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Does Anything Stick to Biden?

2020-09-02 | 🔗
Is Donald Trump’s effort to brand Joe Biden both an agent of the chaos we’re seeing in American city streets and a champion of harmful and unnecessary pandemic-related restrictions working? The polls don’t seem to suggest as much.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Wednesday September. Second, two thousand and twenty nine Jon Boat horse, the editor of commentary back after one of the briefest vacation. Record associate at her no Rossman. I know a hydra executive,
there are a great world who was on vacation last week, but has been back high, Abe Hygiene and, of course, Christine Rosen senior writer who was not on vacation either either weak. I got so dead. What's our story here, Trump went Canosa Biden apparently today is going to it. Act from Ferber for saying, schools should be open polling. We now have a whole bunch of poles that have interesting indications. One of them is that binds lay the still very solid. The other is that it's a little smaller than it was two weeks ago. He seems to be in the pool averages around seven. He would
around nine either just before just after the democratic convention, so either trumpets helped himself words, all noise or whatever? But so far, I have to say that if, if the unrest in Canosa and other and that the level of the increasing level of violence is going to help Trump, we have yet to see it reflected all that much in the polling. Well, isn't the gaps hasn't been slowly but steadily closing and swing states still on out again like I did. We don't have enough-
not enough data, you know you don't know whether the polls are good or not, and so it could be. I mean it's closer in the swing states than it is nationally, but as far as I can tell the last, the last batch of swing state polls had them had still had Biden up for Ich. You know three ish four ish and so either either that's missing a trump vote, either for observatory reasons or for in our inability to locate that vote or binds gotta led the end, and it hasn't really been dented by. My point is that I haven't been dented by the Newt. The o
for welcoming nature of the news of the last four or five days here that these s so, first of all, I think we all should be an operating on the assumption that the big overarching issue in this election is the pandemic, and that is the case for most people, and it might not necessarily the case, even for most suburban voters in around these urban locales that are being subjected to this kind of violence, but but, what the campaign with binding campaign has done over the last couple of weeks is acknowledge that was really silly not to redress this at the convention and that its now two. It is too for voters to believe that all this is transform that they have to retroactively condition you into believing that this is all that these mobs. That Democrats spent three months coddling, that locally hate Trump include from hate
or actually his creation? You have to say that a lot for voters to internalize it Republican seem to have been operating under the assumption that all this isn t it of a NATO have the saying nothing about it. But the poles don't suggest that. That's the case that voters do not necessarily tether Joe Biden This kind of violence and and radicalism, which has also itself intuitive, because Joe Biden has spent his queer sort of being a little bit more of an establishment. Terry and not a revolutionary, so the trunk campaign needs to commit itself to a messaging strategy here and b B, that message into the ground hammer at home with voters and have not been doing that. They don't seem inclined to do that and if they don't. It's not gonna. Stick well in the latest message this morning on Twitter is that is Trump going back to one. You know it all but a goody calling?
may low energy individual he's a low energy individual. We need. You know, sir, reminds me my late uncle Sol, who used to say this particular The visual I mean I'd. The individual is a weird word for it. Financing and twenty twenty to describe a person like that's, might be a reprieve attempt along the lines that no, it just recommended right, because the deed, the weird thing here is that Trump is the incumbent. So, in some sense, you would expect voters to lay the violence in and civil disorder, at his feet because he's the one in charge sensibly, but in this There is, I think, a lot of room for a political message that says I might be in charge, but its people on his side, the extreme side of his I'll, and do you think he has what it takes to say? No, to that mean that simple and I've been sewing. That kind of doubt in especially swing, say voters, mines is, calling him low energy is the way to do it, but he really has not done much.
