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2021-09-03 | 🔗
Today's podcast deals with the onslaught of lousy headlines and developments surrounding the president, from horrible jobs numbers to Delta fatalities to polls showing a significant decline in his support. Why is this happening? Give a listen.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine Billy, I cast today is Friday September. Third, twenty twenty one, I'm John PA towards the editor of commentary with me, as always executive editor, a remote high hijab. Theoretically, He rose and high Christine Hijack episode, If everyone Orson high Noah Hydra welcome back, we are so
bring down the barrel of a terrible jobs report. This morning, job numbers coming in two thirds lower than expected: spected seventeen, fifty thousand new jobs. We got about two hundred and fifty or two hundred twenty five thousand, so like that, it's some shocking and end the debilitating news- and I think weapons It's more of this dark night of the soul that the Joe Biden by Mr Fischler going through you take this. You take the bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan. And all of the ancillary matter relating to it, which will go into a little later and you take the delta variant and its content.
you'd the anxiety that it is that it is creating and an up this morning by by JO in the Wall Street Journal that effectively puts the final dagger in the hopes of the american Liberal left for a three and a half trillion dollar wish list of spending in a reconciliation bill. Mansion saying he will not vote for it means there. There have to be every Democrat asked about for it and then calmly Harris has to break the tie in the Senate for it to pass a fifty one vote, reconciliation budget matter and all mansion have to do is, say now or or or Kirsten Cinema from Arizona I know a man who was now said now most telling then- and this happens of course before the mansion NEWS and before the jobs number is
an NBC news Paul out this morning that has binds approval exists the ABC Abc knows and wash impossible down to forty four percent with fifty one percent disapproval proliferating down nine points among independence. Ten points among men overall- and here is the important point about this. We keep saying Republicans are increasingly not responding. Paul? So if poles look bad for Democrats there, especially bad for Democrats, because the what you're seeing is reflected among people who are not his worst supporters when pulse go bad for Democrats, It means I got to take him seriously much more seriously than one pole to go bad for Republicans, because you can always look at that and say: will Republicans aren't responding to questions the way that the way that other people are
ah a view one. You have. You have a theory about what's going on here, you have regarding buttons, popularity and, and the trouble is facing. Am I think his biggest problem right now is not that Americans disapprove of the afghan withdrawal. In fact, most apparently still approve of our having withdrawn, not that they disapprove of the way that the withdrawal was conducted, although they they do disapprove of that. What happened in the past two weeks three weeks is that Biden has made himself strongly, unlike able- and this was his light and is like Ability- was a tremendous asset for him, especially in light of the of of Donald Trump and the way
Country felt about him, but since then he has come up here seemed angry, strange, dismissive, untruthful over and over again- and this is a very personal effects of what has gone on for the past few weeks. It isn't it is the least important effect in terms of how we conducted our afghan withdrawal. Things such as the national security, the rise and terrorism, America's standing in the world, the fate of of afghan Those are all the more important in terms of real world consequences, but for Joe Biden, this small detail is actually very largely till he has made himself on likeable, and that is a very hard won for people to overcome. You can always get on board with a policy retrospectively. You can forget that you hated policy when you, when you take a disliking to someone that is a much
stick ear that that sticks and its in it. It's a really important point, because we have also seen a very concentrated dose of Joe Biden in the last few weeks that we have it for the first day he's been in our faces on tv speaking to the public, a lot more than he has before, and that defensiveness in that belligerence which is then carry forward through his press secretary and and other administration officials. Is that defining thing people have in their heads right now, as we get these other bits of without disturbing information about the economy and covered I think this is a very, very important point in some ways, the most important political point because Biden has to Binding presented himself in a certain way. He was
happy warrior, that's a term that that than Obama used for him or he was the apathetic guy. He was the guy who was like your dad. He was the working class guy from scratch. he's the guy who's grandmother said Joe. We cannot always be nice to people Joey. Do this job. We do that. You know. Pricey did helps people with their story cries when their when there they have a relative whose dying all of that and yet what we have seen over the last months is a ah by is raw abiding raw and and what he's like raw is querulous and petulant, and- and pleasant, and I am not saying that, because I dislike the policy eminent I'm trying to do do this is dispassionately, is pop possible
you could always see it like in the eyes of the CNN and MSNBC hours after the speeches were over. These are three or four different talks he gave as as cobble fell and then, as the disasters were happening,. Or in these press availabilities or whatever that he be dine and then you'd go to those comments. Eaters, and they had this squinted, comfort, email on faces that that wasn't what they wanted to hear and that he was really being very combative and offensive, and you know what so the people who want to give them the benefit of the doubt and were giving them the benefit of the doubt in their instantaneous responses to him were were experiencing a discomfort that success.
