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2020-03-04 | 🔗
The results of the Super Tuesday contests are in, and they were especially ugly for Bernie Sanders. There’s no disguising the COMMENTARY podcast’s satisfaction with this generally unforeseen turn of events. But does Joe Biden’s revival mean that the Democratic Party’s drift toward socialism has been stopped or is it merely postponed?
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Welcome to be posts. Super Tuesday commentary magazine podcast today is Wednesday March Worth twenty. Twenty, I'm John Pub words the other momentary join. As ever, by senior editor, a Green Waldheim, John and very disappointed made today will talk. Assembling answer Souci ever Rossman high. Now I M not disappointed Noah today,
but will see, I will be. I will be in the end, and certainly no disappointment with the Senor writer Christine Resin in Washington Pie, Christine Hygiene I'm exhausted, so I sound a little more low spirited. Then I feel Oddly enough, the results last night made me weirdly giddy, not not because It really matters to me all that much in the large scheme of things. What the? U know? What what serve liberals and Democrats decide to do among themselves since that's not my yeah, that's not my bailiwick, but just that the a complete and total humiliation of two different factors, one being the
countries, mad rush towards socialism and the other being Michael Bloomberg. He's two things kind of smashing into up into a brick wall, by what happened in the fourteen states and the one territory of American Somalia which Michael Bloomberg, one with a hundred and seventy five votes two hundred and seventy four guy just go. Can I just caucus right? It was still hundred. So if I worked sir okay, so he had any aids have been Full time staffers on his payroll in American Samoa. Where he won for delegates by getting a hundred and seventy five votes. So if you figure also Gabrielle and tells it she's from American Samoa tells the
she is a native of American Samoa, as, of course, is mostly to topple the former NFL linebacker. So we now until the end the model to Yasser Supper was actually was actually born and the range answer. Why think he? His father, I can remember, are you sure, not confusing him with the character he plays in Rwanda, Islander is eve he's Maui Latitude, my lad Mally! Yes, I will respect, is played by manner Johnson and looks and looks like an obese twin Johnson. That's ok! Now I'm really off will make.
But a Bloomberg later, but light. So, let's, let's, let's go to the reason that I am so disappointed. Maybe so wait wait, wait by ok, just part, just a finnish rooting out about it being a spectator sport. Yes, as as an election from the centre right perspective, it was the most fun election to watch since twenty fourteen, undoubtedly, which was probably the most fun election to watch since two thousand for the way the took that twenty ten was not because he knew twenty ten was coming a mile away. It was an earth killer, asked I thought you'd seen coming since April, and when it arrived, it was no surprise. Nobody really saw the extent to which what happened last night was going to happen, and that was not just because everybody who deserved it got it, but also because it with a shock that that's, I think, that's that's. That's very Crusoe, two thousand and fourteen of course was the election. When I came in and the parties were totally even it was going to be a totally even and status quo. Election and nine Republicans,
One Senate begins one nine Senate seats from from from Democrat, so that was an unexpected result, as was of course, twenty. Sixteen and now of this. Some fourteen state. Primary where as you were, watching at a little like twenty sixteen, where was like Wall is Trump really. Gonna in pencil way, her was served like waterways yeah, I mean really gonna win. Massachusetts is by really gonna win Minnesota I'm really gonna win main like it was like that you know was: it was Texas, he was not favoured and tat. He was not favoured in Texas, okay, so ape you really let us down, because you are the we. We had some plausible deniability on here on this podcast of Europe of being happy talkers.
Biden, happy talkers, and you know I spent two thousand and nineteen saying look. You have to say Biden's in the lead. Everyone says he's a he's, not a little bit. Look it's ridiculous, not to say is not leading, nothing is denting. Is All this, and so when it looked like he was through, I could turn to you Abe and say well here on the podcast at least, there was always a saying. Why Sanders. What, four sanders in all this and even though the results have retroactively justified my five optimism, let's just say, or my Biden, positivity I am disappointed in you. Well, let me just say dear listeners, John tell you the reason he's giddy is because Bloomberg in the Social has got it because he's getting gets to do this to me right now, you know I mean you know we lay a little, the ok,
my initial contention about Biden bernie- was that seemed extraordinarily unlikely. To me that Biden would say Please crews, at the top all the through to the nomination- and I said I I would be shocked if Bernie didn't take some go that at some point that did happen. Where I was dead wrong was, I think, was made. The little to pod casts go worse it it's too late for, but right now I should. That is the best. I'm that's the best crow creative pro ripe, I've never eaten. I should be that wrong. You know all the time so yeah so so be it I wish to explain why. Why were happy because,
so I will to explain as like you know, obviously where conservatives- and this is a pie catholic- comes at you from a concern perspective. So why shouldn't matter whether you know Joe Biden, who is statist Democrat, beats Bernie there's well. The reason is that, if you care about the future of America, if you care about the history of the twentieth century and and the lessons of the twentyth century for the twenty first, the idea that the? U know oldest political party in the western world was about to be taken over by the by a socialist people? Say it's like him out will be like carbon taking over the
party there's something in oddly. Even though carbon is actually further to the left of Sanders something worse about the idea of America, I mean Britain, you went to and affirmatively socialist, so policies and the main thing sixes and ninety so is that they had to reverse and America. Member had never gone this far and that we were some house heedlessly running into this horrible future and that somehow, this Scott stopped we can do, where will discuss why? But up yet emanate. I totally agree. I just think it's worth of stepping back for second out of the immediate news. I think in the long run, we remain too close to the poor. Purpose than Ryan. We ever show that they are more aware and were wont. Bootblue. That's yet their thing that we should talk about,
like the little later, because that is it that's a very important thing like this is not, and this is not a day, before the celebration that you know that does not dare Boris Johnson killing killing off corporate. I'm uniting this conversation with some, my friends on the right last night, insofar as obviously there's been a bit of an obstacle french socialist policies to become the preferred pop policies of the Democratic Party, but the value proposition of it of abiding nomination and to a lesser extent, was also the value proposition of peat budgets. Budgets candidacy is that stylist they represent a brand of politics that does not regard the advancement of ideas and advancement of an agenda as being achieved only by destroying you're adversaries and rendering them
