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Politicizing the Vaccine

2020-12-18 | 🔗
The podcast takes up the horrendous "medical ethics" talk surrounding the distribution of the vaccine, as well as the roles of luck and gratitude in American life, a surprising reversal of fortune for AOC, and the incoming Senator whose name makes him sound like a character on "Captain Kangaroo." Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary magazine Daily Podcast, today's bribery December eighteen, twenty twenty, I'm John POD words, the editor of commentary. we as always executive editor, a Greenwell hi Ho Jon senior their Christine rose high, Christine John and associate editor nor Rossman High Noah, I John Oh commentary magazine dot com are January, twenty twenty one. The issue is up. You hurt us talk to you. I like about his massive and important cover peace now guilty and aimed were framed and guilty. You can't remember
changeable. Sometimes you called guilty in frame. Sometimes you call a frame to guilty a lot of other stuff. There. Few free reads asked me to subscribe and I'm going to be making a bit of an ask later, so I know Rothman and and Christine Rosen. You have both been noticing interesting comments by the medical ethics community regarding the vaccine and who should get it, so no one, don't you start and then Christine? You then tell us what you found Peace in the New York Times in December sex, the kind of flu under the radar and is getting some play today? I knows that others noticed that you read into it. It quotes three medical experts, experts in medical,
ex rather war in building into this issue of who should be. The first is to get the vaccine and obviously the you know, the choice that the tension years between the most vulnerable population, sixty five plus, who make up eighty percent of the debts of this thing, and feeling care workers who are caring for people with covered Anderson, legitimate tension there and the one of these neglect spurs abandoned Harold Schmidt who did does health policy for the University of Pennsylvania provided a quote which has just positive the ghastly. The quote is as follows: older population, our wider society, structured in a way that enables them to live longer instead of an additional health benefits to those who already had them. We can start to level the playing field a bit Now I warned you people about social justice, and here it is this. A social justice this. Is it this determination being made by this guy based nothing more than accidents of birth, but it soon
Individuals have had a lot of advantages that undue on approach. a crude and should be levelled should be denied certain privileges like the right to perhaps survive this crippling pandemic, because that that's justice, that's cosmic karmic, just then he is the executor of the self appointed executor that deliver of this kind of justice kind of hubris on display here, is truly appalling, not just another real, dispassionate note: eugenics, ism, display here, but you know, this is also what we come to expect from the export community over the course of this thing, the so called dispassionate. You know enlightened approach to this. This pandemic display by people who have spoken yet, who believe themselves to have put the finger on the pulse. and fealty to the science are doing anything and everything, but listening to the science there trying to anyone
society by the way you just by its logic alone. This wouldn't be limited by the pandemic. If, if, if the idea is that life expect C is unfair. When you, when looked at through various demographic lenses, then why stop the pandemic? It's not fair and you can level the playing field you know in under all sorts of. listen radio predates the pandemic it right now. This is this- has been kind of infecting by public health and medicine for for quite a while now, but it that quote in particular through into stark relief. Just what happens when that goes mainstream, that's the mainstreaming of something has been going on for, while the thing that sir me. Is it politically because their quoting an emphasis on bioethics this year is that you can very clearly point to scientific facts in evidence at this pandemic is as dramatically more dangerous for
over the age of sixty five. We know that this is a certainty What I see in this argument about the social justice dish fusion of vaccines is in organizing a lot more slippery. It's about. How do you define essential? So I think we can hungry healthcare workers need to get back to me, they should be the front line. The elderly should be the front line this sure thing, but what about all those essential workers will who gets to define? What is essential because in some places it's gonna be based on race, maybe it'll be based on income, maybe it'll be based on whether you have access to the health care. I feel a bit there's all kinds of ways in which that can become an incredibly slippery. I e politically no way to determine something which we shouldn't be determined in that way, because that now is that undermine confidence in the public health system. But it's it's doing. I think, no point to know his point, which is crucial its
