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Cuomo's Tell-Tale Heart

2021-03-05 | 🔗
The news just keeps getting worse for New York's governor, with state officials saying they feared for their jobs if they did not participate in a cover-up of COVID death data and a powerful and credible interview with a woman whom he allegedly harassed. And what's this: Connecticut opening up? Is its Democratic governor a Neanderthal in Joe Biden's eyes? Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Friday March twenty twenty one. I am John Paul words. The editor of Commentary magazine with me, as always: executive, editor, everyone, higher hygiene associate editor nor Rossman, high Noah Niger and senior Christine rose high, Christine Hygiene. Oh, as our readers, have continued listeners. Sorry for listeners who are also one hopes, are readers
have continued to email in saying. Please do go ahead. Them focus on your obsessions with and requirements. oh in schools. In the end Whatever you want to say we're going to say whatever we want to say in that this is not just a story that deals with our obsessions. The governor of the third largest state in the in the country is, is under fire on on two fronts, and there was a major story that broke last night, weird kind of thing, because it looks like it was kind of an investigative report released by the Wall Street Journal and then the New York Times followed up on it pretty much the same story with some different angles to it, but indicating
at the wheels are coming off. The tricycle Cuomo the Andrew Cuomo Tricycle, because this the enemies of Cuomo, where the people who feel abused or our hard done by Cuomo, are now coming out of the woodwork and retailing stories that are very, very, very bad for him and possibly suggest criminal negligence and criminal liability at Noah. Let's start This that criminal liability story as as potential oh, as laid out in the Wall Street Journal in your time. Yes, kind of complicated, but the time the journal came first ends essentially confirmed to the extent that can be confirmed that gonna comas office was leaning on health officials and health Department to emphasise the numbers on the head
hard data coming out of nursing homes, about debts in nursing homes and were putting substantial pressure when officials to revise downward those numbers so that they could make him look better that's essentially the allegation and the journal has a variety of other reports about how that went down. I actually prefer the Times report because it gets into a little bit more detail about who is involved forget with his name is a sucker our example. its knocker yeah. Famously the model for do be Hauser Emily signed off on this effort. Apparently he's impulse aided in it. Email truss, who is sir, was the the lead person putting pressure on public health. Visuals and one other I mean this is close to it. Smoking gun is, it gets one of the lines in the New York Times report. I don't. I don't
Any other politician would survive. This quote. Health officials felt the governor office, whose opinion was conveyed by Mr Walter S, wanted to simplify too much They worry. It was no longer a true scientific report that they fear for their jobs if they did not go along. right. So I very much so there's no massaging that that there was saying was either you lose their jobs or we. Besides these numbers, we falsify the data to make me look better. We know the details in the Times Report says that this intervention came a little bit before, but close to I'm in which agriculture was drafting his book. His big celebrate worry, the trail. Unofficially, I'm sure I was drafting, I'm sure he was drafting is what I'm sure he was sitting burning every night around with its well pen, I can it there's another thing, a timeline why's that I think is important because of the false narrative that was constructed at the time and that actually lot of partisan still are clinging to in their desks
pretend not to seek won over what he actually is and what he actually did not sit in the times of believers. In the time support they point out that one the justifications or excuses the common ministration made was well, we have to do this, because we feared a politically motivated a secure shouldn't from the Trump Justice Department. If we release all this stuff in that wishes, we were under so much pressure. We just this is one of the reasons we did, as will the timeline that the New York Times Construction- that's not true. They were doing this before their death, the federalists was involved it looking and what was going on at all. They are so there It goes another one of those sort of partisan justifications that we heard a lot of in the mainstream media. Like oh he's, undersea I'm trump. Of course he had to do this. Let's excuse it away, and do that anymore. That outcome quick point, but the book. I think the fact that he was putting out this triumphant book at that time were I'm sure he did not write
It speaks to the true psychopathology at work here when you are committing some sort of cover up of that scale and that important, to then go out of your way to draw attention to your role in this whole process to too you know, too, to further raise your profile in directly link to this? To this massive cover up? That is eight. That's just a crazy thing to do. I mean that, is you know I sort of like currently testified before lawmakers and whether he was under oath or not that he probably shuddered, then if he was testifying.
