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He's Not FDR. Maybe He's Jimmy Carter.

2021-06-24 | 🔗
Today's podcast takes up the conundrum of the politics within the Democratic Party that led to fantasies of a new New Deal, which have been subjected to various reality tests this week injurious to Joe Biden and his agenda going forward. Also, more reader mail about vaccinations and whether we're mean about them. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine. Bailey Progress today is Thursday June twenty. Fourth, twenty twenty one, I'm John ports. The editor commentary magazine with me, as always, executive, editor, a brain waldheim, Hydra Senorita, Christine rose high Christine an associate editor, no Rossman. I know our Asia so. what a weird stuff is going on in Washington. That all indicates the extent of democratic, emotional,
political and psychological overreach and the blow back from it. We have, of course, earlier this week the failure of the voting rights a bill, all are the voting extension of everyone who called the voting bill. The elections bill that we are told means the end of our democracy that this sum patently unconstitutional. I made much of it partly our constitutional legislation. Not passing means of our democracy is over and we now have a very weird political circumstance in which an agreement has been struck. Among ten moderates Republicans and Democrats on an infrastructure well, if you remember, the first proposal for infrastructure involved, two trillion dollars in new spending to trick
all new spending, two trillion dollars. So this this bill after months of negotiations, a framework for this proposal apparently has about six hundred billion dollars in new spending and removes from the bill all of this stuff. That was going to add up to somewhere between two and four trillion l to stuff. Where we've been joking about how things are not being called infrastructure. there are not infrastructure. You now child care this that the other thing simultaneously there is a bill moving through there's a bunch of bill moving through and So the question is now that them
loading bill has failed. The four with a progressive wanna do is hitch this modest infrastructure bill to thee, to the budget reconciliation bill, forcing everybody who, once infrastructure bill to support the reconciliation bill, witches trillions of dollars, and the idea is that mansion, basically Joe Mansion, the democratic senator from West Virginia, a third a state, the trump trampling by three main points and Christian Cinema, the Senator from Arizona who has become a servant, unexpected moderate. Let's say they don't want the reconciliation bill, the only
and somehow, and so what trucks humor the silent majority leader has said is they have to go together, and the question is whether Joe Biden will disabuse Chuck shimmer of this fantasy either they will go together in order to get his infrastructure bill or whether it will play along double down on this and allow the infrastructure build the collapse on the grounds that if he does this- and he does that eventually, mansion Cinema will have two or match it. Somebody will have to agree to ending the filibuster so that something or anything gets done. And then the Senate can be revolutionized or something like that, but all of this is a psycho drama- is all a second round all has to do with the overreach. In my view, the overreaching
of the left in imagining that the political circumstances of twenty twenty one lend themselves to six trillion dollars in in new spending. That's my that's that that's my summer of the craziness Washington today. He also how that would happen Helen. How would the scenario happen in which you have these bills and they fail? And then they ask Maintenance cinema for the eleven thousand time when they're gonna change their mind when they finally change your minds in Europe against the August recess August resources in a couple of weeks, then everyone it's back in September, in your face death that ceiling And budget issues that always takes up the fall and then you're into December, and then it's Christmas and then his twenty twenty two and then its primaries. An election season when did this happen It's the ADI Ideot a doctrine right, that's from from Seinfeld right, you say: there's a budget build theirs,
reconciliation Bell and that people don't want it. Yadda yadda yadda, the Phil Busters, the Phil buster disappears. You don't actually have to explain how they get their from here. That's part of the problem for the progressive left is the term is the day and the and the end and Biden who I think out of its Biden or if it's wrong, cleanest, chief staffer, whoever there. There foolish people and they drank this Kool aid back in the ex following the unexpected to Senate seat pick up in Georgia. to believe that they were in a position to create an entirely new political situation and political. Eighty audible financial situation in Washington when they had just been
early squeaked through surviving they're keeping the majority in the house and sweeping through to this tie in the Senate that calmly Harris can break while Biden won the election convincingly. But it was still only four and one slash two points and the same number of electoral votes that Donald Trump in one and none. The less is going to be this entirely transformative presidency on them on the law In view of the Johnson and Roosevelt presidencies, in both circumstances of which the Democrat the Party in power, the Democrats had close to a too seat majority in the house and send an Alan in case, sixty eight democratic Senate seats and there's Biden with fifty Senate seeds and five of survives majority in the house, and he is proposing six trillion dollars in new spending
So I think that was stupid. We weren't sure what it was when it was going on, but I think now you can say this was stupid. This was a waste of time and energy, put them in a very weird political position where their their future. now entirely based on the exigencies of how the economy performs the only real thing they ve done to the economy is some is screw up employment by extending the unemployment benefits until the end of September and thus slow down the economic picture. You know em in employment terms,. the thought, but the aids interesting that you used the word psycho drama to introduce this, because we know it I could draw, but it's one, that's internal to the Democratic Party right now, the progressive left it
