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The '60 Minutes' Slander

2021-04-05 | 🔗
Today's podcast takes up the outrageous "60 Minutes" effort to defame Gov. Ron DeSantis and the vaccine rollout in Florida before we go on extended rants about the way the success with the COVID vaccine is being twisted into a new crisis in general by a media determined to continue to force us into lockdown life. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary magazine Daily, Podcast, John Paul words. The editor commentary magazine today is money April. Fifth: twenty twenty one with me as always: executive editor, a broom while higher larger senior radicals rose high, Christine John Adams. see an editor no arrangement high Noah Asia. So I we experienced last night, I drove my family home from Chicago to New York, add and I made
credible time by the way, eleven hours and forty minutes for anybody who has done this suck it cause. I beat you like. This is amazing time for eight hundred miles anyway So we had Pennsylvania somewhere the middle of Pennsylvania and we realized we can listen to me, radio in New York City, so eternal news? Re me, I say here by traffic or whatever, and sixty minutes is on the radio at seven p M in New York on W Cbs aid ATM I've watched sixty minutes in years. So, but I didn't, I listen to it and the first story on sixty that's on the radio is a story about Florida covered an governor, Rhonda Santas What was interesting about it and there was a corresponding I dont, actually. No, of course monitor was, but she said women
the story for three months and would be doing him for three months and in the story as it was laid out, has to do with how it beginning of the vaccination period. Everything was terrible and and now its April and somehow it still terrible, but they couldn't exactly say. Why was still terrible what they laid out was a vaccination system in Florida that apparently allowed rich people to get vaccinated, but poor people could not get vaccinated and it was all set and Palm Beach County where apparently Palm beach itself, which has an average in seventy thousand dollars gotta Thoust. Doses but West Palm Beach, which has an average income of twenty eight thousand dollars, didn't get us,
any doses until a little later and people were flying in private planes add day there was no state residency requirements. Are things were crazy and then Rhonda Santas, the governor? Horrida partnered, with public's the largest supermarket chain in Florida for public to be the central distribution system, thus and anger in county health officials, particularly calving, artificial, and on these county and others who wanted to have control of the vaccine? Distribution in the whole claim? Basically in the pieces that run the Santos got a hundred thousand dollars from public's for his RE election committee and published the nearest public to poor town called the glades in palm beach. County was twenty five miles from the glades and poor black people. Don't have cars and they couldn't get.
so the public's twenty five miles from the glades and and yet then somebody gave round the sent us another twenty thousand dollars, and then his sister gave his brother two thousand dollars for five thousand dollars, and I am not averse to believing that people do bad things for camping contributions. I'm not, however, partnering with the largest supermarkets chain in the state, which I didn't look this up, but I assume, if what you needed was were facilities that are closest to the most people in them. Whenever it is sixty three counties in Florida, where sixty seven counties in Florida. This would be the best way. Even if there isn't a public supermarket near the glades, its problem near my many more people- and so there is this. Is this assertion essentially that white people got a black people, didn't get a wealthy people? Gotta poor people didn't
on the basis of absolutely no evidence whatsoever accepted The early going two percent of the people who got it in palm Beach, where there were thousand doses, is that of a thousand doses were african American. This was maybe the worst invested They ve journalism story. I have ever heard since I didn't watch it. I don't know whether was more effectively watching it. and that the video made it more emotionally gripping. But I mean take out the fact that you know there's all this history about how people are coming floored and run the census than I know. I feel like if I were watching at. If I'd been watching it as a person who paid very little attack,
can I would get this vague sense that run dissenters had done something to help a campaign contributor, but how this ended up, impacting anybody and floor. It was very unclear Abe. It gets worse because Using sixty minutes edited dissatisfied statements on this in such a way that they took out entirely his detailed explanation of how this all came about, which included the fact that before public's was involved, he had he had gotten together with CBS and Walgreens to do another kind of your private taxing distribution, then publics the first to be able to say we can do it in house. So
try that small trial basis will work very closely with them, found out that sport people that everyone was very positive about it and then moved forward. There was nothing weird unless there's only beyond what what what sixty misreported everything seems to be completely above board and, as you said, it would be crazy to not take up public's on on, their willingness and a bill and ability to do this, that that would be an unbelievable act of negligence and on the ground Jared Moskowitz who's, the director of the Florida emergency Management Department, a former ledges democratic legislature, state legislator, said very forcefully that the CBS report as nonsense, that they were recommended to do this
by the Florida Health Department. Wasn't there on the scientist puddings finger on on the scales here this wasn't there wasn't any political pay back here and the thinking of the proof is in the tasting, because it's been a very effective vaccine roll out in in Florida to the kind of guy in a very egalitarian way, much to the contrast of states that in cities that have adopted an equity based approach which has been approved, providing this to a certain privileged groups in the effort to get them vaccinating before me, a wealthy rich white people on which has just been halting disaster, as Christine can attest being there I have one of those cities, and you know all this as it did the contrast it I can't help, but avoid internalizing here is that they keep trying to make Florida into New York. The keep trying
to make Florida, have the kind of disaster that New York had. They keep trying to make round the Santa's into the corrupt figure that Interpol Imo is while ignoring the corruption and death in New York, and it's it's become conspicuous to a degree that you can ignore. Its even eat ended. In addition to the deceptive ending of the press conference that enables describing date, they did it's weird tabloid journalistic thing and then in the easy Pcbs presentation, like document obtained signal, especially by CBS? Will these were publicly available data that anyone can look up with a Google search about camping under business will be that the whole idea of turning this it? They are literally trying to create a conspiracy, You can watch them join in real time and, having grown up and floor, I can tell you they had to do this in West Palm Beach, where they can make it about race and the income, because everywhere else in full public is everywhere. It's very easy to find very easy gets to have the birthday cakes. I growing up came from public's bakery. They're pretty well run stores the pretty clean the
The alternative urchins like when Dixie Albert ends, which you remember our sins back in the Eightys and Ninetys they had left the scales about food spoil. Any plan is good not as well run a grocery chains or even from the perspective of Florida residence I mean everybody knows public's it's. It's got pretty good Branwell. They know how to run their own chop, so why not pardon with them as to the private deals with far he's deuces during that you lots of places, are making these deals in vaccine available tube to private businesses to try to get them into hard so that the federal government garnered with Walgreens and see we asked the federal government not just states the federal government right now in in in New York, as everything is open. This is one of the reasons. The story, it's crazy, that they ran the story. I understand they spend three months on the story. So what this is the problem of the message?