And misled lawmakers about what they knew when they knew it, but the facts were in. The figures were and are still operating. I they lied and under this is this. Is it to do? Was not involvement, but nothing since can we can we talk about the you know? You know that that phrase that require some of the Lincoln Project. Therefore, you now to be taken with groups of the Fraser. He came up with the title of his book. everything Trump touches dies. We want a weird way: everything Anti trump touches dies, including the Lincoln Project. If you think about some of the figures who popped up in the last four years were elevated to a very high level, because they are willing to go to war with tromp or they are seen as the anti tramper their put in some position in proximity to Trump. I think of Michael Lava, naughty, very much the same kind of story as a blaze out, which is that of a naughty
as under was under was in danger criminally and will enable both enough fine, liability and personal liability and criminal action in all over the place and bye bye. Raising his profile and by becoming this kind of figure, the people, starting always run for president twenty twenty was on. Every television show every day, every night He expose the light was without the light, was cast upon him and then people who whom he had fleeced or had miss treated, you know wet for his juggler and destroyed him right. There's that case, there's there's the Lincoln Project which, the sort of been exposed in this bizarre way for its own economic
depredations and four per the personal depredations of at least one of its major staff members, and now we have Cuomo, who is the ultimate anti tromp in in the case of them. Eric did this crazy lunatic thing, which has not only Carmack right. It's like he was daring, the gods to come down on him almost like he's the character in the tell tale, heart and he's like here. Let me walk you through. Might the world and show you, I'm just get you really close to the heart I've buried in the floorboards, so close that I'm not the only one who's, gonna hear it. You're gonna hear the beaten our two of the person that I killed in bed but put his heart than the floorboards. I mean. Who does that It is almost as though there is something about the Trump era that drives the people, who want who wanted to combat him. In Romania. We
Since theory was that you know, if you got close to trump I he would somehow put magic bad jujitsu on you and you would be ruined but I think this is a more interesting case of what happens when you have a figure like this. Who creates this weird, these weird counter figure? Now the quabos covers only aware counter figure in that he was a a singularly charm lists. Politicians know for being a hard ass. You know impossible person to deal with and the last person you would call carrying an empathic, or you know, concerned with the feelings and and and how he wanted to be things that make things and do things, but not in a heart, not in a way that exposed is often that wasn't there
Something interesting that looking back, you know it from a little bit of distance from the trunk administration that that's noticeable, which is that trumps sort of book. Absolutely out there a morality, the fact that he was so kind of embraced that as part of his brand and Prince Perviz personality drove who themselves worst sort of immoral to suddenly tell themselves as the moral alternative to the amoral trump and in many many cases, other naughty Lincoln Project did not Cuomo. We see it Actually they were digging their justice compromise in terms of their character and lack of virtue, but trunk gave them there It's almost like they sought to recast themselves and virtuous means and clung chrome. Certainly did that in direct contrast to trumpet every Prescott friends, I think anything something I of course absolutely delicious and an end to this What's the downfall, but that's where I think the trumped arrangements. from label doesn't quite capture what
happened because it arrangement can be left behind? This is actually something that's now get and baked into our politics and not gateway bullets. You know like the added from movement selected for people who could make trump, in a certain way, you know they they they they do. It found people who could play his games, or so they thought so so therefore, they brought very similar, trompe and flaws to the undertake right. I think that's, that's that's an important observation and it also gets too. The fact that when people were served defending Cuomo in the early going from Tis James is report. That was the first. You don't hard evidence or proof, aside from what everybody knew act only which was that of nursing homes. S work,
covered up by fudging, the numbers and all of that that people said what you know. Okay now do trump like we did. Trump America did Trump. He lost the election in twenty twenty. You know he law, you know was a dead said: seven Almost eight million votes were cast for his rival as opposed to him and he lost by you know, eighty eighty electoral votes and he lost. You know the three states that he had one that that he had made in the inn in twenty sixteen, so he was punished, so this notion thumb out but it's not fair to talk about Cuomo, because trumpets sitting there is it was. It was up, was a preposterous line of defence seems to me, but it was kind of where people went in a kind of got way implies this kind of shadow. You know it's like
the limb was removed from the american body Politic, but it's still there and it still aching and people are still feeling at and still try to use it as an excuse not to make a count. Em reckoning for the Miss behaviors and and and and and bad judgments and and possibly criminal activity of people who have stood against him, which being is having stood against him, doesn't mean that you can't be a bad guy ah, but they sort of thought that it was some kind of immunity idle that you could then taken that not gather voted off the eye, but well, you know Devils Island, Rikers Island. I don't know if there are there in the offing, but one of the ways in which they may be in the offing for Andrew Cuomo is the sexual harassment scandal and a few watched Charlotte.
To ban at the twenty five year old aid. Who was the second person to come out and say that Cuomo had ever had them had hurrah as an employee of say, government had had committed a textbook case of sexual harassment. In her case, she was almost nor O Donnell. On the previous evening, news tell us about yeah. I thought, as I said yesterday in the podcast, that I thought coma. dont himself, some good with his fake apology and to the extent that that was true. I really think that this interview on did any of that Charlotte Bennet was very impressive. She was very composed and sincere and serious and really brought you into the room and end in describing what she experienced with Cuomo. It was in June,
He went to her office to take dictation Andrews. like a bad movie. At some point, he d ask certain turn off her taper quarter. And start discussing how lonely he is start. asking herve? If she's, The older men, Trieste explains it. He he's fine with women as long as you're over twenty two. I think, and then the part that really just struck me was he's. He goes into her She apparently has some some trauma, pre Como trauma having been raped and he starts going into her experience with promising. Sir you, you ve been rate been wrecked. Are you? Are you comfortable with with intimacy in a sort of have poking at that feeling her out on on her trauma. You noticed the ice,
presumed to sort of sea. If you know, if there, sir, I can opening their you no end She says at the time she was, and it's very believe what you feel it when she describes it. She was terrified to be there with this man. this was this was an absolute nightmare experience for her there no doubt in my mind, that that is the case and and the idea that he could then, comments at all and a joke. I flirt either. She was absolutely tariffs Well then, she says, you know, Neuro Donald said you know. Oh well, could you misconstrued him he just being playful and she just to look on her face when she just looks at the camera and says no and that I agree with that, the most I I just watched episode, it watch the whole thing, but the idea, he's trying to like trauma bond with this person? Road is actually threatening and harassing by bringing up her prey. Ps assault is horrified I mean that is just like textbook, not what you do,
if you're doing this as a friend or someone is actually trying to help someone. That is not the bound the crossing that he did with such abandoned and then to call that playful or to excuses. others just joking, and this is how we behave. That's appalling look. We know he he he has not denied any thing. Any piece of anecdote. That Charlot Bennet has laid out about what happened. What he has said is he never touched anybody and appropriately that that is then belied, of course, by the photo of him inappropriate, appropriate whatever you want to call it the photo of him touching misery at the wedding ran her head, and this kind of expression of why? What are you doing? There rant nl. The raft yeah
we I just ice, was in those are two different things, because this is a woman who worked for him. She she isn't subordinate position to him. Her job depends on him and if they had I spent on a bad tinder date than we wouldn't be talking about this right like he would just be kind of a boar and should hopefully never give The second look, but this is really is there in the workplace. so those there are very different rules and he clearly knows them because he said about them publicly when they are applied to other you, don't men in power, so that I think that is it is important because we, you know a lot of the stuff we talk about. We don't bother me to movement, some other. These things are I bet interpersonal exchanges that that cross Align verses, a professional atmosphere where this is clearly wrong So these are you enough to be her close to be her grandfather, is almost forty years older than she is. I mean just think I mean it.
