the final podcast before Memorial Day, the COMMENTARY crew takes on the horror in Manchester and what it means about security, terrorism, and cultural integration. We move on to the assault perpetrated on a reporter by an out-of-control special-election candidate in Montana before concluding with the most important issue we've ever covered: Did Melania swat Donald's hand away? Give a listen.
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leave an interview. Samir first born child and everything will be fine guys. So we haven't really discussed the horrific night moorish bombing in Manchester- and you know somebody with get out of town In daughters, the idea of a violent attack honour, I served on the tv Bopper Marianna Grundy concert. You know full of girls exactly, like my My daughters, of course kept me up at night as it did so. People and we find ourselves now in a situation in
which there seems to be a new terrorist style that has been innovated here. Where you find the perimeter at the end of the event, not the beginning, you don't have to go through any security and you can just wait until the crowd comes out of them detonate year, your device to her effect, a fact that, of course, is not really the big story. The big story is the geopolitical story of whether Britain responded adequately in the months and years prior to the events. To do the thing
necessary to have prevented it in the first place and that's when we get to first causes like we know there were clearly police failures and security failures, because the bomber in his family had been reported several times to the Manchester Police and I think, to the british intelligence services as people who were expressing frightening opinions and we had to travel to and from Libya. We are training in Libya, all of that, and yet yet they were sir. Let let free to do whatever was if they wanted to do this, the suicide bombers brother was arrested in Libya. His father was arrested. So where does this leave us when we look at what this means for them and what this means for us? Will you not also those that's kind of stuff?
we hear again and again that that's that's the weights to have gone down here as well. Numerous times were, authorities have of some sense of of these people than the EU than these should lose track of them. Were they don't think they're quite that much more threatened and it turns out they were. I had the one of the things that struck me about this attack was, I was went back to thinking about what Barack Obama had said. May I might have been in his last state of the union where he said that ISIS or these terrorists, I think he said, pose no threat to our way of life, are the only threat to our way of life is if we in our inner in our fear, destroy our own way of life and I dont. I thought it was wrong then, and I think he's wrong now and I think the sort of demonstrates how our way of life can can beat chipped away at because
Sorry on aggrandize, no cancelled the rest of her tour right, not clear, but she she may be its still up in the air and I I really don't think they're going to Concertinas. I don't think it can be. The same. Women think there's going to be some sort of protocol going forward or if, if, if, if not immediately in time, just away to try little has changed and we do so few things. Sort together You know it in this in end in the west anymore anyway, to have that sort of change on a sanded. Have there be some snooze for security protocol or maybe a you know, just your future concerts all together or something these things do actually changed the way we we we We live see that sort of introspection seems premature to me Maybe a little misplaced, I mean on the other side of that. Do you seen your Katy Perry says you have to open our borders now, and you seen you know: you're you're, morrises,
saying we have to close our borders. Now, it's all very much about us and what we can do. This was a return to status quo ante terrorism. This was a plot with links to Libya with links to Germany. The device was extremely sophisticated, very expensive. It utilize, possibly to detonation methods, we're good. We didn't need it remotely, as well as by the individual who was a suicide bomber. As MAX boot talked about on a pile of posting commentary. This kind of suicide bombing approach is something that Israel has dealt with. You can't secure every location. Suicide bombers did begin to target, for example, the lines outside of security areas and how you deal with that. Is you dismantled EU organisations around them because Suis once who say bombers? Isn't it isn't the kind of low tech terrorism that we have become accustomed to wear somebody's radicalized online or in a mosque in and hops, in a truck and kills as many people as possible? This was an attack with foreign links.
