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January 6 and All That

2022-01-06 | 🔗
In Noah Rothman's absence, we're joined today by Matthew Continetti to discuss the president's speech about the January 6 riot and what it portends for the Democrats, the Republicans, and Donald Trump. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine. Billy podcast today is Thursday January six. Twenty twenty two. I jump aboard the editor of commentary with me, as always executive, editor, a Ringwald higher. I jump Senora seem rose and high. Christine hygiene, nor Rossman, is out for a well deserved break with us. Today is Washington commentary columnist fellow day, I and author of the forthcoming book, the right, ass. You can't marry him out. How are you a John I'm doing well, ok so literally, two minutes ago, President Biden friend his.
Commemorative address about the events. One year ago, today, on January Sixth, at the capitol deliver their remarks in the statutes and statuary hall. proceeded by common Harris delivering remarks in which she peered appear to believe that the preamble to the area the constitution of the United States mentions prosperity rather than posterity. That was that was a particularly good dumb solaces among her part, so let's at what you think of the binding speech. I think Biden, supporters and specially democratic partisans. Really like the speech, he was a very strong speech. It gave them what they wanted it was. It was kind of up deacons. direction of all the various
exclaimed lies that have been told about the twenty twenty election period. It put I didn't as the champion of democracy, against the tempest faction? so he made some, you know, gestures where the unity saying and I was happy to work with Republicans. If they you know, if they believe in democratic system. I think Biden, supporters. I will be pleased with it. I will say this I think it was a signal that really trump in January. Sixth, is all I didn't has left he seemed more energetic. Did this speech than he has in the entire year of his presidency he was be. You know he got the volume up, but he also seemed into it in a way that when he is discussing the collapse in Afghanistan, the right
prices the supply chain problems. The fact that he is totally failed to control shut down. The virus which he promised to do it is lacking. So my big take away was This is it it will be January, Sex and Donald Trump. All the way to the mid terms- and I dont know how effective that will be when Trump himself is not an about, I think you'll be very effective. If terms, does the nominee and twenty twenty four for the GEO Pig, but in the mid term I don't think it's enough to save the Democrats this year. when are you coming over ogre go ahead, and I just want to come out of that, because I noticed the same thing that he was like his voice was strong and he was to the extent that he's there can be some a credible in delivering the speech, and I it's because he doesn't have it in dealing with this issue. He doesn't have to defend, Many of his own actions he does
have to sell anything. He doesn't have to explain any of his failures. This can all be We commentary about something extraneous to himself. well, it's interesting because it's the first speech that he's given that action, It goes to the reason that he was elected. If you surfing, at the last nine or ten months. He has been occupying a very peculiar peace. A real estate according to which you now A guy who's party with it two parties that absolute priority in the UK States Congress is a walking. When acting as though he has an l b, J F, the our style majority George or that the that the country's electoral choices in twenty twenty gave him the freedom to think at or they
responsibility to reconstruct american society with these gigantic pieces of transformative legislation, and that was always a bad. that's because it was a fantasy here, He is extended out. The idea of his presidency was supposed to be a return to normal see. That was the fundamental reason he ran. He wanted to restore decent see to our government and restore a sense of normality to american political life- and and so here. He is too weak shy of his of the anniversary of his inauguration being able to take that very limited promise and make it. centrepiece of his presidency again, even though he didn't, oh, that he was gonna, be facing down an effort, two,
legitimize are overturned his presidency when he was running on this message, a return to normality with family saying this is not but we do things in America. Here is what's happened here. You know! interesting thing. I think, is that term he he was compelled by circumstance not to go. to the places that most liberal pundits have been going to now over the last three or four months, which is to say system is uniquely a threat as never before you now. If we don't fix everything right now, everything is come crashing down. He went With these system held, he went the logic of the speeches. The system held Donald Trump would have been happy with any resolved that could have led him back into the White House but replied. He said this Republicans. Democrats stayed here in the capital and finish their work on January. Sixth, the system hell- the american democracy was stronger than this assault against it. But if you're reading the land
