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2020-09-27 | 🔗
The gang convenes on a Sunday morning for a very special episode of the COMMENTARY podcast, and it’s all about Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court seat last held by the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Amy Coney Barrett.
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Welcome to a special edition of the Commentary Magazine Daily Podcast. This is Sunday September, twenty seven, twenty twenty. We have never done a Sunday podcast before we're not going to do one tomorrow because it is young, can poor We were so stand. I think all of us by the appearance of Aimee Coding, bearing on the white has long been formally announced as the nominees for the Supreme Court and the political and social implications of this.
Nomination that we thought, maybe we would get together and have a conversation about this US of course, being I see the editor, no Rossman high on our agenda senior Christine Rosen Hikers Christine I can negative editor, a green waldheim, high John, so Christine give you a sense of the drama It was a very dramatic but of the drama of the Amy Coney Barrett announcement in her speech and everything. Well, I think can does has been following closely have seen a lot of scrambling on that, part of the Democrats in the left it to try to find something. That'll stick on Amy Coney, like oh she's, she's, stealing a seat that you shouldn't, she doesn't have a right to oh she's, a crazy handmade, like Catholic, cannot all of these things- its whirling for the last forty eight hours, so she stepped up
the international stage and gives shows the world who she is and she is a basic. Quite frankly, she is at me now. I have a cheese, my generation and very, very proud to say she suggests access she, the large wonderful, beautiful family who she brought with her. That includes took answer she. Opted from Haiti, and she has a young son that has special needs, but the first She said. One of the thing to think struck me: one is that she said. I love America and I love the constitution and what startling to hear someone just say that in a way that was so honest and so positive, she then went on to to pay homage to root justice with better Ginsburg an understanding, her legacy and basically in saying I wouldn't be here with, if not for her, she completely shut down the deed murmurings on the third way, feminist left that she was you
secretly hiding means in the closet to take care of all our children without acknowledging it by giving a shout out to her baby sitter, someone of our wonderful baby sitter, since you with us today, she acknowledged Hudson, supportive role in her life, and then she just outlined three very succinctly what she hoped to do as it as and honestly it was, it was a speech about service and at that seem to be her. Her approach to the job is is seeing herself has a public beloved this country and wants to do the best she can and honestly in their given the given the past couple of months of turmoil. We ve had in this country that part alone was was deeply refresh excited touching. She didn't an excellent job, there were there were some human mom Let's say
and then I was I was particularly startled by the course. It was a very considered, politically careful, beautifully crafted to answer a lot of implicit objections to her speech. Somebody after her husband, which we can get to know a little bit, but that this, I believe, was the first time that we learned that her youngest Benjamin, It has down syndrome. It said in her hearing in twenty thousand and eighteen that were two seventeen that she had. A special needs child that was everybody's favorite You didn't say, downs and present trumps at downs and There was this moment where Trump calls them all up to have the big photo up after her speech,
and they all got up and her husband Jesse takes Benjamin's hand and they start to walk toward the podium and Benjamin doesn't want to go and and Jesse kind of try to pull him a little bit and Benjamin, is pulling back Jesse, let's go Benjamin's hand and he runs back to the babysitter yeah and and so the photo wop that was wanted, which was the entirety of the colony Barry Family with prompt and millennia did not in fact take place and it was. Stunning. Somehow I mean I. This is something that I knows out of the corner of my eye of the getting commentator mention there. I like that, but it was like these are real people, This was too much for Benjamin to take. Nothing the day had already had lie from south band and guiding its that's a lot for again his age.
So they had a real moment with a real child in a real place should be aimed at first, first woman with school age, children with young children to ever serve on the high court if she's wherever Wabi she. She is what the third or fourth to the fourth at the fifth woman to serve on the court. If I have this right right, Connor, Ginsburg, Kagan sort of my, or am I missing. Anyone so should be the fifth woman on the court and This is a very striking thing. Is it gets to the whole handmaid hell that a right which is all about except of our budget like silver yes issued with itself so Ginsburg End and an O'Connor or we're already already had a at the adult children by the time they got to the court. Suddenly or an Kagan are.
Unmarried and never had kids, and here is any country bear with seven and, of course, One of the things that we heard in the in the wake of with Berrigan spurs death were all these tributes to mark. And her husband, and this notion that she could I've been who she was without the support of Martin Ginsburg, who basically subordinated, her career to his own day. They did what was good for her heat fine otherwise, but he knew that she was somebody whom he had to support that she had a destiny And it was this amazing spouse will clearly Jeff the bear. It is exactly that person, because you don't
to be a mother of seven children, and you know clerk and do this and do that and be a professor at Notre Dame then become go on the court with a small child down syndrome, where you have to write the circuit and Gulf himself into Chicago once a week you listen to do that without a spouse who, as she said, wakes up every morning to say, is there anything I can do to make your day better? Is this guy gonna get a seconds credit? from the mainstream media from the liberals who were who were crying over Martin Ginsburg, because this is the a thing it's like if you dont make an idiot logical point out of a good marriage. Good marriages are structured, pretty much the same. Whenever there are good marriages, you know and they involve mutual support.