And that's the sort of thing that we should be focused on his dismantling the organization that exists abroad right? We, we don't know why. Why the why the British lost track or didn't didn't didn't take this seriously, I mean it's not clear what Manchester it's is a very liberal city. It's mayor said all kinds of you know silly. You now bland Sentimental things about how he didn't like tougher security protocols and how they were all about fear and stuff like that in the year before this happened and so clearly the questioners was this just the kind of. Failure where you just can't me sure that you are it's a bell
suspenders, ers approach where you put on the Belgian upon the spenders, but then it turns out that you also need three other things in to make sure that you know that the pants stay up an end. If you dont do the three other fats but you ve done the belgian suspenders. It turns out that there are a few cases in which you, just you just can't make sure, or you know, You have they really not taken. This is seriously as they show there hasn't been. A unilateral attack hasn't been as soon as her severe attacks They are in a while. The other had some the lone Wolf cases is no said. This is the opposite. A lone wolf case: it appears to be a sort of family plot with yet with specific the grand training about how to make a sophisticated bomb that would do, the ultimate. You need to do the most amount of damage. I mean that the? U cant, like figure out how to make this kind of nail bomb on line, fortunately needs a sort of have bombed maker training
and the sophistication to know where to place yourself outside of security perimeter and when and how to wade, know that those are those are matters of paramilitary terrorist training. My feeling is that I am it may be more rights than Europe than your knowledge in no age or thinking general. We have the about a clown attack in Paris which, as you know, an indoor arena right where there was this horrendous bombing, and now we have this stadium bombing and use of look Randy, think about just dear where we live and work around where we live here in the New York City area. You know you have Madison Where garden and indoor arena you have Yankee Stadium, you have fast city field where the Yankees and the Mets play and where, where they have concerts, when they're not play or city field, certainly has concert, you have
the Meadowlands. You have also places where the periphery rules that the that we saw you know in play here, boy, you know, could could take out thousands of people. If you, if you, if you play your cards right and master for run. For example, you know people are so funneled end up in a funnel where they have to go through security in their waiting on wine for security in these long lines, but, like you, could
right up. While people are waiting, you know to have their bags searched and detonate you're bad liquor to go inside you could you could do it well? If that was the idea, the idea is to kill people than they would have targeted a transit hub. The idea was to kill kids right, to kill kids too, to kill kids and to make a point about. You know one another pop music and stuff, like that. You know one of the things that someone has said in the wake of nine eleven. Was you had these spectacular attacks right? You have these, be major american icons being targeted twin towers, the Pentagon, presumably the White House or the capitol for Flight ninety three, but that there was some fundamental misunderstanding of what would truly unnerve Americans and make them change their lives, which is wouldn't you try to bomb the Mall of America or five high schools that you know at the same time. On the same,
in places where, where it's much easier, it sort of two states something horrific but getting logistically complicated cuz. You would have to serve time them and do all that. But you know if you really made people unnerved about whether their kids could go to their school or you know whether they could go to the mall. You know in the wake of a major terrorist attack, you really could have had american life shrink the way Lifeline Washington DC shrank in the period of those two months when there were those sniper shooting people at gas stations and things like that, and then a bay people were like staying home, we're going out like they. We tens hundreds of thousands of people state inside like of the summer of seventy seven, when when son of SAM was on his killing spring in in New York City, and you had this like headless definite
line and the number of people out and about because, even though, even though the numbers of people killed were were small, the sense that in other randomness was what unnerved everybody so I don't know I mean the but also judgments item, and I agree with those point blue and the one we thinking about how this this major shrink, our public life are social engagement that doesn't Dep quotas from
going out the wind and rain and that's a terrible accident version is like sort of an army is as much as it's also a prescription for this sort of thing. It's sort of cathartic cathartic and allows us to. I mean it's: it's not just. It does create the conditions on the ground in places where their training terrorist like this, where they recall their fighters and it becomes harder to execute these contacts, but it also makes us feel better about going outside. I think we're we're not just talking about our size and getting Berlin, apparently yet now in the more geostrategic sense, we have issues that have been raised about leaks, that
apparently a leak from within the. U S. Government was responsible for the release of the of the suicide bombers name. You can see why, even though they did manage to arrest his father and his brother, you can see why that was so a nervous to the to the to the british cause. They they understood that they were, they were tracking and that work, and once the name comes out, whatever else remains of the network could go to ground in unless they, unless they can get names out of people in the network. Or people can please go somewhere else get out get out get out of the country. They still have the shape game rules if you're, if you're a british citizen you can get up before they haven't pulled out of Heaven pulled out of the European Union that so I could just get on a train and go to Europe and not have their passports checked, and I think the larger point, which another larger point, which is very complicated, has to do with the immigration status
of of this of the suicide bombers. Worse, he didn't have an immigration status. You have a lot of people saying all you see. This just proves Trump was right and we need to have the name. We need to have a total ban or below a muslim ban or my ban from six countries. How banning somebody from six countries, one of which is not the United Kingdom. Would you know what would have sufficed to make sure that we were secure from home grown plots in? Among you know, Muslims in who are citizens of of of Britain. That's it that's interesting questions. Of course it wouldn't, but more to the point. People are saying you see. Trump was right, but, suicide bomber, was born in in Britain I mean he was not you know, maybe it is falling.
The libyan, so twenty five years ago his father should prevent been prevented. Entry, perhaps I mean one, doesn't know what the circumstances were that lead led to all of this, but you take single case and you them extract Later to you now an immigration policy that covers an entire country, an entire place. That said, you know there is this weird fact about the United States compared to. Compared to the home grown populations in Britain and France and elsewhere in Europe, which, as we have had these attacks by american citizens, the San Bernardino Bomber, the pulse, the Orlando bomber.
