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Gaza, Commissions, and Pipelines

2021-05-20 | 🔗
Today's podcast goes over the latest in the ideological war of the Left against Israel, the political hijinx over the January 6 commission, and what on earth is going on with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary magazine Daily Podcast, these Thursday may twentieth twenty twenty one, as you may have noticed, we did not podcast yesterday. I think our first missing ordinary daily podcast. For more than a year, we had some technical difficulties in scheduling difficulties and so
We were not here for you yesterday, but we are here for you today and before we get to the show. Let me just commend to you the June issue of commentary up at commentary magazine and dot com right now, with amazing cover story by Jim Mags called, thank God for Big Pharma. We have our own Christine Rosen on the reality distortion field of which media focus on tiny slivers of politically correct populations to and politically correct issues too. Highlight them into distort their meaning. Matt continuity on on the downgrading of Obama. In the effort to a lift up Biden, we have a beautiful piece by mere salivated called get issues, a language
face our own, nor Rasmussen, Joe Biden, culture, warrior, Casey Johnson will bind and bring back the camp a star chambers. The answer, of course, be yes, Chris Dire Walter laid a Fox news. Of the dispatch and a I republican. Stop leaving your own election. Myth and high turnout does not favour. Democrats, Rick Marin, on the Ross Biography scandal Joseph upside on Rome wasn't murdered in a day Terry teach out, I'm napkin coal. Rob long on the amazing story of Carol Burnett and one, Woman star, while Wagoner and how he became us are in show business. How this happened not as a star, but as a as a man who
revolutionise the trailer, the star, trailer, business and finally jobs and shall answer the war between the wars heats up a piece about what is going on in Gaza. So maybe we'll start with Gaza very quickly we being associate editor nor Rossman high. Now I just see writer Christine Rosen High, Christine Hygiene. And executive editor a Green Waldheim John. So if you are reading the press, you get the sense there is unbelievable pressure on rallies to stop doing what they're doing to find a ceasefire. Patients is wearing thin Biden is yelling. It baby I don't know you you don't know either.
Well, yeah, I mean you know, and I guess it's it's. It seems flip to say pleasantly surprised that anything that has to do with this, but But the truth is gab, three thee. Degree of perhaps we should call it restraints of restraint is wrong work by the way that the Bite administration has shown in this respect. Not giving in to this sort of further left more activist that's of the administration and of of some of its supporters in not really going after Israel and all here? In fact, affirming more than once, Israel's right to two different to sell, Fancier, I think is. Is it
is a good sign and- and it needs to be noted, others, been some effort, I think, to try to in the press to talk about Pressure Jones, you say: building on Israel, from from Biden, and it seems as if they're trying to drum up something. That's not quite there. I'm particularly the struck me I was thinking about yesterday about how in addition to not hearing much criticism of Israel from the arab countries that are party to the Abraham Accords, it occurred to me we haven't heard much condemnation out of Europe, which is a surprising thing european leaders, normally quick to criticise Israel when there's any sort of military action
and as we have just as I was thinking that John you pointed out this article in the New York Times, that really try to cut up, make a pull out of thin air. The idea that Europe was poor during the: U S to pressure baby too, for a ceasefire and Israel and, as you have pointed out in previous broadcasts, everyone wants to see a ceasefire on vat is not. That is not any sort of condemnation of Israel really action and in fact the peace itself had to resolve again to note that Angela Merkel, for example, spoke to Netanyahu my phone and reaffirmed Israel's right to defend itself and
became some US solidarity with with with Israel. In doing so, we actually have a visit to Israel by both the czech and slovak foreign ministers to express support for Israel, in the war with Hamas, when when one has that ever happened, there is actually solidarity. There were solidarity, visited Israel from american politicians or have been you know. For thirty years, did David Duncans all people, the mayor of New York, actually went Israel during the First Gulf WAR when the Scots were a flying over from Saddam Hussein into the holy land, but solidarity visit you know with rockets I'm from from central european foreign ministers. That's that's that that's that's pretty striking the peace itself yeah we're talking met in the New York Times
