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2020-03-16 | 🔗
Live from self-quarantine, the COMMENTARY podcast wonders… just how is this thing going to work for weeks on end? Analysis of public policy amid the outbreak and dissecting what might be the last Democratic presidential primary debate.
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Some guy welcome to the Commentary magazine podcast. I don't I'm not even sure I know what the Davis who's got the date March sixteenth March, sixteenth back you Christine Martin, twenty I bought words, the editor of Commentary and all the days are starting to feel the same. This is, of course, the seventy five year old, monthly intellectual analysis, put probably in cultural conservatism
a conservative perspective or whatever else, whatever it, as I say, you could try hasn't, come, join, magically dot com would give you a few free raids and ask you to subscribe. Ninety, maybe five were digital subscription, twenty that maybe five from all access subscription, including our beautiful monthly magazine you out bucks alone,
every year we have closed the April issue. It will be on line today. There is so much good stuff in it that, since we all have nothing but time, I expect everybody out of my voice to read every goddamn word in the April issue and then report back to me on Thursday at I'm that taken by the people who are on the spot, cast a Christina Noah who of course, I have read everything. I'm talking about everyone who is listening. Ok, among other things, a masterpiece of an article by the screenwriter indirect, your Andrew Bird, when called the boys from last time, which is about his father and the Hollywood pioneer Carl Wembley, who was one of the world's great saver
of Jews from the Holocaust. So, but there's this tons of other stuff Christine has to pieces in the issue to including her new. We have shifted her column, her column, social commentary is there, Let us focus on the media and she has read: may fantastic peace on the media slavishness toward Elizabeth Warren and how it continued, even after Elizabeth Warden revealed herself to be a hollow shell of a candidate. So, ah there's that many other things anyway. So Christine I was in Washington. How are you hire under lockdown over ninety lockdown day, one. We are hanging in their so far. Thank you of this Green Walled. Where are you as well I am in commentaries. Midtown offices you're, the only person there I am the only person I think I may be the only person in midtown
I was in mid term last night at around six o clock and that there is a movie from nineteen. Fifty nine called on the beach made by Stanley Kramer, which is about the world after dinner nevertheless before or is it I'm one of the many other guests I do anyway, it's about the world after submarine arrives after the new, a nuclear war in Melbourne, Australia, and they get out of the submarine and basically entire city. Melbourne is deserted. What mid term and had looked like last night at six p m so that that's really a nerve and no arrangement. Where are you Emma where the kids have already gone through. All. Worksheets in forty five minutes, and we don't have any idea. This is gonna work for the next fourteen days.
The lot of rights in your future lotta gains. Asturias Warner. I see emails went down weapon the first five minutes. What we saw my kids, so my son, my daughters, are actually on school break, so that's convenient that thereon school break with nothing to do, but my son, this is now the second day of remote learning using this program called zoom, and I'm he's that he and the severe varied a caveat him he's down a second, our and everything- and my anxiety now is that you know by the zoom will collapse, and we just heard that term. Our I just heard that
the the European Union's computer system has collapsed because, like tens of thousands of people are using some remote access system and so at camp Amulet- and that's the your feet, knew him so how's bazooka thing when there are twenty six million school kids out of school, twenty six million and there a lot of people are gonna, be trying to use this Roma learning system and there's no way the internet. Can them can survive critical, some people will be watching war porn, so happens, you don't have to be watching porn life. That's so how is this gonna work, like might know, have seriously an aluminum love each other very much go ahead Bella.
Unlike the wine, now build a bloody speculating that We may not open in twenty twenty. How how I just don't! I dont see that happening. I don't see how this is. Gonna last beyond that the two three week interval that we will all allotted for ourselves, CDC now says no gatherings of fifty people or more for the next eight weeks gabert, but how one it. Doesnt that I can. I doesn't that around all transportation, all mass transportation. Doesn't that end the prospect of of peace, gathering in any retail environment, restaurants bars- where have you any store,
He has had a governing the scenes unfeasible, but you know when we were taught matters last night, so the c b c now has a habit. They did this last week with some guidance or other. They issue some document and it says so control guidance, some acts, it doesn't say who wrote it it doesn't. It doesnt have the name of the head of the city c on it. It doesn't have a contact person for the media to ask questions. It is a sheet of paper virtual sheet of paper without with a letter had on it and it ended. It makes this these centres strictly broad declarations that are life changing whose written it we're? What was the clearance process and will end up with the idea? The anomalies that fifty the number wise and a hundred wise and twenty five the number and how binding? Is it
Is it like when the American Psychological Association announced that no one should let their children want, use a screen until there to like who who made this rule? What's the what's the evidence? What's the practical reality behind it? How did they come up with the number out of they come up with the age? You know it's it's it's maddening and it gets time from which it goes from guidance to decree, has shrunk. So like every every new guidance that you hear about you, wake up the next day and it's somehow been enforced in the neck. So anyway, I'm not saying that it's right, so obviously no one could go to an airport
No one! No one could train lady or indifference or anything or a subway car. So the guy items is already what it's very visible, but it's not just unfeasible. If you think psychologically has it it's it's. Psychological ebon has two different effects, one of which is everyone is gonna disobeyed, right, let's get it were you can't live by it. You can't what, if you have to go into a supermarket measures, people in the supermarket? You can't so. On the one hand, your establishing a law that can be held too bright other hand you are gonna, make everybody full of anxiety about em out. Are there forty seven p m? Am I the fiftieth supermarkets. Look supermarkets in some parts of the world are already doing a version of a self monitoring and that of the smartest thing they ve done so far. I think, is to have certain hours in the morning for people sixty five.
