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Snarking Away the Peace

2020-09-16 | 🔗
The COMMENTARY crew is having none of the efforts on the part of some in the press to downplay historic developments in the Middle East. Also, the hosts debate whether Donald Trump’s performance during Tuesday night’s ABC News town hall was up to par.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine podcast for Wednesday September. Sixteen twenty twenty were sponsored today by donors, trust the principle than tax friendly way to simplify your charitable. Give I'm John publish the editor of Commentary magazine with me. As always, executive, editor, a Green Waldheim, John Senora Christine Rosen High Christine I can and associate editor nor Rossman High Noah, so are we are releasing various articles from
October issue online at commentary magazine dot com. Please go take a look yet a few free reads than we ask you to subscribe, so I'm gonna start with this fact. Yesterday, as we Tibet and yesterday's we podcast was the signing of this normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates in Bahrain on the White House lawn and that to judge by most The mainstream media coverage, as it was going on the most important issue in this a profound breakthrough, twenty first century breakthrough in the peace process, was that the leaders were not adequately social distancing. CNN, as they showed the guys on the they show. The foreign ministers who aim by- and I M
and promised Minister, that yeah, whose are standing on the portico, the White House just kept complaining, let them that they weren't dub six feet apart with with masks- and I just thought- maybe you guys but one or one reply, and I do not think we ve noticed how selectively they do this. Do they do they have such self regard that they think they're getting when O Verona, no, I think what it means is that they are heavy mom, and I will focus on this issue the masking issue. That nothing else on the planet matters. Aside from this fact, well our button, but they subordinated when it's convenient when the targets are politically.
With immigration and that they make a kind of positive recognition. So to win that there is that big March here in Washington a few weeks ago, they made a they made. They took great pains to show you know, people look everyone's wearing mass. They pointed out a random guy who was kind of vague the aim in eighth or monitor at people's foreheads, as they walked miles away from him and looked so they were. There was all this theatre, this kind of masculine and temperature taking theatre that they were positively contracting to every other republican event, that my going on never following up later in the evening, when there were people dancing around no mass Suno sweating there's no actual citizens not bad enough, that they just ignore what people are doing when their protest is now. They proactively point out how responsible they, our citizens, even though you know an hour after they take that pictured everybody's got her mask off in their packed. In. Like sorry I mean, but it's it's so plainly obvious that what they're trying to do here is avoided covering with their cover it might grow.
To do so. You would have to extend credit to the Trump administration for this spectacular, diplomatic. No one wants to do that, so you you do the masking thing. It says the cover and let, if your covering a black lives matter protest, the content is what's most important. And you know, maybe they're a little lacks with public health, but yes, remember the Sturgis rally, which is gonna, kill two hundred and fifty thousand people any meadow at all. Asked yes, it's it's, it's infected two billion people and his murdered six hundred million. As far as I can tell the Sturgis rally. So I'd also like to point out some of the coverage in particular, I would like to point out Jeffrey Goldberg in the Atlantic. The editor in chief The Atlantic, whom alert listeners Uller, will remember. It was the guy who, through Kevin Williamson,
to the wolves and allowed himself to be castrated by his own staff and his boss, and let it happen in public and of course, Jeff Goldberg is also famous for his coverage of a bomb is wonderful, Middle EAST policies, which he always good, never find about words. Tat say about, though, is nominally you know serve like a hardened realistic under you know like of somebody who doesn't kowtow to Anti Israel forces or too you know So he has a piece about out about the year as their called the Abraham Accords, which, as you, whether the name that has been given to this and, of course, Abraham. You know what was the father both of Islam. Then Judaism, so he a place called Kui boner right who benefits and and its winners and losers, winners and losers are the winners. The White House to name disagree with the Abraham accords. Again,
he is marking move, though I would have preferred the treaty of Ghent isn't that that's too so puckish hilarious, and then the authoritarian leaders or authoritarian, curious leaders of four countries, meaning bins eye of the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed been summoned. The crown prince of Saudi Arabia, baby Netanyahu and Donald Trump, so we have to autocrat to elected presidents of of democratic countries and see they're all the same. There always name because I yeah I'm scientist, I dont get the treaty. If can't joke lose a joke. There I mean with this: is there similar to the treaty between the United States and Great Britain, which established the long. This lived most affected, not an alliance in and out in human history. Now what were you? What he means is I have no sense of humour and I'm trying to make a joke,