political none entities that for whom even worse working across the aisle, is tantamount to surrender and capitulation and its unacceptable that sort of thing that evolution may be unstoppable, just as a socialist evolution may be unstoppable gates and evident on both sides of politics, but it as it is at least delayed slightly by this turn of events. Okay, so Christine the stylistic, the the is. What happened here more about stuff. I'll know or more about substance. Think it's a little of both are not be one of those knowing people who says things like that, but I think no is right that statistically There was a big change. Your and that going forward in this primary raise it'll be very interesting to watch I didn't double down on working across the aisle rhetoric and Bernie who, in his in his rallies yesterday in his statements throughout, has been very much
about I'm an insurgent? It's us versus them. His supporters are grumbling about D. The establishment destiny stylish meant that the kind of paranoia about that within Bernie Supporters is still quite high, but on matters of substance I mean one thing that I think is notable. Sanders had been promising to build new coalitions, particularly after Nevada, but he his coalition has his foundered considerably. If you compare it to twenty sixteen, in states like Minnesota, where he had half the number of supporters, as it did last time you, the sixty one percent in twenty six, seem verses what around thirty percent this time, but I do think that there is an in intriguing interim, inter political thing going on among the Democrats, because if you look at african american voter support of Biden, it was overwhelming and super Tuesday. But if you look at hispanic supporters
votes for Sanders? It was also pretty compelling- and you know, as we are going to talk about a little bit later, the future than the asteroid is still headed Torres toward us in terms of socialism. If you look at how younger voters cast their ballot yesterday, so it's not all its short term, good news, the long term still libraries for concern so basically intersection reality just got smashed. You know like like a like a war Melon in pumpkin or whatever right, because you have this whole notion that did that, do you know my minority oppressed minorities of color are all basically in it together and it's all one struggle right. So what we have here is a clear split with african Americans going for Biden and and Latinos in. California, in the vat- and I am in Texas, apparently going for
Anders so this notion, I know my hour. He almost got forty percent of the nineteen, oh yeah, so I so so what that suggests is that this theory of other of a com, reality of interest among among american minorities, as has is belied by this really quite, stunning result that we. What was the number I you you cited last night, I thought about hispanic. Support for or latino support, in internet hell for Yellow Fournier was almost half about knows. Well I or find one percent some rocks, and a lady in the eighties I think, is eighty four. Eighty four percent went first Anders Authority, letting us under threat to us under thirty right. So so will you now decide that across the board and young people across the board of all demographics, all socio economic backgrounds? All of them voted for Bernie in
agri they did and then they made up a whopping thirteen percent of the super Tuesday electorate. So once again the wonted youth vote, We yet again have evidence that you know use of America. You now is to stone to go to the polls and Yemen. L girl up and they are not getting more conservative- that's the concepts that right, that's the other major thing right! Ok, I went up. I want to propose. I want I want to offer a couple of thought: are we're so powerful that I wrote them? Ok, so Abe? Ok, so the idea that Biden one because the estate
Bushmen Democrats rally behind him and made this colossal shift in three days time from South Carolina vote to Super Tuesday. Sanders people last night, we're saying this is and Marion Williamson, our beloved Marianne Williamson, with the psychic energy saying that this was a conspiracy of the establishment right, which is a phrase we recognise from Trump from from Trump land right. Ok, so how about this?
the reason that this is a foolish notion that there is a coup by the establishment is that Democrats, democratic voters like their party. They are proud to be Democrats. They think that the Democratic Party is the ball war. Against. You know that the looming darkness of tone solitary and nazi fascism and everything terrible that is represented by the Republicans and so therefore, They are far more positive about being Democrats, then, for the last fifteen years, republican voters have been about the republican Party. In which there was an internet seem war that we saw
breakout in two thousand and nine slash two thousand and ten with the tea party primary in Charlie Crist and how you know the guy in Texas that TED Cruz. You know who laughed and end a whole bunch of people. Right were were insurgent Republicans taking on mainstream Republicans off which was set up long set up for trumps hostile, take over the party. So republicans don't like the Republican Party Democrats like the Democratic party. Therefore, I propose that all Biden needed to do, show a pulse for mainstream Democrats to endorse them and for other Democrats to go. Ok, good, that's fine, a grape, and not only that, I think there's the does also part of
be a misunderstanding of what happened was that Biden was not in as bad bad shape as before South Carolina, as we had supposed I think, some of that kind of came to the light last night, because the early voting numbers weren't as bad for him, as they would have been. If the poles taken back then were correct right, I mean they did get better, I got one they ring out what they got way behind the landslide, better everywhere late Designers in Vermont broke for Biden, forty five to twenty against Sanders, late designers in Vermont, so yeah getting I mean, though Count Colorado was an interesting example could centres one Colorado. To mail in state so that, as was kind and Bloomberg did
pretty well in Colorado, was the only state of fifteen cited burn button right so which means I get delegate's right, so but the point is that that was like a snapshot of what had, if Biden had been flat line forever right com. The Colorado male invoke kind of represented that picture right. That Bloomberg and Biden were splitting the not were Bernie Vote and Bernie than winds and run it. Thirty. Some like that But I just want to add to this the the to serve them, establish the democratic establishment. Conspiracy theory is we also because It's a conspiracy, but via what endorsement I mean you know it's, but when I think are getting the cause and effect reversed a little bit, it wasn't that the establishment Democrats institutional as to who had political cover after South Carolina to endorse Joe Biden, an cat is defence. Didn't
result in this deluge of votes for Joe Biden. It was the earned media around those events that did it. This was about seventy two hours worth of ex just six exclusively positive coverage across the board nationally in states where Joe Biden had no organization didn't drop a single dollar in two states like Minnesota Massachusetts and managed to beat them the only way you achieve that is through that kind of awareness of this candidacy, which is achieved by the positive media. So it's not as though you know people in in western Massachusetts were hanging on every word. Jim Clayburn says it's that they saw Joe Biden Face, for seventy two hours saying here is a guy with the momentum behind while the other world. Looking over the shirt Christine, please, I was just going to say that the other, the other reversal of cause and effect there is that if you look down ballot at some of the races, it's actually the university more left wing challengers to democratic incumbents that started a lot of this fight.
