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Gaza Madness and Masking Madness

2021-05-17 | 🔗
The first podcast of the week takes up the continuing assaults on Israel's defensive action against Hamas in Gaza and the continuing confusion over the lifting of the masking rules by the federal government. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Monday. May seventeen twenty twenty one. I am John Paul or its editor of monetary magazine and today, a Green Walden. I you D, better nor high Abe. How jump? Even I will be closing our June issue, which is a treasure of wonders. We will be putting up as fast as we can on our website, because today is actually a jewish holiday
holiday of shovel boat, and so tomorrow we may be delayed and in doing this, but we have a great peace by Jonathan Chance or on the war in Gaza and outward and its source. some routes. We have our cover story by our columnist. Jim MEG's called, thank God, forbid, Pharma a great peace by patent attorney, Michael Rosen, on the on the immense era by menstruation is has has made by by saying that it was going to withdraw patent protection, from the from the vaccines, a wonderful piece by Joseph Epstein, and called Rome wasn't murdered in a day. A lot lotta great stuff, our own Christine Rosen, a senior writer high Christine. I got your column this month.
Yes and try to remember here. What did I write it real so my but I'm older than you, and I only edited it. So you know it's not fair that you can't remember, will have to come to the website to see it, because I honestly, like one I'm totally blanket was there we lagging on what is Christine's peace, making it clear You made a ground, not everyone, you're, getting you're getting a glimpse into life, as it is actually lived. bye, bye, aura by people who do this, for That's where we're like. I wrote it five seconds ago. I can't remember what I wrote. You know it's really hard for me to remember what I wrote. I have already origin distortion of yield. The reality assertion field, which has remained it's actually about how the media tries to take very small, stored, narrowly infinitesimally small minority interest and and make them
story to the tune of fino, obviously avoiding writing about other things, a concern people and to promote and agendas. Honestly, it's a great peace, and you should just understand that I am My brain is melting and Christine just went and took her her sons to get vaccinated and Abe is closing sixty four It is of a magazine that you should a pilot, or we should upon being able to apologize to you for not being able to remember workers needs peace was about. We also have a piece by mad continuity, on the amazing fact that somehow a Barack Obama is being memory hold or attacked for not having been sufficiently liberal and and ambitious the president, as compared to Joe Joe Biden, the famously sdr, like President and and Chris firewalls on our own excuse me are lets. Us air, no Rossman, I know,
I was wondering if I got caught now even get car. That's right here goes on making the list here, Joe Biden, culture warrior, which is a peace that arose out of a conversation that we had on this very podcast a couple of weeks ago, I'm Joe Biden how how, the idea that Joe Biden isn't a culture warrior as belied by the fact that he has a culture warrior and no lays systematically out the case for that it is all in our June issue were closing. It today will be in the mail next week and we will have upon line as soon as it is possible for us to do so. That may be Wednesday, but we will keep her will keep beating bidding them of the bushes to get you excited about it, a guy's a weekend of hostilities, tween, Israel and Hamas, and there is some pretty weird
That's going on. I'm just gonna give it to you this way, which is like. So the big story was that Israel blow up a building in Gaza that housed, among other things, the offices of the Associated Press on the grounds that Hamas had intelligence officers and assets in the building and the Associated Press at which is led by the incoming editor of the Washington Post, Sally Busby, who is now the head of the says he oppress, has demanded an independent investigation into this, as though Israel would strike a building with major press assets in it. Just because what the hell, yeah what why not with you know what we don't like the Associated Press. Let's blow up the building, that's insane no rational country would do any such thing and the simple fact
So the matter is that in twenty fourteen, Israel similarly had to destroy a building in which major media companies had offices. because Hamas was using them as a human shield for its intelligence operations and answered the notion that the AP would essentially effectively with this demand for an independent investigation. by into some conspiracy theory, that it was the target it around, Jazeera was the target of Israel's rage speed? To the dimension that has overtaken the sort of inter international conventional wisdom about what is,
going on here. Israel may understand that the international press is not its friend, but it it has would have absolutely no interest the negative interest in creating a circumstance of which could be of trying to destroy the assets of the Associated Press. I mean enemies of Israel should should really get their store. straight here. I thought Israel is like you know it's. It did previously manipulates the press to cover up all its evil. You know. And in all its pr is, is a whitewash, is all the terrible things it does. Why would it? Why would it now? You know overtly just wage literal war on on the media, are fascinating. Other strike of happened last night. Ah Israel as people know- and this is a whole other media store
