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Heroism Is Being Thrust Upon Us

2020-03-23 | 🔗
Jonah Goldberg joins the podcast today to discuss his argument in his piece "The Moral Heroism of Our Coronavirus Response." We try to make sense out of the political chaos on Capitol Hill and whether it would have been possible to ramp up the response to the coming crisis. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary magazine podcast week, two of the Daily Commentary magazine podcast today's Monday March, twenty third, twenty twenty, I'm John Put words: the editor commentary, the seventy five year old, monthly of intellectual analysis, political probity in cultural criticism. From a conservative perspective, we invite you to join us. A commentary magazine dot com would give you a few pre reason ass. You subscribe I ninety five for dismal subscription and twenty nine ninety five for an all access subscription, including our beautiful The magazine your mailbox eleven times a year.
We have always senior editor a Ringwald high Abe, I jump Senor writer Christine rose, and I am now going in order of our Skype pictures hygiene and in New York. The Associated or Rossman high. Now I don't enjoy. Today, our friend longtime commentary, contributor, editor of the dispatch and author of so many suicide of the west, the tyranny of cliches, liberal fascism, column, for though Ella Times Jonah Goldberg, high Jonah and John and Glop and glop- that's rightly podcast partner of yours, I mean come on out. The noise it is, been a dream of mind to be on a different part. Can answer
quietly while you do all the talking, so this is just going about why why? Why would that be any different from that? What unites was you always say, it's like went on when Norman and episode gears goes to another bar hasn't chocolate they'll know a mere two endorses. What do you want? It's, not I don't have a life. You know our eyes out anyway. We want it aside from just wanting Jonah, God sees the greatest. We wanted Jonah to come on, because he had a really wonderful Friday, his Friday G file, now twenty years old, have you been doing it for twenty years? The do something called a g file for over twenty years now yeah, it's kind of men, so so it is now move from national view to the dispatches has his new home and he wrote something actually kind of revivifying. In the midst of all this
unprecedented coming disaster and current discomfort, and all of that about the the the moral heroism that is being asked of us and that we are already starting to display a in response to the to the growth of IRA. So Jonah, do you want to dilate on this old aunt Shaw, I should add prefaces by saying- I am full of dread, because I think that is the last New idea, I will have about covered in covert related things for years. Because everybody is only writing about it and its exhausting trying to come up with anything new oranges thing to say, but now my money, I just made me supporters, maybe because I'm to deepen the weeds fighting with socialist nationalists and national socialist and social ethnic nationalism that
you know we hear from people like our friend or cast saying that in our conservatism in America is dedicated to unfettered free markets. You heard from Margo Rubio, you hear from always people saying these from the left. You hear the pernicious version that were dedicated to unfettered free markets and that, were you know that late capitalism is outlived it's useless and we need the because all does care about sort of schumpeter inefficiencies and creative destruction. And here we have this country, which is, I don't, I think, Larry Summers is the first one person to use a the metaphor is basely putting the entire xx. Me into the equivalent of a medical coma right to ride this out, and we are now, at the very least, taking a hit gdp in in low double digits and
we're doing it to save people that, according to any version of marks in analysis or these are, for the most part, the most dispensable cogs in the capitalist I don't mean to be cruel, I'm just characterizing their description. Eighty old or not productive workers anymore, and we're doing this because we are essentially taking a pro life position were taking a you know, millions for defence, not one penny. Contribute approach to this and we sing a life is a life as a life and we're going to protect everybody. We can't any other of the second the considerations like swapping the medical system and all the rest, but, however, you look at it. The caricature is that we are constantly from certain quarters of the right and vast swaths of the left about the crew, efficiency, maximizing nature of capitalism and the american system and the cruelty of the american system. All of that stuff is just simply now
true and and and has been debunked by this one unbelievable lack, or series of acts, and I'm not say As I say the thing I'm not saying, I know that this is actually the best way to do this in order that there were there good arguments on the other side that the damage were link. The economy may be worse than some other approach to this epidemic, but foolishness. Is not or misguided. This is not a rebuttal, central moral nature of what we're doing here and it's something that people should these pause and consider per second the absolute. Considering how well I mean that its extremely noble as an observation- and I agree with it and like it in an academic context, but I'm I'm struck by sort of the discrepancy between what we see on.