kind of says Europeans, don't like Israel and so there's pressure, meaning not the governments but populations and intellectuals until pressure there's a whole lot of pressure. We is going on. Now is not pressure of the sort that we have seen in previous hostilities and it is very striking again that can change on a dime and we do have a new kind of pressure going on. We have, I think, it's a Jordi of house members. In the end, the democratic caucus voting For some that divide, the musician should direct baby to a cease fire. We have efforts to have some kind of hearing in the House Foreign Affairs Committee about, a private weapons sales to Israel of approved by the EU, government seminars and thirty. Five million dollar arms sale
to the commercial sale. It's not a technology transfer from the: U S, military tend to Israel. We have, you know our walking Phoenix laid a vibe late of being a moron running his idiot campaign. For president, I have serious concerns about the timing of this weapon sail the message it will send Israel. This is new to have the day. a credit caucus in the house. So a majority of the members essentially lining up against Israel. That's news I'm a good morning about for a decade or more about the democratic turn against Israel, and it is really here- and it is. This is something that everybody is gonna have to take note of cause. It's not just the squad has it has opened the overturned window, he of the opt out out and out anti Semites in the squad Omar to leave Presley Corey Bush
I have to say I believe, Alexandria cause your Cortez are all pushing, and so because they are pushing lay far the left. They are kind of pulling the centre to the left and and providing this kind of We heard both pressure on the buyer restoration at a window for the by demonstration to solidify the sense among Pro Israel he'll Democrats, the of whom there are more than their anti Israel Democrats that that he is not giving in to them at least not now. Noah. Well yeah. I mean, as I said in the previous podcast, Nepal, that I'm familiar with that suggests more Democrats favour the palestinian cause in this conflict or generally, then, favour is that being said, the trajectory is moving in the direction of more support for the palestinian causes as progressive isn't,
ants liberalism classical or otherwise the democratic parties guiding ideological start. But in that sense, in Joe Biden, this sort of walking a tightrope politically domestically, even as the conditions that would have previously led democrats to be much more aggressive in imposing their interests on on Israel have disappeared. So we can only say that these responding in so far as he's refunding at all to domestic political turns out. Geopolitical concerns, not geopolitical interests, because America's geopolitical interests at this stage is really very much too, to neuter Hamas there's almost nothing that compels us at this point to mollycoddle the territory's
securing Gaza, with the exception of the pursuit of an Iranian. Well, it seems to be the linchpin boat. So the key here is that that we are in a perverse situation in which the reason that we are told we need to do. This is humanitarian, that is, that Israel Miss treats the palace. The and the Palestinians are in this horrible, wretched condition. I mean I watched Richard angle this morning on the today show on NBC a talk about how there is a humanitarian catastrophe going on in Gaza and Israel won't let anybody out, ok, there's a war going on the war is going on because Gaza is firing rockets at Israel and Israel. So what so Israel was to open the border to allow Gazans to come into Israel to flee Israel's response. two Gaza's own Rockets being fired
and Israel like any country in the history of the world, would allow combatants, from the other side to cross their border to act, pretend to be read, Fiji's. That is insane, and this is your native ago two days ago, Hamas Rockets targeted the israeli Gaza Border crossing. Directly. The tunnels and AIDS huddles along the border already that they felt that the israeli Army's been trying to destroy one of those rockets hidden aid complex I've been so so so Ngos has ok. Well, you know what there is talk of a ceasefire and they're not there yet, but here's how would work Israel, what Hamas wants is for Israel to stop bombing its sights and creams humanitarian catastrophe, What Israel wants is for ass to stop firing rockets. This is
not a power. Well, if Hamas stops firing Rockets, Israel stops dropping bombs now he that is by the way, not necessarily what the israeli populous would like. A great. A large segment of the israeli Populous wants Israel to go into guy an extra paid. The weapons caches is actually willing to commit the country to a long siege in order to make sure that this doesn't happen again, and that is almost certainly not gonna happen, which would give you a sense, of how calibrated the israeli responses, it's the opposite of indiscriminate. If it were indiscriminate, they wouldn't drop, knock, knock comes on buildings to say you know what you really should get out of here before we blow up this Hamas intelligent site and is
