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Commentary Podcast: The Placid Hurricane

2018-09-06 | 🔗
Is America going off the rails? Sure feels like it this week. We break it down and end at a summer camp in Ontario. Give a listen.
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The roast at commentary magazine that come with me, as always on this podcast Abe Green. While their senior editor high Abe, I John nor Rossman, are associated or high. Now I John and senior writer Sarber Marie High Hydra, ok guys, America basically has sprung leak. We ve off the rails, the wheels of come off the bus, what other? what other both the way were, the them play this crashing by rolling lower spiralling out of control. Every cliche you can think of aid. Just rehearse for us is the last like thirty six hours I'll do my best and rural Miss things. So we have the view revelations from Bob Woodward book about the Trump administration. We can reverse in detail the did the specific regulations, but, generally speaking, there are credible reports of Trump calling members of his administration mentally retarded.
Various people in the administration describing the predator president as an idiot hiding documents from him so head, so that certain policies and orders don't get carried out. We have Is this really has already become a barely noticed detail? in the other hysterics of the weak concerned there is doubt Jones harassing Rubio on Capitol Hill, laying his hands on him, calling him names in them. What we are basically threatening to guess I'll, take care of you myself here, that's right and then, of course we have the brick Havana hearings and all the theatrical from the from the front costumes protesters to U S, senators, declaring the the actual hearings and legitimate. We have today's bombshell anonymous up ad in the New York Times, in which someone did we with from
within a supposed senior administration official claiming to, working from the inside of the administration to thwart trumps worst instincts and two and two there, the steady state to get their way. I get that he and his friends are all working to save America from the president that they serve. And then we have trumps respond. To the Ipad in width He has asked the New York Times. You turn over the be up in the upper right or to the government. He claim this deed. Viewed did I'm wooden exist without him, the failing in Europe and so reasonable. Fourth, yes, reason exclamation point right right and then- and now we're doesn't it yesterday, and this morning we have court Corey Booker, who has has threatened and Emily fat released. Financial memo, saying about Cavanaugh, saying that he will the Booker
tough understands, the ramifications for doing this very, possibly mean his answer from the Senate and he is willing to endure this. This is his Spartacus moment, He said I ve never come closer to saying I am Spartacus than now, which is by the way, if I could just say, because I need to point out certain historical facts out that the author of the screen, the book Spartacus on the screen plated Spartacus movie, both Howard fast and on Trumbo, both Stalinist. So I just wanted to point that Corey Booker has now cited the line of dialogue written by two Stalinists to support his supposedly heroic active. Releasing a memo. I believe that says that break Havana opposed Roy
a racial set aside in the government, which I hardly seems disqualifying to me. Oh, I run a resident twenty twenty and the Senator showing Whitehouse saying that, because he views the hearing that is taking place of further confirmation of brick having to be illegitimate. He doesn't have to follow any of the rules, of course, side show in the Senate hearing where they just interrupted everybody and said whenever they said, come Allah Harris spending twenty minutes, insinuating weirdly that cabin I've had a strange conversation had he did. He have occurred relation with a lawyer at the firm of Casuists Benson, Andorra, forget the which I must which I must say by the way that mark hazelnuts is the executive chairman,
They Liebermann Roast Dan Benson. Other name partner, is the chairman of Commentaries Board. My nephew Jake Abrams is aware a casual Benson? I love him. I love mauled their great and as far as I'm concerned, bread Cavanaugh can talk to any end, Joe Liebermann of Council two causes of events inventory. So maybe the conversation that he had with someone Chasms Benson was with Joe Liebermann, which would be criminal. We terrible wreck Havana had had a conversation with a set of former senator from Connecticut Undemocratic, vice presidential nominee, That was some weird stuff and then of course, yet a hand. Gesture right right, so I've I've forgotten her name. Zena zones dash right was an associate of travellers. Sitting behind him accused of flashing a white power sign in the form of the ok sign, with her with her hand
and now we need to explain how they saw that because the video and she sitting behind them and somehow some lunatic figures that has zoom in on her in the video behind embassy shuddering, you, I think you know, as I do. I write a machine. And you are suggesting a way but he's sitting with her hands on her lap and her fingers or in some configuration and so suddenly the lunatic distance world on Twitter announces that she is making a white power, a secret white powers, Now it turns out she was born in Mexico in her fathers, no mother or father, your mother's backs again. Her father is she's the granddaughter Holocaust survivor centre, mothers mixing, which doesn't mean she was born in exposed.
