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Commentary Podcast: Taping Would Only Hurt Him, People

2017-05-15 | 🔗
The first Commentary podcast of the week finds me, Abe Greenwald, and Noah Rothman puzzling out the idea that Trump taping people in the Oval Office represents the rise of American totalitarianism rather than an insanely self-destructive act that (if it's happening) would only hasten Trump's own demise. We also point out that mainstream media types and liberals (but I repeat myself) are so eager to attach Trump to Republicans that they are now denying Trump-resistant Republicans exist. Give a listen.
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Some regions oh welcome to the Commentary magazine podcast today is monday- may fifteenth two thousand seventeen. I am John PATH towards the editor of commentary with me, as always senior editor, a green waldheim I dont know Ross associate ever high. No, I don't. I was just about to say and with me as always is Garth does, of course, from wanes world, because I got I got to my head last night that I always say with me is always- and I realize that I got it from MIKE Myers and Wayne's world, which seems to be a very strange influence for this podcast
there. We are commentary magazine the seventy two year: old, monthly of intellectual property, political analysis and cultural criticism from a conservative perspective, join us commentary magazine where we give you a few free reason and ask you to subscribe. One thousand nine hundred and ninety five get to a digital subscription. Two thousand nine hundred and ninety five get to an all access position, including our beautiful monthly magazine in your mailbox, the June issue. We are closed today tonight with a lead article by none other than a green on whether or not the free world still exists, and a long peace by now Rossman, also hear sitting in the soil with us on how to be a cop. Early in the age of Trump. Well, we are, a start by talking about how the efforts at gotcha against Donald Trump, I have taken some surreal turns over the last couple of days with thee.
Partially real, impartially manufactured horror over the firing of James call me in that when Trump tweeted. On Thursday and Friday, that one better, not have a tape of the dinner. Our conversation that call me- and I had together thus suggesting that trumps account of the dinner where he, where he said that call me had basically begged him for his job was true and that this would come out because there were tapes of it that this as lead, lot of people into expressing wild alarm at the idea that the president has a taping system. This is so Nick Sony in my God. How have we possibly gotten to this point, the so terrible, and that this is proof that he should be impeach that he has keeping system, and this is, to my mind an example of how the idea that list,
literally every single thing. The trump does is, you know, is a protein fascist act that will require his removed from office. Completely the blinds and obliterates people's common sense. When it comes to what he's actually saying and meaning. I wish. I mean that it taping Sis in the White House posts Nixon. Is a suicidal act for a president, because the old the person who is in jeopardy from a taping system and the White House is the President himself owing to the fact that the Supreme Court in nineteen seventy three ruled that the President, a president under investigation for obstruction of justice, could not use a claim of executive privilege to keep the tapes from congressional investigators. Thus, if Trump is in fact taping in the White house- and there are real question
about his behaviour in relation to Russia, or whatever else might happen over the course of the next four years, and it is, revealed that there was in fact, they taping system in the White House, the his every word, in every action will be exposed to Congress and, of course we live in a time in which things like the missing eighteen and a half minutes from the White House. Tapes missed curiously raised by Rosemary Woods, Nixon Secretary cannot be so he simply erased admissible EAST because nothing is ever raised? Digital era, nothing is ever was placed in the digital era. So to me it seems like people who want trump to be removed from office early,
should be dancing in the streets about a taping system and not acting as though the taping system itself. It is. The cause should be the cause of insane alarm Moreover, I mean that's builds a lot like the the March fourth tweet about wiretaps, which have, I think, it's fair to say, have not redounded to president drums benefit at this point. I know it that, includes we everything that has happened over the success of two months since that March. Fourth, sweet worry said that Obama has had been wiretapping him every age or thing aside from some of the Russia stuff and even the Russia stuff Flows from the interests of that we lost allies in Congress as a result as it is because it is good created the conditions under which he forced people, too why for him he had to push, he basically decided that he wanted combing out because commie wooden cover for him or say that, yes, it was true.