we'll make phone calls to landlords of buildings to say, get everybody out of the building because we're gonna blow. That is just crimination. That is targeting. That is doing whatever you can to minimize casualties, and let's talk about the minimization as always. We have open warfare going on with bonds, dropping Two hundred and twenty Palestinians have died in eleven days, do do the math of a war in which people living in the third most densely populated place on the planet earth that is the Gaza Strip. The third most densely populated play on the planet earth two hundred and eleven people. Two hundred and thirty people have died. However, many it is a lie, ten days of fighting. That is the definition of discriminating pinpoint targeted humanitarian bombing, but at that
I do think that I think that's right, but I do think there's there's a point at which I and I will say to buy the at some point is going to have to push back on its left flank over this that the progressive at the squad, and one of whom were sits on the house for Relations Committee right. You are no more, they are now getting there not being held to account for the narrative that they have created, which has become very appealing to a lot of left wing activists who might otherwise not pay attention to the Middle EAST, and that's the the human, The Terran argument that they're making them here on the floor of the house last week there making in a media appearances they're, just can't did there all these rallies where they're talking about it. They never mention Hamas. Never the word. Hamas does not leave their mouths, and that is on. Suitable from the media standpoint to cover these people as if they're just so they just care about the palestinian people really than why? Don't they talk about the terrorist group? That's terrorizing the people who live in Gaza as well there. They just don't that there is no doubt that the media coverage of this, I think is, is then very poor, as it always has been, and also the
the fact that we're seeing waves of anti semitic violence here in the? U S in places like London in western cities you're seeing Jews targeted rats by Palestinian acted as an before we get to that burning introducing a measure today that well design and will fail, is designed to block America's sale of precision guided weaponry to Israel on the progressive side of the letter. Here is very, antagonistic towards iron down and its interceptor missiles, all of which are defensive technologies, which suggests that the notion here that they just want less indiscriminate force, is trash, because these things are the means by which we de escalate the situation. If more, these four thousand rockets are regarded as real very few of made. It ran down with some haven't produce casualties if those Rockets world
looking at the rate at which they were firing principle. The response from Israel would be far more drastic, far more severe and the things to be done. But they want- or at least we know what that the final outcome of their policy preferences, whipping read more rockets have been fired at Israel in the last eleven days and were fired in the six weeks of the Gaza Hamas, Israel WAR in twenty fourteen. Just to keep that in mind, the total about forty five hundred rockets were fired by Hamas in twenty fourteen. More than four thousand have been fired as of today since a week ago Monday, so let's just put that in perspective, not only as a mark of how miraculously successful iron dome is in aggregate, but also as you say, no up, I don't. Saving iron dome is saving tens of thousands of palestinian lives, because,
because Israel is not suffering the effect of the of the missiles firing it does not have to go and on the ground and take out the missile sites, because it is able to shoot them down from the air. And so if there were a ground conflict, we had to go house to house building to building to extirpate these things. God knows what would happen. God only knows what would happen now. Let's talk about the anti semitic waves of violence We have an end by the way that they are taking on a form that we have seen over the last year. It is this bizarre thing, someone sitting in a restaurant at a mob comes down. The street starts yelling Jews and throws things are hit. Somebody on the head: it's like the diners in Dc Black lives matter behaviour, antifraud behaviour is all being reprogrammed and repurchased for these cases and let's talk about what they
you're talking about people sitting on a street LOS Angeles who are in essence being targeted for the behaviour of a country. Ninety miles from them that it is presumed they support, or they are the Europe they are somehow. The proxies of. This is going on in New York at summer was attacked in a bagel shop. You know we ve seen this London Toronto, where a rabbi was beaten up people or beat. There was a pro Israel rally and palestinian propels palestinian came and conducted them while we against the crowd. This is the
