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Emergencies Aren't Supposed to Last Forever

2020-11-30 | 🔗
Today's podcast takes up the Supreme Court's ruling on religious shutdowns, the COVID spike that doesn't quite seem as horrendous as the conventional wisdom says, and the crocodile tears being shed over the Iranian nuclear scientist who was assassinated in Tehran. Give a listen.
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Welcomes the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Monday November thirtieth, twenty twenty- I am John PATH towards the editor of commentary with me- as always associate editor nor Rossman High Noah, I dont, see Christine Resin High, Christine, I can add Zack active editor, a green wild high Abe. How John so You ve had some days off for Thanksgiving and now what happened over that time? We have questions about the fear red
goal surge in cover cases, a company by the actual fact that if you look at the data, then it looks so bad and that the data look bad, involve so much increase testing that the that the numbers the case numbers are much higher, but we do not have, after the last five or six days and accompanying rise in the death toll that we are hearing that there's increased, hospitalizations and stuff like that. But, as we know, sometimes, though, those reports are weird and fractured and they they they they they that they're, not you know, they're, not sorry,
systematically, statistically valid. So an we have really good news about the vaccine. Madeira has now applying for emergency application of their vaccine, and we already had this with the Pfizer vaccine, and the Medina vaccine in particular seems to not only have a great results in terms of vaccination, but it's actually also a treatment for the disease when you have it and is much more readily, are easily storage also them Pfizer vaccine, so these are all very. This is all very good news. Anybody wanna I mean so I don't wanna, be Amelia arrest, but I think where Noah and we will be looking at this and saying
everyone has been saying all everything is so terrible, and maybe it's because we lived through a genuinely terrible period here in New York, you no seven months ago, but we're not seeing the increased case numbers and laid into some kind of a nation wide disaster or we're not seeing increased case numbers since November. Twenty fifth there's been a profound decline in the number of cases just working on times, dashboard and wednesdays. Last time I checked lose up the fourteen day. Change was up forty six percent, and it is currently at a plus eight percent. You know I want a tremendous Zalm, I'm looking at world amateur and I see a decline since November twentieth, steady decline, forget any other than days there. But in Europe there is like popcorn
downs going down in Britain, there is a decrease of thirty percent in case loads, but also everything is closed, you know that's probably having a profound effect, but the weirdness. Is that you're just not allowed to talk about it? You're not allowed to say this? Is people are afraid of what do with that information, which is the again you know, there's the elite, panic peace that we published. I think three months ago and James MAX, which dovetails with Daphne where people are just terrified of what the Holy Polloi will do with accurate information? selling out to early. We just had the thanks weekend, everybody's afraid that Thanksgiving again is gonna, manifest in something it does not. You can be similarly sure that no one will acknowledge it or address it for fear of what you might do over Christmas. While there was a giant weird sudden change over the weekend here in New York City,
where build the blog, you announced at a nowhere that he was reopening the elementary schools five days a week, a complete reversal policy, gigantic reversal policy snapped his finger said, beginning December seventh, five days a week for elementary students and students with disabilities. This is heartening because it does dovetail with Anthea found she sang school should reopen Trumpetings Wilshire, Reopen Biden, saying the school should reopen all these people saying swill should reopen and somehow it if it is it dawned on build the plaza, that this having the schools closed or hybrid, was insane and made no sense, and that maybe this is a sign that the politics around schools and the teachers unions- and these good is it is- is really start.