Still on the back for re, still defensively, responding to the message ignat transporting out there perfectly. You know with conviction. Like on more and more in sorrow. Soft tones saw focus is not up to the job kind of message. Like you know, you'll. I know you like him. He'd likeable but he can handle this moment? Well, I mean that he wanted to go about trumped. Uganda can achieve that message. Yet that's not a tone that he's capable of other people came round him Obama. With they write it was like he is. He he's from the past he's a vote. In the past. You know the eighties want their foreign policy back. You know that that that kind of thing he's not here for this time he's talking to rich,
People is not talking to you all of that, like as it was a you know again, I don't even know if them that this again gets to my central difficulty here, which is if what, if we are talkin about very big issues like big once in a century issues the pandemic and the economic reaction that could that could you know, have repercussions at last for a decade and this urban unrest and all of that, what's Somebody says on a Monday or Tuesday. There, Wednesday isn't gonna matter all that much. The question is: what is the? What? What is it that the public views as the central problem that the election can help solve is it everything has just gone out of control? Everything is out of control, Our health is out of our economies out of control, cities or out of control, and can
sky, who was in office who has been in office and all this happened while I was in office, can he is he the better person to bring it all under control. Or is this other guy? And I I you know, I just don't know that the messaging is what's gonna tell here, it's a kind of emotion feeling sensibility even that the all all of which can be bolstered by policy, prescriptions and ideas and and and and proposals, and all that, but I you know I don't know I mean Abe were where do you come out on this? Well, I mean I love my senses at an even
but who are going to support Biden in November. I dont know that they think he can get this under control, particularly, I think it's more has to do with something that we ve touched on before in regard to trumpet the pandemic, which is that just by vote two of trumps having been in office throughout this nab the pandemic, and now these civil unrest. He is associated with it and that to move past him is in some sense, too big. To move past this horrible moment. Whether or not Biden can actually get her under control, but it is it it's it's a change and it's a it's a shift out of this reality and that in and of itself may be refreshed
there is? There is the fact that this week we are starting to see a new messaging strategy with regard to the pandemic and lockdown. You know Florida, governor dissenters came out. What was it yesterday and said? No, but we're not gonna do this anymore went up into the lock towns, we're gonna, get act and we're gonna try to start getting back to normal in a state whose numbers aren't even as good as New York's in New York just announced we're delaying school. Reopening fer. You know till the end of the month, so I think you perhaps over the next, even though it's just you know two months away, you couldn't have voters looking at them, contrasting approaches and wondering you know. I see republican governors taking one, like, and also Larry. Huggin in Maryland is just now they're going to go to the next phase of reopening too and then I see you know from these places where there's a lot of unrest and where the virus is actually not that bad, there's still a marked down. I mean those Does messages are a stark contrast if others are paying attention which is always the biggest
Well, you know the interesting he would take Maryland as an example. So, basically everything is opening up in Maryland, except the schools this very bizarre thing, rights of the population of the school at the school population, not the matter administrative or teaching population with a population of people who attend schools is the are the least likely people to get corona and their are ozma, but you can go to a movie, see you'll, be able by Friday, gotta movies AIR bowling alley. A bar go anywhere, and that is weird in New York. We were gonna, open schools and keep the bars closed, which actually, I think, makes more rational sense right because bars arm social distance. Nightmares, not that schools aren't, but if kids are really unlikely to get it and it gets it gets more
more likely as people age and, of course, that there's this fantasy than only people in their twenties go to bars, which is ridiculous. Seven there, a lot of you now hold her people. As you know, I mean you know like it out of here. If you're really doing a belt and suspenders approach, are you trying to make sure that there is a second outbreak? That's not a rat in so doing it. The other way, just is the kind of weird thing like you're Europe open up you open up everything, including the schools, but you can open up. Let kids we're not going to schools, go to movie theatres like what? What? What's the object there. I don't, I know them. The trends alert that I got about. This was very explicit that it was a sop to the teachers, unions, the teachers, weren't gonna, show up and most democratic politicians don't say that, but sometimes they slip up and do Muriel dowser when she and that's goals, but not open, set, listen if I don't have teachers and we have to find other adults rather supervise these people have adults who are gonna show up at the school and when my school get a message two weeks before opening saying they were now
I didn't say why, even though they ve been forthcoming with way more information than I could ever possibly want about the internal deliberations what's going on in the schools, and the reason why they didn't tell me because they have the procedures under the bus teachers are showing up made. I want to go to work and you have- and nobody knows the right answer to this Joe Biden, whose simple a doctor of education whenever she is doctor, Joe Biden, whose than most educate educator to ever and embarking was on CNN was asked about this crying student, this five year old cases, similar Muslim, deny live viral student pictured, the student crying in front of his laptop is having a lot of trouble with distance learning. I feel that pain, my kids, don't do without in person, education, it's tough for them she was asking. What are you gonna do about this and she says you if right Biden whence he won't be sitting there crying he'll be sitting there with his laptop with a smile on his face, because Joe Biden has empathy
or has worked well for in writing. There is hard to understand what it is it they don't have an answer to this guy had on. They don't have an answer. It's not an answer. They are doubling down on this. As a political strategy. Biden is going to give a speech today and this is how the New York Times characterizes it on what his campaign describes. As MR trumps failures on the dynamic as well as binds plan to reopen school safely, Simone Sanders Senor Advisor for the buying campaign, who was Bernie Sanders Press secretary, said Mister Tromp was quote barreling forward, trying to reopen schools because he thinks it will help his own reelection. We believe this is a key contrast. Rotors present trumpet continues to ignore the science and has no plans to get a virus on controlling Joe Biden, who is working with the experts and putting together an effective plan to be
the virus and reopen schools safely. Now again, one wonders: are they seeing stuff in the data that says This is a really good issue for them, because I find that very surprising. But on the other hand, I find a lot of things surprising. This notion that people, who really care care that the schools remain closed, who aren't teachers and who aren't people in their 50s or 60s who no longer have school age? Children. I I am unaware of a parent outside of of a parent who is completely panicked about the vibe. Switch is a population and people, but not you know not not everybody on earth who doesn't think they're the school should reopen now, maybe
My data are, you, know, skewed damage totally, but you know death. We have statistics, evidence of this department of Education in your city, conducted a pellet, pull appearance and found. Seventy five percent want schools to reopen within person, education and some for him now complicated right, because they it's very hard there. They have that they want to do all these best practices of social distancing- and I know from my my kid schools which are by private parochial schools As you know, there is its very laborious. You know making these pods rate and twelve in spacing things and finding space, and then, in the end of one of my kid schools they are doing hybrid because they simply do not have. Of physical swear footage to have a thousand kids in the building in the buildings all at the same time, and so they decided there of their choice, has been that the younger kids are much more in need.