It means critically in Texas, Henry Quail was challenged by this Alexandria. Cassio Cortez, endorse Jessica, says, narrows and he one, but it was a close fight. You mean that the close race for him, which he hasn't happened while cake Ranger, also held onto her seat in Texas after being challenged from the left so it is. It is kind of funny to hear the burning type say off the establishment, the establishment in other they're just closing ranks, but there being directly challenged by socialist candidates from their left flank. So, of course, they are going to close ranks and, like whaler brought in Nancy policy to take stuff for him. I mean down ballot. I think dead, any argument about. The establishment becomes more and more ridiculous when you look at how the left is challenging their own democratic Party candidates I mean what what we saw here is this notion. Again I don't send the conspiracy theory. Because what you had was this was this suppose it mass massive shift- and this is the question, because the court- the question Now- is whether the poles, you know that the pie,
he's been bad, the state level polling is very well when I say the poems of bed and no just went at me. My point is that we have had very complete two previous cycles. As media organisations in particular have gone broke. There hasn't been here, huge amount, appalling and a lot of these states and there was a time in twenty two thousand, eight and twenty twelve when, when we had like daily tracking poles practically everywhere, and you know an immense amount of data that you now basically made made silvery career cause. There was so much to play with national poles versus state level, poles and phone in all's verses. You know verses internet Paul's in this and that the other thing, and now there is a lot less. So we were registering this whole notion. That Biden was creating or linear, wherever on the basis of
much less information than than than typically has been the case in presidential contests over the last thirty or forty years, and he made I been greater, is badly because the ideas, MRS Wholesale shift once he won south care line of over three days. But what? If, basically, what you add was people saying that they were going to vote for Bloomberg, but the minute that they saw Bloomberg in the debate in a firm and that the debate debate in Nevada there. I go, I'm not voting for him and then basically they were only voting for him because they were going to vote for sanders or they would. You know they were voting for somebody who seemed like somebody in the middle and so the only place to go then, because, maybe because clover, children and bullet judge really couldn't stage any kind of momentum
at getting on a pull. You saw an especially in all these big states and their homes. States too, in particular, did between the two of them. They pulled around ten percent and they threw their support to Joe Biden and even if you think that he gets sixty forty split liar, that's enough to put over the top of the other thing. Is that Sanders one, the Nevada caucuses by by twenty five points, once Biden was second with twenty percent. He had forty six percent. But he one New Hampshire by a point and he tied or slight or may slightly of lost, certainly lost the delegate race in in I But he was not that strong Biden by winning. South Carolina by what was it twenty eight points. Nineteen to forty eight forty, nine. Yes, I was like twenty eight twenty nine thirty points. Not only did a valley was was that a five hundred thousand person electorate, whereas now
it was a hundred thousand or something like that. But you know it was like a victory that dwarfed it was it was. It was a head by hand Victory that dwarfed. Anything when he had done thus far and wide stronger than any victory than any of the two victories. That centres have had and put it and Sanders tied in Iowa so like Sanders, was particularly strong. That was just the whole thing was it felt like, and this was the analogy we use its are Biden had been a balloon and that and that his bad, showing in Iowa had prick the balloon right and that their that basically was all helium, and so once the blue was pricked, he was gone, but that was may have been simply a misunderstanding that the electorate was fun. ITALY waiting to put an eye on Bloomberg. And once they saw that he was untenable.
That was all she wrote and then all Biden needed to do was not blood himself up in. In those two debates that could remember, there were two debates in five days right: there Nevada on Friday before before the Nevada carcasses, and then it was Tuesday or Wednesday in South Carolina so was like forfeit. Days later and Biden was fine. I mean did say that thing about how a hundred and fifty million people have been killed. But ok, So that's solaces that you know so Buddy Buddy, didn't seem dead, ready, seemed energetic and lively, and he made that same case that has been making for a year, I'm the guy. It was done things I wish. I was with you Obama. All these people standing here haven't gotten anything done. I've gotten things done finds victory. Speech last night was incomprehensible,
It was a non Compas mentors flurry of words. He was dropping key verbs and article adjectives for no reason. Displaying suddenly be paraphrase some poet and then had the most tat was Seamus Heaney. It was on poets, name, bold, some poet, Alzheimer's, Are you familiar with his work, but it certainly wasn't well represented by Joe Biden but nevertheless This was his night and never nobody cares. Nobody cares about his verbal miscue sits in this is part of the reason why I feel like his biggest his biggest problem is, is not his biggest problem, which is his his. You know his affectation in his. Grandpa grandfather isn't dislike, attacking him on that is like attacking Bernie Sanders of being a socialist or Donald Trump for being a lecture. Ya know it it's baked in. Right! Well, I went up to his campaign by the way forward as well.
