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So, What Happens Now?

2020-10-02 | 🔗
How will Donald Trump’s positive COVID-19 diagnosis reshape the political landscape? No one knows. But we do have some speculative thoughts on how this could play out.
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Welcome to the Commentary magazine Daily Podcast were riding October. Second, twenty twenty! I am John POD words. The editor of Commons, Harry Magazine with me, as always see your writer, pristine, Rosen High, Christine Associate ever know. Rossman High, Noah and executive editor, a guy, while high Abe, urgent aid. You will remember that one of my pet theories of the last decade, or so really that I came up with most pressingly on Oscar night.
Aye tat term LA land was declared the through winner and then the producer vowel I've had to look at the card and say Elena Moonlight. You won the asker that something happened on on the Something has happened to America word. Nothing works right anymore and We are now Ike's. I theorize that this happened the aim of the millennium that a White UK actually happened that the youth,
First split into became a multi verse and that we are living in the wrong side of the multi verse that very little that's good, as happened in the last twenty years. A lot of bad things have happened, except for you know like the birth of our children and stuff, like that, wonderful personal things have happened. publicly it hasn't been the greatest time in american or world history, and I think somehow the news overnight that the presence of the United States has the corona virus is maybe the apotheosis of this theory. Well, let's hope, let's hope this is, if it stops here I mean I've, been I mean by that. Is we how much more To the wrong universe, evidence can we take
I honestly, I honestly don't know I really don't know. I mean this is the most gob smacking piece of news. It is Induces servers, silence, kind of head shaking fatalistic, There is no response. Working really lovely of everybody agrees with me that there are so many responses and went to bed at midnight got up at eight and in this entire new cycle there are takes their account or takes there's virtue, signalling as vice signalling, everybody has plunged the depths of their despair and vomited it all up on the internet for us to consume. There are times when I feel it I can contribute volubly to the public discourse in times when I don't think I have anything to say,
and I think, I'm alone in that way. If I can offer one leg, pollyanna irish silver lining here just last week, I think it was. I was claiming we needed a revival of school house right to teach people civics, and I would bet that a lot of people country this morning, woke up and started googling presidential lionesses succession in their suddenly learning that, unfortunately, after pants, the next couple, of people are also in their eighty, so in terms of who would take over if if Trump has to step aside because of illness, but I would say we do have way of coping with this, we re it's a rare event if he does have to remove himself We can no longer, oh my god, that's no
it happens in what way is alarming? That's just happening because it's happening thirty. Three days before the election, I mean that's what I say: oh my God, Michael best lost came up on Twitter with the most talk about more gobs smacking, so we have a twenty fifth amendment. Four active trade whom it was passed. I believe in nineteen sixty seven as a result of serious investigations decades. Later into what actually happened when Woodrow Wilson, the President, got sick and the White House in nineteen nineteen, and what it's over thoroughly incapacitated in his wife, essentially served as president for a year
learning the extent of this, the that will lead to the creation of a of the twenty five member, which empowers the cabinet and in a very complex process, the cabinet and various other things to take to invest the vice president with the powers of the presidency. I should the President become temporarily incapacitated for whatever reason right. That's the twenty fifth amendment. There was foolish ridiculous, embarrassing talk about invoking the twenty fifth amendment from the very beginning of twenty seventeen, because promptly so crazy, so crazy that you know the twenty fifth amendment, the twenty fifth amendment I mean embarrassing stuff like him harrassing a lead us more on stuff, but of course this is now not an embarrassing leaders. Moron thing he has a say:
before your old man with a with potentially fatal virus. Most people don't get really horribly sick from it, but some really do, and so this is no longer a joke anyway, but best lost discovered. Is that the stroke that incapacitated Woodrow? awesome took place one hundred and one years ago today, on October. Second, twenty nineteen, I cannot suddenly we are rife, history, doesnt repeat itself, but it rhymes I mean it. If it were even about a hundred years ago, that really would have been like that's too much right. That's too! It's not that it's not too on the nose were trump to have gotten covered. Nineteen. It
between those who was on the hundredth anniversary, Woodrow Wilson, big incapacitated by a stroke. Ok, please accuracy of the twenty four of them ever poorest regions in the prime minister. The UK got Covin quite a serious case of that. Actually he was pseudo hospitalized for while he performed, but he continued to perform some duties kept. The public informed got through it recover recuperated. So we do actually have examples of world leaders managing this virus. You was lucky, you know deep, but the same. Up to now, and so far out of the White House. We have news, it is going to contain you're perform his duties unless you become sooner too ill to do so. Some people, you know God get a very mild version, a milder version of this. He might not even need hospitalization, but if he does again. We ve seen this already with a world leader
