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Folksy Impotence

2021-12-03 | 🔗
The Biden administration is improvising its way through a new Covid panic, projecting impotency along the way. Speaking of impotency, Russia is sending signals indicating that another invasion of Ukraine is imminent, and the White House’s response so far has consisted of sternly worded letters.
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to do so at your leisure. With me, as always, executive editor, a Greenwood high Abe, I dont Signorina Christine, rose high, Christine Hygiene and associate editor nor Rossman High Noah Hydra. So here's? What we're noticing we're noticing that politicians are giving press conferences to announce that, as in the case of need a governor of Cathy hopeful that there are five cases the only crime variant in New York state a state with sixteen million people in it. Gave a new. Some is given a press conference there. You know involving one person and there's somebody in Michigan. If this were the plague, one Would understand why the need to go public with information about the existence of
either a handful or a single patient deadly virulent condition that could hit anybody at any time and kill them. but a boy. What have we noticed about alma crime, thus far, not only in the United States but everywhere on the planet, that we are told their cases so far, there are no reported deaths and and and the overwhelming majority of the cases are quite mild and the evidence now seems to indicate, as is always the case with these things, that in its Distance is older than we had first been led to believe that was probably manifesting itself, something in MID October, which would mean that we are now in December, and so it's like six weeks and I m-
there there we are there. There are a couple of interesting developments in regard to this, one of which is that it appears. To elude natural immunity that that is the bringing to the Israelis, if you are this, if you were a person who got covered but has not been vaccinated, apparent we. You have no defences against alma crime. However, if you have been We vaccinate- or at least in the israeli case, vaccinate and boosted by the third shot. You are highly protected against it. So this now raises a new wrinkle in the. I would call these serve mid. Not anti backs are position, but the serve mid vaccines. ethical position, which is. Why is
everybody going crazy about insisting that we have a hundred per cent vaccination re, if you God covert already, you have natural anti bodies and their better naturally are better than vaccine anti bodies there better in their stronger in your more powerful and new? Can Europe superhero and you can fight them and you can do whatever you want, and so I think, you're gonna see a case being made that you're about to read the double or or redoubled Fritz that at vaccination and, as some people are gonna start saying that what I just told you was a lie because the establishment is so Oh, I determined to force everybody to get vaccinated that there now playing fast and loose with factoid about this in order to make them for argument and we're gonna have another. There's another front, gonna open up here in in this in this preposterous culture war over
the vaccine, which everybody should get, including if you or had called it. And if you don't do that you're an idiot, I'm gonna tell you again. I really gonna tell you, I think your honor among this one. I really do if you will have your reading the of the report's added people who are in the Biden, administrations orbit their frustrated, that there were lying so heavily on persuasion, efforts to get paid, vaccinated, because that's not enough, you need universal mascot in perpetuity which is the legislation in front of organs. Legislature right now it is going to pass a forever mask mandate. You need to have social distancing in perpetuity. he'd have triggers too closed schools in perpetuity the get that vaccinations will get us out of. This is long defect in the particular side of the handle of the Intellectual ledger is aware, and this comes
weird moment as well, both in both ironically for the Anti actors, who I agree, Jonathan a double down on this, and also for what no saying, because we have on the rise and if our FDA could get their rears. Indeed, Britain and and approve it these, these pills that we can take, which are in fact manufactured by drug companies, including from the ones, make accents that offer basically ninety percent nice. Ninety percent of people in the trial burnt hospitalized all taken the pills if it we can within the first few days of getting any covered symptom. So this is something you can do at home. You don't have to check into the hospital like you did with the monoclonal anybody treatment its it is. miraculous breakthrough that protects. Even the people who haven't gotten themselves vaccinated are likely to be helped by these medications as well. So I mean even the new order and suspend you know, I think, is daily in her today. as newsletters like look people, it's it's not that bad
we really need not panic. Don't panic, but ya know is right. That administration, I don't know, what's gonna convincing people at this point, I really don't we were now talking about. Remember women talking about it's an immunity threshold based on vaccinations, and then it was children who need to get back to me then, and now it's an indefinite amount of blisters, and all of this now prompted by a variant that, by all indications before to the data, is my no means as serious as that. The interventions that were talking about any amount of talking about vaccinations at this point is bargaining. It is a self deception, it's not getting it.