The impasse that you that it makes no sense for a five year old to be a high now having a hybrid school experience on a screen so that their privileges them over the over the older kids it. This is very high and in some sense will build the buzz you announced they were postponing some of this was this decision last week or the week before last to consider possibility of outdoor schooling right and then it was like. By Friday, everybody should supply a plan for outdoor schooling. Well, what what on earth you? These are principles. What are they know about? What area near their school could be used for schooling, where they're gonna get desks where there were physically, whether there are gonna, be you know, accoutrements, to teach and to work and to study and what to do it rains and stuff like that, and so this is tough the can take months to plan and the plaza wanted in ten days, which is just to show you what
and they were monster plan they fought. We talked about this all Roma, I mean they ve had that time if they wanted to use it, but obviously did not want to use it. I wouldn't have what had occurred to them, apparently that they should do outdoor schooling that suddenly the outdoors is the great salvation of everything. As you may know, all these stadiums and places are now going to be used for voting right, so people can vote on election day which cracks me up. This notion that, like everybody's, got a Yankee stadium to vote for them hold, because who wants to travel and our took on a subway to go vote at Yankee Stadium. Just because its outdoors, like that you know voting. This was to take place near your house. I thought everybody thinks it was to be convened in any way
that this is. This is something that's amusing me that, like arenas in stadiums, organ open up for voting so that people can travel in, you know, impact subway cars and where they can be spitting on each other. To vote out tour But you know just to get back to the buttoned issue here. I don't think that the burden campaign thinks it's it's gonna win, in the weeds of reopening school policy, I think it's it's a broader approach, I'm whereby vacant positions. Biden as someone who is thoughtful and on top of the pandemic, generally
will end and its away to not talk about the unrest which which, which they are not. Is there they're not thereon less sure footing? I am I yes, but there is also this possibility, which would speak to it not being serve a fleet. Adaptive campaign, which is that there is a committee there's a task force. They ve been working on these issues and Joe Biden interested in them and blob lie, and so after three weeks they are getting to this point, and so they're gonna deliver the speech that they ve been working on, because they're not responding to the moment adequately and there are still on some game plan that there that they did, they rose in the last sixty days. An election you're. The best run campaign, probably of the last fifty years, aside from Obama's genius to Jews campaigns, was George W Bush is campaign in nineteen eighty eight when he was,
we have never cut. There was one point at which he was supposedly seventeen points down to Dukakis. I'm sure that that was garbage, though those numbers were garbage and badly pulled at all, that but beginning in September, Roger Ales, who was kind of running the campaign they totally throughout the playbook, and they went every day they went to. Lag factory, and they started highlight the fact that Boston Harbour was polluted, not because they were so hot on gonna running as environs anti polluting environmentalist, but because they were going at Duke. Because in his home you know like in the back yard. He always Mr Environmentalist well look at Boston Harbour. It's disgusting and Boston, the capital of the state that is the governor of and all that, and they just they just went where they had to go. They think they did not have they went net the next day than the day after day they did this as much as they could
and they they lived off the fat of the land and they won the news and when they one new cycles, they double down on it and all that, and that is what the the question is. Can Biden take advantage of what tramping on his on his on the balls of his feet, because it's not clear ebbing, that's one thing the trump may have in his quiver because his willing to say anything about anything it anymore, but well, that's why I think in binding. I agree with that thesis John, that I think he does his not yet shown a nimble this to a pivot from being empathetic. You know I'll keep you safe from covered. Bar to anti far grandma, like he's gonna, be both right now, because both things are dominating the new cycles and went trunk goes to Canosa and thanks law enforcement and talks to build, donors. There has to be a response from the buying campaign that isn't simply he's the call,
the violence, because we all know that sought the case or most people, I'm ok. I just don't think it's in him because to argue against the idea of such a ready made message in the failure of the blue state model There is a refugee crisis in this country from people streaming out of New York City and San Francisco. Literally, the housing prices have collapsed in San Francisco, which a shocking because everybody's leading and that's a real message you could make. If insignia listen, you might not like me whatever, but none of the blue state model is an absolute disaster, but he can't campaign on that because it's not about him. The alternative to the blue state model is the Red state model and red state model means you have to talk up a lotta republican politician, something you probably don't really love and who don't love you and takes a focus off of you. Even campaign adviser might not necessarily think that's the best idea because you're trying to avoid a referendum, but you know how can Donald Trump spend several consecutive new cycles. Not talking about him
