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Take Off Your Masks, America!

2021-05-14 | 🔗
Today's podcast asks what changed that made it possible for the president to announce the end of masking for vaccinated Americans? Was this the result of the "science" or a naked political move to distract from the bad news of the week? And why are liberals clinging to their masks? Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Friday. May fourteen twenty twenty one, I jump upwards. The editor of Commentary magazine with me, as always, executive weatherbury, bring Waldheim Ajar You see it editor, nor Rossman High our agenda, and Cigarette Christine rose high, Christine John. so you don't have to wear a mask anymore unless you live in places where, You have to wear mask because apparently we only followed the science. When are we
in June the sympathetic magic being provided by the sides of the line as if your vaccinated, you now have to wear a mask and indoors outdoors anymore. This came out no, no prep, no preparation for this whatsoever just dropped yesterday afternoon, the Bush administration were, shall linsky the head of the CDC, whose guidance this is had only a few days ago, informed Susan Collins and in a certain sense of hearing. That You would not send her child to summer camp out of fear of covered children, of course, being extremely unsusceptible took over it. particularly when all the adults around them are, let's say vaccinated, which every camp will require of everybody who ghost camp this sum. she may be one of the worst public officials we ve ever seen in terms of her inconstancy end emotional malady, and
a surrender to whatever is the political orthodoxy of the moment whose line she has unwittingly crossed, but I'm in the fact that she could say this on a Monday or Tuesday, and then on a Thursday Herc agency announces that dumb mask is, for all intents and purposes over once you vaccinated, while not yet lifting, though I summer will be lifted, the guidance that children this summer, should all be socially distance and worrying masts outside and ninety two glue, others in conditions of quarantine, which is what more camp. Actually, yes, it is a court and literally quarantine, there's a gate. You can clothes and no one can come in or leave any time you want to. It is for a pretty startling, so
I can only like in this to the collapse of the Soviet Union in so far as this was a guiding philosophy, a source of identity that not two weeks ago, this agency produced a graphic that told you that if you were vaccinated, you could do precisely to new things, all of which were outside matchless. Two weeks later the whole edifice collapses, and to hear people who adhered to this philosophy. Talk about. They are more adrift in terrifying new world with no capacity to understand how this happened. If I watch the second yesterday with Rachel Maddow who talked about how I need to actually pull up the quote because she talked about how it's her I choose to rewire her brain in order to walk through the street and not feel like people are a threat to her quote.
You'll like I'm gonna, have to rewire myself, so that when I see someone who's out in the world without wearing a mask, I dont instantly. Thank you are a threat or you are selfish or you are covered denier and he definitely haven't vaccinate She has to require herself to think that random people there too, and then the dark fantasy she has about strangers, because a federal agency told her. So this is madness and also you have states like New Jersey and New York, which can't really fully embraced this yet, but it happened. They then, you ve been operating under the assumption that they have to be a maximum list as possible and then all of a sudden, the druggist pulled out from under them. Unless it wait a minute all this stuff. You were telling us for the last year to say nothing of the last several months we have, to abandon. Madame on a dime, I understood and why there's wrote resistance to this, because, it make any sense from the perspective of somebody who actually trusted these agencies, people. I guess it's easy, but if you really trusted these people and thought that they were being absolutely
during as closely as possible to the science, come capital as science and all I do this, it's like surrender. You have your analogy. Can I just I just said that Tell union why? this reminds me of is the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the essentially the collapse of of EAST Germany. That was two years before the end of the Soviet Union, because you remember that one of the great comic tragicomic bizarre things that was happening was that agents of some of the Stasi with was this secret police were showing up to work and the Stasi didn't exist anymore, so they were going to the building the building. It essentially been abandoned. East Germany no longer existed. This was the special. This was secret police, the KGB of EAST Germany I didn't know what else to do except go to the office in the morning, and there was no office. There was no.
