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Does Hunter Biden Matter?

2020-10-22 | 🔗
Do the revelations involving Hunter Biden’s emails that purport to implicate his father in efforts to profit off foreign interests matter? The COMMENTARY podcast debates the issue and previews tonight’s final presidential debate.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Thursday October twenty second, twenty twenty I'm jump up towards the editor commentary with me. As always, Zack native editor, Abraham Waldheim, how John Senior writer, Christine Roads, high Christine icon and associate editor nor Rossman high. Now, I just so many little bits of things to talk about Barack Obama, delivering a thirty minute stem winder and drive them parking lot, Philadelphia yesterday at around six p m at just around
same time or a little bit before after the revelation that term the f B. I believe IRAN and Russia are arm in arm. having themselves in twenty. Sixteen. Election and then some controversy about whether or not they. What what they were saying was that the joint pointed out, let running election, I'm sorry, but they are putting their finger there. Some on trump side or on the Biden side and the late might break of a letter from a guy, because of course this is twenty. Twenty In the end, the businessman who may who is now working to sink Joe Biden, chances name was Joe bubble. Linsky Bobo Linsky, like you, couldn't at an how you would make that up.
Comes out and says: yes, I hundred Biden and I went to China to you now to build milk. of dollars to impart to enrich Joe Biden in twenty seventeen. So This all happened around late afternoon, yes re, so we can talk about all of this, as well as some evidence or some some contradictory evidence that suggests that the poles are tightening. Ah Christine you watched, Obama's speed, in Philadelphia? What was your take wife? So I think the reason it struck me as it struck me at all is that he, finally, someone finally articulated in an in actually pretty powerful way. The mood that a lot of just regular people feel people who don't follow. On six people who aren't you know avidly washing the poles and who will probably vote, but you know they did this their end I'll be off, and he
you put it in terms of all of us, can understand. He said look. Joe Biden, and you can have a normal thanksgiving again. You know Elect Joe Biden and you don't have to worry about what crazy tweets are coming out. Electro Biden and it'll just be hidden You didn't you wasn't emphasising normal, because these are still not normal ties, but just this expression of enough already there the crazy uncle at the dinner table can be ushered off and we can just move on and there was something really appealing about how he said it and I'm not it another huge Obama fan, but he heat when you instead of a good speech. He can, I think we will for here's the media pretended like every utterance he gave was pseudo a brilliant thing. It wasn't. but this is really good in and whether or not it helps Joe Biden, I think, will look back. in ten years at that moment as crystallizing, I'm a public mood that weirdly lightened zone campaign hasn't been that good at doing either
as of his his temperament. Certainly Harris has been terrible about capturing this mood, but I really think he captured something about how Americans feel right now whether that has an impact it at the polls. I don't know, but it was. It was notable to me for that reason. So I I should also- and I thought I was like the best speeches given maybe since two senses the famous speech that made his career him in two thousand for large, because we were about himself. I mean that is that we, we spent eight years listening to Brok, Obama talk basically about himself and praising himself and then coming up with straw, man about Republicans and how he wanted to work with anybody, but they wouldn't work with him. men and all of that, and not being able to come up with anything. Horrible, I thought- and this this as well as a piece of political rhetoric not talking about whether or not it was a true or false. Was
thought as astoundingly effective and an it was interesting because I think it's cool team, as you noted like it, wasn't a global assault on Trump I mean what what he said was he screwed up? and he lies a lot and he he's just in your face all the time. and Joe Biden cares about, you and Donald Trump doesn't care about you and Joe Biden cares about you. He cares about working people now. Whether Joe Biden cares by working people or not, is a different issue, but you can see in this behaviour and the location of the speech rye, which was a manner which was in Philadelphia where Hilary so wildly under perform that they lost the state right. Your member people famously said, if trumpet,
up the numbers and Wilkes Barry will double those nam Philadelphia and the Philadelphia suburbs and ice the carnatic. He said this right in that yesterday and and then they won hill. We won the Montgomery County by by ten and not by twenty, and that's why the election went the other way, because or why Pennsylvania went the other way, and so this was a very Taylor specifically tailored message to win Pennsylvania by saying: aren't you tired aired of this Joe Biden has a plan to get us out of this, but that's not even really what I'm trying to save you. Aren't you tired of this, Why in this, and that like we could, just maybe we can just be over this as long as you go out to vote, and that was also, I think another interesting
effective? The speech which is, I think they know that if they can turn out the kind of vote that he turned out in twenty two thousand and eight and two thousand and twelve, which of course was partially due to the fact that he had a ninety six or ninety five percent black turnout. That Biden can walk away with the state of Pennsylvania and without Pennsylvania. Trumps map is all but impossible right it some twenty, it's either twenty or twenty. Nine electoral votes and and there is no. There is no equation. Nobody, even the people who think the trumpets gonna win life that guy from the Trout Trafalgar Polling group can give him the election without pencilling. so was an interesting speech he's going to Florida? I think in a couple of days Mamma he is going to do this stumping.
