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Liberal Gaslighting

2021-03-09 | 🔗
Today's podcast takes up the question of whether Bernie Sanders could have been as functionally left-wing as president as Joe Biden is being. And what is this game in which liberals create culture wars and then say conservatives are crazy for reacting to them? Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Tuesday March nineteen, twenty twenty one. I am tromp onwards. The editor of Commentary magazine with me, as always: executive, editor, every wall tired, I jump, senior rudder, Christine Rosen Haiku steam engine and associate editor nor Ross behind our joint work. And people examined the one point. Nine brazilian trillion Gillian.
corona virus pork bill relief, bill goodies, keep falling out all over the place. We talk the other day about the sum bail out for private pension funds, which is a pretty stunning and a view noted yesterday. Another interesting bail out that raises interesting questions. you'll, be illogically about by Mr Democrats. I think I see no brought to our attention, but I have thought about it. Yet federal stimulus, it it around since the majority of San Francisco does budget deficit, as a tweet here has saving City Hall from man to make the painful service cuts
They are so it so it bears out San Francisco so Abe. Who is the congressmen from San Francisco Nancy pull up always causes and natural ass? He sat there. People ass, he saw the speaker of the house, got in her gotta gotta gotta. What is it like? A couple hundred billion dollars for her district up like that you're right. So, unlike generally earmark, is like fifteen million dollars for a cowboy museum, Cowboy Poetry museum. Not you know a specific, hundreds of billion dollar bail out or something for do I have the numbers rikers. Maybe maybe it's not that quite that back, but maybe someone should look at upside down and I'm not being an idiot, but how However, it is that that is. That is not your mark that keep them in nice. Claims are six hundred and fifty million Billion are million six,
infinity mammalian rebellion. Libraries have more than half a billion, so yeah, as I say, the classic earmark is you know too, by twelve harvesters for your county or something like that? Not not. Six hundred and fifty billion is similar fifty million added that you that you mentioned the cowboy poetry thing, because that was one of those rightwing talking points that only rabies knew about and the left. There was aware of or cared about, and when we talk about how this thing has a long tail, it's this sore the thing the only people who notice this stuff, our people on the right. The left is not going to go to the polls,
And register their satisfaction with the bail out of San Francisco in two years: they're not gonna, be aware of it, but people like us will be talking about it forever. Right I mean that's that that is basically how your marks and being being destroyed was this notion that you have these a district, ebony district, specific courtisolles, till legislation that are stuck in there in order to ensure the support again something garnering, weren't majorities or anyway Abe. So I apologise for for this distraction. So there is this money in its in their right and we look at the spill it such a trillion dollars. He wanted to go. Big Biden said he wanted to go big and their throwing money. A pension, private hundred funds are throwing money at San Francisco their throwing money at. We don't even know what you know. Basically blue state bailouts on a on a mammoth scale. With this,
support for state budgets when, in fact, state budgets did not crater during the during the pandemic away. They did during the great recession. So you you had this observation Abe. Yes, so, basically, at so far the Biden presidency is a further left effectively a further. our presidency then say: Bernie Sanders would be because It would be more vigilance there would be about, among Republicans and within the democratic point there would be more vigour. whence about a president Sanders making wild left wing moves and and for all sorts of new and expanded programmes because they
would be understood. It would be recognised as a huge lurch in the direction towards socialism towards leftism towards whatever else with Biden. We don't have that we don't have that kind of response. this big by virtue of being who he is with his history? It is not seen as the great lurch left word that needs protecting against, so it did it gets through. I think this is a fascinating observation, because I think it is absolutely true that up a Bernie Sanders elected on an ideological platform saying ok, I was elected I about. We don't offer
That is what I've been elected, but let's say he electoral everyone's like are arrogant, he's gonna do what he said is going to do, and we can have this because the american people aren't ready for it and they don't like it but having a kind of Anna dime. You know prop president standing in front of this mammoth effort to basically we ignite the welfare state or What were you take the welfare state into new dimensions of welfare? Statism the cover is, the cover is perfect. No one can deny that Bernie Sanders. you know is a socialist. He said he was a socialist. No one can deny the Breeze sanders like once revolutionary change. He says he wants revolutionary change, so get people's hackles would have been up above the buttons would have been pushed appropriately and there would have been more anxiety.
About about the execution there, but there isn't. There is also something I dont think its intentional, but there's something genius about another thing that I think conservative correctly been complaining about since day, one of the vital ministration, which is this avalanche of legislate The executive order, my kind of front loading it just pouring so many those things out there it. It was harder to kind of hold up any single one, all of many of which actually were sort of political pay. The more radical progressive didn't he is coalition. It was harder to kind Make any one argument about them. Stick you're, someone who follows pretty closely and conservative media the note book, but everybody's pat causes. So I think it I dont know if that was cancelling or not that just the sheer volume of stuff coming out of the Mediterranean in the first few weeks made it harder to argue against that's the other thing is that there was a bright. Obviously there be a lot more, there were people and left would be more self. Conscious of a left word moves under a socialist.
