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New Year, Same Old

2021-01-04 | 🔗
First podcast of 2021: Trump's astounding phone call, Cuomo's COVID response, conspiracy theorizing... What year is this again? Give a listen.
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So for bed expect the word some reaching some diapers. The way of knowing these ways going over the best expect worst for welcome to the Commentary magazine Daily Podcast. This is the first podcast of two thousand and twenty one we've been on break for almost two weeks, so it's great to be back with you, I'm John, for What's the editor of Commentary magazine with me as always executive It is a great mall, high aid, urgent senora, Christine Rosen High Christine hijacked an associate editor nor Rossman High Noah, John, so happy everybody we came. We we
wandered happily through our ten days or so of blissful vacation. Until yesterday, when the deuce came that Donald Trump had been taped on a phone call, demanding or coaxingly Georgia Secretary of State to find him twelve thousand votes so that he could win the Georgia election. Exactly eleven thousand seven hundred and eighty, which precisely one more about then they all mines margin of victory. Yes, eleven seven hundred and one I said twelve thousand because I couldn't remember the actual number The specificity here is important. It's very important, since it is imperative that we encourage it goes to intent. Ok, so, unfortunately we are obliged to talk about this and we are
We are now obliged talk about this in a way that annoys people who email us and say that we are too negative about the president too. We should be grateful to for many things, I believe in a text to all of us, you ask the question: is this the worst thing that the president has ever said on town tape and I think it is yeah? I just think it is I want to do this thing adverse first off, I'm I'm so glad that you know having turned calendar year over me twenties immediately so far. In our rearview mirror. Everything is so much better and calmer. Now, so it's great that we, we got past that horrible year yeah, I can't think of anything worse.
I mean you, know there? There's there should be no reported things that president's have said that that could be worse. But you know, I think, written the text as it is this. The worst thing that a president has ever been caught saying I rose caught, isn't even the right word because he's just saying that to Whomever, will listen. It's documented well, the luckiest people in the world right now are the Republicans in the. U S Senate, because there is today is the fourth of January. The inauguration is in sixteen days and they are not going to be put in the position because of the schedule of,
having to decide how to handle and impeachment which under other circumstances, not that this specific thing could have happened in any time, maybe accept now it could happen, maybe a month ago or six weeks ago, but he would be impeached under other circumstances or at the house would convene write articles who impeachment and impeach him by Wednesday and Mitch Mcconnell on the Republicans in the Senate would have to make some kind of an hour. Meant about why they could table it or suspend it or not, have a trial or something like that or why they would vote against him, which, unlike the Ukraine impeachment, which I think
Oh, it disagrees with this, but that we serve all agreed. I think was a mean. What was a bridge too far that he did not do enough? Nothing happened that would require him to be removed from office. This is as this is as close to an open and shut case where the removal of a president from office demanding that state official alter the results of a vote count in this sort of weed ling. Mafioso I mean we don't have to go into ancient history, but that was the defense of the Ukraine stuff. Either nothing happened. It was just an ask: it's just a request. Well, but it didn't happen and so and then there was no reside. There was no result, This case there no question that America law as understood was violated, if not by Trump himself, because of weird status of the president,
certainly by his chief of staff Mark Meadows I believe exposed is very much exposed to potential criminal indictment the state of Georgia and say there's their state criminal laws in Georgia. That applies the president here too, in a couple of weeks, when he's gone, those will still apply to his behaviour and actions. Right now. The shamelessness of it, quite frankly, is what Man, and I wouldn't to go for the centre Republicans right now, because they are all now engaged in a parallel project which I think explains in parts of trump shamelessness on this call their needs. The parallel project to do you know histrionics block block the horrific this election again, it's all theatre, that's the kind of theatre that we should take deeply deeply. Firstly, because its bordering on tragedy to see people here who are given the power to legislate in this country do undermining the institution of which their apart and I'm talking.
Zactly about Josh Ali, intend crews right now right Apparently, eleven senators are going to join just work. Ten other similar some agreement join just Holly and TED crews in this idea that the results of the elections should be contested there. There will be a vote to contest the result of. However, whatever matter procedure, there is that is being discussed, will happen somebody. Somebody like in the demand that pence that this preposterous thing that pence himself declare Trump. The president to Warren Baby and fade Dunaway away, declaring that Lala Land had won the Oscar instead of I've it standing that because they open the envelope. Mrs read the result and that because he they said that
moon lava land had one set of moonlight. That well aware wins instead of moonlight we should also mention the dumbest. Most disgusting member of the republican caucus has at least now. Be Gomer two's loss was to say the pants had the power to declare trumped the president. Calling for violence in the streets as a result of the fact that the court went against him this case, Louis Gomer should be expelled from the house for such a suggestion. In my, view as well as he should be expelled from the house, because he does not have a functioning sign up his brain and never has hearsay repellent problem.