I stayed. Maybe this isn't the guy. We thought wise and that's Cheerleading squad. That's not us! That's not national review. That's not the Wall Street Journal editorial Bade, that's his people any any kept reinforcing it. you come out and do due time and again he rightly kept saying he was doubling downright binding, goes down on his policy by doubles than usually when you say that when you use that term, it's an expression of someone's doubling down because their confidence someone's doubling down because they think this is a winning bat. And if you double down on a bet, you get twice as much. You know gain from it as you did before, even though it seems risky, but when they were saying double down there,
something else entirely among the guys to match it. Just how important like ability, as these days of just thinking about Andrew Como, who strange as it was, was suddenly considered very likeable. I mean that that way, I'd never found to be, but in the eyes of NEO, during the worst of the covered crisis. They had an idea about him that he was personable that he was they are right in it with you that he was respect, your language and that he understood had nothing to do with his policies. New York, at the very same time, New York numbers in terms of the the pandemic were the worst, but that was that was what made him for that strange your time into. Europe will not the benefit of the doubt point I think, is also important because when someone's life,
ability and and belligerent there, like ability decreases, because their belligerents defensiveness is on display on a regular basis to to the american public All those things that they ve been telling us to just trust us just trust us we're gonna, get inflation under control, we're gonna get jobs back, we're gonna put you know we're gonna and covered, etc, etc, etc. Keep suspicion starts to creep in and then, when you add to that their inability, or or in the case of Afghanistan, unwillingness to actually tell us what's happening on the ground to literally continue a narrative that in real time you can check and say that's, not true. That's a day led to the idea that we should trust us trust them on other aspects of their policy making Noah. Let's talk a little bit about about a covert and its rules. nation to all of this, because obviously the coveted Numb Where's the wrong numbers, particularly in terms of fatalities, are very distressing. There were about fifteen
drain occur in the New York Times yesterday, which is up fifteen fifteen times the number of close to fifteen times a number that it was six or seven weeks ago and yet and yet and yet according to the times. Also, we are approaching we're very closely tomorrow, maybe Sunday, we reach seventy five percent of all Americans over the age of eighteen, having at least one shot and the White House seem so so lost the thread that, even though it needs good news, it needs good news in every possible way It can even celebrate this fact and to say, despite everything that we ve been seeing in hearing and sang Americans, getting vaccinated more than two hundred something million people have had at least one shot.
and this is all happened in eight months- yeah. There should be something to celebrate in there. as you say, and I dont want to dismiss- Favorability necessarily favorability an unfavourable of your instinct from job approval ratings, because you can like somebody her dislike. Somebody instil approve it with office. An angel buttons and favorability ratings are slightly underwater now and they, I've, been on the decline since April, roughly when they were well above water, whose jesting generally liked here, but he is still a generally like figure compared to just about everybody else in national politics, but Nancy Blowsy, Kevin Mccarthy, Chuck shortage, recalling up pieces, all of them by a significant degree, said to the extent that is a job ratings are below where he sat innocent. His safer ability rating sets due to Democrats sort of dropping out and I think that sort of Dakota ring that I used to navigate
both covered, and this really disappointing on a blue unemployment report. According to the New York Times analysis of it, a lot of this was driven, but by people who are tearing back their interaction with the outside world. Amid the re emergence of covered in this delta variant, in particular, people who were going out to eat, for example, are starting to drop out. rest hours worked at restaurants and entertainment been uses decline. I'm so you can see it and people who are working from home
arise again for the first time since December. So he can see- and you can see a lot of this is a response to covered and to the extent that this is something you can track as a partisan issue, which is not a perfect correlation, obviously, but nevertheless is helpful. It is that Democrats primarily who are unnerved by their outside environment, are the ones who are driving this. It's not it's to the extent that we can see. It is not really Republicans and in that sense so it is Democrats were being told by their public officials. That's the pandemic is not only not over, but as resurgent and this sort of the core premise Joe Biden administrations at the president himself promised that his administration would get its hands around the pandemic at long last and demonstrate that technocratic competence would