I'm in which, which is our window to the world, for a lot of us these days and most of us, who are over represented on these platforms. Have the privilege of working in relatively stable occupations that we can do so remotely I'm in a working class neighbourhood? My neighbour to my right as a mechanic speaks only possible. English relies on the network of family to stay alive. My other neighbour, installs garage doors for a living. Neither of them are abiding by isolation guidelines. They cannot. They cannot survive that way, and I have to wonder just how many Americans, who are over represented in these platforms, sword reserving traffic networks and traffic patterns to determine Whether or not people are abiding by these things are are missing, are missing the forests as it were, I mean how many people are actually how much of the economy is on hold that the commanding heights, certainly but the day to day stuff that still going on well, it is until it isn't
I made it is some places and it isn't. In New York City, for example, I mean which is not to say that it should in a lot of places, for example, if you live where you are a quarter mile from your neighbor enough. Live in the West living IDA. Oh. You live where on earth. You might be living the notion that the self isolate, you are already six feet away from every, but it is its. I guess it is the kind of suburban and slightly Ex urban lives where people live on top of each. I am much less than in a city, for example, but where this is necessary and add that I think it is remarkable to see New York City empty, it really is empty and, despite all the so it's terrible there are still people gather
ring. I mean if ninety percent of people are basically staying in doors at home in in in New York City. That is, if you think I understand, needs to be a hundred percent for the virus to die out, but that is a remarkable form of self restraint. Maybe some it isn't self. Maybe maybe it's fear. Maybe it's just you know the motive air. The motivation isn't heroism right, but what heroism is is it is a matter that has been debated for millennia. Foolhardiness is not heroism right and that's Aristotle's famous thing is the courage isn't being foolhardy, it is being moderate.
About risk and doing things that you don't want to do, but obviously not doing things. You know what to do and my choosing to do them in order to prove something to yourself. That's not courage and heroism is being forced upon people, but if they, if they don't, resisted and ate and they do what they we absorb. This pain for large scale, societal reasons that is a pretty remarkable we're all looking at this is a kind of civilization ending of enemy. There may be some I know of lesson thereabout about how heartier civilization is obvious. If we end up like with data riots and looting and and and and and the purge or whatever, but by the time you know this, is you were a couple of months after this date, then we may
revisit that yeah. I, in terms of the hardiness of our civilization and Jonas point about that, the criticism of late capitalism as some living having lived, asked its usefulness something else we could say it's it's in its in line with the moral courage during budgets does deserve slightly different from, which is that I think there is a great usefulness that we're seeing in our economies of scale. Can now be re purposed to mass produce things, We that we, hopefully that we need so desperately at this time. That's that's! That's kind of us to be able to make things in those numbers is, I think you need to it to a capitalist system as big as Actually, you know, there's a sorry could have just decided to the point about fear, keeping people inside versus courage I think it doesn't really matter as long
their staying inside, but to Jonas point that the moral courage is there, but I think one of them reasons why it still feels a little bit tentative and will for the next few weeks is not only because You don't have an end point. Everything today is the first time that Trump or yesterday said maybe it'll, be fifteen days were still not sure We don't have any decisive, then points to this, so that purgatory ill feeling continues, but we also don't have consistent moral bridge in our leaders. Right. We have some horror behaving really well, we have others who seem you know to be costs playing Stalin. I mean you kind of don't really have that. The range of leadership right now is not consistent, so I think you can have p being fearful and following directives and advice, that's fine, but they have to have an competence and their leaders to understand that that that comes from a position of moral.