to show. It should be noted that the New York reopening wasn't are true. The opening in the first place right, because a lot of students opted out. the option of staying in something like two thirds, then, interestingly, why students. Their parents were more likely to send their kids back to school. So now they actually have the first option to come back five days a week. So weird, there's gonna, be this really weird breakdown in terms of the socio economic groups, We need more likely be in person school and also the teachers never actually returned to the classroom battle a substitute teachers they were using in New York, and then they Who had teachers who were doing their teaching kind of virtually? So, although it This call the school reopen you. It's still not functioning like a regular school, even in the places where its reopened in New York. So I think there are to be a lot of pressure being brought to bear my parents on on that administration, but good
is long overdue in and for the districts that have never reopen that needs to start now. If you won right your kids in school this spring, you ve gotta, start putting pressure on school administrators. Now, there's a crow the weirdness here, because their parents, two thirds of parents or supposedly two thirds appearance, knocked out having their kids in school. The policy of the New York City schools is, you can't send them back. You opted out so your screwed to stay out. Why, like under underwear and major under what law does to say? No, I'm sorry an letters now, but it's also schools are open. This now becomes truancy. Truancy is illegal, kids. There is a law that says the children have to be in school until they are sixteen years old, both and I think in New York state. And in the United States. I mean that there is a federal law, but there are but money
All sorts of stuff is attached to these rules, and they were suspended the basically through the administrations of the summer, the emergency powers that have been vested in nobody. By now but nonetheless, here they are and so We even have that. Yes, like, though you can come back to school, because we don't have the teachers well, then fire the teachers and there's a there's a whole thing going on here, but I just to think interesting is the can sense is shifted magic. we immaterially. What happened? It's mine that made it possible for for this to happen. Would anybody like to hazard a guess as to what happened this month? What happened on November third Joe Biden, one so guess what we need to move on? We actually need to move on and the and the are no different on November ten third twentieth, or whenever was from where they were October, which was that the schools are not transmission points.
point, seven dreams when our own admission rape inside the New York City schools, but that followed a spasm of an among Joe Biden supporters in democratic officials towards more restrictions on the media. We after the election there was a there. Was this move towards more restriction in response to the data, but perhaps other conditions, because there wasn't based on the science right? Well, California, loss Angelus has now put In is now saying that no one is allowed to go to anybody else's house. Can we just stopped for a minute? think about the fact that in the United States. A mayor of LOS Angeles has decreed that people cannot visit other people's houses, I think
Can I also not mingle publicly either right with another household right at the gas should have no contact with another household period. I mean when Boris Johnson imposed these extremely severe lockdown restrictions in Britain. Let's just point out for the record that Britain does not have a written constitution and that one of the weird differences between british conservatives and american concerns is the bridge conserves believe in them relies power. You know, like our believers, in the use of centralized power to enforce fairness in their own way, where that was Thatcher, Serb NASH, What did ended DE nationalized business but nationalize political standards at an
I'd states, we believe in a decentralized political process in which government has less. We have these these liberal it left wing governments that are on the one that are imposing. You know that they sound like the dictator they starting sunlight, the dictator in Bananas, Woody Allen, Bananas who, upon you know that the guerrillas, leader upon winning the office says everyone will, where their underwear on the outside. So we can check that they're changing it every thirty minutes, and the national language will now be swedish. I made it This follows the science: it's all a kind of I dont somebody explore
to make us aside from like wanting that not wanting to I've were, I already said something nice about Ayn Rand last week, so I don't want to doing up. It is just this is just power for power sake. I mean, I think. Clearly the mayor believes that he's doing something right in here. You know you see he will be celebrated for it or something, but I am I I met my wits end. Try to understand why you can't you can you can assume some sort of political posturing right because it there's nothing? Actually, he can do beyond a few certain things they Bernie done and its And improving means written relinquishing some of the emergency powers that they have had at the same time, it that the same terms ideologically motivated group on the left. Who wants to impose all these various restrictions but has no real means of enforcing them is? Can we can? for the last four years that that the president who