He wasn't right, wait! What's this about. What's a self deception on the idea that any sort of arbitrary threshold of vaccination rates, children, population rates, booster, three four five is gonna, get us out of this. There is no getting us out of the argument. I'd get, I think we're talking about getting out of here. I was literally just talking about treat. You know about the question of the efficacy against o mccrone and we're. Israel is, of course, that is, of course, the ultimate the test case, because it's the you know it's the Pfizer kind of petri dish and they are now trying to collect nation wide information based on you now, based on the nine million people there who are essentially a giant case study, and so, if you actually are serious person a new one, I've just make sure that either you don't get covered or that you know you, you get the mild symptoms of covered. The evidence is gas
Bring that a this is a. This is a mild variant, though it may be very aggressive, It should be a good thing, in other words, its a mile variant, more aggressive, then then Delta, in which case do he's, gonna be Swanton, overtaken by less. when version of coal follow the logic guard out, Anthony felt you just went on a tear about how irresponsible that theory is a reckless. The theory is to allow this guy variant circulate and displaced delta, as the dominant Strang, I'm not even saying that I'm saying it may be, but rather that it's it's a good thing to say what you're saying there makes perfect sense, something that I brought up literally on Monday on this podcast and is a lot of resistance to that notion and its increasingly supported by people who are not, consumed by a cold devotion to mitigation strategies as a way of life as a lifestyle that have nothing to do with mitigating this disease. You can tell my source my frustration, because this is
not tethered to any sort of scientific rationale anymore. but here's what's worse, I fear we're gonna go through this with every variant right, and there's going to be more variants that, but this is this is what viruses do. And so, going to get him under a microscope or well. However, they do it and say all this one looks like this and we all have to meet about this and that- and why would this ever stop right? Well, that of course we do have the example of the of the seasonal or annual flew, each of which is a variant on a previous flew, and there is a new flu shot right and, and we don't have a total- you know the freak out every year that there is a new flu shot? Oddly enough people are some people get it some people, some people get the flu some people down, ten or fifteen, or twenty hurry up to sixty thousand people die each year from it.
Maybe because they don't get the flu shod or maybe their dying from it. Because that mean the flu shot is ineffectual against the flu. That's their causes of its often the population against a food authority past none the less, we ve learned to live with the flu than part, because we ve never had no choice but to live with the flag. The flu and yeah I mean, astounded. So we'd abiden made this announcement yesterday of all the measures that they are going to take, and I think again we have to look at this. Look, Kathy Hopeful in New York, making this announcement about the five cases in all this and say democratic policy, Sean's believe that their political futures are tied to looking like they are aggressively confronting covered republic. Politicians believe almost the opposite, which is that they believe that their political fortunes are tied to the idea that we are not going to allow this virus to up end
Destroy our lives and where either going to figure out a way to live with it or we're gonna do whatever we can do to make sure that daily life is not unduly disk to buy it and we have to in rather believe them urgent narratives about what to do about this disease. Meanwhile, the american people we are at a these three per cent of all eligible people in the United States, having got in at least one shot. Eighty three: percent. The american people has spoken. This is not a fifty fifty case. Americans have consented To vaccination as then that includes young children to right here. That's that Five, to get five up. Five up Americans have consented to getting themselves estimated to mitigate the disease prevent the spread.
you knows and protect themselves that that is the story that is missing from all of this hysteria because Democrat It's one of accuse Republicans of being irresponsible and Republicans want to accuse Democrats of being fascistic, and that is why where we are that we have this overlay of the political culture war on something that the organ people, it appears have themselves already settled for themselves, which is now we're going to get vaccinated. that's the only thing that run the Santas and and Biden agree on is that everybody should get vaccinated. It's just that. What are you do, while he's getting vaccine here. What do you do to deal with the fact that some people aren't getting vaccinated or whatever? That is where the divergences, but we are not focusing on an actual, nay
it display of american unity of purpose in confronting this pandemic eighties? when, when one is eighty, three percent of Americans done anything or agreed to anything in the last you now twenty years. That's why at no as earlier point is important in his mention of Oregon in particular, because we at what I hear living in a blue state is constantly that you know it's Republicans, politicize a pandemic, it's their fault like everything, Dave Politicized, everything by by spreading rumours about vaccination, etc, etc. But in fact there's that there's another level of policies politicization going going on with the mitigation stuff, and I think knows absolutely right- you we might see states deciding based on whether they lean left or right take to keep these regulations in perpetuity
