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How Can We Get Ready?

2020-04-01 | 🔗
Andrew Ferguson joins the podcast today to discuss the White House shift toward the grim realities of the next couple of weeks, as we consider whether sheltering-in-place can continue indefinitely without driving everybody mad. Then we recommend books and discuss the problematic character of Woody Allen. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary magazine Daily Podcast, I'm John Upwards, the editor of commentary with me, as always senior editor a breed while high able I John. Associated, Rossman, high Noah agents and senior writer Christine rows of high Christine John joining US one of my oldest friends, long time commentary could the reader and colonist before his decampment to the Atlantic. Andrew listen, Andy. How are you today? I just peachy? How are you I mean,
I'm ok, although I did. I am actually after commentary offices in not just south of Times Square walking here as as Abe experience working here the other day, the last six blocks, which are, I would say, that most cry. How areas in the United States outside of Disney world just when the parades are starting. There was not a single person on the street at at at eight forty five, a summary not eight single person, knowing your coming, in other words well, you know end like no. I got nowhere. I gonna come back for that one. So so, yes, the weirdness sir, the weirdness continues. I should I should mention. To begin this on a genuinely morose rose. Note that
Are our critical large common to great large Terry teach out lost his wife last night? I have been following on Twitter over the last four We know that Hilary was suffering from Poland, a disease that are required her to get a double lung transplant, which she had a couple of weeks ago, I'm complications set in after the twenty four hour operation and and she she passed away. Terry, was on the show last week and knew that things were were dire. He is such a trooper and the and the tick such solace at work. That not only did he do that, but he actually finished a piece on the it Us Alfred Cartel for our may issue the other day, even as even ass. She was taken her foot
I'll turn, so we are all appropriately sad and am supportive andor and, as I said at at at a terrible outcome Buddhist as Terry said, she actually stay longer on this earth. Then she or hear anybody actually thought she was going to given of seriousness of her condition is just that get out. There was such talk because because Thea, because they finally got- transplant order every way so Terry's an old friend of Andy's colleague of all of ours, and so we're we're he's in our thoughts Moving on from that and two equally had not equally tragic but terrifying use was the press conference yesterday afternoon with the press
thence, seemed finally to acknowledge the desperate gravity of the situation and essentially said that's the best case scenario for the covered? Nineteen prices was a death toll between a hundred thousand two hundred thousand american switch. Is you know so one of our own way I'm crazy about what they said this last week, because I remember talking,
I don't have your last grouchy set it on tv and books said it on an implicit conference. I thought I dont think. Sadly it away settled with me. It seems like a together fat fat. You said it with their two Jake Tapir and by the Devil, Burke set it somewhere else, but but that the that the overall tone of the press conference was get get ready. When it turns out, we can have a very tough couple of weeks, which is an interesting way too, about a wave of a wave of gas so and he had to put you on the spot, but where? What tell what are your one day, while others thought about that, you know you're the key really worth. What can you do with the material?
Well I just I always go back to Slim Pickens in Doktor Strangelove. We said. Now I guess you wouldn't even be a human being. If you didn't have some pretty strong feeling, rob nuclear annihilation. But that's the way I feel about this and glad that a trumpet actually I'm. You know somehow they got through a man. They scared the hell out of it, and I think he started to see that you know this is something you couldn't dance around anymore, although who knows it, he could up. He turned the day and you know
start arguing with borders again whatever. So this assumes, as I understand it, fair amount of mitigation efforts on the part of the entire country, which are not happening right now, right that they had. They assume that there will be the kind of lockdown orders and socially in some quarters that we seen in York City applied to places like Atlanta and Miami in Dallas and elsewhere in the country where they're not actually doing now. Yet right, I think, that's correct and these changes women as I did, he just went under one of those orders at midnight. Last night we are now under a stay at home. You know shelter place order. As is marijuana, Virginias.