Because, as we are already seeing, certainly in Congress right now, if they try to negotiate a relief bill, people are going to start to be suspicious if they feel like certain segments of society, are bearing a cost and a burden that others are escaping, and I think that's where the next two weeks will be crucial I want I want I should get guides. I agree with all that and in open in lately I agree with nowhere, that I think people in our line of work are missing how hard this is for a lot of normal Americans, its weight. I'm on this, I bet it's embarrassing, but, the minute. I play the stupid game, the star fleet Let me also stick actually having away from it My way and in there's this like theirs
you remember an alliance. You can chat with members. You want one guy, you not what people on about how a close down the restaurant that they ve had for twenty five years, just this morning, one of the members of our lines left in the last thing you said he was leaving to go, commit suicide. Nike clearly had other issues because he said something like this before, but you talked about how you know: he'd been evicted right before over any wish. You just wait a little while longer than it would have any legally were victim and he's got problems, but there's a lot of money just reading. This means people talk about how to fair acting their lives. It's it's! It's sort of ordinary cigar shop into this weirdly democratizing thing. You you get shoved into its are like Charles Murray writing about playing poker at Charlestown. You know he sits
plumbers and whatever, and you actually get a better cross section of America than you do in this sort of bubble world that wherein all that said, I may only mainly point as I agree that some people may want to be me corn scheme for cowardly reasons are fearful reasons and not erode reasons, and all that kind of stuff. That's obviously going to be true in a broad and diverse society. And I absolutely agree that some politicians are not covering themselves with glory. I predict enjoying The blog who thinks that Donald Trump is a fascist dictator and he's a jerk for not unleashing the. U S, military, on the streets of his own city, but you know we spend this time doing these intellectual arguments in places like commentary
in the days badge and in on, you know this podcast than in my pockets markets, and we pick these examples from history or the left or the right takes these examples from history as having profound symbolic rat, you know signal if against for the true nature of our society, the Tuskegee airmen experiment is too. This is still too Day seen as this episode. That is deeply reflective of the nature of him We just have the New York Times come out of that idiotic. You one thousand. Sixteen nineteen thing extrapolating from one misbegotten misinterpreted moment, five hundred years, the entire nature, the United States. This moment what, despite the internal complexities, encounter examples. The fact that this country, which is supposedly up with only the mighty
cares not, of least among us to have responded in the way it has. Is a genetic staggeringly, huge counter example to so much of the bs. We have heard and hear regularly from people about how. You know in a liberal, democratic capitalism, doesn't work, doesn't care about people these holes in our souls, What we need is a new post interval catholic framework. In a stray yadda. Yadda thing and and they're gonna have to account for this moment and explain: oh yeah, ok,
for just a nation of Randy and Jack was? Why did we do this right? Well, you know getting too what what what's been going on in Congress over the last eighteen to twenty four hours, which is very, I think it's actually serve- will hard to understand and looked at since we're looking at everything in this incredibly granular way it out. We may be everybody and injustice in in some way, by which I mean that you know the first during the finance melt down when the bailout bill had too that the top and tough bills had to be written. They also failed at first. The first vote, I think, for four tarp went down, because any this is there's an enormousness to what's going on. Here is a drug, anti nature of this. That is very hard for people to get their minds around. Ensure politicians are then retreating into their comforting, priors right
Elizabeth warns like this is a bail out for rich people in and Republicans are like. We need a targeted attacks cut and you know it's like if we can just look at it this way, we can look at it in in this kind of fashion. We understand that we can comprehend it. This is something entirely new. That is what it's not like, the spanish flu. It's not like. Two thousand eight, it's like nothing! It's not like world war. Two, it's like nothing ever before and to make the demand by the way. I think, morally, that we,
I should have been more on top of that beforehand, our whilst at a great book about Pearl Harbor, but most important political science analysis in some ways of the twentieth century. The bookie rub pearl harbor nineteen sixty two dealing with the argument that the United States had been prepared for Pearl Harbor and if you read it and you go through it, it's like how do you prepare for something? Theoretically, that has never happened: how to prepare for a country three thousand miles flying plains, which had never flown that far too bomb a base in the middle of the Pacific as an act of war against the night. Like a conceptual leads impossible theory Navy, the United States should have an there were exercises, and then there was a three hour exercise and twenty sixteen about what to do about a pandemic.