and then people who live there will have to vote with their feet or vote out of office. The people who are putting these restrictions on, but I mean if I, if my city, announced a permanent mask and social distancing mandate. I might seriously consider moving because that's insane, but there are people who need that is occurring, security, blanket and that's a form of politicizing pandemic measure. it is well, we just don't hear it described as such, at least in most media outlets, two new to wonder at a point at which it now it's interesting to hear your ear Could you you from the outset of the pandemic? You have bad, that the american people would not tolerate draconian measures of self of of observers to control and clearly there play, the map Americans, who will tolerate rather
certainly high examples of social costs. it just depends on, where they live and what their politics are. And I guess it I guess it it follows along and understandable ideological path that there is an ideological path between believing that you that the government should somehow guide your life from cradle to grave and the government. Has the authority to tell you to wear a mask everywhere you go or to control your children's behaviour or to close schools at a moment's notice, or do whatever wants to hear that is logic in it. it makes logical sense or eluding. It doesn't even have to be that extreme. I think there's a sort of mindset where you just accept that the present attic thing is to let the expert voices sort of guide. You
those in charge make the decisions shore. They may not be perfect. But what do I know and I don't want to die? You know it doesn't have dates. It doesn't have necessarily be this overt faith in government and an institution Their names are ok, so I think John, the tone of chance question suggest quite a bit of scepticism about the notion that the american people do not and will not accept this emergency measures, these emergency restrictions on your economic and social activity in perpetuity is not really well founded, because they are right. Well, I mean every election result that we ve had. So our is predicated on the idea that we're gonna get out of this in this guy's gonna go It's out of this? Twenty twenty was Joe Biden. He said I ll get out of it. I know how to do it in fact, by July fourth, there's things over, and that was what one in twenty twenty two twenty one it was likely school closures. That's the consensus that the most animated part of the electorate,
motivated to go to the polls and vote in disproportionate numbers by their antipathy towards these men. this measure is not their support of them, and I think that remove the needle a little bit and he can go deeper into the nomes the psycho social background to say all needed to pay their riots and twenty twenty, where an expression of that sort of thing to- and I would argue that as well, but nevertheless we have plenty of data and evidence just that one sided. A leisure is more animated by this than the other another, I agree with you. I think you misunderstood me a little, but I'm saying that I think there is a genuine there. Is it there a genuine divide. Here I don't think it's a fifth. Fifty divide, I think it's you know, because in fact, You know hard partisans makeup genomes, sixty six percent of the country, not a hundred percent of the country. I'm saying that if you really want to understand why, why are there?
We politicians who are going to go with this hawkish Dennis. I think we can now say pretty fairly This is now become an idiot logical, not even by the way a culture war thing or something like that, but but it's a it's a form of it's an idiot, logical badge that if you are, if you come at government with a certain degree of scepticism you don't have to. multi listening to your governor come out and say we're gonna. Do this because data and saying I'll, please, you know what are you kidding me, but if you, but if you really do commit to get now pajama boys, world orb. You know that the world a cartoon strip, where first you get there
when you're born, and then you get this when you're twelve and then you get a free this and then you get TAT and then you get this benefit and then, when you die like me, Linda Medicare, bright life, Linda it makes sense that you are. You are placing your life, your fate, your future, in your understanding of things in the hands of in the hands of the technocratic elite. And therefore when they say look at a word extreme caution, you should mask indoors inside your own house. But they're gonna do it. And then, if you have a, if you have a more libertarian bent, it's much easier to say you know I kind of pick and choose. Sometimes, when I'm being told to how to behave by my guy from the funny part, is that when I was growing up, liberals and
If this were much more anti authoritarian than they are now end, and now they ve some kind of like cattle and sheep that they were don't what to do? Don't tell me what to smoke. Don't tell me that I can't watch in o o a car and report. Not refer you don't know. What would porno graffiti is you're just a bad light. You know, don't tell me what lyrics my kids can listen to on a record, your a fascist that was, that was a very healthy part, of American of the American left that has completely desiccated, As far as I can tell its reversed and have said it before, but it's from the slogan was the power to the people, to power to the state This is where the covered restrictions are interesting. Is there that the binding ministration keeps creating these points of friction?