Right well clarify. Actually that is not really the big municipalities that aren't doing this, but the smaller chance. That's not it's! Not a city to city issue, big cities attend to net, have tended to impose these orders but state. Why they're not a place in places like Texas in Florida, so so in a more secure in North Carolina A friend of mine who lives North Carolina tells me he's. Gotta he's got a cabin near a lake and immoral World County North Carolina and that the announcement was made that if you attempt to come into the county, I'm outside the county, and you are not a permanent resident accounting. There are basically four roads in. They will stop you. If you do not have groceries sufficient for a fourteen day quarantine, they will not let you pass and you
sign some kind of affidavit or something like that saying you will go into self quarantine. Stay in your house not come out for fourteen days. If you wish to enter the county now, the funny part about this is you can start seeing. How is this is happening? There could happen all kinds of places and You know I just at this notion that you can somehow seal yourself off by keeping the diseased out. Maybe it'll work. It seems to me that this is a reserve. These are some measures that that term are either postpone either either. What what we ve done is like a horrible insane over reaction that is going to create a gigantic well back or everyone's gonna have to do it and so doing it the way to doing that and pretending that you can avoid the disease is
gonna prolong the amount of time that the country is dealing with. It seems like there are legal problems with that right, so this is sort of what Rhode Island did with their really aggressive, harassed, New Yorkers good door to door and finding or earth and force them to to settling for fourteen days, so New York threatened a lawsuit. Therein said this is pretty unconstitutional in that disappeared yesterday, but we're not talking about Texas in Florida which have sorted done. The same thing tried to close off access to their states from people from the Tri state area. He got off a plane, and in Florida you were greeted by the National Guard, which gave you a little
I said you have. The quarantine for fourteen days are the legal consequences, but those were who now semi. It seems like the suggest and again I agree with you- and we said this before- that this isn't an effort and a futile effort on the part of these states that dont want the political consequences associated with lockdown sentimental. This was opponent as long as possible, but this is not a state. This is a county that has made this move right. This is aid. This is a county leadership issue. This is hyper localism and hasn't it's not there. I'm trying to keep out new Yorkers. They are trying to keep out people from Charlotte Yang any impulse. Why? The son, who I cannot with us yeah? Might there not come a day because New York went through this first, though,. New York will want to keep out those who are different going through it. Try I meet,
If a feudal or not, but that's the same problem, there gave them saying very addresses these same problem, which is either Either we do it or we don't do it. You know well, your country either Andy go ahead. Isn't this the whole point of flattening the curve, which is that you the longer the time that you have to deal with it but You deal with it in a less severe way than if you didn't do anything so. Are I mean, I suppose the hope is that there's something like heard immunity, your sentiment, the kicks in, but I think vouches marks and all those people who have been explicitly saying we will have a longer pair
in which the virus is floating around. Then we would, if we did nothing and it saturated the population in a couple million people died and theirs and ass. I mean natural political consequences for doing something like that that polities dont want to accept the part of the reason why the Global South hasn't done anything. Equatorial world has not shut down and lights, just gonna go there when it gets in an in the next couple of months and the Global south on its winter in the southern hemisphere nobody wants to shut down their economies in anticipation of this of this thing, so we're all going back in hindsight, the January in early February, saying why didn't we do this sooner? Nobody would have wanted to do this in a well. You couldn't be justified Simon, wanted. I mean that that's foresaw, look what what has happened. We keep saying this thinking using the word unprecedented, which is always used, is mostly used in incredibly stupid way. This may actually-
be the only unprecedented thing that has ever happened in my legs now, except for like a walking on the moon, which was unprecedented. You know with which happened. You know when I was eight, but but I mean what has happened over the last month is something that you couldn't Imagine the inn in the Bin February. I it three weeks ago, forty three to four weeks ago, I had a friend who had a they bought. Myths was scheduled for her daughter this last Saturday and as little as twenty one is ago, I she was saying. Do I need to and those like me, you don't need to cancel come on. What are you talking about? I may know what, if you have to cancel worse, things are going to be on an where she had to cancel she to cancel the venue. And it was even that she thought she was after candle in order in order to sort of like flattened curve, it was, will the venue be open,
and so maybe I should do it now, so people can cancel their plane tickets and I will let you know, and and- and I can get my from the caterer. However, we want to slice it. That's how fast this is. There is an economy down instantaneously climate I was going to say we do have we we mentioned this last week on the pot guess about Sweden. There was that there are examples of countries that haven't taken the shut everything down. Put it I want to go into their homes and what's been injured, to watch this week with Sweden is the huge spike in cases and serious cases and deaths compared to Denmark and some of the other countries did do lockdown right away. So there is too to speak to your unprecedented point. This is a virus that clearly, even with a kind of conformist civic minded population like you have in Sweden, where the
will obey the rules and they were all following certain you no common sense recommendations. It still took a huge tall on their population compared to the cuts to the country's nearby. That did more total locked out, and I have a question about the numbers: the one hundred to two hundred thousand, which which this is it possible to that, to some extent that that figure is was, is put out there as a means of managing expectations that maybe there's a there's. It's it's well within the realm of hope that we could become insignificant, get to Gili lower death toll than that. But, having said our expectations to beast, you know a possibly one hundred thousand two hundred thousand that we, so we will. We will then, at the end of his consider it a great, miraculous success, whether there
This is a scenario the pewter laying out in two different ways, one of which is this. You know dark anti trump conspiratorial thing that he is doing this because he knows it's gonna be much less, so he's going You see, we thought it was gonna, be two hundred thousand, but it was only. Seventy thousand are sixty thousand, so we did grey Ghana? Reelect me that's one and the other is that it's a noble lie right. There's the noble lie, argument that you are trying to scare the Jesus, that of everybody. Try to make them stay in and really when there has to be some version of a national shelter in place, order adopted there can be, but as yet all fifty governors have zoom. We all agree that this has to happen and everybody watches the zoom and zoom doesn't crash, while my kids are occurring just forget hacked, which is that right, of creating this year, Christine you. What was the model that you were sending out that everybody sending out every about it? This way, universe, that this is a wash
