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2018-08-30 | 🔗
A pre-Labor Day podcast finds us ready to march on the universities! You will have to listen to the end to find out why, after you hear us opine on the question of whether political scientists and the Census Bureau are falsely making Americans believe the country is becoming a majority-minority nation. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary magazine podcast today is Thursday August 30th, two thousand and eighteen I am John Podhoretz Editor of Commentary with me- is always a green Walter senior editor hello, a high John associated or high. Now I John furthermore, a senior writer high sorra, hello John, trusting peace. Today in the New York Times, we thought we would focus attention on by Thomas, be Ed Soul, who has become a sort of in house time. Sociologist and political sense
apologist writing very, very interesting things. This piece is called whose afraid of a white minority and add soul in rather, I opening way reveals that there is a pretty significant battle going on between political scientists and sociologist over this question about whether or not the United States is becoming or will soon become what is called a majority minority country in which whites yourself described. Whites no longer make up an absolute majority of the of the population of the United States, This fact of course became a move to the Centre of american political life after twenty twelve, when they republican autopsy, explaining that attempted to discern. Why was it? Mitt Romney had fallen so short suggested that, with the rise
rising hispanic population of the United States, in particular that the Republican Party's apparent hostility towards Hispanics was going to do MIT demographic Lee forever and then, of course, it turned out that this was exactly wrong, because when Donald Trump came along in twenty sixteen, he in part used- or I think everybody agrees- that Part of the way that his coalition came to form, particularly in the in the upper Midwest, had something to do with the fear by white ethics, in particular that SAM and the White Working class that they were being supplanted in american life and that Trump was some kind of a banner waiver
for them and for their cause, so Edson Marshall, some data and evidence to suggest that, in fact, the idea that the country is becoming, vastly less white at Arab Arab at a remarkable clip. Maybe in part III. An idiot logical decision on the part of the people who do the counting to try to maximize the number of people who are characterized as non white in part to hasten the majority minority status of the country, but that, in fact, if you took hispanics people who are, HU, the census, Countess Hispanics, but who themselves say they are white and you added them to the population of the electorate and twenty? Sixteen far from the number of whites having gone down from seventy Fortis
seventy two or seventy one percent. The number of self described white, went up from seventy four percent to seventy six percent of the electorate. Thus the entirety of the discussion was based on a false premise. That d who did both mainstream Republicans and Democrats alike. Democrats into have been overconfident and mainstream Republicans into panicking about their weed out, eventually total decline and destruction. I certainly believe this to be the case. A lot of other people believe this to be the case, and so I thought we would spend some time talking about eleven for we get to the politics of this, which is very important? I want to do a little bit more data here, because this phenomenon has been on my radar for some time. There is a twenty fourteen peace by New York Times analysed, nay colony,
which he identifies a phenomenon which is pretty interesting. Is that Hispanics, as they assimilate into american culture, unless they have? For example, second generation are asked about their ethnicity. They are less likely to identify as hispanic more likely to identify as white, and I quote from the p it's the researcher found it's an old piece of this by researchers found that two point: five million Americans of hispanic origin or approximately seven percent of the thirty five million Americans of hispanic origin in two thousand basin. Two thousand census changed their race, from quote some other race in two thousand to a white in twenty ten, an additional one point: three million people switched in their other directions, which, in the other direction a noteworthy, but on specific share of the change, came from children who want old enough to fill out a form in two thousand, but who chose themselves in twenty ten. It also notes that Hispanics, who are let who have left
Experience with her encounter less prejudice and discrimination are more likely to identify his white. It's an interesting phenomenon, I'm not sure how to reconcile it with excells contention that the census takers are more likely to group Hispanics in with Hispanics generally you, regardless of how they self identify, because this is all taken from census data here too, but nevertheless it's a listen if economic loss on riddling of aid at the actual peace notices in the when he ten census. There were fifty point: forty eight million Hispanics fifty three percent of himself identified is white. So think about that. So that means that the hispanic surge in the United States is a is a surge of perception or or counting