But the you know the comparison is that we really do have a sense that when people come to the United States and they make a life where they have children here and all this, they they join in the civic life of the United States, and it seems far less clear that this is true of muslim immigrants to Britain, France and other places which are much more homogeneous. And where being the other, is much more readily thing. In our view, the whole question of. Can you really be french? If you're? Not, if you don't have your great great great grandparents were in french and- and this is further complicated in england- is, as we were talking about yesterday by by the reality of of class
he'll being there. So this that sort of further compartmentalize is communities and answer of keep can consider hide, burgeoning threats in and also make people not care that about particular areas that, by the way, that the sense that America Muslims are more assimilated, then their european counterparts is borne out by data. The pew research centred performs quadrennial surveys of the Muslim. American population and has found them to be among the more uniquely assimilated groups because of their their middle class. They read English for the most part. They are many of them. Reporting comes over a hundred thousand dollars. They reject violence. They have more friends on muslim men do their european counterparts, so its needs not just an idea. Since a kind of wish. We only there's data to support that will again supported,
has because the simple fact that errors in the United States, despite everybody's, lied about how there's no mobility now and it's all in how many quality and everything like that, the truth Did you come here? You work hard with your hands. You we now you get yourself a food truck, you you get yourself, a bureau yourself, a cleaning job, and then you get to creating jobs and new higher your friends to help set up a cleaning service or something like that of the classic route to a middle class or apple middle class. Success for people who come here and don't necessarily have an easy way station into the welfare culture is very clear and you have populations, from the Middle EAST and from South Asia, and all that who you know who are representatives of what the supposedly lost and disappearing american dream
represent it also by the way, a small population, the right man, a Muslim Americans, and there are very few foreign born Muslim Americans, Natalie citizens at about one and one one and a half per cent of the population of the United States and end the muslim population. I think in the kingdom is now is now approaching ten percent. Something like that. So you haven't much different circumstance in which the Euro, a country that doesn't particularly look to assimilate, because that is not. That is not the cultural message. It's not serve the dynamic institutional message of the country from its get from the get go. You know basically has these populations that layer themselves
more like stratifications then tried them the mix in and it's a you know too much different thing. I guess I don't want to downplay the idea seriously intended serious that the United
the changing and has been changing over time and does not you know, is more like that in the sense that you now, we have become so multicultural that the notion of political integration assimilation, all that is- is less attractive as a cultural, bellwether, two people, because they think America's evil noxious and that our founding was Vienna, was a bastion of white privilege and everything is terrible and we tell ourselves lies and myths about the constitution, which was just a wave the way of empowering slave holders of white man and all that and that a world like this. You know we don't seek to you know we don't seek to integrate people from elsewhere as much as we as much as we used to, but I dont see evidence
much evidence of that. I mean the problem that American seem to have with immigration, in fact, is that mexican immigrants are mostly was spanish. Speaking immigrants come here, and do not assimilate the gay you. You would I have to ask yourself whether, if they work, if they, if they assimilate, if they fully, if they came, you know learn English was were unaccented. You now serve participated fully in the cultural life of the United States, as it is defined as one job majority
sense. Whether all of this hostility to them would remain, as you know, would be as some thick as it is in many of the precincts him well. There's data to support that hispanic immigrants in particularly mexican immigrants are assimilating to I'll, be it in a slightly slower pace in two thousand seven, the late Samuel Huntington presupposed that the influx of latin american immigrants to the United States would fundamentally change american culture, and that was test. By a variety of social scientists and their peer reviewed studies suggest that American Hispanics are assimilating and the second generation of particular are much more assimilated than their first generation parents. But there is a different culture today than there was in the immigration waves of the late nineteenth century in the early twentieth century. In that's, that's one that sort of rewards, ghettos, asian and sort of crime.