ten state modeling, where it looks at the peak the point, the peak points and then compares to what they know about the number of hospital beds, respirators and I see you capabilities for each state to go state by saving- is universally Washington, put it out of cards so that its grant as very grandma and pretty if this isn't a long term thing. This is this week right that max capacity will be reached, so those numbers will becoming this week and next and if, if this materializes and it will look like bodies in the streets- not the surgeon nah, not main street, but the outside hospitals were trucks are filling up and lines are hour by hour outside hospital facilities and healthcare facilities and urgent cares because it's all happening at the same time in everybody's overloaded. So if it does happen all, though a hundred thousand people die the lull Daya once right now
No, that is not that another was hard lies not with the total after literally after months, and then there by the way, then there's this other question you know, which is that which is well because its compounded by the lack of facility say you think of it all happened at the same time, not everybody, obviously, but she starts at the same time resulting from a lack of care, but ok, so so places where I'll be here in New York. You know they have they have. They have established fifteen thousand beds in, like I don't know, seventy two hours or ninety six hours, their beds of the Javert Centre, their beds, the Arthur Ass Stadium, their beds in central park. I mean they are. They are establishing treatment facilities
and the whole question of whether there are enough respirators of all that is, it is a slightly different matter- is that that has to do with that has to do with treatment at the extreme level. The question is: is that where dumping and with that, so we don't know, but I'm not just because it so hard to imagine re scale of this thing in the short and the timeframe in which its imagined is just impossible to get ahead. Now I am something when better right, my
your personal about anti levy, throw that you see what you say. So we, as I keep saying we in New York now, first in everything, I've been first in this. You know now, with a number of cases that the number of gas, but also first you now in terms of the in extreme life inconvenience you know and MIKE S like I, you know, we ve been locked down for three and a half weeks. Pretty much and what we hear from our governor- and am I that is you, know, down the hack. The storm is coming, the nightmares coming You know get ready. You know here comes the tidal wave all of that right now, if you can
that the extreme level of at the at best inconvenience and most sanity challenging isolation. If they cannot demonstrate or tell us that this is having a positive effect, if they cannot tell us that the curb is being flattened, the idea that we are going to continue not seeing our parents and not having someone over to plan a playdate with our kids and stuff like that, you have to give up, we need some. The assurance that we have gone through this. For a reason, otherwise you're just saying well, you're gonna have to do this for another three, ants, and we don't even know if it's gonna be have all that positive effect is no has been saying like you know it can happen again. It can happen, but talk about impressed
social consequences of this we don't even we can't even really now right well that's what this is a thing that I notice you know in all the journal, I read and although black I listen to one television is we're all living prospectively. You know, I think, the old good old fashioned booty The idea of living in the present case is would be really good advice right now, because we're talking about statistical models and epidemiological models on which require ten thousand different inputs? And you alter one input, and then that will change the number of deaths or when the debts were will occur or who they will happen to, and it's just
as you say, I mean it's unknowable. Apparently there are signs now, for example, in Westchester like as Cuomo saying that these things are showing beneficial impact from what you were saying, the same thing yesterday, you're saying it in certain places they had that great x y access that showed that, in fact, California is still very flat right relatively so there are signs that things are using up a little bed net. The mitigation so called has in fact, but it still, you know, were staring into something: much more opaque than we then makes us comfortable and so were sort of filling our heads with all of these scenarios, some of which, probably lunatic,
you know getting ourselves all excited about it lets you shouldn't, be worried and taking precautions and everything, but in others only so You can know about this in the night, but you will come when the knowledge comes Annie. I want a Europe student of human psychology and an astute observer and want to get your opinion on this, because the the smart set under trying this in Germany seem to think that the way to go about this is to establish their illogical tests that seek out in identify people with anti bodies to the thing and then identify them as such and allow them to gradually reconstitute society.
Get economic life started again. This seems to me rather fraught prospect, a loser. If you are you, are you shocked at the Germans? Always, yes, maybe a little bit more experience with codified gratification of society than we do somebody had granted by young. It seems to me that that's a really easy way to get people to stop doing this and to seek out infection, because millions of people are desperate to rejoin economic life. There an end in sight and the sooner that they get an option like them on the table. They would jump at it. Yeah. Well, there is there even suggestions here to kind of create this sort Vanguard of young people who had hooking, then just went to the workplace and start taking over the essential jobs. And now I
I don't see how the hell you pull that off in a country like this Germany yeah as you say they have experience, but here it just seems like such a such an unwieldy country, which has better than worse, and I just Although those kinds of very complicated should a bank shots, just don't strike me as being very plausible here. There are also there also better when aims to apply cultural press or to the least vulnerable populations. I know my just my own nieces. A college age person wishes had her entire summer abroad cancelled g, her whole school shut down, so she went back home there in California. They ve been in the shelter in place, but because she's, young and she's healthy and she's not at risk. She went and got a job at a grocery store because their local grocery store was short employees. They were there doing longer. Shit for recycling and a whole bunch of her friends
doing similar kinds of jobs right instead of sitting around, and you know just streaming everything on Netflix there actually trying to do something and their hats Ben. As far as I've heard from the Trump Administration much of a message there has like the sort of rosy the river style, you know what we're all in this together. We ve heard about the public health measures that, in terms of- motivating people who are least at risk to do something concrete every day to help during this pandemic there. Is a vacuum there that I think a good leader could fill a little bit more than than trumpet so far over. That's that's a very interesting point. I found myself in a coach the supermarket yesterday in New Jersey stocking up for for the, We pass over holiday and Almost everybody. There was on the on the young side.