starting to air, their grievances, with Biden and administration more publicly, there's peace and political. It says you know their surgeon, The point is that he's not using his narrative power of the presidential pulpit too to act like this? Is it you know at a crucial issue? You know all the interest, the lefty interested, you're, saying oh he's just phoning. It didn't well democracy, couples in all the kind of psycho, dramatic rhetoric, you're used to hearing from these groups, but what was in it what I took away from that that article, which was interesting was that he's tried, hunting off those groups to come a Harris so the administration basically cycle she has a meeting or some official on her office is meeting with these progressive groups to assure them up their support and had thing as we set about our vice president, her press. in the midst of a difficult issue, often exacerbates the issue. It doesn't usually calm things, so I wonder if they're going public with their grievances with buying now in part, because,
you know being shunted after the VP offices and what they had in mind, even though that's typically what what President's do with their. We know that extremely to their party, is trying to get them to stay quiet. So I agree with You John, I think they over reached. It was, it is a political miscalculation, but this. Also an internal party miscalculation, because their progressive wing remains with the feeling being involved. They really do think they speak from the direction of the country and theirs Very little Biden can do to satisfy beyond give them what they want. They keep complaining. but they dont, as you say, they dont the inn and they can block stuff to right. They had in the house, they certainly couldn't can get their coalition is enough to cause trouble, not completely blocked well. But if you oh go here, so I just Europe we talk a lot about how the media the covers, progressives and there
there are the sort of cheer leading for them and and and all the rest of it, and- and I can't help it think that a large part of this sense of this besides sense of there being in the majority in their running things in this came up yesterday within the agency's comments about the GEO people, a minority this is where the press has done them no favours, because because they have helped to give them this sense of this inflated sense of their power of there, popularity of their of the sort of of of the things they want to push through and it just completely not real. I mean I you know. I was just thinking that this is
bizarre, a world version of ten years ago, up meaning in twenty ten Republicans, one this in our shocking shockingly large, mid term victory in the house and had they had had three better candidates in the Senate. They probably would have won the Senate as well, that had to wait until twenty fourteen, but they went sixty three seats of the house and they came to Washington with a revolutionary agenda and the problem with the revolutionary gender was. It was fundamentally anti governmental. It was of executing people with a democratic president. They didn't want to do anything. They wanted to stop government from doing things. They wanted to reverse policies, that
then put in place rather than redirect policy through legislation which a sort of what you have to do, and so they had a crisis in the summer of twenty eleven Shut the government down over the debt ceiling as simply because the idea was we have to fight we gotta fight, there's gotta be a fight without a fight, an end as some people at the time likened to the scene and blazing saddles where cleave on little grabs himself by the wrote and put a gun to his own head and says you now one move and he gets it. You know as well as their preparing to Lynch him, because he is the black new black sheriff of this in our town and he and he you know it's like the only way out is to say you know why it is that is that sort of gimmick, and grasses are kind of doing the same thing when you Chris,
when you mention you know they can stop things in the house. They can only things in the house against the democratic Jordi in the house, they have to stand there and say: well, I'm not going to vote for. I will tank this piece of work. Solution that is a democratic piece of legislation. There There will be no republican pieces of legislation moving through the house the representatives which is controlled by the Democrats, however merrily so their own only whip hand is to do Amazon to their own parties legislative ambitions. Now you can hey, that's Joe mentions whip hand as well. The poor, problem is the Joe Mansion so far has voted a hundred percent with the binding administration on everything number one and number two Joe Biden
Presents a state that is forty program that voted almost by forty points, furred for Donald Trump, and he is in a very particular kind of position and, in addition, body, and all that and so progressive a little like tea party or tea party is actually had more. I think more of an argument. Believe themselves to have all this power and believed that they own the future and all of that and political reality does not suggest that that is the case and so They can keep saying it and keep doing even keep acting like that and then is where the Biden Administration finds itself in a in a in a kind of in a weird pickle, because they he they fell for it. They drank the Kool aid that he could be after your
Now it's clear he's not gonna, be after your question is: how does he not be Carter? Write em in the inner thing is, he's now fallen from being the most transformational president in american history by some measures to being in out the biggest flop. President, the said the thing, the threatened him as being the biggest flop, president of the you know, of the Democratic Party of the century, whereas that you know how see. How does he prevent that right? I don't know what else I don't wanna be triumphal us, because here's, the here's, the other thing I wanted to float by you guys witches
So, there's all this stuff, all the spending they get all the spending. I think this is the key point which is they spent all this money because of the corona virus, emergency and tat kind of broke barriers, and that money has now been spent and committed, and there was too much of it and there were bad policies that were enacted in the course of it that I think David wish. They probably have demand. but that's it like there's been this kind of the the spigots were open and all this money flows all of that- and I just don't think that there is any stomach really for more. even if they need to address all these climate change, all the all their fake infrastructure sings. So that can happen, but there's all kinds of things that they can do that do not fall under the realm of money. That's what happened new control, all the levers of government and protect.