Various had ever known as right. Yet, but the house Moreover, the until oversight intelligence, I camera which committee, but you know he was the one who came ends. A wig newness ended up having to accuse himself in them most important investigation that his committee has ever undertaken that we care over which committee it is So this is not a committee, some committee or other services self inflicted when he said tapes and scare quotes help no tapes come out. Quote him quote, so we don't really know whether tape success. They might not that, because there's a penal subpoena apple congressmen want them. Senators want them, they have asked for it by partisan groups of senators. It now said that this thing needs to come out, so they're gonna pursue this. Another Trump administration is in a position where it has to defend the existence of these tapes. Whether or not they exist,
if only to defend the fact that Donald Trump wasn't telling Alai Extemporaneous Lee, even though the existence of those tapes worthy to exist only harms the presidency and they'd be much better off saying there are no takes a present was lying making stuff up. Oh do with it. And try to say that again, because that was amazing- and I have idea, how you got it all out and I've already forgotten I've already it took seventeen twist. It was totally coherent. My worry forgot, not that's the whole point. About what is clear is this demonstration is. That's a lie is told that you have to defend the truth of the lie or either the truth was told, and then you have to defend the truth of the of the truth, but then you have to cover up for what will come. What will emerge from the truth in case it comes out which might at all trying to give some attach some meaning to, you crazy whims of of the present, and you know
to your point about how trunk credit should be thrilled about this look off I ve been saying is that there is concerned see there are things going on that we don't know about? This is This should be their dream, come true, just just by virtue of the There now may be being a record of all these. You know the evil evil manipulation of what? What did they saying that? Ok, what is the trumpet menstruation saying that is on these tapes? Double rebel, defend his position. Only that James Comin sought some sort of a dinner them was praising of Donald Trump and said that you wanted to keep his job. That's what they're saying is on these tapes, which is so battle that I can't even think anybody would want to listen to it. It's just incredibly ban but all in all, I believe the word is banal not to be pretentious five dollar words like banal, while I yes, I I
No, but this is so bad mile my low breed. Well, you know: that's like that's like one Maya, Maya, my sister Rachel, who was unfortunately, who was aided the time as opposed to Europe more advanced stage in the middle of class or twelve or something like TAT, said this book, was very MCA Bree because of working and only ever see them because you probably never said banal before, but now you ve said it, and you know that it's banal, but this was so banal that it was actually battle. I think is very good may and I haven't. I did. I say, though, is actually better yet animal but like if you're going to have you got a little pronounce it committed relief. If I didn't mispronounced words about P2P, I've had come in for a two but invent new words but by the way, this is exactly what phantasm he goes after. The sort of lowest silly This thing that that that wounds his ego and and creates problems on a much larger scale right now. We should also talk about oh boy,
sickly. Last week we talked about this unless Pike S, but you know you had this weird thing where he fires call me right, so fires call me and then the way, as comes out and people say far Kogi, based on the recommendation of deputy attorney general wrong, Rosen steam. But it's not enough that he fired call me because you know it's fired, but he don't want to be like a jerk about firing. Somebody it's a thing of humiliation: public humiliation, the merciless fired, moved him from his job. But that's not enough right. It's not enough to say, as as actually. Couple days later, trumps Edwards, never good time to fire anybody Sean Spacers Spress sector. It came out and said that call me had. Terminated right. And then the day after that, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the deputy press, our great, came out and said the coma had committed atrocities, so
Abe you have an idea about what this is like when they decide they don't like somebody or they have some fight with somebody or something like that treasure treats every human interaction. At least every a good one as as well as, if he's in a very ugly divorce. You no words slinging door, as usually turns everything gets turn up to eleven right away. He goes right into the gutter right with huge threats. You know overstates there, ace against ever I mean, even even you don't get hinting that there's that he has been recorded Oh me, in a word, did didn't converse, she's against as well. This is like all sort of like ugly stuff that you that you pull out against your spouse. You your Ex Bessie, now hate and ones, and one or destroy and then you're, and then your people have to become like you're the divorce lawyer right. You know in celebrity divorce cases always coming out in saying the most hardened These things about them about the person
Lee Character, assassination get as though that's AIDS or that's cricket, which this and be as though that's actually serve, something that will cause people to be more sympathetic to the it's all? A way of brown knows again greasing the person who's paying you who, once their ego, satisfied with the public statement that the press who is being divorced is a villain not just right. You want out or its bad or you know you think you know you haven't been treated all that well, but that the person is a person of villainous quality, and why did I think divorce lawyers do that in divorces in part because they are trying to earn the feel tee of their clients. So they can keep the case, particularly in New York State, where this is a real thing where they can keep the case going for as long as possible, so they can build. Many hours is possible