And it was remarkable to see because they had the you know. At least a dozen people into very large place was at least a dozen people cleaning, as we were a shopping, and there was almost was hardly anybody in the store, but everywhere he went. There is somebody with this giant. Semi zamboni like floor polishing cleaning machine. Shells are being pause, everyone's wearing loves the masks, and so you you have this this this world in which, in which people who were supplying a basic services, seem almost to be doing something heroic. You know in the end of this is going on where you are, but in New York at seven p m ever night now, starting last Friday, cheers start erupting from everybody's apartment
you open the window and start cheering and clapping and yellow to support the people who are working during this time. You know the doctors, the nurses, people working groceries, can't really rally because you're not supposed to go out in your house, but but if there were Remind you that people will want to rally if it can rally. There is its. You know the obviously, you can't really rally because you're not supposed to go out in your house, but but There were a way if there were a creative way to harness this pent up ever everybody has that literally pent up energy, since you can't do anything, it could be pretty great. I just you know I I
it alludes me what that is flagging out and get a much too Andy's point about the desert. The vanguard of young people who might be able to convince under some scenarios cope go back into the workplace. I think one of the ways in which the world is going to change in the longer term on the other side of this thing is that I think we're gonna be left with a heightened sense.
Of the fragility of the of the older people among us, I think for good and ill in terms of what what kind of effective is going to have on hiring going forward spending time socializing with the age it out of fear of a return of this kind of thing I search it there may have sort of you know this may live, make leave a trail of sort of some kind of the almost
I fear to say, as second class citizenship we socially status for the older among us. You know Andy it. I have had this conversation before about think the kind of strange denial of the actual physiological effects of aging. If you look at sort of like the brochures fur like active seniors communities, that makes it sound, like you know your joining US sorority in your twenty five will do. This will do that. I think aims. Right has been its particular recent to think about age discrimination becoming something that's more based on a public health model, verses, a kind of you, no individual capacity bottles. So yeah! That's that's a very good point! Well, well, they actually I should I should. I should explain that the only reason it Christine and I have talked about this is because I can't shut up about my failing knees, my faintly
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So by more than nineteen thousand companies. It's the last system. You'll ever need net sweet business grows here so schedule. Your free products were right now and receive your free guide. Seven key strategies to wear your profit at net, sweet, dotcom, slashed commentary. That's nets. We thought com slashed commentary, we got come slash commentary Andy to put you on the spot against. We haven't. We prepared nothing for this partial. Last time I come on you, you told me that you here you got a lot of books and you're doing a lottery. Anything that we, you might want to recommend to people to help them while awaiting the hours now remember: firstly, whether the flowers are conversing with the raid, let what I I have taken the talking. My plans, by the way, are you like, Prince Charles, he asked,
well, which creepy is when they answer back, but Actually, what I've said John is, I have lots of books say that I've been doing a lot of reading. I have This is a problem. There are all these books here that I want to read and write and projects, cleaning projects, I want to get better at my house, and I end up looking out for my computer and I just watched You know twelve videos of cats sitting on what The question- and this is this is my life and I wait a minute wait when I haven't finished in a correct and so on, it's hard to em. The cat videos are great, but I'm not going to I'm not going. We recommend any of them. Ok,
Well, I I read them several volumes of the Mr Le until Library SIRI nine year old, nine year old son and so If you have a nine year old son, I heartily recommend that Mr Lemon shallows library series, as people lead, I have been listening. I I just finished the Woody Allen them more apropos of nothing which is Sir apropos of something for its first third, apropos some bad things in the last two thirds. So I don't know what to a quite had. Are there any good journey? Good gossip in that, but there is there is there is plenty of good gossip mostly
about him and like how his father was kind of like a petty thugs who, among other things at I think his own engagement Party stole a ring off the finger of his wife's cousin. His reaction causes, while one cigarette shook her hand, then she's, like where's my right now. I've heard that father stole the rig. So if you want to know how we ended up being the sociopath it, he is hatch, it's it's an argument for the genetic theory of crime. I guess and part of that there There's that I'm reading the the Hilary mantel the last of her to her trilogy about Cromwell only because I committed to read and read the first two and so now I feel I have to finish the third and I had a. I had a middle school assassination,
the tutor dynasty in all of Henry the AIDS wise, and I have to say I mean it's well written it's about one third to long, but if you read the other two, it is then it's like genome easy, read historical fictions, fun. I love a Wolf hall, the first one and I thought the second one was interminable and turgid end. Everything that was novel about the first novel was gone from the second, so I can't get anywhere anywhere near this one. They do have a different view of Vienna, death and mortality, which is kind of those strange comfort to read in these times. I have to say it is a source for the mother to longer a longer time one. Well, I just this sense of death always being very close eye. She does a good job of having that, certainly from runway, be a constant presence. What I will say this about about what he owns book as a as an interesting culture.