So much is that sometimes your stories don't pan out and you invest a lot of money and then you have to throw them away if you're honest and if you're actually legitimate, and if you are not you know serving an ideological, a partisan purpose, which I think sixty minutes has proven itself to have done over the course of the fifty years it has been in business or fifty plus years. It's been in business, so here we have it again The point here, the weather reasons of the story is ridiculous. It is ridiculous that the story on april- fourth as they did it is that we are weeks away from there being a vaccine, surplus in the United States. That is what we are told by the Biden administration. By everybody else that we are weeks away from a circumstance in which there's gonna be a vaccine available than people who want the shots, and even now as mice, Sixteen year old daughter becomes, it becomes possible for my sixteen year old daughter to get the shot in the eye.
stayed as of tomorrow. There were appointments available at war beans and see the asses at the end this week in New York City, that's what, when they dropped the eligibility rate from the age of fifty two, the age of sixteen, that's thirty four years of shots and as it happens, you pretty easily get a given appointment. In fact, if you try to make an appointment at the state run, places or the city run, places there backed up till May, so that multiplicity of the addition of the private shot deliveries to the public is one of the reasons that there is going to be a vaccine surplus and and and sixty minutes is doing, a story on how people can't get the vaccine. Everybody can get the in about a week. Everybody can get.
vaccine. The story is that there are still a large population and people who don't wanna, get it not that the vaccine roll out is unjust and illegitimate. That is, a preposterous slander against state officials. Your effectively saying that state official in the United States, want black people to die there used to be a time when saying stuff like that so slanderous, an evil that even the worst kind of demagogy, eggs would avoid going there and now, of course, it's almost the first refuge of the scoundrel, not the last and Americans. Don't need
here on the on the fourth of April, when we're right wing were near, appoint a vaccine surplus that there's conspiracy to deny vaccine to poor people and crisis at that. Last week. I have also been multiple stories about cities like D C, which had gold their roll out because they actually embraced the opposite approach, which is its an equity based, as so we don't really care about public health in terms of whose most at risk for this, they didn't do it really by age they did at my age and equity. So if you live in a certain zip code and then cut is predominantly white, screw you like in the vaccine. I got my vaccine on Friday at sea vs, because the system in DC didn't offer me a shot until you know it's gonna, probably its could be this week that it offers me one and I have to drive the others party town to try to get it. There were plenty of appointments at the sea bs
and there were lots of people they're, gonna gunshots, many them whom I talk to had the same experience I did like they. They want to get the shot and it was impossible because they lived in the ruins of good and it was a very diverse whose people from all over the city, all races and backgrounds who was a joke. You guys like about its on edge. It was nice the sea. But that is because we all they'd up till midnight, refreshing our screens and try to get those appointments. It was not because the disease is worth and someone in DC said the queen, heart out loud and marched, imposed article that that came out recently where they said it was on these public health little community groups, those a whole bunch of doses and they admitted holding onto them and refusing to give them to people who want to them, because they said, it'll just be white people who show up how is it not also equally scandal. In the eyes of America. That should be its terrible Sharon Alfonso the C B. The sixty minutes Porto gave the game away in a sum away in peace, so dissenters did something that other states didn't do that
Dont now doing out there doing now, it may be because were reaching were reaching vaccine surplus levels, but what what Cuomo did, which was drop, a judge ability right? He did that he decided to distribute the vaccine by age. After hall after front health care workers were vaccinated. He then said everybody over sixty five I've ever been over fifty five area like that he did it by age without any other restrictions and she, and in the course of the story she said, Two Santa's innocent in this way, like the story, is basically sets up. The Santer says, though he is a demonic figure. Descent just decided to distribute the vaccine, by age and
like other states, didn't give it to teachers before they gave it to other people. That's like! Oh really, oh ok, so this is now not giving it to teachers. First is thou an act of rich white people, injustice. I mean it, you know an end at which point she them cuts to talk about an association that solely in association based on convenience, a teacher, ok, there's a teacher and and the team. Says TAT, tells a story about how hard it was for her to get an appointment for her mother. Who is in the right category so she's, like I had my school issued Chrome book, I have my own laptop. I had my husband's Ipad and I had my own Antique Ipad and we all four of them
were. I was refreshing, all four of them over and over and over again just to get my mother and appointment. What is that I have to do with the van seen rollout fairness like these Elsie Asian. Was there not treating teachers fairly somehow and here's a story of a teacher who is trying to get an appointment for her mother, they also matter whether she's a teacher should good about a garbage man. It doesn't matter. Everything is crazy. This this effort to create political narratives out of the vaccine and the distribution a lot of the vaccine, which I think you have to a judge, with the exception of some of these horrible stories like Racine, sorry, but basically after judges as a bipartisan success right trumped starts operation. Warp, speed gets things going, makes these contracts, as these deals Biden takes over the accelerated the distribution of
seeing the accelerated this and then the other thing it, but there was a continuity, nodded discontinuity, despite brightens effort, to claim that he was handed garbage and he had to make you nobly to make lemon the lemonade out of lemons, it's all actually gone pretty spectacularly well and we're getting goddammit the minutes. The most venerable news programme in the United States producing this partisan garbage, the purpose of which is to defend run the Santa's and will, in fact, if this goes on much longer make him present. and of the United States. Let's talk about that a little bit like how Republicans like dissenters increasingly right. We know this from sea pack where he came in second tromp. Probably if you did a pole of Republicans right now, he would be the most popular elected official in the