She was her, then she can't be predecessor, reminiscent of the twenty twelve dog whistle craze in which only people who were opposed to Republicans were finally attuned to the racism that they were supposedly trying to broadcast to their fellow some things like Gulf Apartment Constitution and Chicago we're in Invocations to be being of the full white supremacist are really wanted to be. Light has been using Paypal, hoo, hoo hoo, whose indexing thumbs meat in any kind of current configuration secretly projecting white supremacist symbols for some time. Rub it in terms of how America's coming off the rails lets us makes it. So here we have a public official public servant, know her husband. Is you as a turn? long term associate of cabinets. Clerk of Cavanaugh does Nobody knows who she is she's she's up. Basically, you know she's up she's a summit of works in the public interest, whatever
suddenly becoming a major american celebrity in five minutes, because Seth, Abraham son and his mob of idiot jerks start lying about how? Oh, my god, there's someone behind Brookhaven on making an ok sign. Like you know. If, if if we had standard in our view, if definite, you know she should see everybody for defamation like this is this is among the most outrageous in their response. The will to unfair need horrible and four, and this is tugged at the de personalization of your enemy so like they don't even know what she volume of Russia probably know she votes Democrat. You know she's air because Cabinet she was Cavenaugh clerk in? I know somebody who is a who is a clerk too. Michael Lucchese, and you now David and you know as a Democrat, now he's a judge, and you know this does happen, but it's ok because its
open season on everybody at all times. Ever it's just this weird Sometimes I think I say this because I'm a person of weird nervous takes in hand movements. You know where I have these obsessions with holding my hand symmetrically when I'm sitting in in the perfect symmetrical. You know and that's what she was doing, she's a sort of you. Your hand and racist fields metrical. Have I don't even know why we have to indulge in the in the eye that sometimes too, like who knows what she was doing for all unit for all. We know she has our right, as you know that within that relieves, some press, on her knuckles. Like the who knows, it's tough Billy Deranged, but I've been, I think what we have here, and I think this is what we want talk about today really is. You wanted to see it burn we're seeing it burn in that line from the dark night. Some people just want to see the world burn, so there's a law,
a large number of people in this country or a large. The political class in America who wanted to see it burn read they did want conventional republican politicians. They wanted Trump. They didn't want proper. Its oral procedure. They wanted the filibustered nuclear, and now this the Senate is basically functioning as effectively as a like the house has no would say that it is, as simple majority rule Lee the other leading these centres in the minority to turn into a kind of goons to make the case against the simple the lifetime of. Well, if I can actually to our own horns a little bit. I've been writing about this. For some time we have to ask world he's. Ok, arrangements hasn't season, and I think was two months ago in the in the magazine from evil, then about how Congress is essentially abdicating
sponsor ability, get seeding its power to competing power centres which would have vexed the founders incredibly seeding its authority to the court's sitting, its authority to the exact and now the Senate exceeding its authority to the of the mob, which was something was again. A lot of these checks were not built into the constitution, but were part of the founders design these chambers and, as the Senate has decided to sort of pair back the minorities privileges, especially with the filibuster most notably in the legislative aspect of the filibuster, is just the next to go, and it's only a matter of time and when it does, the Senate will behave as a simple majority institution, It has the house already does and then its members will behave like politicized, crazy people because they will be. Fostering and pandering and not effective. Instead nationalists, navigating a really thorny and complex labyrinthine design, to keep people from behaving like crazy love me up members of the house, so we should.
By this because the ear the design of the cottage, but one of the many geniuses of the system of the constitution, was that you had a body that was basically supposed to serve as a model of direct election right. That's the house right, double majority rule majority domination, district by district, large numbers of people and then you had the Senate, which wasn't even an elected body. Untold till nineteen, thirteen in which deliberately anti majority area right to centres from every state, no matter what the population number was, and the Senate developed all these elaborate rules of procedure in order
to make sure that it is frustrated very much in the roman spirit of of the idea of the Senate, which is the idea that there are people who are in some sense accountable, but not directly vulnerable to the to the mark right. Tell a nineteen. Thirteen of constitutional law was passed the Senate, not a good idea. Began about better, but so a hundred years later, Harry redid us the immense favor of destroying the flow of starting to take a clever the filibuster, the genius of the filibuster rule making it necessary, for there be a super majority to close debate in the south, It was precisely to frustrate legislative ambitions or even executive ambitions like to make all this harder, because you don't, and you know mob rule, because when you eventually had to vote to confirm or president's cabinet posts,
turn nominated the Supreme Court. You didn't want on the record yourself reeling and sounding like an insane person, because it would they would make your vote hypocritical, so rights but now nobody has any problem with that, because you don't have to vote for prisoners and eventually won't have to be as retorted feel. How did it nominations for legislation is all going out the window and if, as you, ve argued in is very wise, ass, a couple of months ago in commentary. If now that the ambition of the senator remember of Congress is to be a, the radio celebrity than the crazier. You act more Spartacus scenes. You pull off the better. You do if your Corey Booker listen to this category of workers that will grow Booker's crazy by the way it seeing chewing its clawing yeah. It's not very helpfully at its dramatic. I think that run the like it's like Tom Cruise. Only in a few good man, people have seen this clip a million times in regos you going home. I want the truth, you know