situation of violence by the left. Is you know in in attacking people for being symbolic representatives of Israel? This classic? Anti Semitism is that this is, if you want to know what a hate crime as this is what a hate crime is and yet, whereas you know why isn't job I may I again, I am, I think Joe Biden does not deserve to be attacked for his behavior. So far it would be really nice if he got up and gave a speech and said I'm seeing disgusting, Anti semitic, violence and its seconds, and you know seconds the soul and breaks the heart, and you know needs to be stopped it would they would take very little. It would be well and cannot languid interactive internet. Are you sure he did that for the anti asian violence Didn t he said for the word, for you, no black lives matter type stuff and who is the hate crimes, as statistics are very clear,
about the group most often targeted for hate crimes Jews year? after a year year over a year and the fact that he is deliberately not saying that I think is stalling of his administration. Well, I don't know, I don't know that it's it's it's its deliberate. We don't really know what what the internal below pressures and stuff You might not want to wrap it up like you might not. In a weird way, you might say highlighting it would actually conceivably cause more of it to happen, I don't know, but what I will say he s got well I think we have to mention here that it is also the these attacks. This street level tat. our thing, also a part of a result of tying the Israeli, the israeli palestinian conflict to things like black lives matter, because it was it was this mob violence of that cause. Tat we saw
A year ago, in In city after sitting right- and we have to say again said unless park ass will say it again. More than fifty percent of the population of Israel is forty years, Jews meaning they come from. North Africa and Asia Minor primarily often with a darker skin, Hugh. then european juice and and the idea that they are white and that they are oppressors of a brown people. They are brown people, guess what Jews can be brown people, in fact, the majority of Jews in Israel would cut would be considered brown people in in the United States, so black lives matter once again. Lies this this palestinian propagandistic, this these these propagandize to the bathhouse scenes lie. I distort the same and basically basic
the art acquiesce in what you might call philosophical genocide like what they are saying is that we saw this he s very bizarre early in the behaviour of the New Yorker Magazines Union. Weeding out that they are in solidarity with the idea that Palestine should go from the river to the sea. That means from the Jordan, River to the Mediterranean Sea, one Palestine that shall be free That is the elimination of Israel. That is the that is the doctrine of the elimination of Israel, and then they tweeted out, like a retraction of this, pointing out not that that's wrong, but that statements like that or a distraction, from there just call it wasn't hopes. We did a genocide on a well sorry if you were generated by European, promoted and jealous of exactly how guys swan. I talk to you about are quite one of our key put afar sponsors today.
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the causes underlying factors and at what happened in the insurrection on January Sixth, at the capital at it was they considered opinion of the leadership of the house. Absently chinese presence now having been ousted, that TAT Republican should not support this commission. Thirty five Republicans out of the two hundred and twelve, I think in the house, did in fact vote for the commission. Miss Mcconnell has now come out against the creation of this commission. It should be said that Kevin Mccarthy, the House weaker tasked comes from John Calico, with negotiating over the terms of the commission's original terms, is lit up by Nancy Policy were,
very lopsided and partisan terms was gonna, be seven republican, seven Democrats for publicans and parliament's work can have subpoena power and all kinds of stuff and cathode negotiated. What appears to be of very, very equalized circumstance which. Subpoenas have to be agreed to by both sides everyone can review at no, there aren't gonna, be separate, democratic investigators and stuff like that, and he innovation this they agree to it. A Mccarthy came out against it anyway, guess why? So let me ask you, let me play devils, advocate and say this now and now and now bacchanals guess why? Because of course, the results are gonna, be that it's gonna be a commission that shows that Donald Trump you now played at least a. I know what you would call it like: a knotty, organizing role but the but thee.
