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Is This What the ‘Common Good’ Looks Like?

2020-05-13 | 🔗
With economic activity likely in the doldrums for some time and the state wielding virtually unprecedented power to suppress individual liberty, some advocates of a nationalist “common good” philosophy are chafing. But we have to ask: Isn’t this what promoting “the common good” looks like?
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Wednesday, make thirteen twenty twenty. I jump upwards, the editor of Comedy comedy, I am the editor of comedy. Might my wife works in comedy? So therefore, I think about comedy all the time, but I am also the editor of Commentary magazine a seventy five year old monthly of intellectual analysis, political probity and cultural criticism. From a conservative perspective, we invite you to join us at commentary magazine dot com, where we give you a few free, reeds and ask you subscribe
with me, as always, senior editor able Green Wild, how are you Abe Hygiene be the senior editor of tragedy. Yes, you certainly can. In fact I was gonna say that you are really the senior editor of the Bee J and the bear We're union magazine because ABLE Aids Pandemic Beard now looks like of over Skype. Looks like he's. Gonna go beat up some here. These are the truck stop EVA a mild, a mild tempered fellow gentle and soften, very interested in the arts and culture in all of them but he's wearing a baseball cap as we speak, and has this very thick luxurious beard and really, as I say, you know, it's like if there are biker. If there is some my fair bikers at Europe,
your near by road House Abe is the leader of their gang. I Tol jump. I've gotta go defend a barber shop in few hours. That's right! Guns guns, yes, in Washington, senior writer, Christine rose and, sadly, without her dog. Today, her dog does not lying on the bed. He's been varieties downstairs and I have to say, aid is completely pulling off the luck. I just I just have two too to say that, and also a great shout out for one of my favorite childhood chose. Pga Mccain, his best friend bear was a wonderful show made long haul trucking seem glamorous. Yet there were they all Its trucking shows in the nineteenth century is there was be Jane. The bare there was moving on. There was misadventures of Sheriff Lobo there with a big there was a big topic was just because the C b radio culture was sort of coming in. I think so yeah. But it was also that you know once their worthy with this was outside the elite coastal cities, the world of.
The world of the long distance trucker, also a big subjective, were great country. Songs, likes stays on the road and, of course, convoy baby. Which was like a huge hidden, the nineteen seventy. So there was a whole thing about the the long instructed I have yet to introduce associate era nor Rossman, whose little under the weather today, yes, but not because I've been an irresponsible super, spread her one last you can't say that you're feeling poorly, because how is that even possible unless you ve been terrible, knives and somehow developed a gastrointestinal infection sitting in my house which, as you know, a problem because you can actually go get diagnosed anywhere? self diagnosed in himself medicating- and hopefully this isn't something- requires a lot more attention from the medical community. If you are you know, maybe just briefly
You're a little bit younger than I guess all you guys my cultural touchdowns or a little different. I never. I was never part of the C b radio culture sued so aim evokes for me. More avail of a south Rogan. Look right now actually wanted very, very much Robin look I'll, be shaving immediately yeah. Well, I will say that in a previous era, but you describe what you describe your condition people would have said. Oh no, you you're giving yourself an ulcer, would stress and also from rest now I would say that two, if I had already had what I think I had last year, but I gather that this was a total falsehood that you dont get answers from stress, that this was a. This was a medical fantasy of a previous era that
Maybe ulcers can be exacerbated by stress because you generate stomach acid or something like that, but also from OZ by stress, I'm also drinking upon a coffee and eating a bowl of terrorism. Speaks out. If there is any real any has set a reaction in the good and without giving it ok very go so. There is, though one thing to talk about, so I don't know what to say um various things going on. Another thing that struck me this morning was news couple pieces of macro economic news from forecasters, people a golden taxing. They think that the worst of the economic disruption is over their revisiting their projections for what this quarter is. Gonna look like to make it worse to make it look worse than unemployment will reach close to twenty
percent that we're talking about a a economic control, somewhere around thirty percent, where there were around twenty four percent before, but they are now upping there. Projection for a snap economic snapped back in the Third quarter of being something like thirty percent, so you're talking about all these numbers, things that have never happened in the history of mankind. Where do have unemployment? You like going up ten percent in a single, whatever it is, and then a contraction of a size. It we ve never seen before, and then, of course, a snap back of the size we ve never seen before, obviously would be. Incredibly good news. If there were a piss, you know unbelievable economic boom, the second that things some have seemed to lighten up sitting in the depths of the doldrums here it seems almost unimaginable, because maybe that's the nature,
of the doldrums is now the doldrums being that place in them in the ocean or wherever, where you're you're sitting in there's no wind. And so you say in your sales, and so you can't move and that it feels like yours, They are forever right. So that's that's the serve emotional experience of the doldrums and maybe it The terribly false feeling I hope it's a false feeling doesn't will join us feeling. What are they basing it on? What what did the room? The revised. I'm projection. What no carry cone, who was turned Whatever he was, our beer be ahead of the council's economic advises whatever, whilst weak. I made the point the other day that all these comparisons, the great depression, are wrong, because the great depression was a series of cascading economic failures that destroy them.