And you can't expect people to know what to do when they are being asked to do something that they have no moral, personal or intellectual experience of whatsoever, and I know I'm not the I've, my problems with Trump and all that, but I keep going back to this, which, as if this were january- and he had been convinced by briefing that this was whirl and others was potentially civilization ending and he had gone on television. That said, you know what there's this virus coming. It's gonna kill everybody. We need to shelter in place for fourteen days in order to kill off that's what they that's. What they're doing itself creates what they're doing in Singapore. This is necessary to say,
us, everybody would have said what he's trying to distract from impeachment. No, they wanted or worse, they would have said he's trying to take up that he's becoming a truth or Terry, and I think that when it had no right whatever, in other words until you're, you have everybody saying where three days away from from not have from people dying in emergency rooms. Goes there aren't enough ventilators right in leisure, three days away from that possibility. The notion of saying in two months we could be, would not have enough ventilators in an emerging
see room. So what we need to do is put me down for two weeks now. That is not Emmy, that that science fiction and would never ever I mean I'd, still be science fiction back to the Woods Congress is doing right now. It is this kind of a marks, an analysis that prevails here too, where they only obstacle to. The success of this programme is just mailing enough. Checks to individuals are providing enough forgivable bridge loans to small businesses. Not us, not to borrow from TIM Carney a little bit, but society is predicated on a lot of these networks for a lot of people who are under represented in what we talk about every day. A network of family and friends is is absolutely imperative to survive and they cannot afford to let those breakdown they have not broken down from my observation
and so to the extent that we can, I mean, there's there's just now that there are not only can do by cutting checks right, but but to be fair, I don't think that's a marks. Email I dont, I'll, just that it's all right. I just that there is some sort of an economic aspect that can that can maintain this posture indefinitely there now the psychological aspects to it. That's it that's missing policymakers or another addressing a because it cannot address it. Could we re not it's it's mine their place, to address that all all we have here is some effort to prevent the United States from going down a thing coal from which it will not be able to escape. I mean that as the that's, the idea about pumping liquidity to people to small businesses, to large businesses to the extent possible, and it will cost trillions of dollars and never before in the history of anything, except maybe a massive will accept. You know the Germans,
mating, France, in twenty in in nineteen fourteen nineteen fifteen, when you have an economy, go off line instantaneously. So all all it is like keeping preventing the calamity from becoming a century long calamity and that is not a bail out. That is not a you know, just right people checks and make sure they spend it. It's something else,
why haven't they went the window is gonna, be smaller than I think. Policymakers would like it to be a widow of what the window, at which point at which point necessity, intervenes the sense of urgency fades. The people begin to let life go back to normal well before public health, as experts would prefer give up what I'm I'm literally just now. Talking about the question of the economic of the of the of the question of whether our political system can properly address the economic calamity, not they held, not the health calamity, and I think they were. I think something it'll come out. It will be a bad bill, will be allowed crap in it and all that and what choice is they're all we hear I mean Jonah, you know somebody, you told me, you know somebody who had to lay off twenty five thousand people. Last week I just spoke to a friend of mine who said
two major american commercial industrialists who had to lay off eighty thousand people on on Friday. I mean that's. What's that whole can even imagine these numbers, you can't imagine these numbers. This is like all hands on deck, just do what you can so that them so that the ship doesn't think and when Elizabeth worn starts talking about. Oh, this is bad. This is your Mitch Bucolic bailing out his rich friends. That's helpful! That's helpful rhetoric. Does she actually think that what Mitchell
I was doing here threat a bail out of his friends and we decided to do. I know we hate each other. I understand that the left and right hate each other and liberals and conservatives hate each other, but I mean give human beings a tiny bit of credit here. You know their hearing. The same Mitchell, Carlos voted, the voters in Kentucky. Aren't you know Boeing, you know, I mean