Hamas fighters, I try to enter Israel through tunnels and also have bunkers under Gaza city, where they essentially the army of Hamas, the ground army of Hamas, goes into these tunnels to hide or to try to get into Israel, proper and, and so Israel bombarded hit the tunnels three buildings collapsed. Forty people apparently died in these three buildings collapse. The reason the buildings collapsed is that their foundations had been compromised. By the tunnels that were built that apparently so hollowed out the ground under them that, at that a strike against the tunnels than collapse. These three buildings indifferent spots in in in Gaza that apparently the use of
pummeling by Hamas is now Israel is to be blamed for the fact that the buildings no longer have proper foundations. That is kind of astonishing and, of course, the other thing was that Israel's military spokesman in English and and an end and act in Twitter. He sat on Friday. Israel's ground forces have entered Gaza and, according to the hebrew language press, this was an act of deliberate deception in order to get Hamas to put its fighters into the tunnels so that they would be in the tunnels and Israel could strike the tunnels and kill it's. You know opposing army
Why would you do that? You don't just do that. Did you do that, in fact to avoid the necessity of a ground invasion, because if you, if you put yourself in a position where no one from Hamas is gonna, be in a position to serve crossed the border and try to attack Israel either through the tunnel, sir, through Cross border action, then you don't have to go in cause. Israel does not want occupy Gaza, it left Gaza, two thousand five and all of that and then suddenly this becomes oh. How could Israel do this? How on earth could Israel lie about about saying that has gone into Gaza when it hadn't like deception, isn't an element of all warcraft from? You know that from time immemorial, since it installers crop wooden horse and Nick. I yelled interpreted ass, yet
I'm remains about only let it go had been that the eighteen story. There are two things that I notice were not being said in sort of me the stream. The media reporting in the aftermath of that one is that they were enough. Warning that everybody left the building and no one died right big day, everyone was out of the building, so no journalist was killed during this process. you're. So nobody even bothers to mention that, but it's another example of how not reporting on military. How the israeli military does what it does in an attempt to limit civilian casualties doesn't get reported. The second thing everyone knows that this has been common procedure. There been many many new stories written about how news organisations, buildings are used by Hamas, as cover I mean multi
are you: all you have to do. Is Google it and your school you'll find ten stories got dating back to the early two thousands about this. So again, if it, if a journalist job, is to provide context to readers, that context was also eliminate. The two examples where a narrative is being crafted where context is deliberately withheld to make Israel seem worse than it actually was. There was a young item published on twenty fourteen the Atlantic by Mammy Friedman, former Associated Press reporter and want to read a brief passage from that cause. It's very illuminating of the current situation. I quote: the AP staff in Gaza City would witness a rocket launch right beside their office, endangering but orders and other civilians near by and the eighty would not report it. got even in eighty articles about israeli claims that Hamas was launching rockets from residential areas. This happened: almost fighters would burst into a piece Gaza Bureau and threatened staff and the would not reported cameramen. Waiting outside Shiva Hospital in Gaza City would
the only arrival of civilian casualties and then at a signal from an official turn. Author cameras Winwood Then fighters came in helping Hamas maintain needed, that only civilians were dying This is a whistle blower account. and it is as relevant today as it was then- and you know, the claims that we should have this an independent investigation. If it is truly, an independent, inveterate investigation will turn up many curious links of support between Associated Press reported on the ground in Gaza and the terrorist organisation Hamas. Another important element here is that, according to Israel, three thousand rockets have been fired in the last week from Gaza, which is a pretty astounding number, if you think about it and again, a tribute to the amazing high quality of of
of Israel's iron down an anti missile system that very few people have died in Israel's result. The rockets firing because iron dogmas, picking off eighty to ninety percent the rockets of those three thousand rockets, something like two hundred and fifty at a minimum fired off. from Gaza, malfunctioned and hip Gaza killing dozens, if not hundreds, of people who we don't whose deaths we may not hear about because they were caused by Hamas itself. Another element that is it out are being left out of this general narrative. That Israel, as John Oliver, ah you know Birdie Wooster of of late, Night news, you know, is now accused of committing war crimes, war crimes in a war of self defence against rocket
I think I mentioned the sun Friday, but I keep having at site. This thing that yet your Rosenberg from tablet said he said in response to some people. Saying Israel has iron dome. What does Hamas have like? What is Gaza have to protect it? Yet here said Israel is iron. Dome Hamas has don't fire rockets at Israel, that's its iron dome, don't fire rockets at Israel and nothing and there will be no bombs dropped on you that Israel has never struck Hamas targets, except in retaliation. Ever ever, there has not been a military.
