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Great Economic Numbers, But No Credit

2020-10-29 | 🔗
Today's podcast begins with a huge economic number—33-plus percent growth. And yet we all agree the president is unlikely to get much credit and explain why. Also, why liberals are increasingly moving toward the view that anyone who disagrees with them is evil. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine punk has today is Thursday October: twenty, ninth, twenty twenty! We are five days out. I'm jump on board the other home term. Exit with me has always associate ever know Rossman. I know our executive you're, a green waldheim hygiene and senior writer Christine rose high Christine I got so as just out as we are recording this, the GDP numbers for the previous quarter come in at thirty three point: one percent growth,
which is an astonishing number. His number like this has never been seen before, but, of course, we never had any conomic collapse. Like the economic collapse we saw in the wake of the pandemic and the scene of the economy shrank like the economy is never drunk before. So you are talking about growth off a vastly reduced based on the less. It's obviously very good news. It comes interesting ly enough at a time when the stock market is in this made this week, question that, but has been in a little bit of a free fall this week, dropping about nine percent, as the coronavirus numbers got worse and worse and worse and worse in Europe. So the obvious question is: will this have any impact on the presidential race? And the obvious
Sir, I think Noah is has to do with the fact that, where we stand right now, how many people have voted already in twenty twenty six, almost seventy million seventy five- I think it's close to seventy five million. As of yesterday yeah, that's a lot the number of people voted in twenty. Sixteen o a more than half an hour, hundred and thirty seven million people vote in twenty. Sixteen
we are an and by the way, just so we, despite by relevant comparison in two thousand a hundred and two million people, voted altogether in the Bush. We Gore election hundred million. So it's twenty years later, we are on track for a hundred and fifty million a hundred and sixty million. Assuming that there is big election, they turn out that the krona virus really doesn't suppress election. They turn out, and then we had like. fifteen million fewer people in two thousand the throat of population growth. Since what I done, yes, he does this effect the election now because nothing affects the election. The election hasn't been affected for a year and a half in the same election for a very long time and also the signature issue of the twenty twenty race, contrary to whatever put I want to talk about on a day to day basis,
is the pandemic. It is the most salient issue in most american lives to say nothing of the world and everything seems to be going in the wrong direction right now, most notably in Europe where there is an absolute panic, getting and locking down the country with notable exception of schools. Some that's one thing that they have an advantage over ass. I am therefore they are afraid of the suggestions made out her. I guess what they have in Germany and France in these places. What don't they have teachers, teachers, unions. They do not have teachers. Students go ahead. I'm sorry and so I mean we all understand what the problem is thereby You have an experience that kind of locked into point on this country, yet I feel like there's a there's, a sentiment abroad that expects to come that's a lot of what you're saying in the stock market and where your singing airlines ducks plummet, an oil. It was going down again
everybody's really bracing firm. When looks to be a pretty a second wave over the winter so If that is the signature issue of this, action and it doesn't advantage the incumbent or any incumbent for that matter. Then it's this. you ve, never well welcome, and indeed expectations, which I didn't think it would, because we kind of started slowing down in the last month of this third court.
But a dead nevertheless, I don't think it changes. The trajectory of this race does does anyone. This is the other question which is does. Does anyone believe that Donald Trump deserves credit for the economic growth? Would you have? You have essentially a macro economic effect of the of the crash followed by the recovery, with the exception of these stimulus, which I guess he deserves credit for I mean I don't think he he didn't design apparel protection ACT as far as I know, both accepted the stimulus like what's happened, that you would actually assign the president credit for helping bring the economy back and well we're not New Zealand right. What we did we didn't? We didn't you know
the root of New Zealand. Will it there was no crippling shut down the from from on high that that could have resulted in a much more calamitous economic situation, and plus I mean I think only you must, by virtue of the rules of the game here, you have to give him credit, because if there was a he, if there's not a v, shaped recovery of theirs in any way to imply that there's not a vitiate recovery, he gets land so why not? I'm gonna wanna, give him credit, I'm. Actually I'm actually asking more about that sentiment in the country not really about and he added emerald, analytical yeah discussion like will people give him credit I'm in some sense, I guess people do
if him credit, because the one area in which his polling is not so relatively disastrous, remains the economy, although it's not as strong as it was, but you know when you people are asked us righty issues about who would be better to handle acts. The only thing on which he is either in ITALY, either best's Biden or is like tied with by is the economy. In that sense, this work, Maria priced in form of approval write another. He blames Donald Trump and a second order effects of the pandemic. Then he doesn't get, I blame further economic collapse. in March, but isn't getting. Ever its recovery now, although of course, Biden tried very hard in the debates to blame, him form the further crash, but which was such a weird choice, because the palace