Who actually had some enforcement powers was? Was invoking it'll be practising fascism, you don't completely obliterate all the rights. We had there's a weird sort of way they are play acting because they do have the law enforcement mechanisms in place to impose this. They can only do it subjectively, which will, of course, of lawsuits and has in, and we can talk about. The lawsuit report handed down the verdict handed down because it has to be play. Acting areas, no enforcement, in its a weird application of responsibility, because their role in a pandemic is not to try to enforce his counter crony restrictions. It's to persuade the flick of the necessity of embracing public health measures. They are trying to get the buying their threatening. Is not the way to handle things will argue? you think about that school, closer briefly to think of the school closing earth. Rather why you can't just jump right into her until a school you asked it out
it's actually gets you think about that. If you were to embrace that's where a policy to think about it like an open and roman period in an insurance situation, because, like you, can't just have people jump from plan to plan People who would be doing so would probably be higher. Risk anyway, would unduly burden the system and, if you think about like a resource like a public resource, then you would be unduly burdening the teachers and the unions The schools, by allowing kids to just opt in and out in and out whenever they wanted to the burden, would be on excessive on the constituents that you're trying to manage your richer than the teachers and the teachers unions. So, regarding the California move, I much of it has to do with just the simple exercise of power. There's no question, but There is also the vagueness: missed is trying to respond there is some portion of the population and it we don't know how big it is, but I think its size, Oh I'm just anecdotally, unjust. Just from the observation
It is in a state of abject panic and has been throughout this and you don't part? We don't know how big of a proportion of the country that is, because there are inability to figure that out in those linked to the universe, pulling failures and and and whatever so we have no one quite knows who thinks what out there and this many months in to the pandemic. There is now a lot of room is not a lot of places to go too far too, to be a policy wise. To be honest, it keeps saying. Oh yes, I take a serious look at what will I take this more seriously, so you ve, they keep
beyond the restrictions, keep getting crazier and crazier what's going to what's? What's the next move from here, for example, you know. Well, I mean so there's an effort to get ahead of the virus right to be proactive. I don't think we want government to be very proactive, like proactive is not the verbs that I would use for for looking to government action. It's got that slight crime effect right, so we're going to impose restrictions that may not be necessary in order to achieve a result that we don't know that, even though the restrictions can even achieve that. Yet that's us. I agree, but I think, for example, if you look every day as I do on Twitter to see,
You Cuomo announced the daily numbers from New York right where, if test positivity and hospital has in and unfit daily fatalities and all the rest of it, every day that he puts up his tweet, announcing that the new numbers, if their bad, majority of comments on dirt on his on that sweet are. What are you waiting for rock it all down? Lock it up, lock it down now. This is again a perfect example of how Twitter is not representative of the population, but it is something it is a. It is a is a concentrated place of a lot of pain. And it can sway things, and it is reflective of elite opinion. We try to do is very good at it. Did Atlantic's homepage to see why what you're doing is wrong, and why the only solution is for you to to isolate in perpetuity.
what I am without any risk like today. I just yesterday, we really today there's a theirs is the front page story. The first story is about how America's pods yourself isolating pods. Where you have you my friend or family. that's keeps themselves for two weeks and you keep yourself for two weeks and then you interact. Well, that's not good, because guess what you also go to the supermarket, don't you. Worry, then you're, not isolating. You literally have to talk to wrap yourself in cellophane for two weeks. If you want to be safe, In that. I understand this because in the world of work
Let's say where called about shoe the Jews that, as June row, repentant Jews who return to religious practice or adopt religious practice as you adopt a religious practice, you often look to adopt it more and more and more seriously. That is that that the restriction that you are imposing upon yourself and the laws or attempting to follow you get more and more scrupulous about, and then you get more and more doctrinaire about you get more you you, you embrace the restrictions as a kind of Libya, nation in their own form. It serve like the sonnet. Oh, how? How? If you embrace the solid form as a poet, you are capable of achieving transporting effects different from a free verse poem, because you are hewing too
fourteen line standard that you know that causes you to innovate and create right. So so, though, the world of this kind of penitence has its own logic, which is the pure. I get the more. I am fulfilling my responsibility, and that is the logic of pandemic restriction as well, that what you are doing is walking around saying that guy's gonna supermarket that's trade. If that's not kosher that, as you know, an- and you know I Will not do that and he shouldn't, if he's part of my community, he shouldn't do that either, but in a world of pandemic everybody on earth is in the same community. Everybody on earth has read this