Asters figure, who should be extirpated from the public life of this nation, but I somehow have gotten off the point, which is what, where what? Where is this going? What is what is happening? What a way you know it's like every day, every day, you think it can't get worse. If kid gets worse, while there is gonna name, it's a sad verdict to render, but there is a profound sickness and the republican base, yes thank you. They respond to this kind of crazy. They demand that people reinforce their paranoia they and there is a market for any will always be our bid by people who are genuinely able to sort of Marshall, that sort of crazy and without any regard for consequence, which is why TED Cruz is really full.
To continue this act. Ted Cruz has now been out cruised by Donald Trump in quick succession and Josh Holley, because it's really easy act to emulate. You simply outbid and outbid and outbid, and when beds, are aren't you when you can never deliver on it. You blame were forces universal forces, arrayed against. You can speak theories of powerful people and ubiquitous an unseen that are rate. Interests, and it's a really easy act to do. I have a hard if you have no concern, no sense of propriety and no concern for the. Your integrity in the health and well being mental health and wellbeing of your constituents, which is clear beyond display here and so mean the rewards for this sort of thing are singing pretty minimal. I mean people pointed Donald Trump found from the presidency behind a bigger. He also lost it. Well, I don't know if it depends on how you calculate these guys are.
Circulating. There is no way that TED crews, who was a Supreme Court clerk or Josh Holly, who was a Supreme court clerk, believe a single goddamn word that is coming out of their mouths are out of their pens. This is all, as you say, performative incredibly cynical. Loathsomely cynical allegations. But this is the thing that that anybody can issue an allegation yeah. They don't believe it they're doing it as a form of political positioning, but they know look. We haven't put ourselves in front of millions of voters in Missouri in Texas. They have. They want elections, we haven't, they know something about how to appeal to an electorate and what it means and to say that I mean VE, said: there's a sickness in the base of the Republican Party and if that's the case, then they're playing to.
Is something we need to take instruction from not say, oh, I know TED Cruises really made a boner here cause, I don't think he's made a boner here and that Where I say I don't know where this goes. I don't understand why I we, He spoke ass if attempting to usurp the president's base. By adopting this cause for himself, the president can always come around and say you didn't, do it right or you didn't do it my way or this fatal because you weren't sufficiently committed to the cot. Ok, let me let me let me just say this out to you and then maybe a view can respond to it that it's not about taking over there from the president's space. It is about establishing a record That when you go around and twenty twenty three running for president, you can say I was there, I was there, you know what the media came after me and John had warheads came after me and said I was
cynically- but I was there with you. I was there to say they're trying to steal the election. These radical subversive Democrats and I, the heat for you, and I was there not I'd better than tromp, not, I know how to do it better than Trump, but that that's why that's? Why he's doing it? I think that's right. I think it's! It's all about energy, with the new reality, which is too it's become in the minds of of these Republicans and As you say, John, they may know something here about this, because there they are running. For offices and appealing to the public's. It has become in their minds a political liability to accept reality for what it is that that is what you cannot do That is that, if anyone who does that is everything from a cup but China spy you know
liberal right. Well then, maybe that means twenty twenty one needs to be the year that chickens come home to roost for all of these people right. So what does this mean for the Republicans? It means they might lose. George, I moved the Senate, for you know all these ito, people like Andrew Cuomo and all the covert leaders. It means you know continuing gets people getting sick and tired of listening to their absolute denial and the reality on the ground and puffing themselves up as heroes when in fact it they could easily be. As well as its peak people looking at teachers, unions and saying, wait a minute. You don't care school, kids, you care about protecting your own interest. I mean there's a way in which I know everybody wants to see this new year is kind of turning. The page we have to do. Administration is all going to be better, but there's a lot of there's a lot of karmic payment coming in this year. I think a lot
that's gonna come for Republicans, listen. It is very important. This is an incredibly important point, because politics does not work in a straight line. A? U here's the thing. Maybe the bill will not, Maybe the karmic payment will not be made today on the left on the right among Democrats and Republicans, but it will come. Do I mean I've said this on this progress: many times that Donald Trump victory in twenty. Sixteen was the karmic payment. For the financial meltdown in two thousand. Eight people still haven't come to a reckoning of this, because there was so much then saying was about immigration or it was about race, or you know about the the suffering, why you know working class all of which tie him to the financial meltdown in some ways, but that this gigantic disruptive thing it happened in two thousand.
