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Is Trump Sleeping Through the 3 A.M. Call?

2019-09-19 | 🔗
The COMMENTARY Podcast hosts are still shaking off the afterglow from the annual roast, but have just enough energy to break down the results of the latest round of Israeli elections, the ongoing international crisis in the Middle East, and Corey Lewandowski’s embarrassing performance before a congressional committee.
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O OM, Exct RI, I am haveoh. Oh Mata fall. Welcome to the commentary magazine podcast to day is excuse. Me is Thursday September nineteenth twenty nineteen nine jumped onwards. The editor comentary with me, as always senior editor, Abrimonmabe Hellojon, Associate Edernor Rothmenhi know I jumped and back in Washington senior writer Christine ROS at Christine. I so Christine was he Oflast Modaycas, we a, ars, are
annual gala, a commentary magindany Ill Gale, which we do in the form of a roast a and the roasty on Monday night was been chipiro and the who actually has a review. In our forthcoming October issue of Kavan Williamson's book, the smallest minority, a a great time, was had by all Dana Prino. I was one of the roasters Andrewk Laven, the screen writer podcaster, a novelist ah TED Cruize a Jonigal, our old friend ofgober and twenty a seventeen Roaste John Golberg was the was? Was there am ah an? It was a it was a pretty spectacular evening and if you want to hear more about Dana Renault was Roast R, r r general thing. Is it it's off the record? So, of course, such things are observed. Often in the breach, as was the case with John Bolton's lunch,
Yesterday the Gatestone ensued, but Dena Dana herself revealed much many of her jokes on her podcast with Cristar Wald I'll. Tell you what! So, if you want to go. Listen to that, you can hear all that Dana's Tia roast O Ben, so a great I was had by all ah Nilonn M N, Abon ad and Christine were rub, may be draggon a a little bin on Tuesdaysomething, but Tad said, I will say we had. I just say we did have some a very devoted podcast listeners there, a that that came to the roast and am The suggestions I heard was that we should have
special, a reader read the ads for the podcast. You knew Kanavlica like a voice over her, so just putting that out, thak ha ha o guess I don't know who that would dat they actually in the world of a radio advertising, as I think no who was in radio before he was in print or benowd. I They want hosts yet VA. Dislies called a livery right and yoclipay more me, or I get the host JO to Teangua, I explain they in your lane. Thou hast iters, I love our implyd body was dick. As believe me, the money is Rainingw. What a frolics like Seattle, Legin Seattle. Ah because of the live reads: a weir just rollin over like Scrooge Micduck, were like diving or uncle uncle Scridevicken were diving into the dollars. In our Yedo in our vault I swimming through her Med Ault of money, her a ha ha ha. I
anyway. It was great thank you all for out bah everybody who was tha there, who I is listening now, I'm thank you so much for for for coming, Fer Ba for helping to defray r our annual expenses through your generosity and a I've, no idea who rgin a roast next year, so that this was a tenth, so we've done outad to eight of the two of the ten. Were my parents, I of the separate years a and then we have we cid build Cristel. We did Roger Hertogwe Ti Charles Crawdhammer, we de Dick Chainy. We did Joe Lieberman. Ah, we do dance, Scenor Jonah A, I think. That's it am if I'm am ime, maybe
missing somebody off Myey, unfortunately, but I's write to me. He add anyway, so lob. Ah, the funny thing is these roasts were inaugurated in the following fashion, which is that in twenty ten it was my father's Adiouts a birthday and my sisters, and I were sitting around thinking. We should have a Navy's birthday party for him and we were all broke. So we you know what it was like we're con have to invite a hundred and fifty people and in New Yorker it should yo at Washington Washington. Just we were beknow. I had threved e way Hadtuitions im, no one knowin any money, so we were alike. We were at a loss as to what to do, and I had just been to a row ah my wife had taken me to a roast of the actor Fisher Stevens, ah, which was done for a theatre company than he Fishers Stephen
was involved with. So the idea was he was setting himself up as a sacrificial lamb to raise my for the theatre company, and so I suddenly had this flash, which was. Maybe we could do the save's birthday party as a fun Raizor for commentary. We do it, but we wouldn't just do it as a fun raisor tribute because he'd already had a tribute dinner in the previous Yeroing the tribute dinner to my predecessor, Kneal Causdally, upon his retirement, and so he could. Like another tribute dinner like that. Was that seem ridiculous. So I that so this all came together in my head, as we could do it as a roast and them and it Woal just went like gang busters, and so ah, we had alway always had an annual dinner where someone gave a spe
Shin you know, John Bolton did it one year and mad there was TE victor of his hands in Di one year. Serve gave a serious, no thirty minute address on problems of the day and a people seemed like this. Not not that not Thad a not that Johns and VIC. A speeches were at gray, but people seemed to enjoy this little more. Ah, the last one of these thairs we had was was what they would betray us and then basically was like Wl Harry Yougeno top. They would betray us. Ah, this was seen, of course, but a week, so we ar so. We basically went to our annual fun, raising event being being being a Roasten subserve unusual thing in its serviar, it's our brand now so I We will tell you that whenever we figure out with Extrostiez will let you know- and ah you call a your houses, l ham.