President, but the right has sort of advocated its role here, its traditional role to kind of it's obnoxious, but it is nevertheless a valuable data. Point CNN monitors every word that comes out of broadcast on Fox NEWS, a name phone. Relax. Next assertion found that the term cancel culture was mentioned more than twice as often as covert relief. Billet covered bell I'm not doing their visual due diligence on this bill because it doesn't move a needle. Audiences and interested in anymore guardians and the right ones, culture worse and that's it legislation, just doesn't jazz everybody on the right, so maybe Finally, there isn't much fuller using on the left there, certainly no policing and right eye. There will then there's no one on the right making. What needs to be made with the point the needs we may, which is there, is a great deal prosciutto this most recent covered relief package, that is culture war from the left imposed on the country, but no one's making that argument or political eat no elected official on the right is
he can not argument a persuasive, lay or a consistent way? Look a simple fact: the matter as Democrats won the election by won the election. They they they held the Senate early enough. They ve innovation. They taken the Senate, what the swiftly fifty margin they control the house. It was going to be time for pent up liberal demands and liberal interests, and the first bill of the Biden administration was going to pass because you come with your first big bill and it's a relief and via simulate spill and end. You don't get it through and that's the end of the presidency. The presidency becomes a caretaker period. It has no authority, it has no power has not
it is to work. It's will people understand that in its every man for himself, so this bill was gonna, be pass. The interesting point about it was that its size and shape and scope were entirely at the discretion of the Biden instruction. They could have said Given the euro, given, though the economic growth numbers and various other things out of fear of inflation, we are scaling back. Are one point: nine billion dollar proposal to one point, two billion dollars also, so we can get by Parson supports or the entire nation can be behind that they chose not to do that. They would it so that they had a kind of free com.
Oh here, that's my opinion and that you know what mansion and Cinema killed the minimum wage bill. They killed the minimum wage aspect of the bell because it was like ok, you know what that really is. A bridge too far are enough small businesses alike in all. The scent really has nothing whatsoever to do with this, and if you really want to take it up, we can take it up in another time in another They were gonna get a bill through whatever their bill was, they chose to go with it. Pretty radical piece of legislation in it in general, terms more radical than a large republican tax cut because, of course, the whole thing about republican tax. That is, they are a form of withholding money from the federal government, and this is a form of direct governments of invention into state budgets, local budgets, transportation, budgets and people's pocketbooks and their checking account.
And biting did not run on this, I'm not that he didn't run much of anything but yeah. If, if he had said this was the kind of legislation that he wanted to pass in twenty nineteen, when he was running as the guy who wasn't easy. They might have been able to say G centres as crazy as we do and are granted. It wasn't like better care for all which was what was there was a bit. Was the price tag on that was a thirty two trillion something like that. There were some where they would literally saying when talking about as though the federal government could spend thirty two trillion dollars, and they could just get it back with a it out with some kind of two cents on every dollar tax, or something like that. But.
they would have had away in to attack Biden on the grounds that he is he's posing as some kind of funny moderate, when in fact he is more like us that maybe they wouldn't wanted to set. I'm just saying that that is one way people keep saying all Biden said he wanted to be bipartisan. See he's failed because he's not bipartisan. He what that was that's nothing like daddy was: what's he not supposed to? One is legislation opponents won't go along with it like that. Does a ridiculous talking point, however, what he said was he wasn't going to be a crazy lunatic Democrat and he it's basically I mean he's. Not the Jesse's, not his comporting himself, off, like he's a very boring, stolid old guy, who can't remember the name of his defence secretary, but that is here, but
Where'd, you learn, something else is needed. Lucky. No is right that these point lucky in hit the enemies he has the partisan enemies he has because that those distractions you no doctor, Seuss books being revolted. These are the things I think those right there animating right Things are legitimately, but we were Joe because some I was sitting on the story about how the buttons rescue dogs had to be sent back to Delaware, and, I think, aims You're the one like this is our neighbour. No, I said did on our textile, and yet this is gonna, be all Fox news. about some. Are there so many more important things, partisan things that we should all be engaged with right now that are there we're losing in it, and people's attention span for this is not ideal. I saw you- I don't know how much I gave you a second now, because I wanted to talk to you today again about the book up and talk about all month. It will be time at all meant. The telling by marker, somehow Judaism's essential book reveals the meaning of life gherkins book isn't, it is, is an account, a study, a discussion, a jumping off point, four
thinking about the hugger Dodd, pass through the manual guidebook prayer Book of the pass over say there and a one. I most fascinating intellectual journeys that every every do takes every year is the discussion of pass over. That is encouraged by the centre right one important point out, one at one of the many riches to be found in the book on every page. This is from page one hundred and twenty. So one of the interesting things about the argonauts a story, the exodus from Egypt, of Course- and guess, who's name is never mentioned in the hundredth Moses. Why isn't Moses Nay mentioned it's? One of the great discussion points that people go back to again and again and again when they they engage in the act of of trying to understand what went on in the exodus and what it means, and here is what
He he says the authors of the hunger that obviously did not fail in telling the story of the exodus, yet there and seeming quandary. We are commanded by the Torah on, but what became safer night to tell the story to our children and we use the hunger that, but it does not contain most of the main characters in the story, and yet the habitats now commanding us to tell the story at length which is really impossible without mentioning its main characters. How do we resolved riddle. Well, the hunger that requires us to tell the story by reaching outside the hugger Da Guide, even a generally great book like a hundred arts human equivalent in a wise men. Tories, only that a guide, the hookah is significantly purposefully and strategically incomplete the responsibility for something genuinely important, particularly the combination of parenting and jewish perpetuation, that the pace of celebration and bodies must be in source that the this is just one page of the three hundred, and
any odd pages of insight and inspiration. You can get from the telling by Mark Gerstein get it at Amazon, get it Barnes enable get it from your local bookseller, get it where we want to get it and it will in live and rich and make Europe saviours this year, even even more interesting and flavorful. Ok, no, I corrupted you and I apologize. I do just that. I don't really know the extent to which we consider Joe Biden is taking the lead on this thing into, or rather just referring to, Congress. If you were call in late march of last year on the bottom had fallen out of everything and there were some real negotiations in Congress for a two trillion dollar economic assistance package we already did. This gives an forgot. An animal, as he blew up negotiations saying that the house will support whenever the Senate past and she introduced a competing package and which was come plead bomb