Is I've been been spending a little bit of time this week? Looking and listening to what the binding Harris campaign says, they're going to do about the pandemic, especially given that, as we said, we're going into another period where cases are increasing there's not that much difference between what he proposes to do and what trumpet the Trump Administration has been doing. There's a big difference in messaging: there it's a lot more. We the science it as a sort of political comparison to the fact that they believe trumped doesn't, but they don't we They can only do so much right. We ve talked about this many times in the past with the ECB. saying that they would convene local leaders to give some guidelines, which I think is a good idea and trumps should have done it. There's really not a huge distinction except in town and accepting communications, which I guess at this point is enough for most Americans. If you trust the poles with regard to grow buyers, they just don't trust. The Trump is going to do the right thing. As with their voting on, then it's pretty clear, but I'd theirs,
A huge amount of policy difference between what abide administration will continue to do with regard to the virus and what Trump has already been doing with, except for me Jane unless I'm a correct me if I'm wrong, if you guys seen any uniquely biting, this initiative that their proposing doing, if, if they win bring together people at their they're going by a lie and he's gonna get a handle on this thing and there you know not Gunnar whistle pass the graveyard, their guns, they're gonna take it seriously and that an endless until the science with her ear, she's all again their heart. So that's what they're gonna do- and you know, thank God, someone's gonna do, that is to bring people together.
to listen to the science. Ok, so it is the combined approach. I mean better, get like that that I get Bessie lies. That's it much better message than what tromp was saying Campaign trail yesterday, which is that, where we're running the coroner yeah but we're running little whereby or its numbers slid and that are not ok, can I want to talk about the soul, but because I'm I'm trying to understand what the Madame messages of trumps, having grabbed onto this phrase that were rounding the term first of all, you can round to turn and then still have Vinos eight hundred miles left to go of the crap, oh by the way, so rounding a turn is not in our reaching the finish line. It's a kind of weird phrase, so implicit in it is that you're, you know where, where we're heading into one another part of the road, not that were
You know on our way out of it, but let's say that that's what he's trying to convey to whom is trying to convey this method this. what I am having difficulty understanding, I think maybe he is bedding. the idea that there is a silent majority opinion that worse, we want a president who is sick of the virus and sick of thee, hectoring, lecturing and yelling about you know how we have to serve stay lock down. There were not really lockdown, mostly, but how we need to say locked down because of the virus. Look at New York were so
walk down. You know twenty five percent capacity, restaurants, bully theatres, theatres, are not open. Despite all this bizarre effort to deny it the you know, the business to search of New York is a ghost town, I'm sitting in a right now, there's nobody here, there's no others. There are three people and our office building a commentary, three three people three and twenty story building. So yes, it's a ghost town, but so do you
it is bad, but New York isn't whom he's trying to talk to that. That's what's interesting, like the people go, I've had enough. I've had enough. I've had enough what what is this an effort to create what people who were and save jobs called a reality? Distortion feel that jobs believed in the vapor, where that he was creating so deeply that he could make other people see what he saw even when it didn't exist yet and that this realities russian fills one of the good was one of the ways in which jobs lead, not only by fear of it by inspiration. Is he trying to create a real gravity distortion field for the american people, because that, if I think maybe that's the answer- and I it's I'm out enough, it's stupid or not tuesday- will
will will tell us a lot of Tuesday will tell us, but does anyone have any? I mean what it? What is the purpose of saying we're turning the corner and then and then that it does I mean, you have given virus sceptics. Have to say that the case loads and the death rates are arising relative. to where they were a month ago right. So it's less Steve jobs and more Rupert pumpkin, like he's here created, unreality distortion, rumour of park himself, you got David S, pumpkins and Rupert pumpkin concrete repugnant. Did I say, gloomily African Republic, you really want to do is get Steve David S, you don't know you don't know David S, pumpkins go to Youtube. Google David S, pumpkins. It was get Halloween, Skit get untiring alive with Tom S, Skip evolved time, any sure about that Yes, it's more
more along the lines of somebody who is just kind of tragically trapped in their own self delusion well they're inviting you to come along for the ride. You just take pity on them. Babe you any thoughts on this being more of my more sympathetic, I think, took to this idea of general, maybe I want to give trump some credit here for attempting repeatedly to grasp towards something like stoicism about the actual situation. He doesn't achieve it really, he ends up. You know either diminishing it all. Or seeming delusional, but he he is, I think you know unsuccessfully sort of searching for a way to say.