RO object or or expression of summer of a certain type of horrendous world view, which is that damn he says he said in interviews for years and all that that damn it makes no difference to him whether p think that he was a great artist or a minor, but whether he did good work bad work, whether people think he's a child molesters hero, because one day. He will die and he will be dead and he won't care. So it doesn't matter his reputation
as a matter, nothing matters, nothing. This is coming and once there is nothing this there is nothingness and yet so that Israel is movie crimes and missed meters. Kind of makes. This argument that you know somebody commit murder has a terrible somebody has someone killed, has a terrible, no darkness, the solid than gets over it, because that's how it happens and he's happy with the ways in which his life has proceeded right. So and yet he spends. You know twenty five thousand words defending self against the affair charges, so that that is interested. If care, why does he care? He doesn't care about his reputation? Why does he defend himself against the false charge with ease?
as is a false charge to that problem with nihilists, is that they never had the courage of our convictions they never. Put their money where their mouth is. It's always there's always a cheat like that somewhere along the line will because right has its causes it it's it's not real and ended, and it is the ultimate justification right and this is not to get anxious. This is Turgenev's point in fathers and sons. The ultimate just admitted meal nihilism are beyond our climate. Punishment is the ultimate justification for immoral or barbarous action is that is that nothing matters of nothing there's nothing matters and that's that that's life so I dont really reckon or if I recommend this book, I recommend that once he hits the
making of bananas, because there's also a kind of remarkable portrait in it of his bipolar. Second wife, Louise last serve the actress once you start once his marriage to Louise Lazarus over just stopped reading the fourth biggest up to then it's there there's some pretty remarkable stuff in it not attribute. Did you come away from the book of liking him as a human being more or less. No, I M an as he's vile, by the way at best. His portrait himself is that he is a querulous neurotic unpleasant. Why me lunatic? I mean that an that's. That's that's his best case were right and then the worst cases. You know, if you don't believe it,
defensive himself, which, by the way, I'm I almost entirely do about against the charge that he was a child molesters, which I do not believe in which I think, if you care, he makes a very strong case against, but but that that said, you know saying that he proves that he's not a child in Leicester. That's a very low bar and somehow ash ridiculous it to you now. Tubes different states came to that conclusion. After extensive spending stance of money trying to figure out whether he was not so yeah he's just go. In those reports of things anyway and oh by the way. What you say about the young about the boy you know followed all the way up until bananas and then stop that. I recommend. All the movies up until bananas are similar,
these movies ever made, and then it's all downhill after that. So ok, so no one has anything I commend that. Where we are, I mean I can sort. I mean I have a tough one, headache I didn't say I ve. I read it right before all this happened because much like Andy says I find it so hard to concentrate now on on reading. You know anything other than covered related news, but I read a philosophy book new one by belgian philosopher, named Bernardo Castra book called the idea of the world and its difficult reading, but very rewarding, and I think, possibly provides a strange kind of escape at a time like this, because he is a dog id,
anti materialist in terms of his ontology. So it's it's. It's about sort of making the case for a non material status of reality which I think in a weird ways, is almost an escape that at a time like this, it's a slim book but but difficult gifted. You have to pay attention both were so fancy pan but I gotta we know actually is that is a very impressive hunger, humble brag. I was I I don't know it wasn't. I know what I'm I'm I'm being, but you know that was like open. This is the other interesting thing about, but about the Woody Allen, but by the way is he goes this whole thing about I'm, not everyone thought I was an intellectual cuz. I wore glasses, I'm not intellectual and ever read, Moby back and never read Don Quixote and never had this an error that it's all
sham you, although I was informed that non intellectual, a really like Amerika. We get that idea because you have dropped it out, because if it ever movie you made after any hollan after you made a movie. That was a parody of Russia. Now all the men you were like Isaac, Davison is overrated. You know I've met norm, Chomsky yesterday, you know like who who told you to show that like you and at, but I do believe. Ultimately, this is in essence is evidence of a certain kind of genius scam that he pulled off. That's part of the point here, which is he understood that to become the poor? said that he wanted to become even in matters in these emilius law that playing pseudo intellectual was going to hit the total sum. Spot of the middle brow, New York, New York Times reader person, whom he wanted,