country, forty nine states, donor who run the Santer says they. I heard of re use a governor of Florida. What the hell do they know about Rhonda Santa's. They know two things, one of which is he's pretty confident orders. Numbers are way better than people ever thought they would be, including people who might be sympathetic because Florida has so many old people and all of that and the media, give him and he got his what all open. He got. His schools open and kids in school sooner than other states yeah and they ever closer. Remember the beaches were open. He had this policy of isolating covered. You know populations in Kabul, danger, while letting everybody else go about their daily business, which was hard on people, because of course it meant that old in o, o o people were isolated, nursing homes and couldn't see their families, but not as though people nursing homes, but to their families in other states either so when pretty well and people know that
and they also know that the media are trashing him and you want to put those three together and if they go, I understand that they are turning the Santa's into a national figure who has demonstrated now over three or four years in public life, that he is an exceptionally able and adapt of all the politicians who left on the Trump bandwagon, he did and twenty eight in he made the most slavish trump commercial. Anyone is ever go, look at it! It's even if you love Trump, it's gotta be cringing loosing to watch this horrible. You know it's sick, a phantom horror that he produced in order to get people on aside. He wins the election. What to do. He goes really not ideological, pretty not ideological and he's done some culture stuff in definite twenty twenty twenty one
but, as I deal was under, show that I can govern this state and he did stuff on environment. He did stuff on beaches, he did so before coded and his pole, Dunbar's were asked for nominal in Florida. Before covered, I mean in twenty nineteen. He was get out of sixty five. Seventy percent, something like that. He won only by I think appoint the half. He is an able clever, smart, educated guy, yeah he's also good. This is very important for four republicans he's very good at confronting, media aggressively when they go after him in it in a way that excites them and does himself some good Even the debate, they even sixty minutes chopped up what he said and response, but if you can see the full response out there and you know every every
on the right has seen it it's very effective what he did in confronting, so I can't remember her name, one SEC sharing or fancy. It's really exciting, not to know the names of mainstream reporters like I do what We need another names anyway, Sharon or fancy. He said your problem, you are, you are throwing a fake narrative at me. I'm gonna stand here and explain to you what happened with this man the thing and she gives them a couple of sentences, and then she says something like I'm. Alleging pay for play? Governor and he's like I know you are- you can allege anything you know alleging that Sharon Alfonso murdered three people. I mean you know what I know it's like you can allege till the cows come on that you're saying that you have an allegation on the air of a network, newscast
is actually not only is that you know, doesn't exculpate you from respond. Ability from laying out a false charge, whereas Christine said she says our record show the public's gave him and gave him Campaign Committee a hundred thousand dollars. Your record show click on got. You know yet like that, the March report of the said of the camera, help licks gives to all state officials? They understand how that works. I mean there are huge corporation in Florida. They give money to lots of politicians in Florida. That's that's up day from way. That's how our politics works. yeah, it's very helpful way by the way it is- and this is what we have to understand that, but it's like it's like this store that was in the New York Times on Saturday about the Trump campaign impoverished givers zoom in other sorry, so there's a story about how did you get an email from
company September. Saying I need money or you know: they're gonna, they're, gonna, they're, gonna, take over America, and somebody five hundred dollars and then, as the months go past, the five hundred dollars keeps getting taken out of his checking account and he's mad and the Trump campaigners impoverishing everybody, cheating people, it's the most horrible story in the world. So my friend John, a gull work sends me a story. What do you think I said I may it looks pretty bad. I just want to know whether Democrats dont do it either and then Logan Dobson Republican Consult, went and looked at the. blue or whatever it is abiding had, and it's exactly the same thing where the the thing says, make this a bite. weekly donation. This setting is set to click. Yes, you have to go affirmatively go in and turn it off in order not to make the donation, so this is
Actually sleazy disgusting backs best practices of horrible campaign, finance monsters who are filth and scum, and they work for both parties. They are felt they are stealing from poor people who don't know what. Hell they're doing and their scum, but they're, not just trump scum, their Biden, scum. There, everybody scum- and this is the story of the Rhonda Santa story like really seriously somebody gives, how much is the Florida governor's race going to cost fifty million dollars sixty million dollars? How much is Desantis going to spend to get one hundred thousand dollars from Publix? That's it like how can talk about option c. Probably Brigham five million dollars a hundred thousand dollars like that's enough to you, know like to to get ten. You know really printing machines. You now, for you,
campaign offices which I guess they're going to need cuz. Now it's two thousand and twenty two. So if you had xerox we're going to have need 3d, printing machines, probably to print you know, ballot boxes or something anyway. So that's my that's my rant and I'm gonna pull back for a second, because I want to tell you guys about our friends at the bonds and group. Remember I've been. I talk to you about them before these two great internet products, Dc Data come and definite, gaff aid outcome produced by the bonds. group just celebrated its eighth anniversary as a by coastal financial management. Services firm with.