Mutual understanding and understanding that what is good for once bows is good for the other, and all of that- and this is something we are watching this in real time and were hearing or what we ve been hearing in line, I think, is probably gonna be retired by noon today- is that she is some kind of psychotic. You know, handmaidens to her husband and therefore, you know is: is trade is gonna bring about some? Can I call you That's one thing about the hand main point: the people who are using that are clearly secularist who have no understanding of faith because being caught Harry the mother of Christ was called the handmaidens? right. I mean there S. Actually, a great honor effect be called a hand made. If you understand the tradition, it's not Margaret outwits book and one other thing that I think is really important for people understand
about her adopted children. Is it she's already been attacked for it by Doktor Avram Ex candy of all people for being some sort of white colonizing for adopting black children from Haiti. I would point out listeners by the way, our friend and contributor to the matter they naomi me. But in a lot about international adoption. It's an interesting Lee. It's an interesting issue in the Social Justice Agency and even row, the American. And presents a do. Did a brief podcast last week, talking a little bit about interracial. Adoption of people went hear more about that particular issues. Fascinated programme I'm sorry. I have to interrupt because actually none of that happening forgot now. I dont know if you ve noticed, then why visa reporter over a politico notes, there's lotta hand, wringing over Anti catholic Anti faith, tat.
From the scottish nomination, but I have not seen any evidence of this happening to wither irrational bureau. Crete chief John Brown, hand replied it's not happening to phony issue when he was pressed on this. He retreated to the Bailey said. You know that the notion that Democrats, hate Catholics is just insane and nonsense, which is much more defensible position than the one that he struck out, which was that the all this evidence of attacks on this woman's faith in our family on her arm the wish it workers is her life around of a religious, The standing of out and out Social Organisation works. Now, that's just not happening, so I might challenger premise out it's not only. That is not happening Abe. As far as I understand. How can you say that the let's say that the social tendency that backed by I could be Eddie, I'm it binds the Catholic right so and finance policy is a catholic
So how can they be Anti catholic? Well, you know what I would put it this way there not Anti Catholic american liberalism is not Anti Catholic, its anti will religion. They had almost any religion. They don't like protestant religion, they don't like they don't like Orthodox Judaism. They don't like, various Catholicism. This is a secularist and american life that is leaning ever more heavily into secularism. They as a substitute faith and and able there yeah. They like all religion, actually so long as it's repurchased to political ends. Then then, then there our religion is gradual, Jus, jewish, Cocoon alarm absolute, you now got a Catholic Dorothy Day, catholic social conscience, justice. You know,
all that, but of course, the other form of of of of social action on the part of of religious groups like gum like the efforts, or an adoption feeding, kids in in in Africa and others taken up by image. L who Christians is totally put by the wayside too. I think that there is a it's a it's a larger point that is being made a giant American that, if you know that we will see over the next fifteen to twenty years hardens into a reality, which is that the Democratic Party, We defined is going to be the party of no face, and they were Publican Party is going to be the party of faith and the question that is going to be really is gonna be raised by this is what happens to minority groups of faith in a week.
World in which this is increasingly evidently the cakes. What happens to african Americans who are deeply invested in their faith? What happens to Hispanics were deeply invest in their faith, whose clear political tendency is towards the left and towards the Democrats. But if, if the hostility keeps growing and mounting of this, that we saw in the wake of the Obama CARE decision and the decision to go hard at the notion that cat that that Catholics had to supply free contraception, for example, which was madness, political madness on their part. And I and it goes to one other point. I sorry to my knowledge here, but after the announcement Jeff Tube and got on CNN, and he went into this fascinating diatribe against Diane Feinstein. Who is the ranking Democrat on the same judiciary committee and was
for the way she handled. Amy Coney, berets hearings, be a circuit court judge and he said she may bear it into a hero by her incredibly lame and incompetent questioning, whether his words, not mine, raising questions about her face with it. This this now infamous for, Is the dogma lives so that it loud? I love writing you right and that he then basically said the dog Feinstein is senile and cannot be allowed To manage the democratic response to any Coney Barrett with the hearings begin next week, because she did such a bad job the first time, and now it is understood that Jeez lost a few steps and she doesn't really know what she's doing, and they should move the intelligence committee before she does anything really bad, which.
