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2018-10-04 | 🔗
We have had enough. Today's podcast is a long, passionate, four-headed rant about the horrors of the Kavanaugh nomination process and the damage his attackers have done not only to him but to themselves and the causes they hold dear. Give a listen—if you dare.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine package today is Thursday October worth twenty eighteen, I am jumper it's the editor of commentary with me, as always, Senor Writer Sore of Mari High sort of John, senior editor a Ringwald high Abe. I jump and associate letter nor Rossman High Noah John Commentary magazine these seventy three year old, monthly of intellectual analysis, political probity and cultural criticism from a conservative respective join us. A commentary magazine that calm, the
they desire Redesign commentary magazine, but can we still have some kings to work out a little tweaks here? America's that's! What happens when you do a wholesale redesign, but the site is faster and I think our forms are much easier to use and that's what I want you to do is take a few free reads We asked me to subscribe, you're going to click on a form, fill it out, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five for a digital subscription, two thousand nine hundred and ninety five for an all access subscription, including our beautiful monthly magazine in your mailbox. Eleven times a year. Well guys it's no more! Mr nice podcast right, we have had it. We're guide on nuclear were angry were angry,
and every white at the were angry white men and we're not we're not dead yet and we're gonna be doing some man's flaming today and we are good at sight, dead, white offers and talk about the constitution, which is more than a hundred years old and in general, take off the gloves because we ve had it breaks. I'm not better get confirmed or there's going to be hell to pay? That's that's! That's, I believe the general mood in in the room here and I'm sorry turn us off. If, if that offends you to begin with and if it doesn't, or you want to hear. Why were angry. Please continue to listen and crack open a beer I dont, like Beer
I will say that for a point of fact, as I keep saying, I don't like beer, I don't drink beer, but many people that I love like beer, drink beer, some of them drink to excess, some them drink so much that they fell asleep and if they testified to that fact, I believe that they would not be considered guilty of perjury when somebody said, but You fell asleep in college drinking, somehow break Havana. Having said last week that he drank too much beer and sometimes fell asleep from the effects of it was committing perjury because he acknowledged that he drank too much beer and fell asleep from it. I dont know what what version of bizarre a world we are in when somebody who says that is then accused perjury himself about the amount that he drank. We should explain briefly because by the time you hear this podcast
Whole episode will no longer be about what it was about. It's not about sexual assault anymore. It's about somehow brick havin a perjured himself and the FBI was directed surreptitiously, an unwritten messages to the FBI of, but from the White House, according to sources who spoke to the to the Washington Post on background to just investigate the sexual assault thing and not how much bread cabinet drank as a teenager. Okay. So let's go go into this for a second so apparently to people I have told the Washington Post that they got instructions from the White House that were unwritten written so they can always appear. They couldn't be subpoenaed by the Democrats in the house as though you couldn't subpoenaed FBI agent, they will learn, I will now be testify where the resisted thinking man, maybe they wrote the up at the bottom of the famous I'm the resistance inside the trumpet menstruation. Let us find the deed state. Shall we? What are you people trying to? Do?
turn us all. You know into you know: pizza, gay people like you're you're dead, giving us crazy you're, all that's lighting us. This is crazy. He said he drank too much and that he drank enough that he fell asleep and that is considered perjuries, potentially because he drank too much and black diminish. How much have we will probably miss since the last paragraph of the New York Times had this investigation, where they found a letter in which bread Cavanaugh as a teenager, was talking about beach, weak and supposedly one was very interested in the amount of kegs they were going to drink and was making jokes about it. They they invest Every eye story has the ice. Nor was the same story. Oh yes! Yes, go into the ice stories or apparently a mighty five, there was us there was there was of a sea. In a bar New haven in which no one was charged with any offence. Ok, now I think we already talked about them. We didn't we
no! No, you! Someone was charged with an offence, but it was not right without Brak Avenant, but so bright governor was charged with an offence traditionally in journalism, you don't report out a story on somebody involving the police unless that person was charged the story had as its leader byline as its byline, Emily Babylon Notorious famously of slate. Now, in your time, magazine as a legal, analysed and open critic of conservatives on the court and particularly the job, the Cabinet nomination Day, one from the minute, which is again, you know Phil Climate hush examiner said this. He said good, let it let it be that Emily Babylons reporting of the story. That is helpful to news consumers to understand where the New York Times and other publications are coming from, which is that they are using their news pages, as advocacy for the argument that break Havana should not be confirmed and they are coloring their fact based coverage to advance this agenda now
but the point about the advancing of the agenda is, as was true in the story in the new Yorker about Ms Ramirez and her claiming, supposedly that he exposed himself to her bring college that there is no evidence in the new New York Times CASE Cavanaugh was I had no official. Nothing between cabin on the cops and then and there New Yorker case. There is no evidence of any sort, except for her word that this happened right and- and there is less than that, I have to delete. The new executive has little place delay the divergences why everyone's getting really mad about this, so the new?