landed with an absolute third, but it was a statement of principle so far as it included. three million dollars for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association hundred million for NASA three hundred million for pity ass. Five hundred million for the museum library, services, Kennedys, They are performing arts money. These days charter school money- I mean it was really embarrassing on their parts, but they demonstrated what they want is doing when it hadn't did it now and Joe Biden really just once a bill is this intention has been pretty clear all this time. The White House wants something and are willing to accept whatever comes across their desk pretty much and it seems like democratic caucus is what's leading this thing the Senate manages to tweak around the margins, but this house Republican or has democratic carcass, is determining what
Britain's agenda is when it comes to call, it really serve, that's the case them. Then he is the front man for the house. Democratic hawkers, marhaus, democratic hawkers is more left wing in its constitution and its ideological motivation and compartment and direction than anything has ever been in the history of of of of american political. What I mean that is, that seems to go without saying that this is part of the big sort that the entire that the moderate Democrats, just like the modern Republicans, have essentially been driven out moderate Democrats and serve love. You, too would concern of Democrats lost their seats to Republicans throughout the twenty. Tens and moderate Republicans lost their seats to trump peons during the twenty tens, and so there is no you're not
There is not much left in the middle and now they're in charge, instead of Republican, so that the the disappearance of the metal, except in the form of three or four senators in the nice, it Senate who have the whip, at least on that bodies. Behaviour means that that is where the Democratic Party is. However, Christine's right, though, the what thereby restoration has done on its own or these executive orders and personnel hires, and things like that, and some of that suggests that they do. They are consonant with the interests and the idiot leanings of the other cock. Certainly everything about race and sacks anything that's related to gain a women's rights or interest should all race anti racism efforts. Those are all hard core left. Outside of the oil. There isn't any room, therefore, arguing that he's
and to find some moderating path, and even his allies in the mainstream media. I'm gonna write about this today for the blog, but Title line, executive order came out yesterday, entrenched women say from binding even the New York Times couldn't massage what what bakings gonna try to do. Your wishes to rescind try to rescind rules that were made under tromp that actually a lot of mainstream. Liberal legal scholars thought were long overdue. Unnecessary because of previous average by the Obama administration. But you know they're gonna, reverse that an EU The times couldn't quite besides it is, though, he's just you know, he's really going to start a moderate. You know the extreme of the Obama era, the extreme with the trumpet noise. Not he wants to go back to, but had usually Benny stream under Obama and then we'll see happens and, of course, because I personally hope and don't think he will succeed in that effort, but it's pretty clear that that's what he's very
What we should we should go into this little bit. So the title nine reforms made under under tromp had to do with the the ways in which academic institutions, under the direction of the Obama Department of Education had re written, were or or had, basically obliged many colleges not that they weren't pushing on an open door to revise the way that handled allegations of sexual assault on campus to basically way everything it. I m due process for those who work used and it is very important to note discerning repute important to note that heat the Obama administration did. This We and, I might say in the media by Joe Biden his vice president. They did this not by the normal formal federal rules. Making process which is transparent, allows public common usually takes about a year. They did at my feet,
by issuing what they call guidance letter, the guidance letter. Basically schools on notice that this is what our justice Department will be looking at. If there's any enforcement issues, its kind like a kind of administrative threat in a sense in that, if your school administrator- and you read this letter- which it has John absolutely is correct to say, basically eliminated due process for the accused, you're going to err on the side of believing the victim every single time. But it was not there at the public had no time or any sort of ability to comment on what the Obama administration damages overnight. After this letters issued school started and they lawsuits from falsely accused students have have followed in droves and most of them been successful. I mean, I think, something like ninety five percent or more been successful and were now and the hundreds of lawsuits in which people's lives are ruined. Kids
I was a ruined destroyed and that it takes them years to observe the work this through the courts in which it is said, basically that they, you know that that that their these worked star chamber processes and an even more important. As you mentioned, the rules making that they be issued. This letter was that the Trump administration in reversing some of this did follow your process about victims groups. Yeah. No, I mean I turning her up and Lincoln S. No you're gonna my little obsessions until you run a whole piece about that. Each of us, where the magazine I'm on on the subject so united Innovation- I Didn'T- I didn't agree with her everything she did his secretary. But this was something that was long overdue and you didn't excellent job on the rules making that they went through. They heard from all kinds of people they heard from the victims groups. They heard from legal scholars. They heard they had hundreds of thousands the public comments pull. Formal process worked as intended and
is it when the rules were announced, the new rules were announced which actually really beefed up do pray as in the required things like, being able to face the accused- or at least you know, bond in your own defence into no even to know who accuse you, which in many cases, some these kids who are accused did not know Joe Biden. into the media and said basically this this can allow real culture to run round, but on campus. So he in his position on this is very clearly below the Obama era, we don't really care about due process- believe the victim in all cases and is Many people, including myself, have pointed out. You know the allegations a tear red made against him for harassment and inappropriate sexual behaviour when he was senator by the rules. Is that restoration had provided with their letter of guidance. He would have been found guilty easily. I that standard, so there, that's a vibrant, easier, but yeah can be harder for them to reverse that, but they're gonna, try
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which is that you know Christine will write a blog posts and say this is terrible and only then summoned to say you, people are just quite what away what this is. You know why are you getting so had opposition? You seem to be a little over Anxious about all they're doing is restoring something that the elite. You know illegitimate Trump administration like pushed to get us to give a sop to white supremacist and what were what the matter with you people. Why are you? What are you get so hysterical about nothing? Why do you get so sterical about doktor sues? That's other favorite is all you. People you keep screaming Fox has taught me doctor sues every five minutes, ever Mccarthy's, reading grim eggs at him. What why? What doktor seuss like? Don't you have more important things to do so? The doktor seuss banning thing began. It took like seventy two, powers it began. When word came that loud and County Virginia was lifting a couple of doktor sues books are books from the library.