Alas, we know that that fatter yeah, actually and, of course, some ice. You really do see how he is trying to make. This is an election, is a choice between Obama and by right. The classic thing is if it's a choice, election involving tramp tramp loses so they're just to reinforce. This now should see the referendum, a company or a referendum on the challenger Obama, famously made two thousand twelve a referendum on the challenger right now. The election remains a referendum on the incumbent, but a story in your post last night, with Mr Bubble, Linsky represents the last best hope of the Trump campaign to somehow turn this around and make this election a referendum on on Biden know: what's your do with it? Will you think of the bubble in school?
a letter. So I'm not talking about this before me in what I have a really silly name. So I see no reason why can't make fun of Boboland Skis name. The man's name was Boboland Joe bubble, Linsky uneasily Romania threats tone. Oh tell me, everything sounds like an extra from this apprentices. That's well bulbul industry is not a that's, not yeah. Ok, anyway, so the incentive structure, when you get this close to the election for people who write about politics and pop pop politics really a general interest. Stuff is to write about a lot of things that don't matter and these emails, don't matter make that ascension and assess assessment right here pretty plainly Elles than the EMS, the bubble and ski is talking about that he verifies. He is the recipient of this Emel about China that says. The big guy really wants this to happen, or something like that in the big guy is is right.
now. I know everybody really wants to make it about and how dare youths? Who can tell the? How dare you from from a mile away? It is itself flippant and insult callous, and you know that the allegations here are so serious that how could you not take them seriously? They are serious allegations, but there's no were even remotely approaching the support of evidence that I would need to take in Syria, Right now we have a lot of smoke and its smoke that be the product of an investigation that has already taken place and until I see anything the conference, the evidence alone investigation. I don't see anything even remotely relevant to something that I should be focusing on, let alone something the voters we care about that. That's what groovy I've been. I agree that the evidence was worded in its flimsy is, is a moment an understatement, but I don't that means. It doesn't matter. I think they're there There can be a story sort of incentive
Out of this, that will matter to voters ok my weight and I ok. What is what is it of events that your vision, That would make that would Neil those conditions, the sequence of events is either under way or it's not a beneath either people art. vertically moving. Look either people are already tuned into this. a story that to their satisfaction confirms that Joe Biden has been up to something genuinely illegal and wrong, and deceptive or not. Its Donald Trump tonight at the debate just say. Over and over again did you take money from China? Did you got money from China? I mean that's. How, because we know is that I think is no one has said very hopefully several times on this podcast. He can't tell a story, but he can't he cancelling slogan and interrupt and do all of this sort of belligerents in debate If they don't you to make and that's how the story would start for voters, I think he has time to make the
the council. Well so so there is their little bits, appalling. That suggests. There's a tightening It is conceivable that that dovetails with the first new posts story, which I guess was a week ago around a week ago, Or maybe not I mean, maybe it's not dovetailing at all, and it's just a standard issue. Tightening we're republicans who were still on the fencer coming home to trump in there for the race is now gone from being a ten point race to a seven point race or where it's closer from a seven point race to a four point race. By the way, if the four point restraint There were now in this arena where it's like it's fantastic. The trump is only down four points. While you now go back to go back to say twenty twelve, and if a pole came out where it was, you remember, it was like razor thin in the polling margins,
in the in the National Pauling, certainly between Romney and Obama, with Romney and lead the actually at various points in the last two weeks. It was all this proposing was coming out like every hour and if a pole comes that says: Romney is down for the Romney, people are crushed, their spirits and souls are destroyed were now in an atmosphere which trump, the poll which is not down in which is in which is not down by seven or eight and trumpet look at that and think that they may have a win. So weird atmosphere here right, we're in a strange political. I was here where the continuing Evan it's that things are not gonna, be look good for Trump on election day can now be re purposed into he's. Picking the lock again he's got some goin, it's a kind of stunning. Now. What did you say
about the about about the bubble in the Bible and statement. Is that it's not pout Ukraine right? We ve been so many a year and a half is a baby, Maybe it has even been a year and a half. It's been like fifteen months talking intermittently about how about Ukraine and Hunter Biden and bearing in mind the firing of Shokhin the prosecutor in this, and that the other thing this autumn, entirely out of left field right. This is something happened in twenty. Seventeen in China. now, what is significant about twenty seventeen and Biden. He's not in office anymore, he gets no influence to paddle you didn't even think he was gonna run in Ireland there. Now there are plans for very long game. And its culminating. Now, because it is very important to have your areas right. They saw how they saw a pass. The twenty
eighteen cycle and primaries and the inevitable. a resurrection of Joe Biden Career was a very long time and credit anyway. It was I got that works in Turkey that five twenty seventeen well, It's that there was nothing. I mean that which would do Russia, the legality. Even if it's true that he did ass, he was a private citizen, the increasing himself from public office is it is it? Is it inside the belt way tradition of of many many decades so right, and so, I mean I don't mean to- I think, we're was right and we're talking about people who don't you know who aren't gonna, get granular about this. If, if that those Warren paying that much attention get jobs sleazy swamp creature, right, ok, if that gets fixed in people's minds. Theoretically, what are the practical consequences of that.