European Capitalist, I'm like I don't and well, then you should be more Matt get mad. Everybody get mad. Cows were mad today in the year on their own observers, body, peace, alleging that that brick, Havana at a drunken party, put his member in front of the face of Deborah Ramirez who, by the way, was drunk herself and had to consult her memories and built with her attorney present for sixty before she discovered that it was wrecked, Cavanaugh involved in this, according to Jane Mare, who's, the author of these stories, I don't care what Ronan Pharaoh's role was as Jane Mare stuff when Jamie, was on television with us, she will do mean very heavily one individual on one visual who was unnamed in that story. But who said with a hundred per cent certainty that he heard from a secondhand source? Who is there that bread cabinet was the guy responsible for this episode than they publish a story? Last night, the anonymous source we lose, a hundred percent sure was revealed. That was a very big,
profile on this guy, who gave him the name of the source, who was the first hand source and what the first hand source say. I have no idea this happened. I don't remember anything, and they ran with it and they published an eminent then the not only that they publish it. They said the FBI's and talking to these people as though it wasn't it statement of the FBI and not a defence of the whole process and then justifying how thorough that his men, they are, they have gone absolutely insanely have thrown any credit- I don't know their gas, letting us their gas, letting us know I'll. Give you another example of how their gas, letting us soda tradition committee asked Christine It affords lawyer to provide supplementary evidence to help the kid to help make her case on Wednesday? Should they reply, by saying they would not supply such evidence. They would wave, rather for the FBI to give them the evidence. Now.
There is this weird thing going on with the Anti Cavanaugh forces and the FBI. The FBI is now held up as the only body the only force in the universe, that is a legitimate student, of this event and these happenings. That is insane the only constitutional role here in the confirmation ss belongs to the Senate of the United States, which can which is which is given a constitutional role. Advise and consent on these nominations. The F b, I did not exist when the constitution was written, the EP. As an executive agency and as Joe Biden, at night to ninety one, what it produces is raw interview material. This guy said that I said that this guy said the other thing they do not, they do not examine evidence, they do not come to conclusions, they are not structuring and indictment, or in
With all the information. The F b I gathers is given in criminal matters to prosecutors, who then come up with an indictment based on FBI information, sometimes or they dont, based on the information that seems stronger to leave somebody alone when Christine Lousy Ford uses to provide this information to the Senate Judiciary Committee information. By the way they could be seen by them, France, as well as Republicans, it makes you think. And I'm gonna say it now that she's lying in from why is she cited in testimony she sighed? and will not allow anyone to examine two. Your own story, alleviate them and to support her story. She sites evidence and now no up. Please tell us about the other circumstance in which somebody either in the midst of a political controversy.
An accuser and a piece of evidence that Rangoon supply. I'm gonna write about this later. Yes, so the congressmen from Minnesota, whose ably running for HIV keep Ellison. Who is a complete radical with whom I have no political affinity? Who is viciously anti Israel to the point where I think it's actually, a mania has been accused by one of his by one, I'm somebody who's whose close with it a girlfriend. I believe I forget at the relationship honestly of been gauging an assault, but the the accuser has been unable to provide evidence and she It's not or unwilling, unwilling she said ass. She is shifting accounts. Her account is that one there's this video, but she lost it at one point then she said she refused to put it forward and had to do with the fact that she believe that women should have to prove these accusations that their being re victimized by having to produce evidence and the Democratic Party investigated this instead listened. We can't do anything with it,
we can't, we can't see the evidence. We have evidence exactly the right response right. Is it also right grimace? I am no fan of keep Ellison ever written, like fifteen blog posts for us attacking him for different things. His bandies, his proximity to anti Semites and sulphur but on the basis of the evidence presented against them, the man shouldn't be destroyed, know it now. If he was treated with the Cavanaugh precedents being applied here, his account would have to be substantiated. It wouldn't matter whether she had no evidence of him. He would have to do it. As you know, the bear witness argument, which is that I'm sorry, but the burden of proof is on and even if he were authorized, you know yes to get to fifty one, and you know the reason being the burden of proof should be on him according to bear witness of the Atlantic annulled and law blog- and you know it did self righteous preening jerk could is that
You know it. You have to get to fifty one votes and the burden of proof should be on him. Well, let s see one private now here to exploit. I'm now here to report that occur. The Washington Post just moved across my phone centres for It can Collins have expressed satisfaction with the FBI report that they have seen that apparently adds no new information and has no no, no, no new findings from last Thursday, meaning that Cavanaugh nomination will go that if this was an honest standard on Mr Witness part, that would be sufficient, but it will not be sufficient. Of course, because it was never an honest standards right and that's the thing that I think, is the reason that we got so angry when we are talking about this before, which is that it's about sexual assault notes on about sexual assault. It's about temperament! No, it's not about temperament! It's about drinking! No! It's not about drink it's about perjury. No, it's not about perjuries about sexual assault. No! It's about its about restricting and F, B
investigation, no and the whole point is, as Groucho Marx saying very famously in the film course feathers whatever it is, I am against it. It doesn't matter cat you didn't want have another minute. Cavanaugh was named end and therefore all standards of fairness impartiality or the idea of simple common decency. The pursuit of allegations that, if believed, I then, by the mass of men, as Cavanaugh himself said in his testimony, meant that many of the people, sure is that he takes in life would be gone for him forever like people are gonna would give him trouble about coaching. His has his daughter sports teams indeed then the USA. Today, on Saturday publishes a peace that No one should allow breadth Cavenaugh to coach of sports team Break, have not at the students at Harvard LAW School, Sir, I, too, have bread. Cavanaugh class in the
winter, a Supreme Court likely Supreme Court Justice cancelled on the grounds that he posting sexual threat to students. Harvard LAW school. This is garbage. Is. This is not a moral, not it's, not a moral panic. It's an immoral it's him. Amoral persecuting secured it's it's it's shocking in its in its down election of elementary standards of fairness and- and I agree with you, john- that I've I've had a change of opinion regarding deposit Ford. In that I had started thinking that she's talking about some sort of truth to her, and I have come around to now being much more suspicious of credibility.