Simone Sanders, who actually tackled the the Anti milk person who brush the stage, who never forgotten that close to it to be able to do them. There were young adults, but she just absolutely body blocked him and so amazing, Joe Biden. There still photo of Joe Biden, who looks absolutely vicious yoga and very intimidated, I mean you know honestly watching that live that during, but by that was frightening risk you, you know that could have been Vicky from shooting Gerald Ford. I mean it that if she had a gun I mean maybe maybe they have melted, matters, and so she wouldn't about again, but I mean if she you know you get things right there I mean it was still. It was terrible, so ok, baked in the cakes Joe Biden, so anyway. My my theory, therefore, is that Biden was, I think, that's AIDS also Biden was never is weak and that an at bay,
Similarly, we live in. This hyper people who do this professionally. Live in this hyper aware reality in which we are gauging these things on a moment by moment basis and that the old verities about politics, which is that people only really focus on their vote. A couple of days before they're gonna vote, narrow, always a lot of undecided which why late hits work, because if you are already If you already to who you're gonna love or you know curing the George W Bush had it had de. Why isn't? Gonna isn't really gonna push you off the track, but if you work, a wave or you haven't really focused and the one thing that you here, that really is the news event. You know it's five or six days for the election is he added you, I'm he lied about it. Then you know you, you might switch your vote so I guess what it turns out that there were a lot of undecided there may
I've been a lot of undecided. Democratic voters and all they needed again was Bloomberg to blow up and for James Kleiber, to give voters and South Carolina permission to go all in four by we haven't touched on Bloomberg, terrible performance last night probably showed that we should also had it was our that might Bloomberg is out of the race. Oh, he has quit. Yes, my Bloomberg is key, well, you know: have hundred million dollars lay ok, so before we get to the MIKE Bloomberg quitting, which is which is just my cup round
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we're right now and receive your free guide, seven key strategies to grow, you're profits at nets. We thought Tom slashed commentary. That's nets. We dotcom slashed commentary nets, we dot com, slash commentary, so Michael Bloomberg, the absurdity of the Michael Bloomer campaign was evident to about you know, Levin of us in New York City, who were always skeptical of his mayoralty and we published an article in commentary. Twenty term called the Bloomberg bubble, bursts by Freds Eagle, and it didn't really burst. I you know he ended the. He ended his tenure quite happily in New York City because he paid everybody to shut up and be nice to him, and that was great in that's, so he so he decided
he was gonna play this game. He with his poor, his candidacy predicated on Joe Biden collapsing little knowing that he would be the one to collapse, but I knew it so. How did I know it because I watched him really closely for twelve years he's a terrible politician. He is a and he he was able in it most ecosystem like New York, where there were eight, whether you know at eight million people and relatively few of them vote relative, relatively speaking, we under extraordinary circumstances, winning the mayoralty after nine eleven and then basically buying his two reelections, but now of her having a common touch. Three bring the business class of New York, which has a distorting effect on. The chatter. Classes. Since you know people liked him cause they didn't they like the fact that there was open ideological conflict in the city because he had
foundation was paying all these New York activists off to keep quiet distinctions between them. The activists class and the investor class in your car blurry. Well, let's put it this way. I'll sharpen didn't attack Luneburg through you know every day he was mayor or mercenary reasons and an hour, an attack regionally everyday for for some different common, edit mercenary reasons. I mean illogical reasons and people like that social peace, but two move onto Bloomberg here he spent somewhere around five hundred and fifty million dollars in advertising. Add to that Tom's dire other billionaire, though billionaire much smaller right spent, two hundred and four a million dollars in his annual accounts, so that eight hundred million dollars spent by who billionaires, both of whom had idea that they could buy their way
to the nomination of a major party in the United States between them they scored twelve delegates, all of whom went to Buber and one victory in american Small, which, as I said, was achieved. Hundred and seventy five votes. A hundred and seventy five votes seven full time staffers on the ground, so each staffer, got him twenty five votes Why is this so great? Because the contempt That Bloomberg showed for the vote for the electorate for this idea that he could by the democratic electorate for this idea that he had bought, as he almost said in the in the Nevada debate or the South Carolina debate that he had bought the victory, the democratic victory in twenty eighteen by intervening in twenty four house races.
