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Mugged By Reality

2021-12-15 | 🔗
The crime wave is real, and even the most cosseted of archetypical leftwing reformers are noticing and resenting it. The backlash against permissive liberal governance is building, and they see it coming. But so, too, is the backlash against Covid mitigation measures that seem to ignore the nation’s vaccination rate. Will they wake up to that, too, in time? Kentucky State University Professor Wilfred Rielly joins the podcast today to discuss these matters and more.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Wednesday December fifteen. Twenty twenty one jump words editor, commentary magazine with me, as always, executive editor, a green. I am, I think, I don't, but I did I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I gotta, I gotta confess I was up most of the night. We haven't new puppy, it's a harmonies she's like Canada,
weeks all the end. When people said it's like having a baby, it really is like having a baby. So I am, I am the worse for wear and I sound vaguely in the braided and I'm mostly, just beyond exhausted? So mostly that's. Why didn't say? That's why I didn't say hi, though I meant to say hi though I also meant to say my life isn't worth a plug Michael, but ok, Senora Christine rose high Christine I join. You cannot create trade, your children, I'm just making listeners understand that ok, they're, getting shit, yeah, yeah yeah, well like that, that ship assailed by and her. Associate editor nor Osman high. Now I am joining us today are I dreamt commentary contributor, Alfred Riley, author of hatred,
Hoaxes am taboo and forthcoming. You have some forthcoming stuff. You got as titled unknown. not yet. Actually, I have two more books, probably coming out next year, but were stolen in the contracts dates for those. Well, I hate you. Because here too more books coming out, my have no more books. Now we know as about coming out of the earth, at a Christine, we'll have a book coming out. I dont have a book a buzz. Never books are where we we envy. We have reviewed, were hostile towards across the board? So ok, but we were hostile You do you coming into a hostile, podcasting environment which which, which brings up what we like talking about everything but I'm and of course everybody on the right and the podcasting world has been talking to you. I will rally, though commentary was the first public
do on this subject: an excerpt from your book bouquet crime houses, but everyone talking to you about Jesse, smaller, and be, and the verdict of the four or five of six guilty verdict in me, trial in Chicago, because this is the object, lesson of hate crime, hopes trend that or the they serve most. the example of the hate crime hopes that you'd described enumerated, They made a kind of data set for and laid out of grounds of in your path, breaking bouquet crime, hoaxes which, as I say, we excerpted commentary two or three years ago. I am I right that this is this. Is be hate crime, hopes to end all hate crime hoaxes or have there been others, you think her comparable? I think this one might be the art type, which is why it gained so much attention. I mean
This really has all of the elements I mean these. There is the wild cinematic story. There is the fact that everyone, A normal up middle class life is expected to believe it bears the sorted it, the the police time being wasted at great length, I'm from Chicago originally tossed the city, a hundred thirty seven thousand dollars. I believe the time, it is worth doing all the camera foot it from a high rise, is around where the incident allegedly took place for days. There. There is now the inevitable discovery that this dead in a car and injustice. Small its case there's the additional element, that he'd never admitted that this was a hoax and he continued blaming me. Higher thing on american racism are the Niger.
Are you guys now apparently attacked him because they might have been homophobia out another? They were. His attorney relaunch the security they were in white, face where we that his attorney float- initially this August, stirred proposition that they about underneath their masts. They were wearing Joker like maker which made him assume that they were yet in also the fit in which should have given it away for everybody's that involve the news I haven't read. I hate crime that legitimately involved a noose there, almost always a hoax. When there's a noose involved yeah. I actually hadn't her
but I mean for you: they dropped the limit. I'd heard but white face claim. I have heard the almost as ridiculous claimed that the Nigerian dies had beaten him up it for real, essentially and that this was an attempt to kind of joint his security team or possibly the result of some some latent bigotry that they had. But I think that this is the addition. One of the things that you often do see with hate crime hoaxes is the use of kind of archaic symbols that you rarely if ever see. reality so late badly drawn backward, swastikas, nooses and hanging ropes. This kind of thing I would be, I would be inclined to believe it if someone drew say a picture of riper on a black student residence. I mean there are plenty of bigots today, but its very they're gonna be dressing up like inveterate generals or something like that. The standard saw me there, there's been in
then say Yasmine, so we'd Covington Catholic Babylon was there were almost as ridiculous, but I mean this one the full on felony criminal allegation and involve the sort of all the elements. No one was supposed to talk about it, for we I think that's why this begins. Openings talk about in the aftermath Christine last night sent me something from me: Washington posts I remember the name of the There is a lack of political polemics using calicoes, recast, server, original politics, news letter that goes to the the group. It is example of the response to the hate crime hopes, like, I think, the originating hate crime hopes that way that we can think of is to want a brawl is a false claim of having been raped in in NAM Westchester Purchase County in India. working in the late eighties and that one
it became clear that she had lied about this, this this rate by white man, the the tenor of the coverage, by people who had been credulous about it, which also This wildly cinematic stuff right that she had left in an alley she had been smeared with feces does, of course, that something that rapists often do after they rape. Someone is least, they dig fine feces me smear the man on the person that they raped and all that that that we were told that none the less, despite the fact that this was a fake it. We had gotten a glimpse of a really important truth in that, Wanna brolly case and this sad, the political recast, essentially kind of said the same thing- Jesse smaller. Like he's an idiot, he did this to help his career. That was really really stupid, but you know now they're gonna throw the book at
