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Should Republicans Pop the Popcorn?

2021-09-23 | 🔗
Today's podcast asks whether the signs of Democratic crackup are so pronounced that those who oppose Biden and Company should just sit back and watch in amusement as their opposite numbers dissolve into acrimony and paralysis. Or is this bad for the country? And now that 75 percent of all Americans over 12 are at least partially vaccinated, why can't we celebrate this achievement? Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary magazine Daily five past this Thursday. Six hundred twenty one jump upwards from turn magazines Rossman is out today and tomorrow, with, as always, executive editor a revolver. I jump and senior writer Christine rose and high Christine taken so auctions. Razor is the prince Pull that the simplest is most direct explanation for any given phenomenon is probably the correct one answer looking at the behaviour of the Democratic Party over there. Ass, forty eight hours outcomes razor would suggest that any effort to discern a Machiavelli
the strategy according to which various democrats have various complex long term plans that are going to result in the passage of everything that they want, or even some of the things that they want, does not pass the smell test outcomes razor suggests that the chaos that we are seeing is, in fact, what is going on and add more see. Our friend of hot air has a very good little peace today in which he says king at all, this Republican should get the popcorn ready, because what we are seeing here is the animals action and the the solution of the Biden, Democratic Party into a chaotic.
my asthma. That is like, maybe more likely to get absolutely nothing than even part of what they are seeking and Let us avoid because, if you're like, if you're like, if you're a keen supporter of Europe, if you support a team like you're, happy to see your arrival team, you know fail and so a lot of Vienna Republicans and it serves look at this gleefully and say our high. You see this is pretty funny. You know when this here's the popcorn, if you're not looking at it like a team, even if you dont want anything to pass right, if you dont, like
the hard infrastructure bill, the reconciliation bill, I'm? U! Every rational person wants the debt ceiling to pass and believes that the government needs to be funded so that you know, like Medicare checks, go out and get out whatever Orpheus outskirts. I thought. Ah you look at this and you say you know we are where we are heading down this path towards national. The collapse This not be the right word, but am I know what you call it immobilization? political, social, large scale immobilization at a time when paralysis, Alice is China is on the move. You know IRAN on the move, a once a prison, and I gave a gloating speech to the: U N Africa terrain gloating about the end of America's central position in the world and what they're gonna do to you now take advantage of it all that
so I mean where is dictating terms by which the? U S is supposed to not base soldiers in the countries around Afghanistan to write, also the closest adviser to presents a Lansky in Ukraine, was assassinated. Yesterday, I believe on the streets of Kiev gee. I wonder who did that So there's some a lot going on and it's not good, then our political system is paralyzed, I mean, maybe it's better than our political system is paralyzed than that. We have had On the road to you now socialism and serve them, that is not necessary. That's not the only road. What's why had more? he says take out. The popcorn is that here
saw hello, see Nancy Pelosi say hey, you know what I'm a Senate, you guys, why? Don't you pass the three and a half trillion dollar budget reconciliation, passions first package first, so we we can vote on it. Second, which is a fascinating thing. Early saving? Of course that that's the thing that's not gonna happen. We have two demographics others saying they are not going to vote for the three and a half reconciliation package, Joe Mansion and an end deck chairs and cinema, So she sang a you, take this cup from our lips and then will will will will go on whether it a poisoned chalice. Not that's why and why is that doesn't Charles for her and add, says, interestingly, he says: look back in two thousand and nine the house took the lead,
climate change bill, throw Burma and that bill didn't even get a vote in the Senate. If you remember one of the people of the people who made sure that didn't get him on the Senate was the aforementioned Joe Mansion, who, if I recall correctly or maybe he was right for I don't remember exactly what happened- took a gun and in a television Russell shot a bullet through the I'm a change bill hummed! So she's like I'm, not doing this again, I'm not we're not gonna walk out on a plank pass this bill and then have you rejected, so you do at first. So, in some sense, what are you saying is all the cards have now been drawn up in the air pollution doesn't,