It's the incentives fur for there to be forced cipher occasion of the spanish language media, for example, but first he loved his deepest ultimate I mean, I have often wondered tat. If, let's say you take good as well, while population not to veto latina population, the United States and then the illegal population of we now ten eleven million but you take a much smaller population like the south asian population, Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, like that they came to this country. You know they've made wild successes of themselves over there about a million of them and I'll told her a million and a half or something like that and they spread out across the United States. They went to the south. They Indians bought up motels across the south, South West, one of them is about them was they did do they have a group? Do they have a milder
They have a LA raza. Do they have a political interest group in the country that is demanding special rights for them or did they come here, put their heads down, get jobs, get work In who try to make a success of themselves and not politicized themselves by their over willingly democratic, like sixty seventy percent democratic, even though their small businessmen large agree, because they do not feel as well as far as we can tell that you know. The republican party is friendly to foreigners, as opposed to save a prior generation like them, which was the greek exodus and to the United States after the after the take over the country by the military and the late fortys, and then, particularly in the seventies, the Greeks were republican like it was weird, Michael to kiss. You know the only Greek
Kelly for president, it was interesting because he was actually a deep minority among his own people and being a Democrat, but I often wondered so that you know imagine hispanic latina world, they didn't have an entire class of your class and GEO types demanding you know, Sir equal rights, equal victimhood rights in the country with you now, along with african Americans, who of course Deserve to be treated in a slightly different way, and they would. This was was a wildly victimize population, even a hundred and fifty years after the end of slavery. We there are still dealing with the consequences of you know of the of the familial issues that were raised by that and other things and of course, Arab Americans have one great, have a couple of groups, but they
You know that special pleading hasn't help them very much because it's mostly become a kind of pleading on the basis of serve no whitewashing terrorism, among other things. So I don't know I mean I just think that we have a different reality: United States, which is that if you come here and you work, you work hard. People aren't, we know and you work hard and you want to be an american people in general. Don't hate you but also, but if you come here the way the migrants illegal population of Mexicans comes here and we now you work, obviously work. Really. Hard, but you within no particular interest in becoming american or you don't make noble efforts to become an American, and particularly when now feels like you're about that. Welcome then Americans are gonna, look at you and say well what are you doing here?
contribution. Are you making to the national project too? Are you know or even though they don't know, that's what they think. This is an unconscious thing, one of the problems with serve offering all these services to what it did to everyone, but the button, it's also that you you'd you change the inducement to print to prospective immigrants your country, you you do the at one point they would they want to come here to work hard and and build on that. And then, if it, if we change what we offer them that they will want, they will win to come for different. They will want to come to to absorb, though the welfare state in which is what happens in in Europe bright exactly so, but that's the so. To move from the you know from the most serious to the more ridiculous but kind of chilling them as we have this. Story that broke last
about the special election in Montana, which was being watched closely because of the question of whether would represent A bell whether if the Democrat them Craig had eight were to win their seat vacated by rising the wars in Kiev. Actually, now you pronounce it now the sector, the Interior, if, if the Democrat One there in a state that is its the whole state votes for the safe, as stated that Trump one by twenty three, that would be a real saw, obviously, a sign of a gigantic sea change in all the evidence suggests that the democratic way closer, then
He had every right to be, and then this thing happened last night, where then Jacobs, the Baltimore born reporter, for he guardian, went up to the Republican Canada, John Forte, and ask him a question about the American Healthcare ACT and within about fifteen seconds and irritated John Forty, realising who he was and that he worked for a paper that that had published of a very damaging peace to him about how he had secret holdings in russian
companies grabbed Bed Jacobs by their throats room to the floor. Scream datum broke his glasses and you know, but basically assaulted him. I mean the tape by witnesses, leave no more question about it and I'm not sure I mean, I think part of the problem with being a social media. Attic like me, is that you get caught up in the immense drama, something as its unfolding at a kind of gets you all hot were wrought up, and the question is: is this an important moment he will likely win. I think it's thought today. What does it mean that this guy, who was arrested for misdemeanor assault late last night? What what will it mean that he will be
elected with this cloud over his head, you now three papers in Montana withdrew their endorsement. People are saying that early the people are correctly saying that this represents a problem for the growing orthodoxy for early voting, because people seventy four why is likely to win right to suggest that this is something that seventy percent of the state has already voted right and so doesnt. Even if this changes everybody's mind, the likelihood is, you might have twenty percent of the vote on same day election day. And so this is why a lot of us have objected to this idea that it's ok for people to vote over three weeks. That, in fact, you know, elections are contests, things happen they have over. They have a another you they go from one day to election day and people who decide two weeks early, who they're going to vote for our operating on the basis of incomplete and will likely in Kourend, possibly in
information, and once they do what they can change their minds, so had there's a broader question about about early boating than I thought. We'd lost those of us who think that there should be one election day which is viewed in psychologically as a as it as interest and voter suppression, whereas in fact it's about civic responsibility in having people have a common experience in electing people and, as I say, and making sure that people have all the information they need to vote for, you just simply presumed everyone lines up in parts terms. No matter what happens you are, you are seeking to the