Employment in the United States to an extent you know unprecedented and that way, happened here is not an economic failure right, it's a kind of forced shut, its a forced cut. You have what it people called Medic induced coma whatever it is that we are talking about an it's a natural like this. There hasn't been a decline in economic activity, naturally because of terrible policy decisions that have been made. Things have happened for dip for a different reason, and therefore you can presume that, when the reason is lifted that everything can resume were alive. Can resume in a way that has the contractual be so severe that were to harm will be Colossal, also because you'll, the operating on the basis of a contract at economy, so it returning to normal, see
relative normalcy will itself be a boom cause, it's all based on what it was before in not on You know what it was a year ago, it's based on the previous quarter. If that makes any sense, I am like the you know, last person on earth to em, be giving you instruction on macro economics made up the last, but one of the last well one at what point. One of the questions be how many people who are currently unemployed because of this virus not have jobs to go back to when all of the restriction start to ease right, because either If we do reopen restaurants and other then use they're, not gonna, be able to work at the same capacity for awhile, they'll have to eat, into use social distancing restrictions and what not so they will theoretically probably need fewer staff meant some have even even smaller margins for hiring and keeping people on full time as they did before so
air. Will all those people get work? That's the question! I have them, I'm that's the concern that doesn't seem to bother to many people. The Wall Street Journal had a reporter yesterday. That shows, at least at this stage, that a hundred thousand businesses that close the doors of March will never reopen those at the small businesses are gone and in others there is a sense among again, I call them lockdown enthusiasts for lack of a better term that you know these polling. That suggests support for locked answer in the sixties or seventy percent island. So people who say that these are intolerable conditions or are waving bloody tunic people they don't actually care about and dont represent that there are some
talking about their own pockets, their own, their own economic self interest and are using these people as some sort of blocking tackle. But now the concern is that sure a lot of most people are supportive of these measures and public health takes precedence over right now, economic activity, but people who are concerned about the future. Our concern that this, sixty seven percent will have a job to return to. It seems to be an assumption on the part of most people that The notion that will have the sort of really pronounced recovery is baked into, I think, a lot of people's perceptions of how this this whole crisis is going to unfold and then end at a certain point, because our people been talking about this since the very beginning. The be shaped recovery, at least in a sense of hope, and that's that sort of like something then
crash that I think a lot of people are relying on and maybe it maybe it doesn't exist in the big concern for a lot of people like me, and I think, probably a significant portion of the workforce is child care, the schools not reopen, and if you can't get a babysitter and if childcare services are shut and of helping out how do people return to work about the missing element here is that, yes, a hundred thousand businesses will not return, but those people if there is an economical Hungary will start new businesses and the people who were employed then we'll find new employment, because there will be new organs there will be new ways for them to work because of economic growth that that's how that works in, for example, the notion that you won't be able to find a baby sitter The time when you know people are working in restaurants. Maybe there are more people to work in child care if you allow, if you will allow them to come into your house, That'll be a matter of your choosing org
whether or not testing, and all that is sufficiently strong, that you can feel comfortable doing that for that That's the answer. I was also assumes a little liquidity and credit, no, not at all if you're gonna start new business in the credit. Yet I mean we are pumping the fetters pumping six trillion dollars into the economy. There marshalled there now will it be there at the end of cure too, but we don't this isn't there now it's like being released over time and Jay Powell, the head of the FED just said: there's probably going to have to be more when he can sort of act that will doesn't really take acts of you know he's a pheasant independent agency or independent body, so it if it does what it it it deems necessary, which is something that a lot of people think is undemocratic and terrible, but is is none the less Kay. So I'm just saying that. Looking at this in a static fashion, it's too
trouble, I'm not happy. I in any way, if you are a rest turn your restaurant goes out of business and I've seen you just like. Well just start another one is obviously it's a traumatic experience. You may have debts that you still have to pay off in order to get the credit to start, it's terrible, it's awful and- and it will take people a very long time to dig out, but it doesn't being that a twenty five percent unemployment rate, remains forever. I did see a number today by France. The UK, has a peace at the city journal about New York's restaurant. Seen we're talking about in New York, twenty seven thousand small business restaurants, food businesses- you know! were forced to close or go into these weird, you know now. Our only delivering or another, only doing take out or they're gonna be markets or something like that.