Older than most at risk groups are allowed to shop and unimpeded by all the crazy panic toilet paper buyers. That would so there are less at risk and you could actually stagger and have someone at the door, counting literally counting the number people coming in and out to make till keep it under Whenever the number is, I mean it's, it is arbitrary or correct, but there are things that we could do to that. We said that vital services, like. Certainly my groceries in pharmacies could still function it a seems to me that all of these industries by a bribe businesses industries are making decisions and the decisions that are being made are far enough because date they have skin in the game, so they are surrendering income. They are making decisions about what's better for their impact,
please and their customers, em they're on liability and all of that, and so a lot of this was happening. This is the New York City story right. A lot of stuff was happening because it was happening organically and then you're sitting around waiting to hear what the Idiot mayor is. Gonna blather about the schools are not opening or not opening the schools. Are. You know what it's it's, the public officials, with the exception of like Anthony fallacy that that seem, ineffectual and embarrassing, and it's you know it's sort of like the capitalist system that is responding in a fashion. You can't really question because enough Patagonia is going
close all its stores, that's because Patagonia out of a combination of self interest and and a sense of social responsibility or whatever is saying we're going to we're surrendering. This is the opportunity cost of staying open. This too high right and all public officials have is elections, Well, they did the relay used. So let's go ahead as gonna say There is a sort of weird moment in the in the debate, which I am sure we're gonna talk about the second last night, where Bernie Sand was railing about all these crooks who run businesses and all, I could think was a. What we're saying John. Is it many business owners, including large businesses like Starbucks and others, took, have taken initiative? Not just I think, but not just because they want to do it, think there actually concerned about their workers to to some extent. But did you the railing about all these billion dollar billionaire crooks on the way
hand, while the government responses, mixed at best and then private corporation sort of decisively saying it's not worth the risk. Is it worth it? We're gonna shut down at, as you say at it, at great expense, with astray contrast. I mean I thought that and when we know Bernie is no defender of capitalism, but I felt that it was a. It was an inn. Resting it's an interesting moment when actually private businesses or are taking the initiative in the lead on some of these closing, while the government dithers
This is a very important point because fine, so it's now it's now these sort of express view largely of the Democratic Party, but certainly of of of liberals and the left at the pharmaceutical industry's evil. Right at the outset, Crete, and ever they created oxy cotton than they did this, namely that they dave they. Everything is terrible and they price gouge emmets monster small. This. I don't think this is a moment when you want and burning did that. Last night rightly said we have to do something by the pharmaceutical. Is this not a mamma when you want the pharmaceutical industry to feel like depressed him defensive, unlike any
It does is gonna, be subject to law. Suit am confiscation like you want them to be up and committed, and you know like entrepreneurial and am looking and trying to do a remarkable things of incredibly short period of time and trashing MA am and I've just been, everybody works for them. Everybody on stock in them is really like counter productive, even if you believe it like their time in out like this. This is not the moment to be talking about nationalizing the healthcare industry, which is, I think, why Biden slaughtered Bernie last night in the debate was might was my sense because by like we have to fix what's going on now, we, after this is the war, and we have like win the war and Table ARPA. Our lot longer term policy preferences. To finish this, which Larry even rather sacrifices
tat meant affinities, fur populist flare, because it's really unproductive and public health crisis for people not to trust expertise that something White House has come around to Bernie Sanders. Is such a committed, a dialogue that not only would he not do that last night he's the last person in America defending He went through the mad to defend China again yeah. I did it Joe Biden like what are you doing here, he's making this case poverty relief China is adaptable, attributable to its unique system, which is nonsense, its attributable to its embrace of markets and competition. We ve been over that a million times, but even now he's just defending aspects in the chinese authoritarianism and in an ideological way. But now was weird bearings you're. So weird I mean why. Why bother
like I was a nice using someone baby outsides. That is quite clear that this is in eighty allowed a genuine and eradicate commitment that he will never sacrificed well, and that was one of the beard themes of burmese performance. Ass. I thought is that his he his eye definition of leadership, is an authoritarian one. It's I will not change. You know. I have not changed. I've been consistent in twenty five years ago. Joe Biden believe this now it believes that which you no one, could our you wasn't evolution of beliefs based on changing circumstances? It's a good thing in a particular someone who setting policies but Bernice Whole argued for his leadership style. Is, I am dogmatic. I am consistent. I will not change. You can count on me but of course is no says what you're counting on someone who will double down on chinese communism, is a good thing for the world. Well, that's another thing that he said that that, as an example of his style of leadership, is that he's capable of taking tough votes meeting. You know