Just I can make this clear: in other words, a treaty of again, of course, gives you know a famous long live treaty so they should have named the treaty because, their being so there being so show off, he buys calling it the Abraham accords and this is how a person who doesn't know how to make a joke and has no sense of humour- tries to make up of a joke. We can see should try not to make a joke, because he has a sense of humour and is just being Marcie, embarrassingly lamely and kind of humiliating, really is What's anchoring just that? It's it's similar to the weird statements that a lot of correspondence revealed their lack of any sort of history of Middle EAST policy making revealed when they went on children said I didn't know: Bahrain was at war with Israel what's going on here. What's why do they need a treaty? I mean it was obviously system to downplay how important this was with the sort of say what they want. Really fighting it was not that big a deal
the other winners. The makers of the EP, thirty, five joint strike fighter, the ambassadors and these read the losers, the Iranians, the Palestinians and the reins of house it. So so an end. He literally uses the sentence. Ok in new deal, the Israel get something for nothing relations with two more arab states without so much as a settlement. Freeze, how unfair can you believe it? This is such a gyp, Israel didn't have to even to a settlement freeze to get a treaty. Will you know why did not to have to get us
Settlement didn't have to do a settlement freeze because its negotiator of the negotiation hillside didn't care about the goddamn settlement. Freeze, that's why? Because the settlement freeze is an american delusional fantasy of something that you can get from Israel right like you, can get them to. Freeze the settlements and place can't get them to dismantle them. You can get them to give them up, but maybe you could get them more than you can say you're here you got them to say, the settlements won't want grow, but again this if we are talking about yesterday. This is a dogged commitment to old dogmas that, under the guise of foreign policy, analysis is doing its best to performing any foreign policy analysis. Why was that not a stumbling block
ok to tyres living western, I don't think that this is. This is being in the throb of documents. I think this is being an asshole, so that is the ends with if the so called Abraham accords put IRAN and its terrorist proxies on the back foot then good, but if they cause Israel to avoid coming to terms with the reality that its continued control over the lives of millions of pounds, Didion threatens its Democrat. Major, then both the palestinian aspiration of nationhood and the israeli dream of a free and strong democratic, even in the George Ancestral Homeland, could be victims of this agreement. Because Israel does not unilaterally agreed to do things for the Palestinians in person of normalization of relations with nations that no longer have any particular interest in promoting the palestinian cause
Then Israel is finished. That is not old dogma. That is assholery. I agree at cuz. I have to say a few things here. One is that this record is not just an earth shaking element in terms of global relations in the Middle EAST, it is rushing blow to people like Jeff Goldberg. Who was this the sort of main mouthpiece for which the Obama Foreign policy shops, ECHO chamber where, whereby you know all Obama's failed Middle EAST attempts- and you know his his try- you get daylight between. U S in Israel and trying to break
we IRAN, I'm all that all that terrible policy that was then For trade to american news consumers, as as rational and and the right way to go and reasonable and pragmatic Goldberg was a huge part of that story after story framing those terrible policies as pragmatic. This rightly, if it did the accord blows all of those people up gulped by the way, was a part of the echo case. The echo chamber was, aimed at much lower level. People than Goldberg Gaubert was a bomb that in stock, but that didn't not. On my pointed Goldberg, culprit was fed directly by a bomb which, with it when you know that Goldberg Obama's channel tat hung about middle eastern stuff, and of course, what did he
stars and his eyes. I mean if you think that Sean Hannity is trumps. Cats paw, you never read. Jeff Goldberg, you know, and and and and his in our slavish hero, worship of Obama on the Middle EAST. But if I remember correctly, when that the peace in the New York Times came out, in which Ben Roads described this echo chamber of journalists who they could who the Obama administration could retail Obama foreign policy through, I think Goldberg came out some very defensively because he was implicated in this while he was then road, said the twenty seven year old reporters and no literally, nothing. That was the quote right, many of whom work at the Atlantic brow talking about a staff it. I really genuinely believe that this that the palestinian issue is a stumbling block
peace in the region, all evidence not due to the contrary. Notwithstanding then, this accord, which everybody seems to believe- and I think it with some justification which, as a prelude to a thaw in relations with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia official thought, your removing the historically the chief sponsor of violence, in that part of the world they are soon for peace, and that should be if you really do by that, that should be something that you and celebrate, because that is the conditions that will leave To the neutral ASEAN of this issue, you think is the most profound issue in the region. Now it's not that hard. It's not that hard. Ok, you can hate tromp. You can say that the trumpet restoration is a disaster and you can vote against Trump and twenty you can. You can advocate for the