And they employ three hundred and seventy thousand people in a city of eight and a half million three hundred seventy thousand people, I think I think we should pause for a second in as much as I want to be an optimist about about the idea that you know bounce back and people will open new restaurants, and there is a wonderful essay by Gabriel Hamilton, who is the founder and proprietor of the New York City resting prune amazing place. The essay was about having to close a restaurant in the midst of the pandemic and what you you get from reading. It is this that it takes a very unique kind of entrepreneurs to to put their heart and soul and money into a place like that. I'll need hundreds, if not thousands, of those sorts of people in order to have a sustained enough recovery that you'll have this thriving strong scene again and not just the restaurant suit ray. You can look at almost any sector
the economy in a place like New York and you're, going to need those kind of entrepreneurs. Hopefully we will have a a lot of those, but I do think the challenge is more than just a numbers challenge. It's a it's a commitment, people who want to stay in the city and rebuild it, and that is gonna. Take a certain kind of person There is something of like So I'm generally of the mind that everybody who says you know everything has changed and we're not going to go back to the way we were eighteen months I was really overestimating how committed we are to re, establishing the kind of conditions that we like, but the condition when out where I am concerned about, are the things that we didn't like going away like Marshall real estate, so you can really is definitely see a reckoning for commercial real estate in the places where lockdown enthusiasm is particularly
maps in places like Silicon Valley in Manhattan. Lotta companies are now saying you know, you're. Never going back to work. Twitter announced yesterday that, like most of its employees, are gonna be working. Remotely forever and that that this aggregating effect that that's going to have particularly on urban populations will be significantly asked to people who are like you know all these things that we used to enjoy. There are going away forever. I don't believe that for a second, we will re accumulate, reestablish the situations that we enjoyed, because our ass. It has an evolutionary trade mankind's capacity to forget, pain and trauma is really pronounced and something that's quite valuable, but the stuff that people didn't like like commuting, that's gonna be truncated. At least two it'll be a little bit different, and if there is not a ton of people Midtown Manhattan to populate these restaurants over the one shift?