standing by. I think you said unpopular. You are unpopular positions and that's actually the opposite of leadership in Congress the people who do that sort of thing in Congress are the people who are not taken leadership. The unpopular votes are the kinds of two boats that you have to take when you know, there's gonna be a popular backlash against that when Europe, when you might suffer politically as a result of taking this vote in deference to whatever crisis or were happy ores then the issue at that point that we were all talking about where the two thousand a tart boats and his opposition to that the people who took the tough votes on tarp, where the people who voted for it, not against it. While particularly, I would say you know this is the odd part is that the tough vote against tarp was the republican vote where the
Republic given in an evolving, gets what they were and they were. They were wrong. I mean you know they were wrong at the time it wrong now and other people who are listening, who are still committed to this notion that it was bad and it was a bail out. Every every dollar was paid back. The stimulus package was bad email on their plenty. Things were bad, but yeah I mean Republicans agreeing to get out of the public, fired a system of of high and ballots for banks. Conservative Republicans about that was a twofold Bernie Sanders. It wasn't a tough vote for him at all for Haiti, with some gadfly lunatic in Congress, who was not a Democrat and he also suggests is not a democratic was a house. He was one of four thirty five thousand members. Taking
I vote for a bill that was gonna pass overwhelmingly bright. Yes, everybody else was giving you cover, and then he also suggested that the desire of the low interest loans, zero, too low interest loans to these major financial institutions was somehow like a missed opportunity. We should have been really by putting the screws, the Bank of America. So you know it was a pretty good debate and see if I can handle it very well. But that was a huge missed opportunity on the issue at the moment is, of course, yesterday the the FED announced that it was going to zero on on interest rates and opening this. You know
window for banks for liquidity purposes, which is essentially you now two thousand and eight Red ox, and they didn't say when Bernie start attacking zero interests lot. They didn't say sorry you against doing this now, because now your anger it and they didn't ask the question. He was literally attacking the policy that had been than had been declared and let you know that is an effort at just as in two thousand, to stave off a global and unprecedented global financial calamity at bay. Work may not work who the hell knows, but but at the very least, you should be should why you should be like put on record as too
There are not this policy that you said was bad twelve years ago is still bad. Hey Abe, you haven't said anything well, you know everything is surreal and taken it in question, Donald Rumsfeld. Camera thinks we're doing this like sand and moderators comes back and I'm still true, I'm still traumatized by my walk you through midtown, which absolutely shocking. I think I think apes film a kind of where which project style, INA thing from inside the commentary offices, and then he didn't something. Why was I was? I was. I was there last night and I was, I believe, the only person in the office building so That was that was that was fun as someone who is, complain for years about the pedestrian traffic on the way to to work through midtown This was I I finally got my wish. I guess, but this was the absolutely shocking and the the
all be souvenir stores on that. Actually the saddest to me because they were just what he but the a boner envy and the employees staring out at the street from the front of them no with absolutely no one in the stores I mean, you know not said not to sit. No continue with the unnerving apocalyptic stuff, but you know this so were all restaurants and bars are are closing as of tomorrow. How in New York City, except for take out and delivery, which effectively means that you know every every bar was shot. I M a lot of restaurants that don't have capacity to do to do that or don't have delivery services or whatever going to close and the one thing of it in Manhattan that has kept a retail life. The street level detail life alive, is food service
stores of enclosing because of Amazon, and that's where everything else you now for four for ten years now- and you know, depending on how long this goes on you know it could be June or July, and you could have thousands of stores thousands of businesses at a business. I mean you, will I dont know they're gonna darkness it survive on and take em delivery am without a basically like without alcohol and stuff like that in the end and dam and southern that that the long term consequences of this are gonna, be sadly, Goldman Sachs predicted that the second quarter
the economy, this accord will will contract by five percent and then assuming everything gets back to normal fast. The calm you'll grow three percent after that, in the third quarter, which will effectively mean there will have shrunk. You now, however, to one of these large calculations, but it will, it will have shrunk for the year. That's you know and, of course, the stock market today, as they were, they shut down trading cause it dropped. Twenty two hundred and fifty points at the opening. Despite everything the FED did so well medics haven't there doesn't nothing. The FED cant do anything, because this is not a financial crisis. You can drop rates. Does your own?