They didn't throw the book at the central park. Karen charges are dropped against her. So because that's the case just a small is probably gonna go to jail and that will reveal the terrible inequality of the heart of our justice system you have the second stage in the hate crime hopes of the people who fell for it not going. Oh man, I feel so stupid, I'm so stupid. Maybe I need to re, examine my priors that made it possible for me to believe this patently false thing. Are they try to reconcile whatever happened with what they want to be the truth. Rather, what is the truth? I mean so the two one umbrella case actually is pretty similar, the Jesse smaller case. If you look at the elements that we're talking about here, something the initial wild incredible story, I mean at one point: if I recall the case correctly, she claimed that she'd been assaulted. By up,
We saw for sir. She claimed that up a gonads. If I had that a risky turning references industry turning the d, a had showed up at the scene and apparently attacker everyone again, every sort of proper person was a kind of forced to agree with this I've looked at some of the editorials from the time in putting together a prime hopes. You, again the archaic sort of symbolically, apparently KKK was written on her body. Obviously this was this was uncovered is a proven, fake and broadly has never admitted that this was a hoax. Actually, I didn't really trap her gown budget in the normal person does point or life, but during the course of writing a book. I mean we found that she was ashes work as a nurse I believe, Virginia just gone out. I have never said that this. This was a hoax and the claim
and John you are like this pretty, while the claims that this somehow does reflected deeper reality about our society, even if it never happened, I guess one sentence about that. It would be that. That's that's ridiculously untrue. I enter in violent interracial. Private bobbing, blacks and whites is too unattainable year, two or three percent of crime. The eighty to ninety percent back on whites amid this isn't buried. The latter usually used the principles like Achilles, your wife, but this this is at a maid, problem in our society, brutal interracial crime. It certainly isn't one ladder initiated by white vital lied about this. I guess the reason the Central park Karen wouldn't go to jail. Is that wasn't a formal criminal pay rises rise. You idiots yelling at each other and she sat all call the police and the black ass, a male, no you out and they were found in each other. I mean I would say
should behave more poorly in that situation, but there are no criminal charges, viable virginal, arguing on internet video, jotting Smollett called the police and filed felony charter attempt it initiated a felony criminal case. There wasn't a suspected flattered, but that's how this became a formal hate crime hoax. I just wanna take effect is another element here. That makes it such big case an archetypal case, which is that, unlike so many others, this one was a too for in terms of identity. He was, he was used for this reason for the brass ring because it was Now you would use. He is black and gay, and this this, if, if, if he pulled it off, this, would have been an indictment of not only the countries racism but as its home before
well, it's well being and being attacked not only by white people but by white people. Wearing hang said mega, but If we are, I think, actually, if we should take them at their word and say there is a broader social claim we can make about this case, but it's just not the one. They think it is. The broader social claim is, if you, if use, if you buy into this, narrative about race and, if you buy into this structural oppression talk as the media, does as many Billy clearly do. You can get away with a lot like this is actually something we see this with other people who are impersonating, Guenaud native Americans to get the academic credentials and what that, but the hypocrisy. I think people are starting to notice. I was thinking this when I came across and following the be parents hoop in charge in the school shooter case, though, what the white kid who shot a bunch of shot and murderous somebody's classmates and his parents have been charged
I'm totally on board with that, because there clearly they they. They knew. This kid was high risk and they had a gun in the house that they should be charged. But why don't we talk about the gang? Harris who go on the streets every night and shoot people at the age of twelve and thirteen with illegal guns. Why are we prosecuting their parents to select if you're gonna prosecute the parents? In the first case, you should be consistent and prosecute the parents in the second case, so this these inconsistencies are not help The at the argument that I think the lot of progressives and justice reformers are trying to make. It doesn't encourage sympathy when, when they see very clear, its unjust to prosecute some people because of their race and not others. This is the root of the argument. The progressive prosecutors make but they're doing it just against white people in one situation and not against black people and another and that's unjust. I feel like in a world where the crime goes down down down down, which is the world in the United States
from nineteen. Ninety four to twenty eighteen. That mutual crimes, weird crime, strange crimes, there's some is this. A reason for people to get consumed are obsessed with them because they are not really afraid of candidates. They ve lost the fee of conventional crime, the daily fear of conventional crime that gripped the country pretty much for the first thirty five years of my life and, and you know, like genuinely grab them. People had to be wherever he lived. You had served roots, you didn't go it the places, you didn't walk things you didn't do risk suited. taken all that and then this crime drop happened in everything, changed and people started like follow you Bob with true crime? Podcast and true, cried this through him that, because because crime was abstraction and therefore became of narrative focus, and so in some weird ways on the end, these moments you can serve