responsibility to everybody else on earth and therefore you now because of the fact that they could spread of disease to you. So you are therefore empowered not only to restrict your own life but to insist on the restriction of the lives of others, because they could kill you and an set. But the pleasure of the restriction has to do with the mindset of the person who is restricting his own and is a deep, deep, deep satisfaction like we shouldn't just look at this as panic. There's something else going on it as it satisfies a deep human need for order for rules and particularly when we think everything is spinning out of control right so and the rules are no, the rules are yes, yes or no, and basically you go with no cause. That's the safe the safer, while index
The matter is literally a matter of life and death when it comes to illness, fur for people who you hook the virus not for everyone, obviously, but but the risks that is always there. Any attempt to discuss the key us either the economic costs for businesses, the economic costs actually to students who will lose a year of their education, their starting to tabulate estimates of I've time, earnings that will be lost by this generation of students who Missy Year of this kind of lost. You it's not insignificant and then there's the mental and emotional health costs which we are getting a lot of really concerning data about it, particularly for young people, Those things are all still we'd against someone in your life and it has did they reject and I understand that very mannequin were approaching, but I feel like now were, and maybe it is being I've got elective so great, but we now
he d start having more and more those discussions about the mental Health and economic health. The country and what we're doing to ourselves with these choices, but I think we ve been having those conversational we have another, but I think that there has been a lot of talk about this. It just does not seem to have any political impact in the very places that these sorts of concerns ordinarily, would be of of successive political concern, like general ideas about the psychological well being of young people, which I say is something I want to say that Europe conserves don't care about psychological well being. But you know like if you're worried about studies, and all of that that say that you know that's that,
that's not the concerns are like pull yourself, a buyer bootstraps and you know suck it up and how hard you know that that would be the concern of cliche right. What what's happened here and I think aim is onto them. Thing by talking about the the bad social science data over the last eight months is that the feedback loop for american politicians has been theirs. no cost, and there are only benefit our american politicians in blue states. There are only benefits in being restrictive. There are no costs and maybe that data is wrong, maybe data are wrong. Now the politicians are supposed to know this. Better than we it's like their business and theirs was to feel it out better, but if they are transported with with you know, the dopamine
bills at you, know controlling the lives of others and they're getting you know like very vague data that say that the public supports them and thinks their great and airily stump, and yet there is no feedback loop to stop them. From doing things, that, under ordinary circumstances, we would say are seen for any politician even to begin to think about like you're not allowed to see your neighbour, there is also this sort of prohibition, Urim hypocrisy, that the leadership cast and people do. Endorse. These kind of policies do feel themselves relatively exempt from actually having to follow them. Their orders are imposed on people who are much less able to absorb the impact of them, but nevertheless just look at how many democratic politicians have been caught up in. scandals involving they're, just not following
he's orders because the really not for them right I mean if Europe in a versatile professor would say, with your school is closed. Working from home isn't meant that much of an imposition but also need no one's gonna police. You, no one's gonna, stop you from seeing friends family from going out. You know, insofar as you can to places they allow at these, your underwear, restaurants of all heard about, but they will stop and will These people on lower the lower end of the socio economic ladder by the way that includes the Orthodox Jews, and we should move on to the Supreme Court of finding because of the Orthodox Jews who have been the subject of Andrew Qualmless pretence,
Killer Ire, our poor. They are not rich, they are poor there, the poorest Jews in the country. These are also orthodox Jews who live very hard, scrabble existences needing a lot of social services and self appointed social services, and all that, when the reasons are they to get at their house and go into the street or go to show whatever go to these celebration, these big weddings. Just so I can make this clear. Seventy people go to these big weddings. To get food. There are sick. Seven thousand eight hundred people that have a lot of food. They pack food away from the wet to bring home because they live in three bedroom apartments with eleven children and the men often don't work because they're studying Torah and Talmud, and these are not easy existences and you deny them the communitarian life that helps them get by, and you are
it's not just that your interfering with their spiritual lives. You are interfering with the very way that they get their social services that all we ever hear from Billina left wing politicians Is what about the social services that everybody is what these are all these weddings, her away for people to get food into their homes to feed their children for days is not a joke, so in re the Supreme Court decision that said that the five for finding that that that overturned. I can't quite rumour what the technical aspects were, but basically said that New York couldn't term could could not restrict religious services in a way that it was a very interesting cross. You know much of the attention has been paid to meal gorgeous concurrence of also by me, because it was just such a wonderful piece of writing gorse as easily.