Somebody is real against him off. That was not primarily defensive in nature in a way by the way that is angering to certain elements of of of israeli public opinion. That would like is real to stage a surprise attack on Hamas and take out its rocket cash on the grounds that Israel should not have to live under the shadow of this, and they should go and do a surprise operation find the Rockets and destroy them on the ground and and and make this impossible. Israel will now, do that it does not want to do that. It will it if it has not done that it is able to tally a tory measure at all times. The claim that Hamas is in the right, because Israel's existence is an offence against Hamas in there
for it. Even by doing this, all Hamas is doing is being defensive, but you have to buy into a completely outrageous line of thinking to even get we were near that Israel's a country of almost nine million people and its popular. arab and alike, are under threat from these rocket attacks imagine what Israel would have to do if it didn't have iron. Don't just think about that for five seconds Israel would have to go into Gaza. Israel would have to destroy Gaza. Israel would have to have a ground invasion in which have killed thousands of Gazans on the ground to street to street fighting, as it did in some sense during the second intifada.
When I went into towns on the West Bank that were bombed factories, they have to go house to House Street the street to destroy things. It would be, would have been a. I know, a dreadful toll. Israel kills hundreds of people in these incursions. It would kill tens of thousands of people conceivably if it had to go and on the ground and take out Hamas assets, one by one handbook in our hand to hand a Johnson chances. Article brings up a larger point. That is also seems to be entirely avoided in in this common conversation, which is quite simply that, This is not an independent actor here. It is a proxy of IRAN that right get it doesn't
but that's that's your long been the case. Also long ignored, simplistic, islamic jihad. You know once again This is another example. As we talk about on Friday of why the Abraham accords are in fact having a good effect here because they have further isolated. IRAN so that the country is as less powerful than it than it had been. also I want to mention that I there's a story about how the Emirates be. The USA has reached out to Hamas and said: look we have some upcoming objects to do in the straps and sort of civic infrastructure inefficient infrastructural projects to do it.
Gaza Childcare right right, I was rapporteur and you guys are putting that at peril. We will. We will do that under the conditions that you get. Some com, two to serve rain here. You are only hurting the Palestinians, which is you know the argument that Israel's friends have been making all long and by that's it in very I ve reduced significantly its funding. through the. U N, two hundred for Palestinian. It isn't. It is already significantly reduce that. So once again. I just want to put this point on this issue, because I'm still urge all the pieces last week talking about her
You know so much for the Abraham accords. The apparent the Abraham accords have had a positive effect. Here's a quote from a senior official of the aid to the gloves I am sure loose paper. We are still ready and willing to promote civil projects in cooperation with the Palestinian Authority and under you and management in Gaza, but our necessary condition is com. If Hamas does not commit to complete com is dooming the residents of the strip to a life of suffering. Its leaders must understand that their politics are first and foremost hurting the people of Gaza. That is a senior official of an arab country that is historic. That is a historic change. This is the first test of the Abraham accords in that hence and they have passed- and you know why, because of IRAN, you have to look at this and say Israel has been striking IRAN, I wouldn't say with impunity, but though the level that we know that
was it. It was six seven weeks ago that Israel struck deep into IRAN's nuclear programme. in IRAN has clearly not really had a sense of how to strike back, and this is the strike back they're using Hamas. Under the guise of this fight over shake the neighbourhood of Shakespeare, Raw and Israel, suppose it miss behaviour on the Temple Mount to give it to Israel through Hamas Rockets. I mean there the GEO political game here and and- and this is then of course complicated by the by estimations hunger to somehow get IRAN back. Into some version of the nuclear deal. Having said that, it's important to say this cause it's hard
you know where incredibly critical, the by menstruation critical of lot of aspects of it, the by masturbation, remain far more on rattled by what's happened here that I would ever have anticipated at another, assigns they are. They are not attacking Israel, the Only thing that we ve seen last couple of days is that sector staple again use the word the escalation said both sides must be escalate, which of course, is a parallel construction. That item like, and he has asked for further information proof that the building housing, a p, Was a Hamas intelligent site, there's some weird going on there inside the Biden Menstruation, because judging from what's going on in the general behaviour of the book
white house. It is conceivable that somebody in the Bud White House did get some kind of a briefing or some that intelligent structure of the? U S: government got some guys, got some kind of a briefing from israeli and we were told this out of the israeli press had this. That does means true, but that there were some kind of a briefing and that blinkin who is in Copenhagen. Doing something or other main, I've been on the call or himself didn't get the information or thinks it's necessary to say you know we need more information as a go to try to get baby to declassify stuff and put it out to provide cover for the. U S in this. You know idea that somehow Israel did something wrong and that the Eu S needs to get some independent confirmation that something bad happened, that Israel shouldn't be blamed on. The Jerusalem Post says that this was conveyed over the course of a principles call