I don't know for a fact and idle wished marker, and I was none of that, but I can't help would be more suspicious as as this stories unfolded and that its top sites talk that through. Let's talk that through because I think it's important to talk about through, because what we know about her allegations now are that every detail of them is. She herself, in her own accounts of it, calls into question since, by the way, her own account of it. With the exception of one report, by Paul: Sparrin will clear investigations we can get to in a second all have as her account we don't have. Anything else, and this is precisely why it was so crazy and so immoral to just go on this gut feeling, based on her the way she presented her accusation and assume that that that she would that that that was a sort of case closely choice. This is why you need to corroborate. This is why need have evidence and prove because, as things unfolded, it
Did the story changed dramatically and no one is asking for beyond the shadow of a doubt here? No one thinks this is a courtroom. That's a strong man that the Democrats are erecting in order to justify this railroad and all they want is with a scintilla of supporting evidence. One corroborating witness one contemporary piece of evidence and nothing has been material has not allowed. Not only that, but it's been falling apart over the course of this week of scrutiny. Right now. The weirdest detail is that pulse bury in real, clear investigations discovered that the central, dramatic turning point of thee, Blasi Ford history, was that in twenty twelve she and her husband got into some marital trouble over renovation and went to a marital counselor, and then she blurted this out to him and then to the marriage counselor that a likely supreme court
Future Supreme Court nominee had sexually assaulted. Her in high school, so pulse very goes a simply goes to Palo Alto and looks up, filed renovation reports on on houses right and fines, that the house wasn't renovated in twenty twelve It was renovated in two thousand and eight and that indeed, in two thousand and eight and a second door had been placed on the front, but it wasn't a second front door. It was a door to cry an opening for a marital therapy office. So I dont know what this means. I could come up with ten thousand different theories and wouldn't matter. The point is that the thing that she said happened in twenty twelve, which is that a renovation led to a marital crisis that lead A revelation of the fact that that an unnamed future supreme, we're just as had assaulted, Highschool did not happen. There was such renovation. It didn't happen. That's weird,
by the way in any normal proceeding would have been, would have come out, and that would have been the end of it. They wouldn't come out, especially as it's one of the only actual pieces of documented evidence that could be introduced here where everything else is. He said she said someone else it so in the interests of fairness and try to be very fair here, because the whole flying thing is just like that. The flying thing was designed to to delay the the hearing for a week that, when it was, she was afraid of flying and now everybody who knows her she's, basically of Jews. Basically a bird she's, basically like Icarus, she's flying on prop plain she's going to Indonesia to do so to surf she's going here talking about. Here is more very they like the generally on counter argument. That is that she does that under duress and doesn't like to do but has to do it. So the good faith argument here for why she will not present evidence and why her team will not
Zander evidence to the judiciary. Can I m sure she flew to New Hampshire in July. She said during testimony flowed into hands around the coast. Wins well. Is it only family how each when you get so ok Beach, so the reason why she will not prevent her evidence to the Judiciary Committee, even though that's the only presenting authority here that matters is that she's afraid that that evidence will be leaked to the public when with good reason, she has privacy and health concerns regarding her therapy knows foreboding her health records and they are nobody's records, but her own, and so she was holding them and under the presumption that the F B, I will take better care of them. Then the Judiciary Committee has, with exception of the only thing that we can think of as to where these leaks came from from democratic members of the Judiciary Committee, but that being sites. That's why they had her team would say. This is not a