You're, talking about the republican model of governance right wider, even off its I mean I would say this. I think it's it's well, it's well put. He is trying to do that. Democratic governors, Democrat Mayors, Democrat cities, democratic governors, Democrat mayors, right. That's all right. I will write and the only thing he knows that he is positive and he gets great ravings. You know, and their ratings are terrible and ratings are good and whatever ratings ratings. You know, there's a is an interesting parallel here between the burden and trump in that, for all the talk of on the Democrats part about how we will have a science driven data driven approach to the pandemic. Button doesn't really know what to do about it. There's not there's not that there's a few people. Do I mean No one is, you know, there's no model of this ideal science driven approach to the pandemic, and,
in regard to the unrest, Trump doesn't know what to do about that. Here aside from blaming the Democrats, Rachel Biden blames Trump for the pandemic without knowing what to do about it. Trump blame the Democrats for the unrest, without knowing what to do about it, and so they so it's both in both cases, neither is putting forth an actual positive agenda. Why think it's important to say that you know Biden, Biden, Simone Sanderson by Joe Biden save you know, binds going to follow the science on my trump. That's was ok, good. That's like a sudden cute debating point right because, because Trump has been you now, skeptical and they're all these stories about him, suppressing the cdc and all that, is no scientific, epidemiological agree,
Of any sort among the highest levels of the science here about what to do about the schools, there is none at all. It is a fiendishly difficult question and it goes two? Is it ok? If kids, if some kids get it because all kids need to get educate or is it important? Do we have to extirpate the virus, which means that we have to take extreme measures to make sure that nobody gets it at all if we can and that any you know smooth tiny of twenty people get it, then that could be a hot spot that will lead to a year that will
into a resurgence that will lead to a spike that will lead to a death wave, and I suppose our arguments on both sides or something like that, but it's odd to say that even those have been going on for six seven eight months, we dont actually know that much about how to prevent the spread of the virus. Oddly enough and some of them, facts you know. In the end, we are again in this bizarre position where we are now heading onto three weeks of fourteen day changes being negative, both in case growth and in deaths, so Matthew Pairs of a super piece in the September issue commentary call the harmfulness reporting of covert data that goes into how state health officials and all these places are doing the best that they can. They ve never had,
the taboo late, this kind of information in real time, the way they are being asked to do so now they get things, lay they get. They get tat death numbers late; they they start they they add them too, to they add them. Two categories at it looks like those des happen on the day that they were added when in fact, they their death. That might have happened two months earlier and that everybody is trying to blame politicians for interfering with these numbers and that that is an incredibly unfair. But what we do know in the giant aggregate is that the numbers are going down down down down not up and that when you say things like a thousand people died yesterday, Trump doesn't take. Seriously well, you know if it's not five thousand and it could have been five thousand and it's now, a thousand, that's good, not bad! On Friday show the last show that was on so when I remember
well then made a prediction that seems early preshent. What we ve managed to piece together here in just watching this unfold is that the places that got it bad in the places that didn't we'll get it eventually and all the places I got it then northeast the Pacific Northwest and the sunbelt are on the downward trend here, and One exception is someplace that never saw a spike which has the Upper Middle West, and that appears to be upon them now places like Iowa Kansas, so don't north and South Dakota are all reaching really high totals of cases higher than they ve seen before, along with by the way Europe Western Europe is now experiencing something akin to a second wave as the places that lockdown began to Rio South Korea and South Korea. Rounding up it's like a subject. You said this before dawn, but the virus does not does not catered anybody's, particular
preferred political narrative in any way by what we could be seen in this autumn is in absolute nightmare for the Upper MID West, in these very same places that are experiencing this convulsion of civil disobedience, civil, this order, and violence could also be witnessing their pandemics bike. Will you know Abe said months ago that that the dark impression that watching these numbers give is that you're gonna get it at some point? You're gonna get it and there is this all notion that veto politicians are the reason that people are getting it and not getting it, and that that is a politicized delusion that maybe a comforting delusion, maybe even a weirdly, hopeful delusion, because it suggests that you know a politician can prevented as well as cause it. And yet we have numbers by the way from from from your
city yesterday that Andrew Cuomo, who arguably caused more deaths with a policy decision there any other person in America is running. Seventy one percent approval in New York City in a conducted by the Manhattan Institute. So you know does it hurt you to be the politician who got it. This is all just a political football and I have to say I don't want to save the disappointing that Joe Biden is gonna. Try to blame trump trumps position on reopening schools in old saves all because politics, but there is something disappointing about that, because this also should this should not be cutting across partisan lines. There are seventy five million Americans who go to school under the age of eighteen. That's a lot of people and a lot of people who are dependent