one who is a little more disciplined unless chaotic and tromp granted, but still I mean at a time when the years younger younger, yes, are infrastructures. Fifty five years right now, it I mean his ages arrests factor, it puts them in like he's, got what something like ninety percent more of a chance of, to be hospitalized now that is contracted, it's all good, that's good, but again, full scale, panic we're not at yet. We just talk for one second, about trumps weak. When was the New York Times story on his taxes Sunday night There has been that the debate, the proud boys, yet the deadly up the proposed debacle, and now he actually is in quarantine with the virus, the US all those pole showing impressed
showing the re slipping away from him. Yes, a bad, it's a bad western Europe say you're safe mode with. Maybe it's good. You have all the trouble in the same week waste, listen. Doesnt seem rabbits midnight became does going as it does. The worst part about this is that every year impulse your impulse is black mordant humor, right I mean is it is the nature both of the just dumb jawdropping facts that were faced with and the kind of thing you just mentioned, Dave about his weak and all of that and Trump at himself. Who does not inspire a kind of you could be humane and response, but he does not inspire a kind of added. I headed describe it like
a great man is sick. You know a great a great old man is sick, so we really must all be quiet and you know he'd just you know he doesn't treat other people that way and he can't be treated that way but it's not funny, but it's funny at. Why is it fun? It's not funny, but we in response to it, I mean every thing that I've been getting every taxed every this every private communication is jokes, is kind of like black humour jokes about this, because it's just too much like we. How much more can this year due to? How much more can we take out of this year? That's not a question you wanna ask right so cruelly prescribes something of a secular moral code. If you're on the left to proscribes certain behaviour, is public behaviors sacrifices that you have to make input
indulgences for which you are given you pay for with the public pieties and certain political behaviors that you engaging hasn't. It has a very religious aspect to endless an unspoken element of the left's approach to cover which believes sorra unspoken. But the kind of you believe that if we get it, you did on that and it's the universe has come for you and given you what your karmic do is, and that is what
This commentary is going to become within the next? If had not already here by the time he publishes podcast, that's what is going to be Donald Trump has behaved, any has behaved contemptibly when it comes to masking and what have you and and being very lackadaisical with that sort of precaution, so he's not undeserving of reproach. Nevertheless, Donald Trump will not be allowed to campaign anymore. Donald Trump cannot be allowed to debate anymore. Donald Trump will not be allowed to be in public anymore. To do so will be to murder people and now the public discourse does it. I didn't think there were that the known more debates thing was a real thing. I think two hundred nothing now I would be shocked if I'm Joe Biden Pro
lay acquiesce to it, but I'll be shocked if the pressure is on his left is such that you can overcome it, because there will be intense pressure to call the election now going near Donald Trump. You can be radioactive but but home, but if it, if he doesn't take, if he doesn't get very ill or figure, he gets home and then recovers what why can there be a he'll? Never will I can there be a virtual debate where there could be if, if you will allow one centre and that stop campaigning will only put him on a par with the campaign that the binding team has been running, which is calling a lid Emmi he's based, they gonna call led for a couple of weeks. Witches went by and spend all last month away, and it was quite effective for bite He's not going on anymore now that we had a big reversal yesterday from the bombing campaign about door knocking,
I've no longer tantamount to murder, which is literally with the campaign, said neither actually just doing it, because that's how you run for the president is doing a whistle stopped or on the back of a train through Eastern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, with big crowds. No social distancing on this on the streets that those pieties at served to their purpose and are now an obstacle, I just got rid of them. Well, I mean there was a story yesterday that D, that there is a registration gap, a new voter registration gap in various states, because the Republicans have been working assiduously to register new voters and the Democrats had been hampered. In this process by their allegiance to social, distancing practices, and so it was like a
form of unilateral disarmament and this challenge to register new voters with Republicans having margins of a couple hundred thousand more in various places. And so Democrats basically faced a choice where they had to decide whether or not their allegiance to this piety and I was going to outweigh the necessity of at least neutralizing, this new odor advantage and and ended up making it close to zero by going out aggressively in the next two weeks and getting people to register which, by the way, just because we will register doesn't mean they're gonna vote. In fact, you know when you, when you grab some under Heaven. a form and have them register, you know the chances that they're gonna vote, if their adult and of never voted before is still very low, but the new administration numbers at least to something you can.