Because I was disturbed by some eggs. Some things in and then we heard that the only upon hearing this. The buyer administration had removed. Doktor suits his name from some proclamation on international reading, day or happy book day or whatever nonsense day. They decided it was that they were celebrated. and then, like twenty four hours later, the Seuss enterprises like the business that runs the doktor suits business. Doctors is not having any errors, apparently So this is the kind of ongoing business. I don't even know who profit from it exactly announced that it was going to suppress six Doktor Seuss titles because of their Disturbing imagery or things at weren't, you know, and then this all happens and then the prices, then people try to put their books up on Ebay
tell them and then Ebay bans the sale of the old books and people who go what artists, go what my god, how what is going on this is all conversation among people on the left had nothing to do with us. Had nothing. To do with us, and there was an evil conversation it's worse than that. It was just accepted and accept consensus that emerged absent any sort of conversation or national debate right so and then this happens, and then people on the right? what are you doing or banning doktor seuss? So something wrong, I'm with you and then there like. Why are you so obsessed with Doktor Seuss use kind of overly obsessed with Doktor Seuss. Who are Why are you so crazy? On the subject of doctors, we didn't say anything about. Doctors suits
literally is gaslight knows what gas lighting, as in the play, when the woman says he walks into the room and the Gaslight lamps and the victorian mansion, They have gone down by half like their half his bright as they weren't she's, like what to the light and her husband's, like nothing happened to the light why six of the gardens of life. Are you crazy? Have you got in same? I mean that that is what gas lighting as they create the doktor Seuss issue. They act on the Doktor Soussio Shoe Doktor Seuss is suppressed, books are literally being suppressed and and people say your suppressed. Doktor suits and then there like we're, not separate you aren't you, your suppressing doktor suicide is even worse because they start by saying you are obsessed with us at the time, ABC Dynamic to remember she was on them on the front of every single magazine cover for a year and when, when right, wingers like weather,
success. It really there like your obsessed with her so that its like that that has been taken, set further in our kind of woke universe. Now, which is now even questioning deep, oppression or banning of books is, it is your actively defending white supremacy, because you're fighting to keep a race this image in circulation and that's actually the argument that is now being made for when people even raised the question of like. Is this really the best way to go about it me there could be an interesting conversations, you could put a sticker over the bad image and all the next books, which has a little learning less it. I mean your million ways you can analyse the doesn't, require you to suppress the actual book and to withdraw from circular No one is interested in that, so I do think that the aspect about you know raise here, is one of the reasons why it, though the left has been very quick he's culture worsted pounds to Kyoto.
I welcome the conservatives pouncing on anything because they want to move it right to that discussion, because a lot of people will stop ago, like how hey I'm not get involved. Now. Look, let's move on to the most ridiculous example, which is Charles blow the columnist through the New York Times, going on Twitter and saying that the cartoon skunk Pepe Le Pew is a disgusting. You know hands. You know the sexual harasser and must be surprised, I think actually said, cancel their suppressed or something like that in trip contributes to rape. Culture was a contributory culture, yes, So let us talk about pollution for five seconds, just so we're not crazy Pepe Le Pew HU, a seventeen year old character who is unlike five or six loony tunes cartoons
they portrait of a sexual harasser. That is the idea metaphorically, and actually he is a stinky disgusting creature. He is a scam but he doesn't know that he smell those bad and as gross, and he thinks that he's a great lover and the whole thing is that he goes any sort of like grabs women and them and says I want to kiss you and they want to throw up because he smells so bad and the comedy is its guy doesn't know what he's like. He has no idea He is like every latch, every gross, sixty three or old governor New York state kiss women who work could be here, grand daughter, and I can, I just say, I'm interrupting, but I grew up watching these cartoons and the message for young girls who saw that. First of all, you definitely pick that's immediately. What you see like Ill grows. Look at this disgusting.