Chile weighing the worthiness of individual lives. You're saying some lives are more important than others merely because of the color of your skin, and that is the opposite of what our system in the United States should be based on. Just just the fleet and the ambiguity of racial categories and eventually who have certain what could be defined as frontline healthcare jobs, a therapist, frontline health care worker, those can be fudge, does can be manipulated and people with access to the system and access power can manipulate that those connections in order to function what is not ambitious at all is age as category it is. It is clearly defined and is not something that you can just go ahead and emphasis on looking like New York. Rob really good, I guess from poorer, some sort of criminal mastermind who can change your records, but that's it I think that would be really genuinely enlightened
and egalitarian, and not something that could be subject to the kind of manipulation of people with access to higher echelons of society can can do to get themselves. several anyone help the people that these social justice people claim to want to be helping, because there is a higher percentage of a minority elderly than there are white elderly right. It's almost double the african American and hispanic non hispanic hispanic population of the really living in poverty is higher than the percentage of of none hispanic way. People It's still a fairly small percentage actually, but the even you can still make social justice argument by doing it by age? It's not as if it won't help bore painful, but you're also
slicing with social justice, pie, thinner and thinner, and more and more and more, with Tom Buddha distinctions like Christine. You dug up this quote from an infectious disease epidemiologists at Harvard TH chance with public health mark lips Ich who argued that teachers should not be considered essential workers right if a central goal, is to reduce health inequities. So here's what he said, teachers have middle class salaries and are often white and they have college degrees. Of course they should be treated better, but they are not among the most mistreated of workers. Well, first of all treated better whom, second of all they are not among the most, was of workers. So we are now the vaccine It is now a reward for workers who have a tough,
well and by measurement you know who should be at the front of the line white men because they had the most dangerous and risky jobs in our countries alike, even by its own logic. He's gonna put in a lot of errors. The like ice ice, proper, a diet, but they have the dangerous job so get into the white men. Then, by that much right I mean so that the central problem here is one could see a totally fair solution to this problem, worth the case that every one in the country were going to take the vaccine, which is a law. Once you vaccinate everyone over the age of seventy five revelling over the age of seventy over four or five times more likely to get sick and die from from covert. So what you, too, all of them and you eliminate the possibility. No, it is laying out of a master monk, criminal changing their age in the database. You can do what we did with the with the draft.
If you you, gotta, have a lottery, and basically people get it according to their birthdays. But of course it's not gonna be mandatory. It's not gonna get a week. We cannot force everybody you take the vaccine is no would say, like you can't do that, because what? If somebody can go that day, what happened? to their place in line. If you know the kids need to kill us are there taking care of her evident from relative, or something like that. So when you start using where, if you wanna go to cite totally egalitarian system, that blind to everything. The only way to do that in this by the way included ancient voting. The people remember this about the creeks that the way you picked leaders in Euro and in Athens at one point was by lot.
because how else could it be fair, you you know anyone any citizen could be. You know we had of the council. Also, you became habit council by lot. Assuming that the lots work, you know These really better in first anyway, but this is an adoption of a radical jesuitical theory of the nineteen sixties. It was called the preferential option for the poor which the society of Jesus came up with as part of its move to the far left, particularly in in Latin America and Africa, in support of
radical marxist regimes that that it was the teaching of Jesus that you another, the lash shall be first right that that data that, in his radical new understanding society, that that society needed to take extra special care of of the poor and the widow dim the orphan them all of that. But this was you, just not as a form of charity, Europe, a form of understanding. How did this distribute charitable goods are somebody that it was used as a cover for the support of radical marxist regimes? That were themselves supposed to well societies, and here I'll, make the last first by by fear that, of course, the embryo that is the immigration of everyone and not no particular help for the for the law
some of us in their there was no pride. The preferential option for the poor was tyranny in the end, that was that was sort of what happened and why people stood against it at where we're seeing this now. So so it's this rule by expert who are gonna categorize, who deserves the vaccine? Morally, better right- and I don't know how this is gonna, be, you know, die and it all presumes that everybody in the country is gonna want to take the vaccine, which we know is a not true so that you know it's not fair. If you have, if you, if you establish a preferential option for the poor, that says every below a headline. Are you know, poor people, black people and all, and then they are less likely to take the vaccine. We already talked That's because I don't know if it's really true, but their less, like the exact same because historical inequities,