it's kind of fascinating dynamic. I don't see how you can look at the end. If you are a person inclined to give Trump the benefit of the doubt, I don't understand what benefit of the doubt you can give Trump over the last five days, except that you don't like his antagonist and think there are there operating in bad faith in there, just a Lynch mob out to get him and all of that. But I don't know how you look at this. If you were hoping for a successful presidency than you could admire or think was really going to. Things are not plunge into despair. Anything you! You still, I think, given the benefit of the doubt in the sense that his fire Can we doesn't necessarily mean that, he's concerned about his culpability knowing that there is an actual secret about that route
Trouble Sosius in Russia has yet to be uncovered, I mean, but in terms of his character. No, he handles things in an answer not and and consular going into the gutter and just creating chaos at every step. Yeah there's there's no way I was sort of the point of another development over the weekend. My very well received column in the New York Times, opinion page by reform, a radio hosting commentary, contributor, Tralee Sites, the nature of conservatism in the trunk barrow, which preemptively responded to an immense commentary issues I will flog about peace. Forgive me, but is it? Was dude observation, which is that in this sort of second term syndrome. That we were talking about in the last part cast is that there are no ideas coming out of this administration. There are very few pursuits that are actually of legislative reforms. They are all about the character and the institution of the presidency that and Donald
and how he needs to be defended and because there are no ideas on the table. We're not talking about ideas which only talking about the man, the person, the presidency, that is Donald Trump and that sort of a vacuous, intellectually on stimulating way to go politics, ok, but it's good political, theater and good for combat. So no, I will give you this counter, which was expressed to me by a friend those it of as I am, and by many, if not most Saturday's at a bar mitzvah Saturday and a friend of mine who is serious person in the world of finance, wanted to talk to me about big fan of August to High Steve wanted to talk about now? You'll have to deliver all of em. I know who led the and, by the way, Jake was fantastic barmaids. Oh boy, they did a great job and go Jack anyway. This is
Steve logic. Jake said to me: will look so the story is with tromp, you know. Maybe the whole thing is just and the going to be the administrative deregulation like Maybe we'll get legislation through maybe he's going to be ineffectual on the hill and all that. But you know the what we have here and what Wall Street is responding to in continuing with its rally. Whilst we haven't gone up, I think forty five, without having on a four thousand five hundred since Trump's election. Is it there presuming that the atmosphere for listen to capitalist enterprise is get improve, no matter what, even if even if there isn't a big tax cut, because
He'll have agency every agency that will seek to roll back some of the excessive regulations of the Obama ears and not to impose new ones, and that you'll have an oh and be off some asmund budget, which has to review all regulations and the and the office of of O Ira, which does the same thing, reviews all regulations and they will not be hostile to the notion of rolling back regulations or
emanating ones that they think are harmful to the proper pursuit of you know the growth of the economy, and that that is more than enough that we won't have ideas. You wouldn't have visionary practices. He won't have anything like that, but that this will be enough to make this a successful administration simply by virtue of the fact that it is not another democratic administration that will seek to over regulate the economy. Now, that is the argument that he made its of. I think it's an interesting argument and in fact we may have a real world test of this. In other words, if we does not if they. If what cap has happened over the last four and a half months, continues to happen where the hill in the White House simply cannot get on the same page trump under cuts, the hills efforts, the hill, doesn't people on the hill, don't know what to do with themselves. They don't have enough strengthen the Senate to pass bills all the way through and everything's, and ask
done with this veto, gimmicky reconciliation process, and if they don't get healthcare done under reconciliation by June a they will not be able to do attacks cut under reconciliation in October because they won't have a sufficient amount of money saved or to make the tax cut revenue neutral, which would be necessary for the reconciliation process. So all there we'll be will be deregulation, so this is an isolated macro economic experiment. We If all you can do as deregulation keg anything else, don't you can't? You can't fix Obamacare, you can't get a big tax cut, but you can deregulate. So you can isolate that as a change and then you can see what larger affected can have. The economy is an interesting thought, experiment and actually an interesting, practical experiment. I can't
imagine that it will be enough to you now make something that is incompetent or be no work, unwieldy, a success, but maybe I'm wrong. Vietnam, I've responses, which is that nothing happens in a vacuum. So if I thinking If that description were to hold, then maybe yeah sure, if you, if you could just isolate The deregulation and assume that no Their damage would be done because of the chaos of at that in the administration than than yeah. Maybe you could say, but actions always have consequences quinces and everything else he's doing and everything else you the demonstrations up to an end and that the way that they handle themselves it's going to do damage elsewhere at the same time, why don't we don't know what I mean aside from serve general keeping away institutions and institutional trust and and and all that, but but other things, that's gonna have other real consequences,