Skunk, who thinks he's so amazing that the reaction the female. Oh, it's almost always a cat who actually gets a strip of paint on her back lakes with their fellows. Her reactions always pretty tough with Pepe like she comes out on top she's like back, you know, there's some horrible prank she pulls on him. Are you know he suffers for his boring behavior immediately within the tiny arc of three minutes of that section of the cartoon he gets his come up, every time every time. So that's also something was overlooked right. Well, look the discovery that Charles Blow is a blithering idiot is nothing new to anybody who has had the tragic misfortune of having brain cells die in the midst of reading a single sentence of his blow, the aid nonsense, and over the course of a long period
of embarrassing commentary. Having said that, there is something representative about what happened here. It is a logical extension of all of this that people and much of what happens in council culture is that people listeners and something and then, as they misunderstand the idea is that their misunderstanding is the fault of the thing they misunderstand and not their own misperception, or their own foolishness or their own ideological blinkers that make it impossible for them to see things clearly, and that's then stage two of of council
Walter, which is now you got this wrong? Wait a minute, you're saying this about thus in such, and it's not really like that in its like. While I think it's like that, so what's the difference between it being like better, that's the that's the famous irregardless, regardless of content, you can offensive right, let them that this is exactly like the deserve the times writer getting fired for discussing Did the inward meadow sense about when it's ok to discuss the inward, because the what Charles Blow, MRS about the of the popular Pew Card is that it is also quickly take its preparatory work Charles Blow, MR by a happy with gas. Anyway go ahead. Nobody, but but the Khartoum itself is, is a discussion of sort of. You know.
Tori male behaviour right and run it at an end, and it brings down a judgment on it. There is on. Sorry, I'm writing at this reading on this. Having for great a great link for my upcoming book and There is an element, less of the missing guy would say less about this interpretation on their part than the assumption that your immediate that you, it concerned, the sort of things are generally and then you can trace this back to the end can library Association going after Laura Ingalls Wilder because removed her from and war. They removed her name from various other things that that at greatest risk they wanted to remove it from an also they wanted it, not sensor her book but place warnings on its part, because there's a line in every particular in one of her little house books particularly dated one of the characters says. The only good indian is a dead India, not generally started this movement and created the predicate for banning these.
but of books. Censoring these books creating warnings for these books? But you have to be a complete boob too, counter that line and not see a date in roughly Is there any sentient creature of any age winning under that line and realise that it was a product of a very different world. And the assumption is that you, you don't know that, but you can't know that maybe you'll, be motivated to go out and slaughter native Americans. I suppose I dont know what they thought processes, but its generally, an assumption that you are too stupid to breathe without the youth beneath us, in aid of a liberal, Sherpa holding her hand and telling you what's what they analyzing its deliberately evangelizing, and actually one of the great joys of of reading old books from your childhood to your kids is occasionally will discover the first moments bidding oh wow boom times of change method for the better. Sometimes I read the book structure that show courageous boys doing crazy boy things that I think who turns it nothing
the better like this would never pass muster in you. No kind of our are our future. About gender relations out, but that's exactly right. They treating you like a child because they don't believe you have the skills to make that assumption and make those observations yourself. Ok, but to be fair, but this is where it gets really pernicious, rightly the defensive It is that you are a child, in other words, that the people who need to be protected from doctors, we're! Not us! It's impression, six or seven or eight year olds. We're gonna, see images that are gonna turn that are going to ask the parents jar out the states you're saying that, but there, and by the way, just to get through Laura Ingalls Wilder. It is very important to note that that entire attack and lorries while there is this
genuine false and a. Why? Because the reason they dont like Laura Ingalls Wilder is the discovery that she was a radical right. Winger who hated the new deal was deeply opposed to Franklin. Roosevelt did not like government hated government and believed ink in collaboration with her daughter who wrote these, but with her that what they were portraying was a world of selfish of american self sufficiency and people who, who under adverse conditions and terrible circumstances where people go blind. People die in all of this. Nonetheless, struggle persevere and make their way without government and when somebody wrote a book about Laura Ingalls, Wilder and her and her daughter about fifteen years ago. This was a horrifying discovery for many p.
Who then decided in book? Prado form that she needed to be cancelled, look obviously the book that really has been a a signature, complex issue in the world of cancellation or whatever. How to deal with kids is the adventures of huckleberry fin, because it is a book in which a characters refrigerant seemly by the and work I am in which tea is it out. He basically is a he's runaway slave right and he ends up in this. You know on this raft with this with this boy understood and its deepest sense. Huck Finn is a story about a moral awakening of a child who does not know about oppression, injustice and the horrors that have been visited upon blacks brought to the United.
states, and learns this in the course of the book and learns that the civilization that he has been groomed to be a part of is one that he may be wants, no part of, because its to corrupt and evil, that's the deepest truth about puck them On the other hand, you can sort of understand why people or a nor, by the idea that kids are going to read a book in which a character is called and WAR Jim. I can't even say it right down this podcast without them. In trouble and there it is right there in Mark TWAIN's print, so that that's their hurried network constantly, if they listen to certain kinds of music, I mean that's the governor within a within a not with me. Are it doesn't ploughed difference within a running? I share your. I actually agree with what you said about Hugson in particular, but began to notice point hoo hoo be deciding that for children. It should
his role in society? Is that to monitor that? But there is also a tremendous contradiction here. If, if the point of so much of the revolutionary left is at this treeless founded on racism and evil, Why are they interested in erasing all the evidence of it right and meanwhile so well what is what who, to whose benefit is it to get rid of documents of people using racist language had portraying. minorities and in in flattering terms you know what with utterly it's it's a kind of what their site detainees simultaneously prosecuting the past and whitewashing it it also creating salaries that out of this stuff, then driving an underground, and this is the most pernicious aspect of trying to create by four Kate and culture. The notion
but there's some culture that yours and some culture, that's not first hold very frustrating, because if you're gonna want American and appreciate american culture, black culture is american culture. African american culture is american culture, cuisine in art and language, literature, music. So the same thing you can't you can create moiety out of it. It's just not going to work, and so people rebelling against that Part of what you seem Christine of anybody growth in the nineties, you encounter that were very often in pop culture, so it makes there is a little bit of confusion as to that. I think we ve raised some of that, probably for the better. Nevertheless, that confusion is endemic in inherit, because you can't separate These strands of american culture from from one to the other. And if you do your gun, create this underground white culture, which is probably quite toxic? Look absolutely and they're gonna take the worst possible a message from it, which is that hot fin is bad.