Previous era. She would have been entirely old enough to be positive, re him to be her grandfather and in our aside from everything else, like gay her hands offer you creep like. Well, you see these three years old. All, these are newly somebody around that eyes. These are needed. tales about an old story, the notion that you know this Gonna change anything loose. The allegations against Andrew Comas government massaging numbers to hide dead bodies literally to make him look better. The notion, here that there is another knelt, multiple women now have accused him of being hands and being solicitous. Had this, from New York, state majority Senate Majority leader, Andrea, Stuart cousins. Yesterday this of the commotion resign unless a fourth accuser comes out. and when that happens, a guarantee the goalposts are going to move canopy equal yesterday that showed fifty five percent of New Yorkers don't run into a coma to resign.
approval ratings are even and There's something around some tepid support for him to seek a fourth term as governor, but no doubt that they would get over this, because What we are witnessing here is the same foible that we saw on the part of Republicans rallied around Donald Trump. We spent the last year, accusing her elegance of having some sort of a bizarre attachment since this phenomenon. Splay. That was unique to Republicans and Republican. psychology when what was and is entirely human. It's it's a sin. It's awful but it is nevertheless a human response to say: well it you know, devil. I know at least is on our side right will. Let me let me offer this as a possible carry out, and this is one of the reasons that this country crossed the Rubicon in terms of expectations of our leaders and what our leader strategy away with everything we
What happened with Bill Clinton and ninety ninety eight may be the reason that it's fine with them that most day, is the day. Is that nobody any more has any expectations that political leaders are anything but scum and that's an that's on your side. You like em and they're, not scum, because they are advocating things that you want to believe in, but personally you got no truck with them, but if you, if you tell them look you know this guy no harassed women and he covered up Nursing Home DAS and all that it's like, I'll find. But I like the Second Avenue Subway or you Oh I, like that happens, a bridge or what like Lombardy Airport, all of which I like by the way. So I you know, but Trump had this from Republicans and Cuomo. Has it from them France, which is that we no longer expect our politicians to be good. Men,
I know about women, because this is a whole different set of calculations about women? I'm sorry not to be. Totally about areas, but people don't expect politicians to be good men now me He be. Their politicians were elected in part, because they do, seem to be good men and that that is they're calling card, which I think is the case with Biden for example. So if it turns out that you know Joe Biden does something arable to a woman, the oval office, it may have a heart. It may have a much worse impact on him. Then it would on on but like Trump, who comes into office already having our We haven't had been established that he talk did disgustingly about women. That is obviously his own personal conduct them. Portman I'll, give it again pushed back and binding for once again and interrupt you because their it from the perspective. I don't know- and I talk about this- a lot with my friends who were all along all points- the political spectrum
he is buying, gives off a bit of a creepy vibe. If you're a woman like he's, really hands he now, they can say. Oh he's affectionate, and because these older it's like kind of a nice grandpa he gets he'd violates people's person, space on the regular- and that setting aside whether the terror red allegations were actually legitimate or not, obviously their veto, those actually never thoroughly investigated in the way that you don't demands were made when it right other categories, but he he violates your personal space in his argument, his claim, was always like a different generation. This is that so you're told people, immigrants can make people uncomfortable any still like that. So a thing he I I never loved him is that kind of guy. I'm not defend
that way. But I'm saying he's a grief stricken parity lost his wife and a car accident. He lost two children me so empathic. He talks about his stutter that one of the things his presentation is personal presentation. Is that he's a good person, in contrast, tromp who might be at best? You know I taught the tough man who makes a tent. Chicken to use the Purdue Chicken Slogan right, like you, wouldn't want em, you wouldn't want em as your friend, but maybe you want to me now. you need a man that wall right and Cuomo in the same way like he's outside What is your thug, except? I, of course, I think that is true but Como, but throughout the course of the pandemic he can. recast himself as a good man right That is why this learning, what exactly so, but I am saying that his mistake, maybe wasn't, but, but he were chasms, offers a good member. What I'm saying Is when it comes down to it
you then say you know what he's really is really crappy. Covered up nursing home desk to advertise himself, and he and he will let you know when he molests women and harass as women and you're. Like a look, I just don't expect anything over many way. That was you know, I I I have no expectations right, and that was the thing that happened, though you know the hypocrisy is the tribute the advice pays to virtue when the United States, when the Democratic Party in ninety ninety two decided collectively to believe Bill Clinton. When he said I I in our general Flowers is a liar these women, who say things about me or liars, it decided to say where were closing our eyes to this, because we want George H, W Bush out This is a young guy, and all of that is his wife was sitting beside him and she says she's, not the kind of person who stands by our man and makes cookies them we're gonna go with them, some