I mean are honestly. I understand that there is a lot of crocodile tears being shed, and you know, and and fake har being expressed at the notion of double dealing in info. Spelling inside a family by Trump PM's, that's hilarious, us and press and they can do it all they like, and I think it's fine to say what sauce for the goose assault for the gander words, you can't come at me say that my guy is corrupt, if your guys corrupt, your guys just, is corrupt as my guy, but going oh, my god, you know, said Joe I'd needs to be arrested. This shocking look, look, it did. You know, look at Tony, over here saying that do you know that they made a deal in China? You know that at that that doesn't watch. But but the question now that I wanted to ask you is what, if people get
this in their heads or it's like mixed up now, as as we are, you know, twelve days before the election. What politically can happen. If, if the attack is successful,. What historically do we know about these late hits if they work? I feel like you're leading me to an answer that you and I'm sorry, I'm being socratic, ok I'll drive during this across the classic purpose of the late hit, is not to rally voters to your side, it is to depress the voters. On the other side, when we talk yesterday about the George W Bush do why the the idea was its Bush, had said that he was here. He had basically quit drinking and he was now you. Basically, Alcoholic and faith had quit drinking and he was not a drink or in all this this deal why that happened? Ten years before you were drinking
came as a shock and a disappointment to evangelicals of others who are going to vote for him and depressed his vote. It's not the people cross. The island voted for Gore because of his de. Why it's that he got fewer votes than he would have of an arguably than lost the popular vote, which is what, which is what Stephen documenting yes yesterday, rather than winning in Lhasa by five hundred thousand and if indeed his vote was depressed by couple We then obviously he would have won the popular vote instead of losing it to go near at hand. Exists in that kind of Rome and rights to think how to gory of story. Does that is incontestable that absolutely happened right? Never when I name it's right, so does this story to print? Can this story function to depress the Biden vote the way, obviously, the co me reopening of the email certainly must have depress the hill. Read about? It would have to exist outside the bubble of people who are interested in it now, which is almost exclusively people who are going to vote for trump anyway,.
Let us talk about incentives. Structures here is that it exists as a test of your loyalties. If you are too The question is these facts or the chain of cut of custody that renders this a thing kind of suspect in the first place and others can note some new The time magazine story about these emails me retailed in Ukraine and twenty nineteen, so we don't know where they originated from. What have you, if you don't take the virgin story at face value. Your loyalties are suspect My team, your play, the media man you're playing you're playing in the Democrats sandbox here. That's where this that's. What Utility of this thing is right: now it's it's its base rallying round demonstrate right, there is one thing that I think everybody who is actually person of good well, not just on the right, but everybody who is a personal goodwill should be able to focus on in relation to this, which was the suppression of the new
post story, they Rachel story in the continuing suppression, apparently of the new posts own twitter, feed by social media that, as a shock scandal. It is going to have long term reverberations and consequences for these firms that they are going to be very sorry for if you say that it was our if you're one of these people who thinks that that was ok, you not going to like it in a month when something similar, even though its supposedly can happen according to us, because this is all left wing. I guess, you're at some point: you're, not gonna like it and then you're going to join with the Times the millions of Republicans and conservatives who are outraged and the senators who have decided that they wanted destroy big tack, and there is going to be a reckoning at that not the substance of the story right, that's the story behind the story and the bizarre closing of the ranks of including
people in the media behind this notion. What you do with a controversial story, suppress right so that I think we can all agree on it. The substance of the story, these emails and this whole China, that is disturbing, like okay, so the hunter there hundred may introduce somebody to buy Biden says it didn't happen. They say didn't happen officially MM we happened. Maybe it didn't. What's the quid pro quo, the quid pro quo according to them is that Biden intervened to fire a prosecutor, Who was refusing to look at corruption, not a prosecutor who was going after corrupt firms that were put know that work peddling pie attacks in Ukraine, it with a boy who was a prosecutor that The entire western world believe needed to be fired for Ukraine to get international aid after the Maiden revolution right. So so that's opera,