because here's the question so it in nineteen hundred, I dont- think if you had me no ethnic categories away, have these efforts categories that Jews would have been considered white rights of Jews with now Jews or can that is why they were the Hebrew right. I think, Simon I'll, even though there were by out, even if there were a census. I think that's in clank classifications, okay, so Jews were White and then, of course, you have all thing: where lay the notion that Italians and irish and french people of french Scotch. Scots derivation irish terrorism, that they were All one thing called caucasian throughout most of american history. That would have seemed insane to people that you know the Scots and Irish were
I heading. We now have feel them coy wars in the Appalachians through the early twentieth century and then, while Italians ethnically are so bound up in that Mediterranean world and depending on which region of literature, ITALY yet, but let's put it very well you your Irish, like view, if you Norman you live in New York, you have this experience with the various ethnic groups that that common and similar than the ones that come after them are. They are the the suspect groups now, but I mean think about this for a minute no to populist. In Europe hated each other bore, and then the Irish and the English and in the United States, you would find it very difficult now to find any kind of cultural difference, except for petite. Ok, Cradle Catholicism between someone who was irish and someone who is a british origin. I think if you
very irish enclaves like South Boston. You would notice a distinct kind, irishness that is distinguishable from let's say assertive, whilst b World, who would not view them as such in the nineteenth century it. This was a white christian ethnic group that was not considered white, correct european correct when and today I think, but also gesture, broadly look at what actual talking about it. It's important to talk about the motivation for or their senses could not considering set his. I miss who self describe as whites did not not taken them at at their word, essentially Technically, the idea is to prepare white men Four aim able aim a more colorful, more varied and diversified
america you know knows this sort of you know what look at you, you're not going to be a majority, so you know understand that we're all Americans kind of thing and then the the ideas it. Of course, this does happen said a fat and pepper throughout nets. Those column is the political motivations of the echo Nationalists in the center folks, who marshal the kind of sentiment that is daily, as sort of vaguely ascribed to Donald Trump and his movement, which is sort of racial agitation around these issues. Issues isn't necessarily exist. I'm not sure by the way that the white nationalist cohort that rallies around, for example, the right movement, would be especially comforted by the fact that the white majority is going to x. And because the spanish state edifying such no more swiftly, but of course, but they are relevant. But then you are really talking about a fringe of a fringe. That itself has no demographic standing other words and we were count.
If no nationalist white nationalists like they would make up point all one percent of the population, the President of the United States does not make this distinction he doesn't buys. There are good people on both sides, but here's what so. So. Here's what how at airports, William fry demographer at the Brookings institution, defending census, majority minority calculations by arguing that it is important for the country to face what he calls the device so the explosion quote, given the slow and, in fact, last year, negative growth of the white population, along with its rapid aging. It is important for older whites to understand that the only way we will have a growing labour force will be to embrace the younger racial minority populations now think about the condescension implicit in that remark, which is which is according to the twenty two
number right, twenty six million people who are classified as hispanic in dna or better, yet twenty six class ways. Hispanic by the senses themselves call themselves white. So the ideas- You need to call themselves hispanic to teach the old white people that their day has passed. First of all, what is it, how the old white people feel if they're gonna die in their already retired. What Does it matter that they understand that younger populations have to be the labour force younger popular since the United States will be the late stage, whether they understand and are not just just one more now is that that the comment that you read that at so close, that is not a sort of demographers, scholarly point its sort of purely ideological, like demography, must be
put at the service of pudding white people in their place. It's so will let me go on Gaza. Things fry this is Ed's all I'm quoting now describe, projections that many young people of mixed racial and ethnic backgrounds will self identifies why this quote quite speculative unquote. Although from what we ve seen fully fifty three percent if Hispanics counter this Hispanics and twenty ten said they were otherwise. Seventy were white, he questioned food pudding for such projections, and now this is fries for the sole purpose of potentially appealing to Trump supporters. Many of them do not seem to be interested in other demographic facts such as last decades decline of undocumented immigration to the Eu S or the greater number of migrants coming from Asia than from Latin America In other words, it doesn't matter what they think, because their added These are bad, so what we.