yet another stall effort to get the F B. I did you run around for three or four more weeks to push. This ended a lame duck session only it is an attempt to maintain our privacy, yeah. Ok, good, fine, muzzle talk to her. That's really wonderful, so you know, by the way, should reject any any amount of her therapy notes by herself as say, chickens, Iraq's them, and then cross at anything that she doesn't want them to see and leave the stuff that is relevant, and so you have meeting it as evidence and yet with holding it as that will she's not submitting it has another seven. But she's saying I know she let at Washington Post hit, let legislators clear she let a Washington this report or see two pages of these notes, but she will not show them. To Anybody Washington, Post reporter, who we still have some weird
hey G answer about how such a beach friend suggested that she get in touch with somebody at the Washington Post, a beach friend, I've. I don't know I that's that's great, I'm glad she has friends, and I hope that she and her friends you know enjoy, now I know your back to tell us more findings from your ancestry. Dna experience because you know ancestry DNA are redoubtable. Client is back today. To have me. Tell you about the more complete story of you. You'll learn from answers
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made a name is murphy- is a lot less irish than I thought they were going to be as only about twelve percent. Irish and most of them are english and welsh and northern European, and that makes sense based on. Let me know about my family, but I was unaware of the actual percentages, so I was actually shocked to discover how little Irish there was. In my background, I was not aware of that, and yet I am not going to go there. So it s really gotta come slash commentary today and I was going to be very well he's waiting for set out this. The show is already a problem. Got ancestry got comes less commentary today for twenty percent of your ancestry. Dna kid that's ancestry, duck comes less commentary for twenty percent off your ancestry, dna cat, ancestry, dot com, slashed commentary. Now I want to talk a little more about the anger here,
because I do think that people I hear a lot about the anger on the one side right, but I do think that their people listen listen to us and generously, listen to us who are not with us. You know who don't certainly share our general views and want to be informed about what we think and, as I wrote them your post the other day. You know- and this issue was true of Soroban. He was named it's true of a lot of people. I know no Calvin I've, not my cup of tea, particularly, he seems fine he's could be choice. You know the whole point about him was that he was supposed to be anodyne. That's why he was chose any at three hundred opinions about the court for twelve years. He never said anything really controversial. Twenty votes. Opinions have been upheld by the Supreme Court, but you know I read that ten of them they seemed fine, but You know not particularly impressive, unlike corset
whose opinions are beautifully, written and rigorously thought through and SAM Elite O the last night. You know work or Elinor Kagan for that matter, so I don't have any particular hold any particular briefer Cavanaugh as a nominee and if something happened in July August that had forced his withdrawal and somebody else had been named. I might have preferred whoever else would have been named Catholic or Hartman, or you know whatever, okay, so this has nothing. To do with Cavanaugh himself, because I could take em relieve him in the world of the conservative judiciary. I got radicalized on this on thinking about what was being done to him. On the basis of this evidence, and I do believe, as we said last week, that if the right
came at a left winger the way they have come at cabin. Ah, I would be deeply disturbed and troubled. The way I was deeply disturbing troubled by the birth or resume allegations against against Barack Obama. If you want to oppose Cavanaugh, because you think that his job prudence is reckless reckless him and you now to radically right wing and all of that- that's of Senator is permitted to advise consent against. There's, no standard by which you are supposed to do that there is you yo? They could do anything that, like him, because his eyes or blew it doesnt matter. The point here is that it wasn't. Gonna carry the day because Democrats don't have control of the sea that, so that wasn't could carry the day. And the whole point here. It was decided,
at some point in some. You know that it was open season and that you know, as we keep saying like you, think you think you're gonna like it just you think you like, Wait till it happens to you. Ginsburg was, barely opposed sort o my hour was barely opposed. Wait till it Instead, I will help Joe Biden gets the court and and Roofs Baker. Ginsburg leaves the court while he's an office.