of the Trump Administration and say this is good. It's really not heart, like one thing, can be good in everything that yesterday I mention that the Carter administration, which I consider it done disaster was really good on deregulatory issues. It's not that hard. This is the nature of the intellectual trap that we have all been let down by negative partisanship, everybody on all sides, Trump cards. One good thing drunken even do one great thing it that would necessarily d We were out way the seventy five things you think that he does are terrible, but this utter inability, even to open the mouth to say yesterday was a great day for the world. Yesterday was a day in which a long term american foreign policy goal was achieved yesterday was a day
in which the twenty first century finally saw material progress in a diplomatic political, geopolitical situation that will own we're down to the benefit of all of those who fear nuclear proliferation of fear, terrorism and support democracy. It's not that hard to do. One day he gets one day. Trump gets one louse He and then you can pay them tomorrow. But now you can't you can I mean I don't even think we don't. Even you don't even have to give him one day because it actually the performance he turned in the evening in the town hall was kind of terrible. You can give him this one, Three then, given the morning, given the sign young given all of that, and then you can tear back into him in the evening which actually we all did right now, but all in all, I am saying is that it's this this world of
conventional liberal opinion that love to talk about the inability of the right to view the world as it is rather than the world as they wish it to be. That is looking at world, as it is changing for the better before their eyes and because that conflicts with a very narrow political goal that, by the way, look Jimmy Carter sign that signed the camp David accords. He made many commercials and nineteen eighty about how he was a great peacemaker and he lost by ten points to Reagan that trumpeted this in September is likely to have no political, impact whatsoever in November. Therefore, it's a gimme- you can say it was good. You can save was fine. Nobody is stopping. You accept
own narrow, slavish dedication to a world in which you know that you are Brill readers and your liberal followers and your millennial post below Neil staffers are going to say that you are making it an unsafe space for them. If you say the Trump had a successful day in the Middle EAST, they're gonna, there are good up, they're gonna say it's not say on feel safe, now, working for Jeff Goldberg, as he said, something nice about Trump. Ok. So, if again back to this, this idea, how, if you believe that the Palestinians it was really the chief obstacle to peace in the region. Then Republicans now are responsible for removing from the battlefield as it were, the two the sponsors of that that in intifada that violence Saudi Arabia and its allies and Saddam Hussein's rack,
and now would have to give credit to two republican President's, which is anathema further foreign policy because it has it has achieved. What you have said is the most important thing in the region. They did, but you go, but that's worth that's where that's where it all you have to hey I'm making a very very I I'm. I am lowering the bar as long as you can make it, which is September fifteenth the day that the bring em accords, were signed on the White House. One was an unambiguously good day for America and for the World and Donald Trump get some credit for that. Tom Friedman was able to say it in the New York Times, emulated incredibly dumb column. The Tom Free products, embarrassingly dumb, but he did say you gotta, give trump credit. It's not that hard
but Jeff Goldberg is running an enterprise with MRS Jobs is billions of dollars and a staff that can't possibly ever have published anything that it might disagree with and so and his own history of craven buckling too, not only them but to any thing, any word that was whispered in his ear by Barack Obama, one of the great political fat, one of the Great Middle EAST diplomatic failed president's in american history, and so he just can't even begin to bring himself to say anything that's not sneering and snarking and humorless and stupid and embarrassing. You know how it each jokes. I wonder if this is in part that this has been going on for it, for the last several years. But you know the Obama Legacy- has come under attack from its left flank. From almost the moment, he left
Darfur is right. I mean there has been an there. Is this contingent of kind of elite journalists you no kind of the comfortable elite, journalistic establishment which absolutely adored Barack Obama and everything reason in everything he did that has in their rearguard action didn't happen. Years later or when the library was built or any usually theirs, there is a little bit of a gap. You know. After someone leaves office, there are a lot of peace in that coalition, who never did like or echo bomber and felt he was you know, and that is the wing that is now ascendant in its rich, rising in the heart and probably will not be assisted in this election, but it will be in the future if trends continue, and I do find There are more and more of those a more combative tone, that elite group of journalists who always liked Obama and really want to maintain his place in the narrative of liberalism. Thence, but there it and the attacks to really come.
The right on that score. It it sooner the calls coming from with unemployment, the house for most of them the policies just immaterial. It's just the library so graves a God wreck and therefore her brow, along with fulfilled that void and calmly, will fill it now and they'll, be somebody else down the line, but the policy is not an unvarying today to the atmosphere created, but not on the foreign policy stuff. There has been a group within the Obama, Sir Fan Club that is obsessed with the IRAN deal and Obama's taking on Israel that all this Ben rose acolytes who have been on twitter rule.