Are you using a thirty your income and that's unsustainable? Okay? So if we try to move this out of Manhattan since were constantly being accused, the body by certain a certain degree of our listeners of being too you know, cut coastal centric or New York's. I included the Bay area just to that. Ok had to be cut by around out my my approach. The point here is that there is a macro economic, this is a macro economic assault on the entire nations economy. Right, you often were come often in a country, is vast and complicated as hours, recessions in one area led to explosions of growth in others. Right that down that you you have, if there is an oil shock that makes
energy much more expensive. The states that produce energy taxes, you know in Oklahoma, like that they boom than other places suffer and its versa right, if there's as their, if there is a crater ring of the value of of oil or something like that, Texas suffers then, among other places where gas I've wrap seen gas in my area being where the dollar seventy a gallon. Now you or less that's a that's that's benefit. This is something different, because these lockdown are affecting two thirds of all states or something like that
ah envy. The theory of the lock towns is that, basically we need to keep our distance from each other until either the virus somehow magically goes away or there's a treatment for others of vaccine for it and in a modified form. We can't really go back to normal. We can Oh back, seventy percent to normal or something like that- it particularly if its necessary, but we can all the way back to normal- and so that a new, that's a new thing right, it's not just prune, you know
I'm just fancy. Restaurants in New York, that'll effect, you know a diner in in you know Miss Skokie that that that'll effect Tuscaloosa Alabama like that that stuff all the other things we talk about the supply chain, the problems with you now deliveries, all of that are not good at our not gonna, be there were not just talking about high end. Whether if you work for twitter, you can work in homer, have to go into the office or, either, if your company rents, a hundred and seventy five dollars per square foot space in a fancy building in Manhattan. It's basically gonna walk away from its leaves because people aren't gonna wanna gather there any more. This is a larger and and more intractable problem, because because, though the effect of the virus so far has been disproportionately, you know on the New York area.
We're not Alec without a point where the the deaths of the New York area, R, R R, in an absolute decline right, a better Europe, Europe, better best number tracker right, were now down to about a force, alien where we were up at the worst right. Yeah, that's new, state. And if you look at the city numbers which few people do because Cuomo is so serve dominated the New York situation, the city numbers are even more incur urging most but most of the new hospitalizations, and what not are are outside of five boroughs right. So here's why that's important because of course the death rate nationally is not going down something like two thousand p. But they are dying and there isn't any real reason to think that that number is going to
Vanish in the next month, so you're so were it's not that there has been money. Is everyone's been worried about these outbreaks right, which is understandable because of a pandemic. You get an outbreak, that's where you get concentrated deaths really fast and you know when spreads, but you have two thousand people a day die. That's sixty have some people a month in a month, and so you are talking about while it's a very big country and those those local deaths are small in number in aggregate county by county. The problem isn't going away, it's kind of a stable new normal that will continue to frighten people away from conducting basic every day. Economic human activity charm go earlier or those numbers will go down
but but they will go down, because I mean you ve got to imagine that social and saying and- and swearing and all that is, is going to slow. The spread right right. Well, they're, not gonna, go I'm! That's it! I'm not gonna go down, they just may not go down, as you know fast as people. They were, or everyone stays inside and manliest men among us, inherit the earth who sullens named checking rusty, Rien arena. Like. I said there lies a loud there's, a lot of isn't just russet there's an. I do think this is a display of I'm I'm I'm as bullish as it gets on going outside and of being risk of our risk. Now look here. Yet make recycling risky risk. Yes I'll, invite more risk than I think the baseline level of risk assumption on Twitter is isn't in absolute zero. So I'm a little bit less
risk averse than than they are. Nevertheless, in others, a lot of people out there who think that this is an abridgment of their of their lives because then they will not abide by these restrictions because there's no police power behind them. So that's there's gonna be a portion of the population that will not. That will not abide by the sort of thing, but this is why I think fancies testimony yesterday was so sing because he would he said pretty clearly. You know we need the risk of reopening too soon, is that we will see all the success we ve seen that we can contribute to social distancing will start to dissipate a particular in areas that haven't been hard hit yet, but but might possibly start to see more cases in the next few months, but I at but the only alternative is what we ve talked about many times the kind of track and trace and surveillance level of public health Oversight of a population that wouldn't really isn't logistically possible or politically or culturally sensible in the U S so there dear
no good answer right, I mean that's, that's the point we're at, and so we might end up in Munich couple people pointed out. We might end up, like Sweden added a de facto like Sweden, where there's a former heard immunity, but up quite a high, certainly quite a high debt all along the way. But I saw a report today and I can't I can't really attributed diary. I haven't investigated it to the extent that it needs investigating, but I saw him Reputable news organization on the West Coast and we're gonna talk more about the West Coast later been in Washington state. There is so there is something from ITALY, governor densely that suggested that in these phase one counties which, as you know, the height of the lock down that do not abide by the contract, tracing contact, tracing and mask wearing provision, This will not be allowed out of their house for emergency purposes. To read doc their home. What what does the police power behind us? What's? The constitutionality behind this is simply doesn't exist.