We need to do is bash them over the head. Better attitudes, note that this is fries plant. I understand and I think it's extremely condescending, but Nevertheless, I believe has a grain of truth to it in so far as he is correct, more immigration, tit is coming from China and Russia in the sub continent. Then it from Latin America, and this is something that I is very malleable on the part of the native is right is that they haven't yet switched over to agitate. Giving against these groups now at the idea opposite, but they will quite the opposite very little and takes a very little ideological with agitating again the Asians in the United States, who is who is? Sub, Rosa sort of OJ, agitate against age at Harvard Liberals leftists the meritocratic culture who feels crowd, who feels itself to be being crowded
by all these Asians coming in and taking all the slots at at at major schools, and we have today the Trump Administration announcing that it is effective joining the as a friendly witness the federal law so that the lawsuit against Harvard for for explicit Four implicit buys that it has not yet it acknowledged again asian american applicants, wherein we want at city just to keep going in New York City, the eight salon, high schools in the New York City School System are under assault by mayor to blossom and the Chancellor of the nursery schools? Why? Because the but they say is that those schools are two imbalance of don't have enough blackened Hispanic, didn't send them. What the chancellor karate said the minute that he announced this new policy was we're not
here to have a high school. That's just for one group. Which he met high schools, way, which he meant Asians asian kids and you can find defenses. His argument. So this is inevitable Adriana York Times to an end, and we newly woke Washington, Post colonists, who said Yes, I used to think meritocracy was good, but when those meritocratic opportunities come at the expense like the justice, expense of other groups. Re social justice versus human nature could re at these individuals were, like my children should be deep. Motion should lack a certain amount of privilege in order to effect some sort of social justice. Were ideal, but you can guarantee it is the history of the United States that the most recent emigrant group is the subject of the most ire and you can guarantee that the native his right and the progressive left, Will unite around the Murat hordes of EAST Asians and Sub Saharan, some continental indian well.
We're coming to this country in and steel in our draft? Ok to be fair agitation against asian immigration to the United States is a hundred and fifty years old. The first explicit piece of anti immigration legislation ever passed. The United States was the called the asian exclusion active eighteen. Eighty two so Asians have faced. You know very and of course, who was turned in in You know in concentration camps in Canada, in California and in the nineteen forties Japanese Americans, like so
no, nothing new. What what what was interesting about the surge of illegal immigration into California, beginning in the late at the early ninetys, really when Mexico started having terrible economic troubles and thus lead to the first series of restrictive immigration. Moves in in California was that this happened at a time when activist grew defending latino emigrants- and we were on the march and me. A political mate you now started, demanding school bring in spanish, and you know, essentially, you know everything being done to accommodate this population are people who were not even here legally and led to the first back, I think totally coherent, understandable backlash, which was ok
we are being told that, as the United States, we need to supply. You know we need to provide some form of restitution to African Americans for the horrible, mistreatment and slavery and Jim Crow, and all of that through action quotas and all that we don't like it. But ok we understand that. But why we are being asked to do this for Hispanics will who, as we spanish, there's no history of systematic discrimination against spanish, ribbon, slaved Hispanics weren't, you know I didn't have Jim Crow as against them. This is this is irresponsible and wrong, and I think part of the reason that the focus of. Right wing ire and concern has been at mexican immigration. In particular is precisely that a moral claim was made on on the behalf of these
since that was frankly totally undeserved an unwarranted and this What jumped out at me in reading the yet so peace? Is that but it matter if the data were correct or wrong. If we didn't have all this agitation for Talking about differences and politicizing differences and groups, what what what would it matter that was initially with changing face. Yeah I mean it wouldn't, but it matter if there is a diversity explosion coming or not. If no one was, you know, come the hammering points about about in a well what different groups are supposed to get in and had a politically put that plays act as to the extent we can measure at the illegal immigrant population in the country has declined over the course of this deck words. Remain constant, as the national population has grown. That's the story, so it's eleven to twelve million in the population has grown.