And in a defensive crouch ever since from started chipping away at the IRAN deal and this end and they have, and they ve lost, that echo chamber and the second that there was even a hint of of what would become the Abraham accords. They started pulling it downplaying, objecting to it all very embarrassingly, and obviously there did they have no power, This way anything at this point, so this is this is sheer too. This is sheer tantrum from them right. Let me let me talk to you guys about our sponsor today. Donors, trust, ok, so follow this John and Jane have college age, children, and it was long before the couple discovered how from the world looked when viewed through this new college land. Since then, they been supporting classroom, another financial programmes to teach the principles of it.
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Slash commentary. Okay, so last night, as Christine alluded to the president, appeared forever hour and a half one the town hall in Pennsylvania moderated by George stuff from Apple on a b c, which is interesting as that maybe a little like you know, Joe Biden appearing with Dana Perennial ah the town hall, the moderate by Dana Primo, whereby our inflation, something anyway fought so he's on with a jerk stuff. La policy agreed at it with supposedly uncommitted, voters, by which I mean I think, they're not committed between voting for Biden and voting for Stalin, that's what I think is actually what's going on in the uncommitted qualities
I'm not a single question was asked that we might suggest that any of those waters will actually vote for tromp they're, just not committed to voting for binding. Yet because there there to fool, that's for binding and fine was invited to it did dissipate in this town hall and decline or another or another when he's doing one tomorrow, and then something only very committed predictions classrooms of uncommitted. Yes, well these Caprice for investors to and remarkably enough we're wasting like others, whose questions were all remarkably any similar. Without any, without a sense of the alpha perceval heterodox political views, but ok, fine. So what so? So. This is all a question of how Trump, nor how anyone can sort of managing handle questions.
I'm just broke westerns and how they're gonna do it Christine and aid by things have a real difference of opinion here about how went Christine I'll just say. I think he and he doesn't acquit himself well in these situations because Heath, while his answering questions he starts to believe himself to be making an epic statement that is really important and he gets off topic and he he it can literally see the gears grinding in his head is as he is. He tries to reach for the the accept in a word, he's gonna use to describe something basic, that our president should be able to do that to operate a half its. I was not impressed. I was not impressed. I did laugh at that. My favorite question was the uncommitted. You know self identified young socialists. That was my sort of my favorite moment. Yeah
I don't. I don't think you did extraordinarily well, but I think he did just fine, maybe even better than just fine, and this it wasn't like when you know would limit the Chris Wallis Interview from a few months back unmitigated disaster, the there's the access interview just terrible across the board. I think he will, I think he came across. I think that I think he benefits from these things generally at least he did last night because what every he is in person when you actually hear him speak at length in these things. Where is he? Is he brags? He doesn't he doesn't. Handle on the facts. He ran This is all true, but whatever he is, he is not as bad. No one could be as bad as the comprehensive monster that he is portrayed as in his absence.
By the media, so if he, if he is human enough, which I think he was last night but way, particularly when he spoke in response to- the woman who lost her mother and was concerned about the future, citizenship and and covered, he is more human, somewhat more in control of the facts and less serve unhinged Then he is painted to be the other twenty two hours of the day yeah, I know man you ve been human, is the lowest possible bar to clear, but that where they decided all actually do it. That's what I said and in so far as that means your fallible boy. Did he achieved that one,
I didn't watch it last night I watched it this morning. I just wrote a check in on twitter like for two minutes, just to see what it was like, but I don't want to be. I don't want my opinion of these things to be influenced by that so I'd I watch it. And I I lost count of the number of times that I involuntarily thrust my hand, my hands into my face over what he was saying, which is just a rapid fire stream of, Justness tell the audience whatever they wanna hear. Even if it's an outright falsehood pure meant ass. Any contradicts yourself in the next sentence. It happen too many times to count, and I mean if that he really. If anybody really cares, if we're not unopposed truth society, you know some of us actually do want to hear our public elected officials, and especially the president say things that are verifiable independently need. There were too many opportunities for fact checkers to go
for him on the veracity of his comments I mean here is the weird part about this, which is that he says I didn't downplay the Iris. I didn't. I never said I dumping clay right in german uploaded, but of course he said he downplay the virus. He said it on tape. We heard it up to Bob Woodward. We didn't ask, leave the public not begin, but no about yours, but here's what strike, which is. We know we said it. He knows he said it. There's tape of him saying it. Then he says he didn't say so. Why does he say it.