changed like that that the experts, they should nobody, you shouldn't expect you politicians to be good. People in power tend not to be good, but they were supposed to at least comport themselves with an a toward standard moral choices and try to in a draw between them at an end and not publicly exposed themselves of Hamel themselves in ways that- that that violated the elementary rules of good conduct in society and that ended almost that ended twenty nine years ago, with Bill Clinton essential to the democratic nomination. It is the kit. Yes, I mean it became public because they're always right leaders who, by the way, a guy- and I think it's interesting as its There'S- a very much to go with your Purdue analogy kind of a chicken and egg problem here. Right because does power, attract people with an overly developed sense of entitlement, or do they develop
more entitlement once they have access to power is, I think we are both kinds of politicians and- and this includes women- we have no, I'm sorry Katy he'll have. It was really entitled and felt she could behave with you know, however, you wanted to with her staff. So it's not it's it. Generally. Remember women do this, so I think that that that issue the act that we seem to have had a cultural acceptance of the press and the public Shouldn covered up, had existed in a healthy way, farewell and scan. You know very hard. There were lots of politicians brought down by that particular sexual gables, but you're I think at tat moment the broader cold all power, decided, you know we're gonna a much more instrumental relationship with our our democratic politicians when they are accused of things program. Right. Look, there's no question that in nineteen sixty one or nineteen sixty two if the american public had found out about what John F Kennedy,
is doing in the pool with a with Mimi Fond Stock and others that he will I've been out of all he would have, he would have been he's got a friends. I had some tough its. I know he was much just saying that there were there was that there were different set of standards. The standards changed in part because people discovered the politicians of the past, who were so in particular Kennedy who had become this kind of mythological figure were people of highly problematic character and either you were gonna say they were bad back then You were gonna, say: well, we can't hold. I mean we, we would lose the wonder of the wonders of the these. Should we use this as an inviolable standard going forward and then what you get twenty four years after Clinton is tromp. and again, maybe Republicans, think that that deal in our trump fans believe that deal was a was a good deal.
Or a good bargain. I don't for many reasons, but I mean the part of the reason here is that you We have no there's no limiting principle one virtues of the hypocrisy standard is that it representing limiting principle on what politicians can do with their staffs and what they can do in the exercise of power. We have limiting principles. The I'd say it's the constitution's limiting principle Balance of powers is limiting principle, our laws and the rule of law as limiting principle. But when right down to a day day. What are the limiting principles on somebody like Andrew Cuomo. We can now see that there are very few as long as the people around him are scared to death of em and will do whatever he says, because they know that he will represent regular out because he has no limiting principles with that. Let me talk to you about our first.
Sponsor today, Dan Sinners, Podcast Post, corona, fantastic podcast couple months old, started to examine what life would be like in Erica. What light will be like in America and in the world as the virus risk AIDS and we return to normal and what normal will be. I the guest on at talking about New York in New York Theatre me Ferguson. Their stand for storing was on talking about the history, pandemics, Billy Bein, the the sports guru, was on talking about the future of sports, but that the Pakistani entranced, everybody in particular, was one that damn dead with a Yonah taunted theory in israeli Hell,
the enterprise or on what the on Israel as vaccination nation. This was like several months ago. He did it talk to a dairy, to have a dairy explained why it was that Israel was doing such a great joy. In the very early stages of the vaccine, in terms of string ed, getting out getting out the right way what it was, but is. Say what it was about. The way is real constitutes in the weather government functions and its health system margins that made this possible. and a theory is now back this. The new posts Corona podcast this week, again is an update from him on everything that's been going on and what will be
the United States, because Israel is he says about five months ahead of the United States in terms of getting the population vaccinated and getting back to ordinary life, actually more draconian lockdown in Israel than here in most places. I intermittently on and off baby Netanyahu, though very much and if trumps was kind of aid and was the opposite of Trump, when he was the most serious person about the dangers of the vaccine in his country. The virus in his country, therefore the most determined to buy enough vaccine and to get a regime in place to get rid of the virus as fast as possible, and that was one of the first things he did was set up. the purchasing and distribution system, and then when it was re to go, they went like gangbusters and so is
It was now showing the way not only in how to create a vaccination regime, but in what will happen when you reopen how How things will go, how large the economic growth spurt will be? How much? Let's say a social joy will be expressed by people who have been let loose after a year. You know in in semi quarantine, it's a fascinating discussion, it it it will. You know it's instructive and, and using an interesting like all of the post, Picasso goaded Apple podcast go to Google Pike, S go to stitch you're going, we have to go subscribe to post corona with Signor essay Anwar. This episode is great and all the previous ones are right to suppose corona with dancing over, and we thank them for sponsoring the commentary.