conjecture, billions into the army and nothing is gonna change. Ironically, the last economic activity, the better we perhaps even from a market perspective, because it's not a financial crisis, hit the health crisis and the markets respond when the public public officials get their hands around the health crisis, and until we see any sign of that and we're not gonna see any sign of that one of the frustrating things I'm seeing from the breast every time we have a new edition that a number of cases isn't this country its it. This is exe. Financial growth? It is upon us and there's this real terror, that's being promoted by the press, are not managing expectations. The way they shed we're gonna see us bacon. The number of cases is testing ramps up and that's a good thing, because that allows us to identify these cases. Isolate these cases tractor there their contacts, and we don't have that yet so, when we see cases going up, we should we should actually see breathe a sigh of relief for now I couldn't may not be the case
week or two once we have testing ramp up when we still see that kind of growth. But right now we want to see growth in these numbers, and the press is not doing its job by saying: hey, you know, take a breath is a bad thing once that's that's that's a good point, but of course you know they're also responding to the same incentives everybody else's. Responding to amuse. You are part of the problem. Here is, there is that there is a weird misunderstanding going on about about viral diseases, which is that you know everybody doesn't get it, I mean it up in a in up it s, not a virus, but when you have a bacterial disease enough, you have like a contaminated food.
Right where you go to get out, so I can put the movie are playing. You know. Everybody had the six point, six right, but people don't get it some people don't get it a lot of people. Don't most people don't get it or if they get it, it's unbelievably mild and all of that- and so you get the sense from people of this panic that that you have to whatever you have whatever you do. You can't get it to do whatever you can to not get it if you get it in your get out, you're a dead man, but if you're, if you're not immunocompromised or have shoes and you're not over seventy, which is actually cause. That's where you start getting in a compromise and sometimes have what I now have respiratory issues just naturally, you know it might be better to get it and get it over with
this also goes to know his point about the Good NEWS of testing with the more positive tests we find the more that the mortality percentage will shrink in response, because now we're we're looking at debts without knowing without having a handle on how many people actually haven't. Who are dying and that's you know I mean the bizarre thing that I will in some way in my soul, in my own conflicted soul here that is haunting is this notion that I would be feeling better about self veto effectively self born gaming me and my family. If the crisis were worse at the fact that you're there there are fewer than a hundred deaths.
And now, all of that, if you keep getting this moment where you save yourself, it's really necessary, I mean you know, maybe we'll eat an especially strange thing in the context of american culture right because we're so safety conscious and risk averse about things that act. We are low risk. I mean I mean I joke with friends, but I've received pizza deliveries where the pizza has an explicit warning that the pizza inside might beat hard I mean all we welcome the Mcdonald's cases, but we are incredibly risk averse and the strange thing minute there's a lot of conversation about those in Washington DC where so far restaurants have now? shut down and just last night, you know, there's a bunch of people at it. The public is a line around the block and and people were kind of questioning. Should we publicly shame Those who go out amid this supposed crisis and an congregate when they ve been advised not to- and I think it's because
It was largely young people. These were low risk groups, but the point is that the real risk as to the most more particularly the elderly and immunity compromise, but it's not a risk. You can see right. It's not hurricane barreling down. It's not something you can easily so far for US track, because we're not testing and that no one unknown is really fuelling a lot of anxiety. Understandably, but this that the Do you that an incredibly risk averse society is not taking this risk as seriously as it should concerns me, and I really do like I, I was horrified to see all those people in a crime together in one place. If what telling us is true: that's going to lead to a number of ill people and to the deaths of some vulnerable people, but whirlwinds, making active. We can't make a connection. We dont trust with the officials are telling us it's understandable, but you also, you also have the kind of counter culture to the risk of our society, which is bravado, which is regulated, keyed less bravado. You know it's like bunch,
you know it's like do equipment or get up eating tied, pods or whatever. Whatever bizarre thinking, you can't tell me what to do with that. There's also like this is how to feel lie that yellow scare had so, and so am I try. Donald Trump has some of this. That's part of what that's part of what was going on in the early stages of love of of this is this I come I can now. This is all just sissy talk. You know basically Evan. I think that serve that I wrote a blood was about this yesterday. That sort of this aid, You know I e the thing that one would expect in a sort of in a more traditional badly called.