This notion is so nauseating at sports fit so perfectly with his foot. Mentally anti democratic sense that, He is that he is a leader of the technocratic elite who knows how you should drink soda knows how you what kinds of things you should eat and knows what kind of bag you should be putting your food in and knows where you should be or not allowed or be not allowed to smoke who Hell, is the sky to be boss, thing everybody around and he tried effectively to boss the Democratic Party into his pocket and he has been rich, Lee humiliated, and that is something devoutly to be enjoyed it. He is going to do
offer a really intriguing opportunity for the Democrats to change their mind about his money because he has pledged don't know if he'll do this, but he's pledged to keep paying his staff through November and some support to Joe Biden. So this suddenly his money is going to become much less evil. I think of its use now to help for the democratic nominee, but that's the status quo ante right. You know investors backing viable candidate with the attentive in shape the agenda through them. That's a little bit different, trying to actually tonight liberated by as they are basically, but also you know it's not. That simple, I mean, I know he seldom never do this and then I'll do whatever I am asked to do. He cannot do this by the way I mean he can Oh he can on his own device higher these people run run them effectively, The pact cannot coordinate with the with the Biden campaign. It is illegal
for an independent expenditure to work for the Bat Biden campaign that that, certainly in that they get around that, while they they buy the way they dont get around it so easily it campaign general on Youtube and all that well yeah. I now look at all this, be rural yeah, but don't put all night long and do something where nobody he then open. My point is that this is a complicated thing camping, firefly, there's a difference between primaries in the general election and that he cannot be told he cannot if the Biden campaign says wants him to spend a lot of money in x state. They can't tell him where to spend it. They can do during the primaries, like the great story of Obama in twenty twelve, as at the Obama pack, already figuring that many was the nominee. But before Obama had secured the nomination of the Party
goes into oh hi, oh and spends Obama Pack money, trashing, Romney's reputation within an inch of- and this was what tax or for pacts are strictly weapons in the campaign, is a tactical weapon. Am paying Roca says on theatre? Is the right path But nobody centralizing right, civilization, riper Bloomberg, doesn't know what to do with a pack. Ok Obama's intimates bill burden, ran the Obama Pack and serve knew what to do the story here is that Bloomberg has a bunch of people working for him who are working for him in order to drain every last sue from his back yeah. You know this. I wanna be the American Samoa Bloomberg employee right now, right, like I'm, on the beach with a drink right now, I think. All of this means that Bloomberg will continue to be a fixation of Donald Trump and then in the race, because Trump is going to continue these going to try to sort of hit Bloomberg and by
the answer supposedly shady campaign financed, I mean who knows what it means, or here or he'll oriole tire of it. Yeah, I'm sure he wants to defeat Trump, but then the other thing people good says. You know why you spending on that. We need you to help shore up the Senate. We need help Europe, the House, because things are looking good there, and so so you won't be about tromp it'll, be about you know, maybe it'll be about this stuff. There'll be a kind of fantasy at some point that democratically really take the Senate and then maybe Bloomberg had spent fifty million dollars trying to get to know whoever you know Doug Jones. Elected now Obama, or something like that. I mean who knows, but we don't know what he's gonna do, but I wanted to site if I could numbers from twenty sixteen to go on with this money. Point ok
so a bite and lastly, was said: Bloomberg spent seventeen million dollars on ads and Virginia bided spent. Two hundred and thirty three thousand and Biden won fifty percent of the vote in Virginia and Bloomberg one nine percent and then with numbers or comprable in North Carolina, where Biden spent one hundred thousand dollars and Bloomberg spent twelve million or something like that and also did not make the threshold air right? Ok, so this is this question about money and politics is a worker? Don't you actually have to have something to say? Ok, so Donald, prompt the billionaires a billion errands is so so many billions and he was a billionaire analyse so in the course of the twenty sixteen race for the republican nomination. Donald Trump spent from
June of twenty fifteen through the convention, because of course he was the candidate through the convention. Seventy six million dollars, ok, Ben Carson now his secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson, dropped out of the race on March. Fourth spent seventy seven million dollars TED crews dropping out of the race on May furred spent one hundred and twenty seven million dollars. This is both hard and soft money put together pack money and money raised through conventional. You know twenty eight hundred dollar donations jab Bush dropping out. February twentieth spent a hundred and thirty eight million dollars marker Rubio dropping out on March fifteen,
spend a hundred and eleven million dollars so of all of these candidates. Trump spent Val least, while having to pay for a campaign for two We're three more months than they worked stayed in the race and he also benefited from an obscene amount of earned media. But that's my point right. So the point is if Spent- and we said the supreme we have spent twenty years hammered or more than twenty years having at hammered into our heads that money was destroying politics, Mummy, money, money, destroying pod, destroying politics during politics, and here we examples- blue ex all some money whatever happens. You know it's like this money has a man, is a man is lit a matches led to it and hundreds. Millions of dollars disappear into the pockets of CAN
opens a whoever ever people work in politics. So it's nice, television television stations. You know stay in the black for another year with a lot of advertising revenue. He does not determine anything. Money once nothing money does not. When you raised I'm became when the two thousand eight nomination haven't gone, broke Biden had gone broke, which all undermines the fundamental point of Bernice, which, is bad billionaires involved in politics but one one caveat to the idea that in early media is more important, which I think is true. It's a particular kind of earth and media. That's often fuelled by outrages are outlined in behavior Allah Tromp, because if Elizabeth worn is how to talk of earth, media uses he's gotten puff peace after puppies and she was arguably a bigger loser. Last night than blue
because she has been held up as the Saviour of view no policy walks everywhere, and I just think it's incredibly sex, as we have discussed here yet clearly it it's terrible it's just it's horrible. Actually, we should so let's talk about her, yet they are the final ills. I mean she lost her home state. Obviously not only this lot argument. Third, fantastic, but she came in forth in the county in which the city of San Antonio is in. Where heard probably are most prominent surrogate Leon. Castro was mayor for a long time and was on the stuff all the time for