if you remember the actual dramaturgy of the scene, his pew heed it was by design that he lost it because he wanted to push Jack Nicholson's buttons. He was Oh crews wasn't overreacting the character. Crews was plain, was overactive. This is exactly what Corey Booker and these people are doing when they do this with another the centres were having these tantrums. They are doing it. It's a motive, it's in a false, and its purpose is to push not only our buttons to get assail. You're, just a bunch of morons but to push the buttons of the resistance people go and finally, we have a hero. Who was willing to stand up and fight for power, which is, in fact, a mirror image of what Donald Trump managed to pull off and twenty sixteen his these projects is reckon policy. Recommendations were in were were unfair, and that is why there were attractive as I communicated to his voters, the desperation that they
felt didn't matter that they be was they were there, extremism that was attracted well, let's talk about that in relation to the to the thing that he said last night about the anonymous our bed, which I think all of us have very critical feelings about. I think about the the sub, the substance and the part of the act, that is represented by the anonymous up at the President of the United States is demanding that the New York Times too over some one to the authorities. Now. First of all, that's exactly emotive nonsense like what is that who will you or you will turn them over to the authorities immediately. I think what every was like a flower lets. The cry like I said, I'd turn unless I weighs about like Hebrew: National Davy there, the higher authority like the sports, are the what authority, I feel like everyone moisture, let us set the marshal of the Supreme Court whose,
this was to be turned over to everyone is acting honestly, more and more for for twitter, in other words, chump is doing what the twitter crowd expect him to produce, which is that tweet and and Booker is producing a three minute piece of video that that is just perfectly time for the amount of attention people there's a difference is that Donald Trump has always been this way. Korea Booker was not for applicants, adopting this perseverance. We should talk about this of the journey of Corey Booker is mirrors the journey in some sense of George W Bush is America to trumps America, so Corey Booker in the early two thousands was a Harvard scholar guy with political ambitions in New Jersey and was known to everybody. It was not clear. He had very currency at some very conserve instincts, supporter of school choice, all kinds of stuff, very good friends with a bunch of concerns in New Jersey,
wanted him to become a republican and a real corruption, buster here and now that later so, then he becomes a politician right. He blew first, he becomes education at the head of education jerk. I think I was at the call of anybody Eventually he becomes the mayor of new work and his. Newark was a bust of corruption. He tried witches hard for anybody who proceeds shorter and tried. Help the schools he you know. He was a reformist mayor, quite not ideological, and you now enter representing some new possible synthesis, a kind of Obama type but but but like with a get getting his hands dirty with actually known. Then there was all they funny stuff where he would like go and help put out a fire in our or like save someone from a car change, something that's very guardia. Yeah Roma hands on night. So then he becomes a senator and he gets into the sea.
Is very you know you deserve, and, and so as Burma is the Obama era progresses and then, as Trump comes on, he becomes more and more and more and more populist. Clearly thinking that he is somebody with a main chances. Young he's african American, the Democratic Party would be well advised. I think everybody understands to nominate an african American and twenty twenty in order to generate the kind of turn out that can help neutralize the weed a white working class turn out. The trump might be able to generate that Hillary was not able to generate, and he is what he and Kamala Harris and Deval Patrick. The former mayor of Mass of former governor of Massachusetts, seem to be the three people who are the best with this bill in contemporary politics and what is it that he realizes he has to do he realizes he has to go crazy, yes to become a crazy person like, and he doesn't
Well, what he doesn't come across like he comes across. Like a studious, you know a student who is learning how to be a crazy person by watching crazy people, and maybe into an episode of chop, a trap house and then and then certain like his online persona in his actually has the ethical persona in in in them, and the will of the Senate is not just angry, though, and of fixated and ideological. It's also, as you said earlier, a motive and dramatic and he's very he did. Perhaps this sort of crisis me didn't guy on Tuesday is saccharine Sapien S is here to recite poetry, you'd like used, he tweets inverse and stanza like he is extremely theatrical That's right, I don't. I don't think that only that's entirely his
his real persona, but its partly him, because this moment calls more for anger than it does that kind of theatricality and sat penis, I'm not exactly sure when he's getting out there, but there is. There's is something that he thinks calls in this moment calls for like love, love him in and pure devotion to country and cause. And what have you not just your anger anyway? Suggesting is an interesting example is what you're trying to do is you maintain we're standing as some as a serve same middle of the road, relatively middle of the road Democrat, while doing what you can in performative terms, to reach out to the to the Sanders left and the anti Trump resistance left
and, while holding your while holding your passport, I admired him in o, eight or nine. When he was mayor, I thought he was an really what would sit up, as was that sort of centralism about him and then ass. He came into the senator. I remember he was not at least initially lockstep at the Obama administration, whose views more per Israel nationally but half the famous rabbi. I think they colossal up heads together and championed him in various ways. I think and then the shift really happen. I think toward the end of the Obama administration, when he there is, I think, a lot oppose ropey. Besides this betrayal, the IRAN deal right and then, with with the chop administration, he became another correct well and he was also playing for the for the deep slob with Hilary, which remains the fact that she did not pick him remains.
