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Commentary Podcast: Nativism or Nihilism?

2018-11-01 | 🔗
The president’s new web advertisement featuring an illegal immigrant who is also an unrepentant murderer drives home the themes he’s been pushing as his closing argument for 2018. Along with moving troops to the border and flirting with an executive order challenging birthright citizenship in the 14th Amendment, the president seems set on whipping up nativist sentiment. Or is he?
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Welcome to the commentary magazine. Podcast today is the first of November twenty two thirty jumper. The error of commentary with me, as always know, arrangement or associated- I know, John senior editor High, editor, high and Senor writers are of a very high sorrow. I do, sir. Oh, we spent most of the time Pike has talking about the aftermath of the horrific shooting in in spurred and since then,
we ve seen funerals. We ve had the controversy over the president's trip to Pittsburgh and the protests their largely staged by a far left group of pro Beady S, Jews at, if not now, as well as. Some others, so I'm inclined to discuss onto the meaning of the protests as some sort of Emotional effusively emotional reaction of the people of Pittsburgh to the horror of having the presently United States in their midst. That said the president's own response to the fact that people were expressing their ambiguity. Ambiguous feelings when his coming was not dumb was not good, went on twitter.
To say that the basically a characterize the whole trip in term in light of whether or not people there were nice to him or not nice, to him think. It's also worth say, however, that Rabbi Myers of the tree of Life synagogue, told think ABC this morning that he saw in his personal interaction with trompe saw a warmth, the humanity that he doesn't think that other people see, and that was something he did not have to say and clearly he is not himself based on reading him. He seems like a very fine person now conservative. So I think we need to take that to you now to heart, to some degree. Where I find so, let me just
talk about myself cuz, you know this is the age of trump, so we should all talk about ourselves with his own talk to himself. I find myself five days out from the massacre, still somewhat grief, stricken and quite stem granted. I am a jewish person to a synagogue very much like tree of life. I take what happened there very personally and was it is not necessarily true of the rest of America, but. I think the overall mood in the country is key end somber kind of unsettled disturbed and I would say impulse crashes, political terms, that that is not good for the Republicans and thereafter
to retain control of the house or to extend their control in the Senate because they are the Incumbent Party and if the country's mood is bad, their voters and people are feeling depressed there. The publican voters that the party needs to turn out on Tuesday may just be sunk and a function not not turn out. Anyone have any real to that. I hesitate because you know people said remember, there's always whenever elect you're coming up. There's always, I feel the mood shifting you know. It really can tell. I was driving around there, so many long signs and blah blah blah and, of course see it out there with a lot of people in twenty twelve said this about wrongly in the last week on I got his rallies are so big. There are so many long signs and Pennsylvania, and you know it, so you don't want to be an idiot and say I feel the country's mood is dark, because
They held the window with the country's moons dart, but I agree, and I also think it's, the particular coloration of the depression in the dark with which others it's got. This underlying sense of chaos to it, which people rightly afraid of and which picking taking away the question of blame responsibility, partial responsibility. The sense of chaos is associated with with trumps republican Party.
What will we are not in the field with any pollsters, but every campaign in the nation is, and you can see gauged the national mood and movement late movement in these in these campaigns by how those those candidates react and respond to events, I I can't tell you what the democratic messages at the end of the day right now, because I don't hear a uniform, democratic message nationally icy candidates and campaigns, behaving as they would addressing their individual districts, but Republicans, on the other hand, are, however, behaving in a uniform lockstep fashion and with a closing message, and it is not about Pittsburgh. It is about these southern border, and so that says to me that there is an effort to change the subject. I dont know what them accredit responses are to the event in Pittsburgh. I haven't seen Democrats
even one unified fashioned towards that event, but I have seen Republicans move in one direction and its away from Pittsburgh work. What does that tell you? I mean, in other words, when you say it's away from Pittsburgh. That means that they want the subject to be reformed just on immigration, the caravan I mean it could so does you think they're charitably it just could be at a display of decency that people aren't campaigning on this event and rang look good on them, but is also putting out by me. The cynically obviously did not help anybody. I will say this remarkable. I striking to me that the natural responses that you would have expected at the kind of disgusting slime into which we could easily have sunk over. The last few days has not happened like we're, not in a big fight about guns. Now by that that five I got you know, let the show
the pass let the week of mourning pass and we start having a big fight about guns that was not granted to anybody in the wake of mark of Marjorie summoned Douglas shooting. That kind of thing there, sir, think about what happened here that has caused people to see were up and not necessarily shovel this event into their pride. Well, now that I think on it, there has been a a media response on the part of left, leaning medium to blame this on Trump and rhetoric, but we now have let us on ok that has happen, and there has been significant blow back. Is her when comments by Franklin for right, but I'm saying it's more meat people Julia. I often further umbrella it here.