You know next Scully, at the best writer that we ve seen on the court in the last sixty seventy years, but you know him in his concurrence. He made the point that our so it's ok have acupuncture, but you can't go to church. You know like that, and so you saw my our writing. Mebbe major dissent in the decision said well, you know if you go to a bike shop, you re not a bike shop for three hours singing and that's why we need these restrictions. What do you guys? What you guys make of it? The descent was fine because it was just designed to trigger every liberals, erogenous onwards and just attacked, Their fellows her fellow Supreme Court justices for failing to heed the science are playing a dangerous game. You're gonna cost people lives with their since then, with it, seven found was that you simply cannot impose, restrict on religious practice,
the constitution by the way and have different rules for more secular activities, which is precedent that there was a super there is a difference, for decision in Kentucky earlier this year that prevented Kentucky Democratic, nor indeed Bashir from closing, really this institution's entirely. Religious schools, religious practices, because of whatever the compelling interest was at the moment, is just didn't you can't I'm so it's not like this came out of nowhere and the people who are arguing against this, mostly on the left were saying, it is just more culture warning from the right this is. This is The culture war into the practice of law, which is a profound than a projection on the wild boar such sad again. This was not the majority that what Gore Such said was
that the constitution has taken a holiday during the pandemic, but it cannot be allowed to take a sabbatical. that emergency powers are exist to be to be levied in restricted time circumstances that denote an emergency. But then you can't them leave them in perpetuity, though, a that they were being left him in perpetuity and also a part of the decision was not. sabotaging that religious observance has special. rules that allow it to get by when other forms of you know to the congregation and and and public me
are restricted. It's the opposite it was. It was found that the state was punishing exclusively religious. Innovations and making them play by different rules, one, that's the part that the thing that was king, behind a lot of What I was reading from gorse. It was what about all the protests the summer? What about it? fact that there were, there were plenty of opportunities to enforce the gathering restrictions that everyone and put in place, not only were they not enforced, but they were endorsed and further there any contact tracing in places like New York was explicitly avoided because they didn't want to implicate those gatherings, so it's not even just at the religious gatherings are considered or our special is that they are not
enforcing the rules, and I think this is why, when you wouldn't be title a bit about this last week, when you have emergency powers, you actually have to be even more strict about the scrutiny you give an how there applied and that's why I think the hypocrisy of like the DEN mayor, jumping on the plane to go visit his family, while tweeting that everybody else should stay home. The reason that is my were now. Whose worthy now noteworthy and why people get so angry about. It is because these farmers in power emergency powers and and that kind of her hypocrisy, stings more in a way- and you know the rubric the encouragement about protests, you know, so we ve always public health visuals and everyone else came out and said, well, Racism is a public health crisis. So therefore its good knew you'd. This is
you're, a Europe you're doing more good on the on the UN that public health crisis front that outweighs the sort of the pandemic. Who can't play that game with relief? his faith Youtube. You, Canada, revision of my soul, is upheld. That's right It's private towards demonstrable that, if you, you know you you, if you'd separate people from their opportunity to to congregate with friends and family and worship their god that that that doesn't have public health crisis how do you want? Is it a dozen we're seeing? It is also. The first amendment does not have exceptions to it right. So freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are what guy the idea that you cannot prevent protest. Freedom of religion is right
air and Freedom of assembly and freedom of religion combined to say, government cannot make a requirement that you cannot congregate for religious practice and get you know, depending on your face again. one like play: talk about Jews, the exclusion of everybody else, but we're late Jews cannot pray alone, religious choose to have a religious service, have to have ten congregants together at a minimum in order to practise their faith in the services that they wish to do. There are all kinds of things you cannot do without ten men. You cannot bring out the torrent into the Torah awaiting you cannot say cottage, which is the more the prayer for that dad that people are enjoying to do three times a day in the first year after the past,