The many signs on. Why would I absolutely horrible politician she was? Could she picked somebody who literally gained her absolutely nothing and you now? Whereas maybe you know she had gone a little risk here because I, as is risky because he's not married or something you know, but I think what you see there again is this question about a larger question about America's institutions and whether what we're see here argue that the major institutional collapse that this series of incidents collapses in Washington that really started accelerating, could be traced back to the hairy reads: blowing up of the filibuster, filibustering judicial nominations and
two thousand and thirteen cuz it was around then also that Obama went with that rhetoric about how we can't wait, and I can't wait for the fact that the Republicans won't do what I want them to so we'll also we're going to we're going to do everything by executive order, we're going to intercept the dream, you know by its neck. That's the institutional president, but I think the bee excuse now in the Trump age. Is that because Trop as president, ought we any anything any by any means necessary, we re. I would go back a little further to the legislative and parliamentary tricks that were used to pass Obamacare. Thirty minute ass demon pass Reconciliation Christmassy
if all that stuff, the oddity is out was remember that Obamacare, unlike all of this now oh bomber care, was Democrats had fifty nine voters in the Senate and have had no it's fifty seat. Majority in the house like there were even arguments in a funny way for that, because Democrats had so much command of a higher ground, american politics on them and the power centres, american politics- that it wasn't that much of an hour to say if they were in a pull some maneuvers didn't reflect. You know, even though a bomb a care was unpopular in pulling it reflected a political reality. It wasn't like Obama trying to create the dream act from the White House, you know, there's something I also. I think there is an important distinction between parliamentary tricks and and exploding loopholes and doing what Corey Booker's now don't say, I'm going to act
I'm going to subvert the rolls I'm gonna take anxiously brow, the rules and suffer the consequences you sit down and I held it knowing that you would not suffer any. Consequently, we don't know that yeah, but he called the ways and innovators belongs in it. Not he so we now civil, Serbians is that what is the classic definition you disobeyed law? You believed to be unjust. Rights of discovery. Booker believe that Connachar that and shall yet were yet that that confidentiality rules that govern the United States government and the private exchanges between its officials that do not rise to the level of legal. You know some something that requires you, no legal and mention that those laws area with eight clearly dont, because all of yesterday we spent litigating the prospect that send a covenant. Reality. Rules were violated in Senator Ladys case. That's right, he kept saying? Did you all day long, my stolen document, John? You are saying this in the pre show, and I agree too that I mean I think, tat
whatever you think of him, as is the president, has been least afforded that courtesy than the idea built into the into our constitutional vision mention. But by repeatedly in the Federalist there's, there is a need for for executive branch officials to be able to speak frankly to deliberate without basically their deliberations be made public. And you know with with his eye this guy who says you know we take away papers from him, or it did the woodwork bit where he said. You know he mused about at assassinating Assad. You know and as was so alarm us it, but you know the guide deliberating that's that's you know I can Georgia and in which I always something out, whereas I know he's not normal, so anything he says should immediately make yet cells in your task air. So, let's rehearse this causes the woodwork book. I want to say, I believe every anecdote, no eye the notion that the denials everybody Snyder, ok, ok,
copyright, that there is obviously context, that's missing for all Wasn't Woodward's books always have that's what they're written in this very peculiar way. Veuve. If you ve read them, they don't we you have structure, they don't have they they sort of end in the middle, practically in the middle of a sentence. They don't they don't ask, up there's no much much analysis. It's like us from emptying of a notebook, it's very strange, but I mean I dont think that any denials or believable. Here you know Madison Denial or Pompiers denial, whatever But I do think that this anecdote is worth talking about so they're. Having some meeting about Syria and Trump says: why? Don't we just effing kill the guy, right. Ok, so they don't kill em cause. At a system while work. That's not the policy that workers We here and I'm not sure, would help and in any case okay, so he an issue in order? There was no document from the President:
James Madison, I hereby authorize the assassination no rush hour at which there was rather this has been used by some to say, to support. The notion in this are bad that there is some sort of a soft coup going on and that the present an issues, these orders and then the people around him just ignore them, and this is that. So, have been used to dovetail with this man. Madness anecdote we all lived through this. We have very detailed reports about the options that were presented to the president. The assets that were in place were needed to be in place at the time. The strikes, the options that he chose. They died the effect that would have. I mean this is not something that came out of the blue. So, in order for you to believe that there was some sort of a coup going on here, you have to really that solution. If we remember that this is a broader, so here's a we don't know so here. So we know that from the woodwork book that Gary Cone, who was the head of the council,
omg advisers, purloined some papers out of trumps inbox so that he would not be permitted to sign them. Ok, we don't know what the papers were, but we can presume that the either had something to do with trade, they have to withdraw right or they or for all windows there. They have something to do with immigration in Mexico and Stephen Miller and stuff like that. Ok, now it's only a coup, if Trump signs the papers and then the order, and then the papers are thrown in the waste basket. Right. In the words you only the coup only happens if orders being given that our build literally, you know technically, have been issued that are not carried out, but I dont know what to call it when you, when you were when you are presiding over it.