So he said children Addison should not be allowed. You know, should be excommunicated trumps, supporting goose, Chevy Excommunicate rushed out of the community right, not abroad, Senegal and yeah, and so David. My friend David Walpi, a commentary contributor rabbi, a Temple Sinai in LOS Angeles, the largest, the largest conservative in the United States, wrote a very angry peace in response to these ideas, and a lot of people have pushed back against this and humiliated the people. I think who so grotesquely and appropriately tried to seize it, but that was that's also kind of like a small. I'm saying, like you, don't see the organised interest groups of the left and right getting into them getting into the gutter with each other after Pittsburgh and.
That's new, when I think in part, maybe because of the because of the horrendous novelty effect he now that that, because this isn't the seven school shooting this is the first you now sending out shooting in nineteen years ass. I just wonder it doesn't lend itself to two partisan. It should in any way, he doesn't. I mean it's this guy I mean is it? Is it? Is it an opportunity to reaffirm that Anti Semitism exists, unfortunately, as we so kind of thoroughly explored in the last part gas? Yes, as an opportunity to reaffirm the nations commitment to fighting bigotry generally anti Semitism specific yes and in that sense is played out. I don't see how how it should necessarily how hurt the president and yet Ike kind of agree with your sense that I
he'll, a sort of down mood that that I think, will be helpful to the Republicans at the polls, but I have no basis for which to say that inside I'm trying to be careful and not like you said there is a kind of John Rock column writing to like I just since the nations, yes comfort. Well, so the larger question of the culpability of who is culpable for what happened here and whether the atmosphere, the more poisonous political atmosphere that has overtaken the country really in the last three years. What what? What role we can assign in what happened in Pittsburgh is a complicated question. People have been addressing it and I mean, I think, said the sun, the last podcast, but the notion of denying Donald, Prompt and the irresponsibility of his rhetoric. Any agency in in
matter is that that that's in a pot that that do that is to be an apologist for what happened here. There is some thing about what happened in the Amazon AIR to trigger the skies action that goes back to tramp, and you can't really deny that. I think very qualified efforts to describe this Brett bread Stevens has one today in the New York Times. He quotes a fox when the former heavily entered affirmation League, who defended Trump on Monday against the charge that he was somehow responsible, but then on Tuesday, of a different interview. Sir. Well, it's not that he's responsible, but there is something going on here when you let dogs out, if you're, the one who lets the dogs out and something happens- a dog
by its other dogs, bites another dog or by some other AGA bites and other dog. And then twenty five dogs down the road, a dog with rabies, goes and bite. Somebody you didn't you're, not sponsible for that twenty fifth dog biting somebody in giving them rabies you're, not not responsible either. You know, maybe your four percent responsible or six percent responsible at ten percent responsible, but we don't really have the idea of coming up with kind of qualified understanding of how to look at these matters is really not part of our present political discourse, which seeks odds, tiredly defined advantage.