That's beautiful, I mean it's just you can't manufacture good political instincts by just relying on a unimpressed corps that shares your every demographic indicator in your level of education. Your affluence Senor protect, not acclivities an intersection reality which, by the way, is it isn't there in electable logic of intersection outing will now compel intersection. Reality advocates to turn against the minorities who fail to understand their interests, well, that that, for me, is how you feel John about Bloomberg. After yesterday's how I feel about less before and after yesterday, which is this this site this this proof, because women did not even support her in her home state, and so the idea that there is some sort of you know that their that they somehow and embrace the patriarchy pseudo brainwashing or something you just doesn't hold, and although she ever according to reports, sent out a fundraising appeal last night, so we'll see how long
these days in the rice should going she's Afghanistan. I dont know why she stayed in to be humiliated. Last night in the first place. I don't know what sort of like I am- and I remember when, when Rubio stating through Florida wish, it was clear the last two weeks that he wasn't gonna win Florida and it was more like ok, in doing this for a year, I'm just gonna play and ran up. I'm gonna follow this through an like bad. He came in second there, let's try, whether okay, so Warren got an enormous amount of you know. Flattering upset with media, but a maybe she got to early there. That's one past, military, though, did it stop well well didn't have that quality that it had in the late spring and summer of twenty nineteen. It could not persist because all based on this one line right
just that she was so substantive. She wasn't so incredibly substantive and she was issuing policy papers that were so substantive, so a she release the policy paper. So she I guess she could have continued to release policy papers but and then the policy paper stank like we're actually hat when people who know policy started digging, and you know what things cost everything that's when she started to sound phony and then I think, ultimately, the poker hunt she could never get over the Pocahontas stuff. Real because she decided to address it head on with the twenty three me thing that them revealed that it was a lie and also, if it wasn't separate from her fundamental flaw, which was her dishonesty which, which we continue to see evidence that was so exhilarating it sort of
spot, and what about as it makes this very difficult for people, because when you say she is dishonest and she makes a fabulous did she makes all this and then people say well what about trumpet? It's like? Ok, but she's, not running against Trump she's, rubbing against a bunch of Democrats well and that its heart interrupted. It there's also a very important point of difference: This is the way the media treated her versus how they treated Trump sits on the seat. So she was doing this constant. Like policy paper fan dance with the media. Every time something was revealed, that, might be inappropriate about her own, you no story making in an fabulous women and they did not push on that near. They would report it, but they didn't do to her they did two trumps, though there was an idea. There was an idea that there was something racist about making fun of her lying about being a native American. That somehow was of offensive to native Americans to make fun of her trying to you,
her strength use. This lie to get ahead. Some of action terms as an academic when actual native Americans would tell anyone willing to listen that the only person who offended the missiles with warrant. Why I mean I mean that that was part of the game was like how dare you say, Pocahontas, it's like say poker. That's because Europe will hire it's not. That has really been disappointed because Europe being offensive to poker You shouldn't same Pocahontas, because that's Donald Trump Mandolin, what was otherwise a very good, I know it was agreed that right now is how Joe round our now I'll just say, folk aren't, as he has no humor value and with full. It was focused on coherent yeah. That was the Scott Brown campaign and he lost by the way. But it was that was a good one focus now we have woken haunt us, of course, which is probably even better, actually better known, but ok, so, but so that Jordan Freud about Warren.
Was too, I think, also living in it and bathing okay. So let's go. Let's go let's just if we can excavated little, but ok, it's that what it's that its she's phony, or that there was something specific about her running as a as a density, politics woman that drives you crazy. Won't that that was there was a story. This contradiction there right has totally just to her whole as a retail politician, she's, not an obvious identity. Politics person right in her strength was, she was. She was a slightly less annoying Hillary Clinton type bright like it's. You know she's she's. This liable woman who has done the work- and you know all this in its efforts at our, but when she tried to pivot to become to embrace the identity politics, it just seemed in often take and part of her brand as it can
They certainly going up against kind of angry. Shoddy old white men was to be the authentic voice of reason. Type and binding took that from her I mean like that. He, where, without an it, worked for him, even though he was shouting about it, so I think that she she it was just a lot of confusion about how much she should embrace the left wing views of the party, and I think its persistent ironically, also assisted us. She never argued in good faith anybody antibiotic elaborate to notice the discrepancies in her plans or raise questions about her failure to get the math to work on this? For the other issue was accused of Republican talking points amazing. How many Ghana Classic Privy to republican talking point yeah and also being displaying some. At least signs of latent bigotry was really of noxious, and we talked about on the last podcast that she presented herself, as is very serious candidate when nine times out of ten what she was talking about on the stump we're just trivialities annoying
the less nonsense. The preoccupies liberal twitter as no bearing on anyone else's lies in the electorate, so she did deserve everything. She got. Ok, so moving on from her to the candidates who dropped right, a bed bedouin and not that of suits me PETE, both judge and unclear, which are who endorsed Biden on Sunday Cuba, China has a reasonably good claim to the vice presidential spot. If Biden is the nominee, I mean she knew but he expected him to win Minnesota. I think the idea was that Sanders would win Minnesota with her out of the race, because He had one Minnesota and reserves at that. There will never be another monochromatic them I don't know that. That's true! Let me just offer this to you. Ok, buying those around wind. Sixty percent of the democratic of the of the of the african american vote on Super Tuesday and state after state. He may,