If I guess is why, in the in some of these states, they let you register by party affiliation in part to allow you to track how you're doing relatively compared to the other party cuz. I can't imagine why on earth, we even know these things. We should not know these things. There should be no Parties are private, even though they they play obviously play come of semi official role and how the ballots are structured and all of that. But we should not know how many Democrats and Republicans there are in a given state and how their vote. You know, because that's It is bad it's corrupting, but none the less. We do so that's why the Biden campaign changed its tune because it was seeing in. I was seeing that it was being put at a disadvantage. Now now what happens? The president is in quarantine and will not be seen and public again
for a couple of weeks that quarantine is a fourteen day quarantine. He cannot see anybody. Let's make this clear. He cannot be in the physical presence of another person aside from malaria because he is in quarantine. People can come in. I mean
see a doctor what you know, but you know they. They have to leave us food outside the door that that is what quarantine means. I don't know how they're going to set up the camera for him to do the virtual debate if he is in quarantine. This is no joke, like warranty mean something and if he violates quarantine, let us make this clear cuz. This is the truth. This is the part that is tricky for him politically. If he violates quarantine, it is not that he is gonna get sick. It is that he will make other people sick and could kill them and that's why he can't via warranted, if he decides or chooses to do so, when he has corona. He will that the Abbe that's the end of him, that is, that Iraq. He can't walk around shedding virus on people,
get somebody can leave, they can leave a computer outside of his door. He can set it up and do it I mean I I do think there some way he can. chile communicate with the american public. If he's not so well that you have really can't get out of bed and he wait, you can tweak tweet, he can amateurs. There's plenty. The procedure. You can't resist maybe I'm about that's true, that's true will open handicapped similarly be out about in the White House. I, but I don't think that's given given how how where we ve all become a better weight into the zoo meeting. There's no reason to think that him doing a virtual thing. Look good! That's what Joe Biden Missouri from his basement in Delaware. Four months me, what does it know, horrors who it was, but Boris Johnson you know, communicated the video while I was sick of until he had to go to the house. When do you weren't Para had all that these areas- let's talk about this logistically, do think truck knows how to set up a zoo meeting. Somebody
and I'd come into his office in sending an email him the instructions. It's not that aren't you just click abundant, even abuse, female. He only uses Twitter Maloney Guy Ocean, I get, then we should not have any contact, but you will, and if he does that's the end of him, That will mean that the notion of the rolling stock is going to stay away from the president is literally unbelievable. The protocol on quarantine is the protocol in quarantine. This is not like that eatable. Now I know that there are no debates on what quarantine, as if I was you can say. Well, you do this week where mask enough. We don't really know what the transmission their quarantine scorn to quarantine. It's been quarantine, since the word quarantine was invented two thousand years ago. The word quarantine. a learning in open up her computer and set up a little zooms. I mean I just don't feel like he has to go
fleetly silent for two weeks. That's not even feel about the silent, I'm talking about him as the big figure presently United States he does. I was make up. Guy doesn't have it. Her guy delighted. Having read you don't have anything there thought that stuff will be by the wayside, but he would violate quarantine roles and negative partisanship dictates everywhere. and our life, so his opponents will say you're killing people, murder people setting a terrible example and everybody who supports him will adopt a position that defends that conduct I I don't know if that is correct way, while I'm serious. Let let's stop here for a second, you think Anthony Fouche III and Doktor Redfield and those people Can stand by silently if Trump violates quarantine, they cannot, they cannot. They are walking around telling everybody in America how they have to behave if they test positive
four corona if the President of the United States violate elementary rules of quarantine in public the way that we all know about. They have to say you can't do this, they can't not. They cannot consider. They cannot continuous like health officials, math and resign in protest. Oh yeah, I await money nowadays, you're both assuming they violate corns. You have is that that? That's not you already know. It said he was gonna. Oil imports I didn't do it. I think why how staff will continue to function as White House staff and he will continue functions. The president They can do that by not violating quarantine. That's possible to do is all I'm saying. I meets the poorest. People have done this, I mean I just don't force man, I mean. think it's, but even setting that aside, I am worry, so pence tested negative, so he doesn't have it yet or you know,
How is that and when he could go out as the surrogate for trot brave cumbersome to get back on the campaign. Trail he's got a debate next week, I mean, is that gonna help or her trunk in the eleventh hour week? Ok, are we kidding year? Can we can we just Google just pull back and be like just to be kind of like a rational and same here trumpets finish, This is the end of the election he walked around for seven months. He didn't wear a mask. He made fun of Biden for wearing a mass during the ball Damascus, so big data he said, take bleed. She said on taking hydra, Hydro grab. You know why dropsy clerk, when, as a preventative, he did this. He did that he's gotten the disease chemical out in public for the next two weeks, he's down eight or nine percent in the polls when Hillary Clinton stumbled. You know during that weaken September in twenty. Sixteen, it did not look. Good people are not going to vote for a sick president. This is where it out
talking about two different thing: you're does corona virus. He belittled and talk down the virus and said we have to open up and I'm not gonna, where a mask and made fun of people for wearing masks here done. I dont disagree with that. I think. But what about? But it also highlights the frailty of the other candidate. I mean Joe Biden not exactly you know, so that the question is I'm just curious about how anti american voter will look at. situation, I think you're right about truth. He was according to the poles on the down. Turn anyway. So I just wonder if it raises questions in people's minds about restoring Joe Jorgensen there's gonna, be president there's departed with them. There's try and trumpet. The virus and Biden doesn't so far have virus unless, unless it I don't know what the distance was on the stage. But of course there are these two lines about about the social distancing right. There's the sick,