what the story. Then we have the problem with this China story, which is that Biden is no longer in office, so even if he gets his taste the big guy gets a ten percent cut as long as Biden pay Taxes on that ten percent is in, its public? I guess I don't know what influence he asked the paddle at that point. Maybe access to buy some wilmington we think it is worth. It's fine the way you're allowed enjoying that can he's been, do it well and he had been in the pocket of the credit card companies and banks, this entire career- and this is actually one of those weird like almost Alice in Wonderland tight moments. We realise that, even if this story is proven to be true, and sticks it's it's still Can I have the impact that put the deal. I story did because the whole group and that Britain is doing so well and that he became the Democratic Party nominee is that He is a career person,
So even if this is shown, in addition, even if you believe he was influence peddling, that's kind of you know par for the course drop, on the other hand, still thinks of himself in a lot of ways as a businessman not a politician, it was what he ran on, I'm an outsider, I'm a businessman. I know how to make deals, so we thirdly, I dont see this story is actually it at that then a harm to him in office as a leader. It's not helped him that he's! U tries to govern like a businessman weirdly, And environs case, I don't think it did it people a return to normal say they want someone who knows how to do this job and that's his peered. So even if there's this levels side dealing when he gets out of office for what I just don't see as being something that changes or even depresses his voters, they want that they want someone who knows at a wheel in deal in that way. If it were a few. Other thing was that Bush drove drunk Hilary a race, thirty, three thousand emails and these
Allegations involve binds son, and when one now he ruled out the deal making I mean if you can, if he is not the right, but the emails and a bubble. Linsky, don't say that he was involved in the deal. Making actual the email says, the big guy gets his caught or side, and I mean I can't even like recreated, but it's not like he's the kind. you know it's not like the ESA, well that that that Fantastic S and else get about IRAN. Contra wary about regular deserve doddering in, and you know like two joking with Jimmy Wade Steward and then Jimmy Stewart S Lucas's National Security Council comes in and then he turns into like. Cannot here's what we're gonna move the money from this fact until that again we're gonna. Do this. There was one slow down boss. I can't follow you. Your plan is to come
blacks and hard for me to follow like that that essentially, what by will want what trouble want people to think that by is actually behind their use, the ancient behind a definite rug, addled son as his weapon to get all this money out of China, but even bunny, if you don't, you know by to that degree of the theory, I think the thing that could have an effect could is just a general taint. Of of sleep easier, advising had hundred purpose. Now, it's not like. I that's not like an accidental side effect of Europe really intended process here has just referred to smoke the tigers buried, but it is not our job to say what There's a lot of smoke in this term and our job is to clear out, does not go. I eggs right that this is the cost yeah. I'm talking about the effective look in terms of the effect on the the electorate the smoke is problem.
The more potent than the fire I mean it's at the end. And this will be the end of the smoke by the way you think- but when is the last person was due to come out of the woodwork with some whack. I ring but here the minority sleaze election in that case then I'll get that that is the problem and trump don't lose as rebound on that that what voter who may be inclined there was going to vote for Biden or is inclined to vote or Biden is going to say Well, it sounds like he's corrupt, so I'm gonna stay home, maybe maybe some but he's not running against. You know clean dream, he Biden is running against a guy who has then enriching himself in office using federal contracts to go to his yellow happy. I'll stay at his. You know it
the secret service stay, a moral law go and whatever you know I mean it. I'm not even saying that you know he should be impeached and thrown out of office room this stuff, but he doesn't get to be the prosecutor of somebody else's sleep. The point about the Hilary stuff. Was the Hilary stuff in war Humans are stayed away from the Hilary stuff about money, which was the worst right. The worst to us was the foundation and the slow Fund and Goldman Sachs and all of that, but that wasn't his that wasn't he said lock her up. He was not. He was talking in general about Thirty years of Clinton, ISM and game playing in all of that- and that was what he was playing off of, but I don't see how he gets. he's going to Moscow trying to get a trump tower or go in our.