There is no miracle here, and this is hard and that were you listening to the sides not listening to the science doing every recommended thing, where whatever do there is, we are not going to be, delivered out of this by some sort of liberal jobs. You no sudden of shift in the government's approach. Therefore, we have to trudge forward, but there's no way for him to say without sounding either callous or deluded I think so. He's he's tried different ways, so the stoicism I mean stoicism were come with their does not natural to him
right. So I mean he's out. One would describe it may be. Is the least stoical person who has ever lived right since us stoicism as a as a fly, Sophie is about embracing. Bracing may not be the right word, but in in in hearing of the horror of existence and and finding dignity and greatness in in the trudging on embryo, acceptance of the reality and and with the reality nonetheless trying to find meaning and beauty, and
that that's what stoicism? As that is not him right, he's a sybarite, basically of various kinds. He said he's a you know, he's epicurean matter stoic arrived. Therefore, I think your your idea, which is sort of one of the reasons that people fell in love with found. She is the foul she is kind of a stoic and in manner and in an me, and now I don't think that he has the pretty fast. You were the president. I don't know if that would work exactly and maybe stoicism. This is where maybe you could give him credit for the for the economy, because if he were missed,
a gloomy Gus. You know we're facing an unprecedented horror and we need to live through a prisoner, blah blah blah blah blah. Maybe the economy wouldn't have come back as quickly because people really what everybody would have just like frozen in place in horror and been, and in our depression or whatever I don't know. I mean that's the one thing you you you could say is that by not being a stoic, he did better and then, when he shifts into stoicism when he said Like it is what it is worth that Russia's Thinking Riah, which became a say, how dare you say it is what it is, but of course ultimately it is what it is that right and you can't like you, can't, go and live in perpetual paralysis and mourning for the for the losses that have already been incurred. You ve, gotta, you ve gotta help the kids get back to school. You ve got it
people back to work. All of that all that stuff, but there there really is no way. I agree with aid that he has sort of trying to tap into a constable message at times, but it's like hearing that come out of the mouth of like gorgeous George, not market private, don't believe that even if he really mean it's a new were passed, the point of believing what he said and were found. In fact, she is kind of the flip side of that coin has, I think he talks like a stoic, but he asked hundred so that in some ways we are actually missing a truce difficult riot right, given Eric and people have been arrested. What's here right now, the great the great stoic people always seem to use this analogy. The great stoic of our of our age was Winston Churchill in, in the wake of the bombings of London Dunkirk, which is this is terrible. What's happened to us is terrible, but Dunkirk wasn't as terrible as it could have been an featured within in an act of unparalleled grew.
Agnes and all we can do now is: will fight on the beaches? Will fight that you know, and we will never surrender it was stoicism. I mean that is that you know that was you know. Although we didn't live they're, not gonna, how we would have I mean it was the genuinely great notion that you embrace the true nature of the reality that is facing you and from within it. You try to find the meaning and the approach to to go on right so saying we're rounding. The term is about as far from stoicism as you can. Basel stoicism would be too day. You know what I am the President states. Everybody needs to put on a mask. Now, it's not you can wear mass, took him out where mask Everyone needs to wear a mask now, and you know what don't I really don't think people should be making plans to have been a large indoor gatherings for Thanksgiving
I mean I'm just saying that would be stoicism. He is the opposite of that. He wants to be the voice for people who are like air. Now you're, all hysterics, all you would. They are your health concerns and you're all crazy right, but it's not crazy. You know I mean it just you know. I wish. I wish that d mitigation look part the story in New York and we always talk about New York as we live with my three of us live around here and then, and then, but I mean part of the story- is that we think is that there is some certainly sign that mitigation. helped, either mitigation helps or this disease is going to go around, kill everybody that it's going to kill, there's nothing! You can do about it until it until it goes away which is sort of what Trump said in the early going. It's just
Oh it's like it's a machine gun. It sprang bullets. It'll hit some people now when there are no bullet proof vests annually their dire, you won't die or you'll get or you'll get shot, but you won't die from the from from them from the injury, but New York was in a terrible condition and locked down and people war masks and didn't go out and didn't in all this and in it and it was over there. You know we and what's more in this surge, we are
at seeing a comparable return, maybe twenty five years from now, and they really study this data hard it'll turn out that the mitigation efforts didn't really make that much of a difference. Maybe, on the other hand, wearing a mass doesn't hurt. I mean it hurts awful. I dont joy at, but a man doesn't hurt. You know it's like having. If you don't like chicken super give a cold and you have chicken soup, maybe it'll make you feel better. So we have five days the election. Seventy five million people voted with us. We have a giant gdp number. We have a bad stock market number over. The market is still at twenty six thousand, which is pretty staggering, has dropped to eighteen sometime in March or April, and ass every one s self