I need an african American on the ticket that I'm saying that might be his calculus- that that that is his base me Hillary Clinton, to performed among African Americans prohibitively verses, Bernie Sanders in twenty sixteen as well. She couldn't generator turn on the general right. Ok! Well, I understand that. I'm just saying that club ajar, arguably, is the one for I never said Jim climber delivered South get, will club a chart delay. Minnesota to buy by quitting I'm out of her door cement. May he said last night, Amy Club, which are one me Minnesota. So and Minnesota is a purple state. Trump almost one. There Trump was a point point half away from winning in Minnesota if wins Minnesota this time it that's the ballgame because he can win but what or was know what I'm saying if he can,
was content, if he wins Minnesota right out, yet the one that's on the bubble is Minnesota, which has been trending Radin. That's right, Trump has a really good. That's right and was consumed by the way. Now after he had a good set oppose their last month and apparently this morning, the first post Corona virus pole in in was content. Has him down ten So that's the thing by the way that we don't know and that's worth so they could be turned to entirely a temporary effect because of corona. But you know we that's that's his that again, that's that's the ballgame for him. So I'm just saying that that that of all the endorsements have you can really interesting, for this is the point where it gets fun to speculate about it out and again. You ask yourself like among the ten billion signs, that Hillary Clinton is a rotten Paul,
Titian choosing TIM came was among the you now ten, we I was way up there in the top ten, what the hell was. She thinking, I remember, being praised the time to exhaust safe and oh, but I say for sure do that he could be pray if something happened. After she was sick or anything when she stumbled and fell into her into her limbo in September eleven. But you know he could be right, a he would have. Can you imagine? Tim came as president that would the tar anyway yeah, so everything is Biden Biden though actually does have to pick somebody who can realistically impressive trick, ok, so Sanderson socialism and binding. I guess we should conclude on this so
the fight for the right, so the fight for the soul of the democratic Party? but is it really a five from solid Democratic Party like they They looked at Santer Sanders comes out of the vat and says I love. I like I, like Cuba, and and and and Israel is a racist society and Then people say that, but it's not that Only that they don't like Cuba and that they love Israel or that's why it is a fight for the soul of the Democratic Party in that the head of the Democratic Party, the head of the democratic parties, with
burning, if not in all terms, but in generally in it in his statist mood but they're not with him and his pugnaciously and his lack of political instincts and just generally irascible minimum support for anybody who events as any kind of solidarity with his it illogical proclivities. Even if that's detrimental to your position, because he likes who defends and who had a noise, I mean that there's a part it there's a wing of the port. That enjoys just as the issuing of a dam of republican Party that is ascendant than enjoys more annoying people you don't like than actually achieving anything. Tat is a big that year, yeah. He could still overplays hand, and you know why, so there were used articles after the Cuba stuff from people sympathetic to burn, payments will here's what he should have said. You know we're. Ok, so.
So can I can? I just say one did not to be this can't get our Nogales Nationalism Garden Party here, but there is a huge amount of concern if you look ahead in four eight twelve years down the line, because what the deep more progressive, socialist wing among younger voters in the Democratic Party, is showing their getting a lot more skilled about choosing candidates right, you're, not gonna, have another Bernie up their burn. He's gonna have this nice, you know sort of old old role where there are no kind of pay, Mason soon, but you look, you do have to look at the agencies and you do have to look at the younger you at the squad. Now there also polarizing in a different way, but there are quite appealing to their core. Open if they can expand that core group among the young in there's? All signs show that our doing that in certain parts of the country, particularly out West, then that should because can for concern not because it steals the soldiers my party and I care about that. I care about where the Republicans can ever remake a republican party that that will look more like what the countries gonna look like
in ten or twenty years I mean. I think this is a very important point and it's all speculative, but you know that made the fundamental speculation that we ve been engaging in is ok, so there's a huge shaft and Biden now steam roles to the nomination. I mean, according to five thirty eight mate. He actually Now has a plausible path to getting one thousand nine hundred and ninety delegates in or whatever it is, and then and then winning on the first ballot, simply by virtue what he did last night, that that if he wins so the that the states one expects him to win and that Sanders doesn't have a renewed second life or he doesn't step on a rake, and you know smash himself in the Heavens, things go bad that he could secure. The nomination loses two trump:
whatever atavistic response led the Democratic Party to pull itself back from embracing him fully. There is no there no resistance, even if he wins, it's only slows the evolution of this party without it. That's Christine's, paying eyesight yeah. Of course he can only serve one term. The battle is already says, only a servant terms. So that's also where picking lab. Vice president, candidate is gonna, be actually a matter of some extreme moment, because if he finds it necessary to try to reach to the Bernie brows to you now solidify his coalition who goes with, but you know, then we could really be in a position where the next leader of the Democratic Party is an air sea. But is it some
like a sea or something like that, anyone else Stacy Abrams like creative right, but the idea that that twenty twenty two mid terms will be typified by a bunch of Biden, Democrats running so new candidate senile demonstrating their fealty to Joe Biden. I guess affect like what is his witnesses- Randal solar tax. Well, that's interesting is so here's what Bernie Sanders promises revolution right. That's he says we're evolutionary change, we're going to change the country were going to revolutionize the country. I didn't says I am a change agent, because I am going to end the madness of the last four years, change being the status restoration understaffed. Well, it doesn't even put it that way. He says we're better you're, going to we are going to go back? We are going to be the good country That we were that this weird interregnum stop that
you now have has temporarily stopped us from being were better than that. That's what he said last night when he was being coherent, were better than this. We are America, this is the great country on earth and you know we don't have to live like this right, so that a different kind of chant this is, This is the war of the changes right Bloomberg? Didn't you. Case too makes up. I can beat Donald Trump down from sucks, I'm just you know a short rich dilettante. You know who invented fantastic machine that made me sixty billion dollars so make me president, but that that's a really interesting argument has Bloomberg because Biden promises, nothing I mean he had had, will have ten thousand positions. He s a raising tax this thing and he'll have various. You know: policy papers lawless, but there's no programmatic Biden is right. Bernie is Medicare Bernie a single pair healthcare.