And we kind of sailed along with politics as on a kind of entropic course, until the degradation hit and and first Obama wins and then the Republicans beat Obama than Obama wins reelection than the Republicans been Obama in the Senate, and none of it. Addresses the sense that the country had gone totally haywire in two thousand, and if we are looking at this now covered the bad response to covered from Republicans in the White House and from democratic governors like Andrew Como, who somehow end up for a while, looking like they are heroes and from tee unions and unions in general and people who
apologies for riots and all of that, if the reckoning does not take place now, if there isn't some kind of general populist revolt or good sense revolts. Let's say against all of this. It will come and it will come and bizarre and complicated and highly confusing way. But here's difficulty with the reckoning, it's not we're not talking about the brow percent of strictly partisan problem, the sickness that- no identifies in the republican base is no more sick than this Agnes on the left, its indifferent. It says slightly different brand, only only slightly different. The way I mean similar in that it involves conspiracy, thinking and the inability to accept reality we're just seeing it highlighted now in this story and end everything. That's happened and hold it since the election, but for their
a be a reckoning. Who's going to get the support that was lost by the the those who are sick when sort of everyone is sick? Well, that's why I say you don't know how it falls out. But if I say to you, President Tulsi Gabert or I say now, I dont know how to look at it. I mean the honestly there's. No, it President Nick offer president runs wants and I dont get out with zalewski- can get elected president of Ukraine, who knows who could get elected? Who knows what the political disruptions are going to be. I mean You know we're in an unstable political period. This instability has been present, since having remember, look look at the instability that faces us two thousand. We had this tide election,
Senate Senate jumps back to democratic control in two thousand and one when Jim Jeffords becomes an independent, then shifts back into republican control in two thousand and two Republicans lose the house in two thousand and six lose the Senate in two thousand and six or eight. I can't even remember now they get House, back Obama wins the presidency, Bush loses Obama wins the President Republicans win the when the Senate Republicans them when the White House and the house in the Senate in twenty eight, were retained, thousands and intrinsic sooner win back vows in twenty, sixteen then Democrats get the house back in twenty Eighteen, when the presidency, given twenty twenty, we are bound, all over the place, the most liberal the history in Obama. I don't know I can't call trumpet concern, but but the most unconventionally populist, conservative President
in tromp like we are not a stable look we're in a deeply stable couple of decades here, and it's apparently intensifying, I think now. Let me take a break and talk to you for a second about one upon cast them I believe, will help us through this period its arm, our friend Dancin oars, post corona. You can find it it. You know at the Itunes stature Google play wherever you need to find podcast postpone. It is an effort to explore what the country will look like what our economy will look like What the world will look like as we go through and finally get to the end of this period of in which were being dominated by this. Deadly virus. The latest post, Corona podcast, is with Neil Ferguson, the
historian, Stanford, Professor Hoover Institution Guy, it is a fascinating discussion in which he one of the earliest people, to warn about the coming pandemic back in January. Twenty twenty says that at the same time as he was Instead, the elites of the world were refusing to pay attention that when they paying attention. They went too far that the lockdowns went too far that the economic disruptions were to great. He. He locates the parallel yes, not in nineteen eighteen and with the great pandemic of nineteen eighteen, but with a pandemic and one thousand nine hundred and fifty seven fifty eight, which also featured a long forgotten discovery, rapid discovery, triumphant discovery of a
vaccine that that was administered with very little fuss and with very great success throughout the United States in incredibly quick succession, if you but here that story, if you want to learn about how we are going to come through, please is go to apple. The Itunes store stitched, Google play and subscribe to post corona dancing, Norris podcast it'll be one of the best things you can do for your enlightenment and your entertainment cause it's it's. It's really a lot of fun and a great conversation. So let's talk about what's going on here, with the vaccine, so we have a vaccine and them and it just reminds me of a Woody Allen Bit about how Woody Allen gets kidnapped. A man says
Would you like to stop some of the says? Would you like to come to a place where there fairies and elves there's candy all the time, and he figures? Why not? I am from college, I might as well go do this if he gets thrown into the car it's kidnapped a contact his parents and say we ve, kidnapped your son and he says my parents whip into action. They rented out my room So Andrew Cuomo has rented out Woody Allen through like this. Is we have a vaccine and guess what Nobody is getting it. Twenty percent of people there there's eighty percent there. Percent of the vaccines are sitting in some refrigerator at ninety to bring you no ninety two. Ninety three degrees below zero. While we, the figure out how best and how most equitably to distribute the vaccine, and this is happening in all kinds of place. And not in others in Florida. People just like
