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Leaving Biden Behind in the Race to Reopen

2021-05-04 | 🔗
Blue states like New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are following the leads set by Texas and Florida and racing to reopen, regardless of the Biden administration’s desires. Also, the census data showing that racial characteristics aren’t immutable—they can change over time—and why it shows how the theory of Intersectionality as an organizing principle is a dead end.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Tuesday may fourth, two thousand and twenty one. I just want to tell you guys that forty four years ago today, at around four hundred and fifteen, I bike from my school at ninety certain centre for quest to forty fourth and I'm waiting my bike to a pole, and went in for the second or third, a show of a movie called star wars, the first day than an open. And yes, I was there.
Only hours into its for showing I was present on the May. The fourth be with you day and I was telling my son today, as I was walking to the bus, stop that what I mostly remember about that is the most. but when the millennium Falcon makes the jump into hyperspace. And if you remember visual it's that there's a there's, a servant, a series of stars out the window, and then you know HANS Allah pushes the button or whatever, and then The stars along gave into lines and then there's a kind of boom and the ship disappear will charge. You hadn't disappears, and I it was the first time in my life that I heard an audience, a movie audience spontaneously erupt into applause, and it was at that moment. I think that it became. It was clear that that at the movie going. Experience and movies had changed for
However, unlike one fell swoop, there'd been little bits of it over the course of the last four or five previous. For five years, the godfather came out. The exorcist came out, Jaws came out, but that was the moment that said movies are now playing a different role in the popular culture that it wasn't. It's an interesting thing to reflect. Now that there is very strong reason to believe that movies are now moving off to the side of popular culture because of the various things, are destroying them illegally experience anyway. That is my story for May Fort. I'm John onwards, era commentary. I think I said already. If I didn't, I and what's me as always, senior editor. Sorry Senor writer, Christine rows of high Christine John. You were like an away or seven. I would say that I had star wars bedsheets as a kid. I was a hard core star wars, fans. Of course I hate the episodes won through three. I like fourth, five six and I haven't made
on the final three, but yes, I was a big star. Wars, get em, If you were sex, recital eight, where were you the ethical emblem slowly older than Christine right here I remember I went to this didn't go the first day, but I went you know when it was when the movers released and and locked it and had no idea what was happening at the same time. and now you were not born yet another now for the first one now where they were born. You are borne by the time the emperor strikes back came out, but you didn't go to the impressed rice back because you were a baby. So now I want you first one, seventy seven, and by the way, I'm back with seventy nine. So I mean I don't know I don't know. I don't think I think the third one I was alive for biodiversity, that we have seen again yeah. That's all I have to say on the subject returned the job is bad men, of course everything with.
furs bad than there were only nine movies after they were now, the criminals are bad and the new ones were bad. Let's face it. If they are the first to there were those others which exist at everybody would have come out on going. Now. Those are either was ok, I guess I don't know. I mean that wasn't good scene Some like that. I really enjoyed that part.
But the notion of his ear baseball is boring on the side of a communist prove. You are I'm sorry. I know it is not. It is not a communist to say that the star wars movies after the emperor strikes back were bad. That is actually cultural conservatism at its finest, not only because it is true, but also because it suggests that there was something in the past. That was better than every effort to you know, capitalize on it in the times following without any real conviction or purpose are enough with the star wars. Talk, though, it is interesting, because yeah.
Today, the governors of New York, New Jersey in Connecticut, let of course by Mario Cuomo, announced the complete dropping of all- has complicated the dropping of all capacity restrictions in their states. Obviously contiguous states all contiguous, except for pencilling at which was not above a party to this by May nineteenth, so all capacity restrictions, movies, theatres, concerts, restaurants, whatever Patsy restrictions are dropped, although they are to follow CDC, guidelines, which strikingly remain even though schools have now been told, the kids can sit three thousand three hundred and forty one another restaurants. You are still supposed to be six feet apart, guess why? Because it's all nonsense anyway, so six feet apart and with
with plexiglas barriers goes out enough. You know this, but microbes are uniquely blocked by plexiglas and they can't float above the plexus. I've been it's an amazing thing. How microbes you know if we just walked around in plexiglas boxes it? No one would ever get sick from anything, might microbes and plexiglas. It's like a like you! Now, garlic vampires, it's amazing thing, toads interesting, because the restrictions are being lifted, except for the ones at yours was to follow from the CDC what's interesting. But that, of course, is that I think that there are indications that the CDC, despite its your behaviour, will likely start rate. What will likely follow in train at Anna Woodstock gotta, be by them, probably by the nineteenth of may
but will will start easing on its rules at some point cause it. It has to its started with vaccinated people and all that at some point it will start relaxing its its restrictions and so I wonder whether the thing we said back in March of twenty twenty one on April. Twenty- twenty excuse me, you know two months ago, or something was that there would be a point at which, because this was no longer sustainable, we would deem the we would deem the the pandemic over and that we won and we know yesterday there was the story, the New York Times about how we're never going to get to herd immunity based on what third, at in some classical definition of herd immunity and if that's the case, Just one or do we think this is an element of let's say federalized state by state way in which the pandemic is gonna, be there over I'm, you could say that basically, Texas and Florida and other places have effectively done that without due
right, saying: ok, we're not gonna impose any mandates, private businesses and individuals whatever can do what they want, but we are not involving ourselves at state of the state, level in in how you weren't govern yourself in the middle of a pandemic, so that kind of ways into bad. I dont know to single sentence observations. The first is that now blue states are following a red stately, not the White House. His leave Joe Biden as an afterthought and the CDC and every agency federal agencies and, after thought, per state level mitigation efforts at this point. The second is that just more confirmation that are public health guidelines are not dictated by public health metrics. They are dictated by elite opinion and an effort to stay ahead of the curve, or at least not too far, behind the curve enough to remain relevant.