are going to Malaysia trying to get a trump tower or going to China trying to get it from terror that he gets in the eyes of vote first even paying minimal attention that he gets to be the prosecutor of that case. The media can prosecute that case. They are clearly not going to prosecute the case, which is one of the reasons that people who are trump supporters are in such a rage about this, because they feel that the media should be prosecuting the case and me they should. Maybe they shouldn't. You know I mean, maybe ah, but we I wanted to move on to one point here, which is this question of the provenance right: the suspicious shaky provenance of the of the information, the laptops, what
and I'm not sure that that story is going where the trump people want it to go, because at no are you said you put it. There's the story in Time magazine about Rudy in Ukraine last year, right yeah time had exclusive peace at last. That says they have to people in Ukraine who talked about retailing these boats Wasn't these emails in twenty Nineteen when Rudy Julie, I was in Ukraine fishing around fur, very publicly fishing around for evidence of under Biden and Joe Buttons corruption. So if you really by the Eu the story, which is that this these emails come from a hard drive on a laptop couple, a laptops over dropped, often forgotten in Wilmington, Delaware, and then this random compete. repair man somehow managed to copy, our drives and get them to
really Giuliani, I mean God bless. You there's, also by the way that this guy Mc Isaac, the the odor of the the computer repair shop, ah said that the FBI has custody of the laptop. Now that was used that what was said. Oh you see the f B. I has that that that means the serious, but it could just be. equally or, if not more plausible, that stuff. What's going on where rubies behaviour in Ukraine is being looked at We know that by federal authorities, and so it could be that the computer was seized in some fashion or other to see what its. If, if, if in fact the lock you can see- work two ways. The information was somehow gotten. Somehow the computer was dropped off at this shop, the guy pan,
text and it off to the until tells the FBI he's got it. That doesn't mean That's the originating thing Since he says he couldn't see Hunter Biden because he's late, we blind and then there's a scribble on a piece of paper. That is so to demonstrate that its Hunter Biden, signature. You know I mean you could imagine. You know like that. You don't have to like read novels to say that the the idea of dropping the computer off at the wheel the informations elsewhere to cry a trail degree never densher trail for the computer. That says, oh he day with just dropped off when if there are photos of Hunter Biden like doing sexy stuff, that were garden in Ukraine. Why we have those on his own laptop. Like that's weird, that's come a bizarre, and then I saw you
see you could see how the computer could have been stolen from him somewhere or other he could have been stolen from him in Ukraine than twenty fifteen could have been stolen anywhere. All of that stuff like who knows, but Justice plausible, as that someone drops three three hard drives off at at at a computer store and then forget them. When he went the hard drive store is three thousand miles. Where he's living like you know it, doesn't you don't have to be a conspiracy theorist and I'm not a conspiracy, theorist, the Trump peons or conspiracy theory, not to two to say the animal Rather, the emails are real, the emails can be real. I want to say my emails are real right. No one certainly emails. Are we only time? Sorry alleges that they have been circulating through what has to be on the right or of counter intelligence agencies by the way.
these individuals in Ukraine, which you know as is horrible I think you ve got agree as horrible as what the social model companies have done in response to this story. paranoid and his reckless and irresponsible as their actions have been it doesnt credence to the possibility that this is all originating from foreign, intelligent sources right now. Let's We want to talk a little bit about for intelligent sources in the election, but before we do that, I want to talk to you guys about today's sponsor the Bradley Speaker Series. You been here, about this. For months before Americans, navigating through several unanticipated crises this year, we the people a Bradley, her series offers insights and ideas on the current challenges we face from some of the remarkable organizations. The Bradley Foundation supports visit, Bradley, F D and DOT org slash liberty to watch their most recent episode, which features Justin down off
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comes out. Ratcliff FBI saying that there is foreign interference in the election coming from from IRAN and Russia. I didn't watch the press conference what's Goin on It's a I watched. The press conference was extremely strange. Dna deny Rackliff is directed not yes. Yes. dna. Reckless came out and said, you know, when the vote is the most important to us, and we even cover these operations that are aimed at attacking the integrity of the boat, most notably in and propagandistic this information originating from both Russia and IRAN, and he elaborated primarily on the plots which involved getting hold of the voter files in swing states key states, finding democratic registry
and sending them emails. Purportedly from the proud boys threatening them physically. If they did not vote for Donald Trump, that Deanna Reckless was an effort to suppress Donald Trump vote and he didn't really go on to talk about the Russia stuff too much. I think Chris raided I live in. Presumably the Russia stuff is aimed at suppressing Joe Biden vote and a briefly before you, into it is a little bit confused. to me, it's a very common flax, operation, to target democratic voters with this kind of a mess. in the interest of advancing Donald Frumps, Depressing Donald Trump both sell? The idea here is, I guess, you attack you, you go after these democrats. You scare them into getting really energetic about voting democratic. It the sort of thing that's very can't lose it as it is it as a foreign intelligence operation. It's it's too many moving.