other of an immediate family member that cannot be done now. There lay dead thing people have now loosened some of these restrictions because you know that, but I mean literally people say I cannot say cottage, I I nonetheless decision it is my understanding that decision advocated for tacitly endorsed the just a uniform, It restriction on open spaces, for example, that thing If I'm remembering this correctly, I couldn't be miss remembering that they were talking about house certain institutions like a church can hold a thousand people and surcharges can hold. Ten people beg you first restricted them not based on their interior, Spain, this, as you wouldn't neither institution but just because their religious practices- and that is the desperate enforcement of law right. and the executive order emergency whenever call it. But then people say things like well, don't be ridiculous, of course, going to
People are gonna sing, singing causes expectoration, like that. You know missed from people's MAO's and and and saliva, so forget our what transmitted disease so, therefore, Churches are, aren't, you know, bikes shops which remain open people, don't go into bakeshops, stand there for hours and sing. Ok, but you know otherwise, and priests and people like that, do not want people to get sick and die in their congregations. They can handle the science better than Andrew Cuomo can by saying that they cannot do anything. Because he is not a what he is not allowed to say they cannot do anything again. It depends
on their religion. If your radical protestant you dont actually have to go to church, if you are an an orthodox Jew who has to do certain who s to perform certain kinds of religious ministrations in order to profess your faith, you have to be in a congregation of at least people that is, you, know, pandemics, Renault Pandemics, that is, that is jewish law, and that we, this country, exists in order because people talk travelled somewhere because they were unable to practise their faith, I know that's the sixteen twenty project is people coming and data and out of the nice, people may put people in stocks and they killed witches and they did whatever, but I came here in order to freely profess their faith and for,
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your scientists mosen fuck, whereas fuck reside there. I believe that's factories today was assassinated on the street in Tehran. Ah, the rending bewailing the gnashing of that it's unbelievable. Former ceo director John Brennan, calling this a horrible violation of international law, the entire echo chamber of including the Father of the ECHO chamber Ben goods of the Obama, a foreign policy coming out to cry bitter tears over the horrendous a transgression of international law involved in what is now doomed to be Israel. Striking act for the umpteenth time do and what it can to to retire IRAN's nuclear programme
by eliminating legal arabian brain Trust. I believe disguise the seventh iranian nuclear scientists to be assassinated in the last decade, and so I we published a pcb bright, a couple of issues, called how is real, help save the world by Josh Murat check the the idea behind this peace was that nobody is give Israel for the fact that- it is. It is a one nation, nuclear anti proliferation device. Better than they have treaties better than anything else. We now have three nations whose nuclear ambitions have been retarded by Israel systematically over the last forty years, Iraq with the destruction of nuclear reactor, their Syria, with the destruction of the nuclear
a boarding nuclear reactor in two thousand seven and IRAN. The systematic cyber war, and I have to say I mean it's a terrible there, but targeted use of the elimination of the uranium your brain trust, while the rest of the West turns a blind eye, says it's worried about nuclear weapons and does nothing not not just turns a blind eye to the west, condemns them. Every time be beginning with us, Iraq and in the B B nuclear facility back in the early eighties day, every time they do this, they they they prevent the world's worst actors from having the most the weapons they are slammed and there is there? Is, you know, outrage among the lead opinion. So this is this No dear I mean this is different and that people are forcing this into the Trump Biden
transition paradigm now that that this is trumps way of serve. You know of making taking any reconciliation that Biden that by would have with IRAN impossible by by pushing things to this level but the truth is moving. Maybe so you want to bring up. This is a new your point. We were talking about yesterday what, when things like this happen, they happened before. As I say, Israel season opportunity, they a small window to two to two, I get someone that they know is critical to the Iranian programme- and this is Violence is a vital point, because this notion is, They could do at any time, so I did it now in order to constrain binds option. I do not believe base
than what I know when I, what I know is only stuff that I read, but I mean I think the chances are its more something like this. They get some, of intelligence that has to be up acted on in eleven minutes. Yes, they have t ever. The amazing thing is how apparently incredibly penetrated Israel it out how IRAN by Israel, whereas, as rule corrects says, that a peace animals redrawn today, we There is no evidence that we in the United States have any actionable intelligence on the ground in IRAN whatsoever, but Israel feels a gigantic cache of documents for IRAN and brings it out and shows it to the world is real, as you know, does these Targeted assassinations inside IRAN, like Israel, is on the ground in IRAN, but what that means is that a call it says you know. Facility is gonna, be