Ok. So I was looking at the at the data tracker right today at this we see and we have the vaccination number. So, on the one hand, the vaccination numbers day by day remain very worrisome because they are still dropping like yesterday, one point: eight million vexed ends were administered. Remember like as little as three weeks ago, four million a day were being administered, so we don't know to what extent this is you know people dead the slow down would have a natural is of the Johnson and Johnson pause that has caused
or vaccine hesitancy and all that, but obviously the numbers of people getting vaccinated are slowing down, and so that's worrisome, however hears here the numbers. Ok percentage of the total population that has at least window sets a total population were more people under sixteen as yet and that seventy five million people are not eligible to be vaccinated. That forty four point four percent have at least one dose. Thirty two percent are fully vaccinated. So presuming that those people show to be vaccinated in one two three weeks that number that number fully back say, will be up to forty four percent and the number of the. Our population is actually will rise above fifty of the population, eighteen years of age and older. Fifty six point: three percent have had at least one dose. Forty point, six percent
fully vaccinated and of the population. Sixty five and older is, of course, the one that is most at risk. Eighty two percent have at least one those almost seventy percent, fully vaccinated. So we keep talk, about heard immunity, heard immunity, heard immunity, but Firstly, the metric is not gonna, be some mystical question of whether or not hurt immunity is achieved. It's going to be following hospitalizations case rates and deaths and The case rate thing. we are now down to about forty thousand cases a day, work three weeks ago during the meal
again surge or whatever was we're at seventy thousand cases a day. So that's a plunge of you know. What is that in percentage terms, I made some quite half, but it's pretty close were ok what what it s your Ard numbers guy. What does this mean too? I think we have hit that phase where the numbers drop off dramatically. Whether we can call this, technically heard, immunity or not- I dont know I suspect not, but this. This is a pattern that we observed. Happening before it did here in Israel and in the U K, when there places. There seem to be a kind of threshold around forty percent, yourselves adults, getting shots that made the numbers drop, significant, denude new infection number
deaths drops vividly and allowed people to begin to return to some sort of normal life that that is what's happening here. I said forty thousand I'm sorry, it's forty nine thousand six hundred and sixty one case. Is that still getting under that fifty thousand mark is a very big deal because it where we are now at four point: thirty, four percent of the cases of that of the tests. Yes, They came back positive. That is also a very low number and remember. People are getting tested because they think they have the virus or they might have the virus in the lot of cases. Some of them are like test cuz. They have to get on plane There do whatever they have to do to contextual eyes. At a fifty fifty thousand cases a day is roughly a bad flew season right so do I think at the outcome of this- is very healthy in terms of these decisions, because
We were so long as there was this idea of US magical breakthrough, heard immunity number out there. It facilitated indefinitely. This idea that a return to normal was just beyond the horizon. so long as that returned from his just beyond the horizon, we could keep extending all these restrictions and all these lifestyle changes and to just hold just a little longer until were into where in the clear- and I think, understanding in the clear in a different sense is good, because it it it pushes us out of this in it and in a back into some sort of normal daily rhythm, remember Biden, said in his speech last week. We can't let our guard down. fact of the matter. Is we have to let our guard down? Let me first of all. What Andrew Cuomo again in deep political trouble. So he needs to change the subject or do whatever he can To get ahead of news and all that
an he decides to abandon the I'm gonna sit around and pick numbers out of the house out of the air, I'm how many people can go into a restaurant and says Now, for this already were lifting restrictions, everybody do what you think is best as long follow CDC guidelines that represents a very significant mood shift political mood shift in the United States. maybe the most significant mood shift, We have seen. Thus I cannot give you an example like there were no deaths in LOS Angeles County from covered on Monday there were no deaths in LOS Angeles county. remember that LOS Angeles County was in some crisis state me six weeks ago, where they were locking down again and like every when was told they had to stay in their homes and all of that
apparently whatever was there is gone, but I your gavel, Newsome, opening the stayed up, so you This is where I'm gonna pushed back a little bit on the idea that you know everybody's just ignoring the divide ministers. I think that's true, but I there's still a really hard heavy. That they're using, and that is the CDC guidance. The CDC guidance is preventing a lot of institutions or allowing giving cover to special interest groups that don't want go back to normal and obviously I am thinking here of the schools and the teachers unions, but this is much bigger than that. I mean look at you. Local ordinances, it they say, leave it up to private individuals. Private institutions- that's fine, but if they choose to follow the really restrictive CDC guidance, they're not gonna, be open. If you look at You know public facilities and you look at local and state governments that continue to very closely follow these restrictions that are now already and have been for some time outdated. Those institutions. An open either. So I feel like there's a there. There's doubling it'll be a hodgepodge in this,