Oh, ah, ah, I will just begin quickly. Saying that I was totally wrong. On Monday, I predicted that PE be not nowosily. Qood party we get thirty seven seats and therefort would be able form the government, Israel, as of now, could has thirty one seats, which is down from thirty five and in the last election that had to be redone so they're down and the n, my party, which is essentially the anti Baby party. That's the only way to describe it, cause it's basically a to right party its, but it's pitch basically, is we're not him, and he should
So there actualthey were all sot down from thirty four, but there ad, apparently thirty three or something like that. Ah, the final tally is not in I, no one can form a government. Ah, the right, winged block a of parties, which is would be led by by Bib Biesley Cood, is at about fifty five seats. The centre left block led by Balloo and white. The Anti Beaby Carti is at forty four seats. The obvious thing to happen is for there to be what would be called a unity government between blue and white and Lecoud, which Mebe has now proposed conveniently with himself still as Prime Minister, which is you know, I have saved to almost a transparent absurdity because you know
Basically, this was kind of a vote of no confidence in him. His party went down fifteen per cent. Ah, you know in the number of seats and having run very aggressively on the idea that it was a real danger that the that a our parties posed a sto have awakenedthe Arab is really voters and caused a few of rush to the Poles of ARB is really voters who now have ut in a pinnop in a alliance called the joint list have about thirteen or fourteen seats, which was vastly larger than any. I observe, specifically as Rayly arab political wines has ever gotten, so he this back fired,
him very bad. He am, and ah the only really good news s that this say is a psychotic party led by a gun in Bengvere who has a poster of Boroh Goldstein, the Slaughtererf Hevrun in his living room. I did not make we'd OU, basically tank to this alliance, that he was in ah and made sure that the sky who worships you know jewish terrorism, but will not be in the canessa anyway. Ah so I was totally wrong and a I own up to it, and there is absolute nowy that Knowhat's can happen now. Um the real deadline here is that, though, it's the first week of Octotes now the nineteenth of September, the first week of October, is when the attorney general of Israel is said to announce whether or not he will issue a formal indictment of Bibi, Nen Yahouan
what I think are really of ludicrous charges. Ah, but with babies, decline and power and authority. Here the likelihood that that indictment will in fact go through, which is what he announced six months ago that he was intending to do this. Ah really does them call to question whether or not that blue and white people just simply need to sit tight until the indictment comes down and then basically the Lecoud Party will either be compelled to say, will Bebe you have to step down now, because you can't ye knout mute for he hasn't half to according to the laws, a weird waw about this, but am in a bessel they'll say we me you got to go away. You know, we've done everything we can for you and that the princes of Lecould would then take, would basacally cool him out of office, and then they could go into alliance with with the Bluon White Party. So that's that's ra.