And there are forty nine Republican sent wait till it has lost. I would submit that it cannot happen to Democrats in the way that it has happened to Republicans and part of the reason why it has united. The right in this fashion is because of the the way in which than the mainstream press dead tree publications. Broadcast networks abandoned any semblance of objectivity, any semblance of scepticism in reporting these allegations and has been driven by an eye and desire to advance a democratic narrative without any compunction about how that appeared to the objective public and has been obvious to the extent to which they have moved from the chinese Exclusion ACT to rape, allegations to to childhood drinking episodes and the zeal with which they are reported. These these these very thinly supported efforts and ignore democratic narrative to the contrary, doctor for it has not received any scrutiny. The evidence which she is withheld has not received any scrutiny. Her
and her childhood friends have not appeared in interviews on background or otherwise, and that Democratic Judiciary Committee is coming apart at the seams. They cannot keep their narrative together, which is exactly what would happen to Republicans by the way, if that were the effort of such a disingenuous effort was mounted on the part of Republicans to tour Peter with democratic narrowed nominee. There would be descent within the ranks as we are seeing within the democratic ranks on the Judiciary Committee, with amateurs like Chris Coon's enclosure, abandoned and coarse and sort of being forced to walk back. Their abandonment of the democratic narrative last night was short of intimated that there was something in these reports which you can't see with its really really bad,
their uncomfortable with that and their telegraphing or incompatibility but Democrats have Zere. I'm sorry. The press has euro interest in following up on that narrative on pulling on that threat because they don't want cabinet to be confirmed, and it's terribly obvious. It that's the case, and that is what is uniting. Republicans has nothing to do with Trump. In fact, it is united, the anti transactions in the programme factions and whether we haven't seen in two years, because this is the extension of threat, which is more than more urgent than the corrupting influence you visit. This observers of this is the first moment since, since relations trumps campaign, where the right seems animated by some
other than a cult of personality is just it's. It's almost into stodgy feeling right. There's that there's a principle united. Yet why would say I would go back further? I would say that divisions in the republican caucus began showing up in almost in the Republic of Congo and in the conservative moment, almost into after the the gigantic house victory in twenty ten women. The tea partners came to Washington, and then there was this kind of line drawn between people who were like look there's a way that politics works here and end. The tea party are saying, but politics doesn't work and there's no way it works and we should shut the government down. We should do this. We should do that. We should do the other thing in a bunch of people going oh well. Well, you guys are like this is self defeating, and you know you don't know what you're doing it right, so that is like seven or eight years, two thousand and twelve,
However, unless one is well right, amount of alleged when Republicans have united is often against democratic assault. How did Mitt Romney get the Republican Party to unite behind him because of the stories about him, because he I do that he did. He killed a woman with cancer and because he was into his dog, and he was all remember this. He bully the kid and prep school get my hair cut member that the boy who can read school- and that is where you start saying we may you guys are just this is not right. You re just as you know, there's a tape out there of Barack Obama, saying something at a dinner about Russia Holiday, the very left wing anti Israel palestinian activist at a dinner in two thousand and eight that ie or two thousand seven. That the LOS Angeles Times refused to report on because it was so bad for Obama.
Zat, evident assailed, Harry real dialogue should have hand censored censure I sent her lying about relying very Langer, admittedly lying about these tax return. So what unites the right is this sense that there is a cultural kind of two front war. The democratic party in the media join together and academia and and academia right at which we have now seen what the letter with the twelve hundred law professors opposing Cavanaugh nomination, which would get you in a minute, but that what unites the right is if they're, coming after him, they're coming after us think he is a proxy for all of us and they have we have fox and they have not, and they have everything else and the totality this idea
Fox, has changed America because it can, you know, you'd get an audience of three or four million people and night, as opposed to the totality of the liberal media's when it decides it's going to focus on. You know one directly on something that unites, everybody on the right in the sense that, with that you know this could happen to any of us and anything. We believe in and anything that we stand for, and I would say, let me give you I'm sorry, I'm gonna one more rant. Ok govern the quick rat, which you alike, is in twenty seven twins, who totally thirteen there was a mass murder? In the end, it's there was a mass murderer was indicted and convicted of mass murder. His name was Kermit gauze. Now he was an abortionist in. Philadelphia, who killed living children out,
the war, not even partial birth abortion killed dozens of living children out of the womb with Syria, with scissors smile. Why isn't this is why, do. A lot of you not know Kermit Gus Nell is because it was a add narrative under any other circumstance. Kermit Gus now would be one of the most infamous people in american history. He murdered new. Born babies with scissors, dozens of them? Ok, Why? Because the narrative didn't fit The mainstream media is you the form support of abortion on demand, I also say this: I am not a pro lifer, so I'm not talking about this. He was mass murder in America. We don't know anything about him. A mass murderer of babies, so very man, is socially ensure abandoned, but it was like. I know, we're out it's out it's out next day, a crowd in economic and yet no was also go fund, meat and stuff like that. So no major Hollywood studios interested in this matter,
as long as I can even understand that, like who wants to watch a movie about about vast Massey nearer to the extent that the story did penetrate into the mainstream, just a little bit were to give credit solemnly wage and social stories of mass murder. Asker. Now I mean that initially intent thirteen. Can I watch the follow that sorry? I wrote about it in the journal. The only reason I got wind of movies any kind of broke through, as because of someone who sometimes we criticise, is Molly Hemingway. In that case, I think she did heroic work of like being like. Why aren't you covering this wire covering the but just one point about Em Susan, that as an example of how the implicit agenda not even explicit, affects the way things are learned and had a had more Had there been more proliferation newsrooms in America, Gauze now would have been on the front page of every newspaper every day. It is not a spoken bias.