They meant that there was the beginning of the pandemic. We're gonna see this at the trailing end of it. Where are you have some extremely restrictive areas of the country which is still on a kind of lockdown mentality, despite case numbers dropping, and- and this is the point at which I think Citizens really need to speak up push back at their local officials and demand that demand but they remembered that the CDC is only offering guidance, not law. This is not. The law is guidance and they can choose to not take that guidance given their local situation. But you said it twice: choose choice and choose the operative word. There is choice and choose their in determining their. There are best served by a hearing to absurdly strict guidelines that even health experts are very freely now. Critic credit, my love because, So the Maiden administration went to war with the state of Michigan, very poor quickly, lobby, when, when private nudging wasn't doing the trip the window in the track cities, He said that Michigan has shut down or things are gonna get.
Saluting correct them in terror, pull over there. The hospitals are gonna, be overwhelmed. We're now afford they change of case rates in Michigan is down fifty percent due to what russian women's Whittemore said: was their pretty strict restrictions already honour their their populace. and the notion that more strict restrictions were going to do anything more than what was already going on. People closer to the ground can buck the sickness mission when they want to have and demonstrated that it's actually a winning course of action in the institutions. That don't do that. have no interest in public health. Public health isn't their primary metric. For using mounted to maintain these restrictions, this is a programme for the teachers unions, for example. It's just a prolonged labour dispute has nothing to do with a pandemic
there's that there's gonna go back to our favorite in our favorite historical philosophical analogy of Platos K. We were talking about this last week amongst ourselves, our maybe christine- and I were talking about because it has a peace that she she might be. Writing. And you know I went my looked. You know we keep talking about the teachers, unions and their whip hand on school, we openings and what's going on and how the teachers unions, all these new stuff I have the teachers unions got involved in leaving the CDC guidance on reopening schools in this class EC way where people you know, there's a common period and people who have a particular interests of the camp I meant, but were actually bypassing as a political matter and provide language, and things like that about this. Ok. Well, you know what they're obey their base, the Republican Party, and we are the Democratic Party, and so they
play a role and then I serve like. I went nicer check, numbers, okay, so the So the M National Education Association, the largest of the national teachers unions, has two point: two million members and the second, the American Federation of Teachers has one point: seven million members so put it together. that four million unionized teachers in the United States, the Republican Party base, when issues when they are given when it is said that they have the whip hand on policies like Mexico City the abortion rules. In all of this, the number of people who all themselves, pro life in the United States, stands with various change. So what have we want to ask the question somewhere between thirty and forty percent of the adult population? That's like eighty mill
in people gun owners. The United States also considered is having its excessive amounts of control over the right there. More than us, hundred million gun owners in the United States. The teachers unions represent four million people, Biden has no. It keeps commenting on in general, says: I'm a union guy, one union jobs. I want to do things for unions right you represent not by private sector euins represent less than ten percent of the american workforce. There is something weird going on here: it is are these are minorities minorities who are playing an hour. Ized role in the future, relation and construction of policies and policy decisions that conventional political understanding
would say they do not deserve, and I dont quite get what's going on here. Does anybody have Anybody help me with this, because it's like at some point: it's like their seventy five, Millie there's? There are like a hundred and fifty million parents with school age, children and therefore million teachers and parents have no power and the tea, and they don't have no that's ridiculous! Instead, but and saw a lot of them are with the teachers, but not all of them in the teachers have had this unbelievable amount of authority over these questions, and it doesn't jai with there Actual numbers and their actual practical political effect outside of the city's then some states in which they end up playing out
ized roles in electing people and like getting you now being part of the work that the free workforce that political parties get to help them bring out the vote and all that. Why I'll take a stab at that? Maybe that is not just an assembly I mean there is obviously the financial clout that, at the meeting in sin, organise labour represents as a donor class, but the smallness of a minority doesn't necessarily mean that the interests of that minority group are not of profound interest to a broader base of voters, because it becomes a field on which it can wait. A broader culture war, I'm thinking very specifically transgender asmund transgender rights. I mean we're talking about this. Smallest, most infinitesimal minority here, a barely measurable contingent of the american political landscape. But the people horde. vested in their interests, as a minority group aren't small at all since
It's a broad array of both people on the left and right for arguing over an issue that affects early, measurable contingent of the american population. But it's the issue that matters despite the the actual number of teachers union members. I think it's more important as no suggested to follow the money here, because for the first since the nineties, I believe the teachers unions have been, among the top ten donors. To two Democrats in national campaigns, presidential senate- in a one not so they are extremely powerful, as a group financially mean the which is of course ironic. Also love to lobby, as the National Education Association recently did about you know, taxing the Well they taken almost four hundred million dollars a year. I think is what David was there with their budget last year and that's all tax free consider that they're not tax on that, so a very powerful financially in the sense of putting money, not just it at that.