and I you know various other, the bulwark and various other places I think pretty much. The idea is that we have no. We to believe that democracy held. We have no reason to have any confidence that that what what happened here rather and competently on January six, twenty twenty one can't be done. A competently later, if necessary, and that we are We are you know we are served on the precipice of a descent into an anti democratic, the best. That was not the theme of the speech, but that but it, but strangely that put his in stark contrast to the two Kamel Harris's briefer and really not at all compelling remarks. I was joking to you guys on the on the text. Shame that about five minutes- and I felt like I was watching one of those canned videos, you are forced to watch before jury duty like there's something about the ways to presents herself which is not at all charismatic are authentic. Let her message was quite the opposite
it- was the we are teetering on the brink. This is as bad as pro This is like Pearl harbor. It's like nine eleven. We have an important choice to make that choice is to federal Lies our election process by passing this bill. That's that's! Now, pending in the Senate, she took the partisan route. They obviously outsource tat to her so that he didn't have to do that, but it did lead to a kind of contradictory mess Judging if you look at what she said compared What he said- and I will say I agree about the speech I think- was pretty strong. I like seeing Angry Biden Self Righteous as he is in his anger, it was actually nice to hear him defending law enforcement talking about what they suffered in saying, this is wrong. Talking about our Denmark. see a strong and resilient and how we can move on from this. That was all nice because, again a contrast to a lot of the proposed. The use of the word equal equality which are kept hearing over and over and today's speech over that entirely disappeared from the by administrations. Discussion of this country has all I've heard for the last several months as equity equity equity. So there was a
lot of like returning to stood two values and standards that I was very glad as a more conservative leaving person to hear him say, but I dont think his message and her message were on the same page right. Well, I'm it doesn't matter what she says and in any case by that bill, that those bills aren't gonna pass, so with seconds attractive reading of the press ample on she paused after every other, Heard I was finishing her sentences and then I know that you got wrong, but I mean she is just awful at this. I'm sorry I mean I tend to be more generous. politicians in these circumstances, because you don't know what it's like you now. You think that they don't connect with people, but you know somebody who one stay white office in California shouldn't be dismay.
So readily? And all of that, but my God is she bad at this? Maybe they put her up there because to make by the look good, by contrast, I dont even I don't even now. I do think this ties into his interview before the holidays break where He was asked, are you gonna run it and in twenty twenty four and eight a very subtle answer where he said I am planning to. There is the exception of my health, so he put that out there, but then, when I think David were of a b c was conducting interview, said what trump runs and bite and then goes off a definitely that makes it far more like you got that same message from this speech he's not about at the end of the day, he's about stopping Trump, that's kind of various period of rest. Oh here it rats the reasoning I started from twenty twenty four helstone answer end. So that's it, and this is what the whole speeches about Trump. That's all I was, and it was a part of your speech. You know I mean it was: it was dropped in the proposal,
inside the lot under to show We hear a lot of the responsibility of shoulder for what happened on general six, but it wasn't a kind of strapped, you know moment of solemnity. Let's build this: u reassert our national unity, it was a very specific detailed attack on Trump, but it get to this point, which is at the end of the day. Biden is not there to be I'll, be J or after it's a mistake on his part to think so. At the end of the day, is there the black Donald Trump from occupying the White House? and then by the way that is a coherent, comprehensible and age Evil aim I mean that's the bazaars thing about the fact that he got seduced by this John Mitchell Doors current good when idea that he could transmute himself into
be J, because Donald Trump acted like a psychotic and lost those two seats in Senate seats in Georgia for the report, begins. Otherwise, no such logical thought process could have afflicted even Biden. that he could be I'll, be J without having a nominal control of the Senate. But if he focus his mission on. I came into power because down tromp had to be stopped, and I was the best option to do that out of the field, because all these other people were crazy and wanted to be L B, J plus after plus Fidel Castro, Eugene Debs yeah yeah
that being said, I urge you as a proud say, right bank, you, yes now so so, but but yet literally saying I'm running for reelection in twenty twenty four, because he's not going anywhere and I'm the best person now I am the only person in America who can prevent this from happening again. A coherent message, pretty clearly, if the Democratic Party, the only thing they and up agreeing on is that Trump is the first thing that ever happened to America cause they're, not there. are a lot of them, are agreeing on a lot of different stuff and and a lot of these divisions are gonna, get more and more stark over them, couple of years. I think- and in this sense, which is that right, ash. No, not ideological politicians are are being asked in the Democratic Party little