The federal government insists as binding. Did this week, he's extended the the mask mandate on transportation, right that means, planes, trains or any sort of travel. Then the country, that's federally, has federal oversight. You have to wear a mask on, and I was maybe some people like fine, I'm only on a plane for a few hours, but for people who are business travelers for people who commute on these trains every day and have to wear masks, that's my chief down the line, but that's those federal restrictions. Echo the ones just like with the vaccine mandate, which keeps getting you know booted by the court. Those are the things where the real conflict happens and not just with lawsuits. That's where I think the animosity and then the political position become much more extreme and the rhetoric certainly becomes more extreme and there's no reason for him to do that like it, that the question of whether he should even have the power to do that is. What's not the courts are debating that citizens and I agreed citizens on the left in particular like, but
for us. As far as safety, I mean remember in the life of Linda she's, wherein a mask the whole time as an adult so like that something notable in her life is masks forever. I've talked about this before It's hard for people who, like my colleagues, I live in major blue, dominated metropolises too We understand the extent to which the pandemic is an anti, largely act. Ethnic notion outside of democratic quarters really is down at the only time. I never reminded that things are normal is when I send my good to school. That's it. There are matters out here, but that's that's! That's it! That's a pretty big remain a baby funding. Our economies is a reminder to have a source of frustration and to the extent that it is my daily reminder, its my daily reminder that their needs to be some correction here, other than that the pin that is something you read about in dispatches from Blue America, but again
that's where most of the countries other than no but other than that, MRS Lincoln how's. The show I am children notion that is we to eighteen point, I'm exciting. and has made it. But I'm here. Let me finish my point because Christine saying looked business travellers and though they may have to wear mass couple hours on a plane, it's like good, chafes or some like that. Our kids are wearing masks eight hours a day. Yes, we're not wearing asks eight hours a day savings outside aid it, and there are some time they layer outside masks eight hours a day, and you know why, because they don't have any political power and it is a source of profound, very, not voters, I'm serious, they are not. They don't have any political power and therefore we can now I'm not saying they should I'm not saying that you're the vote should dropped at the age of aid so that people can vote against masking, but
I gotta be anarchists. By the time there you're doin it there's no you're, not imposing masking on seventy. Five million Americans under the age of eighteen without consequence like there is, I mean you are: there's no consequence to masking them. Therefore, their masked and everybody Who speaks about. It is speaking in their name. One where the other it's like, I need to be lab. What, if my kid gets a disease, or how can you do that its creating all kinds of psychological deformities and problems. This is terrible. You people are what we're going to be. Dealing with this for twenty years, but the actual people in this country. Who are imprisoned behind a mask are the least powerful, right is exploding consensus, a false and equilibrium. The assumption here on the part of people who do have settled into this and our cocaine
the status quo. My r r in communities of like minds, that actually support and endorse this kind of behaviour and the social compact, and it said then, to a sort of justice stasis where people are happy and content with this and think it is sustainable. And it is not but we're gonna know I think, we're gonna. Now you know all this: all these focus groups and data people trying to collect and try to understand the result in Britain and the Virginia gubernatorial election are true. I sense out of Democrats are like. We had no idea how bad the education issue was. Gonna be for us that is story. Your story, people doing focus groups, we will doing Pauling people trying to find out. You know what people voted for Tromp then voted for by the. Why their flip, all that all that kind of stuff right, but the way The education covers a lot of ground to cover schools being closed. It can cover transgender batter.
Are these transgender policies or it could cover you're making. My kid live inside a mask, and my kid is depressed and I am blaming you and so, if I'm right about that and if that is significant element of what people now refer to as the education issue there are going to be very wild results in twenty twenty two that are going to take in exactly those blue states right that no, what you say, I'm saying that there is a certain type of person who gives in two government because they're brainwashed in this way, but that there are real a very small number of people, including in blue states, vague. They control the hype, the hype, the high watermarks of blue states, but I'm just saying like we could see if this really extends. If kids are masks, Rule June,
through the end of the school year when pretty sure that masking would be over after Christmas vacation there be it soon army in these elections, the likes we're gonna, see like a truck driver from somewhere or other winning a Senate seat in other like a version of the New Jersey, the guy knocking who knocked off John Sweeney, the most powerful personally Jude New Jersey State Senate, some guys get flyers, Gambino Leg, the rope, we'll get nominee in New York, is gonna win. This is gonna win the Senate seed away from Sumer, or something like that like stuff, can happen here that that will fly totally under the radar because of because of the draconian nature of this, particularly if what aid has meant which is that democracy is not fatal. Maybe it's gonna turn edible fail. It is not right, now fatal- and it's been like six weeks.