as well, but owing to go on the other side of the ledger. Moreover, the present surrounded himself with people who were frustrated by and suspicious about trade. We just had the confirmation of a U S, trade representative, who is arguably pretty hostile towards trade over the weekend. We headed these finalizing is very small, it's a frantic by this administration as they finalized in Obama. Ere, I deal with China that allows versus bilateral free trade and also doesn't discriminate against chinese foreign direct investment. Now I dont know how trump countries going to respond to that the economy will probably approve. That said, the political effects of certainly gonna be decoupled from the economic impacts. But then you have a lot people who are still pledging to renegotiate NAFTA and get into trade wars, and that itself has a of a frustrating effect on trade and cross border travel and such so
The present can do a lot more than just deregulating so far he has, and we have no indication that he's. You know that it's very hard for us to reconcile these two conflicting Trump persona has set right now that the free trade trump is winning out over eighty trait trump, but there's no guarantee that's gonna happen forever. Well, apes, article on the free world, which we are closing too And we'll probably get up on the website tomorrow discusses this bizarre contretemp with South Korea in which Trump announced he wanted South Korea to pay for the defense system that we were going to install South Korea to protect against North Korea.
And that it wanted this one at that, and materially, though we don't really know, but this happened- the middle of a south korean election season, in which the candidate who Moon, who arguably is the one who is most accommodations toward North Korea, wins the election and because Trump because of trumps weirdly innate hostility toward american allies, whom he thinks are taking advantage of us, because we're friendly that we end up in a strategically worse position than I think you can argue with the news of North korean ballistic missile tasks. That seems to have been mildly successful.
Terms of its range. Let's say that this is no time for us to be on the out with South Korea, because God only knows a we're. Gonna have to do you from south korean soil or whatever to ensure that North Korea doesn't get a nuclear weapon. If, in fact, we are going to ensure the North Korea does not, we know it the nuclear weapon, whether will have a delivery system, they can reach american territory in the next five years. Another set of early divorces and place actually it's between the? U S and ended, and and our traditional allies yell or were were like a kind of thing it's for, like King Lear and the daughters. It's like email proved to me that you're, not you know, come pay your fealty to me or I'm gonna. I'm gonna kick out of it. The circle of trust. I mean that's the that's the oddity, so you know
he is happy this or make a kind of grudging bilateral deal with China. But he wants to pick fights with Canada cell. Korea in Australia or distinguished by the fact that they are our friends among our enemies among our antagonists and intent. Justice and by the way, where economies that are you know a six, their fifth, the size of ours, so the notion that their somehow taking advantage of us is itself could have demented like how many people driving us really live. Australia, twenty five million I mean there was this story. Canada's thirty five Mahina were three hundred and thirty million. I guess I forget, where a rather than it was Sunday Purdue who it is new access, this aggregator agricultural secretary? Thank you who managed to convince Trump not to
renegotiate unilaterally portions of NAFTA by having the enterprising idea of printing out for download from a map where his supporters were and how it overlapped, with the benefits associated with free trade. Mexico, Canada and the United States, and that visual representation of the benefits accrued to his supporters by free trade Compel Donald Trump to back off his pledge to renegotiate NAFTA, which, by the way, is so head spit because What argument have we have those of us who are free traders but making for the last ten fifteen years about this, which is that the argument that NAFTA has been a net negative United States is, it is a lie. I mean first of all. A lot of this are shifting realities that people found as
globalization took hold, and so american factories were closing in parts of the rest belt over there was at least elaboration of it in the night and eggs after the after NAFTA was signed. That NAFTA was responsible, as opposed to the giant and rapid growth. Of China and India, which is what was responsible like they re symbol happened that the timing, why has the NAFTA was signed and ninety ninety three and about ninety? Ninety four is when the judge was when the spasm of growth that transform China into a gigantic economic power really took hold, but it was very easy for a for people to say, Wells Rights of NAFTA. You know because they build some factories and Mexico. You know worthy lumber could come in from
That is absurd. But of course that's the problem here so Trump. I think we always assumed, I think other report, in other words, Republicans running into twenty sixteen new, The sunny Purdue map, like that was the argument why people were supporters of free trade who is against free trade Democrats were against free trade because they are beholden to trade unions, which believe that, if you put up protectionist barriers, you can save what little employment they still represent outside of the state governmental sectors, every republic get except from, was a free trader because they knew perfectly because macro economically the places that they wanted to win. People were largely supporters of who should be supporters of free trade because they benefited from free trade. They weren't hurt by free trade and- and there is also the g8- The gold angle, which is an economic cooperate,
spurs political cooperation and when we have good trading relationships with with countries. There are more inclined to work with us on important policy matters We deal ourselves out of those relationships and other people take our place, but sage.