the angel buying and Prime Minister Netanyahu on rather right, so their principles call- and you know, abiding- doesn't have to tell Blinkem what happened. You know remember again: we got a seventeen year old president. You know we could have gone up. All things are you now taking a nap or something and forgot it forget to tell blanket I'm not joking, I mean we you know, what's going on in there and we have a whole bunch of others have to say about this question in relation to domestic policy in a bet, but where? Where is this? Where does this go because it seems to me, like I keep getting attacked by listeners to the podcast first seeming to be Pollyanna S or something about how I just don't feel like. This is the same assault on Israel by the Inter
national all voices of international hostility comparable to what would have what was like in twenty forty in twenty ten, two thousand nine, and certainly two thousand and three by the way. What am I wrong? Am I wrong, I think you're right and I am, I think the difference may be so far. in the administration. I mean because when this stuff would happen. You know the Obama years, because there was this Official line you know coming out of the White House about Yo Israel having to do its part and always means possibly being more aggressive than was necessary in all the terrible John Kerry quotes on it. It colored the in the entire situation and without that there is a shade, more serve reality,
By this I mean people screaming their heads off, they are on social media and the papers are writing it up. You know in all sorts of offensive ways, but it doesn't have purchased the way it it. It has years passed, some like they outsourced Allah, the internal democratic tensions on this issue to the all the house, members right cause, they're all fighting tooth and nail and screaming yelling at each other on the floor of the house to back up its and there is, but so far you know again the way stories are framed. We get a lot of attention to the you know: the Rashid ITALY Bay Types, Juno, Corey, Bush types talking about how terrible Israel is, but very little it's on the number of moderate Democrats who actually have been firmly supportive of what Israel has done so that again like just like, we should give credit to the binding ministration. There are plenty of Democrats in Congress who have been firm supporters and continue to be firm supporters of Israel. and so a lot of the bickering that's going on. I am also. I also think it's notable how much more frequently be progressive left invokes
black lives matter and a kind of domestic racial issues and tries to live them to what's going on the Middle EAST in a way that we ve always a little bit of that, but they really ramp thought up. So it's that actually strikes me as a kind of active desperation in terms of trying to get people to care about an issue where, where because of the Abraham accords, and because of the way the administration is behaving so far. It is now is dire, as it might have been. Ok the more simple explanation for that sort of behaviour does not act of desperation. That implies that they know what they're doing, it's more options, razor that they help me. I had no idea what you're talking about and genuinely our just completely ignorant, that's probably might might take on how intersection reality understands and views Jews. because they perceive them to be this class of people who have been relatively successful, pretty pretty assimilated into their mouths. Making society and are therefore the purveyors of whiteness agenda in a white paper
which is, of course, for the shocking anybody who actually understand the history of this sort of thing, but they see it through a very jingoistic chauvinistic prism which does using capable of understanding the histories that complex histories abroad. They perceive themselves to be aware of it, but they have the most shallowest possible understandings of of those histories, and impose our own history Everyone else in order to justify a political or South Africa's history or some other way got any overlapping. They only sort of China understand the outlines of the broadest possible outlines of it it s. Getting you know. Is it sort of like up nineteen eighty four concerts, understanding of what apartheid actually was and that's what that the political programme that they pursued? So this is just as another extension very same things, why they speak for arab interests. Having no understanding of what arab interests are, when they are not reflected in their advocacy.
I mean a lot of anti say historical anti Semitism is based in is based in ignorance, but ignorance is no excuse. I mean that that that's the problem with laying this at the feet I mean Ok, so we gotta talk by CORD Bush for likes three minutes: ok, Corey Bush, first term, the Democrat from Missouri, essentially elected as a black lives matter, activists from from from Saint who s yes, said you'd out when she it. She said anyone who for its black lives matter has to support Palestine, something like that. Our former illegal on a good many former commentary. Stafford now at the washing free beacon has an astounding peace. Today I encourage you to look up Meet Rep Corey Bush in her fellow faith. Healers,
guess what it turns out that she is a she claimed or hurt her pastor at a m at the Kingdom Embassy International Churches, Charles did define deform, reported that key at she had come in March of twenty twenty was having trouble breathing. He got on the phone with her and cured her call it in thirty minutes healed. It was that simple. He told a lotta Goodman define question coveted. She called me from the hospital in thirty minutes later she was breathing healed. It was that simple, a leader of this church will not wear masks because he says that his faith will keep them from getting covered. This is this is her church. It claims to be able to cure aids through healing.