only about it. Ah, where what do you think happens? Oh, how can we talk about a little liberal? Panic gets forgotten. I actually rates- and I don't know where you're going with this persistent Graham riding on today, so we ve been about the rights need for there to be a secret from, though for a long time that it trump support has to be ubiquitous, but also unseen, sort of Britain Interfaith very much, but it's not just the right. That is that needs this. To be the case. The left apparently also sort of needs there to be a fifth column
from voters that are pulling the strings behind the scenes and are going to pull off this magnificent upset in part, because american politics has become the two competing persecution complexes, but also in part, because they need to justify this liberal panic, and there was an article that justifies us further exemplifies the other day, which drove me nuts from New York magazines, Jonathan Shape, who I am Define and John. You brought this to my attention, which thank you for driving me absolutely crazy. You know my job now, it's might still have reacted. very early because if you want to find Trump supporters whose arguments we know you can address, you're, not gonna, find a shortage of very vocal, very ardent trump supporters. And that's the thing a brief digression. You there's a New York Times up at the other day about Pennsylvania and some guy was on the ground
Slovenia, and talking about you know. I mean the Poles and Pennsylvania show that job is pretty go ahead, but look at all this annex, anecdotal evidence and he's like now. There's dot thousand your signs over here and there's a bunch of people at the Trump store over here, and this is big reselling Biden and Trump cookies and trunk cookies are out. Selling binding cookies tend to one. So it's like, there's a lot of evidence to suggest that Trump voters are particularly shy. But then you have people, I concentrate, who could don't argue against things very outspoken, very ill of you, not exactly conscious transporters. They have to find people who are poor couch their support for Donald Trump and in giving veiled terms in order to identify and play detective and then identify this this sum, a sub Rossa sentiment which is going to carry the day, and so he chose bench, a bureau whose an outspoken from voter, albeit a very, very clear, from critical Unlove issues, but nevertheless one who is determined that
Trumpets is work better than the alternative, our national reviews, Charles Cook, who wrote a very compelling I say about why he would maybe those from national review. Had this symposium, where they had programme anti trunk and Charlie's kind of right in the middle and so he picks up this s eyes and determines that Charlie Cook doesnt really not kind of vaguely support, Donald Trump in his on the fence. He really supports Donald Trump and in part because he really likes to racial animals. At that hand, that for That has to be the case. It's not like it's hard to find people who are easier targets there who exemplify this phenomenon, but in a more out, broken way, it has to be some Rosa, because that way he gets to play a clue so easy seeing behind the curtain and in ways that you cats and be because it
devices paranoia and this conspiracy theory mentality that use peace particularly prone towards, but allowing the left I had become as well. They have to think
in order to justify their mania, they have to think that the roll out their secretly hiding behind corners compared to say I think, you're you're you're onto something, but you may have the, though the camera focus and slightly on a slightly different corner of things. What what changed said in that peace? Is that? Because Charlie Cook doesn't focus on trumps racism and therefore, because he doesn't say, I can support trump because of his racism. He is a supporter of trumps racism implicitly, because not to attack trump on his racism is to support trump on his racism. This is it. This is an astounding kind of a fallacy that you know a logical and rhetorical fallacy once you know, I'm not myself a magician or rhetorician by training, so I once learn
These terms, I can't remember what they are driven out. What is apt dick thick and what is not so I'm not going to go into that, but a but it is a. It is a if what is a ridiculous thing to say you might say yes, you know Trump is aim, is a racist. You could in theory say yes, Trump is a racist and it is a horrible, painful monstrous fact that I have to support him over somebody else, because the other person is worse than that. Now in a world in which you, say that there is nothing worse than being a racist. Then I suppose not Posing trump simply on the basis of being a racist would be the sort of thing that you you, you would do you now. Let me can, I just know Jack to say: watch chain is applying perfectly in the partisan,
space. The epidemics candy Anti racism principle, which is that you cannot be neutral about re right. You must actively call it out for you. Being silent is itself raises. So I think that's what exactly exactly exactly the whole point with this is this is once stupid about all this is that the whole point of trophies com is that this is a deeply flawed man who does not it does not share my principles and is not a great president and yet, and yet that is, argument that he's making and its one that is, you. If you haven't had a conversation with people in your life, you are really deep in the bottom right, but
it is hard not to have that conversation, especially after the events of this summer, but this is very, very important, going forward in understanding the social pressure of not being a liberal in America right now,. Which is the idea that thing that is going on is the effort to claim that every view in the United States does not conform to the liberal view is not only wrong, headed or misguided. If your liberty enough, you are wrong, headed misguided, leading to the wrong way, but his ex actively evil, and so this is a very important feature in the in the in the deep flat