I don't know is that the way it works like no? No, it's not fit. Now it's raddle boom. Now everyone's gonna die from it shouldn't there be signs that its Water is a very bad men about a week since they said we have to wait two weeks hasn't it so, what was right, all we'll see, yeah, but yours shortly at what their act fully prepared to say if in fact, this disturbance, But to be as mild as so many the indications, as you said, this has been here for quite the time most likely we seen that end. If we do end up saying that through might then the perfect rational response would be to endorse. Litigation measures commensurate with the threat, but we're forcing mitigation measures commensurate with no threat That is why I wonder is designed to address a threat there designed to address a psychological persuasion,
also designed to address a a conception of political need which Where I began, Cathy Hopeful takes over from Cuomo Cuomo Resigns, Cathy Hopeful, who is a briefly a congressmen you now get. This kind of ceremonial possession is Lieutenant governor ends up as governor there's a race next year. It's a complicated re she's, the attorney general test. James is the person who not come off with her in the investigation into a sexual harassment, Cathy help away the win election as governor what does she have? What can she do? Two distinguished herself from tests, James and other? She can show leadership on cove it. If you are a Democrat in state. What is leadership uncovered mean because you can't
like Rhonda Santas. That would make you evil. What you can do is be tough. Show your toughness, it's like being tough on! prime, when you're, you know some version of being too it's out. You want to show your toughness in your leadership. She, so we now, if you will have a political incentive to be rational and crazy in relation to all micron we're embassy there Massachusetts. It uses now got an open governor sea because The baker decided not to run again. They're gonna fall over themselves to be the guy who the person whose toughest uncovered, because that's Our understanding of how politics is working. I'm saying that the Democrats, because of their bubble and because of the media in all of this are blind.
to something that is bubbling up. That is not just Virginia, that is, we have had enough of you screwing with our lives without any evident positive success. Thanks but what it means when we really talked about this, because it's too painful to think about what does it mean that by that the year twenty twenty one was more deadly than the year twenty twenty in relation to call it so it means there will narrative that Trump may coded worse has to be surrendered, because there's nothing politicians can do and the mitigation measures may be. They worked to save lives. but we don't actually know what that's true, in fact, because we have no We accept that Bangladesh Study, we don't have any large one.
the tunnel evidence to say that masking and social distancing in all this actually saved a lot lives, but it does say Maybe politicians can't do anything about is made public health authorities had absolutely no positive effect on how this gonna go. Why are we still listening to them at them, but the narrative for that has been set by is on the left, particularly in the media. The one I've I've seen over and over again is tiktok. This escape hatch it they created for binding in the I think, more of died under his watch and despite what he promised when he was campaigning, is the federal response, which was the most good, I was bungled by tramp. He downplayed the virus. He he led to the deaths of all these people and Biden has tried to do everything right its republican governors in states who have supported him at every turn, and so, when we're looking at all the people who died, this actually republicans faulty like they. They have created for them
of this narrative and- and it's not true, because we know we know, we watch states like Florida which have fewer mandates. Certainly no mass mandates have their spikes and able has talked about this matter I guess we don't really know, but they cannot admit ignorance, because that would then they would be complicit in all of these experiment. They d of the american people for the last year and a half, but but let's even say it is true I agree to proceed in such a bullet. Let's say is true: you that's factored in to being the president right. You states have rights at a surprise that some surprise twist in Europe, in your planting, in your plan to govern the country. If you use it. If you say I'm going to shut down the virus, you didn't say all alike. I thought every every local leader every so everyone is going to fall in line with everything I said, I mean that that that's that's that's doesn't make you laugh, you laugh, but I think that is what they thought, because their technocratic expert,
This has given them such a surreal sense of their own power that when people actually push back against it and say acts we do have rights and when court say you can't do that job. I've been your administration. There shocked there truly shocked. I mean where, Where is the largest spike in the United States? Right now? It's, Michigan ignition Michigan, which is a Democrat. stay with a democratic governor. Oh you, member last year ordered everyone not to buy seeds and Walmart yeah. That was, that was the winter I need twenty and in the winter of twenty twenty twenty twenty one they expect. against a surge. Much like we have now before this Vienna, the saturation of vaccines and the newly had sworn in Baden administrations. Response was to publicly pressure Gretchen Whittemore to lock the state down a guy like a doubt. That was from the CDC Anthony found
who is doing they now his tap dance on cable news and behind the scenes. Reportedly, the Biden administration in the end, the oval office was expressing deep desire. This this state shut down and Gretchen Whittemore said now. Never again, I mean it's interesting, because the point about lockdown point about you know putting on mass mandates or the orb or ordering testing at the border, or something like that is, is itself more an expression of impotence than it is exercise of power in some ways which is its like. Ok, let's do this again, because I don't know what else to do now. It's not evidence does in fact today the exercise of emergency authority that, as you know, probably constitutional Mendel yard or, worse some version of kind of extra constitutional. I mean we're two years into this. Are we still in an emergency where you can you can assert emerge?