and the end so ass. She is the sub wild. Progressive you know, I do it's important to note often sites her nursing expire her experience as a nurse to argue for all these things about Covin, including you know, attacking Republicans, you won't where mass semi cheek. She actually constantly talks about that. As giving her credit lady, when, in fact, if she subscribing to what a lot of good means peace suggests is about the further sing from science, you can find it. In April seven. Twenty twenty video film that the churches royal headquarters, known as the Embassy of church leader, remain crisscross, said that Bush quote just called the embassy in sugar. Cured of a couple of hours right over the phone defined is just a cream delivering all that good stuff in the name of Jesus and guess what she got, build from Verona virus right now about thirty minutes ago we just murdered growth of irish son. We just murdered at I dont care, bring people with AIDS, bring the paralysed
people. Paralyzed people are going to get healed and start breakdancing. The AIDS people they're going to be able to donate blood. Crisp said he does not wear mask, because it's a protection from contracting the virus added that he was ready to go, marching the streets and just bam smashed corona, guess guess where some pocket of vaccine hesitancy might reside in group out it promote that message, excitement exactly so so she's a cook is what I'm saying no said: she's ignorant, she's, apparently a cook are not that religious faith, makes you a cook. Conditions are not mutually exclusive right, but I do think it's fair to say that if there was any kind of parallel construction with a republican congressmen and Faith healing tradition. Pentecostal illustrates ailing we're. Never Sarah parents church yeah.
We would never on how many times have we devoted pull new cycles to evangelicals and their resistance to taxation? Exactly so so that's the quarry Bush story. So when you see Corey Bush thing something or you're on Facebook in your friends are talking about this. Just go to the washing free beacon, get a url put it on Facebook. You have people breathe that that's all I'm asking you to do retail this story, because people need to know this is a leading voice of the squad and she's a lunatic, and she is in and out. She follows a lunatic
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never go the post office again, so it was at last night I went out to a life show for the first time in a more than a year family, I we drove to Richfield Connecticut from New York and sat in a tent out There is real play house and saw South Myers Y know it would be a controversial figure to many people listens podcast, but who was a brilliant stand up to a fantastic Stana preteen? There were about five or six hundred people under this tent and nobody knew what to do. Whether masks is, of course, a venue of Europe. Most almost everybody up white well heeled Richfield, is a very rich town as sophomores joked adds boys places that you know has bridle, but it says caution, bridle path. When you're driving down the street in case you know, someone should be crossing with there
thoroughbred horse from one field to another, take out a figure. Almost everybody is vaccinated, so everyone at a mask and then that when you said look you gotta mask. If you're, not eating or drinking, we ask you to keep it on cause. That's how we're doing things, although I believe NED Lamont, the governor of Connecticut, announced that masking was no longer Sorry and people related know what to do so, a lot of literally and such marksman, a joke about this, said he's not gonna, whereas Basque badly he's gotta wear it under is aware. It is where an under his nose and I looked around and they were like two hundred people, the room with their mass on, but under their nose or or like didn't, have a on off didn't know what to do. No one knew what to do, and this is the result of this lunatic roll out of this. Instead of this guidance that
you don't get the world all of a sudden was Thursday. I think it was Thursday and Gale once go to Heaven. The cdc was on five morning shows yesterday. It apparently did not make anything much clearer on it, we shall reject your little shrivelled absorb girl was neither was it was Lookin Hs official thirty years Also, yet again, I'm old- and I can't remember anything- few governors have been his hostile towards this new mandate, as my own nomadic guidance as my governor of New Jersey, film morphing, who has spent the weekend outcomes. Feeling about this and boosting everyone who says that this is a nightmare disaster that will only affect every political interest group. The Democrats, like negatively I want to illustrate this a little bit in my county.