I want to do. She's got the progressive than the moderates in her own, a ban fighting with each other, and they don't even have funding for the government ready and they don't have a debt ceiling, ready and think promised. As part of this deal to get this giant vote in favour of the hard infrastructure bill which remember passed with a veto, proved majority in the Senate and the original go and with, I think, nineteen republican votes in the house or something some large, relatively large number rumbled about. The promise was there would be a vote on Monday on the twenty seventh of September, and the funny thing is privileged. I kept honey, Branson criminalize, yet how I'm sorry, I'm kind of fragile this morning promote job, how
said yesterday. Will you know these data arbitrary, the twenty seven September? That's that's arbitrary. It's actually opposite of arbitrary. That date was a necessary precondition for a fact that there was going to be this vote, that that got the bill in position to achieve the second vote on final passage to the what happens is just a very quickly house passes but it passes, they go into reconciliation, they write a bill and then they each have to pass it again. That's what's was to happen on Monday once it has passed on Monday. If it were to be passed on Monday, we then go to Biden for his signature and they can have a big Whoopi do event where they, where they have a big signing. It. He takes a victory, but this is why you should maybe pop extra popcorn, because what happened yesterday is that you had Biden doing his binding thing. The thing he ran on and campaigned on, which is like I'm gonna, bring everybody together. I'm gonna do mile, you know helping the legislators legislate stuff and it was it. I have more
the accounts and uttered disaster. So some of the news that filtered out of it in reports and political and elsewhere, said, first of all, of course, so one off the requisite. Well, you know it was Joe Biden, so Joe did a lot of the talking and but what you did have is those progressives actually begging Biden to help delay that vote and that's where that basically spiking their own legislation, which doesn't make much sense. You also had Biden seemingly in some kind of right. and about way adopting the progressive position, demanding that the moderates come up with a number that satisfying demand that the moderates come up with a deal which kind of de facto assumes that he wants. The more aggressive progressive viewpoint to to wait here, but
here's effectiveness in this particular coalition is not going to be what I think he and his his political supporters believe it to be. It didn't come at one day of negotiations with all these folks and nobody's really botched right. Nobody's button. and you know he actually just looks like he's like meddling angry grandpa, demanding that they all talk in assuming it would all be wrapped up in and it didn't work that way this time because of the tenuous of this coalition right now the progressives wanting to delay the vote I fixed it doesn't make, sense, either technically or strategically makes them since in the Indian that they want to screw over, the moderates knew what they were. They would they will. You see the promise broken hears, what Joe Mansion sad Bite and said to him yesterday. Please just work. give me a number and tell me what you can live with and what you can not to get.
Oh god, good government e on you, but does not the way legislation, as was to be written. That's like ok to point eight seven trillion. That's my number now everybody come down at the table and will be the up. The two point: eight seven trillion. Aren't you supposed to like have policies that you support and you assent of them and you see how much they cost and then that's what the bill costs. Now. This is the longest me pull over yet watch people a rapid out of my hat approach to legislating, but this is what they got in the habit of doing with the covert emergency relief. Actually, because In a sense we needed to do it. That way, we're just like just throw money at the problem, and they want to continue that as the new. Nor would, I was right have pointed out
the earlier in the week or last week that this was never dictated by needs or policies, it was dictated by the size of the number for, and they already think the progressive. If we understand correctly, this is part of the crisis, the fair facing them I think that they ve compromised because their number with six trillion, so it's down on in their head to three and a half trillion they ve already compromised to a nearly unacceptable degree. That's the world in which we are living in which they are looking at this in saying you know, hey we, we came away You know that's as far as we I'm sorry, that's really just as far as we can go and again important to note without notice all the time if this were nineteen, sixty five and Joe Biden were Linda. John
Then he would have a one hundred and eighty seat margin in the house and sixty eight democratic celebrate to pass at will gigantic social legislation, Joe Biden here As a recent majority in the house and a fifty fifty Senate, and as someone keeps emailing me, I should say it's actually a forty eight. Fifty two.