see powers, are we in a new reality in which you have to conform your day we behaviour in your daily politics to the constitution again, because you know it's been almost two years and we cannot simply be living under. Those stress is to take analogy to a very graphic level, its impotence in so far as the effort to exercise virility and failing right well. You know. It's not like. You can only discover your impotence in a particular position. We always get race, down. Fridays are just very racy, very racy, and you know what is its not racy, but it is exciting, and that is the second conversation on dance sinners call me back podcast his successor to his post drawn upon cast with me. Ferguson who is yes, a scottish american professor, historic I am economic historian, biographer last week,
switch. I told you about but have provided an overview of the nature of the connect actions between the twenty twenties and the nineteen seventies and where they resonated harmonise the second part of and call me back, conversation with me or Ferguson is about education, and meals, role as part of one of the founders of this new University of Austin, which you ve heard about this some experts. meant in creating an entirely new educational institution, dedicated to the principles of free speech, pre inquiry and essentially anti woken up, let's say or or refusal to allow willingness to dominate the education of of of of students. He
then to the founding of the universe. You asked him what he thinks, he's gonna happen and generally and in theoretical terms why he believes that the twenty twenties are, went to represent the moment at which the how hundred forty year old American higher education model is going to crack wide open how its desiccation its the generation and the entropy it's now in the period of entropy in which it is, it is going to split apart em and collapse too expensive, no, no practical educational benefit being enjoyed by those who are spending colossal, the money to be educated, but not getting at aunt, em and- and It is a. It is a system that is not going to survive all of the technological advances and, frankly,
the the American public's and growing gas, with the over with with the elites embrace of anti Americanism and welcome this and am am an accurate educational idiocy? So that is the call me back podcast from dancing or with NEO Fergus. if you had already subscribed to dance postpone upon cast it. We keep coming into your podcast feed, if not search at Apple, Google, they stitch or where we get fine podcast for call me back and listen If that pike has to think drops tomorrow morning Saturday, if you haven't since the one of the first part with me all. You should do it today and then listen to that one your leisure over the weekend, and thanks very much to dancing sooner in the call me back podcast for sponsoring the commentary podcast.
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ideas that properly understood lead not only to the creation of a just and good society, but that will permit human flourishing as we believe it should be permitted. So that is, there is no free lunch. Two hundred and fifty kilometres from bonds and of the bonds and group, that's Ba H, an essay and if you need to search for it on Amazon, the bonds group, the antidote to the intellectual, spaghetti of the financial services and management industry can can, I just add one thing We forgot to mention about violence caught a press conference yesterday, the weird joke he made about forty when he said someone said we, he said whose president fatty, but all getting aside. I sincerely mean it we're like that. It's not funny, first of all,
but it's also what a weird thing to say. But how do we want a trail numerical older than he is so he is founded fancies older fancies, any one eyed not shocking. He sprang yeah yeah. That's a good journey spry. Why he's a cover girl for insight magazine It also highlights you know buttons deficient, however, the other Biden deficiency, which is that he went into a whole thing about how he met golden my ear and was served as a liaison during the six day war, when, in fact,. And I learned that while I was or was, he was in law school during the six day WAR Golda mayor was not the prime Minister of Israel and in any case he went there in nineteen seventy three before the Kippur WAR as a as a junior senator and I think what happened is he had a follow up with her and they had a
then a conversation, and over the last fifty years he has turned this into his prophetic analysis of the arable dangers of the coming settlement policy, which is to say, he's Fulla shit either he's fulla shit or he makes shit in his head, either knowingly lying or he is deranged and delusional when the fantasy list and its The great to know what with these guys. What is it? the making stuff up like it's, not enough that he, you know he's already. He was a senator. You know in power for fifty years and became vice president, like what is a good up for that he's done:
Tis entire career, even when he first started out, and I think it's because they start to believe that they start to embellish slightly when there are in and they give these speeches over and over again year after year, and they just start to embellish in the embellishment probably does made the charitable explanation. Is he really does believe he did this stuff and he's mistaken, because he's told the lie or you nor the little stamper. The exaggerations How many times and lots of politicians do this, but he in fact is notable for how frequent and how blatant these these untruths have better the course of his career, and nobody calls him on it in the media obviously mean did the exaggerations of Trump were a daily beat for porters hit the mainstream outlets, but not so forbidden. You dont, my tell is with him when he's about to go into his bullshit, but this is not does not the policy. This is not sir political or we now geopolitical stuff. It's personal stuff,