their people whose lives have been thrown into chaos, and this notion that you are then somehow going to act as though a perfectly reasonable position, which is that the schools need to reopen as soon as it is safe for them to reopen is an active, craven political. You know cynicism, but he's he's asking what I mean is doing it. They even amulets. It strikes me as a little bit more subtle than that and actually much more emotionally targeted to that to the people he needs to win over to his is campaign, and that's just not It's a contrast, his version of what is safe with trumps version because trumpet such a role oak politician. What he's Trusting is saying, even if he's Is it safe? You can't trust him. You can't trust his judgment about what is safe and what is not to look at how crazy he is a good is twitter feed and there's there's really
that's a powerful message to make about from anything for buying what, in again here's a failure of the truck campaign binds message about safety has to take into consideration the power or of the teachers unions over his party, and that is something they ve been desperately kind of shunting after the side, but which has been coming up locally for people in these spots, where parents are really demanding that the schools real in asking why they can't and being told they can bring their kids in for remote learning in the school. But there will be no teachers. There. Yeah because they can hired Non union workers. I service proctors an idea by the way that, as you reminded me, I floated on gas nest in April. So let this teacher stay home and higher twenty one year olds to sit in the classroom and anti war movement around yeah Casino, thereby their private schools around the country that aren't Ivan friend, who is a catholic school in her look
in the MID West is doing just that, because this sort of aging nuns or at high risk, so they are resuming in- and there are young proctors watching the kids in the glass road you're the only response, because there is no agreement at that. A scientific levels about how to handle any this. The only spawns to Trump on the on the pandemic. Among Democrats, is to be maximum list in terms of shutdowns unlocked downs and an abundance of caution that that that that old chestnut that We were never going to dispense with so I mean so Andrew Cuomo hinted a couple days ago that Not only is there no plan to reopen indoor dining in New York he's not compelled to come up with a plan.
And that he doesn't even have benchmarks. That would lead him to reopen in New York, but he doesn't it. Why doesn't he because seventy one percent of brutal writing rice heavy. So there is the hidden. There is no counter pressure. That's the counter pressure is the small businessmen are saying they're saying we are dying, we are dying. This is dead, the city. You have no idea what you're doing not even to us in the short term, to the city in the medium term, into the enemy me of the state, the country in the long term, in Chrome, like Lahti Diamond, seventy percent, the bright ratings You can use some of that. Can't you can you some of that political capital, which is why you build it to lead the people out of the window we're out of the desert into the promised land, but he loves that approval rating and he loves and his understanding of it is that yeah, its he's he's, MR, let's not let's not reopen and somehow
it yet again, if there is no political consequence. This is the thing that we fail to anticipate back in March and April. We are talking about this every day, right witches, the politicians are going to have to move because the public there will be a point at which the public can no longer tolerate this, and we were wrong because apparently public tolerance for this is much more enduring. Then one would have thought- and that may be part of this- is that the successful measures to combat the economic effects of the pandemic, the p p, a the unemployment and the six hundred dollars a week and unemployment insurance, all various other kinds of things were so effective that they actually did dull the impact, except for people who are running small but except for the people,
really were running small businesses who need daily cash, infusions of income from their labours to keep going you have it I mean that's running out. Right Well, that's an interesting thing: article, not renewing unemployment. So the president did this weird. You can draw from emergency funds too. If you state that wants to do that, and then the effects of PPP are starting to Peter out so private perils. We got private peril numbers today and we the they grew by four hundred twenty eight thousand jobs. The expected was, I think, like one point, seven million way you are but see that's interesting took his, who would have thought that they wouldn't go and renew the stimulus, and then this bizarre fact that policy- and there was this calculation on policies- part that it was politically better for her doctrine of the stimulus and why? Because
of the same dynamic that is keeping Cuomo seventy one percent. Even though that really is actually legitimately and without question, hurtful and painful and destructive to her constituents and everybody's constituents, because I think the ultimate democratic theory of the of of everything and has been since you know trumps election is, he is a cancer. He is a disease. Everything is flowing from him. Even if you can't say the pandemic, he created the pandemic. He might have it's, it's God punishing!