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I now then and we're talking about bad press and the way the press is handling things and once again we find ourselves on the horn of. Are we taking crazy pills, all weaken their stories, news stories of things going on that make you think that you are taking crazy pills, because, on the one hand you are facts, you have unassailable facts, numbers, hard numbers, things that we are seeing and on the other hand, you have this weird sleazy, bizarre thing where the intimations are that everything is still terrible and getting worse and the cognitive dissonance is enough to make everybody wants to go jump in the river. As far as I can tell ape talk to me about the death toll, from called if you would so. I check a few figures. Different figures everyday have been doing so for over a year, one of because, at the end of the day I look at the daily
infection rates in Europe, that the number of New Delhi infections ended. New Delhi debts, yesterday the? U S report, two hundred and seventy debts from covered now every Sunday is lowest. a number of of every week I'm so it's always gonna be lower than the day surrounding it, but Two. Seventy is the lowest daily death recording in over a year in be since March of last here. There have been a years worth of Sundays, and it's not like this is a total statistical. Outlier debts have been dropped, Week over week, so you are this is this is actually a kind of extraordinary milestone decision, this is not the lowest since
the fall surge lowest since the summer alone. This is the lowest since March of last year, right since the beginning of the pandemic, so I would suggest the ending of the pandemic. I mean the logic is if the pandemic fog doesn't really follow, Belcour, because hug went up and down as it in the death toll starts to rise from zero to whatever it is and then, as it's gonna end, the death toll is gonna. Go back home bull from you know a three thousand or wherever it was at the most that horrible, pointing reliant forty five hundred in January. in January, okay, so here's the point, which is your mentioning two hundred. What was it to the enthusiasm,
two hundred and seventy okay, so the day before or the Friday, which is a hind eight number, it was nine hundred and sixty one, but that that was, I think, the fourth consecutive day that the death toll had gone under a thousand okay. All now the weird thing is this new cases on April. Second, the fort Worth sixty eight thousand a fourteen day change of nineteen, New DES Minor in sixty one, a fourteen day, change down thirty one percent. Now, let's just think about what this means. Ok, because it's not like the new case load number, which of course were told, is the implication is that these variants are now really biting. So the new This number is going up and the death toll is vertiginous. Lee dropping and all we care about is the new case number now, Christine Son
On Friday, I made the point that the New York Times was complaining about the threat of exposure to covet right. Do I have that right, Christine Yes, that's got to be noted that the wording, change from cases actual documented cases document and possible solutions and documented debts to look at the new risk of eggs. Oh sure, to a virus which, of course, as a logical, fortunately thought, but that's not that's a different thing. We're measuring now for monitoring purposes right now. Look so I'm push this. Not because I wanted me, I am certainly not making light of the tragedy of somebody dying of covered, but if I have a couple honey people a day are gonna die of covered. The the pandemic is over. We we we're not. We are not looking to get to case numbers of zero and a death toll of zero to declare the pandemic over people to be able
to take off their masks and life to resume as normal at a hundred per cent. Ashley at stadiums, a movie, theatres and things like that- we're not. That is not the level of expectation that we are talking about here. It shouldn't be, it can't be so somehow we are shifting into a move mode in which our public health officials are demanding and not just that, but some of our political players like teachers, unions ocean. Yet you in a minute our demand a kind of zero threat. Zero numbers zeroing out before life can
go to normal, and then there was a story in the New York Times. I think Saturday virus variants threatened to draw out the pandemic. Scientists say okay, so this is what happens the day that they publish that the debt they they ve they themselves of collected the stats that say that the death toll is when, under a thousand per day for four or five days in thereabouts report, that there were two hundred and seventy cases on a on an individual DEC at the moment, most vaccines appear to be effective against the various, but public health officials are deeply worried, notice. The you so the adverb their deeply like that, wouldn't have to be there but if you just say their worried, it's not alarmist enough. So their deeply worried that field for innovations of the virus- ok, we're not now talking about the van free and that we have now ok we're talking about future variants that we don't know of the existence. Yet.