It is not a ball. The gets together every day and says: let's, let's snowball these conservatives, it is their there. Genuine now believe that that Brookhaven on misled the cynic judiciary, committee, a knife and a failure to investigate his high school drinking habits, can't constitutes a travesty of justice and they ve all just convinced. Cells of this, because no one is in the room saying you guys have lost your minds, you're talking in these bubbles, self reinforcing hothouses, where the deed, the next worst conclusion has become, the the
Dave Facto opinion of the moment. I'm a raise that do. This is the new growing of your park. S gonna raise the defcon level. I one more thing, and that is this, that I mean it whenever you think of Trump. I increasingly see him and I think a lot of we even ever Trumpery have said this to me, but they ve never played on Lithuania column on Twitter, whatever, but they say that easy. They stay in the sand, how he sort of a defensive barrier, a sort of both work against this that it that perhaps the agenda gentlemanly Republican Party did. It did suffer. These sort of consecutive defeats couldn't have overcome a force like what set out to destroy have allowed here. Parliament had a job I have out of all the ok was generally of living with used. You bet you not even that increased the deaf con you ve used the deaf ears. I got to me, that's Braddock! I wondered today than you and then and then no it should go at this goes. We were talking about this morning,
some say this nomination as much Mcconnell- not Donald Trump but Huddled- didn't want the Cabinet Why then work? Haven't we don't know, there's something about Cavanaugh. He thought was an image and harder what parameter now, but I think it was also. He thought that you know having a woman or a minority who is because it was a better, was a better play. That said, if he had shown the least and he's one of hate him most hated men, american liberals hate him like poison and Andy Ferguson, road peace for us in the Yes, a timber commentary, I think, was a temper about about the attacks on him. That is well worth everybody. Reading, just Google Gander Ferguson Commentary magazine which Mcconnell and you'll find it, but Mcconnell saved us now, and if you, if you are, if you think that that was just then Mitchell, Conall has done a very just thing. By
I stolidly employ if his stolid implacable, unwilling, uncaring, Matic, Unsure Ming Way. Just standing there like a like a brick wall and saying or moving forward like a bad what it will move forward like a like a roman failings, saying we are yet to push this through. I've got to say I think Trump really messed up, because he's a he's, the one that that that came out end and marked her very obviously well here is the problem with a view to roads or anybody ever know. Everyone knows that yeah I mean the big at the best thing that Donald Trump had done over the course of this confirmation process was be quiet right and when he stopped being quiet, that's when things got harder because
He made me he'd mate. He made this may not affect this nomination, but he made it harder for Republicans to stay silent, the habits they had to denounce him and made it a lot easier for red State Democrats to say no and you're gonna need a couple red stay Democrats to make this a very legitimate nomination, because this aspect will follow this guy, even if he's confirmed with as fair, not, I think, deeply unfair, but he he's at least a democratic vote and Donald Trump me that, although much harder, although more harder, secondarily, we are facing a mid term elections going to be a referendum on down from. I do think it's gonna cost. Republicans a house till. I dont think that this is going to persist. Whatever unity we are seeing now is gonna, persistent and number because it's gonna be over next week. One way or the other either. This guy has confirmed that we move on to the fundamentals of the selection, which is a referendum on this presidency, not the economy, not farm policy, both of which are doing very well. But what lagoons are staring down the valor barrel of a defeat because of values or he's not confirm and that'll, be because Republicans defect it, and why did they d fact what reason that they have to defend
This point is not the FBI investigation. It's only as a result of the fact that we have some sort of Grand Cormick reckoning that we have to deal with and Donald Trump made it that much harder for these people to say. Yes, I've got to see the way. I think that moments like this create things crave more more lasting movements and inclinations and and really shift the political dynamic and in longer ways that are hard to even serve play out, but that That will go beyond a mid term and I got a threat. This whole thing. I keep remembering that annual report told me that he became radicalized during the Clarence Thomas hearings and I'm thinking that you another. However many brow,
Large out there are now sir, I wait gives. I will give Donald Trump this one thing: that's what Breck gave him, which is that any other Republican and the White House would have cut back a long time ago, because there is no spine in this party. But republicans who want to make him into some sort of a cultural avatar for their values are mistaken. He has no interest in being a cultural avenue. For conservative values. We should stop imposing them on and remember you know he allowed its african serve areas of Abu ALA Avatar for punching better for might help, but nobody, he he's not we'll get, but the plan. He punched back badly and I think tat none o that meets with, but here's wife and keep hunchback badly, which is, I think that he punched back cow in a cowardly way. Let me explain to you why because- waited until the data were in. That said, were put that that said, The former governors race had tighten to appoint that highly high camp
Now. Ten points behind and South Dakota that things work we're going back, that Cavenaugh thing had proven to be something that was rallying Republicans. He didn't used to rally. Republicans he didn't used to rally support. He used to do act, attention from the New York Times story that said that he had inherited fourteen hundred fourteen four hundred and thirty million dollars from the father. He said it only given him a one million dollar alone and spend twenty five years play. Very very egregious games with with national and ends and state tax law, to shield his families assets from proper scrutiny and and and taxation and, as the president has still intimately involved in his private company and leaning on his young adult son, to silence one of his paramilitaries authority are he's older than you are sorry there
He also the on silence one of his born stars in violation of just about any unspoken ethics arrangement that you can possibly think of, as proved by president should reserve. But in here why what the media have done to themselves is so egregious because the New York Times became a campaign arm of the Get Cavanaugh move. Went right so yesterday, or the day before yesterday published this astounding piece of investigative journalism some seventeen months, three reporters over seventeen months of fourteen thousand word peace. Get. Is one the most amazing pieces of journalism. Wherever read as well written and well considered, you know stored merrily well explained right, we'll trump when Trump goes out.