federal level in and they were huge backers binds campaign, but at the local. Level. They are very focused on electing the officials, they will then negotiate contracts for their teachers, rights of the local versions of the union's put a lot of money at these small campaign level, and they the easily outspent someone who's, not as Pro union does Granular focus that with their interest, political can, I can send inside Washington and I can see that, but I can't see them estimating the average democratic vote or what I can't see anything the average democratic voters, protection for workers. the notion that workers are being abused in a labour market that doesn't care for them in a broader sense of social responsibility, animates. Third, third, defensive unions: that's that's the philosophy Well, that was actually a lot of people. I think embraced that that their teachers unions were very effective at having them messaging at the beginning, the pandemic and look on, and not pro union, but I like you. We, let's make sure that the schools they are safe place for kids to return to school, for the teachers,
You know a year in some months later, that's no longer there still making that argument in the other. The scientific evidence is in direct opposition to what they're saying their workers need and that's actually, where a lot of Socratic voters are going waited and I can't get back to my job because my kids don't have a reliable place to go, get educate. Every day, and I'm I'm. Basically, we saw your time just re. This whole story about how women in particular have not return to work, because the cat is the schools of enclosed in a lot of these places. So that's why the shift. The argument I was on board with the beginning pandemic is no longer holding holding water. Let people, but in terms of the sheer numbers this that the size of these minorities that have this outsize influence on us. I think, if you look at the case of both the teachers, unions and Trans rights, the amplification effect, in both cases of media is enormous and if you think of media the people and media as another example of
tiny minority of the country who up leads us around by the nose tells us what the caravan and then how to care about it? along with the Twitter ACT, as we ve been saying, threat who The home, with every new studies seem to represent its eight is smaller and smaller percentage of the population. It is an interesting, I think, dynamic over all in american politics that we get rid of twisted around these very small groups, thinking they have much more power than they do right. But you know we aren't the political professionals whose job it is to get elected to stay alive. to build their majorities or to interfere with the majority Marian building of the other party and that sort of thing those people need to have very clear, eyed and unsentimentalism and not numbers based under
Standing of things that are going on, I am granular, as as as no would say in all to make the kinds of dispatch the decisions that help them with their ultimate goal, and that's where you have to start wondering whether the echo chamber that aid is talking about is increasingly interfering with the ability of those people to make the kinds of disease genes that they need to make, particularly on the democratic side in part, because there's no media pushed back in part, because the voices that they don't want to hear are rendered somewhat mute or at least kind of like have the volume turn way. Town And so they don't understand, I mean at no road.
Post, the other day about how they are not see the twenty twenty two wave coming. If there is a twenty twenty two republican way because the how'd you called light because their instinct, because their ability to feel the things that are indicating trouble for them Some of the nerve endings seem to have been detached. Media environment- is reward sentiment on the left, that suggest that any objection to their political programme partition, its excesses. That post was about critical re syrian school. You can read the same thing about excessive covered. Precautions are over and above the CDC recommends that they treat people who are sceptical
sort of responses as anathema as hidebound and sort of dismissal longer face, which was is what's gonna, create that impression, I'm one of the things that that post, honey this is about. Basically, the results we talk about this yesterday South Park, South Lake, rather Texas election results- and it was this that's not NBC News pieces, you know well, this is a conservative county and most of the population is white at seventy four percent. Why. The country is seventy four percent white Yet I am a conservative district in the district voted forty eight percent for binding, and it voted forty eight percent for better O'Rourke Rourke in twenty eighteen. That was supposed to be fertile field for Democrats in twenty twenty and twenty twenty one and twenty twenty
and the fact that it went. Seventy thirty against it. That's very significant. That's a place that Biden almost one- I mean you know he came as close as you're gonna get in Texas at this present moment, and that is the whip sign terror moment. Yet they can't. They cannot friend that that issue, yes, you said that was before voters creating a database of micro aggressions, creating permanent positions for deserves diversity, consultants in policing, racism outside the school, and they can't they can't see that is nothing other than pro diversity. Measured spoke pro diversity measures allowing themselves to the issue set an end blending themselves to the city of reaction to it right guys I'm in time have been asking this question about incognito mode for awhile, right, incognito modes on your career, chrome browser. I use it and you think, therefore, what doing can't be seen by the can be seen. In fact, it's a Google thing, and so Google tracks your movements online.