Germany, there was no secret police any more and yet day after day, they would show up just to see maybe the door, Libya, its shevardnadze saying out now, of course, America's european power. What Why too many better ass way that you'd better explained the level I think, with a boat out in Malta during ninety negotiating, essentially a soft landing space for the implosion. pending implosion of the Soviet Union and the US. Within the government. The Gorbachev government conceded the Congolese arise that american military, presence in Europe was not only desirable from the perspective of the soul, but inevitable? Because America is, of course, a european power, which was never the Soviet Union's position throughout the cold war has just been about food to turn on, and I will give you murder go if you didn't see it happen, I'm sorry, that's! Ok! Here's the thing to forget Rewiring
Rachel Matter, Rewiring her brain to view other people at no longer as a threat. What, if you accept the new sudden one aid guidance. You have two Rewire your brain to realise these people have been full of it right and where is that conversation among the follow the science, worship, fatty trust, the CDC? That's that's what I want to know. What we're? How? How are they explaining this into and emotionally, intellectually to themselves if they're not right there. Just not- and this is where I mean I hate to be deeply cynical about what has happened, but it was worth it just a week ago that you were not patriotic. If you didn't constantly mass and now it is your duty not to mask, because you have to get back
How is this not an effort by the binding ministration to make the news go to get exactly what we are talking about the other day about our everything's negative they're kind of building on the negative news verses talking about a positive future? Suddenly happy is her here again because you could take your mask off and I mean we're all grateful, because we ve been looking at the science and know that this has been saying for some time if your vaccinated, but there is there something. Deeply cynical about the choice to suddenly ha ha. You know and then that the rose garden ceremony were common Joe walk off together without their mass? I mean it. It was the tsar to watch and I'm cynical about why they did it now and, and and also just a warning about, photo you for a second it wasn't that could have been more than dollar two weeks. Go movement if that where he was still saying, we No, what's gonna happen with the variants So this is why, if your vaccinated, you should still where Mass, because the variants there we could evolve and get new deadly variant. Second evade the vaccine. Wetware, that's all gone
That's suddenly there's new allies that she's Alderson very level about all this. He's been getting there. If you follow is data day statements and you can because he makes them every day multiple times a day. But if you like me and do he's been evolving towards a much more liberal conception of mass mandates of the course of the last two weeks that is shocking the alacrity is shocking. So this look. I don't accept the contention that able just said that you need to accept that they were full of it too and to accept this I mean Why can't you just say: ok, they looked at the science and they now see that trends patterns, the need to get people vaccinated to write an incentive in all of this is is is. Why is why they ve done this? I don't really understand why you can't do both
I mean, I agree that I think they have largely been full of it. We also by the way this a panel of epidemiologists. The New York Times spoke to. I'm gonna remind you guys again listeners that Epidemiologists are largely not doctors, they are not. Doctors have social scientists and they were all shocked, because they were convinced that the people still still needed to mask and they were dead and very important to continue masking. and all that what the reason I think that they had they do have to accept that they were dinner after I didn't have to accept it, but I think the reason that this reveals the fact that they were full of it is because nothing has changed. It was the trends at their now going on have been the trout case, I've been going down, people have been killed vaccinated There is no new variant science, I mean, did you ever? housing, but there's no there's there hasn't
in a breakthrough revelation. So what will do with what they are saying, are the things that people who have been skeptical of of post vaccination masking have been saying for a long, time is precisely right. The data has not changed the trends that pertains to weeks ago protein today. This is not a data dependent vision, and is this if the sudanese agencies had not hurry, demonstrated habit of being over cautious getting criticized by people they respond to by institutions,
They respect and people there who, within their communities that they like and listen to and then changing the guidance in response to criticism, not in response to data we can be more charitable. I the only thing I'll say about that. Just plain devils advocate: I'm not you know that I don't in my heart disagrees. You guys don't blame those who get is yeah two weeks, two weeks of out of a trend, continuing represents more data. I mean it's not a thorough Tedo, that's not, but it represents a greater degree of data Christine. I think effectively saying that the news about inflation is there she's been gathered? This happened right, I mean, I don't know if you're trying to distract it's a distraction, because actually we ve been getting vaccinated since January linking vaccine since January. We know it was effective. We had early studies that even showed you can't trend
is very difficult to transmit the even a variant to someone etc that we knew all this and it wasn't enough. We know that the CDC caved to pressure from the teachers unions about schools. We just know that political decision making has been since Biden took office. dogging the CDC recommendation since since beginning as it did under trumped you- I'm not, you know, but we know that so yeah. I think that is. Why may thirteenth, why? Why may thirteen the logic for this? According to the people who who are willing to speak on the record in the professional medical community. Is that listen? It's my logic gets listen. We have to give people a reason to get back and they did you have to give them their lives back and asking is giving in their lives back. That's how you gonna reach. These people have been saying this for weeks and its true we ve been through since January. That's actually right! we weren't talking weird. They called us bad men. The call this crazy while they're kind of calling the CDC crazy. To be fair, I mean when, when Andrew Cuomo and Howard Sucker