That and we'll end there, because of course, Jode Golworks went on for five minutes by how all I do is Mologu on this on this PO and so did Dama Prina by the way. So I'm not ging to say anything, I'm now going to turn it over to know a Rothman to talke. Which which of our hunond subjects, that it can't waimne on with any authority which topic do you want to take up now? I guess In'So returned Malten, execute a seamless transition from Israly politics too. The domestic crisis day, because a Premonister Lattina who postponed his visit to New York City in order to try to form a government om- and it just happens to be very olse weak en York city. It is the seventy fourth annual ASM General Assembly of the United Nations and there is a brewing international crisis abroad which which the Trump Administration took my advice. I'm TI take ownership of that, some pretty sure they read my post and decided we're re '
thus as go right to the United Nations and make the case for RA, a glubico allition to o a Aval assets to the tur piracy in the straet of Hormouz from Oran. This Ub comes at, Eriod when tensions are extremely heightened. After last Weekens attack on Theramco Orfi. Facility and Sady Arabia, which the sadties now allege occurred a rich. The attack originated from north of the arabian Peninsula unlikely. Originated in a rack very likely er. Atit in a ran. That's not just me saying an, and this is some very sceptical min in her ventionists looking at the range, some of these items that were displayed in the kingdom yesterday- If it wasn't in Tega. I me the rage, limited Absolence, that's probably Originated a ram which makes it an extremely brazen attack. Ah an
O Benjamin Etinga, whose absence and I believe a ran's representatives- are considering also not coming to the orkcity gon, the trure. If I can be quoted on that one, but on the their absence a it presents up both opportunities and probably some some problems for the administration, but the administration is not id, certainly not on a war footing. Am the president was in Caliph on raising this week. Ah, he seem very disinclined to do anything, a proactive to address a escalading provocations, violent provocations from Orein OM, so we're hearing conflicting messages at one point. The administration is very interested in establishing coalition to De Ter re re established a turns, but at this 'm, not taking any action to re, establish a turrence and if that is their course of action, the terns will not be re. Established. Theug exclaimed in cycle probic, will continue in at one point
Sgoin to do something really bad really. As headed andly Readd, something really Belo. Well, I not bad enough opparellit well Asothey'Re, going to continue to test that where I and hit a trip wire at which point response will not be. Let's establish global coalition, let's establish the evidence. Let's get a together on oering E sight, ire woult be immediate. Where and disproportion may be, I mean so ah a representative Jim Himes of Connectict, on morning jealous morning and basically said The Saudis should do you know defend themselves, and this really is an hour is an hour problem now for their two things interesting, but that one of which apparently, all of Sady Arabia's defences are pointed south toward Yemen, Soit and literally they don't have any eyes at they may be. An depostilities theoretically with iron, but they KN. They did not take seriously the prospect that an attack would come from the north, a
which is interesting, so this of course changes the calculus of everything, including their own defence calculus, their defense, calculus, being whatever arms we've sold them and in our end and systems we sell them to defend selves. Ah, but what that says to me the Heimes thing is that a there will be no counter pressure inside the United States. Tromp will define Trumpert in a linsy Graham to his right will define the right word respondse, because the Democri parties now become effectively isolations. You had been roads, the You know the m f. Thar would be M Afe from the university of in a ND up like isolation, a sicilation, this Nwgrt to a ran in, ran Alon. Why so he's like? How dare Trump suggests that Iran might have done this when clearly it's the hoothies like this is Thaf former Deputy National Deputactual Scuradvisor of the last administration. So, there's gon to be no counter pressure on
Umpathy, and I says he will define the outer limit of hawkishness here, and so you know, if he's under pressure. He will do the least possie that's why he and John that's why John Bulton left the White House till weekan half ago right, eh Bunny said yet I not just thinking t in terms of um o would know's. I went at at the same time im a oh, we are not at Alln a war footing on vieranians are still um at there. A talking like crazy, the ovder thy running farm minister has just been saying still, of course, denying they were. They were Responsibe for the attack but sang they are ready for total war. That's I that's said an a Dreloat and that um they will not talk to Vew us unless it is about complete assential relief, I'm so that that that pressure is not going away and and if Trump A chooses that to
act in any way, I agree with MO who has a fantastic post. Yesterday was your: was your pose obed that that um? That for an attack for a response that is not um for a response to come from Satie Ribia a and not the. U S is is problematic because that will in fact inside of TH ranians into a conflict that they would be ready to esculade, whereas if the? U S were to do something decisive here, a Hre would be a recognition on the Erranean's part that this is that this is a conflict that they ththey do not necessarily one of us early prosecuted, a sometrically, Bre Crously would hurt, which Hoad still heard us quite of it. Christines O. I is it strikes me that maybe what, run as doing here is em, is responding to what might be considered the Trump doctrine. Ah,