Now into the New York Times is fake news, don't believe them bloody civil incentive do, but our main stream Republicans who have watched the Cavanaugh thing unfold? Why won't they believe him? Why would they believe yeah he's he what why? Why would they believe a word of the new they made it up? They cry every year they made up facts in the cabinet case, although may they may in fact here doesn't matter? What's there? That's why you have to husband, your reputation carefully and not be grotesquely. Here to one side or the other, and I ll give you another example. This will this letter from twelve hundred law, professors that is in the New York Times today, opposing cabinets nomination on what grounds here, henceforth, Anybody who was not part of the democratic caucus or vote en bloc in the United States want to a word from a
Legal professor on any matter of political controversy, explain what the deal is there as others is open letter in the New York Times editorial page signed by as last last night was six six hundred cent gotta be well I'll hundred okay. So it's essentially about the temperament issue, because, because brick, Havana came out real hot lips Nina lit the whole chamber on fire when he issued his his defence of himself in his opening statement and said that this this attack on him was revenge on behalf of the Clinton's which people have real. It really Injudiciously said to suggest that he was alleging a conspiracy on the part of billion Hillary Clinton. Not what he said you saying there's an unconscious effort to exact revenge for the how the twenty sixteen election went either way he came up really hot and now the line is that Brett Cabinet has lacked the judicial temperament.
Associated with the justice amounts explicitly in this letter that he did demonstrated in injudicious approach to the allegations against him as though he would- as a judge presiding over his own, an assault accusation. So you have to be willing to be accused of organizing mass gang rapes befall us, some african warlord as our own us today, which Senator era with Senator fine thing Danish said Arthur Sputnik allegations through you deny them. You have to be at the top. That and if you show a just society spit of anger, righteous anger than a hot, your uncle ocarina, ok, too, a tiny defence of the criticisms of Cavanaugh the term, May she doesn't just go to the way he was behaving or breathing or drinking water crying or whatever. Some of that went to this question of whether or not he explicitly attack, Democrats and Democrats on the job
Sherry Committee and sank to President tromp and that you know and thank Republicans on the committee, the idea being that he expressed a lot, full of part of of partisanship. That is unprecedented in the course of these men, and that is true on the unfortunately fall those whom we have shifted and confirmation hearing right, not from the bench, that's correct the simple fact of the matter is something that everyone is right, but the second thing is that he was. He was fighting for his life. He wanted to rally support public support to his side, and he attacked the people? Who were going at him and praise the people who were friendly to him as a message to the general public about who he was and why they should support him. Not assuming that he would get a single law professor to change their mind, but that
if wavering Republicans, thought well he's a milk toast amount defend himself against something like this. He showed had he would is that unfortunate? Yes, is he to blame for it? No, now Charlie, Sykes and others have said they that's what concerns them about him, but that I is where the punching back go as to the problem here, where, where you, you cannot unilaterally disarm in the face of an all out assault you can't about you can't conductor. Cells by rules that have already been breached. If I you Somebody had evinced the judicious and dispassionate temperament in the face of that wrenching emotional testimony that was delivered beforehand by doktor for really compelling stuff. If he had come out and said, I welcome a very thorough and hopefully export exculpatory investigation into these accusations. His nomination would have been dead. One Republicans would not have
are we to him and his accusers would have accused him of being a bloodless sociopath with no compunction about or no no emotion in the face of this woman's pain. But he had. EL way to win that one and for the way he played it was the best play possible. It is politics here, that's all it, but I met his life was actually an alliance. Now that job interview righted. However, I do think that that is a debt. Is more he's an apple. If disingenuous attack on him, then the well, you know he was just crying so get. He was crying way was talking about his parents sitting there having been accused of gang rape. You know that so he so he lost control of his emotions, a little bed, and then you know one of them. Arcs of somebody, who is that the very controlled and contained which I think is everybody says about him, though he had apparently be kind of brass skim. Whatever is that when he
let his emotions loose. He actually found them very hard to rein back in so that he was still revved up, like you know, is still wound up like a like, with like a monkey with the but the symbols, and he couldn't bring it. Down so that was why he said that very aggressive thing to centre culture bar about you know when she said of your black a drunken? He said no, have you and then they took a break and then he back in recent, I'm really by. I really APOLLO was a bad one, but dumb his it is responsive. Diane Feinstein was as aggressive and on the nose and absolutely one that exchange rates. I have any relatives about anyway. So it appears based on what we see now and as we are recording this, it is, it is twelve thirty, eight p m Thursday October forth