Well, it's some kind of spiritual visitation on America for its sin in electing Trump and the only way to solve our problems is to get him out by any means necessary, and if that means that people get have incredible pain for a couple of months, so that they get Trump out, that's good! That's and you know I will be proud- I'm willing to make this hard choice, not enough that on call just if its implicit, if it's even explicit, but it is so much reading. You know some of our by our former free, no, like you think MAX boot doesn't think this way. Of course he does. I mean you know there is this everything about Trump is evil, so doing anything that might mitigate
or improve the emotional condition of Americans going into the polls that might help him would be the end of our democracy. So it's ok in some sense to force people to suffer the short term pain aright. So, let's move on to the other horror of the day or some of the other horrors of the day, that facing of grace land right yet graceful as if this is by the way, gets to the seventy year old issue of whether or not you know Elvis only was that's. What does he stole big Mama thorntons, as is gonna, say he's on such and such a perfect example of what contemporary culture appropriation rhetoric when see as the beginning of the end for appropriate rightness here, because he took where he took hee, hee, hee, hee, wide eyes, race, music, gravy,
He widened whitewashing, white armour whitewash as that, and then Christine. Please explain to me why it is necessary that buildings and money instead a created to Benjamin Franklin, renamed, so this is this is done. Referencing, I kind of hilarious stir. I find it hilarious because of both the reaction in and what it said, a report by the the District of Columbia government and whose Mayor Miro Browser can being the panel and in only six weeks which, if you live in a district, you knew is like the pace of a you know of, does sonic jet compared to what they usually take to do anything I took longer for me to get a garbage can at my house from facilitate them. It took them to put together this panel recommending that anyone who meet any monument or building that is named after anyone who owns
Aids did not support algae BT, Q, values and and in any way, shape or form violated, theses current human rights law should be renamed or destroyed or moved now in the case of this inclusive Jefferson Memorial and they Washington Monument, we say did say shouldn't be, does might not be able to be removed from the kind of large, but they could be quote, contextual eyes or renamed high school is one of the high schools. My son's attend would be renamed Benjamin Frank anything named after Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, etc, etc. So the question of course, is what were the criteria we no I mean is it because we have no idea why Franklin included Alexander, Graham Bell in there as well again, no explanation. The funny thing was that this was It was sent out with a lot of fanfare, the react, and then do see, which is an overwhelming. The liberal city was hauled SH horror and oh, I kind of looked at lunch.
Local lizards, that I ain't that I read, which are largely liberal people said, are you insane trump is gonna? U This knock it off. Your browser, which was hilarious because a lot of these people actually aren't arguing against the renaming. They're just argue about the political implications so, immediately within less than twelve hours, Your went and memory hold the last page of the report, page twenty four, which I took a screenshot of and agree issued, the pdf ruins the sea without the recommendations about the major federal monument. So if she instantly had to kind of backpedal, which is is funny, but the point is that you to the broader arguments about what this kind of revolutionary moment once it does actually want the destruction and destruction of some of our founding principles, the renaming of places after people who don't meet modern day requirements. I haven't yet double checked, but I doubt they had it various historian on this panel, even at all so easily. Another example of one of these kind of foe, revolutionary virtue,
doing things by a democratic mayor that action in this case that's an backlash, because people are worried about Biden, getting alike and then there are the only reason why you couldn't clue in my guess. The only reason we could include people like Alexander, Graham Bell IN and Benjamin Franklin on this list, because they don't need the standards that we would assume I mean franklin- was an abolitionist released anti slavery while those that relations had own slaves. But this is their two important parts. He had own slaves, he freed them, and then he became a sin Its abolition is also a reason why I'm here, I'm John nobody's gonna, get only since he had taken the journey that he you would wish these did the work that you would have wished. You know that web that dumb, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, had My last month, without any says here, is that they are there included on this list as a sort of form of self defence, and I like to adding North Korea to them
Muslim Ban list, because it just gets you to the place where you can say this isn't actually targeting these de certain people. It's late, you're defences that you have a complete lack of discernment is that you're you're, just Only taking up you know I own racer to two histories blackboard here and it doesn't matter what should get well. It brought us it's goes again back to Mouse Cultural Revolution during which he and the Red Guards waged war on what he called the four olds old customs, old culture, old habits and old idea. They were outlawed cause, they were old, that's why, and that is. That is what we're looking at here, that anything that speaks to America.