which is a we we are nice top dictators and hostile to the often Hh Thto allies wether. Be that that Wil, avirs, the Aranians testing, the north korean example and that's an ideaminate the as as a everyone knows. This is a present whose already gone through for national security advisers and and what had three chiefs of staff a mean he's in and who we all know, loves, loves authoritarian leadership, but I think Ththe one thing that's changed. I think no appoints us or well in his post. Is this The war rhetoric is increasing on all sides. Right, I mean Pompeo talking about war. You hear the renning for a minister. Turning about war, That is where I start to become concerned, because Trump and rhetoric is not a good combination for oudo strategic thoughtful policy making when it comes to dealing with a power like Aron, so I'll be he's got this new, a this new se,
the adviser, Nastual Scurty Visor, who is sounds like by what the meatar reports of Mars that he's his Bolton's views, but in a kind of kinder cudli or paggage a so I will see. I mean I think they could be testing that, but I also think that some of the things we to say in response to Arran like go Wha, we could be of Syper security options. We have. We have all kinds of enow increase sanctions, were running out of things to say so they as right that the next few weeks again to be crucial? Why I, I am struck by the belligerents that Pompeo is showing? Ah, because this is a gain where you you just don't know what the administration that doesn't speak with one voice. Ah,. Trump is the person who was got to make this to say was tromp, who made the decision that pull back from the response to the douwning of the drone and he vent o
Sive about that decision. When Pierre got it up well, well, you know and while the Lindsey, Graham a Wazir, as very as if I cur out working right whill, he said it would have in in an some a typical define against the president that mast clearly viewed by a ran as in as a a display of weakness to which the President quote tweated in a enoughhe example of our third modern era and said no no Lindsey. This was a display of strength. Some people just don't understand that Aya, I mean among them the Aranians That was his point yet so so yet so would appear. So I'm that a By the way. That's a direct line to a bam is thinking on ah wisely little didn't go ahead with his red line. He says it was his proudest moment, a redlined against am Ssyria, because the Prodact who took strength to Fleden Byvae hundred lots of the EVIL Teef yes Grappy Rirol Ba Natina, but an
give in to a institutional pressure attacted to a temple. There was a totally freaky thing earlier. This we cam trn, remember Witpy, with the proximate cause of it, but known I had me added change about this wheare, some unnamed hadministration official, said something that was almost exactly parallel to the thing that the Abamad Minister official said to the new Yorker in twenty eleven about how in Libya we were leading from behind it was oh this- was when Trump said we have to wait for Sally Arabia and tell us what happened or whatever I had v rrceed. Yet at that Tah that that Trump is now essentiallybt. You know that were going to borrow this leading from behind theory m Ot, which it I was an interestingr is a bit of a digression, but it should be evident at this point that the institutional pressures in Washington are not towards HAWK
responses to provocations abroad that deserved them quite the opposite. Obviously, at this point, when we have two by partisan administrations, two to diffr per Tis ministrations, leaning into the same example, respons to thee sort of things that the institutional pressure is toward inaction and inactivity. Why will you consice this. Is this it where we are still ye Nontse, Ten years later, we are still in the overhang from the fact that the that we did not attain our goal in the worn, a rock. Ah, you know that that we ended up in this. You know serve ten year struggle ah, and nobody wants that and every one's afraid of that and and trumpleaves way, Abama believes believe that he needs to go into an election cycle as a Sman and not as a war man- and you remember that after the Benghazi attack on September, eleventh twenty twelve one of the reas
that the sun became this enduring controversy was that the Obom ad ministration, the abomicamp. Ain were both so concerned about the possibility of saying we have to go and strike at the people who now killed are or in that Ther, ah, that they didn't want to say was a terrace attack. They once a was because of the thee video and and all that- and why was that because he they, as a summit in London, is dead and GM is a lie. White and native admiration of a tear right right, whereas of at whereas some of us thought at the time will that's kind of weird and cunning nuts, because it gin me to stand up and say we will not rest until we get the murderers of our ambassador MIT Romney. Then the candidate against Him- would have had to say. I commend the president for his toughness and you know no would have challenged Abama, including if he never even did it. He fell Oe Te the winner? We never? We did Nextall