like rational nodding, illogical publicans by members of the Republican Party were during during trumps time, they are being asked to. shoulder defend an advocate for policies that aid they don't really agree with, and be that I think they think are ruinous and suicidal for them too they're gone. I mean we talked s way, a lot about the a man hadn t Alvin brag, essentially deciding he's going to be criminalize crime in Manhattan and not an whenever he counted not seek jail. sentences for people who are convicted of felonies weaker, the felonies these some like that. There is not a lot that is going to bind. You know like a sensible, midwestern democratic, even a progressive Democrat with that idea, which has a lot of juice behind it, they don't want to defend the David they're, not gonna, wanna have that on their shoulders, but if they could just
night behind the idea that you know the guy who led to January six has to be stopped again. You know, as I do so a consensus view of the party. It's not it's, not bad can, I just say a word about the invocation by both Harris and Biden of about political violence. The message about political violence, that's one that I did that did kind of get me No aid, and not because I disagree with that- I I I think all of us here on multiple occasions, condemned the use of political violence, it's wrong and matter who's, doing it against it's. Just it's not the way our system has been to operate, but that was the part that rang the most halo listening to that in a listening to him, defend police officers and talk about how political balances is terrible, terrible there, with a moment where he could have signalled to half of this country who votes republican? Yes, We have seen a lot of violence that people over the past several years, like you didn't even have to say black legs, about universality that, but he could have said like to all those people who lived in cities and in parts of the country,
that's all riots and looting and baino chaos. You know over that summer he could have signalled, that's also political balance, because that is exactly what it was not that is comparable to what happened on January six, I'm not trying to draw a comparison, and in that sense, but what I'm saying is he had a couple of opportunities to be a little less parties in a little more a little less I said obviously wasn't their intention, and I agree that with with your guys overall assessment speech, but there were a few missed opportunities there that would have been no brainer I think if you wanted to be put put out, if you all a branches, Why I enjoyed I enjoyed his attack on Stacy Abrams, I mean that's say he did say you can love your country. Only when you win, you can't obey the law. Only when it is convenient, you can't be Patria. When you in the and enable lies, the idea, that somebody was wrongly and legitimately elected in the end it states. Despite the fifty thousand vote margin,
in a state election in you know it during. Tromp presidency, he was not, he did not inaugurate that idea. Stacy Abrams inaugurated that idea actor, as though she had one legitimately won an election that she lost and so I'm just gonna take you know the the fact that you have to trust the tail and not the teller and think that their unconscious flea biting has speechwriters, were actually attacking Stacy Abrams now. I am glad that our conversation is taking this turn because we started it bites of praising the speech sort of context free, but in the context of what Democrats have been up to it is. It is completely contradictory on on the two big points which are both excepting political violence and questioning elections,
these are these- have been really kind of mainstays of of the democratic am all for them for the past, at least two years. I mean your time. It says Abrams. There is also the Trump Russia conspiracy I mean, there's you know, and so yeah We are happy to see any any leaders condemn and political violence- and you know, condemn the the m consulting our system and questions. Its legitimacy. This is us actually. This is this is a isolated. You know, you non fungible token of a moment here. This is worth The rest of the rest of the Biden and democratic private project doesn't really it doesnt really track with that sent to get get common Harris. Let's go
call during black lives matter summer posted on social media, encouraging people to donate to bail funds, for eaters who had been arrested that should not be forgotten and she'd never withdrew that tweets. You never said. Oh wow, maybe I overreacted didn't you know I didn't realize. I know that is exactly what a good chunk of the Democratic Party believes to be legitimate at that time because it was their cause. I think that's it problem for the Democrats in providing this veto aiming to get to this point of why wise bite in there to stop Trump. Why would Biden one in twenty twenty four to stop Trump? What what's can I do for the other three hundred sixty four days the here right? and generally six comes around once a year and he's at. We now have ten months before this. Action and by the time we get to the selection generally, six will be in the background, and the of hypocrisy is that aid mentions they're gonna, be in the foreground
the consequences that the Manhattan DA's policy, that you mentioned, that we'll be in the minds of a lot of voters and in a lot of tv ass. You know and you already see the brewing revolt over educate You already see kind of the I mean I see it in my part of deep blue, suburban Virginia the revolt over the covered, just absurdities right and the testing and quarantines when everyone, it's getting it. That's gonna build then, and Trump. Of course, he is on his way. Commissioner, if this speech of biting had given this, be, John generally, six, twenty twenty Trump would be life tweeting right and you'd have his running commentary and everything and instead, the Trump is out of the picture. He'll, probably release and angry statement over email, but he's not at the forefront of people's minds.