Let's say, is out of bed the lid dad going out in hammering boards on the window to make sure that the the storm doesn't Mariano digging a storm, shelter doing stuff like that, we don't have. We don't have a culture like that, any more where serve taciturn seriousness is how you're supposed to respond to blooming good design. Esther or prices, so we either shriek at the top of our lungs in terror, observe emotionally drive each other into Patrick Systems of anxiety, or we pretend that it's all just liberal media nonsense. Again. We should take a minute. Ok and add to the listeners sense of disconcerting discontinuity in abnormality. By letting me do the library the Al Yes yards are sponsor today himself. What do companies like ring hint,
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tor right now and receive your free guide, seven key strategies to grow your profits at net, sweet dot, com, slash commentary, that's net, sweet dot, com, slash commentary, net, sweep dot com, slash commentary, that's Noah! Excellent thanks and I was so good. That's my background broadcasting. I love that little rich Plumy voice, that's just those those fantastic. The debate. So should we talk about the debate? Here's my question: is anybody got a vote tomorrow? I'm gonna get. Some are some are not Arizona
once they re they haven't, cancel Florida employment. Tell where the three areas where the by simply about could take out a surprise. Women, Florida refined voters is, is self quarantine. I mean it fears that, but that's not a weird thing to say I mean we can expect that turn out among older voters will be down dramatically. Presuming alot of these people have voted because all their voters, the early in disproportionate numbers, so I don't expect that battle overcome a forty point deficit. No, I But no I mean it's not it's not a weird thing to think that perhaps team Bernie is expecting younger. First to prevail in numbers that they weren't prior, just because they ll be a larger proportion of the electorate. I mean that they were. They were such a tiny portion of the electorate so far, like thirteen percent.
I'm the one Craddock voters Lessing whilst in the race, so that he can be as Cool is annoying as it was last night, I'm so so last night, yet get caught. I've thought about last night. Biden was so shockingly steady and in command that I feel that its obligated after you know, having like Toward him up for months and months about all his malaprop Isms, and and whatever else I have to wonder if he wasn't mostly up until this kind of two rattled to sort of get it together, and that is that it will.
He had been taking. As I don't know, what sort of a problem with his faculties was more circumstantial, then than we realise what I'm getting at the foot of the fact that the debate was focused on something that he could bone up on so so clearly, and it was really the first tat our forty five minutes that he just like. White to the floor now with Bertie, because he he actually knew the details of his own set of proposals for dealing with the virus and and and had this very firm thing that he was saying that that that dirty had no answer for which is? This is not the moment to discuss our want.
Our policy preferences and ideas. There's a crisis, a it's, a war, it's like a war, and we have to do what we have to do today at focus on that, and so it politically stop with your domestic care for all nonsense. That has nothing, even though, by the way binds proposal is a kind of momentary, Medicare Medicaid for the country right, which, sadly, I thought I was his point, though his point very explicitly was. This is a crisis that requires crisis measures, but that to adopt a crisis footing in Perpetuity does not work in a very explicitly said that single pair as it exists in ITALY has been an abject disaster which has
very interesting position for Democrats to take. I have not heard anyone in the commentary it be that bold aid by the way literate. So we have our private chat, we're going a while we're watching the debate and Abe says. I wish somebody would point out as birdies talking about this, that ITALY, as a single pair system and is a disaster, and about ten seconds after a heaps message by my screen Biden said Italy has ITALY, has a single parent, Tibet. It is. It doesn't work its long waiting lists so now. You know why I'm praising him today. I know I know it's like we're. Taking the other big contrast than I think speaks at this point is: You know a and shows just the depth of of birdies Ideological positioning is that, most true idea- see a crisis as an opportunity
a revolution right. We don't. We can look throughout. History didn't see that, but I think what Biden did so Well, it's a we are in a crisis, it's the the absolute worst time to be talking about revolution, and I thought that was really a very powerful pointed beard buzz night right. So I think because the nature of the twenty percent of them, sixteen percent of the twelve persons, seven person debate structure over the course of was you just had no idea where any, where the conversation was gonna go riot and so and then end up with this kind of endless. A reiteration of the health care discussion over and over and over again, and but you know, Abiden yet was probably kind of over prepared, maybe an over prepared at nervous about talking too much at this
The other thing in the end last night, you know he was going to in a comfortable place what one on one this notion that a lot of people have that you know this was going to kill him, because you know that people would see her oh feeble. He was one on one I mean. All I remember is in twenty twelve granted. That was that was a years ago, but you know he he I thought Poland was prove it. His stratagem for taking Paul Ryan down in the Vice Presidential Bay was unbelievably effective right which is treating him like he was like assertive a little boy, didn't know what he was talking about, and it was funny it's funny cuz. I was saying ridiculous policy things. A lot of them by the way about