at the intersection of Broadway and the avenue of the martyrs in twelve minutes move, and then they have they. They ve done all these exercise, this has for years on how they might do this on a street and then they do it, and it's not. I think they're like oh, you know we could do it today, because that's how we're gonna handle it and that's you know, in order to screw Biden and the J C p away. The idea is that that they can't do this, will you guys, are protected. He was in a mighty. He was an old, a motorcade entourage, as it was apparently so. To get out of the car. I've been according to these stories, who knows if their true, as this comes from far as news, which, as you know, not necessarily act,
but he had to get out of the car than was shot because he thought the car had been somehow you know hampered in some fashion anyway. That's my take my take is that that that is America centralism at its most deranged where it's like. Everything involves our political schedule, as opposed to the fact that what we know about IRAN, the? U S is real and say the Saudis is that, over the course of the Obama administration, it became clear to Israel that that that they had to their we're gonna have to take charge of their own. In relation to IRAN, because the United States was either not going to upper was actively going to hurt by bye by agreeing as they did in the iranian twenty fifteen too, eventual iranian nuclear weapon. Well, doesnt have that sort of contradicts here. Your theory here that in this case, we really do hold the cards and call the shots
the action or inaction. The reason why Israel feels in secure enough to engage in these operations is because of the people who are in a state of morning now over those nuclear scientists there, the architects of Israel's security now but Israel has Israel, has fashioned its own set of policies toward your wan and has and has been acting on them for a decade, an activist interventionist policy to retard IRAN's nuclear ambitions that it knows that at least the United States either opposes or does not wish to actually engaging in itself. So the Obama administration didn't like that. Israel was doing this and up The trumpet menstruation likes that Israel's doing it neither wants to be the you know when neither wants to be
the primary actor, but that the irony of the domestic political context, the irony of the Ben Roads, is of the world. You know Tut Tut in these actions by Israel, women when he served in administration, which was happy to do drone strikes and targeted assassinations just as long as it didn't. Israel, I guess a sea argument. I mean it's ridiculous, it's so absolutely preclinical it does. I actually think it also decide it is. It allows for the media to distract itself from pushing the incoming Bind administration about his policies right when they are not actually asking finally tough questions about this. Yet he did not come here. I know it's the transition, etc, etc. But I do think it lays interesting groundwork and we ve seen on the domestic sign already for how the press,
he's gonna handle this in coming up with a strange. What are we now? What do we know about Biden in relation to the point that you have just made Christine? What did Biden oppose during the Obama administration? He opposed the killing of Osama Bin Lot man. We know that he was opposed to the killing of asylum law, which is probably the poor, the flu. the nearest legal. You know like extra legal example to this right, which is it out here, John Brennan, who was then what was he national security away? He was he was in the national security apparatus was not then CIA director, you know screaming about Israel's violation of international law. The assassin is a sign that there is no difference with Israel going into run, assessing this guy than America going into Pakistan and assassinating Osama Bin Lot well, according to branded the differences that we, this is when you take a terrorist. It's one thing: when you take out us:
I just it's another, but if you don't believe that the iranian regime is a terrorist regime, one that not too long ago was planning a strike inside Washington DC. Then You have no business in the intelligence community at all yeah. Well, I wasn't Brennan Brennan had a problem with the legality of the ceremony strike too. Of course I did was soil where the United States was deployed at the invitation of the host government were struck, the head of a declared terrorist organization according to the United States, which have declared their art Rennie Revolutionary, our core terrorist organisation, the same objections, he. Doesn't it his is rational and remains the same, no matter what the conditions are so moving out. We have a bunch of Joe Biden, appointments to the cabinet and to his wife
staff, Joe Yellin former FED chairman, is gonna, be treasury secretary. As we know, we ve talked about tony blinkin, and we just had this rush of announcements of gems Saki. As the community, as the communications, director or Kate Bet, failed as the communications director Jump Saki. As the press secretary Noah's and my friend from MSNBC Corinne Jean Pierre as Deputy press secretary and, of course nearer the boasting the near at hand. In the head of the centre for american progress, as Owen Be Director, a convertible post and John Cornerstones, chief aid does senator from taxes has said that there is zero chance that dear attend will be confirmed. Why? Because she has one of the worst personalities on twitter.