deliver you from this condition. That was mostly on an almost entirely to hear the rhetoric rounded a product of the trumpet ministrations incompetence they find out. That's not, and it turns out that this is a much more complicated problem. They thought it was in the technocratic elite will deliver them from this condition. That's very depressing! So, yes, that is that's driving people hope independence, sovereignty off the bus. Republicans never got on, but Democrats are slowly starting to come to the conclusion that the binding, the ministration isn't what it was promised to be. And that's dispiriting disillusion. Well, they are They won't acknowledge the existence of common fatigue among people write the people who told us- it's fine, take off your masking the spring, and then you got a slap your mass back on now and the fact that people, a kind of No longer always, As for the public health officials are saying because, as you say, no, if they really dont know, but they won't acknowledge what they don't know and they won't acknowledge. The sea saw on public health recommendations, so that makes it
That, of course, is can become political cause. People leaders will decide like the Santa Disinterested in Florida, when a man is market, do this or that and people actually appreciate someone taking a stand versus the technocratic. You know sort of public health elite now going well just where the mass just trust us get continue to trust us a long time. They basis to trust them right, well, here's the irony of this, which is that what has gone on over the last year represents or that EU represents a huge triumph for the technocratic elite, we're talking about the development, approval and deployment of a vaccine, and this is the point, I want to make seventy five percent of Americans over the age of eighteen have had at least one shot or by the end of this week, and seventy five percent will have had at least one shot think about what That means that means that we are. We have this portrait of the country in which the country is wildly divided,
Democrats all getting vaccinated, except for some minorities, were worried about two tusky. You know were worried that this somewhere a return to the Tuskegee experiments. And Republicans aren't because they're all crazy, Iver beckoned swallowing you know medicine show credulous, followers of Anti Vax Tucker Karlsson Mania, except that's not true, Seventy five percent of people in this country over the age of eighteen have been vaccinated. Most people are getting vaccinated, It is a small number of people who are not for or why a variety of reasons and, according to what we had once been told, that should be heard. Immunity level number.
It needs to be heard: immunity down from eighteen to zero for us really to get there, and so that we can get there because they have an approved a vaccine for four twelve Anders, but we are now can fusing the behaviour of a small minority which also shows up at whole meetings and and and and and threatens people and, like you know, lunatics and psychotic since gets a frantic to have grabbed onto this issue and are being sought, there's some kind of standards for general conservative Bob public opinion conservatives are getting vaccinated, liberals are getting vaccinated, everybody is getting vaccinated and yet binding and his people who could be taken credit for this incredible triumph, have lost the threat.
I cannot do it and are contributing to covered fatigue and are not doing something to counter what no describes witches, Democrats and liberals who are who are given private revelling in their covert anxiety, they are not doing anything to care. To rack that feeling- and we are therefore seeing these job, these bad jobs, numbers and other stuff That is entirely the result of their inability to talk their own people into believing that what they ve done Is a value and we're not gonna? Do that like I'm standing here praising them, but like it's not for me, to say. You should really listen to Joe Biden than the sea seek, as I also think that there are behaving like loaded text. Joe Biden doing wearing a mess. in a room with Zalewski of Ukraine,
he's double vaccinated, Zalewski is double vaccinated. Every person on the wider staff is double vaccinated and every reporter in that room was double vaccinated bitin. Is it no risk of getting covered? He is. He is therefore doing a virtuous ignoring behaviour which is I'm a double backs person I'm gonna, where a basque indoors, let's let's just like through this forever. This is never going to act. at the message that he should be conveying for his? on political sake, What to say nothing of the cynicism that kind of posturing breeds in the people who who trying to be responsible, but also don't have. The kind of you know don't live. a bubble of security and safety that the president does right, the ones who worried about their school students happened to wear masks all day or about you know all the other sort of anxieties about this constant mass wearing an end to be
to be shamed into thinking that even asking questions about whether the masts are working or whether their necessary for people who ve been vaccinated? it is a problem in their not acknowledging their plane right into that an end. They think. Oh, it's no big deal but to a lot of people. It is a big deal and they need to acknowledge that the case saying this. I actually wrote about this for because we too, about a young week, that you are aware that I wrote about a Fern msnbc peace in under the premise that essentially masking the they convinced themselves amassing is, is no big deal. Pension and that, if you have a problem with it, in fact, your kind of a crank ends. It first of all contradicts the by the administrations or messaging roundness and second of all,. it projects and conveys something that maybe another isn't an intellectual exercise, but nonetheless, I think very real, which is to convey to people
your environment around you is not safe, that you are not sex, that you should maintain a heightened state of anxiety, which is something that is frankly debilitating. I had certain to be constantly terrified at the world around. You isn't something that is going to give you confidence in any of your elected officials, much less the Bush administration, which have promised that it would deliver you from this sort of situation, and I would add, around the anxiety, is by masking. It is entirely the bite administrations fault in so far as Joe Biden is a bad precedent, by which I mean he's a bad executive. He he's executive style is to set arbitrary deadlines for delivery of Liberals and those arbitrary deadlines do not pay