title Mintz and will be I lied about that. I mean he was just being. Roberti did catch him in being dishonest. They know they remember some symbols, but does that I mean the the Obama administration position was kind of new once they were critical of it, but there were more critical of Republicans for being critical of it and biting lambasting republican or failing to accept the recommendations and symbols on the stamp on several occasions. So it's so boring even about even get a discredited hit. Both washes. Who cares less power? The problem here, which is this is always the problem when you try to do any illogical tests, even if you're too, even if your time summons honesty within a party which is
so sad or score. Some points attacking Biden on on social secure and whether he ever supported cuts in social security and the problem is he'll, be one thing if, by we're talking about a republican cause, Republicans Alot of applicants, support cuts of entitlements or be of cuts in the growth of entitlements or whatever, and they don't want have to admit it in detail, because its poison, the disabled, really believe that Joe Biden wants to cut social Security and Medicare medicate like it's. Not it's not credible, he's just a glad ending old fashioned, liberal politician, of course he doesn't want to cut entitlements ito. It's all I know, is very annoying. Bernie Sanders refused to give Alan Simpson First billing. It was conspicuous,
after that biofuels sub symbols. That of yes, that's not! It was so petty yeah I mean it. I thought it was interesting to us are watching some of the young. Commentariat respond. There was a. There was a certain like. There were two different interesting response, one of which is old boy burn. He's really scoring points here and the other was what is this he's? Like Bernie and Susan threats, you trying to harm our chances in the general everybody's going to be the nominee? What is he attacking him for and given trump you know material to use against by this? Is this? Is it morrow?
he d come together block all of that, but it seemed to me. The Biden was giving Trump material on his own, particularly in Pennsylvania. Right as he sickening business. He said no new frock which serve like you, have known expenses right so exactly to shut down the fragmentary, thereby Zack nor allow for new fracturing. But you know if you're in the industry, you hear no new tracking and you're gonna, hear no frack anger, you're gonna here there's a present, is hostile to Hydro attracts ring, which you know at an old plays a hundred and twenty five thousand people nationwide any entity life's blood of the state, a pencil bang it now at a time in both Russia and
Saudi Arabia to regimes were trying to isolate, are trying to kill the business right says what the price war is about. They're trying to these debt ridden firms can absorb what's coming. So there was that there was a lot of what would seem Christine you should you should go into a little bit like a lot of. Wild talk on on immigration and amend the undocumented o. This young lives are well known, so I mean we're we're talking about this. Just shows you how how the Democratic Party has changed even the way that we're talking about buying them, what we're kind of nominally praising him for we should all have the caveat. I think we'd agree that you know by this clearly been pushed very far to the hole where he was even a few years ago, and I think that they did come out on the discussions of immigration. So this idea that there would be in his first hundred days as president but deport no one. It's absolutely ma.
And boggling and ridiculous to stay? Something like that's like. Basically, we will suspend any you know, sort of law enforcement procedures whatsoever because you know what it. What is it like? A like a like a no shopping tax day. I mean that's, not how this work. So I think it is a deal that this with some sort of you, no incentives added incentive, but to what it was clearly a way to try to pander to the left wing at a party and I think in a similar way he kept named checking. This war in that was a pander he's gonna put a new one he's gonna have a female running made as it refers vice president, that's a panther he's gonna put on african american woman on the Supreme Court? That's a panther, so he is clearly here really feeling like he needs to bring that left wing a little closer to his more that previously moderate flank, but on on the two of immigration. That's just not strategically smart for him for a general election that I thought to me. That was the one thing that if you're a trunk campaign
staffer you're gonna. Look at that and say we are good, there's already commercials and development talking about how he's gonna. Let you know criminal illegal aliens but she did used the word alien and unrealized whoops, I'm not gonna say that anymore. That's that's fodder! For the trunk team. I think well does mean we're in a new reality now Economy was not an issue two weeks ago, it's gonna be out as live an issue as it could be by a fall if we have ten percent contraction in You too will any of those issues even matter. It's gonna be life or death lecture gradually it matters than this. One sense, which is that you know binds implicit promise, is that part is that he can get those o bomb a Trump voters from the White Working class back in get him back like half of them in our some tat and if he hands trump,
Cultural issues to say. Look this guy may look like he's one of you, buddy isn't really. He is just one of them. Is this one of those? coastal leave. You know, doesn't care about America the way we care about America? You know that that that makes his job marginally harder and why you felt it necessary. Obviously, I think that's about you know like making games with the hispanic vote again confusing. In a left wing. Hispanic organizations are latino organizations with the with the hispanic club, which is a which is an enormous mistake. I think that's not why you know it's a largely, I think Bernice margins with her, but he knows are a subset of his margins, with with young vote discuss. Latinos are barred our young or tend to be abandoned, but also with regard to a nose point.