It makes all its money by. a selling your data and where you go, what you do to advertisers google itself in a class action. Lawsuit said this. These very words Incognito does not mean invisible, ok, great, so, basically they're lying to you. What is the incognito browser is for, and you gotta figure out some other way to get yourself visible on line, and that other way is expressly p m because it takes your ip address, which is what data harvesters used to uniquely identify you in your allocation and re roots. Your connections were unencrypted server and man that ip address you get a random one. She by many other expressively, I'm customers, which makes it harder for third parties to identify you or harvest your data and its. Super easy to use, no matter what the vice or on phone laptop or smart tb I gotta do is TAT one button, for instance, protection from Express european
So if you really want to go and call me, though, and protect your privacy secure self, with the number one read, Vps Visit Express, VP, Amber com, slashed commentary and gets reacts to months for free, that's Ex Pierre S, Wp M Dotcom, Slash commentary, expressly Pm Dotcom, slash commentary. Now, let's talk about the racial make up of the country. Nay, cone of the news. Times who is one of the knights right made silver and a cone is one of the sort of election data analysts, the founder of the needle has been writing really. A very interesting and politically heterodox stuff on these matters for almost a decade now Has a peace today in the New York Times that could be very alarming to Democrats. I won't be because very hard for them to hear these things again. What that too. passionate ear, he says if you look at census, Data Annie
Look at election results. Here's what you learn! What you learn is a the census data are out and the white population has shrunk in. The United States has gone from seventy three percent to seventy one percent: the black population, United States static, growing minority populations in the United States, Asian hispanic and multi racial, which either means people who are claiming to have been black or hispanic or asian now say that their multi racial or that whites were people who said they were white are claiming now that their multi racial or Hispanics, who call themselves hispanic ten years. ago might now be calling themselves white one way or the other, the political narrative that we have been fed and the Democrats have been leaning into for a decade.
Now that we are moving inexorably to a majority minority country. is belied by the service, Data that Simon a survey data, no seventy percent of the country, the households in the country are spoken. who are you know the voluntarily, submit the information on their erase on demographic, make up to the Census Bureau and the other thirty percent are gotten through a variety of other means. This is not a pole. This is something else. This is a head to head count or is closed who had him tat is we can possibly get, and it is unassailable like if it's wrong on its wrong on the margins it's wrong by a quarter of a per cent, either way. That can be very big in terms of apportionment and stuff like that. But it's not big in terms of an understanding of the kind. Please make up and the idea that by twenty forty, we're gonna be majority, minority has now been conclusively disproven
we're not gonna, be majority minority by twenty forty say can push put that out of your head and now the question is: what does that mean politically? Because Democrats have come to believe that, because this is an extremely happening if they can just Jim up their numbers in a minority communities. They. And challenge and overcome the republican advantage with whites now to problems with that number one. The black population is static, it's that it where are the same and has not grown as a percentage of the whole country over the last ten years, why population drop by two Asians, Hispanics and multi racial have gone up a bit and an african Americans are static so.
If you join up the vote in an african american periods, that can be pretty great for you. That is not how Biden one in twenty twenty, as he points out by one in twenty twenty. By getting more of the white vote, then Hillary Clinton gotten sixteen and that Barack Obama got in twenty twelve up there Another issue here with this, which is that among the minority groups that you just described where there has been growth, are Hispanics and aid We now know that these expert understanding of how Hispanics vote very flawed and all over the place and doesn't map on reality and the agents as we ve begun to see and talk about,
that vote may be more up for grabs than we had previously thought right exactly so in all. In those cases, the classic understanding is that they go about sixty five thirty five. gradual Republican, but is not static. The hispanic what has been moving Republican despite Donald Trump rhetoric, which I think everybody thought twenty fifteen was gonna- kill I'm an obviously we saw these amazing results in twenty twenty and the Rio Grande Valley, counties and and floored again. These are two wildly different. Hispanics right. Cubans and Mexicans are not the same types of people, but that they were more, but but they they they shifted in somebody's counties are tiny, its western, whether there were they their suggestive of changes, and that I think everybody would have to say that they were so Have this very weird phenomenon, which is that.