and I really think January sexist is awful was it was occupies. A large a lot of space in the minds of your median american vote certainly occupies a lot of space in the media, but I think Most people are going around their day. They think that was terrible was awful happy here, on. I don't want him to run again of over sixty percent. I think in the most recent poll other public says we don't want trunk to run again, but man, bite is really bad at his job. That's what they're thinking well look that that, ultimately, the elections are referenda, reelections a referendum, the incumbent, unless. Endless seconding actual they pulled it out by adding can make it a toy or add make some make it serve a referendum on the challenger, which is very hard to do, but can happen under such circumstances. Control We'll be a target rich atmosphere for
at no way than almost nobody if he runs and unsecured emanation way, which no one else has ever been before? I mean, that is to say, tat, Weis, forty six percent of the country, good for him, and you know he more votes the second time I've been absolute numbers. He got more votes in second time than you did the first time, but his percentage of the vote did improved by. I don't know. If a percent, maybe even a little less Here is already had to bite at this apple and and and that's why I say I think that the we gotta keep the sky out of office message particularly Democrats have nothing else to run on his a pretty uniting and be a big has we. You have reason to believe this is why, it would be a terrible mistake. Publicans to choose from as their nominee and twenty twenty four, because, as you know of a floor in a floor,
Hopper, you know at a Dillard in Oklahoma could just run against Biden, no, I mean anybody can run against Biden. Trumpets, gonna, have trouble running against Biden beard way because, because Biden can turn almost everything that he'll say about by launching Trump, what did you do? How a dude savage you fix covet? example like well, you know what all trump can say as I had a good economy and you have a bad economy, but you know he doesn't there's no jus spine trumps efforts to attack Biden philosophically on betrayal of capitalism, you know or or were, deficit spending or anything like a trump- doesn't care about any that that's not of interest to him. You know it's over What gives him his juices? His personal, are more proper in his personal wounds and all that and so you're right that, under any conventional circumstances, Biden,
run again unless something we leaks. Shocking happens in the next eighteen to twenty four months too, turn everything around obviously did turn around and Ronald Reagan, for example, so it can turn around, although I didn't don't think these policies were suing for any whatsoever for any kind of turn around, because they there there's nothing built into them. That is intended the cure the present crisis or to solve that are resolved it, it is sort of deepening it. Do you know em inadvertently but you know it is there's a kind of weird tragedy. We're gonna have yet another rate. We could cases of yet another race between you know a seemingly senile idiot psychotic. Seventy seven year old. In the end, you know it's not much of a choice, but if you have to choose between some of you see now in some new psychotic, you probably go at this senile person up with Noah, Since my internal Noah feels objects,
to raise a point that I think he would like raised in objection with what of the access Paul that he cited a few days ago. Citing vat voters and overwhelmingly dont want to hear about Trump anymore right. How does that conflicts with without you achievable, planned of of of keeping keeping trumpet bay whenever that that fits with rats, fact that sixty percent of the public says they don't want him to run again. That means there sixty percent now and the end those people still worse, if Biden as they see fit we're gonna have to affirmatively choose the other person and not say well. I can vote for that guy. You know a thousand brag as the democratic nominee. That's the men had the aim. Twenty twenty four, a lot of people, vote for what the trump
numbers a wooden vote for trot, otherwise he's not going to be, but you give you see my my point Harrison I mean I mean, that's it that's the real kind of for the Democrats is Harris and you had a trump squeak out that electoral college victory in twenty sixteen He ran against an unlike a democratic woman, and but you know what he's thinking there immoral I go. I could do that again, which is again why, innocent citizens that warning flare. Oh no, if he's gonna run than others, as incentivize needed to run for re election by abandoned at I agree with John. You know that the fact that sixty percent over here about from it is bad for Trump now is also bad for the Democrats when Trump is it all about it, because this is the price of my point is that you can't
You gonna base your democratic campaigns in the mid term on January, Sex and Donald Trump, and we can't let the republican candidates win in Georgia and Pennsylvania and Michigan and was concept because then they're gonna want this very complicated plot in order to install Trump, despite whatever the voters say, two years from now under circumstances that we don't be can't conceive at the moment, I am not going to work but above all, a twenty. Twenty four strategy is not a twenty twenty two strategy, but that's where I think they're worse and hence of that How did you going forward- and you certainly see it among the democratic pundit class right in that's an effort to brand the Republican Party as a sort of latent arrest organization that secretly, even if they claim they oppose trump, really want to do exactly. They wouldn't have loved to have seen an insurrection. Airy too, you know disrupt the election another their pretending now
fail that they don't really want that, but there is a pretty committed faction of the left that believes that to be the case about their opponents on the other side of the Isle, that's pretty pernicious, but I get speaks to them that I know you wrote about this. This sum this voting act that act did you we could get by partisan support for that Mcconnell and others have signalled their ready to pass. The Democrats have absolutely said nowhere, they're doing the same thing they did with the Bilbao, but that build back better riches. We cannot compromise with these people. They there a threat to democracy. We must ran through legislation that we believe to be better but that this legislation that could get by partisan support would actually fixed the problems that right now we're all discussing as having been a problem in the last election no literally right it is a fixed for the possibility of some kind of an intrusion on the orderly transfer of power and the way the electoral college votes are accepted and counted this one act that was put into place. The last time there was a terrible.