Think for a lot of people who are opposed immigration it it is it comes an economic issue. In other words, it is about taking away jobs. So We are if, if, if it's all about the car- by then I think it's. It's still, it would still be alive. Issue bright to plan was so let's talk about that. Let's talk about the female vice presidential candidate at me and the African American Supreme Court candidate, female Supreme Court candidates, so he he mentioned the effort. American Supreme Court having first and then he went to the female vice presidential candidates. Second, thou be made like one of those public found.
I now and of creating as moderators, and I do you two brief Anders also vow and burning, and I ended on, but Bernie said that he wanted a progressive bore them. He wanted it out which really suggested the extent to which he views his campaign as reaching out to people beyond his own marrow dogmatic category by but with Bernie. There was this moment when they were talking about how they are themselves are dealing personally with with corona, but with a compromise where he literally turn into Larry David, Where did very well, I use a lot of soap
I have in my bag in my bag. I have your royal and had said the ties of anyway. I just have to get that out because it was it was like. You know that the surreal blending of everything coming together that Larry David Big spun Bernie Sanders that Brace Anders turns into Larry David Chest was just a fantastic, but so I got to be a Strauss him and and and and and overly analyze by the strategy. But it struck me that we were basically being told that Biden was gonna pick either Amy call the charter Tammy Duckworth, as vice president, because by mentioning the african american woman for the Supreme Court, he was then giving himself
room to appoint a white woman, as vice president Worryin Kazi name checked her a few times you and she's sooner she's she's, the dead, the less crazy progressive. Many democratic primary voters like as well. Boy. Maybe he'd could be right and sees synergies to the left of him. I'm include the sure is more like Biden than not in terms of the funeral, her policy lane, so if he really does need to bring in those younger entered as voters which persons were seeing haven't turned out at all for Bernie, but still I mean if he, if he's looking to the future. Also warrant I mean Warren is older. Klobuchar is younger, others that they do this is amendment or I'm running a blood pose about this right now, but this vice presidential pic is the this crucial one that happen in this country for a very long time, if ever given the actuarial futures of both
hidden and Sanders. They are old old guys, one of whom is quite ill. If you think about his his heart condition and actuarial likelihood of causing it having another one. So this choice is actually quite serious. The poorest who either of them. Pick, however, is the nominee will have a much more direct path? The white House than previous vice presidents did not to be much less so bleak. The young any religious outline, though, why would be silly to pander ideologically and not to choose somebody who helps deliver estate, because that is really the only thing they do deliver. Vice presidential pay as far as data I've seen the modern arise in this century, really don't matter much when it comes to delivering blocks of the but they do have an in state advantage- they like they re, is pulling averages by like some odd percentages. Couple of points, so that's why it would make more sense to go with someone midwestern and not Massachusetts, I mean I mean
The thing is the logic of of Aimee Clover charts the logic of why she was in theory on paper, a good presidential candidate which is she's amid westerner she's, a woman. She, the MID West she's, not a lunatic, you know she she is a she she's, smart she's able as she's not dislike about she's, not controversial, ok and an she's from a purple state that the Democrats only one by point behalf, and they two women, twenty twenty, then you get to the other wild card, is Tammy Duckworth, a senator from Wisconsin right, which is stated that that the Democrats needs to take back from Trump two women, twenty twenty two who is a disabled, veteran, ah Anna Ganem and a young mother, and so has
all kinds of interesting I mean you know, maybe that's not good, I don't know, maybe maybe disabled person would be unnerving to people as the vice presidential picked. For somebody who is so eight years old when he saw a man as president I don't know, but the general tenor of this conversation. Fruit for the last few months has been well. He really needs an african American alike or the Democrats need never in American on the ticket, or ideally african american woman, on the ticket to do not like check off all the boxes to get the enthusiasm that. They need blood bar widens margins among African Americans, and some of these states are have been so colossal that eat out.