Seven or eight million since the last sensor, so basically as up as a percentage, its decline in it Actually, you know we're now three hundred and forty million. I think some like that. And an eleven million illegals from Mexico, but it was eleven million twelve million illegals four months ago in the in the early two, thousands at small according to pure research and seventeen, a mall but statistically significant decline in the inn, estimates from a peak of around twelve point: two million in two thousand sex right and relatively study with a kind of uptake recently, because the economy's improved? Ok. So so it might. In my understanding, ok, the there are three,
different ways to look at this question of whether or not America's becoming less. Why one is? Is it or is it not becoming less white and what fascinating, but this piece which everyone should read today, the New York Times by Tom until I know a lot even linked in the time that you should read this is he says there is reason to believe that this factoid that we have been told is simply not true that the why population is not declining, because a number of people who call themselves white is increasing not decreasing, and what is this what what are we are we now measuring? Are we now back to the nineteenth century, which we are going to measure whether or not somebody is black by by how what what percentage of their blood is? Is African American, are we circular start using words like Quadroon and Octoo ruin to describe people? I mean this is this? Is insane Tipp to define, but this is. It will be done for the purposes of pudding.
In a category for the good of the country, by saying that there are just so there's just so much. Ethnic diversity is opposed. This category in order to keep white blood pure, which was the original purpose of such category, Patients are that's going to note that everybody around table would be considered non white about fifty years ago, It is undeniable that the gentle found within the census had immensely calling us that there was a hebrew item and complicated. I do think I mean I keep saying my grasp for my for my grandfather, who drove a milk truck in Brooklyn at three o clock in the morning with behind a horse to be told old, that his grandson would be considered, no less white than a Rockefeller would have been. This is like science fiction, I mean for small white is wasn't even a category really right, but I mean the notion that there would be no significance understand
If the social difference between me and you know, you're like a rock a feller was a wasp or Kennedy was a Catholic or you know anybody that this just this would describe the world, it didn't exist, and that was evident was alone. Tat was eighty years ago, but it wasn't two hundred years ago. I do think there's just to AIDS point that there is some benefit too. I guess government statistic collar other similar bodies like a census, to take some account of the fact of what's happening, people along lines of race since raises one of the filters through which we experienced the world than we did treat people
fortune. I mean it has been a reality. So therefore, if we're not aware of was happening to a specific group in terms of the outcomes of of the social good, for example- and we just don't see it because our senses systems are sensitive to it, like in France, where they eat out because of the sort of national motto, a kind of frankness that doesn't look at any specific religion or color or create or anything it would it ends up doing is that the institutions can't figure out if, for example, the algerian kids are learning and schools because they just don't take It is in that way there's some value in it aware of these types of differences, if if if collective outcomes are affected in terms of the common good, but you know too to over hype things to ideological ends and to sort of to actually actively undermine
our idea of citizenship, which happens to be oddly Rome, and I think, the closest possible kind of anti ceded to a kind of I can be in America? Do you know the way a Roman could be? You know, Augustine was was it it was a north african. He was probably dark skinned, but he was as much a roman citizen as someone who was actually in Rome. That model, I think, is the closest thing that we have as a isn't it Sweden for the american model and its really valuable to us. I'm gonna, I'm the issue. My objection here, which is, I think, it's great census data. Is the most you know is the most valuable data we have right, because it's the only data that counts almost everybody in the country every ten years. So this gives us. Why do we do a census? We don't do a sense is to find out how white or doing relative to Hispanics, how many this or how many that we do a census in order to create congressional disk
That is why the census is that that is the reason it's in the constitution. That is why it's done, every ten years to apportion properly the euro into to assign properly the proper number representatives everybody the fact that has become a godsend for peace, science is wonderful, but it is not necessary and if it is misused for the purpose of redefining what it means to be an American than its point, as opposed to simply trying to find things out, because what beat being America, not just in terms of the saying or an American than it would therefore becoming american. But if fifteen percent of the of the kids The United States now are deemed to be multi. Ethnic fifteen to twenty percent are multi ethnic. Its growing and its growing. How do you categorize? Well, that's an insult. The categorization becomes a political football. That should not be the case. Otherwise, we are going to turn back into the,
your hungarian empire there being treated as undecided. Right Yeah, that's that's. It looks like you know: what's figure out if we can convince them to say that there has been when I wrote and for the larger public good, because it's better there be more Hispanics than let none. But the other side of the argument from the left is that the census is being politicized and is being used to radicalized political movement by the Trump administration, by inserting a citizenship question in the sense that they are doing precisely what you said is They are attempting to create a political narrative around the census data rub it. You know I I am sympathetic to the argument that something untoward might be going on with the citizenship question on the census. I I am, but for they for those people who have, inserting questions into the senses were forty years in order to garner useful political information for their Eddie.