the executive branch and a lot of that of the things that we are most worried about because, let's face it We worried about government spending s governess when the catastrophic yes but in the end it's like it. It's the classic problem of of of governmental over. It will be a lot of corruption. A lot less good stuff will be done. You know little cost twice as much, to build that railroad line as it should. And the law, that's all bad and it's all crowds out, though they'll be inflation. All that that's, but then that's not good announcing that. But it's all this other revolutionary stuff that can be done both by fiat and buy little bits and pieces. That's the critical race theory start the one thousand six hundred and nineteen project stuff the return to the STAR chambers of the Department of Education, all of the social advancement of the radical social agenda of the Democrats and end and the progressives that they can do.
by feet practically by fear and without any without with very little oversight- and it seems to me they will have to do in order to placate that body of opinion that Christine's talking about is getting disappointed. That's your that that's where the year the March, through the agency's happens, and it becomes, I think, it's interesting because in the nineties, the second term, administration had a lot of people in positions of power in various agencies, particulates partner education who were very effective at that sort of behind the scenes? Bureaucratic, slash, revolutionary attempts to change our system works and the push back came, but it came later, but I think this era with social media lot more. I think partisan investment in things like the critical race theory debate
Then it's gonna be harder for them to get away with this up it. So bad, John, you son, runs on interest this morning. It was we kind of laugh, but it was sort of the bitter laugh of really, which is people on the left now complaining that parents are filing for your request. Get the EC to get information about what the public schools of teaching their captains and complaining about fire pressing. How dare they try to find out what we are actually doing by missing? That actually gives me some of small sliver of optimism, which is that regular people are now using whenever they can find to figure out. What's going on, and I think they're still this debate about critical race theory in particular strikes me as important, because there are a lot of people lot of really moderate Democrats who still believe that this is a eight a figment of the rights imagination rather than something that is actually making a long march through institutions, particularly educational institutions, so it
incumbent on people who are on the conservative side of the ILO to keep their keep, keep a cool head and explain and argue why this is bad, not not create tromp like conspiracy on the right about this thing, but just talk about it except Does it show what it does, what it, what its teaching kids in particular and argue again a night. My fear, of course, is that we're gonna get in a kind of The top hyperbole about this on the right that feeds into the narrative its building on the left that this is just as this is just a raven creation, but I do think that to slay all those equity initiatives which no one's really examining very closely right out. The bite announced at the beginning of his presidency, we're. Gonna, have long term serious consequences and we'll all happen within the agencies, within the bureaucracy and and its hearted it to root out the effects of that until its long past. similar to the greater
by an administration, is hostage to a lot of Democrats, way farther down the food chain importing and other educational backlash which has real and then Democrats are convincing themselves simultaneously of two contradictory things. One is a fabrication of the Manhattan instituted, an heritage foundation and a bunch of our bad writers, and all these parents were streaming enter into well School board meetings have been bamboozled by think tanks, which they follow very closely. There are being led by the nose to this idea and also that it's just if there is a republican backlash when it is organic than its adjust against teaching kids about slavery and civil rights and racism they don't you another history, those two competing ideas are not complimentary there, actually in contradiction with one another, but this is all part of the stages of grief. Their working themselves through trying to trying to convince themselves have without seeing is real.
Crime had by an administration is going off and saying you know going in June delivering this anti crime speech. We focused on guns, primarily in all the other democratic hobby. Forces and the New York Times brings. This issue has expressly political issue. There are attempting to head off republican attacks on democratic governments ahead of twenty twenty two. That's all it is not about quality of life, none about delivering on promises. It's just about sticking to Republicans, but the train a thread this needle they're trying to say there were tough on crime, we're going to begin. Our quality of life issues are back and also the need to reform. The police and police are excessively violently needs to be hamstrung and in the end shock old and reformed that's a needle that I don't think is going to be easy to elect to to thread rhetorical ie, but is also won. The jewel Biden has no control over. He has hostage to Democrats on them isabel level on the state level talks
Your timing in fact talk a lot about how, in the event that wins meaner than Mayor Adamson, twenty twenty one we'll, be the exemplar of what democratic governments will look like in that event, while nothing's going to happen in the first year? Nothing seismic first of all, second While the notion that Democrats will be defined by New York City has now materialise has never happened in the history of New York City he has never been that the example of how Democrats govern nationally acting more northern, more than likely to distance themselves from New York City historically than they are to demonstrate why this is the way the future said. Joe Biden is really just sort of waiting around for the mayors of Minneapolis in San Francisco Austin Texas, to comport, with the kind of rhetorical deference to to public safety that he wanted. see, whereas their constituents and the ground was something very different. Welcome. What's interesting about
Very much worth noting here is that the backlash is gaining steam with Trump out of the picture right like he's. There is now room for an actual and reasoned backlash against radical policies without, if trappers involve there would be you know up, he would he would take he would take the ball run with it say something outrageous and the whole. Story, would shift to his miss characterisation of the situation and all the awful implications of it with this, has not stopped progresses from trying to paint every aspect of the backlash against it,
The radical policies as something Trump like what they're really felt I mean you know with the Republicans pounce sort of a headline- has become this. Tell this It's really obvious sign of weakness in the arguments on the left. Every time they say Republicans pounds, it now means we are in trouble. It is always meant that, though, that was always it. but there were the razor is that it was a reflection of Democrats, being in a difficult position and projecting than that difficulty onto Republicans but you never weasel the way out of it. The first time I remember seeing noticing this phenomenon was the young play inherited videos and twenty fifteen, where they did.