you know the murderers row of the of the nursing homes in New York State say: well, we're not sure we're gonna have to do our own independent study of this. I thought that was ok among liberals during Trump, because that was trumps CDC in trumps vaccine all this, but this is Thou Biden, CDC, invites vaccine and he is questioning the authority of the vaunted cdc. It's worse in New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy might governor has, as very explicitly said, CDC Gardens was the scene of finance for moving forward with any relaxation, and now he sang while we are now doing out, there's a lot of african Americans. Our stay went on vaccinated. This could be really bad. So it's not that easy
It's not data on science, if Father federal government, it is a source of identity and they cannot let it go ok, but they see poles you're. The only reason that honest I, what was the story in the New York Times that preceded this decision announced their masking. It was Randy. Weingarten, the head of the American Federation of Teachers, Sir We have to make sure all schools are open in the fall. Why on earth? Would she make this declaration? No, you can look at it and seventeen different ways made the declaration, because the numbers are going against her. She made declaration, because this is not the people like this do not make moves without hard focus group out polling whatever this is a multi billion dollar organization, there's husband in its resources and its and its power and its influence very carefully and something chain.
something has changed over the last two weeks, you know. What's changed, enrollment numbers in public schools nationwide have drunk significantly, and that is that's what pays her to her members wages as the public school teachers and so that in and if you read, I read obviously obsessively read her little statement. It's it's ridiculous because she still has all these cabbie out that have to be met. If schools actually well reopen which is smaller class sizes and higher more teachers. But if you look, I know you're indecent another big cities, the enrich The numbers for public school have plummeted in places where the teachers unions are quite powerful, because parents are going to vote with their feet and and have taken many their kids out of public school about us. What moderated part of her decision? I think I'm sure that I'm sure that's true, but I think in the global sense, if you will that would Weingarten DIN. And then you look at what happened yesterday, and you want it, you know
you want to assume that our political power- this is this is it. This is an element in aspect of political power which we talked about, that is to say, Biden we set a couple of months ago. Binding does not have to be the tool of Fouche in the CDC. He is the president of the United States. He can make it clear that his goal in his aim politically is to reopen the United States is, as possible, and that he doesn't want to hear from them with vague nostrums about how this, or that might not happen something changed in this country. Free when the CDC put the pause on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine that two things right, one was vaccination rates, plummeted and vaccine hesitancy rose and
Suddenly listening to the CDC guidance became something that was a political and logistical threat. to the immediate future of the United States and then the pause was lifted, and it actually took a couple of weeks for vaccination rates to start rising again as they have like they plunged under a million a day, Mather back up to like two million a day, which is where you want them and obviously, if they and to a million less than a million a day, and there now double that, given the fact that that was during a period when people have to come back to, you know three weeks later for their shot, that that's a good number, that's a solid first dose number that we're seeing something happen. Where I think me maybe Biden lost his four Braun, cleaner, whatever lost their faith in the political wisdom
of doing they. We have to follow the CDC because what they were hearing and what they were seeing Something that was starting to run counter to what they need and what We need political. Maybe even one would hope, though, not to be less cynical. Woman hope you know what they think the country needs practically logistical morally spiritually, but let's to say that it's not what they need politically putting Europe which are in the hands of found she was. around saying. I don't think anyone should ever shake hands again. That is not wise, found, she's fine. As politically your democrat. As a counterweight to trump and sainted figure, forty years
but the head of the gay didn't and you know what else not did not to continue their like going off ebbing item having often fancied, but who knows what the FAO Cheap, Rand, Paul fight over the shoe Han. You know it's lab escape thing. You know the fact that found she is now being made to answer for and the U S, government is being made to. aid to answer. Questions are looking to questions about whether or not the money that was being sent to the wall
Hon LAB from the. U S, government wasn't spent on gain a function, activities that may inadvertently have led to the creation of this virus and its escape from the lab. Maybe you want to start distancing yourself from these people because they are gonna be trouble for you later I. This is not a conspiracy theory. I just mean at some point you just don't, invest your political future in people who do not necessarily think politically or think about anything outside of their tiny little ambit, which has found cheese fetish possession of this notion that maybe we can just keep people behaving this way and then we won't see more respiratory diseases. Everybody where's masks if they sneeze everybody whenever shakes hands again. This is psychosis. I mean it's her if Europe, if your entire life, is about preventing Prince mission by germ retransmission by virus, but it is
how you run a society and is not our society is run. You know we're not shakers fancies. essentially calling for everybody to live at a distance from everybody else, because everybody else couldn't could spread their sin to you personally but there's gotta come on. There's gotta be a lot of internal pulling both for the Bite administration in the last few weeks, and I we it's gotta have happened for the teachers unions to and there's what's the old phrase like when the mob search running after you get to that front of the mob and pretend you're leading a parade. I mean there's a sense in which they are they. They finally finally hit them that there is a fair amount of public will. First of others, people voting with their feet by in places like flora and taxes and other over. There are now where the mandates have been lifted for a while living their lives. Right and you know you ve got mid term elections coming up, you ve got governors who are.