their stand. The notion of crime, sleeping symbolic? So when it happens, it has larger meaning, because it'd crime generally doesn't happen. So why on earth was George Zimmermann following Travel Martin, I mean you know in the Americas say what was he doing there? Why was he doing that that that kind of thing like that the german Travelin Martin case itself was species of George Zimmermann's, like behaviour of hyper, aware behaviour, the time when we needed we didn't need that kind of hyper. Where behaviour the way people in the country whence did when you take a big shift, and we have this giant crime search and the and people? particularly politicized people are still more interested in symbolic crimes that Are you something about the nature of our society rather than the first
ACT that in ten cities the murder rape is now higher than it was during the crack epidemic and people are finding it increasingly unnerving to go down. Treats of major cities at night. and where we have this massive form of cultural disorder and decay, in LOS Angeles, in San Francisco here in New York and other places with public displays of defamation. Ah, you know public sacks open open? You know, injection of narcotics, all of that garbage making the streets scape unlivable repulsive disk. A sting and and and a place that you want to flee. That's what people now care about the notion that we have our liberal intelligentsia that still wants to focus on one
hidden Canosa, one case in Georgia, or even just a small it and the meaning of this terrible thing. Rather than having conversations about what are we going to do to make sure. Country doesnt slide into death, wish again it just, find ourselves in an interesting place there because crime is not symbolic. Now in America, as it was ten years ago, crime is now an actual living breathing threat to everybody in a way that it just didn't feel like it was then. I would actually say there's something of a predictable cycle here in that wind crime is low. People like specially among the left intelligentsia focus on these sort of sensational crimes that are supposed to represent society and use them to our. you first sweeping systemic changes. I mean, given that crime is down
how can we tolerate the sort of brutal policing that gave us George Floyd, I'm out those? Essentially black lives matters, argument of crime, as it looks, apples, we dont know why that is. It's complicated must not be unsophisticated about it. That's always the arguments, but we have the police here, you know murdering innocent black men, and this needs to change, and that was the basis of the need to fund the police movement that the various here. If you're doing social science research than matters actually is the number of police stops, I mean we ve seen that decline over the past couple of years. The thing is absolutely critical about this, as an urban resident is, I think all of us are is that crime will then rise again. You know this too will be described as mysterious and hard to understand and due to multiple factors, it must be the pandemic. killing people will get tired of seeing all this crime and say we need more tough caps on the streets and then crime will mysteriously decline it is a lot less than seven. I grew at think you guys are new Yorkers situation, probably even worse, but I mean I grew up in Chicago and ninety. Ninety them
I spoke in carbon unhappily lecture with a lot of time, but I mean people just get on transit start painting graffiti are opening up very deep sea bass, eyebrows and public and I'd take my skateboard jump out the train to go by all this thing: people decorating the walls with barrier, unique names and signatures, and as an adult I mean I would have found the situation entirely unlovable, but it's also entirely predictable. I mean, if you reduce, the number of police starts by sixty percent the only Asian Giuliani and Breton really made with broken windows. Policing is we're gonna put a lot of us on the street and arrest people for misdemeanours when you start doing that, you get more misdemeanours unless more, Please must more crime. The cycle begins again. I've mentions before, but what am I if works of american sociology is a book called murder in New York City by now now deceased Eric my Conan, who was a professor at the University of Minnesota and he did this huh,
dear study of the crime waves and end the use of the tides of crime, in New York in New York City and why You found was a cycle and the cycle was there would be a crime there'll be a public response. The crime way that would crack down and the crackdown would often be one say extra evil, but it was like you know what was important was getting crime down, and the niceties were much less important, so give twenty year cycle, where there's a crackdown and this happened as a result of the crackdown, unjust arrests, people in jail ugly scenes in in correction, that kind of that then led to liberal reformers, saying we ve gone too far This has gone too far were now do. Were now sweeping people in who really didn't commit crimes or aren't really that bad. We need
to change, we need to fix it and, and they shock the conscience overtime with case stories about terrible over reaches and bad behaviour by police. Rex officers and all that and then corruption in the police department or an organ public safety generally and then there is a loosening When there's a loosening- because it's all seems it's kind of a consensus view, it's gone too far stop and for you now in them most recent. Like ok, look you can't just stop. Six hundred thousand people did and frisk I mean you can't do that you can't do that that so terrible, like you're, just creating a terrible horrible atmosphere, it can't do it stop boot. Everyone's, like I lie bulky, that's really! I grant that's too much. I mean I couldn't imagine so terrible
So you stop it. So you stop so on the one hand, you still use the logic of what we need to do is get guns off the street. That's all we have to do. Guns are killers and you have to get comes off the street and the only way to get guns off the street you stop and for us there is no other way first that we help them in their view, at the outset, for like using a metal detector, bandanna everybody which it also people complain about. If you put mental defectors in schools, so so your guns off the street, but you you deny yourself the policy, the lousy comes off the street than you change. The policy is no longer the policy and then you say well they're too many people who are sent to jail by this policy. So then you wanna do early release over form and that happens and then suddenly crime shoots way up, and now we are going to see. I believe at some point, the next for five years, the crackdown is gonna, start again, The question is: who is gonna started and how and what are the political consequences going to be for the people? Who don't do it? Quick?