I remember remember. Forty ago, when work thoroughly thousand whatever. When Joe Biden said that was neanderthal thinking that had led Texas to lift all of its data statewide mandates and rules regarding them. Harrison, letting everybody have their own head in what they were gonna do to combat it, or find it or whatever, and how Better work among other people, said that the governor Abbott was literally trying to kill people who use the word literally. He literally was trying to kill people
Well never mind the governor of Connecticut Tough first were rose to fame in two thousand six by challenging and beating Joe Liebermann as they move on dot org candidate for Senate in in the end in Connecticut, and took the democratic nomination away from jolly woman who then ran and one as an independent, his final term, then the mud eventually has become governor of Connecticut. So he's a very left one guy and guess what you just did lifted all mandates state wide in Connecticut. The ever loved it all he lifted me Here is here's where the goalposts are moving, because I'm right in of this beast, he lifted caps on the capacity,
basically any indoors space, restaurants, museums, house of worship, what have you everything. I'm not even sure, I'm not sure about schools that might not have spot there, and you can check me on that. But capacity limits when he didn't do is The mask mandate, which now is the only thing that anybody actually was frustrated with about taxes from a specific wasn't about the capacity stop further. In other dutch Next year, the young another reimposition of a mitigation strategies, if you had a certain threshold of infection rates, nobody ever said anything about that, in fact, you're crazy, if you think it Did he ever said anything about that all anybody cared about was the mask mandate and the fact that Texas had become the fifteen state without a mask mandate. That was what was really frustrating- and that was why was neanderthal thinking- never mind, he's just doing what Connecticut wants him to do, let alone the raised, and no one has, as you know, was not kind of emphasised.
reported much alot of private businesses in Texas responded to the lifting of along the bans by actually emphasising their commitment to Moscow. one of the major grocery store changes into the chains in Texas, said you know what we still have a policy that you have to wear a mask inside our source and people will or mass under. This is actually not controversial, but the way it's being, message knows: why is it not controversial, because that's literally the words that Governor Abbe use the right when he lifted this mandate. He said that businesses, a mechanism, is obviously not gonna abrogate the freedom of business. do what they want to do, but he's a very explicitly that this is what you should do you want to do this. You should do this if you are very small business where you have capacity for ten people, Europe in your building in your room too, you can have ten people in that room. That's what as for and that's really all its four until it such or in a rational response that I can only attributed to politics that job I been saying this for a while? The Joe Biden doesnt want anything to move until
The stimulus bill is passed, at which point you can take credit for everything and anything happens before then, is not his timetable. You know, and the way this White House has responded by the way to what has become of them. Diversity around his remarks, First of all, this is a glimpse of the real Biden. Doesn't he both roaming, Joe Biden, that everybody has ever followed his career in politics, the absurd anytime anywhere is tony soldier. Sorry right, I want to put you back and chance I mean the guy has a role as a track record of being an elbow thrower tipped he's been in this for a while, he knows how works and that's the real Joe Biden, which is interesting How could this person has, but the White House has been very from you Know- has been actively trying to. I guess clean up after these from ex trying to restore the image of Joe Biden. There's this in a bridge building paternalistic Young committed to a comedy in collegiality coming I, which has never. Who was wrong, but it's
sure thing that the sort of cut it what they think his brand is, and if you know a venture legal, allow him to take questions at some point. If his handlers in the White House will allow the president to act as the chief executive of the fair, governments then eventually we're gonna, get more and more glimpses of this person really is to that too. frustration, presumably of sir the people around them without was that it was actually an interesting sort of game. It was. It was kind of like lack of all when he was running right, because when he was when he was and unguarded moments member. He called someone fat gate with. You know he would lash out reporters who were asking perfectly legitimate questions. He gets really testy and there were extremely disciplined about keep an eye on the on the lockdown. When, as we mentioned yesterday, you know they caught a feed from the White House when he actually was like hey. Let's talk, I mean they know. There is a no is absolutely right. It'll be fastening to see if they can maintain that discipline for the next four years, Now we should say by the way the Connecticut isn't really good place. Gonna gets infection
it is pretty low- they got upwards of twenty percent saturation in the vaccine So there is very little reason to say that they shouldn't pull back on this, but you do have the public health bureaucracy saying now is not the time not come directly in response to Connecticut situation. It's interesting because they would public health bureaucracies saying announced that time and there's the press is, you know coming. I would story after story about variants and vaccines and bent problems and all the rest and none of its kind of working right, because the public is is finally does too sick of of where we're whereat to continue to serve sucked in by every new scary story, did everything. Feel, like I'm sorry monopolizing here, but if the We're right if the public was really terrified, as they tell pollsters, really
scared of going outside really is committed to the regime we ve lived under four year. Canada will be doing this Texas, wouldn't This forum will be doing this, it's not in it's more illusory, then I think we give credit for it. You're supposed to say in public. That look. That's that's a big part, but the other thing, of course, is that intensity of interest always input in political terms, dwarfs issues that people agree with, but don't care that much about four. This is how we have the incredibly disk but the fact of four million, in other words unions, are represent four million teachers dominating the discussion of what what it was to happen with seventy five million schoolchildren who have a hundred and fifty million parents like you, would think under those certain up at five hundred fifty million parents where a hundred and twenty
billion parents or whatever the number is. You know, multiples of many more than the people who are insisting that the schools remain closed or that they that they, work on it there intensity of interest. Simple he has not match the intensity of the counter interest if it had. If there were parents, you know demonstrating and marching on this and doing whatever in writing. Tens of millions of letters and and and having you know, aside from people, you know screaming on Twitter us talking about something. That if it were matched and politicians got really scared that they were that they were on the they were crosswise of the people who are going to kick them out of office for their miss behaviour. They would not be, they would not find it so easy to us.