forming of ideas and Lee, and the height of the way in which polite society is now being required to draw tiny little circles around people and say if you step out of this set of prescribe- views. Not only are we not gonna, like you or inaccurately of a socialize with you, we are actively going to try and destroy you. Call you a racist, your Charlie Cook, there's a piece out. Bye, bye, bye, Johnson Shape, says you're racist, ok, Java, trolley cook has a great job and national view his high. What when Charlie Cook needs to get another job, and you, Google, Charlie cooks when it. No that's not even the issue. What happens if a mid level manager at some right company retreats try
Cox p. He's scared, that's right! You lose exactly so. The hide the idea here is that the that views and associated views are now not only deem wrong or bad. You argue against them, and here you know, you don't want alike, have much truck with somebody who has these views, but that you are trying to bring the mob to their door. You are trying to bring not only the mob, but this organised mob effort to bring institutions to control the way institutions larger into act toward individuals. In this fashion, and that's one of the reasons that this feels totalitarian. I mean that is right. This is the subjects of apes. Yes, this is a revolution peace from from two months ago. Right I mean this yeah, and also you know so, an in during revolutionary movements, definitions, change,
because they have let you have a lot of power and if you can call something you know, if you didn't you change, the meaning of a label that goes lung so are. We point anyway, where to identify someone as a conservative at all, is to cast suspicion on their character is too is it is, that is to say that They are, they are already at least should dealing. in a racist milieu there are already just socializing among racists, and you know, playing toying with racial racist, ideas in, in a way that good people wouldn't do fall among certain circle. There has been the case well, the fort tromp. I just don't know how much purchase that Circle has space, but it's interesting, as I have long called myself. When people ask my political affiliation, a conservative which is not
republican. It's not a Democrats, libertarians conservative. What I found I've been doing that for a very long time in since trump people aren't don't even understand what that me right. I think you're right April coming out from the direction, because what they say is, while trumps a fascist, the Republicans are eating a fascist. Anyone, even fascist adjacent is a fascist, so you're all fascist, that's new, but the racism stuff. I don't know it's an eyes. Never if you are not a high quality use, words like Chicago and apartment and constitution and food stamps, you were by definition a racist because MSNBC anywhere raises it is not new. It is not me with decades old, but you know it was the precinct of the nation. It was the precinct of another. I can name all sorts of writers role surest,
I'm Corey Robin and people like that and end this, a political, social science that claims that the essential Ebel is that the conservative views on civil law and order and and answer social institutions and all of that are implicitly authoritarian, which of course means to go a couple of clicks further and then you get to fascist, but that that was a view. That was a view that not dominate the centre to Liberal there was this idea that out there the gradation of people with whom you disagreed on the other side, there were good. There was gradation, not only left with the right thought this of the left Two there are gradations, are people who are better and worse right, even if you disagree with them and in part of what's going on here is the notion that there is no better. It is all worse. Everything is worse
if you believe one little thing over here- and you know I would say the serve begins, not even in race, interestingly enough, but in guns in yellow abortion, I mean that that on that tat, this notion to say that anybody who says that the second amendment provides individuals with a right to bear arms is implicitly Eu support is an implicit shares, blame for school shootings and there are tens of millions of people who believe this and there- and this is a view that began because As our common media theme, though thirty six percent of american households have a gun in them, I mean think about that number It's like forty. Some odd in affording some five percent of the United States is got. Voters are going to vote for Trump in this election and there is a signal
friggin body of opinion in the United States that is now controlling, as Christine indicates controlling the discourse in social media. We should get to the Amy calmly, Barrett thing and the girl scouts a minute controlling the discourse that believes that it is not that get out. Twenty percent of them are deplorable, but that they are all by definition, deplorable if they vote for Donald Trump. That's that's gonna be sixty five sixty six million people in the night, states who are viewed as being beyond the pale by seventy million or seventy five million people need It states that really blew- and I am sure many of those people really believe that then I think we're- probably a substantial portion of them not just really and finds that construct to be a useful device to be able to ignore
what is an amazing trump supporters and just chalk it up to this sub human. don't actually have to comprehend. I don't agree because I think that it gives your feelings, a moral haft, to say, ok, there's a set of ideas that his animated this this political movement or this party that I don't agree with, and I don't believe it and the ideas themselves are noxious and rotten at the core and to be able to be tempted by them were or seduced by them.