have any sort of coordinated message around this mess around the city, because they were horrific objectively, so just had to be Republicans notice, democratic problem, since I was sort of in the four, but as long as trunk was there, the Republicans pounce stuff could gain purchase because they had some of the points. Now you have them, you have the Santas pouncing, because here so there's a new piece of legislation and floor a yearly survey of Florida college students at state schools intending to try to measure out where it illogical diversity and viewpoint diversity. This is now being turned into odd to Santas the new fascist man, David opinion, surveys on on campuses really,
I mean: do you honestly and seriously want to claim that the collection of social sides, data about about the opinions of students at school or the opinions of college or vessels, or something like that is an act of state sponsored fascism? You know if the What what? If those? What if those surveys where they indicate that you now have the students believed didn't white supremacy with that, then be deemed something of of no value. It is this don't ask, don't ask any these questions. You people dont, have any rights. to ask any questions, you cannot see anything about anything. You any effort that you make to come up with a hard information that might or might not help. The case that you want to make is itself illegitimate. You are pre pouncing.
This matter is now, but this is a new strategy that actually has has brought appeal on the left him, and you can see it in a lot of areas. There's that there's an there's never now too measure the earning loss of the past year for America's public's school students, the ones who had to do a lot of distance learning. That been called illegitimate. It did spend your teachers been arguing that this can array traumatized children to actually assess how much they ve lost from this year. We all know why they dont one was that learning loss united, it was the same learning was courting some teaching. It adds to pejorative they don't wanna be held responsible for their own actions right there, their unwillingness return, your classroom, so I did in the same. We see this standard testing we see I mean this is a trend on the left to eliminate the the methods that we tend to use to try to come to some of you. The sense of what reality is you can't those those
Some themselves are either racist breaks, Easter, whatnot or or the measure what your measuring isn't anything. That requires measuring for these purposes. I ll give you an example of that Washington Post Homepage right now, so there's a huge controversy in Northern Virginia, the best public school in Northern Virginia Thomas Jefferson High, which is a science school in Arlington. An fairfax count. Excuse me was the subject of one of these: they wanted to lower standards and change. Tessa Wallace in order to make the classes more diverse and people said: oh great, there's one good one could public school in this entire county and you want to ruin it like stuff, that's going on in New York. This map magnets will. So here is the story in the washing posts it just came out after admissions chain.
Is. Thomas Jefferson high will welcome most diverse class in recent history officials, say: prestigious, magnet school, Thomas Jefferson, high school, for science and technology will welcome. Those diverse class of students are reason. This ring that small. According to data release Wednesday by Fairfax, carry public schools. The class will include more blackness back students at any class admitted in the past. Years. It will include fewer asian students who have a startling made up the vast majority of admitted students and a larger percentage of female students, but the biggest John came to missions offers to economically disadvantaged students, meaning students who qualify for free or reduce preschool, ok, no Bobby on earth has ever thought that, if you did, if you change the standards rules that you could get more a more diverse class. That goes without saying. That's not the question. The question is: what is the outcome? b and and the question is also
fewer asians. Really there are few raisins, what Asians didn't get admit it and for what reasons did they not get admitted and what who was given pride of place in place of the agency? didn't get admitted where they would, they in other years have been admitted because their test scores made them admissible. But in year there test scores, don't weren't good enough or didn't count as much you are: the Asian rising a school- and you referred to in the third paragraph as though that is not some form if you'll, use my use of this term of ethnic cleansing I mean again, So what you're saying as we here's what we want to measure how diverse as the class? Here's what we're
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they knew that? I think Democrats in general are going to try to push and he he flagged it when he said in his speech that he one other thing but his administration is doing to fight crime is to encourage Local local municipalities, to use money from the federal from the rescue plan legislation spend it on better policing course than he is his example of that say no more more non law enforcement type efforts that would help the people who law enforcement, tens of targets if he didn't want to say defined the police, but the idea was that were sending all this money to cops, but to perform them, and val demagogues picked up on it. You spend a tougher on crime, democratic and sheep premium closer police choose. You is a place of sheet. She's pray, viewing. The message that I think are Democrats who are unemployed in tougher districts in and say, are going to say, which is well Republicans oppose this. We funded the police. They claim to care about cops book