Arts and really complex understanding of how voters work and with a lot of opportunities to backfires that doesn't into it It doesn't make a lot of sense. So I have to say I think, as a country are intelligence services, all of it we don't have good handle on what all this digital age meddling is about because this is reminiscent of the twenty sixteen stories about the russian Mean campaigns right, which also threw up means that were pro Bernie Pro Hilary Pro Trump they were identity, identity, politics, fake identity, politics campaigns and the end. The interpretation we keep hearing is that These are intended to sell chaos. Generally, I I guess, I don't know, but it went again, it's it's it's strange and its these it see like
It seems so muddled. I needed the the of this is a little odd to and to announce this on. Television is, can vacuous, particularly because it's not accompanied with an indictment not accompanied with any evidence that view that then, put forth in again? You is normally dry. Kite me by indictment. Right is limited in this flight and that's all the information. We're gonna give you yeah, but the weirdness of it involves the interpretation right. It's one. You say we have evidence that suggests that the Amiens and the Russians are trying MAC about in our elections and here's this The story is threatening. Emails were sent out purportedly by the proud boys to threaten people to vote for Biden, but there actually by IRAN and that's harmful to Trump. It's the end, that's hard.
tromp part. I didn't I, I don't think so. I think if you look at it less and less granular way, that makes sense chaos helps by in this election. We ve been talking about for a long time on the pod gas rate, return to normalcy, candidate benefits from cash that I was actually struck by the DE spoofed boy, email that they target just your voters, so people who are most likely to vote and date, they made point in this? In these emails are saying we have access to all this information about you, so kind of like is inciting paranoia and fear, and then the man, politically one would just be that, like thing which is even worse than you think, and the fact that the trunk campaign is constantly downplaying that it's a puppet of unease were foreign government. I mean
I actually might take away from all. It was like I'm sorry, foreign governments. We can make a hash of this much in all on our own. We really do need to look at the registration with file is public information. That would be like saying it's like a little guy that will serve as an information about getting really been hacked. Thank you. I never like that. I got it just quickly too, It was story on this, the Google ads and thereby, oh my god, what's going on, I mean- is hidden his I get emails all the time from people who say why I get this. Why is commentary mags accepting an ad? You know russian brides or you know like four or whatever your winner. Something like that and I have it we don't. We are add, space follows the cookies of the person who goes to our sight. We'd have very few adds that are sold directly, that
He put up on our side ourselves. This Google Advertising, which is the evil tentacular algorithm advertising that follows your browser, history in serving up ads that you might like, and so when people react with outrage to seeing a salacious add of some sort, often involving dating or marriage with people in foreign lands, they ve done something to activate that add but ass, this kind of sweet compared to what a lot of peoples and at his with certain justified through. I am I I don't really agree with that Christine analysis that vice Inga, somebody, an email,
We know where you are. We know why you let you know, we know what you want. We know why, with the Iranians one help pipe about there. I'll make some sort. No, I know why the reins want to help you Yes, I remember I'm saying also have Rube Goldberg, divisive, witching, convoluted plot. That makes only makes sense to somebody has deep into american limited. We must decide, besides which so our friend Eli Lake, tribute is an is a believer in the chaos theory that that that all what the Russians are up to, what the Russians halogens was up to in TWAIN. Fifteen two twenty scene is just too kind of like make us crazy, is to enter and to make us doubt and suspect arm are our own system man, it's it's its viability and you know he knows a lot. He is very em, so I serve take that very serious. again. I my scepticism all
valves. The fact that when the Russians were fiddling around in twenty fifty in TWAIN sixteen or when whoever was you now got Gulliver point two we're Gustafson, whatever the hell that was, and all that it was pretty clear what their purpose was like when, when, when they were fomenting this wild wild wave of anti semitic attacks on social media that I got swept the bench appear about swept up and Bethany Mendel got swept up in no way. You guess what up in thousands of these horrible monstrous anti semitic attacks, so the purpose of that they were aiming at that. This was an effort to confuse and depressed people, who had been expressing scepticism about Trump into black, their reputations like if they want Trump, its
map generally, that generally in twenty six made a pretty clear that they wanted? Tromp like that, that that's the Wikileaks stuff and am and and and again. What was a gust of fur Gulliver, Lucifer, Lucifer, goose, averted like they were releasing stuff to help tromp that asking ourselves the strong man. I mean that's the right that, but it wasn't just chaos. It was all in one. You know it's like was all on direction, it wasn't like all we're doing this to screw up the election in Montana and help the Democrat WHIP or doing this to help this way now it was largely an effort to help Trump. I think it was probably was mostly ridiculous and didn't that's not what what it was the bow.