That Guy Diane finds out are you they never say outline of the Democrats. Our anti religious Diane Feinstein is jewish. Well, yes, I mean I'm just saying it's an interesting yeah, but It's not me, it's not honest, really the need now what we would be if the of GM finds out was the only person who did this during her seven circuit confirmation hearing, she was not Maisie. Baronial re several issues along these lines, Sheldon Whitehouse resolutions along these lines, Republicans talked about her cathedral- some other, albeit more approvingly. This was hardly something that was limited to Diana Einstein. She just took it farther. Second, the people who are clamouring overtime, findings, Competence here don't want less of that we want more of it, no way things they when I met the procedural list on the procedural as to think this is a dumb strategy thought the grass roots. Does the grassroots thinks she's a menace? Imaginings achieves an inch.
Efficiently committed to american doctrines along about separation of church and state that they want to highlight her religiosity will. This is this is why it's it's as as a political question, this nomination will beef fascinating to The way I saw a kind of playing out on social media yesterday was somebody somebody in stark relief in our picture of any country, beret, speed, family and then a bunch of writers on the street, no like war, which is it going to be. You know a c b, or I see a b, every country, baron or all concert masters, I mean, there's a sense in which the grass root- and this is where, by what I didn't, chooses to do and he's going to speak later today, evidently for Delaware. How Biden chooses to handle this our common Harris who sits on the Judiciary Committee chooses to handle. This will be, I hope, closely watched by the american public before they go to the polls. Ok, so Abe. Here's where I think they're gonna go based on what I was this hearing yesterday and what I'm right.
Which is that they want to make they want. They decided that doing what Noah says the grassroots wants is is not wise and probably she's gonna get on the court anyway. So what can we due to make political hey out of this moment and I think intelligently what they decided is to go at healthcare, because on the tenth of November, the Supreme Court will hear arguments on this before, will correct challenge, she has already delivered the opinion, a blow review article that John Roberts twisted the constitution an and logic in the, Obamacare decision, which should be the least controversial thing ever said because its self help.
True, since he contradicted himself on page twelve unimpressed, thirty five of that decision, so I'm gonna go they're gonna try to use this to just talk at her about health care and talk about health care and try to make health care of me, you're issue in the hearing to reinforce the idea that binds, but I'm health care, and some of these calls Obama CARE is now getting sixty or sixty five percent support in these poll. The polls are out today. If you ask favorable or unfavorable opinion, that's a twenty five point shift, since it was since its passage. So anyway, When I make, I think that's true, but that's a lot. That's gonna be a lot of time to just talk about healthcare with her right. You know I mean I'm sorry. But I understand why because This is in a sense. I mean this there's so disciplined or at least the b commentary. It is so and discipline that that they, so oh
shot and went so crazy. The on there, acts on her religion and beyond the start of attacks on her family that that they have now answer of. Put themselves in this corner, but that's all It's a whole lot, it that's a there's. Gonna, be I mean that's a lot of time to focus just on healthcare. Don't you think don't do it and I haven't read about others: they're gonna have to bring up a row is well done. You don't like there'll, be a lot of things right and how long this confirmation hearings are gonna last but there'll be a lot of things that grant, but while ways out of answer, Angie Democrats focused on as messaging democratic and twenty eighteen for stun Healthcare almost exclusively in a lot of these swing districts. Are they talk about healthcare? Constantly only barely talked about the trumpet was a winning issue for them I mean there. Anybody wants to talk about. This is unfair, and
this is the aid that the process is terrible here in an appeal to the poles. People say that they would they want the next president to do this. If you dig deeper into the poles they sent. You know like well that this before the Senate, them is a little different form of fifty fifty issue but that seems like the winning strategy or if they didn't there's no waiting list derailing this nomination, but as a political messaging strategy focusing on healthcare seems like it submits a very effective method. It's a heavy. I think. When aim I mean it ain't with I'm understand it's. It's gonna be a heavy live for the fur during a comfort asian hearing to message that, in a way that the american public is gonna, hear as what's the real Brad. I mean they'll say go if you, if you put her on the bench, she's gonna get rid of a there. They can say that, but there has to be an argument I got an argument, is technically fairly detail right eye it's much? I think, that's why you see the commentary on the activists class, not even getting close to that they're saying things like Asia should never have accepted the nomination. I know she's terrible would have her ocean no experience, even though a layer cake,
at zero days of experience on any as a judge before he was nominated me they're, they're kind of flailing around that I just wonder the question is: what message will the public here and our Senate Democrats really capable of making that message and away that's gonna land? Will I think they can make some part of it. It's all a question of what you stress. Are you going to stress the culture war or you going to stress the policy now? The interesting thing, of course, is that normally nominees for the Supreme Court can say I cannot talk about ex issue because it might come before the court and I do not want to that was taken in response to everybody? Everybody has said this for thirty years likes it. Basically, since Bork made the mistake, or they made a calculated decision- that they had to talk about philosophy, answer explain away his his his did.