remember, allowing them that it's gonna kill em if they taken exactly exactly so. What happens then, like you're, like ok, you're at the head of the lights, go get factually there? Oh you really! Your suit! You want to force meeting vaccinated. What else is in their back see, you know, sort of the paranoid american politics then comes to the fore. That's an unanticipated consequence of all this, but it is interesting because its gee. I didn't know that medical ethics involved, why rich people at medical schools who are at a field called medical ethics that, as you know, has a very peculiar and disturbing provenance over the last century. Since it was you could medical ethicists, who said that one should ve involuntarily sterilize people. Desirable in the nineteen. Twenty is amazing,
yeah you James New dreaded. These nineteen sit here yet Africa. This was the population. This is the result of the population about their. That was the moral thing to do. They could take care of it's another there's another backlash at this will most definitely create because we ve seen it with the mask debate right there. There will be a backlash among the people who, if they use, he'll justice. Is that as the yardstick for who gets the vaccine download that and say I think correctly well, the whole system is corrupt. Why should I listen to what any them say? Why should I get back seat? Is actually a protest not to get back needed this point, because clearly this is us there is this risk. I think not only of the people who get to the front line because they happen to have a certain color skin, but then everybody whose man about that is also react. I mean it's just that the chain reaction effect of that kind of social justice
so called ethics mongering is, is fast communities. It can be very harmful, so there is some reason to think we might be saved from some of this because there. The vaccine may not be a scarce, a commodity as, as we had initially thought for two reasons. First there. The actual doses in their hands of medical professionals can be stretched, perhaps as much as a quarter further its Pfizer Hanukkah miracle. That's right was that the oil lasted for eight days and it turns out that Pfizer was over. I was over filling the vile by. I think somebody said as much as forty percent of forty percent, not an I mean I mean that's right, that's right, I'll, misstated, yeah! That's what have upset- and there is also reason to believe that
among the shots among the vaccines that require two shots first shot alone, can provide sufficient protection from the disease which, which would in fact mean tumbling BB amount doses out there, but, as we discussed yesterday during our liberated from healthcare regime we ve lived under for last year, even if you're vaccinated said the latter idea of your MAX Clayton. You are you. If you get vaccinated early arguable, you have twice the responsibility to have a mask sown in your cheeks because you have benefited early Maskew from early dosage, and you must provide a good example to all the other child like morons in America who don't care. out everything in deserve that isn't it I mean, since so much in its rooted in kind of condescension,
Now, really that was in Canada was condescension. My programme public healthcare experts That is what this european work. Health is a field of condescension. The entire field is based on the notion that they need to tell people how to behave, because people can make these determinations for themselves safe, right. So that's the famous thing where there were fifty deaths in the United States. This is like twenty years ago there were fifty deaths in the United States of people suffocating their chill because they were drunk and rolled over on them when they were asleep in bed with them. Fifty there are, you know there are like five million live births a year United States, so at any given moment that a child would be embed that who was dead, that small could be fifteen million
so was they say. Fifty met fifteen million five deaths out of fifteen million and the american Peg, a pediatric association advised parents not to allow their children to sleep in bed with them because of five deaths in the United States from massively drunken probably obese parents rolling over on it on a child so that that is where you have the public health attitude at its finest that that you extrapolate from tiny bits of data involving, most reckless insanely irresponsible people and then impose then, orthodoxy on
everybody else in order to prevent this, statistically nearly impossible thing from happening. That is the public health world. That is, that is exactly what the public health world as in France, and that more children stuff right that the American Pediatric Association boy. This is funny now advising the parents do not allow their children at all. To you look at any screen until there too, it should not look at it. This was this was the guidance when my when my eldest daughter was born sixteen years ago, no screens of any sort until there too. Why? Because some people, put their babies in front of a screen for ten hours a day while they go off into other things, so other people who might be inclined to let their kids watch a cartoon while they cooked and while they make dinner, are then told there being right