Logical ends to complain. How did somebody else is doing it in a way that they don't like you know, I mean what what what's the point of that like regulations you create its once again. It's like this thing happen on twitter, the other day, which shows where amused by a got him Adam gentle Son, who was Harry Red Centre, Harry Rita, Nevadas Chief of staff, complain. The bitterly the Democrats were doing nothing to stop the fast track. Nomination of I think it was its fourteen June Does this week or something like guess? What am I gonna have generally wanted to go home, so they everyone today. As I live oak or claim, we are conferred by linguistic voice about breakfast said. Maybe it was seventy, and then I may yet they should do this? This is democratic, should use this rule that rule to stop them, and it's like hey schmuck, like you're, the one who broke hoo, hoo, hoo, wet. The nuclear option and brought broke this material system of- devotes to close it,
judicial nomination, not bitch o Connell, Jangle Centres, Ryan Valentine just having meltdowns over this and yet well. You worry out, and you are now many big which they do. You are reaping what you so so you know I was against it and people who believe in institutional. You know in social norms were against it and you just you, couldn't help yourself, because you wanted to get those judicial nominations through so sucking up buddy you know this had sir, how I feel about this question in the sense that you know you want to stick Questions about how many people are disabled, you wanna stay questions and there about how many b, Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in order to do so, taking a rather for the purposes of you now getting people into certain kinds of welfare programmes. For them in Hawaii, so you want that Europe, get the citizenship question, because you started it you politically
the senses there. So now so now the trump people are gonna politicize the senses. I guess unto congratulations. I it's kind of a digression, but their their anxiety coincides with then revelation that down again is leaving the White House who has been one of the key? If not the key force behind this driving charge to confront, nominating and confirm original is Texas judges to the to the federal bench and I mean if you really want there so in there. In that sense, their anxiety is kind of misplaced, because I mean, if you really want to see more more evidence, that the legislative phase of the trunk presidency is coming to a very quick clothes sign. This is evidence of it. Well, you know with all this talk about Sensus and counting in numbers and data misuse. I think it's important for me to tell you that,
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calm, slash commentary to learn more and we thank expressly beaten for sponsoring the commentary. Podcast so damn again is leaving Donald Trump, is between up a storm today and sounds all sugar and yet this is a week or so we got good Trump and bad Trump at war, a trump is obsessing over what appears to be the upcoming a book by Bob Woodward about his White House is attacked. He attacked Carl Bernstein Woodward's Miss collaborator forty years ago for being on CNN that seen in key Disputed CNN story about Michael Collins about Michael but Trump, knowing about that russian meaning advance and now he's screaming about fake books being written by the fig me.
And meanwhile, his administration is making some pretty remarkable moves. Just this week I mentioned before that decision was made to join us or friendly witness in the case against Harvard, and it's really shameful discrimination against students, evasion of Asian to Santa area in horrible. Parallel to the explicit anti jewish quotas in the Ivy Liza were the subject of Jerome Carols remarkable book. The chosen of about ten years ago, with quotas raging somewhere between sixteen and eighteen percent at the at the major Ivy League institutions are that's one. We have thee.