Station of Griswold versus Connecticut in order to get him through the hearing, and it was a terrible blunder because it really did. It really did serve like alter precedent in the way these, combinations were handled. Where regret a Supreme Court is, a third body of government, it has its own way of doing things. It's it's some an end you. You cannot ask somebody to talk about a current hot, but an issue because they I'll be they will, it will appear there, prejudging an issue that will come before them. She can try to say it because on the record having written things before her judicial career You know she can't really say. Well, I can't really talks have been
I don't know I mean, I think, that the culture war stuff is very tricky in ways that I did not anticipate and that the policy stuff is therefore much more accessible given the given that what all the data are telling us about how pretty good the general atmosphere is for the kinds of arguments Biden is making better budget, but I think that this comes up a lot in that I think he laughed and see that conservative judges and and candidates. I'm have a way of slipping through Democrats fingers on the policy stuff because there's this kind of assumption among liberals that conservative justice would be a concern of activists
I'm in the way that we have come to expect level judges to be there. They would sort of enact policy and they get it wrong every time, because we would have Billy means to be a conservative judge, conserve justice at you, it's about being faithful to the law, in spite of whatever your own prep policy preferences would would be, and the I'd. There's no doubt in my mind that Amy Berytus well versed in how to talk about that and mean right so that the culture worse stuff. If she came across a stiff issue if she came across as pleasant or you know problematic at most somebody that people couldn't connect to emotionally. Let's say that this would be
story, but that was why her appearance yesterday was so dazzling and why, when you look at it, I think without an ideological prism, you you have to understand what what danger is posed by the cap These are questions that no you're, absolutely right in a liberal activists would want to be asked of her and the kind of filibustering that Senate Liberal simmered said. Democrats would be most comfortable, throwing at her, which is she's like a mammoth. A lot o k, It's a pretty good marriage and she seems pleasant and nice and she's got a special needs. Cage is adopted, two kids, Generally speaking, unless your mind is made up that you hate all conservative jurists which may make up a certain percentage of the electorate.
What are you gonna dislike about her? What is there to do? like about her. How can they make heard this likeable was very clear how they made cabinet dislike able right? They said he is it disgusting Grammy didn't we didn't know that at this point no way there is no, we didn't, but I'm saying that cabin I himself did not presented, Anything particularly yet we just seem like a he was alive. Required way you haven't, but he was not. There was nothing there was nothing exciting about bread, Cavanaugh US domination, socially, cultural, nothing, that's the key! Isn't that! So that's why you had to create this, scenario in which he was run grit, sociopath right, but had so that's telling their policies amply now we have no idea what's coming, but that's why the hand main thing was. The first attempt to do that right. The idea that she's actually on in Thrall to some patriotically oppressed
faith, that's that's guiding her every movement or minutes. It's very alumina, how to get us, but there are others a percentage of people. I actually you know what I really want to see because the other thing I've been seeing its decision The amazing cholera Harris who's, new former prosecutors, gonna say some dies or like oh bring it, because you know that every country, their will, Kemal Heresies London's in an area that, if helped rebel, she was really quite bad. Nobody knows what happened that that secret meeting, we still don't know what happened at the secret meat. At Benson Tourism, whatever the last name was that the partnership where they leave a supposedly conspiring the trumps lawyers to do something you don't know what right this was. This was this: is gold on social media were activists? This up, it was Herman omit. It was bar what launched recur her presidential bit right. My point is either. This is gonna, be a huge new story, the
either are either Gimme huge story, in which case I know the Democrats are more endanger than than than one might think, because if they look like they're. Looking for any angle to be nasty to her personally independent, suburban women may really not like that is all upset you know, whereas if they go in her solely on issues where the polling suggests that the independence Bourbon women are kind of more leaning toward the Biden set of issues at
leave her alone and don't get anywhere near her family or her faith. They might score some hits and reinforce, binds general electoral message, but if they, if they succumb to the temptation of their id of the parties id and goings, actually there, which is what everybody wants and what Republicans want to, because they want to see how Amy bear it says, gets very hurtful senator or you know,. I just don't know why me why you had to go there with that senator my faith is very important to me, as it is that so many people, you know what I mean I don't know I mean you can still make up ten thousand life, but the hope,
what is the Biden wants to say, I'm the not crazy person and we're going to go through the election, I'm going to win and I'm going to lower the temperature in the country and everything isn't going to be hysterical and a are, like you are a robot of you: no evil, castle of equal catholic conspiracy. Who is feeling haitian children and putting them in the basement with evil babysitters. Why you, while you, minister, to your husband as a handmade. That's it there is an electoral consequence to this hearing. That is not going to help them. Everybody who believes that is already going to vote for by so I'm I'm willing to put money on the table that Maisie Herrera will go there Maybe it's not gonna go the hearing I shot. The European Union should maintain or my richer