In the middle of nature, is a pretty fairly well populated. Can you about three hundred thirty thousand people knew reported cases by day on May sixteenth, the grand total of six. The fourteen day, change in case rates is minus. Seventy two percent our seven day average daily cases per one hundred thousand people is a grand total of five According to the New York Times my county is a high risk county. You would have to try to encounter someone who has covert it's hard.
difficult on you to find someone who has covered mechanism. Man, maybe it'll, make elation basically have the bliss your face. That's probably one of the few ways to do it. In fact, guidance suggests that that's how you get it for the most part, very close contact and endorse settings. We know this and the resistance to this. So looking your face in the bathroom anyway, you're thing: that's fine, ok, yeah! That's that Certainly one of the ways to do this Nicholas. Seventy percent of our population is vaccinate at the problem in New Jersey that the beginning to acknowledge that they find it very difficult to it now, is that the majority of those people are way only Seven per cent of the african american population in this state is fully vaccinated. It's difficult
to reach these communities are going door to door other door knocking, but you still seeing popular culture. This notion that you know we can't you can't move forward because of trump voters and from supporters. Those states are open, regardless of their max nation status. were really even talking about the many more and this is a real problem. I'm not saying it's not a real problem, on record saying that the threat posed by non vaccinated population that significant enough to anticipate the potential for a very It is something that policy makers should be concerned with, nevertheless- and I are pursuing here- is a blanket policy that is not effective public policy, its ignorant and it will have been the precise opposite effect of what they're trying to do. Ok, I have to read this: there's a story, the Washington Post. I think it was Sunday story, the right decision, wrongly handled inside the bug- demonstrations abrupt reversal. Unmask them here is the quote from the story: quote
eighteen o communities have been hit particularly hard by the virus and they received they have received smaller share of vaccinations in the country. To date, health officials have made progress in closing these gaps, but they acknowledge there is still much work be done. They have received a smaller share of vaccinations, so we're now in a position where the terror of the meat through media, signing any kind of agency to minority communities in their defence of themselves by active by actively clicking on a site and getting an appointment or walking into a walk in place. The blame lies on somehow some weird force that has not given them the vaccine. The way and some have given it to
aids am- I am I grammatically- am I reading this correctly right that they have? They have received a smaller share of vaccinations now they have. They have chosen to get a smaller share fact that, now that the choice of language is really important, and we should be vigilant about this in the context of any discussion of equity in this way because it is, it, is a deliberate effort to change way that we understand how things work in the name of outcomes- and you see it all the time I mean I follow this locally. Obviously, because his are listeners. No, I was ranting for on time about how equity policies a decent government imposed may vary because if you want to get it back seen, Bolivia certainly go to get one. That is why it's it's it there's a lot of passive voice. There's a lot of oh that the victims of circumstance, no, they ve just choosing not to get it look. I went today to get my kids vaccine
for the first shot convention centre was extremely well run. I have to give a lot of problems. Dc has finally figure this out there doing a great job african American Serve security guard at the convention centres and oh how'd. You convince these two to get the shot, I'm having trouble convincing life I relatives like the young kids outside well aprons shaker found wherever they didn't have to convince and they want to get a shot, but it was interesting to me that you There are a lot of teenagers in line, as it does just opened up in DC for for teenagers and very few most of it, more white, so I mean this is an internal sacha, but I think I think, John, your. Absolutely right point that out, because the way that this is this is gonna, be ok, genuine problem and how we understand vaccinate and it's it's a continuing problem for all these equity discussions, politically education and elsewhere, its especially interesting one contrasted with the way the vaccine. Reluctant right is talked about and written about all these sort of. Like
big thing pieces and trying to understand them. You know, which is, I think, you're wrong, or a few counts, because on I don't know that. I am, we understand them perfectly fine. I don't think you needed to delve too deep, they're they're they're off the reservation is the issue. So, but it's all about you know trying to see the vaccine through the lens of the two other twenty twenty. Election. Nothing but agency right! Well, I made a part of this is also that what last year do when you had to have like idiots teens at spring break right. getting interviewed and Myrtle Beach, and they would say things like look. If I get it, I get it. It's fine I'll, just get it and then that in all honesty, people were like horrified on the grounds that this is a contagion and you can't just go
and then you'll get it. That's not a legitimate. way to handle contagion, because you can spread it if you get it This is where things start getting complicated now, because it really is now the case that if you don't get vaccinated and other people are vaccinated, they're not going to get it from you, you can get it they're not going to get it the risk out action starts to shift, and you are literally saying to people we are gonna. Somehow it is important to keep the country closed down in order to keep people who are making a deliberately conscious choice not to make themselves safe from the virus, do