the and find it rhetorical he was so eded to this idea that he had to say that he had done everything he could for peace, that ve the idea of a retaliatory strike, orbino worb or even a military one forcement mission to get the bad guies was a bad thing for him to say in Trump. Thing seems to be going into that same attitude, no heat in of their poth. They both got tens of millions of votes, and I have, and so en ow. They may know more about this than I do, but The notion of saying we cannot allow this Youredentist Regine in Uran, Millen Jim. You know ilinary, Theiridentist Regume in a run to destroy or disrupt world, come in this fashion Thogh Sally oil fields are not just domestic
Oudy oil fields. They are part of the life blood of the world economy and we, you know, we have four decades. Insisted that we would not allow there to be this kind of disruption, and we will not stand for it. Who, who exactly is Gointg Tao, complain about that except them row, it's much. As that I mean that consensus now is that we were correct, essentially do not res unto a clean dattack on a hundred twenty million dollar unarmed surveillance asset over international waters that we should just let that slide. Tha your position, I mean God bless you, but your Sgoin to get more attacks as a result, not a serious position, but its never less consensus? Will you I'll tell you olsoho? It's duches been roads. There is now, ah among Libeals and and the left there is. I byss in this post kashoge killing universe this idea that Trump, like a bush a similar myth, is
euniquely, doing the bidding of the evil sallies and- and we cannot count in countenance this. There's like a finante lay a fancial interest in against hotels and Riad or soing on thise line. What I can't quite follow the conspiracy of it's very potent. I hear it from Reathe reasonable people, I'm just saying that it's it it's the kind of fire if Trump needs the tough guy thing as one of his calling cards again, I just don't understand why that's a bad thing to go into an election cycle representing when you might have you Biden who was mister. I waz yet out Ike. We shouldn't have gone into a rock in the first place and I support everything tabomided, including the red line thing or morener sn Hellen and the enemy Hi'Ll want us to. You know who who turn all the guns into Lutter, exactly the Ame public doesn't like conflict, and this would be a well. I ask n direct conflict wirh, the rain would hurt. Think there are plent
american assets, american diplomatic officials, american uniformed officials, in the region that a rank can hit with proxies or directly and they would o ke. I just don't think that there is any yes Americans, don't like conflict cept, when, when it is said that the conflict is coming from. Uranians who are attacking the life blood of the West earkins. Don't like a RON. They don't like Aranians. They didn't like the orondeale, sixty forty Americans up. The Orondial and Pauling an twenty fifteen. Iran were NS, the most unpopular country in the world for a Our and if the President states came up and said they're doing bad, ad, we got to confront them. I just don't believe that the american people, Say that's a bad idea, somebd as to make the case right, Ocae Someone else has to make the case for privacy on the inner at Noah, and you know who does Expressvy p n cause, wouldn't a
nice of search engines and social mediacsites were unbiased platforms that didn't choose a side politically. Keep dreaming IND sixteen the technically to Google bragged by donating millions to Hilary is big tech companies that pushed their poet Gendan, Restrictif, free speech. Rights of conservatives are the very same corporations, we're Trus thing to handle our personal data on line. I don't, the music, my web history, email, Medidata or video searches against me. That's why I use expressly began every time I go online. Big tech companies can your intimate activity to yor identity or location using your public ipeaddress. When I use Expressivy P Nd, these Teck companies can't seng my Ipy address hat all Y identity is masked and anonymized by a secure, Vy. Pan server plus express we p M, has the added Ben have been cripting. One hundred per cent of your Dayty to keep you safe from hackers and inner at Baggizes. Does that sound complicated? Will it's not? I promise express with IE, and software takes us a minute to sit up on your computer or phone. You tap one button in your protected. So if you're like me,
you believe her in an inent data belongs to you and not to teckolates, then express e pium as the answer so protect your on line activity to day and find that hi et free months, three at is a p and dot com commentary. That's express we comes Lesst commentary for three months, free with a one yearp. To visit, Expressve, P N, Doccomb's lasht commentary to learn Christine. That's like an ad made fruit. Tets like the Sto, your very hot warms my Lood Iht heart. It truly does I really. I think it's just wonderful, I'm happy to tell the product any time a case. Oh a a so we have vat. We have Thee abum. We have Tuggn a secrets and stuff like that. There is this maddening weird this fitting story. That's out about how a whistle blower in the administration, her the President make a promise to a foreign leader that Al
said wlhistle blower, so much that he had to contact his superiors at some the agency. We don't know which one can assume It was the an SSA or or it could be, that he was in Prisont in the room when something was said and that this Oblowerd news has to be reported to the intelligence committees of Congress, and that am they s what the imnistration has been slow, walking at Adam Cheff. The chairman of the house. Intelligence committee has basically supeed the acting director of what is it. The acting director of, the Aessay, a the home office of the Director of national intelligence rate and Lo Rit, always I tell it Sdan Coates THA succeed. The mporary successor to Dan Koch, As'N a maglirom. Just Guire has been subpened to testify