Just a flex and a weird one. At that, but simply unenforceable. I mean you're literally consigning people to die in their homes and if you think people are just going to sit around like a placid cows and wait to die, you're a delusional I'll bet? There's ITALY, oh go headaches, Madam president, there there's another problem with the track and trace regime regime, which is that Even if you look at the place like South Korea, which has been lauded for having to served the best track and trace and testing and getting the virus down to two such low numbers in their reopening, they have what they call a spike, which is really something like twenty two hundred cases or something, and they. Jump on it, but what that means is shutting down a sector of the economy again right today, though, but shut down nightclubs, if there's a little if there. If there's an uptake of evading cases so That's why I sort of. I have a little. Problem with what value the saying, because
no matter how low we get down. If we look at it as we look it serves- zero is the goal either firstly or inherently we're going to be stopping and starting every time we reach what we try to reopen right. What is less claim is that you'll have to stay in your house but we're going to assign a person to you out of the good, This sum our stay hard. Do your shopping and bringing thing then be nice to you. So basically we have the creation of some new form of public servants. When you are hungry and you need food, you will call of the state and they will send. You know it's like using. Instead, cart, you know, refuse in the cart you order stuff guidance to guard, and basically somebody goes to a store and buys the stuff for you and then bring
the two, your house, but this is about people who are non compliant right It makes no logical themselves. Are guardians mails on violence, no criminals they could have wills, it will facilitate you're, not comply Hence in you in your home, under unconnected unconstitutional house arrest. Right doesn't make no logical sense. Well, so I think part there's another problem with the with the FAO chief, hurry right, which is, if we end the. If we and the long term too fast, everything will just snap back into trouble, also were the last two months for nothing like doesn't. Doesn't the fact that people have avoided other people for two months mean that some form of this that number that they talk about about transmission right?
are not where are not being without having to get under one, and then the virus will die out prison, globally. That number has gone down significantly in the country because of cells. Distancing and therefore it would be harder after this for there to be a snap back right. I mean, I think, if I understand the mass correctly That's right: that's great! You dealt with numbers to go down. Obviously, you're not gonna have outbreaks as severe as you would have the numbers hadn't gone down in the first place right that was point of that threshold of saying that when you get it below one, that means the virus is sort of on the run. Right now grant does not. If it doesn't mean I'm right right, Abiola, one I'm in God knows what we are. I don't know
If we don't have the numbers to know where we are because the testing is in Dover. All that, but but you know the foul she problem is that found she is like a doctor who says to you. I've been remember like having me problem. I went to North appears than he said. Ah well, don't tell it might ok. Well, I've been I'm not plan playing centre on a basketball court. Anytime soon, what does that mean? Don't cavities just like well just try not to pivot, and I'm like okay or eat out so you're like well. I don't even know when I'm pissing it. Like you, I, like your phone basketball court a month, has what I understand I sort of others.
Then how I'm not sure I would know how to avoid pivoting, but like what does that mean you're, giving me an instruction? I cannot find hope as because you don't like when they tell you the way to correct your posture, is to stand up straight and you just remember to stand up straight. You keep standing up straight in your local. What are their old times of the day, I'm supposed to be conscious. Hidden, not standing up perfectly straight like who can live like that. There is now having to everybody in this. Every public official in this whole affair has become an avatar, but they just sort of function as a stand in for a series of sentiments and fancies among them for lockdown enthusiasts, is by virtual superhuman and then friend, the antagonists lockdown he's really excessive and all of it doesn't you know it's just sort of cartoonish. But the guy really doesn't have any bedside manner whatsoever, and you really
we need to acknowledge the fact that he views people as some sort of a colleague that don't actually behave human beings behave, and if everybody were to simply cease to move for two weeks that we couldn't end the thing now and that would be ideal but darn at these. These people are behaving like people and, if only we could just force them to behave like a toy at times, or you know what sort of a package of dna or or an aim, which is what is its focuses on all day long then we could mean a. We could have this perfect society, but that's not what people do not help. People behave and that's not what we expect from public officials and pay. The critics of doctors actually have some really valid points there. Well, you know, can we can we turn a little bit too to our friend Rusty Reno are arena the editor first things, because he would be the on the extreme of be people like voucher, destroying this country view rusty.