He is a state with a lot of small businesses in Greek. While I'm sorry Jack, please I don't have a question in Durban. Maybe no knows the answer. I have not seen a good explain her about what the report, if I understand this right, republican opposition to the stock buyback thing in the bail out stuff, been. I understand why you, why did I would be against blocking by backs from attacks cut? I generally think a lot of talk about the buyback stuff is dumb, but if we're talking about rescue
We are doing a lifeline to workers about keeping payrolls going through. This were being able to restart economy once we wake the economy out of its coma by backs, don't seem like the best idea right so What is the republican opposite me? Does anyone have a good argument for why rob applicants are against just putting no strings in the in the legislation? See, I think, that's where you get the comforting priors, that's where you get the where we can allow the government to be making these rules for private business. As you know, once it's the camels, those under the tent ones, do it they'll, do it forever. They'll say you can't do stock by back. So if we do it now, then they'll do it forever, and this is the this is not president, it this vat camel and then the chant
it's not that the nose when the camels areas sleeping, went the camera hockey with also, as I understand it, and we're gonna composition to freezing bonuses. Executive bonus levels are twice their rates in twenty nineteen, which they said was unacceptable, but like just how many firms is that a political will for well on the panel? What business is getting a bonus? What businessman writing about right went to an exactly? Every business in this country is going and taking dollars. I was twenty percent of their value. You dont get a bonus when your company goes down tankers. I understand the populist virtue of this and having this fight and again like whatever happens, will happen and though they'll come up with some. I assume today that will come up with a piece of legislation. I mean this is not you know this is this is, as I say, there was that there were fight about this about tarp in town, and I know it's twelve years later and I'm still getting crap emails from the from the ranch I did the last week about.
Oh, you know, but that those where necessary and people who now look at it and say what they were messrs runs I bought some companies should be allowed to fail at me and no company right now. This is not a bail out right. This is this: is the lives of remit mandated shut down its like eminent domain or a taking for aid for a society for crews? Might cruises might get a bail out? I mean this is it? This is an industry that operates foreign flagged vessels with diminishing returns over the last five years has been in business in decline. That's gonna get that the bail out while there yet and that they know what democratically, with its name. There were exactly grounded Jurassic Park if those are floating nursing homes and we should actually not build. It may happen.
You know what I mean back. Goldberg has been on seventy five thousand crews, and I never have to do it in your time on a boat than he has spent on three land, and I think you like it, I really don't act like I kind of I kind of enjoy them myself up a gear you had you ve had I have had my fill of them in part of it. You know as well as we talked about on under. In some ways, I feel like I've been training my entire life for this moment because of my misanthropy in my ability to self quarantine and the thing I was gonna but the grizzly when I did it for national review for the most part like the people, the people were great people, but they were just so many of them and small space enjoys had to be
rotational pleasant and there is no such neither obviously you're there. Are you some bad apples, but it was just so it's not the actual crude experience I think about taking my daughter on a cruise, but it just having two m, not social distance, so much the other were taxed me more than anything else that in the end, the food, but many were Gretel, so does anybody have any I mean so I just gave my were I mean when I read last week when I heard the gym Kleiber an apparently send some house meeting on Thursday that this was really a great way for them to reset the politics and get what they wanted. You know age to reset american politics more to egg