who's. The deliverables that he's desiring so is arbitrary. Deadlines are destroying him did we have to and Afghan stand September eleventh and then eventually August thirty, first, both of which could not produce what he wanted to produce, but he stuck to the door to the deadline anyway, just like Cove, it covered the deadline for Cove. It was supposed to be July. Fourth, freedom summer and we will be delivered from it, but everybody had moved on well beloved before that, including his own executive agencies. The CDC had said in May that masking was no longer necessaries about the time July. Fourth rolled around he had seen like he was just hopelessly out of touch and then all the suddenly had to backtrack on it There was another one around the at the origins of this report, which show the director of National Intelligence, Haines, apparently leaned, into the deadlines being the problem. That's why we couldn't give you what you wanted, because you wanted it by date, certain the report on the oak origins covered her allergens, report endeavours the date certain that prevented us from giving you the answer that you wanted or any answer at all, and he was so yes
I'd rather not manage or other we just quickly that that is a species of his the senatorial overhang. So what when that, when the Senate were congressmen, wants to push and administration to do something in the law. They say this report must be done every three months or you have to have this by September, thirty years or whatever, and therefore they day day obliged the bureaucracy to obey, dictates that they themselves others, have imposed on a bureaucracy. They do not control through law when you're the president. You don't have to do that because they already work for you so to say same apple hands. Do me a report on the on the origins of covert. If she comes to you and says I need three, months like we weed out where we're not producing it. It is why I'll be arbitrary, like those not those, those dates usually exist, as I say as a means of of Congress. no oversight of executive functions and he
as not reconciled himself to the fact that that is not the world that he lives in April. Sorry, that's! What and the blue! The problem is when you let the deadline to find the mission and not their mission, to find the deadline. Stop thinking that guy it was it. Let s imagine bubble, but whatever the whatever the the goal is and then the deadline comes and you haven't achieve the goal. There is nowhere to go. except introduce another arbitrary deadline or or just or drop it altogether, You cannot ask as they dissemble or lie with. the other option. I chose another few rights guys We are talking about another podcast, not our podcast, but the the Damn Corona Post den Damn Seymour's posts, Corona podcast, which you can get on apple. Google place teacher or were wherever I talk to earlier in the week,
about his fantastic conversation with the political consultant MIKE Murphy about. how a fourteen year and the cabin Newsome Recall, which still remains one of the most delightful ours that you will ever spam talking about, gave a nuisance and he's dropping a new one. Today, with doktor acid Arta, Mukanigi the best selling author of the emperor of all maladies, The biography of cancer was one pulled, surprise and nonfiction writer for the New Yorkers and Professor Medicine, Colombia, backer of promising start ups and life sciences, and he is trying to do. guess, what it literally the post, corona atmosphere and how we really need to start. Moving on from this idea that Delta that taxes we, the corona, will be with us
forever. He says there will be small localize brushfires here and there, but not a never ending extension of what we have been experiencing over the past eighteen months. This is important and interesting as not exactly a corrective to some of the earlier things that he wrote, but he in the New Yorker wrote piece of wildly critical of the american response to Corona and has had reason in part in response to our our new Vall events. Peace will be got right and were uncovered and to say that maybe we did better than it looks like we were could be doing early last year so that, as regards Mukherjee on the Dan Senior posts, corona podcast
downloaded today, listen to it over the weekend, you'll be enlightened, you'll, be entertained and go back and listen to that Murphy episode. If you can, because it's called so do that for me, do it for you Let's move on to talk about Afghanistan because I saw something I need now need to find it here, because I had it and then I somehow closed out of it a hearing. Sorry, I'm a piece I can t be travel seven in Boise Idaho's website, ok, Boise, Idaho,. haven't seen this many other places. So I you gonna Boise Idaho, for this the headline- Senator riches help woman returns to Boise from Afghanistan,
that's Idaho, you, a senator Jim Rich yesterday, successfully helped evacuate tenuous citizens might how out of Afghanistan, and one of them is what she the ivy are you a citizen, boring Afghanistan who left in nineteen eighty one when Russia, after rush invaded the country, was helpful. Nurses office. She had returned after she returned after visiting her family for a week. She knew them. Americans would soon evacuate the country and she wanted to see her cousins and sister. Before that happened, and she says I knew kind of knew what was about to happen. But I also know that, if I didn't go see my sister, I we would have never got to see her again, she said here is the important point here is that this american citizen we're here. I ve tried to get herself to the airport, was beaten by the Taliban.