current political reality, a dynamic that we should not wish to see to that that people are incapable of making independent decisions. Apart from their partisan interests lie. I dont understand very much about the argument on the other side of that, because its intellectually consistent for Republicans to deceive, usually Republicans and conservatives, not liberals who favour same day voting and say that is your civic responsibility to vote on the day that you're supposed to vote and whether or not that affects the outcome of this race, whereas you are daring teed. If this guy wins to see liberals say well, you know mail, a voting as the problem now, because their guy lost. We're not not because of the matter at hand not because of the issue, but because of the the the candidate who they didn't like the one which goods are welcome,
with them now it's not over and over those limited, my rom exempt. So let them let them deal with the consequences of lucidity and that logic of means that the gun of comrade around to the other opinion them the second that somebody has a contrary. Opinion says that it see now it's racist and you're a racist for saying that. So I is it. Is it a big story nationally? Ultimately, if he wins, if he loses its big story, but that's you know well up to each The elephant in the room is the question of whether or not the reason that it would be. A big story is the question of what of what it will say about the norms of american, practical american politics in the age of twelve but whether his behaviour in particular on the right well, here's what happens if he loses Republicans will say, loves a flock candidate and there's no there's no bigger lesson you can derive here, because this guy was was terrible and he was destined to is, although his rival is a terrible candidate,
I refuse to- let him speak, I think the his writing. It was a terrible carried was a horrible history of tax problems sexual peccadilloes and stuff like that, he's just a tear candidate, so it will be. That would also be an interesting thing if you once if he wins, despite all that in all tat maybe he's drunk at the stock of political talent, has soured in recent years? Will I be the
John Forte, their republicans, winning is a is a rich guy from New Jersey, a move to Montana basically has been is described as a philanthropist. So you know of that means the stock of cavities bad or whether it just to get yet another case of somebody being recruited to office because he can pay his own. We can pay his own way and you know like wants to be a congressmen so that he can. He already has his yacht me already has his plane. So now he could be no buyer but political scene for a while, you know that's the one of the that's one of the destructive thinks it's happening politics over the last thirty years: the recruitment of rich people solely because their rich people sometimes consultants. Do it because consultants know if you can hook a rich person, maybe he'll spent forty fifty milk,
fear of his own money and a futile effort to get elected at you'll get fifteen percent of that over the course of the election, but by many limiting committee, low self hundreds. Yet, but I mean it's yet so there's that and of course its up, it's actually a relatively cheap placed. One for offices were even one district, one stating old couple television stations. You know you do a lot of driving you ve got radio and that there is also something refreshing and healthy about not having the government that's entirely populated by people who wanted to be in government, since they were eighteen and served in a word. Every step of the way towards that's true. So you have these two different kinds of populations: right of the people. You know who you remember being so annoying and student government and they go on to college and then there in student government in college and they go off to law school, so they can win. The dino place an alarm review and then you know which is basically like this hunger, which you can say in the positive way, is a hunger for public service in the negative way you can say is just them.
Looking for power, because they want to be in a position to tell other people what to do ran right, unwanted monitors, you know, and by the time they get Roach anywhere. You know impressive there. They ve already compromise themselves, and you know that has led us always right. Well, so so there is that the x factor, business man, that's what Sir John Forty in that sense represents a kind of trumpets model because he's not a politician who comes of politics, late, that say, If you listen to the tape of him attacking Ben Jacobs, the guy is a psychopath, advisedly like. If you listen, you can hear you can you can? There is a split second at which he puts together that Jacobs work for a paperless published, that story about him and then he lunges forum, and you can't you just it. It would be as though,
right now I looked at Noah and before I finish saying the next word, I went first throat I mean and Daniel heard a tussle, a scream and that the fall floor and you know like a would like that. It's it's it's horrifying to listen to. It is like seeing somebody loosened, see, listen here, somebody lose control of himself in a millisecond. You know it's exactly the sort of person you dont want in politics. That is when you want to buy when somebody who is you know, Calculate Comcast COM, Callaway reason did outcome slow down and make a decision, and then I'm not do everything from the gun: there's also nothing righteous about his anger, ass. You know it's the effort in this business yeah, because a year because they shake it was wasn't of. He asked a question
about the american healthcare acts at which we should now start that we follow quickly to think we fully exotic has subject, because there's a lot of in suing fall out. That has been almost more disturbing, then the event itself, although the event itself is extremely disturbing. My John, I think you wanted to discuss the campaign, responded right, so so minutes after then, Jacobs tweeted, I was just body slam by John Forte and he brought my glasses and Alexis Levinson of Buzzfeed said. Oh, my god, I just saw Bench cubs thrown to the ground
I don't know what I just saw. Shame Scanlon, the spokesman for the job Forte campaign issued a statement in which he said Ben Jacobs, Observe of Lee approach. John Forty was told of leave. He put up his recorder and threatening manner. He was told to put it down and he didn't and then he so he basically the accusations he addressed. First, there was a duffel any ended up on the ground and also use of works for a liberal outlet row. You know so two rival solidarity should so two things here this this guy don't know who he is. I don't care. Who is? I hope you never works in politics again was disgusting. Disgusting to you, know it's like people just now law. In public when you really people, didn't lie that much in public as a whole sea change. You know, and I blame bill. Clinton,