and to what the union's want, and I think, similarly with the virus, those who are fearful of the virus, at least at least in the first sixteen months the, density of their fear dwarf the luck we just have to go on with our lives. It's why are unaware met whatever there's night, you know when someone said? What are you crazy? You can't do this because you're you could unknowingly spread the virus to some kill them they're, like our eye. Any kind of I don't want to live like this, but whatever I've met you know so there. There is a mismatch of intensity. We ve been waiting for that mismatch to flip right or that or for the mismatch to become more of patch. These are little indications that the mismatches become a match. What taxes is doing? What? What? What can I do?
he's doing even the liberalization in New York over the next couple weeks represent some form of that but I mean that is also human nature, human nature on the part of people who want to abrogate power and want to use it and love the feeling of it. Aid to be scared, that they're doing it is going to have deleterious consequences to them, and it just simply the case that blue state mayors, blue state governors and the people who want locked down why mandates and all this are not scared and have not been frightened by their public's into relenting out of out of a reasoned caution about there own futures sought are really know what to do about that. But I do know that what you should do right now
he's gonNA, Amazon or Barnes ennoble or wherever you buy books and by the telling by markers and the book I've been talking to you about will be talking about for the next month. The the sty marks a deep, comprehensive study of the hug adopt the path over Saner handbook, Guidebook manual that you We have used twice a year at two successive days, for a thousand years, however, they are if their try, if they're in China, if they're in America, they're in Cameroon if they're in Argentina, everybody uses the pass over haha in different ways in different emphases, and he explores this remark.
we'll documents, power and authority and immense richness. It is designed to provoke discussion and debate that has worked for is so that we commemorate pass over juice commemorate pass over by talking, weeding and talking in talking about what happened in the exodus Egypt and to the jewish people and what the ideas of Judaism are that under gird, thus saner. So this is a fascinating and thrilling intellectual for me the telling how Judaism's essential book reveals the meaning of life by Mark Garson gee. I saw em so by it too. Ay and get ready for your sadder with aid with a book that will give you
many new avenues of discussion at your sailor and we thank Mark Person and the telling for sponsoring the commentary podcast. So, let's talk about masks again because everything has gotten confused and jumbled so lockdown are bad. I think we can pretty much say- or I think evidence will big will grow, that they locked downs, work, a terrible public policy in part because they simply did not follow that the results that we must follow from them did not, Follow from that right, the states where things were tightest did have not shown greater results in preventing the spread of corona, Nay camera. On the counter.
As ever the counterfactual and say if they hadn't done it. Maybe it would be twice as bad, so you got that going for you, but you can't prove that in theory but be that yeah Florida well did a lot worse than New York in Florida, the better, the New York or Georgia, which of course was said by the Atlantic, amenable to be doing an experiment in humans. Suffice has a as an overall, you know a deaths from corona number resolutely in the middle of the state pack of the fifty states, so the locked downs are bad policy. We now associated mask mandates with lot with locked downs. And mandates are generally bad altogether.