Administration. At today, I believe announcing that it will cease funding The- U N High Commissioner for refugees on Rwanda. As it's called. Really, I search believe, works right. So this morning, you write right this. This this was set up to deal with the refugee camps into a chair. Palestinians went in primarily in Gaza after the war of independence and lighting, forty eight that established the state of Israel but but very quickly, just most of our listeners now, but that unrest is the pet. The palestinian people are the only group to have their own you when refugee agency theirs they there is a regular you and high Commissioner for refugees that deals with every other refugee catastrophe in
world whether it's you know ugly people fleeing Venezuela or its rockies and iraqi Kurds, who every other group that you can think of falls under one group and as one unread that only deals with the palestinian people and treats the refugee problems very differently under a uniquely views. As a refugee, the fourth generation descendant of someone who fleet is home in eighteen, forty. Right and they never went perpetually, literally seventy years, that's three Half generations of people being considered. Refugees also runs about two hundred schools in the palestinian territories and in twenty fourteen give found but you Rockets and in one of them, and now curriculum is full of anti semitic. But implicitly, on this, this
urgency is part of the past steady and resistance to Israel it it it the furtherance of The notion that Palestinians are, you know, are: are refugees, seventy years after you know, their great grandparents may have a moves stakes from one place Another talk about a demographic misuse, political, exactly tat. Basically, there wasn't some rockets at school, I mean and hunger, basically the tunnels and end, and we don't know what the what the of the fischler of this agency. Working in in Gaza, in particular, are basically arms of the Gaza. I'm gonna have to be there at their by virtue of their position gotta they have anyway. So we ever got rights aware that we have been the leading funder of armour. We are cutting them off the tune of two hundred million. Dollars a year and we are apparently cutting off most of the money. The United States gives to the Palestinian Authority which, by the way, the Tailor Force ACT believe is no law
That's right. So the Taylor, you have almost no choice but to provide this. Yes, he looked right. The tailor Force ACT name for a an American who was running in Java in just south of TEL Aviv and was stabbed right near the beach and killed thirty one years old and and the family of the of the killer you know was basically given twelve thousand dollars a year, as is the case. With the martyred the families of martyred Palestinians and three, as our friend Douglas five calls it. What is it.
Pay to slay the sleigh ride. That's dogfights and Sander Grover published a piece commentary on the pay, the sleigh system that the Tailor Force ACT, which passed I think at the end of last year. You now basically ends, and so we are, but you should know that ducks peace was sort of incentive to put aside the explicitly into the public's were right. And I think we should also mentioned businesses- were covering this sweet of policies that are related that also under trumpet. We pulled out of the Un Human Rights Council, which was existed solely to have kleptocratic anti Israel agitators candy. Israel, and I think this is the third. This is the third time that we have pulled out of the Un Human Rights Council like we got in and gone out on, em gone out now, our guy out, and hopefully we will.
Now stay out. This is all you know. Well, they make performs of his lungs once they make reforms and we're going to go back in and what we were doing, the Trump this ray we're doing the track right. Good rights is weak, and mortgage trump this week is education secretary. That's it about strengthening they protections on people in whom in universities and schools were accused of sexual misconduct or assault a k, a due process. This has enraged infuriated people who believe that the victimization is by virtue of its own declaration, a decorative Agatha ACT and worried about the guilt of the perpetrator is really a military system. It's a phone, wages are presumed guilty before him. What is it it's an interesting thing, because
you know the number of victims of this policy which will go into you know are, are small write, em? It's you know. A couple hundred people are dumb numbered the number of people who get swept up in a kind of sexual assault dragnet and What happened was in twenty ten, the Department of Education issued a letter stating that was changing its expectations for what colleges should do in relation to charges of sexual assault and the essence of it. To degrade procedural rights for the Uk that whole ass to do to create what was called the preponderance of evidence standard, as opposed to a you know, are the legal standard of gilded innocent until proven guilty, so that all you needed was fifty one percent of evidence and these schools in order to meet both to meet the department, education, Anders in order not to lose their title. Nine funding
but also through dinner? I help each of them has their own bureaucracies of Gender and sexual assault then created these star chambers in which students work you they were not allowed to face their acute when islets, let whither accuser was, will not lead to ring. Witnesses were thrown out with by the way course and Casey Johnson who was written about this for us has delineated. I think sixty four different cases in which people who go into the court system to say I was, I was mistreated, have one every single case brought in the courts. Greece. Agnes a single case and significant cash pay out from these universities right divorced basically by law. Even though, is not really the way that those who were to perform injustices. Those our chambers that mom, they existed long before the event. What bomb Administration did was codified. It federally to say that that's what you should do