sweet, you say, I'm six feet, blah blah blah, and then there was the actually the spittle the stuff comes. A ref can travel fifteen ft. I don't know if they were fifteen feet art and trouble. I didn't answer because what and Trump didn't stop talking right and what a gallant right was yelling, which apparently is worse what if they word fifteen feet apart and Biden gets Corona from Trump and it's not Joking like this is not a genome. Not now I know it is. This disease is killed, two hundred as killed a million people on this planet and two hundred thousand people in this case tree trunk already looked irresponsible as though we were mishandling. The virus he's done everybody listening to my voice. Yes, I will eat crawling, eat issue and do whatever, if somehow miraculously Trump finds a way to get reelected, but that flies in the face it
every possible reality that we are facing here. If they were tied baby, he could survive. It he's down eight and everything that people have been warning about hit. that is now coming to roost inside his own body he's not so what'd you guys what if they resigns before the election and its pants on is, I mean all of them by them. Binding wines I'm so- let's I didn't even know by the way that that would be an interesting thing too. About a been how what does it mean if you vote? If, if, if, if pencil, suddenly the candidate, now, let's have already been issued to people who have already been voting. I just what I have heard the waiter underlined
I'm curious about how our system are real live. There must be some, I don't know, but I'm like. Let's say all the ballots have been cast ripe and forty eight percent of them are cast for Trump. Just for the halibut and Trump Resigns dispense get those. Heat pants is not the only sound retrieved yet right, but you didn't vote for parents. I don't know that he just the voter than just assigned to pants- I mean he is. It is the trumpet. ticket and it's an interesting legal question actually yeah. It's a very bad signal at the fact that we are having this conversation is war evidence the Trump is done and it is October. Second, and the election is over and people are gonna have to start reckoning with this fact. I know its seven hours since we heard the Trump have the virus, but the law
is unassailable here. He cannot campaign, he cannot debate. All we're going to talk about is his health. You don't want to talk about a candidate health. Seventeen times from Sunday we're gonna hear about how these morbidly obese blah blah blah. You can't trust with his doctors are saying all of that. That is not good. That is not good and Republicans what what's more, all the Republicans who supposedly love him and worship him and all that which they support him Are they gonna like this well say that actual what we're going to shut up now? What was one minute? What was I don't like? What was the one sort of positive thing you could say about his performance during the debate? It was that compared to Biden, he did look hardy right. He was, he was the despair, strong wars and by and by
look frail? He is now hey. He is now sick man and that's gone. I am not as certain as you John that this is the end. It could very well be I'm not saying for a second, oh it's. You know they risk no, I'm not. I don't have scenarios in mind, but just by virtue of the wildly unpredictable nature of this time. I just because of that alone. I can't I can't entirely say that he has done I believe that if the poles are even remotely right, this has been done for a long time anyway. Yes, yes, so this really justice more on the pie, I did that the notion that this has been agreed predictably years predicated on the assumption that the poles are wrong were always wrong, because
also been very stack and suggest that the president has been down between five and seven points on average, nationally for the entirety at twenty twenty going, the twinning so yeah there's just compounds the existing condition, president, will not resign. Now I'm very happy tat to make that protection in the absence of it has traffic health event that takes a decision out of his hand literally out of his hands. Twenty minutes tape scenario, that's probably right and he will not be removed.
Himself from your office? Well, don't don't don't say, don't say, never, I'm sorry! I mean that something like this has never happened before we are. We are now in a circumstance in which something like this has never happened before. In the midst of a pandemic, the present United States has contracted the pandemic disease in part as a result of his own behaviour. I'm not summoning it on him. I am not. Somebody on him But he has not conducted himself like a person who is living in the midst of a pandemic. Who is seventy, four years old, with some com or better, that are patently obvious. He has not conducted himself like somebody who could get to disease and he has gotten. disease in the middle of the pact in the middle of the disease, which is the single most important issue going into the election, it is a it is a.
Manifest statement about him and his conduct during twenty twenty? It is the most biblical statement that there could possibly be. oh it's like it's like it's too. What worries about the joke last night, since I presume that he would test negative, was that this is just to on the nose right. It's like it open. Accident. If this were a movie and troubles in a movie, the fact the idea that he would get corona in the year that he was being blamed for mishandling corona and all of that which, think is overstated and that he is damn good things and bad things and been responsible and irresponsible in different ways, but you would say that outcome. I, like that's just ridiculous. What's up what kind of plot development is that, like do better, be a little more inventive lemme, really that so unimaginative
You said he would get corona, but then he got Crouch autonomous earlier point about the kind of secular faith type ritual That is always surrounded the discussion of this. On the left I mean, there's a sensor were tried his it's a smiling right there. There were there. We were joking and like trading biblical first but there is a sense in which I think there will. This will be interpreted as a kind of karmic Is this a karmic as of justice and that's fine, I guess, but I am still concerned about the fact that in the line of succession includes more people who are equally high risk, as as the as trumpet. If, if something I mean Panzas, obviously younger I don't know I'm just curious about the stability we ve been talking a long time now about the instability of democracy. In what threats there are going into this election violence in others, people who are worried about coups. I mean things are on
edge in this. This, I think it's important to to. Constantly remind everybody that we do, even though this is unprecedented. We do have a system in place that can handle this, and we should talk about that it, or at least like acknowledge that mean trumpets, accounts age, and we know that in we can predict how he's going to respond to this book. Even if you response like a crazy person, our system, as a way of dealing with that.