You know in image wagging your finger in calling somebody a murderer and I suppose that it would have been nice if Democrats had the opportunity to not be forced into a conversation about Donald Trump sort of xenophobic approach to politics, sin in discourse who have you, but the present obviously has been pushing in that direction. But Donald Trump seems happy to oblige, because his closing argument has been quite obviously in effort to two marshals, end of opium and fear of immigration and of other way marshalling fear. Election campaign is perfect. Legitimate. Are everybody marshals fear you now you're gonna be in chains or they're gonna, take your health care and kill you or whatever, that's marshalling over our eyes. Precisely what formats
again said. I agree, but I'm just saying I think it's important when you hear liberal pundits on tv sank, Donald Trump, it's terrible, he's, rustling fear politics is bout, the marshalling of fear. That is what politics is legal shouts. Family, Sir said it all. Politics is either prison having what exists or changing I mean in winter, when you're in the preserving motivate, you're gonna, say you things change it. Can it be fair? Every five minutes Democrats are saying Republicans are going to take away the protection of your pre of of cup elsewhere coverage of your pre existing conditions and their lying about it, because they don't want you to know the truth, but the minute that they, when they're gonna, take away your briggs as an individual, dire, every every everything holiday done for the past two years with the rights and was in Vienna, so metal, I dont soldiers. So in that sense I think it's worth by pushing back against the. How
dare they Marshall fear? You know it's like. Oh go screw yourself with your. How dare you marsh area there? Your marshalling fear against Trump, by saying that he's marshalling fear against there is a high level commentary magazine that come in with a debt. If I all the ways in which Democrats of marshalled fear, Romania is really seem to have noticed that, which is why I feel perfectly well fight and saying what the president is doing is baseless, irrational fear, monger, let's talk about what that is them. Ok, there's a caravan right headed for the boy is about a thousand miles away. Its lost about it that three thousand people, according to estimates, started out with about seven grand down about four grand. Now it's there's a lot of attrition going ahead for category from seven cater for cat lot of attrition, seven large, before long shits, meeting logistical hurdles, its aiming for saying the echo in that Club Macarthur, which is the closest
eventually Mcgowan or Mcloughlin, Calories, Callin taxes, which would be closer and they're doin that eighty eight thousand miles yet, which is what the original caravan did and by the way when a caravan in April landed as worrying. San Diego is about two hundred people made it there. They were all processed very thoroughly. Some of them were sent back and charged with misdemeanours, and others were process for asylum. That's probably was going to happen here and instead of addressing this, as he did in April, which was with certitude in an quietness and sobriety, they have decided to assemble an expeditionary force essentially dissolve approximating five thousand service personnel with some some personal in the background up to it up to ranging to fourteen thousand people, which is about the size of the surge force that went into Afghanistan and twenty seventeen.
There is no military rationale for this. It doesn't make any sense and they can't do any policing action just because of the constitutional constraints on soldiers to policing, actually Capitaine people they can't sees drugs. They can't do anything that police do on the border. This is purely a stunt, no matter what the Pentagon secretary says, this is a stunt and if you didn't get the game, the game was made perfectly clear for you yesterday. I believe it was when the president flirted with an executive order that would somehow undue a policy that is essentially enshrined in the fourteenth amendment. Now we can have some scars of debates over whether or not that's tested in the court's whether you need legislation or constitutional amendment to test the idea that illegal immigrants are bent benefit from birthright citizenship, but nobody, nobody who have with any seriousness of any caliber- believes that an executive action can undo those protections and I'll get Liane entirely in election year. Ploy, okay, so its election, your point,
so the question about election employs is: is it a good away? Junior ploy, election boy or a battle actually employ, and they are obvious answer? Is we're not gonna know until the election? I say this, the the it's important to separate the president's response to the caravan, which I think is appropriate for reasons I'll explain from the fourteenth him. The fourteenth amendment thing, I think, is a kind of silly trompe in brainstorm, and it's so nakedly an electoral ploy that it won't be taken seriously be taken seriously and at the end of that, because they didn t know if there's anything for which you can invoke the principle of story. Decisive, led sleeping dogs lie. Is this we ve had an a provision of the of the of the Fourteenth Amendment to the constitution. That's been interpreted
on way for a hundred fifty years. Whatever argument you might make of what its wording means here and there it's over, that debate is over no courts. Can I think, question it, and no no executive order can change it, but I disagree with it with no on the question of the caravan, because I think the caravan is. Yes is a piece of political theater, but it's designed to test the idea of whether not just the United States, but nations in general have a right to two sovereign borders, because we, as we said several times in this part, cast the. U S has a process for accepting in processing asylum claims and it doesn't involve you just walking up to the work border in mass numbers and I think for very good policy reasons. The administration should take it.
Response, lest we invite what we had in any in in Europe, where the mixed signals that leadership consent was will go down. The pike and lots of people think maybe the U S is accepting us this way and start moving toward the border and creating a humanitarian catastrophe putting themselves in danger. So it actually makes sense to me It response, even if a military response it does is not logistically useful. It sends signal that, yes, we believe in borders DS, we believe in processing asylum for claims, but using the procedures that we put in place. That's where you apply its theatre overnight, theatre, you like none up, because so it starts as theatre. On the other side, the caravan is right. Few gee, you know no, we actually board anyway. It is an assault on Americans offer. It is an assault on the is generating precisely that runs from American blazed elected leaders that they want.