unless there are you not see that laws or something like that, like you can't tell that got, the government tells people what to do when their walking down the street or their do. Whatever is a very weird thing that we it's very discomfitting but masks are the solution, not the problem and we Gotten totally confused, particularly on the right about this, because all masks us was to do is be away. The Take your matter that comes out of your mouth or You were, or either goes into your mouth or comes out of your mouth, or out of your nose, doesn't go into somebody else's mouth or knows: that's it. It's not about any thing else. and so this notion that we all live where we live in a cab. We live in a society and we have to sort of function as as good citizens and add to it with some care for each other. this is a very low bar to clear. It seems to me
even though it is very onerous on certain people and again it's like incredibly onerous on kids in swoop. Kids, who are in school who have to sit with a mask eight hours and school like it's. It's it, sir. That's that that's a very hard call to make but masks the way out of lockdown and how this all got confused, jumbled together. Well, honestly, I think I think you could have said that in November of last year I feel We then say and gave it. I don't think you can say now honestly that masking is the way out of lockdown when masking has been the way of life now for about a year and lockdown. Has been a phenomenon that sort of comes and goes the problem with the people who are so outraged by the lack of a state white masking mandate. Is that there is no enforcement mechanism other than individuals, Mrs institutions and people enforced this norm and with it section but few viral videos on Tik, Tok,
relatively well policed. and there will always be violators, there's no vice squad going around with the power of with policing power. Forcing these. Now I'm not caused a lot of other non enforcing caps on businesses or I'm not talking about mandates, I'm simply talking about the common sense of wearing a mask as a hungarian and a little but has a very low bar as a low. and I'm not eighty miles, don't go out in the mask every single day. But then you have folks, like the present the United States who was fully vaccinated in December, who, now cannot be seen without too many s the same with Harris Camel airship, but it That's our science does not respect for your fellow man, that's not a social norms that self reinforcing that's just play, acting for the sake of the of the public, because the public is too stupid. To what's good for them, unless somebody is holding their hand or presenting themselves
good example think every responsible person should do this, but that responsible that success at the end there you there is no reason why shouldn't resent that, because you're being manipulated yet again, I don't know that the people who claim to be anti mask are in practice. Now bring mass. I think it is. It is a statement against the and the public health bureaucracy, and you know one of distrust and just up the tired of hearing from this. They have opinion that has been wrong. That has been contradictory. That is true, Don't you like it's just a way of saying: I'm not listening to you whether or not the same people who say that should go at wear masks. I dont know why and no makes a good point, which I think is too rarely raised in mainstream media discussions of this, which is that it is
The excessive person acting out in public refusing to wear masks the gets a ton of attention most people, even in places like order where you know why I mentioned I've been every he's got their mask on and I have even seen here and do see where mass wearing is kind of. I think eggs, excessive and you'll get screamed out if you're twenty yards away on a sidewalk, walking your dog and no one else has run in someone's easy without a mass, some some busybody will still yellow you. I have seen interactions with small businesses critically, restaurants that have said, patrons, you know a whole range of things like while you're sitting in your table when your server comes take your order. Please keep your mask on while The plea or I've seen you know the guy at the sea, vs several times had to say to people out mask over the nose. Is everybody likes to walk around? You know sort of passive aggressively with an under their nose. I've seen that any new at nine tonnes the ten people, like oh yeah, hey no problem, and do it occasionally grumble or get a little bit a stink I'd, but people comply, so I do think we ve had this theirs. incentive Portugal in the media
to exacerbate this idea that there is a trend of anti politicizing time maskers, but I'm I'm sure that statistically that's true, and I agree that there are a lot of people who will say that, because, whereas apes as their angry about all the mandates as a kind of acting out, but they actually somewhere. As will look that, having said what I said, I think that one of the great catastrophes in our public health messaging at the moment. is when Doktor Fouche, you or people say no we're gonna be wearing masks for another year. I mean you do that and people this is, like you know, it's like people on a diet like at some point ain't. You are on a diet that you read something that says that the thing that you were eating actually as bad, I'm the guy, see MC scales. I really doubt that need day you can eat that any more either, and then they say: ok, the hell with it. I'm not doing any of it, because I can't live like this and if you don't give people the sense,
The thing that noise, the most, even if it's the lowest level of compliance, now you can work. fire which is being or when you're around other people, particularly in indoor spaces, wearing a mask, if you don't say to them. This is temporary this will be over soon. If you, if you act, because you and in part this is this- is a weakness and failure on the part of doctors, Who have been wearing masks as part of their professional lives since You were eighteen years old, but we we have it and we don't That is the simple matter of fact and they are harming our ability to get back to normal. By saying that we are gonna be doing this forever, because this is the sort of thing that will cause
it is from individual, a million or two million are five million individual little revolts. That might in fact, hamper the progress that has been made in reducing. The spread of the virus, which we see it's now unambiguous, were shut, Once key of the CDC can talk about how the fourth wave is coming in rural and that's all at risk, numbers are not bearing this out. The numbers are good, the numbers are great, the numbers are going down, people the more the cdc all the time ignoring the CDC is the natural state of affairs, did he see recommends that for men you should drink one hour or to alcoholic beverages per day. At most, for women. It's one, no one! It pays attention to that. No one has anything but contempt for that, and if anybody, but were to really dig into that, would be assaulted for being anti delusion and sexist, and not health, conscious
half a dozen other regulations, the CDC recommends you you bye, bye, if you want to be a helpful person, if you wanna, if you're of primary concern in life is, on this. But if you actually want to live, then then abiding by the CDC recommendations is detrimental to your mental health. It has not given the psychological hurdle for us to overcome in very short period. Well, come on, there's a real difference. The CDC saying all things being equal should only have two drinks, and you should only have one drink because it's like didn't ask, but it you're in the middle of a deadly pandemic. What what the CDC says you have to do to mitigate the spread and keep your family from dying is a man. I have a little more important warmer let's do it when the city's love will see when the CDC issues its vaccine guidelines for the guidelines at your support, bye bye once you're fully vaccinated for this thing, and if there are not, the liberal, as you could possibly get illiberal the tune of what you can do after you, ve got an m m are after you, ve gotta. You know a technician,