And right now is ending and his presidency. If they want to that, we have a system absolutely and the system is the system in the ad in the in the event of an incapacitation is actually quite at the processes. Complex involves writing letters involves abode of the cabinet and involves a vote of the Senate. It involves a time period in which the ethic it's a three week time period, but something has happened for three days and then for four days. I'm in here can look it up. It's the language of the traces of those very specific in order to prevent coups. This is literally done because the process of making this a coup would be almost impossible, given how many people have to be involved who have different committees?
hitting political interests, but I mean in that sense the timing couldn't be worse because he is we are. You know, like I said it's October. Second, and the election is on November third, which would mean that if something should happen where he gets in our having I'm sorry and why nothing, but there's more news run around running Daniel, has also tested positive vote on Wednesday. So do the smiling. Well I mean I mean: what's interesting, is It has the tensile strength of everybody's capacity first, not civility stability but perspective, and founded sanity, not to not to the label this a republican, wide event and declared it to be other public clamber unless unless it becomes republican white event. I've already is the
since each year has it the president. Has it yeah, well actors at it, and there are more people. There were more people on that plane and they were in a plane in a clearer in imminent closed. space. You know with plain ventilation: firm Euro, how long it is an hour in twenty minutes, How long is it from from Cleveland to term DC on a plane an hour in twenty minutes and then advance. Then they drove to the airport they took. The marine life whatever their cars. I you know who the hell knows like this, in which a book I mean undersized under certain conditions, this is a very contagious virus. I mean it's, not it's not a contagious virus. It's it's not! You know like if you're, if you're half a mile away from somebody-
can get it, but if you're innocent and can contain space was somebody for like an hour who has it is maybe at at at at at the apex of having it. You know right at the beginning, before their own antibiotics have a chance to it the virus inside their own body, and who knows I dont know I mean, could twenty five people get? Could this? Could the could be going to? The debate have been a super spreader event? Gal I mean if with if there are now at least four people. Who have it, who were together to be it NAM Ben documented cases of individuals who are them I was kind of a super spreader and spread it in a way that people either even including other people who are infected with the virus. Don't do maybe hope. Hexes like the beautiful deadly super, spread her. You know she said, but but there are
there are those cases, news, activism, intriguing. Recent research into by some people are far more infectious to others than than wrote other people's virus of Gatt Road Ass deposit. That's what happened here. Let's talk a little baby, I want to talk a little more about the a broader social implications of what this means. But let me first tell you guys about today's advertiser Gabby Insurance, because when you had the same car, insurance or homeowners insurance for years, you get kind of trapped into paying your premiums and not thinking about it. it makes it really easy to overpaying, not even realise at em in I've had the same car insurance pretty much since nineteen. Eighty four, for example, it's the same policy that, whereas it was a nineteen, eighty, four and- and I think
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Wait is able mentioning earlier in the week that you know new Yorkers reopening just when the case load is increasing, where two months ago, it could have reopened when the caseload was declining. So how is that can deal with the reopening here? Yeah schools and restaurants reopened here, but I should add, show today that the New York Times every day has these four categories that it puts different states in regarding the virus states where cases are high and getting and staying high cases were high, aware states where cases I ain't going low cases states where cases are low and getting higher and states where cases are low and staying well. Today is the first day that they ve put New York in the states that cases are low, but getting higher category right. So what I'm saying is this is a very complicated conversation. We're very
angry about the way public institutions have been dealing with this and playing politics with it, and all of that. Most of these being blue state institutions, blue state unions and a blue model types. What consequences does the President's testing positive for the disease? What what effect the second have on this conversation? None some alot gonna make them politics in a much worse. I went to suit write em it's the eye it it's. I told you so right. This is. I mean we even see this like foreign leaders, that the spokesperson for the french government was basically like up for those who we know. We wish the present well, but you know all that scepticism at it it gets everyone in the end, I dont think it's going to be. it is certainly not going to alleviate that that tension that that's existed in an annex
I don't, I think, they'll see it as it proving their side that the kind of blue state democratic they keep everything on permanent lockdown or who are you know, averse to reopening its? Were gonna stay close for a bit longer? I would think- and I know I think it makes the politics of it all much much worse April, you. Where do you think of him? I think it's actually a very destabilizing than big will when the head of state takes gets on potentially fatal transmissible virus. It sends shockwaves through the system. It is it, sir, it it it's. It scares the hell out of everyone in a different way beyond just random