Ok, so here in parliament, but it doesn't matter I can, but but believe me, it's not generating the response that is should, from the other half of the political spectrum The right is united, that this is crazy. The democratic with the official democratic Party we'll let set aside the media, which is almost completely pro my liberal media programme, letting them in, but the officials Democrat Party just stay silent right. Ok, but let's talk about that, because the everything is not the same as everything else, the simple fact of the matter is the Democrats recognise from the minute the caravan happen. I note, as I talked to them, I talked to officials. I talked to pundits at all this. They knew this was bad, they move, it was bad and the people who work who are organizing this in Central Erica were doing something stupid and ignorant about american politics and that they were pushing exactly the button that should not be pushed right, so they what they were
aren't gonna do, because this is the dynamic and american politics is hand Trump any victory by saying yes, that's right, we need a different. This is a terrible idea. This is not the way to go about it. However, however,. In the end, however, people go up to the desk to ask for Salem. The issue is whether or not they walk up to the desk and asked where asylum or were they like storm the border and try to get in that way. If, in the end, these some people say I grew up- the asylum table and how you know and fill out their form and have their interview in everything like that, and then they go back. You know it's like that's not that's not an assault on american sovereignty. The assault on american sovereignty has to do with whether or not the border stormed and its trump is a widening. The two
that's where I think it is offensive in twenty fifteen, when we had horrible might migrant crisis in Texas, with these kids in the camps, because the rumour was spread because the way Obama talked about about the dreamers that you could go your kid and then the he could stay here. That was a kind of wasn't really a sovereignty quite was like an unanticipated horrible consequence of bad policy decisions being made in the United States. In this case, there is a way we deal with asylum and they will trigger the asylum. No, we don't need five thousand people on the border. Morons want there to be five thousand people on the border and an activist wants there to be five thousand people in the border because morons want it because they think that these people are some kind of you know: they're, like the White Walker
in good game of thrones, inexorably approaching the wall and they're going to reach the Wall Storm and bring back ten years of winter right, but, and then activists wanted because they like they were on crises relating to immigration in order, to make their case that immigration is a crisis in the United States, its like it's like the one it's like it's like trumps wall. It's it's! I it's stay at her. It's an illusion and I think it's politically, it's gonna be a winner in some sense, for the same sort of reasons. So I wasn't wait a minute wait, a minute wait, a minute, you're saying the wall is a winner yeah, then, why don't? We have one, because it's not it's on a real thing,
so we may end up being a real thing, but above upswing, purely in political terms, five billion dollars on. Why don't you think it's been appropriated, but the idea, the idea of the walls, the idea of the fifteen thousand troops? It's not it's, I'm not talking as a real matter of of policy. I'm talking about a memorable of of an election we again and and a political message, and then the theatre and the symbolism of some Mcgovern yeah yeah now accept it was talking about it as up as a as a question whether its political winner and its local winner, her political and that's where we get to the political affect them this right, which is that we know who likes it. It says I like Mcgovern its whenever I hear they protagonist wants no, but we know who likes it: question is: will this somehow have the effect of pudding? What from wants a next Tuesday over the top, or does this? I never talk and high level confrontation
turn off depend asked republican voters in suburban places where, if they were not so depressed as they stopped depressed, win, Cavanaugh fought back and the Republican Party united by Cavanaugh, and therefore sorry seeming as though the disastrous possibilities in the house for Republicans might be mitigated. I don't see how this doesn't depressed them. They're a lotta republicans like immigration. It is a lie that Republicans uniformly are like one: eleven million people deported. This is a fantasy. This is a a fantasy of the immigration restriction us and they know full well that this is not the way people really feel about it. The feelings are very can't complicated on the whole inside and their complicating the democratic side too, because there are a lot of what voters who who are hostile to immigration for very
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good unlimited access to all comes amazing content that will have you drifting off to dream linen no time get started today, had calmed outcomes. Less commentary then get to sleep. Ok, so we're talking here about a lot of the political. Whether or not it's good politically right is its work. Work that you know, then there's a serve larger question, which is: is there a moral frame in which we need regard the way trumpet? The Republicans are talking about this issue and immigration in a larger sense? The Trump campaign arrow who it is exactly has released credibly incendiary, where video featuring the testimony of a clearly psychopathic
illegal alien talking about how he hopes that he gets out, so he can kill more people and then an interview with somebody at the border, with out with a cut early, shocked reporter, who says he's going up to the behind not at the border but on the caravan says, he's going up to get our going up to the two ask for a pardon because he was deported because he had been charged with attempted murder and then more footage of the UN and footage of the caravan from the sky and it sort of like how many monsters it's like look down. How many monsters are coming are crawling to the border like like animals. You know a lot of people are arising this as racists there's. A lot of this is racist. Talk on twitter.