Illustration in which the senior people only feel that the country will be safe if they, they cannot trust that if you were given option a or option b that the choice that you make won't be in terribly damaging to the country. Now I would say, if you will, let me stay John, that that's the steady state, that's the term from the bed, so It's not really a cool, because in that none of these cases we have historical evidence dating back decades and any any work places like this, where the boy you're in a room in the boss says why don't we go now stops here. They had a burger king is that while we stop selling whoppers out like many more had won the other data, really didn't taste good right and there like well he's had a few two men here today, or else he had a fight with this. Why? For whatever- and so you like- you just don't do anything and then see if he brings it up again tomorrow,
does that. We really need to do a study and see if we need too, we need to get rid of a whopper right, so this is standard procedure. I know all over atlases and you have to be able to add like sit around and excuse me for saying this bullshit if you're you're the present, you also get to ruminate bullshit picture of Donald Trump in your crazy person or your George, W Bush or your belt broccoli or whoever you are, and it is true that when you, you know it's like the sausage factory, nobody wants to see how the sausage is made. That were, people really do want to see how the sausage is make as it's it's, it's really intriguing and thrilling, but you have the back the back.
Conversations of presidents and people like that, are not all that dissimilar from the back room conversations, including trump. The has infuriated people, and in my view this is a very good gonna, be controversial, but I think it's probably wise controversy why's that it was anonymously written because we are talking about the ideas expressed in that the individual's identity areas, politics or anything like that, which would be used to discredit those ideas and those ideas, as were conveyed, arboreal boilerplate That's cool, anti republicanism, deregulation, tax cuts, projecting and defend democracy and containing America's adversaries abroad. That's a sort of they didn't used to annoy people until the present in the United States stopped doing all those things. So what we have here no confession of any action being taken. Only the active effort to advise the president do courses of action that align with that boilerplate status quo ante republicanism.
I haven't heard anybody say anything about what was done now. No action that was not taken well only operate mentioned specifically says: Trump did not want to go hard on Russia and the steady state prevail, but that that those two Europe thing we have to study, work and harmful to precisely and is now on the trail on funding and read it for this action. First of all, may I solidly disagree. I think the head was an irresponsible. To act on its own terms and look at it from the outside and the idea nobody is deeply problematic. I didn't. I was on those shepherded page January: we'd never did anonymous offers the I remember one since we're I had gotten some syrian dissident or something. This is early in the stages of the civil war, to write something and we came very close, but in the end he insisted on anonymity and the piece with spikes. Because of that, because people need to be able to
well, you know who is the person saying this in the reader can know when you say that senior administration official that could be pence or could be some nobody
do you know toiling away at that. You know in that speech shop of the National Security Council who we ve never heard of ESA. We don't know how much access he really has, how much of the things he says our first hand and some of how much of them are third or fourth hand. Today, yet can I just interrupt because there was this fantastic? I serve to have an idea. I hear somebody anonymous. I think I saw you have any idea who it is: lemme go, save a Buzzfeed published this hilarious parity last night of the anonymous peace that I think is worth reading here, which is its the New York Times opinion sexual is facing a challenge, unlike any faced by a modern american newspaper. It's not just the Sarah John Controversy or Quinn, Nortons firing or both
Stevens problems with college left us or bury waste is probably the college leftist or judicial of its problems or college left us we're David Proxies College left us or frankly, these problems of colleges. There is yet another dilemma that opinion editor James Bennet does not grass many of the senior editor is on his own opinion, page our working diligently from within to frustrate parts of this agenda, worst inclinations. I would know I am one of them to be clear. Ours is not the reflexive gray, lady hatred that animated twitter mobs. We want this newspaper to succeed, to walk through the turn styles on eighth avenues, to feel the solemn silence, the slow contemplation, the unshakeable stuff. Confidence is always defined. Great american journalism and to imbibe are sacred duty to the take that take sanctity of an exquisitely mixed Tom Friedman, metaphor, which rings like a thunderbolt as a breaks the surface the bottomless pit and our opinion section as currently conducted presents a clear and present danger to the take
as we know it. So this is what the New York Times did a year, which is that it published to take. Basically This is just click ban on back. This piece is pure click bay, its created, I beg you will go. Oh my god. Oh, my god and it's not it's- oh my god. It's only who could it be People are publicly like in this talk about unfairly. People are publishing lists of possible authors of the peace like so so that So every semantic obsession with the identity of the author is itself justification for the inactivity that was granted to the author. Why suppose, although here's, what I would say, here's what you say, but these whatever purpose he thought it served didn't sir. This is what I think, a the pieces become a reflexive study of itself. So, rather than It was unnecessary after the woodwork book. For their be somebody saying, people are trying to block trumps worse inclinations foresaw, as you