enough. It took a long time for the crackdown that to Giuliani ISM in nineteen. Ninety, my Nineteen. Eighty, four to the long time New York death wish, which is a weirdly accurate to pay Some of the mood in New York and nineteen seventy forest filmed in my neighborhood that I grew up in that was almost twenty years before Giuliani came in and said we gotta, you know we're gonna, we're gonna, use these new policies to combat crime twenty years it's like this is a long cycle, but life everything is shortly. in time, and everyone is aware things in time and when we get back from this first I want to talk about what what what kinds of measures might that will move this along much more quickly than people have before. But first before do that. I want to report that we get an email last night listens to us. listen to ban Shapiro, I'm now, once again talking about my friend, then Shapiro. Remember the other day. I told you that the task that there are
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as I said, maybe taken twenty years for the for the need to have a radical change in crime policy. To really hit America over the course of a lot of social science. A lot of studies, a lot of this lotta that well, we ve been through this, I'm dropped. Now we ve seen a crime surge. We ve been through black lives matter, protests and everything that happened last year and there The action seems to becoming now decades faster than it did last time can jump, and I think this is a very important specific reason, at least a partial reason for that, and that is because twenty twenty and twenty twenty one our night and day last year was locked down America and I think this in two ways fed and now starves. What was going on in the first
there is no longer now the people out on the street. There is no longer this need for the cause, as desperately people on people and feel the need to embrace black lives matter and add to police brutality, and why He did when they had absolutely nothing going on in their lives, so they are less sympathetic to people. Out on the streets now living their lives and are arts sort of first noticing we're having begun to first notice, the the dire circumstances on the streets, so What I'm thinking is that there is a very interesting piece and talk the year that the new serve high and news letter by Teddy's lifer about the, the controversy surrounding Chess Aberdeen, the district attorney of San Francisco, who is Subject to a recall and what what's? What is it The thing is, I will talk to adjust
before I do? My goes go retail into that he is someone who came in saying you know look I'm the son of somebody who was in do people who are in prison. His parents were, of course not a notorious brings job terrorists weathermen raised by another accuse terrorist, but William areas, while his parents were in prison, so he knows present knows the horrors of prison and the others. Be a better way than prison. Men then he's the guy who can show us the better way he got elected in very self, satisfied very progressive San Francisco just Francisco just time. and I said that a Cisco streetscape streets essentially becoming essentially becoming housekeeping. That's what everybody says. Nobody is downtown anymore. Nobody wants that ST anymore. Everything is SK dusting homeless, encampments of, as I said, like physical, be personal physical compartment behaviour that no civilised society can get out can ever allow in its now in its in its cause.
spaces and all that and what's in it thing is that the recall effort by him is in is, in part being spearheaded by progressive ultra rich people. Some of supported his candidacy, but who are now looking at consequences of the policies that they thought would be so nice and kind, and progressive and wonderful and saying my daughter, can't walk six blocks to an ice cream parlor without carrying pepper spread- and I don't want to live in a world like that- and this is the literal definition of the nineteen sixty the ship to the right urban in the nineteen sixties, witches conservative is a liberal who's been mud. That was the famous joke, lie in a conservative. Liberal was mugged. The neo is the liberal has been marked by reality, but the, but that, but then the dying death wish them
the Paul Kersey Play by Charles trials. Bronson endeth wishes a bleeding heart liberal, whose wife you know who wife is murdered and daughters raped. In in the in his apartment and then he serve, goes out and becomes a vigilante, because a conservative is a liberal whose wife has been who's We have had mugged and I'm only using that got to do you using the death wish thing, because it it makes this interest. point which is this. Is it? kind of thing. You disrupt people's lives on a daily basis at the root of their lives in front of their houses on their blocks down the street from them, and while they that their money is also must to go to. As this p says, global warming initiatives and in income inequality Salvation and whatever else that it is, they did make a billion dollars and buy a house on Lombard Street or wherever their living and Pacific heights. I, in order to have to dodge feces
when feces on the street, that's not how they want to live, and they're, losing their sense of guilt over being forced to live that way and don't know what the longer term consequences of that are going to be, but they represent a very interesting sociological model for the twenty twenties These people are seeing in real time the real life consequences. their lives and their children's lives in the pupil rounds of wives of liberal policies that they endorsed seventeen cents INDIGO Batman, just very briefly like this is this cycle has occurred literally every time we've seen these changes of criminal justice from the Social science camp. Why? I'm in between one thousand nine hundred and sixty three and one thousand nine hundred and ninety three soccer crime increased about four hundred percent murders went from something like eight thousand and two something like twenty five thousand. I mean in San Francisco you're, seeing a lot of this now sort of the pre Giuliani Free, broken window stuff at New York's Ashikaga.
in terms of aims. The last comments one thing: that's kind of speeding this up. I think it's just the reality of social and modern media, so I mean you can just log I didn't see videos of people in a running through malls with you know, gunnysack the full alluded purses inside. So I don't think there is going to twenty years of wondering why crime is going up. The start I mean in San Francisco me in your seat you're saying the organ I've about that some of those employed in the article in a lot. This is very e. It's very org As on wine, I mean they're, recall petitions, you can sign Facebook groups, you can join, so I think that modern link media makes everything happened. Faster, too, will probably see this cycle speed up so that its four or five years. Not like after the first wave of black lives matter riots. That is that description sounds. I mean twenty fifteen twenty. Sixteen we saw the one about Ferguson back then we saw the police can return to the previous number stops than we saw the pandemic and George Florida me to it. It's it's happening, Meda Morton.