They are more likely to get benefited the dead from from from these new trading partners, I'm ethic, but we know a political operation. That's another reason. The trump doesn't care about any risk. Of course, when we think about what we are talking about countries that make the ultimate decision of analogy to an alley which is to join us in our military efforts against enemies of the United States and enemies of the West, Australia, South Korea, Canada, all of which went into Iraq, Afghanistan, you know, asked railway, especially like you know, as as has been the case for a hundred years, like Australia has been a bulwark of the west in struggles. Given the fact that Australia exists sitting so
where, in the south, to the Euro in the South Pacific ten billion miles away from anything that could possibly harm them, and yet there they aren't Gallipoli there. They are in world war, two there they are in Vietnam. They fall with. As in Vietnam, they fought with us in Iraq, they Father, and none of that means aiming to Trump, since he doesn't like the war in Iraq is of no value to him that a country expresses its friendship and fealty to the United States are not fealty is the wrong word friend Japan, loyalty, loyal friendship to the United States by committing troops in in a war than arguably is not theirs but made, which they could certainly make the argument that it's not theirs. But since he doesn't like it, he doesn't care politically Boden, to say that there are these foreign adventurism and the condition of your plight is the result of x y, see decision by these politicians in a far off cabin
You don't know you don't know your conditions, don't know your circumventing person in America and will look down on one person in America who hears that, trump is angry at Australia, says yeah he really sticking at TED. Damn Australia, those Australians out, I come here and they take our jobs. I bid at what Russell Crow took it out, takes it of job from an American there, but they're happy because the b, the issue, the Trump was taking astray, the task over was about taking in refugees that that Australia and that was the call we're headed right. I asked a call with right, reminisced, returnable right, exactly and so transporters think that's great. Where he's yes and I understand what I'm saying, I'm saying he's yellow Dead Turnbull for a deal that was made, Australia with his predecessor.
What's it going mad at them. For I'm just say, I dont think you look at the girl. You look at the range of countries that, if, if Trump wants to pick fight its. Let's say just for the sake of our with muslim countries. You can see how that would that, Why is he yelling in Indonesia? Why is he yelling at Malaysia? Why is he yelling at the Pakistan? Why is he yelling in Saudi Arabia? Why isn't he goes back to Charlie Sykes Point, which is it it's all about a fact? It's not about policy! It's about this! This bread, lonely scream into a darkened hallway against modernity, against change against things that you cannot. Troll as just a show of potency and agency, even though its doomed to failure- whole flight. Ninety three elections these- and it also goes to the point that I was in a vacuum and that's that you can't Just say: oh well, if, if he just an ex deregulation and we're fine, because it at the same time is also ruin.