worship him ass, though he were a god, so he drops names. Talks about the New York reveal books. He makes a joke about com Terry in any and Second Shelby. He key you know all that stuff. He has a scene where people make love by quoting Cummings to each other and by each other, each Cummings volumes and things like that E Cummings by the way and a perfect example of a kind of middle brow, etc, like yeah, it's not like it was some get out gates were certainly Cummings. Article k, I just make a comment about Woody Allen, come to you, the the joke is fairly well known about commentary and dissent. Merging but there's also he uses commentary as a prop in several other movies and seems, would write em in in in
and is actually where Woody Allen is being mugged. Right woman has been more than a subway car by Sylvester Stallone by right, hey. Hold on budgetary line is wrong, but I could add of two more there's one. I think where I don't remember which movie this. Where he's he's by pornography, any covers it up with things. That's the same was a symbol. Ok buys a magazine called orgasm, and then he writes common. To hide organic right. The owner of the men stands at Say Joe. How much is just copy of orgasm and then takes in that bag and holds it up on the subway car, while still less slums Natural late- and that gives you, by the way, a sample of how brilliantly how how he was the funniest person or in a car for twenty years. I mean really, if you listen to his stand up caught, there is not a bad
moment him. He did not have a bad moment. The stand up. True, a son, the recordings of his work and all that going to add its energy commentary by a bedside, either in hand in her sisters or I forget what one of the later ones, but I'm just saying that you know that that he he had a perception. He had an idea about how to make his career as a kind of New York City Godhead. That itself could be the subject of a great Tom Wolf Novel you know the tumbled novels about how people, how reputation and hide the desire for reputation and all that is what is what is what drives life, this understanding of how to position himself
After a by way, you know at the cost of not making really successful movies. For example, you don't movies, although you one lots of Oscars laws, but movies that didn't make him Multitudo didn't turn him into Steven Spielberg, because he thereby, by definition into narrow his audience in this focus, in order to be this person the purse, Then, who you know who be new. York's greatest towering figure and die and so you know now now he tells us he wasn't intellectual and then I knew it. Can I complain briefly about to emerging? Denmark, related trends that are gonna be, unfortunately, lousy and our intellectual class in the next few months or years, the first to call everything a pandemic. I've seen like six hour, now about the authoritarian pandemic, sweeping the world so that just using pandemic to describe everything is going to annoy the heck out of me and also I
again cause I'm the resident luddite here. I've seen multiple art. About how? Oh all our concerns about screen time turn out to become, completely wrong because, as we know now that we're hunger down, we love our screens and I mean look to some extent. Yes, it's were all very grateful for the internet right now, but the the underlying concerns that we all had predicted for children's use of those things I dont should disappear so please so anyway that that kind of raw, the internet screen time is great. Those two trend pieces. I've seen a lot of the pandemic in this pro screen. So there that's my complaint, I'm done. Can I will I will love. I will say that the one about one of the summer least favoured the people. Of the intellectual figures of the last couple of years and nine Algeria rob us here, don't I've got Jura darted, I'm looking at his name right now: Jura, Darn, Jura, Darius Period,
Rob us through here on earth. Are you know him he's got the world most of when we M whistled here was described as having important hair millions. Hair is nothing next time answer anyway, he's the guy who said you know every always. You know we're now living in a club. All in an oligarchy. Click topsy blah blah blah blah blah, and here we are living in an oligarchy click up before right. Buddy, Hey you know he's like the guy who went to Davos them decided in like Davos in Davos was run and look anyway, it back dollars to criticise Davos, to Darfur right now, and also for his own on twitter last week and said I have said very critical things about the internet and Silicon Valley, but I think I must take them back because at this time,
trouble. The innovations of Silicon Valley have kept our society together in its own fragile gave the and so I then thought you know what would be really great and electro magnetic pulse right about now, enough already enough already with your horse ship seriously, but I've been, I think an interesting point here is that is that one cannot. On the one hand, you cannot imagine how we would get through this without, the internet, and then all of that and on the other hand, this wouldn't be happening without the internet by but I mean sheltering place. That's none of that. Would it wouldn't work, it's all being real.