They look like it because it's bad and they said that they were therefore misses, stand it simply because its forbidden, you know What should we use rebellions happen? What should be forbidden about this kind of beautiful. Highly complicated message that it it it delivers in its Siena with its unreliable narrator, who doesn't understand the meaning of the story that he is telling the ultimate unreliable narrator book is Huck Fit that's the whole point of it is it's a little its nearly illiterate little boy who live friends, unwillingly stuff about the world and its pain and its danger in its beauty and its magnificence, and all that at that you're not allowed to read. Because it's a slow journey to realisation and you're. Just gonna have the word flat, They are so that's why he knows it. I always say something like that:
apples with an unreliable narrator are some of the best in terms of teaching, because you have the reader has to figure it out for him or herself and now, when they are of the unreliable sensor, rights of theirs. That there's just there's a whole that started that you're thinking like while they let back at through that's crazy and that other stuff that you like. Ok, this is not the problem. I mean Abe you. When I talk about this a log, I think we may the dimension of Europe. four, but you know Jews in particular have have to wrestle with what it means to read a great works of art and great works, a philosophy, great works of everything that have absolutely conventional, horrifying, portrayals, end versions and poor em, an image. Isabel of Juvenile right that don't even come out the other redemptive side like hot. You know it's not like the message stays that juice Some have been disdain. You know on on,
and on Europe or or whatever else we get. You read If you have any love for Shakespeare Dickens, Edmund Burke Dostoevsky whomever egg its endless it's it's it's in the pages is woven through all of it at the idea of cancelling those things. I believe we would be as a reader and consumer of great works. as a jewish one. I would be just so much poorer for For at for throwing it all out because of the bigotry of of of the authors involved and also you know what I mean we can take it that right we can take it. I mean you, you can view it is a start If I may, I would even say to an Africa in dealing with Hock fin
could have been you a hundred and sixty five hundred and seventy year. This could have been you and it's not you what and you should be angry. It should make you enraged and furious that this could have been you. What are the circumstances that you know if you work for to be in their possession- or now I mean did this- is what a learning experience? This is what a teachable moment is or learning experience is right. This could have been you. So what? What does it mean to read the merchant of Venice, hard it's very hard. It's, on the one hand, its unjustifiable, and, on the other hand, what does that mean that its unjustifiable is? It important to understand that this was the cultural position of the Jew in Elizabethan in it when, when western culture
taking this colossal leap forward in terms of its genius and its ability to change the world, and all that not only in Shakespeare but in Renaissance, ITALY Right- and I would be I have to say if anyone proposed silencing or cancelling those works, those older works that portray Jews and in that way I would take a personal offence to it, because that is part of the history of being jewish is is, is having to come up against those portrayals and those ideas who want that are raised. I'm gonna. Go, get settled her lip that something that was overcome. You know what that's it. That's all there's a broader cultural shift in Portugal? In the? U s that, because I remember from childhood, then again and bring his way down into the monk. Forget Shakespeare. Think about advertising right, the one I remember member Virginia Slims, the advert the very skinny cigarette there is marketed towards women. The whole message was:
you ve come a long way. Baby like you now you can. Look too, I mean obviously either hall. such a complicated things out that message, but the idea was that it was a very optimistic one. It was you know the past so you can celebrate the freedom you have now and now we ve got have come to this place. Words like all we look out or the negative things about the past, so we're gonna, arrest them or only talk how terrible everything is so now that could the cottage flattens historical and cultural context of them were you literally or not, will have to discuss, but that's why he said that the Laura Ingalls Wilder stuff was disingenuous. Why that's important, because, ultimately, if patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel right, which is what Doktor Johnson said, invoking the threat to children from culture is often the first refuge of the scoundrel. It is that it is up. It is
our play. It is a way of eliminating discussion and debate its If saying wait a minute, I don't really think that child molesters go into basements, dressed up as clowns and have substantial rituals with four year olds. I did doesn't that doesn't pass the smell test with me. I've lived on this planet a long time and that's just not the way things work and the way they subvert that in the ninety navies is to say how dare you not believe the children? You must believe the children when anyone who has ever had children knows you, don't believe a four year olds account of reality. Its For very good reasons, they live half a fantasy world as the Euro, that of their own that's more pleasurable than on that they live in or not pleasurable, as as as as they wish. So
the invocation of children for as the reason for everything of for you to circumvent ordinary rules of discourse and behaviour, because there is a moral threat to the very existence of these most delicate and fragile, and you know creatures is You know you should immediately like reach for Europe. I don't know I was gonna say you know reach for your gun, but I dont mean retreat. I mean you, should you immediately should have your hackles up and assume that european bullshit it basically. but that goes on there I mean you know they. This used to be the game of the right right and, as you know, the great satirical moment in the music man, now that we ve gone from very loaded adds Virginia Slims Pepe Le Pew. Does they escaped now mentioning the music man, where he's gotta figure,