cuz. I felt it when I remember that was the feeling when Boris Johnson got it or he went to the hospital. There was this sort of sense that things were shaking the foundations were shaking from the from the from the top to the bottom, and I think what could potentially do is further along a new cycle of panic actually about the virus. This time, I think, including people, some people on the right who, who who did that there was a sense of imperviousness to Trump and two to people like him. Meanwhile, the jobs both jobs report came out. Just as all of this. was going down this morning and it's not good fall job. The job creation fell far short of just serve like elementary expectations, which means
That, whatever economic recovery was going on, if it hasn't, it hasn't really stalled. As there is there still eat out. The at the aggregate number of jobs being created is very large, but it's not. We are not like accelerating into into an full bore recovery, which, on the one hand, should be the trigger to getting this corona virus relief bill. Finally, through the House and the Senate
by Monday, or something and having it. You'd have sign passed under the door. I gets four trumped assign it in quarantine and then they'll be some corona virus relief. The fact that it will drive take until October, when the relief you know ended in August remains one of the signs of the utter insane broken this of our political system that they that they couldn't come up with a deal, because apparently, evidently Nancy policy believed that it was better for her not to have a virus relief than to have viruses leaf, which is just you know beyond all reckoning, but here we are,
So that also has a larger political consequences, including if the money you know I mean if they sign a bill that maybe there's some relief and then you won't have the kind of small business wave of small business collapsing collapses. Turning into a tsunami that we do not, we ve already seen some of very large number of small businesses collapse, and you know here in New York or that these places, where, where indoor dining is starting, for example, but with twenty five percent capacity, the question will be once that twenty five percent capacity is reached. I would say this freezes that, in other words, like the the idea of the present
What states has the virus so get out? What all the restaurant has the saying? Let us have as many people in the end as we can we're going to die. If you don't let this happen and we're going to say what you know, we can snot safety isn't that got the president got yeah yeah! That's like tabs point, you that's the qualitative impact of the general anxiety and fear that that news will cause is difficult to measure, but we're gonna be the next few weeks will show the triple Effective that that is a very dangerous moment. I mean that fear is not what you want the american public to be feeling going into a major election. while I would like to introduce here and to say that I think that this is not as apocalyptic as this can commentary. Podcast seems to be veering towards in part, because the trajectory we were on is the trajectory we ve been on an hour go on. There was
ways a sentiment abroad on the left and in places that are governed by democratic democratic cities, democratic instabilities. Towards reimposing lockdown restrictions. You felt it was in the air, they were looking for a pretext, it suffices for that pretext. Then they will suffice for them text, but that doesn't mean there wasn't gonna be another pretext and I, floods are rising and that that would suffice later on and the anxiety over this pandemic will be worse now. As a result, one case, but it is nevertheless one case and the notion that the president is somehow undermine politically by this true, but he was in a terrible political position, so one
simply saying that got the sixth accentuates. Existing trends accelerates existing trends, but doesn't create new trends. Well it it changes the way, the dialectic words if you implicitly have the dialectic that in the in the United States, you have one part- That is arguing serve lockdown fundamentalism and the other party is like we gotta open. We gotta reopen and the head of the their party was also the president is in quarantine with the virus. You your dynamic, your your dialectic, dynamic is broken, it shouldn't be because you can see, by the way say. Look I of the virus and I still think that things should open, because the country needs it, and because I want this country to survive and thrive. I somehow I don't really think that that's what
trumps, gonna say about it, but I don't know but so where's the dialectic in favour reopen it. But on a different, a different sort of leader than trunk could even say you know this was could cut. spress humility about his earlier rhetoric and say you know if you're, my age and older and you're on higher risk. Obviously you cannot give me you do have to stay in a kind of form of lockdown, even as we open up in other areas where it is safe, but he's not pursue make a message I mean. I do think, though, that the real we're right that this is just an acceleration of existing try, with regard to the election, but it is a real again, the qualitative differences. We were, we were watching a reality. Tv show and now we're watching an episode of black mirror rate like suddenly it disconnects taken on a different view. Willie the way of saying is we're watching a reality. We tv show and now we're
what's in reality, tramp tramp with living in a reality tv show in which how you know which how you appear to be handling virus was how you would handle by everyone. By the way Cuomo I mean what what what was Cuomo but a reality tv. You know anti trump performer now did I quote much too nursing homes underwent yeah that kind of thing, but reality is now intruded. You know Trump didn't, wear, masks and got corona and may have. His wife corona, because even where am hast thou, not you not that you were a mask with your wife, you now, but you know what I'm saying it's like his: capacity to have a serious conversation or say anything positive about his treatment and handling of kroner, which he tried to do in the debate and heavy by the way been dead.