When we know we said it, and I think I can see as he was doing at what he was about, which is that he was moving to shift the merit of which is to say he didn't downplay the virus. He played the virus, but he wanted to cheer lead for the country and not panic. Everybody, so he said things not to panic everybody why, Oh, he was instituting policies that were fantastic and that saved accordingly. Either Most two million are almost three million lives. Now, either whether this is a smart thing to do, but I will say that him saying we locked in: we get out, we did the lockdown China than we did the walk down from Europe, and then we locked the country down, and
we save two million people now that two million people number is. I want to put this in the eighty illogical die just because it's too it's that Oxford. Who was it? Who said? If we don't do x, Y and Z, two million people are going to die. There was some was it, I ask your names everywhere, you look at it. We would have meanwhile academy right. You didn't nothing you have no mitigating at you have not yet arrived so now. I think that was globally. I don't think that was the cell in the United States but anyway, so that wasn't him that wasn't here for the vote that was sort of, like the liberals, said, if you don't do anything,
Two million people die, so he did something and now the number, as you know, a hundred ninety five thousand and that's terrible its heartbreaking, it's terrible, but let's face it, he saved a million eight from death according to them, according to the propaganda that day were that they were, I throw in round in February and March So why can he take advantage of that number can say you see the number that it is now I mean I was looking at numbers. You can't even imagine I've saved my walk down from China, save hundreds of thousands of people from death. Now. I don't know that that's gonna work, I kind of doubt it, but it's not an in arguing point, because those people are still using the estimates.
These organisations have been bandying about. We're still were now talking about a form to five hundred thousand people dead in the United States by Christmas, or something based on that University of Washington survey that I thought had been kind of disproven, but now what they put it out and everybody reports on it. I agree not only that people who continue to be in favour of various stringent locked downs they site, new studies they come out every week saying if this lock, and didn't happen. Thirty thousand more people would have died, this locked and didn't happen. Fifty does more, people would have died. They get decided all the time, similar figures. So what so? Why kantian work? Literature about on saying is that he seems to be holding in on a message that I thank you.
Is going to deliver in the debates, which is you all say that I've handled this terribly I've actually handled a great. According to this estimate, too many people were going to die from this virus if we did nothing. I did this in this in this, and one hundred and eighty thousand people have died, Which is way too many at its really horrible and its terrible and one death is one death too many, but let's, let's face it, you're all attacking me. This is what I see. I see that I saved them. I know that my actions say millions of people from death and see this is where it is such a missed opportunity and a different kind of personality with someone with different character could actually spend that message much. Effectively. He could start by saying I did what what we did when each one one hit in the country was facing. You know a pandemic. The thankfully wasn't is as brutal, but you know what we found out. Our experience of this is that it a lot of systemic failures in the sis like how the system
how we reach out to people how we respond to pandemics is not working. It didn't work back then, and now we definitely have seen this here. All the things were going to change, not some mask theatre, like Biden, inheritors jesting, but but real ways. The federal government can now reform itself so that the next time, something like this happens, here's what will do if he has to make it all personal- and this is where I am here? He really does believe himself to have been the saviour of all those. You know. People who to most of us are just like kind of figment number, tat- had been tossed around, and that is where the personalization weirdly works against him, because I think the merit people want to feel like someone knows how to fix this problem, and I dont think that their like confident binding the nearest can do it, but Biden seem normally more competent at fixing it than perhaps trumped up I guess we might ask. What are you saying is that he saved replaced one point, eight million
if you, if you hear the Sabre, replace doctrine which was the Obama, you know how you claim results from something that that isn't meant that aren't measurable right. I saved a million jobs with my aim. With this policy, will that's not you can't prove had saved your place. You know I mean that, that's it also again, I I think it's not gonna work But this is the weird question: is it cynical, Christine you're saying it's actually not cynical that he spends himself up into this and he has now come to believe that he has saved millions of people's Y yeah? I don't think he's doing. This is some sort of cynical political plaything. Keep me we all. You gotta know that about trump people he drinks, his own coolly, manufactures declared them drink said and then spouts a back up. The Jew. I mean it's not it's very. The easy explanation is the correct one in this case it such as the pandemic either. I e the guys that up