Racism is the wrong word, but I do think it's says that it's pure sheer xenophobia is the classic collective guilt thing where as Trump has been doing since twenty fifteen, with the murderer of Kate, the murder of Kate finally in california- that, somehow you know tens of millions of people who are you know undocumented or illegal in the United States are somehow held responsible for the murder of one person and then as I did at in the caravan. There are probably middle easterners and they're bringing disease middle eastern organ of to foment terrorism and they're bringing disease is very disturbing talk and it should disturb anybody of an immigrant background and I'll tell you why, because it was set of every immigrant group before them, I mean the idea that the idea that you that, if you can't let people into America's, though bring us they'll bring disease from the old country, was a very
a big thing in the eighty eight eighty nine, these life hundred you now creepy just look at the beginning of the other cast and the idea, the Jews seek to do that and whatever country their end to dilute the the native population and bended to their will is also an ongoing aspect of of Anderson. Having the right conservative responses, we will honour side. We will call the south- I am living Paul Ryan, although I dont know, if he's responded to this add, but you know commendable, spoke out on the fourteenth amendment thing interesting, that's not what we're gonna do, but that, for me at least eight does not suggest that. Therefore, in the mid terms, you know Republicans as a whole should be
swept from Congress, and the reason is that you know nothing is really gonna. Make me be able to make peace with a party that did three weeks ago what they did to Cavenaugh, and that is gonna, be that is indelibly well, then they should again granite. I want to offer a parallel here, so this add features. Remorseless murderer talk him how you wanted to kill more people and the ad says Democrats. Let a man Democrats wanted to keep him here. It shows members of this caravan. Please one individual, Miss Caravan who says he was committed, attempted murder but to seek asylum in the United States in a pardon talks about this democratic policy. To invite these murderers to keep these murders to shield these murders offer a parallel to Republicans who think this is a fair message in May of twenty seventeen. There was gentlemen in Portland, crazy, disturbed person, Portland Oregon restarted,
shouting epithet set it up to muslim women. Some bystanders came to their defense. He stabbed and killed two of them. He was crazy person. He went into court during his arraignment, any shouted stuff like free speech or die. There is no safe place. This is America get out if you dont, like free speech, death to America's enemies whose remorseless and behind that were rights there was. Poland is a nightmare city. At this point it is, it is shot through with Anti FA and they hit the streets and they started burning stuff and they started attacking people and they made a mess of things, and it would be entirely recklessly responsible of Democrats to marshal that sentiment for political gain. The Republicans would resolve to hurt them for that kind of reckless careless misuse of their authority right. I think so. Wait
We will meet misuse of what I don't. I don't see the pen marshalling of the sentiment that this individuality ever we're alleyway lapses, have deleted fronted within within the right, and that's been a problem for for three years for sure, but I have seen too much Craig re from the Democrats to say They should therefore govern, because someone ran about at what that son you're you, your going too far with the question of whether a Democrat should or should not govern. A single, add, isn't gonna electorate not elect anybody, so I do not know, but what it does is it creates the conditions under which people who, like us, are forced to confront. The possibility that the President of the United States and the people who work for him are willing to harness worst and most despicable sentiments in american public life
for narrow naked containing. Like the Democrat I, without, while I'm willing to destroy an innocent man, a father, a husband, a judge, utterly risible, uncorroborated the best utterly risible. Uncorroborated allegations did not high school. Can we D spent a week involving violence at which all of us agree the tribute a bull in part, at least to the temperature being far too high. There was an attempt on a black church. There was eleven people shot in it in a synagogue in somebody tried to bomb members of a democratic administration, and it only two people were killed after too we were shot I win, then Like we're, never happened, all of a sudden we're just gonna pretenders, though, that they would be unilateral disarmament to take the temperature down, because because you don't like how very little day, let's take the temperature down for sure, but I don't see how that should should dissuade applicants from supporting a party that that's not to quit. That's the honestly that's onto question, that's being asked, I mean I,
not sitting here as MAX boot. Saying because of this add everyone should garden vote Democratic, that's preposterous! What what? But if you want me a trump sceptic to be less trump sceptical. If Trump Gonna going to go out and harnesses xenophobia to try to get his message across you're, not gonna, your you're, not you're, not doing anything to bring me into the tent. Quite the opposite is down. Maybe you don't need me in the tent. I think it's very clear that what I'm just saying in this final message and with this closing message is that the the people you know in the republican coalition warp much more generally, who doing I hold his views on these matters- are people who are effectively on the other side now the ruling coalition for decades has feature
people with inimical views, tat, cutters and budget balances have always been in in a great stability to each other people? Who think that you know you? You can't run deficits and people who think that deficits are fine as long as mortgage. Money is going in a much less money is collected, government goes into private pockets is better, Well, who believe in taking a hard line on you know whether a so foreign, the action and people who think that that's a bet, coalitions feature people inimical views at the president often has to pick and choose which one is gonna go with. George W Bush famously went at immigration was strictness in two thousand and three way he said when he was being pushed to do something or other he
he brought in evangelical leaders into his office and he made them a speech about the parable of the good Samaritan. Which was him saying, I know how to talk the way you talk. When you see someone suffering on you, you do offer them your hand now couldn't do that to the Hague right. There you see, there are two faces. That was a presently. I say to got way. We know who that fifty one percent of the vote, as opposed to trample, got forty six. So you can object to some taking the question. You know that that is politics, but to say that you know Trump shouldn't be criticized, are attacked for running something disgusting. I'm not saying I said that. I'm taking on a certain strand of never trump friends or ex friends who have said to Hell with the Republican Party Bernard all down Democrats should should crush in November. I can't I can't I just saw cast.