Has been writing as a locked down sceptic hot, hostile, morally hostile, claiming that you know you're denying people the right to go to church is like destroy their souls and stuff like that, and so he's going to secret church sessions that people don't know about in order to have the church experience them last night on Twitter Rusty said basically that people who wear masks are cowards. Somebody's got those there. I am so can you read them off shares in the first one is by the and the World war. Two vets did not wear masks their men, not cowards, mask eat, masks, equal enforced cowardice, then just to reinforce talk to my son in Seattle. The mass culture is fear, driven, masks, plus cowardice.
It's a regime, dominant gum meant he meant dominated by fear of infection and fear of causing of infection, both our species of cowardice and, finally, you're right now. We know who want to cower in place by all means rage against those who want to live there too interesting things going on here, which as as our friend jobs last has said, you would think that the vat, diagram of people who want the economy and America to reopen and the and the people, who think everybody should wear a mask would be the. Same circle right. In other words, if you want everything to reopen.
It's kind of like a very minimal thing to say that you should wear a mask for everything to reopen, because the virus isn't just going to disappear. So if we can't lockdown and we have to go out in public and there's got to be a way to stem the spread, if we're all going to do that, so as simply as a matter of prudence, wear a mask right that that would kind of like a minimal, prudent, fair understanding, while understanding that every person on earth hates wearing a magnificent right, I hated you hated rusty, hates it everybody hates it. If you wear glasses
I accept your glasses if you, it sweet, smells it's this, but you're not wearing a mask, because you fear infection that you fear that by having them in not wearing them you're gonna, get in fact that you are wearing the mask to prevent infection in others in case you are infected, but dont, know it or to provide comfort to us. First on the street or wherever you are or at a store, because I, Don't know whether you're infectious or not Can I just remind you, though, he said in one of those tweets that that too is a species of cowardice will enhance what this is where I have to Japan
he made it about being a man about like masculinity and I'm sorry, if you're a tradition. If your view of traditional masculinity is what, in all other regards, I, if you read first things the first things in view of bashfully, is than it would actually be a protective thing. You're you're doing something to protect others, that is a part of traditional, that's good masculinity right, you're, you're, a protective figure you, where the master that you don't sick and others said that the very fact Then he turned it into this discussion of masculinity and cowardice. It just strikes me We were, of course texting about when it all happened and age is stuck me. It was a kind of like stolen valor moment right, like he's, trying to trying to find a way to beat rages in the midst of pandemic, where courage is not what it usually looks like for peace for some people. I guess and became too, a confused, and I feel bad that he had went down that path but too, to link that two masculinity strikes. Me is bizarre. Are one might even say. Such a regulation is for
the common good, yeah. I saw common gonna run a year but see let's talk about manliness in regard to this. Ok, so let's talk about classical Unclasped will understand manliness men, this. It may collapse in either. You know a written about eloquently by Harvey Mansfield and others is not. You know going out with an axe and chopping down. Would you know ass being like Paul Bunyan work? You know that that's a good thing and it's you know obviously very virile. You know and strong, but that manliness properly understood is
doctrine of reticence and self sacrifice, and I can't think of anything that combines reticence and self sacrifice in an odd way more than wearing a mask when you don't want to, because you are doing it not for yourself, but for others. Now it's a common good in the sense that than others are doing it for you. So there is an exchange of there's an exchange of care, but say that you wore somebody who is actually not fearful of getting the virus. Maybe you should be, but you're, not that I would describe myself as one of those people- and I really dislike were- bring a mask. I'm now, where are your mask everywhere? Not only because we now want to go outside or
I'm whenever the source of not only because I have do because that sort of what is now the understood thing that yours was to do, but because I understand that others do not have the sentiments and feelings about this, that I have that. Others are frightened that others are scared, that others are terrified and that I can contribute to some sense of social solidarity. By honouring their fear in my own personal behaviour and to me that's kind of manly
You are the paragon of manliness. I am, I am the paragon, but it is astonishing to me. As I say, that's why I mentioned a Johnston's than Diagram idea, which is so it's not only that we should reopen, because we can't abide what's going on here, but that we we should reopen and then pretend that nothing is happening. That efforts that week, that things that we are supposed to do and live in how we're supposed to live, have to be altered somewhat. To get through this period, so that is the opposite of a of taking something seriously. That is some kind of reverse version of being an ostrich right. So if you're not,
But you barrier headed fear in this gate. You're walking around like you're, not afraid like you that I'm sorry I just can. I got the like thirty thousand philosophy. If you have a rational scepticism of the kind of data, some that was advocated by people like Rusty Reno in the first things, crew about the definition of what common good is and the application of state power to force people to behave in in a fashion that de the common good. You should be around your environment today and saying what mistakes did I make in my logic that led me down this path because you don't get to define the common good. Or your the the coalition that you ve sembled, is a rough. What is being affected now is what the common good, as defined by the people, who actually hold the levers of state power who out number you bastard.