Senate because Bernie Sanders and Angus King who caucus with the Democrats, aren't even democrats. You know so. The liberal party doesnt even had fifty votes that are officially democratic method that matters it you're obviously functions as the democratic coalition. But let me let me up point this out to you. I'm MECCA Mary and I were talking yesterday, and he made this very brilliant point- that this is all Donald Trump doing if we want to give credit, if all this falls apart and the debt
more? Craig party looks like a disaster in all of this spending tanks. A credit will be do Donald Trump for one reason, and one reasonable, which is the Donald Trump was responsible for the loss of the two Georgia Senate seeds to the Democrats. Had he not done his psychotic thing with the votes in the voting in hundred ten thousand people staying home and that handing those two seats to come to the Democrats, the fantasy that they could get all this would never have been born. They would have been in a situation in which there were either forty nine or beat up there either forty nine democratic votes, or there were fifty two republican votes. the entire year would have progressed differently. They had this moment of what one might maybe a member may crow, because in a month or girl, this pass them. You know of the soul
make me look ridiculous. They had a moment of genuine madness where they looked at the fact that they had attained the surprising ability to get things past him. the Senate and said wow we have fifty votes was commonly Harris. Let's then six trillion dollars when that entire thing we're line on at least one senator Joe Mansion, who represents a state that voted for Trump by forty points, so does called Donald Trump deserve the crew. For driving for being the final ACT of Donald Trump presence in political act, not being super January sex, but being his behaviour that led to the loss of the two seats in Georgia. That has finally driven the demo That's insane probably, but I will say it is the message of that
of those two Senate raises going to the Democrats was the lesson that was learned by moderates. An old hands in the sort of policy shimmer mentions of the world was not the same lesson that the progressive coalition took from it. Obviously in there in a way, their fighting over the meaning of that victory. the way that there are pushing the legislation now because it seems like this is it. This is the subject of a lot of these battles as the old hands. No, what is coming there and then several people- and I think we have as well on this park, has pointed out that what's up to them is similar to what happened with the tea party in the Republic gets right. I mean there is, if a vote minority is starting to move the messaging and move oligarchy in a way that puts fear The hearts of others use constituents might support some of that minority views than you not going to end up crafting legislation that that is. That is bound to be up popular among not only you're, you're extreme progressive base, but the rest of democratic voters and therein
our position now, because I dont think for a minute that policy or Schumann think that their their margin is vast, but their progressive acting and wanting, then to behave as if it is book when TED crews was tormenting, which Mcconnell in twenty thirteen with his strategy to shut the government, that whatever who stood Mitch Mcconnell heated TED groups, which works on all thought, tat? Crews was being an ass, an idiot and was being destructive, and in fact I think you can make the claim that, depending on how you want to look at this,
What Mcconnell for saw was a kind of once again we're back any what is in trouble and what is centripetal centripetal force that might lead exactly to what happened, which was the election of tromp. What you can say it was a good thing about that whatever, but that in his mind as a practical legislator, what cruiser dung was doing was terrible and he was angry about it and I'll hit. A lot of people knew you know about his anger, even though he is so, you know, a new that new that he felt his way. They they do. You see a sugar and policy acting as though they understand what the progressive are are doing is destructive. Do you see I understand you want to treat them gingerly and with respect and all that, but where the leaks that say these people
sport destroy r r r, because yet I think that they will be coming down the pike just as they came after the twenty. Twenty luck right there were their word. You know all the democratic recriminations about defending policing and and other squad Orient policies I gotta get. I think I think they're Bobby leaks to that there. Isn't it there's a big difference between the progressive coalition right now and a party and the progressive coalition has weapons very effectively identity politics and they have what than I did against their own side, almost more aggressively them. They have against the other, and I dont think humor and policy, both old white people with a lot wealth and power. One beyond the receiving end of the squads identity, politics attacks if they come because if you notice, I mean ABC, obviously being that the mistress this technique? But there are others who
They are well also, if you disagree with them on policy, they turn it into you hate women of color or you dont, like working class, women of color or people of color. They are able to take policy disagreements and turn them to identity. Politics claims and their own party. The policy who Neil dinner can take lunch is fearful of that aspect of her coalition. I think there is a parallel to the tea party, which is, if you, if you said, look, we have to find the government or you don't. We believe we have to raise the deadline or we have to do it. piracy. Your call the rhino you're right now, you're just like them.