Is to be a person of low and bad character, and a personal blown bad character does not need to be respected or understood, or anything like that. A person like that is to be quarantined is to be cordoned off from polite society, and we should talk about that for a minute. But first I want to talk to you about today. Sponsor the Bradley Speaker Series causes I've been telling you and, as you know, we're navigating through several unanticipated crises. We, the people, the Bradley Speaker, Series, offers insights and ideas on the current challenges we face from some of the remarkable organizations. The Bradley Foundation supports visit, Bradley, F, Dm Dot, Org slash liberty to watch their most recent episode, which features commentary
a contributor, Andy Mccarthy, speaking on the breakdown in respect for the rule of law and related social issues, Andy who wrote the really remarkable article, the progressive prosecutor project for us earlier this year. A must read to you, one under then, where the left is going in the United States right now is, of course, a senior fell at National View Institute former assistant. U S attorney for the southern disorder of New York prosecutor of the blind shake in this episode. He addresses the characterisation of antique other dangers of court packing and the nomination of Aimee Coney bear it, and he also provides for US active on the latest developments in Russia investigation. That's Bradley with an Ellie, why the end F, P, m dot, Org, slash liberty to watch the video new episodes. Will they be weekly so comeback, often and subscribe to our Youtube channel to be notified whenever new and has posted M? As ever, we thank the Bradley Foundation for sponsoring the commentary magazine, podcast,
Christine. Can you talk to us about Amy Colony, Barrett end the girl scouts? Yes, so late last night, the girl Scouts of America tweeted, a nice message, welcome, saying congratulations to make any baron and being for being the fifth woman appointed to the Supreme Court since its inception, and it was included all the images of the previous female justices, you know it's a nice girl powers. Very girls style tweet. They were meat and something by the way that they done before every time a female adjusted the previous human justice appointed? They did the same thing for gauging said that this is due. Not this is not new for the girl scouts. What was it was the blue check, twitter, mob, attacking that tweet and so very quickly. The girl Scouts America retracted tree with. I do actually want to read what they wrote. It is not a weasel words,
they said earlier today. We shared opposed highlighting the five women who have been appointed to the Supreme Court. It was quickly It is a political and partisan statement which was not our intention. We removed the post. So what that as was a concession that, because them the twitter mob, came after them, the left left winger mob. I'm saying Becoming very doesn't support girls and women. How dare you Congratulate her and immediately, and what struck me was that we can't is what really can earns me isn't that the girl scouts did this, but that in a civic minded non partisan organization that that is far far removed from politics nobody's like the girl scout valid, because girls can vote. There are both enough, they sell cookies and we all we all over- eat the girl scout cookies and then another but will skirmishes here and there about how they name their cookies and in a pc world they ve had to shift the name of some of their cookies. That's you know, that's a little sides.
this is not because what this shows is that even organisations that have no interest in politics are forced to be politicized by the by the mob coming after them for a complete, the legitimate statement why shouldn't girl celebrate that another. is on the Supreme Court and meet. That was all they were saying like gay women, but because the woman doesn't comport with liberal values, it cannot be. Then I think it goes to earlier point jauntily things that things that used to He tolerated because well she's, not my politics, but it's great to have more female role models on the Supreme Court. No, you can't even say back she's. I consider it a woman by those standards right because she does literally in the nineteen abies when
The head of the National Organization for women was talking about how the Republican Party disrespects women and doesn't like women and all of this, and somebody said I can remember who was- I think it was Patricia Ireland, but it may fit. Somebody else said what about Jean Kirkpatrick and she said I don't consider her a woman, and I think about that for a minute, because it is the ultimate totalitarian mindset it is. It is the literal dehumanization of somebody who has views with which you do not agree. That being a woman means is is, is not a is not a description of somebody who has two x chromosomes.