It's when you start telling a story about the hall melodic wisdom that his father or his grandmother or his mother, or as and or corn pop, were or or origin look down the block, told him, as he always always like, and they said to me. Joey and Joey. Comma thing is what you should say as everything that follows. The word Joey is bullshit, he's making it up. No one talks like this Joey. You gotta be good two people, no matter what color they are really that's the words that come out of some of these mouse, rather than being written by the by the Heck screenwriter of the sea bs after school special. I don't believe you anyway. That's my that's that that's that thing, but let's talk about something serious, which is the Bible Ministration having to reckon with the very
the possibility that, for the second time in seven years, Russia, is going to invade Ukraine. Now I'd help us. If that actually is the case, and we share We should probably last night that possibility as a possibility right because like because, if they do, I mean it's one thing: go into the dawn bass and in Crimea and very russian dominated areas. As a friend there's. That was too the didn't sustainable stability in twenty fourteen geopolitical stability, and it was a crisis of this magnitude. We haven't seen a long time Nan, where you're going now is in very ukrainian place, if they going, we should explain this cause you're, it's your little grey area. Where I mean it says the dawn boss is an area in in Ukraine. That is in the border authorities as a sort of Russia and is and is majority ethnic. Russian
majority and not russian, russian speaking, the russian affinity with similar Crimea right now, doesn't mean rainy and doesn't mean that it was acceptable, shape or form for Russia, the code middle men militarily, but at least they have some kind of weird nationalist claim that they could make for doing so they would go ahead. Yes, as yeah. It's just essentially uniting people of a similar language which apply, which was at that durable precedent to establish with, as it applies to a lot of places across the former Soviet Union and half a dozen other countries that have a diaspora that speaking their language. It said it's a bad, so bad logic for military action. Seven to say nothing of the first invasion and annexed I'm sovereign ukrainian territory, since nineteen forty five. Nevertheless, The crisis that we're dealing with now is very similar was very similar, at least one that we saw in April a hundred
the troops on the border, some mechanized infant trees and tanks, mobile artillery, etc. I scared the hell out of the west and dumb Joe Biden responded by providing Vladimir Putin, with a bilateral summit news rewarded for this kind of brinkmanship. So why? Wouldn't you speck somewhere behaviour to manifest now well, were probably about a month now into a very similar build up on ukrainian border and in Crimea and law? drumbeat sounding like this is actually go Gap and intelligence leaking into public, suggesting that an incursion is imminent, can't dismiss the way that western and agents officials are talking about this threat because their speed in very distinctly unnerving terms. Not certain trip wires haven't yet been tripped the union and certain movements certain assets in places that would suggest
an incursion is eminent, but nevertheless people are talking about entreating. It like something, that's very real The bite administrations response so far has been limp, rested, tepid to the point that its couldn't possum deter. Anybody is has been the state department, Twenty blinking making noise is about protests before international councils. Writing very stern letters. Joe Biden plans on having a call was Lattimer Putin on the seventh, the state on the ground could be very different. He's gonna, haven't a hall and there's gonna be a call. Noah yeah, there's gonna, be there. That's that that is you don't want to be on that phone call and their workers wait. Wait till he dropped some corn pop wisdom on on Vladimir Putin. That's all I can say here. I did I already did remember he hid. He appeal two prudent sense of
Aren't you belong in be esteemed in the world community, you know people people were watching him, and if he didn't do the right thing, people wouldn't like him. Other countries wouldn't like him. Listen, we're very hard in the Bite administration for good and for good reason, but one area of geopolitics, and I think they deserve a backpack for is their approach to the Pacific. They ve been very aggressive, China, more so than their predecessors. Trying to isolate Beijing and ways of their predecessors did not, including the trumpet ministrations and they moved assets into the street and Taiwan Strait and, in Sadly, such wanna see in a way that deters aggression, because the only way to deter aggression is the credible threat of military force. We haven't seen those kind of deployments, yet that would actually deter and ever very for making a mistake, because no, if, in the event that you have it
a military incursion. You have a lot of people very close to each other is dangerous because there can be a miscalculation, but that's why you don't move because there's, my too many people into small of a space and it just briefly before I close, I wanted to say Something about the defence Minister in the United Kingdom and our rum, sorry that new at my sex chief, Richard more food, big sprawling interview to BBC where he talked about the real geostrategic threats that Britain is going to face in the next decade and of course, China's at the top of the list. Next is Russia. He's very clear eyed about what these challenges could could mean to the Atlantic Alliance, including military action, one of the things that he said that was clear and something that we ve glossed over international conversation. We haven't here in this part, but others have is the idea that this is all this is not all, but in part, a response to the by demonstrations approach to Afghanistan. The Afghanistan withdraw