you're not fighting yet no fight, so the the the perfect poison pill whatever for you know, poisons other I'm trying to prevent the perfect the thing that most frightens a Democrat in twenty twenty one is having identity politics unleashed on now. The thing that put fear in the hearts of all Republicans and twenty eleven improbably below through overtime was the idea that you weren't fight that you were teasing. True, the blob and you weren't a fighter? You were when you were a rhino. You were actually a secret liberal paper being all the racist in today's political climate is far worse because you also we'll have the media and cultural pylon that I think the Republicans called rhinos the media but now we are their terrible they're, all terrible, we'll we dislike all of them, but if you're, a Progressive Europe, Denmark, Moderate Democrat and your called out for being raised- is the media's going
have a field day with you there, maybe something potentially to look forward to hear more genuine way, not just in terms of entertained value. Is this fighting sings? The bills- and it is- and we end up with a huge failure on the part of the democrats- come next week. Maybe it's the star. Of the moderates and policy and Biden Admirals. Maybe they stopped tip telling around the d the progressive, maybe maybe they they no longer she's playing the game of trying to please everyone on all sides and finally come
and say, ok, we ve got a problem on our hands that we have to deal with world. I mean look there. I think that I think the central issue here is that it is the first year of the wine presidency in various presidencies. Bad things have happened in the first year: Trump loss, the repeal of a bomb- care vote in July of twenty seven t forgotten in earlier. This was part and parcel of his unbelievable incompetence is the first time politician and president that he rejects
did the very sensible idea that you should repeal upon the care and then give it two years to write the replacement and have a transition period for reasons that elude me and seemed to suggest that he in a listener to morons and like to listen to morons, he did not accept that very simple, very play very straightforward deal and ended up you now having this terrible to feed the presaged his eventual defeat if he had been a worker
all successful politician in twenty seventeen, twenty eighteen passing what more legislation than just the tax cut his argument to the american people, it he had done things for them or had done pop. You know at that time it would have been popular, but I'm ok, so that happened and then, of course, igniting ninety three. Ninety four Clinton lost the health care, the famous you know Jerry rigged, crazy, clear health care bill which had never even came a for a vote and then got slaughtered and nineteen I for an Obama, as we said, lost this climate change, bill, but of course, and got killed in twenty one, but he got comes ways him because he was actually to a successful end up with the passage of other legislation. If Biden. If this goes down bite and will have to put together
he will. He will have a shattered presidency and political coalition and he's gonna be present for another three years and if Mcconnell have his way, Mcconnell would then look at this and say you gave us saw you try it your way, breathing shattered. We ve had fine, really bad years here, which we can get anything done together. We had the infrastructure bill, I voted for it, and it fell to pieces. What what are we gonna do now? We gotta run the country together for the next three years. Without you know, having in China take over Taiwan and stuff like that, what are we gonna? Do
but I want the Republican Party can do that. Another Mcconnell. You know, I mean the questions. You know this falls apart and what then we have no answer for that, but that is because Biden and his people, and only bad at their jobs but fell prey to this the ranged fantasy, but they could pass the second great society with a totally fifty fifty Congress, as close to being a priority, as Congress has ever been I think, pretty much in american history, certainly in modern american history, a situation which you do not presume that you can create revolutionary chain, because you literally don't have a mandate for it period,
and you also ran on a mandate of healing in unity and then you know, soul, restoration, which isn't the same thing as let's blow this thing up and remake society. But I mean you could make a claim As you know, healing takes all this money like he could do that. You could change darling but that's not what he was doing right right because because somebody said. Oh, you can be asked. The yard was I gotta get the are here. I'm an ice cream problem. You can be after anyway, never underestimate the power of vanity and politicians rear arc closely rose him get I'm turning to you for our first spot from our friends at the table. Thank you. I guess I'm gonna turn once again talk about tick for online Academy and its fall courses for seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth graters listers of this podcast know that you should love America that Israel
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The thread and the inability to have served like a rational understanding of some of the things that are going on yesterday was a landmark day in the fight against the corona virus. As of yesterday, Americans twelve end up. Seventy five percent of Americans have now had at least one shot, which of course means that in three weeks or two weeks or whatever it is That number will be met. Seventy five percent of Americans will be fully vaccinated by around October tents, and we are about to introduce the vaccination of Americans under twelve who are very much less in need of vaccination. Given the increasing