to get the vaccine here. There's this. Just angels dancing on the head of a pin social just this warrior health care worker privilege? ever thing going on. Cuomo announced Massive penalties were anyone who gets a shot, who doesn't deserve it? What meanwhile, in Israel, a million had been vaccinated in two weeks and they will have. They will likely backs the entire country by the end of January, okay, I finished my rent. I mean the first and only positive thing. I have to say about build a blog There is at present them here in his ongoing feud with Andrew Cuomo is he's He always strikes the position, the opposite of the governor, but in this case he's right. You saying stated that provide. Authorization to
ass, distribute these vaccines, their authorized and explicit explicitly and with criminal penalties associated with it allowing doctors in hospitals to win. Hospital affiliation to administer this thing, and to give it to us from healthcare workers. So at this stage, even up to and including possibly we don't know- I don't have evidence of this yet, but possibly yielding The expiration of these vaccines, you have to use them in a certain period of time, otherwise, Angle Balin and it's the date. This state and many other, mostly blue states, have the same at that they're going where we're gonna get to hurt immunity only after an until it Filter through this hierarchy of social strata, that they decide is of more value, some sort of repair. It have social justice is, is due to these people Therefore, the vaccine is their historical Carmack reward, as opposed to actual the public policy which would be to do,
the israeli vaccinate, the pizza guy scenario, where they do not have as much as they can give it the hospital worker, and then they have a couple of jobs. Left me: pull somebody off the streets, anyone's vaccine. That's how Do it because it seemed because otherwise you you'll have to dump it. I mean because the vaccine expires and if Europe forbidden under penalty of fine, from giving it to the wrong person. Why would you do ok. So there was a clinic in Brooklyn right this this. We all heard this story always so terrible. When we first heard this clinic in Brooklyn, someone gets its hands on the vaccine and start Vaccinating Orthodox Jews right actually worth a where did they get it? Have this happened? Why wasn't there controls what this is? Also horrible right, then they say we're stopping we're. Stopping we didn't mean to its terrible said to turns out what did they do? They vaccinated the elderly, they vaccine, rabbi, Herschel Shakter of Shiva Right, famous Motor Authority, whose, like eighty,
he resolved. That's her. How awful so they get the vaccine and they start shooting up people with the vaccine and why, happens. The world comes down on their heads. What the hell What is going on here, you know This is insane the minute seen is in the hands of some thought some player? It should be injected into somebody's arm everybody's arm, you know- or should make a rule that from January Fifth, at midnight until January twelfth at midnight. Everybody Over the age of eighty is to be vaccinated and any walks in with the driver's license that says that they're over eighty, they will immediately get the vaccine and then the next week. Till seventy five and then till seventy, and then sixty five and then by the end of march, everybody over the
twenty five would be vaccinated and now take weekends off for the people of that was the others. In other words, the gravity written out. My room is right, so the fair FAT Fairfax County Right outside Washington, where the This may be the second or third wealthiest county in America. They were off a day. There were off from New year's eve until today, five days in the middle of a pandemic, because you know I mean what they should work, Can we get you? Neither have we gone insane Andrew Quabos? What in taking victory, laps publishing a book about how great he was he's not responsible for Fairfax County, but we're now having these tumbled debate. Should we let Should we make sure that everybody gets both. Shots are only dad get the first so that everyone can get as much as they possibly can. How about just getting people
goddamn shot and there's also this other consideration here. Every Policy decision has tradeoffs ever everyone, and so in the vision to vaccinate healthcare workers first, which I think is fair. Are unjust and generally a good decision. There is, though, that the DE tradeoff reality that healthcare workers are also. The people mostly we too already have antibodies because they were both. So the longer did we go on in this process with with not getting the bag, out to the general population. The greater the risk is that all those other people out there who have who are less likely to have antibodies, but won't what will get infected so on