Ok, I would love every Republicans were running on Cavanaugh, We all got an eye full of how Democrats would governing the majority, and it was a nightmare but they're not. I would love it if they were running on tax cuts and the repeal of the individual mandate, but they're, not the just. Not there not appealing to us or me, so what the end, and, by the way I it is a voter in a swing district. Fortunately, I swing district now with never has been in the regular time. I don't want you made it a swing district. So all I'm saying is you know one does not need to be MAX boot or four Ruben to say I we don't like being associated with this kind of thinking. Now I'm not to go, I'm not I'm not taken this deaths that they're taking, and I think that a lot of that is performative and false. But now I really really really wish that we warn that you know Donald Trump keep his mouth shut. Let
the Country Morn Pittsburgh as deal with the fall out from bombs and not stir throwing his irresponsible harnessing of xenophobic attitudes in my face five days before an election that would be nice, sir. There is also there is the there's, the film ethical and moral concern. There is also a practical concern, which is that, even if, in the short term, this peel proved to have some benefit, we don't know if or or won't next week, in the long run can a coalition that is made up of those kind of extremes and then he to those kinds of passions survive when things get tougher, if we see a version of that on the left now, when there's a sort of over, you know they were the wooden with once was called the
Andrews Wing and and now who knows, but this question of are socialists: are they not social? What are they are they? Are they ve open borders? Are they what what's what's the establishment. What is the what's the extreme left? Where do they come together? What are they a war with each other, or can I get? Can they focus on? one single message and so on. I think I think you do Looking can open themselves up for a sir mirror image of that I mean, I think, have the coalition falling apart? You just have a shrinking. What happens the political political arise in this country? Don't fall by, we had two of them without to them for a hundred and fifty years and they're not gonna, go out arming the parties at I'd falling apart right, but I'm saying what what what will happen here is that- and this is already happening under Trump is the party is shrinking. The republican party is smaller than it was when he took power and it needs to be larger and Jim play speaking just to give you an example. We don't know cause it's, not twenty. Twenty George W.
Got twenty two percent more a lot twain percent, more votes in two thousand. For that he got in two thousand that That is what happens when a party expands, because people people who are not listening, decide to listen bomb by the way got five million fewer votes from in thousand and twelve, that in two thousand and eight and and in that. Missing five billion votes, that's where the house went and that's where the Senate went in a sorry item, one before one after that. That was the mark of how he shrank the power had his party and Trump so far according to poles has been shrinking the party, so I think for very logical people. The kind of trade after a sort is willing to make right, I mean, is willing to say,
like I cannot in conscience let liberals in this country, just because I don't like Trump or have problems with Trump and in fact, Trump fight them, and so that's that's something to look at, but most people don't make choices that way they just going to devoted requires you to be really well informed and engage more so than the average voter into to make the case for Trump that he's not making. I mean you have to usually be old. What the cases for the guy your voting for you can have it. You know you can't be so tuned into it that you know that you ve had this quarterly GDP growth for the last two consecutive quarters in this unemployment rate in this policy. That's like no one's making their case and in this White House, but I that I hear at least president likes the culture wars. Well, isn't, Sir depressing If people are feeling is depressed, as I am: woe betide their parliaments, do we will have more to say on this.
On Monday. So for nor Rossman Amory mauled answer Amorium John Adwords keep the cannon.
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