controversy in eighteen, seventy six over how the presidency, How was that the presidency went to Hayes Yes, it went the haze over tell them right and so an end and until then really had won the election. And, there was just all this maneuvering. You know with the wit, with states- and so they created this incredibly lumbering piece of legislation that doesn't actually, as we have now seen, doesnt precisely fix the problem, because the theoretic the scheme that Johnny's, Eastman and others had come up whether had thought through work. Wired way too many moving pieces to fall into place for it to work, but who's, the one discharge, the warning that I think we can't just simply dismiss, which is that. once you ve, seen how screwed up. If your competence
how can I dont actually think that people are competent to pull this off? But theoretically, you can correct for the mistakes that were made in twenty twenty. The next time you want to try having cabin had the example of what you need to line up beforehand, how you need to get ready you know who you need to have sitting in a hotel room somewhere to come down with an alternate slate of elector, whatever our Rwanda slice it and you could do it. and you just close the loopholes are so revise the electoral count, act and new, and fix it and, of course, They don't really want to fix it because they want to you. They want this arrow in their quiver or they want this federalism of election law because they thought gets going to enshrine their advantage, which they think it's fair, because they think Republicans have an unfair advantage because, as at a dire pretty said, the New York Times earlier this week were not really democracy, because you know ever
the the country is not one man, one vote and therefore were not really a democracy, and that then tends to firm for reasons of the present moment, favour Republicans. tend to dominate and smaller states and therefore control. Legislators and smaller states and get to senators and smaller states and all that that would not be the case otherwise, and so therefore anything you can do to mitigate that at present, advantage, which of course, could entirely shift a general from now, you know for forty years As Democrats, any a structural advantage in the electoral college that they ve been lost, it's not like, they can't get it back in out. So today there are large of the government. That sets a bizarre about a lot of this democracy done rhetoric there in charge it has laid at why they're saying about procedures is doomed or or in under threat. Is there in charge and yet they can't actually realized there.
An attainable goals here that is better than we are a fascinating situation which a guy gets eighty one million votes and were told that you know it's too hard to vote in the United States. When a hundred and fifty five million people voted in twenty two and twenty twenty election. But that was another one of those weird contradictions and binds remarks. He praised Americans like more view than ever before, voted and then he then to be later earlier. He talked about voter suppression just doesn't scan because this doesn't scan. But you know what scans expressway pm you wanna know wide scans, because you mean expressway paean to protect you from hackers who can. look on you very easily, without having the encrypted tunnel that express European, creates between your device and the internet, and prevents your online activity being seen by anyone. Look it's not just hackers
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however, your feeling try had space at heads based on complex commentary and get one month free. Their entire mindfulness library. This is the bed best had space offer I also got head space dot com slashed commentary today had spaced out come slash commentary. Now it's over Republicans in January sex. I think. You know it's a year. I think all of us you're, a man in a? U texted me yesterday, said Jane this was the worst. The worst met Dana since since nine eleven, so you a sort of in a weird way, you're serve with common Harris right. She said this forty seven one thousand nine hundred and forty one September 11th, two thousand and one January sixth, two thousand and twenty one, and You know I'm incline, I'm pretty they're, so
plain to me why it is that I'm already and others that I find the way that that Jane six is talked about by people with whom I nominally agree with it. SK graceful event. I thought the trumps should have an impeached and convicted for it and convicted precisely so he could not run again here could be deny the only way that really be denied the possibility of running again would be to convict him in that Republicans in the Senate. incredibly short sighted, not to bite the bullet and go for this measure. It simply further the political future of their own party. Not only that it would have been the right thing to do, because he did foment some kind of a riot I'd really method. insurrections, ripe insurrection. Really go more to what was going behind the scenes in not on that day, but what help lead up to the day anyway, but I find most
no I'm fine, myself very annoyed by the way this is talked about written about. Am I error you there? I am some are sometimes when I hear rhetoric that seems very self indulgent self absorbed in self congratulatory regarding the events of the day I kind of get annoyed what separates First two dates. Vice President Harris mentioned December seventh September eleventh. from January sex. Is that the first two? where external attacks, the generous sick, came from within, and it also it wasn't it. Doesn't say like the Oklahoma City bombing, where it that was a far right terrorist, blew up the federal building What happened on general six was connected to the
sitting president, who's, the head, as the sitting president you're, the head of one of America's two major political parties and so it had the character or of a partisan event, even though many republican start were at the time they ve. Since reckoned their views about the time they were horrified at what was happening and shocks, and disgusted and Wednesday. Graham, you know saying at the end of the day, late at night, when Congress reassembled saying count me out right, that's how many Republicans fell it still was then it coming from the sitting president, who is the head of the Republican Party? That's what makes it weird and unique, and also, I think, it makes it this uncomfortable for people who are on the right side of the political to talk about because the more