I seriously blame Bill Clinton for going up there and put saying I did not have sexual relations with that woman. Miss Lewis Guy never asked anyone to lie not a single time on January 25th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight. That was involvement in american history, because presently I'd states looked into the camera and lied about something that he had done and then have to confess that he had done it eight months later in a deposition, and you know, people move Heaven and earth not lie in in american public life like they spun. They were dishonest. They were deceitful, they
Ass things in a light that was not exactly what it was, but they didn't break the truth, and this guy broke the truth, having every reason to know that five seconds after he issued the statement, the truth would come out, which is that of Jacobs, asked a question and was assaulted in in about four seconds. So what does this tell us about american public? I say you could say: well it's one seat. Forded thirty thirty five congressional seeds- some kid in Montana, some Idiot candidate Montana. You know we don't want one extrapolate too much, but I think it so easy to say that I would add also that
and the fact is that we're not seeing a whole lot of disputing of Ben Jacobs turn sight of events, because he was supported by a three reporter by lined Fox NEWS report detailing in supporting Ben Jacobs Sight of events, and without that report we would have a lot more tribal frustration with some then Jacobson rallying Round John Forte, but we did see some effort
it's too sort of project. This false machismo from Vienna, like Lord Ingram and others of her elk, who are suggesting that the bend Jacob should have put up a fight and din in this high school in did they take his lunch money and all his whining and what a baby- and this is repulsive- it's just disgusting- that kind of behaviour is not acceptable and no political movement- that's even remotely healthy would dare suggest that this is something that they should be embracing and endorsing it defending their let slip lived. Let's put the shortly other Footsore was a democratic candidate who, like you, go through Right Bart reported to the group put his hands when a bright by reporters neck and thrown to the ground of cordial, with what will your sense of reality and one which are well Lord Ingram, say in that circumstance you know perfectly well what she would have said in this whole notion of listening with
as we all could to it to an assault. Take place that major assault. Like he's not gonna, go to jail for ten years. You know Charlie's charge that up in every sense a misdemeanor me flipped out he put his hands around the guy's knack. Man might, you know, broke his glasses, you may have heard em Jacobs good. You know files that will suit against and whatever it's like. It's not. It's not like a huge didn t take out go, and shoot them, or something like that right, but whole point is that if we, and maintain minimal standards of compartment. We spend our lives the last twenty three years talking about whose role model it is present. You know that was abusive is it it is. It is an athlete, a good role model celeb, these people, take them as role models and they should have some sense of responsibility, and yet they do, and so look at America with without these good Roma those and all that. Well, one thing that you can say for the sake of absolute truth is the law makers in the United
these are supposed to your people, who want to be lawmakers, are not was to break the law in front of the entire country and get away an end and then act and then be defended for it. Also there was sort of this was response, wasn't just because of this random guy that that most of them probably never heard before today, but also because it was a rapporteur who was assaulted and because press is the bad guy then, and the fact that the media rallied around one of its own was enough to prompt a sort of just reciprocal response and unthinking reflexive sports to sort of attacks on common, and I would say that the truth is that most People on the right that I could see on social mean everything were responded to this appropriately, but the world of the Trump be in media tried not to patently Foxen friends did not report on it.
This morning, for example- and you know like bread, possess who's. The head of the Venier Research Centre, whose an old acquaintance of mine said Ben, make is a jerk now, Benjamin jerk. You see before you story about how seriously mainly research centre bought a house from bought, a house that was owned by one of its. You know senior executives, and you know basically a you know in the town of Pennsylvania, basically a nonprofit common, do you like my buying Noah's house when he wanted to move somewhere, because no one trouble selling it and so Brazil has appropriate existing hostility toward Ben Jacobs, and so it goes in public and says Bent basically, Bed Jacobs deserve the cause, he's a jerk. She sitting you're trying to think of what. If I really think this is sort of Donald Rumsfeld anyway- and I ve come to the conclusion that
with or without Trump. This might have happened, but the differences that with Trump there is this support network now in place for when thug. Act and there is there is there is then a there is a new protocol, bad about how one might respond to this, and that's it. There's there's a sort of does it there's a subordinate? Why me I'm? We all remember what how terrified and outraged the right was when the essie- I? U was dispatching its actual legitimate thugs and performing assaults on people who were too, who are protesting in Asia and biting fingers, and we all remember that that was at everybody had a rational response. To that end, we watched the left rally around its own and debase itself in the process and
To see Republicans just march in that direction to show sheepishly without any resistance- and I would say, let's not Republicans its trump bands and we have two different categories of people who may well be that the problems of the Trump peons or merging of the Trump yonder taken over the Republicans. What I mean by trump peons here not to be offensive, is people who who are for whom? The idea is you defend anything that is done by a person on your side. It particularly if it's proximity to a liberal is defensible and you are supposed the defended, because that is the dynamic. Like even if it's true or not true, they're gonna they're gonna defend their guys. We defend our guys, it's like when you have parents of a little league team who you know
care. Whether or not somebody was out at second, it's their sons, team, and so, if you know, if it's, if their team, if they should be safe, the kid should be safe. You have. The parents are like where you talk about the umpire said he was at. What's the matter with you, you know who's that you saw no, no, no cuz, it's like the other. The other guys would do the same thing and this journey. Beyond her, like the bounds of civil compartment. Is it is that it's not a new thing? I, like one, can say that its November, like like said I blame Bill Clinton further for for the introduction of outright mendacity, becoming a defensible quality in, in a politician that you'd must defend because his enemies are so unspeakable. That was, of course, the truth about Clinton and ninety eight was that- decision was made that you know he was being taught targeted and tormented by you know, Christian.