Accelerant, spell read, write exactly and and that and that you have everybody who was involved in the you know in the injuries that were suffered to one thousand one hundred and forty Capel policemen injured in all of that were, but you know that it's not going to be possible really to to say that you know both sides did terrible things that day, because there were outside agitators were they are trying to stir up the Anti fur was secretly in the crowd, driving stirred up. That's almost certainly a lie, and you know they will. Probably they can investigated and shouted it's alive. So there are only to be there's only one source of villainy and that's the kind of all right work where the people who came to Washington and got caught up in this herbal collective effervescence. Having said that,. Eric Nelson, my friend, the publisher, asked on Twitter think trying to think this through
What what are we gonna? Learn from it from it? One sick, commissioner. What are we gonna? Learn that we don't already know hundreds of people have been arrested, people are being charged, people are being released. You know it's not as though you know, there's there's been an enormous amount of press attention given to this people. Looking through, you know, read it whatever to see what the hell was organised in all that? What are they gonna find out? Is this going to help our future in american understanding, or is it just gotta, be a swift data point in the hyper partisanship that has overtaken the country and Wilkins did you to overtake the country, but we still don't know what the president was doing in the time frame between the request for a National guard deployment and their deployment on which was just shy of three hours. the crucial three hours when a lot of damage was done? A lot of people have been murdered, and in the interim we ve found out
that a lot of people were asking for these deployments. Alot of people were very confused as to why that weren't coming we know that the Pentagon intervenes and that there was a lot ruminating about the Pentagon and when all the way up to the to the assistant secretary of events in the Secretary of Defence- and we don't know what the president was doing in that period and yeah, knowing that is, pretty much the linchpin of the story and pretending that we don't need to know that, because its ancient history just strikes me as is disingenuous. Well, isn't it also gonna, possibly prove that people like Cabin Mccarthy and others who are now trying to downplay what happened on January stakes. My in the testimony of those who witnessed their behaviour on that day be proven to him. Then click concerned, Andorra, fearful of their lives, and it will undermine this attempt to sort of
Memory hall. What happened there were to rewrite the story of what happened there. I mean to shoot at his huge mistake on the part of Republicans took two now at this moment, but don't we know and anyway. We know that cover Mccarthy said you know, I will never forget this day and it was terrible, and you know you can't to this end without running out matter. We love that. We know that Mitchell. Colonel said, Donald Trump is responsible or partly response. yeah everything this on the record is, is on the right are gonna, be to two to Jean up that turn to rest. On that to me, a banner and say, this is remember this sign that that would be a flawed approaches to this investigation if it is an investigation and needs to determine definitively what the present new when he knew it. How can I let it go ahead, but it could that fire not in the sense that they will uncover anything exculpatory model
that will happen, but in the sense that they may not uncover much or any no, I mean we already had a impeachment trial that were where we would have been. The timetables specifically have found out. What am Trump did in the end the interaction between the exact themselves. So what Then there was gonna happens that we can actually get to. The bottom of that didn't remember, but does the guys guys they refused to call the witnesses let's go, but, but so is. If we come to this work, little new understanding. Then the entire project looks at looks like overkill. I'm not saying a bit it! That's what it will be from the start, but that could happen in and then that when that happens,
it's her minimizes, the real impact of of January sets in people's minds. I mean I've strikes me that, first of all, it would be very difficult to get what now what you are talking about on the record like they may have subpoena power they may not executive privilege does not end with the end of an administration. You can't force somebody did say we now, you can't you, you literally executor privilege, Who can be indicted from you? No crimes after he's left left office, but I'm Congress does not have the right to compel necessarily I mean this. Is it we don't know cuz these things will go through court challenges and stuff, but you know they can call
Jared Commissioner, or they can call, I don't know who to testify- and he can say- will refuse to answer the questions on the grounds that the Us Congress doesn't have. This was a things were going on inside the White House Congresses. Reach does not extend to the White House and what the present was doing his love their business and that then you would have this other question which, as you know, will Christopher Miller who s was the sitting secretary defence. Will he be honest, or will he also say? I can't say what I heard what I didn't hear from the president and what will my pants do? You know my pencil was: who was there in the capital and who had a Lynch mob coming after him? Will he will his future interests? You know mean that he will