Our ties to our traditional democratic allies. That's bad the whole point as where we're we're we're living through a real world experiment in which we have an improper. As a Tory White House, it is conducting itself in a manner different from other political organizations in american history. It spontaneous it is focused on what appear to be in top, mostly personal issues
and and the president's on personal obsessions and works and none the less things will happen, that are good, you know were born where that concerns a thinker good, you know, gorse, it was appointed they'll, be another they'll, be more good. Judges, they'll may be another two Supreme Court nominees who will be pleasing. I think part the problem in giving trump credit for picking good judges, and things like that is the question of what would have happened had someone else run against the Hilary and one wouldn't we expect any Republican to have picked Gore such or gorse, it's like person, or to pick judges comparable to the ones you
likely to pack or future Supreme Court justices. What would he deserves? Credit for is on the things where he risked and one by breaking the consensus, and then the question is what policies get him as is he gonna make about that? And whether or not he will be able to claim that is America first approach has had better results than then they would have had if they haven't used one end and that's what he's gonna hafta demonstrate now. The other thing I think it's going on is there's a certain eyes. The very we know Anti did serve talking anti trumpet. I can't tell myself so
Excuse me if this is thousands who said so the polling comes out after Rio during and after call me and trump people or people who were inclined to be anti anti tramper whatever say. Look, he didn't take any hit you now. If we take that much of the head tease day- you know just shows that thirty, nine twenty nine percent of people say that they approve of Coney Commies firing at thirty eight percent. Does proven the others don't know so, really, that's not so bad. I mean it's healthcare, healthcare numbers, much worse than the NBC Pole or his polling, as at thirty. Eight. Thirty, nine something like that, and you know didn't like crater in the wake of co me. This is a while
misunderstanding. I think this argument of of what is going on in some of this I mean he is now definitively down in aggregate four or five points from where he was in March, and he was only forty four forty three march, so he's down to thirty nine thirty, eight percent in May That is a trend line over a couple of months that is outside the margin of error, save that you can't really said: there's a margin air with Paul aggregation and the numbers are going down. Not up in the whole point is not that he's just going to melt down because he fires Comey. It's that the it's that nothing is getting better and that he's not doing anything to change the story. To something that is better for him- and this is where we start getting into the question of whether Republicans on the hill and Republicans were going to run in twenty eighteen,
find some way to separate themselves from him and Noah. You were on your way, irritated over the weekend, buys by as I was, we can discuss, discuss why I mainstream media, worse of liberal commentators, arguing that Republicans were somehow covering four trump right. Well, I mean this is kind of something that was predictable all the way back in the campaign where once Donald Trump as Elect did Democrat sort of had this spasm of betrayal over the fact that quota quote never trump Republicans didn't somehow magically because Democrats like the only way for you to have been a good. Never trump Republican is to register democratic, at which point you would be a contradiction in terms because it would be a republican, but that is something else to be set
so what we had this morning, I was starting to make me really frustrated as there was this New York Times story about how Republicans, despite their anti trump brand couple of them in the Senate, for example, are really in fact collaborators with the tongue. Trumps presidency- and this was backed up by something at five. Thirty eight has done an innate silver over a five thirty eight justified. This contention by citing his vote scoring in the age of Trump website, the vertical and this contention is that its course senator is based on their votes and whether or not there they vote with tromp. Whatever that means goes, Donald Trump doesn't take a single vote, but we assume it's because of legislation he supports, and by
metric Anti, quoting court Anti Trump senators are not so anti trumpet. All, for example, Senator Ben SAS, who is been probably isn't the most vocal critic of dung front in the Senate, among centre Republicans accord. This, he supports Donald Trump. Ninety seven point five percent of the time, so he's not really never trumpet all. In fact, is. We might as well be Donald Trump himself in this it does narrative is establishing the narrative is transparent. It is an attempt to rob Republicans of whatever independence they have in order to benefit from the political calculation that voters will turn on the president and seek to reward but Paul patients who have some distance from the president, so the effort now is on and Mr Silver is clearly a part of it to create the two did dissipate the amount of distances Republicans
we have. This methodology is also very flawed by the way, because it scores votes and there have been very few of them and most of them are nominations and appropriations, and some of them are actually quite conservative. There was this appropriation, for example, where votes I think hospitals were were some hospitals are provide, abortion services had limited fiddle reimbursements and that something the conservatives support. Why would they vote against that just to oppose Donald Trump and then there's the other, but where I'm looking at bends? Ass is paid right now, where he did not support the nomination of Robert Light Heizer to be the United States Trade representative, who we just talked about because he's coming into anti trade accordingly
as the likelihood of agreement between vents ass in this vote was ninety eight point, eight percent. He should have voted for it. What happen so I have a lot of problems with this whole situation, but ultimately the narrative constructions, my biggest issue. Well, let's talk about the american sexual like this, so copious fired and it becomes an axiom on the part of everybody who believes that country was fired. Because Trump wants to obstruct justice. Emily brush investigation that the only way the trump can possibly get four were go forward on. This is to appoint a Listen to the FBI of such unimpeachable independence that he, with their bubble, were ok. Otherwise, the Democrats will do and that's what's going on that lies go by the way Harry Red did not change the process by which people are confirmed to the Senate so that they can be confirmed by fifty one upon lies at logic. No one Donald Trump appoints
F B, I owe it could be ineffective, have been right or so that's right. By that logic, how can trump appoint anybody whose independent sir oh Marco Rubio on Friday or survey, says at a tweet, I believe that a gouty representative of safety Billina or John Corn and Senator from Texas. Both Republicans would make excellent FBI directors instantly. The entire world and liberal opinion decide That Rubio is a screaming sell out to Trump, because since the these guys- are both elector republican officials. They can possibly fit the model that they have determined in which trump is basically supposed to appoint. You know, I, you know the head of blah blah. Lives matter to run the FBI so that he can be quickly indicted, competes thrown out
office and electrocuted the end you know end and am drawn and quartered. Indeed, I have his body we have thrown into of endless pit of suffering. One of those people was. He's Oberman, who said something like you are swine on Twitter in response to Rubio tweet. So I disgusted by the notion that Keith Alderman should in fact say that he was a that someone else was a swine said. You know something like I said, someone like you should know at which
went Gregg sergeant of the Washington Post was a blogger demanded of me that I express my view of whether or not Rubio tweet was acceptable because, with the obvious in with the obvious, I was simply objecting to Overman being a you know, jerk and I said well, I'm not gonna have a colloquy with you about this because, as far as I know, you have never in your life expressed an opinion, Contrary to that of the Democratic NASH Committee, at which point he said again, something like I demand to know whether you think this is acceptable. The on the obvious idea being that I got to get to solve says together, but I spent you know, eighteen months, crosswise of my own. You know it illogical co, hoard in being standing in opposition to the republican candidate for president and the region.