I said we ve heard that are ready for a year and nothing new in this peace where I've been observing, write stuff there. I thought, secondly, the woodwork the is there came out from the woodwork book on Tuesday said exactly this and much more explicit detail So, even if you ll spoke between recommenced of us, but with no there's I mean he is there. I think, because I said I had nets the anonymity Archie, but the internal critique of the peace on its own terms is, if that you believe, you're dealing with caught him quote: amoral authoritarian enemy of democracy? Lunatic then, is Is it an you're carrying on this supposedly noble project? Let's assume that its noble and good? Isn't it a damn thing to tell him that there is such a project sort, his aims, the air, he wouldn't it, wouldn't it wouldn't. He then say you know what round up every speechwriter at Vienna, signal to all their emails above and discover, and absolutely no good comes from this- only sorry,
you have only makes it more paranoid, it makes it more or less inclined to list. To reason. Let's say that would be the end and what, anonymous, get out of this Nobody knows of anonymous is now you're really not going to know where he is cuz. He knows, or she knows and like three people, that New York Times no they're not going to release who it is I think I like having made of another endless chasing nobody ways other wants to come out and by the way that the the army of staunch trumps, of course, that there are now saying- and they laughed when we said there was a conspiracy against against the president Now, of course he does he work well is accounts because he's political point he or she is a political pointy. That's why the peace says it's not that. You stay with me at my hijacks. Incredibly destructive doesn't allege everything was done. That's you there are no presented. Is they? you are in a position. You are because Donald Trump like it or not
one and election. Otherwise you would be toiling away and not sleep while you're still turning monotonously but even more anonymously at some law farm or in some newspaper. Or your page, whatever, wherever at work a magazine out. I don't want to narrow down and you would be a nobody. So it's a pretty dealer s pardon my french thing to do to do that, but I will, if you want to re that come resign come out, be Spartacus and resign. As what Democrats are saying, they're saying you shoot anybody of conscious would leave this president with only the absolute dregs rubbed Washington has to offer, and then they would be really frustrated. That condition there is a middle option. Is one where the middle options you dont publish the peace rather than just lightly? Do your thing, because again I dont know what Anonymous got out of the peace. That's that's the point unless this is willing and hesitant to say that this is gonna, be a disaster for us acknowledge the two track presidencies: dangerous, acknowledging the facts on the ground as they have been exist.
For eighteen months and withal observed on is less danger, is any hake right that is predicated on Donald Trump becoming an extremely engaged executive. I'm very dubious no, but you could look Do you want him more paranoid? I mean the handling of these were paranoia. If your anonymous, do you want him more paranoid about you? That's why I don't understand the purpose of the
if your aim out or wasted Wordsworth crazy. I frankly that I understand the point of the peace either, but I know I'm like telling one either from the good while we weren't you all work for me. So aside from me, obvious crazy person have you ever worked for a crazy person or in an organization run by a crazy person, because I have I worked at the Washington Times, which is literally run by strictly person owned by a crazy person. We thought it was the Messiah and I've worked and other players in work for people who work for that. Guy with I was in the sire and when you get to senior management, all sorts of weird problems start manifesting themselves about your responsibility to the people work for you. And what do you do about this and why have you protect them from the crazy person at the top? And what and if you're gonna stay? What is it you're supposed to do to make sure that they are not influence?
there are affected by the craziness or whatever, and it's very complicated is a complicated thing that you were obliged in and this and that's just like some. That was just some toy newspaper him, and this is the root of the I didn't see the and the executive branch of the United States and to be so cavalier about it for some little result. What for a seven hundred word, Peace, that says, don't worry, were protecting free minds and free markets, I'm afraid I've had already base at women and cynical sense of what the guy gets out of it, which is as the guy or a girl who knows. But I've heard that new times editors refer to miss Heap Absolution among your friends for joining the administration. You still
I have to go now. Look either get you out. I wish link that that's coming. I don't think you can do this without no an eminently or you'll be out you're on MSNBC data cities. Contribution are bored with that. Another way things happening, the Magua people don't like him, people like, stone like him you kidding neoliberals liberals, don't like the Resistance Box will flow. The second this person's identity is revealed where I am sceptical big. The line is whatever that person did. He say the policies of the Trump administration. Remember, yet we draw a distinction between the policies and the bad behaviour right. The left. Doesn't they think it's all men and associated did? The only thing that is going to matter is how mad Donald Trump is at this person. Yet I was about to say I mean this is scary in and of itself. Whoever it is might be reviewed if their plan was to come out.
And and reveal themselves at some point to two to get to get the windfall. I think they may be hesitant. Now I would be yeah. I want, and I now look: peeling gonna people, habitat judgment, people don't understand how what they want to do, how it Appear to people, I don't really get a fellowship at what is its stand up, America, the he's gonna get a book deal and maybe it would not be. That might happen. Resistant inside and re gonna get an idea that Europe is not work on case you with a book deal can be. Could be written by not at the book to be written by sea now leave here there how we know. Of course you know that the famous thing where the the anonymous book about the about the evil, know that the evil Iraq war was written by a grace.