clearly have been in defiance of the CDC recommendations for some time, and there are people are dying, people a very happy. I I think that the internal poles or showing a big showed a big shifted region. Weeks for them on top of all the bad news at their dealing with just Juno, as as administration must end, and that move them, but I do think that the american people and people like Rachel, Matthau Meadows, actually probably more, not uncommon. In this feeling I mean they're they're, so there's a kind of psychological whiplash that they ve just imposed on the country, and so you got we're. Gonna have this for the next.
months have been. I went last night. I got to train it at the dodo where I trained without a mass for the first time in over a year, and it was but the leader, the dough Joe started, classed by saying. If you are fully vaccinated, you may train without amassed tonight. If you are not, you keep your mask on and it was fine. There were no arguments happens. I call a right and not have the closet vaccinated, we trade, but that was calm and where community that knows each other in a restaurant. How second a work in a grocery store has I can work well I'll. Tell you how it works, because there's already somebody up front checking for your mask, they have dedicated, and some states actually mandate this to the cost of the business that they have to keep somebody on staff to monitor compliance Pre existing disposition already exists, so you gotta target and a person checks for your masks, now checks for your boxing card because you We have it in your wallet,
not a mandate. This is not a government programme and this is not a passport system. It is simply a private arrangement between private individuals in a pen, apparel based they requirement, which is not different from what you already have in producing this in your wallet. So there's nothing wrong with that and the stigma associated with being mast is enough to get you to go together saving people say I out of those fabricate cards or the offer. And you know, how can I talk about the obstacles are harder than it is to just simply give that's not it. Let's talk about the obstacles because I went. I took my fourteen year old daughter to get vaccinated yesterday at the Javert Centre in Europe. And we got the vaccination gonna have one in my wallet I did didn't. I have bad really looked at it. I have this weird Excelsior Pass from New York state that I have on my phone,
but it's so it's the first one right, so she gets the car. The card is now, thank God is smaller than it was cuz. The first card was too big to fit in your wallet, and this is actually smaller, but it is not easily duplicated because there is a sticker on it. That indicates Pfizer Bio and tech and lot number. You would have to fabricate a sticker with a lot number and then the signature of the nurse, minister, the dose and stuff like that? It's not just like going to you- know a fake idee, placing getting a fake. I D printed my delight how they are doing it be happening. My lot to assume that the twenty five year old at the front target checking your card is gonna, know all
there has been a glance at it doesn't matter I'm just sent at once. It has been a matter. I'm just saying. I'm just saying that it's not simply like all. You could lie about your your vaccination Sesar. I wanted to make this evenly optic. Angling is going to get in I'm going to get that fake card is much more onerous right and then we're gonna get that they get the shot. Okay. So here's here's my thing so those all story about the Yankees right, the Yankee, seven players in the anchors or coaches are whatever tested pot. How could this happen? That is, how do we know they were vaccinated? There's a vaccine hesitancy all over the place. Who do we know, first what we don't know who they are? I guess we do, as you know, was benched or something, but I mean like Maybe there are Anti Baxter's, maybe they're afraid the vaccine. You know, I don't know what could be anything. You know we don't know
I know all these, I know various people have been tested. Give tested positive in the tests, were the tests were wrong. So are the presumption that everybody has some piece of advice had some anecdotal piece of data about how people are still getting you know are still guy yet, even though they were vaccinated, you know. I don't know. How do you prove that a yankee was vaccinated? You know is that it can piracy theory now, why mean settling in ass eighty test question? I now I tried it. So it's it's a words of circumstances and the other words s arm stances is living. This kind of cognitive dissonance that we're talking about that could dead, disrupt your sleep ruin your focus, make you feel bad guys who knows what's going on in the country and worn it? Wouldn't it be great if there were a pocket sized guide that helped you gets through all that and act and be better. There is, and if you have ten minutes head, space can change your life had space