legal philosophers. I don't expect internet bill dive deep into the issues and he's talking about his own record and that's that's the the prime directive here. However, when it comes to these and asked a lot about the racial tension and race relations and one of the questioners asked him, you know you, you said that you want to make Amerika great again. As this country ever been great for black Americans, and then he goes off onto how you know. Well, we had this record and housing is better and jobs are better and, and then the guy says. Well, there was a others also, its existing coming to quality and endorsed an awful s backs up that premise, and so then he accepts the premises. I get income inequalities about it always having common quality is terrible, and so ends up undermining its own message. Start to that one is that Rachel progress in this country is predicated on the foundational enlightenment notions that were baked into the founding documents and are the reason why America's greatest, because racial tolerance is me
It is a function of America's founding principles and we are striving towards that and making progress. It is a fight that will never end, but the reason why we can make arrest at all is because of the greatness of this country from its founding. That's the answer that a president should be able to give, but he can't give it will my killing. Can we talk about my my favorite moment, which is I mean which was that when he praised Winston Churchill, first standing on top of a building during the badge of turning the Le Blitz it's real standing on top of a building. Churchill never stood on a building king Kitticut spirits thinking you know sounds like what are you thinking of of George W Bush standing in the then the rubble of of the freedom of women,
Trade Centre. Was he thinking of Yeltsin jumping on the tank? I can't wait. One that I dont never heard a Churchill speech from World war to ever because at no point did Churchill say anything other than this is gonna, be awful yeah. Surely or thy work outside inhumanity? Yeah, I mean you know. I'm literally I've got here the dunkard, the speech he gave after Dunkirk, and you know what they're here that the paragraph that precedes him saying you know this was come a triumph. Was him saying our losses in material are enormous. We have what perhaps lost one third of the men we lost in the opening days of the battle of twenty first March. Nineteen eighteen, but we lost nearly as many guns you now a man we don't have guns with TAT death toll, but it wasn't as bad as it would you now, and this is not. This is
we will fight on the beaches as we now we shall fight on the landing rights and shall fight in the fields in the streets were so finally hills. We shall never surrender, and even if which I do not want I believe, this island or large private were subjugated and starving than our empire beyond the seas, would carry on the struggle it. You know I mean he wasn't standing on top of a bill that, where what but this is why what the hell honestly- but this is what the hell But I got away, I say in spite of this: he did fine, because what the weapon, I'll. Twenty twenties misinterpret his historical illiteracy is baked in two, everything everyone knows about him his desk.
Honesty is baked in that's all there already. What he did manage to to get out last night was in the broad strokes, if you, if you agree with him, if you don't, he said. Look before we were hit by the China virus. African Americans had a better than they have ever had it in this country. Under my administration, I did you know locked downs and I did block travel from
China, and you know whatever all his broad points he got out all the rest. We already know no, there's no one. That would be shocked to hear that he he's you know making up Churchill quotes but their work. There will be people. That would be more surprised to hear that he has a defence for some of the things you don't period fair enough. I think that, honestly, I think apes got a strong point here that the fact that he didn't wit, wilt or whether, under the under the questioning the way he did under Johnson Swans or or Chris Wallace's questioning meant that he had a better a better time of it, and I think his demeanor for him was a vast.
The more pleasant them. I think you know people are are used to, but it gets back to the same question, which is who who's on the fence or who, as you know like not gonna sit out, is gonna want foresaw. Who knows who watched at but who's gonna vote for him? Who wasn't about from as a result of this because did he provide his supporters followers with the information that they can use when they are. You know, having arguments so around the dinner table with the Euro, with people who hate trump. Yes, but they're all get avaux form. So I was that helpful. Yes, what that he also by laying down just add that he also he went strong on the lawn order stuff I mean he, he talked about how you have to back the police,
entirely how the police are just great, but the police are not being allowed to do their job, and there are few you know apples are a few chokers and every and end in every field, but generally speaking, you have to side with the police and that it's been the local democratic governance that hasn't allowed the police to do what they need to do, and that They were invited, the federal, the National Guard and we will be able to stop in half an hour. There are people out there, of course, who hate all, but there are a great number of people who, who need to hear all that said- and he did say that and no one on the other side will say it. I wish he'd highlighted having the interesting story: Lancaster, where they Hudson, unless this weekend is the fact that the rioters, the people who are rested in charge with you. No writing looting. Whatever range of offences, thereby