tiny number number of kids who get to such an extent that they are hospitalized and were killed by we're still under five hundred deaths over the past eighteen months of people from the ages observer. Twelve out of you now almost seven hundred thousand right, so they need it less, but they will also becoming on wine. Once that emergency probable happens at least a Pfizer. Why isn't anybody talking this up? Why? Why- three hundred and eighty six million doses of vaccine have been delivered into american arms and we ve seen They have a conspiracy of both parties that wishes to treat this
as though we are living in November of twenty Twond. While I mean I think in one respect its its there's just the sort of basic image problem here in that as long as daily covert debts are high, it's hard to talk up any aspect of our response, but not the debts fair. But I think it does make it hard to celebrate in any sense advances. Ok, but christine- the thing that everybody was afraid of in an ethical agenda Thirdly, fairly afraid of atoms, coming of July when Delta began raging was that we did not know how effective the vaccines were actually going to be against it right. We did, we really didn't now and the question was: what could it be
tat again. What good would it have this unique power? Was there a certain given population within the vaccinate population that might be uniquely susceptible to it and that it would evade the vaccines? protections. I believe the number remains ninety nine percent or above a vaccine people they all that all deaths. You know are among the UN vaccinated. Around ninety nine percent. At hospitalizations a little lower- and that's now after three months of two and a half for three months of delta raging through the country, so the legitimate fear that this more contagious variant might ah elude the protection that we had placed in everybody's arms against. It is pretty much
This proved right as pretty much shit that at present we settle. They are not settled well that them even the modeling that that has been going on for over a year. Now we know through projecting ahead to the next season. The modeling for winter is actually much more optimistic than I think. A lot of people thought it would be said. Some of these models thing: you know it's Sultana continued away. This is gonna, be truly become endemic rather than pandemic, which in a new target already has been, but I there's something else going on here too. In terms of the power or of the narrative and its in it. The challenge of unseating it when the fact start to compromise the narrative- and you have particularly on the left, some of the whole day- in the back in the unbalanced community are arse. Interests groups for whom the Democratic Party cannot and will not criticise I'll. Give you a local example and then more national money here, do you see
The teachers are all supposed to schools, be vaccinated by some time in November Army and delay the requirement, because she was getting a lot of push back from the teachers unions from those in the south. called community who were hesitant about vaccination, only only a little more than half of the teachers in the public school system right now are vaccinated and their there could have been dodgy with the numbers. That's absolutely ridiculous. In New York, for example, you ve had unions suing. Does the state and the sitting for sorry in New York City suing the state about the vaccine mandate to judge just recently said. I can't do that. The mandate goes ahead and you have black lives matter, folks, organizing a New York just this past week, arguing that there should not be a vaccine mandate that is racist, so there we're just going on in the conversation on the left about vaccines, that the mainstream media and and a lot of democratic politicians do not want to get anywhere near. There was a protest about it,
Americans outside the CDC a few weeks ago to again protesting backseat So there is here, I think, conversations that need to be had that won't be had, and that's gonna continue to fuel these higher rates of and cases now is that the vaccinated and the people who run institutions like schools and whatnot it saves you know what that you're making it. You're not vaccinated. We note the kids who are vaccinated. For example, schools are not arrest. Younger kids would be eligible for vaccination, we're gonna go on as if life needs to go on and the rest of you are not going to cater to you're, not gonna, get your virtual school you're, not gonna, get her. You know you're a vaccine and exemptions. You'll do your jobs. If, if your job requires vaccination, you need to get on board, and that sounds harsh but that's also good effect. Folks on the right to see you who have these fringe groups on either side now and- and you see a lot of attention given to the right fringe and very little to the left right now- I'm going,
say something very dark and I'm a little frightened to say it, but I mean it. I dont know how to say this. Otherwise, see this ten fold increase in deaths, ok from Delta. Over the last two months, I sent you guys these numbers, I'm trying to find them hold on, Ok, sixty days ago, two months ago, there were two hundred seventy two deaths per day. Right now there are two thousand and thirty one desperate day right. That's a tenfold increase Sixty days ago was July, twenty third, the vaccine had been had been available totally available across the country with very little difficulty free at that point for four months.