like can Collins pronounce themselves satisfied with the results of the FBI investigation and he will be confirmed as Supreme Court Justice on Saturday absent some. You know, you know it's yet yet another last move, Hale Mary play and craziness, and now the question really dug goes to what you talked about: Noah witches What our mansion and Donnelly What, though, is already opposed him, but mansion and high camp, seeing in their polling day would tell them how they are supposed to vote, because I think of high handed those hours have said things that are different from mansion is right: if high camp votes? No, because she knows she's gonna lose she's ten, points down and shall vote now, because that will actually be an acknowledgement that the fact that that its run away from her and she doesn't want to be on record and her last significant vote as having voted. Cavanaugh to confirm it they really think she has a shot. I now it's bad for,
in some ways. If she votes to confirm because Democrat we'll be angry at her and she needs every democratic but you can get out of here today, a second vote although still be angry at her? You know that, like if the issue, if there were fifty second vote and that with the situation were reversed, you know Republicans would take revenge yeah, but she's, probably not, but she doesn't. He made money. That's it we're very cheap state to run em. So it's not like what she the money is gonna dry up, like you know, would cost five hundred dollars to Rome. Adam one station shall mention, as does the pivot point mentioned as the pivot, why? He really is a fight for his life is a very popular politician, democratic politician in a state the Trump one by forty. If anybody could do it without the vote, So is running against a kind of us semi lunatic candidate, that tab is not making, Good showing the endorsement of the Democrats and Republicans governor that's right by, but that
That's the interesting political play and if mansion vote yes, then you will know that the that the campaign that went bread Cavenaugh was a colossal political failure, not a success. Because, as I said, the boy post today them some understanding here? Was this idea that this would be great because it would hasten republican female? you know, depart from the Republican Party, but that's already happened. The anti Trump the women leaving the Republican Party or turning on the ruling party because of trumps, Miss behaviors. That's already happened. We ve seen the results of it. We know that there is a flight republican flight where women flight in suburban districts from Trump this what's happened. There has already happened
terrible misunderstanding wasn't what it means to be a republican woman who was not one of the republican women who has fled already, which they're looking at this and saying this is feminists, doing this and feminist hate me and I hate them, I'm a pro lifer. They they for abortion on demand. I consider them baby killers, their bad, if they d like Cavanaugh, I like Cavenaugh. If they're going it, you know they I believe, and egalitarian gender roles and the pursuit and them and a kind of war or on traditional gender roles, and that's who we are that's what it means to be a Republican. Conservative republic and whether you are trompe in or not a trump in that's who we are and they that would push them toward calves. Not push them away and that's what the pulling a showing- and I hear on mainstream media outlets and read in various places, a kind of conflicts, terrible confusion,
the presumption was that a hundred percent of women would side with Christine Blasi forward. While there are a lot of people a lot of women who look at her and say, I don't believe you, I believe him, and I don't believe you because you're you You are being used as a tool in a larger ideological fight, whether you're part of it or you're, not part of it. You were misused or whatever believe him, because I know who they are. That's where they overplay their hand, maybe those women would have stayed home in November and maybe now they won't and that's what we don't know, I'm trying to find a good quota for this morning from peace by a Emily yuppie in the Atlantic whose whose one of the better voices of the the even the pre me to era, she was one of these people- I can't was, she wrote. She wrote amazing stuff about Charlot, show amazing stuff about term the universally Virginia case as well that about about Campus
at the canvas re establish campuses of net have had to make restitution to both like you, Men who have you and she has a piece in the Atlantic today about the proud, the parrot, a dramatic problem with this post me to notion, which is that you should believe women reflexively, believe women start from that point in the work, backwards from the evidence quote. If believing women is the beginning and the end of the search for the truth, and we have left the realm of justice for religion, it's a brave thing for her right, just as a bread or framework. Stevens. What a very brave common today! I commend to your attention- and you know I would say in doing that stuff in those in those quarters is brave, precise, because of the monolithic nature of the of the assault and the right and the self righteousness of the assaulters who believe that they are doing web good and all their doing is good for American, for women and for everything,
so we will reconvene on Monday to discuss the potential was wearing in a bright cavanaugh. Orb were expressed here, whatever will happen, that may be slowed down until then for nor Rossman a answerable Marie, I'm John pot keep the candle burning.
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