She made five attempts to get on a plane back to America. What she saw throughout the process was disturbing, pushing shoving, tell better there at the gate, their hitting people with wires, and I have bruises. I took a couple of hits. They don't see people, they see them as this rush of animal standing at the doors and these people are just desperate make it through that gate. Ok, an american citizen was beaten by the Taliban at the airport. Why is this story not leading the nightly news? Why am I reading about it on a local? I, the whole television stations website but the same reason we still don't know how many Americans are trapped there and how many people who are eligible to leave the country on the nets I be visa are still trap there, because nobody wants to talk about it. They did a pretty dramatic shift. They would within assist from our hurricanes last tropical storm and all the horrible damage that that cause, and they were go back. They don't want to go back. The message from the White House is we're done we're moving on so
return, you bring it up, is an uncomfortable moment for them and, honestly, I think anyone who cares about would still going on. There should, again, every every broad. After whenever it is they do within it. hunting up the numbers who had who were left behind. We left these people behind Similar from man, National reviews, Geraghty, who a flight this one from Kay, P, r C in Houston couldn't be more local around which describes the story. Afghan refugees, not a citizen, but a visa holder has been living in Houston for two years whose unidentified in this report but describes how she is now receiving written communications from the Taliban describing what they're going to do to her family. If she does not return she's been extorted by the Taliban,
what's the threat physical threat to her family in Afghanistan. Presumably this is a more widespread campaign to get the diaspora back into Afghanistan. Locked them into this totalitarian regime only imagine how many other similar stories are. Because we can only imagine because no talking about that, but I think we owe the regional ones torments, because these stories contradict the administrations line on these things. it was When I really aware of Americans being abused by the Taliban, we blew the fact that she attempted in John Store that the woman attempted five times to get out. Will that cuts into the well? We ve contacted them nineteen times and I'm sorry. I forgot to those details
In the second story, in knowing your story projector drawing her back anyway, does he does right? Yeah, ok, so here's here's the key to understanding so you're saying this is because its harmful to the binding distractions line my whole and I said this on our text thread last night. I mention that only because it was kind of We trying again to look at this in a way that isn't just unremittingly negative. What if the? What, if the people who are following this at the highest levels- and I mean also in in in journalism and contact with the Biden administration have they been told to call it a little bit, because negotiations are ongoing for the extraction of Americans and ass. I ve holders and stuff like that with the Taliban, and that and that distort the horror stories, are, are not being told her being solved peddled in order to facilitate these extractions. I dont have any evidence
That is the case. I do know that that is. There has been the case with other hostage situations in other countries and negotiations delicate negotiations between administrations of both parties and mainstream media figures to sake, can you not push, hard on this because we're close and will let you have the story when it's over something like that. I give it back and I hope and like you do John? I hope that's the truth for the sake of the people who are trapped in trying to get out. The problem with that is it they are also trying to suppress it or not. Talk about the the evidence that we already have at how the Taliban is treating its own citizens. Because I think that that the signal, a moral error that the binding measures made is deciding took to pitch The Taliban, as you know, kinder gentler Taliban to porno. There are allies there, not as bad as ices cake, which we ve talked about on this package. For a couple weeks now,
take to maintain that fiction and it is a fiction you have the kind of suppressed now just what they might be trying to do behind the scenes to extract Americans visa holders, but there the tyre regime will be as we know that Joe Biden set on a phone call to to present Gandhi when everything was was going to Hell. Say things are going well, You have no reason to believe this administration. When it comes to the broadcasting of Good news or the absence of battle, we know where the rat, when it comes to this end, yet the other thing is they are pushing Align about cooperating with the Taliban. Now you could say. Maybe that is a gesture. third doing this temporarily, also in an effort to ensure the safety of the US. Those Americans are left behind
I hope that's true. I hope I hope you know we we we revert to call are, are obvious enemies, our enemies of even when they got the other Americans are. You will need to get out there get out of there, but I dont trust that at all I'm not saying you should I'm really not. I mean been because frankly, some of this is so baffling that one went one attempts to to create a kind of a plausible narrative line to explain the inexplicable granted. You might be in a situation which we were of the binding illustration. You were like don't talk about this because it makes us look bad and, on the other hand like why, what why would you feel implicated, in in journalists telling the truth about the horse. Lorries and Afghanistan like finds otherwise, ok go ahead. Just I feel it Unfortunately, I feel like You'Re- very hopeful narrative