Which, as we know now, we're not even allowed to assume that a woman has to act chromosomes, but is some kind of a something to be given are taken away? Based on your behavior is Asia? It is it is it? Is it ass, a nation or a definition that requires fealty to certain sets of ideas are or our practices and that idea has now is, as I say you now, when it was said, it was like. I want to get one of those things. Where was the Kingsley gaff, where someone spoke the truth and made a mistake doing so now the operating Doktor Manette, only they gonna supporting one one quick pointed out a lot of us. You followed the mainstream women's organisations back in the day, especially as they did did actually radicalized throughout the nineties and early odds, and that was one
things that a lot of us often pointy Jews, like you, did this kind of litmus test space on your sex is gonna, be harmful if its carried to its logical conclusion, And so now we're at the logical conclusion where we do now enough evidence to suggest now that, if your inclined to ignore Are these barking lunatics who just yelling on Twitter, because they're just maniacs our being performative their performing for an audience? The concept answers, are minimal. You're right alarm evidence to suggest that the seventy two hour period goes away city. The burden here is on the girl scout for caving to an illusion exactly. But this is where Christine's point I think has has halved witches these organizations that are not
haired are not do not play in the sand box of of of american online idiotic G and they are totally unprepared for an onslaught of five hundred tweets. All were a thousand with all the result of a party line you know so little oh, you know like a classic oldtime party line, not the that. I'm a I mean, you know Communist party line, but in our group online. Everybody saying the same thing at once, and they got all my god like all we were trying to do is something cute and nice. I guess this is backfire on us. Let's, let's, let's go backwards. as opposed to saying there are ten million people thought it was perfectly nice that you did it but you're into your initial instinct and I look
when I was on Twitter. I had this experience where you would say something, and then people would misunderstand it and take offence, and the first thing I would think was all manage a wider even do that in the first place like it took me ten seconds to think of the tweet, I tweeted that I left it there and then that this there is. This can giving impulse, one of which is like was screw you I can say at all: leave it up there and the other is. Do I really need this Soares, I'm just gonna get I'm just delete it and get rid of it or I'll apologize for it. Because I don't want to spend three days in the middle of it controversy. The last thing I, as the Blue flag communications rector of the else gets need, is some kind of goddamn controversy and articles in New York Times about how I caused the controversy with my tweet, so I'll, just I'll just apologizing get rid of it. But in the apology the apology is: the sign of power, the fact that they said we didn't mean anything by it will mean anything by saying boy. It's great that there's another woman on the super
court, we didn't mean that we didn't mean that I'm we're. So sorry, please order within Mint Org. However, I have one of those did put peanut butter cookies, like. You ve never had just a single thing. My John Signal gonna get witnesses were what are the peanut butter cookies again with the wetlands associate I don't know anyway anyway, please reply by law, but but analogues or I so here's. What so disturbing to me about this. So getting the apology and the tweet deleted is the political victory here right though didn't used to be the case that the item on ideological victory or a political victory, we ve to something we ve talked about a bit in the past occurred when you got the wrong people to do right thing. So let's say you were all about promoting women professionally and then the people, let's just be very sure, worse about conservatives, we we, who you wouldn't expect to do that would elevate a woman that would be this
providing ideological victory right, but now the victory is no is is. Is making sure that the wrong people continue to be understood as the people. Conservatives are bad, that's that's that's the thing that must remain the case, and the point is that it with this. Might this this cause will marshalled. It is more effective to marshal it like if you gonna go at us, for example, where, where armed to the teeth, he's wouldn't come right back at you. We know you're an idiot tweets. We know what you are morons on, your side are doing to embarrass and we can throw it right back in your face. The girls scouts make cookies and they send nine year old to knock on doors, to sell their cookies. That's what they do and they have jam breeze, and I don't know what I've whatever else they do like that. This is not the right tracking adds right now, but they're, not gonna do this again, you know if Nicky,
Ellie, is elected president? Twenty twenty four, the girl scouts are not going to Congress. Laid her, I'm winning. Could she was a girl scout once that will not happen because they they got burned and they know better and every organisation. That's like the girls. Doubts will learn from their example that it is ok to put up a mournful post about Ruth, Better Ginsburg because she was a liberal economy- is not ok to put up a post about anybody who is it Should we move on and talk a little about, the revelation that the the author of the high? ranking official in the trumpet ministration. who had to be anonymous, so he could speak his mind on the opposite page of the New York Times to tell us that there was a resistance in some measure that was working hard to promote and for proper good ideas.