He may be excused from the african American pick up as deep thing, although owner is by the way sitting there in Florida. Again, you don't know, what's in people's backgrounds all but one of the house managers of Impeachment valley Demings Congress congressmen from the Orlando area, who is smart and Cami and was a cop and is married to a guy who was a cop, was now a mayor, a small town, mayor, three kids, late forties. You know she's in a coup. No, So I don't know for politicians right now, our kind of high risk, if you believe, if you were following any of the gods, Angela in Berlin Associated no flirt. I can say that I'm a Florida Florida regions have a sketchy pass somewhere,
Because the matter whether before it gets you future exit yeah, sorry I couldn't really are you. Are you saying that a guy who almost became the governor Florida being at a hotel room with mass and gay prostitute? That's that's Tuesday! For Floridians, like I'm, in a hurry up, we need some of us needed that story at this time is bleak Bowman's we needed something. You have to have some kind of good laugh about budgetary, since he said he had too much to drink, getting to know the guy. He live that thing that people did that
that weird thing that people do when they get caught, you gotta witches the Anthony Wiener. I was hacked manhandling. Somebody had you know you didn't anti is going into rehab, so agencies is done at the factory, have cycle ass accelerated rather dramatically head. Yes, that was that there was a fascinating. Is there anything else in the world today, about now we're gonna have to find new angles on this story for the next term, several weeks, both area or it. This is an interesting question like should we not be talking about it because it's it's like you? Should we be distracted people by talking about Euro as thereby John you now I get me where I get guided. I could take it sago goods
talk. A couple minutes about deep. The bizarre situation in the is is Brett postal israeli election circumstances, but you know that whatever I say will be. Will change at four o clock self evident makes now that makes no different, so I M just a complete the cycle and I'm on corrode them and the way we live now you you walk to work. Ordinarily, Take the subway, are you now? Are you gonna do not take the subway, I'm gonna take the summer. I stop taking subway about a week ago. So Nokia Christine? Are you what? What is your? What is Europe? A social
distance single strategy. So the rules right now are no mass transit. We ve, given a mass transit ends. We are limiting for now. You know one friend at outdoors play date like you it is as long as no one in the household is from a vulnerable population or sick. That's pretty risky one of my kids as a friend who just came back from ITALY. He's not let's see him for two weeks. You know there's sort of self coordinating, so there are measures we're taking and we're not going out to eat were not you know we're trying to stick close to home, but we're China also get some exercises above two teenagers. So it's everybody gets anti and we have a small house, but the main thing is Austrians, are no dining out, no meaning up with friends. Ok, all died out. Would you order in I
still order, and mainly because are actually a lot of local restaurants like I want to support them in some way and they don't offered them offer gift cards. I wanted. I want to be able to support the local businesses because their good businesses, I dont, think you ve cooks ever so I M not much Bernie Sanders, I'm not responsive to this crisis I am not changing my way what you are you're not take the subway well, but I like to walk in the spring anyway. To be honest, I have changed my ways, but I have not got now so you will continue to that. You continue in New York, like the only way restaurants are to survive the people. Were it out. Why I warn ran, and I have stopped up. Ok, Adela, what what's your? What's your strategy? Everything has changed.
Where that, where the excess group we we totally stock, this house can we can survive. I think, for two months and the amount of food that we haven't here toilet paper and all that nonsense that there are were all on lockdown for a week. We are monitoring closely to. Their families that we socialize with and then after a week, if it's actually been more than a week, but after this week of pure isolation, then we're going to talk about limited, isolated, get togethers with them and that for the first In future we were supposed to get on a plane in two weeks. I imagine that everything is going to be shut down, so who knows we're not going so far as to cancel trips just yet, but I think that stuff inevitable. Well, I will I will. I will conclude with this hilarious little detail. So are we were supposed to go to Disney World on Wednesday so last week and we
are flying with miles and staying at Disney resorts, so they so they close Disneyworld, but they don't. They say the hotels, her remain open, so we have to lay down the phone it get out of the it was impossible to reach any the obviously itself after three days finally reach somebody at dizzy. Who said yes, yes, we'll work it out were funding everything. Ok, sure that at some point, because she was having trouble getting my computer to boot up at its very lovely their personal data,
world said to me we're just having a magical enhancement with our system. Yes, anyway, so their employees glue it s so because these all its eyes like have a magical day, would you like the magical, expresses all the word? Badger goes used often in the distance selling strategy? Ok, so we we get our we get were funded, and then we get our miles back from American Airlines and the fee is that you pay their bit of whatever the service fee as to use miles. The one thing that I can get back that is non refundable, is the travel insurance which you pay in order to be able to cancel a trip. So there is no trap, and
everybody who was supplying, the trip were funded me, but the travel insurance adequate, I daresay is money that seem deeply. I agree that I really isn't quite the wider know. What that is. That's just like Goebbels overcoat or something anyway. So we will. We will gather again anew on on Tom Thursday, to depress you and under view adopted, that's hard, because I think we're all feeling depressed so we will. We will weaken commiserate together and remember what I said. I expect everyone listening if you're, not subscriber subscribe. Now is the time to subscribe. You got nothing else to do. And I want you to read the entire april-
Your commentary because there will be equips itself word. I will do it on with remote learning. So for a great one, Christy Rosamond, the I'm John Todd boards, keep the candle burning.
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