Person your member, this Michael was was Michael sure, you're, the guy. Who is hollow? Isn't he now I m now his liquor he's a yet. You wrote a book called imperial hubris about. You know how it was terrible, its official, how we went into the Iraq war and then, basically he has become this lake, vile, Anti Israel, YO, calling for the assassinations of Obama and Trump and file Anti Semitism, and this book was like, while had to be an ominous because you know I was in inside the c. I a writing about the blah blah blah, so it's not necessarily the best career or sign of necessarily to do stuff like that are at least someone. You should trust, because their willing to be so craven, yes, oh, is that there is and there's some truth to those to those who are really frustrated by this up in all sides than of respect.
And even those who, while I think, Vietnam and anonymity thing is important, there those who are like Sarah Sanders, who are saying that the creation of these lists now is tarnishing the reputation of some really good people, and you people should be ashamed of yourself for engaging this behavior, but they are doing so by adopting language that is dead. Stalinist traitor and enemies of the people and the cowardly anonymous were happy just at just really obnoxious herbal imposing unbecoming republican administration, a puppet the, but the person who wrote the peace said I am part of the resistance inside the administration, but by this- I don't it's still it actually that all them treasonous enemies, other people to buy hung by the end trails of them for their fellow resist. Obviously not, but I don't know, that's the performative part so that we go. We go back to the whole question of whether or not part of what's going on here with our collapse of all of our institutions.
For eyes, including by the way, the Supreme Court, whose reputation is not going to survive. You know what the sideshows like. This is one of the few institutions that has a positive reputation, and God knows- and I know, there's some controversy because of course the regret has made some landmark decisions that Sarah isn't like serve in particular doesn't like, but is one of the unifying themes of the country that you serve trust the Supreme Court well after Kavanaugh you're now going to have like basically Democrats and they don't trust the Supreme Court rights of this week or two legitimate. So another institutional its collapsing. But so much of this is performance eight, so maybe we're not collapsing what's happening is that the elites are all becoming actors. They're, all bids, they're, all they're, all engaged in perfect.
Whence- and this goes now to a point that I think are made and we should end with which is so all this is going on in America. All this going on Washington all this craziness Booker and Kemal Harrison people screaming in the pan gestures in anything like that, and then there's three hundred and thirty million people in the United States and what part of their lives is affected, including and let's talk about trumps, twitter, feed and trumps, Miss behaviour and fighting with carbon capture neck and all that stuff. That makes most people lotta people uncomfortable. But what effect does it have on anybody's actual life? Maybe what we are seeing here is if politics becomes performative it by definition, becomes less effective.
And less central to our existences, because no one day and not enough, people are going to trust that the political system is doing anything to help them, and so they will not do anything to help them well I mean I have to filter through my own life is my point, was look on the one hand, the every institution really seems to be in some sort of slow motion collapse. You know the Senate, which is supposed to be the repository of of wisdom and self command and by his becoming a Anne S, show, and you have guys in condoms, boring condom outfits outside and inside you, of course, Booker being Spartacus, and you know what happened in Europe that you have the catholic Church, the bedrock of my life, but the Bishop serb sniping at each other and that you have the presidency of the leader of the olive advocate, but, unlike the NFL Nfl, that was Nike what
If you can't trust your sneaker, what can you trot looking national terms? This is all happening in a moment of extraordinary Placidus There is no is written arises. There is no economic crisis. Is no foreign policy crisis, all the stuff that traditionally sobers you up isn't happening so we're just preventing or increase Christ, but here's the fear, of course, which is that you you you end up cried the section of the catholic church was the very real crisis. So you end up in a crisis, and you have institutions that aren't necessarily going to heal themselves quickly enough to to be able to respond effectively to that's, or you. Have a real crisis: it'll suddenly it'll bring out the slim. Donald Trump will rise to the moment you be, he learned, unite her look
I think a lot of us have come to have have real questions about the personal comportment of any intellectual gravity and all of that of Rudy Giuliani right in the wake of his behavior over the last three or four or five months, and yet there was somebody who we saw you know tested and the end of the steel in the middle come out really horrible moment now that doesn't necessarily last forever writin and its seven. Eighty seven. Seventeen yes Some years ago, in an I'll get older and you know they have all sorts of disappointments and all that, so you don't know, what's going to happen, but I don't think that you look at this accrue people and you think that they are you really going to turn in a boy. The country's going to be in good hands will be get into trouble and I don't even know if trump
purple. People would necessarily feel that way. In other words, you only need to own the libs as a pot as a as a procedure, if you don't have other people to own. More importantly than the as you know, the comedian Larry Miller said after nine eleven And then there were all these days tat lay he was going out after the Patriot ACT. There was also the staff, and I was in power. There many said you now here's the thing like your house is on fire you're supposed to all get together to put out the fire, and then you can start arguing over who said the fire and who is responsible for the fire and who should pay for the fire, but the fire is on your supposed to get together and put the fire out. I've gotta say just this. This makes me think that in ITALY of the possibility of a coming real crisis. To another thing, that responsible that the opposite a broadcast to the world, that the admin
duration is divided and and at war with itself will that is the problem with the two track presidency with anybody whose observed this, especially when it comes to foreign policy has been very unnerved by the fact the administration does things that seem to contract, the present in the United States. In fact, the prison, the United States, particularly when it comes to the North Korea situation, for example, was arguing with members of his own administration over Twitter over the tactics there. Taking in negotiating a deal with North Korea. It was a very much and nations, don't formulate policy based on tweets, but nor can they afford to ignore presidential statements. The stakes are simply too high and in a crisis, environment. The tweets can become a source of miscommunication and miscalculation and that's a very dangerous thing. So the two track present She is a very real problem. Acknowledging that it exists, however, is just simply the fat on the ground. I have no problem with it with acknowledging the fact that,
have an administration that behaves in one way and a president who behaves in another, and it's about time. We acknowledge that fact. Well, it's been broadcasting or weakness. I mean I do think those Walter that I do think we're position. There now we are literally now two months before the american people will, in you know the end in the one of the two massive electoral events that will take place in the next four years.