they asked their downright sympathetic to that, though, because you mean you don't know what can antibodies, you have like some. Some twenty million people in this country have had this disease, so they might have some level of anybody, but you don't know how much they all have to get the shot to worker thing. Is all constituents make constituency, servants, services etc radiologists or getting this in this shot. Who have minimal exposure to patients with the sort of thing, whereas pediatrics officials who are not associated with the hospital don't and our the same people who are at risk all the time below lawyers who teachers. Why? Because a political clout knives end Then you can do this I mean so in Florida can afford, has always been a governor. Ronda Sanders in particular has been this media escape go throughout this pandemic and always compared and negatively to they. They've already started a pilot project which works with churches and community centers and with gives them. Is the vaccine and tries to get the General
population vaccinated. I mean you can do this the wait! This is again we go back to this federalism thing, but this is how federalism is supposed to give leadership to the local officials who understand their populations and end are supposed to understand how to motivate people to get back needed and try different. Now efforts? Don't just narrowly funnel it to a small group of individuals like they've done the New York? Look. The other thing is all things being equal. You could make a all things being equal health care? workers get vaccinated first, but that doesn't mean that healthcare workers get vaccinated You keep everybody else from getting it until they're all vaccinated you open the window. The window was open they either come to the window or they don't come to the window and while they have, they have first dibs at the window run you can two lines you can have a priori like in the airport. You get him a priority line and then the other line and to people can stand on the set, particularly now The lines can be virtual gonna website,
click on something get an appointment. You an appointment for three thirty in the morning there should be field hospitals in central park. There should be filled hospitals everywhere where this can happen at all hours of the day or night, a dance, this situation, where this Keyser family, nation survey found that nearly a third of these from hospital workers aren't gonna. Take the thing: that's my point about the all things being equal thing on the right way that doesn't punk has before Christine has in particular this does and PR quotes this chief surge clinical officer at Chicago or a hospital who said I've heard Tuskegee more times than I can count in the past month, and you know it's a valid concern, it's a valid consort, but here's my point, sort of Africans are no so open the window. You can't make adults do something, although there is a piece of legislation before the New York State Assembly that says that
people who were few staked a vaccine should be imprisoned at an over. Everybody saw this proposed piece of legislation which is zero. Interesting. I mean that's crazy, but I am sorry that the first twenty, So this package is talking about the irreparable paranoia. They did militaris psychological impact of these kind of reinforcing these conspiracy. Is and people that's reinforcing, conspiracy, theory and people to the detriment of public health, and why because we have to be. We have to be deferential to these ideas in part because they represent some sort of repetitive. Racial policy pays aromatic there a candidate for Senate in Georgia, who has spoken with some delicacy about the question of whether or not you know AIDS and crack were were in your were brought to the inner city by the CIA that guy,
Raphael Warnock Warm. I could end up in the Senate on Wednesday, so let you know that that's a real thing and you know that kind of which should have been invalidating. Of course is probably one of the reasons that he is the Senate candidate from Georgia. Not that he's not that, like a form of purity testing how far you willing to go to adopt your you know, nationalist victimization agenda. Is you go to the crack was created by the CIA to control them in order to control popular bad? You know up under sir populations or whatever It is very depressing Abe. You said by the way, the term you are you It will set on Facebook that you are now going to block anybody who start some promulgating conspiracy. Theory in your among your facebook, friends guy can't take it. It's terrible! That's bitch! Just it's bad!
it's bad for the country. It's it's a horrible reminder of how off the rails, everything is, and the second I said it by the way on Facebook. I got earnest accusations that my wishing to do so was in fact an expression of some sort of conspiracy. But I my god I mean- let it get its left and right. You know its unity. Every effort to- and I ask you this witches and I, This is really unknowable, but is there something about social media? The fact that we now understand we are now privy, in a way that we never were in the course of our lives at or the world has never been the course their lives to the inner thoughts of peace.
Many of whom we don't really know Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, where people now express unburden themselves of their views are they worse are people worse. Are people work conspiracy minded than they used to be, or are we just getting a look inside the sausage factory of the human brain and is say? you never want to go to a sausage factory, because you don't want to see what goes into the sausage go ahead, why'd you stay, I think it's not it. It is, I think, it's worse now and I think it's not just social media? I think it's internet text, generally has cream a universe that didn't exist before, where If you are some sort of conspiracy theorist, you can throw up all your