listen, irresponsible and, in the end, if you ask pediatricians are people who do this? Why these it's like, while they're trying to make people aware that its bad and saw prohibitionist strategy induces guilt in everybody, but, of course, the guilt that it is induced. The people who are induced to scared of guilt are the sort of people who would feel guilty about using the tv is a baby sitter anyway and do not need the lecture. But it is so shocking in myopic and ideologically blinkered that were even having this discussion, because what do for the last year we shut down all of society and for what to save the most vulnerable, populations from death and after a year of as now we're talking about well, maybe they should die because they have the wrong skin color. Well
The argument that you see about this that the kind of ethical parsing Russia call it unethical parsing were the like. Well, you know we should think about quality of life. So serious you hear people start talking about quality of life in the context of bio ethics. You should be frightened because that everything be afraid B, very afraid, and that's what you're seeing here think well there already all their quality of life isn't grey, I know that much longer anyway, why not protect this? You know middle aged person, who has a different color scheme, that would be more qualitative leap. Good first incited already had already lived in Paradise, their white, their white and eighty five days. They were, they won the lottery. So don't they can't when the lottery twice? That would be wrong. It's not fair to! Let me but when the lottery to audits- and that is something I wrote about in my book- is at the root of this ideology- is a hostility toward luck. A presumption of these different kind of philosophical conceptions of what luck is, but just general,
the idea that society needs to correct for the advantages you was presumably accrued over the course of your life that are and not of the result of your labours or efforts that they need to be taken from you and people need anything needs to be an enlightened committee to judge that which yours that isn't yours that isn't it you do it's it's not an and it's a tried philosophy. It's a field philosophy in its one, and that is in bitter ring and and Billy noxious and people who believe that really perceived themselves to be very enlightened and have the best of intentions and are not violence and they're, not caricature, of evil people. These are people go to bestow their beneficence upon society. It's just that their beneficence is a horror, show ok, where we should get back to the question of the
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a lot of conservative thinkers have said most recently, both bill Buckley Jonah Goldberg have made a very important point of saying that one of the key quality in lit living a good life for understanding had up how to understand our lives as being good, is gratitude that we need to have gratitude for what we have and that this is something is true for everybody in every realm of life that there are people. You have to be grateful understand: what's good about your life requires gratitude for the conditions that have made the things there good in your life possible and that can be met. If you have money can be love, if you have, if you dont have so much money, but you have good family can be good health. It can be any infinite number of things that are the things that you look at and say this is one of the things that makes my life worth. Living
and that the doctrine that we are seeing play out here and have been seen play out this over the past year from one thousand six hundred and nineteen project through the black lives matter. Theorizing through all of this public health stuff, is an attitude that says I. I should not have any gratitude that only these other people, the people who get More than I do have any reason to be grateful. I've been screwed, this world this society. This life is screwing me can I deserve reparations for my existential screwing, an aside from it being a lie, particularly in the United States, that people are somehow screwed up by the by the conditions of their of their birth. In fact, they are more fortunate than any other people have ever been on the agenda in the history of this planet.
To have been born here, because it's the only place on earth that you really have a chance to transcend your circumstances, will you know without a lot of without Dana Millennia, historical baggage, attending to Europe's social. You know your ability to rise through the social rags, this horrible way too, live your life, because it is its way. Emotionally psychologically unsatisfied it is on that is viable to achieve a condition under which your screwing as ameliorated, but we can never be ameliorated, gave it as much as is generally a conspiracy theory right, which gave waited bolshevism. Yeah, but that is so that's that that is that is it that's it. That's a political example of how in gratitude can lead to you know just the most horrific
it's possible results in there, of course times in which you should not be grateful and end and complacent if you are living in a tyranny area, are living under circumstances where you know whatever, but you cannot, but but you still catch it a means to back up for sale. when I think people under appreciate the degree to which gratitude is really kind of the basis for conservatism in that conservatism, is about as it's the word implies: conserved you know what what is good you staying with beef, the thing that that works, and that is good, and even if you live under a tyranny. The way you oppose a tyranny is to hold fast to the good things and protect them and seek to get up to fight for a larger space, for them for your freedom for