Eleven fallen Maisie her own above said they were going to boycott the hearing because its illegitimate, then I think I may move to Canada when trumpets elected. It okay I'll, be shocked to see a politician see the microphone. Nevertheless, the story of this election so far has been that voters are able to compartment allies, Joe Biden from his party. They do not believe Joe Biden. Vessel for the radicalism and his party evinces on a daily basis? They have never seem to believe that, no matter how many times we say it, how many times we think it how many times we say, look, there's We can draw this line in that line in the thick intersect pre. Clearly, voters don't seem to believe that, so no matter, how crazy they go in this hearing. I don't think a renounced Joe Biden, detriment in part because he can distanced himself from it he's been able to distance himself from, but this great step, but if they make her look grave, it could help from look these answer and on Tuesday, tremble, bring it up in the debate. Will help bring it up in the debate
talking today Sunday morning that were speaking so chances are for a lot of people. You're going to hear us talking about this after Biden speaks. So I'm not. It's ridiculous me to predict with Biden's going to say, either today or or Tuesday, if he says I'm a man of faith, I'm a Catholic. My Catholicism is very important to me as it is the Amy Coney Bryant. Let's talk baron excuse me, I did the brunt Brian thing too that, will implement bribing aiming wholly beret. Let's leave religion out of this she's bad because she wants to what she wants to overturn upon the care and roving aid and that's why she should not go on the court. There's nothing to do with whether or not that's an argument that will win but it will resonate. It could resonate if anything will resonate and that's where we're gonna final point here:
this polling says people say that without the next, but the prisoner wins, the presidency should be picking the Supreme Court Justice right. Fifty seven fifty eight forty two something like that and we have to pull, it's a pretty much the same thing that a lot of a high sea trumps made. A terrible mistake is made a mistake because the american people think that he it out you that's the should wait, and so it's gonna hurt him But as anybody going to vote on that, that's might mutton. My ultimate thing is that is: is there anyone the pollen place and say you know, because he didn't let this one Supreme court domination that doesn't flip the court's idiot logical balance. By the way it may deepen the conservative block, but it doesn't have the concern block is already I for it doesnt flip anything, I'm not gonna to I'm gonna vote for Biden now, because he's not didn't let this nomination go into the lame duck session or whatever
is that we'll like, as is that something that people are going to vote on? I can see how It will help trump ensue. Defying some wavering folks or depressed people, or something like that who were getting depressed about one, a tramp, the political kind of like stabilize him, but I don't see how people are gonna stand. He tore Joe Biden because Trump nominated someone in the Senate votes on my crazy ape. No, I think I think you're right, but I thought that the whole time night, that's why you know me and I thought you know this was mostly answer: a modest win for tromp the whole way through. Yeah, but don't even off it's a whim for tromp. Nobody said Martin those rights like mostly nothing right. You know and that this is not. You know the weird part here is
will. We could see- and we ve been talking about this for a while after this is over, is whether judges, let's say Biden, wins barriers on the court Biden. Wins judges could become a major issue for the left. The kind of issue for the left, the judges have been for the right Really, since the MID Seventys, we ve been anticipating for so long and interests that fails to materialise. Just they have a different view of what the court is supposed to. Do then Germany's do conservative fundamentally view the court at and again we, but I was critical of of this part of the conservative movement during the term presidency, which overemphasize judges, because it seeds the legislative field centrally sang with, did that new, this list and no further, but it doesn't change the date of statutory. Does She said the quarters interpreting and in ensuring that they don't over interpret them, which is what the left wants to see. The courts do
That's that's! Why that's exactly! Why see once wrote? is decided in Rome really created the modern, the world of modern american conservative politics in a way that people still under under appreciate. Could they still think it's about race? But row was the moment at which the parties really started to diverge spectacularly and what court should or should not be able to do, an conservative set them in arguing for fifty years that the court is a runaway second legislature and they are, they are doing things and deciding things that they have no business in their right to decide. If Biden ends up as the president and there are no solid veto at them, credit. Have the senator can get the Senate in TWAIN. Whatever the argument that the court that Trump has now pushed the court into being an unelected legislature that vetoes demo,
Braddock desiderata in a way that is totally legitimate, I will raise this I'm kind of money that Republicans raised on the courts and they can use this to motivate and drive turn out and asked routes and all that by saying, if we do acts, we can change this around through. Why have already been doing every decade they just been doing it on an issue oriented basis right that plan parenthood. That's what immediate they do. It's either about abortion, or it's about you did they do it on an issue based way and looked at all, but I agree with no that's always been the the liberal approach to the courts. Is that day, It can legislate the stuff that it, our actual legislature, camp, pass right. They ve they ve done that over and over again in very important cases, and you know that the conservative effort it is too slow that time has been successful, but we're going to some extent
time Stana pull today, which showed where every other poles shows that between people want the next president to appoint this justice to the tune of fifty six to forty one percent. However, the following question: in the survey Donald Trump selected, it's down from select a nominee for the supreme what do you think the Senate should or should not act on the nomination? much closer forty seven percent say they should forty eight percent say they should not statistically negligible. So it's the issue being before the Senate is different than this? a radical notion whether Donald Trump should have the right to appoint another justice? The obviously does, but people just don't like Donald Trump, and that is the paradigm that there Their evaluating the question on whether the Senate should perform its constitutional duties here is is much more. Split along partisan lines? Obviously, but it is a fifty fifty proposition. Ok, it's also a fundamental civic literacy issue here, right, which is essential.