Better in the debate and more rational and all that he might have been able to make some of the gay get some of these points across about you know the where they calling the race to get the virus there's a term for it. You know that that that they're they're working on what what what medical miracle if there is a virus by the, if there is not actually by the end of this year,
I'd, be automatically miracle speed, wasn't screenwriter warp speed. You know producing tasks, doing this doing that, like you, ve been sold. The bill of goods about how we're not you know we're not handling we have been. We have been focused like a laser beam on this right and again. This is an argument that he could make that might get get to people who who would find the general democratic line. The trumpets done. Nothing may be slightly unbelievable, but now you know he's got to more debates. If the additive they're gonna, be those debates or maybe they'll, be one enough. He if he fully recovers, but I don't know he can't make that our because he sick he got it. He got it, he didn't handle it. You know he there saying you didn't hamlet. People are still getting. Second, then he's the one of the ones has gotten sick in October.
You know the idea was he wanted? You know he wanted the country to open up by Easter yeah he's not he's not the kind of person to ever issue Maricopa either. So I don't know I feel like anybody who makes that argument is kind of a bull anyway and would have made that argument. Even in the absence of this event, I don't think you need to make the arguments that I haven't. I think you're right that is incredibly delegate and hard eat out thing to be both a sympathetic and understanding of somebody. Who's got sick from a disease that, as you know, no fault of his own and all of that, it's just what the matter reading of what's goin. On my,
b. You see what I'm saying like Europe. The argument does need to be made. It staring you right in the face its October. The disease has run its course, yet he got it. You know and if, if somehow, the disease had had been more effectively or aggressively fought against, he wouldn't have gotten it. You don't have to say that in a debate or something like that for people to kind get that idea, it's there in the ether. Am I wrong? I mean is that what people are gonna? Think? Yes, Yes, I mean that's. Ok, no is saying that its ghoulish to even go there, but I'm saying everybody's mind is gonna. Go there yet, but I Ruth giant saga, going anyway. It's not an argument, it's it's just its central, the sentiment even that it's just
It's it's. A sucker myself from only one is very close relations association. I would ask as asked as if the, if the virus head continue to decline where as it as it was on the decline of several months ago, up up until the point of the election, then you you there would have been a sum a sense of of indication on the on the Trump side of the argument about where things were headed Whether or not the organs made or not, that would have it would. That would be that the impression it would have made Alternatively, he gets sick, recovers and isn't than bulletproof and that's gets to be
A super human presence entirely mask less swimming to crowd surfing at rallies. That's that led the last two weeks of the election and Joe Biden, cowering and condemning everyone foregoing outside well. Donald Trump is kept a voice. Get up on the shoulders of mega hat wearing quarters and waded through the streets. I dont think that's entirely. crazy guy, like you got on with on, ran for its not. But how do you know if you stop shedding virus other end, but that's the thing is that I am confident that now, between now and November, third, anyone who comes within fifty feet of Donald Trump will wool be exposing themselves to the risk of death, and it responsible for the president to aid the outside and for you to be anywhere near him and even within the sound of his voice. You're, probably gonna, get it through zoom calls to
but he will be a radio active presence for the left, even if you recovers, even if he's a longer shutting virus, that's just something that they have to believe. Now. They don't know who sheds virus measure you know it's not like. There's like a lesson that showed you like every single other virus. When your post symptomatic more or less no longer contagious. Ok, I'm not being a virologist, I'm not really in a position and to argue that there is also the question of whether or not you know you depend
how you get her, what you get her, how you get it that the term that you dont immediately get the immunities. So that's part of the problem here is you're, not sure I mean that the the quarantine period is actually something that you do when you don't have symptoms. Oddly enough, if you, sir, I think about it, your quarantining until you dont have symptoms. You start quarantining with symptoms without symptoms I mean you know my daughter had to do that. She was in a play with somebody who brother had carried home. She was in quarantine, ADA, basically for two weeks so far, but less than two weeks, because she really clearly didn't have anything but it is also impossible to deal with this was at the very beginning in March. But you know it's like
you dont quarantine, because you have symptoms, quarantine, cause you don't that's the missing element here. If you have symptoms and you have corona and you ve tested positive, you are a better period. This is gonna sound shallow, but I'm more or less of the opinion that, if you are predisposed to covert anxiety, does make some more anxious. If you're not it doesn't. I don't know I mean I don't think that's entirely. I think there are people who are not predisposed to cuban exiles who will be made anxious by this actually, What do we know? The margins that I agree, but he's he's been tested every there was a story they symptomatic. There's a blue
Burke had his mind our own servants. Yet Bloomberg has a story that said the people in the White House, unnamed people in the White House talking to Joe and Jacobs Bloomberg, Rodolfo Jacobs Bloomberg say that he looked exhausted on Wednesday at seem to be feeling poorly, which would be symptoms right. I mean that's But then I envy, you know hindsight people imposing on their memories of him than some guy. just curious coroner's it. His physician has not reported at him being symptomatic right. They ve said. Oh yeah, you're, gonna, believe you're, gonna, dollar trumps. Doktor John believe a word that one of Donald Trump's doctor says, I mean that. I'm sorry that you know we can't. We are now in a position where the present sick and the only thing that will you know we are now week. We can't fully trust that we're gonna get this straight story about. What's going on with him.