and I don't think anyone is going to buy that? I mean it's a very it? Is it is kind of a complicated argument, she's making she's not entirely wrong, but he said nothing in that speech about. Why are progressive prosecutors, releasing criminals back on the history commit crimes. Why are let's look at hate crimes with whose committing them and who is the prime target and victim of hate hate crimes in this country? Are you he didn't say anything about that. You didn't say He didn't say all the things about quality of life type issues that we were talking about in the past. The other day there was nothing reassuring to someone living in and out a ring suburb of a city whose crime problem has spiked to reassure them that the Democrats, who run those major cities and the democratic President cares about what they are fearful of nothing, nothing I mean dealing, when people who sell guns, but as no, I said earlier that that's just a typical democratic responds to
It has nothing to do with the increases in homicides in the country. We have to talk about something else. In relation to the speech that my might my friends and colleagues at the outer, a page of the new posts have made met made a point of this morning in an editorial called, is no one going to mention how confused and out of it by as few watched him yesterday. That was a very worrisome performance. Everybody I think it was listens. Podcast knows I do not subscribe to the Joe Biden this senile argument. You know I've said from twenty nineteen onward people were under estimating him his abilities hat his performance in public is performance in the debates, and all of that like in that and that there was a very easy way. People I'm lucky senile and all this, and all that that was a very strange performance yesterday and it was
very worrisome performance. The post points out that he called the eighty ask the Bureau of Alcohol tobacco farms. The f t he he said some bizarre thing about how you know if you're one of these second member people who believes get out in the blood of patriots, yet you're going to have to get an F fifteen and a nuclear bomb, because you can't stop government unless you have a nuclear bomb like it was some weird off the car bizarre senior right, this moment couldn't pronounced the word cognitive Oh yeah, here's what he said quote those who say the butter patriots you know and all that stuff how we're gonna have to move against the government if you think you had needs have weapons they found the government. You need that fifteen's and maybe some nuclear weapons real eyes. You know and as apparently been saying that for several years really
it's a stock Lima visas for rights. Advocates too, abuse them of the notion that they can protect themselves from a tyrannical government with their firearms to dumb line is a false line, but speechwriter rights it for something he like none o. I soon those future road form, but I think in the total right. Ok, so it's also lead and forgot. What would it It is also a bad line. You know in terms- the ideas behind, because the the the implicit message is. You cannot protect yourself from a tyrannical government, no matter what That's very satellite alot of people coming yesterday were poking holes in this argument. Noting the hypocrisy of considering receding out of Afghanistan to a bunch of people with our fifteen's, which he says, are insufficient to retake the lovers of power of government we even though they are in the same peoples? You know he's one of these people,
in this arguments, even though in the same breath, he suggests that the entire United States government was about to fall to a ban Those agitated rioters in January in these two arguments are incompatible with one another. It's just a deadline, I don't know why he says if you just thinks it's clever, but he's very much awaited with, because he's been saying it since twenty eight and twenty nine. It's a totally bizarre line because, of course, the whole notion of having taking up arms against against a government to protect yourself isn't isn't that what you're trying to do is have a coup in over and overthrow the government. Its more. If you really want to follow the scenarios scenario through its it's, what if a corrupt cop you know decides to come into your house using the imprimatur of the government to take money? Frida, like steel from you, were gonna steal from your restaurant or some
you like that, or one step you know like gives that the government was seized, wants to seize your house because they were whatever it's not out that the hope the whole notion of of being the sort of person who can protect themselves against government isn't that there should be an effort to overthrow the did make a coup government out, provided the moral authority of the government is jeopardized by the excessive use of force, which is where that authority is derived from the consent of the government to use excessive force, as is the case, for example, in Waco that sort of moral authority, erodes rather rapidly. It's not a very well thought out premise and one more thing about it, is You are an insurrection type. The and is kind of a challenge. It's it's. The only get you to you. Thank you. Did you hear what he said? We are not nearly armed.