some angle, to get the people in town to buy into his nonsense. Boys band and his associates Marcella says they just got pool table and he's like. Why can use that and then here course things all song about how they start. It's not a pool table to billiard table, I mean support, the table there thinking balls its veto. Unlike billiards, this is morally sinful and you know it soon. They'll be smoking cigarettes and drinking liquor and having sex. So you better but we sell you with instrument you'll. Let me sell you a boy's band instruments so that they'll be distracted from the evil of a pool hall. How here in river City- and that's, that's, that's how you they get it. They get you
threatening your kids by saying when you saw it on that same trouble, search the tea. That runs a p that since report examines the whole yeah, you ve seen a logical link, literally begged into the song. That's what makes it so one, fine night, they leave the dance for the dance of the armory libertine men and scarlet women and ragtime dangerous music, that I'll take your site. your daughter in the arms of a jungle, animal instinct mass hysteria or face the heads, that's what you're being sold in the museum and that's it you're being sold when people threatened your children. I say in your children- are at risk not by the way that our children are at risk under certain circumstances, and I'm gonna tell you one way in which their risk they can be at risk from big tax suppressing Opinions are opinions and our access to things. online. We ve been talking now about how conservatives how we know ideas are being cancelled, conserves gang kicked off,
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I am just download the open your phone computer tat one button in your protected, stop handing over your data, big tech companies, defend your rights, use the Vienna use every day visit express weekend outcomes, less commentary, that's Ex Pierre S, S, GPS, dot, com, slash commentary to get three extra months. Three go to express would be in that come commentary, rest bbn, dotcom, slashed commentary. Right now to learn more. Can we really not finish this podcast without having to a conversation about the CDC guidelines? I think Cdc has now said that if your fully vaccinated, you can meet other fully vaccinate people indoors and small groups without your mass on Gee thanks thanks CDC, that's really helpful, so you mean I'm vaccinated and your vaccinated, so we can come together. Does the fall? all of us and take our mass off, but even I had it. You have. I had
you have to give our lesters some context for that extremely hilarious. That of sarcasm right there than John is reacting to, and that's because of the way the new guidelines has been framed. mainstream media, in particular, CNN being the worst offender here which basically set out tweets and did a story on its website about how you know, you may now, you know, have permission from the CDC to resume some limited freedoms and this actually it also it anyone who, as even the slightest bit of libertarian instinct in them immediate because I waited the cdc doesn't doesn't define what my four rooms are in doesn't get to tell me what to do. They can offer advice. That's their role of guidance is guidance, not not legitimate lawmaking or policy hick. I think I think this is the line was the CDC gives you limited ever either. Yes, CNN friend right. So here's the thing. granted. We don't have a hundred percent certainty on this, but every
daddy that has now been done or is being done using Israel and various other places suggests. at least Pfizer in Madeira. As far as we know, not only in here the ability of you to get the virus by now in Owen, overwhelming margin, but apparently to do the work that vaccines are supposed to do, inhibiting north ability to transmit the virus to somebody else? There was always a question because of the way the modalities of the vaccine and how it functions and whether or not you could get the vaccine that virus trapped in your mucus, membranes and various other places. It could somehow spew out of you, because it though it couldn't go into your body, it could rest on your body or written or any sort of like these were poorest areas of your body and then be- you know, be actual traded to others and that that everything
We now know anecdotally. Urbino preliminarily suggests that it does interfere with that, which is the last phase of widely to wear a mask or why you need to know why you need not congregate, socially. More than that, the studies suggest that the at least the Pfizer vaccine neutralizes the evil variants, including the south african strain, the UK strain the Brazil strain all the stuff. That's supposed to be absolutely terrifying. More and more data is coming in to suggest that this, pretty liberating that, then I expected the CDC guideline to be worse than they were. Frankly there not great, but you know beyond gathering inside with people who are vaccinated, small people were vaccinated. It also says that if your fully vaccinated two weeks after your second those whenever you have that as long as your surrounding yourself of people who were in it found risk that, even if there
when the action needed you can have a reasonable assurance that you're safe and take off from asking them life, but they didn't do is up. They travel guidelines along these lines, which I'm probably very prepared to completely ignore, will be fully vaccinated pretty soon I'm getting on a plane to Florida, and it's going to be in a dish gusting display of recklessness on my part and I'm completely prepared to be that person, guarantee you a lot of people are prepared to be that person we're going to go back to a time in which it was routine to ignore the CDC skylights, the ceiling These guidelines are excessive for a reason because Just like the American Library Association. They you're an idiot. They think that you need. excessive guidelines because you might do sixty percent of what the recommending that's what they want. They want sixty percent they dont want percent compliance.