What was clearly wrong? Mr more said, he added that the Taliban had been a serious reverse to the status of the western world and quote and more I'll boost, for extremists around the world and indeed for those sitting, capitals in Beijing, Tehran and Moscow, and we have seen more aggression, more brinkmanship, more and more acting like they have a window of opportunity to move now that will be closing sooner rather than later from these, A revisionist indeed irredentism states like like, scouts. So we don't really talk about the extent to which the by demonstration has brought this on themselves with their craven Russia, the exits out of Afghanistan, but they very much have I mean there's that they would be almost impossible for any rational person, not to look at the fact that they effectively stood
out in the spring, with a new president in place whose behaviour motives and toughness they were not yet willing to change, and then find themselves in the wake of August. Selling their oats. Just as China is, you know getting apparently more aggressive on that the one question like how you know that this is the thing behaviour I buy by the world's greatest power. Has ancillary results in the ancillary result of saying we're, gonna bug out of a place that we didn't really it's a bug out of an and in Poland. Are you now pull in our wings and then be an ostrich? Is ok? Well you now, let's test let's see how far we can go, and you know what, if, if we
a moving and they don't do anything. You know why can't we fulfil. Are, I guess a thirty year old ambition after the fall of the Soviet Union, to make sure that Ukraine come returns, as a vassal state or be no at least very much within the ambit of our influence. Instead of being some a country that NATO is low, seriously at term at bringing into the NATO alliance and listen. We knew that the left and the Nationalist Right says what what interests do we have that we have no treaty that guarantee that compels us to guarantee Ukraine Sovereignty kind of not actually and ninety nine. Before we were parties to it. We are signatories to a deal that allowed Ukraine to sacrifice. it's an abandoned all its nuclear weaponry that an inherited from the fall of the Soviet Union of is the third largest nuclear power and the planet in ninety. Ninety two and they sacrificed, although
weapons and we guarantee their territorial sovereignty. In response now, we abrogated that deal to a certain degree in twenty fourteen twenty years later, but our allies are just as inclined to support Ukraine's territorial integrity grass, more so than we are to say nothing of the fact that it stabilized Europe in a tacit acceptance of the return of spheres of influence, would have functionally kill. the globalized economy, which has only existed since one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. For the first time since one thousand nine hundred and fourteen, we had a global economic marketplace and spheres the return of spheres of influence, destroy that yes, we have a profound interest in that our allies of the profound interest in that they would drag us into it, and if we were to abrogate responsibilities in Europe. So soon after we abandoned an ally in the bull, it would destroy american really well beyond the Biden administration? No other administration would be able to restore. That would be an american catastrophe, not not abiden catastrophe.
Yeah, but you know my grandfather said to me: Joey always treat your neighbours the way you would want your neighbors to treat you dumb. To turn that a rule that should be made in Sumter. I just made that up, but you know he could say by gotta that unites us, the it's Joey time saves nine anyway. The reason I'm speaking so contemptuously is when you read some of these stories about the seriousness with which the by demonstration is taking, the threat Ukraine. There talking, things like we're going to tell Russia. They can no longer participate in these swift international banking system like I'm sure Vladimir Putin is shaking in his boots at at at the fact that you know they're a bit need to do certain types of electronic transactions will be interfered with, like they don't
ten thousand ways to get around this, including shell companies all over the world that that that aren't. Don't have you no doubt. Are you concluding letters so that they can they can bacon work. Their way you know out, this is where the ale, you know about the young, the Soviet Union's internet extension. So is it a relic of the the organizing Bobby that did created that combat work and all these other country extensions. The Soviet Union got one because they were. Just at the very pale ended this thing, the garden right under the wire and the Soviet Union's internet extension is a hub of scum. All manner of terrible people have web. knights with a dot as you extension on them dark web sort of things and racist. Let's not anything you can think of this horrible, his alive well in the last surviving relic of the Soviet Union,
don't do it? Don't you where's that word that that listeners you're going down arising MAX documentary evidence that that that's what I'd be anyway? I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend. happy restive Hanukkah to all who were we live in and for Christine? And now I M not words, keep the camel.
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