doesn't have a lot to support it, because today we had a report from the Associated Press, relaying the ordeal by american citizens, afghan american citizens. I think maybe you'll nationals with a story doesn't make clear who describe being beaten by the Taliban dodging gunfire attempting to get to the airport failing to get to the airport being stranded bind enemy lines. Who, I think, we're subsequently able to get out, but nevertheless that's enough, the Associated Press. So we're not talking about a gag order here now out of the recession. Warner. I bet they got out himself right laid out right, but I mean I do I think that there is a very strange thing going on here, so. The number one hundred is being bandied about for american citizens left behind
which was the low end estimate, but we don't even know what that number is aware. They came up with dead, they said they burned Emily. I don't even know this. weeks they had no idea how to accurately county number of Americans in there, because I didn't register drag him. We have knowingly and only people in all the sudden they haven't a definitive number took to the individual. So we had fifty two american diplomats who were normally literally taken hostage in IRAN in nineteen. Seventy, nine, fifty two- they diplomats, which makes it worse in some ways. It's like serve like a cop getting killed or something and, on the other hand, and makes a better because there's or formerly the representatives of the United States does make it better. That's not the right word by mutants are more explicable right, and the iranian government didn't want to be tasked with this so closely
because they said not only these students, they, students, debit, heads, excess of zeal. These students, taking these hostages right, there's fifty two people The entire food the policy of the EU. It states was up ended by this fact. I mean I can describe if you were not alive, then are not their conscious. What the hostage crisis was. There is no analogue or parallel to it, with the exception of covert in our life, or nine eleven in the sense of a kind of all consuming event that people watched as close to twenty four seven, as it was possible to watch things. Twenty four seven, four, fourteen or fifteen months and we're not talking about. At least double that number another, not formally in the custody of the Taliban. Who work you know in the same way, but
We're somehow been told that the number Hunt one hundred isn't large when it is, at the very least, the rock bottom number of the people who trap there and we're not, then even talking about the tens of thousands of people who worked our forces we ve, essentially basically given up on helping, as far as I can tell, we'll get that moving the goalposts as well. If you notice how Saki in another spokes the spokesman for the administration talk about those people, now they just don't was this acknowledgement that yeah we're not get them out and then, let's move onto the conversation about these only hundred Americans and if they want to get we're gonna, make sure we get them out but just ended. I wanna come out after that. If they want to get out we'll get a man right. I mean tenuous contemptuously just dismiss all of these people who helped us who, who were were basically sentencing to death if its discovered that they helped us with a flippant
Oh well, yeah, we couldn't, we can manage that, but you know why we're out of Afghanistan. That's when America wanted. I bet dissipated view that once American, once we were out of Afghanistan and we had left hundreds of Americans behind aid and that I had anticipated the popular viewing of this as similar to something like this I mean hostage crisis unit that that maybe would be sort of units its day three and there are ex numbers of Americans trapped in the end in Afghanistan under these national watch on on this issue, when there's not, that is just what we say and I wonder if, in part, this is because we have had this year and a half of such extraordinary people, where the boundaries of crisis have been pushed so far out having to do with covert, obviously, and things
January, sex that the hostage crisis, which is what this is sort of it no longer, has the same impact that it did in in relatively normal times quite possible. But this literally nothing to report right away house is being quiet. About travel ban would obviously might lie about it. They want as many bargaining chips as they possibly can. So we just don't have anything to talk about all, though just imagine this were trunk. There recently, the what they would be the story would be foisted upon. The administration would win. What is the trouble penetration doing he's dead? the president has left behind one hundred Americans its day. Three There would be a watch, there would be a sort of a national kind of cloth, and I and the sort of up up up at some campaign to make the administration account for what's going on right instead
its Republicans pounce again right there. In all these stories, it's like Homer seizing on this, when we see is puzzled. Kids who supported trumps, call for the pull up from Afghanistan are now using this, as well as being a wedge against Democrat. Well, yeah, that's personal! That's how politics works and, what's more, it's how politics is supposed to work that is to say, if you're gonna do something high stakes of high risk, which is what Joe Biden dead by by by announcing, was pull out from it. understand if you are going to get a reward if it goes well, we are also going to have to take the blows if it goes badly. That's what it means when you double down or you do what, if it's the same thing as before you You're rivals are going to take advantage of political expediency to try to take you down
Just one of the reasons why a more prudent person wouldn't have done what by did here, because the risk benefit cow, relation in the narrowest and most cynical political terms would be. You know if we gave the south goes badly like they're. Just gonna eat my lunch. So maybe we should just let things stand until things or are cleaner know, I'm going to be the peacemaker I'm going to pull us out in all of that, and so now what we have instead is all Republicans are trying to make Hey out of guidance. Bungled withdraw from Afghanistan That's that's what that's? What a dynamic system does? I mean you know that saying the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening- and you know, What else? What else this system does.