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meaning national media outlets that the only people we have to worry about our trump supporters? Those are the only people who are backing. Has it and everybody else adheres to guidance another minute, those comes out as they wait a minute, the African and population. The state is backing to the tune of like seven percent fourteen percent, something like that Well, what's real loud, and now sudden we wait a minute. We have our own constituents to worry about. Maybe if they had been worrying about their own constituents over the last three months for months, we wouldn't be in this position. it's not an imbalance. Concern on Murphy's part. The prompt. The frustration is that their only just now acknowledging it ok, but let's talk about Cuomo I mean so it is this. Is it this is implicitly about fears that populations within the states or not getting vast or is it follows I'm the one I'm the one who wants to be ok, go ahead items
call knows that his strong suit is seeming to protect new Yorkers worried New Yorkers from the virus. He you rose, national prominence for his. You know his list locked down in his his. You know that steadfast aggressive approach to the virus, supposedly Why would he? Why would he relate body relinquish that so soon when he has reason to believe that many new Yorkers are sceptical of of the of the new CDC guns: see I would go. I was going a slightly different place. I think he wants to be the one to lift them ass man. He doesn't want Biden on the sea be seen to do it. He wants to get credit for being the person who lifts it and he has pissed off.
That binding took that away from him and, what's more didn't brief. Him didn't tell him beforehand so that he could call a press conference at two o clock and do it before binding did it, for whenever Biden did that, ultimately, women s mandate is lifted, it'll be his edict. No, but he was he was. He was trumped. He was, he was sandbag, you assign you know, nobody told them. Nobody told them he gets to do at he. Ordinarily. What would happen in one of the reasons that they did this in this surprise way? They did it, so they could get credit. That's why they did it this way and I would have had a phone call, a fifty state phone call with the governors with the task force than Cuomo chairs and said. I want you to know that three o clock we're having a meeting that we're having a session by
come out and lift the mask mandates indoors and outdoors, and we wanted to give you the heads up so that you could prepare your health departments for blah blah blah blah. Clearly they did not do that or if they did, they did it. They did in that way that, like you, make the phone call when the planes are about to bomb instead of before you took over the planes. Take off to give the heads up we'll, because so many governed governors had already rejected that I mean they were already doing, went by now has announced in the rose garden. Everyone should do so that a mean politically savvy for him to have sprung on everyone, but I don't agree, I think. Actually, what would you being. Here is yet another I've been, except for the good will the media have for him. This is a bungle. It is not a good thing
do you want to do what you want to do with the biggest piece of news of the year? What you would have done in previous times of bringing the anchor men for four off the record on background thing about that you're doing this, or do it at six? Thirty, on that, our or or given nationwide dress at eight o clock at night or swaying, what's happening, and then You advance said, and you you give briefings to Mcconnell and policy and and ensure were and Mccarthy and you do what you do when you make a major decision that has enormous the impact on american lives and they he just dribbled. This out all of a sudden. They don't know what they're doing in public relations terms, they got Biden, saying inflation on a problem, but you better get a job or I'm gonna, throw it. I'm gonna throw Thor's hammer at your head. They did that there is, there are real signs of
credible, communications, weaknesses here and again, not gaming. This out now you do it because you don't want to leave but somewhat let it leak. What what do you need that read it for Bee of refer for safer for the surprise, yeah, and that's why this is a means as welcome. I was as well as much as I welcome this and as much as I think this is a sound policy in an appropriate policy. At this point, in the impending I mean it, they just bungled is horribly because they just firm for everybody who rely on these agencies forgotten an authority in thought that anybody you didn't listen to them was just the neanderthal to use the president's words just two months ago, Alderson that rock solid conviction just a decent disappears overnight. And then everybody who is already skeptical of these agencies as well looking outwards, indicated yeah yeah yeah, but look at whether bunching boobs least these people are satisfied by this. Look a little concerned
currency is out there saying. Well, you got what good job. You really really need this one. everybody's disappointed by this in some way. Well, I just thickets it. I think we have to start thinking we don't have to. I think there are reasons to think that the binding people that a brilliant job getting him elected and they are actually quite clueless about how to run the Presidency Data day, nothing's com, but their com because of the because of the meat I may give the example of the com because of the media, so Marcia fudge the former congressmen who is now the secretary of has and urban development yesterday, and this morning was tasked with were enough. It was found by an investigation