Towards an interesting thing. As you know, people their wonderful people that you Oh and somehow, Twitter just turns them into like their horrible on twitter and I dont know near attendant, but I mean she is horrible onto why do you want? It's not just twitter? Her reputation in Washington she's been incentive for making progress for a long time in the think tank world. She also has a terrible reputation I can attest to that. He also you know that their lot. questions about how that centre is funded in the kind of donor she courted there's a huge sexual issue at the center for american Progress achieved paper number because of the friend of hers who is accused its she her reputation, even off Twitter is not golden. Ok Here's a theory, it's probably far too conspiratorial convoluted, but I'm gonna say it anyway. The public and to have a better than even chance of confer controlling the confirmation process they're gonna, want to draw some blood. Maybe this is the head that they get Maybe this is the sacrificial lamb they get to say. Are we killed this
there's always one right like the Zoe Baron type right or anti I mean that there is. There is a confirmation that doesn't make it through doesn't get it doesn't get past committee or even felt, and floor outcome can therefore, but you know me, This is it. Maybe this is that this is the south. The Republicans get to get the drug nearest blood, I would she submit to such a thing. Why did she know she said a lot of money off of it later? My hope that that to shore, but why would why? Would she than be aware of? Well, she, the where she's, confer, is aware of it enough to cheat deleted like ten thousand two years. Yet these most suggest that she thinks she is confirmed by gets the means using coal into it suddenly disappeared. In the last forty eight hours, the members I mean honestly, I mean I don't even remember I just remember serve like I was always astonished at the Vitry all of her for a further ahead of us
tank who was a senior official in the White House to two spew, the kind of vitriol that she's viewed on Twitter, was really striking like it was. It was on it's unusual. It was unusual how add hominem locked twitter is a bad medium, so I'm not gonna defend it, but I mean there are gradations of this. How add hominem, how rage filled her stuff was, and how and how it seemed like she was presuming And she was never gonna go. It's cover, Billig M, simply by the nature of the violence of the use of this right, talk of violence that she was that she was displaying there's also, though, some interesting inside baseball on the left here with Tandon and deep Bernie faction, Bernie Sanders faction right because she's held responsible by a lot of types for being one of the architects of of
preventing his nomination from getting through twenty sixty four for being, very so pro Hilary that that there are a lot of backroom dealings of Yellow Inter Party stuff. That was not totally above board so she said there is an interesting and- and we see this also with yellow appointed to Treasury. We don't see a lot of the squad. Elizabeth Warren type, lefties getting plum spots. in this administration, so which was an answer to the question. The wheat there's only one there's, only one right, Simone Sand arise, who was Bernice spokesman, who is gonna, be PAMELA spokes in your guidance, Matrona she's, gonna Hamlet, was ever give interesting. That's interesting to me idea right so so so there is one body there's one Bernie Bro the gun job, but of course, she had already moved to the binding campaign, so she was moving from the bottom campaign there. There does seem to be
This weird thing going on with the defence department, where the first leaks had it as a certainty that Michel floor, I was gonna, be the the defence secretary and there seems to be a huge blow back or game being played to prevent at from from happening, but for two reasons there right. It's both awoke reason and a left lefty reason but she reasoned is that she might have done some work with defence contractors, though reasons that she's, not black, grey or, as you well know in her mouth, is actually about, but that they want they want a toad. They want or certain railroad token number of positions, and she doesn't meta. Ok, and what about this? So I'm enjoying the hell out of this part, which is the year the sword, the fight over the cabinet appointments, am how explicit the lobbying by races. So we have the this group of liberty.
oh legislators and politicians saying that there needs to be five latino appointments to the cabinet and specifically demanding the appointment of Michel Lou, the governor of New Mexico as the as the interior secretary or agriculture, secretaries on, like that. That strikes me as being very into have never seen anything like that. How Lou hung Grissom that people would literally say, show ices me its agents ass. They would literally say too sad. So I asked you must make this one person give this one person this job. A thirty two members of the congressional Hispanic Caucus
kind of striking, by the way, how come here that our hundred Majorca us the the appointee for a homeland security Cuban, so he is a Cuban, he got the job and he's the first emigrant. I love this thing also he's the first immigrants to be to be the head of the homeland security parliament has her is seventeen years of seventy. There is also the thereby like four or five homeland security secretary, so he's the first emigrate, but he's also a chill. They didn't say that he was a Jew. It's so weird. It was like he's in choosing to immigrant he's a cue. But he's a hispanic. Somehow they dropped the Jew about. Is that makes an early intervention in reality right now, if you do then he is then carry something else out councils that all out, because he is part of the intersection of others.
The Intersection Mobility Squad, somehow ok, do we have anything else, I just let them let them fight. That's. You know what we ve been spending for years, watching Republicans and conservatives fight. Let's, let's have it. Let's watch the liberals fight, that's that's that's gonna, be funding, can be fun for zones and we haven't even talked about Tom was good because that's the rearview mirror so rearview mirror people. Some will be back to you tomorrow for aid Christina. No I'm jump onwards. Cameron.
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