if they're, not that, then he I imagine that there will be an explosion of apathy. This isn't funny way in which the the way that we now being asked to treat CDC recommendations is kind of the way. If you ever travel overseas and predicted to areas that aren't just like regular tourist destinations, you go to the State Department and you look to see if there is to know if this is a safe place to visit, and they differ rankings right, it's like don't come here. No, U S! Citizens should go here. There's like you could go, but take these precautions in a weird way were all being ass, Americans to think of each other, and everywhere we go in everything we do like. There's a state department, security reported, and the CDC is really not the right- it's really not meant to do that, and I think for now we ve accepted it I'm starting to really. Second guess is an particularly I agree with now. Everyone should watch very closely what those regulations say, because if there are even remotely you know, I'll be still gotta, wear masks the time, be careful, hugging your veto, equally vaccinated relatives. People will then
nor everything else, I'm wherever. Maybe your more sensitive to certain things and others. You know your body better than other people. You can substitute you're, better judgment and uncertain. They will not be liberal, I mean, I am certain that those plans will continue to restrain us. In various where I was thinking that can reminds me of during the war on terror years way? Dick Cheney one per cent doctrine right where he said that there is a if there's one don't chance that Pakistan can somehow get a new. Can they put the new in the hands of an Al Qaeda terrorist, we have to does if it's a certainty and that this was made fun of savaged by chinese enemies. Meanwhile, all that meant was invented that didn't put any better imposing restrictions on the on the population at large that just meant being vigilant abroad. This is the one percent doctrine which imposes
This is a huge restraints on all of us at all times, without an end in sight, the worst of it is what it is doing to kids I'm in the worst of it is what it is doing to kids. I have three myself were an incredibly fortunate circumstances. Going to school school is open and all that. But let me tell you this talk about the despair and the difficulties that they are, that that that people of this age group
are going through, is very real. That's wheel to all of them. They are struggling mental health professionals report that they are seeing levels of distress, the likes of which they ve never seen. Nobody can get an appointment with a psychologist or psychiatrist, because they're they're, overbooked, M M and overburdened it out. This is very, very real, and maybe it's not real to Anthony Fouche IE, but it's real to me and Israel, to my kids and their friends and Israel to Christine's kids and real scenarios. Kids and it would be real- two aims: kids of apes goods, it's real to everybody who is apparent which, by the reasons that I keep wondering why it is that there isn't this parent revolt.
That has that has started to, but part of it is, of course, that we we have to manage the world as we're living in it day the day and may not have time or space to deal with this. As a you know, as an ongoing matter. Let me let me pull back for a second and just talk to you about our final sponsor the bonds and grow block. We got good news this morning, a three hundred and seventy nine thousand new jobs created in the month of February, which has a huge an over January and an indicative of of creating a positive as if I believe, positive economic news now about the present but about the future if I want to know what You know what I'm gonna learn about, what this means and what this means, both in terms of the intersection of politics, policy and markets and my own finances
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purposes yeah, just like I watched Hunter time machine one and two I will definitely was he having to a clearer, is very funny that you that the first thing that comes to your mind is a country that was made ten years ago, because those kind of these are on the way out. You mean hot southern I'm getting married and had there not getting made an english boundaries desert because it's only impossible to get a script like that made. So, yes, I was wondering what do we mean by this kind of companies? Reverend Block Bus, her comedies right that get a! U turn, but hot tub time location light were raised, you're, gonna nationwide, really sort of reverence ribald sort of stuff. They can't make it through the industry. Anyone well so coming to America, which is called coming to America with the two of course, the sequel to the original, Eddie, Murphy or Semi Hall movie about the about the african prince? Who comes and goes.
incognito in queens to fire, fighting we boy all right, but to find somebody who is not them. You know who is like Unspoiled, like you would come to America to look for and unspoilt person I remember it being caught a lame. The movie exe for these explosive bits of character, business that Eddie Murphy did in the barber shop at play, an old Jew in an old barber and an eye and a sort of I wanna be Rick James singer and various other stuff. It's not it's, not my favorite scary movie, Eddie Murphy We buy longshot right, it's wonderful parity of some of the kind of at the time, the troops black cinema that were a kind of accepted as the norm he be marks. The mercilessly I mean he's got picked the crazy soul. Singer, there's like the church scenes. You know there's like there's a guy who's whose business
is running his father's hair. You know wailed emporium, I mean he moxie, He marks himself and his kind of culture mercilessly in a way that I dont think today you would be allowed to do without an overly of earnestness than a masterpiece, and I will work. There is no criticism of ok, you're, ok! Well, so you will be watching coming to America. So well Christine, and I guess I can imagine what he is. dont AMOS Runs, the runs the M, the fake Mcdonalds. Right. Uneasily I'm clean out its mixed. Our task is to live in However, I have come into our video store, which apparently was them was a Wendy's that closed a week before they had to film the movie, and so they just they just they had a
all three hundred sixty degree hamburger it out fast food set for that matter. For that purpose, of course, the other interesting thing about coming to America, written by a white men directed by white man. This is not true of the sequel which has been written and directed by African American, so of course, stolen from a white man, because of course one of the great stories of coming to America is that the idea for the movie came from the sun humorist, art Buchwald, the guy, who wrote the least funny humor column in the history of the world, for the Washington Post for them five years, but he wrote a screen play about an african prince who comes to America to look for a bride that was purchased for may end. It was from announced that Eddie Murphy would make it that was cancelled than two years later. Eddie Murphy makes the same movie and buckled
Suez and there is a settlement, and nobody knows how large the settlement was, which means that the settlement was in normalized Emmy, many millions of dollars, so ART Buchwald never didn't have to pay the price for not being funny so the route that little piece of of trivia. We will. We will bid you a warm hope. You have a good weekend into whenever you may stream and we'll be back on Monday, so for a pristine. Now, I'm job onwards, kid never mind.
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