Was it research and your documentation in your videos near this new that and you create these sort of you know and libraries of of garbage that other people can. Then go and investigate and then reach attorney in view you create these networks that didn't happen before you know before were There- are always fringy conspiracy theories, but now the internet has enabled them to be a genuine. Force in the culture, the infrastructure of how these sites and networks, are establish other actually created. Every actually rewards conspiratorial habit of mine. It doesn't have to be about politics can be about anything, can be theory about a celebrity someone legs or theory about you know someone who lives in your neighborhood if you bet on next door, you'll see that can get very local who very quickly. So I think that
actually right, but I think that the concern for any of us who worry about its effects on democracy in institutions are those habits of mind, and we are now seeing. We saw it with trumpet we're we're seeing all all across the political spectrum you see in a yo, see you seed and how TAT cruises behaving this weak points. Petitions who actually embraced the habit of mind and are rewarded for it by constant, who only know of their political culture and political life through those networks, okay, well I just want to point out that there is a short story. I love by John Chever called the chase Clarissa. This is published, I think in nineteen fifty one in the new Yorker
in the story, a man is on the ferry to Martha's vineyard and he gets off the fairy to ease going to visit his family on the weekend, and there is a beautiful woman on the dock. Waiting for her husband, stunningly beautiful woman, he gets off the dock, they start talking, he starts yelling at hers. Guy came here will be saying she burst into tears and he conceives of this great passion for her. Our narrator narrator and he over the course of the summer, seeing seeing them parties parties together where said, is this husband always getting angry
in her and storming away and that cheese or cries, and at some point he gets her into the kitchen of at a party and says, were it's so terrible, hey your husband behaves and she's like I don't know why he so mean to me. He so mean to me, and the guy says, what's the story and she starts talking, and it turns out that she is a delusional idiot. She starts talking about how aliens planted things in her garden I can't remember what the sir seven or eight things that are both alternately, stupid, dumb, founding and crazy and as she's talking he starts saying. That's really interesting. I never thought of it. That way, you know you are very interesting. Tat is,
very intelligent observation, and the last line of the story is- and that was all it took, because all he wanted to do was get the bed with her all he had to do with say to her most ridiculous so that you now understood why her husband was so driven go crazy by our all. He had to say was oh you're, really interesting, that those thoughts are really really special. So that sort of published seventy years ago. That suggests to me that maybe this is they cast of mind, that is a tunnel, and that are the harnessing of it as a political force in as a general social force is what and maybe it doesn't matter- maybe it's a distinction that difference that what's happened here is the surfacing of stuff that was buried.
The impact of guys, what I think the sailors small scale, your young man, that's not all that new road ever virtually every populist political philosophy is predicated on conspiracy. Theory that absolves you or your lot in life yeah your responsible for your condition, some other phenomena eyes it's it's too pressing, but you know: what's not depressing smack. Well them premium men's essentials, brand that believes in smart designs and high quality fabrics Maxwell than offers a one stop shop for This basic sock, shirts, hoodies underwear policy of active shorts, whatever you need Maxwell them, has you covered, unlike the assortment of department, store brands that make up your top drawer all backworlds basics have a consistent fit. You can count on from sock shirts, hoodies underwear pose an active shorts MAC Weldon promises comfortably consistent, FED and you're. Not just gonna. Look great MAC Weldon
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oh by the way, as we were podcasting Trump has now tweeted Tom Cotton Friend Tom can't senator from Arkansas who came out and said he not object to the electoral accounting in the Senate on Wednesday that it would be a violation of the constitution to do so has is now the recipient of a Donald Trump tweet. How can you certify an election with the numbers are being certified verifiably wrong? You will see there numbers tonight during my speech, but especially on January six, Senator Tom Cotton Republicans have pluses and minuses, but one thing is or they never forget so this, is the shot across the bows at Tom Cotton who has been a reliable trump person for the most part during the
bring the trump presidency- and this is where we get to an interesting thing about Trump. That, I think is worth noting. It is not enough to support trumps. Demand for fealty is most important to him when he is at his worse, not at his best trump demands that people support his craziest and most offensive and most lunatic behaviour because that is where he knows that what they're doing is expressing loyalty to him, no matter what, if he deserves fealty, if he deserves support, if he does things that deserve support, that's easy! That's an easy thing! You can support them for the abrahamic or two can support them for the tax cuts. You can support them for the judges. All that is easy. That is all that is within the press.