arms it yeah yeah, we're too. I guess the ineffable T drive gonna, get me a nuclear weapon but you know the word that it at its correct me if I'm wrong, but I dont think Joe Biden any in a much touted crime discussion yesterday ever used the word criminal did. He used the word criminal may use like bad geyser Europe. He doesn't say the word crimson At a time when crossing is violent, crime is speaking in this country, and people are obviously concerned about. It. There's a reason for that, and I again like Mr Straight talking lunch- I'll show that actually was his frank as a as a presidential candidate, was the sort of Santa Monica rejects. I'm gonna tell you, what's what and it's very appeal But now I didn't whether it's because if you know I mean look you as the kind of question is coming off of a international trip. I dont know if that link, if his recovery time for that sort of what was residential go, I yeah, but I gotta go. I mean
I always does either by its performance, he's very inconsistent in how well he is able to publicly discuss his. restorations puppets. If those inconsistency is continuing get worse, you know that it's worrisome look. I thought he was really good at the press. prince in Geneva. You know, after that I mean I thought my very coherent and I know all that I'm just saying so my alarm at what he looked like him sounded like yesterday. That does not come from place where I am looking to think, Yes, you know he's looking old them like he's out of it me doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. That's not my bias, but but you know we have to sort of pick a theory here at some point about his cognitive ability. You know any so. It looks to me as if, without you know,
excessive preparation, which is always bizarrely talked about, and an puffed up in the news like it. That's a good thing without that excessive preparation devoted time deserves study, get ready for an event. This is his default mode, his defeat, money, is to be a little weird little mumble ie to go up. the reservation to deserve to stream of conscious consciousness, tat speaking. Yes, he can to give you those solid moments, but though are outliers, where we're just just person Interest he's really invested in foreign policy is terrible at it, but he loves it
you really like foreign policy always has threatened like her. I really can speak extemporaneous Lee on complex matters of foreign affairs and state craft really lucidly when he is talking about domestic issues crime which he really doesn't care about, and was I don't agree a long time ago, I those on autopilot. Yes, why do you that's why he says this these sort of stock lines that he who is using the campaign trail he's just sort of waltzing. Through this thing, half awake, I don't, I don't buy that he was term of the Judiciary Committee. He was the author of the mighty my before crime bill. He is the inventor of the drugs are his office. He was much more invested in matters of criminal justice at the beginning of his career than he was em in anything else. I just think that he is one possibility here is that is that he doesn't know how to talk about the issue anymore, because Democrats Dona how to talk about this issue any more.
because they're tied their tied up in not having having committed themselves to a line of argument according to which law enforcement is now kind of guilty until of an innocent in their eyes and therefore, if you are the chief lawn, forceful officer of the United States, your kind of in a weird position, because you're a Democrat and you're, the chief lawn force from officer the United States- and you should be defending the rights of law enforcement and of and the importance of virtues of Want, Foresman, and that line is not something that that progressive wing we ve been talking about. Like in any way whatsoever, while an anti did its notable. If you, if you notice, media coverage of binding ninety ninety four criminal, it now
often includes a little copycat. That's always attached to a saying experts say these experts are not usually identified. Experts say this will lead to pass incarceration. the phrase mass incarceration is always plenty in there because it gives cover to buy now when he talks about crime. But the point of course in this is wake up, get upset me. Then he wouldn't even talk about violent criminals. He talked about abstractions that are gonna, be dealt with, federal money that will be spent by who knows what doing violence interruption. The problem, of course, is on the left, the B. The idea about crime is that there are too many people in jail for offences that they shouldn't be in jail for, but if you wanted state prisons of none which hold most prisoners in this country. If you I'm gonna stay put, of nonviolent offenders. You will still have a very large population of people who have to remain I'm bars because they have committed violent actions, dangerous assault, rape, murder. These people are dangerous, dangerous
society- and you can argue all you want your blue in the face of our root causes, and there are very important arguments to be heard about that and what the state can do about that. But that is a sin Or an issue from whether or not an individual who committed a brutal rape or a brutal murder. to be out on the streets. If and how do we measure rehabilitation and how we do that? That's What I wanted to hear from him if you're gonna look it looked to the Democrats or the or the left for you. I d is about crime prevention. Let's hear them, he hadn't a single new idea, it was all the same old table. Guys were we're back to having to have
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something sudden very weird is going on, and that's why I wanted. I wanna talk so this building collapse in Miami Beach. have you seen these pictures. So this is a giant condo building with two wings, one thirty in the morning or something like that. One of the wing the building collapses, completely pancakes. Much of it slides down, looks like Christine. You said it looked like Hobart Tower, in nineteen, maybe six and Saudi Arabia images reminded b that right. There's all this like the catastrophic building failure. All of that Sutton. I'm just saying something went on there. This was not an actually current events. I procedures Just for those who don't know this about Florida topography, it's basically swiss cheese. You know, there's like the baby be grounded