that she had violated the Hatch ACT by talking about who should win the Senate in Ohio in twenty twenty two, where she's from given the retirement abroad Portland, she Secretary for housing, are right. She should I the hatchet, I don't think they're gonna, be big brings about this. I mean there. I know it because there was a little stories about it, but it's not gonna make a big noise, as is literally the first on hearing about this. Ok. Well, this happened. She wasn't cheating violated the hatch. I it's not a bit. The Hatch ACT says you cannot part, you cannot use your federal office to Politic, you don't have to be involved. Parson politics and obviously the Trump administration was very lucid with about this following the bomb administrations real looseness about it, but I've been there are open and shut cases. Apparently this was as open and shut cases you could pretty closely have, so
there there they're not gonna, suffer for it, because the story will largely be ignored or overlook. Nobody that they contain ran home grand homes. Energy Department is she's, actually that they claim they're gonna investigated, but you know she has investments in one of them: I believe that the binding illustration is touting as a clean energy company mean that that seems pretty corruption that have been a Trump cabinet member. We certainly would have seen many many stories right, but I'm saying you can pick all sorts of things that are going on right, a controversy over the assistants are here estate for human rights, Sir, Margaret, but you wouldn't know that there is a controversy over this nomination. Unless you read the Washington Free Beak and there is a controversy over there then who is apparently been nominated, is gonna, be a hired as the set civil rights Assistant secretary in the Department of Education because she was there
minister of the title, nine star Chamber, policies of the Obama administration- and there is the case of the Us Secretary of State for EU citizens every second, well, whatever signatory general first civil rights, Kristen Clark, who you know was involved in anti summit. Activities in the ninety nine. These and Anne had were the press willing to you now willing to serve go at the by demonstrations. They have plenty of fodder but binds relying on that remain the case forever. Isn't it would not be wise? My point is that all of these a kind of avoidable errors- you're depend, not a lot of external factors. Protecting you from controversies erupting all over the place, and sometimes when the damn breaks, the damn will break big. They they are. They are they don't know what they're doing
which is what I'm saying I think you can say they don't really know what they're doing every time they roll out a piece of news. They roll it out. Well, they keep going back and forth, particularly on these health matters and- and I you know I had even there- the even their big efforts like that serve the you know the pitch for the infrastructure and jobs bill, his speech, all of that kind of land with a thud and you Oh, I think they land with a thud, because what matters is this: what matters is the mass? What matters is getting past? Corona, that is what matters to the american people remains. The top item in every pole is the virus getting through the virus. Getting rid of the virus gate you know, and so, if he's gonna stand there and say hey. You know what, if you're vaccinated you're in the clear get vaccinate you're in the clear that he doesn't give a national speech about that he doesn't give up
An oval office address about most important issue in the country. He is saying to the american people. Here is your guetta. I understand most people are in jail, but you know what I'm saying is: yours are get out of jail. Free card go, get a job. You know what some people are going to give you a beer. Some people give you a lottery ticket. If you do it just go. Do that and we're all out of this, you know we're almost there were so close. Only news for you guys to do this. What it, where is the downside? They don't know what they're doing so. This means that the we speculated about when he was pushing. His covered really fell when he first right after migration that keeping the bad news front in centre as a political strategy to get more money out the door. And to have that political victory for the Democrats may have had a lot of unforeseen circumstances down the line in terms of messaging when it's over
I mean we talk about this at length, and I think this is a this example that bungling of the mask lifting the mandate it that's part of that what they they kind of a reaping the whirlwind right they face. Part this with their their tone and their their discussion of the of the viruses trajectory. I think part of the challenge for them in I have in part of what would make it hard for button to have made a much bigger deal of this and to have made a speech in White House is he would have have to account for and explain why he in the administration had taken the exact opposite tat up until this moment. why? But I think that what has happened
we're just just environment, just in framing the news, but its easily enough dealt with you can say you know, vaccination rates are up case rates or down hospitalizations or down. Everything is going in the right direction. and the people who are leading this country. Viewed the noble Americans related this country out of the virus because they are getting vaccinated. Science says- and this says that they are safe. They are safe from their safe. They will not give you the virus and It will not get the virus from you. It is time for us to move beyond this and everybody who everybody who gets the vaccine, we'll be liberated and when they are liberated Archer in our children liberate whatever Harry want to put, it has not just some. as most urgently not nonsense. It is because someone out a meeting which is that these gangs, that was pertaining to weeks ago, that said that you couldn't go out you couldn't do keeping inside without a mass two weeks ago? Now you can the signs