was being set very high by the local judge it in an effort. I think too,. Has. The theory about whether that is gonna have a prohibitive effect on future rioters, in a way that you know that we know that it's been catch her release and get out in other parts of the country that has been enshrined in the bail for one of the charged people think about it, a million dollars, so that will do it'll be interesting to see that's actually an effort to try something different in the case of all this civil unrest, its occurred across the country the first area as far as I know that set bail that high for these sorts of offences, I just mean he could have brought up some of the other ways in which the country is trying to react to that sort of unrest So, at the same time, obviously Joe Biden has also out doing campaign stuff and something interesting is going on there too, which is there there is ever open concern that by miss
performing with Hispanics and and somehow I like give away from you pointed you later. Zero from the podium like this is the best thing ever been got. Ricky Morton out to say, Porter weakens really need to support this guy, I'm a bill. Nelson has his finger on the pulse man. What we talked about, this today, only a shockingly into which Bill Nelson can mixed up in something happened in this campaign. Okay, so let's let's talk about this because you know everyone says the Biden about people who are sceptical abiden, that is the political abilities or his Zena, his cognitive faculties, or whenever. Maybe it's not him at all, but the campaign is adjusting to a perceived weakness
now look silly to us. Then he played this mosquito, but I dont know that it's silly mean who knows it's silly or not if he, if he actually does some constituent service and goes around talking to people in Florida of hispanic descent, particularly people who should be a very sadly in the democratic coalition. Who can come out and vote for him in the puerto rican community. This is the thing that you wonder about Trump with, which is, if he's got perceived weaknesses in Serbia. Is in those weaknesses. Aren't you know african american it's that his own, that the white, the the non voting white working class needs to come out vote for him or whatever he doesn't really do much to talk to them. He still just talking to the people he knows who but whose buttons are pushed by
opium rhetoric so this, but this is the most condescending effort to appeal to the spanish and portuguese voters. In particular that I can possibly imagine like Joe Biden can connect to have a boombox playing serious accidents, pinball channel plenty, Four hours a day is not going to attract a single. I manage totally disagree with you. I completely disagree with you on this. If he makes all a lot of politicians, George W Bush used to say this, you go around and say I am asking for your vote. I would like you to vote for me, please for me, that has a very big effect going around, and just saying I, like you won't you vote for me is meaningful, particularly to minorities. I'm paying attention to you. While I mean they're my death, there might not be a lot of time for that, but that isn't that sort of the point and why perhaps even now,
political junkies like us might notice. It is being. I agree with no other. There is the sort of wit desperation mean the idea that this the game, you know it's, you can do this voters in their like you had me at I mean I feel there's that the lack of enthusiasm isn't necessarily gonna, be resolved by the signalling alone. In this particular election cycle, could be wrong, but I just I found it incredibly pandering and condescending to be honest, but not a porter me don't got or so pandering is a successful political scene. Energy is online music and buying like you. All you can do is pander because you don't be all you can do is banned and he is in retail. Attacks, but there's there's gotta, get a limit honour and is not successful. Strap let pandering hopefully tendering is, Article is a successful political strategy only in As far as were counting the people who were elected by pandering weather,
pandering politicians in recent memory was Hillary Clinton. Who did everything she possibly could do ingratiate herself with the demographic group of the moment to an including subordinating rule of law to whatever their demands were. At that particular moment, work out for her. We can go through that. The litany of the art protection of good pander doesn't say that you now have the country we have twenty five percent of the country's deplorable. That's not a good pandora that out, but this is what this is good. Pandering, Leary came at present. Mutton, I'm sorry gets thought, that's the pandering! I'm talking about it All I'm saying is I shouldn't dancing without beginnings, shifted. Look I didn't
when you get in your speech. I don't know what he said. I beat I will see what he says over the next couple of days. My point all. I only brought this up to say that they are making an adjustment to deal with a perceived weakness and for nearly four years on this park ass, we ve been saying Donald Trump needs to shore up those places where he is weak because he doesn't didn't, doesn't have enough voters to ensure that his he will be re elected, and you know what he has done is solidify the Republican Party behind him by shrinking it somewhat by by driving out millions of people to vote, democratic and twenty eighteen, because they, because he through he's on, went to war with the politicians that were more closely representative of them. Then they were of him and and
So I'm only saying that when you look at Trump and some of these number, like there's a number. This morning, Washington, Post ABC News Paul, has Biden winning by sixteen in Minnesota. Now this could be an outlier could be a bad pole, but Hillary Clinton, only one Minnesota by a point and a half and Minnesota is a is not a you know. It's not a tipping point state or anything like that, but if Trump were doing well or were. Serve incline to win reelection. You would think that Minnesota would be pretty close because it echoes Wisconsin, it's right, close to Wisconsin and pencil inside. It's me pick up, including its the numbers of white working class and observe radical cities and very concerned primitive, outlying rural areas and all that and if he has fallen into behind by double digits.