By one by appealing to white people who couldn't stand Trump anymore and his political impulse. As president. Is to empower the most radical racial list message that we have ever seen. Right black lives matter critical, Base theory trying to embed these ideas in the Department of Education, things like how would the FED, which doesn't really control judges things? climate. You know how NASA there were That was the idea was that pursue racial justice in monetary policy. That's the legislative initiative, yeah And yet the CIA, trying to you know, did get people through
welcome this and I wonder what is not just a general though he won the general by appealing to centrist whites. He won the primary by appealing to central African Americans right and then all the woke nonsense that everybody else to his left was a trap was in a bidding war over bra. I mean you, can you can make a love claims about what this demographic data suggests, but one of the things that I think it definitively proof as our intersection reality is. A philosophy is an absolute dead end for anybody, embraces it as a theory of social organisation posits that racial. Categories are static and immutable and they're not we're migrant along them over the course of one lifetime. Wellness look so this is such an important point because I think, no matter how many times I was recalling they didn't. The Atlantic have apiece right before the election saying if you're against wilderness are worried about working spoke for Biden, just looking back now can by ironic The idea that you,
didn't choose a side in a in kind of theoretical race identification project that we should all be doing constantly with each other goes against. Every We know about our Multi Rachel future. I think the multi racial self identification numbers of the most encouraging both because they they place a burden on Cried Samara. Republicans on Democrats do, as you said, John. They still have to reach white voters who they ve been basically neglected in and calling you know a privilege time, but Republicans also have to reach non white voters right if you're gonna grow. A coalition of your Republican, you have to appeal to people who might not identify is as black or hispanic say I multiracial, and you know what do you got for me and they that is it, that's an important burden on the Republicans as much as the other is on the table. but this idea that no matter how many times you say, systemic racism or equity instead of equality, people aren't buying it. So far, it's not it's an elite top down jargon that is, that doesn't comport with people's reality, which is a good thing.
Right now, I'm just gonna point this out again. American history shows us that these ideas, that ethnic categories or racial categories our immutable in constant and an ever changing is preposterous notion the for example, that Italian Americans and Irish Americans would now be majority republican- would have seemed like science fiction. through the nineteen sixtys. When I believe The numbers were like close to eighty percent for both groups- more important. idea that Irish Americans and italian Americans would marry each other when they hated each other just a hundred years ago, or that Jews would be largely. You know half of job of June.
Would be now. You know basically intermarried and and and woven into the rest of non jewish society categories and reconsidered white at all. That's right so that when american history shows Us- and of course, history can change and if we re Lee racial eyes, everything then everything will change, and yet no one will ever change anything but, of course, the great danger there, which Trump showed and which was clear from the nine these with the with the but the balkanization efforts that started with the elites. With You know sailing studies right, black slaves, gender stay, spanish studies. All of that is that if you create racial consciousness, you will create white consciousness. Now there is this idea that why consciousness is just the served default, and so therefore we have white supremacy and all that that is I want to get it
why that's right or wrong? What I mean is that if you racial eyes, everything and the Erica, seventy two percent white or seventy one percent wide and is going to be around that number or its sixty nine percent white. When we get to twenty thirty or something like that, You and everything is racial. Whites are going to vote as a racial group. And you know what happens when a minority group votes as a racial group by Jo Majority. They win everything all all the time, except in places where, where you know that they are not the majority right which american cities for the most part Rallies I said yesterday in New York City is twenty six reset, why twenty six percent black twenty six percent hispanic? So what what does this tell us by the way? I just want to point out that New York and nineteen fifty was thirty. One point
jewish. Just to give you a sense of how these things morph overtime, thirty one percent, Jewish York City, when the sea has a population of eight million was the largest contingent of Jews in the world without question no longer, obviously, but so what? What does this tell us like it out? You are it's not your way, giving a sleeping giant if this is how things are going to sort and you're going to create. You know, sort of critical racial theory. There's gonna be counter critical racial theory, just by definition like you, can't you can't say we're doing this, but you're not allowed to do it because it's ours and we own it and you know we're twelve percent of the population and we're going to impose this on everybody else. Well, I can't we have even heard from Hispanics and Asians and multi