Abbott, that is within the powers of the presidency, that is, conservative, mainstream thinking. That is creative thinking. That's easy, it's when he says a certified election certified by republican Secretary of State with thirty Lawsuits that have been. You know that have been thrown out and preposterous ideas about people shredding ballots that didn't happen. All of that. That's where you need to support him. That's where you need to say that he is right, because he is arguing something that is demonstrably on True only then are you truly loyal. That's my theory. Well, I mean look at his personal life, that's what is demanded of every wife he's ever had like you have to loyal to me, even when I have all these mistresses or even when I'm blatantly you know disregarding our marriage vows to the american people, and he treats his close. The same way that you have to bring me out my worse than you have to do it publicly. Like you, gotta stop right. There tied me when I'm doing
Something that we all know is wrong. I'm his attack Tom caught not to attack Tom cotton. But as a message to up to other said Tom, and now dimly his attack Tom cotton. That's now done this was the don't you do anything I won't like, Tom cotton will win by thirty points every time he runs through four Senate in Arkansas he's not at risk, but this is also what awaits ten crews Josh Holly, and Marcia Blackburn and how many other Republicans are supporting this lunatic better to despite display fealty and have been dead, Anderson Support of a lost cause. This is he's going to a crazy you at a certain point? It doesn't matter what you do today, because it's not about tonight. It's not about policy its about fealty to the man And if the man commands fealty, you can't you can't have you can't rest that control from him by the by,
by being more like him endorsing what he's doing you're only you're. Only what a fine cementing that sort of field in his most diehard supporters, I mean it's actually goes a whore. Actually it's legitimately hard at this moment to know what he will demand that will be impossible for them to support or what what he will demand. That's worse them a lot of this than the what we ve seen so far. But I guess you know that you suggest the poverty of my imagination that I can't think of what what that that might be. Can we also talk about the the karmic fact? that Trump is ending his presidency. Having said Something insanely impolitic on tape followed. Upon the access Hollywood tape that merely derailed
his presidency in his presidential bid in October. Twenty sixteen like, shouldn't. We have learned that when he talks on the phone or he's talking to people, maybe there's someone's taping, well. This is why this is actually quite interesting. That's actually part of Donald Trump's defense, particularly when it comes to the actual criminal statutes that he might have violated here. The likely that the prosecutor would bring. These charges is eaten the charges being what they are. That could be an indictment handed down by the prosecutor at that they are prosecutable is in doubt, because you'd have to demonstrate intent, Donald Trump, and have to be demonstrate tend to violate the law. You're knowingly violate the law and because he's on this call with so many advisers, including his attorneys, The notion here that he would be knowingly violin requesting are supporting this kind of violation of the law. With these people on on the call suggests that his intent was not that are at least there are some reasonable doubt that his intent was not that that's it.
Six point, although the very fact, as you said that he said all he wants is, the eleven thousand the one more vote them he needs is itself. If he had now we intend to. You know how he is. The tens is clearly to overturn the election. Come hell or high water doesn't care how he gets there. They intend to vote The law in the process getting. There is a little more gear if its. If have to establish beyond reasonable doubt a criminal charges here, but he said part of I think the reason that the media in particular has been so fascinated with him to an unhealthy degree throughout. The presidency is that he's one of these people, kind of rare who doesn't seem to have a backstage area, rightly he is who he is all the time and ever and always, and so when he's asked to justify himself were, as in the case of lots of politicians, to prove themselves hypocrites to say: well, hey what you're doing back sages and what you ve been saying on stage, there's no curtain there for Donald Trump right, it's all Donald Trump, and so he actually does have a.
I won't do it. That's why you sort of shrugged about the access Hollywood taken centre is just room banter? He talks about Lee talks like that all the time I mean it's, a weird psychological it's kind of interesting it very, very modern personality type. Actually, that is always on either he's always who he is, and you could call and I think, a lot of his supporters call that authenticity. But it's not authenticity, it's something really weird. Well look. He says on the call like a schmuck, I endorse Brian camp. Well, schmuck he opened his mouth and has now covered himself in disgrace. Not maybe he doesn't care about the disgrace, because he's fighting for its rays Ellis people will support of all of this. But you know history. History is not recorded that way, because there's no getting around this tape it's there and if you listen to it with with with them
years as objective as you can have it if it is twenty four, seventy three and some historian loads listen to it. It's gonna be in arguable what he saying and what he is doing, and hopefully America will be around, let it how do we know who gave out to learn to read them I am very aware of his own moroccans- broker taped it because you didn't tape. Lindsey, Graham asking him to do the same, and so he Lindsey Graham said lids group said, I didn't say it obviously lying and so on, burger then decided he needed a record and he wasn't going let this sit around. Look Tom cotton move here is really interesting. He's obviously got his eyes on the White House, half a dozen of these people signing on to this, do two. They seem to believe that this will be a pivot point or a wedge issue in pursuit of the republican nomination. Tom cotton bet is that Donald Trump,
not be the center of republican gravity and three. I don't think Tom Cotton is thinking about the White House for two thousand and twenty four, but he is he's very young and he has home. And he has a long life and politics, and ten TED crews and Josh Holly are betting that the trump in are betting. The Trump ism is the future immediate future, and maybe the future? You know in the next ten years, but Tom Cotton, I think, is playing a much longer. He's, also much safer.