its fashion, I think there's is there's also a weird element. The club, the class issue here is particularly in San Francisco, is funny because in some ways the Tec Browser fighting a proxy war using crime either the Chief Chess Aberdeen becomes the sort of proxy, but I am struck by the fact that they are actually running to change politics on the ground, because their whole scheme is always been. Government is slows. The rod exits and of its inefficient, we don't like it, we consult things with an app what their finding is when they live in the real world which they all still here to do it's not so easy to just do not create an app for that. There's no goober cry right, I mean there's, nothing. Do there's only alerts that it's happening, but you still need the power of the state to to monitor criminal behaviour. I think there is also another. thing going on here and it didn't. I thought about it. What I read Santana House for too long, about genuine sexton and vigilante some on the right, which was, I didn't totally agree with his pieces in the post over the weekend, but but there what struck me as interesting
did you do see in the case of Karl written House and others when this use of vigilante right the wealthy can out source their security and pay for security when the state can provide for them every one else cannot afford that. I cannot their personal security guard to make sure when my kids are coming home after practice. At dark at the bus stop where they have to wait where somebody was mugged last week, I can provide them with twenty four hour security. The wealthy can do that for themselves, but the fact that in San Francisco, the breakdown has become so impossible to ignore that even the wealthy who can provide for their own security are concerned about the state of their city That's got pretty bad, but that's precisely the point you see in a city like San Francisco or in a place like Manhattan, the wealthy can't gate very well, I'm in their way. To gay writer. Doorman building is it. Is it it had community of a kind but believe me that door the buildings in a time of rising, crime are
not necessarily particularly safe and pros who were living in San Francisco? Are living in house is there living in houses, beautiful old activism houses on Pacific Heights and they can't protect themselves in the same way they have to live in a store, scape in a city escaped that's why they're there they don't want to live in Mill Valley. They don't want to live in Mateo, they don't wanna live where their kids have to drive everywhere. They want to live in a walking city where they can enjoy. The free some urban of urban life, which have many downsides, but up upside of urban life. Is that you are your feet, are part of you or transportation and alternatives, and and and your bid the ability to go to a restaurant. Your neighborhood doesn't mean you have to climb in a car and all that stuff, and if you deny that
people if you make it impossible for people to have that cities themselves has become unlivable and you only live? air, if you are forced and compelled to that's, why also struck by the mayor of them. Just go one breed herself, a very, very significant progressive went nuts on Tuesday she gave a conference on Tuesday, and this is what she said. This is not Christy grows in talking, and this is not will really talking. It is time that the reign of criminals, who are destroying our city this time for it to come to an end, and it comes to an end when we take steps to be more grass with one Foresman, more aggressive, The changes in our policies, unless tolerant of all the bull shit that has destroyed our city, we are going to turn the silk gown. She is the word bullshit. This
a city that has a population of less than one million people with an over twelve billion dollar budget. The residents of the city had been extremely generous in providing us with the resources we need to make a difference, and now the priorities we need to make must be to protect. Them must be to turn things around in their neighborhoods you were in a room full of people, I would say, probably anywhere between ninety two. Ninety five percent of folks could raise their hands and say that either A car has been broken into or they but a victim in some capacity or another. That is not ok. That is not acceptable, that is the here of San Francisco speaking its it is acceptable to Christine's point if you are wealthy, for example, a few weeks ago, The actor Seth Rogan was on Twitter. Couldn't have you guys see this
and someone and allay- was talking about the crime in in the city and complaining and suffragan dropped in to say something Come on man, what's the big deal, I I've gotten my car broken into twenty times in a way which is part of living in a big city. I think what's interesting in particular about what's going on with the Tec Boroughs here. Is that veil, it's not terribly surprising that they're coming home, at Chess Aberdeen, because even those among them who identify as liberals some extent are simultaneous, fifthly kind of in service to what they consider uneven us of greater higher ideology, some sort of techno, messy and ism- that I think, is their true first love and that after all rural capitalists,
they have some confused, libertarian leanings among them I'm so they can. They have the space to be able to say look. We are really, The saviours your your little left. His game here is is, is it cannot work me just throw some money out added and and and get rid of it? I think, also they had this idea that they could throw money at progressives and sue for peace over the thing that they, like the progressives, don't like like the horrors of income inequality which they themselves give pay lip service to, but are, of course, the great beneficiary. and so I, the joke in San Francisco forces that mark Zuckerberg paper. Gave the hospital seventy five million dollars and then the If the council voted that the hospital should not rename its wing after Zuckerberg because he's a but he's a force for evil at so This is the mindset that's going on there and I just