may be more resistant to the immune response. Maybe these are non existent variants, have not emerged that man maybe more resent or you know what? Maybe we'll be less resistant. Maybe they'll be five times less resistant. This may require Americans to queue up for regular rounds of booster shots, or even new vaccines no my god. So we know the system in place to deal with vaccines, and producing vaccines that may be able to respond to this? Oh, no! people may have together another shot. They just about all just described the seasonal flu. This is exactly what the seasonal flu every year, its different cocktail of a vaccine mixed. They have to make to try to get it right and always get it right, some years, they're more affected, some less some flew seasons are more, sadly than others they ve just described seasonal flu, but with
As you say, alarmists language were right because you don't it's not like we had set like we don't go out way in less there's a zero death toll from the flu and people do die from the flu you know through throughout the flu season as well. How much? What kills more people in the United States and anything else? I believe Our accidents, I believe the number one death told me. I was heart attacks, but yeah, I'm sorry, ok, but I mean let's: ok, maybe I'm wrong. Ok, but let's say I think it's like forty thousand people get Kildee a year in car accidents, so our people, they're not supposed to driver we're talking about a death, told, is lower than we support them. right? Ok, so we have mitigation strategies for car accidents right, we have airbags, we have seat belts, we have speed limits and we have mitigation strategies four covered now, largely in
I'll, a vaccine that apparently, is spectacularly successful and should let lead people to a sense of security. that their lives are gonna, go back to normal. There's a quote. It follows that paragraph. I just read that I Fisk, as I was speaking it that follows that paragraph in the New York Times quote: we don't have evolution on our side said Debbie three a professor public health at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland quote this pathogen seems to always be changing in a way that makes it harder for us to suppress really first of all path genes always chain. Second of all, they change in different directions. Yes, we have the brazilian variant than we are and we are hearing that this stuff is all very dangerous, but you know what we do, now, because we don't need to measure it is with ways in which the pathogen is breaking up, which is probably what explains why
is going on in Texas, which could be the front page story than your times. Only guess what it is it because it doesn't conform with some sick directive that we are being forced to swallow, because in Texas, where the mask mandate was dropped at a hundred at all all public rules, you know state mandated rules were dropped in favour of individual businesses and people doing what they thought was safe right cases in Texas have continued to drop is our friend Allah pundits said on twitter. Why people are the wearing masks voluntarily and Mobility data suggests people aren't travelling vastly more than they did month ago, so guess what Texans, who are supposedly yahoo guns that neanderthals leaving carbon neanderthal monsters are acting prudently because the because the because the pandemic isn't quite
and over so they're still wearing masks and they're. Not, you know, they're not traveling as much as they are otherwise the way therewith O the Texas. It's another experiment in mass murder, though, Georgia was an experiment and mass murder according to a random all of the Atlantic, still has a job. She still a job, even though she said that the governor, a brain, the Florida was engaging in mass murder by not by not having restrictive, locked dams. It's nice to know that you can still maintain your job when you, when you say things like that and publish articles like that. Ok, so can I can. I talk ass Doktor Michael asked her home, please please, in academia, just after my classroom went on Fox NEWS Sunday yesterday and ended that he was also is part of a binding transition. Team is added on the advisory board. you said that we are now seeing a fourth wave of infections in the U S and
that what is alot most alarming about the fourth wave he says, they are now as kids getting infected at the same rate that adults do we ve very if there are very effective in transmitting the virus so not not so Austria will not only sees the viruses as as being served. You know What were we were in? The midst of other new spike? This is worse. This is because now our worst nightmare, that that that kids can get those same way, adults, and yet it is happening according to him. I haven't seen now, can I come
Can I tell you why? I know that this is not true. I have kids, I have three kids, my kids are ten fourteen and sixteen, my kids go to school. My kids have friends like this is not anecdote is not just you know like there is no wave of cove it. The kids at my mother, my kids, go to today schools with two different kinds of populations. There is knows there is no wave of covered, sweeping their schools and we're talking about kids who travel who go away on weekends, who aren't like sitting. You know thereby think they're all being socially distance, and all this that's number one number two, statistically, we now know that a hundred and five million Americans have gotten at least one shot of that right. That's thirty! Three percent of the country has now been vaccinated.