In Minnesota. He is in very it that that is a sign not only of what's going on in Minnesota, but what's going gonna happen in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and Ohio, I don't I don't I don't know if you can lump in Pennsylvania in Ohio with Wisconsin and Minnesota. We haven't seen the numbers move in that direction. In fact, we ve seen the move in the opposite direction, places like Pennsylvania and Florida. The money is not a war, is an outline of what floors its own. That's on a national wave thing for that
different, a different story. All I'm saying is that this is a mark of how Trump has not done anything to shore up warm. You know that pole number, a more reasonable, less unconventional campaign of would either pull out of Minnesota cause. It would reflect what they're doing and they would give up on even trying their or it would say. Well, what is it we are seeing here that we can correct at least mitigate the damage, not this one state, but what the state represents demographically and I just dont know that they do. That is what I am saying now. Maybe binds foolishly looks ridiculous playing desperado on his ipod and whatever the hell, I thing was that he was Agnes was an Iphone. He probably still has an ipod actual when you think of it, or sooner a like that I'd around so yeah
can save pandering. All I remember is that my play my grandfather was a very middle upper middle class. Businessmen in in in Saint Paul Minnesota was somebody who would vote for a huge would drag himself across glass to vote for Hubert Humphrey. Why? Because he would Humphrey once said hello to him, I mean it's not complicated that that is the tat is but the button? Okay. So now now you ve done that the biggest problem here and I get in trouble for saying that vote. A lot of voters look critically low information. Voters are more enthused, but to vote based on personal contacts and who they saw last literally, the young and the Biden campaigns issue
when personal contacts, the pieties of the pandemic, have compel them to abandon that kind of retail politicking in favour of a national ized message. He can't do micro targeting based on whether their campaign strategies, which is it purely nationalized national platforms, national message, I know door knocking and does not just direct mail. This is this is not I know there were right there, micro targeting on social media, I mean I'm sure, they're micro, targeting on social media, the same way in which everybody does now, because it's actually more, than Doorn. I am, and I am very sceptical method for Van Dorn, Aachen and personal contacts as GEO Tv. I don't think so. We don't have were what money we will not have any evidence of it. I mean we have China Data, hammering on most effective GEO Tv that you can possibly do
the trouble don't have any data different as anything else. The twenty sixteen Trump campaign was run almost eighty to ninety percent off of social media and Facebook. It did not privilege per hour Perth did we go hand in hand to hand get out about strategies. It did use social media as its as its methodology. That was that that was the great innovation of the trunk campaign army no foul building on and on. On Obama in twenty twelve side I dont know will see, is good so we misdirection like they're they're, not doing it now, but they'll do in two weeks or whatever and the other thing that we have to know where look at is, as I say, November, fifth or November sex, we could say: oh my god. They think they really screwed up right. Now, it's little hard to say their screwing up. I mean you know them
that the whenever data we have do not suggest that they're doing this wrong. Now, as I say, we can evaluate this could be a historically blown reading of everything. But, of course the pollsters, who are trying to measure what's going on in the country, are so terrified of getting the white working class numbers wrong that they are chances? Are their overestimating rather underestimate their waiting resolves to try to increase the numbers to make sure that their not missing a trend or something like that I don't know lessons. I mean it's hard to overcome these deficits nerve profound, but, as you saying oppose, only measure someone's preference to vote, not whether they're going to you're likely voter model, your screen, canvas enthusiasm, he hasn't how many times you voted before, but you still have strike that personally to the poles right. What we just,
you know that this is also such an unprecedented situation, because we We don't know how many people are afraid to go stand on our wine. I mean we know a little bit, because we know that no one, they open movie theatres, all across the country and nobody We know that there are their little bits of evidence of a piece of information that suggest that that people are far more skittish about this. Then I mean I then then save Trump believes Rikers Trump. Please. You should be Walker and saying everything should reopen, but I don't know like the the these. These movie theater numbers are so parlous, really bad that they they really
you suggest that the public is still in Shell, shocked and what what that would mean about election day and again also been Trump's election day. That's the that's. The part of this that makes no sense to me is that you know Trump wants in my impression I imprison boating- he needs a large seeing your turn out and you know, are they are: are seventy five year old people like Scared of the vine Emily. It's one thing to say a twenty five year for some really doesn't have that much to be frightened by minors from, but if your seventy five got plenty to be frightened from, and so you know, we all know, people who haven't been outside and six months, who aren't who might be inclined not to be particularly you know, hypo can drive.
About this, Inter Alia, that those are disproportionately voters, the trump means and he's you know, he's downplayed, although apparently up play that an downplaying and apply so ably. What I'm gonna write that down than on September sixteenth, you said the jet trumpeted well in the end and if, if Trump wins, I'm gonna play this back and you're gonna have a glimmering. If, if he doesn't, I'm not gonna, bring it about a market up rabbit your face, nothing on fair about that. I'm not gonna rubbing your face, because you know I mean it's. It will be made for interesting conversation, which is in the end. The only thing that matters here is that we have with we are of enough it.
Is that you are listening to this point in the podcast. When I will end Noah is often ex today's, so we will miss him and see him on Monday and we'll be back tomorrow, Christine an even higher so for the three have you and me, I'm trumpet hordes keep the camel burning.
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