Madam President. I am somehow a sell out being accused this by somebody who is a show for the Democratic Party in the Washington Post, so that fits your model, in other words, that I might health, because I am not willing to to suggest that trade gouty, who seems to me to be a very fine person and corn and who, for all, I know, is a fine person. But you know I wouldn't be good. These four, the FBI director, simply because we're pop because they are republican officials or something like that. I don't know that's his character assassination. As far as I'm concerned, I think that the started off in good faith on the part of the left, as they were genuinely betrayed by whom they thought they had some sort of a renewed affinity with
The over known, genuine rub little are republican values and the nature of the presidency in the country itself, when some Republicans broke ranks over Donald Trump and then when they refuse to register democratic. I think they were genuinely perplexed by that which is weird button. I think that was on enormous reaction on their part. I dont see honesty in this. What ice with this seems to be is a calculation in order to create something a narrative, but really isn't well supported in order to benefit politically, and I see a lot of people who consider themselves a political participating in it in that bugs me. There's also an element in this where I- and this has been an ongoing feature of the left where they they serve- think that if the way they view the world isn't actually shared by everyone will then it needs to be imposed upon every one day they may have a very hard time distinguishing between
the left worldview and reality. You know they they. They live they often mistake, progressive, for objective morality, right and they're doing it now? Morality is a good way to put it. There is no, no other option, it is either progressive, ism, roar. Transgression against all that is good natural. So I think we have resolved all the problems of the university or, as we usually do here on the commentary magazine podcast, I'm happy We did a little studying before the symptom for the podcast and we have discovered now that I think we can claim
at about thirty, three thousand people. Listening to this past, every podcast, given the fact that we were at zero thirteen thirteen fourteen months ago, ve gone two thirds of that entirely as a result of the free market and an exchange of ideas. I guess Lahti, like editor enjoying it and please, if you are, as I've learned times, was to say, go to Itunes and leave a favourable five star review and it will help us deeply because we were reading about pod casts in the New York Times. Apparently, there also popular that they do live things and they drink on stage so boat and we will drink on age for you yes may someday. Why have we hope we will invite you to come watches drink on stage I dont really drink, so you'll be watching me drink either a cranberry juice with supply minute, or maybe a coke or a glass of water Abe has been known to drink,
and I think no enjoys a beard to well- oh, you can watch them drink. While I stay here really sober and in keeping with the wings world in influence here, he'll be a pie, but play Saudi exactly will relate noticeably handle burning with learning on. If you have any idea how the party animal quality that is just to step emanating from this table leader, I have now become the person who sits at event. Sarah goes so loud in here too loud it. So how could they turned the music down? That's that's why I'm better get up so we'll have to turn this. Down at the park is it'll. Be annoying me if we have speakers, but yes, the more. If we get to two hundred reviews, we will have a lighter of applicant legislator on stage to swear for us. That seems to be that the no that's a good that'll be fine little before nor democratic. They are more out of this? Where exist frankly, so
thanks for listening Commentary Magazine few free reads: one thousand nine hundred and ninety five digital subscription, two thousand and ninety five, all access subscription for a bring world and Noah Rothman, I'm John Podhoretz keep the candle burning and party on
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