From his AIDS and his people? So that's where I got back to, I think, if he's doing pretty well he's gonna wanna show people, even if it's like through video call that he's doing while, whereas if, if he's shuts down and he's not making a lot of noise and getting any message out there, and all that would suggest is quite a lot safer than May looking. It would release if he's really really sick, he's not gonna be position or in a mood or in a capacity to like tweet all day, but he can tweed all day from warranty. I don't even have to have a president quarantine. That's part of you know like if there's a public not to get crazy here, but there is a public report that the President, the United States, has a bum. A life threatening you know, has contracted a life threatening diseases and now you want to take taiwan- is this? Maybe I'm just like. I don't mean to be like.
going there and government yes intact there has been seas. We have precautionary measures in place. Continuity, you ve government. I am not talking about me Carter. I am not talking about actuality here, I'm talking about what this will appear to be like on the planet. Earth which is the president's you know, there's an election. The presents coming, you know like take Crimea, I mean I mean we have. This has been that this has been something that the left has been guilty of the entirety of the term presidency. We have had the most stable
as in force in american history in the oval office. Now, for four years, and by and large things have operated in tropical e, any continued continuous fashion, which speaks to the stability of the system and its the foresight of those who put it together and not have this fragility, but I'm not talking about actions that we would take I'm talking about how we respond to actions outside the United States by actors who might believe that they have an opportunity within incapacitated, potentially incapacitated president that I'm not if we're playing scenarios. That is not a scenario that you know. If I do, if I said this to twenty years ago, to your eyes about this. This is not the something real
neither do. I dont think I would agree with that at all, because that's just not have nations operate, that's not a Briton, that's not a grand strategic consideration! There's there still consequences and trip wires and things that happen automatically. That would prevent nation from engaging in a kind of a gamble. Ok, I'm just raising it as a possibility. I'm not saying it's gonna happen reason that nuclear power is a kind of nuclear footballs that they can be easily asked the next person if something happens. Yet what he's holding it right, I mean that's issue. We shall be reassured again like that's the process and nations not commit blood and treasure to adventurism would have given those just the relatively minor change and geopolitical landscape, they don't know now really pretty rare that that sort of that sort of again that is requires a fire as a set of leaders and
yeah I sediments it is that I think, are normal to various linear, giving credit for him. There would have to be alive other factors and play which may be implied that there would be attributable to other factors and not download trumps ink Recitation should ok, so let's put that to one side so that so that so that's not gonna happen, let's just say so. We can all rest easy that the other isn't gonna, be some active foreign adventurism, as I can see a licence and training, and that's all I can't be exactly what other horrible possibilities Euro can one contemplate with a without with a president at you now and in the entire shape. Not only are these That's what we're talking about here were also the political question time that I'm wondering is. If we, if I you know what he's never gonna resign and assuming that do
The twenty amendment is amendment is not invoked in that process. So, if he's on their ticket and pencils on the ticket, does that switch anyway? does anyone assume that maybe you won't be able to serve out a second term regardless, and that's where you, I think charming, I agree that that would send more undecided or on the on the margins, voters towards buying right up we're. Ok because is there not like? So I also have the questions like buying is pretty frail too. So my question is like in your minor you actually, when you cast her about the sledges it really between Pension Harris. your truly down the life you're. Looking ahead for it, you know a few years now know that now and by the way, if it were between Pencil Harris, why would anybody vote for parents I'm just saying like I've been there, every Republican would vote for either the generic Republican would vote for the Generic Republic
and so the result would be in a pretty much every eye. People gonna go, I don't know, but Kemal Harris's collars is just too by left wing from so I'm really get it really on voting for Harris and not forbidden them dead. You know like that. I mean that.
The question is every you know: lock is a very important place. A very important factor in politics and Donald Trump has had terrible terrible luck in twenty twenty and you can blame afford to not blame for it. Cuz of course, says Machiavelli said you know, sort of a great leader dams, the river of fortune doesn't just let the river fortune run worth goes. You set up dams and to redirect it to his own advantage, but he's had very bad luck in twenty twenty, and this is I mean for him personally, the worst break, but is about as bad a break in
as you can have thirty days between up a month before an election in which you are in which you are losing, and that's just why I'm saying he's done and I will. I will eat a lot, a crow if I'm wrong and had them. on before and I'll be right hen, but but I think my view is the conservative view. I don't mean politically conservative I mean conserve just as a matter of view of human nature and all of that so with that Happy Surcoats to a happy festival of Booze tab. Fortunately, if you have a certain type of Sucker you're, not then enclosed space. So you can, you can set their happily with your family and have your meals and and and go about their Judaism
most interesting and unique holiday. I would say I can't even explain to those we were not jewish. What what's going on in it? We we set especially designed a shed with it open to the stars and and and eat there and they're supposed to sleep there and do various other things as part of the welcoming process of welcoming the new year and and harvesting at three a thing so so very, very happy supposed to everyone and we'll be back on Monday for Christine EVA. No, I'm John ports keep the cavalry.
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