hearing London Breed talk. That is a sign of a very significant change in the weather. You cannot listen, that or we these articles, we talk about the other day about the outcome. mayors race, in LOS Angeles, in which the guy who runs the Grove, shopping center he's probably gonna run and he's gonna, Is republican and he's gonna run saying I'm a victim of this policy. Which has involved mobs attacking stores in my shopping center and getting away with it and nobody arresting them, and if our arrested their there back out on the street because they haven't stolen enough money. Evan stolen goods over a thousand dollars and are therefore subject to release. We cannot have this any more. and you listen to that. You think maybe it's crazy. Right now to think the Republican than would be the mayor of LOS Angeles by crazy or things that happened way
There are things have happened You know, remember: New York, elected forms, five consecutive terms people who are nominally Republicans with a five to six to one democratic registration majority, because the public would not or could not trust Democrats old power in the city, any longer was a twenty year re. If you want to consider Bloomberg Republic enemies anomaly. That now is a Democrat whatever, but it was like. No, you had your sought law. that's steaming pile of crap. You ve left here these guys, I've gotta come pick it up and could see stuff happening in the next twelve to twenty? Four months later there that are gonna that are gonna. like we weren't. We organise and reorient american politics in a different fashion, simply because the concept
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thing, and now I feel like I'm failing by having in that, I have won over Bela Noah you're governor is starting to become less covert hawkish. In his recent statements I was reading, he see was sort of saying G. Maybe we shouldn't be continuing to forced to current measures on the populist masking about masking in general, so I have seen that made me and other details, while just basically that that has been you know, he's he's been one of the obvious Lee. You know a typical Democrat when it comes to covet restrictions, but he's been changing his too of late just in talking about it. I dont believe it not. Now, in the wake of the twenty twenty one, elections were very nearly lost to a person whose no one knew or create over whose name they can pronounced in the state he's been elected official in for twenty years. He then sorted did a little pivot and said well, ok, maybe when we get
to a certain threshold of immunization, whatever blah blah blah will talk about getting mass settler scope, the rationalized themselves out of that position very quickly, it wasn't difficult because the people screaming in their ears are the constituencies who, like this sort of thing, they all day, initiate the covert regime. They don't want to go away, whether tell you that are not, but they are responding to political incentives. Political incentives are plainly yes to us, and they were plainly obvious to him on the day after he was almost finished raided shockingly from the office he holds. So the sum once in awhile like that I'm discussion in fact once in a while they get they get a sense of, though the temperature out there they can. They can feel it and they know what's coming, but they get talked out of it. When I get my right hand, he just said he's going to convene a lot of focus groups to help him understand his narrow victories of that
they're. Gonna, there's gonna be a very big focus group that will convene on November eight twenty twenty two that will bear it deliver rather definitive verdict. I assume a lot of these things, because they don't remember that every election, since two thousand and twenty has been about covid and the candidates who wins is the candidate. Who says I'm going to get you out of it and they did they do singing to realise that mother governing in the opposite direction of what the verdict the voters render and the mandate they receive and it's gonna come back to bite them in relatively short order. I could tell you guys is of a brief story, a personal story. That was the worst thing you can do it on. A pike has been, you don't have any
besides to go into your person, your personal life, but nevertheless I'll do that. In my area, there's covered outbreak, people are getting it breakthrough: infections among people who have who have the shots and children are getting young children, including mine. My children tested positive. They are forced out a school for fourteen days. You can't test out of it. So if you get a negative test, it doesn't matter your song quarantine and they they were sick for approximately two hours. They felt kind of bluish, they had a fever and it went away- and
as a result of their way out of an abundance of caution. They have to self isolate and we have to stay home and we have the same school and a lot of people have to do that, including people who didn't even tests positive. One of my friends had the self isolate with her child. Who didn't has positive. Nobody in the house tested positive, but she had too much to its work as a result of policies, and my children's experience is not an average. They didn't get lucky. They experienced the overwhelmingly most likely statistical outcome when it comes to the sort of thing and as a result, of an abundance of caution, we're imposing profound social and economic consequences for something that had no relevance to their how their health life and I'm not trying to like minimize the experience of certain people who have bad outcomes which are statistically anomalous, but your expire
it's a statistically anomalous and we're mitigating against the worst ravages of this thing. For people who are in a demographic profile, most of her, are. The most people who aren't vaccinated are in the demographic profile where you're least lake The most likely experience is going to be very, very, very mild on this and that more and more people are now having a real world first hand. Experience with this, and I guarantee you they're not going to take it much longer yeah Oh they're, gonna take it all. You ve been saying this for ever John, and I disagree with you, for I know I've been right. Well, I ve been right because they are lacking at who said. I'm gonna get you out of this twenty twenty one. They voted for Republicans across the board. Is other gonna get you out of this Dinah holsters one thing and they go into the ballot box. and you selling their. I agree with. I grew up, there's gonna be a cataclysm in November, twenty twenty two, but they're gonna take about their taking, and then, where are you? Are I mean not now?