you hear about it, you know it's, never it's never nice, It's never comfortable to hear about it about something at your side did wrong now, as you pointed out many times done, never to the Democrats in power. Talk about The left it in twenty twenty right and so then immediately you get into the what about his rhetoric, which is ninety eight percent of what passes for political debate in our country but I think that's the sources of what makes it makes us some uncomfortable why, by some of the coverage I'm I'm in complete agreement with you regarding how its talked about by by the people you are referring to, and I think from my perspective, what gets me is that there are not actually talking about it as a terrible day there talking about it as a usable day as a kind of gift, and I think
apparently so yeah on the surface. It's all about how terrible it is, but beneath the surface, It is theirs up savouring quality here that that cannot be missed an and I find that despicable and cynicism. Well, ok! So here's the thing now. Adam Kinzinger congressmen from Illinois who voted to impeach in? and a joint Lynn, Cheney and would suit. Me was Cheney on the on the January six Third committee, when Republican refused formally to join and make it a bipartisan effort.
his district has essentially been gerrymander resistance, and he has really know really. No, it's really clear. He has no future in the Republican Party because he has become an anti trump activist in this respect. So am I he's a very impressive guy he's a very interesting intelligent person, but he too, You did something yesterday that made me very uncomfortable in precisely this manner and it's not it's got nothing to do with The view of how dangerous January six was and how it needs to be prevented. Now Congress needs a refuge at all that he said this. I welcome Can you to say what few others in my party have the courage to say as we near the anniversary Janeway says, we must reflect on the failures that led to that date. It's time for leaders to lead, so he just issued it.
we praising his own courage now aesthetically static, just. That's grows like you're, not you know it's like you'd, like the classic thing about. The hero right, the hero is the guy. When you say my god, why did you jump off the Fourteenth street bridge into the freezing river when the when the when the plane went into the Potomac and that their that guy levies got mixed says I don't know, I just saw people in the water and I jumped into help. You know you, don't he didn't say well I mean I just I mean I had the courage to do things that other people didn't do right. I mean, and so I dont mean too. I really do admire Adam gives, and I think this was at the suggestion of a rhetorical mistake, but there's something there's a blur in my
or be in my bonnet or burn my saddle about the self congratulatory nature of the people. Who think that this is the worst thing that ever happened, and the problem is, I sort of also think it's the worst thing that ever happened. So I am in a weird position here, but I think there is a little something of that Biden Speech today too, when he said I did not seek this fight, but nor will I shirk from it first. One did satisfied, which which may not even be I'm not even knocking him for it, but his campaign rhetoric, the pre, obviously predated generally six was about these, these are of evil affair, authoritarian inclinations of of Trump No, you can't say he didn't seek this fight. This is precisely the fight. He sought Trump, I handed him, this sort of you know like you know this prime example, but that he could eat then continue to talk about
Did you think it was funny that, as you know, I really Obama speech during the day and see where he said enough. You re elect Trump and twenty twenty democracy is over and above the country did it reelect Trump moved with elected by then, and now I'm hearing from Bided democracy still might be over by waiting. How do I save democracy, and I know that it's not by passing HR one, and the Jean Louis LAW that is not going to save democracy, Why does the court or packing this would bring all them into mine and credit that slight genuine timing right what's on the table? Are these two bills? That's what they were. They seem that's the argument. Disinherit we're gonna, save democracy, is by federal, rising the elections and instead you know getting rid of voter Idee, getting allowing the felon vote and
having male, unbalanced everywhere, that's how we're gonna states the elect a democracy or by IRAN. The instituting pre clearance. You know this kind of at this antiquated mechanism by which the Justice Department and to approve all the voting law changes in the southern. Jim Crow States, which the Supreme Court said it rightly chief justice, Robert said and twenty the team guys. You know it's a different country. We don't need this any more. but that's what the Jean Louis I would use reassert the federal government's controls. I guess from the democratic perspective You have the Jean Louis LAW, then the voting, bills that were enacted in Georgia and taxes would have to be approved by the federal government right and they could say no, we don't. You can't do that that, because that's discriminatory, but even that is Canada's Rube Goldberg contraption that you have to get to somehow save democracy in twenty twenty four may argument is up with all the way
Democracy is by passing bill back better. This way I hear from David Brooks and but then, but that means that the poor so ruined american democracy is don't mention it. that is why you know so. I would just You know, how do we save Americans about? No one has told me- and you- and I think, lot of voters, if they start internalizing idea that oh well, when the Democrats talk about Saving democracy also means Democrats have to win elections there, just gonna throw up their hands. I mean that's just party are already there. A lot of them are already there egg and a lot of moderates are what I think going the stuff we talked about earlier in the week? And we talked about this- the upcoming piece of that aid has written about the nature of the revolution of twenty twenty and how how its reached its tentacles into private.