the change and any enterprising reporting say that doctor, if any fatty, according to political, said that we couldn't tell people to get the windows and delay the second, those right, because the fact that not because it was clinically effective had nothing to do with it. It was because public guidance can change that quickly. You confuse people you get them. This new force them to stop listening to federal agencies. We wouldn't you several guidance to change rapidly? Would we that would be bad so, like your you're saying that people can make a difference genuine argument and in a presidential address, of course, they can, even if its disingenuous they make the best argument. You have it doesnt matter it. Doesn't it doesnt? Doesnt matter like The way we don't need four trillion dollars and infrastructures and show you can still. Speech about it and say that it out the country's future is at stake. If we don't do it, I mean
you know, how are you how we want to look at it? Partly art of of leadership and power is adjusting when circumstances change and then making it look like you're still steady, even though your adjusting, I mean your point about that yeah. Ok, Eleanor able to swap. I just think that You know, part of this and announced part of this news. Is that the EU is the administration saying, aren't you got us yet? The event, in other circumstances, have changed their does not clinical there go well grounded in acknowledging that those shine a light on those political circumstances which her disadvantageous from the perspective of the White House. You know it's like, maybe the David Leonhard story about how do we know how we know you're all having rights may clinical theory that we do not know, but I'm gonna give you a different thing. So Biden, as you know, is a disease a dip in. He is whatever he is, he's forsaken dumb, and
and he reads the story in the New York Times. It says they said that the transmission rate- you know it was ten percent, but it's actually point one percent, these, like hey. What the hell is this nobody told me what the hell is going on here come on man? How do we haven't? We know that didn't happen. It's probably story the New York Times about how is very short with people any hangs upon people way. There's like what they're saying to him and stuff like yeah nice guy. By that all that is apparently you now querulous old man who you know who loses his temper, easily and gets frustrate very easily anybody reading that story, open. Mind would have gone way, who wait a minute people so are. Have you been handing me above human banning the ability
it's you. Are you telling me the truth? Ambition enabling our story had a lot to do with this, because if you recall the outdoor mask mandates, the consensus or an outdoor mass mandates lifted only a couple of days after a consensus, sort of Orange enslaved in New York Times around the unnecessary nature of these mandates had nothing to do with the data that the net science- Science has invited her color politics for a long time. A leak consensus does that the real question is: let me give an example of something so rubber Trump announced that you know he wanted to leave afghan asylum right. That was what twenty eight. in an matters resigned, and I were all or Syria whenever, wherever everybody people resign than there were, though there were rearguard actions to prevent him and serve. You know to prevent this from happening all that. Well,
What is the possibility, because we follow things, need to follow along with this right? More things need to happen, the obvious one that I keep talking about his summer camp. I mean I am implicated as my kids a grey summer camp, but that is an obvious thing. Cecy issued the psychotic guidance, our children are gonna, have to walk a granted. Children are not gonna be vaccinated, although a lot of them twelve to fifteen may well be particulates amino sleep way. Capstone are largely for kids were over, there are twelve and over, but there are enough to lift that. Are they going to? Are they gonna? Are we gonna hear like leaks out of the CDC about how this was really reckless, that this happened? The epidemiologists, who told the New York Times that everything is terrible?
We gonna see a revolt against this that will reveal that this was a political decision or, as everybody, your phone line be good soldier. I don't know- and I think that something to watch for and with that, I think we will let you have the most wonderful unmasked weekend that you can possibly have, as I assume, that almost everybody who listens to this is vaccinated if you're not going vaccinated you idiot Recently, I don't want to hear what we need to use carrots now, carrots now mister, I dont need to use guard. I could use guilt, but I'm not going to use guilty or not vaccinated you're, an idiot for aid. No and prestige have a great. We gonna jump onwards the gamble, Bernie.
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