Worse by the fact that there is a way the substitute to have a severe lack room of life in another way, while in it I M not to point again, but that the fact that you have Amazon and whole foods workers and other workers striking right now shows the fragility of this on demand system that we think is going to keep us all sheltering in place. It can provide for a little while, but ultimately the human, the human, Lincoln Who is the weakest and its chains, and even with our amazing internet and and screen base lives right now, as we hunger down human beings are still part of every point in that process, and that has to be
Taken into consideration that am, I saying people like what it actually does everybody. Last week I was a little too dark. You want to give real dark cheers, get your bullets get dark. So now seventeen percent of the New York Police force is infected meat or off the streets. Thirty thousand strong force. So that's not. You know it's not enough to did the incapacitate this thing, but we're still talking about thirty. Thirty. Thirty, three thirty, eight! That's just says a lot of people was none. That's incapacitate this forest, but seventeen percent lack of effectiveness. Seventy ear, he saved your at eighty three percent capacity, that's a significant reduction of capacity, and we get the news yesterday that this disease is essentially taken carrier out of the fleet. Now we still have to
remaining, but this is an important one, because it's in the Pacific, I don't know where the rest of the mark, but losing one out of a very small number of our capacity to deter near pure competitors and adversaries and project power abroad, is a real deficit and our capacity to maintain the global order that has kept everybody save for a real long time and that doesn't show any signs of stopping will. That is pretty dark and, of course, and of course you know that. Everybody has the same. I think everybody has the same dark fantasies. You know like what what what is being learned about had incapacitate a national economy. Now, obviously you get. This is the euro. This is the stuff of all novels, like the sand. You know some saw engineered virus or an engineer thing, kills everybody, I'm not tired. By that I mean
How do you, if you can invoke a panic? What can you do? How can you in TAT way? What can you hit that will? How can you do this consciously you now as opposed to having it having it happen, as a result of that which you now is basically by by definition uncontrollable, because it's not even the result of an intelligence. That's, I think, the most horrifying thing about a viruses. Viruses aren't even alive. You know at least bacterium about terrorism is a lie. The viruses are not really living thing. You know it's like being attacked by I'll walk. You know
or a volcano. You know me there's a year by lava. You know, there's it's just its eerie right. So but I've been eight, you know it's like what what what or terrorist learning about how to destroy it distorts society. They wanted destroy! That's right! You know. I had to start yesterday that you know it be after nine eleven there was a lie. Of talk about biological warfare and chemical warfare. When we were talking about the possibility of of of weapons, destruction but yeah. If you are a terrorist looking on this watching how the western, but you? U S in particular, shuts down when faced with
infection like this, I'm sure you are now working up. All sorts of possible plans to put us on our backs should regularly like this right. Why not? Why wouldn't you? Why? Wouldn't you you, you, you come in to the to the public play, spread it and we us and in some of the ways that that no adjust scribe have our guard. An end or just or just that would break us financially. Doesn't non state actors which are terrifying enough, but state actors also represent a significant threat in the Middle EAST and our positions in Iraq. We essentially pulled back and have ceased these training exercise
as Is- and the president made a very conscious decision according to reports not to respond to the deadly rocket attacks that continue from around sponsored she ate militias in Iraq. Operations are just on hold defensive operations and retaliatory measures, and if your estate actor, that has done that looks like a window of opportunity to what but stay. Actors are contending with their own problems with this to wherever you are. If you are a death, loving fanatic, tied to no state it, it's you know. Why? Why rolling and we are seeing activity from places like p r c, which is moving naval assets into very conspicuous positions? South trying to see and around and that it is doubtlessly a response to the domestic pressures that have arisen as a result. This, despite the only really I'll, say about the about that this nightmare scenario is
areas, something about it's one thing to die: a noble fiery death by blowing yourself up with a suicide vest and taking a lot of people out right. There is something pornographic Lee there must be in the mind of somebody who would do in a death Colchis way pornographic. Satisfying about that right dying because you you are willing to expose yourself to virus is almost the opposite of that. Somehow and I went on closer said and his weird tweet. Oh please don't clearly the poles are, let me say that I disagree with that. We're doing I don't know when I die guy. I don't want to know what I'm saying is this, which is which is you? You are this sort of thing the horror
this sort of thing- has weird effects on everybody. You know I mean the need the the idea of of of of becoming did EAST is a whole other thing like it's like you know: here's what you should do get smallpox and then go and infect everybody with smallpox. Really. Is that like something they will? You would run only to a cause. For I don't know, I don't know I've I've. What do I know, but but one of the interesting aspects of this is is how this pushes a, but an incredibly deep human button, which is you're gonna, get sick and die and you're, going to you're gonna suffer before you die, and so you know, and that that's one of the reasons why it's ok to view People who are some
Violating the protocols right you're, not standing six creed apart enough, you know you're gonna, you're, gonna, get me killed and you're gonna kill other people and its an unpleasant death and young people You now, because there is a trigger here that is very deep in other- goes back to the winner. Giving of time and before anybody even understood the germ theory of disease or the notion that notion of transmission, I mean how do people I now numbers only two ways: people die mass numbers, wars and pandemic. Is that it now the plague a play? you kill everybody, you knew, and so you know, but let's where AIDS right that that, after this notion that after this is over, there won't be combat,
people are gonna, go see, people over the age of seventy wearing, mask and gloves the moon had their parents any more, and that kind of thing I think, that's a real prospect. What why take the risk? I weren't we scared Andy off. And run away. You guys are really a lot. Alas, let me that's a weird. That's that's all say that we will be rash. Brats there told if Britain I did watch more wanna last night by the way, with my kids that's fund. Do that cheerful too good, all of that really good. You know I just remembered what, when this all started, I bowed to re: read all the Washington books and I got to one and a half- and I
finally recommend them for people love but who are worried by, and I woke literature why? Those are doubtless some anti woke stuff. You ask yeah you have to work, but it's that there really just a hell of a lot of fun to read and write these at this George Mcdonald Frazier right, yes, right there that there is stories of that sort of an adventurer and a black girl. Actually the road and they might leave little tree wrote, yeah me certain fleets in and out of some real historical situations and always comes out unscathed. But whether they're usually anything for all our listeners, who are listening to this right now, you're doing the dishes and Cleaning and making food you are going to have to explain to us. I have all this time to read these books and
movies and converse with your family's enjoy family time. This time is that there is. We have so much less time than we used to its just incredible wealth No, I'm not. Everybody has like a foreign a five year old like that, that's life does change. Life does mutate S. Letter scatter gets better. It gets better or be not the next two weeks that's not have had, but also you don't you guilty Harris this time. That's the other that everyone be telling you you're cherish. This does either an unlikely, unlike, unlike Christine say that you needs of if you, if you are living according to the same rules that you were living under before about restricting access to things like screen time, TV and all of that, stop doing that.