The tax and power hungry you know corporatist Republicans and so whatever it? Is he may or may not have done pale in comparison to what would happen if you will, if these people were allowed to get their way against him, and that was even part, was more like culture, war over Party Urban Culture war over truth, or something like that? This is a different kind of culture where this is like a culture about. You know yes, oh the media are bad. So all you have to know is that there was a confrontation between someone in the media in some republican politician. Obviously you side with the republican politician now. I can even appreciate that as a sort of like gut instinct, but not when there's a tape also, people aren't supposed to grow adult or nuts was to grab other people and throw them to the grant. This is
of the faking machismo thing that no was talking about. You know whether or not you want to think that were an overly feminist culture or not. People in Contemporary America aren't supposed to assault other people in public budgets leave. One of them is a political candidate in the other is a reporter, but not even politically like if you saw it, if you, if you, if you were but when we all saw the footage of the guy pulling the doktor off the plane ride, and that was a relatively defensible thing. Given the protocols of United Airlines at the security system, you saw it in Europe. My god, you can't do that to another human being, I don't care who you are, and you know
idiot, Gian Forte, Mr Rich guy, montanans philanthropists with a temper problem, isn't allowed to grab somebody by the throat and thrown to the ground. But that's the link between Bill Clinton and the moment here is that you perceive found there wasn't a directive that wasn't in as some sort of a mission statement that went out and everybody had to do acts. It was just you perceive than you understood that your team demanded of you, this moral compromise, and you will willingly compromise preemptively for your team, and I just want to go back to say that not to enter into the fever swarms of the twenty six teamed Trump Anti Trump Anti Anti.
Some things, but one of the reasons that people were concerned that the you know what against Trump issue of the National Review was done. Then you know we wrote things in twenty sixteen about this was this question of whether Trump's personal behavior and the behavior that he encouraged by you saying he was happy that people were beating up protesters and the gave you that he allowed in the he sort of subsumed when it was ok. The Corleone dusky have manhandled the reporter Michel fields, ripe art. That being early example of this, which is that Michel field work for bright Bart and Bright Bart, Fended Corey Lewandowski against its own rapporteur, because its tribal interest was with Trump so that was he was sent to this. The idea was that this was
something we didn't really need to see in american life that this was not gonna, be a good example of where we were our civilization ITALY and we can say that this incident you know, is proof. Positive of that, but we need to see what the next two or three years or like now, I want to say one thing before we go. We are we're gonna talk about the American Health CARE Act and how you know I don't know who's going to be in American Healthcare ACT in the house, but how? Incredibly incredibly, let's say I was going to say unjust. Thus, the congressional Budget Office report is, but I'm just is not the right word that what it says it predicts out to the future than fifty million people lose their healthcare in twenty twenty six, but that you know a thing stay the way they are that little bill remain around where it is now, fourteen or fifteen nineteen million, or something like that
and that this is an insane, and I'm just way to look at this because it assumes that the status quo in the healthcare system will remain and in fact the american health care system in the Obamacare exchanges are collapsing in the notion that all those people aren't going to lose their coverages and saying they are going to lose their coverage. And you dont game it out with that in mind or try to figure that out? As a variable you are, you are doing a terrible injustice, but soap But I want to move on to a more important topic, because my friend mark an corn who my former rabbi, who, whose no lawyer in San Diego specifically asked us to ask said we, to discuss the question of whether Donald Trump heads I'd to hold Maloney s hands when they were walking down the red carpet and did she slap it away? And you know how would we look at that? And I've looked at it over and over and over again
seen the Zapruder film analysis that says he was reaching that she was reaching than he was it. She was like he was lapping. She was. She wasn't slapping really because he reached and then she read, then he slapped she's left. It is my considered opinion that she's let us have the way I've watched Fifteen times- and I I just and get away from the idea that he reached for her hand, and they said, and she slapped his hands Ok, I'm I'm of the opposite opinion. I think that There was a timing issue that made it appear as if she were slap his hand where and when it was really sort of last dash for his hand then through. The window was closing on and on the amount of time that she had it to grab it, but I in part. I think this because. Similar tapes and similar footage about. Of of Macedonia and an trump it sort of the big it take
two different approaches that, on the one hand, there is the she's fed up with him stuff footage. And then there is also the like the stuff of herself cowering and in in fear. Possibly you know: When he held shooter and ass, he looked so you can sort of any any picture that you want with with with with this stuff, having not perform the requisite forensic analysis of this tape. I can't say whether or not there was hands laughing, but I will say that the worry images of the two of them lovingly holding hands in the Sistine chapel. So there counter aware better risk we need to have a nice intimate moment hold hands then in this I mean I people make out there all the time you know like it's gotta be lowered, its very small yeah. It's not.