and is so far refusing the Subpina AM and is Gote, go but isn't, but won't talk, and all this until we have no idea what was said, what was promised, who was talked to whether or not this was conversation or some kind of exchange between trumpet a foreign leader that falls. Well within the president's rights to have such communications without and even King promises, because who the hell knows promises or whether it's part of an overaul strategy to use the body guard of lies to protect the american self interest. We don't. We can't know I'm when a pose to know, and it's all I Adness. Meanwhile, before the Studitiary Committee in its ridiculous impeachment investigation. That might be an inquiry into the possibility of an article of inquiry, into impeachment a former tramp la
trum, Campaig Manger, Courtly Whedesky was summoned and sat in end and made a mockery of the hearing, and I was I it was both a horrifying and hilarious because he served in a weird way expose the ludicrousness of these hearings, ah, which are just a giant fishing expedition and intended to embarrass the president, if even if they don't lead to articles of impeachment o my favorite moment, aside from when he a called Eric Swalwels, Andswallwell, which was a particularly fantastic owivurn ha very bite and asked everybody's t. E presidents cry that wasn't why Yewu that's! I e way. Did it Noah um was a Hnadler, the Chermaf, the committee archly informing Lewandowski that he was violating one of the one of the articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon
d arcles. The patron of Whichard mix Hem were in fact voted on by the house. Judiciary committee in nineteen, seventy four, but never Wen be farther than that. So they have as much existence as any. You know as a as a pet rock from nineteen. Seventy four. They don't have the force Whie that n of the force of anything they were part of the way in which Nixon decided that he was of them was out of town before he could get impeached, but You know sighting them like they are the you know they are. The tablets that Moses brought down from Sinai ISB is, is preposterous am, but Lutely would aski. Also it have clearly lied. He yed Serv seemed to be. On the stand. He Kat he answered whatever questions he wanted to and Waiy to one answer. He said that he had been directed by the White House, not to answer the White House I believe, does not have the constitutional authority to restrict testimony because asnever in a play of the White House. Therefore, he does not fall under executive privilege
ke. The president's conversations with people who aren't in the White House are not privileged. Otherwise, you know, on the rub, background conversations with president that appear in books like Michael Wilson, stuff like that would be. Now would be violations of the ho or something I'm an hat n, so ah tha Dat's, a numbed them so megasthon I tho set Uphis Aasha. Can I say something about the wedlair. Hell was an appirbite and I say something about the whistle blower stuff am because you Not. We are going a likely hear more about it because to day An AA close session. Chif has guna also talked to the inspector Genera Icael Atkinson Whois, the one who found the whistleblowers complaint credible in the first place so hope. Ley will we'll have some pretreence
hat. What concerns me a some people, some reported the reporters of the post, who looked at this story, a said that, Inter they kind of guessed Thati, it could be either prudent, Kamjungun Oou, leader of Pacesan than Netherlands, or K these were that these were the foreign leaders who, in the time, spanning question a Trump had been talking to. So that's a old eh disturbing especialli as either Putin nor Kim Jong on but I also worry that stories like this are going a bee more fodder for deep state conspiracy. There is on the Trump side who feel like a you know, all the spy agencies or just allowh to get Trump and inner that the ungoing paranoia about their rolea. His own is not going to dissipate right. Well, I mean, then, you do have this interesting thing, which is that the Trump Anme whose an anti establishment populist politician is really testing the boundaries of the
stitute the of the ways in which the institutions of our government, the sort of packts and not just the official Concertial stuff, but what we consider like the british Constinutial stuff the norms, the ways in which things have happened in the way things hat worked, which is the ultimate grudging acceptance of congressional oversight. Even if it's grudging and even a fits. You know under negotiation that a and that basically they decided that since they had then a couple of years in which they had up, they had an entirely friendly congress, and now they don't and so they're justgo to disobey the rules- and it turns out that, Congress has no institutional ability, to slam, the white all that easily I'm an Iffr example if it find corylywandasky in contempt. Soo
him with contempt. So he's got a run for SEN ateat New Hampshire, so this will mean that he'll be able to raise twenty million dollars, naturally as a victim of democratic overreach. If the impeachment inquiry right min, he might welcome it in on words like he. You know he becomes a martyr to you know to this. You know they won't accept that Muller didn't brighten. You know, didn't write a report that said the trump was should should be impeached so their, got a keep going down that road well. Well. Sgeni show them he's, got t stick his tongue out at them. You know ay yess, there's somebody to indict him or I mean what is it? What is a citation of contempt of Congress? Like Ericalder was Thirty general for three years under under citation of a contempt of contempt of Congress, so ELL, but was Wasn't the more radical thing. Loandusky said a that he has no obligation to be. Most of the media if Fer Dat was so, he said down on. He said that Antivie he didn't say that