As we know, seventy five percent of the country is now been vaccinated. Ninety nine percent of the DAS. Our money We are back to every single one of those deaths. was unnecessary and his long Those people are over eighteen and had agency. They made a choice that lead to their deaths. I don't know what the public policy implications are of that fact. They say something very dark about human nature. They say something very complicated about what it means to live in a country in which the individual is paramount. That people get the right to make these choices. Something that is very important, is the central glory of our political experiment, but like all like everything involving fallen humans and and and and human pride and human, stand in human foolishness and all of that, smart, none,
expressing at its very complicated but My eleven year old doesn't have to wear a mask in school because two thousand people I chose not to get the shot that could have saved their lives. It's not a high com. thing? I know a lot of people think that masking is a monstrous thing and I actually don't accept that contention. I mean it's a giant hey mittens, very annoying and probably is off his ancillary consequences. But it's all this is all you. Gotta have a stand in for other cultural fights about tat all of this, but the dark, the dark. The dark thing is that there actually are absolutely no public policy implications as a result of the fact that the vaccines have
old to protect people from severe illness and death against the delta variant. It worked the vaccines work they worked. He gets the first. They worked against the alpha, their working against. They worked against Lambda, they work against Delta, every single person practically who has died here, died of their own choice. I didn't have the echo had none. I and I dont think that that start that's a statement of of a very tragic but true fact I mean that that? Because in- and I say this as someone who looks at a been principally for groups that have public facing jobs where they deal with the public and not just the public debts capable of getting vaccination but kids who, as of yet arm it's not completely open to them teachers, public health folks are met, folks they ve had access to the vaccine. They were put to the front line the very beginning of this year since January February. Those have chosen. Not to do that. I think don't only.
Put themselves at risk. They haven't. They have a moral responsibility if they in fact others, because they had the opportunity not to the one thing about them ass debate is. I think it also has undergone a slight shift, didn't read in recent weeks and months and that's it as we see that vaccination works in a breakthrough. Infections are not as high in some areas. We thought they would be. We have also seen these draconian reassurance of the mass mandates and cities like New York and Dizzy and elsewhere. Yet alot of hypocrisy, much more public hypocrisy on the part of the officials you put. These management is into place. I think now a lot of the protests- and I include myself in this group now I still wear my masters- I'm legally obliged to uneasy, but it the horse and the rest and I don't like it is that they have not tell told me when I can start taking off again it see it the absolute forever masking part that I think a lot of people who otherwise, where their mass for a year and a half wrath pandemic, as I happily damage
are now starting to chase, both literally of having a mask on her face all the time in four kids who have to wear them all day every day in school, even other, fully vaccinated. When does it end and that's the part where are they you're gonna start to see more people who were radicalized now turned to go Anna Afflict stop. When did this view of this question of people making their own choices and living with him or dying with them? In fact, this is no different from the types of choices, adults, Heaven making throughout history about what they consider reasonable risk risk reward trade off in terms of their behaviors. This applies to people who eat wrong, who smoke drink too much, who
don't exercise exercise to whatever is, and in all these other cases before covered. There is nothing that smacked solely in some ten years. Let us government overstepping its bounds, then went than these policies that would try to curb people in those behaviors reg when, when when you, they would say you think you can only by a sort of a certain size or even putting them calories. Having having you know, em restaurant change be required to put it the calories than ever These are all aimed at people making their own decisions. I never light when government gets involved in that an anti right. It's I dont like them
in the in the case of the vaccine, resistors. For another reason, it doesnt it's it's we're wasting your time and effort on and break the cheese is just the truth. Ok, here's the difference. I guess you're right, but again let if we go back to July June July, when, when the vaccine, when the delta variant, you now began to be clear, that was gonna be a real problem. I've to peat, we didn't know whether it spreading like wildfire in this country was going to have parlous consequences on the already vaccinated, and we know now because the breakthrough infections story did