should be made safe from the virus at the at the expense of everybody else. That's insane because in fact, it is a risk out if you're, too afraid of of of of getting the shock assembly, think it's gonna make you sick and you're willing to risk the possibility that let itself will be worse than the results either vaccine. We are now at a point where that is your right. I mean it was always your right that law that people inroads unless there their children it'll, have to get vaccinated for anything people, make this calculation every year about the flu. It's like, I won't get. The vaccine I don't wanna, go vaccine out a risk getting the flu as well as you dont pose a danger to other people. The only people now given the facts and results of the studies of the Pfizer vaccine, particular that led to the lifting of the mass mandates
the CDC, the only people who are at risk of getting covered from other people or other people or vaccinated, and then why don't you understand that in the public health community cannot have people like me, doctor, Lena when whose become one of these celebrity public health officials over the course of this rises, saying we can't relying on the honor system here. Of course you can because the risk is not yours. It's there. and this is what I heard the risk proposition here and put the honest entirely on people who are who are genuinely free from the right and every pole we suggest would suggest, says that the people who are vaccine hesitant are far more likely to do stuff. You know this is an important point, no special, because, according to the latest research about variance, I saw interview with ashamed karate who cysts leading virologist and
His take is that we have sort of seeing what the virus can do in terms of mutations in variants already be this given the sort of the ingredients of the violence of the virus. There are only so many permutations that it that it can do- and I am speaking in completely lay terms here. only that sounded very highly taxed. Yea Africans how you can I can I lost. You lost the gap that I'm sorry I'll, try to alternate dumbing down, so that there is reason to think that the mutations and new variants, doesn't really have any more tricks up its sleeve, sir, the fear that people. Who aren't getting vaccinated are serving as serve like incubation. You know
centres for the for the virus to then mutate and be able to. In fact those eventually to infect those of us who have been vaccinated is I have no longer operable, but this is this is what I'm running about planets, but its super important, and I think it's hysterical in a way that its two competing real interest. Groups around this pandemic are now are now in nation and a robber. Whether just devouring each other again, my Phil Murphy cited Doktor Voucher, Doktor Anthony Factory himself to just by keeping this massive nor mask mandate, in defiance of CDC guidance, said the doktor found himself. lifting indoor masked men. They could lead to a rise in infection, so we have to ignore the CDC guidance. What is the cdc tightened supposed to do with a supposed to device people to go, get vaccinated and lift these kids since that are compelling people to avoid going back to work. So we have an economic incentive,
Public health incentive that is now being undermined directly by the public health guidance, and these are two two vital competing interests on the democratic of Democratic Party in the governing party that they're going after resolving very short order, or else both of these objectives are gonna, be frustrated. I think what happened here as a mark of the unbelievable bungling that happened, last week if you were had done this well, we talked about this on Friday if the buyer demonstration had done this properly and that Oh, it is retailing a whole story about how oh it was totally sand that it did know with all only gotten hours notice before the CDC or the you know announced that they were lifting the mask mandate. If that is true, then they better, like they better, have a big meeting and say: are you people crazy, the and the poor,
This is the president of the United States. You tell him what is going on and you give us a little time to get prepared, cause you're, a bunch of idiots, and you dont know how to do public communications, because Lena when who writes a column on the corona virus for the Washington Post should have gotten a call to briefer on why they were doing it. So she would be flattered to get an insight. Call this is what happens in wartime, mistress and brings in the twenty five thirty leading columnists on. What's going on and gives them a big and inside briefing on how everything's gonna happen, every one is also what MR inside I know I had a conversation off the record with a background, deep background in the sick room, and so I know
real skinny. They should have done that with everybody. Is that of treachery and and and and Lena when and arab, vital, ding and chimera dial fling and who the hell is on twitter, making fake charts, because they got a phd in public communications from bolder state college and now claims to be an epidemiologist, but that Are you do it? Nobody did it and people like Lena wetter, like I don't really understand how the mortality of this seems a little excessive. You need. I flatter people, if you're doing a public communications, Do they didn't do at another trying to blame the White House? Isn't we didn't know what's going on? We have no idea. This all happened to see that's ok, but can I give up again? I got to be discussed at the Garden party, but I have a slightly more cynical interpretation, which is, I agree that they bungled the roll out that it was come caught. Everybody off guard, but, as we discussed last week, that might have been that they decided you know.