actual people about what effect this is gonna have on them. Either we have we have. We have hints of that right. We have the latin acts, the use of latin exciting. Being them, though, the most for example, the idea that the elite sort of racial grievance industry expects and assume the people would identify as lad. Next, when they're like what are you talking about a business? That's a made up. Word I mean you have that you have evidence in the asian american community that this is that they actually do that. The the pitting of race against race, with with regard to admit, this is not something that's gonna game they wanna play, but its being employed. Whose done them again like there being told you must be kept out of certain opportunities because of race, so that another race can get those opportunities that the equity line- and I think it's really just it's. It's were also, I think, gonna see more Rachel dollar cessation on among white people right if there's an advantage, a competitive advantage to being multi racial or black people will adopt identity and who's to say, you can't right because in this way, A lot of it is about identity impact,
Jason, as with many times said power, so that here, asians are white adjacent when, when they're trying to get into Harvard but their victims, when there are no victims of assaults on the streets of its not consistent an average Americans of all races understand that the inconsistency and hopefully the harm I want to read to you from a column by my my dear friend and former colleague, Bob Mcmanus was written for commentary in the New York Post today, because this is about the topic I talk to. the other day asian Americans and New York's and the New York City schools. So you gotta listen to this, because this is where the rubber meets the road. He says the most serious threats asian Americans not to diminish the thuggery he says of the street crimes and hate crimes against any of these kind of like a of sneak attacks. Asians on streets, the most serious threats asian Americans me, your asian American Yorkers, is the Department of Education's ill
disguised effort to eliminate merited based admission to the cities? Eight highly selective school high schools. The process is dominated by asian kids. Rare, I told you the other day. Fifty three percent of those admitted to this because our Asian to the virtual exclusion, a blackened hispanic students, the new numbers came out last week, whereupon schools, Chancellor newly minted schools. Counselor major Ross Porter demanded an end to test base emissions because quote it's far pastime for our students to be fairly represented quote by your own words as Bob Rights Porter doesn't consider asian kids, apparently all one hundred and forty five thousand of them in the New York City schools to be among our students and to her fair representation means quotas. How else to interpret what she said. You're gonna tell a hundred
forty five thousand asian kids and there are three hundred and their three hundred thousand parents. that they are not our students, you're also gonna, say based. They then everybody who is not wide or not our students. There are very, very lasting political ramifications and consequences from this naked racism. This is the school chancellor of New York City, who was referring to our students by a forward by whom she means black people. That's all she mean she doesn't mean. I don't think she means Hispanics who care about Hispanics. She is black people and it's a terrible thing that black people, black children, have the horrible time getting into these high schools? And you know why it is it's because they are being taught nothing in elementary and intermediate schools, thereby
nothing there being warehouse. They are being, they are being written off when they went when their six years old we are housed and basically kept until they can be released into the euro the community barely Walter Reed, barely able to do math barely having any skills, and the problem is what the problem is that there is a test that lets kids into eight high schools. There are a hundred and fifty high schools in New York City. Why shouldn't they they be able to get a good education there. There are hundreds of intermediate schools. Why aren't they getting an education that prepare them for the test. That would let them get into those aid. Also out of high school. Some are I mean. The thing is that it did the picture that David Discourse, Chancellor, has chosen that the story she's chosen to tell because she wants to eliminate the merit test is not the full story. I because a lot of those top african american students are siphoned off to private schools with full scholarships. Many more
The charter's I mean it's not just like. There's one pull of kids and there's only these top aid schools. There. Lot of other educational options for African him, can families whose kids went to excel they don't have to go to those top schools and many are choosing a private school option or or what not. So it's like, isn't she even giving everybody the full picture, because the racial grievance she wants to highlight won't allow for any Sort of new ones are understanding of what the bigger picture is, and you know it do you see you I mean I wrote a posts for the body a couple weeks ago about how they're trying to mitigate the widening of some of the feeder patterns for some of the better high schools in its the same issue fix the schools in the community These were the kids are trying to get out and come into other neighbourhood schools, because that's actually where the problem starts. Instead, it's easier for top down. Officials did not deal with that tougher problem and instead say we ve got to stop the white people disturbed the white people, the problem in systemic racism when you push back the responses. You guys have run everything since time began and now it's archer like we
yet our is now and it's a very racially divisive and an uneasy just not civically healthy to be in a country where that's the mindset on either side, where that's a very important point. So there's a program you are called prep for prep fifteen hundred blackened span of kids every year are, you know, go through a process they get into prep for proper. They go to private schools and boarding schools. Now fifteen hundred doesn't sound like a lot, but there are only four: thousand kids, the goat that are admitted every year to these selective school?