you're you're, your faith you're. You know you're you're you're, your family, that is, that is actually kind of a tool to find a journeyman, I'm thinking of it in part because of I just reviewed broadly shares live not by lies which, which, with the honor of its speaks specific, they bought gratitude and remember, but that that is it. It is a starting point for undoing turning his well well. That guy did just to that point there stares at this. Also why conservative, typically Ben suspicious of utopian schemes as well, and not just in the one around and theirs, reared utopian, a string of assumption in the aggrieved population now the kind of sixteen nineteen project one, which is that in that's, why they rely so heavily on this notion of systemic racism and systemic problems. The idea they'll being some post prostration
Where were you not? The system has been re created by them. That's utopian right, to get there. We have to blow everything up at once, where there it assumes a kind of utopian, some that would work on their behalf, so they have to blow up the one that we actually have which is based on. You know, hundreds of years of experience specific though I mean that sort of paradigm gets you to a place where ok, if we have to correct for the UN's on, advantages that our crewed by birth and you have to go. I literally every aspect of society you after reengineer neighborhood, so that people are more degraded along racial class lines. You have to eliminate private child rearing, that's it the source of all. Just about all inequities in life. You have the correct for natural in a talent. Like Harrison Bourgeois Fix, you no weight to the legs of people who are athletic and make them make. People were attracted my wear masks and in this way
downward social levelling and it is always downward, is never providing opportunities for those who deserve it and have not had advantage to have of it. It's always a sort of the class based envy that attacks people who have achieved it out, which perhaps they shouldn't have achieved, and what the people who are possessed a far less talent than that, and it is always going. I should give these people in and there's no limiting principle to it because it involves. Every aspect of society to every aspect of society is vulnerable to them. So, let's move on from this very high flown conversation took into observe naked raw lousy. American current American politics to discuss a moment that that we should all enjoy and be celebrating witches. That term There has been a reversal in the in the unambiguous, word climb of the
strongly ungrateful person, who should be incredibly grateful to be an american them that no one is none other than Alexandria, Cassio Cortez, whom this society has treated so cruelly that she became a member of Congress at the age of twenty. Eight from her August purchase a bartender just awful that such a thing could happen in a society so nightmarish to sir like her colleague, you know her colleagues, Ilan Omar and receive to leave as particularly olano MAR who you have managed to come to the United States that the age of twelve from Somalia ended up in Congress at the age of fourteen and at the age of forty and nonetheless cancer. Is America horribly, might marathon unequal society that deserves to be destroyed, so the two of them can drop dead but before they drop dead Noah. Something happened to eo see yesterday that it is worth noting and and and
they take. Take you gotta, take your moments, a celebration where you were here. This is as a guideline so she was recently shit like this week. She would give an interview to report. It was like no, we need leadership and I'm you know about it. You didn't commit to not supporting Nancy Pelosi year, though she doesn't have any influence over this I could mention Churchill more to it than they need a new generation of leaders. She kind of agitates, for this would have been for some time. She is the vanguard of the Democratic Tea party. They told us should happen. Wouldn't happen. Democrats love governing too much to have the sort of insight But the steering committee, the Congressional Steering Committee, which does appointments, appoints you to various committees within Congress.
Had their shouted a yo see she wanted a slot on energy on the Energy Committee, presumably to word: destroy America's capacity to support itself through power and create some sort of utopian. Ideal will run on biomass at an hour, but she wanted that post. You didn't get it and she didn't get it to the tune of like forty six to thirteen synonymous, but we don't know about it, but couldn't accesses reporting people don't like her, because she, trying to generate primary challenges against them. She wants them all out of Congress, so it doesn't have a lot of friends in this institution she's a very powerful cultural thing, but you have no influence over the levers of government and we should treat her that Yes, right of current Instagram followers do not translate to power in Congress is actually it warms. The cockles in my heart to add played out in real time and they love her right. They lover celebrity, but then behind closed doors, she's, a problem. and really annoying, and the kind of wish which job
well I'd who and who won her seat to one her seat was a fellow New York one. That position was fellow New York, Democrat Kathleen Rice, who you know, is immensely centrist vigour, very centrist, extremely strongly centrist to the extent that you now obviously the Overton Windows the Ceta pretty far to the left, but none the less? You know that was an Because it's anonymous, that's where we have to take it seriously, because They do allow still for people to do these things in the privacy of their own heads. That is an indication of the degree to which her approach to politics is is not being shy.