the risk right codified it to say that if you do do this, your fee, RO funding was at risk that you and action could be taken against her school. That would deny you federal funding under under under the provisions of title nine of the nineteen seventeen. So it's off its preponderance of evidence. Sometimes its wits called scintilla of evidence, meaning just the slightest doubt hush pushing you or your guilty. No, but no lawyer arrives right. I mean it's not as though they were handcuffed to the radiator. Here they were there. This is a very willing group of individuals. It is perhaps no no, no examination of the accuser because that the empowered, so you weren't, supposed to go to court either because to confront your accusers, traumatic, Russia, so it's just my very quick as we ve been talking about the catholic clerical of use and there are horrendous, but but we should also be alert to the fact that that you know The same concerns that I raised were taught me to apply across the board
the university setting clerical setting? Is it that because solicitude and answered, and hunger for justice for the accused shouldn't lead us down this road of every accuser is telling the truth, I guess all experience and against all justice right. Well, I mean this is this is hard cases make bad law right. That was the famous case, though, famously when our when the homestead and these all these cases are hard cases allow these, because they involve alcohol, drinking people making bad decisions, even if the you know, even if the there is now at a time, crime is committed. There is always some moment at which somebody could have fled in a left the scene before getting you know. So these are bad. Add cases rather hard cases and they make bad law and one of the things that so horrible is when the hard cases that make bad law are used to make law period like
shouldn't. If you know that hard cases make bad law, you shouldn't make lots of them. You shouldn't you need to use existing cause because there there their work their flexible enough to deal with the hard cases when you start codifying thing you are gonna they're gonna be injustices that are practised, I think. Similarly, if you're a school like if you're, if you're one of these Ivy League institutions, that is now discriminating nakedly against Asian Americans, you you You do so because you have a hard case and you're making Hake You say: well, I don't want her to know our schools should be more diverse by which you, in that it should be less asian. You mean it should be. More should have a different sorts of learning gills and learning abilities, by which you mean it, should be less asian. You know
should have it should eat out needs to bore reflect the kind of institution where people have different standards of behaviour in different. Ways of learning and all that, by which you mean it should be less age. In the case of this successors, an underlying ideology which has fed into this and become became launder. The Obama patients. This idea that had arisen sure, sex as such is predatory comes from sort of very hard core feminism. It's now depths elevated into how how schools adjudicate and the other factors that always struck me is that is that these schools, you know? barely struggle, often too, like produce good scholarship and keep under budget and and so on and, in the professors, are have very sort of narrow technical knowledge on on their own fields and rarely have the sort of half way will we expecting them to adjudicate complex code of criminal cables were not- and that is what we did
they're not because it's not professors, it's the separate bureaucracy that is crucial within their officers, EAST Timeline officer, yet anyway, you know what the funny thing is that you know, like all rock receives they become self perpetuating. They want to be larger, they want to have more money, they want to have more the budget, they wouldn't have more power, and so actually is in their interest to ghetto prosecuted, adjudicate, more cases where the less you dig hope what of it university. Is you have kids there? You know they're, not ready to be adults, they do bad stuff you. The last thing you want to do is embroil. If you can, waited is embroil them. In some if an endless proceeding that makes them it makes it impossible for them or anybody else to learn and creates. These are controversies around campus and all that Yet this is exactly what is rewarded right
hard cases make bad law, but not if you're the person whose field of law is being strengthened. The more you can bring bring these if we bring back in local parentis, and just say you can go to dorms of the opposite: sex after nine o clock ass have visitors, allow these issues will be solved, also know how we're hands. So this is something that we ve been. For a while is that the progressive left has become you know the than the new powers a business, their exemplary getting out of the hall there? Are there saying I go party but also other destroy? You know there are now that we have a saying we have this big moral panic about Christmas parties on the left, the couple of justice just about a year ago. I think it was about the extent to which having to drinks, makes you vulnerable to sexual assault and that we should segregate the genders they become that they become the parliamentary commentary ran and article few years ago about alcohol on campus about about that.