break the brain and conducted urban contact like Cincinnati. Local, I mean cities is low does those anywhere we locked down for a couple of weeks? I mean there is day just extraordinary disaffection from population, people started going online. Looking at the actual, I afar supposed to see a powerful covered by probably June of twenty twenty I may be. The only requirement was than almost for the sake of politeness. You wear a light mass when you're in so I think that really varies in terms of where you are covered itself and we're talking about quality of life issues is obviously probably be predominant body of life as you right now I personally am a little surprised that so many regions of the country post vaccination have continued with the measures that we say
We now know we're talking about a virus without point to six. I have, I believe, for healthy adults. Vaccinations are widely available. They reduce the risk of at least death and severe outcomes hospitalization about ninety percent, but this is continuing as though none of that were the case, and I find that absolutely bizarre it in one sentence. I think the difference is that rich PETE tend to support the Corbett. Really, I mean your argument when you talk about his end right, it's all about last year yet, but giving all backlash had the point here. Yes, yes, the ones guess who runs the world a ruling. The ruling class runs the world right. There is a ruling class there is. There is in some ways a bore, a deeper, a complex ruling class and we ve never had before, because it isn't just about money right. It's about money is
educational achievement. It's about titles! It's about! You know it's about being the guy that the wizard been opens. The diploma on brings us to even only has no brain, which brings us to Coronel Cornell story. I ask please above so Colonel University. They some students were in their blood samples either to test the word they detected. Some some AMO crop that much so Cornell went into like red alert measures would have whatever they call. It read their anti. I think, of these literally called red alert or something mother said everybody hope they should listen. I want all they shut down. Libraries finals are being taken on ninety seven percent of the population of Cornell is is vaccinated. Ninety seven percent have this hysteria. It's just
area. I did a little bit of researching arouses over at the back of a button on the ground, which is the mildest, Colbert buried right up is makes any sense at all, We have waited not not not according to the times than your time story on it somewhere toward the end says. You know, I'm Locrinos fast moving, but we do not yet know how severe it we don't know. There was, no doubt forget. I dont worry has has had other to day knowing how to more weeks so that we can work. I didn't know better research on this. This is a good thing, because I'm gonna be writing about it. I think later on today is the phrase. Abundance of caution now justifies abject madness. It is it is. It is what you say before the thing you say afterwards is utterly irrational and its having profound continent,
it's not just. The cancellation, of course, is where everybody's vaccinated or NBA games, where everybody's vaccinated, the State Department, cancelled a diplomatic jaunt by the bite. Twenty Blinkem MID flight turned around. because somebody tested positive recover a memo everybody vaccinated there. No one has even the slightest risk of having a bad outcome entered. Diplomas are our face to face diplomatic efforts in South EAST Asia are truncated artificially. As a result of this abundance of caution. Don't worry it's under the crime. I don't want to read the guy I could say, and also the same, with the approval of the Pfizer pill, which is which has had extraordinarily good clinical trials and now has we all we'll sit and wait for approval from that from the FDA will end We will, in the meantime there can be producing enough of it until they get the approval so that by the time it is approved when people needed there there will not be enough quote you owe me
crime variants. Rapid spread, could soon led to a wave. The CDC warns is the weed headline in the New York Times this morning. The proportion of corona via cases of the United States caused by the Imo crime Varied, has increased sharply and may pretend they significant surge in infections s as next month. According to new data, the city see during the week that ended and salary Amr Cron accounted for two point: nine percent of cases across the country up from four point point four percent the previous week, in the region comprising York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico. In the U S Virgin islands. I was unaware that that was a region, but ok, the percentage of Amr right infections, are already reached thirteen point percent that's wrong? Now. That's guess how many people have died of alma crime in the United States. There, oh, urgent, a single person, debt of overcrowding, the United States, there may be one person bed in Britain. Maybe what we want
For this to surge, maybe search of this would be the greatest thing that happened and will get us out of this. That is, as least as logical as panicking about the surge right. I mean that just just as a of logic: USA, we might be a story, and this my experience is that the lily the ruling class has adopt. the policy of covered zero. There not saying it outright, but their policies are to prevent infections, they measure success by transmission rights and they measure failure by transmission rates and they measure vulnerability and threat levels by case loads, and that is the precise wrong way to do this. We all understood that that was the wrong way to do this a year ago and all of a sudden did just sort of reversed course. Right now so happens, but as it is an interesting psychological inclination and one that is really burdensome and owner
and impossible to succeed. If you have adopted it, it's self defeating. I feel like I feel like where the where the Council of WAR in Shakespeare s Troezen Cressida, sitting around tenth year of the of the Trojan conflict outside the walls of Troy at not knowing what to do and simply hey saying the same thing over and over and over again, as they can't really figure out how to breach the walls like the old thing that gets us out of this is Biden shifting gears, and you know it would be nice if Biden could shift gears that might were require him having more than one gear and that guy being higher the low. So I mean I don't really understand. Where we're going. That's why? Now? No one we are in agreement and disagreement and we have been forever witches that he's like people, aren't gonna put up with this, and I'm like when people people are going
punish everybody who did this to them, but until They actually have the means and wherewithal to punish them. They are going to put up with this because a man organs are not scarf was despite what people, think- and they basically generally follow the rules that are being laid out for them. Even if they follow the very Roger Hamley, and they, where do they do this? They do that or do they they they followed the rules in their own place, and now politicians genuinely dont know what to do. That's Cathy Local of New York pudding amassed bandaid on and then suspending its enforcement. The perfect compromise there's a mast mandate. Everyone must be vaccinated, and everyone know no one over the age of five can go to any indoor, then without being backs needed. But if you don't enforcing I'll, give you this one, less Angeles School Board suspended the implementation of its vaccine mandate for students so as to go. In effect January, it's not gonna go in effect. Next fall because twenty eight thousand