Was a shrimp assistance to somebody who then afterwards became chief of staff at a at at the Department of Homeland Security, then whom, from what we can tell, was not exactly fulfilling the you know we're sponsor governmental mandate that he said that he was fulfilling cause, he was actually a person involved in the implementation of a high a policy that I think even a lot of conservatives. You view is highly problematic in at the Department of Homeland Security, this guy! You know mile Standish Org, you know John Taylor, whatever the hell he is, it is is anonymous and that the New York Times played a role in creating this image that that that this guy was somebody of any moment or meaning and twenty eighteen yellow that as the controversy here right that at times created the impression deliberately that he was a much more influential
figure within pardonable answer. Was that even identify and this woman is now no. I remember we were sitting around talking about whom we will make an owl office, yet not right now, but I mean, but I mean you know, we know five or six or seven people in the administration who are writers, and it was a pretty well written peace who are served thoughtful, who you know our people that we know who serve went into the administration kind of anti tromp, but wanting do good and in a way I mean we sat around our office for hours. Thinking was it dad did with this guy. With the initial D ass was a display. Was this person with the initial TH was, one was this one you know could be any of them, but by the wind, turns out, but you know I always thought that it was whoever I thought it was in part, because I, always knew that the idea that this was gonna be a headline name was nonsense
none of our names or have their rights by the way they were more senior than this great? Who was like an assistant to the assistance of the assistants he was likely was like Kristen Nielsen's bag carrier based and then, but he wasn't in any way the Seneca firm about post he was, and he was nothing nobody who wrote for Michael Mccall, who was a congressmen of not much note you know, in the GOP and I'm in luck, I'd Frawley he's perfectly fine. What do I know that there is and that's why this the time is behavior here is particularly weird, because there an app participant in what has always been a pretty subconscious personnel the effect on the part of of Democrats and who fancy themselves the resistance. They need to have republican defectors on? There That's why
Michael Column, was so able to transition from being a trump defender to that from ally to a vicious trump opponent. The second he needed legal help in financial terms or from Anti trappers and who got and got a lot of it. It's the lincoln, Jack's model republican voters against Trump model is that they have to be in this. There has to be this uprising from within the right on that has really satisfied a particular feature of resistance, leftism and that's that hasn't been an active process. They ve been passive supporters of when, as otherwise been a bunch of people willing to take advantage of a mark. Opportunity here, but the times just created this illusion to advance that particular impulse earning enough satisfy their instinct on the left, but that their active part.
Innovation and that is really dishonest and frankly, unprofessional I'm not even sure whether it will end Competent editor would have allowed that to happen earlier time. Well, they can, then everybody play just claim James better because they got rid of James, was James Bennets Fault and he's not hearing it's where lay out anyway, gonna blaming TED Bundy, for you know unsolved murders in the Pacific northwest. You know that no in TED Bundy, the serial killer, was suddenly, two hundred sheriffs would like. Oh, he must have killed the woman that we could never solve the climate. I'm telling you they're gonna blame game, Bennett and maybe Barry who knows a blame, berry and James Ballot, something like me games on the new side, with your uncle and aunt source unnamed quotes by senior officials. That's that's something You're pretty used to that you can. I can expect that as senior
instruction official? Isn't that senior may not even be in administration official but to to do that to to give that kind of anonymity on the bed really changes? The rules of engagement, Josh, Barrow. who writes for business insider, actually had an interesting idea, which is there should be some kind of a man stream media compact on what level of position in the federal government it is proper, an appropriate to assign the title high, ranking or senior because MILES Taylor wasn't senior in whose senior assistant secretaries or senior deputy-
secretaries or senior bag carrier to John Kelly's friend, whose somehow ends up as department of Homeland Security cheap because he has to go over the White House and become and become Mamma and become chief of staff there. That is not a senior person, and am I being dismissive and condescending? Yes, and you know why, because his books thing I spent an hour reading his book and I couldn't believe my eyes and he got a million dollars for it and that's a shoulder I congratulate his agents on a brilliantly aid career that is who deserves all the credit here is as agents who figured this all out and made it happen, and you know who else should deserves an appalling aside from the american People Victoria Coats, a an official at the National Security Council who spent two years,
tormented because everybody in the White House thought that she was anonymous and she wasn't in on us and she's up she's a good person, and she, you know with art, historian and she's, a serious person and real, clear politics. Salisbury didn't investigation, proving that it was her and last night she tweeted out asking for an apology from realclearpolitics and we'll see if she she gets one, but I'm you know she was basically put in this into in tenable and I'm intolerable position of having people view her with suspicion for two years, so that this game could be played by Myles Taylor. So I hope he enjoys himself and he takes his money and he rolls around in there no jokes on
anyway. I guess that's it from us. We were like we really short yesterday were not ashore. Today, sorry will try to be short tomorrow for aid Christine Long, John POT, hordes keeping our word.
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