Differences in so that such reported sulky sexual assault case is the difference in Indra on dry campuses and not dry, Kansas and end. Its huge numbers are staggering right. There are some evangelical schools that are dry that do not allow alcohol on campus, and there are almost though there you know there and that's really filter for every other sort upon then there's the Caitlin Flanagan than they have killed and flags of antarctic reporting in the Atlantic a couple of years ago about about about fraternities and how You know there are these just insane numbers of injuries and horrible things that happen as well, the drunken rebels adversaries, people falling off roofs of breaking their necks and falling off balance Ease and tear all these things happening and the lights went out as the dry campuses are crime free. It's just that the crime and alcohol abuse doesn't happen under a kind of Nova hears interesting about the fraternity story? parallel some of this question about the
institutions kids are going to, which is that the actual fraternities and empower them set themselves up to be completely immune from any responsible. For the behaviour of the kids who live in the fraternities that are under their aegis. Similarly, the collar system has reason we don't have in local parenthesis. Not just read radical social change and all this, but so, the way kids are sold, Education now If you're gonna go to school and spend between you know a hundred and twenty and two hundred and fifty thousand dollars were for your education, what you and parents room, he told us, you are going to have a fantastic time at the school. That's right, that's why you of course, it's wrong but the whole system is now geared to trying to make it so that these so that the schools are run yet again, just like the public
well system- and these are all private, mostly privatizations run for the benefit of the administrators and the you know, and the bureaucrats and you know, and the and the tenured faculty who find it completely. Fine, not only to pay absolutely no attention to the moral and social Health the kids in there in their aegis, but to explore like crazy, the young graduate students who teach their courses who make slave wages doing so with no expertise They will ever get a job that will pay them a living wage after they get their phds because Those professors are sitting there forever until they die there's a moving up. The chair is moving netted unionized grad soon set are being put to this, put two decisive, I supported this by the way of extreme. Very interesting. That's that's good! That's gonna be another, entrust frank
yeah yeah now begun it in all its already had it is. There was a whole thing at Yale where they were trying to unionized, not not graduate students. But union eyes material workers, something that Romania has a thirty billion dollar endowment protease at places like that. Fifteen hundred dollars a semester for like work, is the work that you take off. They want the centre here. It's one thing when european dear opposed Doc, your whole life is This is a full time job. Not if your graduate student, pure graduate student you're, going to school for three hours a day for hours a day, you're taking two years were location in those you have time, whereupon for part time or a full time job. Well, that I use ie. Eight things have brought about the eight I gotta graduate. Agreeing. Ok guys exploits hated. Ok, but I have I have friends who got phd like trumps. Friends is actual people cod phds.
And you know it took them if it took five years to get a job, they were like teaching a class at this school in the metropolitan area. Faint voice out different pay. It I'm talking about us. This is added professorships the world of the agile professor, where people who have spent seven or eight years in training, make twenty two thousand dollars a year when they finish their training and are accredited and fully you know, licensed by twenty, no insurance, no sort of job insecurity, none of them ever jailed against people who want to see their whole lives and academia, that's a red dress. You could be gadget slowly like, but I think it is amazing that these institutions Harvard has a full, a billion dollar endow at Yale. Is a thirty billion dollar endowment like this notion that they can pay? their adjuncts in their tears and stuff, like that, a better wage is simply, insanely offensive and they should
I'll be ashamed of themselves and all those you know, professors who want to vote for Bernie Sanders and are sitting there explaining their graduate students can go stuff it that's all I have to say, and with that I wish you a happy labour day. We're talking about labour issues. Here we are to be normal revenue to stay on the desk and hold up besides it's a strike. What's the first pro union sentiment ever express, that's true, returning to buy. You has member of the european Socialists. It is notable that our cities, so what Well, no Roslin adorable, I'm John upwards. Keep the camel.
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