It's time we got it. We got to change the new cycle. To something positive, give you know, get people's attention to something else. Right now and my example of this is some silly. Else's training is a kind of gas lighting like a little butter gas lighting, like a look where I do. It's actually all can be open and we discussed all the different things that were being or the bad news that they ve been promoting about the virus just a week earlier, including the president. So look at the head of them. The teachers, unions, who the big roll out over the weekend about how we must get back to school. We totally support getting back to school and you know people are looking at this correctly cynically is what a ridiculous pr campaigns. You know that that this idea that we're gonna turn on time, but the Bite administration is doing kind of a version of this right is gonna it, getting push back now, because there is confusion and as knows the important point about here, governor shows, there's a lot of dissension in the ranks, but I think they really think we, I think the thought police This is a lot more simple. It was you know,
we're going to push forward the Good NEWS because just been bad news after bad news after bad news and we're gonna, you know I- wouldn't it be so happy with this- that there is now can be a lot of you don't fall out from this, so either way it's about Eve either way. I did this cynically and they did a badly or they were sandbagged, in which case what, hell is going on there. Is there any minimal competence granted they ve only been in office for for five months, but that you don't want the months and they don't get. You know they don't serve format, whatever the hell it isn't they don't get. You know a pass constantly. The whole point is that they sand, but they didn't tell the governors. They didn't tell mayors, they they They apparently no Wednesday night what they were doing, so they could do some change to their own websites, but I'm in the experience. There was a twelve hour gap and when you could sign up your twelve to fifteen year old after the twelve to fifteen year old thing was changing, because you know it takes time to fix websites
I mean this is not so. You know, as I said last night Saturday night, three nights after the guidance says, and we are at a tent outside and the person who runs the playhouse didn't know what to say, because it was served like while we're still gonna masking, but it's like really we're, not we're outside the that you know. You're, the governor of Connecticut said masked men needs are lifted. The the CDC said you don't have to wear masks. Side of your vaccinated. Why are you saying this, but you can't blame her. You can't blame her because Nothing was done by you didn't know. You can't because I know I'm gonna try I'm gonna well, but there's another there's another issue here too if you're in a public venue- and you you and you're right
in the place- and you know, are you suspect that virtually everyone has been vaccinated? and you know your outside, and you know the CDC new guidance still also know that if you say so, if you dont, want to wear a mask, take off your mask. There will be a significant number of people in that audience. Who will start the frigate? because they they are out there, and I say they are still did these. The CDC guides has not changed that I've seen it. Social media. Over the weekend or policing of people in public not wearing mask. Still. You haven't: that's it. That's all part of this incredible failure of the public strategy. You dont announce it at three o clock in the afternoon on a third day, when title is all the more the head of the CDC said, she wasn't gonna, send her vaccinated kid, her vaccinated kid too,
yeah I got the guy's two things are comparable, because this is what what avis describing errors is enough. Not an informed outlook superman These people are clinging to their masks and their pandemic, and there's just no capacity to engage in the kind of condescension that they would regularly apply to Republicans and governments who have their own superstitions that are not necessarily well based, are well informed and these are superstitions and they can't be right. You can't reason someone out of that. No no amount of guy mother would have allowed this condition. You can put them on the defensive right, you can make it so they do not have the moral high ground, and that is the failure of the strategy. Was that nothing was done to say there has they make shift. The science says this. We all believe in science. We have studied this. We now have evidence sufficient evidence to suggest
that the vaccine not only keeps you from getting covert. It keeps you from spreading covered and protect you from the variants you can take off. Your mask can, but that is its not that you have to, but you an end. Biden come out calmly hairs did that and they did at three o clock in the afternoon out of nowhere and then walked away, and then dates started talking about whatever. That was a lot, One thing that that there was a weird thing about we're: Chauvelin Skis Media blitz. This weekend was her saying when, when press like, why now what what's going on what's changed since vaccination began, she said: well, we ve got new. Evidence in the last two weeks that maybe she's just bullshitting pardon my friend, because the if that's the case then was everyone not protecting? You know, starting in January, it's ridiculous, its patently spin right, but I think it's fair to say that the evidence is now incontrovertible. So you know you could even
say, look we were being extraordinarily cautious and just the get out just did The evidence is now incontrovertible, but that's actually not what she said. She said we have new evidence which is not true, because the evidence was there from the outset. That's why the vaccine was approved for emergency use was approved. Emergency because the emergency use. It was already clear that it is effective and then people story issuing these possible potential objections. Now you can give me they may be. They shouldn't lift the indoor mask mandate, but they decided to that's what she has to explain any which has said is delivering the science as the science is delivered to the medical journals, and it evolved. I delivered it as soon, as I can only have that information available. So I mean it's not like this. Should nothing is happening she's saying this happened right, the second
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to wonder if there is not a similar principle at work. Regarding incompetence, you know that things were a sort of broken you know or or a sort of standards were changed an altar so merchants were blown up over the last four years that aids it may be too much to expect for things to snap that right away and for any administration to run the way they did great trouble, and was that I think we will bid you fond farewell until tomorrow for a known, Christina job, it hurts keep the camel burden.
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