Aired by buy her a moment or beat on that. I think that is a really important point, because some of us, including me, have spent a lot of time, argued with extremely well meaning liberal friends who say things like well, I know she's over exposed and she does this silly videos and she please video games of people in the press, covers added, that's ridiculous, but when it comes to the to Congress she's just amazing. She goes to these hearings and she says amazing things that you so well prepared and everybody thinks she's arising star. I like florid that actual story to Iraq is one of the things I pointed out that she actually doesn't think that way. She literally didn't bother to talk to the people on the Steering committee, the other one. Ms Rice worked back many like she knows how power is distributed and how it works, and she did the job that is the job Anglesey, has no interest in actually governing or doing the job, and that I think this is the first time I've seen a real real evidence that the institution itself is not impressed by the EU, the young upstart, who tells tells them how they should govern
might be a view, Levine's very important point about the decay of american institutions, which is that institutions were formative. They you went into them and they turned you day matured you, they taught you how the system works, and it was from inside institutions that you grew to positions are response, ability and power, and now increasingly institutions are platforms on which you stand in to enhance your own brand right. So we we know this from the performance of politics, of the republican caucus and get out people like that gates and all of those who are who who the way they are No politics is that they just seem to be fishing for a show and on Fox Eventually- or you know, right and in fact, some day quit. Right I mean who, who is the republican congressmen who quit?
so that he could have up Jason shape its quit so that he could be upon it. I found Macarthur did the same thing and then his poetry career collapse. I mean like they're they're, going after something else, and this is very it's bad for America, but I'm into interestingly enough, the institutions themselves to the extent that they resist their own discrediting. their use as this platform, rather than this, a bolder are gonna hasten their own collapse of the democratic caucus has taken a stand for the idea that you know this is hard work like running helping to run the house So representatives is slow, boring late nights arm twisting euro sitting counting whip counting.
taking orders. It's a lotta taken orders from the people above two reappears anyway, budgets. It is work, so, let's Donovan's, it is of dominance to Graham and it isn't for your own glory, except, if you put it, The time you can be somebody who has a very significant impact on the the United States constitutes itself over a long period of time. You can be financed policy can be steady higher or you can be the single most successful politician of our time Mitch, Mcconnell a pure institutionalists who doesn't care about his reputation. I mean I know that sounds tat like it's like. You should care, because you know our reputation. Name is all we have, but he doesn't care
how the media rights about him. What he cares about is the furtherance of his ideological beliefs and his party's power, which is what he is was to do as the set of majority Let me now take another break, because I want to ask you with all humility: if you will consider in your end of year, giving giving too, Commentary the sponsor of this podcast. Commentary magazine seven five years old, he five one c, three non profit, publishes the sub monthly one of the last remaining print monthly is in America. Certainly Among the most August, there are only two or three or four of us left who are in actually serious and committed to ideas into the furtherance of the american intellectual experiment
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Through some ill, mercenary generosity, we would be most grateful so with that commentary magazine dot com slashed donate. Thank you very much. No, the incoming senator but the greatest name in history, tat they took her veil former college coach football coach because really does sound like a basically he's a character on time, the tanker thing from the music man here, our word or Thomas, the tank engine Org or Captain Kangaroo, it's a good start menu toolbar little anyway. He s the incoming senator from Alabama having defeated Doug Jones for these seat once held by Jeff Sessions and Tommy, to reveal, of course, a trompe in transfer.
copy Trump Peru. I will be sworn in, I think, on the third of January and has now indicated what now his intimated. Isn't it? all right intimated, I'm sorry, it may change in the Senate when they certify the results of the twenty twenty twenty elections. It may challenge them, and this will go directly and Flemish Mcconnell. I said his carcasses conference rather should do in part, because such a We split the conference and essentially give them over a lose lose scenario, vote for the results of the election and suggest your, its trump and split the Republican Party, and have voted against it, And wait there's a losing battle in which you're just create. Are you make yourself into a ramp in further this note that the election was Falsifiedst details, electoral falsified. Somehow this fanciful idea, I kind of one. approached this briefly with a digression about a yo see because I think they them adequate dovetail.