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actually dollar reconciliation, Bela's, but basically thrown in the toilet by Jo Mansion. So what can he used to unite the Democrats and give them a grassroots issue and give them a passion to go ahead? For twenty twenty, two, twenty twenty two, the Texas Abortion LAW and that's the question I think facing is: are we going to see and embrace of the of the idea that the Texas abortion was the worst thing that ever happened and that this is the logical consequence of every republican policy? It has ever been effect? dead end and therefore a Democrats are going to be activated as never before from the local level to the next the level and give them something to rally. I give them a call as to rally round that they will take into twenty twenty two and give
a way out of this morass, they ve gotten into any, is possible. But let's get this out. I mean this ruling right procedural rolling before the court reviews the merits of the case, which is next year in the interim they can fund, raise, they can get a lot of energy and the grassroots level, but Democrats would probably have to promote for proposed some sort of a legislative remedy. Rally around codified, roman law. Nobody seems inclined to do that so unjust, and I'm just wondering where this energy would have without lit with the energy have. Besides, rhetoric, cable news segments, lotta people protesting where's where's, the electoral knew about that they would win with they receive it needs predicated on the assumption that the Supreme Court of firms this.
Five four ruling that just refused an injunction well, it's a little time by no means a short while two different things here, the court sent us back for adjudication by lower courts right. It said it wasn't. Gonna stay the law now plan penance. Try to get a local, a judge in Texas or some of them to stay the law under under under those terms and then you'll have a lot, have lower court. Still with the constitutionality question and the and the novel at enforcement mechanisms, and that maybe that will end up going to the court. The thing that's going to be before the court this year is a case that basically goes right at the constitutionality Rovi way. yet let that and so that I think it from the in terms of the political and strategic game they that the democratic are are rising up right now about this other law, the missiles
Did they law actually looks more reason about some of their legitimate rights? The subject of the supreme the case? This right has turned out to be Jackson, women's health. It there it bans abortions after fifteen waste, but it does have exceptions, medical emergency, severe fetal abnormality, so compared to there really against now it looks more reason. so that they could overreach strategically by saying by trying to make this blanket. The saying any any restriction of laws is gonna eliminate road this or that law, making that changes is important because that we talked about this with man. Yesterday, Americans make those distinctions. They are actually quite savvy about thinking through whether its first trimester can trimester or third trimester. So there The activists don't tend to do that and they might be overreaching if they dont think about that under former, where the benefit come from this, because Democrats are understood to be the party that full support and propose- or rather just
stand in opposition to attacks on abortion rights, but in what way, like winter need to be some kind of actual conqueror affirmative position here, rather than just other software, the good guys, not necessarily I mean I think you could send out a fundraising. No, I think you could say I mean there is one thing where it connects to hot issue from last year that you really could see as a kind of talking point, though it is extreme, but don't really know how extreme or how people take as a stream, which is that we need to raise this money we need to. We need to Republican, led democratic senators and democratic representatives increase in twenty twenty two with an empire present, so we can pack the court. We need to pack the court, because Republicans have gotten nine, have gotten a majority on the court through subterfuge Reda with representative, with with Annie
representation in the Senate because of the undemocratic nature of the Senate, empowering smaller states over larger states and benefiting and privilege in those people, as opposed to the larger states, did blue state, The support, abortion rights and all of that and leave when a person is eliminated, Now the firm it yes well, there's, if eliminating the sad and could not forgive unpack the core pack, in other words like we are now in this budget,. where nine unelected representative will nine unelected people there there too powerful the countries to beg there too, and- and you now have this sixty three majority- that supports policies that are patently bad and so were raising money to get a demo product Senate and and and and maintain the Democratic House so that we can increase the number of of
justice is on the Supreme Court through which, which just takes a law. It just takes it. The passage of a law to increase the number of Supreme Court justices, but and bright but on abortion in particular, I mean that I think it's important to suited to know but it is what's what pulsars another's collar threshold issue for a lot of voters like just about equal numbers of voters say they will dare kind of single issue about like they will vote either. Pro life approach I like that is the issue for them and whatever else a candidate promises them they're wrong on that issue. They're not gonna get that person's book, but it's kind of balance. It's only that the concerns of the Democrats with this strategy. It's the same amid their messaging has been all over the place. With this I mean I'm thinking, just in particular about went when pressed
the reporter. Yesterday a giant psyche was ass. Well, so how does Joe Biden you? Don't you made this White House statement, which was pretty over the top with its rhetoric at the end about the that this is a law and aspirin courses saying it. So he or saying it herself, ass to how can a catholic president justified supporting you know, abortion sheets and to the male reporter. We you don't understand, because your madame, like we were all birthing people now, so why is it suddenly find fur? Is a woman call out a man. He could be pregnant according to the bottom, illustrations view? So, like the confusion, because they're trying to get the trying to stay, woke and so many of these things that actually done his has, your mind some of their messaging on this stuff in terms of women's rights, particularly among women, including many feminist? Look? I've been, I think, that's the thing that we don't we don't know I understand is: is abortion a good rallying cry