liberal socialists level, that was one horror and the other har egg, as I say, is like some guy in the conservative press. Saying look I mean the thing is you're gonna give this money out and will be just like the Obama stimulus, and you know the Obama Stimuli Workin. It was terrible and Allison it's like I, the this is not. These are not the same thing. Providing bridge loans to small businesses is not the Obama. This stimulus gave I need two states in the states used to pay down state debt that we're not talking about a structure like that at all any way, and so it's as I say, the retreating and I understand retreating into a comfort zone. But that just seems bizarre to me. I mean I suck years a hypothetical like some of my biggest concern is not the short term funding which I think will figure out this week, if not today, pretty soon
it's how you do this in the long term. In all, every public health policy experts know says it's. There's gonna be a matter of several weeks and as we are talking about a couple of minutes ago, it's very difficult for people who are working class or middle class to abide by these regulations and for the peace oh, who cackle that argument at all. What I hear is a hypothetical, of well it'll, be easier for them to digest the gravity of the situation. Once we start seeing, bodies pile up with a lot of people are dying of hospitals, breakdown and when that happens at if, when that happens than ever, the psychological effect will be such that it will keep people in their homes. So what? If? What? If it doesn't happen, what if we don't have massive numbers of deaths like racing in Spain and ITALY, and even the UK at this point- France? What? If what? If we have a better response to this medically, that's just more
active and we dont produce that kind of psychological inducement. Well, let's hope I mean not only lets us nobody fantastic. I dont know what an absence of their then than what then the ideas. This goes on for months and months and months with a sort of a low level what brush fire, but there needs to be a date at which we can say. Okay, we were so they have not supposed to there is. There is the possibility that we would have x number of debts here and we haven't so or economic, shoal increases and infections. Right will look to you to hold the whole thing now now
I believe, if I understand correctly, whole thing now is, will be triggered by what goes on at hospitals that that is that that's the thing: that's the next, that's the thing that everybody is waiting for and that should it as being right does everybody think and wisdom in about a week in theory, and if that doesn't happen, the way people worry that it's going to happen, that will have ancillary political consequences and social consequences. If it happens than all bets are off, and God only knows what what the policy prescriptions will be from there and the demand for a date certain.
Is more like what I mean. There's that what are you talking about? You know, look look what's going on here. Let's just you know, but I want to say one last thing about this about the late: the capitalism argument, which is the madness, the that Jonah pointed out of the Plaza saying trumps a fascist to want to play. Military to take over. My city is also deplores. Yo said we need to know slides industries in order to make ventilators right, so he wants trump to be in charge of nationalizing industries. Again
kind of IRA Ironical, but also does he really think to these. People really think that a business that has cratered that has an industrial capacity would not desperately desire to turn around and start making. Ventilators at twelve noon to keep their workforce. Is it's not that simple? You can't just you know. There's this world war too rosy, the river fantasy that you could just snap your fingers and then suddenly the entire industrial capacity. The United States will be turned to do exactly what you need at the moment that you need it. The first one in the United States. That's a that's a mess. Secondly, we have no auto industry, so a lot of what was being done was making automobiles or versions of automobile so that the repurposing of that was simple, not not difficult and third, not that I want to be like alarmist, but world war.
Began in December of nineteen forty one and we were losing the war through early nineteen, forty three in the pacific- and we didn't really start fighting the war in Europe until nineteen. Forty four. So this notion that in ten days we can manufacture five hundred million masks and two hundred thousand ventilators from a standing. Stop is a demand based on some fantasy, and I I you know. And yes, if we started two months ago, maybe we could be making hundreds of millions of masks. I dont know Yes, we could have, and in future we will have nothing but masks and we'll have nothing but he'll have ten billion ventilators, and all of that it's again. This demand that we had perfect knowledge three months ago, and I don't think that I think politicians are going to be held to account and there was going to be a bloodbath, the likes of which we have never seen when people can actually hold politicians to account. After all the.