places and private released between employers and employees and corporations, and then the people work for them. the re, education staff and all of that, and that's also threatened them, like in a weird way we have this kind of intrusion into the personal mind, spaces of Americans in which they are being told after a century of of of sir, labour LAW that day are obliged that that was intended to basically limit the reach Of the employer into the wife of the employee that they must act or thing in certain ways or be subject to some form of energy. An old discipline, social, the ostracism whatever and
Their only remedy is going to be at the ballot box, the idea that you know This is where all of this stuff there's an x actor involved in discussing twenty two and twenty twenty four that we saw it twenty one in Virginia, which is who are going to be spurred by issues and behaviors and new issue sets that are. I take the Pandit class in them. those who serve frame arm american political discussions entirely by surprise. You know His work were used to the old culture. Wars were were certainly we know. A lot of that is very you know it's like Rostov its point about it's the word that I am now losing decadence right, that somehow wear it, I can cite as we just keep repeating the same stuff over and over, like or making sequels. Instead of making the wolves in all this well, I mean you know our major, the major social
our wine culture more issue since four. The last fifty years has been abortion. We're gonna get another, go go at it when the Supreme Court its ruling the abortion case in June, but these are not the issues that are pushing people's buttons for. The old issues are not put. There are new issues are pushing people's buttons, The schooling issues, the covert authoritarian issues and this black lives matter. Re educate camp system, stuff I don't know it could be an onslaught that it really. I was under the name of preserving democracy, but, of course the peoples They that our democracy is at risk. Don't think that that's that they they're all their there. They view there all made their peace with it are their kowtowing to it or whatever, and they could just behind
by a tidal wave in relation to this, because they are unprepared for the fact that people our finding this stuff, chilling and totalitarian. Christine this is a big enough. That's I mean you know, so we only focus on the teachers unions, but I it's not that's. Just the tip of the iceberg: now it's much I've noticed that both Harris and biting talked about history You know the truth about the big lie, obviously, which which is fine. There was a big lie. The tramp tramp has been promoted, but this She mentioned misinformation, or misinformation came member which one, but the Democrats in particular have then starting a an argument that I think is gonna long term be actually great political fodder, for there were the right, but it is really concerning, if you care about free expression and free speech, and that's the our governments role in controlling information who hears what who says what where this has been
I'm going in and, let's recall, look twenty sixteen when Trump one there were a lot of them product politicians who study was a legitimately elected, including Joe Biden. Joe Biden did say that video of him saying he thought he was an illegitimate president, so that kind of rhetoric is part of the political process, so that this idea, that that look, The legitimacy talk is no law is now if the tables wrong, but the men, information, disinformation effort is really being driven by the left. It's it's very harmful to free speech. It we're seeing it both in schools and in the end in the private sector world at but all under this banner of equity inclusion diversity. But it's it's a thread. And the idea that that private companies and and platforms particulate big, like platform. Should be monitored by the federal government, since the federal government right now is in the hands of the Democrats to prevent law.
I miss? Misinformation from spreading should worry every American, whether there on the right or the left, because if you give that power to the federal government to control speech, that power is not going to be rescinded when a Republican comes into office, so that there's a lot of short term thinking about this stuff? But I think that's going to be another issue and the next presidential election is who's allowed to apply form to say whatever they want. What kind of conspiracy theories are considered dangerous? How do we measure people's ability to process this information that stuff important too, and I don't see with the Republicans, have not and really good, on this or consistent on this. In the Democrats are organizing you're putting money behind these projects, this is long term like the critical race theory stuff. They have some of these activist groups and predict we are taking the long view on this, and conservatives need to wake up and not just complain, but actually think about ways to combat that and protect free speech, and I think that's where you get to the point here.