I'm drunk that Joseph dead. Do you said it No, it's like. Should the Senate do acts and you're acknowledged that it should do what? Because people don't but the Senate does anything people Now that the Senate approve locked they do. I don't think you. I don't think I've how little people soberer? What I'm saying I don't know that's how to evaluate this question. The issue here is in one of the one of the big things are democrats want to make an issue here is despite public in hypocrisy rank It gets hypocrisy over whether or not we should vote of to confirm a nominee. In an election year. No I've now, all of a sudden. It's because well one party controls. Why doesn't border controls at its? It's? It's a policy and we can agree that its accuracy, but that, if that pull result is to be believed, the hypocrisy lying isn't cutting through right, but it's not coming through, because it's too it's too granular. You took my people who don't know
what the Senate does and what the president does and what anybody does. So you say to them: should Donald Trump choose acts near like now? That's like! Should there be a ss according to which the Senate votes on this there, like some people, say no in some people, say yes because of that. That number shifts by ten percentage points, which is like twenty percent, because this percent. Don't have any idea what the hell happened and how things happen if they actually believe what they believed in question. One question, too should be a no brainer there, pretty much answer it in exactly the same way, you're saying that there is a kind of sophisticated reason for that. One thing: it's the opposite: it is a total or opposite, which is why these hearings, don't necessarily have any political impact. Even though we just saw this two years ago, with this house I been Cavanaugh monstrous mess, people vote
forgotten that descended advisers and consent. I promise you that if you did a pole- it's like, J Leno, the jaywalk in other people. The when you ask questions on tv shows you know who that they don't even know MIKE pencils. Thirty percent of Americans practically probably dont, know my pencil much less know about this. Its role in advising and consenting because they're stupid, and now we need to bring schoolhouse right. You know I'm just a bill inquiry for every branch. We need sorry Christine, but every every every school trial doesn't need to read the constitution. They need to read a broom exe Henry Rogers Candy and his and his how to be an anti racist, vile, a file, tweet I'd. One who thinks that that man is anything but a racist himself should read what he wrote about every country, very Austria.
I adore this guy. His honesty is so refreshing and so helpful. This is it. This is the philosophy this that we have been voting benign racial segregation on the left as being some sort of a benefit the society for a long long time, and it's about time. Somebody very prominent came out and said as much yeah, but you know what he's not that I'm just not to give his tweet or too much attention but down in the thread after he. You know tweeted about the sort of white supremacy of adoption. Someone someone has said well, then, if up family wants to adopt a child and has zero interest, no preference about the the child's race is that racist or anti racist- and he said, that's an interesting question, but it's not want take up on Twitter, which is where, of course, he launched today all the
by the way. So I just got here to personal, but we have a family friend who adopted a child from Haiti, and I should tell you that this was not. This was not an easy process, adopting a child from Haiti Haiti is not just you know like here. Take our children in an anti dumping that there was a there, is aid and its arduous process to adopt a child from Haiti that involves multiple trips visits. You know various things that can take a year a year and a half really know the circumstances under which, for example, her son, John Peter, was three came to her after the earthquake in Haiti. Like does that mean that his family, that he had been in an orphanage to begin with, and the orphanage you know was without power. Whatever were did family member,
who were taken care of him die and he was therefore left parent lists. We don't know the circumstances like vileness of this- is that it's not like. Oh I'll, just go I'll just grab a kid from Haiti. You know that that is not the way these adoptions work at all and it's you know psychologically offensive. You have to be deeply committed to doing this to do it and it also it's also psychologically offensive because Uribe, you know you're drudging up all this garbage about kid who is a kid currently and you're doing this in the in the in the in the Publican about him in his life and his family? That's also psychotically offensive because it's the definition of racist you ever seen people
as the color of their skin and judging their entire life experiences around that that's? Is there another definition for bigotry other than that? Well, it's also did, but the deeply part of this philosophy, which is its like. Oh people, must only be doing this because they want to a white person, wants to adopt the black child to shield the him or herself from the charge that they are racist man. That was you that that actually has been used in Iraq has left a ready to to say that Amy Colony bear its family standing up behind her in support of her nomination is actually just a human shield right because she has a special these data, because she's adopted these two blockades that's just being used in this instrument away, I mean it does show you the toxic mindset of a certain subset of activists lefties how they would look at that family and tat go to is its. It makes me sad, actual alot of pity for people who think that way, because it an unhappy wait to see the world, and it was not the first to say