Who have imposed these conditions on you that you deem intolerable that that should impose some sort of recognition on you about the error. The flaw in your fellow, and why the kind of libertarianism they have now adopted out of sheer frustration with their conditions is optimal for maximizing individual human happiness But I think this is a very deep point, and maybe we should pull back even more to try to explain what it is it you're talking about so, as voiced in the now famous fight between our friends, our memory and our friend David French, David there was. A manifesto goes out of. There was a manifest manifest bags, but I'm just trained like simplify this to say that sort of like we are playing too much on the turf of the liberal,
by talking about free speech and religious liberty. They all they want to do is give us crumbs in a day what that they're, just providing us with problems in saying just leave us alone, and you know it all. Who all we want to be left alone, to pray and are a little circles, and that's not enough for us. We want to win this culture war. We want the country to change and be better and be more moral and they have the levers of power that the cultural levers. Power. The other side and David French is giving in to them an resigning himself to their power. Power and no, we should seize the power and take the state power for ourselves and use it against them. Right. That's what sort of saw Rob's argument against David and the central! There are several problems with this, one of which is you don't have the power because you don't have the power it's not because you have
attempted to seize it. It's that there's been a shift in american society. That means that the more you want to empower the powerful to control the behaviour of other people, the more likely it is that, if you were on the minority side of these conversations that you are going to have your freedom limited right? As you know, a hundred years ago you couldn't shop on Sundays, And now you can shop on Sundays, and so, if you want it, if You want to live in a world where you catch up on Sunday, so that its the Lord's day, if you think that you can reimpose that by giving the state the power to do stuff like that, the state as much more likely to impose drag time story, our that it is row return to the blue was.
So, can I arrive men all along? That's right, so Rusty Rhinos magazine first things publishes a for the common good manifesto kind of led by this sort of argument- and here in this in these last few months we have seen- is this, I would say- got revulsion against the lock down the logic of the lock down the where everything about it and as I think your site, now. What that means is that everything that they were saying about the common good is v She aided by their loathing of the lock down right, because the locked down yet is a philosophy of the common good?