somehow refused to test it. You could get a case in which the Kate, the argument is gonna, be Republicans, are so awful. They won't testify. They won't share information and they'll, say a we're not doing it because of executive privilege and be we're not gonna participate in your effort to discredit our party. Now, maybe that's bad, maybe that's a terrible thing to say because the public needs, so we need to establish the so never happens again. All that I agree with that. In in theory and practice, I think this could end up being a you know, a disaster, that that hastens where were you have grandstanding democrats? Look, what happened was bad enough. I made was Adam. He lives lost, it was bad. Trumped should have been impeached and should have been room in other sherbet votes remove office. Who said that from the gecko I see no difference, and just because there is an effort to be
amnesia Eichel or how we would ask you now to go amnesiac over this, because Republican either with the public and grass roots of the republican kind of like interest groups still like trumpet name, and they don't want to give Democrats grants to attack him all of that year. You're just you're, just hastening a kind of barbaric device where you're gonna have Democrats in the media, you know sort of frothing at the mouse in rage about the evils. of the Republican Party, and that is only going to harden the Republican Party in the sense of like who are the I'm not going get lectured who, by Erics Wall well, when he's like screwing a chinese agent
how's that not fair play, which are Democrats are Democrats supposed it to just no coddle Republicans as they embraced Donald Trump, right. It read reinvent revise the narrative and events in our history and had because they're afraid that maybe now that nationals of anything more extreme- oh no, it would be best practice. What too high to the highly Our living with just political And that is a rising Hotmail came. No mention is setting your premises, John you're premises that this is entirely political. So, let's accept that its entirely political. I dont great, listen that does not entirely political, that's fair play. It would be best for this for Democrats to say: ok, Republicans, you wanna be the charter you drop here, you go. I agree with that, but no I'm saying that's what I'm saying that they can take something in which they have the moral upper hand and it can to crumble.
to dust- I mean I mean it is not it is not pulling. It is just that officially, not political. You had a bipartisan vote for witnesses. You had a bipartisan both for this, a bipartisan vote that was shockingly broad. It is simply not a partisan shroud and the efforts to make it so defy logic and read is an enforced without renouncing into an illogical conception of let republican politics is tight. Thirty five dejected against defined Whipping efforts is a big deal. Ok, wait, that's the establishment of the commission and if cat goes right and the rules are the rules and Republicans participate in the same way as there and all that then maybe the commission can rise above part, which is why you have the commission's. The idea is actually to somehow lift this from the realm of the nakedly, partisan political
and create some kind of a narrative on which we can agree that establishes definitively what we would have called in the old researcher days at the news. Magazine's, a red check, hard red check that this is what happened at one thousand one hundred and fifty four. This is what happened at twelve This is what happened at one hundred and thirty five. This would happen at two hundred and eleven. This is what's going on the White House to see what's going on, and then you know this was going on in the portico the capital. This was going on. The Senate chambers were here like all of that, and then it's like in arguable. That's the purpose of this right. That is the reason to do. It is to establish the historical record without a question, but if the Democrats behave the way the Democrats have behaved in every confrontation they have had with Republicans in the last three years, they are going to muff this. They are going to screw it up, they are going to miss, handle it and they are going to create.
worse in a worse situation in our civil culture. Now give it that crazy. One thing that the nine Eleven commission which then you know held up, I think correctly as a model for what this would wanted. You know the kind of tone and and and procedures that would take was also used after yet it many times for partisan purposes, right Republicans pointing to the fact that here, the continent, Thracian overlooks important memo about ok to another people? Points like look. Look out the things that the didn't deriving it will, regardless is gonna, be used for partisan blow. purposes there's no way of avoiding that, but I think it's I think it. It is necessary to have that historical record, because right now, in real time, we can watch a Finn the sea world about what actually happened being created on social media, among extreme citizens and on the right, is very bad for this country not to have some sort of bipartisan effort understand what went on it will be used.