Like the Debbie washroom and shall tend to quit. The deep sea didn't like help trump when I'm sorry she's an idiot am that was ridiculous. You know, but I feel bad, that her email was stolen and that all those peoples emails restoring it's a terrible thing, but you know how a political fact anyway, so I don't know what the effect was in all at Cambridge analytical stuff is were now. Learning is nonsense, garbage this notion that Facebook Tipp the election- I mean everybody who are who has been arguing that should be ashamed of themselves, but of course they're not they won't be. Nonetheless, it serve interesting that Rackliff, once again. We have this cross everybody. crossing over. You got the Grenelle speaking Trump rallies. We ve got Ratcliff, giving a press conference with no actionable effort right as no you say about other- were no indictments or anything
just all, just basically campaigning for Trump. You know that the director of national intelligence is now a campaign official while he was speaking as a campaign official, I mean it was weird that the F b I gave a press conference and while you are eager, was the- and I only hope that that alone with strange when they looked build as an f B. I press conference was out who knows Big deal, I cannot an alleged very clearly that rail ran. Would it be softened the Russia stuff that IRAN is intervening on behalf of Donald Trump and Applaud. The alleged does not prove that. It suggests that, but it doesnt demonstrated and there was no associated documentation to to prove any effect of the beast operations there's a lot of people in politics have been swept up in this people can project to boosted the signal on the sort of thing and he had actually marker Rubio in another.
senator forgetting who came up the statement yesterday morning. Everybody does just stop pushing information there. There has anything to do with voting, because we understand that there's a lot of misinformation out there, including the british press, be more cautious, and careful with that. So I don't think that's not real. These operations are real and ongoing. They intended effect of them is. What is why weighing on on with their intended objective was here, is what its peaks my interest and raises reflect. yet not essentially agree. I, but I do not just have to say in defence of of of the press conference last night. given the environment in which, with weak We have been constantly talking about foreign meddling in elections, for you know for years now the end origins, community and the F B. I think they have to come out with anything that they have to say, We are aware of this we're on top of it. You know
I'm nervous, but but but I may then that was a large part of the message. Last night, you know like enough, Make no mistake. We do you know what we are here to tell you that that we are. We are monitoring this and the truth is the best antidote. Misinformation and and all that, a mere think they have to come out and get out. The front of any with of foreign meddling at all. But I agree again that the interpretation was very strange even if its accurate ok. So we have a debate coming up tonight. anybody have any thoughts about. this whole question of whether anything interesting will happen that won't involve hunter by the new button is gonna, be declared the winner of this debate,
Is it sacraments very focused on how the mute buttermilk yourself? It's an item you, but that's our hears. I all in all. It is all it is: is there apparently five or six segments and at the beginning of each segment, each candidate gets two minutes uninterrupted and at that when it's there too minute interrupt uninterrupted thing, the persons MIKE will be off, but other than that all MIKE's will be on. Apparently. That I've solve that problem for all of America, The really interesting question is whether you no trouble try to interrupt it in and then We have this weird thing where someone's yelling sort of on the other side of the stage time it, and you can't really here what they're saying and The present United States will be turning basically turning into like somebody from the ought. You know like like code pink yelling from audience at a hearing cell
as it has been advertising, the last couple of weeks is desire, at least the administration desire, probably not kids, I would say the people around them desired. Elevate foreign policy and the selection. and we ve had no foreign policy so far in the presidential debates are usually one devoted to it, but since we had the one to be cancelled its people Can I get short shrift tonight, but will begin This thing to see the president attempt to make the benefit his farm policy record, which, contrary to his detractors, has been pretty good and he's got a lotta successes on things that Democrats have made priorities of for generations, and he can tell them. If he was so inclined there is. This there is such a resistance, even pressing foreign policy as an issue beside the cosmetic assessment of Donald Trump is worth foreign policy president we ever had among the people who constitute the block foreign policy professionals who been foreign policy professionals