he didn't say that in the Hearin Right Ped as a potential Desetat Herio Yetwa, it is a potential senate. Canadan made the rounds unfeeding. But that's here. That's that that him and by the way hit that this is an interesting philosophical point. Write to everyone screaming has no obligation to be upon it in honest, Emedia, im Selfor, all adults. All human beings in theory have an obligation to be honest as to be members of a functioning id. He right. But it's not a legal obligation. He, of course, does have no obligation to be honest, the media somebody because but the phone and says: did you do the exquires ze and he says yes or no and he's lying so what I mean he doesn't. He has no obligation with no more obligation to be asked the media than he has to be on tive. I, if I ask him a question he lies to me: isn't that right we'll get, but it's Imi,
a fascinating moment cause it's kind of one of the Quar tenants really of the Trump presidency, a trufh. You know formalized, you Knowso have stated out there a minute I think I think there are a number of people out there who are like yet he has. He doesn't have to be harnessed to the meat to the to the media, who were all the media to do to make sure that he is. You know I mean I think it's think, there's a there's, a strange new sense of support for Solike like Craven, like that. If we live in a world in which it is deemed acceptable for a for a ayou know, a prominent political figure to be openly and actively, and admittedly, dishonest. That is a terrible thing for our socieaedar. We tell our children and who we had them to tell Te rsons that have dole all of that, but it's not, but this so that you have a particular obligation to be honest to the media am wind. For example, I saw,
I saw something this morning where that were a reporter for the lot LOS Angeles time said that Cavena toll it out. Breck Havenah tried to get out Kelly and Pogriban the writers of the look about him to lie, and they wouldn't do it. Oh Dinye, has het he he said Cavirap, Artly Attentatively broached the I that he would talk to them off the record, but that they could not. They could not ay that they had spoken to him now by the way? That's not a lot. That is actually what off the record means meat some one ile frecker they're not allowed to say they talk to you. It's that you know as this reporter from the Alley time should know I'm so I bring that up to say that you know, apparently, you can call anything alie now. F, youcan call anything alive. What obligation to people have the Med
can call anything alie. So what obligation do you have to be honest with them in THA ex in any larger specific sense, Onle, the nessarily, true andof, the whole contours of the debate about Wheather or not if Yhou call Wat. The president's routine behaviours are lie, um, which has been royling left for a long time, because Thiy want the media, an press and general to call the president a line or every other bank, and the press cannot do that. Wy. And in every instance, when they cannot identify intent, intentionality is, is really critical in the edit ilprocess to determining whether or not a mendacity actually constitutes an active untruth and lie, or whether it's just simply a a failure of memory. Will yot you Hannot make that determination. Only in very select cases can I so that's just a little bit more new ones to Vo of a debay within the prisser, Well, I mean even more.
You know in a sort of a larger sense, so the day their trump is inaugurated and he's angry, because the press makes a pointed point of talking bout, how the crowds were smaller, that abamas and then he directed his Presectore Shon Spycir GO and Sainoan. Crowds were larger than Obama's, so that s was a lie and there were two weeks of lying about this, but it was it was kindled by. A an idea abroad in the press corps that it was suppo do? Do a gaca about how trumps did girl, crowd was small. Wike compared to Albamas, so I that doesn't yeab bit point is that they were trying from the Little Presigesci on the day that it yet ordered O caben, yet so Rell A Croud size means what I'd
I'm not defending the lie. I'm saying that yet way, this is the job he wanted and he got ta take it in the gut, sometimes get. That's just TE million in this way here, I'm UN again, I'm not making a specific about I'm saying what I am. The reason why Coury Loandasky is who he is and where he is, and in the spotlight is because these cretinness insipid individuals latched on to this, going Wheare campaign early on in through a series of cosmic accidents managed to become the figures in front of Congress? saying that you know we should lie because it advances our interest, and this is the the the we inhabit now and YE. I so occasionally okey to rage against that reality, because it is Absor WY but Ebet, as you yourself said, if you do it three MS a day. You start you know you just start sounding like that friend of yours who can't stop talking about the job. Inter view