So maybe it's a little fanciful, but Elsie is somebody with a lot of ambition and our friends and a constituency that something of a paper tiger and that's a real, dangerous condition New York state is losing to congressional. next year, the commission that will determine that is independent, but dependent of the legislator, not politically independent, non payment of the governor NUTS, National Shirley and she's. Making a lot of noise is about challenge some very important people in your politics too, maybe finest find her way up in the Senate. She could find yourself on the wrong end of redistricting next year and but she's approaching this from this belief that she is very powerful, this totally illusory, she's, not powerful. She is this. This concern power but she's operating from a position of weakness and ass. The theme that you see now from the the from the people who are really hang onto the thing the president could be operating from position of power. Here is the president, but instead he's he's taken
he's in him and his team are acting like insurrection areas, they are attacking power to rebuild attack. the Senate Majority leader and came up his conference proposition of weakness. That approach seems to want to go after Fox NEWS right in his. You know the chariots he's writing into their battle are away in a news max which are decidedly second rate in terms actual the power that they can wield in master and again and the people the number of people who watch these things had just make up a fraction of them where people that watch Fox news and so you're going after his power centres from a position of weakness when you have authority when you could do that from a much more earth we'll a position which is crucial, to understand, unless you really perceive yourself to be steeped in steeped in this victimization ology that you perceive yourself to me,
constantly be set by forces that are greater than you that you can't possibly understand and that you are this victimized personality and you are always in a position of weakness, even when you're the President, the United States, what bitch but Conall has said or said, apparently the private call is. We have to do everything to prevent this from happening, because then every senator is gonna be put in it in this horrible position and of having basically to vote against it That is to say, I really do think in the end. They have today have to affirm the electoral college results or they or if they do it in their own state, they will be elevating the results of their you. They will be disenfranchised the voters of their own states. They cannot do that. It will deal legitimize their own elections are not that all of them were elected and in twenty twenty acres, only third of them were, but but two,
they'll be putting them in the position of casting with one vote of creating conditions. Under which they might have to they might date will be put the position of having to say no now, maybe this will be good for the country Carl doesn't think so and I think he's got because what happens then like do them to the Republicans horror twenty twenty two and who are scared of Trump. Today say our right to vote to say the email deal. There Biden, but now the elected, Grethel college count shouldn't be accept, because I don't need that kind of trouble and twenty twenty two. This is
a slippery slope down which we could go for the rest of our lives in which the got route position of each party will be that any president of the other party is not deemed legitimate and institutionally is voted against at those moments. When you have to affirm the good working order of our system and Trump doesn't care. He'll want this, because he wants the loyalty else there. Maybe Mcconnell can import. You know, can impose on him and say: look it's locked. but anyway, No, why you wanna have yet another occasion on which there will be a controversy that you will lose, but to the extent that you know Trump once feel tee from the Republican Party more than he cares about anything else. In order to keep his options open for twenty twenty four, that's the that's the position that
Please senders might find themselves in and the question is: can ten them are twelve of them? Call Tommy to reveal and say if you want to have a pleasant experience being in this cause, You're, not gonna. Do this to Us- or we make sure that you are on the toilet committee and that you will be in the toilet the entire time that you were in the you know you work. No one wants to be on ethics, Six learnt I want to be at the ethics Committee and in other gonna have to do that like he will have to be. Part of that is one of the very few things that Mcconnell can do in the hurting. Thing is denying people and the access of course, of it. Really, if somehow it should happen that you know one republican wins in in Georgia and the other loses-
October of every single senator, becomes the most important person than America. So you know who knows but ha that's. We need all this like a hole in the head, but I guess you know. I guess the whole point is nobody gets out of this alive. when he gets out of this alive. That's what happened in twenty fifteen when Trump came down the escalator It's all set up. What's gonna play itself out as a place itself out, but I mean it this just sort of new back to plenary like they're they're, really just don't know what the landscape looks like now. Down from his still president, is still ahead of this movement, but he's and defend a strain it in his power sort of leading. The balloon they're not really sure what the landscape looks like. So maybe too, Nothing was masterful political strategist. Looking at the landscape in saying you know how the chess board is gonna play out the next five or six moves so he's just operating under the assumption that its Trump ism forever, but his an audience is who is news MAX its ale,