all their lives under beholden to a lot of school erotic, ideas that happen, destroyed by those registration of further you're you're, exactly right, right, you're, exactly right that that that would be good, bye, Donald Trump, Chemical, inequalities I mean, but Biden has a pretty easy blow back. When trumps as I did this? Neither that night did the other thing he's like your first, Kurt a state called you and effing idiot. Your first set, your secretary defence, walked away, saying that you had immorally abandoned military effort in Syria. Your national security adviser wrote a book that some two million copies of and says he cannot vote for you ten, course are generally are saying they can't boat for you. You know this. One that, when the other, what that it added added ass, though you may say that you're a success, everybody, whoever work for use as euro failure, like
another he wants to go. There is what I'm saying like that, that you know I'm not a big. I don't think that what Rex to listen, says or thinks about anything should ever. Matter, because he he wasn't it asked and a moron and trumps thought or on he's the moron. But having said that, I think that's a pretty that's a pretty like that's like throwing up lob and binds action in that's. Why they're really understand why the biased liberal media aren't going. There also is also shown in the water, ass, fine, surely notice for Trump who personalized every single policy. My decision here isn't he would. There is no way he would resist, taking that by not having the figure that we should say is for forty years. Democrats have been saying that the way to pay Peace in the Middle EAST is either through war or through a grand the old between Israel and the Palestinians? And I have- I am against war and
I ignored all of these things. then all of these experts said and wet with it new strategy. In which we have sought to- alliances between Israel and the and the Gulf States. It is paying off the way. No one ever thought anything would pay off than any You criticizes me just know that day or failures in every possible way for forty years, and I came in with no experience in three years. entire Middle EAST is being reset cancel the IRAN deal. I made Abraham Accords, and what did you do? You gave a hundred and fifty in dollars to IRAN and you in our relationship with Israel and in the course of those years there were two wars between Israel and Gaza, and now I time there has been nothing wrong it hardly the Middle EAST alone. I mean I'm a broken record on that spoke tunnel, trumps administrations record of your Russia hawk. This is your administration than they have done.
a lot of other things that everybody who says you want to contain. Russia would do sanction individuals under Magnus gagged, isolated prudence in circle spell. Diplomats sees diplomatic property in a container usher in Syria. Engage in hostile actions against these russian troll harms no who actually online information warfare that we haven't seen in in history has been going on in this administration. That's all good if your Russia HAWK, but Donald Trump himself is allergic to TAT. His own record beyond. I've been super tough on Russia, because one press a little bit on boot, many goes like so they will the interesting, because, of course we are now, I think over forty million already having voted so that's you know more than a quarter of the of the electorate and so The debate is an asylum. Have that much effect I mean that that's the odd party
If you isolate out suddenly in a twenty five percent of the electorate, already there it's a lot diminishing returns and obviously, if there's somebody deals, I can knock out blue, That is so incredibly dramatic and Guenaud Biden did fall them stage frothing at the mouth org, you know we're Trump dies of corona stage. Then you know, then it could have an effect, but I mean you are limiting the amount of benefit or harm you can do at a at a point like that, someone imagine if the debate were next week, which is what the Trump people had wanted. and then you would have had like fifty percent of the electorate having voted like, I don't even know what the point of that is at that point. Sifted make news, you know and it's interesting we're talking about the sun tightening in these eight races and there is some its marginal and it might matter,
It matters only if you think the poles are wrong really but tightening unless, but the president is out there today taking a bunch of shots the foxes pulsing neural, terrible for him, the wrong in that's all fake, so he doesn't even he's on board with the message that those who has em it's the first pole that he had good NEWS in Ohio in in like three weeks fox as em up three and Ohio like no one, everybody else's had Ohio tied, so he says design away again often involve those eyes. If he loses Ohio, he loses the elect I mean, so he really I mean you know if you're like making, if you're playing with the map apps, where you put assign votes everywhere, which is really fun to seventy. To win and stuff. Like that, I mean, if you don't give Tromp Ohio, film figuring, can pull, would pull out. Ohio then you're. And I mean there's just no, so I don't know what he saw upset with the Fox pulse war
I mean upset with the vessel to maybe he's reacting. The way I say to the trompe uns aren't reacting, which is when he sees that he's down for he's down for cars. They had internal polling. That said that he was up, for you think he would hold onto the internal appalling, he would say more. Internal Paul's last night had me up five in Pennsylvania. What's it what's he gonna hold on to secret information. I mean his information must be as bad as everybody else information anyway. So with that, We will talk to you tomorrow about the debate and for no Christine enable John put words, keep the camel.
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