He had and whether or not he made a mistake when he said you know he needed. Day afternoon off or something like that, I mean it's its stop talking about it. Already. Everybody, thinks that Trump is a pathological. Lire has got the point like idea, as you say that, together at the media every day for not using the word liar on the front page of the York Times, as though everyone who reads in your times doesn't know that the New York Times thinks the Trump is a liar is a very RD kind of there in this locked in this gavat to get that. We will never end, but it does. I I think af one thing that noweth thing that really agree with is that, because that they are locked into that weird disfunctional dance. The thing that suffers is is the principle truth telling write in the principle of Transpersing. So yes, there's plenty of blame on the meat to be placed on the media and particular this past week. If the we seen their partys, ship een, their willingness to twist the truth in
and berry stuff that undercuts their narrative on the other. And we do need a clear accounting of what our President that is not true or that is misleading, or this deliberately in tend to, you know, provoke in a way that that harms, rather than helps what we should be doing, is a country. So I it's its frustrating, because both sides AE wrong but we still need that accounting of his actions, I think yout. You only think the with with Trump and by entioned, the Lundowski. I think the principle of truth telling all He suffers greatly and has always suffered greatly in politic and the difference now is it's done with this understanding that you don't care. If I lie two two among his among among the faithful, among are our own people, and that in itself is it Isip is a kind of principle. That's been broken, serve, you know, the accountability for lying is is, is, I think, the difference right? It's it's a terrible thing, but it
funny to see Leandavsky up against Eric Wall. Well, I've been on tv with Eric Walwell when he said that Trump was an agent of Putin, I mean he said it without whale. Who was on the committee that was investigating it and he had already basically made up his mind. That was that a lie. It's not a lie, I guess, but it's not really an opinion. You know it's a libel. If it's not true or it's a few know, but it's but you know, watching the members of the Judiciary Committee Grill can Mae. Ask you who is a good as I say- the neur Postlen and he's a goon he's a Socia path- he's a terrible figure in politics, but things about him one is. He was not afraid of them.
Is what he was supposed to be. He was pos to be intimidated by them and then meekly read this memmo that he Trump dictated to him so that they would have him on tape, saying that tromp said that he was supposed to tell Jeff this effectively tell Jeff sessions to ab justice, Leandeski A refused to be the performing monkey for Oxwall. Well stunt and be, I can't remember what he was, but a um. I wha. I he he dis, the same contempt toward them that they were showing toward him at that is a cut of a striking thing in Americ because they have no. Over him Sheld. Excellently a concongressman from Texas. What is Howr. Does she up over over corilywandowski she's, just a partisan, hack. The way he's a partisan hack, so they a partisan half conversation. The way that you know I dun't know:
You know, hilaries spokesmen might have with Burney Sander spokesman. I mean that that's where that's also part of the horrid devolution of politics is You know members of Congress on both sides of the Isle had just become kind of light: incompetent mouthpieces for the extremes of their party and YO introduce a third part Allye. I hears the other thing about about a lumandasky. I he knew enough not to take the Memmo that Trump dictated to him and given to Jeff sessions right. He went home and he put it in his safe wide. Cause. He was not going to deliver this message, which he saw an obstruction of justice and he was not going the estroy it so that he wouldn't be accused later on, of destroying evidence of an abs. Ion of justice and therefore go to jail for it. So he did so. He be a goon and a weir gon. All this, but he was very
me about how he handled trumpet was like he was like Haldaman and Earlimin. When Ixon would say, go bon the Brookings institution or whatever when he was drunk or give some r to fire some one and they knew was nine o'clock at night. Nixon was drunk and that the next morning he he expected them not to fulfil his you nowt, more demented, drunk rantings, and they didn't, because that's also part of the job of being the pretend president's protector. Ah, but like Bhad examples about if you wanted of we' going to tail well, but they, but but They protected the Worsh America in the world from Nixon's worst impulses and they protected except for Nixon's worst impulses And they went to jail for, but in this case we le Wunder Whetlewandowski did was ebbing was make sure that he did not do anything criminal. He did not participate in obstruction of justice and he did not destroy ever
so I would say that my estimation of his intelligence rose. Sa result of this. He aminded to I thought it was Shorp E was sharper than I expected cleverer Ye Liright, any cleverer inhe Hostility also anyway, so May Trump saw something in him that no one else saw that that doesn't mean that he doesn't look like Psycho in Imbidden Stripes yeah sorry for calling Francis. He says you don't call me psycho or I'll kill you like. That's that's that's what he said. I got a run. We tegetarun run so thanks very much commentary Fried guitar what go to Coventry Magazine, dot com, you free weeds. We ask you subscribe, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five for a digital, two thousand nine hundred and eighty five for an all access. Do it right now for a Steve if no odd jump, onhards keep the Gattleman in NM.
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