That it would be so retrogressive end and useless if Trump ends up the nominee in twenty twenty four, because we are moving and we are moving to a different place here. history is speeding up in the United States, let's say or the ways in which we are confronting a lot of the the fruition of a lot of ideas that have been bubbling up for two generations that how beings are put into practice. That really do have to be the subject of our future For elections, if we are actually to come to some kind of a social consensus on what kind of country we should be and whether we are basically going to be a country that believes equality of opportunity for equality of result- and he has two key- is just not equipped to be that person
You know he also wants to find demons abroad to destroy write em if he wants to say it's near which immigrants or it's the Chinese or its who, as you know it, but we need some go at our enemies and and all of it, and that the problem is that the fight is interior, now, and it is a fight about the very different action of the United States- and that's not you know if we don't have a border, we don't have a country, it is Is it going to be ok, for the service. American led to believe that it can control the thought processes of the american Rank and file person, and he can't that's too absurd
for him and even care about it. I know he loves, she loves a fight as long as the people are fighting for him. I mean we know this from some of the investigations generous exhibition. He was watching tv going look at how much they love me, the flanking for me out there I mean he doesn't he loves a fight? He did this distance. these absolutely the worst persons button charge in a few years. I would just say that I mean in arguing over national identity as Ukraine, it the left, loses, I mean that right that that was the reason that what came out of last year's elections and yes Virginia New Jersey or then NASA County? You know I mean I would cross country Amelia as that's. What's gonna come out, I'm I mean I'm my cards on the table here, I'm pretty certain it gonna come out in the term as well. I mean they're gonna, be some republican idiots who were nominated there make gas so probably doing their campaigns better mean. Things are looking pretty good for the Republic
Party is brought out the new year results if you frame it that way. I think the left is at a disadvantage, electoral e, and that- and you know even try Remember Trump was on a theme before he got covert and crashed, which was it precisely as you describe it John. He was saying this is a fight over whether America stands for the things that we were taught America stands for member his national, Park of statute. I wanted the park, you know biting, cancel the part. I thought the a great idea. Take the kids to see the statutes people it was all lots of Americans every race created you I wanted to Frank Sinatra, francs I was gonna, tell their Jackie Robinson New. It's a great way to introduce your kids to american history. You know, and of course it I'll be lefties who carved this
Naturally, I wind up like with the stature Martin Luther king at his memorial, which is kind of this you I think I was literally sculpted by a Maoist, but in any case his Rushmore spy. summer. Exactly this way is the one thousand six hundred and nineteen orsa one thousand seven hundred and seventy six, I think, actually was a helpful message, but we, and immediately ran into his covered diagnosis and the first presidential debate and everything just we think that it was a helpful message, but he was not a good messenger for it because it was no use having this doesn't make everybody else. Yes, really viscerally dislike him. I mean that's like neck: was there that out doesn't mean it when he is entering he? His solemn system is the central fact of his life and his political life, and it's like what what what what shy? the light from behind his eyes. Is it? Oh, my god we have to. Top these people from taking over our country or is it you know I
I see myself not amount, rather that we at what he had on lemon say about me last year, exactly myself, that's that's. Why that's why I say is unique: we'll dispose, of course, the difference between mid term elections and am presidential elections is the parties. Our parity. Now, maybe they won't be. Maybe this will this history? Speeding up thing will happen much fun, Esther and will have the effect on the Democrats that certain things? the effect on Democrats in the seventies and eighties. You know egg very it's the same issues not to get decadent. You now run, inflation rise, in crime and them. You know, the humiliation abroad, humiliation brought exactly, and then you have you all you put them altogether and you have the Democrats, a party crashing and the only thing that, protects it is the in traffic rules the house that you now basically kept them, remained allowed incumbency to remain there.
rats remained in control of that, the house until ninety nine before forty Here's uninterrupted control the house, while almost everything else in the country shifted to five and degrees and the republican direction. I may be there could happen now, but I'm just saying that I dont think that, but you have to look at twenty three foreign assume that it's gonna be a close one thing no matter What happens because that's what every election has been, except for two thousand and eight really and- and since nineteen, eighty, six and and your them gonna, look at this and say Somebody else could be the steward of this message and some, as almost anybody else- would be a better steward of this acids and Trump would be by the we'll habit, Republicans want. You know it's not for me that there is no we're. Probably there are just people who vote Republican and now
both for who they vote for, and we never get what we want that we never have lower you. I never get what we want, which means that's right, we're in trouble. That's right! We never get we want that's. Why Listen to us the crushing we're up they continues macaroni. Thank you. So, much for being with us again, we'll be back with you tomorrow for a Christina, knowing jump out words back to me fragrance in the absence of I'm John Podhoretz, keep.
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