There is in compliance with their life. Their lifestyles is Trouble existence will then have no weight of pleasure. They don't care exactly, but I knew even then everybody else does you gotta, then you're gonna go over them again to write you gotta with dentist. I've been friends were like children, a dentist. They were never allowed to each other. They couldn't each sugar dentists, no sugar rots teeth, and it really does- and it's really bad and like my sister by late sister suck done London's lemon thy straw, lemon lemon drops out for ten years and basically wrought in her teeth out like she had seen. God knows how much Tuttle work she had had to have done because of these because of these it, these lemon dropped. So it's true right, but so a dentist kid isn't allowed to ever. Have sugar right and.
but we're, not all, dentists, kids, you know, I mean that's all thing. The CDC is like Caesar's wife, you should live a life in which no possibility of your getting sick or anybody else getting sick from you should ever happen. That's what they're, therefore, is to tell you that that's what this was to do, yeah and then you take her. Don't take the guidance as it as I do think that the country is really by four created in this sense, which is there are people who want to be told what to do and to list, two experts and who they're like in us or a students who listen to the teacher and do what the teacher wants and that actually provides order and bow. so all this, and you can say that this is something that we cannot want when we talk about how all the institutions have corroded and no one like
among institutions anymore. Part of what we want is for people to live within institutional structures that that that provide boundaries in and help us to have a more organised society. But then you have other people who are like who the hell are you? You have no right to tell me what to do. I think you have now and the end, and you know, there's no real. Reconciling these to somehow will that's I think we're headed for a very tense moment in the culture, because pre vaccine there was a case having a good case innocence when I essentially subscribe Do that, even if you thought that wearing masks outdoors where no one was round is serve silly and onerous. you, did it because it made other people, feel comfortable. Weeks after my second vaccine, I'm I'm not going to be concerned with making other feel people feel comfortable In fact, I think its vital that we that that it, if you are vaccinated. It is vital if you have, if you want to get back to know
as it as a society to ignore the cdc, guided soundness and This is going to be. You never know what goes on his reckless tear and I hope he does and when other people do that's good, you don't have anything to arrest, but there there's there's gonna be problems, I mean you know, people are going to push back there. There are people who are wanted to continue to live by by public health. Guidance for the rest of their lives, something that was not in their lives. a year and a half ago this will now be. They will will continue to serve want to treat that, as as what one of that anybody principle the did the data is just piling up. The data is almost all good and theirs. so long. You can ignore the reality around you, for the sake of appearances, for the sake, The ideology, I don't mean, are you a certain point: the CDC guidelines are going to catch up with this fact and the people who are adhering to this is restricted
style, are not going to be predicated their choices on data in any. For I do I just I I've gotta I've got a push back on you guys, because I dont know you. You say that this is how you gonna live, but you're not going to be able to go into a mall without wearing a mask. You are not going to be able to go into certain places without worrying about, ask if you have school age, children, your children after wear, masks at school until it is decided that they're, not you cannot have or like a personal rebellion. If you are living in a larger society until the society itself, is ready in the form of either shut doktor, foul gee up or doktor found she. Finally, you know acknowledging that his role in life isn't to drive everybody insane. You're gonna have to keep where
the mask, but there's, but there will be. I do think Noah enable corrected, there's gonna become there's gonna come a moment when we ve reached or are either almost ad or nearing heard of unity, and me Many people can vaccinated. Things are reopening where the man, squaring as a public act will become step for wife, like re it'll, be small groups of dedicated people who insist on these rigid norms because it shows something about they take pride in it actually, but but they're dead in point the question when that tipping point comes, I agree Johnny, I dont we're not there right now, but I dont think with that. Far from it there will always be some of us and we will one day, look on them as we would again. The fee guidelines say something pray revealing. I think fully vaccinated grandparents can visit vaccinated, healthy adult children and healthy grandchildren without mass or physical distancing. Why, why is that, because children order vector
of transmission at a certain point, we're going to have to It's up to the reality is that are being presented to us by the very people. You say: reasoning, further the obsessive lifestyle choices that are going to be done. This without a net, it's gonna be the burden of proof will be on them. Look summers coming by the time summer roles around teachers, camp fake how they can be in school any more because they want to be in school cause it'll, be summer cell agriculture mysteriously. They also can go to the beach And it'll be summer, so you, no viruses Del last, Ellen Summer there there's a lot of the that's. My guess is, like June MID June, suddenly won't have to wear a mask any more once once the teachers get to stay out of school again,
for the summer, so the and the other thing that I noticed shifting and we'll keep in touch about this honour on our group chat. But there are more and more you know: parents and and there's a whole open schools movement. Now that that's now starting to pressure schools even to get a couple of weeks of in person, educate done? Yes, there will be masts and testing and what not, but I I really do suddenly see a shift in mood, and it's not just among conserving soup and rolling about this for a long time here in DC the Saturday there's a protest for the mayor's office by parents who once schools open for the fourth quarter, who are saying you have to give us this as an option not saying everybody must return but saying we need the option and we need some sports activities for kids and we demand that all the teachers have priority for vaccination. It's all legitimate logical set of demands. And I can guarantee they won't get that we will not have our kids back in school this year. For the very reason. Has there already a lot of places, her saying it's almost summer will start over next year.
Crushing Morocco to everybody, crushing Rossiter for the wind, crushing we're osity tee shirts, had marched out commentary magazine that by now and keep camel, burning and some other stuff, and we have some more product coming. Your way, we'll talk to you tomorrow for enable Knowin, Christina Jump onwards the camel burning.
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