does. He might be the most prominent to say this, but he was hardly the first Norris. He had the people who said it just completely random people on social media. Wait. We saw this method of being road tested by democratic strategists, perhaps not especially prominent democratic tragedies, but nevertheless, people who wear that man will have consulted for candidates and have attachment to the Democratic Party all this that in this matter, It's just sort of just appeared, and then everybody was on the same page on this part of the activists. Laughed at the notion here that this just was some sort of collective epiphany on on the part of a certain type of activists is just defies common sense, something we should. We should really comes. We should I go in, and embassies are coordinated effort. As I went on the level, we should thank the presence in either name names, you are referring to someone named Dana Hulu, with some kind of democratic political consult like the various campaigns that apparently went nowhere
and worked on Capital Hill and she's the one who said I want to know what adoption agency let her have. These children We then have Vanessa Gregori Addis, who is eight? Who was one of the most successful? magazine profile writers in the in the United States, the author of a particularly bad book about the Christine I think he wrote about for us. Didn't you about were, or maybe I'm I'm confused New York magazine rather a third way feminists type. You know what she wrote a book about college about the young college scandals and stuff again made. I guess it was new but she's like she was a New York magazine person, four times magazine vanity, fair one of the very few P the left America, who makes were living as a as a as
eating journalist, writing big long profiles, and she said how can she be a good mother while being a member of the upper while being a judge? A sheer seven children- I just would just now, but the most offensive thing that Vanessa Gregarious did is compare Amy Coney bear it to kill. Gosh you she said. Oh, she must have like nannies hidden away in the closet and then pretend you all the best for her good right. So they get no. But there's you get whiplash following feminism these days, because that's basically that the man Judge of that tree was shouldn't. You be at home with her kids minutes. It's bizarre bizarre right, so and then we have Sarah Jones of New York magazine who wrote Fur I really first knows to writing for the with some. You know her renders horrific iteration of the New republic. I don't know which one you know the Public Republic, the seventh new public were or something
a person I would say, of a somewhat limited intelligence who said this thing on Twitter and then written a longer peace where she said Amy We bear it is not at least Elinor Kagan was at the door. Harvard LAW, school and solicitor general. So she had a lot of experience. Amy Herbert has only been on the only on the circuit court first four years, so she doesn't have enough experience law, school, professor fifteen years Supreme Court Clerk Circuit Court clerk, That's a lot of experience has written over a hundred opinion the last three years, would get a lot of law review articles. So it's like
when you idiot, shut the hell up, you don't know you literally don't know what you're talking about Elinor Kagan had never been a judge in a corner of the cape when she ended up on the Supreme Court, which is totally fine right and now she's written a peace in which she argues that Amy Coney Baron is a traitor to her gentle, or a trainer to her sex, which is interesting use of phraseology, because the trader to her blank was something that was said of Franklin Delano, Roosevelt after the new deal, where Rock ribbed rich Republicans claim that, because he was a supporter of a higher taxation, he was a traitor to his class. So the phrase trader to his blank or trader to her blank has a terrible providence it in american political history which, being an idiot has no, you know fundamental idea and her peace basically says Seeber
is following Phyllis. Lastly, where you know they d day they are, they saw the main chance of arguing against women as a woman- and this is how they made it. An feminists now have to follow them right. Here's and here's what she here's how she concludes. This is gonna crack you up slightly at her house, was help make the GNP. Feminists must do the same. The Party Joe Biden, no compromise on abortion, no compromise on Trans rights, no compromise on matters of economic justice like a living wages, I'd leave. If that sounds too risky. Remember stakes and something else too. The EU is not on the side of the concern movement, the futures, therefore feminist and the left to win. Ok, where's that compromise on abortion in the Democratic Party, whereas wit air has there been any compromise on Trans rights, whereas nobody come, my son living wage unpaid leave. These are all like. These are all like harden democratic Party orthodoxies, what
what door are feminists pushing on. That is an open according to Sarah Jones, you know why she writes this because she's an idiot, but this is a major post. She then she's, one of the political commentators of intelligence or New York magazine. This supposition, withheld by Michael Cramer, was held by John Taylor, was held by you know very at Andrews Sullivan, but help by various people who are like serious thinkers and great reporters on politics and public policy, and here is opening a mouth like a moron, however, that doesn't mean that, just because you, a more on this, is not an influential view. That is gonna, be something that will be taken up. Like we need to be more like Amy, Coney, Barrett and demand that the Democratic Party do what the devil has been in the Democratic Party platform there for like eight one thousand and twenty fifty two thousand years good