students didn't comply. Is this same mandate or isn't it do these come stances that resulted in this policy merit such an extraordinary intervention or dont day in most of the heartland people, just nor the silly rules, and they went away pretty quickly. I mean a battery. What did they ignore That's what's interesting about this. What didn't they ignore? They didn't ignored vaccination. Already. Three, sent of Americans over the age of eighteen have had at least one shot? They did not ignore vaccination vaccinations a little different. I mean vaccination makes sense right. Yes, I like triple vaccinated, so I think even in the heartland, although we do see much lower rates. Among Republicans among African Americans, I mean, among many
broke, but I mean I think, even in the heartland, people were very glad to go to the clinic, get the doses, the question: what are you gonna walk round to mass on outdoors during blossoms, either because the governments, as you and nobody, but in that way, twenty tat? Twenty thousand students not getting vaccinated, is noncompliance, but it's also not entirely irrational. We use has not something that we can't we get with. This is something the policymakers refused to say. That is something you can't say. Impolite conversation that be people, have made a rational assessment of their level of risk. Well, they are healthy and information that wine and that we now and not getting vaccinated. If you were a kid while I'm getting my children vaccinated- and I think you should too it's not a crazy thing to say, my lit risk level is low, because you know what it is
you haven't you risk level from meat measles is low to, and their economies in, southern and northern helping anyone going on you as low now what s angry analyze, the sort of that there is something very specific to hell. A formula with this would anti vaccine has a very specific role and place from California has over the last thirty years. So I It wouldn't I wouldn't be so outs commonsensical there. I'm sure it more than two thirds of those people are wrong. Are bonkers there there, but bonkers lunatic people who themselves who who oppose vaccination and think that vaccination is evil, and so I am not saying that that's not a rational choice their based Internationale. That's my presumption, but I could be wrong as I often I am not going to tell you when I'm wrong. I want to do that, but I do want to tell you something: that's right, and that is David Bonds book.
There is no free lunch. Two hundred and fifty economic terms, please go out and get it for Europe for the person. You can't think of a good press Christmas present. Because this is a good Christmas present David Bonds journey. through the two hundred fifty great ideas that combines the need. Human flourishing with the history principles of economics and the need for ordered liberty. This is a book that will educate that one form that will provide you with material to argue with that recalcitrant uncle at your Smith dinner or maybe to inform your uncle better about what it is that he believes, but does not have the proper dollar, Lee and intellectual grounding to argue, and he wants to go argue with other friends and other places. That is David Bond since terrific book. There is no free lunch, two hundred and fifty km truce available,
or add Barnes, noble and Amazon, and where we get your fine books, its be a h and ass. He and David Byrne some of the bonds and group the antidote to the intellectual, spaghetti of financial services and management industry. So we gotta go, but I do want to make one final point it back in back in March. Four April I predicted that the new version of West Side story the Spielberg version. Virginal Westside story would be cancelled on the grounds that it was the one It was a work about Puerto Ricans in part, and that dumb and that it was, but it had been written and produced and directed by a bunch of jewish men and that it would get camp well, then guess what today it was cancelled in the pages of the New York Times famously, there are times by a yard marble near the director of central the centre for puerto rican studies at Hunter College,
hey who, by the way, announces that he never saw the original West Side story because growing up in Puerto Rico, I never had to search for myself the side plots of Hollywood, so I ve never seen westside story, which is insane. Then he says, hoping his twenty twenty one remake Steven Spielberg vowed, not to repeat the mistakes of the past that he doesn't know about. Since he didn't see suicide story, he hopes to tell As important, we gotta gather input enlist the support of prominent historic. me advisers at bevy of acts and coaches and consultants. The set of reported weakens phase of Hunter College, the research centre and historical archives. I now direct assisted the film screener Tony pushed her ass. He was prepared, the new version of the swift, MR questioner, immersed himself in our archives, obsessively making sure the historical references were accurate. The cultural detail plausible.
they say the Devils and the details, and there are many that this film gets right from the pale blue, the puerto rican flag on the nationals. Murals that's really hard to get a flag right. I'm thank God for the details. That's really amazing to the specificity of slang. Words. Okay, so spilled, but you're supposed to do and sort of gonna crushed her right. They went and they bought off the activists, they get consulted with them and they probably gave them contract, they hired them. They did this and they did that right and they got all the details right guess what not good enough! It's never good enough, because here is the sense that follows that, but just because a historical text is accurate, does that make it off then take the small details might be right, but the meaning of world purpose are muddled at best, sir. My God, my truth, problems the my true problem, rather so
My advice to all of you who want to get yourself not cancelled, stop buying off the con artists. You can't do it You can pay them enough to shut them up when they see that the boy solve as returns are low, as happened with West. Story, which is a magnificent piece of work by the way can read my reviewed, beacon. Dotcom, that's best movie. The year remark cheap. I didn't expect it nonetheless box office receipts are low. You can't buy these people off. Their whole thing is, I'm the only one who is allowed to talk about anything in my you're not allowed to don't you come on my turf. It's the West Side story story. This as Bernardo Tony Kirshner is riff. Now, there's a rumble with
couldn't have paid off Bernardo. It doesn't work. That's my parish on the such, if you guys seem, seemed absolutely leads silenced by the by the passion and gravity of what I have just said to you. So I will it will Riley Wilfred Riley for joining us as usual. Also the joy always a pleasure and four April Stephen on jump out here, it's keep the camel Bergen.
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