appeared pretty much. All of us know: people who have had breakthrough infections, I'm an I note to people right now, got it. You know three or four days ago and their second away, you're sick. When the flu, because their backs hadn't, been vaccinated, we don't know what the conditions, the social legislation about social controls, the Caspian Sea, nudging, you'd, better behaviour thing, Bloomberg, solar tax- and that involved behaviors that are enormously complicated. In other words like yes, Obesity is a problem, but plenty of people can drink a thirty two rounds, big gulp. Without getting obese, you know you can smoke or not smoke and smoking is a terrible, terrible thing to do, because it has a high risk factor, but plenty people smoke, don't get lung cancer
These the body is a very complicated, and these things are very you know, and this notion- that there is a one to one correlation between YO. You were raised because why should any? So? You see, ok! Well, you you get tax, soda cups, more, that's not legitimate, are attacked soda, more Zeit, your business in their like. Well, what's the argument that its good and that's like nano? That's where you that's, where you have to get off the it's not for you to say that a person wants to drink three to enter the code should be done. when something else, Michael Bloomberg go away with your sixty billion dollars and go bothers somebody else by your own country, an import ban. Bull and then have them live under your regime. In this case. In this case, right, we have a very simple calculus there,
There is a disease riding around. You can keep yourself from dying from it. If you get a shot, don't get the shot and your risk factor against the disease goes up. I don't know you don't need every individual case because, but will we see here in this aggregate number? Is it goes up ten fold? You don't do it and I dont know why me
Are you behaviour now that I am not at risk from it and your behavior is putting you at risk? Why me by my people and all about why we are having our behaviour controlled to deal with you? You have chosen to take this risk and I don't think that the government should it oh- should force you to get a shot, but I've all these liberal politicians or telling me that I now have to wear masks forever, like that. This is where we ve totally lost the thread. I'm sorry, I was interrupt while not given that a given point other non EU country and made me think of something else which is it. Let me in my fear is that, even if all the under a great many more of the vaccine region,
suddenly change their mind and went out and got vaccinated. There would then we'd have a regime that would be talking about zero covered, because now that goal be too tantalizingly close to give up on. Just because of what of the remaining you know, pockets of hold out and which depths of which still people, people who did the right thing would still have their behaviors encroach upon and by palace is made crafted to coax still the remainder of the room. Those remaining on backsides get anybody. What sort of net we'd never stop chasing? This is perfect goal and I'm pretty sure of it, but I mean that I think that's ultimately, that's what with Christine is talking about about the about the mass candidate or something like that, like they don't there and again. This is where we have now crafted a policy that has privileged no.
fearful irrational people and their neurotic fearful irrational fears over the larger society's needs, wants and desired. And it's really weird to me that public officials elected leaders in this country pander to that in a way that they never went to queue and on neurotic is bright and mean that gets condemn that those people are crazy, but the people who had this idea that they'll still do the Mask theatre, take it off for their follow up, put it back on track guys. Let me talk to you about a super. Beat hard choose the news. Restart your day, tasty treat gimme the energy need. That's also good for you, because, as we, the fatigue and lack of endurance. We feel catalysts be fixed with more more caffeine. That's why you should try to delicious plant based superbly torches.
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promo code commentary, so we gotta go. We will you taking popcorn or you being good government people and worrying about it. Are you like torn out worrying that the future of the country ass he watched the bow? above all well guarded by the ingredients laid out. I'm just gonna wait. Another forty eight hours to sign funded above it. I don't know where I am I like I like popcorn, but on the one hand I you know, I want to drink, set by twice by slogan, carpet right.
And on the other I do. I do think that what we were saying here is a kind of net decade, long degeneration of political processes that I cannot to generate much longer, I mean, will need some kind of renewal were or our capacity to govern ourselves is going to be completely compromise. So with that crushing morosely will love reconvene tomorrow, were resting. A badly absent, Rossman Jump upwards Campbell burning.
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