We'll go to the polls and issue some sort of a statement about the political compartment of Donald Trump and the Democrats and our political class, and I don't think that it is surprising that the numbers appear as we get closer to be going in the direction other than the trompe indirection not ideologically, and who knows I'm if their behaviour, if the Cavanaugh stuff continues for a week and there's you now and that this kind of lunacy continues for a week the possibility of on line voters saying pops on both your houses and not particularly being enthusiastic about the Democrats is, it certainly is certainly possible, but I do think, there's a Cumuli
in fact, in over the last month, in Trump, by the way, because everything is good because we're not at war, because we have a strong economy, because we have the lowest job of work, searches number and since in since nineteen, sixty nine african american unemployment, it's sort of astonishing levels that we have seen since I cannot take a victory. He cannot take a proper victory lap. He cannot say you know good times are here Thelma you know like or or what he he looks for DE he looks for dragons to slay and there their cultural dragons right there. Not you know it's not that was it. You Thomas Jefferson said you hey you're, not supposed to look abroad for four four demons. Sleigh dragons sleigh. But he is basically spends every day, looking for some
to get its, not that he does not mention unemployment or the economy mentions of all the time he talks about it within the context of himself. He wants he wants him Red ELF it'd, be this the conversation and guess what in November, he We the center of the conversation. I don't think it's gonna help him. That's part, the point of view, if you say look, leave me out leave. My you know you like we don't like me, you like it. Will you like four percent employment, you like growth over three percent. You, like you, know credit crime as them whenever he, but he has a fundamentally dark negative perspective on life on the world on things and the solemn cystic perspective that you rippling, incinerate, But but- and it is all about him, and so all he won't. He you get the credit by not taking the credit, but he doesn't believe that to be the case, why they are just not a scene about. What's completely disappeared from the radar,
the Kohen rushed out of the island- I is people were talking to me that we are talking about his deteriorating job approval ratings are kind of down, and I speculated that they have more to do with the Mccain remembrances than anything else. If people are saying now, it's the Collins stuff, it's all the chaos associated with the Collins stuff. I can tell you what happened with the Collins stuff whereas, like I don't remember now, here's what I would say that's what's extraordinary. Is that because of trumps focus and because his focus allows the media, it allows me to focus on the negative, because that's all he's focused on the Kohen stuff and then and the man afford stuff rolling into the Mccain funeral rolling into this whole fight over Woodward, and everything like that. Just means that he has just uninterrupted bad news. At a time when there, the news isn't bad, it's only bad about him, but he does
The only difference between the news being bad about him and the news being good right. They could go out say you know not war without this were not at that were four percent. You know and have a hat These are here again commercial morning in America right. That was the whole way that Ronald Reagan won in nineteen. Eighty four and Trump will have to win in twenty twenty that way, except he can't he doesn't know how
His people, the burning all down people, want to hear that message. They don't want to hear that everything is good but, as I say, that's what's interesting about the owning the lips strategy. So that's the famous comfortably smug only lives at its. What what's? What the crazier, or most more repulsive of the trompe in people we now currently stern John Multi in various other people tall. All they want is to drink liberal tears, but yet, but that's a luxury. It's a luxury to be able to drink, liberal tears at a moment. You know that that's a sign of that's a sign, as you say, placidity, but does anybody in America feel.
The Pacific, like you, have a president who is stirring up the latter. Is the lake is placid and he is Canada calling into it. I will allow finish this, so I went to a camp and can I, when I was a kid called white Pine in Northern Ontario and it was on a lake in the lake. According to the material from camp, wiping send to parents was called Lake placid, it's like really placid is normally placid. New boats cannons Miller Class, it's great, but if you look at a map of Haliburton Ontario, what you see is away called Lake Hurricane okay. So basically people around the camp change the name of the lake for their promotional materials, but they didn't want people pass. They all my guy cancer. My kids, like her game, there's career hurricane there right so trot is doing the opposite He has America's leg: placid eddies. Turning in its leg, hurricane and people, don't like that's a great column. Thank you very much. So
for so far Meanwhile, nor residents are memoriam. John passwords gave the cannon learning.
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