and it's a smaller ordinance, so you should assume it's just that I mean, certainly not if his voters, if his voters think that the election was stolen from Trump. He is not. You know He is doing there will by saying that stuff he sang. I mean here's, what to reveal said hold on where's that, whereas, as his actual quote, he said. You'll see, what's coming you reading about it, the house we're gonna, have to do it in the Senate, and then he said you know, What's happened, ISM, it's impossible, it's impossible! What happened, but we're gonna, get that corrected so he's. Basically, the shoe bomber isn't you'll see what the shoe bomber said when someone that's like we're everywhere, you live in your shoes. Unfounded bring gonna play the jealousy I'll, be there there's a strange, there's a there's, a sort of threat behind it right, but the, but I think you're right to question whether that there is any power behind the threat and he must think there is
but you should be going. You shouldn't started, sent a career threatening his colleagues and we will be sure you know again if he thinks that that's what the people who voted for want of here leaves- and this again is Plato's cave if he believes that seventy five percent of the Republicans in his state think that the election was stolen in the worst crime in american history has happened, then it's encumbered on him to refuse to see the electors. I guess that's that's why I say you know we're just gonna have to watch this play out. You know the country shows Trump and ours, as as they shall make an. it'll get what it wants and I'll get a good and hard like the choices and over until the twentieth. January at noon and- and that's that's just that- the way things are. I do want to say one thing to end up note: the upload is again the vaccine is coming again as, as is a sad despite this affair
error that there was it was there was gonna, be scarcity in product that apparently there's forty percent more of it than people realise, and my sister who lives in TEL Aviv is now scheduled for her first shot of January tenth, so I will be providing when we get back after vacations up I'll, be providing real time tales of her symptoms and the and recovery friend of mine, who was a doctor in New York, who is very heavily involved in the a covered response at his hospital, got the first of the two shots. I guess we're the day before and reported the vaccine really is working. I have a huge headache, so everybody prepare for a headache. Maybe on the first day, and you know that's the I'm saying this because of course people are gonna say what no one said there was going to be a headache,
Oh, my god, there's a headache that means they have to suspend delivery of the virus. Mealy other vaccine meal. this extraordinary story that one person in in Alaska one person, Alaska, had some kind of reaction to the shot and it becomes a wide story. One reviled Anna fanatic reaction to yeah right and the thing about out of electric reactions is that it's never clear whether it is the causes them I mean. I know it. As far as it has an allergy parent. so we are obviously never caused them. If it's a peanut butter, add sesame earth asserts that. But you know other things can cause very much about it. The milder flaccid reaction can be that your lips well, not to do you know, nothin you actually nappy Panther that you go into the hospital. I mean it can be Something is those over the anyway, I'm just saying that up dead. My sister is on track to get the idea to get the vaccine she's. The first person, I've
of Israel. Of course, a small country Israel could be basically out of into her. To me, the by the beginning of February, because there are, you know there are only eight million people in Israel and they they id go early into buying up, as he could really do it there. So to make everybody has why these people in their lives who'd, like kind of makes forces you to convince them to get vaccinated well, you know. There's these. There is a side effects that are just exactly like a flu shopper, flew shots either. So I have no idea what they are and like that you could be sterile at the end of this thing, and you know what the question the vaccine right, because that would be a business that you're that you're a leak credential, Those are falsified and selling it. I'm gonna, be this contrary in person. So convinced me, I don't care You're fine go ahead, yet the herd immunity without you
so she was driving is also that thing. It's like London, it take it, but I'm gonna about will be a little slow, I'm just gonna right labour rights Obviously, if don't want people to take it later, they better start saying that you don't have to wear mask after your vaccinate. What's the reward for early vaccination once they actually guesses? As I said like a lot of this health talk that we started with his bay, on the presumption that there's gonna be a shortage and therefore we're gonna have this kind of tree eyes social trio's about who gets it early, and that may really not be be the case logistically, and so You know there should be an incentive for getting an early if people are gonna, be stupid and not get at work and find dont get it so get covert
What do I care? I've been I'll, be vaccinated. So what do I care? I only care if you make me where a mask when I am in no threat, and I don't mind, I'm not gonna infect anybody else anyway. That's me, but what a y know. Have a great weekend, everybody! I just wanted to say that we are gonna, do podcasting! I guess through Wednesday, next week, that's Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, and then we are going to take a break until January forth. So we will be off from you know Christmas Eve day what we would start earlier, but basically nears as a Friday. So price areas undesirable start up on the fourth of January. So please make your plans to be entertain. Some other way go to come Terry magazine. Dot, slash donate to provide us with the
merry Christmas that we even even us even ass Jews, deserve and well we'll talk together Monday. So four a Christina now, I'm John pot hordes keep the candle burning.
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