This is danish apple is on its knees smaller than you think of it. I been there it's all. I wouldn't called small, well it smaller than your average grand cathedral. Let's start that small you, their quarters, the three or four different. You know areas anyway. I will add, however, that I do believe that Maloney is very unhappy. Person doesn't want this to be the Trump residency I don't know one reads: either one you, don't know what goes on in somebody else's marriage. All of that- and I have no idea, but we know nothing about her we will never know anything about her. I will say that I think it's pretty clear that he needs heard to be living her baron to be living in the White House, because at least he'll have somebody there at night to distract him from spending. Four hours getting into a into a towering rage watch.
His tv all over and over again, why means we need her and barren? We made her. That's right, that's right! She is it emigrate to this country and He came here. She made a success of herself. She she married, are important and in her what she needs to do for this country is go live in that White House and distract him does Axiom at night so that he gets off the twitter, it stops watching tv. Oh this is, but it is, has wonderful week in many ways, because he's been out of the country- and there has been nothing on twitter. And he actually issued a pretty good statement today about wanting to get to the bottom of how this terrible leak happened, where we were american, some american leak. The name of the of the Manchester bomber is a good. It's a well fought statement. Them may be the first one of his presidency. Him maybe heralds
you know, a new future, but speaking of hands. Of course, if you haven't seen it go to Youtube or somewhere and find the thing happened this morning, which was Donald Trump shaking hand of the new french President Emmanuel Micro. If you want to see you know, it's really like he had Trump hasn't joy, buzzer in his hand, and it's not going off any needs to keep that handshake, impress it so that, finally, the he'll get the joy buzzer thing I had. I get this analogy, because I bought my son, a joy buzzer, and we and just one working and we were like squeeze in our hands together and he was let me go and then finally work the wool bed. So maybe trumpeted joy buzzer his hand, you you couldn't you, wouldn't you wouldn't put it passed them it's funny. You know he's got something I think so those he d about handshakes generally. Nobody he used to not touch. I mean when I first plant at issue here when I first met
when the mid nineties. He would not taught and say and do not touch. She was a German. I would not touch anybody's hand like that was you went to me. He wouldn't shake your hand and then, in fact it was a meaning of the New York Posten. Somebody said, like was trump. You know monsieur. I know you don't like to shaken. We say several: why would a by want to shake anybody else's had their germs its dirty? I mean It just seems like I seems, like a You know sensible thing to do like you know, yeah, I'm perfectly friendly. I don't need to shake your hand to be friendly, so in that sense I think he was a real trailblazer for thee puerile general, the pure l generation and, of course, the Obama's didn't really shake people's hands either. You know they were fist bumpers and that again, as a doctor thing like the doctors are telling people not to shake hands and two, particularly, if you like a politician casual if you're on the cap
Cantrell trail horribly SEC, you know, if you shake five thousand hand, someone's gonna have some female virulence. The term on the sands and like knock knock you six ways from Sunday, so I say she while his hand away aims? As now know, is chicken and won't come up with an opinion but says millennia is? I'm happy- and I say we need her in the White House- doing her patriotic duty as an American to distract president and that Trump had a joy buzzer to sandwich with macrons, and I don't really believe that I just want to stipulate that cuz people are very literal list. Sometimes Ok, so I tunes got. I took this was such a thrilling close to this podcast as such a high level discussion God I tunes least say that we can be light spirited and funny if you think they are ill. Will help if you do
tell your friends to listen. Gotta commentary magazine that calm get a few free, reeds and subscribe, and we'll talk to you next week or a brick wall and no arrangement. John put words, keep candle burning.
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