on which everything is built in Florida is, is building on site and you know the metaphor. So it is that it is part you know we have seen calls. We have all kinds of crazy. Do something happens because of the these sort of limestone swiss cheese, like aspect of Florence tonight, that is a possibility that shouldn't be ruled out, and I don't know what I'm talking about this. I don't know what I'm doing. About sure looks like it happened from the roof downward. It doesn't look like what happened happened because something happened to the foundation It's the entire sir. Side of this building at half of the not the whole building. Half of the building something untoward went on there and at it. If it didn't that's going to be very surprising to me, I have no idea what what that means, but you can't just look at that and say
Oh man who gee that's a building collapse like we ve, never seen anything like it that that did not have an ex arduous cause. So you know the fact that the perhaps the building estate in air. God only knows what that means I want to move on from that area, but I just brought that because it's like scratching at the back my head, but I will and to read a good good email. We got about about vaccinations from a guy in California named Cameron, ah, because I think it's interesting because people got mad at me yesterday. I did this whole thing about how I'm gonna blame you
you didn't get back to me, then there's a variance surge in the you know in the fall or in the winter, quoting the godfather. A lot of people were sending me longer versions of the Don Corleone speech that I mangled yesterday. So I thank you for that, but I thought you'd be interested in My story by filing deciding to get vaccinated over the last few months, I made the decision that I didn't need to get vaccinated. I'm forty, I'm healthy and active. My kids are young and how the everybody around when you might be a virus is vaccinated. In other words, I saw no benefiting the vaccine for myself I contracted covered. I would pose no health threats of people around me and wouldn't have a serious impact on my own health. Furthermore, contracting developing an actual immunity seem to be a better safeguard, the new vaccine, any
I'm very bothered by your assertion that I decided not to get the vaccine because, I'm afraid of needles, that's a childish and insulting reduction of a new wants decision. You ve talked about the covered vaccine in terms of the vaccine for smallpox or polio. I support those vaccines. However, I put the covered vaccine more in the category chicken pox with flew in that the cost benefit. Analysis. Doesn't convince me at this time in my life that I need to bother with them. Unlike smallpox or polio, covert Bobby eradicated by the acceding, despite hemorrhagic, has the effect of the code. Vexing is versus the flu shot. Getting the vaccine feel superfluous to be you have subject, said that my choice not to go get the vaccine is keeping you walked down. I disagree that government is giving you walked down. We learned that it never should have done in the first place. I guess what I'm saying is that I fail to see how my choice impacts you in In fact, every time you have made absolute statements about people are getting vaccinated. It has convinced me further than I don't want to get a superfluous vaccine because I was bullied into it, but I live
telephone. The last week, Callow shall rule that employers didn't need your car masks, replace who have been vaccinated, but those who haven't still needs where mass set stupid by itself with the insidious part of their ruling was that employers needs document which employees are not in fact made it. I could lie, but that seems a stupid thing to compromise my morals, efforts, for I was faced with a choice. My wife and I debated all weekend get what to do. We chose get vaccinated and my first a pointless tomorrow, but I do it resentfully and not against vaccines, I'm against managing that mandating them and publicly shaming people for not getting them. When the cost benefit analysis for individuals doesn't merit the pressure it bothers me that there are people may be living. You will cheer that this pressure persuaded media vaccinated. Ok, this is a very, very, very well reasoned argue, to end. I will blame
I will no longer blame Cameron if the various causes up- you know a second, a big wave in the fall because he is getting vaccinated, but I wouldn't blame and I want to explain why, because Covid has killed six hundred thousand people in the United States. Let's go back to March of twenty twenty. When the lockdowns first happened. What was the fear? What was Trump's fear Trump's, real fear was the two hundred thousand people were going to die. It was the idea that two hundred thousand people were going to die that led him to agree to the initials a lockdown prescriptions three times that many have died. Six hundred thousand this is not smallpox. This is not polio, in fact, because the diseases have been eradicated. There was a real debate over whether or not people should still be getting, and in fact I believe most people do
I get the smallpox vaccine any more or a lot of people because it has been so thoroughly eradicated. We're not doing this to eradicate with the idea of vaccines is not to eradicate the disease. It is to prevent the person who gets the next from getting the disease. The ancillary virtues of vaccinate meaning that over generations, you could eradicate something like smallpox, which apparently was the single deadliest disease in human history and the fact that it is eradicated is one of these unbelievable miracles of our time and our century. That people do not celebrate them off. That's actually a secondary concern, you're not doing it. If we didn't create mandatory stations or vaccination regimes about this, because you
said you know what forty years from now we can eradicate smallpox. It was people get smallpox, and get really sick, and then they give it to other people, and I glad that camera things have because his relatives who are vaccinated, Kids are young and his wife is whatever that they won't give it to each other, but that doesn't mean that he can't if it to somebody in an elevator. If they get trapped in elevator for fifteen minutes, or something like that. He can. It's locked. Zack, I give them from surfaces, but people are getting them in enclosed spaces with other people in the room and I'm sorry that he's resentful and I didn't say that he was afraid of vaccines, he has made. Cost benefit analysis for himself, that is his right as an American that doesn't mean that has cost benefit. Analysis is morally correct. He wanted was, sadly, I think, has cost benefit. Analysis is incorrect,
in so far as he believes that its just, for example, for there to be a suggestion and even demanding that individuals who don't get back some ended in and but nevertheless the midst of a global pandemic. Should mask up in public there's a stigma associated with that sort of thing. Well, yeah correct! Exactly finger on the nose you got it that's the point and yes, you will have to endure some candy, chance that you might find disagreeable based on your life choices. That is the cost benefit analysis. Your subscribe to whether you want it, whether you like that or not- and you shouldn't like that, because the idea is to make this uncomfortable for you and there's a reason why? California, your state has a annual whooping cough problem that? No others thing in the country has to deal with think about it for a little bit, it's big