Everybody who has been vaccinated. is over the age of thirty. Now, that's about it end right. They were about to see the wave of people between sixty and thirty a vaccinated, so Otto you'd have to like do the math in your head right, but so the population between the ages of thirty and a hundred is, I don't know what it is. Let's say it's too hundred and thirty five million, it's probably a little lower, but let's eight swords are familiar, we're getting close to half of them having been vaccinated, at least once so. If you're going to measure cove id cases, you are now talking about people, ok, your tongue, by people in the issues we I got the numbers from his example
pretty too I because they are women, hit the thirty thing at now. You have had the third thing at, but ok, let's say again, so the number of cases of kids is by deafened I'm going to be percentage wise higher than it has been, because nobody over fifty gonna get covert anymore because most of them, have been vaccinated or the vast majority of them have been vaccinated. So as a percentage, kids are kids percentages, gonna rise in aggregate, but that doesn't mean anything because it's all relative and we still I'm gonna, look this up, but you guys talk. I want to look up what the death toll is for people under eighteen minutes, though somewhat Somebody take over from my ramp here boy now, just a minute just started it was just a sheer assertion that he didn't he didn't side some study or some analysis of
is she says it's of the of the? U Kay Variant has is, is now such that it it it makes kids. as susceptible and as likely, as matters of the of the virus. Ok, I only have, as of March, seventeen twenty twenty one from the just- and this is by the way interesting because it means is when I have just one downward. Since last time I looked at this ages, zero to seventeen totalled deaths from covered nineteen out of a total of five hundred and seventeen thousand five hundred and seventy five. Two hundred and twenty six I dont even know that you can come up with a a percentage total low enough to even capture two hundred and twenty six out of five hundred and seventeen thousand five hundred and seven.
Five limit. If I try it, we wonders. Why will you say it's point, our one percent that now you can't eight point one percent, because that would be to adding to war zero. So it's only point o o one percent. Whatever it is, it's nonexistent, kids don't die from covet, kids, don't die from called it, and the danger that people were worried about right was the kids would get it. They wouldn't have waste automatic they'd abbot, they would now and then they would give it to older people, except by the end of this month. Everybody in America who wants to be vaccinated will be able to have been vaccinated, at least once parity and now we get into the weird or part of the story, which is when we are down to vaccines surplus, which will be when we know who what what the level of vaccine hesitancy is, when you get appointment that day, if its eight o clock
Where do you go somewhere at nine and get a covert shot right? That's that's when its freely available, where then gonna know how many people are, in fact vaccine hesitant what saw a public responsibility towards people who were vaccine hesitant at that point. What what responsibility? Does anybody have to wear a mask to socially distance? To do anything like that? If we now have a system that we now know of certainty that there's this thirty, percent of people who are like I'm good, I'm gonna. Now I think by the way, We already have our social responsibility, which is that all the evidence suggests that the vaccines interfere with transmission there. Or we can do whatever we want, because we're not going to give it to somebody who doesn't have it and won't get the vaccine
Nonetheless, are we still gonna be hearing this garbage about how there's a fifth surge coming? Yes, we are just just any fair if its third percent of the public. That's absurdly high that's far too high and it is valid to be concerned about the extent to which this virus is still circulating in a dramatic large population like that which could still procreate ovarian that outside Stop the MRI me vaccine danger vaccine, that's a sort of thing that is legitimately concerning and public health officials should be worried, that sort of that fight you, you may get an you should too, I mean the extent to which these people are being so I agree the extent to which they think they're immune from their social responsibilities. I agree, but that's not so and that we should be worried about. Ok, that's a good answer that was my devils advocate question that I that you answered correctly, which is, of course, why these people are villain
and not victims. That is why we are going to be in a position which we can say you are bad. You are a bad person it's not worth a bad person every step you take outside. Without the vaccine marks you as a bad person, everybody else took the risk if it is a rich you're getting the vaccine so that you can wander around and possibly extend the life of the pandemic. Out of your hesitancy that does not you, you do not get social credit for your behind, They are, if you are interfering with heard immunity, but I don't think it's gonna be thirty percent. We have no idea If not it's gonna be anywhere near thirty percent, which is why it would be absurd to maintain these sort of restrictions and that even just the same, covenanter, shaming people for being outside. Because somebody else might be vulnerable. I don't know Can it be anywhere near that higher than the people who want the pandemic? Imperfect perpetuity would want it to be that high, but we have no indication based on the current
demand that were seen him in the adult population. That is gonna, be approaching. That high, for you, know the low teens as per cent of population who are still resistant to getting there Maxine, many of whom are probably located in urban areas, are on our rural areas aren't dense that don't present the same risk as being in a more densely populated area then you should see these restrictions melt away because it would just be neurotic there. There is there something to this idea that the shift the shifting focused I'm children now, because that is linked to a very powerful political constituency, namely the teachers unions, which dont want to reopen schools in the fall and the more than half of schools are back in open in kind of rigour. A regular way about thirty percent of hybrid, and you know fifth, fourteen or fifteen percent are still totally virtual. There's no reason for that it at this point given given vaccination. No, what we need that we need to continue this conversation, but I gotta do I gotta do another spot checks,
where did it come right? Back? Ok because look a few decades private citizens use to be largely that private and then the internet came along and now, if you think of everything you roused search, watch, tweeted that data are being crawled through collected in aggregated by third parties into a permanent public record. Your record, having your private live life exposed for others to see, was once They only celebrities worried about that in an era where everyone is online. Everyone is a public figure to keep her dead approach when you go online turn to express Wp N, there are hundreds of data brokers out there who saw businesses to buy and sell your. data and they don't have to tell you who their sell you to get your consent. One of those data points is your ip address and that's what expressly began blocks from view. It re roots your connection through an encrypted server. You IP addresses masked. So every time you log on your given a random ip address, shared by other expressly paean users and third parties can identify
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That's why? What I was saying this epidemiologists was claimed a user worrisome, because what I think we are lemme see among entrenched teachers, unions and in blue states, where they have a lot of cloud Owen. Pet sway over elected officials is enough to claim that it's not safe to every child is vaccinate. They will make this I am the already talking about it on union message boards. We have seen efforts repeatedly by teachers, unions in places like LOS Angeles in New York, and you see too absolutely shift the goalposts other using now. You know, Americans, with disabilities ACT, restrictions, Delta trotted sway their superintendence and not. Let them return to work. if they don't want. You like to have a permanent accommodation for virtual learning. It's going to cost
Didn't you unless someone, and by someone I certainly mean the president with his bully pop up, even though he doesn't control individual school policies to start talking about this. Now before the summer break before the fall and say we need to get every child back in the classroom, there's no more excuse making to be had but he brought because he is one of the largest donors. Are the teachers unions, but in their best interests to do so because it coming, I mean at least the the theoretical other variant that affects children and then becomes transmissible to adults is conceivable. What we are seeing now is just a really naked shakedown, particularly in big urban centres, with democratic governance, things specifically about the LOS Angeles system, where you have now but he driven in demanding that educators have access to free state provided child care before we get back into the into the classroom and guarantee if they got that it be something outside some point, then this is gonna be.