By the way remember TED Cruz, is up in twenty twenty four and almost lost the Senate in two thousand and eighteen to better or work, and the state is getting purple as the weeks pass and so having almost lost in two thousand and eighteen, he may be in a better position to run for president than he is to run for Senate. Now. Let me talk to you about the final sponsor today. The bond some group bongo provides financial and investment advice to its clients in a field where the vast majority of that advice is awful, provided by financial advisors, who are lazy, disengaged and uninterested in the real work that is required of those who want to properly steward their clients assets we're talking about people who work twenty five hours a week. They don't know anything
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so the laziness, an intellectual spaghetti. That is today's investment advice, industry, that's the bonds and group where an actual and I'm a worldview sits on the foundation of the best investment advice in the industry. Dividend cafe: dot com, the deasey. Today's outcome, the bonds and group for your wealth management needs. So tomorrow night we will have a vote in Georgia. I've talked to a couple of you now behind the scenes: professionals this matter there are various scenarios or one scenario is that the Republicans eke out in both seats go to Kelly lawfully and they would produce the Collie laughter was still sitting Centre David. You has actually had to give up his seat yesterday and solidarity that that seed is open. If he wins, he will
be sworn in as a new seller, because he filled him somebody else seat or know him whenever he losses he lost his race are the race was, was awful, ok or the Democrats will win, and the question therefore, is whether trumps behaviour over the last couple of months and various other thing have led to this pass and then there is the possibility that one set could go Democrat in one set: go Republican, which seems absurd to me, but I'm told is not entirely beyond the bounds of probability that after afterall, David Perdue, almost fifty percent running against two people and so he's already gotten a lot of votes. And they turn out may not be. There's been a lot of early voting under, but there who knows so, that's that's the general
for anybody have any thoughts as to whether or not you can actually see the seats splitting somehow. Well John Asaf already lost mean that's the theory. There he's been defeated is defeated in the general election, so Why? Wouldn't he be defeated again? He'd have to earn a lot more votes than he earned on election day and remember that he trail job. By some eighty eight thousand votes in that state I'll get well the thought is that that Democrats or engage hyper engaged than they really figure out how to turn people out and there the very lot for a special election. The the voting and and Ellen Voting has been very heavy and that if, if we follow the pattern of Democrats voting early and Republicans only voting on election day, then they may be in a position to
weeks row. That's that's the theory there's another theory that Eric Erickson who's from Georgia. Conservative commentator in Georgia says that You know maybe a lotta Republicans did vote early because there's no one yelling at the mouth about early like there was with Trump and now you know in the in the months before that the elect and if that's the case, then it's a real it's it's really an x factor, because because, if Republicans did vote orally the signs are with some of these ways. They can figure out who people are and how they vote that if they did vote early, then it's favorable news for Democrats because they're not going to have the kind of turn out they need to overturn what appears to be democratic advantage of around three hundred and fifty thousand votes, or something like that. That's what I hear I don't know what I'm talking about: that's the curse of listening to the spot,
some things. We know I'm just power in what I hear from other people We do know one thing which is that if Rafael Warnock wins the seat in the Senate, we can stop listening, to everybody. Rail against q and conspiracy is on the right is here. He is just what a really shocking the legislator. He will be given his past history and forget, let set aside the domestic issue of him running over his white Ex wife flooded, I mean the guys life is a mess, but his is ideological and particularly his anti semitic and kind of the nation. Of Islam, like philosophy of life, has never hasn't been thoroughly poured over in the way that you would think in part again, I blame trump for those like this. This race would act It would be an interesting one if the conservatives and liberals to argue about what it means the conservative and liberal like these, these candidates, all our kind of proxies for certain factions among the left and the right, but it's been.
Sucked all that out of the room. But Warnock is disturbing in my opinion, so hopelessly optimistic Christmas notion that we would that there would be some sort of parallel established by the media ass, not between the key. Conspiracy theories and let the very valid So instead, you there was a really shameful story in the New York Times on Sunday about Warnock and his you know starting his preaching at the age of eleven, and you know how he
There are some quite a goose. If someone can some questions about tat, you know complex domestic arrangements with his wife of the fact that he drove over her foot with his car somehow was not mentioned specifically, but you can always now count on the New York Times to provide the Parson whims coverage of the of of any democratic color that that they believe was denied it out, like those of those others obituaries than that they may run. The variable didn't get nowhere two area before all of whom, all of whom were presented without blemish, our friends at the free begin deserve a shattered. They ve been doing really excellent coverage of Warnock, and particularly the other scandal in his past, which is over seeing this this camp for blood,
Is where you know, or is it that horrible allegations of abuse were made and he's again never been made to answer, for these is a candidate hit? Yes, he's got his past is trouble than he wouldn't in any other kind of political environment. It would not go unnoticed, as it has been by the mainstream media. Absolutely so with we will video with you until tomorrow, when will have my old friend Dan Caslon to discuss how the future was created fifty years ago this year by the year, nineteen, seventy one so that no able Christine I'm John what words KIDS Campbell burning.
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