they all you know twenty three thousand kids try to test into them. You know even made a fifty three percent blacksmith four percent, but that's right like there are kit. There are fifteen hundred blackened hispanic kids who go through prep for prep that are immediately removed from that pool of kids, and they are not counted, of course, because they are not counted, none the less. The point remains that there there shouldn't even have to be special. Eight specialised schools, which are understood as being the places that New York cities gifted students can get a deal high school education and be prepared to go to college ever school should be in theory then there's more silent, siphoned off and made their existence. Is there because everybody in nineteen seventy one when the law passed schools have been added to it, understood that
What was going on in the cities was the destruction, the wholesale destruction of the best public sin city, school systems, city school system in the United States that it took ten years to destroy it and that some, after it had to be made to keep away seas of strength in this sea or this desert of ill education, and with that I want to talk to you guys about the pain in the back and how to remove it because of it. Are we talking about? This will give you a pain and the way to remove that pain. Is the ex chair I've been talking about it? You're, not the next chair than the one you have got needs to go Exchequer Secret, not only there
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I want to conclude adjusted a dive back into into cover Deanna no yesterday sent our group chat apiece from vocs, and he was like this is going to drive you in saying this is going to make your head explode. You're gonna, be so angry, you're, not gonna, believe it and the peace is why, despite the CDC guidance, everybody should wear a mask everywhere forever and its very long. It's like three thousand words long ever arise where the red- it's a roller coaster of emotion. So here's what's interesting so we're talking about it's like. I can't believe this peace, baseless, CDC lifted guidance. That said yet, where mask everywhere. If your vaccinated and the CDC is see as wrong, experts think deceive shouldst where mask everywhere, even if your vaccinated, and maybe even if you're vaccinated
and here the seventeen reasons why you now bullet points Ed's the US with a charge of tweet in this, and that it goes on forever. So like this is weird like okay, so they're they're saying so. It's like the CDC is wrong and hears like a twitter you're here and apparent group there. Somebody else like who were they to save the CDC is wrong. Even now, like I'm, happy to hear a scepticism, really sound like the rights, easy sceptics, the author of the pieces of woman named Katharine Courage and I went looked up her twitter timeline, so these came out. I know a couple days ago, some like that and on her twitter timeline, as people will often do
kind of expressed concern about something as a freelance writer writing for scientific, american and others, and she said this classic timing to finally published a story. I ve been working on for weeks about public masking moments before the CDC updated its recommendations on mascot, updated story to come so she wrote a story about how people still need to mass after their vaccinated. She worked on it for weeks, vocs scheduled for publication, and wouldn't you know it just before it comes out. the CDC says. We are now issuing guidance that, if your fully vaccinated you do not have to wear mask outside does vocs then say are I would
Scott, you know we have thanks a lot. It was really, but you know, I'm sorry, things have changed. Peace doesn't make any sense. Now they let a rather new top the articles. About how the CDC says you should have this. You shouldn't where mass, outside and they're wrong and here's. Why and then the peace then goes into the peace that she had originally filed. So, basically, in order to save her stupid, freelance assignment and because vocs understood that publishing something that said, you should still mask even when the CDC says you shouldn't I gotta be click baby and it certainly got not. Tat should have no ascended to us there This is how the media can work sometimes, and this is vocs which has a I believe
market value of red four hundred million dollars according to the last valuation, with these seas, when it did blah blah blah Abe, isn't this more honest than what it could have done in that could have said. We can run this now because we are, or are jobs to function as a mouthpiece for the CDC, and now that the CDC is changed, its guidelines we're gonna we have to get in step with, now, here's why her, because the police concludes rationally. At that time, we reject the thirty three thousand word mark. All these experts start to present conclusions. comport with any rational assessment of risk. That probably you're going to be okay, maybe we can say we have to do this forever, because it's going to be kind of printed of counterproductive. We have to have some sort of us something on there. That says this is going to end a text date. That's a I think that you could probably lead with, but would destroy her promise, and she wanted the premise more than
The actual article there's a fantastic piece in the Atlantic this morning that sorted dovetails with these themes and Green wrote it, and it describes and talks to me- The people for whom covered mitigation strategies are a source of political identity. Now that they, They have little or nothing to do with the science. It is all about projecting the tried to which you are a member of and it involves serious psychological, so harm, but it is nevertheless something to which a substantial portion of the progressive voting base is. made it with a religious fervor, so great that this became a political matter. That's just fantastic. It's really a sign of the health of the country and it sets continuing strength going from strength to strength.
And yes, I'm being ironic, I want to correct a couple of things for the record. I got a couple of emails last. We complaining that I said that fracturing didn't exist until two thousand and seven fracturing as a technology was apparently patented sometime in the late nineteenth forties, but there was a technological breakthrough in two thousand six, two thousand seven around the Marcella Shale and Pennsylvania that made its that made the MAX irrational gas through this method, cost effective impossible and now this, and so I was tat, really wrong, but I believe I was certainly politically at least economically ah correct, and wait, there was Other thing that I got wrong. I wanted to correct because other podcast do this and I think that their right to do it, and I don't do it enough to say when we got something off,
Oh so Sarah Holly me the horribly murdered, woman Frenchwoman who was tortured and thrown off for balcony in France. She was born. As I had said she was, she was born in Algeria. I'd said, I think she was born in Morocco. I got this wrong that her parents left Ironically, in horribly, her parents left Algeria asked anti semitic attacks against jewish stores, so she went to Paris. Her family went to Paris to protect themselves against Anti Semitism in them grab and she end up getting murdered by anti Semites by an Anti Semitic man's shouting out bar in Paris.
Seven years after her her parents fled to France. So I got that wrong and I'm glad to have that corrected. Bye, bye, bye, listener, Deborah Kaufman, because just adds another element of the heart of the tragedy of Sarah Halimi. So with that, we will return to tomorrow. For a Christina know, I'm jump on keep keep the camera.
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