that's a lot of people are making a similar cost benefit analysis to one that I find inexplicable, but nevertheless there making and there are consequences associated with your actions. And yet you have to endure those consequences. That's called personal responsibility, and if Europe had hearings that philosophy than yes, you have to endure those consequences, you chose this course regulations. You're gonna have to endure what the state determines. in the state can determine those, not you John. You said the federal locked out when Trump well with it action, there really was no such thing outside a federal premises, federal programme. It was state level the level decision as well as on which our sitting by airlines, which are supported by as we every all there all the evidence we have all the other pulling data. We have all the electoral analysis that we have the letters supported by most of the public. and if you dont like how most of the public is voting, then
You have the option of leaving, or, if you don't, you have to compete with those deterred, patients. So why very moment lung very libertarian when a lot of these issues outside with freedom more often than not personal responsibilities, part of that. But you have to assume the consequences of your actions and the consequences of your actions following above imperiling, the people around you which is possible. Is that you're going have to shoulder a little bit more of a burden than people who determine that it is their responsibility to get vaccinated, rejoined society as a result and theirs I can, I add, than did the cost. how much like local state, local or federal government power, they have to make these decisions, is gonna, continue, into the fall at the local level with schools. Here, look if you look at cities like disease Vaccination rates for kids swollen over are very, very segregated by ward and by race
so. There are some words in the city where most of the middle school and high schoolers have gotten vaccinated and others were almost none have, including where many adult vaccination rate levels are super super low and are unlikely to get that fish. That needles are gonna, move much over the summer, so come fall when it's time to go back to school, a fearful. The parents who are few Poland vaccination are also fearful of returning to school and they will demand, as they did before, of this whole system that it protect them in their children. So they can't there to have the option of being at home and the teachers who work and live in those words have made the similar demands in the union's back them, so this This is an outline, crazy town when it comes to schools. Obviously we were like given the nation in terms of getting kids back in the classroom, but on a small scale. These these debates will continue to happen and if enough people, use their fear and as a lever against their lot the government and the local government caves. We're gonna have this problem, a bet
reopening, will always be half hearted and hobbled by that those group, a fearful people who refuse vaccination there had we were of government. So there's one group of manufacturers that, I think, is what you can rightly all I'm delusional, because they, whatever theories they subscribe to the among them, is that the vaccine is not actually reducing the instances of infection Citizens are really working. Its vague is out there, There are our writer here letter writer is not one of them right. He's got he's got another set of of concerns, but even so, if you're not delusional- and you do believe that the that, while you don't
When you get a vaccine, we have it. The vaccine has nevertheless resulted in the complete dropping of The numbers of infection and is getting us out of this pandemic nationally. why would you want to spout off about about Are you don't want to get a vaccine you? You have to recognise that it is helping. your life, whether you get it or not, it is helping the life of the country. Rather, get it or not. There is not much to be angry about is my point in terms of knocking the vaccine. So fine, I don't get it. but if everyone major cost benefit analysis, the way you do we'd still be in.
The very the very middle of the pandemic and we're not because they are not doing it. So there's something wrong in your cost benefit analysis. Just in terms of that with a whole cost benefit. Analysis is based on his cost benefit. Analysis is based on People keep getting vaccinate examples of that. That's right! That's the also upon the other thing is by the way that if you dont want lockdown you don't I what counts fundamentally being a person who walks around saying I want to get vaccinating method, not Cameron isn't getting back as he is getting vaccinated. Whose power to the very officials that you don't like who are going to want to do a second locked down there, you say: look, I don't wanna, do a second locked down! but all these people are getting vaccinated, and this is gonna causes of this is, going on in England than Israel right now. We're going out locked down again, because not enough you're getting vaccinate and we need to prevent the spread of the delta variant here. So If you don't want it,
also a reason to get that complaining about getting vaccinated and about, doubts about basking. just saying Who are you- and I don't like those like today, but none of these things and we alter its thinks. We all think it stinks. Has nothing to do with it? Am I dont say briefly that the self set metrics these states have used to get out of loved ones? Are vaccination rates so the right use a lot of their own metrics, at which point they have to get out of this thing. there are accused of democracy and then the authority that they derive from a government disappears, oh by the way, Anthony fetch. You said that you can do it everyone on July, fourth, which I think is a is interesting because of course, there's a whole purge movie. About how its July fourth, so everyone has led to kill anybody they would they want to kill. So I think, that's another eighty year old Guy, who is starting to start to say things that, maybe you know, suggest some
about eighty year old talking a lot better too much in public like his that, like his now boss, I'm with that, we will bid you adieu until tomorrow. For a Christina know, I'm jump upwards. Keep the candle burning.
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