This is the price that I've sent pretending not to hear this, and we know that this is a crisis. Like you know, let them watch tv. I've been what the hell you know block every channel. You don't want to watch, but I'd be letting give yourself a break man when he gets armor, I'm just gonna. Have them start digging the hole in the backyard Tom there's something down there and I'm positive. We can kill at least three or four hours a day that excellent. So, by the way, oh, you could read holes, you got anyone has rightly age working well, yeah yeah their holes is the most original children's book written in the last thirty years. It is almost impossible to describe it's about it's about a kid who ends up. Essentially, every kind of work were in a work release programme where he and a bunch of other kids have to dig holes and it is the craziest most brilliant. Please
Louis Soccer- Associate J R and if you have kids or you're reading to your grandkids over zoom or something like that, this book is a killer holes, just the opposite of what I was saying about. After on the other side of this, about their age discrimination. I think in some ways some of the things that we do during this are gonna lead on the other side too, a loosening of some of the structures that we that we have in place, for example, Johnson United, will now just let left them watch screens and what and watch screens that probably stay. You know four for those whose her you know: looseness live on that and avert another just a small town like
oh, if your New York City and you live alone, as I do see, or ordering in a lot lot of the restaurants, now lay will deliver cocktails. Eight. The cocktail menu is on their delivery, many which it wasn't before that will stay there. That's that's not. Well, but why was that there to begin with? I feel it well. It was a regular Winston right by waste, you're, not gonna want none of it. They want bars, want people to come into bars, and also to spend more money, and there are the others there was that there's a lot of weird atavistic laws, about alcohol control and and and and how apple can be purchased and sold in what quantities and all a lot of which are just you know, weird overhangs, from from post prohibition efforts to humor the you know, the prohibition lobby and stuff like that probably go away, but I think the other thing is people are gonna, get sick of screens that that is the other part of the EU.
Will I be able you might well regulated less, because people are now maybe that'll fate. After a month, you know the way, the unity after nine eleven faded after a month, but you're gonna want awake, you don't do things in in in the real world. I drive action. Annie Ferguson. Everybody read any Andy's tribute to Tom COBRA at the Atlantic, just published yesterday, if you gotta, if you, if you go to commentary, he's gotta, Google typing Andrew Ferguson Commentary Magazine: you Red Andy's archive of extraordinary pieces dating back, you know, I mean easy, we're. He became a common with it, with the magazine in two thousand and nine and two thousand ten camembert which and was,
with us until twenty thousand and eighteen and just one fantastic peace after another Thank you, John. I think my first piece was like one, eighty, eight or simple right but tat. Yes, yes, we have and and of course, Andy's their books crap. Crazy you and Land Lincoln in particular our american classics crazy. You about what it's like to try to get your given to college and land. Lincoln about the American, the appropriate american obsession with Abraham Lincoln and that the kind of culture of Lincoln ISM shall we say those are available to you through Amazon. The Kindle in all and then all that so go to it and Flash man and bringing up what is
What is the regular, even always called the mirror, and the light is mirrored away? Yes, yes, I want to read that kind of title is that I already committed. I got it. I got to finish the trilogy and after a kind of George Withal freezers, Flash Man, Louis hackers holes and then There is, of course, the ever controversial Woody Allen, apropos of nothing. So these are. These are an aid aid, whether or not our cash troops, the idea of the world, and if so, thanks joining Us- and we will be back again tomorrow- with these special guess. Star Lucy Bloom of the Jerusalem Post was obviously my my sister, so Afore Christine Rosen Rossman and reward I'm John Pebble keep the candle burning.
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