Is not driven by their deadly. The new identity called is bad period, and you know it's important to remember that the you know we people use term year one right. This is year, one you know where he lives were starting a new. You know you're one of this year, one of that what year one was a literal concept of the french revolution. It was when the Jacobin took over. They literally said history starts today. This is your one. They change the days of the week they, into the names of the months. They change the names of the days they were
They were literally recreating creation after revolution, and this is part of that right. You how you an end all these revellers, it no matter where you, the Taliban right, destroying the destroying the seventh century statues. All of this is about. If you can destroy the past you there is only the future. If you can discredit the past, there is only the future and if you are in charge of the future than you can write it as you wish to write it more in the yes. This is a revolution. Theme, of course, is what's going on in Portland with Mayor TED Wheeler.
Who and got so his residence this apartment building. That was alarmed that I didn't he owns like for home, so just opened his eyes, so so two of his residences or one and have now been attacked by anti for mobs right, one one The Arab said their arsenals sought to set this building this condo on fire last night and
this is TED Wheeler who's been walking around, trying very hard to be than that that the nicest person about how peaceful these rights are and how terrible Donald Trump Is- and that is almost at a more important part of the revolutionary fervour of the moment or the proof of the revolution for the right EVA in that's yet well, that's something that we got into in the m. We must stop the great unravelling peace from July Line Augustine, the editors letter, in the issue in which we say that that the mob will only get you if you try to pay them some obeisance right. And that is that gives them the opening, so TED Wheeler went down to the protest, felt their pain got tear gas all the asked of it and that's it. He then he made himself. He was. He was charm in the water,
and we see it. We ve seen a time and again Jacob pry. The mayor of Minneapolis, right literally heck old standing there in his t, shirt and his little mask and his little t shirt having to do the wall of shame like government like what what's her name, Lancaster. What's certainly, no help me out here urgently Lancaster, walking the walk of shame after she is revealed as a harlot right I mean he did that wall of shame, while you strength after the crowd. They were like go away, go away, go away, as this is. I think you're right on that this particular moment is is June is new because TED Wheeler, has had to publicly stated that he has to move out of his home. He has been literally driven from his home by the people who he was coddling and making excuses for and refusing federal help from Donald Trump to quell the violence that was being cause he's been driven from his home
an elected official, and I don't care that he's a crazy democratic Mary. He clearly is this. This disturbs me because there have been targeted protestors and targeting the private homes where young people's please live and children or trying to sleep consistently throughout this. I'm it's been escalating. There was a San Diego mayor, I think, who had they came and scraping You know we profanity on the house in front of the house. I mean this is happening and in areas all over the country, it's not brought under one umbrella and shown by the media to be a pattern. But it is a pattern and it disturbs me greatly that a democratically elected official has been driven from his home out of fear of losing his life because of a mob and even though he cuddled that mob. It still worries me that this is where we're at right now really. Well, I mean you know where, where where did? Where did the? When, when we started thinking about the great
traveling idea it came in part from the defenestration of James Bennett, the Ashraf Edges of the New York Times are better than time who was forced to be sacrificed because he had published or under his ages, have been published this Tom COP mop added. What did the Tom caught? Not bad say. It said there is urban unrest. We need to call out the military to quell it and all his feeble and times at we also unsafe from so unsafe. This makes me feel unsafe. I can't quite remember what it was it made them feel unsafe that I was gonna come after them or they they felt unsafe or whatever, and then James Bennet first set. Of course, we published, we publish a lot of things we disagree with, which is nice. As you know, this the road to peace, then he said we shouldn't published it and then he had to and then he had to be fired and
so the idea there is great. So so you sell, you sold your soul by Craven Lee apologizing run, published the peace and you lost your job anyway. How you like it now where's your spine, like it's like you, it's like you, surrendered your manhood, and then you got you and then you you, you know. Basically you were you lost your testicles, and then they came in there. Cut if your penis look Christine's right. This is an observable pattern for years now I read about it in my book. Is that in these it mobs last for only as long as it takes you to do then to them in order to demonstrate and efficacy on their part, nobody likes to be rendered impotent when organ of their outrage simply ignores you and then they, if you to give an oxygen. If you were to acquiesce, then the story, because
no longer story, and you have to continually acquiesce until your eventually forced out from your position or your homer, what have you there's plenty of mayors whose names we don't know because they called in the National Guard, their their states holding the National our in Detroit, for example, that it is look. That is that as a superb point, which is that at any given moment right, you have these options. These binary options, yes, oh do you do this? Do do that? You were strain. Do you? I mean bill deposit, oh at some point, went in and had city Hall part cleared of the of the people who had occupied it and guess what things were a lot better form after that and for the city, and I was billed applause yoke is it went on for thirty days and could not go on any longer and maybe, if he had station p, I feed than that. The first