By both sides to try to excuse behaviour were to make a political point. That's that's unavoidable, but I still think it necessary to have some sort of by partisan effort to understand happen that day, just minute by minute, as you say in particular, to know his point, what President New and, if he'd, if we can't get to the bottom of that at least that can be the official record like we don't really know what happened there, but the notion that you're gonna get ten Republicans in the Senate to define which Macao my sort of them is unlikely Mcconnell, better steward of his case conference them unruly house, so the most likely outcome hears Republicans in the Senate will kill it and that's gonna be political and you wanna talk about politics. That's a better outcome. From a political perspective for damage
That's then an investigation. First of all, I dont know that you can say that about Mcconnell. One second of all, the house can go ahead and do it. I'm so doesn't do so how they consent. They can establish a select committee if they want to, but I mean talk about it, a fiasco that would that would be that the extremely political in wouldn't get any information, and it would only be too to highlight these tensions in time to make up to try to make November twenty two a referendum undoing resets. Well we shall see, observe Republicans are better off doing this. They are better off what opposing it trying to kill it. You mean no support. So the capitalist some input on the could the direction the trajectory in which it goes well. I guess the
sir, would be like we are not going to participate in your efforts to discredit our entire party. That's you know we're not we're not playing along. I'm not saying that this is good or bad. I'm just talking about this is a political matter. And, as you know, we can see how first of all There's one there's one sense in which this is a slow. Acting poison for trump and his political prospects in the future, When you remind people about what happened, then I like it. You know I mean that that's that's the thing like what Republican like committed Republicans will excuse it away, and they will say this being used against them and he was grey president. However, all that that's not the issue here, the issue is where's. The republican Party in the next election ended and the election after that wet, whereas it gonna stand.
Suburban rights, we are reminded of the fact that Republican stood with insurrectionists, where there will be a hundred. There will be hundred. Millions of dollars of commercial time bought, and you know, faced Facebook and, however, you can do it to remain because of this. That is an ongoing wound to the party with the very people that it needs to vote for it, because, if Donald Trump or whoever follows in turn, Pass gets exactly the same number of people to vote for him, both in twenty sixteen twenty, as he did this time and Democrats can get up the same boats, a vague he is not the whoever is going to follow me, isn't gonna win and that's the best that he can do under the circumstances and, in fact, that it can be degraded it can vassal Emmett. Imagine if JANET Six that happened on October twenty seconds. Do you think trumpet seventy four million votes,
there's no way on earth. He would have gotten seventy four million votes. He would have gotten seventy, not that they would have gone and voted for Biden. Three four million people would estate homes and said enough already right. So that's what the next election Emmy not not addictive congressional lecture but the twenty four election. If Trump runs again, I don't see any reason to think he's, not gonna run again unless it gets indicted in our policies convicted of a crime, and obviously we know that the now both at New York turn general and the Anthea here with our now investigating this is investigating the Trump Organization has a criminal matter. Let us see what happens and guys, speaking as your boss. I have to tell you something: ok, when running a business, hr issues can kill you, you people can kill me. You can kill me with your hr issues. You can kill me. Wrongful termination suits method in a museum, terminated minimum wage requirements, nothin
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whilst we gotta talk about Nord Stream, so there's pipeline that Russia is trying to build to bypass Ukraine, and so what tat? No, please. Let's talk Nord stream Okay, sure this is really kind of weird, so Joe Biden, two thousand and sixteen goes to Stockholm says the Nord Stream pipeline is a bad idea. Trump administration spent the entire administration, really hectoring and and being aggressive towards
which is why the recipients of this pipeline is a pipeline. Just Harry gas from Russia to get around Russia to have you may ask one yeah the Baltics. We give Gazprom a fair amount of level. moreover, european energy at the Trump administration opposed it sought to offset the energy as in Europe, by exploiting natural gas to Europe Biden, appalling ministration, posted by service about the by demonstration, has been signalling to european companies that they were face. Sanctions in the event of, the completion and Nord stream to Jan Saki. Just a couple weeks ago said, the administrations Petersen hasn't changed on Nord Stream, and then this We call the suddenly administration reversed course through the tunnel. One. Eighty and waved sanctions are further Construction of this pipeline is, really strange, and-