goes to go and good health, okay. So adding any other major points we need to have on this, sir, on the signature day, just point out that yesterday tens of thousands of Americans descended on Washington DC to national per day- and there was no harassment of dinars and no rioting and no no, General upset caused by that group. It's amazing how people can actually follow the constitution's protected right to peacefully assemble and do their thing, and yet there go so I'm just a possible for lots and lots. People get together, who feel very strongly about something and not destroy the city that therein so along those lines given Williamson has a particularly cervix, but in a good Peace in National review along these lines,
which posit something that shouldn't be outside the realm of of a discourse Blake discourse here, but seems to be, which is the president trumps remark about peaceful transition being. Atrocious as it is and is worthy of censure, as it is alive What are the conditions under which were living right now? Republicans are compelled to forever renounce violence and when they gather in large numbers it is always a riot, but we singing riots everywhere and at no point or Democrats compelled to renounce violence as a political tool, or to renounce extremism as a political tactics in there is a rather written. ITALY embraced it over the course of funds in the week that has elapsed since Ruth Bader Ginsberg died, and there is a disparity here which is hard to ignore, which is that the press seems to think that republicans are uniquely capable of violence. All evidence to the contrary, notwithstanding and the Democrats are are sort of hostages. If, if at all,
to these current son on their fringes by no means responsible for them, oh by the way, also along those lines. So yesterday I d be proud boys, who I have no interest in, and no interest in defending in want. No part of had held some sort of rally in Portland and all stories were up port. Braces for violence. The proud boys are coming out, the because they're right, wingers, suddenly Portland now bracing for violence. Meanwhile, the proud boys did their thing and it was think on eventful entirely, but the violence that they were racing for wasn't from prof right from the response, right, which is what happened in Manhattan a couple years ago and probably showed up at New York. Surpluses having republican club
Fighting between that was a five twitting, the Manhattan Republican Club and these psychotic children about it works brothers. Right here I am meanwhile in Seattle last night there is this astounding footage of other of a sea. Of a of a couple of cars popping Willie's and doing driving around and hitting people with their with their car and square and their cops never show up because they're too busy down by chance and chop, which apparently are seen to be reconstituting themselves. Where people are setting fires and sorting, try it again, because I don't know if you know this, but them. Four months ago George Floyd was up.
Was it was killed him in Minneapolis O four months later there setting a fire in the trash can on the point, because this is veto, thus so so deeply deeply important we are. Having said all this politically again, if you look at these, Poles trumps lawn order message did not work. Both poles, both wash imposed an and the New York Times, have binding out distance tromp on who can best maintain law and order by ten points, and that is a That is an interesting, so basically, Trump will win on the basis of any panoply of issues that is gonna help him. He is gonna win. If you and based on a general cultural understood, who he is, and who Biden is that the issues dont really seem to penetrate, even though there is ultimately, just as we are all slaves of some defunct.
All of this is backed by issues. It's all everything is. Everything is controlled by issues than what you think of Trump and what you think about it, and then what you think of the next four years. But Trump's ability to harness issues in his favor is now in a week conclusively. I think disproving like he has. He had an open field here on law and order and and as I think we all agreed he you know, then this weekend steps in it with the I do not necessarily no don't expect me. I guess I'm not going to say we need peaceful transfer of power thing, which is just as Noah said, the ultimate negation of his twenty slash twenty strategy. Cancer so that it ass a chaotic. You don't report the guy you perceive to be an agent of, but I will say this: if Trump loses in November,
His legacy will be the three Supreme Court justices that we hope he will put on the summit Wherever will matter about him, twenty four years from now will be Gore such Cavanaugh and assuming she is confirmed by Barrett, police, the right and the men of Frank you animals still absolutely I'm sorry that so that those up those are very big. It's very big and it's all very big. And we won't even get to the point of like how any weapon can president would have chosen they becoming bear. In fact, chances are any republican, but would have chosen her before Cavanaugh though I gathered the deal easily but were not on the list. Who remember that on sixteen list yeah, I don't even think or was Gorse a journalist the course it was pretty sure boards have somehow I wasn't amounting in car, where it wasn't right. This is like dense ass lobbying very hard for the last two year anyway, purer so it there
you can set so for everyone within sound. My voice, who is observing Yom Kippur, have an easy, fast and maybe inscribe for a good year, for everybody else have a great time enjoy enjoying your meals that suffers. I'm not gonna, be eating and will be back to you on Tuesday, where's the debate preview somewhere for a pristine, and now I'm jump upwards with this very Special. Our first very special commentary magazine weekend Podcast keep the camel burning.
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