I wouldn't have gotten to the point it got to thirty days later, which is precisely these: when you when, in the permission permissive crackdown binary. You go permissive at some point when the crackdown comes, and this, I think, is the ultimate point. The crackdown may have to be vastly more unpleasant. That would have been at the beginning where you're like okay, everybody go home, you're all getting right. You know what you're not going to get released or we we will it. I don't care, will trump up charges against you? We we don't care. You are not going back out in the streets, we're Beto don't do it we're not. You know we're not restrain the cops. We're not doing. This are not doing that whatever and then and then, as you say,
where we don't know about the mayor's it's because they probably did the right now. It's also the case that these are places in which there weren't there wasn't some kind of confrontation that went. Add often, let's say you don't mean no should know, but no one better Canosa was gonna, be a oh. By the way I move on and ask you guys about the Trump choking thing that trumps thing is now to say that the law cops are great, but some cops choke under pressure. And when they choke under pressure? You know they get their bad cops and they gotta, because they choke and that effectively he's trying to come up with some logic to say that the cops we there's one name can't handle it and it's because they choke is this sum this I've been arable, this is terribly worded and and really kind of underlines. The herald
It's a broader point, though, that he is making that is accurate, which is to say we need to start talking about. All cops are bastards all cut Teresa's and talk about how to reform law enforcement and weed out brilliant, very beginning when their vetting people in training them having an inability to get rid of the people whose either temper mentally or, for whatever reason, soon into the job. There's a way to do that and talk about that. There's. A lot of interesting research, both from working leaving scholars and more liberal, leading ones about ways to actually do that. He should have talked about that issue, because that's actually a very powerful counter argument to this idea that every time you see a carpet, it's you know it's a racist person, hunting Black people, which is basically the message of the left right now I was complaining to know about forests, are recording that I was reading. You know the coverage of of his trumps visit to Canosa and when the things the time set. As you know, he didn't mention Jacob Black who, who is black, who was shot many times in the back by white police off,
was like, while way to really inflamed tensions by not giving any context of what was going on when Blake wash up think later? Not allow you're not allowed to give context, because, actually might the Tropic context either is harming the it's about. That's the problem with trumps message from messages steps on his own convention asset, which is all these costs, are being persecuted and that the appropriate thing he probably should have said was that we should wait for an investigation, because what, saw a camera. There's plenty of people whom I look at. What you saw Cameron saw a guy who is the head of a warrant? Everyone was being police responded to domestic violence column, was taste and was still come and ensure that there is room for investment can there to determine whether or not this guy actually choked, as it were wrong so tee to step on that message by just, but even conceding, perhaps rightly, to concede that,
That point to the left does money, your own political message. Will he did worse by the we're leaving out the there that the fact that he used the worst possible metaphor ye? You could use trump. He said it's like choking on the golf course what you put couldn't make great around a common man. That's right about by the way in terms of a common man. Masses were just share with you, an email, the came over the came over the year with the law I am just now ringing Biden Harris endorsement effort to raise money for Yo Yo Ma, because you know what what he really needs. What what Biden really needs is the classic music community, while his eyes community, whose whose cultural projects is called the silk road. That's like bad branding right now, Mackey I gladly anyway. Anyway, I mean it's fine, so you it's cute dino and apparently, I have to say,
Biden campaign raise more money in August than any campaign is ever raised at anything. Ever three hundred million dollars in a month has never happened before. So when you start hearing Lee Biden generating sufficient enthusiasm, don't that's hard money, don't buy it like hard money doesn't demonstrate enthusiasm because the other the largest amount. I think you can give us said. As a couple is fifty two hundred dollars, someone like that three hundred million dollars in thirty one days is a lap. That's that's it! That's that's a lot of enthusiasm and everyone can also has to keep remembering while peel people keep talking about how there might be a shy tory voter, John Trump is appealing to people were invisible to pollsters law, and I talked about this theory just keep in mind that in twenty eighteen sixty two million people voted for the Democrats in mid term election, the highest,
number it out, either in percentage or absolute terms of voted in a mid term elections, ever nine million more than the Republicans voting in twenty eighteen those six million people come out and then another ten or eleven percent more than that, just whereas you would expect forty percent higher turn out in a presidential year from MID term ere. You know Biden walks in without question. So, while we're looking at these numbers that Joe Biden up by seven and not by nine and Biden slightly your fifty. When he's been over fifty and all that, just remember that the the ensues, as a gap in the United States or the past, four years has been entirely in the Democrats, favour and not the Republicans favor.
All them all the most of the special elections and twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen and the twenty eighteen mid terms. That was democratic, whore, enthusiasm and not just core but swing voters winning forty districts away from Republicans. So there is a certain type of populist triumph. Resume and trump quarters that, if you, if you want to be a serious analysed of these things, you really gotta take it with a grin of and with that we will bid you adieu until tomorrow for a Noah and Christina Jump on board skipped candle burning.
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