on the one hand, this is a very extreme law, and it it just. It is an extreme law and extreme was tend to be good things to oppose, because people can see the extremes The law are tens of millions of people who otherwise wooden vote. In the mid term elections gonna come out to support abortion that you don't know could see at a general terms, people who support abortion and no restrictions abortion, are already democratic voters. Maybe you can get them out and higher numbers and in a mid term elections could otherwise. I don't know I think, The Bush administration has to read their hands around it, no matter what, because it's all they have right now they ve the covert story is gone back. for them. The economy stories going bad for them the
The overarching theme that, where the adults has gone bad for them, Afghanistan is gone horribly. What on earth do they have lately? They have to embrace something here and I ran this end. It is a story that the media would love to pick up and run with, so they will get the full compliance of their cheering section in the process. Maybe I mean that sounds to me exactly like the caravans that sounds like today. Drunk the leaning, while one hundred percent into the idea, the caravans becoming the caravans, a caravan scan Enterpriser base its all the care about, and they didn't show up. Well, that's the question because they didn't show up in power. Because I'm a they did shot by the way. Fifty three million Republicans did vote
in the mid term elections on twenty six November. The Democrats voted exactly not a number is that could overcome all the other factors rang motivating other side with right or power. While I did- and I have to say, Democrats particularly abortion rights activists often misread how their messaging is gonna be receive people like it when you're for something and Biden has wanted to be for shutting down the pandemic for economic. You know throwing money at everybody in every problem, but now he's fine or abortion. That's enough that that lands that message less not for abortion right, some people just you're, so the thing is really advocating. What gets us to the polls? Is abortion That's gonna, be the same resolution for a lot about it. So what they would say, obviously, is it's not about abortion. It's about access to abortion right! That's! The whole idea here is what you are doing is you are limiting the people in Texas and their access to abortion, and this is a terrible thing, but I ll just give you an example of something again in
talking in discomfort. Your terms, I mean I am discomfited about this topic, I'm of several minds about it. I dont know really where I mean Sixty years old- and I I bounce back and forth on my feelings about abortion constantly so I say this as a person. I think who is very much like most are a lot of Americans in this regard. some watching good morning America this morning and their interviewing a doktor from Houston who works at a plan parenthood clinic in Houston, talking about what happened when they said they couldn't provide those woman therein, he couldn't do it, and so they were too
options in what he could do and then he said casually like. Usually I perform two thousand two hundred and thirty abortions a day, and now I can't really, you know now they're they're going to make me stop this, and I thought twenty thirty abortions a day, so you perform a hundred two hundred and fifty portions of week, so you perform six or seven thousand abortions a year. These are medical procedures, you're doing you're like you, some kind of mill. in which this is what you're doing and am I actually like. I have this moment of revulsion like. you're cod, really This is why the year in the EU euphemism, like women's health. They dont use raw data raw numbers for that, and for that very reason Frankly, I think where you are an abortion is irrelevant to whether or not this is politically salient because, like you said John was too, I think most men
it's true. Most Americans are many minds of the issue. There. Don't don't have a coherent, ideologically need position on it- and they are not represented by anybody who talks about the sort of thing in the public sphere, there utterly abandoned by talking class. Who is really absolutist. where the other on the issue. However, back to the caravan stuff, if you're gonna base your entire electoral strategy around the base mobilization strategy around a single issue, it sounds like you are doing so to the exclusion of everything else, which is what's got, which is going to have they have the opposite effect of what they want and will mobilise a very small core amount of democratic voters. Titty bed with you effective, also radicalizing everybody else. who isn't in that core water. It maybe I mean that's just interesting to see, because I think it is right that they have no choice but to emerge
is this and it could be very successful and it could have weird unanticipated consequences in in producing a kind of discomfort envy, embrace of a procedure that is frankly something that makes people queasy, even if they support it. That's a lot of people That's just a fact, and you know what else the fact is you maybe underneath your office chair. You got this plastic mad and it's like its cracked and it did more she and it's turning a weird yellow brown color mixer room, look terrible! So let me tell you about a premium alternative. A glass chair met by the troika, the trouser glass term answer made of super strong glass protected with nanotech coding. This man is legitimately beautiful,
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ass, we ve had a huge surge in listener ship, because apparently you take some comfort in our outrage. Or having us marry your own or you are find it profitable to hear what we have to say and even if you disagree so I thank you very very much. I hope you have a wonderful labour day. We can. We will not He recording or podcasting Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday Monday is Labour dataset Wednesday are the first two are the first days of the Russia, China, and so we will be back on Thursday morning which I guess is the night to continue to express our outrage in line with our wisdom, four April Stephen now, I'm John outwards keeps cannon.
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