No, I don't believe in the in a collective common good, but they do I hope so yet. No, it isn't that what you have it. This isn't the kind of common good we were talking about. Go get ashore, but guess what you know. How many visions. Do you have in a calculation of raw hard power a numerical superiority which, as you know, the state of nature, into which we are all born, and I did they this the institutions. We have erected around us to sort of mitigate that that really central calculation still prevails in a lot of politics and a fifty plus one matters and can't get there you're, not even close to their. You can advocate, feared the kind of conditions that you want to see and, if you're advocating for a sort of soft totalitarianism, which is what this is then yeah sure go ahead. An advocate for it, but look around you and see what that looks like when the power changes hands because it and a power
advocating the people to have and wheeled Rachel Yesterday, you defended Donald Trump on the grounds that when he talks about what's going on and what needs to happen that he is in fact he should get credit for a kind of moral seriousness that people aren't. You the credit for having and may be worth like articulating that again in response to this, it is the other side of the there's the lock down and then there's rusty, Reno, saying you're a coward to wear a mass. We'll men don't wear masks. The greatest generation didn't wear masks, which is, of course, preposterous rat club, where
When they construction workers- and we we we work across the street from a hotel that is being built right at commentary when with the office and we spend hours watching them, build this hotel from the ground up cause. It's the closest perspective ever had a building something, and there are dozens of guys working in the building and guess what they do all day. They wear masks caserne construct. They are doing very manly things with with all kinds of equipment and their wearing mask, so they don't inhaled particles that will kill them. Are they cowards, all of them no, of course, are not cowards, but I you know, I hate to zag after defending Trump on the grounds of moral seriousness yesterday, but he has been, something of a paragon, maybe so
what unfairly to two people who who are advancing the kind of things that rusty saying. I mean first of first mothers, the then he doesn't where mass, which, by the way I take as is perfectly fine, but that is that is he championed in a way that The president is wearing a mask and we you don't need to additionally, his at some point weeks, acceding thee liberate them state liberate that state those those twitter statements that is it that is also a kind of and serious approach to to pushing for reopen So I don't. I don't know that he's the best the trunk is best example. Here am, I think, trappers was morally serious to the extent that he did not try to sugar coat. The fact that reopening was going to be
difficult and in fact deadly yet necessary. I think that that is a frankly me. Her sober, more manly kind of statement about the state of affairs then calling mask whereas cowards, yes. Well, then we get into the other question of The cost of everything that is going on that we haven't really talked about, because there's no way to quantify that. We don't really know really really gonna know when it's all over, which is the question of what harm is being done by the law. Down tat is not purely economic, but maybe ancillary offshoots of the economic and the psychological damage of you know. Isolation which is, are we in a sea of that area, seen increased and suicides are we gonna see an increase in
things are people worried about like domestic abuse or you know, or drug abuse or alcohol abuse, and that sort of thing that will have decades long consequences even after we, you know work through this pandemic and that's another thing. That the binary choice of you, you have to be locked down forever right. Up until this is all over like then it's like. Well, that's not a serious way to look at this either, because we know bad things are going to come out of this and they are not simply going to be Kate check relate though being airy about paycheck crises they species of, shall I say, white privilege that
a lot of people in the media seen very easily addicted to now we're. We goes back. I mean just the ghost kind of back to the first things manifesto, which was such an attack on the notion of man is homo economic us that you know the commercial life is not only the anything but the full flourishing of the human experience, but can also sap you of the kind of humanity that you should be experiencing a communal setting. So not only have we been robbed of communal setting been robbed of economic activity all in the name of the of the greater good and the effects are slightly less than optimal well, they're, already slightly less an optimal in my point is that we may discover that their wildly less than optimal not only longer this goes on, but when we have to deal with the fall out from the pain that has been inflicted- and we just
don't know what that it. So this is one sunny cheerful conversation that we have been having here today. Isn't it it's really and that no one is likely to mention this, but you may have noticed that I I sounded different in the last like forty minutes I did in the beginning, haven't some I'm I'm having some technical problems. I had to switch from a Wifi computer connection to a phone, over the air, my phones, eighty in three bar connection, that's why maybe I'll down while we're laying it over the table? Yes sound better than yesterday, and we do apologise for the audio quality, yesterday's broadcast boy that I'm, I feel tat All about that? I, but we actually you now we might even have simply thrown that one of the guards ten given how terrible it
but now I know I want to say now. Who is the producer of this? Podcast has labored mightily or the last couple of days to deal with my technical, disasters, and I thank him for that. It's like a lot of effort to is he said one of these days. I was blinking out every four seconds, so he had to go in, unlike some how close the gap of time so that I would sound even remotely fluid so That that's bad, and I apologise for that. It's not really my fault, but I will take responsibility, as I manly if you're, not a coward but not a and about, is correct. So assuming that our technical difficulties are manageable, we will excited to announce that we are supposed to have.
And their Tom cotton as our guest tomorrow and commentary roasting last commentary rusty, then appear. Oh, I will do with us Friday again, assuming that we can make this work that'll be worth turning to hear so for aid. Staying and now I'm John Adwords keep the camel burn.
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