The political ability for Democrats, Republicans don't share any of this. They don't have one finger print on the on the school systems being the newly shut down and and we ve seen backlashes in places like New York City, where its manner testing in the mayor's race in something that is really frustrating to the far left and that's not gonna. Stop Look Biden is too busy boycotting the state of Georgia. to actually do something about ensuring that these forces of evil actual forces of evil that are attempting to make the claim that the thing that they do for a living. Which is educate children. They are no longer obliged to do unless they are given goodies and benefits and things and would new workplace rules that make
their lives even easier than they are for people who work ten months of the year and not twelve away a lot about people afterward twelve months of the year. So why not make it work? No one set of the year. I mean that is the kind of weird, and you know honestly I've note I have no patients or somebody would that lead. This has been. You have forty fifty years, a veto by my own sense of this taste with by a public sector unions and particularly with teachers unions, but not only with teachers, unions, if you are a supporter of the of the of the union movement and particularly the public Sector Union movement, you need to sit down and
long and hard about what you think should be happening over the next couple of months, because, just as the behaviour of the big labour unions in the nineteen fifteen and nineteen sixty destroyed them, destroy them as political forces and destroyed them as workplace forces. After thirty years of almost uninterrupted political and social success, the you w the Teamsters and mostly the Teamsters, not less the efficacy I'll bet, but but in different ways, there, corruption, the up political influence a day, subjected the behaviour of their leadership, All of that took them out. They were, they were on the verge of having a plurality of the workforce in the United States. Unionized were now down till fewer than I think,
fifteen percent ten per se. But the numbers, if you take out public sector, yours, it's very low and it was largely because they were corrupt and people. They turned it from good guys into bad guys, and there was a weird alliance like they were. They were disliked by small businessmen and people like that, and they were disliked by leftists who believed that they were. You know contributing to public delinquency, and you know: corrupt status, urban corruption, stuff, like that, the public sector unions. What is what is going on in the behaviour of the teachers unions? has the ability and capacity to destroy their political and social effectiveness, that It's been almost untrammelled right, it is. Teachers are heroes, their heroes. Are there there educate? We need to pay the more ready to do this. We need to do that.
Go, I dont know how much more patients the american people are gonna have for the idea. The teachers should have pre private, how free childcare and they don't ever really every Republican in every congressional district. In the mid term, elections should run against the teachers unions. They should have advertisements that show kid suffering. They should show the suicide rates. The mental health crisis, the educational failures. It doesn't matter if they're in the Big Union state or not show what these policies it, because the unions are absolutely right on hundred percent tied to the Democratic Party, This is not about. The Republicans have right here, a very, very good, strong, wedge issue, and they should use it because those Urban voters who didn't like Donald Trump, also don't like the teachers unions right now, and they should use that to their advantage to sing that, in its role as a secular effect or over time, there is a degradation they pay stability that, as I say, they turn into the Teamsters and peoples.
understand, because so long ago, how the Teamsters, who were deal that these were the people. Work the hardest and the United States. These were truckers, end stevedores, and you know I like people whose backs broke doing the work that they did and their union, and they were very, sympathetic figures and their union leaders were so disgusting that their union became the and an emblem of of corruption and America. decay and suddenly was not that great to be a teamster anymore, and you know- I'm just saying like if your Joe Biden than you like your wife, is a teacher in everybody's at every was wonderful as a teacher. You don't want to sir you that you need a little tough love here. They are not there not doing things
helpful to them in their long term interest as actors in american public life and and by the way in terms of the reputation of their own profession. I mean you know, I think ok, I know it has anything to say so. I'm gonna talk to you about the exchequer. Ok, because you now, there's a new found appreciation for having the right bed for those eight hours. We spend each day asleep you now we used to have any kind of bad men are like, oh man, while what am I doing like this is eight hours a day. I need to sleep and something more comfortable that will help my back and not kill me Merit many markets, particularly after the pandemic, there's another place.