Amazon is, is enforced and it's an assumption predicated on the efficiency of the private sector. In the first place, you look around and the devastation that has been wrought by the chronic lethargy that typifies any publics their action and then they will. We need a whole lot more that only in the private sector right it aren't. You guys think that Donald Trump Press briefings are helping him helping the cause. I would say I would say the polling so far suggests that they are. I am fascinated by the way by this move on the part of the liberal, a press to say that no one should cover the press, conferences, I mean after after complaining for years that he didn't have enough of them, but I would argue Sullivan right, not Margaret Sullivan James,
allows Rachel Matter, I'm go. Look. There is a mass movement to demand that the President of the United States statements about what is going on not be televised because he's because he has a disagreement with, have to be found. She, However, they should just have found. You should serve as a kind of interpreter Lanka. American sign language, interpreters attitude from settings then found you should step up into explained and go Luther Luther Obama's anger, translator, truck trump needs the opposite. He needs a year ago becoming like a calm version of Trump didn't networks do this and they stop broadcasting press briefings when these two give press briefings have a vague recollection of this letter but the outrage here also set before from started. Doing this people, this people were saying a real leader would be up there every day, catching us up, giving daily updates
The american people what's going on, that's not Donald Trump. I may look again like I'm. He has been peddling misinformed or may be found. Hope. Although again I don't know what that means to peddle false up if he says the hydrochloric, wider? I, if I don't remember hydrochloride, I drawing socratically hydroxide clerk when is you know, is something that we're really hopeful abandoning its like now you're, giving false hope like. First of all, it is something people are hopeful about their starting clinical trials in New York on it tomorrow. So he's not to say, we have hope that there might be some kind of a away of medically alleviating the symptoms, people aren't like dying, unequal, take out unfavourable of pills. You can die thing. I did not know that aisles taking his hand hydroxyl Lord called at once it about whose work I don't get it
also killed a virus right right to destroy the village, to save it very good. So anyway, I I took care of my own. I think I grew the polling because the pulling is good for him. I think that is because a lot of people who have turned out politics for very long time or are tuning in for this and, if you'd, just catch the snippets of him like his opening statements, are pretty good. I think they definitely help him and I think, but if you stick around for the Cuban Ain T, no use start cutting yourself.
When he did that sort of suppressed, giddiness thing about Mitt, Romney being in quarantine after beginning the press conference going on and on about how great it is that in our people, are dropping their partisan differences and looking across the isle of me now open They might die. He ordered very quickly that those pressures are taking the place of.
Rallies and he is more and more giving in to his worse instincts on those ok. So let me let me propose this for the media, not that their listening or they probably already shut down after I was attacking them and all that but call his bluff get the White House Press car out of their and bring in medical reporters who can ask actual questions that makes sense about what the what's going on either, but both economics, people and medical people, because I only two here, Jim Acosta, asking trunk or peer Alexander asking you know: how do you feel about this herb? You know what about Europe have what about your grub? What about your gaffes or whatever so have the questions be substantive? Instead of you know, preening, cable, news, nonsense and see what happens because you you want trump not to speak. Ask him about that. You know
the ideology of this or the morbidity rate of vat, or something like that. And then you know what come for their food. She comes right forward, and so does so does Burke's and so does the sun is the surgeon general? You know, maybe not in hydrogen general. What I want. I also want to make a recommendation that everybody read not only Jonas Amazing, a moral heroism peace which we will linked to an arm shall notes or whatever we call them, but there is also a peace at the dispatch by Alex Step, I believe on how we got here, how how the testing fiasco happened again, it's not what you're being led to believe this is an in it. Urgent regulatory catastrophe based on a decision that was obviously made an entirely good faith by the health of humans service sector. Alex AIDS are to declare a state of emergency,
in January about the coming of the virus. That, because of the way the the the regulations are written limited rather than expanded the possibility of testing it's a fantastic and it's a fantastic account, it's maddening and upsetting, and if you think that what this speaks to is the need for greater government centralisation, which seems to be the general democratic, liberal tendency. At this moment, It is the condemnation of that that doing this made it impossible for there to be multiple tests developed by different testing companies and accurate and universities, and all that