And so yeah what, where the party go, if you have a sort of mindless empty change, stylist Jane, I don't think it's empty, but I think it's actually quite profound but its. But it's not there's no programme to it. How does it resist a program like burnings programme without burning and maybe Bernie. The programme is more powerful, not less. Right I mean I don't know. Who knows I mean Barneys that seventy eight year old screaming you know screaming old, Jew, legates. I you know I he annoys me, but I can't imagine how much catch adjustment at work pose question we're speaking sort of his is as if Bernice out now I was saying that this is the violence and I know I know I know I know, but before that we're talking it binds path now is burning out. No,
now. I know they have a debate a week from Sunday there's gonna be a debate that looks like it will only be the two of them unless Morn according hangers rules, if you have a delegate and you're in the re. So Elsie Gabert could be lifted beyond that stage, that's right, which would be at what they condemning all the rules on mean mathematically, I mean I mean he's he's not dead, no It is a fact test this week with the finger for contest next week that he that centres, one in sixteen right, although he lost a bunch of things, you ones radioset, who knows, and one of them is Michigan. I think met with such was his surprise state. Remember, hee, hee hee That is where we went wrong, my god, that's yeah, right yeah. So but let's say but look Biden is Biden and maybe it's baked the cake- and I actually think people are being a little unfair about what happened last night with with with Jill and his sister
is he was trying to say yours, my sister and my wife, and they were supposed to be standing on on the on the other side of the stage, and so he gestured to his sister and said my wife. He knows he's not souci. He knows who his wife is into a sister is, but since its not out of the realm of possibility that he doesn't know put out was what you know. Who knows why? Who does what a confident Biden who does abiden? Who who actually feels like he has now, Sir, you're. This thing that everybody said he could never do right. Maybe he'll get sloppy here and weirder, and maybe you know he'll start- must urging women's backs and maybe he'll be under debate stage with Bernie and be totally gaga.
There are the two other yeah I mean there's a problem because a lot of that the big, delicate halls that are left turn are generally not friendly for Britain is alot of south there's a lot of Florida, mothers, your nerves, New York, yeah but dumb, and they everything's proportional but but I'm just think if, if by does a Bloomberg debate, I mean if he be rank right now I mean that's it that's enough, but I mean if he has a bomb when twenty million people are watching and he you know, and he he's had seven hundred. But he has a good one. I won the eye exploded. Yet nor I mean then a little bit Don't we want us did once, but I must say most have again. That means the guy's mouth. If that is out this gonna do a minute would have done in a long time ago. He can't not may gaffes gaffes extradite so that I am I'm just laying out the the things that could provide Bernie, I don't how Bernie
I was born right. Maybe that's the one thing like Bernie is Bernie like: what's he gonna do what what? What what on earth can he do to alter his own fortune I mean obviously Biden changed, so you ain't winter palace kill the revolver spats await the robber tearing Burg, apologies to the extent that people might have voted for him and then sort of took a closer look before yesterday and an winced his speech last night gave no any sort of you no reason to question their decision, not not to have For me it was, it was a very little thunderous ranting old man by thousand indicative of how we can change, he began his whole. They say it, it couldn't be done well,
There was a weirder and I thought, uglier weirdly ugly moment in the course of that peroration, where he was talking about how he's virtuous and everybody else's and virtuous- and he did this without the candidate who had fifty billion is giving a money. Both wasn't that's bullshit put it dropped out of the race like he brought about a judge, college that he had lost the race and for Bernie to attack him after he dropped out using the same line of garbage that he had been using against them. Somebody to score points in the debate to throw back at his heels, that was that was not. That was like view of these Socialist Workers party. Session, where you're ideological deviation ism required. You, too, you know, stand in the corner and get yell that even if you'd been disappeared from the official yeah,
oh by the way, outta judge, also I gotta say, continues not to have we there's more evidence or played everything right I mean he was the cat If they did so much more than anyone ever thought he could get out there. A time- should improve I did the model for what to do kind of he got out. Amy got out endorsed the guy who came out of Super Tuesday, the winner, universities really position himself so beautifully. I mean that's the interesting these. What if Sir Fun rights all counter histories like what? If Sanders hadn't said what he said about Cuba on on sixty minutes? What if he didn't didn't double down on Cuba, with Chris Cuomo the next day? What if he didn't? what if he just said, I wish I could have gone to a pack, but you know my camp, schedule, makes it impossible for me to do so and
Personally, I have some idiot logical differences with the general tenor of the israeli government, but I respect Americans gathering to support. Remember they support. If you done those three things. Would the woods the the extreme hostility at the debate been an and then, if he had not done that, then he would to answer the Cuba question that the debate at the South Carolina debate, which then allowed everybody the jump on his back and for him, to do the thing where he attacked the audience for booing him I'm saying nice things about Cuba, I've been, I don't think it would have. You know I think Biden still would have one softer, I'm going away because Bloomberg had had destroyed himself, and I don't think it's true, but I wouldn't be opposed to the conventional wisdom, settling on the notion that what did burning Anne was his obsequious praise fur communists.
Havana, I don't think it's right, but I would love that too, but if that is the narrative that begins to settle on the media landscape and becomes inescapable at least to the point where the chapel trappers types have to acknowledge it and try to rebut it, I mean that would just be, but one of the best outcomes you could possibly hoped for from Madame it in this raises particular. But again it doesn't it doesnt addressed Christine's final Concern which is that whatever happens now and it's better better that the socialist freight train derailed a bit here that doesn't mean I can't be put back on track and that the Democratic Party has. If now, if I can mix metaphors from train the disease. That Democrat Party has any anti bodies other than sort of like kind of institutional inertia. Something like that has now. I mixing every sort of thing that could possibly sound data. This podcast we went into it happy. We talked our
yeah? Well, you know Marcus of the abortion Post tweeted this morning, something like What do you do when you have a thing where you're feeling the your enjoying the suffering of others on the downfall of of some people, while b nervous about what the success some other people could mean, I don't know you Know- is there a german word to express this and I, as you I dont tweet any more, but I read this, and so I sent her of a private message and I said the word for that is jewish Freud. That's what we have here. His the crushing Murat City of of the world's longest lived People, so that's what we reflect here remember
Look for the best expect the worst hope for the best expect North south for Christine Ape and now I'm John pot warrants keep the camera.
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