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Odin thing or have you unleashed. You know him. when least the same phenomenon that tanked Anna fell audiences for two years after submitting to college Capron income all of that stuff? What it? What do you think? It's a terrible if it's a very bad short sighted move predicated on activism within the press against the storage of law. That is pretty much on tethered to all. The facts. Round and I have a piece: that's gonna go up on the contrary, magazine website very shortly about this, but the press is very nakedly advocating for economic repercussions for this Georgia predicated on a lie ocean that this build does what people say it does that its essential does your racial segregation is unsupported by the text of the law on Joe Biden has been disseminating a variety of flat, naked untrue
it's about this thing. The idea that you can't get water at these polling stations, for example, is simply, a true you can self serve you're not allowed to them to distribute gifts as a volunteer group, including consumables. That's not new, that's not weird, but the New York, I have been lobbying businesses nakedly too, to boycott Hollywood, entertainment reply. We have been doing this and in this major league baseball things, result as was the result of essentially misquote by major League baseball players, association, director, Tony Clark and told the Boston Global March. Twenty six that he was quote very much aware, unquote, this law and the man the desire to see the staple cotton he said quote. If there is an opportunity to, we would look forward to having a conversation, unquote very, not very definitive statement that was transformed by european sports anchors sage, steel, to hurt her quoting Clark, saying quote that he would put looked forward to this
I think, moving the Ulster game out of Atlanta when he was she was interviewing Joe Biden to its Joe Biden, responded. Yeah, that's great, also quote: this is Jim Crow on steroids. What they're doing in georgian Forty other that's the one, the President, the United States, as this is what he wants, a private industry, but do the pressure upon you becomes pretty some stand: especially for a major firm like em I'll, be there. So that means you have to maintain your time, as with the administration. They didn't have very much choice at that point, but to see to the demands of the president of the United States in defiance, I think of just about all logic, all the facts associated with this law and also the fan base year. Also talking about no people, Ecstacy Abrams centres a war knock and John Ass. All of whom have said. Please don't boycott my state. This isn't good! For me, this is good for us. for the Democratic Party link link in the state of Georgia, which is on the precipice. And then see, but isn't there yet
Yes, it will have a sort of the wheel catalyze a backlash among people who are far more invested in sports. Then the activists left, but the activists left is not the audience for. First for professional athletics, I have to say, though I mean I I, I suspect your right yet there's something about the claims that were ok, I'm gonna watch personally, but sports fans who say in response to this is a professional sports activism. I'm done with football, and now I'm drunk so long. Baseball, never watch you again kind of reminds me of people who say they're moving out of the country. If someone gets elected I think, they're too invested. Do they really? turn away from the serve lifelong preoccupation with a game. I mean it over the course of the year. Twenty. Twenty, we saw dramatic decline in dealership across
the board in sports in a year in which no one had anything else to do. mobile because they re just another extension of the tiresome political new cycle. I I am, I have more sympathy, with Major League baseball. Then you guys do. I think, not that I'm symbol to anybody pulling out of George. I think at the game gone on in Atlanta in July, or whenever takes place? Two thirds The news stories and the coverage would have been. How are the players feeling shouldn't the players boycott? Maybe the players after you make the all starting. Does me after playing the all star game? Who cares if you play in the all start name, don't go, don't go to Georgia Maybe they shouldn't two or three of them decide not to go and they don't go or more than that in all this and then the whole get whatever the game is, which is just an
exhibition popularity exhibition contest. Anyway, it doesn't mean anything turns into something else, so they headed off at the past. but neither of us are to bring disagreeing about the right of appeal. Describing is an artificial organic pressure from the press as goes to the consumers of this product. I told I agree with you, and I am saying that what's interesting here is how easily how easy it is now because of social media in particular to make a company se. The easiest form, the easiest way that I can get out of whatever box I find myself in is that it is too soon for peace like it's not worth it everybody or forget. This It happened I'll, say, I'm sorry, go away so where are they? Gonna put the
Sir Game, where the voting rules are actually better than Georgia, because nowhere known Yorkshire, worse like I did the. How dare you the day the I was Tryin camps argument has worse voting was by the way the other interesting thing, but I just briefly we got married other than the pressure is resistance, because we ve seen it resisted, because when Donald Trump used to try to do this stuff, it was laughed off more than laughed off. In fact, it was attacked as being an assault. On the you know, the independence and sovereignty of private actors. Joe Biden has wielding cultural power here in a way that no Republican ever could more effectively than any republic
ever could and the people who were so concerned over it two minutes ago now think it's glorious right. Well, okay, so you're mentioning so you're Talkin Apocracy, which is always a which is always the most irritating thing, love of all things. I agree with you anyway. We at we should probably we should probably get going cuz. You guys have listened to us for more more than long enough, and we're very grace grateful that that you have hope you had a wonderful Easter, go to merge dot com and Terry magazine dot com, those mugs that we told you about last week They keep the camel burning mugs, twenty bucks for a mug there go in my cod kegs. We have limited supply, we don't have much left. If you want them, go there now go there in the next day or two because we're running out we gotta reorder, undertakes weeks and who knows? Maybe we want even reorder them because you know why should we like
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