That's Alex step after dispatch, just search out of step with the dispatcher go to the dispatch. There come arrogant. Thank you John, and come to commentary magazine dot com for other stuff. By the way, I think will will love will end here. But, oh you guys have been great. You sent us the questions. We asked you for questions. You want us to answer tomorrow on Wednesday. We will be answering them, keep sending us questions to pod, cast a commentary magazine dot com and will be happy to participate in this round. Robin of you ask- and we answer it's great. A lot of people seem to be taking really enjoying this daily intrusion into your lives and and we enjoy, as we have nothing else to do tat, My are, our days of this house are fuller than they were ever were in the status quo ante. I don't know
I was expecting by the widely outlying back that. That is why no is so apocalyptic about added tradable gets its back. That's really is like little. We all are in attending the fires in there lot alarmed me: I'm there were violently lab Texan Little House that people don't talk honourable, there isn't, there's a little house book about them like having to basically being snowed in right that I can it s much more honor party than like Hallmark movie is its heart or Google. The image Google pictures of the real Orson family and it is amid the hills of eyes, airy ease Gary you. It is not Michael Landon
looking at right angles right. You know that the result she was she and her daughter apparently wrote these books together. There is an amazing book about their collaboration. In her there hurt her daughter was a the Anti Roosevelt Libertarian like Libertarian up like, will evolve laughed driving time but like early thirties, libertarian only nine on anyway. At an earlier, I can member who wrote it Biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her daughter. It's pretty great. You people are asking us to give you book, recommendations that movie recommendations that we will do the movie club as soon as we can figure out what I can't pay me. By the way they else have this problem areas. Oh, it's great, you couldn't stream, watches streaming show and I'm not only kind up any attention, but this is MRS a dark thought in science. Do you jump on finding that when I want movies or shows now in the past week or so
even ones that were made in twenty nineteen, twenty twenty, it kind of feels like I'm watching something from a different time from a different world. All around Our parliament can trigger right right that happened overnight Johnny. You watch it because I think of your travel schedule. I think of you, you you what you watch more of them, then almost anybody I now are you are you? Are you still cable sitting in an your end near and your family is of is away while you were, while you are acting here, the dog, so And then are you quite even if it's funny Cosette I've got my wife calls, him might wizard shows and it doesn't matter what kind of show there she just makes. One of anything I want to
without her is a wizard show and out and problems is I've run through a lot of the backlog and so on. You know I'm searching for new stuff, but I do want to. I do want to recommend one books as we talk about the industrial stuff, Arthur Herman. Did that great book about how industry adapted the world were too. I think rather, freedoms, freedoms, forge yeah. I think you did not answer for you guys. It's not going anywhere just became My, but now I you know, I am cures, asked you about this off air, whether or not you are finding increased audience or just the same. People are coming back as I kind of suspect that the people are like Noah's position, their home with their kids. They can't sit and listen to a podcast. Most
those habits about Punkahs, listening work at the gym core commuting eating now, and I mean people some people was in the pocket s while running, but I'm I'm kind of here is whether or not party as traffic is going down or up a monopoly streaming. Traffic is going up, but I becoming images. Gus Pakistani are our societies, but she so prelim preliminarily. What we are seeing. What we saw last week was very stable numbers and interesting it like pretty much the same as when we did it twice a week, but of course we did it five times a week, which means I don't really know I arm arm or software analysis isn't quite sophisticated enough for us to know no one's is no one who is old and died stuff like that we just no numbers of downloads and and and- and dreaming lessons on our own side at its very stable. But that means that you know there's three three two or three
or shows last week, so it's the same, what else million people who listen to this body has come out. I exactly twelve million times. That's right, you know so anyway. Jonah. Thank you so much for for taking the time by quip and right, we haven't, you know we haven't even down the queer, but will do the quibble tomorrow, so hers was soon equip our my out. I'll tell you right now I use it. I used it now using it four times a day cuz. I got nothing else to do for two minutes a day, two minutes of time. Thirty seconds of sector you know they they did, they disrupted them they'd. So this is like a free. This is like a rebound like this. Like this, like a a preview of the add tomorrow, so stimulating the economy and chickens itself for no aim and Christine I'm John
for keep the camel burning.
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