it just sort of reinforces something that I've been rang about for the blood for for quite some time now, which is that Democrats were never Russia hawks, they were simply anti trunk and which is obviously the case of enemies from democratic politics. For the last several decades, and this is more of an indication that any and every effort to couple Donald Trump with Russia and say this: is it to our national security- was only ever political I should add two things. One is that a bite of course killed. The Keystone pipeline in the- U S a hum- what, I'll, while o king. This and the other. Is that very good point. and the other is that this was one of the very rare instances where Donald Trump himself, the man was critical of Germany,
giving a Russia leverage here, not just russian Russia Hawks in his administration, but trunk, directly Hector Germany over it. But as a kind of tool. When when will he was trying to make the case that the? U S is paying too much in the mills in defence. A two tier Europe trumpet what what what are you a you're asking for protection from Russia, yet you're you're, giving them this extraordinary leverage Armenia, I think, there's an interesting internal dynamic going on here. So by unopposed, it and something's happened tony blinking in his
Confirmation hearing said he would do everything in its power to prevent the Nord stream to pipeline from coming on line and now, apparently, R r R. Our position is that we are not going to sanction the pipeline exactly where we may sanction companies that do business to build the pipeline, but the pipeline itself as legitimate, which seems to be a demented position. If I'm following correctly. This is a very twisted story, but politically it is time to start asking what Tony Lincoln's influences in the by demonstration, because this is the second time that he seems to have his knees cut out from under him. He's you say your confirmation I'll do everything in my power to prevent something, and five months later, your essentially party to its implementation, that's a kind of big flip and it's very discomfitting at some point. He has to go testify before the House and Senate
Minis end up. People are gonna, ask him and habitats and hold them to account. for what he said at this, follow was along the fact that Abiden apparently neglected to inform him. That Biden had gotten briefing materials from Baby Netanyahu on the on the israeli attack on the building that housed AP and Al Jazeera and how it was actually a Hamas intelligent site. As Lincoln said, we haven't seen the intelligence and then, like ten hours later, he had to say I was seeing. The intelligence the secretary of state like this is there there is always a question of being demonstrations about who holds the power in foreign policy? You have a very. powerful secretary of State Colin Powell was one Condi rice,
was one. James Baker was one. You are very, very weak secretaries of state, William Rogers, who, who was secretary of State for Nixon out when Kissinger was consolidating his power in the next in White House, was a very weak secretary of state. Cyrus Vance was a week secretary of State, William, Christopher Org, Christopher was a week sector estate and obviously trumps secretaries of state unto Aruba. Rex television was an unbelievably with Secretary of state, and here we have blinkin and his blinking. You know like the second coming of William Rogers. This is not you know. This is a very weird position that that that were where position we were seeing him put himself in since the political matter, it's not about the geopolitics of that of the of the gas pipeline, but something happened obviously and is also the question of whether or not Biden himself more like trump than we realise in that
yes, conversations with you now his ready as the conversation with Marco any says: ok, honey, you know whatever you want and then who s policy is sir flipped on its head. Can I just point out that when that happened in it did happen for four years under Trump there it was weeks and we of stories. Spinning in many cases, conspiracy theories of the most bizarre sort about why it happened when it happened. Who made sure it happened? It was at least covered. This is just like okey dokey. We just totally switch the policy moving on, I mean there's, there's really know that there's absolute assumption of goods tensions on the part of the administration when these things happen and no further flourish enough of what we ve all just set. Right now is ha. This is we're have waited Happen will will we ever find out likely not if the covered them
he's been giving administration continues fair enough, so that we will win fond farewell until tomorrow, again gotta commentary magazine dot com read our June issue, if you dont subscribed, subscribed now. You know you should not only supports the magazine and articles. It supports his podcast. You listen if you like it me listening. You missed us yesterday and we won't. You know we'll be back tomorrow. Please subscribe. We the magazine, the magazines. Actually, the glory of this institution will love. We love doing the podcast and were very you know, We love talking to you everyday, but aren't doing quality of the thing that sells us. The thing that is, that is the heart and soul of this seventy five year old institution is more than seventy. Five years old now is commentary magazine June issue right up now at commentary magazine dot com, so for Aiden Owen
I'm John but Words camel burning.
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